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Science... sort of Comments

There are 70 Comments for this Podcast
Its the butter that helps ease the pain
I was let to Science...sort of from Bens podcast, and ever since then, I havent listened to to anything else. The guys are are so laid back, that when I go for runs, I forget Im actually running and feel like Im in the room with them. You almost want to tell em " hey, hand me another beer, no?" I could seriously listen to them talk for hours about whatever pops into their heads. As a matter of fact, I do. They go off on (relevant) tangents multiple times more interesting than those my college teachers ever did, all while keeping the show fresh an interesting. It gets a little bland (for lack of better word?) for a few minutes every 3 episodes, but its all good.
Submitted By: pogosboyadzhyan
(546,145 on 3-2013)

grapes of plasma
why does a grape turn to plasma when you place it in a microwave
Submitted By: gdl454
(533,661 on 4-2011)

grapes of wrath
Love I have found it late so now I have 78 episodes to listen to. Getting near the end already I listen to it all day at work . I own a Painting bussines so I can. I have a question why does a grape when you cut it in half and place it in a microwave turn to a plasma,cool to do on the show .....Rj Gradl painting & Design from Buffalo ny
Submitted By: gdl454
(533,660 on 4-2011)

Science Rocks
This is a well written show that keeps me coming back week after week. I am a runner and I love running to a new show. I know I look silly laughing my arse off in full stride. Keep on doing what you do best guys!!! thanks for bringing your take on science to the rest of us!!
Submitted By: curtispotter
(526,384 on 9-2010)

This is a great podcast and it should definitely be ranked #1.
Submitted By: stephen.jecusco
(524,621 on 8-2010)

Absolutely brilliant science...sort of
Submitted By: dkreidler
(524,091 on 8-2010)

BEER! ...and science.
Really enjoyed the Charles Bamforth interview back on episode 31. Well done Pals.
Submitted By: malcatrazz
(518,733 on 5-2010)

Its the schist
This podcast got my husband an A on a paper :)
Submitted By: helliott9
(518,535 on 5-2010)

They do hideous things to fruit flies, dont miss the fun!
Submitted By: pauloone
(517,999 on 5-2010)

this podcast rocks
this is one awesome podcast
Submitted By: assortedchickens1
(517,875 on 5-2010)

comics, science, and all around g33k1n355. its awesome
Submitted By: helliott9
(516,425 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: Nasherism23
(515,973 on 4-2010)

I love Science, Sort of!!! These guys make science even more awesome than it already is.
Submitted By: scullyjones
(515,880 on 4-2010)

Paleoposse hears and obeys!
Submitted By: pauloone
(515,878 on 4-2010)

helping the miles go by
The guys continue to enlighten and entertain. I love listening to the podcasts as I go on long runs. Great explanations of complex scientific concepts that is not too rudimentary to be boring but not too advanced to be over everyones head.
Submitted By: robert.j.jeffers
(515,329 on 3-2010)

My favorite science podcast
An excellent mix of science, sort of science and humorous banter. Good enough to keep this engineer/sort of scientist listening devotedly each week. Keep up the good work guys!
Submitted By: yasminka_1
(515,118 on 3-2010)

best ever
the american version. seriously more excited about hearing you guys each week then any other show/tv show/podcast. hands down, a funny show and great relatable information, I learn so much each show.
Submitted By: eric.whewell
(514,387 on 3-2010)

I love this show! Every time I listen, I smile or laugh, which is awkward whilst running at the gym, but that is okay, because who doesnt look awkward at the gym? Thank you all so much for making a funny, relevant, and interesting show!! p.s. going through archived episodes saved me from boredom on a long drive from Pasadena, CA to Lake Tahoe, so thank you
Submitted By: beautifulskye
(514,380 on 3-2010)

Sciencia es muy divertido!
Submitted By: greedope
(514,349 on 3-2010)

Friggin Awesome!!!
Science, Sort of is the most awesome science podcast. Ever. Period.
Submitted By: scullyjones
(514,339 on 3-2010)

Great show
What a great show!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work Paleopals
Submitted By: Dsb0001
(514,324 on 3-2010)

Paleopals are numero uno
Submitted By: pwheatle
(513,799 on 3-2010)

sort of... awesome!
Hey guys, Ive just become a new listener and am proud to say Im from idaho... sort of. But I love the show, and while Im delivering mail Im listening to you guys drinking and talking about my favorite subjects and making me laugh and get weird looks from people on the street who are probably thinking that Ive snapped. But I love the show and keep up the good work, and if you guys get another bad review from an engineer just remember that engineers are kind of like the clones in bladerunner and werent programmed to understand humor, sarcasm or anything beyond a pun.
Submitted By: nixon.pete
(513,603 on 3-2010)

voting again
Keep it up guys, you are still my #1, thanks, mark salisbury
Submitted By: markstrees
(513,586 on 3-2010)

