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The New Hampshire After Hours Show Comments

There are 447 Comments for this Podcast
Testies testies
Submitted By: brent.w.gath.naf
(549,849 on 8-2014)

Mel is sweet, Brent is just a guy, . but . Bill needs to cool down ,,, Not, Lisen to some of us in in so. N.H. and the way we see the World. We look in my backyard ,, not Yours ,, LOL
Submitted By: impala6
(546,433 on 5-2013)

Submitted By: melwest
(545,245 on 9-2012)

How do you know its,that time of month andy????? I told you to keep out of my trashcans!!!! Andy, I dont know how many times I have to tell you this,but......... Those are tampons, not bubble gum:) toodles
Submitted By: purplejenna44
(542,874 on 2-2012)

fuck you!
Im gonna rape the mustaches off yr faces! -fluffy
Submitted By: xxstealmyheartxx
(542,873 on 2-2012)

"Betting someone half your shit that you will stay with them for the rest of your life." Thanks everyone for listening to the NH After Hours Show. - Cameron
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(542,872 on 2-2012)

Vote for the only show youll love to let offend you. Its got everything from ranting Bill, opinionated Brent, and sex-crazed Andy, oh and dont forget giggly Mel. Youll love to hate them, and youll keep coming back for more! Vote! Tootles. Erica.
Submitted By: pippimarried
(542,819 on 2-2012)

I stubbed my toe.
Submitted By: Brent.Gath
(542,785 on 2-2012)

A birdy told me theres going to be a show in January! U guys rock. Listen NOW.
Submitted By: melwest
(542,622 on 1-2012)

Even when this show is off the air for several weeks/months, I still feel like the world is safer with those gentlemen out there... scratch that, not "safer", "similarly fucked"... there. thats better. Miss you, boys. Tootles. Erica.
Submitted By: pippimarried
(542,432 on 1-2012)

Random thought of the day.
I sugest we go fuck in your mothers bed while eating crackers and petting a cat name mittens! Then we can go listen to the NH After Hours show.
Submitted By: nhafterhours1
(541,145 on 12-2011)

The best podcast youve never heard, and if you have heard it Im sure u will agree its decent or at least average. Except of course for Mel, shes the best Hehe. Miss u guys. -Mel
Submitted By: Melwest
(540,945 on 12-2011)

There, I voted.
Submitted By: brent.gath
(540,890 on 12-2011)

Vote Bitches...
Hey junkpunchers... take time out of your busy holiday schedule and vote for this fucktastic show of epic fuckery. Seasons Greetings, fuckhole. Tootles. Erica
Submitted By: pippimarried
(540,886 on 12-2011)

The official podcast of who you ask?
The Official Podcast of our US Troops ,Whites, Blacks, Browns, Greens, Gays, Jews, Muslims, Dead tyrants, Skin Heads, PETA, Occupy Wall Street protesters, Hobos, Girls that fuck with the lights on, Men who don't mind sharing their wives with other women, Hawt girls that show Andy their boobs, Blacks that say what's up my neighbor, Crossdressers, Chicks with dicks, Obama, Kim jong Ill, Hawt BBM girls, Hawt IPhone girls, Hawt Android girls, Americans, Canadians, South Africans, Irish, English, Scottish, Norwegians, Filipinos, Germans, Australians, Girls that are having Andy's baby, Guys that are having Brent's ass, Girls named Marsha who secretly desire Bill's face, and people that slip themselves roofies just to tolerate this podcast.
Submitted By: nhafterhours1
(540,710 on 11-2011)

new love for NH AfterHours.
Submitted By: martinikiss
(540,456 on 11-2011)

for some reason i dont mind the show. it could be more interesting but i guess until i can come up with ideas to make it just that ill just shut up and listen. =] i love me some nh boys
Submitted By: jwhitejmw90
(540,455 on 11-2011)

This show has been going on forever
This show is like a mother fuckin stallion it should be owned by a god damn Middle Eastern Sheik!
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(540,454 on 11-2011)

Heres your vote, bitches... -Corey
Submitted By: darian4011
(540,451 on 11-2011)

My sons Podcast
Congrats to my unhappy son Billy on being the number 5 podcast. Now how about that Thanksgiving invite!! Obama 2012 !!! Hobo Bob Hobo Helen and Hobo Henry
Submitted By: richrsov
(540,276 on 11-2011)

Epic show
Really good show
Submitted By: Nickab05
(540,264 on 11-2011)

always better with wine
Listen to the show NOW, but its always better with wine! 3.5 glasses deep now! Carry on, Mel
Submitted By: melwest
(540,220 on 11-2011)

Andy has a mustache your argument is invalid
Submitted By: roberts26
(540,219 on 11-2011)
Listening is like watching a nun get run down by a train. . . you cant not. Nothing but disappointments and failures by all three but cant get enough thanks for being the highest, low point of my week (when you actually pull your crap together that is) Aaron
Submitted By: acox80
(540,217 on 11-2011)

By the beard of Zeus.
I ate fiberglass insulation. It wasn't cotton candy like the guy said... my tummy itches.
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(540,214 on 11-2011)

Hey ya boys
Hey ya, Brent, Bill and Andy Jy lyk mooi vandag. Cant speak afrikaans?? Ask Andy to translate. :)
Submitted By: tysaintlogout
(540,212 on 11-2011)

Bill, you are my babys daddy. You son of a bitch!
Submitted By: Katiemcbean
(540,211 on 11-2011)

New Hampshire After Hours Show Rocks!
Supporting my boys!!!
Submitted By: dee.santilli
(540,173 on 11-2011)

Suck it
Submitted By: rda_4891
(540,144 on 11-2011)

I voted. What the fuck else do you want from me?... oh yeah. Im a dedicated listener to. Fuck it. Tootles Erica
Submitted By: pippimarried
(540,143 on 11-2011)

Always in good taste, and keeps me coming back for more!!! Okay, maybe not always in good taste (haha!), but damn goos shows nonetheless!
Submitted By: alandry65
(540,142 on 11-2011)

Glad To Know I Made Bills Wife Puke In her Mouth
Hey guys!!!!! That last episode was epic with the personality tests and hobo bob calling in and of course Mels Voice. I seriously want to tongue punch Mels fart the worst way possible. Anyways glad to know I still have the awsome talent of making women puke in their mouths alittle, usually when I do that its with my dirty cock rammed in the back of their throats. Keep up the great work guys....Yours Truly, Ben From Maine :)
Submitted By: Ben_Rogers84
(539,441 on 10-2011)

Submitted By: 72skylarkmj
(539,367 on 10-2011)

Submitted By: princess76
(539,314 on 10-2011)

Andy made me vote .He said Id end up drugged and in a dumpster again if I didnt.
Submitted By: rda_4891
(539,295 on 10-2011)

Hey guys
Ive got the weirdest boner right now. ----Cameron
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(539,293 on 10-2011)

the #1 one podcast
if its not #1, it should be. Get on it! Tootles, Erica
Submitted By: pippimarried
(539,289 on 10-2011)

Submitted By: funkmalone
(539,288 on 10-2011)

Hey guys? Hello Andy? just wanted to tell you that your voice turns me on and makes me wet. Lets fuck! Or at least have phone sex? Corey in Vancouver xoxo
Submitted By: darian4011
(539,287 on 10-2011)

Vote for the show or Andy will knock up your sister!
Submitted By: nhafterhours1
(539,286 on 10-2011)

Blahhhhhhhhhh!!! Hahahahahahah love ya!
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(539,285 on 10-2011)

I hate you. Carry on.
Submitted By: Brent.Gath
(539,151 on 10-2011)

The number one podcast for well... three people according to Brent. just sayin. LISTEN... VOTE... NOW! tootles Erica
Submitted By: pippimarried
(539,082 on 9-2011)

I want to suck on Mels piss flaps while she farts in my face!!!
You need to Listen to this podcast if you like raunchy news from around the world reported by foul mouthed degenerate New Englanders. Sure to put a smile on your face no matter what kind of mood youre in. The shows really great to listen to while you randomly jerk off into co workers lunches or if you like to walk down alleyways at night setting hobos on fire!!!! You just cant go wrong with this podcast. P.S After hearing Mels voice on the last show it seriously conjured up fantasies in my head of Mel using my face as a toilet seat while telling me how much of a bad boy I am and how I have to drink every drop she sprays on me in order for her to suck me off.Anyways just thought Id share all that..... keep up the great work guys!!!! Your fan for life Ben From Maine!!!
Submitted By: Ben_Rogers84
(538,974 on 9-2011)

The #1 Podcast for fisting....also known as "uppercunting"
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(538,816 on 9-2011)

no longer an afterhours virgin.
Jess here. Heard you guys for the first time this evening. Well worth the time it took out of my life
Submitted By: jwhitejmw90
(538,638 on 9-2011)

Best damn Biweekly Podcast for stalkers and other crazies!
Submitted By: melwest
(538,603 on 9-2011)

the #1 podcast for people with unreliable computer equipment! No worries, I still heart you, boys. Tootles, Erica
Submitted By: pippimarried
(538,574 on 9-2011)

Supporting the show! Hint hint Bill.
Submitted By: Brent.Gath
(538,445 on 9-2011)

Im going to cum in your mustaches, cunts!
Submitted By: xxstealmyheartxx
(538,417 on 9-2011)

