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Amateur Traveler Comments

There are 40 Comments for this Podcast
World Travel Dialog
Super podcast dealing with world and domestic travel. I like that common everyday travelers provide their experience and insight to destinations. People who live or work in an area are also common guest and give little known facts and local specialties that are not found in guidebooks.
Submitted By: lchurchman
(517,428 on 4-2010)

This a great Podcast. The interviews and topics are interesting, inspiring, intelligent. Really makes world travel do-able. Good production.
Submitted By: w.sandinshoes
(517,165 on 4-2010)

Everyone should listen before they go
I plan my vacations around the suggestions from this Podcaast
Submitted By: pdsalmon
(513,834 on 3-2010)

Outstanding podcast, great interviews and selection of interviewees. Well done!
Submitted By: campbell_wils70
(488,519 on 6-2009)

Love to listen
I am an arm chair traveler especially when it comes to foreign vacations. I enjoy listening to the Amateur Traveler because it is well done, interesting and inspires me to get off my chair. Thanks, Chris.
Submitted By: blpotter
(402,424 on 7-2008)

love this podcast
Submitted By: lkmost
(394,820 on 6-2008)

great podcast
Thanks so much for all the great podcasts Chris. I just discovered your show and Im having a great time going through all the back episodes.
Submitted By: lkmost
(389,695 on 5-2008)

Educates and makes you green with envy
Real people doing real travels in all sorts of variations. Chris is the definition of both low-key and enthusiastic. What a great show!
Submitted By: grigsby
(374,572 on 4-2008)

Wouldnt make it through the day without it!
Amateur Traveler helps me pass long days sitting in front of a computer screen. I have learned so much and have gotten so many great ideas for travel!
Submitted By: curls_99
(368,441 on 3-2008)

Listen every week
I went through almost all the episodes in 2 weeks when i discovered the show.
Submitted By: gary
(358,210 on 2-2008)

Best travel show on the net
Chris is a great interviewer. A very informative show for those of us who cannot get away as often as we would like.
Submitted By: bruce.rawlins
(327,048 on 11-2007)

A really excellent podcast. Done in an informative manner - easy to listen to.
Submitted By: ptrhowells
(316,011 on 10-2007)

i just finished listening to the podcast on China, Paris and travelling Europe out of a backpack. very informative!
Submitted By: brands4ever
(308,277 on 9-2007)

this is my favorite podcast. Keep up the good work Chris!!
Submitted By: rieke3520
(285,417 on 7-2007)

Excellent Podcast
Very interesting, often funny, and exciting. See every corner of the earth via someones eyes (at least before you get with your own.)
Submitted By: bennywk
(269,673 on 6-2007)

Great show, even if you are just an "armchair traveler" like me. Fun to go to website and see photos of what youve heard about.
Submitted By: wepzo
(242,136 on 3-2007)

Great Enhanced show with photos!
Submitted By: johnjoecoffey
(232,955 on 3-2007)

best travel podcast
I listen to several travel podcasts and have listened to most of Chris 77 episodes so far. His is the best out there and even beats out Rick Steves. Chris shares his personal experiences, domestic and abroad. When he takes us to an area we have not been before, he always finds something that has traveled the area extensively. Chris works hard @ his podcast and always has it loaded weekly when I expect to find out about his latest adventure. Great work!
Submitted By: adidasorange
(217,314 on 1-2007)

Yay travel!
Submitted By: samoppenheim
(196,616 on 12-2006)

Chris Christenson Rocks!
I love his travel podcasts. They are full of great tips for all types of travelers
Submitted By: laurenklun
(176,869 on 10-2006)

Excellent travel site
Submitted By: gborden
(170,698 on 10-2006)

Great site
I just downloaded your episodes from iTunes and have been listening to them on a weeklong road trip. Thank you for a very informative, insightful and well-constructed program. Mind you, Im only through program number eight (I was listening to a few other programs, both travel and business-oriented before getting to yours) but everything Ive heard and seen was topnotch, A-One and of the best quality of the podcasts to which I have listened. Thank you. Great site! Gerry Borden Commemorations Officer/Volunteer Coordinator Parks Canada, Fort Langley National Historic Site Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Submitted By: gborden
(165,585 on 9-2006)

Great site
Submitted By: denebir
(162,159 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: kborahood
(155,473 on 8-2006)

Dumber than my shit! JimmyCraicHeadTV
Submitted By: johnjoecoffey
(148,713 on 8-2006)

Excellent Podcast
Quality sound, one of the best. Quality content. Very Nice.
Submitted By: bruce.rawlins
(133,865 on 6-2006)

This is a GREAT podcast!
Submitted By: jeff_pam.smith
(130,979 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: adventourist
(125,349 on 6-2006)

Fascinating Travel
What a great podcast - I particularly enjoyed the episode on the whales in Tonga - will be listening!
Submitted By: jholm
(111,145 on 4-2006)

Amateur Traveler Rocks
Submitted By: sdurfee
(102,562 on 3-2006)

Really great travel podcast
Submitted By: calico88
(100,295 on 3-2006)

Always a fun show to listen to!
Submitted By: rd_ford
(96,197 on 3-2006)

Fantastic show - so informal and entertaining, while being useful and applicable. Great photos and interactive makes it so much better.
Submitted By: judithgee
(90,192 on 2-2006)

Amateur Traveler Rocks !
Its a great show; Chris is obviously a curious guy who likes technology and is articulate about his travel experience. His wonder of faraway places and ability to tell a good story is entertaining.
Submitted By: jstarwood
(88,023 on 2-2006)

Very nice show with a friendly, well traveled host!
If you listened to this show early on, but haven heard it lately, give it another try. This show is evolving into one of the best travel related podcasts that I’ve found. The effort that the Chris2x puts into this show is evident and his skill as a producer is getting better with each show.
Submitted By: INBoater
(78,329 on 1-2006)

Im a new listener on ITunes. I enjoy the show.
Submitted By: tstone8359
(63,098 on 11-2005)

Amateur Traveler
Great Podcast!
Submitted By: kirk
(60,000 on 11-2005)

Love it!
This podcast is a great way to get excited about travelling, hear some fun stories and get motivated to plan your next trip! Thanks, Chris!
Submitted By: ruthless
(43,638 on 9-2005)

Good fun
Submitted By: ickle_jude
(43,345 on 9-2005)

its fantastic
very humorous and entertaining
Submitted By: dfelsen
(35,187 on 8-2005)

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