Useless Information Crank
If youre a useless information junkie, then this is the podcast is your crank! From the fact that babies cry with an accent, to radiation-munching fungus, this podcast is chock full of information youll never use in real life, but is so effin awesome! Come on, man, one more hit!
Submitted By: jssykes2819
(513,517 on 3-2010)

Great Podcast!
Submitted By: jrogers
(512,596 on 2-2010)

so great!!!
this has to be one of the funniest show out there. i learn something new everyweek
Submitted By: ellimax
(512,408 on 2-2010)

Best show ever
I love this show and would love to review it on iTunes but cant register. They are fun and talk about beer, science, and scienceish topics. Top of my list, even about Skeptics Guide.
Submitted By: helliott9
(512,315 on 2-2010)

Great show guys!
From the moment the show begins with the description of what the guys are drinking, to Trailer Trash Talk (TTT), the show keeps my attention at all times and helps me get through the day with work and homework. Thanks Guys!
Submitted By: maxwelldubin
(512,313 on 2-2010)

Science... sort of is AMAZING!
A week ago I discovered this podcast and since then have become a little obsessed, downloading the lot and listening to several in a row. I am proud to say I am now a dedicated New Zealand member of the paleoposse. The guys are brilliant: funny and really smart, making science accessible to everyone. They are truly ?directors of scientific excellence.? Personal favourites have been discussions on naked mole rats, butterflies, Europa?s ocean, octopi, zombies, superman and DINOSAURS! The only negative I can think of is that you may get odd looks if you start laughing on the bus, but who cares, its so worth it. All hail the Paleopals! (By the way, where has Justin gone? Doesn?t Ryan still owe him a beer?)
Submitted By: stressful91
(512,222 on 2-2010)

Awesome... Sort of
This podcast rocks! I need science input on a daily basis and these guys provide the humor I need. Thank you, Paleopals.
Submitted By: scullyjones
(512,210 on 2-2010)

Great Show!
Got an ipod for xmas and have since started listening to dozens of podcasts... this one is the best. Easy. I love the not-so-serious attitude to very interesting material... easy to listen to, and I feel smarter after a listen!
Submitted By: zchrisiscool
(511,962 on 2-2010)

I love it!
Nothing is better then Science Sort Of! I love it! I listen to it all day at work to get through the day with sciency goodness. Trailer Trash is the best, and Dinos are fab! More biology please :D
Submitted By: theblackishsheep
(511,865 on 2-2010)

Justenalexander: paleo posse member
This show has an atmosphere that made me feel instantly comfortable. From scientists to plain dudes, this show for you. Justenalexander from iTunes.
Submitted By: Justenalexander85
(511,734 on 2-2010)

Awesome show
Lots of fun really interesting, smart info, with great advice on how to get endorphins
Submitted By: robert.j.jeffers
(511,601 on 2-2010)

The Best
Nothing goes better with my brew. Steve Shelley 7100 S Hibiscus Dr Muncie, IN 47302
Submitted By: steve.shelley
(511,273 on 2-2010)

Loot Cutoff
Did ya beat me to it? If so you get a prize! Winners announced on this week's show. (Ep. 22)
Submitted By: ryan
(511,223 on 2-2010)

Love this show.
(511,200 on 2-2010)

Amazing Podcast!
I just came across your podcast yesterday and being a grad student (neurodevelopment and some evo-devo)), I have listened to at least 5 episodes while working in the lab. I love the banter, science and humor that is infused into each episode. Keep it up, you are quickly becoming my favorite science podcast! Erin At a Paleo heavy University, South Side Chicago.
Submitted By: erin.mullarkey
(511,164 on 2-2010)

Like it, Love it, Gotta have it
I always forget is that Cold Stone Creamery Im thinking of, or SCIENCE... SORT OF?
Submitted By: pwheatle
(510,991 on 2-2010)

So i just discovered this podcast and I already think its worth a vote!
Submitted By: trivey80
(510,937 on 2-2010)

Paleoposse Unite! Best science podcast out there, I love it!
Submitted By: furex5
(510,917 on 2-2010)

hey its craigarious
best podcast ever
Submitted By: jss_bueno
(510,842 on 2-2010)

Dudes in the PLACE
I just discovered this podcast. I described it to my partner as "a bunch of guys sitting around drinking microbrews and talking about comics, zombies and spaceships." She replied, "wow, were you on it?" Not yet, but perhaps someday. One suggestion, possibly premature since I havent listened to all the episodes: Im a psychology "doctoral candidate" and Id love to hear more exploration of psychological topics.
Submitted By: jackpmack
(510,837 on 2-2010)

Funny. Interesting. Geeky
This is my favorite podcast hands down. These guys make my 4hr commutes fly by. It definitely has all the ingredients for good-times: science, movies, brew and the occasional comic book discussion. Its nerd heaven. I especially dig all the recent guests theyve had on the show. Keep up the great work guys.
Submitted By: malcatrazz
(510,751 on 1-2010)

