A Step Above – Mevio Produces Daily Videos to Promote Top Content

I have talked about Mevio.com (formerly PodShow) many times here on the Podcast Alley blog. When they started out they were known as the first company to host podcasts, but they have evolved quite a bit over the years. I would like to take a minute to talk about one of the things I like about what they are doing these days.

Lots of New Content, Every Single Day

While they still offer free podcast hosting to anyone who wants it, they also have a full promotions team that sits around all day, every day, and finds great new content to feature throughout the site. For those who may not know, Mevio has 4 networks they actively promote content to daily: men, women, tech and music. Pretty basic, but it covers the needs of quite a large audience out there. But this also means that they have to find fresh and interesting content 7 days a week to keep the 6 million+ monthly visitors happy.

On top of what people see every day by clicking through the site (that being dozens of featured audio and video shows as well as indie musicians), they also create unique promotional videos every day too (found on the homepage of the site). These videos promote new content loaded into each of their four networks, and are created in house in Mevio’s production studios. Check out the video below to see an example of one days production to feature a bit of content from each of their networks.

See It In Action

I have not seen this kind of promotional work done online with any other media network (new or traditional) with the exception of a few major networks who have tried, failed and stopped trying to produce content daily. It really is a tough thing to do, but Im glad Mevio does it. It gives lots of opportunity for promotions of both Mevio’s in-house podcasts, and new podcasts as well.

About Mevio

MEVIO hosts networks of personality-driven episodic entertainment to best engage our customers-comprised of viewers, producers, advertisers and partners.  Mevio also has a platform that allows podcast producers to host and deliver their shows for free, while being presented with an opportunity to make money with their show as well.

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