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The Old Time Radio Superman Show Comments

There are 31 Comments for this Podcast
organ music sucks
Is the organ music for the series, the Hate Monger's Organization going to be a regular thing for all the serials to come? if not, could you please tell me when it's going to stop because I don't think I can take anymore of the soap opera sound effect. it's getting on my last nerves. Also, I've been backtracking on the old serials, trying to catch up as well as keep up to date, could you tell me which serial it is that Superman's existence is finally revealed?
Submitted By: kenrwill37
(545,616 on 11-2012)

Gotta love that Pep Sundial Watch
Adam, If you've heard this before, please ignore it. I tend to wait until 6 or 8 episodes bunch up and then listen to them all back to back. But did you notice back in the last serial that when Jimmy and Dick Grayson were in the watery pit below the house of mirrors, Dick was briefly worried that he had lost a give from Batman, a sundial watch. I thought at the time, odd but sure, why not. Pep was still pushing their WWII patches as premiums (collect 'em all!). Lo and behold in the current serial Pep is now giving away a (gasp) sundial watch. (Holy foreshadowing!). I guess we now that Batman does his gift shopping in the cereal aisle. Anyway, I am at the edge of my seat to find out what will happen with Scarlet Widow and the Kryptonite. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Jeff Freedman
Submitted By: jfreedman
(537,395 on 7-2011)

This is a great show. I love listening to it whever it is updated. I really hope this show continues. I just wonder how many total episodes there are.
Submitted By: Olivermadsen.ak
(530,961 on 1-2011)

I discovered these through the Dragnet and Great Detectives podcasts. Theyre the perfect length to listen to while walking the dog. Actually makes me look forward to doing it.
Submitted By: philcaruso
(526,088 on 9-2010)

Vote for Nero Wolfe
The Candy Matson stories dont seem to have solid detective work.
Submitted By: mapplaw
(525,417 on 9-2010)

Great show Adam. Ive heard you mention comments you said were from iTunes, sometimes youve called them reviews. My question is, where is the link on iTunes to leave comments or reviews? Ive neot been able to find it. Maybe its just too obvious. I dont know. Anyway, thanks.
Submitted By: butch.1955
(523,722 on 8-2010)

Adam Graham
Sure Superman is, well, Superman, but Adam Grahams comments set this podcast apart from the others. Love to hear Adams take on the old-time radio Superman shows. If you dont come away with a smile after hearing Adams comments then you need Superman help!
Submitted By: jyost
(520,610 on 6-2010)

Submitted By: lovejayqd
(516,158 on 4-2010)

great show-host is fab.
Submitted By: joanelloyd
(512,436 on 2-2010)

Ep 7 White Plague
ep 7 seems to be a dupe of ep 2 (or 3). Is there a clean copy of e7?
Submitted By: kevin3.0
(508,209 on 12-2009)

Great show!
Just finished listening to "The Nitrate Shipment" and now listening to "The Grayson Submarine". Great show! Keep up the great work Adam!
Submitted By: kf4hvx
(507,543 on 12-2009)

Grayson Submarine
Did I miss it or did someone actually ask Clark Kent how he got out of the other submarine without being crushed by the pressure? I would have thought that sort of information could be vital to a Navy on the brink of war. I was certainly waiting to see how he explained it - did I MISS that episode??
Submitted By: l.dodds2
(502,744 on 10-2009)

Adam: I continue to enjoy the podcast. By the way, is it just me, or does the stowaway sound a lot like Jimmy Olse.on? Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(494,529 on 8-2009)

"Teak" Barnaby
In your comments on the current "Last of the Clipper Ships" storyline, it sounds to me like you're calling the main antagonist "Pete Barnaby." If so, this is incorrect. The character's name is "'Teak' Barnaby." The first couple of episodes make clear that he is so named for his wooden peg leg (made of teak wood).
Submitted By: NicodemusLegend
(494,063 on 8-2009)

Keep It Up!
Hi Adam, Really appreciate your podcasting of the Superman radio show. Clifford
Submitted By: cwbgrd-pc
(488,259 on 6-2009)

Same comments as given on Dragnet - and DO keep it up, Adam!
Although they are from such different genres, I continue to enjoy both the Dragnet podcast and the Old TOM Superman podcast. Being a loooong time Super-hero fan, it might follow that Id enjoy the Superman stories the most of the two, but although the innocent simplicity of the late 30s / early 40s Superman broadcasts are charming, they are also its biggest weakness. Gaping plot holes, goofy ideas, and a sense that the writers are REALLY making things up on the fly weaken the Superman stories, but we enjoy the fantasy despite those flaws. Dragnets reality-based stories and Jack Webbs refusal to try to glamorize everyday police work make for a more mature and satisfying experience. And through it all, "Real Guy" Adam Graham continues to provide friendly and enjoyable commentary. His comments dont knock you out of your chair with surprise, depth and awe, but like your next door neighbor who invites you over for dinner and home movies, he adds a warmth and a flavor that is comfortable and pleasant. I remember someone asking Adam what part of the country his accent came from, and I believe that the answer was that he didnt feel he HAD an accent. I had to chuckle at that, since I suppose everyone feels that only other folks have accents. However, my wife and I always joke that Adam has given his radio the name "Tom," since unlike we Northwest Washington State folks, who pronounce the word "Time," with a diphthong T-AH-EE-M, Adam just calls it Tom... And, so, each week were welcomed to meet with "Old Tom Radio," as if that were a person. And, Adam, the other thing I enjoy - and youre not alone in this (my kids love catching ME in my little verbal habits, and tease me to no end) - no matter WHAT youve spoken about during your introductory comments on the Superman podcast - you must consider it ALL "ado," since I can set my clock by the absolute certainty that when its finally time to move on to the broadcast, itself, youre going to say, "Now, without further ado..." I love it! If I had the technological savvy, I would make a tape with every single "without further ado..." on it. Well, I hope that I havent come across as if this is "National Tease Adam Day," because honestly, I am a BIG fan of both of the podcasts, and can say without hesitation that even though I enjoy the shows in their own right, I probably wouldnt listen to them regularly without Adams enjoyably charming segments as bookends to the broadcast!
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(481,224 on 5-2009)

