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Old Time Dragnet: Hosted by Adam Graham Comments

There are 920 Comments for this Podcast
You Rock
I used to DVR the TV Episode..but Ive seen them..too many times. The Radio to me.
Submitted By: owner
(549,587 on 3-2014)

Favorite Podcast
Dragnet is my favorite podcast!
Submitted By: cypressoury
(549,442 on 2-2014)

Love Drag Net
Im gonna hate when I catch up...cause right now I can listen to 1 a day
Submitted By: victorswindell
(547,167 on 1-2014)

dragnet is great
really enjoy listening to old time dragnet show and Adams commentary.
Submitted By: rnm
(546,966 on 11-2013)

Great Entertainment
Submitted By: owner
(546,656 on 7-2013)

They started showing Dragnet, Emergency and Adam 12 on ME-TV I have Dragnet programmed into my DVR
Submitted By: Vswindell
(546,387 on 5-2013)

Great Entertainment
Submitted By: vswindell
(546,289 on 4-2013)

Love OTR shows but Adam Grahams comments put his shows at the very top. My iTunes hard drive is filling with these great shows. Have always enjoyed any Jack Webb production. Wishing to see "The DI" again.
Submitted By: waterk9
(546,169 on 3-2013)

I watched Dragnet for years...and never knew it was a radio series. Ive found this and now playing catchup
Submitted By: vswindell
(546,135 on 3-2013)

Great Show
I love Adams Dragnet podcast.
Submitted By: cfortyniners1680
(546,106 on 3-2013)

Still entertaining no matter your age!!
The gentleman that hosts this show,Adam is well informed about the show and although his voice and manner of speaking are shall we say unique PLEASE listen to a few episodes and I promise the information and his enthusiasm will quickly make his quirky manner of speaking endearing! The cleanest sounding OTR podcast of Dragnet out there. Pops clicks and too quiet episodes are NOT a problem with this Podcast! Wish they could all siund this good!
Submitted By: maureenjames
(546,038 on 2-2013)

Awesome accomplishment Adam- well done!
Submitted By: stephentempleton
(546,002 on 2-2013)

Great show. I do not miss an episode. Keep them coming
Submitted By: aegiscg59
(545,986 on 2-2013)

A nice sense of community
Adams not the most polished host but hes gotten much more assured and his enthusiasm for the material is palpable. Ive been listening to this series pretty non-stop for the last few days (Im up to The Big Winchester) and expect Ill be caught up fairly soon if I keep this pace up. The way he reads the comments he gets gives a real sense of listening with other fans and being part of a larger community of people enjoying this show. Adam, you might also want to check out the old "Seeing Ear Theater" pieces that the SciFi channel did a while back (they can be found at They were definitely a neat experiment in old school radio drama done in the early dot com days.
Submitted By: miriamkjohnson
(545,941 on 1-2013)

still great, thanks for keeping them coming and improving the quality!
Submitted By: couperjohn
(545,921 on 1-2013)

Basically a great podcast from boise!
Submitted By: jstilwell
(545,884 on 1-2013)

I never listen live, but I enjoy the podcasts and appreciate your work. Im not sure if Dragnet podcasts have entertained me on sleeplesss nights or kept me from falling asleep. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: jimappleman
(545,801 on 12-2012)

Best podcast
I listen to the shows again & again. Love the app extras too. Kelly From Plumas Lake, CA
Submitted By: musicalkelly
(545,690 on 11-2012)

great series!
I really appreciate these excellent shows and the care and passion Adam puts into it.
Submitted By: couperjohn
(545,593 on 11-2012)

Love it!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: usafieldhockey
(545,574 on 11-2012)

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Submitted By: sucipto82
(545,389 on 10-2012)

A workout without Dragnet is a very boring ordeal! Adam is the best!
Submitted By: grantsgb
(545,277 on 9-2012)

Your podcasts are great. We listen to both Great Detectives as well as Dragnet. The information that you provide before and after the episode is interesting and thought provoking. You ha ve been a great solution to some sleepless nights.
Submitted By: Wagsea
(545,276 on 9-2012)

As always, Adam does a great job with presenting a wonderful old time radio show. --Pam
Submitted By: ronpam
(545,270 on 9-2012)

Adam as always this is my very favourite podcast and I always enjoy each and every show. You do a great job. Well done my friend. Joan from southern Ontario, Canada
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(545,264 on 9-2012)

Wonderfull Nostalgia
Adam Graham brings the Dragnet series back to vibrant life with his enthusiasm and his knowledge of the Dragnet world.
Submitted By: ridgeonk
(545,186 on 9-2012)

Great show
Submitted By: Dah1438
(545,137 on 8-2012)

Adam does a great job getting Dragnet back on the air. Two thumbs up!
Submitted By: Pedrodesalas
(545,069 on 8-2012)

Old Time Dragnet: Hosted by Adam Graham podcast
As always Adam your extensive knowledge of Dragnet out does all others and keeps us in the loop of what goes on behind the scenes of Dragnet. Well done my friend. Cheers from Joan in southern Ontario, Canada
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(545,038 on 8-2012)

Great Show.
Submitted By: nelsondeanna29
(544,965 on 7-2012)

OT Dragnet
Adam as always I enjoy each and every episode of Dragnet. Your knowledge is unsurpassed. Keep up your excellent work. Joan from southern Ontario, Canada
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(544,924 on 7-2012)

I listen when Im Trikking. I Trikke about 50 miles a week and Dragnet really takes my mind off of the stress of exercising. Great Show!!
Submitted By: grantsgb
(544,910 on 7-2012)

Great otr
Just love dragnet old time radio. I listen to a couple episodes each day as I cat h up. Adam does a great job and I enjoy his insights. Ps the episode with the killer who calmly describes killing all the salesmen while eating in a diner with Friday and Romero was played by a young Lee Marvin on the early 50s tv show. Also love Jeff Regan and Pete Novak the fantastic similes on Pete Novak make me laugh out loud.
Submitted By: Jonreming22
(544,864 on 6-2012)

OT Dragnet Podcast
Hi Adam As always I enjoy this podcast and I eagerly await each new podcast. You are the best. Joan from southern Ontario, Canada.
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(544,787 on 6-2012)

Hi Adam, I really like the theme you have picked for Dragnet. Your knowledge of the people and the shows is always an interest to me. Way to go. Cheers, Joan in Ontario, Canada
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(544,690 on 5-2012)

Have all episodes in series and have enjoyed each one immensely! Will be sorry to see series end. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: rjacksc619
(544,373 on 4-2012)

Great show
Thanks Adam keep up the great work
Submitted By: bmolin1
(543,073 on 2-2012)

Great show
Submitted By: clodhopper
(543,045 on 2-2012)

Old Time Dragnet Podcast
Hi Adam, As always your knowledge of this show makes each one more alive me to. Keep up the great work. Cheers from sunny southern Ontario, Canada, Joan
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(543,013 on 2-2012)

Submitted By: am1968
(542,864 on 2-2012)

Dragnet is still one of my favorite podcasts. Keep up the good work Adam! Phil West Va.
Submitted By: daypemail-email
(542,688 on 1-2012)

Love it!
Submitted By: rich6892
(542,685 on 1-2012)

Love the show as well as Adams backstory details!
Submitted By: Cfortyniners1680
(542,607 on 1-2012)

one of my favorites
The commentaries have mixed interest, but I really appreciate the work of bring these great shows at the best possible quality. Thanks
Submitted By: couperjohn
(542,481 on 1-2012)

Adam, Thank you for mentioning the scripts on the show.I like to use them to readalong with Jack Webb And the rest of the Dragnet cast. It makes me feel as though I am right there in the studio with them.
Submitted By: crystalpoodle
(542,462 on 1-2012)

Great program. Love listening each week.
Submitted By: pwclough2000
(542,374 on 1-2012)

Best podcasts
Adam, keep making Saturdays the best. Thanks for your work and effort.
Submitted By: EmsFather
(542,372 on 1-2012)

Love the Show
I can get enough! Thank you
Submitted By: ftepper
(542,332 on 1-2012)

dragnet classic radio
more great slices of americana! thank you adam for your enthusiasm and breadth of understanding
Submitted By: vmi
(542,329 on 1-2012)
Ive been listening to Old Time Dragnet for years! How many years have you been on, Adam? Thats how long. Its still my favorite!!!
Submitted By: swinghopsing
(541,966 on 1-2012)

keep up the great work Adam, you and Joe make a great team.. All the best to you in the new year.
Submitted By: chrisjerome37
(541,949 on 1-2012)

Dragnet fan
Submitted By: mattybalou
(541,948 on 1-2012)

Love the podcast. Really liked hearing the bit with Jack Benny, Jack Webb and Harry Morgan.
Submitted By: DLeeGilb
(541,865 on 1-2012)

Old Time Dragnet
Hi Adam, I just wanted to let you know I think you are doing a great job and your knowledge of the shows gives us a good insight and makes each and every show a please to listen to. Thanks so much. Cheers from Joan in southern Ontario, Canada
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(541,826 on 1-2012)

Great piece of social history preserved for generations to enjoy
Submitted By: Vmi
(541,739 on 12-2011)
Submitted By: rjjg7833
(541,442 on 12-2011)

Great show!!!
Adam, Thomas, my 14 year old and I enjoy your show more than words can say - very entertaining!!! We look forward everyday to listening to your comments and Dragnet as well. Thomas thinks that we are related or he at least likes to think so. Keep up the great work!! Reese Graham, Cody WY
Submitted By: rgraham
(541,429 on 12-2011)

Keep up the great work. This is the best there is!
Submitted By: pwclough2000
(541,426 on 12-2011)

Go Adam!
Submitted By: jetpoweredturtle
(541,402 on 12-2011)

Adam Rocks, love dragnet!! Keep them coming brother!
Submitted By: john
(541,396 on 12-2011)

Adam, I really enjoy the show. I ran across the podcast about 6 weeks ago and listen on my relatively long communte each day. Started at the beginning and have listened to the first 110 or so shows. Thanks for making my drive better. Benny
Submitted By: bentidwell
(541,216 on 12-2011)

great show
Submitted By: couperjohn
(541,155 on 12-2011)

Submitted By: stephentempleton
(541,123 on 12-2011)

Love the show!
Started from the beginning about 2 months ago and just caught up this week. I dont know if I can handle only one new Dragnet a week now! Thanks for doing this show. Rich Georgetown, KY
Submitted By: rich6892
(541,122 on 12-2011)

Adam keep up your great job. This is the best show ever. Cheers Joan
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(541,081 on 12-2011)

My Vote for December
I just recently caught up on the Dragnet Podcast. I now have time to start catching up on my Great Detectives Podcast. Great Job Adam. Scott Pensacola, FL
Submitted By: scott.chappelear
(540,896 on 12-2011)

Great Show
Hi Adam, I have enjoyed this podcast since you began in 2007 so I thought I better vote for it. I also voted for the Great Detectives show. Thanks for keeping us well informed about all of the various episodes. I enjoy the commentary almost as well as the program. Keep on with all of the hard work. It is well appreciated!
Submitted By: lilypanda
(540,816 on 11-2011)

Happy to vote
Great work by Adam in getting these shows on the web for us to enjoy - I started listening to his Dragnet work on a long cross country drive several years ago, and when I went overseas for the military a year and a half ago my iPod was loaded with Dragnet; after every day ended, the one thing I did as I hit the rack was to put on a Dragnet episode. Since Ive been back, its still the way I end my day. Good stuff, thanks Adam!
Submitted By: freerobertmain
(540,781 on 11-2011)

Great Podcast!
Amongst the very best! Particularly the quality of presentation and Adam Grahams comments! Keep up the good work! Bob - Ontario Canada
Submitted By: rjacksc619
(540,772 on 11-2011)

Great Podcast
Im just about caught up on the podcasts. I started listening in August and I have about 15 episodes to go to completely catch up. I deliver newspapers in the morning, and its a great way to stay awake. Thanks Adam!!!
Submitted By: scott.chappelear
(540,579 on 11-2011)

november Vote
Hi Adam, Here is my vote for November 2011. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Michael Galea Calistoga,Ca
Submitted By: michael.galea
(540,578 on 11-2011)

Finally Caught Up
Hi Adam! Ive been off working on other projects the past few weeks and fell behind on your podcast, but having just finished The Big Rescue Im officially caught up. Heres my vote for November, and as far as the title "The Big Rescue" is concerned - it might possibly refer to the two times one of the bad guys interceded and rescued the other from police custody. Although I think your theory about wordplay is probably a good bet, too. As always, keep up the great work. Roger in Lexington, KY
Submitted By: rmullins
(540,325 on 11-2011)

Adam, Long time listener to your Dragnet and Great Detectives Podcasts. Love both programs and "apprishiate" your work :-). Just wanted to take exception to one of your listeners iTunes comments from last weeks Dragnet Podcast. Uncle Chuck (who seemed to be incredibly full of himself) was nothing but a blowhard with negative comments and ad hominem. I for one love your podcasts and your efforts. Maybe those who receive these podcasts for free should accept it with some gratitude. This generation X-er (who normally has deep respect for baby boomers like Uncle Chuck) was very unimpressed with his attitude. Keep up your great work Adam! KG in New Mexico
Submitted By: bauerkg
(540,090 on 11-2011)

Love the show Adam!!!
Submitted By: darrowb
(539,970 on 11-2011)

Hi Adam, as always you give us something to live for with your weekly Dragnet podcasts. I can hardly wait for each weekly broadcast. Keep your good work. Note: Your book Tales of The Dim Knight is an excellent read and i would recommend it to everyone to read too. You have a great imagination and I like your heros name. You have the book packed full with action. This book is not one to put down because as your eyes follow to the next page something new is happening and before you know it you have read 20 more pages. I just love this book Adam. Thank you my friend for sending it to me as a Thank you for my donation.
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(539,955 on 11-2011)

I listen to dragnet as I exercise daily, and before I go to bed. It helps me to sleep
Submitted By: anneliesegreksa
(539,874 on 10-2011)

Love the the educated presentation and the show! Keep it up. Been since the beginning! Adam is the Man!
Submitted By: john
(539,868 on 10-2011)

Adams Commentary
I enjoy Adams commentary before and after the episodes. Keep up the good work
Submitted By: peppergg
(539,859 on 10-2011)

I enjoy listening to Dragnet on Saturday night while going to sleep. Keep up the great job. Appreciate you comments with each program. Paul in PA
Submitted By: pwclough2000
(539,488 on 10-2011)

Jack Webb is my hero! Thank you for bringing him back to life for us, Adam! -Robin Gwen
Submitted By: swinghopsing
(539,471 on 10-2011)

my vote
Here is my vote for my favorite podcast. Thanks Adam. Paul
Submitted By: bearbrown69
(539,469 on 10-2011)

Adams Dragnet
Adam keeps this podcast a favorite for many of us faithful listeners. He helps me get through many workdays.
Submitted By: bsue229
(539,468 on 10-2011)

Thanks again
I hope you have as much fun recording the podcasts as I have listening to them - Ian
Submitted By: ambivalence2000
(539,430 on 10-2011)

Greetings from the Peoples Republic of China
listen weekly - not much English language entertainment here in central China and no bandwidth to support video. No need for pictures with Dragnet theater of the mind.
Submitted By: elterrifico
(539,422 on 10-2011)

Still the best after all the years. It never loses is relevance. Adam, you do a great job. Ive listened to this and great detectives for more than 2 years. You have improved greatly and are the best at doing these podcasts. Keep going for a while....
Submitted By: arizbuck
(539,420 on 10-2011)

Love Dragnet on the radio. Seems less impersonal than the TV series.
Submitted By: DLeeGilb
(539,194 on 10-2011)

Old Time Dragnet
Keep up the great work Adam. I enjoy every minute of Dragnet. Joan from Canaada
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(539,163 on 10-2011)

Love the podcast Adam
Submitted By: darrowb
(539,149 on 10-2011)

Been here from the beginning! Adam is great and the show is amazing. I Listen to Adams podcast most every night, cant get enough. Nothing more relaxing after a hard day at work to come home and hear Friday take out a bad guy!
Submitted By: john
(539,053 on 9-2011)

Im getting acupuncture, some of which is painful. Its great to listen to the show and be distracted from the pain and be able to relax.
Submitted By: wb2bmh
(539,050 on 9-2011)

Great Job!!!
I enjoy the commentary. I am a couple of years behind, but I listen to your podcast in my car while throwing papers every morning. I will catch up fast!!! GREAT JOB ADAM!!!
Submitted By: scott.chappelear
(538,983 on 9-2011)

These are Fantastic Pdocasts - Adams pre and post show comments do a great job of setting up and disecting the show.
Submitted By: jeffcel
(538,949 on 9-2011)

Best Podcast
Adam puts out the two best podacasts. His research and insights, make these well worth listening to any time of the day.
Submitted By: bdtypr
(538,939 on 9-2011)

Love the show. Im going to hate to see it come to an end.
Submitted By: jon_tutt
(538,935 on 9-2011)

Great Show
Thanks Adam for all your hard work, its easy to tell how much you love these podcasts. I love them too.
Submitted By: Valerie.may
(538,934 on 9-2011)

Great program
Enjoy it so much that Ive shut off the TV except for my favorite shows.
Submitted By: jjdonaghy
(538,931 on 9-2011)

Adam, Thank you for providing this great programming.
Submitted By: furnashji
(538,858 on 9-2011)

Sept. Vote
Hi Adam Here is my vote for your dragnet podcast. I hope you are well. Michael Galea Calistoga,CA
Submitted By: michael.galea
(538,842 on 9-2011)

#1 vote for Adam Graham
Adam I really enjoy you work and all the shows you select. It is very nice to have so much entertainment without the trashy - you know what.
Submitted By: dan.white
(538,837 on 9-2011)