New England, how was the blow job from Irene this week? Thanks for taking one for the team! - Florida -
Submitted By: melwest
(538,352 on 8-2011)

I'm writing this comment just because there has not been a new comment since my last comment. Back-to-back comments ftw! Listen to the show, the number one podcast for Female stalkers from FL. Go Mel! tootles, Erica
Submitted By: pippimarried
(538,207 on 8-2011)

I wish I had something smart to say, but they never do so why try?
Submitted By: pippimarried
(537,873 on 8-2011)

NHA show
Just wanted 2 vote for the best n only pod cast show I listen to, Andy is soo funny 2 listen n chat with! Great job guys keep it up!!
Submitted By: alison.marie
(537,783 on 8-2011)

4 out of 5 Doctors love this show! Mel
Submitted By: melwest
(537,769 on 8-2011)

Love these boys
Witty and relevant. You look nice today
Submitted By: ape24jg
(537,749 on 8-2011)

Tea Baggers
You all suck at life!
Submitted By: brent.gath
(537,724 on 8-2011)

Is my cupcake. He is special. I heart Andy. Bill and Brent are there too. ANDY!!!
Submitted By: btvs519
(537,657 on 8-2011)

Lets Go for the Top 5
We better get in the Top 5 this month or Ill mudstomp all of you to kingdom come. Just kidding. Love you guys. :) Mel call me.
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(537,635 on 8-2011)

intelligence +2
Helping normal people feel smarter by pointing out the stupidity of others everywhere (everywhere usually refers to FL).
Submitted By: pippimarried
(537,620 on 7-2011)

Mel is awesome!
Submitted By: hdumire
(537,470 on 7-2011)

Andys new pickup line
"Im trying to make eye contact but your tits dont have eyes."
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(537,410 on 7-2011)

Your equipment eats dick. WTF??? Fix the mic!
Submitted By: brent.gath
(537,402 on 7-2011)

Balls I loves them..
I wish I had Mel's Pj's. The back door feature excites me- Brent
Submitted By: Newhampshireafterhours
(537,084 on 7-2011)

The coolness is so ninja you can't even tell it's cool.
Submitted By: pippimarried
(536,938 on 7-2011)

New Hampshire After Hours Show
Im having Andys bastard child!,...just sayin!
Submitted By: dee.santilli
(536,936 on 7-2011)

A massive shit
Just thought I'd let you know that yesterday I took a massive shit. When I say massive, I mean massive... The kind you have break up so it will flush. Well I was about to do this when I realized the shit looked like Andy! I shit you not (no punning intended)! I was so amazed by this that I wanted to take a picture and send it to you. So I went to grab the camera but by the time I got back it no longer looked the same.... Ha ha ha oh well, maybe next time! You guys rock!
Submitted By: Dan.sanja
(536,922 on 7-2011)

NH Afterhours: the place to go when life starts to make sense again.
Submitted By: redpoptart1980
(536,916 on 7-2011)

I get me hawt
I enjoy the sound of my voice so much I like to rub one out screaming my own name-Bill
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(536,915 on 7-2011)

Thanks for reading my comment guys
Ben From Maine again here and Im glad you got a laugh outta my comment from last month. Im Making up for lost time by catching up on your podcast from the last few months. To say sorry for missing out on two years of New England Comedy gold, Ive voted for you on podcast alley. Illl join you in the chat sometime now that I know you guys actually have one now. Guess Ill catch you guys later sometime. Ps. Make sure you dont choke on all that prostate paste you guys guzzle over there in new hampshire. Toodles
Submitted By: Ben_Rogers84
(536,883 on 7-2011)

Amazing Douchbags
Three of the most amazing Douchbags you will ever hear. Check out their twitter feed for live show times. @NHAfterHours Join in on the fun at Ustream. And tell your friends to listen if you have friends that is. Mel
Submitted By: She_who_remains_nameless
(536,852 on 7-2011)

I love myself so much I masturbate to the sound of my own voice-Bill
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(536,826 on 7-2011)

best podcast ever
The New Hampshire After Hours Show rocks! Hi Andy!
Submitted By: btvs519
(536,807 on 7-2011)

Hey cunt stains
Hey cunt stains this is Ben from Maine, its been a while since Ive listened to your show. I took a break from it a couple years ago, no reason in particular but just kinda forgot about the show. I was looking at comedy podasts the other day and I just suddenly remembered oh yeah there was this awsome show by these douche bags in New Hampshire I used to like. So long story long I found the podcast again and started listening. I think you guys have improved light years since a couple years ago, keep up the great work and I promise Ill keep listening this time. P.s I really love the show and mean it from the bottom of my heart when I refer to you as sloppy wet period blood soaked cunt stains :) good day gentlemen.
Submitted By: Ben_Rogers84
(536,784 on 6-2011)

I lust you Bill!!
This show is great! It gives me somthing to listen to at work! You all are great but Bill is still my favorite, I love it when he gets angry ;)
Submitted By: crystal_hubbard07
(536,647 on 6-2011)

Im actually voting
Im voting for you lazy bastards, because on the rare occasion you put out a show, its good. No more reruns!..
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(536,275 on 6-2011)

Hobo Bob
The New Hampshire After Hours Show is the Number one Hobo Podcast. Listen in and see what Hobo Bob is up to. He could be stinking up a town near you!!!
Submitted By: richrsov
(536,195 on 6-2011)

Vote for these men or else
Love the New Hampshire After Hours Show! wake up every morning and have my coffee with them. My kids listene sometimes and say " Mommy, what did that man just say?" lol. Always something good going on and lots of curseing and bickering like school girls. Love these guys :)
Submitted By: savageangel2007
(536,193 on 6-2011)

Andy You Douche!
Hey Andy, that was me chasing you down the street 2 nights ago with an axe, after you dove out my bedroom window. All I wanted was an autograph....really. Love the show guys! Oh and whats the shows phone number??
Submitted By: dan.sanja
(536,164 on 6-2011)

The New Hampshire After Hours Show Rocks! The make me want to take my shirt off when I listen to them!!
Submitted By: dee.santilli
(535,862 on 6-2011)

Kickass, badass, dumbass and smartass... that. is. all.
Submitted By: pippimarried
(535,861 on 6-2011)

Come join angry Billy, your baby daddy Andy, and the gay one Brent for amazing shows when they feel like posting one!
Submitted By: melwest
(535,855 on 6-2011)

Holy shit it actually worked!!!
Submitted By: schuerman90
(535,425 on 5-2011)

I thoughtI would test this. Let me know if it works.
Submitted By: mslombard5
(534,949 on 5-2011)

Holy Fuck! This shitty site actually worked this month. More than I can say for a large portion of Germans.
Submitted By: brent.gath
(534,886 on 5-2011)

Listen now!
Well you could listen now if they had a new show out.......
Submitted By: Melwest
(534,682 on 5-2011)

Andys visit to Sing Sing
Bill from Virginia First you joke about dead prostitute storage, second trolling for dirtbags on Craigslist. Now I see theres a serial killer picking up hookers off Craigslist and dumping the bodies in Long Island. Andy is there something you want to tell us? Can you account for your whereabouts on May 9, 2010, July 9, 2007, June 2010, July 12, 2009 and September 2 2010? Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Hope Bill and Brent can keep the podcast going after your incarceration. Maybe they can get Bills dad to fill in from Florida. Thanks for the podcast nd_hooker_slay_beach_body_uxGB7LxDh3l0wSzT6bawCL?CMP=OT C-rss&FEEDNAME=
Submitted By: moxhambi
(534,421 on 4-2011)

Number one podcast for muggles!
Submitted By: Melwest
(534,047 on 4-2011)

Billy is my Kid!!
From Hobo Bob I say the New hampshire after hours show is funny mostly when I cam on it. Okay it is always funny. Check it out the New Hampshire after Hours show Best Podcast out there!!
Submitted By: richrsov
(533,213 on 3-2011)

Svacina you still suck!!
LIke to hear funny stuff? Try the New Hampshire after Hours Show. These guys are funny and you may get lucky enough to catch Hobo Bob on the show!! ive to the HOAHF Help out a Hobo Fund!!
Submitted By: richrsov
(532,368 on 2-2011)

Andy take your top off, Brent baby Adolf hates you, Billy go fuck yourself your wives too hot for you
Submitted By: Belkmarsha
(532,223 on 2-2011)

Submitted By: kchampagne11
(532,174 on 2-2011)

voting now..
cast it
Submitted By: dahlya79
(532,155 on 2-2011)

fluffy says: Im gonna rape yr mouths, cunts!
Submitted By: xxstealmyheartxx
(532,040 on 2-2011)

Oh Ya!
I love this show! The number one Hatian podcast!
Submitted By: podcast75
(531,671 on 2-2011)

Andy strokes the furry wall when life slips him a Jeffrey.
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(531,393 on 2-2011)

Secret Mission
Last November came the much anticipated release of the popular game Call of Duty: Black Ops. What many people are oblivious to is the controversial mission that was taken out of the game just prior to its release due to its content. Here is a brief synopsis of the mission and its objectives.... Objective #1 - Infiltrate a busy rest stop in the state of Massachusetts. Objective #2 - Locate and identify targets known as "Brent" and "Pat Johnson". Objective #3 - Prevent Pat Johnson from ramming his cock up Brents ass. Objective #4 - Neutralize Pat Johnson. Objective #5 - Escort Brent to the extraction point where he can then be sent back to Germany to spy on those damn Commies.
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(531,018 on 1-2011)

