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Old Time Radio Westerns Comments

There are 48 Comments for this Podcast
fun shows
Submitted By: couperjohn
(542,480 on 1-2012)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: charlie.newman
(541,712 on 12-2011)

I miss the Texas Rangers, but enjoy the other stories. Keep up the great job. Dont try to be what others are - just keep being what you are! You are doing fine with the productions. Thanks also for your work on the other podcasts that you do the technical work for. Paul in PA
Submitted By: pwclough2000
(541,524 on 12-2011)

Love the shows, especially Gunsmoke and Tales of the Texas Rangers. Thank you for your efforts.
Submitted By: jon_tutt
(538,937 on 9-2011)

Love listening to the programs - especially Tales of the Texas Rangers. Thanks for your work to bring this to us.
Submitted By: pwclough2000
(538,453 on 9-2011)

this podcast rocks
This guy knows westerns..My favorite show is Tales of Texas Ranger and the Cisco kid..Thank you for existing
Submitted By: sabregab
(537,884 on 8-2011)

Great pod casts
Love it! Keep it up!
Submitted By: mjefferson96
(535,483 on 5-2011)

Thank You
Thank you, Andrew for the great podcast. I enjoy all of the programs, especially Have Gun Will travel. I look forward to the daily downloads.
Submitted By: brian.hutton
(533,601 on 4-2011)

Sir, I thank you for the challenge you have taken to project our minds back to simpler times.The generation of today does not have a concept of the sacrifices Lewis and Clark made in facing the challenges of the unknown.And the other series that you were able to obtain and play are more true to life then most of entertainment of today .But from an old guy, what do I know ? If I may make a suggestion,to fill in the time be for you play each series .You might give an event,speech or envention spoken about that year.
Submitted By: Redtomato2
(533,406 on 3-2011)

I really enjoy being able to access these old shows and listen on demand , even being able to listen later after d/ls. David
Submitted By: donko.dick3
(529,862 on 12-2010)

Well Done!
Very nice programing. Thank You
Submitted By: wn7d
(529,073 on 11-2010)

Adam Rules !
This is part of my Daily routine. Adams programming is spectacular. There is a wonderful variety within the Western Radio genre and it is great fun. Most important though is Adams commitment. The shows are always there ... never misses ... very reliable and professional approach.
Submitted By: vincent.caminiti
(526,698 on 10-2010)

Primarily listening to Gunsmoke and Have Gun at this point. Ive been having trouble understanding Have Gun at times due to the heavy bass, particularly if Im in a noisy environment. If I find extra time on my hands, I check out the Texas Rangers. Thanks for your dedicated efforts.
Submitted By: spamyourmother
(525,463 on 9-2010)

Thanks for some great shows. I enjoyed the last of The Six Shooter last night, and am looking forward to see what will replace it.
Submitted By: spamyourmother
(523,907 on 8-2010)

Andrew, I love your podcast. My favorite has to be "Have gun will travel". I wish you would give a little more insight into each show, like Adam, but not soooooo long. Thank you for all you do for us listeners.
Submitted By: elvia4gabriel
(523,101 on 7-2010)

Don't get those
Thanks for the post... I do not really read the comments on the show... if they provide value I will but most say they love the show.... Thanks for listening
Submitted By: contact
(522,100 on 7-2010)

Enjoy your program. The only negative I have is the listeners who write and say they dont like it - they dont have to listen! Keep up the good work. Thanks from a listener in Pennsylvania.
Submitted By: pwclough2000
(521,186 on 7-2010)

Greetings from Switzerland! I just wanted to thank you again for your podcast, which I listen to at work. Keep up the good work! Grace
Submitted By: wasforgas
(519,888 on 6-2010)

Keep up the good work. Im loving the westerns. Heidi
Submitted By: hkbaker22
(519,764 on 6-2010)

listen every day
We gathered around the big console radio when I was a kid...listening to many of these shows. Since getting my Samsung Q2, I especially enjoy listening while on the road.
Submitted By: klblackw
(519,454 on 5-2010)

Total enjoyment
Great show
Submitted By: klfaircl
(519,372 on 5-2010)

I really like this podcast- Andrew does just right amount of talking. The Six shooter is one of my favorites, I think it for only 2 seasons though. Keep of the good work. Sincerely Denis Kerechuk.
Submitted By: denisthek
(519,298 on 5-2010)

Andrew, I have become a huge fan of your podcast. I even love The Cisco Kid and Lone Ranger. Keep up the great job. Gabriel
Submitted By: elvia4gabriel
(518,938 on 5-2010)

Just FYI (no need to read on-air) - Ive scaled back from all the shows to primarily just Gunsmoke and Six Shooter. Texas Rangers if Im running low on listening material. Because of that, I did not vote on what to do w/ the Lone Ranger. I liked your idea of doing this month in history, though I realize material may be difficult to come by. Thanks!
Submitted By: spamyourmother
(517,906 on 5-2010)

