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Most People Are DJ's Comments

There are 48 Comments for this Podcast
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Submitted By: 429105659
(516,449 on 4-2010)

You write good articles, I hope next time you will write more, I will from time to time to learn of, this can improve my reading skills and expand my knowledge, thank you! chi flat iron
Submitted By: hanxiaxianle
(497,629 on 9-2009)

see my podcast videos in pasteboard archive and listen to main pages featured podcasts to hear how a FORMER CLUB DJ is using VIRTUAL DJ PRO. itoon
Submitted By: tikitoon
(497,079 on 9-2009)

Good TImes
This is good.
Submitted By: p9print
(208,174 on 1-2007)

January vote from the Collected Comics Library Podcast! Read More Trades In 2007!
Submitted By: shopccl
(203,344 on 1-2007)

The Plan Nine Rock Show
Submitted By: p9print
(188,045 on 11-2006)

The nicest podcaster around
Submitted By: kafraco
(167,521 on 10-2006)

Vote from CBN
Submitted By: kafraco
(159,881 on 9-2006)

Sept Vote from the CCL
Submitted By: shopccl
(158,683 on 9-2006)

Simply one of the best!
Submitted By: rlrottman
(152,149 on 8-2006)

August vote from Chris @ Collected Comics Library
Submitted By: shopccl
(149,581 on 8-2006)

My buddy Mike
He never votes for me, but I always vote for him.
Submitted By: kafraco
(148,279 on 8-2006)

your bro
Hey Mike, keep on putting out great podcasts, and ill keep downloading them - its a cool way to keep in touch!
Submitted By: matthew_pfeiffer
(141,478 on 7-2006)

July vote from Collected Comics Library podcast
Submitted By: shopccl
(139,605 on 7-2006)

Submitted By: zaldor
(139,211 on 7-2006)

The Plan Nine Rock Show Says...
Mikel James Dio Jams!!
Submitted By: p9print
(138,010 on 7-2006)

Mikels shitty bits are better
Even the shittiest bits of Mikels show are better than some podcasts best stuff.
Submitted By: kafraco
(137,745 on 7-2006)

Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(136,730 on 7-2006)

Detroit Podcast Network Podcasters Rock! Jon Murphy
Submitted By: industrialradio
(136,298 on 7-2006)

June vote from the CCL!!
Submitted By: shopccl
(127,241 on 6-2006)

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars...The OC...MPADJs. Its all good.
Submitted By: darrenproctor
(120,120 on 5-2006)

Im a DJ, you e a DJ, wouldn you like to be a DJ to!?
Submitted By: zaldor
(116,501 on 5-2006)

DDRs Vote is here!
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(115,385 on 5-2006)

Wheres Mikels OD?
Submitted By: kafraco
(114,832 on 5-2006)

May vote from CCL!
Submitted By: shopccl
(114,321 on 5-2006)

April Vote!!
Submitted By: zaldor
(111,667 on 4-2006)

The Queen is Dead
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(109,086 on 4-2006)

The OC and MPDJs
Shouldn they do an "OC" set in Oakland County, MI that merges with "Cops"? There would be no shortage of story ideas. Rock on brother. Great show.
Submitted By: darrenproctor
(105,644 on 4-2006)

The Plan Nine Rock Show
Submitted By: p9print
(104,935 on 4-2006)

April vote from Chris and The Collected Comics Library podcast and blog
Submitted By: shopccl
(103,631 on 4-2006)

March with MPAD!
Submitted By: zaldor
(97,556 on 3-2006)

MPAD Rocks
Industrial Radio Podcast enjoys Most People Are DJs! Jon
Submitted By: industrialradio
(97,533 on 3-2006)

Wake Up!!
Suicide Effin Rocks!!
Submitted By: p9print
(96,134 on 3-2006)

Keep on with...
...the great shows, Mikel!
Submitted By: bmr3d
(94,442 on 3-2006)

March vote from Chris and the CCL!
Submitted By: shopccl
(93,847 on 3-2006)

Hot Tip:
Most people ARENT djs
Submitted By: p9print
(83,772 on 2-2006)

V is for Vote
Submitted By: shopccl
(83,700 on 2-2006)

Congrats on the promotion Mike!
Submitted By: bmr3d
(83,565 on 2-2006)

The OD digs the OC
Keep diggin the OC Mister OD.
Submitted By: darrenproctor
(76,570 on 1-2006)

and you know it.
Submitted By: p9print
(73,637 on 1-2006)

I like it. I like it a lot.
Submitted By: kafraco
(73,405 on 1-2006)

Vote from the CCL
Submitted By: shopccl
(72,960 on 1-2006)

Right up there...
...with the best of the comics related podcasts. And music too!
Submitted By: bmr3d
(69,862 on 12-2005)

December vote!
Submitted By: shopccl
(65,191 on 12-2005)

Nov. Vote
Submitted By: shopccl
(55,622 on 11-2005)

When you talked about open source and viral media- those got me hooked on "Most People Are DJ's". I appreciate your selection of other podcasts, some gems in there. Another Viral Podcast- Yee Haw!
Submitted By: admin
(48,654 on 10-2005)

Mike OD is THE DJ
Great podcast...bring on the O.C.!
Submitted By: darrenproctor
(48,434 on 10-2005)

OD stands for "Oh Damn" is this a great podcast. Well produced and topical. Youll love it!
Submitted By: shopccl
(38,992 on 9-2005)

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