This is one of the better shows out there, no egos no namby pamby bullshit, no political correctness, they should be on satellite radio!
Submitted By: 72skylarkmj
(530,432 on 1-2011)

random fact
OMGFactsSex OMG Facts SEX In the 1800s, surgeons would surgically repair a woman?s hymen so that she could pretend to be a virgin. 22 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
Submitted By: muzikkmanix
(530,422 on 1-2011)

WTF!!! Not sure if you can get more offensive then this podcast. Sometimes discusting, sometimes funny and a great place to get your RANT on.
Submitted By: klboisvert
(527,667 on 10-2010)

NH After Hours Public Service Message
Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(527,140 on 10-2010)

NH After Hours Fact of the Week #2
Andy puts the STD in "stud" and all he needs is U. ---Cameron
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(526,471 on 9-2010)

NH After Hours Fact of the Week
Gary Coleman isnt dead, he just fell into a grave hes too short to climb out of. --- Cameron P.S. Thanks Gary for being a good sport. R.I.P.
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(526,304 on 9-2010)

Billy is a huge massive cunt! And Pat Johnson still loves your cock Brent
Submitted By: belkmarsha
(525,070 on 9-2010)

Hobo Bob
Great show Hobo Bob is a smelly Star, give the man a BLOG for HOBOs Tim S. Is a cunt. Support H.O.A.H.!!!!!! Help out a HOBO.
Submitted By: richrsov
(525,069 on 9-2010)

Lazy bastard Brent
Forgot to post up the pic of your 2nd biggest fan, Brent? He held a sign, proclaiming his love for the Brent After Hours show for you. Ill let Steve know youre trying to keep him all for yourself, how noble of you.
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(524,824 on 8-2010)

Yes the western states WUV you guys too! lmao =-)
Submitted By: rlindydiane
(524,458 on 8-2010)

Billy is a, wait for it,........big cunt
Submitted By: belkmarsha
(524,098 on 8-2010)

Love the show!
Andys hawt! Id hit that! Lol
Submitted By: dee.santilli
(523,923 on 8-2010)

love the show
I always know I can count on the guys for good entertainment!
Submitted By: chrismb1
(523,843 on 8-2010)

Cheap ass Billyyyyyyyyyyy
Tim Svacina is a cuntbag!!!
Submitted By: richrsov
(523,825 on 8-2010)

Yes Please...
Youre all a bunch of filthy clams! Hows that for kindness??
Submitted By: brent.gath
(523,688 on 8-2010)

NH After Hours Fact of the Week #2
Illegal immigrants are like sperm. Millions come in but only one little bastard actually works. (I stole this off a T-shirt I own but I dont care....still funny. I figured this was appropriate since the last few episodes have been an illegal alien hate-fest.)
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(523,675 on 8-2010)

Great show picks you up when your way to hard on your self, makes you realize you dont suck as much as you think!
Submitted By: 72skylarkmj
(523,674 on 8-2010)

Cheap ass billy
Svacina is a cunt.
Submitted By: richrsov
(523,077 on 7-2010)

Great show!! Keep up the good work. My new favorite word is "Cockalope" Anyone who pisses me off is a Cockalope!!
Submitted By: Candysm77
(523,065 on 7-2010)

NH After Hours Fact of the Week
The introduction of the product known as "ShamWow" was Americas way of telling Andy to buy a new spew-rag. --- Cameron
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(522,955 on 7-2010)

Heres your vote and no Im not from Florida!
Submitted By: snowaash
(522,594 on 7-2010)

New listener
Your show is crass, foul and would make my grandmother turn over in her grave. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: aaron.lassen
(522,462 on 7-2010)

NH After hours
Putting hobos in their place. Vote for these fuckers, or theyll send you to the chipper.
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(522,208 on 7-2010)

Got to support New Hampshire
Submitted By: moxhambi
(522,030 on 7-2010)

What you talkin bout Willis?
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(520,027 on 6-2010)

fix the damn downloady email thing you send out! I havent been able to listen to the last few episodes while sitting in a little steel box masturbating furiously while I choke myself in fucking weeks you horrible twats! Love, Your favorite Fluffy...
Submitted By: xxstealmyheartxx
(519,493 on 5-2010)

Its fucking hot down here!!!!
Submitted By: dan.sanja
(518,576 on 5-2010)

Dirty Whore
Thats right, you are Bill!
Submitted By: brent.gath
(518,574 on 5-2010)

get it togather
My god a Harry Potter Podcast is above your NH Podcast in the voting. time to get things togather or heads will rolling. More BOOBS DUDES
Submitted By: amedicz
(517,285 on 4-2010)

I havent been able to listen for a few months, but its good to be able to torture my fucking eardrums by listening to you asshats again! Just Jess in CO (Oh and congrats on the nuptials Brent!!!)
Submitted By: medicjess
(517,185 on 4-2010)

Better than comedy central!
Best podcast ever. Thanks guys!
Submitted By: Melwest
(516,863 on 4-2010)

NH After Hours ROCKS
Supporting my favorite podcast!
Submitted By: dee.santilli
(516,165 on 4-2010)

Damn you!
I cant stop hearing Andy singing Obama Obama Obama
Submitted By: tackleberry61
(516,091 on 4-2010)

I?m legally married to Andy?s cumrag.
Submitted By: brentatnewhampshireafterhours
(515,571 on 4-2010)

The Roads in Mass.
They were originally Cow paths, and at some point someone decided that that was where the roads would go. So no, no one designed the roads.
Submitted By: tackleberry61
(515,180 on 3-2010)

More teacher sex!
Heres my vote for the show! One complaint...Andy used to be excited about teacher sex and it seems hes board of it, WTF?? We need the reports on teacher sex!!! Andy snap out of it!!!
Submitted By: dan.sanja
(514,712 on 3-2010)

Id vote, but...
Ill vote only during months with shows, fair deal? Brent? and Bill, visit the freaking forums at least once every other month... youre almost as lazy as Brent is for showing up to record! BTW Great show, I love listening to you guys. P.S. Nice feet
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(514,696 on 3-2010)

I like to masturbate to Arianna Huffington?s voice and then snort my cum. I am the biological balloon boy?s father.
Submitted By: brentatnewhampshireafterhours
(514,672 on 3-2010)

The New Hampshire After Hours Show ROCKS!!!
Just voting for my favorite guys!
Submitted By: dee.santilli
(514,444 on 3-2010)

Brent the Socialist
I was going to let this go but I cant. In the last episode Brent made a statement about how people go into stores while open carrying because "theyre looking to start something" or something along those lines. Brent has obviously been over there too long and not having the ability to carry a gun. One of the biggest reasons if not the only reason to open carry is why?? Because we live in the greatest fucking nation on earth and WE CAN!!! Did he forget he lived in a state with the motto of "Live Free or Die". It doesnt get much more clear than that. I no longer support Brent I use to have a bit of sympathy for him... but not anymore... we should revoke his man card and make him pee sitting down. Bitch! Anyway keep up the good work. Thanks, Travis
Submitted By: tptbone33
(514,187 on 3-2010)

We failed to fail! We kick ass!
Submitted By: brent.gath
(512,733 on 2-2010)

Submitted By: tptbone33
(512,427 on 2-2010)

about time!
The best podcast just got better... they started recording again! ... cock-holsters
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(512,314 on 2-2010)

So are you guys coming back any time soon?
Submitted By: tackleberry61
(512,016 on 2-2010)

Sarah Palin is still a skank!
Here you can listen to some 40 year old creepy fat guys spouting child molesting propaganda from their parent?s basement. Oh wait, that?s mugglecast.
Submitted By: thelegendary
(511,974 on 2-2010)

Even if the damn slackers havent put out a show in for freaking EVER...they still rock!
Submitted By: medicjess
(511,429 on 2-2010)

America FUCK YA!
Get your fucking vote in or Brent will toss your salad with a chainsaw!
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(510,810 on 2-2010)

Massachusetts: Better than you.
Submitted By: tackleberry61
(509,992 on 1-2010)

NH After hours
Keep up the good work, and resolution #11, I vow to lay more pipe this year! Also, for the record its pronounced Spo-can, not Spocaine.
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(509,391 on 1-2010)

These guys will mollest your inner child and then assrape everything you hold sacred.
Submitted By: thelegendary
(509,228 on 1-2010)

i voted!
k boys here is my vote! i forgot it was the 1st week of january! my how time flies! love ya love ya love ya!
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(509,180 on 1-2010)

vote now
yall need to vote for these boys. get the word out and make them the biggest names on air. vote vote vote. love your show. keep it up.
Submitted By: savageangel2007
(508,951 on 1-2010)

The best!!!!!!!
Submitted By: ring1023
(508,945 on 1-2010)

Voting for my favortie show!
Submitted By: dee.santilli
(508,913 on 1-2010)

I will too!
Since its obviously OK for Andy to vote for us, I figured I would too. Fuck it, were doing it live!
Submitted By: brent.gath
(508,873 on 1-2010)

Fucking A
I love this show so muchIm gonna vote for it.
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(508,602 on 1-2010)

Dudes are whacked!
Submitted By: jeffery.ballardrn
(508,248 on 12-2009)