Best podcast on the net. Keep up the great work. Rick C.
Submitted By: miata9blue
(538,696 on 9-2011)

keep them coming
Waiting for Adam to release an episode each week is like waiting for your favorite TV show to air each week, The only difference is that Adam adds a whole new dimension to the episodes with his dialogue. GREAT JOB! Bob
Submitted By: EmsFather
(538,668 on 9-2011)

keep them coming
i look forward to each new episode. i listen while i walk during my lunch break.
Submitted By: yvoewing
(538,657 on 9-2011)

Great Show
Submitted By: darrowb
(538,550 on 9-2011)

Best show ever
Hey Adam, just stopped by for my monthly vote. My laptop broke and I ran out of podcasts on my Iphone. So I had to come up with a quick alternative. I always enjoyed Suspense and Escape. So I downloaded Escape 1947-1948. In it is a show called "Operation Fleur de Lys" featuring Jack Webb at his finest. Very interesting script writing base on an incident recorded in the book Sub Rosa: The O.S.S. and American Espionage. Check it out when you get a chance! Best Regards, Chris from Switzerland
Submitted By: ckeller
(538,507 on 9-2011)

I have loved the show for over two years now. Quick question: what is the name of the episode where Friday and Smith interrogate a man who paid another man to rob his friends jewelry store to support his extravagant wife? The whole episode is the interrogation. Thats got to be my favorite one, but I cant seem to find it anymore. Keep up the great work KG in New Mexico
Submitted By: bauerkg
(538,460 on 9-2011)

I have enjoyed the podcasts so much. Being disabled I spend a lot of time in bed. The stories help pass the time in an entertaining way. Keep up the great job.
Submitted By: pwclough2000
(538,454 on 9-2011)

Great job
Ive been a fan of Dragnet since forever and got to thinking it might be fun to do something like this, but Adam beat me too it and is doing a great job.
Submitted By: JeffDeWitt
(538,438 on 9-2011)

Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(538,433 on 9-2011)

great show as always
Submitted By: yvoewing
(538,336 on 8-2011)

Very enjoyable as a bit of home when overseas. Thanks
Submitted By: Traildrive
(538,266 on 8-2011)

Great show, keep up the great work Adam. You are a rockstar!
Submitted By: whittsendranch
(538,262 on 8-2011)

Still my favorite podcast, thanks Adam. Paul
Submitted By: bearbrown69
(538,254 on 8-2011)

Great Show! Great to relive some of the memories!
Submitted By: rjacksc619
(538,244 on 8-2011)

Great podcast
Love this podcast.
Submitted By: mikelikesittx
(538,234 on 8-2011)

Hi Adam I have been listening to your podcast which I downloaded from my iTunes and have now caught up to the August 20, 2011 show. Please do not read this on your show. Thank you. I like Dragnet and Jack Webb very much and I sure do appreciate all your time and effort in making this podcast available to us. Please keep up the good work. Cheers Joan Richards From: Brantford Ontario, Canada
Submitted By: onlyjoan3
(538,218 on 8-2011)

Greatly Appreciated
I have great difficulty sleeping and I frequently listen to your podcast at night to help pass the long hours. I love your interesting tidbits that you add and the knowledge that goes into creating this, its more than just plugging in an episode, it gives you a greater appreciation for old time radio and a deeper knowledge of the series.
Submitted By: clfairchild
(538,080 on 8-2011)

Great enjoy
Submitted By: Tmcsurvey
(538,019 on 8-2011)

heres my vote adam keep up the good work
Submitted By: deathstarshadow
(537,985 on 8-2011)

Thoroughly enjoy.
Submitted By: wb2bmh
(537,974 on 8-2011)

Best Podcast
Still catching up on the shows I missed before downloading the app. Saturdays as always a treat for me
Submitted By: EmsFather
(537,967 on 8-2011)

Consistently excellent podcast
Submitted By: val_skelton
(537,965 on 8-2011)

still my favorite!
Adam is like an old friend who shares my passion for Old Time Radio. Great show! -Robin
Submitted By: swinghopsing
(537,964 on 8-2011)

Great show! Cant wait for Saturdays.
Submitted By: n6dvr
(537,963 on 8-2011)

This is the podcast. Old Time, Dragnet. I listen here... Im a fan.
Submitted By: ambivalence2000
(537,920 on 8-2011)

August Vote
Submitted By: michael.galea
(537,826 on 8-2011)

Thank you for your wonderful Dragnet podcast. I enjoy your commentary as well as the episodes. My father and 7-year old daughter are fans, too. Kind regards, Julia. Minneapolis, MN
Submitted By: jkkreager
(537,705 on 8-2011)

vote yes
Love the broadcast!
Submitted By: pamelagarris
(537,693 on 8-2011)

Dragnet is a the best.Brings back great memories.Adam you make it even better.Thanks Adam.
Submitted By: rocco_pool
(537,609 on 7-2011)

Found app for iPhone in feb. Love it! I listen to it to block out coworkers and get my paperwork done. Im going backwards and Im in 1949. Except cost of things ($7 a week for a room!) and no cell phones, things havent really changed since my parents were kids. Enjoying your book on Nook too.
Submitted By: annefriends
(537,584 on 7-2011)

GREAT show!
Adam, I really enjoy listening to the show. only discovered it on the Zune marketplace in March, but have been enjoying it ever since. I listen to two or three shows a day at work, and have gotten a few more poeple downloading it to! Keep up the great work, I;ll be listening ... :) Bill Schaefer
Submitted By: billytech
(537,564 on 7-2011)

Love the show
Hello Adam. I love listening to both Dragnet and Great Detectives of old time radio. I would like to know more details about the "changes" you mentioned in the last dragnet episode. I for one would have no problem with even a small fee to ensure you keep delivering this great programing. Your commentary really makes the difference for me. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: Lerue1
(537,483 on 7-2011)

good show
This is a timely reminder of how powerful a low-tech broadcast can be, without heavy production values
Submitted By: couperjohn
(537,458 on 7-2011)

Love listening to the show. Wish there were more per week. Keep up the great work! (Paul)
Submitted By: pwclough2000
(537,406 on 7-2011)

Dragnet is a must
I downloaded the app on my Droid earlier this year, not knowing what to expect. It has become my favorite app, not only because of the episode Adam plays but because of the information he provides before and after the show. Adam, you have truly improved my life on Saturdays. Keep up the excellent work.
Submitted By: EmsFather
(537,405 on 7-2011)

Submitted By: carlsbob
(537,398 on 7-2011)

Great show. I have listened to all the podcasts twice now and can not wait for a new dragnet to arrive every week. Your information on each show is a added bonus!
Submitted By: whittsendranch
(537,396 on 7-2011)

July Vote
Hi Adam, I just got home last week from a road trip to try and find America. I may have found it in West Virginia and in Virginia. This is my vote for July. Michael Galea Calistoga,Ca.
Submitted By: michael.galea
(537,377 on 7-2011)

This is my favorite podcast! West Virginia Phil
Submitted By: daypemail-email
(537,321 on 7-2011)

Great show Adam!
Submitted By: elpego
(537,288 on 7-2011)

finally catching up
Enjoy the podcast very much and I am very close to being caught up. Thank you
Submitted By: bill
(537,280 on 7-2011)

Adam continues to provide me with my favorite podcast, I look forward to it every week. Thanks, Paul
Submitted By: bearbrown69
(537,237 on 7-2011)

Excellent Podcast!
Hey Adam, here is my vote once again! Still enjoying listening from Alberta Canada, and am now completely caught up, thats over two hundred shows in under two months! Sierra
Submitted By: red_rum84
(537,207 on 7-2011)

Dragnet is one of the best OTR shows and Adams commentaries make listening that much better. Thanks Adam......
Submitted By: harley62
(537,120 on 7-2011)

great show
Submitted By: yvoewing
(537,080 on 7-2011)

Thanks for this ongoing series, I think its wonderful that you play the entire series in order and keep episodes to one a week - thankfully I have your Great Detectives podcast to fill the weekly void!
Submitted By: ambivalence2000
(537,074 on 7-2011)

Love the Dragnets
I just love the Dragnet podcasts. Please keep them coming. I realy enjoy the commentary after the show. Great job Adam.
Submitted By: Mrstalbert
(536,977 on 7-2011)

The Big TV
Great podcast. Love the series. The title referred to the police tv show they broadcast the missing womans description. That was how they found the bus driver that pointed them to SAn Diego
Submitted By: Lrhaig
(536,957 on 7-2011)

Hey Adam, thanks for the great podcast. I have been listening for a couple of years, and have heard every episode.This is my first time voting ,and commenting.Did you notice that the Big September Man and The Big Pipe were the same episode? Keep up the great work. Your fan Bill Derrick from Indianapolis
Submitted By: williampaulderrick
(536,951 on 7-2011)

My vote for July
Submitted By: miata9blue
(536,876 on 7-2011)

heres my first vote Adam,you keep pod-casting and Ill keep casting my vote.
Submitted By: deathstarshadow
(536,814 on 7-2011)

Keep up the good work Adam! I listen while delivering my mail route, great entertainment. Lane
Submitted By: bunderwood
(536,752 on 6-2011)

Just discovered your podcast and have downloaded/listened to the first 60 or so episodes so needless to say Im rather far behind.
Submitted By: dsmith1984
(536,674 on 6-2011)

Old Radio Guy Writes!
As an ex-radio guy (starting in the 70s... not the 50s!), Adams unique delivery style was a little jarring at first, but he really does grow on you with time! Great sincere delivery, with excellent product knowledge of each episode. I have very faint memories of listening to Dragnet in the car with my folks on long trips... and radios ability to utilize "the theatre of the mind" was wonderful. My childlike take on the show then was that they had somehow captured these actual happenings, then put them inside our cars radio! Somehow. When I later learned that the production of these broadcasts were transacted in tiny little sound-proof studios, with the very talented broadcast engineers and Foley artists creating all of these sound-imaging effects, it seemed even more magical! Keep up the good work, Adam! You may not be getting rich at this, but at least youre producing something of lasting value that people derive much pleasure from!
Submitted By: lfinestein
(536,654 on 6-2011)

Submitted By: sandi1743
(536,529 on 6-2011)

June Vote
Submitted By: MGalea51
(536,464 on 6-2011)

Long-time listener Adam. Keep up the great work. KG in New Mexico
Submitted By: bauerkg
(536,463 on 6-2011)

I have enjoyed listening to this podcast immensely. I work at a greenhouse in Black Diamond, Alberta Canada, and my favourite work days are spent with the sun on my back listening to Adam Graham and Joe Friday! I started listening to old time radio shows at the tender age of eight, a local radio station plays them in the evening, and they used to put me to sleep each night. I am now nearing thirty, and Adams podcast has been a great way to check in with the boys at the precinct, as I cant stay awake as late as I used to, and dont often get to hear the old shows on the radio at night. Thanks Adam for all your hard work and insightful comments! -Sierra
Submitted By: red_rum84
(536,393 on 6-2011)

Adam brings back the Theater of the mind, with is wonderful monologues, each week, with my much anticipated episodes of Dragnet...........Just Wonderful
Submitted By: oandroplex700
(536,370 on 6-2011)

Great Job
Adam, Your doing a great job. Youve come a long way with your show and your audio since your first Dragnet episode. Keep up the good work. Rick C., Endicott, NY
Submitted By: miata9blue
(536,343 on 6-2011)

This is a excellent podcast and Adam makes it even more interesting,keep up the good work!
Submitted By: cashmont2001
(536,309 on 6-2011)

Great Podcast
Hi Adam. I am a big fan of yours. I think you do a great and very orginal job of hosting this podcast. I love Dragnet and other Old Time Radio shows. I listen to a Dragnet episode every day on ITunes. I use it to relax and tune out the world and think about the simpler days of old. Keep up the good work. Carolyn in Dallas
Submitted By: carolynjeffords
(536,246 on 6-2011)

Youve got my vote!
Submitted By: viandy93
(536,226 on 6-2011)

June Vote
Hi Adam, Here is my vote for June. Later this month I will be traveling a bit. Hope I can continue listing to your podcasts while I am on the road. Michael Galea Calistoga,CA.
Submitted By: michael.galea
(536,155 on 6-2011)

Loving it!
I have every podcast saved to my iPod! I love the episodes and the extra treasures he manages to add in now and then.
Submitted By: janiemhart
(536,143 on 6-2011)
Awesome show. Adams knowlege of the show and tru love for Dragnet make this my favorite podcast. Thanks Adam, keep up the good work!
Submitted By: mooneyphil
(536,087 on 6-2011)

Youre still the ONE Adam!
Submitted By: sandyjule
(535,908 on 6-2011)

Big Fan
My wife and I both love and listen to the old time Dragnet shows.
Submitted By: thomascuddy
(535,874 on 6-2011)

I think I recall hearing you mention that Podcast Alley accepts votes for multiple shows, so this vote complements the one left for Great Detectives. Thanks again, Ian from Melbourne, Australia.
Submitted By: ambivalence2000
(535,700 on 6-2011)

Great Show!
I love listening to the old Dragnet episodes. Its great to travel back in time and get an idea of what it was like back then. Even the commercials are fun to listen to! It is very refreshing!
Submitted By: lilypanda
(535,502 on 5-2011)

Great show keep em commming
Submitted By: furnashji
(535,431 on 5-2011)

Submitted By: sandi1743
(535,304 on 5-2011)

Thanks adam
Submitted By: Cmbeck85
(535,300 on 5-2011)

Still Great!
Its been a while since Ive been here, but I just had to stop by and say the show is still great, i am still listening, and I am still looking forward to each Saturday's new episode. Without question Old Time Dragnet is my favorite podcast and has been for the past 4 years. Great work Adam, thanks for taking the time and effort to put together such a great show. So here is my vote, looks like I am not the only one who feels this way, number 8 as of today, excellent!
Submitted By: nikonian
(535,088 on 5-2011)

I get these thru iTunes and am working my way up thru them chronologically. I am currently up to early 09. They take me back.
Submitted By: bill
(535,070 on 5-2011)

Outstanding Podcasst
Enjoy this podcast immensely, brings back my youth. Great job Adam
Submitted By: rew51
(534,922 on 5-2011)

Great show Adam! One of my favorites!
Submitted By: jetpoweredturtle
(534,880 on 5-2011)

You Totally Rock #OTR #NewSchool
Adam - Thank you! Listener for years & your genuineness & giving all of us such caring & quality is Awesomely-Great-Weird for usual everyday-ways! Thanks Adam-Awesome (and his sidekick Spouse). not kicked spouse ! Advertisment: Beep-beep!" "AA (Awesome Adam) Grahams Podcasts..Will fix your #OTR Trans-mission!"
Submitted By: FixitFish
(534,862 on 5-2011)

May Vote
Hi Adam, Here is my vote for the Month of may. Thank you for all of your hard work bringing this series every week. I look forward to coming home from work and relaxing by listening to your podcast. Michael Galea Calistoga,Ca
Submitted By: MGalea54
(534,723 on 5-2011)

Excellent commentary on a wonderful old show. Thanks Adam!
Submitted By: ronpam
(534,622 on 4-2011)

Keep up the good work
I got started late down loading your Podcast. Today I listened to the Podcast from 2/15/09. I listen to 5 a week, one a day while at work so I?m catching up. My source for your Podcast is different. I down load once a week from Zune Marketplace to my Zune player. Keep up the good work Adam and God Bless you for keeping alive this part of our heritage. Randy from Oxnard, Ca.
Submitted By: null_n_void_2u
(534,603 on 4-2011)

Just the Facts Mam
Submitted By: jstilwell
(534,407 on 4-2011)

love the show and commentary
Submitted By: kevinlg1
(534,349 on 4-2011)

Submitted By: jpdawson63
(534,321 on 4-2011)

Really enjoy the old-time radio broadcasts of Dragnet.
Submitted By: ptkan52
(534,306 on 4-2011)

Good Listening
Submitted By: drennan51
(534,091 on 4-2011)

Thank You
Thank you for such a great podcast.
Submitted By: Valerie.may
(534,087 on 4-2011)

Thanks again Adam for your great commentary and show!! I look forward it every week!!
Submitted By: Courtneymedina6374
(534,025 on 4-2011)

I love this show..........
Submitted By: rekcotsarch
(533,798 on 4-2011)

thanks for the shows!
Submitted By: sandi1743
(533,796 on 4-2011)

great work Adam are you a baby boomer too?
Submitted By: smittybolsinger
(533,787 on 4-2011)

Great job! I look forward to every week of Dragnet hosted by Adam!
Submitted By: whittsendranch
(533,734 on 4-2011)

April Vote
Hi Adam, Here is my vote for radio dragnet for April. I would like to know how the March voting came out. Michael Galea Calistoga,Ca.
Submitted By: michael.galea
(533,716 on 4-2011)

The Big Present
Thanks Adam. I thought I recognized the little boys voice (excuse me...hes almost 15!). BTW, at todays standards, cigarettes as a present. Was he wishing them cancer. But, I remember when the cigarette makers would make the cartons look like Christmas wrappings during the holidays. Thanks for bringing the show. Jim in Mariposa, Ca
Submitted By: n6dvr
(533,705 on 4-2011)

Thank you for doing this podcast, I truly enjoy it during the day.
Submitted By: dking
(533,411 on 3-2011)

Great entertainment
I just picked up this podcast earlier this week. I wasnt sure what to expect but I am really pleased I found it. Adam adds so much to the podcast with his pre and post podcast commentary. Now it is a ritual to listen to a different Adam Graham podcast before bed. Thanks Adam for making Dragnet better than ever.
Submitted By: EmsFather
(533,323 on 3-2011)

great show!
Thanks so much, Adam! You rock!
Submitted By: swinghopsing
(533,265 on 3-2011)

