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The Jamhole Comments

There are 134 Comments for this Podcast
fix the fucking feed edit option. Thanks!
Submitted By: info
(538,041 on 8-2011)

The Jamhole should win every year!
Submitted By: holly.b.hopper
(534,831 on 5-2011)

Submitted By: mat
(534,830 on 5-2011)

fuck yea
fix your shit podcast alley.
Submitted By: mat
(530,333 on 1-2011)

Most real and satyrical bull shit ive ever heard.
Submitted By: Ryan.Augusta
(524,556 on 8-2010)

you guys rock
Submitted By: zaklehm
(519,589 on 6-2010)

Jamhole Rocks!
You guys rock!
Submitted By: adondero
(513,600 on 3-2010)

Fun Show Ward @ Basement Boyz
Submitted By: wardjf79
(513,572 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: miss_snowbunny
(513,488 on 3-2010)

DrB Sent Me
Submitted By: leesti
(513,408 on 3-2010)

We have over 300 eps, make sure you have the right feed, because podcast alley does not. it still wont let you update anything. FIX IT PLEASE!
Submitted By: info
(513,319 on 3-2010)

jam this in your hole...
Submitted By: klassifiedintellect
(512,393 on 2-2010)

Their insanity keeps me sane. Love it
Submitted By: rastadreamz
(511,548 on 2-2010)

Fix the edit feed feature PCA
We have over 300 episodes now, but podcast alley edit feed option is broken. Please fix this. The correct feed is
Submitted By: info
(511,403 on 2-2010)

KA Boooooom!
Submitted By: miss_snowbunny
(511,301 on 2-2010)

number of votes
yes votes
Submitted By: leesti
(510,967 on 2-2010)
Submitted By: tricia.eagles
(509,846 on 1-2010)

A+ one of my favs
Submitted By: mns0909
(509,802 on 1-2010)

The Jamhole
gets my vote!
Submitted By: metaphorfora
(509,117 on 1-2010)

PGB WHAT? -Basement Boyz
Submitted By: wardjf79
(506,014 on 12-2009)

We have over 270 episodes
Make sure you check out for the correct feed. Podcast alley doesnt let you change your feed, so make sure you are subscribed to the correct jamhole feed. HOLLA!
Submitted By: info
(506,009 on 12-2009)

The Jamhole is the funniest show Ive ever heard on my ipod.... Mat and Danni ROCK!!!
Submitted By: dougdutcher
(503,332 on 11-2009)

good show!
ill be watchin again, relaxing and chilled out.
Submitted By: navy_boy_g
(503,331 on 11-2009)

I thought there was a website where you could get all your favorite podcasts...
Submitted By: wardjf79
(503,306 on 11-2009)

Look at all our shows
PCA Wont let us change our feed, we have over 260 eps of this thing. Make sure you go to and get subscribed to the real feed! Fix your shit please!
Submitted By: info
(503,098 on 11-2009)

jam hole rules
rock n roll pussy hole jam hole for life
Submitted By: kevinjones69
(499,559 on 10-2009)

Episode 250 was great. -Ward @ Basement Boyz
Submitted By: wardjf79
(499,061 on 10-2009)

A podcast worth avoiding if there evar was one. Nice work you 2.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(498,962 on 10-2009)

my face
Submitted By: nofxfonofx
(495,836 on 9-2009)

Mat and the Girl
JMJ + Even though we disagree on the whole issue of murdering children, I still admire your work ethic. God have mercy on you both.
Submitted By: Stereoradiation
(495,713 on 9-2009)

YO, FUCKER! Check out this show.
Submitted By: zps1988
(495,616 on 9-2009)

Go Jamhole
Submitted By: kevinjones69
(495,581 on 9-2009)

Better be freaking happy i have to log on in hotmail to verify now... and i was actually thinking about going to sleep. Jk i wanted a cig anyways!!! There... my vote in. Im kinda exited about that live show the 25th... does that restaurant serve alcohol by the way? because that just happens to be on a Friday and its one of my drinking nights. : )
Submitted By: ingbretson
(495,579 on 9-2009)

