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World's End Radio Comments

There are 32 Comments for this Podcast
Great podcast for tabletop enthusiasts
Great production quality, great content quality, the hosts are funny and witty without being over too over the top. Just a great podcast to listen to on any given day of the week.
Submitted By: ragnarocks1993
(546,317 on 4-2013)

Just Awesome
These guys are great, dont ever stop
Submitted By: atwell_michael
(545,491 on 10-2012)

Just awesome. The inspiration for my own podcast. Always a hoot to listen to.
Submitted By: skaredcast
(544,997 on 7-2012)

Simply the best wargames podcast I have come across. Ive listened to a lot of wargames podcasts in recent years and found this is the only one I always listen to the day it comes out. It is well planned and always interesting. Im glad your back guys
Submitted By: michaeldavidcollard
(544,957 on 7-2012)

One of my favorit gaming pod cast out there.
Submitted By: Scottec1425
(532,269 on 2-2011)

Great Show
Other shows I have listened to have gone off topic for long segments of the show, while entertaining I find that a distraction, when you spend up to 3 hours listening to a podcast you want a balance of fun and info. Luke and JJ have got it down. Great show guys and hope to hear many more.
Submitted By: madmatt
(530,547 on 1-2011)

YAY For Podcasts
Love gaming Podcasts. Keep up the good stuff. Its really good to listen a local accent.
Submitted By: gandalfthewhite74
(524,470 on 8-2010)

Worlds End Radio = AMAZING
By far the BEST wargaming pod cast on the net. Two co-hosts with "poo-tins" of knowledge and experience in the wargaming hobby. While light hearted and extremely fun, the boys dont sacrifice quality conversation for shenanigans. There army reviews, rules reviews and games reviews are in depth and extremely detailed - laying down some great ideas for tactics for veterans and new comers alike. This podcast is a MUST for anyone in the wargaming hobby and is also one of the best starting points for anyone who are looking at starting in the wargaming hobby.
Submitted By: zachdavis
(520,422 on 6-2010)

Best Gw podcast
Hi - Highly recommended podcast if your interest is GW related - covers all spectrums, without the BS internal politics of other podcasts
Submitted By: jasongillard
(519,184 on 5-2010)

Great podcast
Great podcast focusing on GW games. Excellent sound quality and witty, insightful hosts well worth to give it a go if youve never done so before
Submitted By: nuno.castilho
(517,642 on 4-2010)

Fantastic Podcast
Luke and JJ deliver a fantastic podcast time after time, with great insights into the GW hobby. Love the humour, and the detailed reviews of games like NErcromunda which often dont get such a look in on otehr PodCasts.
Submitted By: adamblakemore2003
(512,575 on 2-2010)

top notch
Cant listen to this podcast in work, mainly because I end up laughing and having to explain why
Submitted By: themurphyfella
(507,663 on 12-2009)

Greetings From the Land of Paranoid Sheep
Guys this is the best gaming podcast on the internet, hands down. You have a nice fluid means of interaction, with intelligent but not too serious commentary. Your pacing is perfect, the pods are organized well, and you cover an immense amount of information. We took detailed notes over several listens on the War of the Rings episode. My friends and I absolutely love the show -- please keep going until you drop, we insist! Cheers from Central California, ~Mark
Submitted By: negativ9
(499,765 on 10-2009)

Planet Killers
Not a bad podcast from gamer geeks
Submitted By: pbeccas
(498,588 on 9-2009)

Show Vote
Awesome show!
Submitted By: jasongillard
(497,809 on 9-2009)

WER is Awesome
Worlds End Radio is brought to you from the best place on Earth - a Gamers viewpoint!
Submitted By: jay_sam
(495,555 on 9-2009)

Go Worlds End Radio!
Submitted By: jack
(495,080 on 8-2009)

Great Gaming Podcast
Submitted By: ozvortex
(493,212 on 8-2009)

A Great podcast from the End of the World. Luke and JJ are entertaining, informative and bl@*dy funny.
Submitted By: jay_sam
(493,009 on 8-2009)

Worlds End Rocks
Great Pod Cast would recomend then to any GW game player
Submitted By: SSG_Unrath
(491,602 on 7-2009)

my favortite podcast. luke and jj stays on topic and they have great content. good stuff!
Submitted By: widgren
(491,264 on 7-2009)

well done lads keep it up
Submitted By: the-barkers
(490,905 on 7-2009)

Great informative shows as ever. A real podcast treat.
Submitted By: caught
(489,736 on 7-2009)

Worlds End Radio - You have been WRNd
Worlds End Radio is one the best Gaming podcasts on the net. Download it now, you will enjoy it. You have been WRNd.
Submitted By: jay_sam
(489,243 on 7-2009)

WoTR review
Great review gents, now I have another game that tempts me :( Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: mephistonag
(488,059 on 6-2009)

W.E.R. Rocks
Awesome podcast from the End of the World. All GW All the Time :)
Submitted By: jay_sam
(486,531 on 6-2009)

Worlds End Radio is great!
Always enjoyable. Keep up the great work! :-)
Submitted By: djrobert
(486,217 on 6-2009)

Worlds End Radio Rocks!
I love the content of WER, they have great advice and a really professional sound.
Submitted By: joekoolpanzer
(485,596 on 6-2009)

One of the best of its kind!
Submitted By: adan
(483,158 on 5-2009)

Worlds End Radio
Worlds End Radio is an awesome Podcast. Professional and entertaining, well worth a listen.
Submitted By: jay_sam
(482,070 on 5-2009)

best general Games Workshop Pod Cast
Submitted By: nathanhartman31
(481,368 on 5-2009)

awesome podcast
Submitted By: jennyeastham
(481,258 on 5-2009)

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