Make A Difference: PodcastToTroops Podcast

It is refreshing from time to time to see technology being used for something so great. If you head on over to the PodcastToTroops Podcast webpage, you can subscribe to a podcast that lets people send messages to the troops and their families. If you feel so inclined, you can also leave your own Free message for them as well.

Here is a little about this podcast:
“We want to say a special thank you to all those that serve our country at home and abroad in safe times and difficult times. Please leave a voice message for our service men and women through this site. Enjoy and God bless. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day. And thank you for all you do for us at home. As well thank you to all of you that are keeping the home front up and running while our troops are serving our country Ð you have a big job too.”

Visit the Podcast To Troops Website.
Subscribe to the Podcast To Troops Podcast.
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