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open source sex Comments

There are 164 Comments for this Podcast
quick question
I was wondering how one goes about becoming a guest on your podcast. Not for me, but I know someone that would be great! thanks E
Submitted By: elizabeththewolfe
(546,405 on 5-2013)

Role play chat
Nice and interesting article!!! I like this. I think everybody should read this article.Role play chat
Submitted By: fantasiafox0
(525,632 on 9-2010)

goog man
Submitted By: al-zor
(498,483 on 9-2009)

The greatest of Podcasts! Violet is dripping with sex appeal that enhances the already provocative subject matter. Please keep up the great work. The topics are spot-on!
Submitted By: wtgeller
(480,859 on 5-2009)

love the show- more please!
Submitted By: clinneer
(440,454 on 10-2008)

Violet Blues Podcast
Submitted By: stef41us
(420,888 on 8-2008)

Promotion, it's a great way to let others know what's out there.
Submitted By: thesumanshow
(398,587 on 6-2008)

Really Great Show
Submitted By: clinneer
(383,478 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: ricca
(377,651 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: grizz1y
(369,482 on 3-2008)

Wow Love this one.!!
Submitted By: westfreeman
(359,057 on 2-2008)

vilot rocks
she is very knowlegable and very fun to lesson to
Submitted By: bipizzaguy2021
(326,570 on 11-2007)

violet blue is #1
open source sex is fantastic! Violets voice is amazingly sexy and her shows are full of good advice, intelligence, humour and of course sex! I love it!
Submitted By: spikeyrich
(298,094 on 8-2007)

Awsome podcast
This is an awesome podcast!
Submitted By: rmiller162
(293,073 on 8-2007)

have been listenin to you since a couple of days... ur great :) LOVE YA... kisses...
Submitted By: drivextr
(276,907 on 6-2007)

Best Podcast Ever
I love the podcast. I just have to find time in my truck to listen to it when my son isnt with me!!!
Submitted By: skwyd
(259,803 on 5-2007)

Best Source for podporn!
Best Sex for your ipod!
Submitted By: g1rock18018
(250,925 on 4-2007)

teaching tolerance and getting new ideas
Just a short "thank you very much Violet Blue" from Germany.
Submitted By: mylord_gamer
(250,040 on 4-2007)

more stories please
Submitted By: grizz1y
(249,441 on 4-2007)

Go Violet Blue!
i have to say, most of the podcasts on iTunes arent that high quality. But Open Source Sex definately shines through. I greatly enjoy the Sex ed that I receive from it, as well as I enjoy using that information on women in my life. And believe me, they appreciate it too. Violet also has a very good ratio of info to fun stuff to listen too as well, and it has opened my eyes to many things that I had never mused over before. Thanks Violet! Your the Best!
Submitted By: pi_tch
(242,215 on 3-2007)

The best sex podcast!
Great mix of information and erotica! Violet Blue rocks!
Submitted By: zen67495
(225,347 on 2-2007)

great! spicy!
Love your podcast, its spicy and fun. I cant say enough about it, you should just check it out!
Submitted By: diz4555
(216,116 on 1-2007)
Violet Blue is up to date & has solid information to steer you away from the B.S. and back to reallity in her education mode. When it comes to story time, she & her friends know how to write &/ or live. Top rating to you allways.
Submitted By: demantoid
(191,686 on 12-2006)

I am really enjoying the podcasts - sexy, erotic, and they have wonderful links to new material...Im stuck in the stodgy Midwest bible belt, ugh! This is refreshing.
Submitted By: mwinton
(189,556 on 11-2006)

Violet Rocks!
This podcast is educational, entertaining, and erotic!
Submitted By: a2dawn8photo05
(187,462 on 11-2006)

consistently good
violet blue is crimson bright
Submitted By: biminip
(179,776 on 11-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(179,335 on 11-2006)

