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Interview: Lipstick n' Laundry Podcast

Lipstick N Laundry

Lipstick N' Laundry

Featured: Lipstick N' Laundry

Judi Diamond and Kate Frisnia take their female fans (and you men who are fearless enough to try and keep up) down the gossip rabbit hole! These outspoken ladies keep you up to date on pop culture, Hollywood gossip and new trends too. Recent episodes talk about Sex and the city, cocktails at kids parties, dancing with the stars and Facebook flings!

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About the Show

Cutting edge discussion about current topics, modern trends, gossip and family life! Lipstick n' Laundry is a snarky look at stupid celebrities, trends, politics and hot button topics with a woman's edge! Just because you have to do laundry, doesn't mean you shouldn't wear lipstick! We ain't your mothers mothers!

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