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Hogwarts Radio Comments

There are 110 Comments for this Podcast
Submitted By: rastasmcgee
(539,744 on 10-2011)

Submitted By: jtoribiolied
(539,255 on 10-2011)

Listening to HR Live on Lifestream now. I love when they do a live podcast from time to time They let you know about the livestreams through facebook and twitter. YAY!
Submitted By: nikkipatten
(539,072 on 9-2011)

I love this show so much I decided to become a transcriber!!!
Submitted By: baileyriddle
(539,043 on 9-2011)

a good listen
You guys are all so comical, its a good listen.
Submitted By: jcutroni
(538,605 on 9-2011)

Amazing Podcast!!
I am a new listener and Hogwarts Radio is by far one of the best Harry Potter podcast out there. Thanks guys!
Submitted By: melissa.herrick
(538,203 on 8-2011)

Love this Podcast! Its the only one I listen to, other than the other podcasts that these hosts have! Theyre great!
Submitted By: lil_gt_sweety
(537,948 on 8-2011)

Happy 3rd birthday, Hogwarts Radio!!! You Wrock!!
Submitted By: louanne.ojeda
(537,704 on 8-2011)

Submitted By: erin_elizabeth611
(537,394 on 7-2011)

love hogwarts radio!!!!
Ive only been listening to Hogwarts Radio for a short time but I already love it!
Submitted By: danielle
(537,116 on 7-2011)

Love it!
Submitted By: malloryfry
(537,082 on 7-2011)

Hogwarts Radio is so magical!
I love this! Its so fantastic!!! :D
Submitted By: akg57
(536,394 on 6-2011)

Submitted By: dill_girl1
(536,077 on 6-2011)

Very fun and entertaining to listen to
Hogwarts Radio is one of the best podcast to listen to. They are very thought provoking and greatly expand your interest in the Harry Potter book series. Seriously love it!
Submitted By: ellie626
(535,544 on 5-2011)

This podcast deserves to be # 1 :) love it!
Submitted By: Merlinsbeard12
(535,470 on 5-2011)

Submitted By: lucasackerman
(535,155 on 5-2011)

Hogwarts Radio is Great!
Love you guys!
Submitted By: hpfreak22
(535,030 on 5-2011)

Great! You guys rock it.
Submitted By: Joanne.Frankenfield
(534,944 on 5-2011)

Submitted By: xavier
(534,937 on 5-2011)

Love the show!
Submitted By: Kjregrai
(534,935 on 5-2011)

Love it
Absolutely Love it :)
Submitted By: dhaval.brahmbhatt
(534,925 on 5-2011)

Submitted By: wise_worm
(534,794 on 5-2011)

Love love love
Love Hogwarts Radio
Submitted By: josewiisantos
(534,599 on 4-2011)

Hogwarts Radio
This podcast is amazing!!! I listen to it all the time! The hosts know a lot of Harry Potter and their witty personalities make the show! I w
Submitted By: Merlinsbeard12
(534,194 on 4-2011)

I love these guys!
Dude, these guys never fail to interest me and make me laugh.
Submitted By: Dance_Zemyx_Dance
(533,335 on 3-2011)

They complete me...
My week is never complete without listening to these people. Great job everyone!
Submitted By: borja72
(533,112 on 3-2011)

Submitted By: velveteenrabbit2010
(532,927 on 3-2011)

This is an awsome podcast
Submitted By: Darkforest105
(532,923 on 3-2011)

Submitted By: codeytaylor49
(532,559 on 3-2011)

Awesome podcast you guys!
Submitted By: Joanne.Frankenfield
(532,378 on 2-2011)

Hogwarts Radio
Submitted By: vickydora
(532,373 on 2-2011)

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Submitted By: gerghghthth
(532,164 on 2-2011)

Mary is one hot witch! one hot witch!
Submitted By: xxavomaticxx
(531,861 on 2-2011)

Im still loving it!
You guys really know how to make my day! GOOD LUCK!(;
Submitted By: Beachbabiix0x2
(531,620 on 2-2011)