NH After hours
These fuckers are funny, listen to them and vote for Bill 2012!
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(507,429 on 12-2009)

I meant "send a fish" as in it would be rotten by the time Brent got it... Asshole!
Submitted By: smith.brandon.n
(507,265 on 12-2009)

Me love you long time
Sucky sucky five dollar. Mikey moore fuk ewe me cheaty with cheetah woods. If there was balls and cars cheetah woods can drive balls 400 metres.
Submitted By: suzigoodluck
(507,043 on 12-2009)

Here you go you shower of cunts. If you?ll keep it up I guess your butts won?t be kicked by podcasting child molesters so obviously.
Submitted By: thelegendary
(507,038 on 12-2009)

Come catch some AIDS down in Africa. ---Suzee Goodluck
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(507,007 on 12-2009)

Great show!
Fantastic show as always
Submitted By: kissthgrl
(506,372 on 12-2009)

Do it!
Vote for the show or Andy will cum in your ear!
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(506,277 on 12-2009)

For fucks sake, keep the votes coming!
Submitted By: nhafterhours1
(506,274 on 12-2009)

Submitted By: lunacy888
(506,150 on 12-2009)

Suzee goodluck
Andy Im banging your African princess. Chew on that!
Submitted By: eatfish21
(505,898 on 11-2009)

Nice show
Submitted By: emergencylove17
(505,896 on 11-2009)

If only the healthcare bill passed, Id be alive today. Id be 174 years old but Id still be alive. Dam you republicans. I need a drink. What the fuck Im a corpse. I look as alive as my fuck buddie Nancy Pelosi
Submitted By: Kennedyted26
(505,895 on 11-2009)

Fuck it! we will do it live.
This podcast makes me smart. My balls grew 5 times their normal size. All thanks to the NH After Hours show filling it with useless information. Brent drinks jizz!
Submitted By: hippymouth
(505,891 on 11-2009)

hello, im from the govt and im here to help.
Tell that European trash to stop being a fuck face with his highbrow emails to the show. I get it your better then the rest of us and wont stand up and fight for anything unless theres something in it for him. Scum bag. PS Obama and this douche have something in common. Neither one will stand for doing the right thing. Fuck you with your pistols. Come suck on my M14 you cock munch!
Submitted By: Irishtwit
(505,890 on 11-2009)

Fuck you Bill, but you got my vote
Submitted By: nashuanh40
(505,889 on 11-2009)

you guys rock! keep up the good work!
Submitted By: chickshunt2
(505,884 on 11-2009)

a fucking vote for rockers who fucking rock the fucking vote
Integrity, enlightenment, sincerity. These are absolutely not values on this podcast, but as the vulgar hilarity ensues your urban vocabulary will double. Also, I am not a cave man(i.e. menametim). I just talk like a retard because Andy is probably my father. Oh, fuck me.
Submitted By: menametim
(504,348 on 11-2009)

Surprisingly well done for an uneducated nation
Sometimes I want to smother you all with my cock and drown your corpses in precum, for some retarded ideas you have. However most of it is not too bad for bacon sucking illiterate boonie dwellers. And here I thought that in the area between Canada and Mexico they just make bad cars and partake in incest.
Submitted By: thelegendary
(503,594 on 11-2009)

greatest murder ever 0/14/BAL81A4SU0.DTL "Wycoffs opening statement indicated he would try to justify the killings to the jury, rather than deny he committed them."
Submitted By: tackleberry61
(503,487 on 11-2009)

Life sucks almost as bad as your show
Submitted By: smith.brandon.n
(503,319 on 11-2009)

Best Show on The Web
Glad this show is back and with a full head of steam. Im glad I can listen to this while driving instead of having to listen to shitty radio (though the radio commercial advertising for the Arthritis Foundation "Bone Bash" here in my local city for this past Halloween absolutely made me piss myself laughing). Keep up the good work guys.--- Cameron
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(503,090 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: beebsmom
(502,953 on 11-2009)

Time to vote
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(502,947 on 11-2009)

I do believe in supporting your show cause its entertaining as hell. Billy you are still and always will be a cunt and I really do hate you! So fuck off! And your guest Sean fit into the show perfectly but Im going to kick that mother fucker in the mouth!
Submitted By: belkmarsha
(502,936 on 11-2009)

Hey look I was able to vote twice! Maybe its cause Im from work?? Either way breaking the rules makes me feel like part of the club. As Andy would say "HE-YA!"
Submitted By: dan.sanja
(502,790 on 10-2009)

Gather round
Vote like it is the only chance you will get for your vote to really mean something concrete. Tell these guys, "you are right, this is good."
Submitted By: cdmcmillin
(502,678 on 10-2009)

Arrrrggghhhhhh is the sound a priate makes, Ouuuuuuuccchhhhh is the sound that Brent the Butt Priate makes! Thanks for the great shows!
Submitted By: nemsmedic11
(502,152 on 10-2009)

What The Hell
Hey you monkey-fuckers whatever happened to the Sunday/Thursday show schedule? When you don't produce the shows, I'm left with having to go through the workweek listening to the Free State bozo's out in Keene - where their heroes are gimme-guy waste-oids smoking dope in public. So get with the program fuckholes! BTW: Great programs guys - you have my vote(s) for the month ;)
Submitted By: guyz_stuff
(502,148 on 10-2009)

Love the show guys!
OK, I'm a new listener, found you on the Zune Marketplace. I used to live in NH when I was a teenager and loved everything about it. So I thought I would do a search for anything NH and of course two podcasts came up, yours and some gay ass podcast about cooking. So I think I choose the lesser of two evils. I've listened to the 8 or 9 most recent ones and other than the Drunk Jim episode(That was an audio abortion!!!!) I say hell ya! You've got my vote and will every month going forward! Brent does seem to be the brunt of all jokes, which is good he deserves it HA ha ha!, but I will give him credit for producing the show, not bad considering what you have to work with. Bill, nice job keeping the show going while the other two just drool! And lastly, Andy, you need to get some more women to send in photos to the listener submitted area on your website. I would have emailed this to the show BUT this was quicker than typing out that insanely long email address (Thanks Brent!). Keep the shows coming guys, don't podfade! New listener Dan
Submitted By: dan.sanja
(501,972 on 10-2009)

Yall SUCK, but no seriously do another show... I need a fix!
Submitted By: tpatsfield33
(501,915 on 10-2009)

Best podcast!
Heres your vote boys. Keep up the good work. Love the show and the new political/news format is very entertaining! Better than Fox!! Candy
Submitted By: Candysm77
(500,897 on 10-2009)

How in the hell do you go from having someone like "Drunk Jim" to having a guy like Sean on your show. Its literally opposite ends of the spectrum. I was very impressed with the way Sean handled himself on the show, and he is welcome back any time... but never... ever....eveeeeerrrrrrrrr, have "Drunk Jim" back on as a favor to all of us. As always keep up the great work, I appreciate what you do. Thanks, Travis
Submitted By: tptbone33
(500,848 on 10-2009)

Youre the Man now, dog!
Hey guys, keep up the great show, and btw its a quote from Finding Forrester Keep the shows coming, or I will tie you all to stakes, let Marsha set you on fire and slowly feed you into a wood-chipper. lol
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(500,276 on 10-2009)

Truly Disturbing....
What do you get when you cross a foul mouthed crack whore and a rabid chihuahua? The New Hampshire After Hours Show. I havent quite worked out the logistics, it just feels right.....
Submitted By: ryan_brooks
(500,123 on 10-2009)

Sex moulds are us?
Genital molds + new hampshire underground hosts=podcast funding lol
Submitted By: davehollis69
(500,077 on 10-2009)

I never thought that listening to three latent homosexuals would be so amusing. Keep the new episodes rolling and youll always get my vote (not that itll help you up in the top ten).
Submitted By: thelegendary
(499,903 on 10-2009)

Brent, Bill, and Andy...
....will offend you daily, nightly and ever so wrongly in a way we all can appreciate. Seriously people throw some cash in these guys' direction or leave them a vote, they freakin deserve it. Lets get this show back in the Top 10 where it belongs HYYAAAHH!!! ---Chuck Norris Google Inc. HAHA Nah its Cameron (from Kansas) again. Keep it up guys.
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(499,455 on 10-2009)

Brent, Bill and Andy....
Submitted By: sidekicklink
(499,449 on 10-2009)

You Almost Made It!
You cockbags. You almost made it a whole month keeping to the schedule of Sunday's and Thursday's. I was thinking, "Wow, they're acting like professional podcaster's instead of members of congress. I think I'll make a donation.' But now I'm just gonna donate the money to Marsha's bastard child college fund... BigW
Submitted By: zigteam
(499,303 on 10-2009)

yeeee haaaaaa
hi guys. heres my vote! love ya!
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(499,209 on 10-2009)

just brilliant
lived in Durham for the past 5 years and my friend just told me about you guys. cant stop listening, keep up the good work
Submitted By: plante.joshua
(499,193 on 10-2009)

question for the month
Why do girls get uptight when a guy hits on them but in the privacy of a bed room let a guy blow jizz all over their face? Brent dont be so uptight.
Submitted By: Eatfish21
(499,182 on 10-2009)

more fun then your mothers mouth
... But not by much.
Submitted By: Emergencylove17
(499,179 on 10-2009)

im not dead!
Great news guys I got internet and I can now stream your show straight into my coffin. Fucking A!
Submitted By: Kennedyted26
(499,178 on 10-2009)

