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The MacCast Comments

There are 1458 Comments for this Podcast
great host, great show
Really love this show and the effort the host, Adam, puts into it every week. I love the structure of the show and the content is icing on a well constructed cake.
Submitted By: chris.sussman
(518,556 on 5-2010)

this show and its sister site are essential to understand macs.
Submitted By: gcat
(509,184 on 1-2010)

I look forward to every podcast by Tim & his associates! Great work!
Submitted By: macbob
(504,067 on 11-2009)

Great Mac Community Podcast
Adam is fantastic on the MacCast. A must hear!
Submitted By: edeardorff
(477,430 on 4-2009)

The BEST Mac podcast
Submitted By: Traveler53
(353,891 on 1-2008)

The Maccast
Excellent podcast about all the goings on in the Mac community!
Submitted By: ebayeraddict
(326,532 on 11-2007)

Way to go, Adam on the 100th podcast!!
Submitted By: h1813
(313,999 on 10-2007)

The BEST mac podcast on air!
Submitted By: Jayco2
(296,354 on 8-2007)

I cant say anything bad about this show. Its great for new switchers and experts the same. Check out the MacCast Loop LIVE on Every Sunday 10am PST, 1pm EST. GREAT SHOWS ADAM! (They can also be downloaded in iTunes.
Submitted By: idlehand326
(269,949 on 6-2007)

Great Podcast
Very informative. Keep up the great work!!
Submitted By: Sblaski61088
(266,897 on 5-2007)

I love it
Tahnks Adam for such an awesome show
Submitted By: ro.hernandezz
(261,193 on 5-2007)

Great podcast!
A great podcast for technology reviews, and for Mac tips and tricks. Keep it up!!
Submitted By: kurthguy
(250,606 on 4-2007)

The maccast is the best podcast out there!!! If you have a mac and wanna know everything there is to know about Apple and the Macintosh, listen to the maccast!
Submitted By: jsorensen1
(236,560 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: mcjunkin
(230,812 on 2-2007)

The best podcast ever
Submitted By: ro2nie
(226,984 on 2-2007)

I love the software reviews. Your podcast is informative but not uptight.
Submitted By: lovepalmtrees2
(226,723 on 2-2007)

Top 10 stuff here.
Submitted By: e.chris
(223,028 on 2-2007)

The Plan Nine Rock Show Says...
This show is good times.
Submitted By: p9print
(222,834 on 2-2007)

Good TImes
The Best.
Submitted By: p9print
(207,978 on 1-2007)

Almost Perfect
Definitely informative. The only problem is he rambles a LOT and often repeats the same point several times when talking about the subject. By the end I am somtimes thinking "Ok, I get it, you said that 3 times already, get to the point." If he could stop doing that it would definitely provide all the Mac news you need in a decent amount of time.
Submitted By: themtb
(198,924 on 12-2006)

Its a great show: put together with a light touch and is very informative.
Submitted By: hans
(196,897 on 12-2006)

MacCast feedback
Outstanding podcast about the Mac and Mac related issues.
Submitted By: aschichor
(195,816 on 12-2006)

The #1 Source For Mac News
Bar none, the best Mac podcast out there. If you have to choose one, this is it.
Submitted By: generic
(195,100 on 12-2006)

Maccast Rules!
Best Tech Podcast Ever!
Submitted By: dee12095
(191,879 on 12-2006)

Great show(s)
Submitted By: dbernier176781
(185,623 on 11-2006)

A switchers best friend
Recommended to all of my switcher family members!
Submitted By: romwar2
(185,617 on 11-2006)

Straightforward and interesting. Keep it going!
Submitted By: bmartin65
(185,131 on 11-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(179,334 on 11-2006)

Great PodCast
I really enjoy this podcast about the mac and highly recommend it to others wants to find a good and reliable podcaster for Mac
Submitted By: makdaddy8888
(179,135 on 11-2006)

The Best Mac Podcast out there
It really is...
Submitted By: arkadyster
(178,802 on 11-2006)

The Best
The MacCast is a most excellent and Informative podcast about macs.
Submitted By: Preppy59
(175,925 on 10-2006)

Submitted By: rob
(175,442 on 10-2006)

GReat Podcast!!
Submitted By: ksylv
(174,788 on 10-2006)

Great Show
I don vote every month, but listen every week… sorry!
Submitted By: diamondg14
(174,077 on 10-2006)

Podcast Ally Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(173,655 on 10-2006)

go mac and math geeks!
adam - i enjoyed meeting you at the podcast expo, and i have the pictures to prove it! - dan from dansmathcast
Submitted By: podcast
(173,178 on 10-2006)

Best Mac podcast on the planet!
Submitted By: gjtaylor99
(171,304 on 10-2006)

Great Show
Submitted By: thenorthwest
(170,593 on 10-2006)

Mac on!
Yes, you should keep on Macin on! Apple Computer, I bow to you and übermeister Steve Jobs!
Submitted By: jamesolio
(170,207 on 10-2006)

Vote your way.... :)
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(166,941 on 9-2006)

great from the start
great from the start
Submitted By: michael
(166,897 on 9-2006)

Casual and Rich
Thanks Adam for your useful podcast! Nice to see it evolve and grow. Your show is unique from its casual, from the heart discussions, combined with usually lots of true Macintosh info treasures. Best of luck on your new work adventures!
Submitted By: walterb
(166,875 on 9-2006)

Love It!
Submitted By: jahandman
(166,586 on 9-2006)

more new stuff
Yay! More new Apple stuff was released yesterday. All the more reason to be selfish.
Submitted By: jamesolio
(163,780 on 9-2006)

I just want to say that the information on the MacCast is routinely great.
Submitted By: opx9
(163,201 on 9-2006)

My favorite Mac geek
No matter how busy I get I make sure I catch up with The MacCast. Adam puts a lot into this work and the result is not just informative but also kind of relaxing to listen to. While I love the Mac I don think that Adam needs to defend Apple and its sometimes byzantine policies.
Submitted By: mike
(162,889 on 9-2006)

mac geeks rule
Submitted By: uofmdude
(162,478 on 9-2006)

Thanks for the great shows ...
Great information and presentation. I really enjoy this show!
Submitted By: Kevin
(162,216 on 9-2006)

Voting for MacReview
Love it.
Submitted By: pmacsavant
(161,804 on 9-2006)

great podcast- keep at it as its needed
Submitted By: blooloo
(161,133 on 9-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(160,477 on 9-2006)

thanks for your good work Adam. I don miss an episode since I found your podcast in december last year. For what it is worth,it was thanks to two episodes on a cover disc from a Mac magazine here in the uk that I discovered your programme.
Submitted By: jezzafox
(159,203 on 9-2006)

Great show.
Submitted By: hbryant
(155,181 on 8-2006)

i love this guy!
Submitted By: willwork4art
(154,729 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: pseudo
(154,398 on 8-2006)

No 1 Mac Podcast
Still the best after 150+ podcasts.....
Submitted By: stuart
(154,003 on 8-2006)

Superb work. Perfect balance between Mac news and hint & tips and reviews. I love it, and I know Im not the only one !
Submitted By: majeux
(153,482 on 8-2006)

Great shows!
Submitted By: judytucci
(152,901 on 8-2006)

Great, except I can keep up.
Submitted By: goeckner
(152,629 on 8-2006)

WWDC 2006
Where is the latest news? On the MacCast
Submitted By: jamesolio
(152,590 on 8-2006)

One of the first and best.
Submitted By: harothberg
(151,324 on 8-2006)

Very Good Show
Adam is very dedicated to producing a very VERY good show every week. I am very much appreciate the time he dedicates to the show. CUDOS.
Submitted By: patrickhutchings
(150,799 on 8-2006)

This is the BEST in Mac News, Information and Help. Keep up the Good Work - That Ray Guy
Submitted By: thatrayguy
(149,628 on 8-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(148,894 on 8-2006)

Great Podcast
As a recent switcher to the Mac i have found this show both interesting and fun. Highly recommended! Cheers Martyn
Submitted By: martyncasserly
(147,113 on 7-2006)

spot on
Submitted By: jcgreen
(146,624 on 7-2006)

Thanks for the podcast!
Submitted By: skennedy
(146,591 on 7-2006)

Very good!
All that i wanna hear about macs
Submitted By: fabianumpierre
(146,242 on 7-2006)

I enjoy MacCast !
Submitted By: w8hz
(146,167 on 7-2006)

Best Mac Podcast
After listening to other Mac Podcasts, I have determined that this is the cream of the crop. No adds, sponsors, extended music or fillers. Just pure usefull information!! Jay
Submitted By: cul8trg8r
(145,589 on 7-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: pfkalina
(145,399 on 7-2006)

One of the first and best.
Adam does a great job of bringing you the latest news and tips. He also features a good selection of new music that would be hard to find anywhere else.
Submitted By: harothberg
(145,123 on 7-2006)

Great show keep it up
Great keep it up
Submitted By: rameses71
(144,049 on 7-2006)

A well-produced, informative and entertaining show.
Submitted By: koumbis
(143,810 on 7-2006)

Great Podcast
AA for mac fans
Submitted By: kc7zpy
(143,515 on 7-2006)

Consistently Interesting
Hardworking host/reporter covers Mac matters large and small. I always anticipate the next edition
Submitted By: willzerbillz
(143,137 on 7-2006)

Good informative podcast.
Submitted By: PrimeNumber
(143,047 on 7-2006)

I love the podcast. I am alaways waiting to hear the next one
Submitted By: Kyletuckman100
(142,524 on 7-2006)

this podcast gives great info on all your macintosh troubles goto for more info!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: hobo14
(142,204 on 7-2006)

MacCast Rocks!
I listened for the first time tonight and I absolutely love it! It was also my first podcast ever!
Submitted By: jason
(141,372 on 7-2006)

Great Podcast!!
Submitted By: derekl8751
(140,996 on 7-2006)

Go Apple!
Submitted By: drbob33
(140,994 on 7-2006)

Still # 1 mac cast
Submitted By: sasa43
(140,966 on 7-2006)

keep it up Adam.
Submitted By: dascott38
(140,838 on 7-2006)

Macs rule!
Submitted By: jamesolio
(140,737 on 7-2006)

Maccast is the best
I love this show. Really informative with news and things related to Mac.
Submitted By: yatheen
(140,536 on 7-2006)

Awesome, reliable, content
Submitted By: dr.kevinyoho
(139,927 on 7-2006)

Keep this alive and running. I have not missed a episode yet.
Submitted By: send2macguru
(139,859 on 7-2006)

Best Mac Podcast!
Thank you Adam!
Submitted By: unclezo
(139,467 on 7-2006)

Nice show
Submitted By: rbakari
(139,393 on 7-2006)

vote for maccast
the maccast it great its my faveorite podcast
Submitted By: lucke.justin
(139,342 on 7-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(136,763 on 7-2006)

Tolle Sendung
Submitted By: fab
(136,582 on 7-2006)

Adam Rules!
This is the best Mac show out there hands down!! Thanks for your dedication Adam...
Submitted By: matt.brasier
(135,674 on 6-2006)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: doug
(135,227 on 6-2006)

The best!
Straightforward information - really hits the spot! Thanks.
Submitted By: kevpod
(135,181 on 6-2006)

Nice job. As a very experienced computer user who is brand new to the Mac (20" Intel iMac) you podcasts have been a nice resource for me taking the fmaily up tto speed on the new box, rather panel, in the house.
Submitted By: john.murden
(134,961 on 6-2006)

great show
Submitted By: cwspowder
(134,612 on 6-2006)

Very informative. One of the best Mcc shows
Submitted By: johnharbo
(134,517 on 6-2006)

Thanks Adam.
Submitted By: pault6
(133,808 on 6-2006)

Very Informative
Packed with Macintosh news and info!
Submitted By: msorenson
(133,436 on 6-2006)

MacCast Rules!!
One of the very best and most entertaining and informative MacGeeks ever. Very clean delivery and long enough to be full of tips, tricks and news that will carry you through the week and leaving you hungry for more to come. Great job Adam!!!
Submitted By: sonerosoy
(133,324 on 6-2006)

Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: chaos365
(133,180 on 6-2006)

I listen to your show while im out running and planning my next math podcast, dansmathcast! - great job, adam - Ill send you a promo when i get home from maui this week {;-}
Submitted By: dan
(133,140 on 6-2006)

Greatest Mac Podcast around!
Submitted By: podcastalley
(133,076 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: sbtaylor
(132,780 on 6-2006)

great podcast
thanks for all the super info, since I am only recently switcher I have lots of info that is handy. remco
Submitted By: remco.1971
(132,564 on 6-2006)

MacCast rocks!!!
Submitted By: skubish234866mi
(132,141 on 6-2006)

Greatest Podcast for the Mac
Submitted By: nutshells
(132,139 on 6-2006)

Great Show
I look forward to listening every week. I listen in the car, to and from work. I listen to a lot of mac podcast and this is my favorite.
Submitted By: rmccollom
(131,890 on 6-2006)

Best Mac/iPod information
Most informative, timely and, receptive - without loud empty sounds.
Submitted By: ahoffer
(131,480 on 6-2006)

Love the MACCAST! favorite podcast of all....
Submitted By: sfnugs
(131,380 on 6-2006)

love the maccast
Submitted By: jeffhughes
(131,362 on 6-2006)

Great Info!
Submitted By: jacle
(131,347 on 6-2006)

great show
Submitted By: agschnews
(131,258 on 6-2006)

Really good Mac Podcast - I make sure I listen to it, or try to
Submitted By: brenttempleton
(131,228 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: d.sajno
(131,081 on 6-2006)

Love it!
Submitted By: mysubscriptions.peggy
(131,069 on 6-2006)

great show!
Submitted By: michel.scheidemann
(131,052 on 6-2006)

#1 Favorite Podcast
This podcast is very informing, entertaining, and overall something I look forward to every week. It is also one of the friendliest podcasts I have ever heard. Great show! I have learned alot from you guys! Thanks!
Submitted By: ddunahee
(131,019 on 6-2006)

the mac cast
Submitted By: info
(130,983 on 6-2006)

From Dr. J Abrams PhD
great and very informative
Submitted By: jonathanabrams1
(130,967 on 6-2006)

wonderful, informative
Submitted By: eatonc70
(130,893 on 6-2006)

A Must for all mac geeks
Submitted By: alan
(130,850 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: bobdphoto
(130,780 on 6-2006)

Any Mac Novice or Expert can learn more about all things Mac on this excellent podcast. Toni
Submitted By: tonisue
(130,642 on 6-2006)

Love the maccast
Every week I look forward to a new episode from Adam. he always has a few tricks and tips that I find useful.
Submitted By: magicpepka
(130,637 on 6-2006)

Best Podcast
A great podcast about Macs that podcast listeners of all ages would enjoy!
Submitted By: spongebob17
(130,496 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: tgodby
(130,388 on 6-2006)

Really good
keep the mac news comin!
Submitted By: bj.neilsen
(130,335 on 6-2006)

By far the best podcast out there!
Submitted By: adamriggins
(130,323 on 6-2006)

Keep up the great work, Adam! Dorsey in Budapest, Hungary
Submitted By: dorseymac
(130,269 on 6-2006)

best MAc show
Submitted By: todd
(130,241 on 6-2006)

Good podcast
Submitted By: strobelight3
(130,237 on 6-2006)

Love that freeking show
Not even a geek and I love it. Some of its a little over my head, but I feel smarter listening to it.
Submitted By: mboethi1
(130,204 on 6-2006)

Great learning tool
This is a great podcast to keep me upto date with what is happening in the world of mac!
Submitted By: s9908120
(130,182 on 6-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: lkdj
(130,181 on 6-2006)

my favorite podcast!
Submitted By: willyg3rd
(130,178 on 6-2006)

Great show, keep up the good work.
Submitted By: kenobi1
(130,138 on 6-2006)

go adam go!
Submitted By: lee.faulkner
(130,105 on 6-2006)

great podcast
Submitted By: jamescoolness
(130,099 on 6-2006)

Vote for the MacCast
Submitted By: george
(130,056 on 6-2006)

I Love the MacCast
Its an amazing podcast. I rely on it and can wait for the next edition to come out. Adam is GREAT!
Submitted By: matt_marshall83
(130,034 on 6-2006)

The best podcast ever! gives me my daily mac news
Submitted By: kyletuckman100
(129,986 on 6-2006)

Great Show!
Submitted By: ttylus
(129,981 on 6-2006)

Adam always has great news and tips...
Submitted By: marksimpson
(129,977 on 6-2006)

Great show!
Submitted By: schneids2
(129,976 on 6-2006)

The MacCast
Love it
Submitted By: keng_shao
(129,919 on 6-2006)

Excellent Show!!!
Thanks for all you do .... especially making it very understandable for a switcher. THANKS!!
Submitted By: genmail7
(129,872 on 6-2006)

Great podcast for Mac Lovers
Submitted By: nicholas
(129,854 on 6-2006)

Love this show
Submitted By: yatheen
(129,848 on 6-2006)

Best Mac Podcast there is
Submitted By: gwtoews
(129,837 on 6-2006)

eMacCast for sure!
Just wanted to cast my vote for my most dependable Mac PodCast on the web. Thanks, Max
Submitted By: rmaxtorres
(129,813 on 6-2006)

Like Butter!
I really enjoy listening to this Podcast. Its super informative and very polished. I trust the information provided and respect the opinions given. Its like butter... smooth and really yummy for this mac geek! Ill be listening. -Warner
Submitted By: warner
(129,799 on 6-2006)

Awesome cast
Submitted By: minideezel2
(129,790 on 6-2006)

Adam, you rock!
Submitted By: a_byrd69
(129,772 on 6-2006)

Regular junkie
Very well done. A professional job. Listen to the show at the gym.
Submitted By: ferlauto
(129,756 on 6-2006)

Macs rule!
You know its true that Macs are the best even though Apples stock is down.
Submitted By: jamesolio
(129,733 on 6-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(129,696 on 6-2006)

Really Great Show
Very usefull tips this week, well worth a listen every week !
Submitted By: junkmail
(129,677 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: dev.america
(129,660 on 6-2006)

Mac Cast
Adam is awesome
Submitted By: bspear
(129,637 on 6-2006)

Tremendously professional
This is a great podcast, with great topics. I also love the enhanced podcast. It rocks!
Submitted By: vansunder
(129,605 on 6-2006)

great stuff
fab podcast, keep up the good work
Submitted By: dascott38
(129,596 on 6-2006)

a joy to listen to, simply friendly approach, doesnt bog down with tech heavy sludge, always one i look forward too! keep up the great work adam.
Submitted By: jasonwingrove
(129,465 on 6-2006)

I never miss a show...
Submitted By: harrypotterhawaii
(129,415 on 6-2006)

No. 1 Podcast!
Submitted By: janearle
(129,051 on 6-2006)

I like your show...
Submitted By: bfh789
(129,008 on 6-2006)

This guy is the best of the Mac Apple podcasts.
Submitted By: twlidp
(128,911 on 6-2006)

Great show
This is a really great show. Its friendly and you get so much info about all things ranging from OS, Hardware, Networks and tips & tricks. Adam makes the show very enjoyable. If you a newbie or a Mac Geek, its still worth subscribing.
Submitted By: stuart
(128,490 on 6-2006)

MacCast rules! But...
...Smidgits are coming for YOU!
Submitted By: m_johnson
(128,232 on 6-2006)

Great & informative Podcast!
Submitted By: jayco2
(127,896 on 6-2006)

Adam is #1
Keep it going, Adam! Bravo!
Submitted By: arkadyster
(127,251 on 6-2006)

love it
KEEP it up and lets hope we can start a mac user group in tampa FL
Submitted By: skatepunkcat
(126,825 on 6-2006)

very enjoyable - not silly
Submitted By: lovingfl
(124,200 on 5-2006)

Two thumbs way up!
Submitted By: masonjnl
(123,985 on 5-2006)

Still the Best!
The MacCast is still the best Apple product podcast! With great reviews, fun and fast tips, and general Apple discussion, the MacCast is the for “Mac Geeks, by Mac Geeks”.
Submitted By: ira
(123,896 on 5-2006)

awesome show
Awesome of the first podcasts I listen to every week when I see it show up on my player...keep up the good work, Adam! You e awesome!
Submitted By: dshillis
(123,752 on 5-2006)

Timely Mac info
The MacCast is a timely commentary on all aspects concerning the macintosh.
Submitted By: pdolan24
(123,467 on 5-2006)

Great Show
One of the best mac podcasts out there. The pace is perfect (not too slow of fast) and no "ums" and "ahs" and stuttering that drives me crazy in the amateur podcasts out there.
Submitted By: paul.fort
(123,423 on 5-2006)

I like the enthusiasm
Submitted By: llamapadeast
(123,320 on 5-2006)

My No 1 Podcast
Adam always does a great show. Thanks!
Submitted By: janearle
(123,027 on 5-2006)

MacCast Rocks!
Submitted By: wilbanja
(122,907 on 5-2006)

Buen trabajo MacCast!
Whe are we going to hear some words in Spanish!?
Submitted By: barragan_david
(122,754 on 5-2006)

great show
Submitted By: ell
(122,438 on 5-2006)

the Maccast
Hi, I love this podcast more then any other one...I get to best advise ever. Keep it up Adam..
Submitted By: aageno2002
(122,176 on 5-2006)

