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Linux Outlaws Comments

There are 174 Comments for this Podcast
Full of Awesome
I have said it before and Ill say it again. Every episode of Linux Outlaws is like the best experience you could have after a LUG meeting. Its not the meeting itself like so many other podcasts try to do. Love this show and after a few shows im sure anyone will be hooked.
Submitted By: craniumslows
(533,100 on 3-2011)

Simply great!
Submitted By:
(528,627 on 11-2010)

One of the two best Linux podcasts.
Submitted By: oded
(528,532 on 11-2010)

Great show for those interested in linux or technology in general.
Submitted By: pazuthesalmon
(528,513 on 11-2010)

great show
Submitted By: richie.meisterburger
(524,713 on 8-2010)

Great podcast like the way it is presented by Dan and Fab
Submitted By: boombastic_007
(524,217 on 8-2010)

Linux Outlaws
cool show
Submitted By: zammrkand
(522,981 on 7-2010)

kin phone
I grew up in Yorkshire and appreciated th kin humour episode.Thanks for a great show.
Submitted By: marekmiczyk
(520,704 on 6-2010)

Geek love
Great podcast, insightful views, and plenty of irony.
Submitted By: stuart.ward
(520,619 on 6-2010)

These guys work really hard
Always a good listen. Funny, irreverent and not afraid to slag off those they feel deserve it.
Submitted By: peter.and.victoria
(519,929 on 6-2010)

Great Linux, FLOSS & other updates and views
Fun and informative show. See it live too
Submitted By: andrew.harker
(519,517 on 5-2010)

LO vote
LO is the best podcast on FLOSS I know :D
Submitted By: lennertholvoet
(519,516 on 5-2010)

Outlaws Rock
One of the best linux podcasts around.
Submitted By: chris0wj
(518,340 on 5-2010)

Love it!! Enough said!
Submitted By: stilesalaska
(518,136 on 5-2010)

Listen up
Linux outlaws is very essential .
Submitted By: r.w.grimmett
(517,650 on 4-2010)

Theyre awesome
Favorite podcast.
Submitted By: surfin10
(517,150 on 4-2010)

Well done.
Nice podcast. Very entertaining as well as informative. Yall are bad asses!
Submitted By: northbanu
(516,496 on 4-2010)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: me
(516,362 on 4-2010)

These guys are great.
See above
Submitted By: jakeroberts01
(515,545 on 3-2010)

Great Show
A superb show!
Submitted By:
(514,910 on 3-2010)

One of the best
More more....
Submitted By: phrqconroy
(514,858 on 3-2010)

Best linux show on the planet - and funny too!
Submitted By: ashley
(514,336 on 3-2010)
Linux Outlaws - the best show for your mp3 player.
Submitted By: amsterdammack
(514,117 on 3-2010)

good balance of tech, opinion, and comedy. very rounded program.
Submitted By: kriegart
(514,076 on 3-2010)

David Guest
Quality production + extensive, informed linux knowledge = worthwhile.
Submitted By: dguest
(511,642 on 2-2010)

Submitted By: michael
(511,057 on 2-2010)

Funny, witty, enjoyable
Good fun podcast, very amusing and informative at same time.
Submitted By: kelly.harding
(510,729 on 1-2010)

Best podcast available
A great mix of Linux, open source blended in with extras and all done with humour. A subject that can become very boring is made interesting by two great presenters
Submitted By: kmacphail
(510,183 on 1-2010)

Linux outlaws kicks ass
Submitted By: pazuthesalmon
(510,020 on 1-2010)

Without a doubt the best Linux podcast out there, adds a really good comical value, and keeps you entertained from beginning to end
Submitted By: james
(509,872 on 1-2010)

great podcast
Submitted By: ebay
(507,993 on 12-2009)

Best Linux show!
Submitted By: mextlan
(507,975 on 12-2009)

love it.
Submitted By: michael.conner
(507,647 on 12-2009)

Best show
Go Dan and Fab! You rock! From the US.
Submitted By: kirkswenson
(507,440 on 12-2009)

love fab
Submitted By: smoothy
(506,997 on 12-2009)

Great Show Guys
Submitted By: bmerry58
(506,684 on 12-2009)

