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Get your podcasts transcribed right here : PodClerk.com

If you really want your podcast converted from audio to text, a service is now available for you to get it done. From their site...

PodClerk.com offers transcription of your own or your favorite podcasts into a plain text, html, rtf, pdf or even xml.

Just submit the URL of your podcasts (.mp3 or rss feed) and receive your transcriptions on your e-mail, usually, within 24 hours.

The only downfall I see right now is their price. It will cost you $0.34 cents per minute for regular transcription and $0.40 to get it done in a rush (not to mention there is a 30 minute minimum meaning each file will cost you at least $10.20 to have done).

Welcome to Podclerk.com

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  1. I sent in something Friday May 12 and haven't gotten it back yet (it's Monday May 15). I have sent emails but no reply. There is no phone number on the company. My card was charged - but how do I know I'll get something? Does anyone out there have actual experience with these guys?


  2. I just stumbled across this entry - wanted at least to update it. I did get the transcription from the company. Repeated efforts ultimately do get a response from the head of the company. Apparently they're overseas and it's humans doing transcription, not machines. It has a lot of mistakes but it's easier to edit those than to try transcribing yourself. I would use it again.


  3. I can type any podcast for you quickly and very accurately. Please contact me and let's negotiate a deal that works best for you.


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