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Learning Indonesian - The fun and easy self-paced course in Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian Languag Comments

There are 245 Comments for this Podcast
very helpful. My indonesian girlfriend says some of the phrases are a little too formal when speaking among friends but all the lessons build off the previous one
Submitted By: timothywlab
(549,588 on 3-2014)

excellent for beginners
Submitted By: karmen.kupuje
(549,512 on 2-2014)

Fun Learning
This is the most precise site for learning Bahasa Indonesia. The speech patterns are clearly understood and the translations are correct, (not like the electronic versions). Thanks Shaun and Cici.
Submitted By: eddie.mcculloch
(549,443 on 2-2014)

Beautiful lessons
Dear Shaun and Cici, terima kasih for your beautiful and interesting Bahasa Indonesia lessons, I did enjoy them and I learnt a lot. I shared them with some other customers, who, like me, where travelling in Indonesia for a while. Terima Kasih Kembali Shaun dan Cici!
Submitted By: richard.Lukonde
(549,422 on 1-2014)

A nice way to learn
I've found the language course that these podcasts belong to a good way to start learning Indonesian. The course is focussed on everyday conversation. These recordings are a good way to practice pronunciation. And they're fun to listen to as well. PDFs with the words for each lesson are on their website.
Submitted By: marcelv1975
(547,069 on 12-2013)

Terima Kasih!
Dear Shaun and Cici, Thank you so much for your online course! It is very helpful for my husband and me in learning Indonesian as we are preparing to move to Papua. Terima Kasih Kembali Shaun dan Cici!
Submitted By: jjongkind
(547,029 on 12-2013)

Truly Recommended
Sincerely and professionally made podcast, and amazingly helpful if I put them to use a little more often, especially appreciate the reviews Shawn put in them now and then to remind us the important points of previous lessons, which I see a true sign of wanting the learners to remember, not just listening for listening's sake. In sum, I highly recommend this podcast!
Submitted By: epc.jackyu
(547,004 on 11-2013)

very good lessons
I've only done some of the first few dozen lessons, but great so far! They invite you to email with feedback and so on, but don't actually seem to read or respond to any emails.
Submitted By: kgvernhout
(546,842 on 9-2013)

Terima Kasih (Thank You)
I'm about halfway through the free podcasts after about a month. I'm going to Indonesia in two months and I am now hopeful that I'll be able to get by with basic "tourist" phrases by then. I am a slow learner, and find languages particularly difficult. but these short repetitive lessons are ideal for me. I listen on my walkman while I'm out jogging or gardening, and it really works. It is wonderful that these lessons are free.
Submitted By: ronniemcneil
(546,841 on 9-2013)

Top value for Results!
Excellent value for serious students, especially (like me) LOTE teachers. High points: subject sheets on greetings, shopping etc.; Audio sessions with native speakers, group interactions and good personal support. Check out the free stuff, but the premium package is top value: all the resources the facilitator needs for several years of class/group sessions.
Submitted By: pgclynes
(546,790 on 9-2013)

I have been studying Bahasa Indonesian for 12 months and find using the podcasts a wonderful tool for both practise and new learning. I listen while riding my bike to work most days. The short and direct lessons are very effective as they are designed to listen and speak not read a text. The downloadable notes are an excellent way to reinforce the daily learning, all in a few minutes. My spoken Bahasa Indonesian has improved dramatically and I have much more confidance with my pronounciation
Submitted By: mark.hinchliffe
(546,776 on 9-2013)

Thank you
Just want to thank Learning Indonesian for all the free PDFs and audio lessons! I feel like I'm finally learning indonesian! previously I tried to learn from textbooks and other audio programs but it was difficult! I love how Learning Indonesian provides notes that coincide with the audio lessons :) The lessons are fun, they go at a great pace and very engaging :) thank you !!!
Submitted By: jankwek
(546,740 on 8-2013)

Learning Indonesian is a fun way to learn the Bahasa Indonesian language. You can download the pdf. for reading and grammatical, and also listen to the audio tapes for the pronouncement of the words and sentences. Very nice, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the Indonesian language. Robert Leeuwe, Aruba.
Submitted By: delphi
(546,731 on 8-2013)

This course certainly helped me get going towards learning bahasa Indonesia
Submitted By: barryforse
(546,666 on 7-2013)

Learning Indonesian perfect for beginners
A great, user-friendly course. I am wanting to work in Indonesia so this course is a great way to start learning the language Terima kasih
Submitted By: scottbarnard66
(546,653 on 7-2013)

Makes Learning a Language Manageable
Shaun and Cici have developed well-paced, short lessons that really help to make learning Indonesian manageable and interesting! I will be using these lessons for a long time.
Submitted By: bep3581
(546,629 on 7-2013)

These podcasts are perfectly paced and the short enough to not be overwhelmed by. Certainly breaks learning Indonesian into manageable chunks!
Submitted By: bep3581
(546,628 on 7-2013)

Very good!
I'm studying Indonesian-Malay now. This Podcast is very good for me. I use several software to study Indonesian-Malay. If you use only this one, it's too difficult to master this language. But I'm sure that you can train your ears and mouth by this podcast.
Submitted By: momokokzk1
(546,610 on 7-2013)

I downloaded the podcast a number of weeks ago and found them really good to use along with the PDF printouts. Thanks
Submitted By: adrian.burns33
(546,548 on 6-2013)

I love my free lessons and have learned how to speak bahasa...Im going to purchase the premium package because of how easy they made it for me to learn and understand...I have to learn because my wife is Indonesian and I will be returning there soon...I want to be good at this and this program has made it enjoyable for me instead of frustrating...If you are trying to learn indonesian then try this site...Youll learn fast and have a good time doing it.....Thanks, shaun and cici
Submitted By: ricky.thewolf.dunn
(546,544 on 6-2013)

These lessons are really accessible and do a great job of introducing vocabulary and syntax in a comprehensible and constructive manner. I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in learning basic Indonesian.
Submitted By: ixhoffaxi
(546,512 on 6-2013)

Free and Great
Great website very clear and easy to understand with the free audio. I will definitely buy once I have mastered the free stuff
Submitted By: newhomes
(546,498 on 6-2013)

Great tool
I like the light and breezy, though comprehensive, approach to learning Indonesian. You will too!
Submitted By: mmish2
(546,381 on 5-2013)

Long time slow learner.
I have been trying many Bahasa Indonesia sites and this is without a doubt the best I have found. I have a son (putra) and his wife and two grandchildren (dua cucu) living in Bali and I visit at least once a year so I want to learn more and more of the language to show respect to these wonderful people who show absolute delight when they see you trying and politely correct you when you make a mistake. The Learning Indonesian course gives you time to go back over words that are troubling and hard to understand and you can move on when you have mastered the word or phrase. I try to learn two or three of the hard words properly as well as the easily remembered then go back over it all again in revision. Top site with top tutors. Sangat baik
Submitted By: hantu
(546,323 on 4-2013)

The Learning Indonesian course has been carefully designed so that students do not feel overwhelmed by having to learn vast slabs of vocabulary. The word groups are logical and they highlight the basic vocab. one would use every day. A very worthwhile course but Jakarta slang is an extra that has no place at this stage .
Submitted By: cdwinkler
(546,321 on 4-2013)

Exceptional Free Product
Spending an increasing amount of time in Indonesia it seems impolite not to try to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia. The approach taken in this program has really made learning easy and accessible in sensible chunks. If you like this you'll love the Premium version which is also great value and packed with additional goodies such as vocabulary flash cards and spoken text comprehension tests, Terima kasih banyak Shaun dan Cici
Submitted By: misterrajan
(546,294 on 4-2013)

Excellent free course
I was looking for an easy, free and quick online course to learn the basics and this is exactly what Learning Indonesian is! Combined with the study guides, it's super easy to learn the basics and more, as long as you put some time into it. Learning Indonesian is the easiest possible way to learn a language, highly recommended!
Submitted By: elise.muijzert
(546,288 on 4-2013)

Good place to start
Learning Indonesian is a very well structured and easy to comprehend curriculum to get you started on learning Indonesian. If you cover the audio lessons combined with e-text, you should be able to get to a basic conversational level in a short time.
Submitted By: usmanlodhi
(546,257 on 4-2013)

Having been to Indonesia including Bali on several occasions I thought it would be great to be able to communicate with the locals in their language. In the major cities and tourist spots the English language is well understood but when travelling to remote towns and areas it has been very difficult to make my wishes understood. These lessons are giving me the basics to make myself understood and hopefully when I have completed the free lessons I will progress to the Premium Course. Shaun and Cici are in my opinion delivering the exact basics required to understand the Indonesian language and compared to other "free" lessons available on the net they lead the field. Mike
Submitted By: ju26284
(546,252 on 4-2013)

very well structured, easy to learn and understand.... I am learning lots with it ;)
Submitted By: johaochoa
(546,193 on 3-2013)

What a find!
Excellent all round. Bite sized chunks that enable you to familiarise yourself with new material without confusion. Lovely gentle presentation typical af the Indonesian people. I decided to learn a bit of Indonesian before I went. I had 4 days to do it in. When I got there i realised I knew far more of the language than my daughter and her boyfriend who have been there 4 times now backpacking and was amazed at how much i had covered and how well i remembered it. I have nothing but praise for this course and am most grateful to Cici and Sean.
Submitted By: amanda.roussos
(546,191 on 3-2013)

