Make $$$ With Your Podcast Without Trying

Hot Moms Love Monster TrucksMake money with your podcast without trying… too good to be true is what you are already thinking, but somehow you keep reading.  What many people have tried, failed, and then cursed to the darkest corners of oblivion is a little phrase called Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is just a fancy phrase for someone who promotes discount codes or offers and receives a commission if someone uses your offer.  Codes are ridiculously easy to get for just about any genre of product from skin care products to specialty sexy time products that you feel ashamed for buying in the first place.  What most people fail at is they think they must push every single code they get their hands on down the throats of their listeners.  Then they wonder why they lose audience and get no sale.  The rule is the same to 1. get listeners and 2. make money.  MAKE RELEVANT CONTENT.  If your show is about monster trucks don’t try to get everyone in a PETA convention or message board to think you have an amazing show they have to hear.  Likewise, if you do happen to have a show about monster trucks maybe you should go out and find affiliate programs that will allow you to give discounts to your audience for car parts, beer cozy’s, or obnoxious t-shirts that have a picture of a monster truck that says, “Hot Moms love Monster Trucks!”  All jokes aside, people don’t want to be fooled.  Tell them what you are going to give them and then do it.  People will stay longer and buy more.  I bet my monster truck t-shirt on it.

Make money with your podcast checklist:

  1. Know what your show is about
  2. Google for “Affiliate Programs” related to your content
  3. Hire an accountant to count all your Benjamins

Want to learn more about making money through your podcast?  Want Podcast Alley to keep talking about it?  Do you like puppies?  Leave us a note in the comments.

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