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The Binge Thinking History Podcast Comments

There are 15 Comments for this Podcast
What Happened?
Tony, we miss you! Are you ok? Why have your excellent podcasts stopped?
Submitted By: ipaul321
(546,537 on 6-2013)

Submitted By: paulavery
(542,046 on 1-2012)

Binge Thinking History has that rare ability to bring history to life. I strongly recommend it, "A brief History of the Royal Navy" is my favourite series of podcasts in the last year.
Submitted By: brad.lundgren
(522,823 on 7-2010)

excellent stuff
Battle of Britain "Longest Day" was awesome.
Submitted By: oyajim
(508,947 on 1-2010)

Where is the next one??
Submitted By: adamc_86
(504,729 on 11-2009)

Well Done
B.T.H.P. is a superb podcast. Tony makes history come alive. I look forward to his show. Keep it up. Jonathan.
Submitted By: ejdouglas
(503,715 on 11-2009)

More please!
I have downloaded all the episodes and listened to them a number of times. They are absorbing, well researched and well read. Just want more! Many, many thanks. Carolyn
Submitted By: cac1828
(492,778 on 8-2009)

Keep 'em coming
I have only recently dicovered these podcasts. In fact I am still playing catch up. I am at the 3rd of the Battle of Britain series. So far I think that they are fantastic and very similar in style and content to Mike Duncan's excellent Historyof Rome Podcasts. Tony Cocks has captured the essence of history and made it real. The first set relating most of British History up to the 1770's as preludes to the American political system - Very Good. Keep 'em coming
Submitted By: allen.c
(460,604 on 1-2009)

Top Podcast
Simply the best history podast around. We just want more!
Submitted By: www.cdev
(458,081 on 1-2009)

Tony strikes just the right balance between offering a lot of information yet not sounding as if he were reading from a script. BTHP is informative and comprehensive. I love the lengthy episodes and I like the fact that things are reiterated in just the right way so that you actually RETAIN the information--all while having a pleasant time while listening. A great podcast and one I hope will be around for years to come. Wonderful job.
Submitted By: rajashekeran
(454,563 on 12-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,917 on 11-2008)

Schama like in his approach. His podcast is very well done! (Complete, informative, entertaining and thoughtful)
Submitted By: mrirish33
(399,939 on 6-2008)

great show
I am looking forward to more shows
Submitted By: jeffidolh
(373,016 on 4-2008)

Love it!!!!
Outstanding, at least as good as hardcore history. A good, fun lecture style. Reminds me of monty Python (must be the accent) and the narrator for the Rock and Bullwinkle show. KEEP IT UP!!! and the shows can be longer or stay the same length. Shorter is not better. WessD
Submitted By: wessdaniels
(368,425 on 3-2008)

Top notch podcast
Submitted By: epistimological
(352,456 on 1-2008)

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