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Ups and Downs of Evoca : The Social Software Weblog

A new recording service was announced recently called Evoca that allows you to record audio (or upload it) to their site. Sound familiar? Yes, it does remind a bit of Odeo too...however, I have to agree with the Weblogs Inc folks in pointing out one interesting thing and that is while they have cool services, they also have a business plan. Read the following snip from the blog post, but make sure you head over to the social software blog site and read the ENTIRE list of pros and cons.

There's browser based recording, phone-in recording, descriptions, tags, RSS feeds, groups, albums and oh so much more. You can also charge a fee for listeners to be able to listen - but the first one here is on me, ok?

The service is free for pretty basic use but for $5 per month you can do lots more, including recording Skype phone calls! Very nice for those of us on a Mac...

... All in all, though - I'd say this is a pretty awesome service. Very usable, not intimidating. As others have pointed out, they have a business model, which seems to be more than you can say for Odeo. Evoca could probably use more chicken icons though.

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