The podcast is just brilliant. Good topics and the guys have fun doing it. Keep on it.
Submitted By: terudon
(506,661 on 12-2009)

Excellent !
Submitted By: goldfingrn
(505,869 on 11-2009)

its entertaining
very laid back
Submitted By: babu
(505,841 on 11-2009)

Fun and Informative
See title...
Submitted By: ger
(504,499 on 11-2009)

bloody awesome
keep up the good work
Submitted By: jschwentker77
(504,224 on 11-2009)

just bloody awesome
Submitted By: jschwentker77
(502,613 on 10-2009)

Great Show
This is one of the more fun shows on the net for Linux people.... "Damn you, Shingledecker!"
Submitted By: sndchaser
(501,391 on 10-2009)

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Submitted By: msr206guy
(500,826 on 10-2009)

You guys rock!
Hello from Athens Greece, never missed an episode from the very...very begging. Keep up the good work, always looking forward to hear you. By the way,you made my home server running linux and gave a nice kick in the b.... at ms software. Thanks.
Submitted By: mylonas_nikolaos
(500,122 on 10-2009)

Great Podcast
Much better than FLOSS weekly :)
Submitted By: csmith
(499,732 on 10-2009)

Criminally good
Basically its not crap.
Submitted By: s.scheepens
(499,336 on 10-2009)

I love this podcast. best Iinux podcast I have encountered up to date
Submitted By: jmares
(498,845 on 9-2009)

Dan & Fab RULE
Submitted By: s.scheepens
(498,424 on 9-2009)

The best linux podcat
Submitted By: rogersamso
(497,920 on 9-2009)

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I sell cc here with good frice ! who need contact Y!H : seungri206 I only accept LR and WU
Submitted By: seungri206
(497,901 on 9-2009)

Best linux show on the net
kits Crap!!
Submitted By: vosester
(497,445 on 9-2009)

Great podcast! Just the perfect mix of laid back style, wierd humor, interesting topics and epic derailment! ;-)
Submitted By: patrik.hiro
(496,550 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: stevebarcomb
(494,662 on 8-2009)

Great Stuff
I listen to this all the time. Great stuff.
Submitted By: podcastally
(494,574 on 8-2009)

This show should be outlawed
It is to good.
Submitted By: s.scheepens
(493,930 on 8-2009)

Its a TRAP!!
Thats for the podcast
Submitted By: whoismicahman
(493,836 on 8-2009)

Linux Outlaws is great
Great job guys!
Submitted By: rb2102
(493,683 on 8-2009)

Linux Outlaws#1
Submitted By: bazzawill
(492,990 on 8-2009)

Only Linux podcast worth listening to
Submitted By: hybrid120
(492,858 on 8-2009)

Awesome show
Awesome show
Submitted By: wegener.jonathan
(492,460 on 8-2009)

The new LUG radio
Submitted By: stuart.ward
(492,459 on 8-2009)

Great Show
Just listen, what more can i say?
Submitted By: cesarrd
(492,082 on 8-2009)

Great Podcast
One of my favorites, great up to date linux topics and lots of great humor.
Submitted By: jeff
(491,671 on 7-2009)

The Proof is in The Podcast
These guys won me over with one podcast. Then i acutally listened to their live stream and found it was even more fun and more informative. Great show worth the download and listen.
Submitted By: SndChaser
(491,650 on 7-2009)

Very informative podcast!
Tops Lug Radio by a longshot.
Submitted By: mizar7
(491,621 on 7-2009)

Great stuff!
Submitted By: wkovacs
(491,619 on 7-2009)

Fun Linux show
Informative, yet good for a laugh or two as well. Ive been listening for a couple of months, and it is now the Linux podcast that I look forward to the most each week.
Submitted By: kdd133
(491,581 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: jonnyboris
(491,546 on 7-2009)

Great Linux news podcast
As always a good show! Informative, with attitude, and funny. Keep it up!
Submitted By: hakan_vemmenby
(491,476 on 7-2009)

Best Linux Podcast
Dan and Fab make a great pair of podcasters with a show thats always fresh and interesting.
Submitted By: k4rfk
(491,418 on 7-2009)

well, they are funny
there is not so much new stuff for me, but it is refreshing to listen to these newbies ;)
Submitted By: spam.service
(491,413 on 7-2009)

