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The GodCast Network Comments

There are 76 Comments for this Podcast
I was very excited to see this link, but very disappointed to see that it hadnt been updated since 2008... :-((
Submitted By:
(546,658 on 7-2013)

good stuff
Submitted By: fperric
(530,842 on 1-2011)

I just accidently found your site while searching out ideas of how to podcast my christian novels...still searching. What a great idea you have with God cast. Would you be interested adding international content (shows) people from my country...Australia. The Christian industry in all fields here have a limited broadcasting rights..things like Christian televison and media space. I would love you to be able to add some speakers from Australia and New Zealand?
Submitted By: palmerchat
(467,088 on 2-2009)
thank you...
Submitted By: rfgort
(342,037 on 12-2007)

Awesome Site!!
#1 Christian site available these days that will change your life!
Submitted By: sblair7
(307,242 on 9-2007)

Thank you.
Submitted By: rfgort
(305,823 on 9-2007)

I think you guys are on to something good!
Submitted By: info
(262,867 on 5-2007)

how about adding some new shows?
Is there any room for new shows, like Theology Rocks -- truths to stand on,
Submitted By: havoc
(229,880 on 2-2007)

Great Site!
Love the site...keep up the great work.
Submitted By: chcoutreach
(214,402 on 1-2007)

Just logged on
Hey yall, you guys are doing a fantastic job, spreading the Truth makes God Almighty happy, way to go! Keep the candle burning! Benjamin Deen-Swaray London, UK.
Submitted By: benjamindeenswaray
(207,407 on 1-2007)

Submitted By: derrick
(201,714 on 12-2006)

Some great Casts!
Submitted By: lisa
(165,138 on 9-2006)

Good Job
Im new to this site but so far I like what I see.
Submitted By: drl
(165,092 on 9-2006)

i like the godcast network
Submitted By: jammystarfish
(162,363 on 9-2006)

Love it!
What a blessing. A++++++
Submitted By: shadwlandzz
(144,773 on 7-2006)

Great idea. Thank you...
Submitted By: debbie.l.gilmore
(143,931 on 7-2006)

love it
doing great work! thanks!
Submitted By: gmcarpenterz
(120,529 on 5-2006)

yeah for godcast!
i think godcast is amazing. Good concept. Great way to reach people!
Submitted By: leslie7315
(117,240 on 5-2006)

godcast network
great thing....keep up the great work....praise god
Submitted By: yochana777
(102,685 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: jchisaiah453
(101,076 on 3-2006)

Great Show
Thanks for supporting indie Christian artists! Great job!
Submitted By: adam
(100,492 on 3-2006)

Thank you for using the latest advances in communication to spread the Word.
Submitted By: johnsp316
(99,268 on 3-2006)

The BEST podcast
HARVEST CRUSADE is the best in Podcast Alley. I found it in GODCAST, Terrific! Thank you Pastor Greg. Put some more on, Ive nearly come to the end of the mp3s. Thanks, Maureen of Western Australia.
Submitted By: longsleeves
(95,498 on 3-2006)

Thank you for the service you offer. What an awesome way to get the gospel out to the world. God bless.
Submitted By: ld389
(92,510 on 2-2006)

I think this is great for people who want to learn more about God and the message left by Jesus coming...wonderful idea.
Submitted By: gizsong
(90,558 on 2-2006)

Good Job
This is a great idea! Small Churches would definatly gain from this. Hopefully there will be software in the future that will give churches the ability to easily transfer sermons and speacial events to mp3 or other audio and video format.
Submitted By: matt_carol
(90,417 on 2-2006)

Good job!
Submitted By: actnow
(90,207 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: rev
(90,204 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: verns_place
(90,179 on 2-2006)

Cool idea!
Great idea...heard about you on The Early Show.
Submitted By: Yondis
(90,157 on 2-2006)

whoo! yeah!
Godcast is coolness! I love listening to the funky messages while on the move, keep up the good work fellas!
Submitted By: xntric_2
(85,964 on 2-2006)

I like what I hear from Steve.
Submitted By: moore812
(71,774 on 12-2005)

Godcast approval
Submitted By: tewell
(70,920 on 12-2005)

Sounding good! Ag
Submitted By: agilda
(63,726 on 11-2005)

listen for your own good
worth hearing
Submitted By: jim
(61,259 on 11-2005)

Love your podcasts!
Submitted By: Mikefields
(59,527 on 11-2005)

God Cast
This is such a great resource for digital devotionals. Amazing!
Submitted By: shoogjones
(59,503 on 11-2005)