Great Show
Submitted By: courtneymedina6374
(533,117 on 3-2011)

Adam Graham
Great commentaries! Wonderful pod casts.
Submitted By: aldila
(533,081 on 3-2011)

Thank You So Much!!!
Adam, Thank you so much for your hard work. I look forward to your show every week. Especially love the bonus TV episodes. I too am glad to hear the pep back in your voice! Take Care! Sheri
Submitted By: Rainbowrose132
(532,901 on 3-2011)

Nice job!
Submitted By: jonneylaw
(532,804 on 3-2011)

Thank you!
Thanks so much for putting these together, love listening to them, really appreciate them.
Submitted By: voyagermanagement
(532,772 on 3-2011)

March Vote
Hi Adam here is my vote for radio dragnet for the month of March. I hope you break into the top ten this month. Michael Galea Calistoga,Ca.
Submitted By: michael.galea
(532,709 on 3-2011)

great show u have my vote hope u do more police shows
Submitted By: teresadaniel2010
(532,693 on 3-2011)

Real addresses
Adam, Love the show. Im a native Los Angelino and thought you might be interested to know that almost all of the locations mentioned on Dragnet actually exist. Most tv shows mention streets in Los Angeles that are nowhere near each other. Dragnet addresses are, (or were) real. In fact if you look up look up Joe Fridays address, 4656 Collis Ave, youll find that he and his mother Live in an area called El Sereno. The only flaw i noticed was if that was his childhood home we would NOT have gone to Belmont High School, but would have been a student at Lincoln High School. Sorry if I got a little winded, but I just love the detail. Keep up the good work. Ill keep listening. Gil
Submitted By: gesaldana
(532,676 on 3-2011)

voting for my favorite podcast, keep up the good work Adam. Thanks, Paul
Submitted By: bearbrown69
(532,616 on 3-2011)

Show is awesome
Adam does a wonderful job hosting this series.
Submitted By: ptv99jgc
(532,605 on 3-2011)

great show
Really enjoy the program, with quality that is amazingly good (thanks, Andrew).
Submitted By: couperjohn
(532,603 on 3-2011)

Adam, I love your rendition of Old Time Dragnet! You illuminate each episode with your commentary and have inspired me further appreciation of Old Time Radio and Jack Webb. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your fans. My local NPR affiliated live radio station, Wisconsin Public Radio, has an Old Time Radio show that is broadcast Sundays and Saturdays which can be accessed at . Live streaming is available, as are streaming of past broadcasts. I hope you can share this with your audience, as I think they would enjoy Mr. Gillilands format too. Thanks again for your awesome show! Sarah
Submitted By: laria_73
(532,595 on 3-2011)

Fantastic Show..
I keep voting and I really enjoy Adams commentary and delivery. I cant begin say how much this show means to me while I am living out here n the Middle east. Thanks so much Adam.
Submitted By: monyetbesar
(532,593 on 3-2011)

Love it
Submitted By: gjp
(532,469 on 3-2011)

Great Show!
This show is just off the wall enough to be different, and entertaining. Adam Grahams comments are always great, though always a bit corny(Sorry Adam!)... in a good way. Keep up the good work.. all these shows were around before most of us were born, however, if you give a allowance for the different values, and the time that has past since they were created, still enjoyable. Deep down, people havent changed much, just the times. So sit back, and step back into living history with this show.... even better too if you could find a crystal set to listen on... -lol BigChiefWorriGuts, Wallan, Australia.
Submitted By: bigchiefworriguts
(532,261 on 2-2011)

Love this show!!!
Submitted By: gponder
(532,203 on 2-2011)

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Submitted By: gerghghthth
(532,161 on 2-2011)

Excellent show. Are there many differences between the radio version and TV version of a given show? Scott
Submitted By: scottn5
(532,020 on 2-2011)

Best Commentary out there... so much insight! -Damien
Submitted By: damienbueno
(532,016 on 2-2011)

I enjoy this show
I have found that Adam Grahams coments and interesting trivia enrich the show greatly.
Submitted By: Thomastherymer
(532,003 on 2-2011)

Vote for Dragnet
Love OTR, Love Dragnet, enjoy Adams knowledgeable commentary.
Submitted By: mikef
(531,891 on 2-2011)

Love the show!
Submitted By: laria_73
(531,801 on 2-2011)

look forward to hearing each show. well done!
Submitted By: whittsendranch
(531,799 on 2-2011)

Adam and Dragnet are #1 on my podcast list!
Submitted By: Bsue229
(531,798 on 2-2011)

Great podcast
I always enjoy Adams podcast of Dragnet.
Submitted By: timomick
(531,796 on 2-2011)

Keep up the wonderful job, Adam!
Submitted By: lizzybell.walker
(531,794 on 2-2011)

Love it!
Thank you Adam for all your hard work!!
Submitted By: ktkia
(531,790 on 2-2011)

Go adam
Submitted By: Cmbeck85
(531,787 on 2-2011)

Jack Jazz
Id love to listen to some of Jack Webbs Jazz collection for free if you can pull it off!
Submitted By: dan
(531,718 on 2-2011)

Great Job
I thoroughly enjoy listending to the shows & Adams comments
Submitted By: pdelahanty
(531,601 on 2-2011)

Excellent show!
Adam shares his passion for this classic -- even prototypical -- radio drama and its infectious! One more reason not to own a TV.
Submitted By: bigjay2k
(531,575 on 2-2011)

Adam, great show. My only regret is that am caught up and can only hear 1 show a week. So...thanks for the extras. By the way, I really enjoyed Webb as the jazz trumpeter. Jim (Mariposa, Ca)
Submitted By: n6dvr
(531,544 on 2-2011)

my favorite podcast
Submitted By: bearbrown69
(531,528 on 2-2011)

The Podcast goes from strength to strength. Thanks Adam for a thoroughly ProfessionAl job.
Submitted By: Garethsc
(531,527 on 2-2011)

the best
Submitted By: abbielanefarm
(531,402 on 2-2011)

Keep it up!
Adam, youre doing a great service by bringing Dragnet to a new generation of listeners! Joe Vacca Omaha, Nebraska
Submitted By: vacca.joseph
(531,396 on 2-2011)

Looks like...
votes are counting again. Great!
Submitted By: daypemail-email
(531,372 on 2-2011)

very good show
im 14 goin on fifteen i really like it and have been listening to it while i travel on vacation.
Submitted By: snarfsnarfjohny
(531,247 on 1-2011)

I was there
Gday Adam, as I send this you are in the top 10, well done. I remember Dragnet from when I was little...a long time age. I listen to you when I am working, [ as a postie in Sydney Oz. ] Some of the voices are familiar, but the name are not. Never mind, too long ago. regards Les W
Submitted By: flstc08
(531,195 on 1-2011)

Almost there!
Click through from Facebook... trying to push one of my favorite podcasts up the list!
Submitted By: grabraham
(531,142 on 1-2011)

Dragnet and Adam are the best!
Enjoy this show so much. I look forward every week for the new episode.
Submitted By: prb296
(531,141 on 1-2011)

my favorite podcast
This podcast is religiously updated and ALWAYS interesting. Really nice to know there are others who love this vintage classic radio show that never gets old James
Submitted By: walberg
(530,997 on 1-2011)

Submitted By: mrsjocelynramirez
(530,952 on 1-2011)

Broadcast dates
Adam....Im waaayyy behind you...probably wont even hear the answer to my comment for a year or so, but there was a point during the 2008 (I think) broadcasts of Dragnet that you said you would start announcing the original broadcast dates of the episodes.....and you did for about a week or so....then nothing again. Sooooooo, before you start re-broadcasting all these shows again, maybe you could put a sticky-note in front of you to remind you to tell us during the intro the date of the original broadcast again. Great job......(at least in 2008!!! LOL) Thanks for all the effort you put into these and the insight you give us. I used to hide my radio under my covers when I was a kid and listen to these, and others before I went to sleep. Sandy in Maypearl, Texas
Submitted By: sandyjule
(530,724 on 1-2011)

Jan. Vote
Hello Adam, Again thank you for the wonderful podcasts. Michael Galea Calistoga,CA
Submitted By: MGalea51
(530,702 on 1-2011)

looking forward to it
Enjoy the show, espeically the commentary. Look forward to it every week.
Submitted By: rew51
(530,399 on 1-2011)

Better late than never??
Adam, My last vote done on October was just confirmed today? Not sure what happened but I guess it all works out in the end. Anyway here is my vote for January, as always thanks for all the time and effort you put into the podcast, I know, judging by the majority of the feedback, I am not the only one who Looks forward to, and enjoys the show. Can't wait to hear what Friday and Smith are going to get into this week. I was wondering if you had any information on why Netflix has removed Adam-12 and the 60's Dragnet episodes from the instant streaming? I was dissapointed to find that I am no longer able to stream these shows. I had just switched my account to streaming only and now find that some of the shows I used to get instantly are no longer available, what a drag, hopefully it is just temporary, I guess we'll see. Sorry for the long winded comment, I just had to vent, thanks again, Adam.
Submitted By: Markcrable
(530,302 on 1-2011)

Happy New Year
Adam, Greetings from Omaha, Nebraska -- Baghdad-on-the-Missouri -- as we used to call it in the 70s. Looking forward to another month of really great shows. I really like the idea of audience participation and when my wrist is healed more Ill send you some thoughts you might be interested in. -- Joe Vacca
Submitted By: vacca.joseph
(530,211 on 1-2011)

Happy New Year
Adam, I really enjoy what youve done here. I broke my wrist very badly before Christmas and have been really enjoying the Dragnet episodes youve done. Keep it up!
Submitted By: vacca.joseph
(530,170 on 12-2010)

Great show. Love to listen in bed on my squeezebox radio. Keep up the good work. Dennis Cherry Valley, NY
Submitted By: allneatstuff
(530,098 on 12-2010)

my favorit!!!
Submitted By: gjp
(529,889 on 12-2010)

working my way backward
I listen to a new show every time one is released . The others days I work my way backward through your listen of dragnet podcast.
Submitted By: gfroehlich
(529,607 on 12-2010)

I like the radio shows a lot more than the Sixties TV show. Joe Friday is more 3-dimensional on radio.
Submitted By: dleegilb
(529,496 on 12-2010)

Hey Adam, Heres my vote for December! I really enjoy the show, and only wish it came on more than once a week! Also wondering if you could give a shout out to my awesomely crazy wonderful best friend Victoria in Wake forest NC. Thanks, and hope you and yours have a great holiday season, Marck in NC
Submitted By: 89reatta
(529,347 on 12-2010)

Dec. Vote
Hi Adam, Here is my vote for December. Keep up the great work. Michael Galea Calistoga,CA
Submitted By: michael.galea
(529,344 on 12-2010)

Great show, keep up the great job
Submitted By: viper028
(529,305 on 12-2010)

love the show, great old radio listen to these all the time
Submitted By: viper028
(528,958 on 11-2010)

Nov. Vote
Hi Adam, Here is my Nov. vote. Keep up the great work. Michael Galea Calistoga,CA
Submitted By: MGalea54
(528,852 on 11-2010)

I love it
I really like the podcast. It has become part of my night time ritual. I also want to say thanks for turning me on to Dragnet on Hulu. Keep up the good work Adam deb in Georgia
Submitted By: gardenhire
(528,820 on 11-2010)

Love the program. The radio Dragnet is a lot better than the 60s TV show I grew up with. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: dleegilb
(528,607 on 11-2010)

Nov. Vote
Hi Adam, Thank you for the many fine broadcasts (podcasts) you provide us each and every week. Michael Galea Calistoga,CA
Submitted By: michael.galea
(528,517 on 11-2010)

Great job Adam. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: darrowb
(528,201 on 11-2010)

great podcast!
Adam brings us the shows in order with info about the characters and content! Great stuff! Thanks! -Robin Gwen
Submitted By: swinghopsing
(528,162 on 11-2010)

Love It!
Adam, I am listening from the beginning and am now up to June 2009. I listen while I drive, shop, do yard work, and clean the house. Your hosting skills are improving! Carolyn, Houston, TX
Submitted By: carolyn
(528,057 on 10-2010)

Enjoy listing to Adams comments before each broadcast
Submitted By: peppergg
(527,891 on 10-2010)

Always Great Listening
Old Time Dragnet hosted by Adam is still the best around. I have been listening for a long time and still find myself looking forward to hearing Joe Friday put away the bad guys week after week. Adam and the show have really grown over the years and have taken on a very professional image. Thanks for all your time and effort you have put into the show, it has become a real must hear for all Dragnet fans and fans of the great radio shows of yesteryear.
Submitted By: markcrable
(527,686 on 10-2010)

The tradition continues
Dear Adam, I want to thank you for the Dragnet and Great Detectives podcasts. My son Andrew is an aspiring filmmaker,and we spend many an hour listening to the podcasts. It is a real joy to be passing this love of the classics to him. Im always happy to share an interest with him, and this one even more so, since I love the old time stories so much, as well as your comments. Keep up the very good work. It is appreciated very much.
Submitted By: lindaholt58
(527,539 on 10-2010)

From Jordan
Great show! Thanks for all the effort you put into it. Since you say that you are on cruises and what not when people take your podcast along with them - you are now in Jordan (the country between Palestine and Iraq)! Marie
Submitted By: marieinamman
(527,522 on 10-2010)

Adam, thank you for bringing dragnet to us! I had never been open to watching or listening to dragnet, thinking the show was basically a "guy thing", but recently my husband and I began slaving through a longer than anticipated home renovation - and he began playing episodes from his ipod for us to listen to. I am now hopelessly hooked, and grateful for all of the downloads to listen to as we work away. Thanks so much Adam, please keep them coming! -Heather and Patrick
Submitted By: ph.bailey
(527,360 on 10-2010)

Greetings from Switzerland again....keep up the good work! I listen to your podcast every morning @ work! NAG
Submitted By: Wasforgas
(527,270 on 10-2010)

Love it! The ipod age is ironically perfect for old time radio shows. Each episode is like having a really, really well done book-on-tape. Really enjoy Mr. Grahams comments and e-mails going in and out of the show, as well. Have subscribed on itunes and looking forward to listening to more!
Submitted By: dk
(527,228 on 10-2010)

Keep up the good work, Adam! Mike in Seatac
Submitted By: fos4110
(527,219 on 10-2010)

October Vote
Hello Adam, First of all I want to say thank you for your oustanding podcasts. I will be moving soon so I am voting for you now and not on my birthday which is on the 21st. And I will be moving to a location that may not allow me to use a computer for a couple of years. I hope I am wrong and can listen to you every week. Your Friend, Michael Galea Calistoga,CA.
Submitted By: michael.galea
(527,217 on 10-2010)

great show my vote what are some of the show u like and what old time radio magazine u have dan
Submitted By: teresadaniel2010
(527,146 on 10-2010)

Do you knwo why it is osmetimes when I am listening to a show I get maybe 5 minutes of audio and then just silence, or else it suddenly switches to a new episode? I am using Droid HTC Eris.
Submitted By: anthonylchamberlain
(527,092 on 10-2010)

Work flys by.
Adam When I have tons of work that needs to be drudgenly tackled. Ill put on the headphones and listen to a couple episodes and I find the time flys by. Thanks for the work on this.
Submitted By: doug.mexico
(527,035 on 10-2010)

Adam: Thanks for your efforts in making Dragnet available. I enjoy your show!
Submitted By: HIESTZIE76
(526,991 on 10-2010)

comfort food for the ears!
It doesnt get any better than Adam Graham hosting Dragnet! -Robin Gwen
Submitted By: swinghopsing
(526,962 on 10-2010)

Still listening and ENJOYING
Submitted By: monyetbesar
(526,955 on 10-2010)

As always, love the show Adam, but I am a bit confused over the last couple of weeks. Your most recent podcasts over the last two Saturdays have not automatically downloaded (per usual). I checked the iTunes store and found that you have duplicate podcasts one under the performing arts genre and one just under arts (the performing arts genre includes videos as well as radio but does not have near as many episodes). Neither of the two latest podcasts have been available on your original podcast (under arts) which means I have had to subscribe to another podcast to hear the latest. Any suggestions?
Submitted By: bauerkg
(526,900 on 10-2010)

Hey Adam
Well........i guess youll be going to Caribbean once again wit me Via my Ipod Classic.....I always enjoy listening to your wonderful Dragnet episodes, while my sweetie and I go cruising off to the Caribbean as always be well, and keep up the wonderful work that you do, for all your fans........Your Fan in NY..........Owen The Special Forces, Vietnam Veteran
Submitted By: oandroplex700
(526,865 on 10-2010)

Outstanding job on the commentary
Submitted By: rew51
(526,851 on 10-2010)

Love the show, listen to it every night!
Submitted By: reginawilcots
(526,769 on 10-2010)

Adam, I love your show! I listen to it every night, and love the information that you present. Keep up the good work! I voted for your show on Podcast Alley Kathy in Oklahoma
Submitted By: birdwatcherok
(526,643 on 9-2010)

Great Work Adam
Love your comments Adam, dont change anything - it works and you know the old saying "If it works dont fix it" John
Submitted By: john.mcc
(526,628 on 9-2010)