Podcast Ally Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(173,657 on 10-2006)

open source sex is amazing, amd im talking from a gilrs perspective, its soo inforaitve and well done! voilet blue rocks! x
Submitted By: cocolette3
(166,544 on 9-2006)

Sexy voice and wonderful, erotic stories.
Submitted By: docnormanm
(164,616 on 9-2006)

violet blue is red hot
Submitted By: sbrodsky
(162,248 on 9-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(160,478 on 9-2006)

intelligent AND hot - great combination Violet!
Submitted By: swanson.dale
(157,367 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: biminip
(150,747 on 8-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(148,895 on 8-2006)

Really like the show
Submitted By: john.podcast
(140,891 on 7-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(136,764 on 7-2006)

terrific podcast
fascinating, personal, informative, and titilating. hey, what more can one ask for?
Submitted By: biminip
(133,124 on 6-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(129,697 on 6-2006)

Open source sex is outstanding. The erotica stories and information in this podcasts are phenomenal... thanks Violet Blue, you are wonderful! What a sexy voice you have too :)
Submitted By: springtxcpl4u2
(129,580 on 6-2006)

Great show. I hope violet blue will be on for years to come. Also, its a perfect balance of information and entertainment.
Submitted By: mindiabairfan
(123,101 on 5-2006)

excellent show
love the stories and the education. I learn something new each time :)
Submitted By: lostentropy
(122,300 on 5-2006)

Great Show!!
Great variety and very sexy!
Submitted By: troy
(122,165 on 5-2006)

Quality rises to the top
Violet Blue clearly has a handle on her program and is polished. Content is excellent and shows are kept on subject. Information is provided with an emphasis on safety, pleasure, and fun. Short stories vary from funny to exceptionally arousing. This show makes a long drive very enjoyable and definitely keeps a driver alert - if not continuously hard. This is easily one of the top three podcasts on the topic of sex among the hundreds available. Videos are interesting and somewhat erotic, in a tasteful way instead of hardcore porn. A womans perspective for this show and Violet Blues opinions on products bring a touch of quality that I appreciate. Keep it coming!!
Submitted By: wmshome
(119,181 on 5-2006)

Submitted By: eagleajn
(117,788 on 5-2006)

Here ya go! Another vote for the month of May. Thanks for podcasting. See-Ya! Dred242 www.D
Submitted By: Dred242
(115,290 on 5-2006)

Great stuff!
VB has a delightfully sexy voice, and her attitudes about sex and relationships make her even more attractive to listen to.
Submitted By: loegaire
(114,648 on 5-2006)

I vote for violet Blue
Please continue.
Submitted By: thomasramos7
(113,863 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: twrecks2
(110,666 on 4-2006)

Fabulous podcast
Im in South Africa, a country that had banned pornography until 1994. Im loving your podcast and your site. You e a pleasure and an inspiration. Keep it up -- I certainly am, thanks to you! ;-)
Submitted By: erichv
(110,451 on 4-2006)

Great podcast!
Youve got a wonderful voice for this sort of thing, and you e well-spoken. Engaging without being overbearing. Thoroughly enjoyable podcast. :)
Submitted By: twinky
(107,508 on 4-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(105,218 on 4-2006)

violet blue open source sex
the best, most intelligent, hip podcast about sex and eroticism there is
Submitted By: scotthague
(97,405 on 3-2006)

Very nice stories amd voice
Submitted By: johne111
(92,101 on 2-2006)

Its like hands free porn!
This is sooooooooo awesome! I just love listening to your smut on the commute into work in the morning. It really gets me off (pardon the pun) to a good start. I LOVE IT!!!
Submitted By: mammasboy16
(91,342 on 2-2006)

great show
Submitted By: fmosc
(90,404 on 2-2006)

Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: twrecks2
(89,105 on 2-2006)

Clit throbbingly good!
I am a relatively recent listener to Violet Blues podcast, picking it up first sometime last year (2005). Her delivery is fantastic, her reviews are superb and I am pleasantly surprised by the range of programming. My clit thanks you!
Submitted By: fennelseed35
(89,100 on 2-2006)