Obama eats poo!
Submitted By: HelloNH
(499,177 on 10-2009)

We are awesome!
But Brents still a socialist
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(499,153 on 10-2009)

Here you go, I created another e-mail address that Ill never use so that I can get you guys another vote for this month. I know its last minute but take it or leave it. I have to mention too, that when Bill went on his rant and stated something along the lines of "we should bulldoze Washington and start from scratch" I have to say I fully agree. As always keep up the BS, it gets me through the week. Thanks, Travis
Submitted By: tpatsfield33
(498,771 on 9-2009)

Excellent show!
Love the show! Fuck yo couch!
Submitted By: smith.brandon.n
(498,610 on 9-2009)

keep it up
Submitted By: briandobson1983
(498,072 on 9-2009)

Just downloaded a show called the wood whisperer and was surprised not finding Brent in it. Anyway great job at keeping my stress levels in the low thus stopping me from smothering old people in their beds.
Submitted By: navigationcrafty
(497,773 on 9-2009)

Here you go pricks.
Your show is awesome. Keep up with the cock jokes and the great commentary on stupidity. Keep it up, fuckers.
Submitted By: scarfacematrix
(497,283 on 9-2009)

About Time
Just heard 111.... ITS ABOUT FRIGGEN TIME! O and do us a favor never... ever have Drunk Jim come back. There is only so much stupidity we can handle.
Submitted By: tptbone33
(496,737 on 9-2009)

about time!
Finally, everyones (by everyone I mean all two of us) favorite podcast is getting new episodes again. Brent seems to have forgotten all his promises and duties since becoming a Socialist, but listen and vote for them anyways!
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(496,632 on 9-2009)

Whod of known
Who would have ever known that a Socialist Speak and Spell, An Arsonist pit of knowledge, and a womanizer that sounds suspiciously like Sid the sloth from the movie Ice Age, could crap out a show this entertaining. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks, Travis
Submitted By: tptbone33
(494,998 on 8-2009)

Where are they?
I think I figured out what they do for a living. They're congressmen - they've taken the whole fucking month of August off!
Submitted By: guyz_stuff
(494,768 on 8-2009)

NH After hours
The best offensive podcast out there. Listen! Question mark, question mark, question mark.
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(493,969 on 8-2009)

these guys are F-ing hilarious!
Submitted By: menametim
(493,845 on 8-2009)

I think I like this show so much Im going to vote for it
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(492,984 on 8-2009)

love it!
Best show ever!
Submitted By: smith.brandon.n
(492,565 on 8-2009)

This show is worth putting up with Bill.
I was at longhorns the other day and found myself wondering what kind of panties the waitress was wearing. Odds are they were your basic, white cotton. But then I began to think, maybe its a thong. Maybe its something really cool that I dont even know about.
Submitted By: cdmcmillin
(492,142 on 8-2009)

I just started listening to these guys
I just started listening a couple weeks ago but Im forever hooked and love the fact that my fellow new englanders are making a name for themselves in podcasting. Im from maine so guys if you read this on your show fuck you in advance for making fun of me :)
Submitted By: Ben_Rogers84
(490,854 on 7-2009)

Voting for the best podcast ever.
Submitted By: ray.kovecses
(489,891 on 7-2009)

For the offended
Keep this show for all of the people that demand that I do not offend them with my speech. Their need to not have to look at themselves carries more weight than my own thoughts. Fuck that. Turn here to listen to blunt people.
Submitted By: cdmcmillin
(489,878 on 7-2009)

Love the show!
Voting for my #1 Podcast Show!
Submitted By: dee.santilli
(489,190 on 7-2009)

That was the most well done interview I have heard in a long time!
Submitted By: tackleberry61
(488,921 on 7-2009)

Andy said I was supposed to.
Submitted By: av8rblond
(488,831 on 7-2009)

heya boys.. heres my vote! love ya!
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(488,748 on 7-2009)

A Test
I would like to have you guys try something. Just have Brent go through the first ten letters of the alphabet with a short pause between each letter. Ill be surprised if he doesnt sound exactly like a speak and spell. Keep up the great work guys, you make the days a little less painful. Thanks, Travis
Submitted By: tptbone33
(488,572 on 7-2009)

Happy Hours Here!
This show is like being drunk. Its great to consume ,but your gonna go home with a ulgy whore. By the way my cocks itchy and my balls smell. Go Obama!
Submitted By: Kennedyted26
(488,541 on 7-2009)

I hate this show, but...
I still masturbate to the sound of Brent speak and spell voice. WOULD YOU LIKE TO RUB MY BALLS
Submitted By: HelloNH
(488,540 on 7-2009)

Best show since the creation on the universe!
Submitted By: Hippymouth
(488,539 on 7-2009)

Bill this just in Fuck you! Brent, Andy carry on! Nice job
Submitted By: Irishtwit
(488,537 on 7-2009)

Awesome as Always
I pissed myself when I heard the Arnold call. Keep up the great work
Submitted By: Nashuanh40
(488,536 on 7-2009)

Im fucking Nancy Pelosi. Sometimes I get drunk and she fucks me. I guess its only fair we have been fucking america for years.
Submitted By: kennedyted26
(488,528 on 6-2009)

Corrupting on mind at a time or in Andys case if he works hard 2 fingers! WHOO HOO!
Submitted By: midnight_penguin
(488,381 on 6-2009)

Love it live it - NH Afterhours ROCKS!
Submitted By: klboisvert
(488,362 on 6-2009)

these crazy fuckers rock!!! if youre not listening, you suck big hairy donkey balls!!! :)
Submitted By: jcftw_06
(488,225 on 6-2009)

hahaha.. still listening to 104 as I am voting.. get to the choppa!!!!! funny shiiiiatttttt guys... keep it up.. ANDY- I GOT A PIC FOR YOU.. wait - didnt i send you one already?
Submitted By: cheslockmesslock
(488,141 on 6-2009)

Baby Adolf needs diapers Brent!
Submitted By: belkmarsha
(488,140 on 6-2009)

DAmn hobos made me misspells shiz
Submitted By: sime68
(487,069 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: XOdanielaXO
(486,759 on 6-2009)

NH After hours Rocks!
Rude, crude, and absolutely hilarious! - Jesse
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(486,309 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: WithinIllusion
(486,223 on 6-2009)

Brent = Speak and Spell
Submitted By: tptbone33
(485,966 on 6-2009)

hey hey hey. ok andy... now i win lol. love u guys. xoxoxox
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(484,641 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: tn916
(484,560 on 6-2009)

The only show worth listening to
...because all other Podcasts fail on an epic level compared with this show. 100 Episodes and going strong, keep it up guys! :D
Submitted By: storm_waker
(484,525 on 6-2009)

spread the way
punch a nun in the face and tell your friends, these guys are crazy!
Submitted By: muzikkmanix
(484,478 on 6-2009)

best comedy podcast
Submitted By: Candysm77
(483,133 on 5-2009)

All Hail!
This show is proof that God exists, and the Lord is actually three guys and one of them is in Germany and two of them are in New Hampshire. All hail New Hampshire After Hours!
Submitted By: storm_waker
(482,456 on 5-2009)

The Best. Ever.
This show is the best podcast on the internet, since listening to this show I have hooked about 5 or 6 of my friends from all over the US, and they are hooking their friends... This show is addictive!
Submitted By: ruseofpoison
(481,955 on 5-2009)

Another vote from me
Seriously these guys gotta be number 1, not number 2, you gotta flush that crap
Submitted By: muzikkmanix
(481,144 on 5-2009)

k boys here is my ya xoxox
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(481,069 on 5-2009)

Love the show!
voting for my my favorite show in the world!
Submitted By: stevedee1
(480,550 on 5-2009)

Giving a shout and a vote from Minor Detail
Submitted By: tim
(479,826 on 5-2009)

By far the best wasted hour of the week! Burn it to the ground!
Submitted By: glock23
(479,648 on 5-2009)

An Idea
Alright so your fan base has a pretty good idea that youre all fans of guns, so I had an idea. What if for every vote you guys received, you made a small donation to the NRA. Something like for every vote you get, youll donate $.10 or a small sum so that it doesnt make a dent in your wallets. It was just an idea take it or leave it or FUCK OFF!!. Just thought it might help encourage voting (granted it might hurt too, depending on peoples opinions on weapons) Thanks, Travis PS, Brent still sounds like the Speak and Spell.
Submitted By: tptbone33
(479,429 on 5-2009)

Offending the world, one person at a time
That must be one incredible Oxy Moxy lady to keep pulling Brent from the show like that. Spot on, Brent!
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(479,332 on 5-2009)

Im touching myself
Submitted By: emergencylove17
(479,284 on 5-2009)

Nice job boys. Lets go for a drive
Submitted By: kennedyted26
(479,283 on 5-2009)

NH Afterhours Rocks!!!
These guys are hiliarious! Listening to them at work helps me get through the day! You will not be disapointed, just give them a chance and you will be hooked!
Submitted By: amylynnfey
(479,228 on 5-2009)

Great show
Best podcast I have found. And they are from my home state.
Submitted By: ray.kovecses
(479,210 on 5-2009)

New month time to vote! Show your support for the show you fuckers!
Submitted By: kissthgrl
(479,111 on 5-2009)