My Vote for September
Hi Adam! Just wanted to get my vote in under the wire for this month. Loving the podcast as always! About a week ago I managed to catch up completely with all your shows, so Im all up to date from the start. You really deserve to be commended for how regular your broadcast schedule has been! I admire that, big-time. If you have any doubt, just read any one of my numerous orphaned blogs around the web. Of course, being caught up now with the podcast left a bit of a void in my workday. But on your advice, I checked out the 60s series on Hulu. Turns out I watched them so many times on Nick at Nite, I dont even need to watch the video. I can just play it in the background and know exactly whats going on. Its been interesting, too, seeing (or rather, hearing) what was taken out for syndication. I must say I like the unedited versions of these shows a lot better - theyre an incredible reflection of the time. As always, keep up the great work! Roger in Lexington, KY
Submitted By: rdmullins
(526,574 on 9-2010)

Great host, great show!
Submitted By: viandy93
(526,572 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: lnielson2
(526,538 on 9-2010)

Just wanted to give my vote for by far the best podcast show and host for old time radio around! Love the show Adam and have loved the Dragnet franchise for many years and am really glad youre doing what youre doing!
Submitted By: ernietw
(526,522 on 9-2010)

Love this show!
I listen to your show while I am cooking breakfast! I live in the US, but a lot of people I know think I am from a different country because I live in New Mexico!
Submitted By: octoberjayk
(526,513 on 9-2010)

Love the padcast Adam. Im only up to The Big Shot 3/27/10. I see a big improvement from the first show. I have heard all the shows up too this point in two months.
Submitted By: darrowb
(526,507 on 9-2010)

still great
Love your podcast. Itunes has been a little late the last two weeks. Have you moved the podcast. Still think your labor of love is a great addition to our entertainment choices.
Submitted By: brooksfamily73662
(526,499 on 9-2010)

Dragnet, one of the best.
I have been listening for quite some time, Adam does a great job with this podcast. His passion for Dragnet shines through each week.
Submitted By: pvorhauer
(526,498 on 9-2010)

Dragnet- Love it
Just found this and it is great Enjoy the comments by Mr. Graham and love Dragnet. Thanks!
Submitted By: Variablestar
(526,477 on 9-2010)

Great Host, Great Podcast
I guess I found Adam during the time that I started hosting on Talkshoe. I still host there, and I still love to listen to the great things that Adam does. Im a conservative, a Missionary Baptist Preacher, and a fan of Dragnet, Superman, and even like some of those great detective shows! Keep up the good work, and keep the Truth and Hope coming, both in your fiction and non fiction alike!
Submitted By: jadeth_
(526,408 on 9-2010)

Whats it all about, anyway? Go Adam. You have brought together all these wonderful episodes for us. Love the added Webb material, too. Keep using the word interesting. I, among many, share your opinion that almost every show has interesting material, or else we wouldnt have made it past the first 10 episodes. :D ---Van
Submitted By: vanp14
(526,380 on 9-2010)

Great series, my favorite also. Keep if going Adam.. Gary
Submitted By: gpfahler
(526,193 on 9-2010)

Hey Adam, Love the show as always...I find that if I wait about 6 months I can go back and listen to several old podcasts again with just as much enjoyment. Thanks. KG in New Mexico
Submitted By: bauerkg
(526,095 on 9-2010)

Great show
I really enjoy the Dragnet episodes and Adams commentary. Its great to get the context around the episodes and the characters.
Submitted By: philcaruso
(526,087 on 9-2010)

Wonderful show!
My continued support for Adam, hes wonderful. Thank you Mr. Graham
Submitted By: bettylewben
(525,889 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: chrisjerome37
(525,783 on 9-2010)

Good stuff!
Submitted By: jetpoweredturtle
(525,767 on 9-2010)

Adam, this is the best podcast. You do an excellent job with you commentary. I have come to expect it to be the standard for all the other podcasts I listen to. You are the best.
Submitted By: elvia4gabriel
(525,765 on 9-2010)

Great podcast
Adam does a great job presenting a classic radio drama.
Submitted By: timomick
(525,760 on 9-2010)

Look Forward To It Every Week!
Keep it up, Adam! This is my favorite podcast!!! Jerry
Submitted By: jerrybushman
(525,707 on 9-2010)

Ive been listening to this show for about 3 months now and enjoy Adams commentary and the classic shows which give me some insight to the world my father grew up in listening to the radio and using his imagination to Perceive the world outside of his small Midwestern home town
Submitted By: b_lefevre
(525,669 on 9-2010)

Great job!
Hi Adam, Really having been enjoying your Dragnet podcasts for over a year now; I had started with another Dragnet podcast, but then found yours, and came to enjoy your before and after commentary as an extra part of the Dragnet experience. Thanks for spending the time to do put it all together! Nora
Submitted By: pilimbe
(525,663 on 9-2010)

I really enjoy listening to these episodes. They compliment the TV shows I grew up with.
Submitted By: sacktrack
(525,617 on 9-2010)
Submitted By: maryisadiva
(525,590 on 9-2010)

Thanks Adam
Your show just gets better and better. Thanks for all your hard work and the great information on Dragnet.
Submitted By: jpdawson63
(525,547 on 9-2010)

keep up the awesome work Adam. -John
Submitted By: fendesix
(525,495 on 9-2010)

Enjoy your show immensely.
Submitted By: wb2bmh
(525,469 on 9-2010)

I love this show! I always catch myself cheering on Friday when he gives the bad guy a good lecture. Thanks, Adam! -Robin Gwen
Submitted By: swinghopsing
(525,459 on 9-2010)

Awesome trip to the golden days
Hello Adam, Want to write and say listening to Jack Webb and Dragnet makes for a great day while working and very nice trip to the Golden days. Thank you for all you do. Bob Hatten
Submitted By: lilturtlebob41
(525,416 on 9-2010)

my Favorite program
Hey Adam........A wonderful weekend to you and your family, And as always thank you for your wonderful old time radio dragnet podcasts..........Your fan in N.Y...........Owen
Submitted By: oandroplex700
(525,398 on 9-2010)

Sept. Vote
Hi Adam, As always your podcast is simply one of the best on the world wide web today. It is my pleasure to vote for you. Michael Galea Calistoga,Ca.
Submitted By: michael.galea
(525,344 on 9-2010)

great show
Love the shows keep up the good work. Dennis
Submitted By: allneatstuff
(525,308 on 9-2010)

really like the old dragnet radio shows
Submitted By: advertisingedge
(525,302 on 9-2010)

A GREAT job, Adam. Keep up the great work. I for one, do like the new theme music very much. I also am extremely greatful that you take out the adds! Susan
Submitted By: sparcels31
(525,016 on 9-2010)

outstanding commentary.
Submitted By: rew51
(524,847 on 9-2010)

Good show
Thanks Adam. Sound off. Thanks for your time and effort. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: mrmaxglmrd
(524,844 on 9-2010)

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Submitted By: 310226911
(524,736 on 8-2010)

One of the ironic things about the Chesterfield ads was the promotion of cigarettes as bing non-harmful to the nose, chest and lungs. Both Jack Webb and Virginia Gregg died from tobacco related illnesses. (Mr. Webb from a heart attack. Ms. Gregg from lung cancer.
Submitted By: peterwestre
(524,728 on 8-2010)

Great podcast!
I enjoy your podcast so much! I take my iPad into the bathroom in the morning while I apply makeup and do my hair, to listen to Dragnet. Really. I feel like I know Joe and his buddies. Also, Im getting to know Adam Graham. What an upbeat fellow!
Submitted By: Twinkpa
(524,721 on 8-2010)

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Submitted By: 310226911
(524,717 on 8-2010)

no nonsense
Submitted By: bapitzenat
(524,707 on 8-2010)

appreciate the passion
I do so appreciate Adams obvious passion for Mr. Webb, and especially Dragnet. I just moved to L.A. and think about Dragnet every time I drive by the beautiful city hall!
Submitted By: contact
(524,697 on 8-2010)

Voting for the best podcast anywhere on earth.
Submitted By: Deesgod
(524,531 on 8-2010)

The Greatest Podcast to vote for. Dont ever stop Adam.
Submitted By: chrisjerome37
(524,530 on 8-2010)

A wonderful podcast, I really emjoy the show, and the host Adam Graham puts in a tremendous amount of work into each show!
Submitted By: rikki
(524,528 on 8-2010)

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Submitted By: acerx243w
(524,413 on 8-2010)

Enjoy Adams weekly comentary
Submitted By: peppergg
(524,311 on 8-2010)

love it
I listen to this podcast every night. I am transported to a different era and a different dialect every time I listen.
Submitted By: arnoldgear
(524,290 on 8-2010)

Great show.
Adam, love your podcast. I was amazed in one of your Commentaries that you have so much negative feedback at times. I just dont understand, i do not always agree with all you comments, however, it is your right to say them, and the right of others to switch off if they disapprove. You are obviously devoted to the shows, and i feel that gives you the right to say that which you like, others who disagree, have the right to start their own podcast, and then say that which they choose.... after all, all said and done, it is ALL YOUR WORK Adam, not theirs. Looking forward to another show, and your unique, if not corny dialog, Kevin, Wallan, Victoria, Australia. Kepp up the good work.
Submitted By: bigchiefworriguts
(524,248 on 8-2010)

Adam keep up the great work. you definitely are appreciated.
Submitted By: elvia4gabriel
(524,242 on 8-2010)

cant get enough
Submitted By: swinghopsing
(524,233 on 8-2010)

hey Adam, heres my vote for August. Love the show, keep up the good work! ~Marck in N.C.
Submitted By: 89reatta
(524,039 on 8-2010)

Love your show
I have been listening to your show for a while now. I enjoy it very much. Thanks! Kathy
Submitted By: birdwatcherok
(523,990 on 8-2010)

Great show and very insightful commentary!
Submitted By: hhelbein
(523,956 on 8-2010)

Listening and voting !
Thanks for continuing to present a great radio series in an informative and amusing way. Andrew Via Richmond, Virginia
Submitted By: viandy93
(523,946 on 8-2010)

Hey Adam
YOuve never told us very much about yourself,How is it someone whom I belive as young as you are got Interested in Dragnet?? and what sort of work do you do?? Yours truly, Owen in N.Y.
Submitted By: oandroplex700
(523,890 on 8-2010)

Submitted By: monyetbesar
(523,888 on 8-2010)

great podcast
Submitted By: juniperjohn1
(523,880 on 8-2010)

August Vote for Dragnet
Hi Adam, Thank you for the kind words and the link to vote for your podcast. Michael Galea Calistoga,CA
Submitted By: michael.galea
(523,875 on 8-2010)

I never miss it! I have every episode saved to my iPod!
Submitted By: janiemhart
(523,861 on 8-2010)

Adam, Ive been listening and playing catchup on the Dragnet series and its been a blast. In fact, now that Im caught up i was missing listening to all the episodes. Dragnet will continue to be a favorite but Im also happy that Ive found your great detective podcasts as well. Now Im catching up there. Keep up the great work. Rich
Submitted By: rlstates
(523,859 on 8-2010)

Great podcast
Adams Dragnet podcast is excellent and is getting better with each broadcast.
Submitted By: timomick
(523,845 on 8-2010)

Enjoy the show, but you need to change the intro. Love your commentary.
Submitted By: rew51
(523,842 on 8-2010)

Best on the air
Thank you Adam for the podcasts. As always, you have entertained us well! My monthly vote is cast.
Submitted By: carsonhomes
(523,787 on 8-2010)

Adam is great
It is a Saturday Night ritual for us to listen to Dragnet. Keep up the good work Adam. Keep the PS messages, they are a window on the past. It was interesting to hear the USSR called the enemy without a declared war. Also I liked last weeks Chesterfield Heart PS message dichotomy. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!
Submitted By: brooksfamily73662
(523,783 on 8-2010)

Mr. Graham receives my vote for his entertaining podcast.The best.
Submitted By: nami1106
(523,761 on 8-2010)

HAnds down my favorite podcast. Keep it up Mr. Graham. Thank you
Submitted By: nami1106
(523,759 on 8-2010)

great show
Submitted By: butch.1955
(523,723 on 8-2010)

it is good i listen
Submitted By: angiekh86
(523,661 on 8-2010)

Great show love your commentary. Keep it coming..
Submitted By: gpfahler
(523,604 on 8-2010)

still listening from Panama ...
Submitted By: maryisadiva
(523,444 on 8-2010)

Keep Up The Shows
Dear Adam: The Dragnet shows are great and a wonderful way to enjoy OTR. I have listened to a show called 21st Precinct which almost seems like an East Coast version of Dragnet that takes place in NY. It also seems to be based on true police stories. Have you ever thought about a show with 21st Precinct? Are there even enough episodes to do a podcast?
Submitted By: am1968
(523,249 on 8-2010)

Great show.
We listen to every episode. Great to listen with the whole family while driving on summer vacation! Thanks, Adam.
Submitted By: greggmaynard
(523,024 on 7-2010)

Always a pleasure to listen
Adam, I am back in Dubai after having spent a months holiday away from the heat here in Dubai. I managed to avoid the hot hot temperatures however, I sure found time to listen to your podcast.. either in the middle east or near Boise in Spokane,,, what a wonderful podcast. All the best Charlie Rudebaugh
Submitted By: monyetbesar
(522,959 on 7-2010)

great show
Adam Im loving every show. I cant wait for Saturday nights. take care. Jef
Submitted By: jazyjef
(522,944 on 7-2010)

New Listener
I just found this podcast this past week and I am hooked. I enjoy listening to Adams commentary. Joe from Texas
Submitted By: flhp18
(522,884 on 7-2010)

Best old time radio show.
Submitted By: sistermarshag
(522,856 on 7-2010)

Keep up the great work Adam, I look forward Dragnet every week.
Submitted By: chrisjerome37
(522,767 on 7-2010)

Voting for July! (And a note on The Big String)
Hi Adam! Ive not had a chance to write in a while (my wife and I recently welcomed a new little Dragnet fan at our house), but wanted to get in my vote for July before the month is out. As always, love the podcast and keep up the great work! I especially enjoyed hearing Jack Webb on Martin and Lewis - funny stuff! As for the kidnappers in The Big String, though... Now, Im not a kidnapper, and barring any unforeseen developments I dont plan on becoming one. If I *were* going to kidnap someone, though, and tie that person up in a room, I think Id feed them something other than a steady diet of prunes. It just seems like that would leave you vulnerable to a rather unpleasant crime scene cleanup task, if you catch my drift. Just sayin. Roger in Lexington, KY
Submitted By: rdmullins
(522,699 on 7-2010)

Good and Steady
Im running out of new things to say. Many, MANY episodes ago, I started listening to Adam and the gang - and, being unfamiliar with the whole "podcast THING," I thought that they were just the same thing as professionally-produced radio shows. Therefore, I was surprised by Adams friendly but un-polished down-home twang. However, after initially commenting on this, I finally clued into things - PLUS, not only did I figure out that this was NOT some NBC radio production, I also "fell in LIKE" with Adams casual and enthusiastic delivery. So, anyway, "without further ado," as Adam loves to say, the rest was history, and I am a long-time fan of Adam AND of "Old Tom Radio!" Keep it up, Adam!
Submitted By: dms
(522,597 on 7-2010)

Catching up
I came across this podcast about a month ago and Ive been really enjoying catching up while listening at work.
Submitted By: rlstates
(522,593 on 7-2010)

Well Done Program
YThank you for all your efforts
Submitted By: michael
(522,570 on 7-2010)

Thank you!
Submitted By: john
(522,515 on 7-2010)

always enjoyable
The history and trivia background improve the show by giving it context. I miss the old intro music, though. -Joe
Submitted By: vediovis
(522,495 on 7-2010)

Just checking in to vote again. I sure enjoy the podcasts and, now that I am caught up, dont like the wait for a new episode.
Submitted By: heritagelady
(522,480 on 7-2010)

Longtime Listener
Hi Adam. Ive written before to you about the enjoyment the OTR Dragnet episodes bring to my daily walks. Since I only download about every three months, I collect several weeks of continuous listening. While that schedule keeps me 3 months behind the current broadcast, it also permits me to hear how the show changes over those weeks...WOW! The sound is so upgraded versus when you started, and with the new detective series you are becoming a major force on the internet! Keep up the good work! Mike in Newark, Delaware.
Submitted By: street.lizard
(522,452 on 7-2010)

Great Show
Adam, thanks for the work you put into the show. It is a labor of love. I had been listening to another radio detective show on iTunes until it went off the air. The Dragnet episodes were by far my favorites, so I did a search and found your show. I work in Manila, Philippines, so it's nice to have access to quality (and free!) entertainment like your Dragnet podcast. -Brian
Submitted By: beejay_98166
(522,417 on 7-2010)

Outstanding podcast, Adam is fantastic
Submitted By: rew51
(522,360 on 7-2010)

Great podcast
Submitted By: hiestzie76
(522,342 on 7-2010)

The Big Ben
Adam, As always, you do a great job. I was going through the archives and came across The BIg Ben. I saw the Big Frank on TV and thought I knew what I was getting. Then I find out that its Joe Friday who is shot, not Ben Alexander, who continues with the narration. Is this the only time in the radio (or TV) series that another character takes over the narrative? Brett Northern Virginia
Submitted By: crazyhansens
(522,323 on 7-2010)

I cant get enough ofthis podcast! Great job Adam! Don Williams
Submitted By: don9360
(522,295 on 7-2010)

I love Dragnet with Adams commentary! Thanks for helping distract me during down times at work!
Submitted By: kfitz13
(522,273 on 7-2010)

Love your podcasts Thank You so much
Submitted By: cashmont2001
(522,269 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: Ernietw
(522,050 on 7-2010)

Hey Adam, Love the show, and I wish I had been around when it was originally on the air. However, I greatly enjoy having it all digital-ized, and appreciate all the hard work you put into it. As for all the people that chastise you for only reading positive comments on the air: For petes sake, this man is giving you something of great value for free!! Sure its fine to make a suggestion every once and a while, but to get upset with him for "only reading positive comments" (which he doesnt, Ive heard quite a few non-positive ones) is a bit rude. I belive Adam deserves a pat on the back for everything he puts into this thing to make it free for almost all of us!! Thanks Adam for all the hard work you do, and I look forward to many more shows.
Submitted By: 89reatta
(521,959 on 7-2010)