Go God!
Great to see GodCast.Org - Im excited to see the "good news" being spread through this great technology. Check out the Highest Praise Worship Podcast as well at
Submitted By: info
(51,729 on 10-2005)

a Vote for Godcast!
this is a vote for the Godcast site!
Submitted By: ddersch
(46,025 on 10-2005)

Praise God!!
This is an awesome collection of christian resources. FREE!
Submitted By: j.hessin
(43,016 on 9-2005)

Is good & new idea to using iPod (or said MP3) this media. I really support for it.
Submitted By: robert_got
(40,274 on 9-2005)

Nice one!
Great site. Now in my Favortes.
Submitted By: david
(38,796 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: rev_sparky
(38,527 on 8-2005)

Saw your site on AOL news
Im excited that podcasting is making news, especially for the church world. I found the article on AOL news today, with your site including in the article. Hallelujah!! Christian programming making the secular news... now THATS reaching the world for Jesus!! Praise God!! Keep up the good work and the positive exposure for Christ! Kristi Williams Aurora, OR
Submitted By: krswilliams2
(38,499 on 8-2005)

Awsome, keep it up.
Submitted By: Rocktales2
(37,664 on 8-2005)

Love it
Love The GodCast Network
Submitted By: beanie1066
(36,931 on 8-2005)

Dont let the World have it all
Looking for something clean Proclaim the gospel
Submitted By: airbrushpro
(34,469 on 8-2005)

Love I have ever heard...
Submitted By: unclebobpooh
(34,120 on 8-2005)

RevTim Podcast
Submitted By: rc821
(30,585 on 7-2005)

Kee up the good work
Submitted By: airbrushpro
(30,316 on 7-2005)

Keep on spreddinda Word.
Submitted By: tmitchell30
(29,150 on 7-2005)

GodCast is a stellar site
I just got turned on to GodCast/PodCast and I'm loving it! Great job! Thanks, Carolyn
Submitted By: carolynr
(28,320 on 7-2005)

Very inspirational
This podcast has been a great inspiration... :)
Submitted By: wilson.joe
(25,701 on 7-2005)

the whole truth
site is what we are all looking forward. The reader may want to sound like there is an interest in reading. I appoligize for dialogue but the message is so beautiful and the voice sound like it personally is uninterested. THe two do not match up.
Submitted By: jeanne
(20,763 on 6-2005)

My first GodCast
Submitted By: David_Tuttle
(20,478 on 6-2005)

This is my vote for the Godcast Network. It's excellent.
Submitted By: stanslaughter
(20,293 on 6-2005)

I love Godcasting
I really love the Godcast Network! It is hitting the mark and providing a great service (as are many other podcasting programs)!!!
Submitted By: timhelms4
(16,867 on 6-2005)

Love It
Lots of great stuff! Especially love Rachel's Choice - go girl!!!
Submitted By: jenna
(15,301 on 5-2005)

Thanks for this forum,
Submitted By: KACWPeterson
(15,212 on 5-2005)

I really appreciate the work that you are doing at the GodCast Network.
Submitted By: mtefft
(14,191 on 5-2005)

Godcast Network
Submitted By: kevin4christ2004
(12,782 on 5-2005)

good network
Submitted By: hope4technology
(12,206 on 5-2005)

Glad to know there is such a thing as a family-friendly podcast network! This one looks promising. Reflections and RevTim in particular. I'll listen for a while before voting, see if it lives up to its billing.
Submitted By: thenelsons
(10,451 on 5-2005)

This is a great site focused on a niche that appeals to me more than any other.
Submitted By: snowprice
(8,533 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: todd_mckinnon2000
(8,070 on 4-2005)

Thanks for keeping your podcasts going. I like what you are doing. Wayne Better Bibles Blog
Submitted By: wayneleman
(7,637 on 4-2005)

Love this
Love the selection available at :-)
Submitted By: bnathompson
(7,261 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: safeharbour
(6,967 on 4-2005)

Great show by Tim Bednar.
Submitted By: brian
(6,855 on 4-2005)

email me craig
I want to learn to use podcasting for worldwide missions work sincerely DR. LEON SMITH pH.d
Submitted By: leonsmith1
(5,290 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: andrea
(2,966 on 3-2005)

God Cast is the future!
Submitted By: bob814u
(2,762 on 3-2005)

Outstanding podcast!
This is quite exellent! There is appeal that is both "deep and wide" ! BRAVO!
Submitted By: mic_e2002
(2,015 on 3-2005)

Very, Very, Helpful!
Heard about show on The Daily Source Code. As a newbie, I found your information SO well presented and SO easy to understand that questions I didn't even know how to ask properly were answered! Thank you for a great resource and a great show!
Submitted By: mongrel
(1,664 on 3-2005)

We need more of this!
Submitted By: headala
(1,343 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: gbizn
(441 on 3-2005)

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