CNN Gets It! Creating Content for Podcasts, Not Recycling Broadcasts

CNN PodcastsWell it is finally happening. All the preaching from the early days of podcasting and a major corporation not only understands it, but they seem to be fully supporting it (from what I can tell). I am talking about creating original content for a podcast and not just recycling traditional audio/video broadcasts and calling it a podcast.

In a story I originally found here, it has been announced the CNN is now creating content specifically for podcasts and not just reusing their television content:

In another indication of CNN’s leadership and dominance across numerous platforms, has announced the launch of six video podcasts, regularly updated newscasts and programming produced specifically for digital video players.

Some of their original podcast programming includes an “All Access Backstage Podcast” where you can see through the eyes of CNNs anchors and production staff what it takes to produce the news. But in my opinion, the best podcast (in video format) is their show, “The Grist”. This show is described as, “A satirical look at the some of the odd but true stories making news from around the world brought to you in an irreverent style you might not expect from CNN.” Most of these stories are the ones you won’t see on the television but are great none the less. The host of this show and the production is awesome!

>> Subscribe to The Grist Podcast Here.
>> See all the CNN Podcasts Here

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