Voting for MacCast
Submitted By: dauger
(122,168 on 5-2006)

Awesom Mac Podcast
All you need to know about new mac news, with tips, tricks and other great stuff!
Submitted By: gmoney5123
(122,024 on 5-2006)

Great informative site
Being a recent switcher, I have found the MacCast EXTREMELY informative!
Submitted By: nhinkel
(121,852 on 5-2006)

Love it!
Submitted By: greenjcs
(121,640 on 5-2006)

The MacCast RULES!!!
I just wanted to let you know that I think THE MACCAST is the best Apple Computers related information PodCast on the internet. Adam Christianson has a great relaxed yet informative style which enlightens his listeners about the ins and outs of the Apple world without trying to sound like a comon celeb disc jockey. Keep up the great work Adam! Patrick Sleem Long Branch, NJ USA.
Submitted By: Patrick1NY
(121,527 on 5-2006)

Excellent program...
Hello from Mexico... we are Mac Geeks too !!!
Submitted By: gtiendal
(121,327 on 5-2006)

great podcast
Submitted By: wcholmes1
(121,157 on 5-2006)

I am a new Mac user and I really enjoy this podcast
Submitted By: steve
(121,054 on 5-2006)

Greatest Mac podcast there is!
Submitted By: omholter
(120,745 on 5-2006)

The most mac related information oriented podcast
Submitted By: am_chatur
(120,582 on 5-2006)

This is the best Mac Podcast, soooo good and up to date that Ive cancelled my subscriptions to all the mac magazines.
Submitted By: neil.carter
(119,383 on 5-2006)

A podcast about Macs. A slice of heaven.
Submitted By: saunderscc
(118,315 on 5-2006)

Submitted By: gebo95630
(117,344 on 5-2006)

Adam is #1
The best Mac Podcast out there! Bravo
Submitted By: arkadyster
(116,594 on 5-2006)

still a favorite!
Submitted By: j5may
(116,387 on 5-2006)

Here ya go! Another vote for the month of May. Thanks for podcasting. See-Ya! Dred242 www.D
Submitted By: Dred242
(115,289 on 5-2006)

favorite mac podcast
Submitted By: eae
(115,273 on 5-2006)

Adam, keep up the great work
Adam, you have a great show! I love to listen. I f you want to hear the BEST macintosh podcast, listen to the Maccast. -Edward from 5 Mac Tips
Submitted By: incredied
(114,609 on 5-2006)

Submitted By: nikken
(109,937 on 4-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: jkenten
(109,895 on 4-2006)

The MacCast podcast
Great show. I never miss it. Guess that makes me a Mac geek.
Submitted By: jtod61
(106,940 on 4-2006)

Keep Up the Good Work
Submitted By: william.jones
(106,575 on 4-2006)

Macs rule!
Indeed Macs rule even more now since Windows OS, for what its worth, can run on the Mactels.
Submitted By: jamesolio
(106,334 on 4-2006)

Keep up the good work Adam!
Submitted By: joelocker
(106,225 on 4-2006)

Thanks for the shows
Submitted By: johnju
(106,039 on 4-2006)

Excellent programme
Submitted By: lpritchett
(106,017 on 4-2006)

THE best mac podcast
The one and only podcast for me
Submitted By: scottomacuser
(105,240 on 4-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(105,215 on 4-2006)

MacCast Rules
After all the podcasts Ive checked out, this one is still my favorite. Great Job Adam!
Submitted By: bobg
(105,149 on 4-2006)

Simply the best
Content-, format-, and schedule-wise, simply the most up-to-date and professional Mac podcast. A gem.
Submitted By: adarowski
(105,030 on 4-2006)

I love eMacCast
Adam is simply the BEST Podcaster as far as Mac stuff goes... TO SAY THE LEAST!
Submitted By: arkadyster
(104,888 on 4-2006)

Great show
I listen to every show and I don even have a Mac, it is simply a great show.
Jeremy Vaught
Submitted By: triathlonradio
(104,831 on 4-2006)

The original and best.
Submitted By: slamidol
(104,584 on 4-2006)

Thank you for easy to followtopics with links that show up in media window. BTW who did the great art for every topic? Please don stop. Do you have a donation link?
Submitted By: airplusstudios
(104,413 on 4-2006)

Keep up the good work. I really appreciate all of the technical information you provide.
Submitted By: mmorrison37
(103,741 on 4-2006)

Nice work!
awesome podcast, keeps me up to date with the Apple news and puts it in a different light for me. Keep it up :) Cya, Al.
Submitted By: axman6
(103,536 on 4-2006)

Best Mac-Show...
... and best Potcast. If you e in to Macs and Apple, this is the show for you! The Show is always good and I am always happy, when a new episode comes out. Enjoy, and thanks to Adam! Jan
Submitted By: janearle
(102,413 on 3-2006)

Great show
Really enjoy the show. Keep it up.
Submitted By: klif
(102,348 on 3-2006)

Great podcast!!
Submitted By: eringle
(102,137 on 3-2006)

Great Show!
Love listening to this, and love the enhanced features. Good info.
Submitted By: jeffweiler
(101,915 on 3-2006)

Rock On!
Submitted By: john
(101,719 on 3-2006)

love the MacCast
Learning a lot. Love it!
Submitted By: br0k_99
(101,319 on 3-2006)
Submitted By: billsoan
(101,293 on 3-2006)

Love it
Love it. dont have time to say why :)
Submitted By: joel
(101,264 on 3-2006)

Love the Maccast!
The Maccast is the only podcast I listen to regularly. Adam has a very conversational tone. Its not overproduced, but sincere and fun.
Submitted By: skicam07
(101,205 on 3-2006)

great show !!
Adam, Keep up the great work on your podcast. Thanks for doing this.
Submitted By: neilrec
(101,183 on 3-2006)

Informative Mac Product News
This is a great way to learn the latest and greatest news for my Mac.
Submitted By: jorged
(100,932 on 3-2006)

I love the show
I love the show, keep up the good work!
Submitted By: jnlponce
(100,906 on 3-2006)

I wouldn miss this podcast
Submitted By: ksloboda
(100,778 on 3-2006)

Adam tells like it is. Good job, weel done.
Submitted By: countryguyngalp6
(100,764 on 3-2006)

Good pod
Submitted By: podcastalley
(100,595 on 3-2006)

5 thumbs up
Submitted By: masonjnl
(100,365 on 3-2006)

Bedbop's 1 line review
A good show, although not my cup of tea.
Submitted By: BedBop
(100,176 on 3-2006)

Great Show!
Submitted By: dimbus02
(99,844 on 3-2006)

The Best
Cutting edge but low key. And free. Its the best!
Submitted By: donnalewis
(99,770 on 3-2006)

Love the show. Keep the goodness coming.
Submitted By: me
(99,750 on 3-2006)

Awesome Podcast!! I never miss it!
Submitted By: britton
(99,306 on 3-2006)

Maccast Rocks!!!!
Submitted By: xavier3181
(99,060 on 3-2006)

Great show adam
Submitted By: eplatero
(98,994 on 3-2006)

Best on Mac
My favorite line is when Adam says in the first minute "So lets jump right in" no fluff, right down to the meat.
Submitted By: jan457
(98,915 on 3-2006)

Awesome show, the only mac podcast I listen to
Submitted By: cgbeale
(98,857 on 3-2006)

I love the Maccast!
Submitted By: fcpxpert
(98,844 on 3-2006)

I hope you make the no1 !
Submitted By: ukgaming
(98,827 on 3-2006)

A great Podcast
Very interesting and informative Apple related podcast.
Submitted By: rgreen103
(98,755 on 3-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: juancshop
(98,693 on 3-2006)

Really nice show - I listen to most of them
Submitted By: gene.sewell
(98,523 on 3-2006)

Calling All Mac Geeks!
If you are a Mac Geek and want to keep informed on all Mac news, listen to Adam Christensens MacCast. It is the first podcast I subscribed and have listended to every show. Its highly recommended!!
Submitted By: scott
(98,514 on 3-2006)

This is a must for Mac fans, or people thinking about becoming Mac users.
Submitted By: jneman
(98,503 on 3-2006)

still great podcast
excellent info every time!
Submitted By: mdherbst
(98,501 on 3-2006)

Thanks so much for your podcast!
Submitted By: ldjessee00
(98,330 on 3-2006)

No Bull Here.
MacCast is great source for everything Macintosh. Adam does a great job researching the rumors to get the real story.
Submitted By: hdog
(98,326 on 3-2006)

Very informative. love the attention to detail.
Submitted By: kenobi1
(98,313 on 3-2006)

its great
Submitted By: gareth
(98,307 on 3-2006)

Keeping the pulse
Great way to keep the pulse of the mac. Also fantastic for new Mac converts to get up to speed on their new platform
Submitted By: allen
(98,295 on 3-2006)

The maccast is cool and good. : D
Submitted By: alej744
(98,288 on 3-2006)

The MacCast is one of the best podcast I have listen too, it is always up to date, full of good information and tips. The MacCast should be at the top of the list! Keep up the good work Adam! ~Sara
Submitted By: sara.grady67
(98,254 on 3-2006)

adam rules!
Still the best mac podcast on the planet! Cheers Adam Matt London, uk
Submitted By: matt
(98,240 on 3-2006)

Good stuff
Submitted By: matt_cecil
(98,238 on 3-2006)

Maccast Rocks !!!!
Submitted By: yatheen
(98,168 on 3-2006)

Still here
You were my first podcast, and Im still listening. Thanks keep it up, but perhaps shorten the cast by 15-20 minutes. Just tighten some of the rants up, if you can (you tend to repeat you self, literally, 3 times). I love the cast.
Submitted By: llamapadeast
(98,161 on 3-2006)

best mac news on planet
the best. take it from a veteran macgeek!
Submitted By: geomac
(98,155 on 3-2006)

great show.
Never miss it.
Submitted By: j5may
(98,125 on 3-2006)

Good stuff
Submitted By: podcast
(98,116 on 3-2006)

Sin blah, blah, blah. ¡Directo al grano!
Submitted By: barragan_david
(98,103 on 3-2006)

I like it!
Submitted By: kenneth_yang
(98,033 on 3-2006)

Always enjoyable!
I just love this podcast!
Submitted By: judytucci
(97,916 on 3-2006)

Great Stuff
Keep it up!!!
Submitted By: cglogan
(97,902 on 3-2006)

Listened to Adam for a couple of months - learned a lot. Great podcast - great audio quality. Pleasure to listen to. very informative. Keep up good work Adam.
Submitted By: doug
(97,887 on 3-2006)

Great show Not just talking heads but reaally good information
Submitted By: h.michael
(97,877 on 3-2006)

Love the MacCast!
Submitted By: risond
(97,867 on 3-2006)

If you like Macintoshes, if you love Macintoshes, you need to listen to this. I learn something new every podcast about my Mac.
Submitted By: ker
(97,832 on 3-2006)

Maccast IS GREAT!
Very good quality and news coverage. I find it very useful and interesting anytime!
Submitted By: marco.arcioni
(97,810 on 3-2006)

Great show!
Submitted By: debracnf
(97,786 on 3-2006)

Great Show
Thanks for all your Great Info.
Submitted By: PandG_Imaging1
(97,774 on 3-2006)

Must Listen to
Submitted By: cmb
(97,761 on 3-2006)

Super podcast
would say much more but typing with broken arm - voting for maccast is worth the pain - its one of my best resources!
Submitted By: randy
(97,758 on 3-2006)

Great Podcast!
Submitted By: csmithmichigan
(97,658 on 3-2006)

Best Pod Cast
I have been listening for for several months and find this pod cast both very informative and entertaining. Its the best
Submitted By: tandemrider1
(97,656 on 3-2006)

S. Bogaerts, president MacUG
Great Podcast, every Mac-fan (or switcher, like me) should be listening to this to stay on top of things. Keep up the good work, MacCast!
Submitted By: info
(97,655 on 3-2006)

Always excellent listening!
Submitted By: scott9
(97,634 on 3-2006)

I love this podcast. Love, love, love.
Submitted By: steve
(97,628 on 3-2006)

Great show--always anticipating next show, keep up the incredible work.
Submitted By: mobile-e
(97,622 on 3-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: donnex
(97,602 on 3-2006)

Yea MacCast
Really enjoy it ... keep it up!
Submitted By: wog
(97,568 on 3-2006)

The best ever!
THE best mac show on the net! Thanks Adam!
Submitted By: mertlee
(97,566 on 3-2006)

Great show. Very active host.
Submitted By: unixstudent
(97,565 on 3-2006)

Love the show!
Submitted By: disdatmac
(97,548 on 3-2006)

Great Podcast
Never miss an episode - Great Podcast!!
Submitted By: mr.tedean
(97,521 on 3-2006)

Great for Mac users
Great podcast, the best one out there for Mac users
Submitted By: skratochwill
(97,515 on 3-2006)

Maccast is the best!
Maccast is a great podcast, made by an enthousiastic Mac-user, always on top of the news and with critical reviews, and without the comercial twist that many other podcasts increasingly allow in their programs. Thanks Adam!
Submitted By: martin.vanboxtel
(97,513 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: noclothes1
(97,497 on 3-2006)

Tis brilliant
Go Adam, go Adam!!! from the Uk
Submitted By: nicemac2
(97,494 on 3-2006)

Great show as always Adam.
Submitted By: soundsbrother
(97,492 on 3-2006)

love this podcast. only one i listen to.
Submitted By: jzk
(97,479 on 3-2006)

The Best Podcast
Its the only podcast that I listen to on a regular basis & my No1 source for Mac News - Keep up the good work Adam.
Submitted By: stuart
(97,460 on 3-2006)

long time listener
Submitted By: jim
(97,459 on 3-2006)

Great show!! Greetings from Finland.
Submitted By: hessu
(97,446 on 3-2006)

Great show
Been listening from day one - Adam thank you for your time and effot your show is exactly what us mac geeks want . . . To some a PC user up... ! " they just dont get it "
Submitted By: ben.nelson
(97,445 on 3-2006)

Awesome show!
Submitted By: ryanstroud
(97,410 on 3-2006)

Great Show!
Love the show, I listen regularly. Thanks
Submitted By: gary
(97,402 on 3-2006)

Great podcast and love the use of the chapters
Submitted By: codiewestphall
(97,354 on 3-2006)

THE Mac Show
This is the one you have to listen to.
Submitted By: jroslington
(97,351 on 3-2006)

good show
Submitted By: graphicartistg4
(97,316 on 3-2006)

A very informative podcast for all of the "mac heads" out there!
Submitted By: rbelfanti
(97,302 on 3-2006)

Vote for MacCast
Great podcast!
Submitted By: michael1hughes
(97,288 on 3-2006)

Great show! Keep up the great work!! Aloha from Hawaii...Ryan
Submitted By: info
(97,263 on 3-2006)

Great show Adam!
Submitted By: anyaddress
(97,222 on 3-2006)

great show
Submitted By: dlarson
(97,201 on 3-2006)

Quality Effort
Adam does a very in depth analysis about things I as a Mac user am interested in.
Submitted By: jeffkoe
(97,198 on 3-2006)

Great Show
To you, Adam.
Submitted By: arjun.muralidharan
(97,190 on 3-2006)

I love the Mac Cast!
I never miss the Mac Cast.
Submitted By: cbharding
(97,188 on 3-2006)

My most favorite to listen to!
Submitted By: tkisme
(97,170 on 3-2006)

love the show
Submitted By: keng_shao
(97,162 on 3-2006)

The best
I listen to Adams podcast every week. It is the best info and news on the Mac.
Submitted By: bob
(97,159 on 3-2006)

Adam is the best!
Submitted By: afcisa
(97,155 on 3-2006)

Always solid
Submitted By: jeromepeacock
(97,147 on 3-2006)

Adam Rocks!
The best podcast about "all things Macintosh". Highly recommended!
Submitted By: bob
(97,144 on 3-2006)

Keep up the great work.....thanks Darin
Submitted By: nirad99
(97,143 on 3-2006)

still the best
Submitted By: chaveza
(97,129 on 3-2006)

The greatest podcast about Macs
Submitted By: christian.machmeier
(97,127 on 3-2006)

the best cast for macs
Adam presents the most personal touch to the podcasting world. His easy on the ears and keeps me updated.
Submitted By: moevoncomp
(97,112 on 3-2006)

Best Mac Podcast
Keep up the good work!!
Submitted By: dochogan
(97,109 on 3-2006)

Great pcast
Submitted By: ian
(97,107 on 3-2006)

this podcast rocks my face off
this podcast rocks my face off
Submitted By: tsi
(97,097 on 3-2006)

Thanks Adam
Hey Adam, Long time listener, first time voter. Look forward to it every week. Keep it up!
Submitted By: poserdad
(97,093 on 3-2006)

Great! Informative!
Submitted By:
(97,087 on 3-2006)

love it
great podcast. Adam does a fantastic job and shows how much he cares about his podcast.
Submitted By: wabbitman1
(97,076 on 3-2006)

Adam Christianson rocks the MacCast!
Submitted By: holdeini
(97,067 on 3-2006)

Simply great!
Always look forward to each new episode. In a word - unmissable.
Submitted By: eymcheng
(97,050 on 3-2006)

Always very interesting and thought provoking, look forward to the next
Submitted By: nik
(97,023 on 3-2006)

Macs rule!
I love all of the hard core Mac info on this Podcast! I find Im looking forward to this Podcast more than any other!
Submitted By: jamesolio
(97,012 on 3-2006)

Three Thumbs Up!
Keep up the good work Adam!
Submitted By: info
(97,002 on 3-2006)

Keep up the good work, Adam!
Submitted By: giantrock
(97,000 on 3-2006)

Good Mac Podcast
Quality Mac Cast
Submitted By: brad
(96,997 on 3-2006)

Great podcast
Go adam!
Submitted By: bevanjames
(96,996 on 3-2006)

The Mac Cast
Useful Podcast for keeping up to date with mac news
Submitted By: phil.brown
(96,990 on 3-2006)

good stuff
Submitted By: leep80
(96,956 on 3-2006)

I like it
Submitted By: jathoja84
(96,955 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: cmather
(96,950 on 3-2006)

My Source for MAC news!
A great show, by a great host, whom you know can really tell loves all things Mac!
Submitted By: matthewdropco
(96,946 on 3-2006)

Thank You!
Greetings From Tokyo, I am a long time listener who very much appreciates your hard work, knowledge and integrety. Regards, Mark Lewis
Submitted By: mlewis
(96,933 on 3-2006)

Keep up the good work!
As always the MacCast is great.
Submitted By: markfleser
(96,924 on 3-2006)

Great Cast!
This is a great podcast for mac users, it has teaught me so much about my mac! Quickly.. download it!
Submitted By: metzfc
(96,904 on 3-2006)

Adam delivers a kewl, smooth, articulate presentation of all things Macintosh. Its the standard all other Mac Podcasts are measured by. If you love Macs as I do, Maccast is a must listen.
Submitted By: bmaki
(96,903 on 3-2006)

Absolute Best Macintosh Podcast
Submitted By: appleology
(96,877 on 3-2006)

I love it!
Submitted By: splotty
(96,875 on 3-2006)

My favorite Podcast!
Adam Christianson gets to the point and hes enjoyable to listen to. Many other podcasts are disorganized, rambling, and full of inane conversation. I look forward to every one of his podcasts and listen to them immediately.
Submitted By: mshima
(96,869 on 3-2006)

Best Podcast I have found
Submitted By: stevebeyer
(96,867 on 3-2006)

Thank you, Adam!
Submitted By: unclezo
(96,193 on 3-2006)

Great Show
MacCast is #1
Submitted By: robertandmichelle
(95,438 on 3-2006)

Good Stuff!
Submitted By: tmikebarnes
(94,819 on 3-2006)

Great show!
The best place for Mac news and commentary.
Submitted By: jrgelats
(94,785 on 3-2006)

The MacCast
Gives me perspective on all things macintosh
Submitted By: cerinorman
(94,681 on 3-2006)

The Best Mac Podcast Around.
Submitted By: p.williams
(94,631 on 3-2006)

Hey Adam! Great call on iamjen I am hooked. Bought all her stuff on iTunes and emailed her to give you credit. Oh, and great show as usual. Steve.
Submitted By: chugach124
(93,946 on 3-2006)

Great podcast
I am new to MAC systems. I use to use PCs for years and since getting an Ipod I wanted to try one so next thing Mac Mini comes out and I pick one up on the first day they came out and now I dont look back and I even cleared off the PC from my desk and gave it to a friend. Then I discover your Podcast in iTunes and I find it to be one of the best Mac Podcasts out, I have gotten so much info from your Podcast that makes me want even more. Keep up the great work and I love your show Thanks Michael Adams A new totally converted PC user
Submitted By: budda.mike
(92,643 on 2-2006)

a staple for mac info
Submitted By: llamapadeast
(92,537 on 2-2006)

Great Job Great!!!!!
I Discover MacCast like 3 Months earlier and have hasd time to catch up vith the latest episode Now Iam @ the most current an I Love it Keep up the good work Adan
Submitted By: ramesses71
(92,482 on 2-2006)

the signal
Submitted By: bkitty2k4
(92,455 on 2-2006)

this is my fav poodcast
Submitted By: alej744
(91,988 on 2-2006)

