Interview: MicheBelz Hollywood Podcast Answers the 6.5 Questions

MicheBelz Hollywood
MicheBelz Hollywood

MicheBelz Hollywood

Michelle Belaskie is an entertainment journalist and theatre critic bringing you the latest news from tinsel town, along with movie reviews, TV happenings and more. Get your dose of Hollywood including in depth coverage of awards shows like the Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globes. Read the interview with Michelle and subscribe to MicheBelz Hollywood so you dont miss an episode.

About the Show, from the Author

Michelle Belaskie talks about what she knows best. (OK, after sex…) Hollywood! Featured segments include commentary about film, TV, Second Life, music, radio (terrestrial and otherwise), theatre, maybe even books. Entertainment explored in depth from someone living and breathing Hollywood (literally). Local LA bands are a regular segment as well. The INDIE AIRWAVE used to focus on Indie 103.1, the only terrestrial radio that mattered before it became Internet only (now the INDIE AIRSTREAM). A special spotlight is given to analysis of the awards shows, specifically the Emmys and the Oscars, with a dash of Golden Globes thrown in. Listen to someone who really knows Hollywood, and isn’t snarky or condescending about it. No random celebrity gossip, just a good eye and ear.

About the 6.5 Questions

Featured on the home page of Podcast Alley, the 6.5 questions give you insight into the life of the podcast producer, and a bit of information about their show as well. This is not just a another featured podcast, its a unique interview created just for Podcast Alley.  You can always find the latest featured podcaster interviews on the home page of the Podcast Alley site or if you like, subscribe directly to the Podcast Alley Featured Podcaster Interviews feed. Do you have a show that you think is good enough to be featured on Podcast Alley? Submit the show in the comment, or email me: info at!

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