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Sony Introduces iTunes-Like Software for PSP

This is pretty cool to me. I had been debating between the PSP and the Video iPod and think this may have pushed me over the edge for the PSP (especially since it has games and the iPod doesnt).

"Sony has introduced software to enhance the reputation of its PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming device as a multifunctional product. The new application lets users easily transfer a variety of content from a computer to the PSP.

With PSP Media Manager, users can move videos, music, and photos to the PSP by way of a USB connection. The software also gives users the ability to access a directory of RSS feeds, such as podcasts, video blogs, and PSP-formatted magazines."

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  1. The psp is also more "hands friendly" and has better options. It's really too bad that they didn't consider a design change to the iPod before introducing a video device that would have sold well twelve months ago for holiday sales 2004.

    Personally, I will take more features and a better grip on an expensive device than a slick and inferior iPod.


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