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The Quiet Village Comments

There are 39 Comments for this Podcast
Simply Wonderful
One of the best if not THE best exotica, lounge, Hawaiian podcasts there is! Thank you Digitiki!
Submitted By: kc2ecd
(546,953 on 11-2013)

the quiet village
Great podcast. Always new and interesting songs and reviews.
Submitted By: anutnel
(545,774 on 12-2012)

My vote to the best podcast!!
My vote to the best podcast!! Love it!
Submitted By: vasilina.mulyavina
(545,665 on 11-2012)

Best Podcast
Submitted By: egillustration
(545,174 on 9-2012)

The best exotica podcast period!
None better! Digitiki is the bomb. Do yourself a huge favor and subscribe to this podcast.
Submitted By: kc2ecd
(545,008 on 8-2012)

Submitted By: NHUIE
(544,510 on 4-2012)

An amazing, well produced show focusing on exotica music and tiki culture. Not only are the audio quality and production top-notch, the selections and programming are second to none. As if that werent enough, DigiTiki even adds the album covers for each track and images relating to interviews to the iTunes visuals. A very cool added bonus. This podcast sets the bar for what a show should be.
Submitted By: tcanepa13
(536,858 on 7-2011)

great podcasts
Listeningto podcast #32, I am enjoying it so much, thanks quiet village
Submitted By: anutnel
(524,163 on 8-2010)

great podcasts
love the talk and music
Submitted By: nhuie
(521,076 on 6-2010)

Best podcast ever!
Best podcast ever! Best podcast ever! Best podcast ever! Mahalo DigiTiki!
Submitted By: dj.sigband
(519,532 on 5-2010)

Quiet Village - excellent retro music podcast!
Excellent podcast! Great Exotica and Rare Tunes for Easy Listening Pleasure...
Submitted By: ao_miacasa
(517,413 on 4-2010)

A pleasure to listen to
The Quiet Village is a well produced podcast featuring the best of exotica music. Excellent sound and thoughtful commentary make each podcast something to look forward to.
Submitted By: jewart
(517,284 on 4-2010)

great postcat
You need to hear this...
Submitted By: allenroyboy
(509,171 on 1-2010)

great podcasts
Submitted By: riddleanut
(501,482 on 10-2009)

Quiet Village Vote
I live in Perth Western Australia, I love the Quiet Village. Listen to it all the time. Used to listen to Vagas Vics on live365 but this is better and free. DigiTiki is an exellent host with a smooth and relaxing voice. If you like Tiki, Hawaian and atmospheric sounds of polonesia and the far east then this is for you!
Submitted By: cpease
(500,396 on 10-2009)

Allen Roy
Submitted By: allenroyboy
(496,695 on 9-2009)

Quiet Village podcast. super informative and super soothing! love it!
Submitted By: drzach
(495,118 on 8-2009)

Love it
Amazing podcast!
Submitted By: drai3030
(492,945 on 8-2009)

excellently exotic!
I have been turned on to so much musically from this podcast! Its blowin my mind, man!
Submitted By: ericoctober
(491,599 on 7-2009)

Viva Exotica
Exotica music at its best. As well as the music, Digitiki gives history of the genre, biographies of artists and news of related events. Cmon and get your Mai-Tai on!
Submitted By: dv8amk
(491,013 on 7-2009)

Great one. I visited the Tiki room in 63 I think...
Submitted By: allenroyboy
(488,102 on 6-2009)

ALOOOOOO-HAH! Fave Exotica podcast! Any podcast opening with a track from the Combustible Edison wont go wrong. :D Quiet Villagers
Submitted By: quietvillage
(485,615 on 6-2009)

happy haole!
digitiki does a great job combining old and new exotica along with new remixed versions of old classics. plus plenty of slack-key delights! and the sound is great...
Submitted By: jdsuguy
(482,730 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: ginahaase
(482,729 on 5-2009)

Keep em comin...
Without Digitikis Quiet Village Id have nowhere to escape to!
Submitted By: Seemarie13
(478,892 on 4-2009)

come hear Quiet Village
Great Tiki, Exotica, and Hawaiian music!
Submitted By: allenroyboy
(478,652 on 4-2009)

Go Digitiki
The best Exotica and related music podcast. Sounds to drink good rum to.
Submitted By:
(478,232 on 4-2009)

Tiki Cowboys
Thank you DigiTiki for playing my Tiki Cowboy Song! Really enjoy all the songs you play. -Baron
Submitted By: bluebaronmusic
(477,994 on 4-2009)

Grat Show
Fantastic show! Your music choices are primo, the show production is good! Keep up the great work! Love listening!
Submitted By: scottyteeee
(476,992 on 4-2009)

Love the Quiet Village
Cant get enough of these programs.
Submitted By: riddleanut
(476,735 on 4-2009)

great music
digitiki always has a great mix of exotica and lounge. i eagerly await every episode.
Submitted By: buhrmj
(475,800 on 4-2009)

tikitastik good time
great podcast for exotica,lounge or tiki
Submitted By: seekirbypaint
(473,325 on 3-2009)

Very Good
As a news junkie I need to chill out now and then, to decompress, so to speak. Nothing helps that better than listening to some great exotica courtesy of The Quiet Village!
Submitted By: mittelwerke
(473,033 on 3-2009)

Great Exotica Podcast
I love this podcast. I play them in the background at cocktail parties. Always a big hit.
Submitted By: phdechene
(472,589 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: tiki
(472,477 on 3-2009)

The best exotica podcast available, hands down.
Submitted By: suzannelorien
(472,290 on 3-2009)

love it
Submitted By: anutnel
(472,169 on 3-2009)

Tiki lovers paradise
Exotica is a rare genre of music and this podcast is simply the best one out there. The production values and interviews with tiki luminaries take this podcast straight to the head of the line.
Submitted By: yavaz
(409,009 on 7-2008)

This is the finest podcast of Exotic music ever.
Submitted By: 420greg
(394,618 on 6-2008)

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