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Todd Cochrane/GNC : Podcasting Book Now Available

Hello AlleyBlog Readers! Today is an exciting day for podcasting, but especially for Todd Cochrane as the first Podcasting book is released! Tood Cochrane, of Geek News Central blog and podcast, has spent the last 3 months creating this wonderful podcasting book for you and I have had the privilege of pre-reading it and helping with the technical editing. If interested, please click on the link to the book below to find out more, or to buy a copy. The book was written by a podcaster, for podcasters, listeners and future podcasters. You can see Todds Press Release

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It has finally happened. Podcast Alley is now blogging. Again. When this site was started, I opened up a blogger.com account and started posting. I quickly ran out of time. So what is different now? Not much. I still have no time, but I think the delivery of my news to you will be better suited in blog format as opposed to forum posts. I hope you enjoy.

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