Hogwarts Radio rocks!
Submitted By: maxsummers
(531,574 on 2-2011)

Hogwarts radio
Submitted By: Nikkipatten
(531,435 on 2-2011)

Submitted By: katieaustin1980
(531,351 on 2-2011)

Im nominating Hogwarts Radio cause its awesome!
Submitted By: omgitsmaggie713
(531,222 on 1-2011)

Submitted By: kevin_seaman
(531,133 on 1-2011)

Seem really dedicated
Submitted By: horse14girl
(530,752 on 1-2011)

love Hogwarts Radio!
Submitted By: dpohlen3
(530,735 on 1-2011)

Best podcast ever!!!!!!!
Submitted By: hp_love
(530,565 on 1-2011)

love the podcast! :) dftba
Submitted By: tina_dolphins_2010
(530,469 on 1-2011)

Hogwarts Radio wins hands down.
Submitted By: gdolecki
(530,393 on 1-2011)

Submitted By: janiecortes88
(530,365 on 1-2011)

Love Hogwarts Radio podcast!
Submitted By: beammelate
(530,356 on 1-2011)

Great effing entertainment
Submitted By: codeytaylor49
(530,300 on 1-2011)

Go Guys Rock! :)
I absolutely LOVE Hogwarts Radio!!! :)
Submitted By: Beachbabiix0x2
(528,650 on 11-2010)

First vote for the month!
Submitted By: CCCookiexc3
(528,574 on 11-2010)

Submitted By: taylorwrightsanson
(527,637 on 10-2010)

Hogwarts Radio Vote
I vote for Hogwarts Radio - thanks!
Submitted By: winnaq
(527,251 on 10-2010)

I love Hogwarts Radio! Its a fantastic podcast, and I would recommend it to anyone- whether they are a long time Harry Potter fan or a newcomer to the Wizarding world, they can enjoy this podcast.
Submitted By: higgskatie
(527,201 on 10-2010)

Submitted By: jtoribiolied
(527,187 on 10-2010)

Mary Congratulations!!! we love you
Submitted By: jpapazian
(527,176 on 10-2010)

love this!!! 1hr+ of goodness!
Submitted By: easports2015
(527,161 on 10-2010)

Harry Potter
HARRY POTTER DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: davidlong8987
(527,156 on 10-2010)

Yay Mary!
Submitted By: kemomi
(527,103 on 10-2010)

Love Hogwarts Radio, Best Podcast there is!
Submitted By: artofminds
(527,078 on 10-2010)

Mary Terzian is AMAZING!
Ive been a die hard fan of the podcast for a while now, and i am loving the addition of Mary Terzian, she is truly amazing and has interesting viewpoints that really help develop the program as a whole. I still love listening to all of you guys but am really glad youve added Mary to the cast! Thanks for doing what youre doing guys and keep it up!
Submitted By: jhavedikian
(527,060 on 10-2010)

i love this podcast! :)
Submitted By: mywebsite_email
(527,036 on 10-2010)

Hogwarts Radio is awesome
I listen to a lot of podcasts, but these guys are the best!
Submitted By: top40gordy
(526,906 on 10-2010)

Let them win.
Submitted By: precious_hail
(526,867 on 10-2010)

Love em, love em, love em!!
Im an avid listener and the hosts Terrence, Mary, Becca and Grayson are awesome and very friendly no doubt this is the best podcast because they have real knowledge of whats what and whats going on in the Harry Potter world. They truly are the best at what they
Submitted By: artofminds
(526,046 on 9-2010)

You all are interesting. I think I like.
Submitted By: heartfire210
(525,702 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: rainbowmonkeyrox
(525,502 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: zuner7
(523,728 on 8-2010)

Submitted By: geoff-simpson
(523,337 on 8-2010)

I absolutely love the hogwarts radio! It makes me so happy to know that there are people out there who would make this (: I love to hear what they have to say and i love to hear all their theorys and updates! Its amazing! i remember in deathly hallows there was a secret radio station which included most of the members of the order and i remember thinking awhh man i really wish that was a real radio station, i would listent to it all the time! and the hogwarts radio station is just like it (: i love it!
Submitted By: melinita121
(520,785 on 6-2010)