Great Mac show
Submitted By: matsos
(91,475 on 2-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: parrishandrew
(91,099 on 2-2006)

Regular, reliable and informative
Submitted By: arobinson68
(90,925 on 2-2006)

Still the best
I listen to a lot of Mac oriented podcasts and this is still far and away the best.
Submitted By: rowland.crawte
(90,893 on 2-2006)

Great content thats regularly updated!
The eMacCast is a must subscribe for mac owners. Adam Christianson addresses Apple news in a smooth and professional style while maintaining a sense of fun. The MacCast is regularly updated and the enhanced version is easy to use with embedded links. Thanks Adam.
Submitted By: ira
(90,889 on 2-2006)

greeetings from Mexico
great podcast, im located in Toluca, Mexico, keep up the good work!!!
Submitted By: hramirez
(90,455 on 2-2006)

Greatest Mac podcast...
Submitted By: omholter
(90,297 on 2-2006)

best of the best
adam rocks! he is intelligent, clear, balanced and has a natural, understandable voice. he puts a lot of work into his show. take a listen! im addicted!
Submitted By: matthew.alexander.wyatt
(89,995 on 2-2006)

adam has a nice laidback style.
Submitted By: tadlyon1
(89,789 on 2-2006)

Me parece algo bueno...
sus comentarios van directo al grano y sin mucho bla-bla-bla. Así se hace un buen programa.
Submitted By: barragan_david
(89,324 on 2-2006)
Great show. One of my favorites.
Submitted By: morgan.sinclair
(89,235 on 2-2006)
Awesome show!! I can wait for the next show!!
Submitted By: macgeek84
(89,028 on 2-2006)

Adam is reserved yet highly regarded.
Not overproduced, just fun and informative to listen to.
Submitted By: gth
(89,026 on 2-2006)

My Favorite Podcast!
Look forward to every new show. Thanks for all the tips
Submitted By: PandG_Imaging1
(89,014 on 2-2006)

Great show
Really enjoy this show. Keep it up!
Submitted By: CarrlynM
(88,981 on 2-2006)

This is an important show and I am never dissapointed
Submitted By: cerinorman
(88,928 on 2-2006)

It made me switch!
I was considering switching to a mac before I started listening to this, but Adam allayed any fears I had with taking the pluge, and now Ive been a happy mac user for the past six months.
Submitted By: graham.p.gilbert
(88,843 on 2-2006)

Is there a german version of the mac cast now.....
Submitted By: kristalis
(88,253 on 2-2006)

Just a fun show!!
Been listening for a while and this show is just plain fun. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: ispsec
(87,802 on 2-2006)

This is a great resource!
Submitted By: info
(87,786 on 2-2006)

the best apple podcast
Submitted By: jonacito
(86,563 on 2-2006)

Great show!
Submitted By: baczo
(84,972 on 2-2006)

I really like this podcast.
Submitted By: tsjordan
(84,481 on 2-2006)

good show
great show adam does an awesome job!
Submitted By: wabbitman1
(84,106 on 2-2006)

Great Stuff!
Submitted By: marks_cold
(84,020 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: splotty
(83,572 on 2-2006)

great podcast for mac heads
Submitted By: phil.brown
(83,432 on 2-2006)

if I miss my daily dose of macnews, I know theres still Adam to tell me about whats important in those! Thanks to him!
Submitted By: virius
(83,413 on 2-2006)

mac cast
essential listening!
Submitted By: nutkinmc
(83,407 on 2-2006)

Useful Info
Does a good job informing others of programs, plug-ins, and the like
Submitted By: aemiller
(82,555 on 1-2006)

Great for Apple newbies
Only just getting into the Mac world and have found this podcast a brilliant source of information. Passes my journey to work in no time.
Submitted By: rowland.crawte
(82,549 on 1-2006)

Consistently good show... informative and interesting
Submitted By: eguchid003
(81,922 on 1-2006)

Love the Podcast
Submitted By: obomac
(81,804 on 1-2006)

Always enjoy your podcast
Submitted By: bobhutson
(81,780 on 1-2006)

Thanks for a great podcast! It is a great addition to the other Apple/Mac related podcasts, informative, consistant updates make it easy to keep track of everything coming out of Apple.
Submitted By: poolsharkpro2002
(81,691 on 1-2006)

MathGeek loves MacCast
Hi Adam - Ive been listening to you for about 8 months now; I love the show, and your interview with Snoball gave me some of the key info to start my own podcast - dansmathcast - a twice-monthly math variety show. I am a lifelong math nut and Mac user since 1985; I also produce my show on an iMac G5 using Garage band! I plan to send you a short audio promo in the next few days, and I hope you can play it on your show. Thanks for your MacCast; Ive heard your voice, Ken Rays, and Leo Laportes more than my friends or famiily in the last half year!
Submitted By: podcast
(81,509 on 1-2006)

Great Podcast
Your podcast is great. The best information and unlike your competition, not a lot of talk about things unrelated to Mac i.e. the weather outside, what you ate for lunch, etc. Keep up the great work, Ill be listening! Robert Newman
Submitted By: rlnewmanitools
(81,370 on 1-2006)

LOVE the Mac Cast
This is one of my favorite podcasts.
Submitted By: shockdaddyd
(81,265 on 1-2006)

frackin awesome
Adam just makes macs a joy to use, everytime I forget all of the awesome things I might be able to do on my mac, he reminds me.. love listening to it on my way in to work
Submitted By: sandrogalindo
(81,223 on 1-2006)

I always learn something new...thanks MacCast!
Submitted By: vterrell
(81,215 on 1-2006)

great show
Submitted By: juggu
(81,105 on 1-2006)

Adam Love your show....very helpful and entertaining....
Submitted By: nirad99
(81,076 on 1-2006)

Relevant Quality Content
Always up-to-date and in-depth. A must-listen for who want to get the most out of their Mac.
Submitted By: spursley
(81,048 on 1-2006)

maccast rules!!
this is the best podcast out!!!!!thanks adam
Submitted By: mediamixsound
(81,047 on 1-2006)

This is a very entertaining and informative podcast!
Submitted By: roguepirate
(80,998 on 1-2006)

excellent. always very enjoyable and very interesting.
Submitted By: m.hey
(80,997 on 1-2006)

Great show, listen regularly. Informative about Apple developments with balance presented in entertaining manner. Well researched content.
Submitted By: sbwbrian
(80,960 on 1-2006)

indispensible podcast
Submitted By: robertklee
(80,933 on 1-2006)

Not too shabby!
Great show - bloody well done!
Submitted By: thabothehusky
(80,932 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: ronin123
(80,928 on 1-2006)

Keep up the great work. Love the show!!
Submitted By: ravenmick
(80,914 on 1-2006)

excellent podcast
Submitted By: phead49
(80,904 on 1-2006)

go mac cast!
Submitted By: zectoid
(80,866 on 1-2006)

great show - good current content
Submitted By: rlwpb
(80,831 on 1-2006)

GREAT Info Show.. TNX.
Submitted By: nchristo
(80,774 on 1-2006)

Thank You
Hi Adam, Hope your feeling betting. Thanks again for your show this week. Roy
Submitted By: Roybreiling
(80,758 on 1-2006)

From sasa43 to Adam
The best mac podcast in the net, go Adam go.
Submitted By: sasa43
(80,711 on 1-2006)

thanks mate, your shows brilliant, keep it up.
Submitted By: g_adnarim
(80,682 on 1-2006)

The MacCast has been the one podcast I have listened to consistently ever since I started listening to podcasts. Adam puts out a top notch show.
Submitted By: rcrackley
(80,681 on 1-2006)

Best Mac Podcast
The MacCast is the best podcast for owners of Apple Macintosh computers and iPods.
Submitted By: podcastalley
(80,663 on 1-2006)

Voting for MacCast
Love the show. Thanks.
Submitted By: pennyp
(80,629 on 1-2006)

Wonderful & Helpful Show. I look forward to each new one. Thanks for all your help.
Submitted By: PandG_Imaging
(80,538 on 1-2006)

Love it.
Submitted By: ozwald56
(80,431 on 1-2006)

Just the best podcast for Macs
Tis guy is entertaining, informative and open.
Submitted By: mazzafiore
(80,398 on 1-2006)

Great show!
An informative and interesting show about the Mac hardware, software, and lifestyle.
Submitted By: homere74
(80,378 on 1-2006)

the MacCast
Great show, well presented, up to date, and very informative.
Submitted By: mikesum
(80,375 on 1-2006)

Great show!
Submitted By: txsughroue
(80,100 on 1-2006)

Best Mac Podcast
Submitted By: hlewis1332
(80,084 on 1-2006)

Dig it.
Its very time consuming, but I guess so much news has to be.
Submitted By: alsplace
(78,935 on 1-2006)

Long live the Mac!
Submitted By: velorandy
(77,618 on 1-2006)

Great Podcast!
Submitted By: siegen61
(77,510 on 1-2006)

maccast is a great show!
Adam does a really nice job of keeping us updated and informed with the Mac world. Subscribe and will love it!
Submitted By: wabbitman1
(76,860 on 1-2006)

Great Podcast
When I first discoverd podcasting I subscribed to a few Mac centric feeds. It rapidly became apperant that this was the only podcast that I need to listen to. Keep up the great job.
Submitted By: mmbonilla193
(76,804 on 1-2006)

Yeah for Maccast
This is by far the best Mac podcast out there. Funny, informative, interesting, and diverse. There is nothing that even compares!
Submitted By: janemurraystringer
(76,371 on 1-2006)

can wait to listen to each episode!!!
Submitted By: theeyeless999
(75,934 on 1-2006)

The best Mac podcast
Submitted By: scmusser
(75,614 on 1-2006)

Best Mac info!
Very helpful podcasts that apeals to new switchers and long time users. I love the enhanced ACC podcast version, incredibly smart use of Mac technology. Best of all NO stupid commercials every few minutes like other Mac podcasts. Just smart, concise information thats helpful. Thanks Adam!
Submitted By: nojhiadmail
(74,930 on 1-2006)

Adam has a great style - not hard sell at all, just good info from a humble guy!
Submitted By: allison
(74,737 on 1-2006)

Great podcast
Submitted By: fldamon
(74,201 on 1-2006)

No doubt, the one of best tech shows
No doubt, the one of best tech shows. Thank you! Jonathan San Jose, CA
Submitted By: unclezo
(73,503 on 1-2006)

Useful podcast
Submitted By: vikramdevrao
(72,895 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: Richardbrito
(72,402 on 12-2005)

Vote For MacCast
The best all-round podcast by far
Submitted By: stuart
(72,281 on 12-2005)

Yeah for Maccast
Submitted By: janemurraystringer
(72,187 on 12-2005)

I love the info!
Submitted By: jb5in9c
(72,042 on 12-2005)

great show
great show
Submitted By: kellydw
(71,702 on 12-2005)

look forward to it...
Submitted By: jerryrutherford1
(71,664 on 12-2005)

one of the best
Submitted By: soiledchamois
(71,503 on 12-2005)

great show
Submitted By: dougfowley
(71,338 on 12-2005)

Great Show. I love Adam
Submitted By: kingtut
(71,208 on 12-2005)

MacCast Rocks
Submitted By: whos_smackey
(71,155 on 12-2005)

The Maccast
Still the best Podcast for Mac Geeks and Users alike. Great job Adam and keep up the good work.
Submitted By: ian.farrell
(70,992 on 12-2005)

great podcast!
Submitted By: david.osielski
(70,661 on 12-2005)

Awesome show
Submitted By: troperocosmico
(70,631 on 12-2005)

A switchers paradise!
Submitted By: pcmedicman
(70,603 on 12-2005)

Great show !
Submitted By: ucbdelta7
(70,221 on 12-2005)

great podcast
Submitted By: irene14
(70,127 on 12-2005)

great content
Submitted By:
(70,107 on 12-2005)

maccast is great
Submitted By: chepp
(70,056 on 12-2005)

Awesome podcast!
I love Adams MacCast because its chock-full of info especially (but not only) about Apple Macs and iPod stuff, and because hes a cool dude who keeps to the subject. Go MacCast!
Submitted By: justme15
(69,828 on 12-2005)

Adam has a way of cutting through and getting right to the news with just a touch of horse play. Others are 90% horse play and 10% news.
Submitted By: rockape
(69,596 on 12-2005)

Go Adam!
Submitted By: waters.ini
(69,581 on 12-2005)

Great show
Love the show: very interesting content, perfect format and high quality sound - what more do you want? And its nice to know you e only ever just a couple of days from the next Maccast.
Submitted By: djprice1970
(69,429 on 12-2005)

Fills its niche nicely
Adam has recognized a need to deliver info in a manner different from radio. His choosen format is well suited to podcasting. I look forward to his podcasts and always enjoy his style. Keep it up! You e on the right track.
Submitted By: llamapadeast
(69,369 on 12-2005)

Incredible mac show! awesome job!
Submitted By: incredied
(69,306 on 12-2005)

On purpose, no blather!
Submitted By: josephc777
(69,130 on 12-2005)

keep up the good work and late nights!!
Submitted By: matt.wade
(68,905 on 12-2005)

Its nice to have such podcast
This podcast is very informative and i find the presentation style is balanced
Submitted By: chatur.amit
(68,874 on 12-2005)

keep up the good work adam!
keep up the good work
Submitted By: lee.mccartney
(68,729 on 12-2005)

MacCast rules
Submitted By: jkenten
(68,701 on 12-2005)

love it..keep it up
Submitted By: bluue
(68,650 on 12-2005)

for the rest of us
Submitted By: car1son
(68,621 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: hlewis1332
(68,538 on 12-2005)

Great tips and news
Submitted By: dmartk
(68,526 on 12-2005)

Love Adam....He is a Genuine Guy
Submitted By: gboxx
(68,378 on 12-2005)

Easy to listen to.
Easy to listen to / good source of information concerning mac news.
Submitted By: graphicartistg4
(68,358 on 12-2005)

Colmination contributors and fans love the MacCast
Submitted By: msq.spam
(68,323 on 12-2005)

MacCast like rules and stuff
Submitted By: hmcnally
(68,239 on 12-2005)

one of my favourite podcasts
Submitted By: dfre1559
(68,136 on 12-2005)

Very Cool Stuff you are doing
Im Wery Glad That there is a show that I can take behind the whell Im one month subscriber to the mac cast now I Listen One show and Then I Went all the way back to the begining and Im at Show 103 now so pretty close to catch up Pretty cool specialy today we had snow storm in chicago so my 30 min drive took me 2 and half Hr today enogh to get 3 show at once I burn all your show on RW cd as mp3 since I have only Schuffle can see vhich schow is whichand the battery Isue too so I feel like Home when I drive my car Its Like being there You are Doing a Excellent Job Thank You Catching Listener David T.
Submitted By: rameses71
(68,095 on 12-2005)

Still listening to this super show!
Submitted By: j5may
(68,018 on 12-2005)

Consistantly Great!
The MacCast is consistantly great over the last 12 months! Nice work Adam!
Submitted By: stmcallister
(67,888 on 12-2005)

Well done
Submitted By: bcoleman1
(67,873 on 12-2005)

Good semi-geek, too much iPod
Submitted By: dragonseyes
(67,855 on 12-2005)

A+ for info
I love the information I get from this podcast. It is my favorite. I don have time to read up on the latest in tech so Adam keeps me informed.
Submitted By: lmatyola
(67,853 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: ghostrock
(67,606 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: paynemd
(67,585 on 12-2005)

Good stuff!
Heres my vote for December.
Submitted By: Bruce.Hatherly
(67,455 on 12-2005)

Great Show
Bravo Adam! Don even THINK of stopping:)! Thanks for walking with me in NYC:)
Submitted By: arkadyster
(67,372 on 12-2005)

Awesome show Adam!
Submitted By: tyler_markham
(67,285 on 12-2005)

i just turned my father, whos 83, onto mac. and so far, he loves it. i too came to apple late in the game but am now an avid fan. your show is great.. very cool and informative in a laid back way. thank you. k
Submitted By: doubleclickgo
(66,921 on 12-2005)

Wouldn Miss It
I never miss an episode of the MacCast.
Submitted By: peter
(66,740 on 12-2005)

Yippie!! Awsome Podcast!
Submitted By: adamdtate
(66,429 on 12-2005)

Best Podcast Ever!
This is the Best Podcast, and only Podcast I will Listen to.
Submitted By: robbridg211
(66,422 on 12-2005)

From John in Wisconsin
My priority and only listen for keeping up with the latest Mac news.
Submitted By: jstonge
(66,352 on 12-2005)

The MacCast is great, just full of very useful info.
Submitted By: mmorrison37
(66,344 on 12-2005)

GREAT podcast--I depend on it for the latest & best mac news.
Submitted By: jretelle
(66,008 on 12-2005)

Thanks Again
Great show. Thanks again for all the time you put into your podcast. Roy
Submitted By: roybreiling
(65,923 on 12-2005)

Excellent Podcast!!
Submitted By: calvin_bonny
(65,759 on 12-2005)

Keep it going on Adam
Submitted By: neilcarter1
(65,032 on 12-2005)

Great Podcast!
The MacCast is great source for all things Mac!
Submitted By: steve_lb1
(64,950 on 12-2005)

Great Pod Cast
Adam does a great job!! Lots of good Mac info!
Submitted By: skyking95
(64,697 on 12-2005)

great cast
i appreciate this podast!!
Submitted By: er8
(64,604 on 12-2005)

Vote For The MacCast
Enjoy the listening
Submitted By: rfrmac
(64,004 on 12-2005)

Right On, Dude!
Got hooked on The MacCast out two months ago ... just before the 100th show. Helpful and interesting stuff to keep me posted on Mac news and tips. (Wish there were more tips though!)
Submitted By: lotstusej
(63,933 on 12-2005)

Great show Adam!
Submitted By: bolttalk
(63,874 on 12-2005)

read me
thanks for the best most down to earth macpodcast. you should be proud adam. Mat P
Submitted By: uncle.fester
(63,634 on 11-2005)

great straight forward info
i love listening to this show while im at work to catch up on mac tips and info.
Submitted By: thedreadpirate.daniel
(63,630 on 11-2005)

If you like this podcast, then you’ll love The 6620 West Kidcast with the Terry Family. Check them out at You’ll be glad you did.
Submitted By: mike-terry
(63,584 on 11-2005)

Love the show
Submitted By: ccameron
(63,538 on 11-2005)

Best MAC centric podcast.
Submitted By: prunes
(63,514 on 11-2005)

Your source for everything macintosh...and Adam delivers!
There´s no substitute! This guy knows what he´s talking about. If you´re looking for a fancy soundeffect filled podcast you might be disappointed. Adam´s maccast is purely about macintosh - more info, less show elements is the direction. And it works well for this podcast! I have learned a ton of stuff and I am really up to date with one of my favourite companies. Adam delivers...and he does so with each episode! I love it! Gregor from the entirely entertaining podcast
Submitted By: entirelyentertaining
(63,387 on 11-2005)

Simply the BEST Mac info Podcast!
Submitted By: mICN8593
(63,358 on 11-2005)

Congrats on 100 shows !!!
Submitted By: mvmike
(62,889 on 11-2005)

Adam does a great job and has an informative show.
Submitted By: lberning
(62,885 on 11-2005)

The Most Informative Show for Mac Users
Lots of good and practical information for the Mac user, hosted by a Professional.
Submitted By: tshuffield
(62,876 on 11-2005)

keep it up!! emmett
Submitted By: emmett
(62,827 on 11-2005)

My Favorite Podcast
Absolutely the best out there. Extremely well organized, poignant, informative and professional. Keep up the great work Adam!
Submitted By: Erudite.Warrior
(62,581 on 11-2005)

I like your show
Hey the show is awsome ive just started listening and I like it alot.
Submitted By: Natej89
(62,165 on 11-2005)

terrific show for old and new Maccies!
Submitted By: j5may
(62,123 on 11-2005)

Best for great details & tips
Low-promo, just the facts information! Don have to listen to a bunch of interruptions throughout the show for advertising. Great coordination of podcast / web RSS / links, etc.
Submitted By: ross
(61,940 on 11-2005)

love it
Submitted By: kmsegen
(61,811 on 11-2005)

Very Nice
Submitted By: robert.salter
(61,725 on 11-2005)

Nice podcast.
Can sometimes run long (mostly because he mentions "you can see it in the shownotes" about 500 times per show) but apart from that, great information and timely news about Mac stuff without the arrogance of InsideMac.
Submitted By: stevej.rdf
(61,554 on 11-2005)

Love it!
Love it!
Submitted By: iraromot
(61,543 on 11-2005)

Happy 100th!
Keep up the great work, Adam!
Submitted By: gambit
(61,537 on 11-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: ronjc_2001
(61,533 on 11-2005)

Superfantasticgreat!!! Im addicted!!!
Submitted By: isaaclimdc
(61,517 on 11-2005)

Top Show!
Top show Adam - well done and keep up the good work!
Submitted By: shannon
(61,470 on 11-2005)

MacCast is G-R-E-A T ! ! !
Really enjoy listening to this podcast -- get info and insight =worth listening to.
Submitted By: falcon419
(60,917 on 11-2005)