Brent you cocksucker! The lengths you will go to get out of paying child support for baby Adolf. You mother fucker!
Submitted By: belkmarsha
(478,823 on 4-2009)

The best Podcast Ive ever heard!
Im a listener from California, and these guys in New Hampshire are the funniest *explanative deleted* in the States. The need to be in the top 3 at least as they bring joy, laughs and a little east coast vulgar wisdom to all who listen!
Submitted By: storm_waker
(478,473 on 4-2009)

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????thought u might b runnin out ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Submitted By: babygirlsns
(478,254 on 4-2009)

Turn it up!
Turn it up bitches! You know you want to! Help thr boys offend the world!
Submitted By: glock23
(476,738 on 4-2009)

NH After hours
Once again, a vote for the most offensive people in podcasting history. Making people turns their heads as I bust out laughing while repairing rugged laptops. Spot on! - Jesse
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(475,936 on 4-2009)

I love the show
Submitted By: ajjerome
(475,222 on 4-2009)

Good Work
Thanks for the laughs!
Submitted By: tptbone33
(475,204 on 4-2009)

Boys Boys Boys
The saying goes..."Boys will be Boys" that is definately true with these 3 man/boys. Guys like it cause well.. lets face it they are guys and giggle when someone says boobs. Girls like it cause if you dont know it by now... girls are dirty vixons and also giggle when someone says boobs. It is a perfect fit for all adults who just need to be 15 again.
Submitted By: kdoucet
(474,895 on 4-2009)

fluffy says your cunts!
Submitted By: xxstealmyheartxx
(474,843 on 4-2009)

bill you dumb fuck
If you read this comment you fucktard, let it be known that you should know whos e-mail address this is. The last time you read my comment, you sounded completely oblivious. Just ask "your wife"
Submitted By: sbctregwar1
(474,650 on 4-2009)

hours of fun
What an awesome show!
Submitted By: melwest
(474,274 on 4-2009)

You guys so so totally have Squabblesmoskh and you guys know it and know what it is because you have it. (Sonik)
Submitted By: the_marc_of_manix
(474,202 on 4-2009)

hey guys!!! april fools.. no really love you guys! love shannon
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(473,969 on 4-2009)

Love that show!
Nice job Andy! Brent and Bill are holding back the show.
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(473,944 on 4-2009)

Great show!!
Submitted By: Candysm77
(473,028 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: Stevedee1
(472,951 on 3-2009)

I tell you W-hat! Best hour(ish) to listen to, these guys are INSANE, now wheres my bumper sticker!
Submitted By: the_marc_of_manix
(471,406 on 3-2009)

So funny
Looking for something to keep you laughing all day? These guys can do it! Hey now....!
Submitted By: melwest
(470,129 on 3-2009)

What a ride! Climb abord the crazy train - where you will feel at home
Submitted By: kdoucet
(470,110 on 3-2009)

Great podcast
Best I have heard
Submitted By: ray.kovecses
(469,914 on 3-2009)

whhhhooooo hhhoooooo
hey boys casting my vote! thanks andy for reminding me!!! see ya tomrrow! love ya! shannon
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(469,833 on 3-2009)
Submitted By: allisondsweeney
(469,457 on 3-2009)

love these guys!
Great show as always!
Submitted By: kissthgrl
(469,058 on 3-2009)

Brent is a Bunghole
This show is the funniest shit I have ever listened to, now go do another show!
Submitted By: pat3305
(469,049 on 3-2009)

Offending the world, one person at a time
Keep up the good work. I agree with both Bill and Brent about Sci-fi, Andys just a douche in that matter, but we might forgive him anyways. More podcasts! Remember your resolution!
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(469,030 on 3-2009)

fucking A
Obama eats more cock then Brent
Submitted By: hippymouth
(467,840 on 2-2009)

Bill sucks!
Dont be such an angry troll. Other then that keep up the great work
Submitted By: nashuanh40
(467,837 on 2-2009)

Great job!
Great job on the show. The shows forums are awesome. I rub one out everytime I read what Marsha has to say. Sorry Brent I dont rub anything when I read what you write
Submitted By: podcast7
(467,836 on 2-2009)

Love it!
Love love love this show!!! Thank you Andy for giving me a new addiction. I cant stop laughing haha love it! :)
Submitted By: jennidiamond
(467,614 on 2-2009)

More Teacher Sex!!!!!
funny funny funny!
Submitted By: kathi_doucet
(466,598 on 2-2009)

The Best!
Hands down the best friggin podcast out there! Do yourself a favor and listen!
Submitted By: glock23
(466,485 on 2-2009)

NH After hours Rocks!
Hey guys. Just putting in another vote for the best damn podcast to club morons to.
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(466,167 on 2-2009)

Billys a CUNT!
Submitted By: belkmarsha
(466,073 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: rlindydiane
(465,517 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: earthdog80
(464,198 on 2-2009)

Hey Guys
Great show! Obama sucks more then Brent drunk at a rest area. Keep up the good job.
Submitted By: kissthgrl25
(463,987 on 2-2009)

Funny Fuckers
Keep up the great work. That teacher sex video was F ing funny
Submitted By: armored384
(463,539 on 2-2009)

This is a wicked pissah of a show. One if not the best podcast around. You may not love em, you may not even like em but you damn well better respect em. Keep up the awesome job. Keith AKA: Destructo
Submitted By: midnightsentinal
(463,230 on 2-2009)

Great Show!
Keep up the crazy podcasts and please tell Marsha shes my dream woman!!!
Submitted By: Heinecan
(459,990 on 1-2009)

Best comedy show
This is the by far the best comedy show out there, and it should be #1
Submitted By: sbctregwar1
(459,961 on 1-2009)

you rule!
Submitted By: klboisvert
(458,826 on 1-2009)

show is awesome
Submitted By: ray.kovecses
(458,195 on 1-2009)

Submitted By: stevedee22
(457,938 on 1-2009)

Funny Show
Why am I voting for them? Not sure it seemed like the right thing to do! Give them a listen they provide a tad of humor. Brent, Andy and my long lost son Billy! The best podcast out there today! Hobo Bob
Submitted By: csc173
(457,561 on 1-2009)

I miss you Brent
Brent is the best host ever, but he is a cockbag.
Submitted By: pat3305
(457,047 on 1-2009)

k boys. here is my annual vote! keep up the good work ;) love ya! shannon xoxo
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(456,950 on 1-2009)

NH After hours
Listen to them and learn... something... probably about Teacher Sex or living with the Dead.
Submitted By: j_s_sherman
(454,758 on 12-2008)

Whats up men ??
just wanted to say WHATS UP>>>
Submitted By: craig.steiber
(452,422 on 12-2008)

Submitted By: stevedee1
(452,260 on 12-2008)

You guys are really gross!
Submitted By: kathi.doucet
(452,145 on 12-2008)

Marsha Gets Me Wet!
Marsha excites my fun zones! Keep up the great Emails. Oh and you guys are amusing too.
Submitted By: kissthgrl
(452,057 on 12-2008)

Great show
You guys freaking rock I love this site and wish there were more sites out there like this =)
Submitted By: rosa109
(451,925 on 12-2008)

Submitted By: cmcgrew1989
(448,211 on 11-2008)

It amazes me how many people love to be ofended! Down with the the policical correct fkrs!
Submitted By: kdoucet
(447,310 on 11-2008)

Fucking Awesome!
This show blows like Brent at a San Fran Glory hole. Great job guys. Oh Brent next time less teeth.
Submitted By: irishtwit
(447,128 on 11-2008)

Obama sucks!
In response to that cunt that posted the pro Obama comment. As the boys on the show would say...your a clam.
Submitted By: podcast7
(447,126 on 11-2008)

Rub-a-dub-dub.... three men in a tub, they stood to take a shower..and came up with NH After Hours!
Submitted By: stevedee1
(446,813 on 11-2008)

Obama kicked MaCains ass!!!!!!
Submitted By: babygirlsns
(446,517 on 11-2008)

Awesome Show
Submitted By: sherman.jesse
(446,441 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,503 on 11-2008)

Support/Hobo Bob
Despite the fact that I have been mugged and robbed of the New Hampshire After Hours show phone they gave me, I still support the show this is an inovative trio that are funny, clever and supply some good entertainment. As well as news of some sort. If only my son Billy would help me out with a few bucks I would still have the phone. On my way down to VA much warmer than NH. Hobo Bob
Submitted By: csc173
(445,312 on 11-2008)

Hell ya! By far the most offensive, funny, and down right rude show on the planet! Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: glock23
(445,236 on 11-2008)

Show 69 was awesome!
By far the most offensive show yet. You guys really are offending the world one person at a time. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: kissthgrl
(445,159 on 11-2008)

Hope youre #1 this month!!
Hey guys Keep up the good work, as always. Love Andys favorite Heather PS Dont forget to vote-Go Red!!
Submitted By: hlscott20
(445,110 on 11-2008)

I got the fever for the flavor of the New Hampshire After Hours Show!!!
Submitted By: stevedee1
(445,095 on 11-2008)

whhhooooo hooooooo
hey boys. comin to show some love! MUUAHHHHH. love ya!
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(445,031 on 11-2008)

Fucking Awesome!
This is twisted. Im hooked like Brent on COCK!
Submitted By: predhunter85
(445,020 on 11-2008)