I downloaded the free Learning Indo lessons to assist with an evening college course I am undertaking. The lecturer aims to get all the class to converse in Bahasa early in the lessons. The free downloads are assisting in my vocabulary. Most of the class are "veterans" and have spent more time in Indonesia than me. So the free lessons sheets are quite helpful. Paul Sydney, Australia
Submitted By: pmurphy1
(546,171 on 3-2013)

easy learning
A really good course, well paced and clearly presented. keep up the grear work.
Submitted By: finmar
(546,034 on 2-2013)

LEaning Indonesian
I have found this to be an excellent and easy way to learn the basics The podcasts are great while traveling and to listen to on plane trips I also listen to them at the gym They reinforce the once a week lessons that I have and in some cases explain things better than my tutor Thank you. Excellent program and I have told some of my friends about it
Submitted By: haggismcdougal
(546,023 on 2-2013)

Amazing progress
What amazing progress in only a few days ! The lessons are great. The teachers are native professionals. Time permitting I will go for the premium course. My trip to Indonesia will be enriched by understanding and speaking some bahasa Indonesia.
Submitted By: Rob.groenemeijer
(545,988 on 2-2013)

Straightforward, well structured
I've started working my way through this course and I'm finding it manageable. It's work to learn a new language no two ways about it. But this course makes it doable. Not too hard, nicely paced, good useful modules, lots of repetition, and testing.
Submitted By: George.klima
(545,970 on 2-2013)

I have been learning Bahasa Indonesia for two weeks now through 'Learning' and am amazed with my progress. All thanks to the way Shaun and Cici present the course. I especially like the way Shaun reviews past lessons at the end of more previous lessons, it helps to jog my memory. It is an awesome and very practical course for anyone hoping to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Terima Kasih Shaun and Cici!
Submitted By: ben_tromp
(545,670 on 11-2012)

I have been learning bahasa Indonesia through the 'Learning Indonesian' website for two weeks now. I am amazed at my progress over such a short time, all thanks to the way Shaun and CiCi present the course. I especially like the way that Shaun
Submitted By: ben_tromp
(545,669 on 11-2012)

I have just started using Leaning Indonesian & i love it!! I'm a slow learner so I love the bite-size chunks -- I can do as little or as much as I want, when I want. It's also great to be able to review the lessons when I need to. I love how the lessons build on each other & I love Shaun & Cici's clear & informative style.
Submitted By: anigozan
(545,648 on 11-2012)

Exellent start to learning Indonesian!!
Submitted By: briancadogan
(545,586 on 11-2012)

Useful basic guide
Learning Indonesian is useful beginners guide to basic conversation in Bahasa Indonesia. Definitely helpful for people who want to learn basic conversation in bite size snippets.
Submitted By: chanmk98
(545,465 on 10-2012)

Very fun and easy to follow. Excellent introduction to the Indonesian language.
Submitted By: tammiepearls
(545,128 on 8-2012)

Excellent beginner's course
Learning Indonesian is a superbly well-organised beginner's course. The free podcasts slowly build and are backed up by very useful pdf files. This is the best website out there right now, which will help learners get a real feel for the Indonesian language and culture. I thoroughly recommend this website and the passion that Shaun and Cici have about helping learners discover the fabulously interesting Indonesian language. In addition, I recommend a free flash card program called ProVoc available for Mac users at This is a powerful way to help you memorise vocabulary. The program is very flexible and fairly easy to navigate. Couple that with Learning Indonesian and you will quickly improve your Indonesian language skills. Roger Jones (Tokyo).
Submitted By: zerosumgame
(545,117 on 8-2012)

My first time with on line learning. Over the past ten years I have been holidaying in Indonesia and always wanted to learn the language, each time I would study the basics prior going there and return with the intention of furthering my skills. Well this time I have really made in roads and I put my success down to the format provided by Shaun and Cici. Early days yet but I,m sure my grasp of Bahasa will improve dramatically. Cheers Mike ;)
Submitted By: mapooltec
(545,083 on 8-2012)

First class product
This is excellent, easy, and fun.
Submitted By: roger.maguire
(545,020 on 8-2012)

This is fantastic self-paced way to learn Indonesian. It is made very simple and great to have the words pronounced by an no guessing!!!! i highly recommend it to everyone!!!!Enjoy!!
Submitted By: bogirl
(544,998 on 7-2012)

Easy and fun
Submitted By: maria.ojanen
(544,972 on 7-2012)

Love, love, LOVE! I am really enjoying learning Indonesian using these podcasts. They are fun, logical and useful. Love that it is for free also. Really great!!
Submitted By: erinjessmoon
(544,962 on 7-2012)

I really like the way the lessons are in manageable chunks and that they build on previous learning. The print outs are a great support to the audio lessons too. Terima kasih
Submitted By: cozmoz5
(544,687 on 5-2012)

it has been great since a friend suggested that i try to learn indonesian language via online. i do try my best to listen and speak though to find the time to do it is not that easy... anyway thank you for it is easier for me to learn now through your effort :) terima kasih :)
Submitted By: edna_99manalang
(544,485 on 4-2012)

Semoga Sukses
My wife was born and grew up in Lombok then moved to Bali to work and live: that's where I met her. Over the next five years we got to know one another to the point where we married and she moved to live with me in Australia. She speaks fluent Bahasa Bali, Lombok, Java and Indonesia as well as English. As a reference, she is superb, but for learning structure your courses are by far the best and most efficient. Thanks for your combined efforts. Peter
Submitted By: pgh3
(544,347 on 3-2012)

These podcasts are definitely worth checking out!
Submitted By: mgs84
(542,556 on 1-2012)

Very helpful
I find this site really helpful because I am not someone who learns languages easily - so I really appreciate that the lessons are brief and therefore can be played repeatedly to help my memory. And the brevity also means I can still do the lesson each day - either a new lesson or review the previous lessons even if I am really pushed for time. I also appreciate that I can do the free lessons until I am ready to take on more.
Submitted By: jeannette.aldridge
(542,483 on 1-2012)

I love it !
The bahasa Indonesia lessons by Shaun and Cici are awesome ! I started few weeks ago because I'm going to Indonesia for 4 months. I didn't think it would be so easy and funny ! Selamat tinggal !
Submitted By: Hanouf_yeah
(542,103 on 1-2012)

Halo Shawn and CiCi. Thank you for making your lessons available on the internet. I hope you find the following comments helpful. I am only up to lesson 5 but am very happy with the way they are presented. Both of you are clear and speak at a reasonable speed which makes things easy to follow. The Study Guides are most helpful. I think it would be good if you were to advise your students to have these Study Guides in front of them when they listen to each lesson. In that way the student knows not only how to pronounce a word but also how to spell it. Terima Kasih !! Brian Wilkinson
Submitted By: abcwilkinson
(542,089 on 1-2012)

Re-learning Indonesian
Myh wife and I worked in Indonesia for a year, and learned quite a lot of bahasa at that time, but that was 1973, 39 years ago. Now we want to learn it again! This Learning Indonesian is beautifully systematic, really well graded, and we are progressing step by step back to fluency. (We have books from the library, but they jump all over the place.) Right on, Shaun and Ceci! And we were really impressed to discover that some profits go to aid Indonesian families.
Submitted By: johnbardsley
(541,960 on 1-2012)

Ear before eye
The natural way to learn a language is by ear and this course does exactly this. There are backup sheets for clarification where the pronunciation may be unclear. I'm through to lesson 16 over a three week period. The course covers all the basics for a tourist, student or someone seeking the basics of another culture and way of thinking. For the cash outlay this course excellent value. I've paid for hlaf the course and have no doubt I'll go ahead with the last part as well.
Submitted By: ted672
(541,868 on 1-2012)

Great Learning Tool
I have found the podcasts / mp3 learning sessions and accompanying text files to be a great learning tool. Nice simple lessons that do not overwhelm and are useful for getting started in practicing bahasa Indonesia. The free sessions are a great introduction.
Submitted By: stekmer
(541,600 on 12-2011)

Absolutely fantastic learning tool
This is the first time I came across of a language program that is amazingly user friendly. I became conversant of bahasa Indonesia after the first three technical explanations just street smart conversation.
Submitted By: ezparorbogey
(541,538 on 12-2011)

Easy-to-follow course. Everyone can learn Bahasa Indonesia on their own.
Submitted By: rpabastillas
(541,447 on 12-2011)

I love this program
It's helped me so much! I have a pen pal from Indonesia and now I can talk to him in his own language! :D Thank you so much!
Submitted By: danielleduran
(541,005 on 12-2011)

excellent program. i am currently living in indonesia and it is a massive help in my day to day life. the course is very simple but covers all the right things needed in everyday conversation. thanks guys!
Submitted By: megs.wilson
(540,839 on 11-2011)

I am truly satisfied with your learning bahasa INDONISIA, I am glad I found your site, I visit INDONISIA every year for one month, so now at least I can be better than before. It's beautiful country and good people. Thank you
Submitted By: Superstar_bh
(540,527 on 11-2011)

Thanks , Shaun and Cici!
Im currently on my 10th lesson or "learning indonesian" and i'm thoroughly enjoying it!!! Shaun and Cici are brilliant, and patient teachers. one easily follows their lessons and its quite easy to relate and form our sentences with ease. Im eager to learn all the lessons so that i will not be at sea when i get to Indo!! Terima khasih , Shaun, Cici; sayya besa bechara bahasa indonesia!!!!
Submitted By: sharonaishwarya_rao
(540,282 on 11-2011)