Great podcast. I look forward to each show. Nice Job, Adam!
Submitted By: radkins
(60,784 on 11-2005)

New Listener
Very helpful for one new to the Mac.
Submitted By: jtbowers3
(60,733 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: applephilips
(60,692 on 11-2005)

MacCast Rules
Great show gets better and better
Submitted By: jkenten
(60,604 on 11-2005)

Great podcast!!
Ive subscibed to it for about a month now..Love it!
Submitted By: twoapplenuts
(60,514 on 11-2005)

Mostly useable info, still needs to work on audio levels and mic technique.
Submitted By: squitieri
(60,463 on 11-2005)

Voting for MacCast
Submitted By: pmacsavant
(60,434 on 11-2005)
Submitted By: sallid
(60,403 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: darrencomputerguy
(60,396 on 11-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: johnju
(60,381 on 11-2005)

Great show!
Happy 100th!
Submitted By: jrgelats
(60,331 on 11-2005)

I love this show
Submitted By: troperocosmico
(60,152 on 11-2005)

The Best!!
As a new Mac owner this podcast has been great to get up to speed in dealing with my switch.
Submitted By: iswgeek
(59,995 on 11-2005)

Very impressed!! Well done!!
Submitted By: carrsiu
(59,863 on 11-2005)

keep up the good work
Submitted By: shankar
(59,818 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: j1m3r3000
(59,728 on 11-2005)

Great Mac Resource
Adam offers diverse topics and keeps it current while maintaining a quick flow. As a recent convert and longtime fan of the Mac, learning new Mac tips and suggestions is helpful. Thanks for the engaging show.
Submitted By: homere74
(59,704 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: mat1975
(59,678 on 11-2005)

the best podcast of all time!
Submitted By: acefighter04
(59,664 on 11-2005)

The Maccast
Awesome show Adam
Submitted By:
(59,655 on 11-2005)

the best
Submitted By: ovid1111
(59,637 on 11-2005)

Love it
Submitted By: hzwicker
(59,585 on 11-2005)

great podcast
love it!!
Submitted By: jamescoolness
(59,584 on 11-2005)

Great Show
I love this show. Its the first podcast i listen too each week.
Submitted By: elearn
(59,547 on 11-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: mysubscriptions.peggy
(59,491 on 11-2005)

I love this podcast, very informing.
Submitted By: boosh71
(59,473 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: brant
(59,439 on 11-2005)

Awesome podcast by Adam!
Submitted By: mail
(59,390 on 11-2005)

great show for all mac geeks!
Submitted By: hans.wyss
(59,348 on 11-2005)

Wonderful podcast
Adam, Keep up the good work. Steve Ornat
Submitted By: sornat
(59,305 on 11-2005)

simply the best
Submitted By: peterbyro
(59,231 on 11-2005)

Adam rocks
way to go on 100 and keep em coming
Submitted By: chembro303
(59,195 on 11-2005)

Great Tips
Submitted By: chriskrogers
(59,116 on 11-2005)

Love the MacCast!!
Submitted By: tommyxp
(59,098 on 11-2005)

I enjoy The MacCast and your willingness to hang in there. This could become a great retirement hobby for you!
Submitted By: checkthis
(59,075 on 11-2005)

The MacCast Rocks!!!
Submitted By: britton
(58,985 on 11-2005)

I love this podcast, I can believe he isn running commercials yet, it certainly sounds to commercial caliber.
Submitted By: s_galindo
(58,982 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: kiffallen
(58,962 on 11-2005)
This is the best podcast, Adam is great and original, vote and subscribe to the maccast!
Submitted By: thenome
(58,950 on 11-2005)

The best by far
Submitted By: billsoan
(58,718 on 11-2005)

Mac and related news, tips, with a lot of support by the community of listeners. Nice personal touch, not a re-purposed radio talk show.
Submitted By: gjtaylor99
(58,583 on 11-2005)

This is one of my favorite Podcasts. I look foward to each new show. Thanks!
Submitted By: PandG_Imaging
(58,412 on 11-2005)

Good way of finding solutions to problems. Do more
Submitted By: mak04
(58,291 on 11-2005)

Great podcast
Adam has been podcasting for a little under a year and today he put out the 100th show. Thanks Adam for all the work. Many many congratulations!
Submitted By: michaelvdgriendt
(58,069 on 11-2005)

Just so nice!
This is the best mac podcast, period! hehe
Submitted By: m.s
(58,063 on 11-2005)

I love mac
its the bedst podcast, an I learn alot.. tanks..
Submitted By: sifolden
(57,878 on 11-2005)

The best Mac podcast on the planet!!!
Submitted By: tmack01
(57,660 on 11-2005)

MacCast > All Other PodCasts
Submitted By: voodoochildjehan
(57,441 on 11-2005)

Good Show.
Submitted By: jafaver
(57,428 on 11-2005)

A good, nonsense-free roundup of Mac/iPod news and techniques
Submitted By: car1son
(57,378 on 11-2005)

Great Show!
Thanks again for a great podcast. Roy
Submitted By: roybreiling
(56,938 on 11-2005)

Adam is cool!
Submitted By: ufoster
(56,649 on 11-2005)

Vote for Maccast
Submitted By: mich1hughes
(56,636 on 11-2005)

Thank you
With out your podcast I would be lost with the new Mac software and products.
Submitted By: otcrozz
(56,628 on 11-2005)

maccast is great :)
My 5 yr old son is a huge fan of the maccast (hes an avid mac user as well), and so am I. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who uses a mac!
Submitted By: webhill
(56,529 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: bosabri
(56,347 on 11-2005)

Best Mac Podcast
Submitted By: hlewis1332
(56,315 on 11-2005)

I know that word went out with the 80s but whatever, your show is awesome
Submitted By: bcoopa
(56,048 on 11-2005)

100 congrats
OK, Adam. Im ready for the second 100 now. Thanks for keeping at it. Always great info that I can use. Fred
Submitted By: doaktc
(55,992 on 11-2005)

going strong!
One year on and 100 podcasts later, The MacCast remains my favourite. Keep doin it Adam....
Submitted By: ant
(55,904 on 11-2005)

Great Show!
Keep up the good work....and thanks!!
Submitted By: gypsy-0
(55,366 on 11-2005)

Adam, Adam Curry gets called the Podfather. I think you deserve the title of MacGeekLord. Keep up the good work your Macesty. Ever faithful MacGeekPeon, Terrance
Submitted By: terrandabo
(55,260 on 11-2005)

always good!
Submitted By: gregdimler
(55,201 on 11-2005)

LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: cfsporn
(55,038 on 11-2005)

Long live the Mac!
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(54,725 on 11-2005)

Great stuff Adam!
Submitted By: marks_cold
(54,634 on 11-2005)

interesting stuff - always informative
Submitted By: ldshaw
(54,445 on 10-2005)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: jojomon5
(54,258 on 10-2005)

The MacCast is excellent
A well done podcast. Easy listening to Adams discussion of mac news and info.
Submitted By: jeff.reifsnyder
(54,033 on 10-2005)

Good show. Organized. Good Sound quality. Good, varied content and presentation.
Submitted By: harrypotterhawaii
(54,013 on 10-2005)

great cast
love it
Submitted By: antel0pe
(53,973 on 10-2005)

great program
Submitted By: earldarl
(53,748 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: timhughes1
(53,738 on 10-2005)

Great Mac Info!
Submitted By: dmwc
(53,562 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: noelperlas
(53,289 on 10-2005)

MacCast rules!
Submitted By: paul.prom
(53,225 on 10-2005)

love the podcast...keep it up
Submitted By: gushin
(52,995 on 10-2005)

Excellent show, very informative and not too techy for mac beginners!
Submitted By: katecheesewright
(52,901 on 10-2005)

Excellent informative show by a genuine Mac geek
Submitted By: gjtaylor99
(52,569 on 10-2005)

Great PodCast!!
I just started listening and it is the best Mac PodCast on the net! Thanks Adam!
Submitted By: dgerhart
(52,563 on 10-2005)

Great job! Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: rbarlow1
(52,519 on 10-2005)

Good info on each show and I look forward to more.
Submitted By: grapeguice
(52,512 on 10-2005)

Great Show
Informal, friendly and competent.
Submitted By: sven.bengtsson
(52,486 on 10-2005)

Excellent show!
Submitted By: dave
(52,339 on 10-2005)

Great Show
Great Show!
Submitted By: ldjessee00
(52,136 on 10-2005)

maccast still the best
this is the best podcast available. entertaining and informative. great show, adam!
Submitted By: stmcallister
(52,123 on 10-2005)

Excellent Podcast. Great info- well presented. Thanks!
Submitted By: nikken
(52,085 on 10-2005)

Great show again. Thanks Adam.
Submitted By: roybreiling
(51,944 on 10-2005)

Good show Adam
Submitted By: aglackin
(51,909 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: kjmt42
(51,822 on 10-2005)

Quality !!
Cheers Adam !!
Submitted By: dhoward
(51,795 on 10-2005)

I love Maccast
Adam is the best!
Submitted By: fretninja
(51,770 on 10-2005)

Adam you rock, i may be a windows user but i still love the MacCast Keep up the good work (I might become a switcher)
Submitted By: ainsej
(51,340 on 10-2005)

positive feed back
Hello Excellent program
Submitted By: smishra
(51,268 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: mysubscriptions.peggy
(51,087 on 10-2005)

Well done Adam. Very useable information:)
Submitted By: tcckbikesia
(50,693 on 10-2005)

the best mac show for mac geeks
this is really the best mac show for all mac related stuff, ipod etc, I absolutely love it.
Submitted By: yasmine
(50,658 on 10-2005)

this guy is great
Out of all the podcasts i subscribe to, twit, dig, etc... this one is my favorite. Im a hard core Mac guy since 1995, I own 6 current macs g5, imacg5, emac for my 13 yr old. son, two powerbooks, and imac for my toddlers. This guy has a real honest sincere voice, It seems like he really wants to help people and he loves doing it. I hope his podcast becomes a cash cow as I will also donate to his cause. my name is Ernie and my website is
Submitted By: ern
(50,497 on 10-2005)

Awesome show
Submitted By: okfindme
(50,472 on 10-2005)

Great Podcast
Good variety of topics and latest Apple news.
Submitted By: jbwrig43
(50,416 on 10-2005)

Superb. thanks Adam
Submitted By: colin_wax
(50,261 on 10-2005)

great show
Love the show and i have learned a lot about my mac because of it
Submitted By: e3wingedcreature2
(50,182 on 10-2005)

best Mac podcast
News, tips and all sorts of Mac-related info. I look forward to each episode.
Submitted By: chillywillymm
(50,171 on 10-2005)

Love it
Keep up the good work adam
Submitted By: mrmwiley
(49,995 on 10-2005)

This is the best podcast about Mac. I heard most of the other podcast, but this one is the best.
Submitted By: nestmac
(49,923 on 10-2005)

Go Mac
Submitted By: castillo10021
(49,896 on 10-2005)

Great show
This guy feeds my craving for all things... Macintosh. Great information
Submitted By: smittymet
(49,738 on 10-2005)

Love it
Adam does a great job updating us that aren know-it-alls.
Submitted By: jasonlittle
(49,722 on 10-2005)

A brilliantly useful show that more should listen to.
Submitted By: matt.hoult
(49,713 on 10-2005)

the best pod cast
i love ths podcast thats why i switched to the mac
Submitted By: tylrkrr
(49,680 on 10-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: parrishandrew
(49,659 on 10-2005)

Adam is the best MAC expert ever. Go GUYS!! KEEP GOING FROM GUATEMALA.... IVAN
Submitted By: ipaiz
(49,646 on 10-2005)

the only show for mac geeks
Submitted By: jonacito
(49,543 on 10-2005)
Submitted By: workman3
(49,527 on 10-2005)

Very informative and interesting even for non mac users thinking of switching!
Submitted By: t.nimmo
(49,518 on 10-2005)

Great work adam
Submitted By: carlo
(49,450 on 10-2005)

Great Work MacGeeks
I ilisten to your podcast and it keeps me up to date...keep up the good work.
Submitted By: imusick
(49,433 on 10-2005)

A much anaticipated and appreciated show.
Submitted By: mitchelllorens
(49,421 on 10-2005)

entertaining & informative
Submitted By: subalky
(49,393 on 10-2005)

Great show for everything mac
I love, love this show, and I wish it was longer in time.
Submitted By: afrodita22ny
(49,366 on 10-2005)

has got my vote!
Submitted By: mconaty
(49,360 on 10-2005)

Useful fun and friendly mac advice and news
This show is helping me get to know my first mac, I have been a lifeling windows user, it is this type of content that prompted me to change to macs....I won be going back! thanks Adam!
Submitted By: SteveNenninger
(49,350 on 10-2005)

The MacCast
keep up the good work!! Fan from Belgum (Antwerp)
Submitted By: iMike.Mac
(49,283 on 10-2005)

Good stuff
Submitted By: leung.benson
(49,282 on 10-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: homeonetoo
(49,179 on 10-2005)

Greate Show and very informative
Submitted By: dales1
(49,149 on 10-2005)

PG Media
Great show Adam!
Submitted By: paulmgillard
(49,135 on 10-2005)

Great show!
I listen to every release!
Submitted By: junk
(49,118 on 10-2005)

My Vote for the MacCast
Submitted By: quoke
(49,115 on 10-2005)

Keep up the good work!!!
Submitted By: gypsy-0
(49,110 on 10-2005)

Best Mac Podcast!
Submitted By: dkoya
(49,095 on 10-2005)

Best Mac podcast. I tried all the rest.
Submitted By: smiths99
(49,057 on 10-2005)

A great podcast, what more is there to say. The cream rises to the top.
Submitted By: snowpigs
(49,045 on 10-2005)

Love the MacCast
Great podcast! informational without the mindless banter.
Submitted By: bigbearaz
(48,946 on 10-2005)

Rock on
Rock on Adam, keep up the good work. love the show
Submitted By: balazs
(48,900 on 10-2005)

Its Awesome!
Submitted By: davidduran
(48,622 on 10-2005)

This is my favorite.
Submitted By: 7morris
(48,593 on 10-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: one1step1
(48,438 on 10-2005)

I am very pleased with what Adam is doing........Geeks-R-Us
Submitted By: glumpkin
(48,195 on 10-2005)

Great show
great show new and old mac users - keep up the great work
Submitted By: omega74
(47,827 on 10-2005)

The Mac Cast Saves Money
I really enjoy the show. Its really informative and I use to make decisions on whether not to buy mac hardware. Reason being, is that Apple has a tendency to launch new products right after one buys an existing product. Thanks so much and continue informing us. Maurey
Submitted By: acousticwaves
(47,753 on 10-2005)

some reasons I love MacCast
Im always looking for the next MacCast and miss it until I finally hear it again ... Adam is a good egg and I enjoy the sound of his voice too. And the goodies he brings to us have often been useful and extremely informative with high relevancy. I wish I could support him with $$ too ...
Submitted By: halimahf
(47,454 on 10-2005)
Submitted By: firebird2110
(47,153 on 10-2005)

Changing information accedss
This is a great podcast. The contents are good with not to much windy chat that isn on topic.
Submitted By: rtapp
(46,615 on 10-2005)

very well done
The shows professional and informative without talking down to tech idiots like me. Good stuff.
Submitted By: apocalypsedowell
(46,435 on 10-2005)

John from Wisconsin
I can wait for the next episode. A must listen. I often listen twice and then have to check the show notes to link to the hardware and software sites.
Submitted By: jstonge
(46,230 on 10-2005)

bery, bery guuden.
Submitted By: lawtonpaul
(45,931 on 10-2005)

Very Informative & Entertaining
Thank you for the very informative and entertaining podcast. I support customers with PCs in a large company all day. Its nice to listen to something pertaining to Apple technology, and technology that works in the meantime.
Submitted By: activesport2002
(45,675 on 9-2005)

great show - very useful tips
Submitted By: adrianm1000
(45,673 on 9-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: michelleonard
(45,542 on 9-2005)

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Submitted By: jwhetzel
(45,435 on 9-2005)
Submitted By: smoyssidis
(44,993 on 9-2005)

Great Show !
Submitted By: kkhaight
(44,842 on 9-2005)

I Think the MacCast is THE mac show. It offers everything I wanna know about the best computers in the world (macs of course!)
Submitted By: jamlizard
(44,835 on 9-2005)

great podcast
Submitted By: eric.rehnke
(44,462 on 9-2005)

Good stuff
Submitted By: dagza72
(44,411 on 9-2005)

good job keep it up
Submitted By: brienc
(44,383 on 9-2005)

Great Show
Love it
Submitted By: me
(44,138 on 9-2005)

MacCast Stands Out
Outstanding show!
Submitted By: donnadalewis
(43,911 on 9-2005)

great show!
Submitted By: kathleentheisen
(43,854 on 9-2005)

Great Show
Keep up the great work Adam. Nice low key approach, but cutting edge news and comments. Thank you
Submitted By: DaveMacUser
(43,816 on 9-2005)

Great stuff
Submitted By: cronulla_2230
(43,772 on 9-2005)

best of the mac podcasts because ther is no silly nonsence type interactions with cohearts and telling of personal stories that is boring. This show is pure information, unlike many of the others which is very low in substance and their time consuming humor is not as funny as they think they are. This one is a great show.
Submitted By: georgewilkinson
(43,710 on 9-2005)

nice simple format
I like the to the point format, stays on topic, well organized.
Submitted By: mydonation
(43,607 on 9-2005)

Great show
Good information here!
Submitted By: dripps
(43,601 on 9-2005)

Keep up great work.
You are different and I like your style and personality. Good info on show and on website.
Submitted By: janekohner
(43,547 on 9-2005)

Keep the news comming
Like the way tht eMacCast works. Great information, keep up the good work.
Submitted By: redclaw
(43,426 on 9-2005)

I Like the Maccast!
I like the Maccast!!!
Submitted By: vanillafish22
(43,287 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: bron1221
(43,223 on 9-2005)

Vote for Adam
Submitted By: michael_R_Murphy
(43,184 on 9-2005)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: tmvedeanu
(43,130 on 9-2005)

Good & Humble
This is a solid show with a humble and level headed host. Entertaining and informative. I like it!
Submitted By: yalskey
(42,859 on 9-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: echozaylor
(42,784 on 9-2005)

Great show Adam, and as we always say... keep up the great work!
Submitted By: ufoster
(42,757 on 9-2005)

The MacCast is...
...simply the greatest Mac-oriented Podcast!
Submitted By: roberto
(42,653 on 9-2005)

yea macs! love the podcast...thanks
Submitted By: gushin
(42,408 on 9-2005)

This Podcast Rocks!
I just started subscribing to this Podcast through iTunes recently, and I have to say its one of the best Mac Podcasts around. Adam Adam Christianson does a great job of reporting on Mac news very concisely, as well as commenting on email and voicemail hes received from listeners. Its much shorter than most Mac Podcasts, which is great because Adam doesnt stretch it out any longer than it needs to be; he gets out all the essential Mac news very quickly. Highly recommended for both new Mac users and Mac geeks!
Submitted By: abasscube
(42,265 on 9-2005)

GrEAT THiS sHOw! lEARN, LaUgh, LoVe iT.
Submitted By: dvone8
(42,180 on 9-2005)

Excellent Work
Great show with tons of info in reguards to everything Macs.
Submitted By: macosxguy
(42,043 on 9-2005)

Like the show, good hints, tips, insider info
Submitted By: dan_nixon
(41,940 on 9-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: swaterfall
(41,912 on 9-2005)

I love your podcast.
Submitted By: mrbrant
(41,708 on 9-2005)

Best Mac Podcast
Submitted By: hlewis1332
(41,624 on 9-2005)

Great Podcast!!
Keep up the good work Adam.
Submitted By: bohalloran
(41,225 on 9-2005)

The MacCast is the best Mac-oriented Podcast. Period.
Submitted By: jjlabriejr
(41,137 on 9-2005)

the best podcast around
Submitted By: kristalis
(41,120 on 9-2005)

cant live without my maccast
How can anyone use a mac and not listen to Adam?.. cest imposible!
Submitted By: imaginehope
(40,994 on 9-2005)

Still listening and lovin
Submitted By: shanerh
(40,992 on 9-2005)
Submitted By: info
(40,589 on 9-2005)

Maccast rocks
maccast rocks!
Submitted By: michaelraganseeshowitis
(40,390 on 9-2005)

v interesting source of news + entertainment, i like tuning in for the information and the brilliant personality of our beloved presenter
Submitted By: passtheketamin
(40,378 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: KJMT42
(40,296 on 9-2005)

Just great
Hello Adam Thanks for your Show! Great news and great interviews. I would be interested to hear more about using the mac in mechanical and electronical engineering. Thanks! Daniel, Switzerland
Submitted By: daniel.b
(40,287 on 9-2005)

mac podcast
i can honestly say this is the best mac related podcast, ever. Look forward to future episodes
Submitted By: sounds360
(40,136 on 9-2005)

Great podcast especially eMac Cast with chapters
Submitted By: simonclohessy
(40,125 on 9-2005)

Excellent Podcast
Submitted By: dudley.warner
(40,093 on 9-2005)

