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The Grey Area Comments

There are 67 Comments for this Podcast
Best podcast.
Listen and learn.
Submitted By: buddha2005
(549,570 on 3-2014)

Best Ever
TGA is the best, it's science
Submitted By: sbudweg
(549,509 on 2-2014)

Vamos vamos vamoooos
Grey Area is the best podcast. Los mejores del mundo entero! -Javier
Submitted By: javipepper
(549,506 on 2-2014)

thats right!
keep it up gents.
Submitted By: sigtermans
(541,299 on 12-2011)

doing my civic duty and casting my vote
Consitently very funny show. Always lotsa laughs. Listen and learn. Love that Lil Matt was made an honorary member. Do NOT let him get cable TV!!!
Submitted By: buddha2005
(540,958 on 12-2011)

These guys are gay
Seriously, this should be renamed The Gay Area.
Submitted By: brinkmangaming
(540,592 on 11-2011)

me likey
Submitted By: sigtermans
(540,132 on 11-2011)

Words escape me...........
Submitted By: buddha2005
(540,092 on 11-2011)

me likey
Submitted By: sigtermans
(539,227 on 10-2011)

Submitted By: buddha2005
(539,173 on 10-2011)

Love the show - so funny!!!!
Submitted By: buddha2005
(538,919 on 9-2011)

joels rad
Submitted By: mry19777
(538,634 on 9-2011)

me likey
Submitted By: sigtermans
(538,608 on 9-2011)

Always a great and funny show
Thanks for the entertainment. The story of the urination on the wall and the attempt to flush the wall - didnt need to know that. But its my bad - if Im gonna listen I gotta expect some unpleasantries!! Otherwise, hilarious!
Submitted By: buddha2005
(538,074 on 8-2011)

great show, all the elements of quality entertainment. Congratulations on the numbers for June.
Submitted By: buddha2005
(535,859 on 6-2011)

go to for current episodes or subscribe to us in itunes and leave a review and 5 star that bitch! thanks for listening!
Submitted By: parafyn
(535,788 on 6-2011)

if you want current episodes of the show go to itunes and subscribe here: 10131 or go to
Submitted By: parafyn
(535,121 on 5-2011)

Good Show
Another good show; you guys must really love bicycles =) you should talk about the bicycle riders here who think they have the same rights as a car...I hate them
Submitted By: sbudweg
(535,027 on 5-2011)

Great show
Its rare for me to listen to a podcast thats so consistently funny and interesting even though the hosts are just a group of normal dudes talikn about random stuff. You can tell theyre all good friends irl which is a bonus.
Submitted By: vspaine14
(534,992 on 5-2011)

more shows
There are a lot more shows if you go to .........., podcast alley isnt downloading new episodes so check them out there or itunes
Submitted By: mry19777
(534,781 on 5-2011)
Podcast Alley has not updated new shows since 2010. There are new episodes of The Grey Area weekly. Go to or search for The Grey Area in iTunes and subscribe. Thanks
Submitted By: exitstance78
(534,690 on 5-2011)
Thanks for checking us out!! Podcast Alley has not updated new shows since September 2010. We have new shows every week. You can go to for new shows or do a search in iTunes for "The Grey Area" and subscribe to get every episode. Thanks for Listening. The Grey Area
Submitted By: Exitstance78
(533,811 on 4-2011)

Enjoy listening every time a new show is posted; cant wait to hear the newest- need more "out of context" sayings from Robert that makes me laugh a lot.
Submitted By: sbudweg
(533,746 on 4-2011)

casting my vote
Show just keeps getting better all the time. Thanks Grey men.
Submitted By: buddha2005
(533,588 on 4-2011)

Good stuff, just good good stuff mmmmmmmmmmm
Submitted By: mry19777
(533,546 on 4-2011)

Great show!
Apply to bored areas for best results.
Submitted By: pnubk1
(533,475 on 3-2011)

listen to it, its better than your lame podcast.
Submitted By: helixdork
(533,373 on 3-2011)

Yeah I did it, charlie sheen is a wonderful drug
Submitted By: mry19777
(532,584 on 3-2011)

yeah i did it, charlie sheen is a wonderful drug
Submitted By: mry19777
(532,582 on 3-2011)

Submitted By: mry19777
(532,542 on 3-2011)

Your shows are awesome- the fact that poor Robert, aka ball juggler, always says things that sound so bad makes it even better. Excited to hear the show this week!
Submitted By: sbudweg
(532,412 on 3-2011)

My favorite cast
Submitted By: buddha2005
(531,986 on 2-2011)

