iStock Photo Now Offering Affordable Stock Audio Clips for Podcastsers

A lot of us get into podcasting to share our passion or expertise about a topic with the world, not to become masters of audio or video editing. But when you are a show producer creating content “for the love of it”, there is usually no other option but to do it all yourself. We have to learn about microphones, mixers, computers, recording software and all of the “what the heck is that” moments that come with it. But we do it because we love it.

If you are motivated enough to get through the technical/hardware setup, you are bound to run into another issue… and that is making your show seem more polished or professional. I know that not everyone wants to sound “like radio”, but most listeners come to expect a certain level of quality from a show, and now there is a service that helps you with this.

The iStock Audio library is something that you are going to want to add to your producer arsenal. They are now offering royalty free stock audio clips for you to use in your podcasts! For as little as $3 (or 2 credits in their terms, currently valued at $1.50 per credit) for an audio loop, you can start to have the tools to make your show more unique, and more engaging! While many users are content with the default sounds that come in Apples Garage Band or other audio applications, sometimes they are just boring or too widely used.

All iStock audio files are 16-bit WAV files so you can import them to your podcast editing software. The only down side I am seeing now is that it is hard to search for clips based on their type (their terminology is ‘standard’ and ‘pump’) so you end up finding a lot of expensive clips that don’t do what you want them to do.
The 2 Types of Audio Files for Download:
Standard: “… a collection of high-quality, affordable royalty-free tracks for multiple use worldwide.”

Pump: “… a collection of full-length tracks by indie artists. They are licensed on a single production basis, but the number of times you can broadcast the production is unlimited. You may need a cue sheet.”

This wont be right for everyone, but this is another one of those sites to keep a link to, because you are bound to need it sometime! So if you have the time and don’t mind spending a few bucks to kick your show up a notch, check out the iStock Audio collection.

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