Here ya go!
Thanks for podcasting! Dred242
Submitted By: Dred242
(40,029 on 9-2005)

A great Macintosh podcast.
Submitted By: chadkeck
(39,963 on 9-2005)

The best thing abot Adam Chritiansen is that he is NOT Adam Curry!
Submitted By: gth
(39,909 on 9-2005)

The best thing abot Adam Christiansen is that he is NOT Adam Curry!
Submitted By: gth
(39,908 on 9-2005)

A Apple Podcast
In my opinion this is the best Macintosh podcast, Adam Christensen is so informative about anything Apple. Two very good interviews recently with Amber MacAuther and Leo Lapore.
Submitted By: gilbertwedmunds
(39,860 on 9-2005)

great shows
Long time unix geek, relatively new switcher. Really enjoying Adams MacCast podcasts.
Submitted By: mr.wahlee
(39,432 on 9-2005)

The greatest!
Submitted By: jcfjrmac
(39,352 on 9-2005)

Wide appeal and highly enjoyable
great even for us who are not total geeks -- lots of useful, problem-solving hints given in understandable language, and interesting updates on important developments, all presented in a friendly and pleasant manner with an inclusive tone and attitude (helpful to everyone: recent switchers or long-time Mac geeks!) ...
Submitted By: halimahf
(38,904 on 9-2005)

Hey, look at that. Number 7 in the PodCast Alley chart on the first day of the month!
Submitted By: dougclinton
(38,888 on 9-2005)

go mac cast :)
Submitted By: dslonaker
(38,805 on 9-2005)

excellent coverage
fun. informative. bring in more guests.
Submitted By: mak04
(38,768 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: gohco
(38,657 on 8-2005)

Good Show
I enjoy MacCast. I will be a faithful listener
Submitted By: leland.nunes
(38,157 on 8-2005)

Great show!!! Thanks from Switzerland regards Nigel
Submitted By: n_halfhide
(38,108 on 8-2005)

Great show, Adam!
Submitted By: macFanDave
(38,082 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: holoaddiction
(38,063 on 8-2005)

Great show. keep up the good work
Submitted By: kamas1
(37,800 on 8-2005)

great show
great show
Submitted By: ggspoker
(37,698 on 8-2005)

maccast rules!
Submitted By: d-rego
(37,670 on 8-2005)

nice work
Submitted By: akramhussein
(37,639 on 8-2005)

This show is the best
This show is the best!!!!
Submitted By: ericwelander
(37,635 on 8-2005)

This show is great for me, a new, and returning mac user.
Submitted By: carolrossiter
(37,609 on 8-2005)

The MacCast
Great Podcast.
Submitted By: flygary
(37,409 on 8-2005)

Great show for mac lovers, geek or not
Submitted By: hlhicks
(37,386 on 8-2005)

This is the macalicious
Adam ROX! and so does his podcast. A must have for any mac person, or for those who are thinking about switching.
Submitted By: jacki.stroble
(37,294 on 8-2005)

great show, every mac fan should listen to it
Submitted By: cducasse
(37,154 on 8-2005)

great show !!
Submitted By: jbcruz80
(37,145 on 8-2005)

inside mac radio
Submitted By: sjfaf
(37,090 on 8-2005)

One of the best out there
Submitted By: gmalta
(36,967 on 8-2005)

great show, informative
Submitted By: samot
(36,956 on 8-2005)

Love it!
The macCast keeps me up to date in both info and tips. Keep it up!
Submitted By: jamesdavis
(36,938 on 8-2005)

Great Show...
Sounds good. Was going to send you some ProVO elements, didnt know if you wanted them or not.
Submitted By: ryan
(36,918 on 8-2005)

Once you go Mac...
Thanks for keeping it fresh, Adam! Up-to-date and insightful without an overdose of technojargon... Love it!
Submitted By: kerouac
(36,906 on 8-2005)

The MacCast is the best podcast out there I really cannot stand any of the other podcasts out there. Adam Has a great show and I am always enjoying it.
Submitted By: pskush
(36,903 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: smiths99
(36,892 on 8-2005)

Really like single person
I really like that its just one person who gets straight to the news on the maccast. I dont like all the banter on many of the other podcast shows.
Submitted By: oleaj
(36,864 on 8-2005)

#1 mac show for Mac geeks by a mac geek.
Submitted By: damianmansour
(36,814 on 8-2005)

Vote for MacCast
Adam is a cool dude. His voice is sexy, too, by the way ;-)
Submitted By: gambit
(36,749 on 8-2005)

great show
Submitted By: sailbad
(36,713 on 8-2005)

extremely informative podcasting. great job guys hiram santana
Submitted By: hirams
(36,703 on 8-2005)

great Show!
Submitted By: gibbs
(36,615 on 8-2005)

Great Podcast!
Informative and a treat to listen to...the MacCast is great!
Submitted By: tenstorymother
(36,601 on 8-2005)

Best Mac Podcast
This is the best mac podcast there is. Adam is the smartest.
Submitted By: hlewis1332
(36,554 on 8-2005)

MacCast Rules
Submitted By: misckenten
(36,546 on 8-2005)

Awsome Tips
Submitted By: madebymatt
(36,532 on 8-2005)

Great Show
I juist listened to my first MacCast podcast and I am hooked. Good information, feature packed. I will listen to every episode from here on out.
Submitted By: medulla
(36,486 on 8-2005)

vote for The MacCast
Submitted By: don.eitner
(36,393 on 8-2005)

Great Show.
Great Show. OS X will never be sold on PC boxes though. NEVER
Submitted By: diamondg14
(36,331 on 8-2005)

Maccast rules
Submitted By: jozbo235
(36,330 on 8-2005)

Great show ....keep up the good work.
Submitted By: ronjc_2001
(36,308 on 8-2005)

Great show ....keep up the good work.
Submitted By: ronjc_2001
(36,307 on 8-2005)

Great Mac cast
Submitted By: andres
(36,277 on 8-2005)

This is one of the best casts Ive ever subscribed too!!
Submitted By: noun23
(36,266 on 8-2005)

Mac Cast Rocks!
Mac Cast should be #1!!!
Submitted By: gerardochapa
(36,229 on 8-2005)

Greetings from Mexico
Great work keep the good podcasting
Submitted By: mauricio1701
(36,228 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: lee.faulkner
(36,193 on 8-2005)

My favorite podcast. Professional, informative, and appreciated!
Submitted By: kimiraikkonen
(36,169 on 8-2005)

I want to vote for The MacCast.
Submitted By: jimruvalcaba
(36,146 on 8-2005)

great show
i think the MacCast is great... very helpful! keep up the good work!
Submitted By: matt.joiner
(36,049 on 8-2005)
Great show!
Submitted By: rfmatos
(36,034 on 8-2005)

Voting for The MacCast
Submitted By: cadams
(36,009 on 8-2005)

this show rocks!
Submitted By: RaffyG2000
(36,002 on 8-2005)

The most worthwhile mac info
Submitted By: sendtosteve
(35,989 on 8-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: antfarm7
(35,972 on 8-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: cygnusuc
(35,957 on 8-2005)

interesting for all Mac users
Like the clean organized format the enhanced podcast version is a nice extra. Well done, good news and help portions.
Submitted By: kerjava
(35,953 on 8-2005)

Good work! Great Podcast.
Submitted By: rogerbarrus
(35,932 on 8-2005)

Good podcast
Informative, to the point. I listen to this alot
Submitted By: jeremy.hicks
(35,918 on 8-2005)

This is a fantastic program! The show covers not only about the states also what is happening all over the world about Mac!
Submitted By: tso
(35,887 on 8-2005)

MacCast is extremely helpful.
Submitted By: tenthousandlies
(35,866 on 8-2005)

High Qaulity
Great Show
Submitted By: l.nye
(35,831 on 8-2005)

Adam is accessible…
Probably the most accessible, real-life, commentator on the Mac. A day in, day out user that shares his Mac experience one-on-one with the rest of the world.
Submitted By: bdesign2
(35,828 on 8-2005)
Love it...
Submitted By: jimsomogyi
(35,814 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: parrishandrew
(35,809 on 8-2005)

great show.
Submitted By: jjuan
(35,806 on 8-2005)

I really enjoy MacCast. I learn stuff, I laugh and listening to Maccast is time well spent.
Submitted By: techtao
(35,804 on 8-2005)

My vote for MacCast
Submitted By: fsolerio
(35,701 on 8-2005)

MacCast is great!!
Im keep listening to macCAst about a month and I love it !! Its great.
Submitted By: misterx
(35,674 on 8-2005)

great stuff...
love hearing your comments and news and help. keep up the good work.
Submitted By: normarod
(35,642 on 8-2005)

Love the show. Thanks for your time in putting it together. Roy Breiling
Submitted By: roybreiling
(35,641 on 8-2005)

Great show!
The show that got me interested is listening to podcasts is "The MacCast".
Submitted By: me
(35,626 on 8-2005)

1st time listener, longtime mac geek. good stuff.
Submitted By: gtokarski
(35,569 on 8-2005)

My Favorite Podcast
Since the integration of podcasts into iTunes 4.9, I have listened to about 40 different podcasts ranging from news, technology, music reviews, movie reviews, politics, and theology. I have to admit that MacCast quickly became my favorite podcast because of the way Adam organizes his content, does his homework, and presents it formally without wasting my time with dead air or pointless non-Mac non-tech conversations. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: DannyL9143
(35,558 on 8-2005)

Great show, Great tips, Great Podcast!
I listen regulaly from the uk and im a big mac fan, ive just got into podcasting and this show for me sums up what a great podcast should be. Its got a great mixture of news, product reviews. tips, listener comments and even a bit of music! Its also a really good length which i think is a hard thing to get right, and it has a good community vibe to it. Keep up the good work Adam. Cheers Dave.
Submitted By: dave
(35,556 on 8-2005)

good show
Submitted By: rcolasanto
(35,532 on 8-2005)

good show
Submitted By: rcolasanto
(35,531 on 8-2005)

Excellent Podcast
Over time, this has continued to be one of the top podcasts in its quality and content.
Submitted By: dudley.warner
(35,485 on 8-2005)

vote for macast
Great show - great source of information!!
Submitted By: meyertnl
(35,460 on 8-2005)

The MacCast
One of the best Mac shows - easy listening - ad free
Submitted By: advanceframe
(35,457 on 8-2005)

MacCast rocks!
The MacCast is the best way to get your apple news.
Submitted By: ptubach
(35,448 on 8-2005)

This is awesome
I am lovin all of this talk about macs.. its what I was looking for to feel like I am in a real community. Thanks Adam!
Submitted By: imaginehope
(35,439 on 8-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: verily-mac
(35,416 on 8-2005)

great show adam
Submitted By: aleksoro
(35,401 on 8-2005)

Great show, I listen to each one.
Submitted By: geofgonter
(35,397 on 8-2005)

Great Show
What a fantastic show
Submitted By: paulzerbes
(35,396 on 8-2005)

its good
its good
Submitted By: sigginike90
(35,395 on 8-2005)

Love it
keep up the good work
Submitted By: skatepunkcat
(35,385 on 8-2005)

really cool
this is probably the best mac talk show ever!!!!
Submitted By: jdsax456
(35,374 on 8-2005)

My Favotrite Podcast
Just wanted to vote for the MacCast - Adam does a great job and I look forward to each and every episode. Thanks!
Submitted By: Jason
(35,353 on 8-2005)

My Favotrite Podcast
Just wanted to vote for the MacCast - Adam does a great job and I look forward to each and every episode. Thanks!
Submitted By: Jason
(35,352 on 8-2005)

It;s Awesome
Its very funny, interesting and informative!
Submitted By: iamspambeware
(35,336 on 8-2005)

Thank You
I just discovered podcasting when iTunes offered it and Im already addicted to your show. Just wanted you to know we really appreciate you!!! Judy
Submitted By: gypsy-0
(35,335 on 8-2005)

Thanks Adam!!
Submitted By: shayne
(35,322 on 8-2005)

I Love MacCast!
Submitted By: iamdilbert
(35,316 on 8-2005)

Great podcast
I like this style of podcast. The radio style guys suck. I wish they would just get to the point. The MacCast is well put together with interesting information in a succint package ideally long enough for my train ride. Well done and keep it coming.
Submitted By: spam_am
(35,302 on 8-2005)

Super Duper
Super Duper, Spiffing and everything wonderful! keep it up old boy.
Submitted By: ric
(35,298 on 8-2005)

Great Mac Show
Just the right dosage of mac gab. Love the feedback, community feel & the host. All good!
Submitted By: dvone8
(35,297 on 8-2005)
The best Mac Podcast out there
Submitted By: billsoan
(35,283 on 8-2005)

MacCast is turning out to be pretty much the only Podcast I listen to religiously. Great hints and tips.
Submitted By: writetorobert
(35,255 on 8-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: one1step1
(35,240 on 8-2005)

Adam may not have a radio voice, but one can tell he works hard at putting together a good, comprehensive show. He has the right mix of news and opinions and does provide answers to good questions on the podcast. Adam recently did an interview which was good, but not great. With more practice, I think his interviewing skills will get better. For anyone working with Macs, including the switchers (like me), this should be a must download!
Submitted By: scott
(35,221 on 8-2005)

Go Adam
Submitted By: michael_R_Murphy
(35,211 on 8-2005)

MacCast rocks!
Submitted By: mrove
(35,206 on 8-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: alfredo
(35,188 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: rbeardsley
(35,178 on 8-2005)

Great Show
Keep it up
Submitted By: tyson
(35,170 on 8-2005)

I love it!!!!
Submitted By: cbardawil
(35,169 on 8-2005)

great podcast
Submitted By: zigmont8
(35,161 on 8-2005)

awsome podcast keep up the good work!
Submitted By: hpzine
(35,148 on 8-2005)

thanks adam, love the info.
Submitted By: nwistheone
(35,140 on 8-2005)

My 2 cents
Best "geeky" podcast out there for Mac fans with a very open minded point of view. I really like that it is not "Apple is the best! All others are just followers!" It does not pull punches and is a joy to listen to.
Submitted By: dissuggs4u
(35,134 on 8-2005)

excelelnt detailed MAC reporting. has a relax feel to it and doesnt sound like a zombie reading some news.
Submitted By: myschizobuddy
(35,120 on 8-2005)

my vote
Great podcast Adam! Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: sounds360
(35,109 on 8-2005)

The best and most hearer supported Mac and iPod program.
Submitted By: pds6
(35,093 on 8-2005)

MacCast is awesome!
MacCast is a easy way for me to get up-to-date Mac news and keep entertained at work. I love that there are constant, consistent updates. I hope they keep up the good work! They earned my vote!
Submitted By: amdpena
(35,091 on 8-2005)

Great Mac Info and Dialog
Hey Adam, I really enjoy your show. It is an excellent source of Mac and industry news, reviews and general information. The featured band is a great touch at the end. Keep up the excellent work. This vote is my extreme pleasure!!! Joe
Submitted By: joebravoco
(35,081 on 8-2005)

I Love the MACCAST!
Submitted By: joshuajudd
(35,078 on 8-2005)

Very informative program. I find it informative, particularly since its Mac based.
Submitted By: MICN8593
(35,065 on 8-2005)

Great show, great host
Adam really seems to care about his listeners and goes out of his way to help them with their questions and issues.
Submitted By: bryanh
(35,048 on 8-2005)

I listen to EVERY MacCast! Adam knows his stuff and presents it in a friendly way.
Submitted By: leon
(35,046 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: ManSlayer
(35,036 on 8-2005)

The MacCast
This is by far, my favorite podcast. Very well played out, organized, and helpful. Im a recent switcher and I have always found a tip or two in every episode. Keep up the awesome work!
Submitted By: wtstuller09
(35,028 on 8-2005)

Go Maccast
Submitted By: seescottski
(35,025 on 8-2005)

MacCast herrscht
Ihr seid alles kleine MacCast Pipsies
Submitted By: zim
(35,017 on 8-2005)

Perfect MAC Info
Perfect MAC Info great for newbies
Submitted By: akeuning
(35,015 on 8-2005)

Very good
Submitted By: bpayami
(34,996 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: cckoenen
(34,960 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: mediamixsound
(34,959 on 8-2005)

keep it up!
Good contents, balanced comments, nice surprises (like the Amber interview, or the two guys from Canada - they were great!), and fantastic music selections - great show! Keep up the good work! Q (from Japan)
Submitted By: q-higuchi
(34,894 on 8-2005)

A Great Show
Great Mac Info. I enjoy learning a bit about the Mac platform when Im not in front of my Mac.
Submitted By: waynehoy
(34,887 on 8-2005)

maccast is great
Adam does an amazing job of putting this informative show together
Submitted By: mybook4
(34,878 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: b.bayv
(34,818 on 8-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: swaterfall
(34,804 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: eobearsmh
(34,789 on 8-2005)

clear, useful information
Avoids the annoying banter that dominates so many other tech podcasts.
Submitted By: gmcclen
(34,784 on 8-2005)

sooo cooool
Submitted By: easychair
(34,779 on 8-2005)

Gets to the point. Short and sweet. Unlike other Mac based podcasts. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: leighton
(34,771 on 8-2005)

Gets to the point. Short and sweet. Unlike other Mac based podcasts. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: leighton
(34,770 on 8-2005)

Great Podcast
Always gives very interesting information about the mac. Im relatively new to mac, and it is a lot of help to hear the tips and reviews given in the show. Keep it up Adam. --saxo
Submitted By: saxito
(34,768 on 8-2005)

Great show
The only podcast I will listen to. Such a great show! I love it!
Submitted By: hurleyint1386
(34,764 on 8-2005)

love it!
Submitted By: gregdimler
(34,742 on 8-2005)

My Favorite Podcast
I get so much out of each and every one of Adams podcasts. I listen to the show on my ipod mini in the car and then cant wait to get to work to try out the tips, tricks and links that Adam dishes out.
Submitted By: jhight1
(34,738 on 8-2005)

MacCast Rules!!
Submitted By: jdrothman
(34,724 on 8-2005)

My Favorite Podcast
Mac fan or not you have to admit that this show is top notch in quality and content. Easily my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: bruceagu
(34,699 on 8-2005)

Good job
Keep up the good work and get some sleep...
Submitted By: camit34
(34,671 on 8-2005)

great show, eh
Submitted By: john
(34,661 on 8-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: kevinmi
(34,524 on 8-2005)

I listen every morning with my coffe in hand!!! Keep it coming! -Adam
Submitted By: sloppyjoestudios
(34,222 on 8-2005)

great show! (August)
Submitted By: bluue
(34,042 on 8-2005)

its fun to listen!
Submitted By: yyyttt20
(33,791 on 8-2005)

very cool podcast
This podcast is very cool, I too am a Mac geek and this is just cool to listen to while doing work on my powerbook G4. Also check out The Daily Talk at
Submitted By: scpen20
(33,660 on 8-2005)

Great Show!
Love the show, sums up all the Mac/Apple News but also includes reviews and other general information - all without missing a beat! -Maccast Listener, Andrew
Submitted By: skywavesli
(33,440 on 8-2005)

This show is great
Submitted By: padrai6
(33,368 on 8-2005)

The best!
The best macintosh podcast and a great tech podcast.
Submitted By: chadkeck
(33,335 on 8-2005)

great show
Submitted By: bernadetteerik
(33,293 on 8-2005)

Laid back style: good teacher.
I like the personality of the host. Easy-going and polite to those of us that are still learning.
Submitted By: janekohner
(32,585 on 8-2005)

Great Show!
I have been hooked on this show since I first heard it. I cant believe all the good information that is packed into a short program.
Submitted By: trekkers40
(32,504 on 8-2005)

Maccasting About
This is a great show. Just great! Five stars and tons of thumbs up.
Submitted By: donnalewis
(32,293 on 8-2005)

Great podcast
Adam does a great job.
Submitted By: ben
(32,055 on 8-2005)

Still excellent. Thanks
Submitted By: doaktc
(31,558 on 8-2005)

Great Podcast!!!
Submitted By: jeffshrum
(31,472 on 8-2005)

Love the show!
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(30,971 on 8-2005)

Just works
Balanced,informative,professionally produced and above all sincere
Submitted By: Bailey.Joh
(30,840 on 8-2005)

Mac Cast is Serious!
Spread the word brother! cheers Albert Due Maternity
Submitted By: albert
(30,640 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: bron1221
(30,586 on 7-2005)

I Love it.
The best podCast up to now ! Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: megatron
(30,577 on 7-2005)

I walk my dog and drive to work...
ONLY with my MacCast. This show is simply awesome - All things Macintosh indeed !!
Submitted By: megatron
(30,576 on 7-2005)

Love the MacCast
I take my iPod and listen to daily MacCast every morning on my walk in neighborhood.
Submitted By: granny2
(30,121 on 7-2005)

the first podcast i listend to wasent maccast but i look for a new maccast ep. eveyday
Submitted By: hpzine
(30,098 on 7-2005)

Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: bong7r
(29,863 on 7-2005)

Excellent podcast
MacCast is where I get my Mac news.
Submitted By: rrutherford
(29,822 on 7-2005)

Enjoy the Podcast
Submitted By: ldjessee00
(29,780 on 7-2005)