My current faves: 1. Uhh Yeah Dude 2. The Jamhole 3. MJR
Submitted By: rzlmiller
(494,008 on 8-2009)

So we have something like 230 episodes right now, this site is so old. Go to for the right feed.
Submitted By: info
(493,390 on 8-2009)

Awesome show!
Submitted By: nonlisted
(492,396 on 8-2009)

Wild Sex
Every week a listener is randomly picked and is flown in to Montana to have wild monkey sex with Mat. Sometimes its hot, sometimes it makes me barf!
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(492,162 on 8-2009)

Love the Jam Hole
Submitted By: kevinjones69
(492,039 on 8-2009)

I enjoy the sick and twisted pile of awesome that is The Jamhole.
Submitted By: nonlisted
(488,915 on 7-2009)

The Jamhole helped me master my masturbation addiction! Thanks guys!
Submitted By: iokaos
(488,773 on 7-2009)

We have over 200 episodes
Something is wrong with the feed on podcast alley and I cant login to fix it, for all your up to date information on the jamhole free comedy podcast, go to Tonight is episode 212! join us for the live show at
Submitted By: mat
(488,746 on 7-2009)

has this really not been updated since 06 ? meh oh well yaye jamhole!!!
Submitted By: zyere
(488,735 on 7-2009)

McG likes this shit!
McG says check this podcast out and you too and talk about yourself in 3rd person.
Submitted By: bizzosmacker
(488,704 on 7-2009)

Embarrassing, potty mouthed, filthy, tasteless and lots of fun! Dont miss it.
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(488,617 on 7-2009)

the jamhole
tha shat!!
Submitted By: zjmcminds
(488,478 on 6-2009)

Give it to Jamhole!!
Submitted By: that1chic
(484,593 on 6-2009)

A vote from Basement Boyz
Submitted By: wardfalk
(484,475 on 6-2009)

I love It
I dont get the time to listen live, but Im listening to the old shows most nights while Im on the computer. One of these days Ill be callin in from good ole Lancaster. The place that might be initially responsible for whatevers wrong with Mat... lol jk I love the show. Keep it up.
Submitted By: hamlin1333
(484,451 on 6-2009)

The bomb
listen to this!
Submitted By: MikeBoudet
(484,362 on 6-2009)

A very sweet Christian centered wholesome show where sweetness of language and innocence are celebrated. I love Danis crocheting tips and who can beat Braydens "How to play Parcheesi" Segment. Mat always has some wonderful gardening tips for us.
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(484,343 on 6-2009)

Dirty Shit Fuck
Got it, cock hole?
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(484,280 on 6-2009)

Check the site We are at 190 episodes as of right now, so dont be fooled by the 66 here on podcast alley. Go to and get subscribed.
Submitted By: info
(481,661 on 5-2009)

best show
Submitted By: maryann.applegate
(481,222 on 5-2009)

Some of the realest nukkas in the podosphere. Oh plus the jamhole serves as an audial vaccine against the swine flu. Seriously, listen or you may die.
Submitted By: shaitanservesnone
(480,747 on 5-2009)

what the fuck
We have over 180 something episodes now, podcrap alley is being rascist against us. Go to for everything jamhole related. Number 8 bitches!
Submitted By: mat
(479,397 on 5-2009)

Great Show Ward@ Basement Boyz
Submitted By: wardjf79
(479,337 on 5-2009)

do it
i need them on my ipod!!!
Submitted By: luckygrill18
(479,310 on 5-2009)

The fuckos make life with Hannah Montana bearable! - McG
Submitted By: bizzosmacker
(479,240 on 5-2009)

Funny and Fun
This is the shit ...hole! Awesome show
Submitted By: MikeBoudet
(479,173 on 5-2009)

Dirty, annoying, sexist, racist, fatist
Dont miss a fucking episode fat fuck.
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(479,166 on 5-2009)

we rule
Submitted By: mat
(479,152 on 5-2009)

Hello boys
Sorry i havent been listening very often!
Submitted By: ingbretson
(478,668 on 4-2009)