Open Source Sex
Fun, erotic, smart, cool
Submitted By: scotthague
(87,049 on 2-2006)

Open Source Sex = HOT HOT HOT!
absolutely love this podcast. so sensual, so hot, so emotional. #1 podcast ever
Submitted By: gldsndz
(85,437 on 2-2006)

: )
Submitted By: markg
(82,904 on 2-2006)

Subtle Erotica and Info
Submitted By: heute.anders
(82,394 on 1-2006)

Go on girl! love from europe
Submitted By: lovelyeu
(81,332 on 1-2006)

I love this podcast. Open Source Sex is so hot! I think Im in love with Violet. More please!
Submitted By: redbtmboy
(80,215 on 1-2006)

A truely sexy voice
Submitted By: g1rock18018
(79,284 on 1-2006)

I love Violet Blue
I hereby cast my vote of approval for Violet Blues iTunes podcasts. Not only are they obviously exciting, but also very intelligent, well thought-out, and most importantly, informative concerning popular conceptions or misconceptions of the world of sexuality.
Submitted By: saxmister_98
(78,810 on 1-2006)

while on the tube...
All those people on the tube in the mornings wandering what the smirk on my face is all about as Violet Blue whispers her podcast in my ears. Fantastic. keep them coming.
Submitted By: jim
(78,100 on 1-2006)

best on the web. i love real women!
Submitted By: crunkykd
(77,675 on 1-2006)

Wonderful Podcasts
Ms. Blues podcasts are not only sensual, they are also informative and funny! You can tell a wonderful person is hiding behind her microphone!
Submitted By: dsmoya31410
(77,477 on 1-2006)

a vote for your show
happy new years from the RBPCshow =)
Submitted By: PEZ
(76,042 on 1-2006)

Violet, please keep them coming!!
Submitted By: startingnew
(75,553 on 1-2006)

Smart and Sexy
Major Kudos to Violet Blue and Open Source Sex.... I am a 31 year old man with a broad sexual history. I have unbounding respect for this podcast. Violet Blue has taken new technology, and offered smart, open-minded, unjudgmental edu-tainment. So much love and respect to Violet. -E
Submitted By: evanrohde
(75,535 on 1-2006)

A healthy attitude - at last!
Wewll done, Violet!! Now all we need is for the rest of the world to .. er .. un-clench!? Jack
Submitted By: forestme
(75,198 on 1-2006)

Great show!!!!
Submitted By: dip_dap2
(75,124 on 1-2006)

Praise Be !
Super sensual, educational and essential for us reserved but romantic British guys !! thanks Violet !!
Submitted By: nickmckeown
(73,969 on 1-2006)

great stuff
great insights and a wonderful voice. keep up the great work....
Submitted By: jw_work2000
(73,581 on 1-2006)

Open Source Education
Violet Blue, thank you for educating me with your podcast classroom. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: matterotime
(73,526 on 1-2006)

Violet Blue Rocks
Submitted By: desirous_
(72,949 on 1-2006)

Excellent, enjoyable shows!
Exciting audio related with Violet Blues lovely, intelligent, delicate, and very feminine voice. The emotional coloration and vocabulary in how Violet Blue speaks (and writes) is superb.
Submitted By: mpley
(72,473 on 12-2005)

I love Open Source Sex. It is by far the best podcast around. Violet Blue provides some very interesting and infomative information regarding sex.
Submitted By: davec3275
(72,438 on 12-2005)

Violet Blue is a rare adult sex educator. She brings a natural persona to her discussions, readings and sex education, to the point where it is easy to believe she is there with you. Eloquent with the right ouch of sexual mystery to make every podcast worth listening too...twice!
Submitted By: bernardcanderson
(72,106 on 12-2005)