Maccast is the best
Very informative and helpful. Steve Ornat
Submitted By: sornat
(29,746 on 7-2005)

Great podcast with good tips and news!
Submitted By: sardaukar
(29,701 on 7-2005)

great content, great production
Submitted By: apthorp
(29,633 on 7-2005)

Awesome podcast
This is a really great show by a guy who is passionate about all things Macintosh!
Submitted By: parambula
(29,590 on 7-2005)

Great Show!
Look forward to every episode
Submitted By: agontar
(29,580 on 7-2005)

it rules
it rules
Submitted By: tjmacs3
(29,553 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: pcmedicman
(29,527 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: Bob88888
(29,497 on 7-2005)

Love the Show
I am one of those itunes new listeners. I love your show
Submitted By: stevebeyer
(29,473 on 7-2005)

great for mac geeks
Submitted By: denisjkassai
(29,329 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: b.bayv
(29,324 on 7-2005)

MacCast is great
Submitted By: hector
(29,305 on 7-2005)

Great cast dude...
...greetings from New Zealand!
Submitted By: nz
(29,200 on 7-2005)

Great info...
Submitted By: ward
(29,197 on 7-2005)

awesome podcast
Submitted By: mpilutti
(29,151 on 7-2005)

great show
Submitted By: jtiongson
(29,044 on 7-2005)

Awesome show... Great tagline
Submitted By: smittymet
(28,927 on 7-2005)

Go Adam - keep up the awesome work you do.
Submitted By: leslie
(28,676 on 7-2005)

Good Info. Can't get enough! Thanks!!!!!!!! Ben
Submitted By: bmwsalesguy
(28,604 on 7-2005)

Great Show
I have been tuning into your podcast for the last month or so and found it an extremely interesting show
Submitted By: senthil03
(28,469 on 7-2005)

Not much more to say... It has provided a lot of very interesting news. To the point, succinct, well informed, and quite interesting.
Submitted By: mathbymath
(28,438 on 7-2005)

Great Mac resource
A "gradual" switcher (Winderz PCs, + a Mac Mini), I hang on your every word...!
Submitted By: rur
(28,154 on 7-2005)

good show
awsome work!!
Submitted By: tilsley
(28,057 on 7-2005)

Adam's Great
Submitted By: evlynazb
(28,034 on 7-2005)

MacCast - Great show
The MacCast is a great show for all the mac users out there. I'm a new listner and love the show, especially the one minute tip.
Submitted By: tjdixon
(27,973 on 7-2005)

awsome cast
Submitted By: spaminstyle
(27,763 on 7-2005)

Keep doing.
Keep doing what you're doing. It's very interesting and helpful. I still like downloading at my liesure as opposed to the iTunes Music Store. But, I'm glad to see you're doing well there. If you need us to subscribe there, though, to boost the numbers just let us know.
Submitted By: doaktc
(27,752 on 7-2005)

MacCast = #1
Love the MacCast. The guy is informative and doesn't have a huge ego like others (hosts of Mac Observer, Inside Mac Radio). SHort, simple and to the point. Great show
Submitted By: RichC104
(27,646 on 7-2005)

Love the MacCast
Submitted By: jeffanony-temp
(27,450 on 7-2005)

Mac Cast
Excellent Podcast!! Good Info.....
Submitted By: skyking95
(27,188 on 7-2005)

Adam has put together a GREAT show. Excellent sound quality, a consistent format, news, help, one or two pod safe music tracks and a show that is limited to generally 30 minutes.
Submitted By: mfmdoctor
(27,042 on 7-2005)

Adam rox!
Submitted By: danowilliams
(26,933 on 7-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: dougclinton
(26,830 on 7-2005)

Great Show!
Informative, detailed, and updated often. What more could you want?
Submitted By: korivak
(26,786 on 7-2005)

Balanced and Informative podcast
Very informative and timely news about all things Mac. The balanced commentary is much appreciated.
Submitted By: woi
(26,777 on 7-2005)

One vote for MacCast!
Submitted By: cw531gurl
(26,609 on 7-2005)

The MacCast Vote
Submitted By: snivelyd
(26,558 on 7-2005)

One Of The Best
Love It!
Submitted By: duke.wellington
(26,427 on 7-2005)

good work -- as always
Submitted By: mjnorth
(26,402 on 7-2005)

Great Show
Thanks for the great show !
Submitted By: kkhaight
(26,394 on 7-2005)

Good Show !!!
Submitted By: aidlereric
(26,317 on 7-2005)

MacCast. Owns.
Submitted By: nick.pelone
(26,315 on 7-2005)

Great Show...
Just found your podcast after downloading the latest iTunes this week. I'm over 60 but a Mac user since 1985. I think podcasting is a great tool.
Submitted By: bobbieniek
(26,265 on 7-2005)

I really enjoy the show malcolm
Submitted By: malcolmcameron
(26,110 on 7-2005)

Love it!
Such an informative show- very down to earth and newsy. I know Adam from my mug, and was turned on to podcasting by the presentation he gave at our last meeting. Now my pod is chock full of casts that I'm trying to whittle down. Adam's is on top for the wonderful content, and for making even the most technical stuff easy to understand. I've been a mac geek for longer than I've had a mac, and I am always learning something new! Thanks Adam!
Submitted By: bkitty2k4
(26,024 on 7-2005)

Cool Show
I got a Mac (ibook G4) and i relate to most of the Mac/ipod Questions ask during your show except for the Tiger Q's I haven't got Tiger yet! I still on Panther and its still a perfect OS why try to fix something that a'int broken
Submitted By: clubgus
(25,862 on 7-2005)

Perfect Show
I'd like to mention that this is a great show - if you are a Mac User you definitely need to listent to every single show.
Submitted By: roland
(25,220 on 7-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: verily-mac
(25,087 on 7-2005)

Adam, you're rated one position below D&D! Great Job!!
Submitted By: steve_nigl
(25,052 on 7-2005)

Helpful & informative
Just heard the 1st show through iTunes & liked it. It's an entertaining way of learning mac new without having to go through endless web pages ^_^ And it's also helpful in case you have any weird doubt u don't seem able to resolve. But what I'm not so sure about is whether that's interesting enough, I mean, hearing answers to questions that have no practical use for the general audience, 'cause... who cares how to connect wirelessly an iMac with a TV monitor ?!? xDDD Just some thoughts. Anyway, good work & greetings from Spain ^_^
Submitted By: aacosta
(24,740 on 7-2005)

voice of reason
It's so nice to hear a straightforward honest spearker with no axe to grind or ranting.
Submitted By: jodell
(24,600 on 7-2005)

Excellent Podcast - Keep it up!
Submitted By: mrl1
(24,597 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: draymond1
(24,566 on 7-2005)

this is my favorite podcast! its like im in the mac cast community
Submitted By: samthedrummer
(24,544 on 7-2005)

Awesome show
Submitted By: carlosjunk
(24,177 on 7-2005)

Love it
Submitted By: dberger
(24,170 on 7-2005)

enjoy the show
Submitted By: lawrenceml2001
(24,119 on 7-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(24,100 on 7-2005)

Well Balanced & Programmed
I've enjoyed all the commentary, opinions, discussions on these podcasts. I've been going through the archives now. Very useful information as well.
Submitted By: iamcarlo
(24,026 on 7-2005)

This show rocks. I love listening to the show. Great information. I love the formatt.
Submitted By: stickdriver
(24,007 on 7-2005)

Excellent -- highly recommended
MacCast is genuine, fact-filled, entertaining, a must listen for any fan of the Mac OS platform
Submitted By: kyle_skrinak
(23,981 on 7-2005)

Adam! Now that's what we're talking about... great podcast... I'm learning so much! Thank you!
Submitted By: CarolynSSamit
(23,863 on 7-2005)

this is a GREAT podcast... what ever youre doin.. KEEP DOIN' IT!!! Love from Denmark :)
Submitted By: RocketCAt
(23,740 on 7-2005)

You are starting a fine community
While the podcast show is central, a nice Mac community is beginning to form around it. You have one guy asking about switching and forum members like me pointing him to the switcher lists that me and others have created. Are we who provided top ten lists still on to get copies of that OS X book you mentioned a few shows back? David Trevas Houston, Texas
Submitted By: macFanDave
(23,629 on 7-2005)

excellent coverage and analysis. thanks
Submitted By: d.a.scott
(23,570 on 7-2005)

fantastic show
I really love the mac cast. Listen to it all the time. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: scott
(23,557 on 7-2005)

The MacCast
Love this show. He is very imformative. Also interesting to hear other people's coments from people all over the world. LOVE IT! KEEP UP THE GREAT SHOW!
Submitted By: alice
(23,452 on 7-2005)

WHY U READing this? don't u use iTunes by now?!?
Submitted By: dvigour
(23,404 on 7-2005)

Great Show! Thanks!
Nicely put together.
Submitted By: spamtracertag-podcastalley
(23,233 on 7-2005)

Lost Socks Insanity
Great Show!
Submitted By: nilkin67
(23,196 on 7-2005)

This is a great podcast for Macintosh users or anyone interested in the Macintosh platform.
Submitted By: g60scott
(23,171 on 7-2005)

Killer podcast with quality content
The host Adam brings new and interesting material with him on every podcast. Content ranges from technical to cult-mac. Listner feedback is encouraged and covered on every show. There is a real sense of community among MacCast subscribers. GREAT SHOW.
Submitted By: perezam
(23,123 on 7-2005)

Vic from
Everytime I hear this show I want a MAC. It's all good.
Submitted By: vmc1010
(23,024 on 7-2005)

geeky mac goodness
Submitted By: car1son
(22,918 on 7-2005)

great show
Submitted By: rob
(22,907 on 7-2005)

Informative & Interesting
Submitted By: r2242
(22,891 on 7-2005)

Sweet podcast
Great show, best cast about the mac platform. The show format is simple but thats what makes it the best. Makes "Inside Mac radio" sound like a traffic and travel show.
Submitted By: dairesmail
(22,843 on 7-2005)

Always informative, never boring. Excellent audio quality.
Submitted By: gregspeck2
(22,814 on 7-2005)

Excellent! Interesting and professional. My favorite podcast.
Submitted By: donnalewis
(22,721 on 7-2005)

Hey Adam, you've got something great going, it's a real service to MacGeeks everywhere, whether they be hard- or soft-core. Keep it up.
Submitted By: haihachimishima
(22,708 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: buyart
(22,614 on 6-2005)

mac rocks, I am a user.. all mac all the time
Submitted By: tech.pepsi
(22,118 on 6-2005)

Awesome podcast, I learn a lot
Submitted By: mr.shooby
(22,116 on 6-2005)

Great show love it :)
Submitted By: pbcook
(22,078 on 6-2005)

It's the best podcast - PERIOD !
At last I have an alternative to boring radio shows on the way to work and back. Keep up the good work !!
Submitted By: megatron
(22,072 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: paintball7742
(22,067 on 6-2005)

Adam is awesome!
Adam has a great perspective on the world of Macintosh. He has a lot of great material, and unlike a lot of the other podcasts I've sampled, he is always very thoughtful and interesting to listen to. Of course, the music he exposes us to every episode is varied and fun to listen to. One of the best podcasts out there. Give it a listen!
Submitted By: ben_nushmut
(21,948 on 6-2005)

Good show
Submitted By: aarumugam
(21,929 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: zachisbakk
(21,875 on 6-2005)

Good stuff
Always informative and a pleasure to listen to,
Submitted By: mikecurran
(21,547 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: stevenrushing
(21,462 on 6-2005)

MacCast Rocks
First time voting, I figure you deserve it. Best audio quality and content of any of the mac-oriented PodCasts out there...
Submitted By: geodomespam
(21,442 on 6-2005)

Great podcast
Submitted By: junkpile6
(21,425 on 6-2005)

Great Show
Keep it up!!
Submitted By: peluchio
(21,328 on 6-2005)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: dlbradford
(21,276 on 6-2005)

Adams Podcast is informative and entertaining. An all round great podcast, Keep up the work!
Submitted By: pknox
(21,238 on 6-2005)

Love the show and does a great job on informing me on the latest Mac news.
Submitted By: desosx
(21,112 on 6-2005)

great podcast
Submitted By: random
(21,058 on 6-2005)

I loves me that Mac Geek news
Submitted By: pfischer
(21,053 on 6-2005)

Mac Cast is cool
I love the Mac Cast. I do wish Adam would make them a little bit shorter, perhaps no more than 30min, I think that is the max, I find myself wanting to tune out after that! Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: one1step1
(21,013 on 6-2005)

the gold standard --
Submitted By: mjnorth
(20,983 on 6-2005)

Loved the show!
Submitted By: james
(20,910 on 6-2005)

good show!
Submitted By: debracnf
(20,884 on 6-2005)

Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: allfalldown
(20,872 on 6-2005)

To Adam
Adam you rock! You are the best. Thanks.
Submitted By: rlook
(20,811 on 6-2005)

Great podcast
This is the best podcast out there. Steve
Submitted By: steveo
(20,802 on 6-2005)

PC person who listens
Although I don't own a Mac (I'm a PC person), I find the show interesting. I've been considering a Mac mini for a few months now, but haven't taken the plunge....maybe once the Intel chips are installed.
Submitted By: erik.dial
(20,714 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: eafiguer
(20,709 on 6-2005)

Keep it going Adam
Submitted By: mralsmith
(20,688 on 6-2005)

MAcCast Rules!
the most informative Macintosh Podcast out there!
Submitted By: laurenamclean
(20,635 on 6-2005)

My favorite
Submitted By: thmahn
(20,631 on 6-2005)

Makes the time during my commute to work worthwhile!
Submitted By: alicebarr
(20,623 on 6-2005)

Awesome show...
... for Mac users of all levels and the Mac-curious as well
Submitted By: danlee
(20,562 on 6-2005)

MacCast vote
Submitted By: cblevens
(20,536 on 6-2005)

The Best PodCast Yet!
They should be #1
Submitted By: bluephreak13
(20,524 on 6-2005)

MacCast Rocks
Submitted By: uofmdude
(20,490 on 6-2005)

Simply the Best
For Mac users by Mac user - Simply the best with music too! What more could a geek ask for.
Submitted By: wepen
(20,441 on 6-2005)

Short and Sweet
Just the way I like it.
Submitted By: trader
(20,346 on 6-2005)

The announcer may drone but he's genial, and more importantly, informative. Lots n' lots of content. More than any MAC genre podcast i've heard. Journalistic, eh.
Submitted By: theinertiaclan
(20,328 on 6-2005)

Great show, my first podcast experience, I'm hooked on this show. Adam is great, he is genuinely out for our best interests.
Submitted By: mrmwiley
(20,323 on 6-2005)

Great show! Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: abbeyNvic
(20,313 on 6-2005)

My Vote
Very good podcast, full of helpful info.
Submitted By: robertwlamb
(20,299 on 6-2005)

great show
I appreciate the content. It's the one Mac-related podcast I regularly listen to.
Submitted By: michael.alford3
(20,282 on 6-2005)

MacCast 4 Lyfe!
Well, hooray for MacCast. I have only been listening for two weeks, and I already love it. Hope to keep the 'Cast in the Top Ten so that we'll be able to get you on iTunes 4,9!
Submitted By: Velvet.Nightmare
(20,273 on 6-2005)

Great Podcast!
Submitted By: seph42
(20,268 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: steven.allan
(20,235 on 6-2005)

Excellent show
Submitted By: mark.e.taylor
(20,228 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: bogenenator
(20,219 on 6-2005)

The Maccast is the best!
I think I get more info and learn more from Adam's Maccast than any others. If you haven't heard it you should check it out for sure. Keep up the good work Adam!
Submitted By: setzerfan1
(20,201 on 6-2005)

Fantastic podcast
Maccast is a great podcast, full of great news and interesting insights into the Mac world. I love it, Max :-)
Submitted By: italianmaninlondon
(20,193 on 6-2005)

1 Vote for the MacCast
great podcast. adam christianson really does a great job with content and of course the podcast always sounds great. i'm a dedicated listener.
Submitted By: gilbert
(20,179 on 6-2005)

Great show!!! thanks
Submitted By: dpscotch
(20,142 on 6-2005)

I love this podcast
Submitted By: keith61
(20,141 on 6-2005)

The MacCast Rocks
It's one of the best macintosh-centric podcasts out there - informative, informal, and very much appreciated.
Submitted By: monkeyplusplus
(20,135 on 6-2005)

Simple, Current, Good.
Everything a podcast should be and nothing it isn't.
Submitted By: michaelgrey
(20,130 on 6-2005)

maccast rules
Submitted By: geomacbcn
(20,104 on 6-2005)

Tech Cool!
Submitted By: grapixeye
(20,096 on 6-2005)

Great Mac podcast - better than Your Mac Life!!! Has just enought detail, keeps discussions short and informative.
Submitted By: wayneborcher
(20,093 on 6-2005)

Adam does a great job with this informative show.
Submitted By: macbob
(20,092 on 6-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: dennisj
(20,069 on 6-2005)

way to go mac geek!
Submitted By: tomarge
(20,066 on 6-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: buckmanbrian
(20,051 on 6-2005)

Great program!
A "must-listen" for Macintosh fans and potential "switchers."
Submitted By: wordherder1
(20,044 on 6-2005)

Essential Listening for Mac.
This is the Podcast that I never miss.
Submitted By: drgallo
(20,037 on 6-2005)

First time listener; Good cast
I liked the show the first time I heard it.
Submitted By: jjwelch
(20,031 on 6-2005)

I love the MacCast
What's better than Geeks talking about geek stuff?
Submitted By: tk
(19,997 on 6-2005)

Yeah, I think it's pretty good
The Mac Cast is a nice and thoughtful show... which is not to say that I dig the music, but it's cute.
Submitted By: mexicobrant
(19,992 on 6-2005)

Solid show, if a bit monotone in the delivery. The small-artist music at the end packs a nice punch every time!
Submitted By: billymumy
(19,987 on 6-2005)

Great Show.
Adam's voice is sexy.
Submitted By: phil.puleo
(19,981 on 6-2005)

Good show!
I really like this podcast.
Submitted By: rfmatos
(19,975 on 6-2005)

Cool show
A must listen for Mac fans and the Mac curious.
Submitted By: appletonrc
(19,972 on 6-2005)

I love this Podcast
I love this podcast and I listen to it religiously. Adam is great and always has well-formed opinions on all things Macintosh.
Submitted By: andrew.kc
(19,969 on 6-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: efarley2
(19,966 on 6-2005)

Excellent content and sound quality. Production is first rate.
Submitted By: rbeardsley
(19,961 on 6-2005)

Great Podcast
Your Podcast is great.
Submitted By: iambeto98
(19,957 on 6-2005)

Wonderful podcast!!
Submitted By: VorlonKosh
(19,933 on 6-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: simonhales
(19,907 on 6-2005)

Great,informative,easy listening
Homely but professional, unashamedly Apple/Mac, informative
Submitted By: Bailey.Joh
(19,899 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: davidrose
(19,864 on 6-2005)

luv the show!
Submitted By: dfafard
(19,860 on 6-2005)

great show
look forward to every show
Submitted By: mrclis
(19,858 on 6-2005)

I don't own a Mac, but love the show.
Submitted By: sbaleno
(19,854 on 6-2005)

thoroughly enjoy this podcast
Submitted By: dfre1559
(19,841 on 6-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: dougclinton
(19,821 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: jmphotony
(19,784 on 6-2005)

Inside Mac Radio Sucks!
Submitted By: curtisound
(19,779 on 6-2005)

cool show adam
Submitted By: mm3203
(19,775 on 6-2005)

MacCast is the best!
Submitted By: bron1221
(19,772 on 6-2005)

Keep up the good work, Adam.
Submitted By: cidkato
(19,753 on 6-2005)

All things Mac
A well produced, fairly short, podcast on all things Mac. If you're a Mac user, thinking about switching, or just curious about the Mac, check it out.
Submitted By: evenprimes
(19,733 on 6-2005)

best macgeeky show going...
Submitted By: rob.ferguson
(19,723 on 6-2005)

excellent show
The host is very knowledgable about macs and I have learned a lot from him.
Submitted By: tantalus3
(19,701 on 6-2005)

Great Job
I realy enjoy the MacCast ... keep up the good work
Submitted By: rickmead
(19,695 on 6-2005)

Great Podcast
Love this podcast. It's always interesting and informative. Way to go!
Submitted By: kimgh
(19,686 on 6-2005)

great show
Submitted By: maccast.2.kevinb67
(19,682 on 6-2005)

MacCast Rules!!
Submitted By: jdrothman
(19,677 on 6-2005)

Like Mac cast
I am a ambeedexerous user... I've 5 computers to my name! All run do something different
Submitted By: jwraines
(19,670 on 6-2005)

Great Info no matter how far back you listen
Submitted By: jgreena1
(19,666 on 6-2005)

MacCast Vote - Adam Rules!
Submitted By: kevstiles
(19,662 on 6-2005)

excellent podcast
Submitted By: ajglazer
(19,646 on 6-2005)

A Mac Must...
....for serious addicted Mac-users. Good reviews, practical teck talk and low key analyzes.
Submitted By: jonas
(19,632 on 6-2005)

Great Information
This cast provides great coverage of the latest news in the Mac
Submitted By: jbleau
(19,624 on 6-2005)