I enjoy the podcast and like the format of the shows.
Submitted By: meandean039
(517,676 on 4-2010)

Great Podcast - cant go a day without it!
Submitted By: KL531
(517,586 on 4-2010)

Love Texas Rangers
Please keep those episodes of The Texas Rangers coming!
Submitted By: hetrickma
(515,410 on 3-2010)

Old Time Radio Westerns
This is the best podcast.
Submitted By: NovaNike
(515,226 on 3-2010)

Great Show!!!
Glad I found this show. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: t.wood30
(514,849 on 3-2010)

I just found your podcast! ...and its great to listen to it while Im at work! Keep up the good work! Enjoyed listening to it so much!!!!
Submitted By: wasforgas
(514,414 on 3-2010)

Found your podcast through Adams Dragnet. Lone Ranger is my favorite. Thanks!
Submitted By: lrsamford
(514,347 on 3-2010)

OTR Westerns
A real gem that transports you back 50 years to the state of mind when radio was king. Thanks for going to all the trouble to do this.
Submitted By: jfk
(512,963 on 2-2010)

keep them coming
Heard you on Leo Laports show and checked on the site and podcasts. These are great, Ill keep coming back. Also heard on a recent podcast you wanted to know if people liked the "on this day in history"; I do it helps know what people where doing or thinking about when they first heard these. Thanks for all this.
Submitted By: kenkhome
(512,320 on 2-2010)

Heard about the podcast when the host called in to This Week In Tech (TWIT) and thought Id check the podcast out.
Submitted By: zippy
(511,699 on 2-2010)

OTR Westerns
I love hearing the old time radio westerns - I miss that they no longer play them on the radio and am introducing them to my kids now that I have access to them again.
Submitted By: alwaysgo
(511,596 on 2-2010)

great show!
I really appreciate the short comments! I like the important thing of the day.
Submitted By: good.nice
(511,543 on 2-2010)

Very Happy To Have Found OTR Westerns
Im always looking for audio to get me through work, and these shows do the job very well. I am happy to have found the Old Time Radio Daily Western podcast. This is something the whole family can share together.
Submitted By: Mysticist82
(511,377 on 2-2010)

Andrew, Thank you for continuing to provide OTR Westerns and supporting Dragnet and The Great Detectives. Your commentary is improving and more positive in general. Regarding future shows, I am interested in hearing Tales of the Texas Rangers and Frontier Gentleman.
Submitted By: rudolph_philip
(510,742 on 1-2010)

Great stuff
Super Idea I heard of it on the Tech Guy Show.
Submitted By: hayes
(510,741 on 1-2010)

I was a little startled to hear your comments last week. Sorry not to have filled out the survey yet, just cant find it. I listen while driving, so cant jump on the web so easily. Nevertheless, I listen every day, enjoy and value your efforts, and encourage you to continue. Thank you again, oh the crackle and jumping are part of the fun, if you can decypher it then thats good enough for me.
Submitted By: garethsc
(509,500 on 1-2010)

Thanks for the awesome podcasts
Many thanks to Andrew Rhynes for the great podcasts. I just discovered them, and with the backlog Im listening to 2-3 a day. I particularly appreciate Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke and especially (unknown to me before the podcasts) The Six Shooter. Great stuff. Thanks again, Andrew
Submitted By: david
(509,276 on 1-2010)

Sorry for that.
I do hope that you listen to more than one episode to get a feel for the show. The "whining" was because I had asked people to fill out the shows survey and I gt nothing. In order for me to see who is listening I needed the survey filled out by 20 people. The next day I did apologize to everyone for that spat and hope all is forgiven but please do listen to more than 1 show to get a feel for what the show has to offer.
Submitted By: contact
(508,547 on 1-2010)

Don't bother
I started listening to this podcast with this Monday's Lone Ranger (ep. 52) hoping to get a feel for how a weeks worth of shows would go. The host spent close to 5 minutes before and after the episode in a passive-aggressive whine to badger his audience to fill out a survey. removing from my Itunes.
Submitted By: sjackson498
(508,329 on 12-2009)

Not a fan of the Cisco Kid, but I have enjoyed the other features. Thanks Andrew.
Submitted By: spamyourmother
(508,222 on 12-2009)

Old Time Radio Daily Westerns
The best otr channel.
Submitted By: burkeonsite
(508,001 on 12-2009)

Especially like Have gun will travel & Gunsmoke.
Submitted By: arizbuck
(507,579 on 12-2009)

Very good tribute to your Dad. Sorry he was taken away so suddenly at such a young age. He would be proud that you are sharing something so special.
Submitted By: dcraven
(507,519 on 12-2009)

Great Shows to Listen To
Thanks for your podcast. It is great listening.
Submitted By: seleek
(507,100 on 12-2009)

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