Vote for July
Hi Adam, Here is my July vote for your podcast. I just received my Dragnet DVD in the mail today from Amazon. Watched the Pilot Movie. Even though I have seen it several times it is still enjoyable. Hope your podcast makes it into the top 10 this month. Keep up the great work. Michael Galea Calistoga, CA (Cal-is-Toga)
Submitted By: michael.galea
(521,848 on 7-2010)

Have really enjoyed both Dragnet and Great Detectives for over a year now. Cant tell you how much I appreciate your labor of love. I listen each night before going to sleep on my IPod. I also have about 30 episodes on DVD. Even the ones Ive seen before are still enjoyable. Thank you so much Adam.
Submitted By: arizbuck
(521,847 on 7-2010)

Adam is great
Adam is great in his commentary. My wife and I subscribe and listen to the weekly podcast on Sat. Night and fill in the back episodes during the rest of the week.
Submitted By: brooksfamily73662
(521,843 on 7-2010)

Love it!
Love the show Adam. Not a big fan of the new intro music...but Ill get over it.
Submitted By: bauerkg
(521,820 on 7-2010)

I love it!
I am so glad to find this podcast! I listen to it every night instead of watching t.v. as I go to sleep. I havent heard all of them so I dont have to wait each week for a new one, I get to start from the beginning! Yay for Adam for taking out the commericals! Stacy in Arkansas
Submitted By: harptrip
(521,807 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: angelakane
(521,801 on 7-2010)

Great idea to link this to facebook!!!
Submitted By: Cmbeck85
(521,800 on 7-2010)

You always deliver
Thanks Adam! You always deliver a winner. I have enjoyed the podcasts with enthusiasm, and I eagerly look forward to them each week. I I do appreciate the sponsors, and I have used them in the past, and they are VERY good. Pass the feedback on to them, if you like. They are everything they promise.
Submitted By: carsonhomes
(521,653 on 7-2010)

Dragnet Big Time fan
Hey Adam, I truly enjoy your efforts, On bring your audience..The wonderful dragnet series. I fee like a kid waiting for my weekly Installment of dragnet on Itunes. I look forward to downloading it to my Ipod and Enjoying it...........Thank you....Your N.Y. Owen
Submitted By: oandroplex700
(521,523 on 7-2010)

Keep up the good work Adam. Mike, Seatac
Submitted By: fos4110
(521,398 on 7-2010)

Never go out with out with Jack Webb
Hi there, Just got back from my work party on the Pacific Crest Trail. Took Radio Dragnet with me and loved the last 2 shows. This was a peacefull time after dark and after all animals went to bed for the night! Keep playing the old time Dragnet, Adam Gram!!
Submitted By: jeffh101
(521,366 on 7-2010)

Go Adam
Submitted By: dogdoc1950
(521,356 on 7-2010)

Still the best OTR podcast
I enjoy Adams commentary almost as much as the sows thselves
Submitted By: Wade_hinkle
(521,340 on 7-2010)

Very much appreciate all the effort of Adam Graham to bring these wonderful broadcasts to us in the 21st century. As a child, I enjoyed the TV shows, but the radio broadcasts seem even better. The stories and characters are well developed and the snapshots of life in the 1950s is really fun.
Submitted By: wb2bmh
(521,164 on 7-2010)

Great Show
I have enjoyed this podcast for at least 2 years. Thanks, Adam for making this available to us. Keep on hosting!
Submitted By: bellepanda
(521,070 on 6-2010)

Love It!
I listen every night when Im going to sleep. Reminds me of when I was a kid in LA.
Submitted By: scott
(521,061 on 6-2010)

the big eavesdrop
A problem with the continuity in this episode is that the trial was in Los Angeles for a crime committed in Frisco. Venue would have been in the City and County of San Francisco not City and County of Los Angeles. Maybe only the lawyers will notice. Also, I am going to figure out how to buy the premium service since I have only iPod nano, not iphone.
Submitted By: davidbrooks
(520,861 on 6-2010)

Ive been with you for a loooong time, and still enjoying the episodes, whose audio quality seems to be getting consistently better and better, as well as your own intros and comments. Thanks so much, to you AND to Old Tom, for making this available to us!
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(520,835 on 6-2010)

Great show Adam
Submitted By: Cmbeck85
(520,827 on 6-2010)

Awesome Show
Being able to listen to dragnet while I am working makes the day soo much better..
Submitted By: lilturtlebob41
(520,825 on 6-2010)

i drive 3 hrs a day to work and makes the miles and time fly by
Submitted By: jameswellhausen
(520,807 on 6-2010)

Thanks Adam, listening from Panama .. your show is a breath of fresh air.
Submitted By: maryisadiva
(520,786 on 6-2010)

Love this podcast!
Happily I only discovered this podcast about a year ago, so I have plenty of episodes to catch up on. I am a huge Dragnet fan, and really appreciate all of Adams hard work in bringing us this program. Bravo!
Submitted By: rikki
(520,655 on 6-2010)

The shows are so corny to be great. Thanks for a wonderful journey to a simpler times where the the police were the good guys, and justice prevailed. Adam, as for your comments, they just add to the whole surrealism... Enjoy and look forward to every episode. from a fan downunder, Kevin, Wallan, Victoria.
Submitted By: bigchiefworriguts
(520,627 on 6-2010)

My Vote
Submitted By: money1726
(520,555 on 6-2010)

Submitted By: hummbucker63
(520,495 on 6-2010)

Top ten, here we come!
Submitted By: jenn
(520,482 on 6-2010)

Im new to podcasts. I found this one on ITunes and downloaded all of them. I started from the beginning and have listened to them in order. Im up to the first Jeff Regan episode which aired March 10, 2009. I didnt realize how much I appreciate Adams hosting until I listened to 1)other podcasts and 2) old time radio without Adams editing and remarks.
Submitted By: bedda.davis
(520,452 on 6-2010)

great show
Submitted By: tfeister
(520,447 on 6-2010)

Found Adam on Itunes and have become a fan. Listening to these podcasts are better than reruns. Adam is such a great fan that he seems to have become the expert on Dragnet. AAA+++
Submitted By: davidbrooks
(520,430 on 6-2010)

Dragnet is great!
To be honest, i love the dragnet radio shows, on the other hand, the rambling on and on by Adam Graham really gets old fast. Sometimes, you just want to forego all the jibber-jabber, its not that interesting and its always the same thing, reading letters from people who write and praise Adam, I never hear Adam reading from people like myself that despise having to subjected to his shameless solicitations for votes. Adam has little space-outs and its as if he is participating in the over consumption of liquid refreshments (adult beverages). I just want to hear the radio show.... not listening to the stumbling of Adams dialogue.
Submitted By: all.about.nick
(520,398 on 6-2010)

Great Job
It had to happen eventually I caught up on the show, really liked playing them whenever I wanted, oh well still worth waiting for. Keep up the great job Adam.
Submitted By: eddie.broyles
(520,384 on 6-2010)

Enjoy the podcasts
Hi Adam, I cant tell you how much I enjoy the Dragnet podcasts,along with your insightful commentary. I have been experiencing some health problems over the last year or so,and the podcasts have given me a little spot of light. I actually listen to them repeatedly, and usually can find something new each time. I second the opinion that you would do a great job with the Perry Mason radio broadcasts. Not because of the Raymond Burr/Dragnet connection, as Burr was not a part of the radio Mason. But because of your clear and concise research and informative introductions to each broadcast. The Dragnet series has been a real pleasure, and I thank you for your work on them. I look forward to the new one each week. You never disappoint! Thank you once again, Linda Holt Carson City, NV
Submitted By: carsonhomes
(520,377 on 6-2010)

Great Show
Submitted By: jpdawson63
(520,374 on 6-2010)

Love the commatary
Love Adams insight, however I also like to hear some commercials gives me the feel of earlier days.
Submitted By: Yukonski
(520,350 on 6-2010)

Good job as always, Adam. Was listening to a comment you read from someone from Gig Harbor, WA, and I was driving down Highway 16 in Gig Harbor @ the same time!
Submitted By: fos4110
(520,309 on 6-2010)

Hey Adam.......I look forward each and every week to getting the latest Dragnet episode on itunes onto my Ipod........its like years ago when I could not wait to listen to the latest episode of the Lone Ranger...... Thank you once again......for your diligant efforts.and wonderful comments....on keeping The Dragnet Episodes fresh and exciting and by the way , when I went on my latest cruise vacation, and enjoyed the dragnet episodes......I knew you have been on a cruise. So I wanted to tell you that you had a great time by proxy..........Your greatest Fan.....Owen
Submitted By: oandroplex700
(520,232 on 6-2010)

Great Job, Adam!
Keep up the great work, Adam! Pedro
Submitted By: pedrodesalas
(520,203 on 6-2010)

Great shows Adam. Im looking for a new theam song for you.
Submitted By: jazyjef
(520,195 on 6-2010)
Submitted By: wb2bmh
(520,156 on 6-2010)

Great show Adam and
I enjoy your Dragnet podcasts every week.
Submitted By: timomick
(520,126 on 6-2010)

Great Show
Keep up the good work Adam
Submitted By: bdtypr
(520,125 on 6-2010)

Heres my vote Adam. Keep up the good work. I really like the extra info that you find for the episodes. The show wouldnt be the same without it. -Brian
Submitted By: jetpoweredturtle
(520,123 on 6-2010)

great show
Great shownAdam...Listen to you on the shores of the South China Sea on Hainan Island, China, usually while riding my bike into town to the market or at night....Perpeually 30 degrees here with green-blue water....Thanks for the podcast...Ross McKinnon Yang Pu, Hainan
Submitted By: mckinnonross
(520,122 on 6-2010)

Vote for Dragnet
Love the Dragnet Show. Adam, youre doing a bang up job! Keep it going! Michael Illinois
Submitted By: mstowe
(520,063 on 6-2010)

Enjoy the commentary
Submitted By: rew51
(519,968 on 6-2010)

Adam, keep up the good work. Now that I have finally caught up with all the podcasts, I am having to wait for a new episode. Luckily, I can go back and relisten to some of my favourites.
Submitted By: heritagelady
(519,946 on 6-2010)

I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoy listening to your podcast at work during the week. Thanks again, Take care, Grace
Submitted By: wasforgas
(519,889 on 6-2010)

Just terrific!
Adam has speat an unblievable amount of time educating himself and consequently all of us Dragnet fans on the nuances of this award winning series - he deserves a big thank you!
Submitted By: kaabee
(519,798 on 6-2010)

June Vote
Hi Adam, Here is my vote for Dragnet for June. Keep up the great work. Michael Galea Calistoga (Cal-is-toga), CA
Submitted By: michael.galea
(519,744 on 6-2010)

Keep up the Good Work
Love your work here Adam. Thanks a lot. Cullen in Mendham, New Jersey
Submitted By: cschippe8
(519,722 on 6-2010)

Keep up the good work Adam - things are sounding great! Mike, Seatac, WA
Submitted By: fos4110
(519,668 on 6-2010)

Still enjoying the heck outa the program.
Adam, still enjoying the heck outa your podcast. I am in Dubai and this bit of americana coupled with your hosting makes for a wonderful escape from the hustle bustle of Dubai U.A.E. Thanks again and best wishes!! PS> I will be headed to Spokane WA in about a month for a months holiday, hmm to let a few episodes build up for listen wekkly while in Spokane.. hmm ahhh I cant let em build up, enjoy the poscast too much.. Charlie Rudebaugh Dubai UAE
Submitted By: monyetbesar
(519,610 on 6-2010)

love it !
Submitted By: txlewis
(519,578 on 6-2010)

If you love old radio drama
Born in 1950, I cant help but love this podcast. Listening to Dragnet takes me back to a simpler world - not necessarily better, just a little less complicated. Adam obviously loves Dragnet, and puts his heart and soul into these broadcasts. Adam, thanks for sharing your time, knowledge and enthusiasm with the rest of us. Mike on Dried Meat Lake, just south of Camrose Alberta Canada
Submitted By: mike
(519,394 on 5-2010)

2 Thumbs Up
Love your podcast, I listen to it at work and makes the day Zip buy, Thanks for all the insite and detail. Paul, Detroit Mich.
Submitted By: pkrause95
(519,349 on 5-2010)

Always enjoy your show !
I had a long drive last weekend and listened to your first episode, nickle plated gun? I think it was. Wow, weve come a long way since then. Ive been perplexed by all the comments about the theme music youve been playing. I dont particularly like it, but it is so short, whats the big problem? Now I hear the new theme, people will probably like it more. My idea is that you play a Fatima cigarette ad before every show -- thatll show them !
Submitted By: viandy93
(519,295 on 5-2010)

Glad to hear this show!
Adam, I
Submitted By: saabman84
(519,263 on 5-2010)

Thanks Adam
Submitted By: haligan09
(519,241 on 5-2010)

Great stuff!
Thanks Adam! My wife and I love your show and listen often. Were glad we found you and thanks for all your great web resources. Best regards, -Terry and Lori Buda
Submitted By: terry_buda
(519,182 on 5-2010)

Podcast brings back memories of my youth listening with family around the radio set.
Submitted By: swede61
(519,181 on 5-2010)

Mark VII Limited
Adam, As always you do a terrific job explaining the nuances and little known facts about the Dragnet radio show. I have a question about the TV show, however. Why did Webb choose "Mark VII" as the name of his production company for TV? Sincerely, Brett South Riding, Virginia
Submitted By: crazyhansens
(519,129 on 5-2010)

Some of my earliest television memories are of Dragnet. Over the last twenty years, I have taken up the hobby of restoring antique radios and naturally enjoying some of the old time radio shows that would have been played on them. I have listened to many shows in different genres. Your podcast is among the best due to your presenting them in sequential order, your comments and demeanor as the host, and the elimination of the commercials. Ken
Submitted By: klg
(519,066 on 5-2010)

May 15, 2010 podcast
love the dragnet series and the insightful comments by Adam
Submitted By: john.mcc
(518,994 on 5-2010)

love the show keep it up
Submitted By: dhcoffer
(518,900 on 5-2010)

The best podcast out there!!! Don Williams
Submitted By: don9360
(518,893 on 5-2010)

Love Dragnet!
Submitted By: angelakane
(518,891 on 5-2010)

Now Current
After several months listening, I am now current with the Old Time Dragnet podcast. Now I will have to wait for my weekly fix. I am also a boomer so brought back many memories. I happened to find your podcast by doing a search for old time radio shows on itunes since I wasnt sure what I wanted to listen to, but when Dragnet popped up, I said yes, I always liked that and wanted to hear them again from the beginning. Thank you very much Adam for all your time and effort and love you put into your presentations. I for one think it adds to the overall value of the program. A friend in Pahrump, NV. Larry B
Submitted By: spfcld
(518,770 on 5-2010)

Submitted By: fos4110
(518,631 on 5-2010)

Better n better
This podcast just keeps getting better all the time!
Submitted By: Bsue229
(518,597 on 5-2010)

good job adam
like this show, but LOVE OLD TIME DETECTIVES.
Submitted By: thewhatifgirl.kathleen
(518,595 on 5-2010)

Love the show
Submitted By: Valerie.may
(518,450 on 5-2010)

Great Job Adam!
Submitted By: jeff_cote
(518,401 on 5-2010)

Love the show. Youre entertaining a new generation. On trips, my 10 year old begs, "Can we listen to Dragnet"?
Submitted By: bretta
(518,396 on 5-2010)

More dragnet, less Adam. I dont want to listen to 10 or more minutes of Adam before and after each podcast!
Submitted By: lfcf62
(518,317 on 5-2010)

i used to watch this show on nick at night when i was a kid. i really enjoy your podcast and the commentary. keep up the good work. P.S are you a Christian?
Submitted By: jstout
(518,175 on 5-2010)

love the show keep up the good work
Submitted By: tfeister
(518,162 on 5-2010)

I enjoy the "new theme song so much more!! Lets aim for the top ten this week!
Submitted By: thehatinthecat
(518,139 on 5-2010)

May Vote
Hello Adam, You have my vote for May. Lets hope that Dragnet moves into the top 10 sometime soon. Always great listening. Michael Galea Calistoga, CA (Cal-is-toga)
Submitted By: michael.galea
(518,112 on 5-2010)
Adam Graham does a great job putting these shows together. I always enjoy his comments which add context to each show. Barbara from Monmouth Beach, NJ
Submitted By: wb2bmh
(518,101 on 5-2010)

Great Show
I have listened to this podcast for a while and finally caught up. Now I cant wait for the next one. Luckily you have the Great Detectives podcast to fill in the time between Dragnet podcasts. Thanks for your comments and insight.
Submitted By: bdtypr
(518,097 on 5-2010)

votes for adam
Submitted By: ieshia
(518,086 on 5-2010)

Adam thanksfor all you do. I always enjoy your shows.. Im a huge Dragnet fan. Jef
Submitted By: jazyjef
(518,072 on 5-2010)

The Old Time dragnet my very favorite podcast series on Itunes...I always look forward to Adam"s wonderful comments..and I look forward to each new download..WAY TO GO ADAM!!!!
Submitted By: oandroplex700
(518,067 on 5-2010)

Dragnet Fan
Keep up the good work, Adam.
Submitted By: pedrodesalas
(517,990 on 5-2010)

Now that Ive caught up, once a week seems awfully slow. Definitely a show I look forward to each week.
Submitted By: spamyourmother
(517,907 on 5-2010)