My favorite science podcast.
Submitted By: curt.schmelz
(510,481 on 1-2010)

A science geeks dream-come-true
A great podcast that presents science in a totally understandable format, just like some of your friends were explaining it to you at a relaxed study group. It's really fun to listen to and it really gets you thinking.
Submitted By: catherinegravemann
(510,337 on 1-2010)

no comment required
I know who I am.
Submitted By: rjhaupt
(510,320 on 1-2010)

great podcast
Submitted By: msbushi
(510,318 on 1-2010)

Great Podcast!
This is a great podcast for people interested in all things scinece and nerdy. (So says Jon Lopez)
Submitted By: Greedope
(510,314 on 1-2010)

These guys are so hilarious and factual! A+ from Chemistry-geek in Texas!! Im dieing to hear some more about biochemistry though. Breath of fresh air for those of us in the bible belt! (global warming? discussed with brimstone or hell? Refreshing!)
Submitted By: Furex5
(510,196 on 1-2010)

I never quite know where a SSO episode will take me, but it is always interesting, a little irreverant and but always insightful.
Submitted By: cbgraves
(510,123 on 1-2010)

a totally rad podcast
so theres some grad student type scientists, and they discuss the most interesting stories in science while drinking rad beer and shootin the breeze. this podcast is captures the fun of being a scientist.
Submitted By: bentippett
(510,122 on 1-2010)

Awesome Podcast!
I always look forward every week to hear real science issues as well as debunking science rumors. Paleopals are great! --sam_c5230
Submitted By: sam_c5230
(510,107 on 1-2010)

Geeky...sort of
I listen while Im putting a fresh band-aid on my glasses. Youll love these guys.
Submitted By: pauloone
(510,105 on 1-2010)

Awesome show
Entertaining nerdiness!
Submitted By: marcotina
(510,093 on 1-2010)

Best Show Ever
Just the right level of nerdiness. A bunch of guys drinking beer and talking about interesting topics from dinosaurs to man eating lions to a unifying theory of supermans power. They helped me understand endorphins and made me realize there are easier ways to get them than running 20 miles.
Submitted By: robert.j.jeffers
(509,957 on 1-2010)

Science sort of fan
This podcast is fantastic and highly informative. I love the mix of science and culture. Plus, the Dino talk is great as well. They love their fans and they love science. Justen the elementary school teacher from Georgia. Justenalexander from iTunes. I hope you make it to number one paleopals. Good luck.
Submitted By: Justenalexander85
(509,935 on 1-2010)

love ya! mean it!
Submitted By: chuck7497
(509,739 on 1-2010)

Fantastical Podcast
One of the most informative and entertaining Podcasts out there. From reliable segments such as What are you drinking, and Trailer trash talk. to current events and interesting topics ranging from Palentology, Biology, and DINOS to Astronomy, Physics, and LAZERS. They always keep the topic interesting and explain the big words so you can impress friends and neighbors with your astounding new science knowledge, Be sure to subscribe this podcast for sure. I am Chuck I am drinking Mojitos and I approved this comment
Submitted By: chuck7497
(509,738 on 1-2010)

Its Craigarious from the itunes review. i loved episode 18 by the way. thanks for bringing back some good ol fashioned paleotalk. best podcast of all time
Submitted By: jss_bueno
(509,728 on 1-2010)

So much love for Science...Sort of.
God I love this show. Been listening since the first episode, but truly got hooked on it after the episode where they discussed the viability of microbial life in a gin and tonic (a hypothesis which they later, hilariously tested). Much fun for all you nerdy science y people out there, and a familiar format for anyone who ever shared a lab/studio/workspace with a few other nerds in the wee hours of the morning. Id also recommend following their facebook and twitter pages, which are equally entertaining - Neverheidae
Submitted By: jayme.bluemu
(509,622 on 1-2010)

Great Stuff
I love the show, the cont3ent is the best. I listen while at work. And look forword to each episode. Steven Shelley
Submitted By: steve.shelley
(509,602 on 1-2010)

sweet podcast
this is the sweetest podcast ever...
Submitted By: dsb0001
(507,428 on 12-2009)

perfect mix of...
science and science fail.
Submitted By: barnhart
(506,501 on 12-2009)

Good podcast!
Still listening after all these episodes
Submitted By: patrick
(506,340 on 12-2009)

Getting better all the time
The content was always pretty good, now the production quality is catching up.
Submitted By: pwheatle
(503,071 on 11-2009)

Good podcast
Submitted By: wheatley
(499,562 on 10-2009)

hooray science!
fun and informative
Submitted By: haupt
(498,837 on 9-2009)

Home grown but pretty funny and entertaining.
Submitted By: pwheatley
(498,471 on 9-2009)

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