Miss Fran
this show totally rocks
Submitted By: fran03064
(443,630 on 10-2008)

if friends were flowers then i would pick u so in a week u would die and a new one would grow.
Submitted By: babygirlsns
(440,203 on 10-2008)

What! ? A podcast crew that goes to Germany! How about spreading some of that cash around and help out Hobo Bob I could use some $$$$. Really check out The New Hampshire after hours show These guys are funny and inovative. HOBO BOB
Submitted By: csc173
(438,287 on 10-2008)

Freaking love these guys!
Submitted By: amberburns04
(436,889 on 10-2008)

keep it up boys
You have my vote, keep up the great work.... XOXO Andys favorite Heather
Submitted By: hlscott20
(436,740 on 10-2008)

The Shit
Some things are just SHIT well this show IS the shit, so listen NOW!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: funkmalone
(436,295 on 10-2008)

This show is worse than a $2 hooker! Rock on!!!
Submitted By: glock23
(436,218 on 10-2008)

NH After hours Rocks!
Submitted By: j_s_sherman
(435,022 on 10-2008)

NH After Hours Show
Best show on Podcast, hands down. Lets get it higher folks!
Submitted By: sbctregwar1
(433,045 on 9-2008)

Hey Bill, Go ahead, get your dictionary of $20 words and be a Master-baster! Keep it hangin' BigW
Submitted By: guyz_stuff
(430,047 on 9-2008)

I still get no respect
I was listening to three the other day episode I think 59. Anyway that Tim character must either a fag or a pussy or both. I did laugh actually I rolled over in my grave with laughter. I think his father should have pulled out a long time ago, and saved everyone some grief.
Submitted By: dangerfieldrodney93
(429,153 on 9-2008)

hey sexy
hey i heard? ?? that one of the? cohosts has not?? seen a girl in years ? so her is a picture of me and my boyfriend?!?!???? /1972/122090326349df3.jpg ??? warning Explicit ??? so wanna hook up some time!!!
Submitted By: draewrou
(428,558 on 9-2008)

Just awesome!
Love the show. I cant tell you how many times Ive fingered myself to the sound of andys voice. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: kissthgrl
(428,502 on 9-2008)

Forget Idear
So, daniela was lamb-basting you? What are you a piece of fucking cooked mutton? Phonetically it?s pronounced lam-bass-ting. Give up on the $10 words (it?s above your pay grade Obama) and stick with the 10 cent ones and instead say: ?daniela was beating us up over...? BigW
Submitted By: guyz_stuff
(428,343 on 9-2008)

Teacher Sex & the Letter C
Hmmm what could be more fun then 3 guys having a good time - discusing teacher sex and whatever else comes to mind!
Submitted By: klboisvert
(427,848 on 9-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(427,602 on 9-2008)

I LOVE THE BRENT AFTER HOURS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: ladyraevyn
(427,391 on 9-2008)

Yeah Baby
Andy is my man:) Yall are great!!!
Submitted By: janetrobards
(427,369 on 9-2008)

What the hell is with you fuckers and ?ider.? Don?t you know there isn?t a fucking r in idea and if it was supposed to be pronounced ?ider? they would have fucking spelt it that way to fucking begin with. And you guys want to give Andy a hard time about names (not that he can say IDEA right either). At least names are a fucking legitimate reason to have a hard time to pronounce shit. You should fucking say it right or don?t you the damn word at all. Love you guys and the show, christa
Submitted By: XOdanielaXO
(427,156 on 9-2008)

Hey BOYS!!
Keep up the good work, and I know you dont believe me but,I still think Andy is HOT!!
Submitted By: hlscott20
(426,904 on 9-2008)

is it wrong?
Is it wrong to vote for ourselves? Well too bad!
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(426,413 on 9-2008)

vote now
love these guys. they are with me in the wee hours of the morning having coffee and makeing me laugh. so come vote damnit. :)
Submitted By: savageangel2007
(426,291 on 9-2008)

This is a great show to drink too!
Submitted By: kennedyted26
(426,171 on 9-2008)

great show as always.
Fuck my ass and call me Brent I love this show
Submitted By: helloNH
(426,169 on 9-2008)

Honk if you love teacher sex!
Honk honk honk honk!!!
Submitted By: armored384
(426,163 on 9-2008)

Fucking Awesome!
Submitted By: Irishtwit
(426,158 on 9-2008)

These Clams make my cunt itch but god help me I love it!
Submitted By: uberclam1
(426,120 on 9-2008)

The New Hampshire After Hours Show rocks!
Submitted By: stevedee22
(426,104 on 9-2008)

Freaking funny
This show is wicked! Andy is hawt!
Submitted By: heasmi
(426,057 on 9-2008)

Listen to the show!!! Hell ya!! These 3 are FUBAR!
Submitted By: glock23
(426,032 on 9-2008)

hey boys. just dropping by to support my favorite radio show. love you guys! shannon xoxo.
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(425,999 on 9-2008)

love the show
I know it seems generic, but yes, I do love the show!
Submitted By: soundslikeghosts
(425,749 on 9-2008)

You rock!
Love it!
Submitted By: Stevedee1
(424,702 on 8-2008)

This show is great and funny as hell
Submitted By: belkmarsha
(423,164 on 8-2008)

ok, so i guess its that time of the month, or something , so here i am voting for my favorite podcast show!!!! keep up the good work guys.....and keep on keepin on love ya xoxo Mandy
Submitted By: mandyrae75
(423,054 on 8-2008)

just fuckin vote bitches
look go vote or i will hunt you down and make you swollow your keyboards. te he just playin folks, but seriously.... go vote for the greatest show ever.
Submitted By: savageangel2007
(422,841 on 8-2008)

Love your show
I have written in before... and i felt is was necessary again I feel that the podcast has just gotten better I missed Hobo Bob... the stench, not so much Sincerely, Some random Seacoast Listener who wanted to vote for the podcast and just noticed that the comment was optional
Submitted By: cnrcobalt
(421,730 on 8-2008)

I thought your show that was sponsored by the letter "C" was priceless. I roared laughing at Brent and his rants. I would like to sponsor a future show with the letter "D" for Douche bag, Dickhead or perhaps you can think of a more appropriate word. Very funny show, and as always Watch the Hands, or in all your cases your backsides. Buck
Submitted By: bucksavage24
(419,917 on 8-2008)

Laugh out loud funny
Ok - so there is a lot of the C word - but who the hell cares!
Submitted By:
(418,634 on 8-2008)

Love it
Submitted By:
(418,490 on 8-2008)

Yall Rock!!!
I love you guys!!!! Andy youre the best!!! Love Ya! Janie
Submitted By: janie.robinson82
(416,672 on 8-2008)

Hobo Bob rules
The NH after hours show marches on despite cry babaies bitches that have no humor!! We will offend you!!
Submitted By: csc173
(416,267 on 8-2008)

douche bags!
Submitted By: bluerosephotography
(415,574 on 8-2008)

your a cunt brent
bill and andy your cool
Submitted By: briandobson1983
(415,573 on 8-2008)

whores all of you!
I feel dirty for tuning in. Keep it up!
Submitted By: kissthgrl
(415,263 on 8-2008)

A Good Release
Its the perfect way to lose the tension the day brings. I believe thats why its getting so popular. Keep it up guys!
Submitted By: jpsbass
(415,235 on 8-2008)

Good job!
As Always love the show
Submitted By: irishtwit
(415,156 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: smirnoff1214
(415,135 on 8-2008)

Who loves you!
You know who does Andy...Heres a great bit "H" smooshing your head into my boobs !!!! LOL
Submitted By: hlscott20
(415,056 on 8-2008)

Quit your fooling around and make me more shows. Im going through withdrawls!!!!!
Submitted By: Armored384
(414,655 on 8-2008)

Shut your whorish mouths! Great show!
Submitted By: glock23
(414,582 on 8-2008)

Love andy after hours!!!!!
Submitted By: Ladyraevyn
(411,423 on 7-2008)

I'm watching you
I'm watching you three. When you least expect it I am right around the corner watching and listening. Your all on double secret probation. Tim
Submitted By: timmayyyh
(407,381 on 7-2008)

You guys are awesome:) Keep it up!
Submitted By: janetrobards
(406,534 on 7-2008)

Who the F is the jamhole???
Ive been investigating these three for over a month, they should be locked up. Teacher sex, Boobies, and more importantly will Bill ever answer his phone? By the way where did the jamholes go? Must be washed up. Remember Rookie always watch the hands.
Submitted By: bucksavage24
(404,355 on 7-2008)

Hobo Bob
The New Hampshire after hours show is one of the best Pods out here. Funny and sometimes news worthy!!
Submitted By: csc173
(404,319 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: savageangel2007
(403,498 on 7-2008)

Great Show!
I love the show!
Submitted By: klboisvert
(403,142 on 7-2008)

I'm voting for you for president!!!
I saw your channel 3 news report about running for president. Come November, you have my vote! Those other two shit bags don't stand a chance! Go NH After Hours in 08!!!!!
Submitted By: glock23
(402,593 on 7-2008)

I love the New Hampshire After Hours Show! Those guys are hilarious and keep us coming back for more!!
Submitted By: alandry65
(402,531 on 7-2008)

The best!
Submitted By: janet.johnston
(402,490 on 7-2008)

andy, bill and brent r my heros!
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(402,190 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: briandobson1983
(401,944 on 7-2008)

