Happy Fish Podcast Software

Happy Fish has a piece of software that they are marketing in a very interesting way. Although it is to US a podcast downloading client, they have updated their thinking a bit (which I have been waiting for).

“HappyFish will download your enclosures (podcasts, mp3’s, videos, apps, whatever) to your computer while you sleep and sync them to most USB based external storage devices or mp3 players.”

Now, the way I thought of Podcasting when I first heard was this: People will have the ability to automatically send FILES to others, automatically. Not only mp3s or videos, but all files.

Podcasting is cool because of the way it gives a voice to bloggers, but it would also be cool to send daily newsletters for business men, daily source files for application developers, daily photos for porn websites, and on and on.

Anyway, check out the Happy Fish software if you are on a Windows Machine and give it a review for other listeners out there.

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