Learning Indonesian is one of the best learning aid for the indonesian language i ever come across. The teaching pace is just right and have enjoy the many lessons. I will definately recommend this website to anyone that is interested in learning this language. thanks
Submitted By: cheryl.annkk
(539,404 on 10-2011)

Great courses!
Hello everyone! I found this course a week ago and i liked it very much! Saya bisa bicara bahasa indonesia sedikit dan saya suka bahasa indonesia!! I recommend it too all who want to study as this is a realy great work of Shaun and Cici!! Thumbs up!!
Submitted By: daniya_sabirova
(538,845 on 9-2011)

A unique language course
This is a most remarkable language course. It goes at a steady pace - unlike many others which after a few easy lessons tend to swamp the beginner with vocabulary and rules. The notes and lessons make it equally effective for both auditory and visual learners. In my late sixties, my memory is not as sharp as it used to be, but I find no difficulty in keeping up and retaining the information. The repeated review is a particularly useful feature of this course. I thoroughly recommend it. Brian
Submitted By: monckton.brian
(538,783 on 9-2011)

I have been reading this course for about a month now and for a beginner like myself this study material is great, when I am finished with these courses I hope to get the full experience of the language with the advanced course materials. I would love to be able to sound like a native speaker and hope to get close to that with these courses.
Submitted By: tjatwell72
(538,471 on 9-2011)

Thanks Sean and Cici!
I am so impressed with this course. Its structure suits me better than the Rosetta Stone. After just two weeks I feel I`m getting a good grounding in the basics, and I can already string whole sentences together. It`s fun, stimulating and effective. Good on you both!
Submitted By: lhaylock
(538,323 on 8-2011)

This is a fantastic learning experience. I am truly amazed about the detailed/in-depth care that has been taken to insure that learning Bahasa is easy and interesting. Thank you Shaun and Cici.
Submitted By: faridqadri24
(537,905 on 8-2011)

Satisfied user
I am going to Indonesia to work and these podcast have been a great way for me to become familiar with the language. I love that they are easily digestible chunks, each building on the other. Thoroughly recommend them.
Submitted By: ChrishindeS
(537,851 on 8-2011)

Great stuff
This is really a great opportunity to master the Indonesian language. Since my partner is of Indonesian origin I have tried several courses in the past, all in vain however. This course is fun because it is practical and easy going. Shaun and Cici, the teachers; explain friendly ,in a very easy way how this language differs from European languages. A very good step by step method. In 2 weeks time I followed 8 lessons already and am still enjoying it.
Submitted By: wilgroenen
(537,821 on 8-2011)

Bahasa indonesian learner
I have just recently found the Learning Indonesian website. I am an older person who lives in Bali and have it found it difficult to get my head around the language. Since taking the lessons on the Learning Indonesian website, I have picked up a great deal. The lessons are easy to understand and the learn. The spoken language is easy to follow as the teachers are articulate and not too fast for a learner. I am now up to Lesson 20 and already using the lessons getting around Bali - in taxis and in restaurants and shops. It is giving me confidence to start practicing. Great system.
Submitted By: doughertyrm
(537,186 on 7-2011)

Dari Colombia learner
Thank you for the oportunity to learn your very important language, with your audios I have learned a lot of pronunciation, my native language is Spanish and here is almost imposible to find audios on Bahasa Indonesia, really it is IMPOSIBLE in Spanish , so I have to learn English to approach to it. futhermore thank you for the opportunity of downloading it for free, for me it s very difficult for the moment of pay , because unemploiment but once I star new again working I?ll be able to do it. Your lessons are very useful, interesting , practical and pleasurable ones. thank you again and forgive me because im no good enough in English Bye bye
Submitted By: conjuntos
(536,590 on 6-2011)

I am so glad I discovered this resource! I spend some time in Indonesia in the 90s and learned some basic bahasa then, but forgot a lot. I plan to spend a few months in Indonesia this year, and am brushing up. I figure that I will go through the free lessons until it gets to parts I don't know; then I will buy the extended MP3 lessons. Very easy to follow--thanks!
Submitted By: webstervesta
(536,430 on 6-2011)

Bahasa Lessons
I would like to say many thanks to Shaun and Cici for their great work! I'm from Russia, and English is not my native language, but I understand everything, because lessons are so good and simple. Lessons help me when I visit Indonesia to communicate with people. Now I have a lot of friends in Bali. Dear Shaun and Cici! I wish you all the best in your family business! *** Russian Girl
Submitted By: rubby
(536,404 on 6-2011)

Going surfing in Bali in 3 months and Im feeling really confident that I will have a more authentic Indonesian experience thanks to Shaun and Chi Chis awesome lessons. So easy to follow.
Submitted By: ben_anton
(535,385 on 5-2011)

Great and really useful
I'm leaving to Indonesia for 4 months there. I was looking for some helpful words in indonesian, and googleing I arrived at Their podcasts are incredible! After I arrived at Indonesia I will ask my company to include this program as a regular training for people visiting our offices in Jakarta. I listen to them in my way to work, and I already feel confident. Thank you!
Submitted By: rsmith
(534,885 on 5-2011)

An excellent resource for learning conversational Indonesian
As one who has studied Indonesian at an Australian university and in Indonesia, and a good many years ago completed a PhD on an Indonesian topic, I wholeheartedly recommend Learning Indonesian to anybody interested in this beautiful and fascinating language. I bought the program for my wife, but am finding it useful as a means of reviving my knowledge of the patterns of everyday conversation and familiarity with the sounds of Indonesian (correct pronunciation was never my strong point). I wish something like Learning Indonesian had been available long ago when I started my study of the language! It would have made my path to fluency much easier.
Submitted By: bljp
(533,934 on 4-2011)

Awesome way to learn... builds up well and alwways goes back to previous lessons so you don't forget the stuff you already learnt... best site i have found for easy leraning :)
Submitted By: luna.storm
(533,342 on 3-2011)

Wonderful series, thank you. BUT why do you have someone showing us how to say something who has deplorable pronunciation. The female (Indonesian) says everything beautifully, and then the male, our teacher, repeats them, grossly mispronounced, misplaced accents, etc. Can't understand why he is even there speaking. Maybe he is the owner. Or maybe he is showing us how an American might say them. I like to think that I could do better, but he sets a very pathetic example.
Submitted By: marfab1
(533,157 on 3-2011)

I started downloading your pdf study guides when I first came to Surabaya last month and because of that I survived until now. It's great that you also have audio files in pod cast which makes learning even better. I hope you can make more lessons because they really help in the practical side of striking conversation with people.
Submitted By: paultalavera_op
(533,032 on 3-2011)

Crash course
Thanks Shaun & Cici. I needed a fast and easy refresher course in conversational Indonesian, and your free lessons provided just that. Leon
Submitted By: familymills
(532,232 on 2-2011)

TermaKasik Cici and Shaun just started so Im on my way as I have started to visit Bali every year I thought it would be great to understand these lovely people s im just over the road from them in Australia
Submitted By: trish_bates4848
(532,193 on 2-2011)

Learning Indonesian
Hi there, It is not often a freebie is worth the cost. These podcasts and printout lessons are great. I visit Indonesia for the first time in a week and am grateful to have these lessons to help me prepare to enjoy the people and places I will visit. Thank you very much Shaun and Cici. Terima kasih
Submitted By: stevejh00
(532,112 on 2-2011)

Thanks Shaun and Cici!
I am loving this course. My daughter lives in Bali and I visit her often. I am retired so I can learn at my own pace. It's great having a native speaker so I can get the accent right (hopefully!)
Submitted By: clairedania
(531,786 on 2-2011)

Going back to my roots
Relearning Indonesian I was born and grew up in Indonesia during the Japanese occupation and subsequently the transition of Indonesia towards becoming an independent country. I have been returning to Indonesia during the past 10 years and wanted to be able to travel around without being restricted by a language barrier. I found it to be amazingly easy to pick up again on pronunciation and vocabulary with the assistance of Cici and Shaun. It has helped me to feel "at home again" in this wonderful country. Thank you for the well structured and practical interactive course ware!
Submitted By: Hans.Koppen
(531,095 on 1-2011)

its a great possibility to learn the Indonesian language for free and the speakers do a great job. The lessons are short and easy and therefore they are fun. Nevertheless I recommend to get the free script from the homepage to see the written words too!
Submitted By: josef_penthor
(531,085 on 1-2011)

Easy to use
The language course is so easy to use, I started at lesson one and within no time at all i was at lesson 13, after that i kind of jumed around depending on which lesson i found interesting. It worked well for me. I am not fluent now but I do feel I can make myself understood. Thanks Shaun and Cici
Submitted By: trevor
(531,081 on 1-2011)

Excellent, Sekali!
This is the best source of instruction that I have come across. Well done!
Submitted By: vetdentist
(529,658 on 12-2010)

To tell the truth it is the only good and effective course I've found looking for the audio Indonesian audio courses. It is wide, includes a great deal of interesting and useful topics for communication thus I advise it everybody intending to learn Indonesian! Alexey Russia
Submitted By: aryumin1986
(529,518 on 12-2010)

Not good at Languages
I have always been hopeless at learning languages but learning Bahasa through the free Learning Indonesia lessons has been easy and fun. I think combining the listening and seeing the pdf's, especially having an Indonesian say the words correctly is fantastic. I will be living over there next year so I'm hoping to be through all of the lessons by then and be able to hold a conversation in Indonesian no problem.
Submitted By: kerrie
(527,218 on 10-2010)