Just a few lines to say love your pod casts, keep it up. love to hear what you have been doing there. i live in England, and have enjoyed a lot of holidays in America. i download and listen to your voice on the sony PSP. keep reading those stories i love all that Happy new year to you Michael. God bless America
Submitted By: riverbank532
(72,082 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: CBGB99
(71,931 on 12-2005)

great stuff
Quality information and stories from a smart lady.
Submitted By: axler2
(70,883 on 12-2005)

truly better than all others on the subject. Professionally done. No tacky and excessive commercials and shameless advertising. Keep up the great work Violet! (among other things...)
Submitted By: wmshome
(69,626 on 12-2005)

I love this podcast
Submitted By: brownbagcomics
(69,624 on 12-2005)

Why I love my ipod
I love my ipod No question. And anyone wil tell you they are the best digi players on the market. But they open up a whole new way of life. And that is Open Source Sex. If u need a reason to buy an ipod, Violet is it.
Submitted By: toryion
(66,215 on 12-2005)

Love to hear you talk
Hi Violet, Since im working/living in London during the week and living in The Netherlands, I travel a lot. By plane or by tube, i really like to wonder away while listening to your podcast. Keep up the good work! Danny
Submitted By: dannykoppelmans
(65,244 on 12-2005)

It doesn get any better!
I don think theres a better podcast out there. Violet is sexy, witty, and real. I wish she recorded something every day. At last! "Porn" I would recommend to my kids, who are in their 20s.
Submitted By: furballxl5
(64,750 on 12-2005)

Volet Blue rocks
The best podcast in the universe.
Submitted By: lhfahey
(60,665 on 11-2005)

Excellent podcast. Very informative, sexy, and very addicting.
Submitted By: EldritchKnight
(58,989 on 11-2005)

Open Source Safe
Great info on safe, fun sex. I think its great for enhancing mood with Violets stories, ideas, and safe practice tips. Great podcast!
Submitted By: puterfreak555
(57,835 on 11-2005)

Love it
Submitted By: djstonie
(57,822 on 11-2005)

was good
Submitted By: ravindrazub2005
(56,005 on 11-2005)

shes GREAT!!!!!
Submitted By: aardor1
(55,705 on 11-2005)

awesome pod case
i love your pod cast please keep up the good work!
Submitted By: ildiaperboy
(54,406 on 10-2005)

Excellent commentary on the democracy of sex.
Submitted By: smughalinaz
(54,284 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: shedliketo
(54,204 on 10-2005)

I love this podcast.
Submitted By: rmessenger
(54,108 on 10-2005)

wheres violet?
Submitted By: k.lynch5
(53,896 on 10-2005)

Open and Frank
This is a great, and I say again, GREAT podcast. Ms. Blue is open and frank about her views and about what she likes. Her stories are enjoyable whether they be about her latestest adventures or simply writings of frends. Its not porn, not that there is anything wrong with good porn, but straight talk about the world of sex. Yes, there is a world of sex out there, and trying to deny its existance doesn make it go away. And Violet ebraces the pros and the cons of the current world. Way to go, Violet Blue. KEEP IT UP! LOL
Submitted By: jaubke
(53,841 on 10-2005)

Such a great show
Submitted By: indielovemusic
(53,212 on 10-2005)

I have yet to open the door on your world to my wife, but much of what I have learned from you and your network have already filtered down to her. Soon she will being enjoying your website, and insight directly, as much as I do! THANK YOU! For everything!
Submitted By: brent.spam
(53,206 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: v12ogy
(52,401 on 10-2005)

Hurrah for Violet!
A wonderfully sex-positive podcast full of fun and great info!
Submitted By: pgarland
(51,960 on 10-2005)

Good Show
This is one of the podcasts that i enjoy listening to and vilot knows her stuff. Please keep updating it
Submitted By: black7110
(50,759 on 10-2005)

Best adult podcast in existence. Keep up the good work Violet!
Submitted By: davidtiger
(50,677 on 10-2005)

