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The Midnight Ride Comments

There are 13 Comments for this Podcast
These guys do an excellent American History podcast, just too bad they have slowed down on their output. The Great Awakening episode was particularly good. This should be required listening for HS history classes, but then again it might not fit with the agenda of the left to create drones and parasites.
Submitted By: Jquinn
(546,843 on 9-2013)

Midnight Ride
Just stumbled upon this podcast, looking for history of liberty. Fantastic job
Submitted By: mattlport
(546,025 on 2-2013)

Im taking History in school, so this was a great podcast to listen too!
Submitted By: mike
(545,275 on 9-2012)

Great History!
The Midnight Ride Podcast is filled with great historical insight. It should be mandatory for every school child in the 50 states to listen to it and understand what the Revolutionary War meant and how it effects us today.
Submitted By: tdlaurie
(516,211 on 4-2010)

The Midnight Ride is an excellent podcast.
Submitted By: jboggiebla
(514,450 on 3-2010)

I really liked this podcast. John Horrigan is always awesome, and JFK was a real treat. One of my favorite podcasts from my favorite show.
Submitted By: boggie08
(510,248 on 1-2010)

Submitted By: sdinitto
(509,283 on 1-2010)

midnight ride
interesting revalutionary war podcast
Submitted By: rmrblacksmith
(494,225 on 8-2009)

What a unigue podcast. Great
Submitted By: Bryanmcbane
(490,372 on 7-2009)

play now Freedom Vs. Power - The Fight At The Constitutional Convention
Excellent interview/conversation with renowned Constitutional scholar, Dr. Edwin Vieira. Educational, informative, intellectually stimulating and entertaining!
Submitted By: linda.lagana
(489,181 on 7-2009)

American Revolution
Rocks, these guys cover it well.
Submitted By: jmplax
(488,729 on 7-2009)

I love this show so much that I have actually been a guest.
Submitted By: jtboggie1
(487,127 on 6-2009)

Join The Ride!
If you like authentic, hard-to-find, original accounts of The American Revolution, Colonial America and The Young Republic, youve come to the right place with TheMidnightRideCast.Com Tom and Scott work hard to find the the very best historians and reinactors from all over New England, bringing you a new installment every week in an engaging and conversational manner. HUZZAH!!!!
Submitted By: trmoor
(483,988 on 5-2009)

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