I like this
Its a very good language course and I like to study indonesian when I have time at home. Its fun and easier than I could imagine. I recommend the course to anyone who want to learn basics if indonesian language or to one who is going to travel there and wants to know some words needed there.
Submitted By: anna.paldan
(526,998 on 10-2010)

very good course , i like it thank you
Submitted By: amoori123
(525,839 on 9-2010)

helo semau
Thanks for the great free lessons I found them invaluable and the best site for learning indonesian on the web after browsing many sites.I am a frequent traveller to indonesia and needed a little more than just survival phrases so while i'm at home between trips I have been able to stay in touch with the language. Which will be a bonus for future visits.I can't thank Shaun & Cici's for the lessons enough and will be recommending them to all my travelling friends.
Submitted By: pd1
(525,325 on 9-2010)

Love: the Great Motivator
In December, our son will be marrying an Indonesian young woman, whom he met while attending university in Australia. He has never before been able to learn another language, but after gaining confidence from listening to Shaun and Ceci to do so, he managed to propose to her in Bahasa Indonesian! (and she understood him!) We are (of course) attending the wedding, in Indonesia, and we want to be able to communicate with her parents as well as greet the guests. We have found your program to be excellent, encouraging and friendly,. We love to listen to Ceci's voice and intonations as she sounds exactly like our future daughter-in-law. To date we have used only the free downloads, but I am seriously thinking of buying the Premium lessons.
Submitted By: jmclean142
(524,960 on 9-2010)

Great fun easy to learn!
I am off to Borneo in September and decided to try to learn a little Indonesian. Having felt stupid trying to learn high school French I was not looking forward to it.What a pleasant surprise to find Shaun and Cici who are great, they move along at a good pace,I don't feel left behind, and I am improving daily.I would highly recommend this programme. Terima Kasih
Submitted By: karenhgrant
(524,791 on 8-2010)

Shaun and Cici are fantastic!
Learning Indonesian is a fabulous podcast to begin learning the Indonesian language. It is truly remarkable how much I know after just the first several lessons. I look forward to spending time with Shaun and Cici each day - they seem to know exactly what I need!
Submitted By: sherylgruber
(524,784 on 8-2010)

Great Program!
After planning a holiday to Bali this summer, I decided to try and learn a bit of Bahasa Indonesia to speak with the locals. I stumbled across Shaun and Cici's website - and I have never looked back! What a fantastic and fun way to learn the Indonesian language. Shaun is a great host and lesson guide, while Cici's pronunciation and intonation are invaluable. Coupled with the free PDF study guides, Learning Indonesian is the BEST learning system on the web. I would recommend it to anyone!
Submitted By: felixg33
(524,720 on 8-2010)

As an older person (late 60s), I feel as though I have finally found a language learning program that delivers for me. I am enjoying the pace and style that Shaun and Cici use to deliver the lessons, and am now looking forward to communicating more fully with my many Indonesian friends.
Submitted By: quinceclunes
(524,655 on 8-2010)

Learn easily at your own pace.
These lessons are great, theyre so easy. Sound quality is excellent so its very easy to hear the correct pronunciation. Just load them onto your Ipod or whatever and listen whenever you have a spare minute. Id recommend this to anyone and everyone.
Submitted By: zac
(524,247 on 8-2010)

Downloaded the full set of these a couple of weeks ago and as a language teacher (and learner) I'm impressed. The series is well structured and easy to pick up. Great job Shaun and Cici!
Submitted By: jasonmarshall5
(524,062 on 8-2010)

Very useful and fun
I highly recommend Learning Indonesian to anyone who wants to learn the Indonesian language. In preparation for a three-week vacation in Java, I listened to all the free episodes of learning Indonesian. I found them very useful and fun to listen to. The study material is organized very well: each lesson has a specific topic and each progressive lesson builds on the previous lessons. Due to time constraints, I did not listen to the Premium courses. Had I had more time, I would definitely have bought all of them.
Submitted By: frankploegman
(523,894 on 8-2010)

I studied Bahasa at High School and have found Learning Indonesian a great way to refresh my knowledge after 30 years. I find Cici's annunciation perfect and so easy to follow, you can spell the words from her mouth !!
Submitted By: docrob
(523,836 on 8-2010)

Great Teachers!
Shaun and Cici have made learning Indonesian easy! I'm adding to a start made in the 1950s and now plan to visit Bali this year. I want to see people smile when I use their language. I'm half-way through the 48 free lessons and am keen to finish!
Submitted By: johnwilkins3
(523,457 on 8-2010)

Learning Indonesian
I have found the free course to be very helpful in helping me learn to be able to be conversational in the Indonesian words I have been hearing and recognize. The lessons are great! If I were not currently unemployed, I would be very happy to invest in the lessons for purchase.
Submitted By: devor-ah
(522,581 on 7-2010)

I appreciate the structured and uncluttered nature of the lessons. It is easy to follow and and the spoken Indonesian is very clear. Constant revision is also helpful. I need to be more diligent!
Submitted By: e.rowen
(522,031 on 7-2010)

Quick and simple learning!!! is the best site I have come accross that teaches the language in the most simple and easy way without confusing as learning proceeds. The audio quality is excellent that keeps you intereted to continue. The quizlet enhances and engraves the vocabulary in your default memory. Its really a wonderful place for learning indonesian language.
Submitted By: afreen.arts
(521,091 on 6-2010)

The best way to spend 5 hours a week travelling to/from work
When I look at all those bored faces on the tram in the morning I think - you guys should get onto this - I'm actually learning another language here!
Submitted By: 7sistas
(521,017 on 6-2010)

Highly recommend
With this free podcast, you can start learning and speaking the Indonesian language . It is super easy to follow. My boyfriend (who is indonesian) is impressed with my progress in the language.
Submitted By: veritaslove
(520,639 on 6-2010)

Great way to learn Indonesian. Much better than phrase books. After the 48 lessons I had the basic skills to keep a conversation in Indonesian. Shaun and Cici deserve my thanks. Jos? Pereira Portugal
Submitted By: juliosp50
(519,116 on 5-2010)

Just do IT
Hi Shaun and Cici, I am an Australian female 52. My husband and i have been visiting Bali for 15 years. On our most recent holiday we purchased a villa in Candi Dasa. Giving thought to retiring there i thought i should learn to speak Indonesion.I have loved listening to your program and have learnt so much so quickly. This is a great way to learn Indonesion. I can say saya bisa becara bahasa Indonesia
Submitted By: deborahbooth
(518,980 on 5-2010)

VSO Volunteer (designated) and Hope to work in Indonesia for the next two years
I'm a VSO volunter (designated) and hopefully will commence my stay in Indonesia and volunteering within next two month period. I too can categorically say I have not come across this type of material in any other language or media. "Learning Indonesian Podcast" material is easy to follow and the pronunciation is as authentic as it comes. The material is well worth the time and effort. The premium material which I intend to use within the next couple of months is even better. Definitely this learning package made my life easier. It's amazing to see the progress I have made so far in using "Bahasa Indonesia" Terimah Kasih Lionel
Submitted By: lionelorama
(518,647 on 5-2010)

Easy learning...
This is an awesome tool to become conversational in Indonesian. I also purchased the first module of extended material. It doesn't provide too much more vocabulary but tests your knowledge and provides more practice on answering questions and speaking. I think it's well worth it. VERY pleased with the progress I've made with these lessons so far. Thanks.
Submitted By: auramarie
(518,529 on 5-2010)

Learning Indonesian
This is an above average source of dealing with relatively unfamiliar material! Great job!
Submitted By: info4u
(518,457 on 5-2010)

great fun
I had some problems to start learning bahasa indonesia - no idea why - and then with these lessons, learning bahasa became fun - easy introduction, great result
Submitted By:
(518,314 on 5-2010)

The lessons are really quite excellent. Words and phrases taught are useful. Beats Rosetta Stone by a mile.
Submitted By: ohara5c
(517,338 on 4-2010)

Learning Indonesian
This is a great podcast that teaches you the indonesian language. It repeats words and says things clearly. I have learned a lot from this and recommend it! Terma Kasih. sumpai jumpai lagi.
Submitted By: nscheftic
(517,162 on 4-2010)

learning indonesian sekali bagus!!!
I'd like to thank Shaun and Cici for their ambitious work on "learning indonesian"... I'm trying to learn Indonesian since a long time but i've never found such a great and easy way to learn it... I strongly recommend the "learning indonesian" podcasts because within a few minutes a day you can learn bahasa indonesia well enough to have a real life conversation in Indonesia... They put together the most important words and phrases for a daily use of indonesian while on holiday... and tht's great!! Terima kasih sekali!!!! Katrin from Austria
Submitted By: k.muelleder
(516,861 on 4-2010)

If you need easy lessons.
This is an easy and gradual way to learn Indonesian with no stress. love it!!
Submitted By: jonesbros
(515,830 on 4-2010)

Really good and easy to learn lessons, small steps which will bring me a long way. Pronunciation differences between Cici and Shaun are funny to listen to and give me a taste of how my own voice will sound with a nice accent. But Indonesians, I guess, will forgive that. Absolutely great way to get the basics of Bahasa Indonesia and then go further.
Submitted By: nienhaus
(515,086 on 3-2010)

Learning indonesian is fantastic. Our family is going to Bali again soon and so we are practising a lot. Some lessons I remember straight away. Otheres, I think 'Oh, I will never get this' but if I listen to it once or twice more I think 'Hey! That was easy!' I would totally recomend it to anyone even just as something to do
Submitted By: annazebby
(514,862 on 3-2010)