Violet Blue is wonderful!
Fun, accurate sex information is right -- and a human right!
Submitted By: panties3
(49,342 on 10-2005)

Thank You
Thank you for providing an extremely informative podcast series
Submitted By: gary.auger
(48,718 on 10-2005)

the best
Its the only podcast I "re-listen" to.
Submitted By: hjsis1
(48,666 on 10-2005)

Love this show
This is my favorite podcast
Submitted By: grokfun
(48,534 on 10-2005)

open sex is sensational
ure open sex podcast is cool but wld really love it if u wld personally tell us how u masurbate live on th emic it wld be a real turnon
Submitted By: boykevin
(47,656 on 10-2005)

open sex source
intelligent, erotic, educational, and of course fun
Submitted By: pault46
(45,486 on 9-2005)

Great podcast
Violet Blue is just amazing. she has the hottest voice I think I have ever heard without paying $4.99 a minute :-)
Submitted By: vidar
(45,033 on 9-2005)

I recently subscribed to this podcast, and I didn know I would get hooked sooo quick! Violet, you have a beautiful voice, and I just visited your website for the first time. I wanted to put a face to the voice. Your podcasts are so creative, professional, and playful. Im looking foreward to the next podcast (and Im hiding the other ones from my husband, this is like gold, why would I want to share with him?) Keep up the great work!!!
Submitted By: cmariegerber
(44,624 on 9-2005)

Great Resource
Ok, i have learned more about my sexuality from Violet in the last two months then in my whole life experiance. She has opened up my wife and Is desiere, fantisy, and sexual potential. I highly recomend this site to find your sexual "self" ***** Five Stars her site and podcast are exelent!! (and sexy)
Submitted By: jim_garland33
(44,445 on 9-2005)

Awesome podcast!
I love violent bluess comments and hearing her side on what she do, its a window a an old/new world. Erotica is definitely violet blue :)
Submitted By: hotpicsandmovies
(44,074 on 9-2005)

top podcast
Submitted By: wilson.daniel
(43,254 on 9-2005)

Simply good!
Submitted By: ipoidi
(43,203 on 9-2005)

Best podcast on t he net.
Submitted By: slake09
(42,869 on 9-2005)

This is the best podcast I have found on I-tunes, and I ask that you just please continue. Looking forward to more.
Submitted By: taokyoshi
(42,003 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: stephen
(41,247 on 9-2005)

Great stuff
Love the erotica readings and your simple honesty.
Submitted By: mike.lawson
(40,901 on 9-2005)

Very Good Listening
Submitted By: boilrmakri
(40,839 on 9-2005)

Love open source sex
Submitted By: mmfleming
(40,771 on 9-2005)

puts an extra bounce in my step
Submitted By: earthman
(40,308 on 9-2005)

Good Podcast
Very intresting and realistic podcast. Its not porn, but its about porn :D The only downside is that Violet Blue doesnt make podcast very often. Hope she can have time to make about once a week :/
Submitted By: wyoungw
(38,628 on 8-2005)

great podcast!
The best podcast there is, really hot and educational too (alot more clued up on fetishes now!) Rob
Submitted By: hippy_on_hooch
(38,203 on 8-2005)

the best
best podcast
Submitted By: harrysteele
(38,195 on 8-2005)

one of the best podcasts out there! Great info and erotica!
Submitted By: flip01
(37,056 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: westfreeman
(36,491 on 8-2005)

Fantastic mix of erotic stories and sex related topics. Keep up the great work Violet
Submitted By: junkmail
(34,673 on 8-2005)

Must have. The best
Submitted By: indielovemusic
(34,439 on 8-2005)

I think you are great and i found you on the podcast and fell in love with your voice.... please keep up the great work and i will continue to listen... love you
Submitted By: codebrown
(34,373 on 8-2005)