Good stuff
Solid, well researched and informed discussion. Ad-free and personal.
Submitted By: tweir
(19,622 on 6-2005)

very informative podcast
Submitted By: hlsbiz
(19,616 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: amenblue
(19,615 on 6-2005)

Keep Up The Good Work
Nice show. Enjoy listening. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: fgcuhockey
(19,609 on 6-2005)

Any chance to help
The wheels must continue to turn, so here's my little push. Great show . Thanks
Submitted By: musichumorwords
(19,603 on 6-2005)

The Best PodCast!
The MacCast is the best podcast for Macintosh users!
Submitted By: tbonney
(19,594 on 6-2005)

Great podcast
I listen to every show and I really enjoy them. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: jeffg38
(19,590 on 6-2005)

Good Show
This is a show about Apple Products (computers and ipods). The show gives a great overview of the week's Apple News. Very good show and at the end a new song is played.
Submitted By: pds6
(19,572 on 6-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: luke.richardson
(19,566 on 6-2005)

the best macintosh podcast.
Submitted By: dharma
(19,565 on 6-2005)

best mac cast.
Submitted By: martin.derweduwe
(19,562 on 6-2005)

MacCast Rules!
I love this podcast. I listened to it a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it. It got me interested in Podcasting, and now I've been downloading a few others too. Most of them are local radio stations, but the MacCast is clearly the best! I've just started getting into Macs, and this Podcast always tells me very interesting news and tips. You Rule!!!
Submitted By: puffinfresh
(19,555 on 6-2005)

best Mac newspodcast
Submitted By: pyhoo5
(19,547 on 6-2005)

Great collection of the news.
This is a great community based cast that wraps up the weeks news in the Mac World.
Submitted By: ben_hengst
(19,230 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: johnju
(19,218 on 6-2005)

great job Adam!
Submitted By: rob
(19,154 on 6-2005)

Very informative, entertaining and interesting show about Mac!!!!!
Submitted By: SLKGirl
(19,019 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: b.bayv
(18,979 on 6-2005)

Great Show !!!
Submitted By: sfayne
(18,961 on 6-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: gatchaman
(18,931 on 6-2005)

Love the Show!
Great show Adam!
Submitted By: mlrandall2
(18,840 on 6-2005)

Best Investment
I've always said the the best investment you can make after a computer hardware/software purchase is in magazines and books about your purchase. Now the best investment for my computing interests is the time in invest in listening to the Maccast. Great program, Adam. Thanks for all the assistance and insight.
Submitted By: doaktc
(18,770 on 6-2005)

good stuff
Submitted By: laneallison
(18,489 on 6-2005)

Best mac oriented podcast bar none!
Submitted By: bres
(18,465 on 6-2005)

Intelligent news & comment
Intelligent news and comment without all the crap. Simply the best.
Submitted By: sefton
(18,302 on 6-2005)

love this show!
Submitted By: pfalzgrafd
(18,137 on 6-2005)

Outstanding Show
This is a great show. I try not to miss any.
Submitted By: larry
(18,100 on 6-2005)

This show is polished, professional, and interesting. It's my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: donnadalewis
(17,924 on 6-2005)

listen all the time
thanks for the show, paul from perth western australia
Submitted By: paul.sherriffs
(17,722 on 6-2005)

cool show
Submitted By: evlynazb
(17,673 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: DonDavis5
(17,648 on 6-2005)

You Rock!
Love the show. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: dave_debisschop
(17,477 on 6-2005)

great podcast. keep up the good work.
Submitted By: GUSHIN
(17,461 on 6-2005)

A show WORTH listening to.
The best way to find out whats going on in the MAC world.
Submitted By: kenw
(17,327 on 6-2005)

Good show...
Submitted By: verily-mac
(17,310 on 6-2005)

Great content, great format
Personal, informal, with a nice mix of "call-ins" from other listeners. MacCast neatly encapsulates of what makes Podcasting so compelling.
Submitted By: kyle_skrinak
(17,295 on 6-2005)

Great Show
I really like this show, and appreciate being kept up-to-date on the latest Mac news and products. Thank You, Margo
Submitted By: margobeatty
(17,242 on 6-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: quartetsource
(17,183 on 6-2005)

Excellent Podcast
One of the regular podcasts I always listen to.
Submitted By: dudley.warner
(17,179 on 6-2005)

Makes the commute to work worthwhile.
Submitted By: merwolf
(17,156 on 6-2005)

great show
love the show... it has a great community and listener contribution format. keep em comming!!!
Submitted By: rob
(17,146 on 6-2005)

Awesome Podcast!
Submitted By: blabby
(17,126 on 6-2005)

Terrific show
Very informative and entertaining
Submitted By: macfandave
(16,946 on 6-2005)

The Mac of Apple sites
The un-official iCult site for Apple lovers...
Submitted By: tom
(16,930 on 6-2005)

MacCast Vote...
Best podcast on the net, hands down!
Submitted By: amacgeek
(16,839 on 6-2005)

loving my maccast
Submitted By: super_sonic_sound_0
(16,816 on 6-2005)

Still #1
This is still the BEST podcast out there, period.
Submitted By: Erudite.Warrior
(16,749 on 6-2005)

Great Show
Great show Adam!
Submitted By: balazs
(16,729 on 6-2005)

great show
Submitted By: brienc
(16,718 on 6-2005)

Maccast Rocks
The Maccast is unquestionably my favorite PodCast. Top notch quality all around.
Submitted By: bruceagu
(16,701 on 6-2005)

i love maccast!
Submitted By: tripasdelight
(16,700 on 6-2005)

the best
this is my favorite show!
Submitted By: jaykern
(16,699 on 6-2005)

Vote for MacCast
Submitted By: conrad.benedict
(16,657 on 6-2005)

keep it up
any WWDC dirt? rumor sites are silent these days
Submitted By: kurisub
(16,643 on 6-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: tonipace
(16,579 on 6-2005)

MacCast vote
Submitted By: llandrum
(16,573 on 6-2005)

great show!!!
Submitted By: nobleand
(16,572 on 6-2005)

One of the best! Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: sre5gor
(16,524 on 6-2005)

love it
keep up the good work, and it's macmer(as in k)
Submitted By: skatepunkcat
(16,520 on 6-2005)

Adam, are you still doing Podcasts? I really enjoy your podcasts. ' Thank you, Maria
Submitted By: mory
(16,482 on 6-2005)

Must.. beat.. IMR...
Submitted By: kashif.pasta
(16,475 on 6-2005)

MacCast vote
One of the great podcasts offered today!
Submitted By: harothberg
(16,354 on 6-2005)

MacCast is Great
Adam really includes listeners and provides an awesome variety of material for the audience. I'm always waiting for the next show.
Submitted By: chet
(16,334 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: brian
(16,298 on 6-2005)

My favourite podcast! Thanks Adam!
Submitted By: m2kuu
(16,273 on 6-2005)

Excellent PodCast
Great Job!
Submitted By: steamboatwillie
(16,258 on 6-2005)

Keep up the good work!
Great show!
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(16,198 on 6-2005)

The greatest Mac show
The MacCast is the greatest Mac show - no messing about, no silly comments, just intelligent. useful ideas, presented with a great style and manner.
Submitted By: jroslington
(15,820 on 6-2005)

Blah Blah BLah
Oh dear world for I make a mochery of your voting system. I toss a vote everyone's way in protest. This one's for you. Bless me for I'm the Baron De Barefoot Radio!!!!!!! Arrrrtg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: paul
(15,676 on 5-2005)

The MacCast
Getting better each week... Easy to listen to.
Submitted By: eguchid003
(15,537 on 5-2005)

They rock!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast.. adam is the man and should be commended for such a fine show every week.
Submitted By: imaginehope
(15,493 on 5-2005)

Great tips and info
Useful up-to-the-minute resource for mac-persons, especially 'gradual-switcher' Mac mini owners like me
Submitted By: rur
(15,395 on 5-2005)

nice podcast for all things mac
Submitted By: jonatanlindstrom
(15,361 on 5-2005)

Great listening
this show is really good listening, informative and allows listener participation
Submitted By: dee.tee
(15,299 on 5-2005)

My vote
Submitted By: oalvarado7
(15,171 on 5-2005)

I listened to MacCast for the first time yesterday. I like the news and Mac talk with commentary.
Submitted By: peter
(15,006 on 5-2005)

Could you please talk about how to effectively use the cropping tool in iPhoto? It seems as if there is a glitch that needs to be fixed. In spite of cropping for the correct print size the image which prints always cuts off more than shows in the edited or also the preview window. I am using the latest version with the Panther OS printing an Epson Stylus RX500 choosing the borderless option which creates beautiful results except for the cropping problem.
Submitted By: elinoreevans
(14,956 on 5-2005)

Great Show
Very helpful information in spite of the fact that I am not a geek.
Submitted By: elinoreevans
(14,955 on 5-2005)

very informative
Submitted By: s.mette
(14,741 on 5-2005)

Thanks Adam!!
Submitted By: shayne
(14,593 on 5-2005)

MacCast is the best
Submitted By: gkckster
(14,573 on 5-2005)

Great Great Show
Calm and collected viewd of the world of Mac. With great listener segments to boot
Submitted By: kopiert
(14,299 on 5-2005)

New and enjoying
Submitted By: bishop1269
(14,282 on 5-2005)

Great PCast
I really like listening to Adam. He has lots of useful tech news for the mac... in fact his pod cast on loading Tiger from scratch would be great for Apple Clubs to hand out for a tutorial.
Submitted By: mrbrent62
(14,235 on 5-2005)

Always Worth Listening To
Submitted By: verily-mac
(14,170 on 5-2005)

the best mac show out
Submitted By: mrillustrator
(14,108 on 5-2005)

Vote for maccast
Love the show! Stephen Kendall, Toronto
Submitted By: stephenkendall
(13,734 on 5-2005)

Great Show
New to Podcasting and this was my first listen and it's got me hooked.
Submitted By: andrew
(13,655 on 5-2005)

Great show - the only one I listen to regularly
Submitted By: chris_ammann
(13,632 on 5-2005)

Great Show
Love the show Adam, keep up the info about Mac's, always lvoe to hera from you
Submitted By: balazs
(13,452 on 5-2005)

Excellent Show
Submitted By: peter_geo
(13,435 on 5-2005)

Best Mac Podcast out there
Submitted By: somberlaine
(13,371 on 5-2005)

I am loving the Maccast. Hope they don't start charging for downloads, even though I'd pay
Submitted By: sgalindo
(13,188 on 5-2005)

My favorite podcast
I've been listening to podcasts for about three months now (since purchasing an iPod Photo and switching from PC to Mac). I've subscribed to many shows but the MacCast has stayed on my subscription list. Adam is very well organized, does extremely thorough research, and produces shows consistently. This is my first vote here at Podcast alley. Keep up the great work Adam!
Submitted By: molon.labe.007
(13,099 on 5-2005)

Very informative
Not too stuffy, but packs with information and sometimes conflicting opinions, both with good points, about the Mac world.
Submitted By: logan
(12,948 on 5-2005)

mac cast
Good Job Adam. Nice to meet you today. Mike (netflix)
Submitted By: mike_grice67
(12,938 on 5-2005)

solid info no BS
Submitted By: car1son
(12,929 on 5-2005)

I listen to every podcast. Thanks, Adam!
Submitted By: schwanport
(12,902 on 5-2005)

great show :D
Submitted By: enigma__penguin
(12,502 on 5-2005)

rock rock on
keep mac'in it up, or whatever
Submitted By: kurisub
(12,415 on 5-2005)

Unique Podcast!
Love the podcast!!! I am a big Mac fan and enjoy all the tips and talk!
Submitted By: jeff_shrum
(12,355 on 5-2005)

great show!
Submitted By: alexanderruas
(12,346 on 5-2005)

Mac for life...
this is a great source of mac information... now I don't even have to search for mac info, I get it here and then read more off of the show notes and links...
Submitted By: tom
(12,297 on 5-2005)

I love this show!
I am new to podcasts, and have really enjoyed this podcast. It has become one of 2 podcasts that I bother to listen to. It is just the right combination of news and home grown charm.
Submitted By: apthorp
(12,229 on 5-2005)

Awesome Show
I get the most informative information affecting the mac community regularly and easily, I really enjoy this show
Submitted By: yankee77
(12,047 on 5-2005)

The best show for mac users.
Submitted By: jorellh
(12,021 on 5-2005)

Great mac news!
Submitted By: megsaint
(11,969 on 5-2005)

great podcast!
Submitted By: richard.miller
(11,929 on 5-2005)

great show
Submitted By: livingzombie
(11,880 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: GUSHIN
(11,865 on 5-2005)

Good podcast!
Submitted By: mike
(11,861 on 5-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: kangerstein
(11,855 on 5-2005)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: jeffrey.evans
(11,775 on 5-2005)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: mlrandall2
(11,680 on 5-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: johnju
(11,640 on 5-2005)

Well produced and very informative.
Submitted By: r_msalter
(11,561 on 5-2005)

Geat Podcast!
Submitted By: greyhathacker45
(11,560 on 5-2005)

me luv MC.
Submitted By: dvigour
(11,558 on 5-2005)

This is the best podcast I have ever heard. And if you are not a MAC geek. You need to be one.
Submitted By: martyrobertson
(11,541 on 5-2005)

Can't live without it
Really really great show! I've only listened to it a couple of times and I'm already hooked! Keep it coming, i really enjoy it! - Fredrik, switcher from Sweden (I ordered my first Mac today!)
Submitted By: fredrik
(11,533 on 5-2005)

Good podcast. I just don't like the financial news of the company, it gives the idea that the show is being sponsored by Apple.
Submitted By: eve.reyes
(11,519 on 5-2005)

Good Stuff
Great show! Timely information and excellent production. Thanks Adam!
Submitted By: gayle
(11,479 on 5-2005)

Keep it up, Adam!
The first PodCast I subscribed to and the only one I still listen to regularly.
Submitted By: inoshiro
(11,445 on 5-2005)

Great show
Adam's the man
Submitted By: jroslington
(11,430 on 5-2005)

Best Daily Mac Podcast
Adam, you rock!!!! I just love listening to your show while surfing. It's the ultimate Mac Geeky Experience!!!
Submitted By: gtoews
(11,422 on 5-2005)

The best
very good stuff
Submitted By: draymond1
(11,370 on 5-2005)

Excellent show
As a recent Mac switcher I find this Podcast both to be useful and entertainig.
Submitted By: mark.e.taylor
(11,322 on 5-2005)

MacCast Rocks!
Great show for new or current users of Mac's. Always eager to hear the new show!
Submitted By: cbonner
(11,320 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: b.bayv
(11,308 on 5-2005)

Mac Cast Vote
Great show for Mac switchers and power users.
Submitted By: michaelmcgibbon
(11,301 on 5-2005)

great podcast for mac users
Submitted By: ajglazer
(11,296 on 5-2005)

maccast rocks!
the best mac related podcast out there.
Submitted By: tetrisiz
(11,288 on 5-2005)

MacGeek from the Edutech World
MacCast is a very good show for looking at revelent mac issues across occupations, platforms and most importantly , lifestyles. The show never fails to provide me with a useful trick to apply to my daily mac use, and sometimes pushes me to try something that I otherwise have overlooked. As a trainer of teachers, the new user segment has helped remind me of some of the early challenges faced by new swithers and those less than confident on the MAC platform.
Submitted By: pfcsmitty
(11,257 on 5-2005)

Awesome show! Seems like a down to earth cool guy. Great content.
Submitted By: j.soulsearcher
(11,254 on 5-2005)

Mac Cast
This is essential listening for Mac users
Submitted By: Glyn
(11,244 on 5-2005)

Very professional - concise - well done podcast.
Submitted By: rickmead
(11,194 on 5-2005)

Very Informative
I just wanted to say the The MacCast is one of the most informative podcast that I have found. It really helps new Mac users (which I am). Keep of the great work!!!!
Submitted By: jeffblais
(11,192 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: taliessence
(11,179 on 5-2005)

Nice Show
Thanks adam for the show.
Submitted By: bdville
(10,843 on 5-2005)

The best Mac 'cast
Adam does such a great job covering all the Mac news and presiding over a real community. Must be hard work, but worth every minute!
Submitted By: simon.toon
(10,662 on 5-2005)

Great shows
Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: canuck15
(10,473 on 5-2005)

Essential Listening
Submitted By: carvern
(10,455 on 5-2005)

Great show
I love the show, Adam your fantastic!
Submitted By: tom.landy
(10,406 on 5-2005)

Here ya go!
I'm dishing out the votes! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242
Submitted By: Dred242
(10,388 on 5-2005)

Come back!
Submitted By: mjnorth
(10,184 on 5-2005)

Great Show!
Thanks Adam, Please keep up the good work! I know it's a labor of love. Just know you make my morning commute bearable. But more than that, your Tiger pre-install show helped me all the way through the process and a sucsessful install without problems or lost data. And I did the zero erase clean install as you reccomended. I'm happy I did. No problems with the new OS at all. Best, Joe Borzetta MacCast listener
Submitted By: joseph.borzetta
(10,050 on 5-2005)

MacCast is a must!
Mac user or not, this is a good podcast
Submitted By: appletonrc
(9,945 on 5-2005)

Good podcast
Submitted By: rae
(9,922 on 5-2005)

loyal listener
Keep up the fantastic job... Every mac user should check this out at least once. Helpful hints and wonderful enthusiastic community. Thank you, Adam!
Submitted By: teresa.fisico
(9,903 on 5-2005)

Adam's Show Rocks!
It's off the charts.
Submitted By: pixelsmyth
(9,896 on 5-2005)

Interesting and educational
Submitted By: shanerh
(9,883 on 5-2005)

great job
i'm not a mac user, but i have been in the past and Adam is such an earnest enthusiast it's hard not to like this program.
Submitted By: rob
(9,737 on 5-2005)

love Podcasts
I am a Mac user and love the mac cast- it gives the most information, Inside mac show is more entertaining it actualy makes me laugh. But Adam's show is daily and has more info
Submitted By: laurenamclean
(9,638 on 5-2005)

Always informative. Alway geeky
Submitted By: Deniedagain
(9,478 on 5-2005)

Excellent Show
This is a nice low-key show that doesn't interrupt itself with unnecessary sound effects. The information is presented clearly and helpfully. Thank you.
Submitted By: donnadalewis
(9,477 on 5-2005)

Great Show!
Sorry about the iRiver, but still looking forward to the show where you talk about your own installation.
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(9,420 on 5-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: AChan123
(9,374 on 5-2005)

Thank you
Submitted By: dayjobdai
(9,327 on 5-2005)

Every month my favorit. Hello from Switzerland.
Submitted By: stefanbucher
(9,225 on 5-2005)

Everything I need to know about upcoming news for the Mac. With Adam's show, I almost don't need to visit Macintouch anymore. Almost.
Submitted By: brian
(9,208 on 5-2005)

great show
adam does a great job with this 'cast. great info, sources are legit. shownotes help terrificly. thanks adam
Submitted By: nwistheone
(9,184 on 5-2005)

great show
I love the show Adam. Too bad about the webcam.
Submitted By: carolbeeley
(9,084 on 5-2005)

Keep it up
Submitted By: dougclinton
(9,058 on 5-2005)

Just what is needed
This is a great podcast. The balance of subjects are perfect. Keep it going!
Submitted By: mralsmith
(8,973 on 5-2005)

Great show
I love this show!
Submitted By: rschomburg
(8,968 on 5-2005)

great show
Submitted By: zdlatham
(8,949 on 5-2005)

Great Show Adam
Submitted By: mlrandall22
(8,538 on 4-2005)

I'm a long-time PC user who's recently bought a Mac mini. The MacCast is essential listening
Submitted By: rur
(8,520 on 4-2005)

Weekly Listener
Submitted By: podcastalley
(8,420 on 4-2005)

Mac's rule!
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(8,179 on 4-2005)

I love it!
Submitted By: clark.huke
(8,106 on 4-2005)

Love it.
Submitted By: source
(7,964 on 4-2005)

Great stuff
Submitted By: mjnorth
(7,913 on 4-2005)

Great cast!
Submitted By: donnalewis
(7,822 on 4-2005)

a really great shoe!
thanks !
Submitted By: robertellise-02
(7,745 on 4-2005)

Grreat Show!
Submitted By: robfaix
(7,606 on 4-2005)

Mac's Rule and so does Adam
Submitted By: paf23
(7,512 on 4-2005)

Excellent Show...
Submitted By: twodogs
(7,432 on 4-2005)

Best damn Mac show
Submitted By: johnju
(7,392 on 4-2005)

Great show, Adam. Keep it up.
Submitted By: string
(7,224 on 4-2005)

Great Site
Love it.
Submitted By: michaelwhitt
(7,028 on 4-2005)

its the MacCast! go to and click on forums, to enter to win an iPed iPod stand! Just think of the your 10 reasons to switch to Mac.
Submitted By: dvigour
(6,999 on 4-2005)

Great podcast for Mac users
Adam responds quickly and accurately to questions and is willing to admit when he doesn't know the answer.
Submitted By: jogtunes
(6,993 on 4-2005)