The lessons are fantastic. I lived over in Bali years ago and have taken these lesson as a refresher! Unlike many other audio lessons - Shaun and Cici teach each word on its own - then make them into sentences - super easy!
Submitted By: squidinksigns
(514,793 on 3-2010)

As someone who intends spending some time in Indonesia, I found this site on the internet and began the lessons with very few expectations. Three weeks later I am enjoying the lessons thoroughly and learning much more than I ever thought I would .. or could. The presentations are extremely well presented and I look forward to using my bahasa Indonesia in that country. Terima kasih Cici dan Shaun.
Submitted By: maggiesfarmau
(513,068 on 2-2010)

I am so glad I found Learning Indonesian! The lessons are so clear and easy to follow. Shaun and Cici and friendly and welcoming. I especially like the extra bits of information Shaun gives that help me to understand and solidify the language. This is obviously a well thought-out program and delivered with love for the language and culture of Indonesia, as well as respect for the students. Thanks guys!
Submitted By: mollyapple3
(512,830 on 2-2010)

Love it!
I am a blind writer/English teacher from Australia, who has recently discovered the amazing people & places of Indonesia. I downloaded the zip files from Learning Indonesia's web-site & the rest was history. the audio has obvious advantages to me for learning, as I read my books in audio format. I have been learning for nearly a month now & I am returning to bali tomorrow with more confidence in my ability to communicate basics with the locals. After all, I think the onus should be on us to learn their language, as we are in their country. Thanks for the great product!
Submitted By: menston2
(512,369 on 2-2010)

fun learning
Hello Cici and Sean, Thank you so much for your free downloads. I have found this to be a wonderful site. Having Cici speak so clearly makes learning the pronunciation so much easier. On a lot of sites the National speaker isn't clear, and then Sean repeats what Cici has said and that really cements it. Hopefully this old brain will be able to learn quickly, if I was even 10 years younger I reckon with this program I would be speaking Bahassa fluently. Thank you so much. Ev xx
Submitted By: evelyncrow2008
(512,295 on 2-2010)

Terima Kasih!
well done guys! i really have learnt a lot from your lessons. they are easy and dont go at a break-neck pace. my fiance is Indonesian so its important for me to learn the language and I find Cici's 'rrrrrrr's really helpful! keep it up!
Submitted By: amcgrath82
(512,291 on 2-2010)

Great Lessons!
Truly great lessons for the basics of the indonesian language! The explaination of the words really helps to remember and with the study-guides you can easily review all the words and sentences. The audiolessons are slow enough so you don't need the pause-button but fast enough so you don't get bored. I think it's one of the best languagecourses you will find on the internet! Thank you Shaun and Cici! Laurens (from holland)
Submitted By: lkruse
(511,675 on 2-2010)

Thank you Shaun & Cici,
I am so looking forward to my annual vacation in Bali in two months. Although a beginner of Bahasa, I'll be speaking before that, I'm sure. The prospect of being able to talk to native friends in their own tongue is absolutely thrilling. Terima kasih banyak! Lene
Submitted By: leneravn
(510,633 on 1-2010)

Highly reccomended
This podcast has everything I want, not the least of which is that it's free! The lessons come in nice bite-sized chunks so you're not overloaded with information. One of the speakers on it is Indonesian so you can hear the proper pronunciation. The titles on the episodes make it easy to jump around between lessons for revision purposes (or to skip stuff you already know.) Fantastic!
Submitted By: guygoodhart
(510,459 on 1-2010)

Highly Recommended
This is such a fun and easy way to learn bahasa. It is so logical in its method that it makes the learning process so simple and effective. I am thoroughly enjoying it and learing fast as well. Thank you so much! Lara
Submitted By: lara2426
(510,181 on 1-2010)

Love it!
This is way better than Rosetta Stone. Learning Indonesian is easier to follow since everything is stated in English and Bahasa verses Rosetta Stone which does not. Would recommend this to everyone!!!
Submitted By: dawnmodom
(509,505 on 1-2010)

An exciting and refreshing approach to learning a new language
This podcast series is the real deal. The authors definitely make learning Indonesian fun and easy. I took this series with me to East Timor a few months back and was amazed that after only ten lessons, I was able to converse with all sorts of people in a variety of different situations. Shaun and Cici's passion for Indonesian language and culture clearly come through. The lessons focus on the basics of building different sentences and include clearly laid out lesson notes for email subscribers. I would HIGHLY recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning Indonesian. Thanks to Shaun and Cici, a whole world of possibilities has been opened for me. Michael
Submitted By: msteven2
(509,017 on 1-2010)

learning indonesian
I have found these tutorials to be very easy to follow and very helpful.
Submitted By: ian
(508,971 on 1-2010)

Great language learning program
This is a great podcast. I am part of a group that plays traditional IIndonesian music and its really great to learn some of the language that goes along with it. I love their positive and upbeat style, its presented in a way that is very easy to understand.
Submitted By: ldamashek
(508,790 on 1-2010)

Very good! enthousiastic, clear, practical. Duration of the lessons (short) makes it very suitable for taking lessons on the road, in train, waiting room or wherever.
Submitted By: maaike_gerards
(507,848 on 12-2009)

Learning Indonesian
I have been learning indonesian for some time,going back to the begining has been realy good for me and I have learnt lots more from Learning Indonesian this way.just like one on one. jeff frome down under
Submitted By: jeffone
(507,822 on 12-2009)

I am very much enjoying the Learning Indonesian podcasts and I am sure it will help me when I visit Bali later this year. Thankyou and keep up the good work
Submitted By: msimm
(507,799 on 12-2009)

I'm loving this podcast so far, and at this point I have no complaints. Very professional, yet relaxed. I'm only in the first few lessons, so I can't give TOO detailed of a review at this point, but at any rate I liked it so much that I bought premium lessons too. (And I never buy stuff online) The premium course is great too, its the same as the free one, but goes a bit deeper. Very useful, especially if your serious about the language. This podcast also has PDFs you can look at too for notes on each lesson---you can get them by subscribing at their website,, its free!
Submitted By: nailae
(507,008 on 12-2009)

Learning Indonesian
Really useful lessons, and the more you repeat them the more it sinks in. I would like to see an additional lesson on phonetics - the Indonesian alphabet. And I have to admit that the accent of the American guy is not an Indonesian accent. This isn't a bad thing as you can see how hard it is to avoid using your own mother tongue intonations.
Submitted By: chiukwongman
(506,601 on 12-2009)

Shaun and Cici rock - this course is brilliant. Where's the 'donate' button?
Submitted By: jamescb
(505,510 on 11-2009)

Learning Indonesian
I recently received the learning Indonesian disk series with lessons 1 through 45. I am very impressed with both the methods in which they employee building vocabulary skills, and with the amount of focus they place on correct pronunciation. I have two other language programs that I had purchased about two years ago and used to study the language, but have found the Learning Indonesian series far superior over either of those. I would highly recommend this program to anyone trying to learn the language.
Submitted By: mangoroony
(505,270 on 11-2009)
Ive recently subscribed to the Learning Indonesian podcasts ( and I think they are great. The lessons are clear and easy to follow, and a great way to work on my pronunciation of the Indonesian language. Terima Kasih Shaun and Cici!
Submitted By: emmak
(505,225 on 11-2009)

Musicly flavoured
Thes podcasts by shaun and cici have just lovley music before and after each lesson.Their voices are clear and accurate and have the perfect pace for all levels of learning.Be assured that your learning will be easy and as they say fun while you are doing so.I am some what addicted to these podcasts and listen to them several times per day, and love learning Bahasa Indonesion.
Submitted By: Shezdup
(504,472 on 11-2009)

Ive listened to many language podcasts and Learning Indonesian is far and beyond the easiest for me to learn from.
Submitted By: jestril
(502,679 on 10-2009)

Great series to learn indonesian language
As a beginaer who doesnt know any thing about indonesian language I found the series of Shaun and Cici very helpful to me. know I'm on the lesson #10, I carry the mp3 files with me within my walkman player every where I go and I will surly go for the premium lessons in the near future.very easy to follow and to understand. Thank u Shaun and Cici.
Submitted By: djazan
(502,564 on 10-2009)

Love it
Since starting with learning Indonesian I have come a long way with my knowledge. I have the audio on cd in my car and the printed sheets on the seat next to me. I learn as I drive to work. I would highly recommend this programe. Thanks
Submitted By: a1preece
(502,022 on 10-2009)

sekarang saya bisa becara bahasa indonsia sedikit.terima kasih sekali Shaun dan Cici.
Submitted By: tarik_akman
(498,624 on 9-2009)

Thank you
Was most helpful and appreciated by my contacts in Bali.
Submitted By: jaxand48
(498,596 on 9-2009)

positive feedback
printed out the pdf lessons and am enjoying working through them each night. bagus
Submitted By: stevejones19510
(498,225 on 9-2009)
It'a really a good way to learn this language. Thanks to Cici dan Shaun.
Submitted By: ines.winter
(498,194 on 9-2009)

Been using the podcasts for about two weeks now. i can't believe they're free. great quality, perfect pacing. highly recommended. and by the way, i'm a language teacher. so i know what the F i'm talking about. terima kasih to you guys!
Submitted By: michyeotnya
(496,951 on 9-2009)

The lessons are very well structured. I took elementary malay before, but find myself learning much faster with Learning Indonesian. By lesson 12, I find myself being able to converse with Indonesians!
Submitted By: jeannie_tay
(496,920 on 9-2009)