We are over 175 episodes
dont use podcast alley to listen cuz your missing out on the shows. For all episodes and everything jamhole related, go to Thank you everyone for your votes. Lets keep it going!
Submitted By: mat
(477,446 on 4-2009)

fun times
i like
Submitted By: berger77
(475,701 on 4-2009)

kick ass show man
the best ive seen on lv by far
Submitted By: suzpektkilla
(475,278 on 4-2009)

A Great Poopcast
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(473,991 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: info
(470,553 on 3-2009)

fucking right!!!
hey its me stickers man and the jamhole is fucking wicked and awsome as hell so yeha keep up the good work and i hope to see you guys monday ok lattter
Submitted By: cwk16wv
(469,612 on 3-2009)

Caca Poopoo Peepee
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(468,855 on 3-2009)

We have 150 episodes as of right now, whats up podcast alley? Why you keepin our steez down like that? Get your shit fixed you cunts! if you want all the jamhole goodness.
Submitted By: info
(463,780 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: pico956
(462,826 on 2-2009)

I am working on a Facebook app based on The Jamhole called "Are you a Brayden or a Mat?"
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(462,514 on 2-2009)

paulo votes YES!
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(462,482 on 2-2009)

The Jamhole rocks.It keeps me alive, without it im Dead!
Submitted By: jblaze420_4
(461,578 on 1-2009)

If podcasts were penguins.
Keith and the Girl would be a Emperor Penguin, Nobody Likes Onions would be a King Penguin, Stereo Radiation would be a Gentoo, and Red Bar Radio would be a howling Galapagos Penguin. The Jamhole would definitely be a Crested Macaroni Penguin. With AIDS.
Submitted By: avondale27
(459,299 on 1-2009)

great show
Submitted By: maryann.applegate
(458,519 on 1-2009)

Submitted By: miss_snowbunny
(458,453 on 1-2009)

Tons of Fun Live
I didnt think Id have as much fun during a live show but it was a crap ton of fun. Great host with great personality.
Submitted By: fatcatevie
(457,742 on 1-2009)

Its like real life with condoms.
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(457,094 on 1-2009)

Maybe I am
or maybe I AM
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(456,955 on 1-2009)

All your fault
I heard your voicemails via Distorted View. You got to me, but I decided to give you a tray anyway. Lucky for you, spamming worked. I dig your show and hope to hear more of you and Mat the cook.
Submitted By: pico956
(456,102 on 12-2008)

Fuck yes
Submitted By: info
(455,274 on 12-2008)

My penis has grown two inches since I started listening.
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(451,508 on 12-2008)

If the Jamhole were a bottle of champagne
I would drink it up.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(451,397 on 12-2008)

They are like sex
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(446,044 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,518 on 11-2008)

Nasty, nasty shit.
And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Salvia FTW.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(445,130 on 11-2008)

NLO sucks.
Submitted By: sprstu
(444,616 on 10-2008)

Good job
You guys keep up the good work and best of luck at the podcast awards. Youve got our support. - Me and Zo in the Studio
Submitted By: meandzointhestudio
(443,828 on 10-2008)

lovz dat couch
Submitted By: pauloone
(441,746 on 10-2008)

the word needs to get out
These guys are for REAL...wish I didnt work 2nd shift so I could catch these guys LIVE. also check out Sick and Wrong and Stereo Radiation. (Plus KATG, but who doesnt?)
Submitted By: cabinred22
(439,528 on 10-2008)

They dont shit much
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(435,467 on 10-2008)

The month we get to 100 episodes before you....and also the month you pass us in episode numbers. Good work lads.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(435,005 on 10-2008)

i pee as well. Vote motherfuckers!
Submitted By: info
(431,660 on 9-2008)

They Make Me Pee
No really....they do. Listen and youll pee too...theyre that funny.
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(426,324 on 9-2008)

Blazin like a muthafucka
Mamma dont taaaaaaaaaake my The Jamhole away.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(426,260 on 9-2008)