Linux outlaws
is an awesome program... Dan we loooooooove you!
Submitted By: personalwebsite
(491,408 on 7-2009)

Excelletn show
Awesome show as always guys
Submitted By: x1101
(491,360 on 7-2009)

Its good stuff.
Dan and Fabs Podcast makes me feel like a real man.
Submitted By: null_o
(491,358 on 7-2009)

On the moon.
Submitted By: dcostalis
(491,339 on 7-2009)

the best Linux pod
Submitted By: denhop
(491,152 on 7-2009)

Great Podcast!!!
Submitted By: e00i3
(490,912 on 7-2009)

best linux show out
Submitted By: stefan.haslinger
(490,755 on 7-2009)

Awesome podcast for anyone who cares about linux/floss/foss software.
Submitted By: mkkohls
(490,546 on 7-2009)

The show rocks
Submitted By: tkdbb777
(490,141 on 7-2009)

great podcast
Submitted By: wvmac3
(488,451 on 6-2009)

Linux Outlaws
Great pod cast funny informative entertaining great
Submitted By: ford_falcon666
(488,056 on 6-2009)

great show!
great show!
Submitted By: douglasawh
(486,625 on 6-2009)

Enjoy listening on my ipod on my way to work.
Submitted By: pintojs
(485,644 on 6-2009)

The best podcast about Linux!
Submitted By: kirilllipatov
(485,271 on 6-2009)

My favorite podcast
Submitted By: gafolberth
(485,111 on 6-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: procedar
(482,572 on 5-2009)

Very good.
Submitted By: doughoist
(482,559 on 5-2009)

Outlaws b Good
They are quite fun to listen to and often informative !
Submitted By: dugroa
(482,366 on 5-2009)

realy nice podcast :) [BEGIN GERMAN] #@Fabian Scherschel: hab direkt gemerkt, dass du von Deutschland bist... Gr??e aus Deutschland (hab euch auf eingetragen) [END GERMAN]
Submitted By: m.rabe
(481,177 on 5-2009)

Good job guys. I really like it.
Submitted By: Instant.Rice.Lord
(479,689 on 5-2009)
The best show on the planet about Linux and Open Source Software.
Submitted By: mark
(479,495 on 5-2009)

Linux Outlaws is cooler than your mom
Submitted By: chris.halme
(477,766 on 4-2009)

Excellent podcast
the best of its kind.
Submitted By: funpackedshow
(477,594 on 4-2009)

excellent quality
Submitted By: markwylde
(476,451 on 4-2009)

Linux Outlaws
Count a vote from Goblin of Openbytes!
Submitted By: bytes4free
(476,246 on 4-2009)

my favorite
Linux Outlaws is my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: doughoist
(473,411 on 3-2009)

Great show
Cant wait for the next episode
Submitted By: ttl
(472,786 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: rabidityfactor
(472,743 on 3-2009)

Laugh out loud
I Listen to your podcasts driving my 1.5 hours each way trip to work and home, you guys are funny and serious at the same time. Keep up the good work. Nanite.
Submitted By: email4dennis
(471,160 on 3-2009)

The podcast is really awesome, best breed :)
Submitted By: alex_dlinniy
(470,056 on 3-2009)

I Love Linux Outlaws
This podcast rocks
Submitted By: trent.murray
(469,643 on 3-2009)

Love em
Great linux podcast and quite entertaining.
Submitted By: creativ3web
(469,514 on 3-2009)

i like this podcast a lot
Submitted By: daedalus2134
(469,211 on 3-2009)

Really enjoying this podcast. Dan and fabs are really fun and great to listen to. Good work guys :)
Submitted By: spoony
(468,884 on 3-2009)

Best Linux Podcast around
Submitted By: illumin8media
(468,256 on 3-2009)

Great show for Linux users, from noobie to ancient hackers.
Submitted By: bhixon
(468,163 on 3-2009)

Your Podcast
Love you guys. I will continue to contribute to your podcast. cant wait for the next episodes...
Submitted By: davetil
(467,278 on 2-2009)

