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How to Use Screenr for Podcasting!



Today we are going to talk about a new web app called screenr. The idea behind this site is to allow an easy way to create a screencast and instantly tweet it, without having any software or hardware (other than the computer you are using of course). However I started thinking... what can't this tool be for podcasters too?

I started digging a bit deeper and found some pretty cool features.

Features of Interest to Podcasters:

  1. After recording, screenr converts your video to web, iPhone and .mp4 versions. You can download the native file or send it directly to YouTube!
  2. Since all podcasters use Twitter, they also let you tweet your new video instantly, to share them as fast as possible
  3. They give you an embed player, with a sexy HD player
  4. They track plays. Awesome!

They make the service so drop dead easy, anyone can do it! It works on a mac or pc without installing software, so you can create new content on any computer around the world. So leave your laptop behind, and make your next guest record the demo for you!

Why Would I Use screenr for My Podcast?

  • Website Demos
  • Software Tutorials
  • Product Walkthroughs
  • Product Teasers
  • PC/Mac Repair Shows
  • Anything you can see on your screen, you can record with screenr!

What is Screenr, In Their Own Words

Screenr is a web-based tool that lets you create screencasts without installing any software. You just click the record button and your screen activity is recorded along with narration from your microphone. Screenr then publishes your screencast in high-definition Flash format. Screenr makes it easy to share your screencast on Twitter, YouTube or anywhere else on the web. Even iPhone users can view your screencast.

Check Out the Demo (showing what Screenr looks like on an iPhone)

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