Good show
I listen at work all the time and bust out laughing- the body suit comment makes me laugh every time!
Submitted By: sbudweg
(531,736 on 2-2011)

funny shit, i love you joel
Submitted By: mry19777
(531,501 on 2-2011)

the best show
You guys always make me laugh - I love the isolated sound bytes at the end of most shows!
Submitted By: buddha2005
(531,240 on 1-2011)

fuck kieth and his bitch! vote people! get TGA up there!!!!
Submitted By: parafyn
(527,027 on 10-2010)

good show
The 9/29 show was hilarious! Great stories!! Just one thing - the guy that dropped the ring off the bridge - did she say yes or no????? You must give all the details! I have voted, now I am off to get a tattoo! On my back!
Submitted By: buddha2005
(526,990 on 10-2010)

yeah yeah
You get +9000 internets and a fucking GOLD star today fellas!!
Submitted By: artisanconcretestudio
(525,803 on 9-2010)

best podcast around...should be #1!
Submitted By: rrussell1982
(525,582 on 9-2010)

I believe
I believe in aliens. I think there can be other life forms in the universe. Keep on with the great job :D
Submitted By: yanihabla
(525,393 on 9-2010)

keep it up foos
thanks for scareing me you guys rock keep it up i see ya mike
Submitted By: americo302
(524,749 on 8-2010)

no let downs from this podcast, keeps me rolling and wanting to hear more...... nice work
Submitted By: mry19777
(524,737 on 8-2010)

Funny Shit
Submitted By: anna_and_ryan
(524,280 on 8-2010)
ill as fuck!!!
Submitted By: djscrilla06
(523,853 on 8-2010)

Mike is the funniest one on the show...everyone else sucks :)
Submitted By: rrussell1982
(523,779 on 8-2010)

Submitted By: channa_larae
(523,772 on 8-2010)

Great show!
Damn I love the stories - all of them. Hilarious! And the screamfest between Mel & Alfie - perfect!!! I laughed so hard I cried!!! People at work were asking if I was o.k.......... Love the hospital stories, the moron stories, the boat stories, the news, everything. Chuck says "hi"!!
Submitted By: buddha2005
(523,622 on 8-2010)

Spaniard from Dublin
Their podcast is great. Lots of fun and crazy stories
Submitted By: yanihabla
(522,777 on 7-2010)

Thats whats up
Yo keep up the good shows i keep it locked on these crazy guyz are hilarious thats whats up B****
Submitted By: americo302
(522,563 on 7-2010)

I like mexicans, joel makes it sound like I don't get tory and maybe 21
Submitted By: mry19777
(522,539 on 7-2010)

Funny stuff!
Submitted By: mel_lifluous
(522,084 on 7-2010)

Love it!
The show just keeps getting better. Thanks for the funny!
Submitted By: buddha2005
(521,584 on 7-2010)

Fantastic hilarious show!
This podcast is great - educational, interesting, thought provoking - but mostly just plain damn hilarious!!!! I love listening to these guys every week - this show will lift anyones crappy mood immediately. Enjoy!
Submitted By: buddha2005
(520,219 on 6-2010)

Robert and Joel like mexicans
Mike and Tori I am gonna get u guys and maybe 21 too a mexican ass whooping boy.
Submitted By: americo302
(520,137 on 6-2010)

This Shit Has Me Rollin!
Submitted By: joequeeze
(519,909 on 6-2010)

Submitted By: mshanemartin
(519,817 on 6-2010)

Whats happening
Yo this show is fun and entertaining always looking forward o the next episode keep them coming.
Submitted By: americo302
(518,295 on 5-2010)

funny shit
Submitted By: ttime38
(518,098 on 5-2010)

Thats whats up
Yo what it do vote for this show it is hilarious or else there will be blood bath and buy some four locos stock it is rising
Submitted By: americo302
(517,198 on 4-2010)

Its gonna be a bloodbath.....
Love you guys - youre all knee-slappin hilarious and quite entertaining. Keep on with the great stories and the constant surprises!! Damn good show - thanks!
Submitted By: buddha2005
(515,759 on 4-2010)

This is one of the coolest most hilarious podcasts I have listened to EVER!
Submitted By: footmuzik
(515,633 on 4-2010)

real life is funny
Submitted By: jamalbodeyburks
(514,711 on 3-2010)

Badass hahahaha
This show is very entertaining i cant stop laughing good job guyz keep us men proud hahahaha
Submitted By: americo302
(513,536 on 3-2010)

this show kicks ass
Submitted By: djscrilla06
(513,522 on 3-2010)

love this show!
I am thoroughly enjoying this new podcast - listen to these guys and give em a shot. Thanks for the show guys - keep them coming!
Submitted By: buddha2005
(513,322 on 3-2010)

They grey area cracks me up! WTF these kids talking about?
Submitted By: Jahorgie2
(513,194 on 3-2010)

Great show!!
THis was very entertaining and hilarious. I will subscribe, and I am looking for ward to more podcasts from these guys.
Submitted By: buddha2005
(512,354 on 2-2010)

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