Fantastic listening, thank you from Dubai
As I had mentioned before I discovered your podcast a little late. I am now living in Dubai and I really am thankful for this taste of American coupled with a very enjoyable host! Lately I have been doing late night shows (airline pilot), when I bed down during the day I listen to one or two of your broadcasts, then off to sleep. The funny thing is I have never fell asleep while listening, I always have to look at the clock and turn down the temptation to listening to another. Off to Oman and Kuwait tonight, within just minutes if writing this I will be listening to my two programs of Dragnet with Adam, then turn the machine off, sleep then take to the skies.. Thanks Adam.. PS I am from Spokane Charlie Rudebaugh
Submitted By: monyetbesar
(517,831 on 5-2010)

we love adam!!!!
Submitted By: taylorcreekfarm
(517,783 on 4-2010)

great show
Submitted By: aalexis
(517,775 on 4-2010)

Comfortable and Classy
This Podcast done well and Adams comment before and after episode are well received. Gunny Camp Pendleton, CA
Submitted By: flem.gator
(517,741 on 4-2010)

Voting For Old Time Dragnet!
This is totally my favorite ever! my kids even love it!
Submitted By: soverysimplyserendipity
(517,732 on 4-2010)

great show
Submitted By: juniperjohn1
(517,704 on 4-2010)

great show
this is my frist time but i love your show frank burnett from stockbridge ga p.s. ill vote everyday
Submitted By: burnettf
(517,687 on 4-2010)

Enjoy immensely.
Submitted By: wb2bmh
(517,677 on 4-2010)

I know the votes late but hopefully we can hit the top ten. Keep up the great work. thehatinthecat
Submitted By: thehatinthecat
(517,659 on 4-2010)

I love your shows!
I am a late discoverer of podcasts and your show. Im probably two years behind at this point because I want to listen from the beginning, but at this rate I will catch up at some point. Like many others I want to thank you. I can find all of these shows elsewhere but choose to hear yours Podcasts. You are like having an old friend enjoying the shows with me. Thanks again.
Submitted By: tstine506
(517,636 on 4-2010)

Enjoy the show
thanks for the show. i enjoy listening to the show when walking on my lunch break...keep up the good work!
Submitted By: jgraff
(517,596 on 4-2010)

love the podcasts Adam. Have you ever thought of running the Night Watch series? I stumbled onto it. It seems like the original Reality series about police work.
Submitted By: fendesix
(517,511 on 4-2010)

Adam: I have listened to and caught up on both the Great Detectives and Dragnet podcast, in the past month or so. As a watchmaker, I have lots of time at work to listen and it helps make the day go by. Thanks for your hard work. One thing is I don't mind your "interesting" comments, but um is now talking over. Um interesting.
Submitted By: kd979806
(517,470 on 4-2010)

Youre doing Great!
What can I say that hasnt been said before? Its a fun show that youre promoting and presenting, and I enjoy your friendly personality as you introduce the episodes. Thanks so much, Adam.
Submitted By: dms
(517,469 on 4-2010)

Im back
Hi Adam, I started listening to the show when I was pregnant with my first child. I found myself up at odd times during the night and it was great having your show to listen to. Once my child started sleeping through the night, I stopped. Well...Im pregnant again so Im back. I appreciate the company since Im no longer sleeping through the night. Enjoying the show, Heidi - Olympia, WA
Submitted By: hkbaker22
(517,449 on 4-2010)

Still Fantastic, great Podcast
Submitted By: monyetbesar
(517,419 on 4-2010)

My monthly vote!
Just giving my vote for the month of April. Keep up the good work Adam, thanks for the time and effort you put into this podcast. Saturday nights without Adam and Joe Friday just would not be the same!
Submitted By: markcrable
(517,186 on 4-2010)

Two Comments/Suggestions
Love Dragnet - Thanks for putting this together. Two suggestions however: 1. The intro "music" starts with static which is very hard on the ears when listening with ear phones. 2. I also subscribed to the app which I like, but if you could put an asterik next to the episodes that have bonus content it would make it a lot easier to locate it when I want to go back to it.
Submitted By: billyard
(517,127 on 4-2010)

Enjoy Adam"s comments
Submitted By: bjiggers
(517,051 on 4-2010)

Thanks for being so informative! I have learned so much from you. We happen to LOVE when you talk before your shows. Dont ever change, Wisconsin LOVES you. Gail Sarro
Submitted By: gschmidt
(516,949 on 4-2010)

April Vote
Hi Adam, Here is my vote for April. I was thinking of another movie you could post, but I have forgotten it. Wouldnt you know it. Must be my advancining age or my worries over taxes. Thank You for the escape for at least a half hour every Saturday. Is Laura still copyrighted? Michael Galea Calistoga, (Cal-is-toga) Ca
Submitted By: michael.galea
(516,937 on 4-2010)

Just found the show. Keep up the good work. Your enthusiasm and commentary has added to my appreciation of the show. Kevin in Gloucester, VA.
Submitted By: kevinkev1970
(516,936 on 4-2010)

My vote for April
Submitted By: viandy93
(516,873 on 4-2010)

been listening episode 20?love your show initiallt did not like the comentary but now look forward to interesting facts and comments
Submitted By: greatfullitz2
(516,852 on 4-2010)

My favorite podcast
I enjoy listening to Adam Graham, And his wonderful comments about the upcoming episodes of the dragnet program. He really keeps it Interesting
Submitted By: oandroplex700
(516,471 on 4-2010)

Great show
Really enjoy the show!
Submitted By: trunorthmusic
(516,072 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: wangfengzhou001
(516,006 on 4-2010)

I am so glad I stumbled onto Dragnet make the workday alot better.. Love the Adam comments and dialogue also..
Submitted By: lilturtlebob41
(515,951 on 4-2010)

we listen to old radio shows on our internet radio but i much prefer Adams podcast because of his commentary. thanks for doing such a great job!
Submitted By: gretchenmaui
(515,942 on 4-2010)

Great Podcast Adam
Its always a great pleasure to listen to the Old Time Dragnet podcast! Adam Graham does a terrific job putting the episode in context. He has just the right touch in keeping a knowledgeable fan interested in the nuances of the broadcast. Keep up the good work. Lee Herman, Philadelphia PA.
Submitted By: leemherman
(515,902 on 4-2010)

Old Time Dragnet: Hosted by Adam Graham
i used to listin to old radio shows in Toronto when i was a young lad. I was always considerd a little difrent when it comes to my choise of entertainment. I really prefer to see the show in my head. Thanks Adam Graham for puting together what i find to be a quality show. i listin every day on my I Phone. Hav you ever listined to the Falcon? Also A top quality old radio program. We need more apps for this type of thing.
Submitted By: reecon77
(515,889 on 4-2010)

Love the show. Glad we finally have a permanent partner for Joe Friday.
Submitted By: bauerkg
(515,454 on 3-2010)

Adam is doing such a great job, His podcasts and especially this is by far the best. He does his homework and brings everything together for the listener. Please never stop doing these. Thank You a million times.
Submitted By: chrisjerome37
(515,417 on 3-2010)

Nicely done - but that opening theme music???
I continue to enjoy both the Dragnet show, itself, and "next door neighbor" Adams friendly commentary. Sound quality is up. Episode quality is high. But that opening music!?!?!?! No. Im not referring to the Dragnet theme. Thats classic. Im talking about the mind-numbing, crazy-fun-house, fevered dream-ish, Im in a nightmare, can I please wake up, un-inspired, repetitious "dee-dee-DOO-dee, dee-dee-DOO-dee" motif that seems to last a life-time - the pounding tympani that will not quit... On a few occasions, I nearly cut my throat while waiting for Adam to come on air and begin speaking to us so that the music would, at least for me, stop, once and for all. But... Other than that, Mr. Lincoln, how did you like the play? Okay. So I love - yes, love 99% of the broadcast, but those first LOOOOONG seconds of music - and I use the term "music" as loosely as one can - are frightening.
Submitted By: dms
(515,414 on 3-2010)

Great Effort
Submitted By: Garethsc
(515,411 on 3-2010)

Keep it up
I just love listening to the Dragnet radio. I was just a young child when these shows were on so never got to listen to them then. All I can remember from that era is Fibber Magee and Molly. I did watch Dragnet on TV and thoroughly enjoyed it. The more recent attempt at a revival fell flat on its face. Nobody can play Joe Friday but Jack Webb. Keep the episodes coming.
Submitted By: heritagelady
(515,406 on 3-2010)

Old Time Dragnet
Love the show Adam. Your a great host.
Submitted By: jpdawson63
(515,393 on 3-2010)

I continue to enjoy this podcast. I am always eager to hear new episodes on Saturday nights.
Submitted By: sksubscriptions
(515,381 on 3-2010)

look forward to Dragnet every Saturday night. Thanks Adam
Submitted By: fendesix
(515,310 on 3-2010)

Great radio show listen all the time
Submitted By: gapfahle
(515,270 on 3-2010)

Adam: I enjoy listening to your podcasts. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Your podcast is one of the most awesome ones out there! I hope your podcast gets into the top 10. Mr Web is a radio dinamo.
Submitted By: reecon77
(515,264 on 3-2010)

Thanks Adam!
Hi Adam, still listening. I just wanted to give my vote for March. The Podcast just seems to get better and better. Thanks for a great show and keep up he good work!
Submitted By: markcrable
(515,137 on 3-2010)
Submitted By: lnielson2
(515,088 on 3-2010)

Thank you so much for all your hard work! I hate it when people criticize you. Its obvious how much time and effort you put in to each and every podcast. I especially like learning more about Jack Webb. Thanks again! Your Friend Sheri
Submitted By: Rainbowrose132
(514,992 on 3-2010)

Old becomes new
Great podcast that brings to life the classic old Dragnet radio programs of the 1940s. Adam Graham is the host and uses his extensive knowledge of these programs to add useful and entertaining commentary before the show . Keep up the good work Adam!
Submitted By: daledellinger
(514,636 on 3-2010)

excellent podcasts, very professionally done, Adam is very Informative and knowledgeable about the Dragnet series.....and I"ve become a fan as of a month ago...Now that I"ve gotten my first Ipod Classic.and love filling it with One of the greatest radio programs of years past....It truly is Theater of the Mind!!! Please keep up the wonderful work Adam!!
Submitted By: oandroplex700
(514,635 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: carlsbob
(514,630 on 3-2010)

I found your podcast via the iTune store a couple of months ago. At 1st I hated your intro but I guess youre growing on me because I actually look forward to your whole podcast every week! I listen to your podcast at work.............sometimes the the audio isnt too good so you might want to check into that? Thanks for all the work you do to give us all these Dragnet episodes
Submitted By: wasforgas
(514,415 on 3-2010)

I have been a dragnet and Adam-12 fan for sometime the insight given at the beginning and end of each podcast makes the podcast one of the most awesome ones out there! -Damien (Los Angeles)
Submitted By: damienbueno
(514,394 on 3-2010)

Great Podcast!
I have listened to your podcast now for 5 months. I truly enjoy the dragnet series! You do it justest by adding the commentary as It helps to know the background & other information about the shows & the cast! Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: kdb62
(514,334 on 3-2010)

Hey Adam, Thanks for an amazing podcast. I am fifteen and listen to as much old time radio as i can, and it is great to find a constanty updating podcast. I also like the insightful commentary, and I appreciate the suggestions for the best episodes. Orion
Submitted By: jumbopuffins
(514,293 on 3-2010)

Bum Ba Bum Bum
A year ago I really didn't know much about the old radio Dragnet. But after subscribing to your podcast I have a new appreciation for Jack Webb as the trailblazer of crime drama on radio and television. Question: Why was Los Angeles chosen as the setting for the show instead of other, perhaps more crime-ridden areas like Chicago or New York? Keep up the good work. Brett from Virginia.
Submitted By: crazyhansens
(514,256 on 3-2010)

My favorite podcast. I thoroughly enjoy the show. While a great podcast starts with great material, Adams comments, observations and historical tidbits take the show to a more personal level and give it a "familiar" feel. This is a great example on how to reinvigorate the genre.
Submitted By: phd.devries
(513,867 on 3-2010)

Hi Adam, Here is my vote for March. I hope your podcast gets into the top 10 this month. Michael Galea Calistoga,CA (Cal-is-toga)
Submitted By: MGalea54
(513,739 on 3-2010)

I listen every week !
Submitted By: fabianc46
(513,738 on 3-2010)

Great Show
Adam deos such a wonderful job in adding color and history to the Dragnet Series. Thanks for your hard work Adam. Scott
Submitted By: syoung6126
(513,723 on 3-2010)

I really enjoy the Dragnet series, please continue, I work on Catalina Island and this really keeps me going late night.
Submitted By: gpfahler
(513,648 on 3-2010)

good show
Although the commentaries can be too rambling, the show is entertaining and very welcome.
Submitted By: couperjohn
(513,524 on 3-2010)

Still amazed by the enjoyment of Adams podcast and the program. Thank you for providing such an enjoyable podcast.
Submitted By: monyetbesar
(513,472 on 3-2010)

My vote for March
Submitted By: viandy93
(513,443 on 3-2010)

I really enjoy this podcast and listen to it on my drive back and forth to work. Dragnet itself is good and a peek back at what the world was like when I was young. I enjoy Adams contributions and marvel that someone who wasnt there back then has gotten so into Jack Webb and life in the early 50s.
Submitted By: bjbrownstein
(513,308 on 3-2010)

Enjoy The Show
Dear Adam: Thanks for all the work you do on the show. I really enjoy the background information on the episodes. I listen to the episodes as a travel to and from work in the Chicago area. I would like to know if you are aware of any "bloopers" or "outtakes" for the 60s Dragnet series. Im sure there ar, but I have never been able to find them. I think it would show a great side to Jack Webb and other regular members of the Draget cast.
Submitted By: am1968
(513,226 on 3-2010)

Old Time Dragnet
Adam, Thank you for all of your hard work to bring Dragnet back to our lives. Michael Galea
Submitted By: michael.galea
(513,214 on 3-2010)

great show
Submitted By: juniperjohn1
(513,150 on 3-2010)

Love the show. Enjoy the commentary by Adam Graham. I mostly listen to the podcasts while doing my exercises at the gym or while taking one of my daily walks. Makes the time go by much faster.
Submitted By: wb2bmh
(513,124 on 3-2010)

I have enjoy Adams presentation of the Dragnet radio series a great deal!
Submitted By: timomick
(513,123 on 3-2010)

Great to listen too
Hello Adam, I found your podcast on itunes late last year and did it bring me back to my days as a Canine Protection Officer. I used to listen to Dragnet late nights on the radio and 3 years ago I retired. I then became a Ordained Pastor and then last year I was offered to go back into the Protection field as a Agent. When I went back I found that Dragnet wasnt being aired anymore on the radio and then one day I was going through podcasts on iTunes and then found yours. I have already gone through the first year and also listening to the new ones too. Keep up the great work you do to entertain the listeners. God Bless, Pastor/Protection Agent Shad Calgary, Alberta Canada
Submitted By: pastorshad
(512,858 on 2-2010)

Love the show, Adam. Thanks for doing this along with all the other old time radio detective shows.
Submitted By: kroonst
(512,803 on 2-2010)

great show Adam
Submitted By: Juniperjohn1
(512,688 on 2-2010)

Great Podcast
Hey Adam, I dont see the App link on I thought you had an App with bonus public domain TV episodes. James
Submitted By: walberg
(512,665 on 2-2010)

Still listening
Still enjoying the podcasts, thanks for all your hard work Adam, there are many of us who enjoy the program. So heres my vote for the month of february, hopefully we can get to the #1 spot soon!
Submitted By: markcrable
(512,559 on 2-2010)

Thanks Adam.
Great job Adam. My girlfriend and I listen to the show every night and we both love it. Your talks before the show are great and since the show is based on real cases, truth being stranger than fiction holds true.
Submitted By: risctaker
(512,555 on 2-2010)

Thanks from far away
I remember a few of the radio and TV Dragnets from the 50s, but was too young to "get" them. Its great to stumble across them half a century later, in your excellent podcast. You let me discover that Dragnet is more a "human procedural" than a police one. Its low-pressure imagination and gorgeous writing is satisfying in this Brangelina and CGA era. BTW, I might be your most-distant fan-- I live on the other side of the planet, in Kazakhstan (Central Asia).
Submitted By: couperjohn
(512,523 on 2-2010)

Hi from Switzerland, where I listen to the your podcast every time it comes out....
Submitted By: wasforgas
(512,462 on 2-2010)

a small gem to look foward to each week
adam has a love of these shows that is deserved. his comments are not just as our humble host but as a fellow fan.thanks for bringing this show each week dan barry
Submitted By: danbar41
(512,438 on 2-2010)

Great Show
Love the show and the commentary is really interesting. I have to admit that I was originally a "fast forwarder" but I find that I am now going back and listening to previous episodes just for the commentary and back stories. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for the show! Heres one for you. Ive noticed a recurring phrase that has popped up in the 1952 season : "Whats the pitch?" seems to be in every episode starting in 52 and it classic to hear everyone get in on the act! Any comments on that? Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: kevingallegly
(512,414 on 2-2010)

Great show
Adams Old Time Dragnet show is excellent and he does a fantastic job presenting this classic radio drama.
Submitted By: timomick
(512,406 on 2-2010)

Great show!
Submitted By: evolver1977
(512,401 on 2-2010)

Love the show!
Been listening for a year now. Just caught up! Love every minute of it! I listen to it as I go to bed at night. I guess Im now an Adam Graham junkie cause Ive also subscribed to the OTR Superman Show now, too.
Submitted By: beccabrooks
(512,397 on 2-2010)