Easy to learn, easy to remember and much more usefull than any other method of learning than I've found 5 stars, Bagus sekali!
Submitted By: samwilsonsam
(496,481 on 9-2009)

learning Bahasa Indonesia
So far I am enjoying the lessons. I am only on lesson 5. I travel with my husband to Indonesia about once a year and he speaks Indonesian fluently. So I hear a lot of Indonesian. I understand a lot if I know the context. I am committed to increase my understanding and ability to speak but don't have a lot of time. I find that the pronunciation is pretty good and the repitition is helping vocabulary "stick". I have 3 more weeks to work before we leave and I plan to take downloaded lessons. Thank you for making this available. We are working with nationals for a small mission and have to raise our travel expenses on top of raising our salary/health insurance, etcI am sure I will have more to say when we return.
Submitted By: northlee
(493,886 on 8-2009)

Shaun & Chi Chi - gro?artig. Lerne Indonesisch und frische Englisch auf. Gut auch das Begleitmaterial. Besonders hilfreich, da Redewendungen aus dem t?glichen Leben im Vordergrund stehen. Yeah: it makes fun and I will surprise my friends Made, Wayan, Agung ... in Seminyak. Gr?sse Bernd - aus Germany
Submitted By: boerngen
(493,526 on 8-2009)

learning indonesian
Bless you Shaun and Chi Chi for making life so much easier with this website.
Submitted By: taneja.kavita
(492,888 on 8-2009)

great learning
I have only been using the Learning Indonesian podcasts for a week now, and along with the study guides, I have moved farther than I ever thought I would. It's truly the easiest thing I've ever done!
Submitted By: michlambert
(488,264 on 6-2009)

Easy way to learn Indonesian
Three Words Professional , Easy and Fun Shaun and Cici , makes this so easy , within days I was saying some real easy Phrases . Having been to bali several times , i thought it was time to stop being Ingnorant and learn some of the language of the place i love . Thankyou Shaun and Cici , very easy and its fun learning I really wish i knew about this Way of learning before this . Kind Regards Robbie
Submitted By: Robert_Rowland
(486,702 on 6-2009)

Best lessons ever!!!!
Quick comment on learning Indonesian, IT ROCKS. I have tried to learn Indonesian before using a book but it didn't work. I breezed through the first 20 lessons now in a week. I listen on the way to work and when I go running. I replay the lessons regularly. Apart from learning the language it also gives your mind a boost. My wife is Indonesian and she is very impressed with the progress as well. Take these lessons, I recommend it. Michael
Submitted By: michael.hellemans
(485,906 on 6-2009)

This has been a wonderful free service - I have found the whole series very useful and very well presented. I have recommended it to many others and it will remain a big favourite for me! I am learning Indonesian as I am travelling to Bali. My friend at work speaks Bahasa Indonesian and she remarked that my pronunciation was excellent - all thanks to these podcasts!!
Submitted By: kwatson
(485,242 on 6-2009)

The learning Indonesian blog is excellent! I have started to learn with Shaun and Cici 10 days ago and I feel already that I can carry out some conversations in Indonesian. I absolutely love the way they have structured it. I can highly recommend their website for everyone who has serious interest in learning Indonesian! Terima kasih! Valeria/Sweden
Submitted By: vipetkova
(482,850 on 5-2009)

I love this clear, pleasant, fun podcast. I am getting ready to go to Indonesia, but after 10 podcasts I feel quite confident already that I will be able to carry on some conversation.
Submitted By: ivan.kalmar
(482,840 on 5-2009)
The best free learning indonesian site by far. Beats even the language courses I have bought.
Submitted By: m.bayly
(482,276 on 5-2009)

language course review
I had attempted 3 other online Bahasa Indonesia courses before I discovered Learning Indonesion. I began with the free lessons which gave me an insight into the set up, difficulty, accessiblity etc. I was extremely happy and with 2 other friends began conducting our own classes 1 x week based on what we study. We have just progressed to purchasing the full comprehensive set and have discovered extra lessons, more challenges and yet still retaining the pace and level to which we feel comfortable. I cannot endorse this course highly enough, it is a wonderful way to begin this new language and we gain more confidence to speak with each week. It is aimed at total beginners or semi qualifed speakers of Bahasa Indonesian. I love it.
Submitted By: lindas1
(481,246 on 5-2009)

Ik wilde voor mijn vakantie een beetje indonesies leren zodat ik mij zonder engels ook verstaanbaar kan maken. De lessen zijn er op gericht dat je het geleerde meteen in de praktijk kan brengen. En het is gratis ;-)
Submitted By: emile.brugman
(480,264 on 5-2009)

Aku suka Bahasa Indonesia
Terima Kasih for this great service. It really helps getting an understanding of the Indonesian language. Please go on posting your podcasts...
Submitted By: eastberlinxx
(480,179 on 5-2009)

I love Indonesia!
Hi! I just wanted to say thankyou so much for making this Learning Indonesian program! It's been so great for me to be able to learn. I am 13 years old and have been to Indonesia helping out with tribal children. It was a wonderful experience but the language barrier was difficult. So your program has been a great help for me to be able to know that next time we go over, I will be able to have real conversations with the Indonesians. I am home-schooled so being able to have this opportunity to learn Bahasa Indonesia is so good! Terima Kasih Shaun and Cici! Saya mau belajar Bahasa Indonesia sekali banyak. Saya coba belajar setiap hari. From Jasmine.
Submitted By: jassyjohnston
(480,077 on 5-2009)

Very Good and enjoyable!
Thank you very much, Saun and Cici, for putting up these lessons for free! I have learned a lot regarding especially the pronunciation. I am sure this will help me to finally understand what people are saying to me when I am coming over again in a few weeks for one month. I also think that the many repetitions and review sections definitely help me to remember the vocabulary. I enjoy the way the lessons are set up and I love the accompanying soundtrack. Is that somehwere available for download? May be you can add a section on music to your blogs. Terima kasih banyak! B.
Submitted By: birgit.galemann
(478,434 on 4-2009)

thankyou so much
Hi i would like to thank you so much for such a great site to learn to speak indonesian. I have been to Bali several times and sometimes find it so hard to communicate with some of these lovely people, your lessons are great it makes it so easy,i didnt realize how easy it is to learn . Thank you so much. Craig. Australia.
Submitted By: ferral22
(478,373 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: denham07
(478,257 on 4-2009)

Bahasa Indonesia in The Public Domain
The Learning Indonesian podcast material is well paced and well structured. It provides excellent self paced aural training in the target language. As many Indonesian language learning classes these days (in Australia) are multi-level, the Learning Indonesian podcast packages are profoundly useful as both hoemwork and reiteration tool. As the 'trick' to foreign language acquisition is frequency of contact, the lesson length of the material is configured just so. As an ICT assisting learning tool it is simply excellent. Many thanks Mal Robertson Tasmanian Academy Hobart Campus
Submitted By: malcolm.robertson
(477,505 on 4-2009)

Fantastic resource
This is a really great series of lessons on Bahasa Indonesia. I live in Jakarta since 6 months ago and this was a great way to start learning the language. Thank you very much guys!
Submitted By: ken_mcclure
(476,924 on 4-2009)

I have looked for podcasts and texts in Indonesian to practice and really this one is the best. It's clear, free and very effective to get a basic knowledge in bahasa indonesia. Terima kasih
Submitted By: justindanethan
(476,380 on 4-2009)

Terima Kasih Cici and Sean!
This podcast has been so helpful for me. I am a busy woman, and the earning indonesian podcast has been a wonderful resource. With the lessons on my iphone, I can practice bahasa indonesia at any moment!
Submitted By: gillian.bogart
(476,010 on 4-2009)

Excellent free Indonesian course
I have been living in Indonesia just over a month now and many locals dont speak any English. This has been a great help to me. I have picked up a lot of Indonesian from listening to these mp3s several times a week...
Submitted By: suchetjones
(474,814 on 4-2009)

found the downloadable lesson easy to understand and really fun. Baik
Submitted By: f.regolini
(474,181 on 4-2009)

Sean and cici are really great teachers!
Im loving so much the lessons of Sean and Cici. Theyre really great teachers. I wanted to learn indonesian language since a long time, and now I think my dream will come true. ;)
Submitted By: richard_flyer
(471,477 on 3-2009)

These podcasts are truly wonderful and well worth downloading. I am so grateful for this.
Submitted By: Moscowdipat
(470,509 on 3-2009)

Learning Indonesian
These sessions have helped us greatly in learning to sprak Indonesian. As we are in our late 50's learning a new language is not easy. We are annual visitors to Bali & our friends there are so impressed with our great improvement in not only understanding Bahasa but also the way we now speak. Thank you so much for these sessions.
Submitted By: lia_bakes
(468,468 on 3-2009)

Bahasa Indonesia lessons are great particularly hearing the pronunciation and having the review questions. Sher
Submitted By: hiho1999
(467,670 on 2-2009)

love it
Hi all! I happened to search and found the LearningIndonesian website and I love it. I'm really really glad to have found this because it is such an easy and fun way to learn Indonesian. My boyfriend is Indonesian and has taught me only the things I want to know how to say, but this website has taught me a great deal. I love everything about it. I even surprised my boyfriend when I start talking and combining things I've learned to create various sentences and all. He loves it. I enjoy learning Indonesian so much from Shawn and Cici. I do thank and appreciate them alot. Have fun learning Indonesian everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: diemtran_nc
(466,745 on 2-2009)