Interesting case
Violet Blue is a bit of energy on the never know where shes going next. Enjoy her intellect.
Submitted By: nwesttraveler
(34,270 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: claudioiglesias
(33,827 on 8-2005)

Violet Blue sooo rocks! A sex educator who makes me feel ok with myself in her podcasts!
Submitted By: reiynscape
(32,241 on 8-2005)

love it
Thanks for doing what you do. Im always grateful whenever I hear someone speak about sex in a normal fun way, without being either too uptight or too clinical. Its a pleasure to do, so I think it should be a pleasure to talk and listen about!
Submitted By: jadams
(32,077 on 8-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: pyrowe
(31,803 on 8-2005)

Just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Inspiring, enjoyable congratulations! Dan
Submitted By: dtalevi
(30,725 on 7-2005)

This is an awesome podcast!
Submitted By: russell_charette
(29,725 on 7-2005)

I just love this show...
Submitted By: jadams
(29,715 on 7-2005)

thumbs up!
Submitted By: w36r
(29,490 on 7-2005)

Great cast!
Submitted By: pyrowe
(29,086 on 7-2005)

Good stuff in blue
Violet gives good show. I've subscribed via iTunes, and I'm sorry to hear that there are issues with sex 'casts on the iTMS, but I do look forward to future shows.
Submitted By: gmankono
(28,459 on 7-2005)

the only decent porn/erotica podcast
the only podcast i've come across that's intelligent annd hot. keeps me awake at work.
Submitted By: sunburntkamel
(27,931 on 7-2005)

Keep on going I like the openness
Submitted By: pschuermans
(26,625 on 7-2005)

I love u violet & this show!!!
youre great!! i like this show!!! keep up the good work!!!
Submitted By: kramigop
(26,194 on 7-2005)

Violet Blue is Hot!
Submitted By: kthiggy
(25,041 on 7-2005)

Great fun!
you are a breath of freh air keep it up
Submitted By: patlehmanus
(24,615 on 7-2005)

great show
Really like the show
Submitted By: camerafann
(24,328 on 7-2005)

Well informed...and sexy too!
I got introduced to this program at iTunes, I find it very informative,insightful, interesting....and of course very sexy.Keep it up! (you can say).
Submitted By: arubaguy
(23,726 on 7-2005)

Excellent, thanks :)
Submitted By: john.cove
(22,320 on 6-2005)

Open Source Sex
Violet Blue and her podcast, Open Source Sex is truly a treat to enjoy. She gets my vote hands down (and other things UP).
Submitted By: pricej
(21,775 on 6-2005)

More Violet
A sure, pure, sexy voice. I could listen to her for hours.
Submitted By: ronin9
(21,682 on 6-2005)

the best, hands down
Violet Blue's "Open Source Sex" is hands down the smartest podcast out there. Not to mention the sexiest.
Submitted By: rundog_48104
(21,432 on 6-2005)

voting for violet blue
Submitted By: lauratooth
(21,374 on 6-2005)

Open Source Sex is the best
Violet Blue's podcast is the best, period. She has it all, hot erotica, sex tips and interviews with the pornerati.
Submitted By: es1964
(21,241 on 6-2005)

best podcast ever
sensual and sexy. go violet!
Submitted By: doctor3471
(21,168 on 6-2005)

Unusual Points of view
The early podcasts erotic stories read by Violet Blue. The later ones (9, 10 and 11) have very interesting interviews, with people in the porn industry. Defintely not for children. But seriously discusses material that would not make in the mainstream.
Submitted By: proof_tree
(18,414 on 6-2005)

Viva Violet
Submitted By: hkristofer
(9,417 on 5-2005)

I love your podcasts!! Keep up the great work!!
Submitted By: noznbook
(4,651 on 4-2005)

Love it....
Violet, you are a babe. Uh, can you untie me now?
Submitted By: mango2kw
(4,057 on 4-2005)

violet rules
Submitted By: korntee
(3,014 on 3-2005)

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