Great show
Submitted By: ndlxs
(512,396 on 2-2010)

Hi Adam my name is Evan and I have been listening to Dragnet for a while now and I love it. But I like to listen to the episode and also listen to your expert advice. But maybe when you edit out the addvertisments you could shorten your comments at the beging and the end and talk about the episode when the adds are being played. I hope you keep making the podcast and hope you are well. Evan
Submitted By: horizon.evan
(512,387 on 2-2010)

Thanks, as always
Thank you, once again for all your hard work in presenting your many fans & supporters with excellent podcasts. I love Dragnet above all other "old time radio shows".... but your obivious joy in bringing Dragnet to us, your fine commentary, and being allowed to feel a part of a larger community makes the total listening experience... golden. Thanks again Blessings & Cheers from Sydney Australia Marianne
Submitted By: macenno
(512,353 on 2-2010)

great show
Submitted By: branc003
(512,346 on 2-2010)

Love the show. Have for a couple of years now. Thanks.
Submitted By: mbinning
(512,286 on 2-2010)

Great Stuff
Keep up the good work Adam, my wife and I listen to you most nights before we go to sleep. Always looking forward to the next Detective or dragnet show. Thanks, John Lockwood, Buffalo NY
Submitted By: john
(512,263 on 2-2010)

Here in Dubai UAE loving this podcast.
I am an airline pilot and worked for an American company for years. Our company Gemini Air Cargo had ceased operations after 14 years. I had flown all over the world and always enjoyed bringing classic american listening on my trips. I wish I had known about podcast, and Adams podcast program ages ago. I am currently living in Dubai, missing my home and well. I am so very thankful for this podcast and the ability to sit back and enjoy such wonderful commentary. Thank you Adam and your team, again.. this The Big Deal to me having such a wonderful series to listen to with Adams commentary. Charlie Rudebaugh Dubai UAE
Submitted By: monyetbesar
(512,235 on 2-2010)

Great Show!
Submitted By: niffernurse
(512,219 on 2-2010)

I still wait for your podcast each Saturday. This podcast more that any others is a connection to my childhood. I remember my grandmother and my mother talking about listening to the radio although until now I never understood. I was a child of TV and movies. I also enjoy Great Dectectives. Although I could do without Let George Do It. I also subscribe to Sherlock Holmes podcasts and so like the inclusion of the advertizing for Petrie wine wolven into broadcast. Were the ads on Dragnet woven in or totally apart? There are frequent references to smoking during program. Keep up the goo work. Sherry
Submitted By: sksubscriptions
(512,215 on 2-2010)

Great stuff
Love it!
Submitted By: mnessmith
(511,994 on 2-2010)

When I was growing up in the late 50s and early 60s my Dad was in the Air Force and we sent allot of time stationed overseas. We did not have much access to television, especially in English, but we did have access to Armed Forces Radio and they regularly broadcasted many old radio programs. My Dad and I favored Dragnet and when he was off duty you could always find us in front of the radio discussing the latest case. Today my career takes me away home, but your broadcasts can always take me back to the less complicated days of my youth when my Dad and I sat and listened to Jack Webb spin his magic - Thanks
Submitted By: lbravener
(511,990 on 2-2010)

Great Show !!!
Submitted By: prindle15
(511,882 on 2-2010)

Stop the Ads!
Adam does a great job on the Dragnet and Great Detectives podcasts. I enjoy the commentary and Adam?s efforts at cleaning up the shows from Fatima commercials. It?s funny how persuasive those commercials are though ? I?m not a smoker but I get the urge after listening to them. The commentary is entertaining because he seems to chat with the listeners in a down-to-earth and neighborly tone. The recent addition of several commercials has been a turnoff. I?m not interested in the travel commercials or the other advertisements thrown in at the beginning. I am near the point of not listening due to the addition of these commercials. I?m going to have a cigarette ? I?m so annoyed.
Submitted By: gerardoa
(511,830 on 2-2010)

love the idea for a monthly movie the last part of he walked by night reminded me of the fugitive keep up the good work
Submitted By: dhcoffer
(511,820 on 2-2010)

Love the show, hate the commercial
I hated, hated, hated, hated, hated the inclusion of a modern Adam narrated commercial in the middle of the broadcast. I understand the need to pay the bills, but I had become comfortable with the non-commercial edit that Adam had made. I also dont mind ads in the intro or outro, but plunkung one down in the middle, even in the spot that an ad would normally be was too jarring. A vintage ad, perhaps, or if you absolutly must use that time for revenue generation, make it sound exactly like a vintage ad, with period slang and static. The show & comments are great, but the billboard in the middle drops it from A+ to B- at best. That said, its one of the best podcasts out there.
Submitted By: Lrhaig
(511,796 on 2-2010)

Tops in my book !
youve got my vote !
Submitted By: viandy93
(511,774 on 2-2010)

Fine work !
I reamber siting with my dad in the 60 s watching the TV. The pad casts bring back the old times. For me .
Submitted By: Cariboojohn
(511,761 on 2-2010)

Great show
Dragnet is a terrific show. Jack Webbs attention to detail in the radio broadcasts is quite amazing. While I appreciate the consistency with which the podcasts are posted, I dont care for the recent addition of ads for "Johnny Dollar Travel/Priceline" in the middle of the broadcast. Their absence would be appreciated for the same reason as the editing out of the Fatima Cigarette commercials - they are an irritating disruption in an otherwise enjoyable trip back in time. Please consider moving them to the beginning or end of the broadcast. Thanks.
Submitted By: swarren239
(511,688 on 2-2010)

Thank you Adam, As always I enjoy your podcasts. Michael Galea Calistoga (Cal-is-toga),CA
Submitted By: michael.galea
(511,646 on 2-2010)

Keep er up!
Just want to say that I continue to listen to and enjoy each of your podcasts, Adam. Im particularly appreciating the rotation of the Great Detective podcasts. Its nice to listen to them in the later evening, just before I fall asleep. I guess youre sort of taking Johnny Carsons old job for me. However, the rapidity that the Detective shows come out has made it so that I havent been able to find time for good ol Superman lately. Plus, I prefer the half hour format to the 15 minute one, so when facing a choice of what to listen to as I drift off into slumberland, I seem to gravitate to Dragnet or a Great Detective show. Im not sure, but I wonder whether others might prefer, as I think I might, to have to pair UP the Superman episodes, so that we could hear two at a time, back to back. Another possible benefit to doing such a thing would be that the pace of the story would seem to pick up. Going only with one 15 minute episode at a time, the story/plot often moves forward faster than a speeding glacier. So... "without further ado," I wish you the best! God bless!... See more Dave Small
Submitted By: smallharbor
(511,478 on 2-2010)

Good Podcast
Im too young to really remember Dragnet when it was on tv the first time, but thanks to your podcast Ive started watching this show as well as Emergency! and Adam-12 on RTV. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: aparent300
(511,302 on 2-2010)

Lets see if we can get higher
Then number 19!!
Submitted By: thehatinthecat
(511,170 on 2-2010)

Amazing podcast
Thanks to Adam I am able to not only listen to the Dragnet radio show, I get to listen to informative commentary as well. Keep up the great work, Adam!!! Lizzy
Submitted By: Lizzybell.walker
(511,159 on 2-2010)

Awesome show!
Thanks Atom keep up the great work!
Submitted By: zachariahj.cushman
(511,086 on 2-2010)

Happy to Vote
Congrats on last months results, hope this month is better and you make the top ten. Keep up the great work Gareth
Submitted By: Garethsc
(511,077 on 2-2010)

Love the show
Happy to vote for your show. My eight year old daughter and I love to listen to the show as well as the Great Detective series. Its inspired her to read children detective stories like the A-Z mysteries, etc. Thanks Adam! Elizabeth in Oakton VA
Submitted By: bettylewben
(510,919 on 2-2010)

Great Podcast! Love the background.
Submitted By: am1968
(510,863 on 2-2010)

Kudos for Old Time Dragnet
I have been a long time fan of "Dragnet" and the productions of Jack Webb for many years. I started listening to the Old Time Dragnet show with Adam Graham as soon as I started an iTunes account, and now I am hooked on the show. I really enjoy the episodes and Adam's insightful commentary. I also like the fact that we can hear the show without the commercials, and I think it was a wise decision of Adam not to include the Fatima or Chesterfield commercials. I look forward to each episode and hope that Adam keeps up the good work. Tracy Birmingham, AL
Submitted By: tracydcook69
(510,785 on 1-2010)

Adam Fans
Great podcast enjoy the commentary Stan and Kate in Carolina
Submitted By: branc003
(510,783 on 1-2010)

Submitted By: carlsbob
(510,771 on 1-2010)

Appreciate all the work you do. I just heard an episode of Pat Kelly on Sirius Radio Classics. So far, I love all of Jack Webbs radio shows, including Pat Novak on your detectives podcast. Can you include in your comments some insights on all of Webbs radio shows?
Submitted By: annzivotsky
(510,769 on 1-2010)

Great work Adam. Your show is top notch. In regard to potential future shows, have you considered Gang Busters?
Submitted By: rudolph_philip
(510,743 on 1-2010)

Love the podcast. Sorry, I dont have an iphone or itouch to use the apps.
Submitted By: sksubscriptions
(510,551 on 1-2010)

Just a vote.
Continuing to enjoy. Great show!
Submitted By: smallharbor
(510,384 on 1-2010)

Keep it up
Love the show. Loyal fan for two years now! KG in New Mexico
Submitted By: bauerkg
(510,380 on 1-2010)

Great job Adam helps me unwind after a hard days work.
Submitted By: rocco_pool
(510,284 on 1-2010)

Adam Graham, thank you!
A big thank you to Adam Graham for his podcasts. I love the old-time radio shows, and Dragnet is my favorite.
Submitted By: bean913
(510,223 on 1-2010)

I enjoy listening to the dragnet episodes. Ive been following this podcast for a while now and have listened to all of the episodes. I look forward to listening to the rest as they come out.
Submitted By: dayswalters
(510,133 on 1-2010)

Thanks Adam
I appreciate your hard work and dedication to bringing us listeners Old Time Dragnet.
Submitted By: jpdawson63
(510,106 on 1-2010)

love the show!
Submitted By: beyer.jeff
(510,016 on 1-2010)

love the show...
Hey Adam, Thanks for all of your efforts. I'm sure I'm like many who have been meaning to write and didn't make the time. Your efforts are appreciated. I'm a flight attendant and I listen to a Dragnet radio show to go to sleep every night wherever I am. Thanks. Jeff , Dayton, NJ
Submitted By: beyer.jeff
(510,015 on 1-2010)

really enjoy your show and all comments about each episode. sometimes I get a little hung up on the " without further ado" but its a minor glitch.
Submitted By: vmkish
(509,932 on 1-2010)

Love the show
It took a few shows to get used to hearing commentary but now I love it. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you give insightful comments without sounding pretentious. I enjoy the shows more and notice details I hadnt before, things like partner changes how different episodes connect. Keep it up, Ill keep listening and downloading through iTunes. Regards, AndyV in Richmond
Submitted By: viandy93
(509,624 on 1-2010)

Love the podcast
With each episode, Adam Grahams production quality just goes up. For a guy who does this for the love of it, he is sounding more like a professional broadcaster. Avidly listening here in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.
Submitted By: josue64
(509,621 on 1-2010)

always the best, most enjoyable, personable, informative and friendly. Thanks all to Adam & crew Blessings & cheers from Australia Marianne
Submitted By: macenno
(509,501 on 1-2010)

Love it!
Great job Adam, I enjoy the Dragnet podcasts. I really appreciate the time and effort you obviously put forth in bringing us this great classic. Ive been a Dragnet and Jack Webb fan for years and enjoy the simplicity and realism of his shows, both radio and television. I have been a Deputy Sheriff and am currently a Paramedic, and just love the fact that those of us in public service have something we can relate to. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Submitted By: markcrable
(509,384 on 1-2010)

Mr.Adam thank you for spending time to bring these episodes to us. As a thirteen year old kid I have never heard or seen dragnet. But thanks to you I will now be able to hear these. Thanks again.
Submitted By: Historygeek
(509,376 on 1-2010)

Great Job Adam
Submitted By: leemherman
(509,247 on 1-2010)

Always fond of Dragnet
Submitted By: rroth
(509,157 on 1-2010)

Still lovin the show. Natalie
Submitted By: Gnatly
(508,907 on 1-2010)

keep up the great work Adam.
Submitted By: fendesix
(508,801 on 1-2010)

Adam, I love the show... I listen to it while I am working out at the gym... thanks for all your hard work and your comittment. chris turner
Submitted By: alamowyoming
(508,731 on 1-2010)

Jan. Vote
Hi Adam, Here is my vote for Dragnet for the month of January. Your Podcasts are great. Thank you so much. Michael Galea Calistoga (Cal-is-toga) Ca.
Submitted By: michael.galea
(508,516 on 1-2010)

This is a remarkable podcast. Adam Graham helps set the stage by creating the world as it was back when these shows were on, the effect the show had on the world, and over all fantastic commentary. I listen every day at work as I catch up on the show. Thank you Adam! Chris
Submitted By: pinkertonlc
(508,323 on 12-2009)

Hi i love this podcast, i down load alot of old tine radio but this seems to be the only one i get around to listening too. I download about 10 at a time. Adam you do a great job so keep up the great work. i use to listen to audio books untill i discover podcast. Much cheaper and i get a kick out of the corny old shows. thanks Charlotte Southern Indiana
Submitted By: rickandcharlotte
(508,103 on 12-2009)

The Big Cop Feb/15/09
Hi Adam, I was just re listening to some of the older podcasts and noticed that the Big Cop (Feb 09) and The Big Set Up (Jan/18/09) were the same show. My question being, did you ever have any luck finding the original broadcast of the Big Cop? And when and if you do will it be played on the podcast ... keep up the great work, love your shows. Best wishes Pkae (Perth Western Australia)
Submitted By: p.anneliikonen
(507,745 on 12-2009)

far away from home
I am an "ex-pat" American New Yorker living many years now in Sydney, Australia. I have had a series of complex medical issues that keep me "marooned" here... the health care here is wonderful, inexpensive and of worlds best practice. Thats a long winded way to say that I have a LOT of time on my hands, between treatments and operations.Your Dragnet podcasts (through iTunes) has made all the difference. I appreciate the time spent in making such a quality podcast. I especially enjoy your clear & glowing enjoyment, and knowledge of the show. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I dont feel so far away from home when I listen to you and the Dragnet programs. All the Best Marianne
Submitted By: macenno
(507,741 on 12-2009)

Great show!
Great job on the show Adam! I listen every day at work to this and your other pod cast, Superman. Keep it up!
Submitted By: kf4hvx
(507,542 on 12-2009)

great job Adam, and also thanks for mentioning the Lakewood officers twice, thats really going above.
Submitted By: casmith245
(507,449 on 12-2009)

Dragnet is very enjoyable
Please consider "The Bowery Boys" as another podcast. Also some of the Dragnet recordings are absolutely aweful. Cant you tweak the audio drops with an equalizer to help ? Mike S New Jersey
Submitted By: mikesiegel1
(507,244 on 12-2009)

Best overall Podcast
Hi Adam, I want to thank you for your podcasts of Dragnet. Your podcasts provide we the listners with just a glimpse of what it must have been like listening to old time radio. Thank you for your wit and wisdom on every episode. Thank you for your other podcasts as well. I need to get caught up on Holmes. May God Bless the 4 Lakewood Officers that were so tragicly taken from us last week. Again Adam Thank you for your podcasts and your public service. Michael Galea Calistoga (Cal-is-toga) CA. 94515
Submitted By: michael.galea
(506,897 on 12-2009)

Keep up the great work Adam. I look forward to the podcast each week. -John
Submitted By: fendesix
(506,656 on 12-2009)

love the show
I download the show via itunes and listen here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Josue Menjivar
Submitted By: josue64
(506,528 on 12-2009)

Love the show...
Submitted By: zachariahj.cushman
(505,929 on 11-2009)

Enjoyable but ...
The podcasts are very entertaining. Dragnet is certainly one of the better old-time radio shows. Adam, the host, is very enthusiastic and sometimes his introductions are fun and informative. However, a major downside of this podcast is that he introduces his politics into a venue where they have absolutely no place. I really dont care what his personal opinions are on gun control, Ruby Ridge, Christianity, or that he has strong Republican leanings. These have no place in a podcast focusing on Dragnet. Adam, compartmentalize your views and keep the rightwing material on your other podcast(s) and/or blog. Im conservative too but I dont care what your views are. That you found it necessary to bring in a pro-gun guest to address the accidental shooting episode on Dragnet was pathetic. Did you think they were going to take your NRA card away? Please focus only on Dragnet. I dont want to hear about your private life.
Submitted By: harry.q.potter
(505,602 on 11-2009)

Love the show!
Ive listened to Ed Walkers OTR show on WAMU for years and years. I never expected to find another host I liked as much. The shows themselves are terrific, and Adams commentary is always interesting and definitely adds to the experience.
Submitted By: good.nice
(505,519 on 11-2009)

great podcast every week
Submitted By: carlsbob
(505,429 on 11-2009)

one of the most human podcasts around
Adam, thank you for bringing this podcast to the masses. Your dedication to the works of Jack Webb as well as your passion for what you do is evident in every broadcast. Regards, Joe Gielniak, St. Clair Shores, MI
Submitted By: jgielniak2
(505,343 on 11-2009)

Enjoy the shows
Have been listening for a month or so and really enjoy the show. Shows are almost the perfect length for my drive into work. love your everyman intros into the shows -
Submitted By: bob.maze
(505,232 on 11-2009)