Blue Beetle
Adam: I may know why the Blue Beetle aired for only a few months. Perhaps the creators of the Green Hornet sued for infringement? The only thing missing was a "faithful Filipino valet" named Kato! By the way, are you familiar with a new series on Cartoon Network called Batman the Brave and the Bold? Each week, Batman teams up with another superhero -- Aquaman is a frequent sidekick -- to do battle with evil. Well, in a three part series last fall, Batman was teamed up with the Blue Beetle! My six year old son likes the show . . . and, well, so do I. Check out: _article_110719.html. Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(472,358 on 3-2009)

Adam: A quick question about the yellow mask. From the cartoons involving Superman, or comic strips, do you know what the yellow mask is supposed to look like? I envision someone like the green hornet . . . except the mask would be yellow rather than green. My seven year old is a fan of Superman, and we have collected a lot of the original cartoons and lots of comic books, but the yellow mask doesnt figure in any of them. Unlike a lot of the other characters in the radio episodes, like Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, the mysterious YM appears to have disappeared into the mists of history. Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(460,216 on 1-2009)

great show
adam graham puts on a great show and i love his insight into hte podcast
Submitted By: jackpine3333
(459,964 on 1-2009)

This is a great podcast! I especially love Adams commentary before and after the episode; you can tell hes a real fan and has done his homework with the historical research.
Submitted By: Stacey_Adams
(459,488 on 1-2009)

A lot of fun despite its painful innocence and simplicity.
I dont know exactly WHY I enjoy this serial, but I do. The writing is so dated and simple, with plot holes one could drive a powerful locomotive through and acting that us often cheesy, at best. However, the nostalgia of it all, and the joy of watching the genesis of the worlds first real super-hero and he and his surrounding mythos are created, modified and clarified is fascinating! Adam Graham is a fan, and as such, hes a good person to intoduce the shows. I also appreciate that he isnt above chuckling at the weak plots and making gentle fun at the artificially dramatic endings of each episode. Thanks for making these available, Adam.
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(459,069 on 1-2009)

and another comment on sound levels
As with the great Dragnet podcasts, Im enjoying the innocent simplicity of these early stories of Superman. The acting is over the top, most of the time, and the sound effects are not much better than my wife and I could find rummaging around the house for stuff, but thats part of the charm. The writers didnt really have much of a feel for who Superman was, but they were figuring it out. Also, as with my comment on the Dragnet show, host Adam Grahams commentary and introductions appear to be set at about 45 levels higher than the show, so most of the time, Adams introductory "WELCOME" and his comments at the end of the show are explosively loud, and usually cause the death of several thousand of my brain cells each time they come in. Worse than that, my eyeballs have started "boinging" out of their sockets, much like a Warner Bros. cartoon characters! That might not be Adams fault, though, but he probably needs to talk to his sound engineer to come up with a way to equalize the loudness of his remards and the show, itself.
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(453,264 on 12-2008)

Great show
I enjoy your show, Adam, please keep it up.
Submitted By: Brian.Hutton
(451,251 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,475 on 11-2008)

Old time stuff I can dig even at my age!
Submitted By: nu_gundam
(443,429 on 10-2008)

Great show!
Submitted By: cwbgrd-massmail01
(402,681 on 7-2008)

Adam: I have voted in the past for your Dragnet podcast, but I also listen to the Superman podcast. To be honest, I like the Dragnet podcast better, but enjoy them both. Please keep them coming. By the way, you may not be aware, but there was apparently a glitch in the uploading of episode five of the Alonzo Craig Article to iTunes a few weeks ago. It seems that the episode that was actually uploaded to iTunes as episode five was actually a repeat of episode four. Interestingly, your commentary about the episode related to episode five, but the actual episode was a repeat of episode four. Just thought you might want to know. Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(397,648 on 6-2008)

I finf this enjoyable and hope there is others of this type
Submitted By: jetted
(395,374 on 6-2008)

great job adam
hey Adam great job as you k now i have enjoyed your dragnet podcast for many months now and finally decided to listen to your superman podcast after you had that episode on the dragnet podcast and i have to say i love the storys are great they always leave me wanting more and i enjoy how much you know about all superman things be they radio or tv they add a great depth to the podcast that you cant get most other places and i just plain enjoy listening to you keep up the good work your #1fan Cory asher
Submitted By: asher.cory
(389,855 on 5-2008)

well done
I have never heard the current shows (on Dinelle Protection racket) before. I have several Superman CDs., but you still found one I have not heard. Great job Mr Grahamn. Jack
Submitted By: cobblepot59
(373,942 on 4-2008)

Love this
These episodes are sweet, in a corny sort of way. Crisp, clear audio, and a marvelous host!
Submitted By: light.child
(367,392 on 3-2008)

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