The BEst!
Submitted By: wise_worm
(520,354 on 6-2010)

The best
Submitted By: wise_worm
(504,325 on 11-2009)

The best one
Submitted By: wise_worm
(478,789 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: super_king_123
(470,505 on 3-2009)

awesome show
Submitted By: Ptown
(465,438 on 2-2009)

Ive been following Hogwarts Radios podcast since theyve become the official Podcast for HPANA and have been loving it ever since!
Submitted By: Zimkel_Kebulocc_Netcy
(465,017 on 2-2009)

Everyone should give it a try even if you are not Harry Potter fan! Its a great podcast that make you laugh with joy. Listen to it. It doesnt hurt to give it a try does it?
Submitted By: someone_unknown05
(464,522 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: mrsronweasley286
(462,567 on 2-2009)

omg greyson is so totally adorable.
Submitted By: shannon
(462,438 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: someone_unknown05
(461,326 on 1-2009)

Submitted By: otter_weasel.shipper
(459,628 on 1-2009)

I vote for you because i believe in you!
Submitted By: frobergchristina
(459,521 on 1-2009)

Best HP Podcast
These new and fresh voices give more life to the never to disappear and beloved series.
Submitted By: mrsronweasley286
(459,338 on 1-2009)

Good luck!!
Submitted By: exblond
(457,701 on 1-2009)

Hogwarts Radio makes me Jizz in my Pants.
Submitted By: darcystupefy
(457,659 on 1-2009)

I love this podcast. It gets better with each episode. =]
Submitted By: shannon
(457,133 on 1-2009)

Dobby will crank it sir=D
Submitted By: bong_clare
(456,205 on 12-2008)

These guys are awesome. LISTEN.TO.THEM!
Submitted By: crimson_cobalt_canary_clover
(454,912 on 12-2008)

HR Rocks!
Hogwarts Radio is my favorite Harry Potter podcast out there. Keep on rocking!
Submitted By: colin
(452,322 on 12-2008)

tihs podcast it awesome ! keep it up HR!
Submitted By: alanna.sofia
(448,793 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: super_king_123
(446,823 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,449 on 11-2008)

The next generation of Harry Potter podcasting awesomeness!
Submitted By: crimson_cobalt_canary_clover
(445,000 on 11-2008)

accio-potter is better,
I think I like the accio-potter podcast better.
Submitted By: mintyfresh
(437,212 on 10-2008)

Not bad. It could have been better.
Submitted By: mintyfresh
(437,211 on 10-2008)

You guys are amazing. :)
Submitted By: elvendork
(437,058 on 10-2008)

great show
I just recently started podcasting and this is definitley one of the best HP podcasts there is.
Submitted By: luvdnfl
(436,613 on 10-2008)

This is the hottest new Harry Potter Podcast - these guys and girls are made of awesome + win + epicness!
Submitted By: crimson_cobalt_canary_clover
(436,595 on 10-2008)

Pretty good
Submitted By: anglers3
(436,493 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: andyjaques
(436,473 on 10-2008)

The best!
Submitted By: rachel
(436,362 on 10-2008)

A show of support from The Accio-Potter Podcast!
Submitted By: alex
(435,848 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: x3geekinthepinkk
(435,202 on 10-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j, Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(435,093 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: xgraxciex
(428,477 on 9-2008)

Awesome. =)
Submitted By: darcystupefy
(427,893 on 9-2008)

yeah. i voted. whooohoo!
Submitted By: iluvcandy06
(427,866 on 9-2008)

This podcast is the next best thing
Submitted By: tatianaoben
(427,845 on 9-2008)

Submitted By: foreverfiction
(427,756 on 9-2008)

Fantastic resource!
Submitted By: kev2137
(427,748 on 9-2008)

I really like this podcast. Its interesting and enlightening. I recommend this to all Harry Potter fans.
Submitted By: rachel
(427,747 on 9-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(427,562 on 9-2008)

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