Nice !!!
Thanks Adam, Nice Show. keep Up the Good Work. See you in the Forum(Bdville).
Submitted By: myville
(6,905 on 4-2005)

Awesome Podcast
Submitted By: carebearwarrior
(6,877 on 4-2005)

An amazing show
Listening to this show has convinced me to buy a mac - it's that good!
Submitted By: tinmen
(6,831 on 4-2005)

Great show
Production professional, useful info, mac geeks unite
Submitted By: junkmailboy
(6,627 on 4-2005)

Solid Mac news
Good solid Mac coverage
Submitted By: gushin
(6,590 on 4-2005)

Well Done. Best mac oriented podcast I found.
Submitted By: mralsmith
(6,587 on 4-2005)

informative and easy on the ears...
Submitted By: deguchi
(6,572 on 4-2005)

Adam rocks.
Nice clean informative podcast.
Submitted By: leobag
(6,564 on 4-2005)

Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: georgephillips
(6,557 on 4-2005)

good show
Submitted By: tbush
(6,538 on 4-2005)

I love this podcast.
Submitted By: dateablescotty
(6,501 on 4-2005)

continually great quality
great job adam
Submitted By: sam
(6,430 on 4-2005)

Very good
Submitted By: draymond1
(6,414 on 4-2005)

I just caught the podcast wave a week ago or so but just love MacCast.
Submitted By: lesur
(6,347 on 4-2005)

Great job
Submitted By: houckster
(6,319 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: samuel
(6,316 on 4-2005)

Great Show
You have to listen to this podcast if you're into Macs. I listen to every episode.
Submitted By: david
(6,290 on 4-2005)

I love the MacCast
Keep up the good work Adam!!
Submitted By: craigpj
(6,284 on 4-2005)

Awesome show Adam! I listen to every show. Great Job ... keep up the good work!
Submitted By: mlrandall2
(6,184 on 4-2005)

I'm amazed that Adam Christianson can find the time to produce such a rich pdocast and associated web site.
Submitted By: simon.toon
(6,082 on 4-2005)

Great stuff!
Submitted By: george
(5,883 on 4-2005)

Excellent Show!
Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: webdesbw
(5,847 on 4-2005)

the best podcast
Submitted By: tetrisiz
(5,729 on 4-2005)

Great show
I am on a mission to see you in the top 3 podcasts. I am a Mac geek who also has windows and linux boxes working together on a network. Both you and Christiaan are my tech heros. Thanks for the great work. Keep it up. Thanks.
Submitted By: leeander50
(5,528 on 4-2005)

The greatest
Submitted By: jroslington
(5,491 on 4-2005)

great show
Submitted By: starfire
(5,325 on 4-2005)

Excellent Podcast
Great podcast! Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: csegovis
(5,312 on 4-2005)

Great Show
Highly Recommended for any Apple enthusiast... great community associated as well... great job!
Submitted By: teresa.fisico
(5,293 on 4-2005)

Great Show!
The only podcast that doesn't bore me. Thanks for a great show!
Submitted By: computercow03
(5,214 on 4-2005)

Great show.... consistent and good length.
Submitted By: maxie33785
(5,209 on 4-2005)

maccast is great
another month, another vote... love the 'cast
Submitted By: nwistheone
(5,176 on 4-2005)

The Source for Mac News
The best source for Mac news, tips and tricks. There's no need to go to other news sites anymore!
Submitted By: scott
(5,138 on 4-2005)

Love the maccast
Submitted By: appletonrc
(5,096 on 4-2005)

The MacCast vote
Enjoy listening to every podcast.
Submitted By: cmclainjr
(5,053 on 4-2005)

Great stuff
Adam does a great job and he lets listeners worldwide share their reviews and opinions.
Submitted By: macfandave
(5,035 on 4-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: verily-mac
(4,969 on 4-2005)

Mac's rule!
Great podcast! Listen to it every day, or at least every day you put one out!
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(4,965 on 4-2005)

Awesome Podcast
Hey I just wanted to say how much I enjoy listening to this Podcast. It's definitely one of my top 3 favorite Podcasts of all time. 10 out of 10!
Submitted By: ipodguy
(4,910 on 4-2005)

Good podcast
What sort of comment did you want here? "I like the MacCast"? :-)
Submitted By: rae
(4,825 on 4-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: dougclinton
(4,819 on 4-2005)

Best Podcast Ever
I love this guy!!!!
Submitted By: super_sonic_sound_0
(4,738 on 4-2005)

way to go...
Keep up the great work! I enjoy every show! j
Submitted By: janospataki
(4,722 on 4-2005)

great show!
Submitted By: alexanderruas
(4,659 on 4-2005)

Still Great
The MacCast keeps cranking out informative and entertaining episodes. Nice Work, Adam!
Submitted By: stmcallister
(4,631 on 4-2005)

My favourite bar none
This is simply the best Podcast I have ever come across. The show format and content are of a quality that nothing else comes close to.
Submitted By: ap_contact
(4,602 on 4-2005)

I love this show, even though I do not own a Mac this is still a great podcast to hear about tech news and hardware reviews!!!!
Submitted By: uscfan
(4,593 on 4-2005)

Excellent show on Macintosh related topics. Sonic quality of production is consistant and enjoyable. Adam tries to reply to all queries through the show itself or on the feedback section of his webpage. Adam is also not afraid to admit he dosn't know something. He will ask listener to write in or leave a voicemail responding to question from other listener that Adam can not answer.
Submitted By: rbeardsley
(4,579 on 4-2005)

Great show
I don't even have a mac and i love the show. I do plan on buying one, and this show just tells you everything you need to become an igeek, lol.
Submitted By: jonathan_dalrymple
(4,545 on 4-2005)

Keep up the good work
Great quality.
Submitted By: rossjudice
(4,523 on 4-2005)

MacCast rocks
This is my favorite Podcast (2nd would be TracksUptheTree). Good job Adam, keep it up.
Submitted By: sean.mooney
(4,511 on 4-2005)

yeast radio
Submitted By: geordie
(4,497 on 4-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: wemayer
(4,460 on 4-2005)

Great Show
Love the MacCast, best Mac related show online...
Submitted By: tom.landy
(4,378 on 4-2005)

Great Content.
Submitted By: john_wood
(4,356 on 4-2005)

Very good podcast
This podcast is very informative and useful for Mac users and PC users alike.
Submitted By: gklitt
(4,265 on 4-2005)

Great Show
I'm a windows user, but I still gain lot's of info from your show. Thanks Dred242
Submitted By: Dred242
(4,115 on 4-2005)

The superior source of information about things Apple.
Submitted By: mike
(4,061 on 4-2005)

cool show
Submitted By: zdlatham
(3,961 on 4-2005)

Awesome show!
Rock on! Great taste in music!
Submitted By: ewyeth
(3,929 on 4-2005)

Excellent podcast. The podcast contains lots of good information.
Submitted By: dudley.warner
(3,913 on 4-2005)

Fantastic Show
Excellent stuff. Highly recommended.
Submitted By: ant
(3,912 on 4-2005)

Love the show, keep up the good work and get more info about tiger!
Submitted By: baluxp
(3,730 on 4-2005)

well done
Submitted By: rob
(3,728 on 4-2005)

Never Miss It
Submitted By: carvern
(3,714 on 4-2005)

I want you to be #1 or at least in the top ten again.
Submitted By: gswertfeger
(3,582 on 4-2005)

great show
Submitted By: thanecast
(3,569 on 4-2005)

Love your show!
Submitted By: AChan123
(3,512 on 4-2005)

MacCast Rules
I love the show guys, keep up the good work and bring more information on Tiger please!
Submitted By: balazs
(3,382 on 3-2005)

Helpful, Informative
A great podcast to listen to while working away on anything. adam is very helpful and is very entertaining.
Submitted By: gushin
(3,379 on 3-2005)

A recent podcast listener, and a long time Mac user. Enjoy listening to MacCast. Will continue listening as long as he broadcast.
Submitted By: trios
(3,365 on 3-2005)

Love the show
The best mac related podcast hands down!
Submitted By: nilkin67
(3,058 on 3-2005)

thanks for the tips!
Submitted By: Randy.R.West
(2,746 on 3-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: jroslington
(2,649 on 3-2005)

MacCast 0wnz!
'been listening to podcasts since Engadget's first one. It's how I got hooked. Unfortunately, based on the most recent one - I've gotta give this vote to MacCast. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: djTA630
(2,628 on 3-2005)

Love Your Show!
Submitted By: AChan123
(2,574 on 3-2005)

must listen
outstanding show, really enjoy each episode, full of useful info.
Submitted By: janospataki
(2,480 on 3-2005)

MacCast is Good
Must listen for a Mac user, or even if you don't own a mac and are just interested. Great show.
Submitted By: appletonrc
(2,453 on 3-2005)

Awesomely Useful
I just discovered this show last week. Adam does a grat job of summarizing all the mac news out there and throwing in some good advice as well. He does the work of tracking down the interesting mac rumours & news and presents it in a short, easy to digest format. Save me hours a week, and I am much better informed. If you're a Mac Geek, you need to listen to this!
Submitted By: llinn
(2,420 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: tr0n1c
(2,410 on 3-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: kangerstein
(2,383 on 3-2005)

Love the show
As a recent switcher, the MacCast has been a great support and source of useful information for me.
Submitted By: dougclinton
(2,366 on 3-2005)

One of my favorite podcasts, probably the best in terms of relevance for me, broadcast quality, good balance and variety of news, humor and music.
Submitted By: camote
(2,354 on 3-2005)

great show
i've listened to a bunch and this one is the best; quick, concise with salient information; no nonsense; good music
Submitted By: rossjudice
(2,333 on 3-2005)

Great Show!
Okay, so Adam doesn't have the most exciting voice in the land of Macintosh, but he is one of the most informed. Thanks so much Adam for taking all the time to put the show together. Those of us on the "other side of the iPod" appreciate it very much! Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: tvsmike
(2,270 on 3-2005)

Rock On MacCast!!!
Submitted By: thomp_yh
(2,206 on 3-2005)

Love the MacCast
Becoming a bigger MacCast fan everyday! Thanks for setting a great example to other podcasters. -Quinn
Submitted By: colmination.quinn
(2,201 on 3-2005)

wowie mac geekiness delivered right to my pod!
Submitted By: dvigour
(2,170 on 3-2005)

Great Show
I download this show every week. One of the best ones out there.
Submitted By: technojerry
(2,161 on 3-2005)

GoogleX is down.
I wish I could have tried GoggleX. It is down. Stay tuned to tonight's show for more info. Adam
Submitted By: maccast
(2,159 on 3-2005)

great show
Gooder Intelligence.
Submitted By: matt
(2,142 on 3-2005)

MacCast Rocks
Have you tried the goggleX seach page?
Submitted By: jkenten
(2,128 on 3-2005)

great show
I listen to every show.
Submitted By: jeffn
(2,089 on 3-2005)

Great Show
A good mix of Mac news and commentary. Keep up the good work!!!
Submitted By: gosomers
(2,084 on 3-2005)

Excellent podcast
One of the best for me. Just the right length and full of Mac info I want to hear. Great use of my travel time. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: maxie33785
(1,990 on 3-2005)

Maccast Rocks!
Very informative - one of the best Mac 'casts I've found so far!
Submitted By: sidomar
(1,948 on 3-2005)

So good...
This podcast is so good and informative that I am saving all the podcasts in a seperate folder for future reference. It should be just as informative as referring to old copies of Macaddict or MacWorld in the future. I consider this podcast a real reference resource. Mark Reefer
Submitted By: marjamr
(1,820 on 3-2005)

Great show!
I love your show. Keep up the good work. I appreciate that you keep it clean - some of the tech podcasts do not and that prevents me from listening to them with my kids in the car. Thanks!
Submitted By: blue_xterra
(1,797 on 3-2005)

Dac's are Mope.
Submitted By: leobag
(1,795 on 3-2005)

Great show!
Keep up the good work!!
Submitted By: tecknomage
(1,788 on 3-2005)

A must for Mac users! Great info!
Submitted By: alnpd
(1,637 on 3-2005)

Much needed for the Mac community
Submitted By: blake4tx
(1,630 on 3-2005)

I love this show
I love this show
Submitted By: idiaz3
(1,595 on 3-2005)

Very Informative Podcast
This is a great source of information. I use macs and pc's all day while I'm teaching, so I'm not partial to either one, but I am partial to the MacCast! Great Job, Adam! Eric Jefcoat Teachnology Podcast Email:
Submitted By: teachnology
(1,563 on 3-2005)

Great Show
I love this show and look forward to it. Full of great information for Mac users.
Submitted By: riwellness
(1,424 on 3-2005)

Great Show
Just recently subscribed to your show. and im also a PC switcher.\ Love the show keep up the good work, Best Of Luck From Ireland Peter
Submitted By: buckleypeter
(1,386 on 3-2005)

MacCast...You Rock!!!
I listen to you everyday when I wake up. The Best PodCast I've seen so far.
Submitted By: apache119
(1,363 on 3-2005)

Thanks to all my listeners
I wanted to say MacCast listeners are the best. Thanks to everyone who has voted for my show and for all the great comments. I am reading them all and appreciate all the support. Thank you. Adam
Submitted By: maccast
(1,346 on 3-2005)

My favorite podcast
A great way to stay uptodate on Mac news
Submitted By: jmayer1129
(1,334 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: scott.cropper
(1,327 on 3-2005)

Best Mac Podcast around!!!!
Submitted By: tkaminski
(1,324 on 3-2005)

MacCast Rocks!!
Submitted By: keith61
(1,310 on 3-2005)

Lots of good info packed in a short podcast
I never ever feel like I've wasted my time listening to this podcast (unlike with many others). I ALWAYS learn something interesting. The host answers questions from beginners and tech geeks alike, and when he doesn't know the answer he gets help from his listeners. Overall a very useful podcast.
Submitted By: cyoung
(1,307 on 3-2005)

I love The Mac Cast, and listen to is religiously. Recently, I was on a business trip to Japan, and turned some people on in Japan to your show. Keep up the great work, and I'll keep spreading the word.
Submitted By: hisanaito
(1,303 on 3-2005)

Well Done!
Submitted By: joseph.borzetta
(1,281 on 3-2005)

My first Podcast
Thanks for a great Podcast
Submitted By: ccncweb
(1,266 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: b33rl0rd
(1,239 on 3-2005)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: franklin_public
(1,150 on 3-2005)

Keep up the cool podcast
Submitted By: bigfatfred19
(1,098 on 3-2005)

The best
Submitted By: mjnorth
(1,072 on 3-2005)

My first podcast
Mac cast is the first podcast i ever listened to. I Love It.
Submitted By: luke
(1,066 on 3-2005)

Awesome Show!
Submitted By: mike.panetta
(1,050 on 3-2005)

impressive collection of news and support
the host does a great job of assembling news and providing support. he's really dedicated
Submitted By: rob
(1,045 on 3-2005)

Great Job
Great Job, Keep it up.
Submitted By: ma.rd
(1,036 on 3-2005)

awsome podcast
Submitted By: jpbigfoot
(995 on 3-2005)

Very worthwhile show
I really like this show and think it's better than Your Mac Life or the other one.
Submitted By: registerx
(987 on 3-2005)

ultra good
Submitted By: revmcgator
(982 on 3-2005)

great show
Submitted By: thanecast
(913 on 3-2005)

What a podcase should be
Honest, intelligent, and humble podcast sharing the author's and listeners views and questions. Great 'cast that I'm always looking for the latest.
Submitted By: sjseeger
(911 on 3-2005)

The best podcast for everything Mac
Submitted By: pvwrog
(897 on 3-2005)

Great Show for everyone!
Adam is great. I am a switcher, and love the show! Thanks!!
Submitted By: eclipseempire
(879 on 3-2005)

Never miss it.
Submitted By: carvern
(852 on 3-2005)

Great pcast
Submitted By: ian
(848 on 3-2005)

great. If I may add a personal preference,... try to brake one sentence/news from an other. Love the info. Thanks
Submitted By: m_sessar
(842 on 3-2005)

Keep up the good work
Nice work... Thanks
Submitted By: myville
(824 on 3-2005)

love it
nice little audio take on the mac rumors/news of the day
Submitted By: kurisub
(820 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: rmcclain
(792 on 3-2005)

Great Show for the Newbie!!!
Great show Adam ... listen to it every time it's downloaded. Very new to Macs. Big time PC user in the past. After only 2 weeks owning a Mac Mini, I'm already thinking about a Powerbook when the G5's come out. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: mlrandall2
(785 on 3-2005)

I like it!
Submitted By: mdower
(773 on 3-2005)

Good Mac news and reviews show
Submitted By: rpaula
(672 on 3-2005)

Fantastic Info!
I've loved this podcast ever since I started listening over a month ago. Fantastic update rates.
Submitted By: axsdeny_podcast
(663 on 3-2005)

Lean and Mean
Unlike most other Mac-related podcasts and radio shows, MacCast is lean and mean. Adam doesn't waste time with shout outs, birthday wishes, and the like. If you want no-nonsense coverage of the Macintosh computing scene, this is the podcast for you.
Submitted By: cgundy
(654 on 3-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: george.kowalski
(652 on 3-2005)

Best Mac Show in Town
Submitted By: info
(614 on 3-2005)

The MacCast is #1
Submitted By: j_bonski
(610 on 3-2005)

Love the show
Submitted By: ideas1
(608 on 3-2005)

Great source of info
Submitted By: kevin
(578 on 3-2005)

Great show! This is definately a good example of what a podcast can strive to be.
Submitted By: eric
(575 on 3-2005)

The best Podcast period.
Thank you Mac Geeks!
Submitted By: verbalbullets
(565 on 3-2005)

Aiming for No. 1
Submitted By: jonz
(554 on 3-2005)

Awesome show, we need more geeky podcasts all the other ones about random people's life stories are kinda lame.
Submitted By: uscfan
(525 on 3-2005)

MacCast Vote
Best podcast around.
Submitted By: witenike
(509 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: simon.toon
(489 on 3-2005)

great show! listen to every episode! thanks for the show and the work you do! alexander
Submitted By: alexanderruas
(486 on 3-2005)

Excellent podcast
Submitted By: dudley.warner
(479 on 3-2005)

Great Mac Site
Submitted By: home
(475 on 3-2005)

Best Mac Show for the family mac user
Submitted By: cpalka
(470 on 3-2005)

Scots love the MacCast. Keep up the good work
Submitted By: cows
(465 on 3-2005)

Great Show
Keep em coming!
Submitted By: verily-mac
(457 on 3-2005)

australian vote
great show, even for Aussie listeners, despite no iTunes show available here in Australia
Submitted By: michoh
(450 on 3-2005)

The MacCast Excellent podcast!
The MacCast is the only podcast online that I never miss. It helps me keep up to date on all the that is going on in the Macintosh world!
Submitted By: timothy
(447 on 3-2005)

Nicely Done
Keep it up!
Submitted By: losangelopolis
(423 on 3-2005)

Best Mac Podcast
Adam does an amazing job with bringing the news that matters to mac users. Love the maccast!
Submitted By: stmcallister
(409 on 3-2005)

Thanks for offering us Mac user's something to listen to.
Submitted By: jacle
(403 on 3-2005)

Great Show
Keep the votes comming
Submitted By: dennisj
(381 on 3-2005)

MacCast Rocks!
MacCast Rocks!
Submitted By: wireddude
(356 on 3-2005)

Good on Ya!
I just started listening this week and you have helped bring me up to speed on what I have been missing. Your show is so helpful for those of us trying to stay on top of what is happening in the Mac world. Thanks.
Submitted By: gswertfeger
(354 on 3-2005)

Great PodCast
This is an awesome podcast.
Submitted By: drmich11
(353 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: spratz
(351 on 3-2005)

Great show. Adam does an excellent job.
Submitted By: string
(346 on 3-2005)

oh baby
Submitted By: lawtonpaul
(330 on 3-2005)

MacCast Rules
I love this podcast good presentation and nice music too
Submitted By: jkenten
(327 on 3-2005)

The MacCast is your best resource for Apple and related Mac technologies for your on the go podcast listeners.
Submitted By: smoyssidis
(318 on 3-2005)

Excellent content and sonic quality
Submitted By: rbeardsley
(315 on 3-2005)

Great Mac podcasts!
Submitted By: notolls
(314 on 3-2005)

Best Podcast
This is the best Podcast I'm subscribed to. It's not long, like IMR or WoT, and not short like Leo Laport. It runs aprox 25min about 3 times a week. Very comprehensive with all the current Mac news. Also it is very recent, ex. IMR is not very 'live', they post the podcast a few days after they record it. Adam Christianson makes the Podcasts in the evening and posts it intantly. Thanks for a great podcast Adam and keep up the good work.
Submitted By: paulspradling
(310 on 3-2005)

MacCast Rocks!
MacCast Rocks, good in-depth information, like the personal opinions too!
Submitted By: blogger
(308 on 3-2005)

Great PCast
I enjoy listening to this and Leo's Podcast
Submitted By: mrbrent62
(293 on 3-2005)

Maccast is Great
Submitted By: mjlward
(110 on 3-2005)

Best Mac Show in Town
This is the best Mac Show in Town. I'm listening on a shuffle Macs Rock!
Submitted By: wdssigns
(71 on 3-2005)

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