Fuck Yeah!
. . . Fuck yeah indeed.
Submitted By: Ryan.Augusta
(420,306 on 8-2008)

go jamhole
Submitted By: nofxfonofx
(417,416 on 8-2008)

The two funniest dudes on the web.
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(414,811 on 8-2008)

this is
my good deed for the month
Submitted By: thebrinkofsanity
(414,650 on 8-2008)

A+++++++++ Podcaster
would definitely buy from again
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(414,479 on 8-2008)

These fuckos are hilarious! Mat has a knack for storytelling. He makes me shart everytime! - McG
Submitted By: bizzosmacker
(411,066 on 7-2008)

love it
Submitted By: bigbabydogg
(410,798 on 7-2008)

fuck yea
Submitted By: thejamhole
(402,575 on 7-2008)

Trees and Flowers
Sunshine in a dewy meadow... the smell of fresh pine... the sweet sounds of birds chirping... the Jamhole in my ipod... a gentle summer breeze. Its great to be alive.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(402,133 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: spamzilla
(401,956 on 7-2008)

Two lunatics
Funniest show ever. I love these guys. A very genuine good time.
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(401,906 on 7-2008)

its so hoot outtt good job its all your fault
Submitted By: toxic_skittle
(401,851 on 6-2008)

Just showing some support from your friends at Minor Detail.
Submitted By: tim
(399,012 on 6-2008)

Thats right
we do not fuck around when it comes to this podcast shit!
Submitted By: thejamhole
(396,078 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: challenge_me_2113
(395,480 on 6-2008)

These kids do not hold back.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(395,336 on 6-2008)

They always hate the things that are good for them, that's why they're haters.
Submitted By: nokturnal107
(394,391 on 6-2008)

Some people just don't know what's good for them.
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(393,596 on 6-2008)

thats what im talking about, its about time the haters came out to play.
Submitted By: mat
(392,862 on 6-2008)

they rule
kepp up the good work
Submitted By: turtleboy81
(392,655 on 6-2008)

your show sucks
you people dont know your ass from a hole in the wall.
Submitted By: briandobson1983
(392,038 on 6-2008)

Contentgood BUT introTOO Loud.
"They should call it teachin a lesson."
Submitted By: greenstreet2000
(391,504 on 6-2008)

Goofy, insane, nuts and always fun
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(390,563 on 6-2008)

Must Listen
This is too good not to hear!
Submitted By: nakedyank.home
(388,032 on 5-2008)

Leaves you speechless
Submitted By: nakedyank.home
(386,369 on 5-2008)

This show eats ass.
This is one of the worst shows i'v heard yet. i would rather get cornholed in the ass by Imus while sucking off a great dane. This show is not worth your time. keith and the girl is NUMBER 1. Nice job turds.
Submitted By: Eatasmurf
(385,957 on 5-2008)

the levels are perfect! except for a little clipping here and there
Submitted By: nokturnal107
(383,504 on 5-2008)

Are the levels too loud on the countdown? Its how we get your attention
Submitted By: info
(382,316 on 5-2008)

The Greatest Podcast
This podcast is really funny.
Submitted By: MDthirteen42
(382,017 on 5-2008)

Should just be called Teachin a lesson.
levels on the countdown intro????
Submitted By: greenstreet2000
(381,791 on 5-2008)

Riding the freedom chicken since 2008!
Submitted By: greenstreet2000
(375,363 on 4-2008)

angry midget sex
Submitted By: toxic_skittle
(373,294 on 4-2008)

omg CATS!
+1 for the Jamhole!
Submitted By: wolfyman
(369,853 on 3-2008)

Submitted By: hks1jb
(368,545 on 3-2008)

jam it in your jamhole
Submitted By: vincearnone
(367,400 on 3-2008)

thats what im talking about
Submitted By: thejamhole
(363,041 on 2-2008)

The Jamhole
The Jamhole is the shit, funny as hell. Everyone check it out.
Submitted By: nokturnalromance
(362,784 on 2-2008)

Vote for the JamHole!
come on everybody vote for my friends!
Submitted By: myke
(362,680 on 2-2008)

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