A really cool podcast that is both informative and severely entertaining. The hosts have great chemistry.
Submitted By: ZBREAKER2001
(467,059 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: poetsofrythm
(467,010 on 2-2009)

Great Show!
Great Linux show by two guys that dont pretend to know everything there is to know about technology. Warning: Dont listen to more than 2 per week or you start thinking in Fabs voice.
Submitted By: dithers
(466,406 on 2-2009)

They Rock!
Dan & Fab are the best thing going when it comes to computer podcasts and one of the best in general.
Submitted By: brianhoose
(466,386 on 2-2009)

The Best
The Best Linux Podcast! Most entertaining, informative and well made podcast by far!
Submitted By: cxf
(464,120 on 2-2009)

Great show. Never stop swearing. Get off my lawn!
Submitted By: istoff
(461,875 on 1-2009)

do NOT ever stop
The best Ever....
Submitted By: nickthegreekk
(461,097 on 1-2009)

Excellent show
great advert for linux and open source software, always funny, topical, and best of all dosnt take itself too seriously. Covers some great topics and interviews. Thanks Guys!
Submitted By: tailzer42
(460,812 on 1-2009)

Submitted By: roy.mendonca
(459,971 on 1-2009)

Give it a listen
Informative and amusing podcast show about linux and open source software
Submitted By: biomega
(458,089 on 1-2009)

yay linux
Submitted By: kitsday
(456,034 on 12-2008)

My comment might be gay, but this podcast isnt.
Submitted By: scruffy.mogwai
(455,962 on 12-2008)

Great podcast
Great show. More accents would be nice. I laugh my ass off every time they do one.
Submitted By: kozmcrae
(455,835 on 12-2008)

Great show
Linux Outlaws rock! simple!
Submitted By: b33tr00t
(454,755 on 12-2008)

Keep on rocking!
Submitted By: nickthegreekk
(454,259 on 12-2008)

Really easy listening
I just began listening with episode 68 and now going back to others. I like the format and the feedback they give. I will keep listening.
Submitted By: davetil
(453,875 on 12-2008)

Very funny and geeky - good listen if you are an open source wienie
Submitted By: nickers_16
(453,490 on 12-2008)

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the show. The banter between the two hosts is entertaining.
Submitted By: russelldickenson
(453,423 on 12-2008)

love it
Submitted By: mbrem123
(453,331 on 12-2008)

They rock!
The best Linux mediacast by far! :)
Submitted By: per
(453,314 on 12-2008)

Awesome Podcast
Great information and a great couple of hosts. The banter and talk is almost as interesting as the linux!
Submitted By: ca
(453,188 on 12-2008)

These guys rock
Well done guys spot #3!
Submitted By: svass
(453,160 on 12-2008)

One of the best shows in the linux world.
Submitted By: cesarrd
(453,083 on 12-2008)

Great show. We need more podcasts about Gnu and Linux. :)
Submitted By: techjunkus
(452,988 on 12-2008)

This is very cool, and also very good fun - especially the occasional Microsoft bashing session, which they do so very nicely.
Submitted By: klat2neb
(452,958 on 12-2008)

Stupid stupid stupid
I should do this every month you really should remind us on the show that punky does even though I dont vote for them
Submitted By: bazzawill
(452,943 on 12-2008)

Excellent linux chat
Good forums behind the podcast - theres Fab - an educated German hippy and Dan - a British guy, who has a slight Merseyside accent. Just listen to one and youll be hooked.
Submitted By: ben2talk
(452,480 on 12-2008)

Good stuff
Good show :)
Submitted By: dan
(451,236 on 11-2008)

This show rocks!
Submitted By: schtenodactyla
(449,794 on 11-2008)

Huge Fan!
These guys are just plain down right great!
Submitted By: beetlespace
(449,460 on 11-2008)

Very informative show!
Submitted By: mr.mepis
(448,508 on 11-2008)

Great source of entertainment and news
I found Linux Outlaws on iTunes originally but have since made an attempt to support all open source alternatives that I can find. The show is great for opinions, new releases and original opinions. Keep up the good work guys.
Submitted By: gregory.mohacsi
(444,897 on 11-2008)

great podcast
Loads of linux goodness
Submitted By: b33tr00t
(444,396 on 10-2008)

guys you rock!
Keep it up and running ablosutely the best podcast ever. Nick from Athens Greece.
Submitted By: nickthegreekk
(444,350 on 10-2008)