Baik sekali!
Hi! I've been searching for a way to learn and be really motivated to learn Indonesian all this time. I am expecting a few months time and the short notice has put some pressure. Other programs could not explain to me why things are said in this or that way in Bahasa Indonesia, but Learningindonesian can do that! It makes one confident! Indonesian verbs also got me lost, but has given me the compass. I really recommend it to all English speakers who want to learn Indonesian. I've passed on the information to some of my colleagues. Great work! Congratulations to the staff.
Submitted By: fathermon
(465,535 on 2-2009)

I like what I've heard so far!
I like the short crisp style of these lessons, it gives a sense of continued accomplishment. And Shaun & Cici's genuine passion for this comes through clear.
Submitted By: oshorewa
(455,389 on 12-2008)

Love the clear pronunciations
One of the best things about this is the way that Cici pronounces each new word three times: first, normal speed, then syllable by syllable, then normal speed again. I find this really really useful! Baik!
Submitted By: cranberry
(454,296 on 12-2008)

The Best in Learning Bahasa Indonesia
I simply love the simplicity of the format, very easy to follow and understand. Keep up the good work you guys! Terima kasih!
Submitted By: ojitos_brillantes
(452,660 on 12-2008)

Really good resource for hearing Indonesian, better than anything else on the web. Free podcasts are somewhat talky with English commentary but hey, it's free! And this can be avoided by ordering the paid product, if that's your pleasure
Submitted By: machekha
(451,645 on 12-2008)

I have found that since I can repay the lessons over and over again very helpfull, and I am enjoying the lessons. :o)
Submitted By: heather.collis
(449,895 on 11-2008)

It's fun to learn Indonesian
Thanks very much for offering us this opportunity to learn Indonesian. It is really a fun and interesting way to learn. We appreciate very much. Thank you. Wilson
Submitted By: wilsonwongsw
(448,951 on 11-2008)

Learning Indonesian
This podcasts are the best way yet we've found to help in Learning Indonesian. Helpful hints and pronunciation tips in clear, easy to understand lessons. Terima kasih banyak!
Submitted By: lynda.lim
(440,216 on 10-2008)

great lessons!
These are great lessons! I enjoy them very much, the pronounciation is excellent and you'll learn the language easily. The premium lessons are even greater. I have them in my car and each day I'll learn more. Great stuff
Submitted By: rob
(439,345 on 10-2008)

The Learning indonesian podcasts are a great way to learn Indonesian. The lessons are well organized. Terima kasih for the team that put these lessons together. I hope there will be more to come...
Submitted By: ssjiivan
(437,244 on 10-2008)

I studied Indonesian before and worked in Malaysia for a couple of years. But languages in general are very easy to forget without constant communication. So I subscribed to the Learning Indonesian Premium and now enjoying listening and practicing the language while driving. Great use of time! Also I hope that more advanced lessons will be issued soon.
Submitted By: yatsyk.elena
(435,347 on 10-2008)

I intended to use the lessons to brush up on my basic knowledge of Indonesian, and found I am learning much more. I can highly recommend this site.
Submitted By: sharzan
(430,947 on 9-2008)

Great help for learning bahasa Indonesia for those with limited time for study.
Submitted By: kalijaga
(429,667 on 9-2008)

Hi, i would like to share my experience leqrning indonesian from I had so much fun and it really helps. They will teach you from basic and those common languages. To those who want to learn this website is a great one to learn.
Submitted By: mhyly04
(426,722 on 9-2008)

easy learning indonesian
A really easy learing bahasa indonesia for beginners. Good choice building stones and well explained. Many thanks to Sean and Cici. Good that I can begin for free. I probably go for more.
Submitted By: fjwohlert
(424,124 on 8-2008)

Really easy and fun
There is not so much good stuff for learning Indonesian so far making me even more thankful for this free and fun course, My girlfriend is Indonesian and the one thing she is complaining about is the extremely formal level of speech. But thats the one and only thing to criticize. Lessons are short with few additional vocabulary each time and always referring to previous material. Important things are always repeated in the following lessons. A really great course for beginners!
Submitted By: markus-frederik.bohn
(423,354 on 8-2008)

The podcast lessons on Learning Indonesian are very clear to understand. The order of the lessons is well planned and easy to follow. I like the way previous lessons are reviewed at the end of each new lesson, and how the composition of certain words are explained (e.x. when a word is made up of two parts). This also facilitates the build up to more complicated sentences. Two thumbs up for Shaun and Cici!
Submitted By: eva.bratanata
(421,800 on 8-2008)

I think that "Learning Indonesian" is a very well organized podcast ! Lessons are explained very well and you can also have fun while learning Indonesian ! I,personally, would not hesitate and GO FOR IT !!!!! Last, but not least, Shaun and Cici are great "Teachers" !
Submitted By: stef41us
(420,134 on 8-2008)

Learning Indonesian Podcast
Really outstanding is the clarity of the speakers' voices. They beat Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur Indonesian course materials by miles.
Submitted By: crispan001
(418,449 on 8-2008)

exceptionally helpful
learning indonesian lessons are really helpful and easy to understand... i extend my regards to the people who made this lessons possible to everyone.. thanks
Submitted By: s_amot
(415,058 on 8-2008)

An excellent course for beginners. Good simple format, clearly enunced, and well explained. Many thanks to Sean and Cici. One comment: each lesson is very short. It would be great if there were a bit more 'meat' in each one but, as another observer wrote, maybe that comes in the Premium package. jr
Submitted By: jrogers
(408,839 on 7-2008)

Love it
This program has been so easy to understand and to learn Indonesian.Makes learning fun and easy
Submitted By: hvbv
(406,108 on 7-2008)

the best free Bahasa Indonesian learning podcast available
Submitted By: Tristan-balian
(404,326 on 7-2008)

Easy and fun
Always had an interest in learning languages. This the first time I take a free course online and I must say I am really impressed. The lessons are short, easy to follow, fun and interesting and now that there are 42 available you can make a lot of progress in a short time. As with any language though, practice makes perfect and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Most native speakers will appreciate the fact that a foreigner is trying to learn their language. Oh Very much appreciate the fact that the conversation are not deliberately slowed down but spoken at a normal conversational speed.
Submitted By: pal
(402,688 on 7-2008)

I love it
Im learning indonesian for my trip to Bali, and I think this method is great. Id like more example phrases at the end of the lessonns, but I guess that goes on the premium version.
Submitted By: cercadillo
(401,562 on 6-2008)

As a self teaching indonesian learner, this is the most valuable teaching aid I have found. Other audio C.D's etc do not have the amout of learning with follow up reviews. Listened to it for 6 hours on my flight to Bali and was surprised how much more was taken in from listening, compared to reading. For the first time I was able to converse in Indonesian, much more than just the odd word. Recommend it to everyone. Love it so much I have purcashd the premium package and hope to be lebih lancar(more fluent) for my trip to Bali next year.
Submitted By: linda8
(400,018 on 6-2008)

Great lessons
I was looking for an indonesian cours for a long time and I am happy , that I found this great course. I think it is one of the best ways to learn indonesian. You have short lessons and you can decide on your own, how much you want to learn. Also the pdf-study-guides are a great big help while learning. Thanks a lot to Shaun, Cici and the whole team.
Submitted By: simone-querbach-schweinefuss
(399,765 on 6-2008)

Great course
I listen to these Podcasts on my way to work and learn something new every day. The pronunciation is good and each lesson builds on the previous one so you actually build your vocabulary as you go. Overall a great program and highly recommended. The only suggestion I have to make the program better is for the speaker to speak a little bit quicker. I've done other programs. like Pimsleur, which don't talk so slow and I was able to keep up and learn. Of course those courses were expensive and this one is free.
Submitted By: joshua.bauer
(395,174 on 6-2008)

Fun and easy to learn
??? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???. ?? ???? ??? ?? Learning Indonesian. ?? ?????.
Submitted By: james090
(394,941 on 6-2008)

I am throughly enjoying learning Indonesian. This is so much fun. I would recommend it to anyone. Easy listening.
Submitted By: vicki
(394,375 on 6-2008)

Great Lessons
Perfect refresher or survival indonesian course. Excellent format and fun too! Great easy listening in the car
Submitted By: retrosurfer
(391,893 on 6-2008)

Fun to Learn
After listening to and reading the Learning Indonesian Lessons I find it very easy to understand and follow along. My Indonesian is getting better each week. I look forward to learning more as new lessons are available.
Submitted By: Purpledreams99
(388,346 on 5-2008)

great learning tool
i have looked all over the net for programs to learn bahasa indonesia, and i have to say this is the best program so far. And its actually pretty easy and fun to learn! Specially for the simple way lessons are presented.
Submitted By: laqa18
(380,595 on 5-2008)

Excellent the best I have found and I have looked hard and wide
Submitted By: martynpower
(380,387 on 5-2008)

Terima kasih untuk podcastnya
Belejar bahasa indonesia dengan learning indonesian-podcast mudah dan rasa senang sekali. You see, it really works! Thanks to Sean & Cici for providing this really well structured and easy to learn possibility to learn the indonesian language. Like others said before, one of the big advantages in relation to other learning methods is, that you can practice everywhere and everytime. And listening to Cici speaking gives you a great feeling of the sound and pronounciation in bahasa indonesia. Thumbs up and i am really looking forward to my next lesson. Terima kasih banyak dan salam.
Submitted By: willie.garvin
(380,097 on 5-2008)

