French Made TV Podcast. Entertainment or Education?

Here is an interesting podcast. A few woman, dressed up as French Maids, teach you (in all their frenchy-goodness) how to do stuff. From what I can tell, there are two episodes available online now. One is how to give CPR the other is on how to create a Video Podcast.

From Their Site:

Here you can find information about each French Maid, watch the French Maid TV episodes as they become available, check out other podcasting sites, and buy some awesome French Maid TV gear. Have a look around and see if anything excites you.

My question here is: is this podcast categorized as Entertainment, or Education? With the links below you can watch an episode of the French Made TV video podcast and see for yourself. While the pretty little ladies in french maid outfits may not be entirely work safe, the content is. They teach you one simple method for creating a video podcast episode using a Macintosh and Quicktime.

>> Watch the Movie Here
>> Visit their Website

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