Makes the ride to work just a little less stressful... Nothing like catching yourself laughing in the middle of traffic at some visual of Dan or Fab.
Submitted By: jefflacy
(441,086 on 10-2008)

Yeah Linux Outlaws Rule
Submitted By: s.scheepens
(440,034 on 10-2008)

Love The Show
One of the best Linux / open-source podcasts there is!
Submitted By: roleplayfan
(432,518 on 9-2008)

The best!
These guys are perfect. The best Linux podcast ever.
Submitted By: nickthegreekk
(429,230 on 9-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(428,918 on 9-2008)

I aim to misbehave too!
Submitted By: chrischurchill777
(424,370 on 8-2008)

number 1
Linux Outlaws are number one! Best news style podcast for Linux. Plus: they actually edit their show (unlike some others eh eh nudge nudge not gonna name names TLLTS eh eh nudge nudge).
Submitted By: gr8brain
(422,473 on 8-2008)

Linux Outlaws Rocks!
Very funny, informative linux information podcast. Not for kids though.
Submitted By: elke0016
(411,487 on 7-2008)

yay outlaws!
Submitted By: matthew
(401,743 on 6-2008)

Thanks for the plug
Dan and Fab, Thanks for the high praise in Episode 44. Tom and I love *your* show, too! Larry at the Going Linux Podcast
Submitted By: goinglinux
(400,752 on 6-2008)

fsckn awesome funny
Submitted By: bazzawill
(383,049 on 5-2008)

Like the show. Sort of slow-paced, but OK
Submitted By: trkivle
(379,543 on 4-2008)

Great Title
This is an excellentr show, both well presented and informative. I was looking for a replacement for Chess Griffins Linux Reality as that great show has now finished. Without doubt this is that replacement.
Submitted By: graham.powell4
(378,355 on 4-2008)

Fun oggcast!!
Submitted By: pedro
(374,651 on 4-2008)

1st class podcast!
Submitted By: peter
(373,613 on 4-2008)

Possibly the best GNU/Linux / other free software podcast out there. Theres only two people talking, so its not all chaotic with people talking over each other and all that.
Submitted By: peds99
(373,440 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: mr.weasley
(373,093 on 4-2008)

Excellent show!
Submitted By: zenith
(370,230 on 3-2008)

The show rocks!
Submitted By: kal.el.72
(368,643 on 3-2008)
If your interested in Linux then this is for you. Light hearted and entertaining, sound quality is good too.
Submitted By: marfal
(359,667 on 2-2008)

awesome show
Submitted By: luke23v42
(357,044 on 2-2008)

Awesome Podcast!
Cant get enough...
Submitted By: gmalsack
(355,272 on 1-2008)

Linux outlaws rocks :)
Submitted By: herron.philip
(353,587 on 1-2008)

Nice Show
This is a really unique GNU/linux podcast. The laid back style and the international hosts makes for a combination that differentiates this from all the other free software shows. Recommended.
Submitted By: ode5002
(348,155 on 1-2008)

great show
Submitted By: marko
(346,706 on 1-2008)

Ive now listen to the entire series and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. If your using a linux distro for any reason you should enjoy listening these guys.
Submitted By: marfal
(346,573 on 1-2008)

Better than lugradio!!!
Good, chilled, listening, from two guys whom know and love there linux. Keep up the good work lads! Oh! and ps linux format was always going be that bit one sided when it came to picking there best podcast. GibbZ Scotland
Submitted By: b33tr00t
(340,103 on 12-2007)

great show
Submitted By: bobbyshafter
(339,904 on 12-2007)

Linux Outlaws podcast
Great show, 10/10 , Well done Dan and Fab
Submitted By: wheel3r6
(318,937 on 10-2007)

keep them coming guys!
Submitted By: techsyslonghorn
(307,648 on 9-2007)

great way to start
Hey Great show I like the friendliness of the podcast Keep up the good work
Submitted By: butchbrooklyn
(307,625 on 9-2007)

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