This site is really good!
I started a few weeks ago using the podcasts in the learningindonesian site, and quite frankly I like them a lot. There are very few bad points I can pinpoint such as in the beginning the pace is a bit slow and you feel like you can use more vocabulary and expressions, and also that there are not many many lessons yet. Of course that will take time. And the hosts of the podcasts, Cici and Sean, they are always fun and kind. I am really really really looking forward to having more episodes with time!
Submitted By: nelimagfr
(378,001 on 4-2008)

these casts are very good if you want to learn basic indonesian quickly. They are easy to get through and interesting.
Submitted By: ambs55
(377,035 on 4-2008)

great podcast
easy, simple, and even I am learning a new language. Thank You for providing these podcasts
Submitted By: trevoragar
(376,986 on 4-2008)

Fantastic way to learn Bahasa Indonesia
My partner and I will head to Indonesia for several months next year. Throughout my travels I have made the experience that speaking a bit of the local language will make you more welcome and give you a more in-depth view of a country. However, usually we all are busy with our jobs and lives and learning a new language on the side can be difficult. Shaun and Chici have come up with the solution in case of Bahasa Indonesia. Just pop their podcast into your mp3 player on your way to work every day - and youll be able to communicate within a couple of months. Im only up to episode 11, but I would already feel confident enough to have a basic conversation with a local in Indonesia. That is how good this podcast is. Please keep em coming! Terima kasih! Adrian
Submitted By: adisnewsletters
(375,568 on 4-2008)

Definitely an effective course
Among the educational podcasts aimed at teaching foreign languages, Learning Indonesian stands out for its effectiveness. Each new lesson is built on the previous ones in a linear way, making this course very convenient for the complete beginner. The lessons are neither too short nor too long and the usage of the English language is left to the minimum, in order to focus the attention on Indonesian language. Moreover, the constant review of the expressions and words taught in the previous lessons is very helpful to fix in mind what has already been learnt. Definitely well worth listening, even if you think you may not be interested in Indonesian language (chances are you'll become!)
Submitted By: carlo.vianello
(373,275 on 4-2008)

Good value
Great course, really seems to hit the spot. I've dabbled in a couple of languages due to work related travel, but nothing I've tried before gave me the satisfaction and progress Learning Indonesian has. Now all I need is Learning Malaysian (yes I know they're similar, but not identical). Regards Stan
Submitted By: stanthomson55
(370,992 on 4-2008)

Great learning
Cannot tell how I landed on your podcast site, but it has been fun learning with you. Had some experiense in learning Bahasa Indonesia 4 years ago for 4 weeks only, lower university level, but without training of pronounsing and very fast. Your course is fenomenal. Repetitio est mater studiorum (latin) - repeating is mother of studying. Since February 2008 have listened to you in my iPod during walking tours and commututer bus riedes here in Helsinki, Finland. Thanks for pronouncing clearly, repeating and building up fast enough vocabulary. And also the magic music form Bali, I think. Same nanti Cici and Sean!
Submitted By: moo.nykanen
(370,451 on 3-2008)

Great help
I think these lessons will be a great help when going to Indonesia.
Submitted By: kloos2u
(370,221 on 3-2008)

Kursus super kilat!
I couldn’t ever imagine that studying a new language could be so easy and enJOYable. Bahasa Indonesia is my eighth language but the first one I started to speak and write in a record time. My friend in Jakarta is happy of my fast progress. Many thanks to Sean & Cici who make learning so interesting, and the team of Learning Indonesian who provides me with this well designed course, text and audio material. *** Salam Cinta
Submitted By: tapani.viitaniemi
(370,161 on 3-2008)

Easy to learn
Learning Indonesian is really easy with these podcasts. After only a few lesson I found I could put together some basic sentences myself. Because it makes it easy to learn I feel eager to get each new lesson.
Submitted By: chris.clifford
(370,156 on 3-2008)

I recommended your site to my visitors!
All I can say is GREAT! I have found a site that made me proud of myself because Indonesian language eventually goes publicly into the webs. I have created myself a site dedicated to Indonesian Language learning: My site lacks of voice producing content, but now having visited your site having such a voice producing , my site becomes somewhat helped and completed. Although, of course, we have started from different sites. Therefore, I also have recommended my visitors of my site to visit yours! If you have the chance, please feel free to visit mine. Thank you, Ika
Submitted By: thisis
(370,144 on 3-2008)

Fantastic language lessons!
The Learning Indonesian podcasts are a great way to introduce yourself to the Indonesian language. The lessons are so clear and straightforward. Shawn and Cici do reviews during each lesson, and go through short conversations to help practice. The accompanying study guides and discussion boards also really add to the lessons.
Submitted By: abigalem
(370,140 on 3-2008)

Learning Indonesian
After many attempts with different programs, this time it looks I am successful in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Direct, practical and easy at anytime. Thanks for the opportunity to make it possible. Michiel
Submitted By: michiel.vandermeer
(370,054 on 3-2008)

I love the Learning Indonesian podcast!
This is one cool podcast on learning Indonesian! I find it very useful especially for the very busy people like me. All I do is download the files to my phone, and listen to it wherever i am. i could listen to it on my way to work while inside the vehicle. The lessons are very simplified and helpful. I love their teaching style. It's like teaching lessons to kindergarten students, which are similar to people who have no knowledge of the indonesian language. I have no background in the indonesian language before, but when I listened to the lessons in this podcast, I was very interested and can't wait to listen to the next lessons. Lessons are very interactive also, which adds to the fun in learning.
Submitted By: jlfnewswire
(369,965 on 3-2008)

Great practice
Thanks Sean & Cici for making this casts available to the world. I've just finished my first year bahasa indonesia, and your lessons realy help out with the fine tuning the speach and learning more about the language. Terima kashi!
Submitted By: D
(369,822 on 3-2008)

I have been using the Learning Indonesian podcasts to learn Indonesian and have found them to be a great and fun way to learn Indonesian. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about learning the Indonesian language.
Submitted By: jeremyandlinda
(369,810 on 3-2008)

Excellent pace
I drive a lot for work which gives me a lot of time to listen to my Ipod. The lessons are great and go along at an easy working pace. My Indonesian has improved from nothing to being able to have a basic conversation in just a couple of weeks.
Submitted By: bartjason
(369,803 on 3-2008)

Learning Indonesian
To Sean & Ci Ci, please keep up the fabulous job, I have just come back from Bali & I practiced your lessons every chance I got, Your lessons are truly easy, some other tapes I have do not use the english language so therefore you need a book & can't practice in the car, which is what I do every day. Terimakasi Banyak
Submitted By: sales
(369,789 on 3-2008)

Professional quality course for free!
I recommend it highly. Its a great resource and free to boot
Submitted By: betaalpha
(369,781 on 3-2008)

Learning Indonesian Easy
Last december and january I was in Indonesia (Java and Bali) and discovered that Bahasa Indonesia is really important if you want to communicate and understand more of the culture. Since I am going back end of this year I started with a short Indonesian basic course in January. Then I discovered The lessons are perfect for me, every week a new lesson, wich I play in my car cd player. Learning Indonesian and driving is a very good combination for me. This way all the new words and sentences become natural. I am looking forward to my next visit to Indonesia. I hope the lessons will continue then I am sure I can communicate well enough.
Submitted By: pvanittersum
(369,762 on 3-2008)

Baik baik!!
I have completed a 3 month course in Bahasa indonesia at a community college. I got a lot out out of the course but was unable to practice what I had learnt. Since I discovered Learning Indonesian at the end of January my Bahasa skills have increased enormously. I have all the lessons on my MP3 and player and use it regularly on my daily commute to work. I look forward each week to the next download. Terima kasih banyak, Sean dan Cici
Submitted By: robert.tomkins
(369,664 on 3-2008)

Absolutely perfect for my short commute. I can't wait to get to Bali again this year and try it out. Really good audio quality and pacing. Right length. Nice friendly voices. It makes learning fun. The best I've found.
Submitted By: roper.brett
(369,653 on 3-2008)

The Learning Indonesian series is fantastic! The lessons are clear and easy to understand, and so simple to review. Being able to listen to a native speaker, and practice pronunciation makes this the best language program I've found. The PDF guides are so helpful as well, and I really feel like I'm making excellent progress in a very short time. I spend a month in Indonesia every year, and this time I look forward to being able to surprise my friends with my language skills, all thanks to these great podcasts. I can't praise this program highly enough. Thanks guys!
Submitted By: katemac242
(369,635 on 3-2008)

Apa kabar!
Sean & CiCi really do a great job on this, the length of the lessons makes it easy to review the lessons over again, and the lessons are stuff you can use and practice everyday. Give it a try, you'll like it!
Submitted By: gritzune
(369,628 on 3-2008)

Thank you very much for wonderful lessons! It is really very easy and interesting to learn. I love learning Indonesian language and I am looking forward to next lessons. Terima kasih sekali!!! Ingrid from Slovakia
Submitted By: inkasm
(369,626 on 3-2008)

Learning Indonesian
The lessons are easy to follow and you can listen to a native speaker. I am looking forward to my next lesson.
Submitted By: marcus.cj
(369,622 on 3-2008)

The folks at L earning Indonesian have doe an excellent job in creating clear, easy lessons to follow to help you become an Indonesian language speaker. I have learned tons so far. And my wife, who is Indonesian, is quite impressed.
Submitted By: tbelfield
(369,621 on 3-2008)

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