3 Words that Can Make Your Show Wildly Successful: A Podcasters Secret Weapon

Blogging and Podcasting have a lot in common. The same things that make blogs entertaining, informational and that convince people to return time and again to read the stories are the same things that work for podcasters. To be honest, the early days of podcasting were essentially just people reading their blogs into a microphone!

With that said I am going to let you in on a little secret that, with you being a podcaster, will help you grow your audience and make them want to return repeatedly. There is a blog by the name of CopyBlogger that all bloggers or podcasters should be subscribed to!

While not every post there can be mind blowing, a lot of times they are insightful and remind us of how to get back to the fundamentals of creating great content. In a recent blog post titled, “Everything You Need to Know About Creating Killer Content in 3 Simple Words“, the blogger, Demian Farnworth, tells us the key:

Be Clear. Be Concise. Be Compelling.

Pretty easy, huh? You might want to take a second now and write that down on a piece of paper to hang in your recording studio. And also, don’t be afraid to join the over 57,000 other people who have tested and believe in the writings of the Copyblogger 🙂 Subscribe to their blog here. (no, I am not getting paid by them, I just believe in their content — see, it works!).

I end with a quote from the Copyblogger post:

“Write with these three words in mind, and anything you publish on the web will rivet attention, stoke desire, and get action.”

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