There I Voted
If you dont keep producing these hysterical podcasts, your listeners will hunt you down and shoot you in the face THEN burn your houses down. Big W
Submitted By: guyz_stuff
(401,634 on 6-2008)

you guys rock
keep on voteing people. or else!
Submitted By: savageangel2007
(397,078 on 6-2008)

You guys
You guys rock, all the teacher sex portions are the best i have heard in any podcast... Even if there are no podcasts dedicated to teacher sex (hint, hint). But, your podcast is the first one i listen to when i sync up my iPod
Submitted By: cnrcobalt
(395,137 on 6-2008)

Who's jamhole? Never heard of them. Must be some has been wannabees.
Submitted By: pat3305
(394,371 on 6-2008)

These guys are the shit
Nice job all
Submitted By: sbctregwar1
(392,889 on 6-2008)

You guys rule!!! JAMHOLE SUCKS
Submitted By: bluerosephotography
(392,289 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: briandobson1983
(392,035 on 6-2008)

you look nice,now take off your top :)
just wanted to say you guys rock and i wish you continued success with the site and podcast....i am curious as to where you found the pic for the site..the one with the man loosening his tie? is it michael buble? just wondering....take care guys and keep on keeping on.....and oh ya, Andy is still the hottest :)
Submitted By: mandyrae75
(391,986 on 6-2008)

Kick Ass
a good listen, check it out
Submitted By: carthios
(391,699 on 6-2008)

Good Stuff
Way funny crap from these guys. Andy the man whore with the one liners, Brent of the no sex, and Bill the intelligent but very angry one.
Submitted By: funkmalone
(391,495 on 6-2008)

You guys rock...
oh yeah and I dont care what you say Andy is still HOT!!
Submitted By: hlscott20
(391,212 on 6-2008)

Im offended
As a female I cant believe the garbage you guys are putting on. I say more garbage. I love it. I think the whole teacher sex story is way funny. I checked out your website and I loved it. Nice job putting it together. I will be telling my girl friends about this show. Oh and less girl on girl love...Sorry boys.
Submitted By: kissthgrl
(391,144 on 6-2008)

I cant believe these three have not been arrested. Very funny show, teacher sex, Bill wont answer any phone and Andy is a man whore only for free. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: mahogoff
(391,129 on 6-2008)

Great show
Hey guys big fan of the show! Keep up the great work, also I love the webpage. The blogs are as funny as the show.
Submitted By: hellonh
(391,045 on 6-2008)

Funny shit!
Awesome. You need naked women on the show. Andy get on that!
Submitted By: armored384
(391,035 on 6-2008)

I get no respect
These guys continue to be funny. I was just listening to episode 38 and I messed my depends. I tell ya I get no respect.
Submitted By: dangerfieldrodney93
(391,033 on 6-2008)

Har Har Har
This show is funny stuff. Bill answer your phone. Brent buy some sex for gods sake man. Andy stay classy your beautiful.
Submitted By: irishtwit
(391,030 on 6-2008)

So, new to these guys and love it! Cant believe Andy harassed me into listening! But so glad he did! Theyre hilarious!
Submitted By: alandry65
(390,947 on 6-2008)

This Show Rocks!!
These local guys from NH, friggin rock! Hilarious, you gotta give them a listen!
Submitted By: glock23
(390,889 on 6-2008)

hey guys! its shannon! love ya!! muah!!! xoxo
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(390,854 on 6-2008)

The Shit
I would sell my mother to listen to more from these guys, awesome stuff, check it out.
Submitted By: funkmalone
(390,283 on 6-2008)

These guys are funny as hell. If you dont have a thick skin, you wont get their humor. Big W
Submitted By: guyz_stuff
(389,458 on 5-2008)

Great job guys!
Submitted By: lovin_syl
(389,197 on 5-2008)

this show keeps getting better and better
Submitted By: sockstobeu1990
(388,819 on 5-2008)

nh afterhours #1!!!
Submitted By: stumpy71314
(386,839 on 5-2008)

not bad
Kinda crude but funny.
Submitted By: emergencylove17
(386,559 on 5-2008)

Funny Show
This show is very funny. All three are funny and witty. Brent has a very sexy voice, almost like James Earl Jones if you know what I mean. This is a must listen to show.
Submitted By: patandbrent
(386,004 on 5-2008)

Watch the hands
I think these three should be investigated. Teacher sex,pediphyles,donkey punching,Michael Jackson,baby rape,prostitutes in the workplace, and boobies. All I want to know is where to they work and should I start an investigation, or can I work there part time? REMEMBER WATCH THE HANDS!!!
Submitted By: bucksavage24
(385,947 on 5-2008)

I love these guys. I'd offer them a ride anywhere. Anybody for drinks?
Submitted By: Kennedyted26
(385,939 on 5-2008)

Keep it up.
Submitted By: bluerosephotography
(385,932 on 5-2008)

The Jamholes in the toilet bowl
Hey guys just an awesome job with the show. I laughed so hard I vomited on my wifes face. I saw that comment that the Jamhole left you guys. So I went to take a listen and let me say...These guys are some no talent ass clowns. Ya know for a Podshow that sucks so bad, odd that you guys are 10th place and these used bag of douches are number 23. They need to get of their high horses. Yes they may have said a few funny things but there is always somebody better out there. So to the NHAH show I say Bravo! To the Jamhole I say get your heads out of the sand and pay attention. I think NEW HAMPSHIRE AFER HOURS just handed you your own asses. I say good day.
Submitted By: Podcast7
(385,921 on 5-2008)

I mean really brent... When are you and pat johnson going to hook up? who's the bottom in that relationship? I dig andy and his whore ways and why does it sound like bill had sex with a chicken stuffed full of razor blades jammed in its cunt? Nobody is that angry. Love the show.
Submitted By: hellonh
(385,890 on 5-2008)

I like it!
Submitted By: hippymouth
(385,884 on 5-2008)

Great show! I laughed my balls off. As a side note two spots below my comment is irishkiss3576 and she is hawt as fuck!
Submitted By: irishtwit
(385,873 on 5-2008)

Not bad for a couple of white kids from the sticks
Submitted By: nashuanh40
(385,871 on 5-2008)

I tell ya I don't get any respect but these three do. Very funny and witty wish I was that funny when I was a pup.
Submitted By: dangerfieldrodney93
(385,677 on 5-2008)

you guys are awesome!!!
Submitted By: irishkiss3576
(385,650 on 5-2008)

Great Job!
You 3 are totally gross! Always with the boobies - throw in some useless facts and opinons and rage and I am hooked. love to listen - you rock!
Submitted By: kathi.doucet
(385,006 on 5-2008)

you rock
Love you guys, xoxo Heather
Submitted By: hlscott20
(384,871 on 5-2008)

Very funny show they talk about all sorts of things. One of the hosts Brent has an etremely sexy voice, and is pleasurable to listen to. All are very witty, and one is angry. Hopefully they will spend some time on teabagging technics in the future and more teacher sex.
Submitted By: pat3305
(384,845 on 5-2008)

Great show very funny, but on your next show would Brent describe his TBagging technics and just when and where are the best places to preform this dance.
Submitted By: mahogoff
(384,789 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: savageangel2007
(384,155 on 5-2008)

love the show
Submitted By: soundslikeghosts
(383,869 on 5-2008)

The show reminds me of poop, poop, poop. I love the word poop! So I love your show!
Submitted By: glock23
(383,065 on 5-2008)

you guys fucking suck... come on over to the jamhole and get your asses handed to you.
Submitted By: thejamhole
(382,997 on 5-2008)

you guys are great more Biotches need to vote
Submitted By: briandobson1983
(382,826 on 5-2008)

Awesome job keep up the great job and I would love to sit on andys face.
Submitted By: kissthgrl
(382,738 on 5-2008)

you guys rock. love the show...oh, and that Andy guy? i think hes pretty hot!
Submitted By: mandyrae75
(382,706 on 5-2008)

great show, lots of laughs sometimes nothing but dribble but still funny.
Submitted By: mahogoff
(382,512 on 5-2008)

you guys kick ass
Could not stop laughing for hours. Fantastic show!
Submitted By: pikeaj
(382,062 on 5-2008)

I love your show so much it makes me wanna poop. Peace out!
Submitted By: armored384
(380,735 on 5-2008)

This is better than sex with a chicken
Submitted By: funkmalone
(380,688 on 5-2008)

Hey it's me
Hey look I'm voting for myself! Give it a listen you won't be disappointed.
Submitted By: brent.gath
(378,051 on 4-2008)

I love you guys. have my baby!!!
Submitted By: armored384
(378,050 on 4-2008)

This is the best show ever. I would set myself on fire for these guys
Submitted By: armored384
(377,510 on 4-2008)

Love It
Really love this show - funny and interesting all at the same time - you may also learn some usless tidbit and wow others at parties
Submitted By: klboisvert
(376,876 on 4-2008)

Love this show! I find myself laughing out loud! If you are tired of policical correctness check out this show.
Submitted By: klboisvert
(376,875 on 4-2008)

The Balls
You guys rock my socks, good job!
Submitted By: sockstobeu1990
(375,005 on 4-2008)

Great after hours show! Give it a listen!
Submitted By: glock23
(374,286 on 4-2008)

Rock On!
Very funny guys, rock on!
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(370,566 on 3-2008)

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