I thoroughly enjoy Adams Dragnet pocast each week. He is a terrific host that adds his own unique flair to the podcast with is insight and knowledge of Dragnet and old time radio. Keep them coming.
Submitted By: john
(505,126 on 11-2009)

I love this podcast, but I desperately wish that Adam would stick to his sponsor and commentary on the episode. Please stop the self serving "adam is awesome" reading of reviews of the show. People who are listening are already sold on the show - there is no need to sell them again.
Submitted By: polsonaj
(504,847 on 11-2009)

Great podcast
Love the podcast. I have to say, the new opening theme sounds very much like the Simpsons theme song. Just an observation. Keep up the great work... KG in New Mexico
Submitted By: bauerkg
(504,577 on 11-2009)

love the Dragnet Podcast and the interesting facts that Adam talks about involving the episodes or the characters.
Submitted By: fende6
(504,204 on 11-2009)

Top-drawer podcast
Dragnet is great, and AGs comments are informative and entertaining. In the podcast world, Id say that this is as good as it gets.
Submitted By: sdmwoodworking
(503,861 on 11-2009)

Pat Novak
Adam, love the new podcast. For some reason though, ITunes re-ran the first epsiode of Pat Novak for Hire as the second episode. So we have two episode 1's. Not sure what happened, but maybe you could re-do the second one again when you post the third episode? Thank you for a great podcast each day now. I love the idea of five detectives a week. Glad you are doing it. Chris Pinkerton
Submitted By: pinkertonlc
(503,744 on 11-2009)

Without further ado...
Adam, I am an old time signwriter and spend several hours at a time working alone and usually late at night in buildings with poor radio reception. Your podcast efforts are very much appreciated and entertaining. Your information about the actors and Jack Webb is great, keep it up. I have just recently subscribed to "The Great Dectectives of Old Time Radio" and have listened to a few so far. You may find this "interesting" but I wont critique your commentary or delivery because plenty of the others seem to. I will say my vote is to not edit commercials out because that was the original experience. Though recently I have had a craving for a Fatima the best of all long cigarettes. Sincerely, John Grenier
Submitted By: upnorthstudio1
(503,671 on 11-2009)

Adam Primo and I cant live without your podcast! Sound quality is amazing! Happy day to you! Nathaniel Cotton
Submitted By: Primocotton
(503,587 on 11-2009)

Fantastic show!
Adam, Thank you so much for the shows. My dad is now in his 70s and cant read like he used to. I told him about the old radio Dragnet shows that I had been listening to. He remembered listening to them when he was a teenager, but didnt seem that interested. I knew he would like the shows so I bought him an MP3 player and he started listening to each one. Now he doesnt shut up and repeats the entire plot of each one. I consider this a great success and want you to know how much Pop and I appreciate your podcast. We both agree that your comment segments are just as enjoyable as the shows....just like listening to a buddy who enjoys the show like us. Again, Thank You so much Adam. Richard.
Submitted By: rags1957
(503,358 on 11-2009)

Ahead Of Its Time - Still The Best
The original radio Dragnet series was characterized by a realism atypical for radio crime dramas of the era. The brilliantly understated acting of Jack Webb and the rest of the case, the spare scripts, and the emphasis on characterization of the criminals all make Dragnet a one-of-a-kind production. And how about Jack Webbs beautiful voice?
Submitted By: agourmay
(503,271 on 11-2009)

Great detectives
I tried to find the great detectives to vote for it but a search did not produce it. I loved the Dick Powell episode of Johnny Dollar. I ws introduced to Dick Powell through TCM andnot being familiar with him have come to enjoy and appreciate his performances. He brings a wry humor to many of his roles. I appreciate your introductions to this new show and have uploaded all available podcasts.
Submitted By: kcladwig
(503,140 on 11-2009)

Still the Best
Hi Adam, Your podcast of Dragnet Radio is still the best on the web. Can you tell me was there a radio broadcst on Oct. 21st 1954? Can you tell me where I can find out? Thank You, Michael Galea Calistoga (Cal-is-toga),CA.
Submitted By: michael.galea
(503,074 on 11-2009)

Love your podcast.
Submitted By: Monique
(502,742 on 10-2009)

I really enjoy this podcast.
Submitted By: hetrickma
(502,397 on 10-2009)

enjoyment for late night relaxing
Submitted By: mckennapc
(502,360 on 10-2009)

Thank you for making my workdayin the Keys a little less tedious. A good, clean, entertaining program, with a host that explores the normal side of commentary. No extra frills, no long words, just explanation and helpful bacckground, thank you. Gareth
Submitted By: Garethsc
(502,220 on 10-2009)

Love the Podcast. Thanks for doing this Adam. I really like when you add tidbits about episodes or the actors. Keep up the great work. -John
Submitted By: fende6
(502,214 on 10-2009)

Adam, keep up the good work. As always, I love your show. Im really enjoying the positive influence that your sound engineer is having, as well as the new theme music.
Submitted By: niffernurse
(502,213 on 10-2009)

Great Podcast
I started listening to this podcast about 2 weeks ago. I have to listen every day because I have a lot to catch up on, especially before the new podcast comes out. Keep up the good work Adam.
Submitted By: pinkertonlc
(502,043 on 10-2009)

Dragnet podcasts
Adam does a nice job of adding value to the Dragnet presentations.
Submitted By: peomlor
(501,907 on 10-2009)

PR for the boys in blue
Travel in time Nack to the days when most of the bad guys were white, stupid and quick to confess. when the cops had to use pay phones or borrow from the neighbours...Adam gives fascinating & friendly chats topping and tailing the shows. He really knows his stuff and loves the material. His enthusiasm is infectious and its great to share his insights into the background and cultural context for these remarkable gems from the LA of 60 years ago. Absolutely my top OTR show!
Submitted By: Rosaleen.McCarthy
(501,898 on 10-2009)

Well Done
I was born after the show ended on the radio but I did get a chance to watch the TV show. Thank you for the informative review of the Dragnet shows before they play. I have listened to all the shows that you have posted. I enjoy the show. Richard British Columbia, Canada
Submitted By: rbeaudry
(501,870 on 10-2009)

October Vote
Hi Adam, Well I decided to vote for your podcast early. As Wed. Oct. 21st is my birthday (55). I look forward to your podcasts every week. And I think your new weekly line-up sounds good. When does it start? Can I download them on ITunes? Thank You, Michael Galea Calistoga,CA. (Cal-is-toga)
Submitted By: MGalea51
(501,417 on 10-2009)

support adam and dragnet
Submitted By: majwfm
(501,273 on 10-2009)

love the show
Submitted By: jonclifton
(501,121 on 10-2009)

Great Material
Hi Adam, I love Dragnet and look forward to getting the new episode each week. You do a really good job with the commentary (and I am enjoying your new and varied intros, too. Who was the guy with the really deep voice?) Mary in Mission Viejo, CA
Submitted By: mbinning
(500,966 on 10-2009)

Keep it up
Hey Adam. Keep up the good work. Your show keeps getting better: sound quality and your commentary is smoother too. Im glad youre coming out with another show. Cant wait. Natalie in Flagstaff, Arizona
Submitted By: gnatly
(500,951 on 10-2009)

I found the podcast late but do enjoy it. Im catching up on the shows through I-Tunes
Submitted By: joegrant53
(500,765 on 10-2009)

great show
Submitted By: andynorton66
(500,676 on 10-2009)

Just voting
Submitted By: bauerkg
(500,602 on 10-2009)

Still catching up and enjoying every minute of it. Keep it up Adam!!
Submitted By: hcporch
(500,559 on 10-2009)

Old Time Dragnet
Adam Graham gets my vote for a superb job as host of Old Time Dragnet. i just love his comments and the history he brings to the show. Keep up the good work, Adam! Thanks for bringing Jack Webb and Dragnet to life.
Submitted By: angelsoup38
(500,407 on 10-2009)

Wonderful Job
Still loving the show not quite sure about the new opening music...well see it might grow on me.
Submitted By: thehatinthecat
(499,661 on 10-2009)

Best Podcast Ever
I cannot go to sleep without listening to Old Time Dragnet each night. Adam Graham, by far, is the best podcast host and each week I cannot wait to hear the next Dragnet episode--please keep up the good work!!
Submitted By: money1726
(499,638 on 10-2009)

Love It
Thank you for the poscasts. My wife and I love listening to the podcasts at night. We look forward to each new episode.
Submitted By: cranepm
(499,595 on 10-2009)

Adam, I have been catching up with your Dragnet podcasts and I believe I am up to the end of July. One advantage of listening this way is that I have been able to watch your podcast growth in a compressed time frame. Good work. As far as commercials go I have a little different take. I prefer to have them in the broadcast but for a reason you will not believe. A couple of years ago I was litening to an Old Time channel on satellite radio. During a Wheaties commercial I about had a heart attack when I heard my step mothers father being interviewed! He was a composer and they interviewed him for the commercial. The host gave me an MP3 file of the commercial and now his posterity have another recording of their father and grandfather that they had no idea existed. You never know who might find a commercial to be enjoyable. Cordially, Lynn Dimick Westminster, CA
Submitted By: dldimick
(499,442 on 10-2009)

Great Job Adam
I continue to enjoy your weekly podcasts. You get better all the time. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your new show!! Lee Herman
Submitted By: leemherman
(498,709 on 9-2009)

Love the Dragnet podcast, has to be my absolute favourate .... will the new show be available on itunes? Hope so. Many thanks from Western Australia. Pkae
Submitted By: p.anneliikonen
(498,643 on 9-2009)

Great work Adam, love your show. I love listening to your work while doing my homework THANKS!
Submitted By: thehatinthecat
(498,635 on 9-2009)

Still the best....Thanks Adam!
Submitted By: hcporch
(498,621 on 9-2009)

I would to hear the commercials
Submitted By: rlstewart12
(498,278 on 9-2009)

Adam, Long time listener...first time commenter, Just wanted to echo all the typical kudos. The podcast is by far my favorite. The audio is much improved as well as you hosting abilities. Keep up the good work. Finally for what its worth I would also like to put my vote in for a Jonny Dollar podcast. Thanks for all your hard work Haligan
Submitted By: Haligan9
(498,265 on 9-2009)

Adam, I have been listening to the podcast for about a tear now and I am finally caught up. It has been great fun to hear your show evolve into what it is today. I grew up watching dragnet on nick at nite, and listening to your show brings back many fond memories. thank you for the show, and keep up the great work!
Submitted By: judespapa
(498,262 on 9-2009)

Keepin it going.
Well, Adam. I cant say that I was there with you at the VERY beginning, but I did catch on sometime during 2007, your first year. I think that Ive mentioned that when I first began listening to podcasts, I had the mistaken notion that they were professionally produced much like the actual radio shows that we hear on commercial radio. With that faulty understanding, I initially criticized your relaxed, un-rehearsed, off-the-cuff manner. However, once I came to realize what this medium really is, my unrealistic expectations were set aside, and Ive completely enjoyed both you AND the shows you introduce. Over the many months, Ive kidded you about some of your trips of the tongue and Ive defended you when others have continued to focus on and voice mild complaints about your admittedly unpolished but always friendly down-home style. Through it all, though, youve remained your pleasant, honest, and straight-forward self, and I want to thank you for bringing much entertainment and enjoyment to us through the Old Tom Radio Dragnet postcasts. God bless you, and keep up the good work! David Small - Gig Harbor, Washington.
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(497,972 on 9-2009)

Great Show
Just subcribed to your show in itunes, Great job from a fellow Idahoan (Idaho Falls). Im a real Dragnet fan and I like your comentaries on each show. Brings me back to ealier days. Ken
Submitted By: boomer00007
(497,402 on 9-2009)

My vote for September
Adam, Here id my vote for September. As always you do a great job as host with your insight into all episodes. Keep up the great work. Michael Galea Calistoga,Ca.
Submitted By: MGalea51
(497,309 on 9-2009)

I look forward to every weeks podcast. I enjoy Adams commentary. This takes me back to my childhood when watching Dragnet was a family event. As you play other of Webbs shows, please dont forget Pete Kellys Blues. A listener from New York
Submitted By: sksubscriptions
(497,306 on 9-2009)

Webbs scripts
Just voting this month for my favorite podcast and leaving one quick comment--I just listened to the big plant from August 29th and I couldnt help thinking I had heard it somewhere before. I looked back and lo and behold, the "Eric Kelby" episode (from before everything was named the BIG something) originally broadcast 9-3-1949 is the exact script, with a few name, place and minor detail changes, from the Big Plant. It was funny thinking I hadnt heard the Big Plant episode before and yet knowing the wife would be in the flower bed. Thought I had second sight for a minute! Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: kristi
(496,826 on 9-2009)

Hey adam.Just finished watching the big sophmore on dvd and I noticed the first kid they talk to played on adam 12. Its really awsome how Webb used the same actors in both Adam 12 and Dragnet.He even used them in the dragnet movie.gotta respect that kind of loyality.I was wondering if you ever thought of doing a Johney Dollar podcast.I really enjoy the nostalia factor when he gives us his expense account.Any way keep up the good work. Lance in sunny California
Submitted By: lancedon1701
(496,757 on 9-2009)

Love Dragnet
My favorite podcast every week, I think Adam does a great job setting up and commenting on the show. His insight and dedication to this show is super.
Submitted By: kevindudash
(496,588 on 9-2009)

Still enjoying the show. --Natalie
Submitted By: gnatly
(496,479 on 9-2009)

Thanks for some great entertainment
Although I cant quite say what it is about these episodes, they are very enjoyable and maybe even addicting! They are easy to follow - showing us how radio entertained listeners before and even after the introduction of Television. Thank you for providing so many hours of entertainment which, it seems, is as much fun for you as it is for your subscribers (in my case anyway!) I hope your podcast will have a long run. Best regards.
Submitted By: gknauss4
(496,475 on 9-2009)

I love thipodcast and look forward to it every week. Adam is funny and gives some great background information.
Submitted By: jdkttn6
(496,306 on 9-2009)

Great show
Excellent work. Enjoy the show every week and look forward to each new episode. Thanks!
Submitted By: lrhaig
(495,020 on 8-2009)

still listening
I am hooked. I cannot wait for each installment on Saturday. I enjoy Adams commentary. With other Jack Web shows, you might look at Pete Kellys Blues. It is a very different Webb.
Submitted By: sksubscriptions
(494,901 on 8-2009)

Hi Adam, Been listening awhile. FINALLY got here to vote. Sorry its taken me so long. IThis podcast is one I can listen to anytime. Keep up the great work!....A Dragnet and Adam Graham Fan
Submitted By: hcporch
(494,803 on 8-2009)

Inside joke - Adam-12
Although his character, Joe Friday, doesnt smile much, apparently Jack Webb had an appreciation for inside jokes. I was watching an episode of Adam-12 on recently and as Reed and Malloy were pursuing a suspect vehicle and Reed was broadcasting their location, he referred several times to "McWhirter Street." As any dedicated Adam-12 fan knows, Kent McWhirter is Kent McCords real name. Webb, of course, was the Executive Producer of Adam-12. I enjoy your Dragnet podcast, Adam - keep em coming.
Submitted By: swarren239
(494,730 on 8-2009)

It takes me back!
Submitted By: bbassoc
(494,710 on 8-2009)

Still Love Dragnet
Ive commented many times before, but I want you to know I still love it. I think you should take up hosting "The Whistler" too, as another listener suggested, after Dragnet runs out. I enjoy The Whistler, which I came across on iTunes as a part of Old Time Mysteries and Detectives, which also included Dragnet. Keep your efforts up, we love it!
Submitted By: kristi
(494,486 on 8-2009)

The commentary is value-added
You can find old Dragnet mp3s elsewhere, but this is obviously a labor of love for host Adam Graham. I enjoy his introductions to each podcast. Wade Hinkle Annandale, VA
Submitted By: wade_hinkle
(494,484 on 8-2009)

Love the show!
Submitted By: lynn.cuellar
(494,462 on 8-2009)

Great show Adam G. Been meaning to vote for sometime but i keep forgetting. So now you can forgive me. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: slitheringsnake4u
(494,394 on 8-2009)

great show
i really like the way adam does this show. fun, funny, but he lets the program be the star.
Submitted By: kpkelsey
(494,095 on 8-2009)

still listening
adam my wife and i are still listening shes still takin g the train and listening on the trips.
Submitted By: jen6238
(493,993 on 8-2009)

good show!
Submitted By: n_schulman
(493,838 on 8-2009)

Very Good
This is great entertainment. It was about a month ago that I found this podcast and am starting from the beginning. I am at the first podcast of 2008 so I have a way to go before I catch up. Anyway, if you are a Dragnet tv fan, you will like this podcast a lot.
Submitted By: gtdavisjr
(493,588 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: money1726
(493,221 on 8-2009)

What happened?
Hi Adam, Just to let you know I tried to listen to the big honneymoon. All that came out was the first 8 minutes or so.
Submitted By: MGalea51
(493,218 on 8-2009)

Best podcast ever! Love it. Thanks Adam!!!
Submitted By: spence.cawley
(492,752 on 8-2009)

Grows on you
Dragnet is always good. Grahams comments initially struck me as blather, sorry, but I found them becoming part of the charm of this podcast. Be patient, relax and enjoy.
Submitted By: b1946ob
(492,518 on 8-2009)

Hey Adam. Although I am a longtime Dragnet fan, both on TV and Radio. I just recently found your podcast. I think you are a great host and add alot when it comes to listening to episodes I have already listened to. I like both your before and after comments and insights. I mostly listen at night as a way to relax before falling asleep. I LOVE Dragnet but honestly would love to hear YOU host some Whistler episodes which I think is the greatest old time radio show around! Anyway if you ever get a chance to host a few I will be first in line to subscribe! Jay In CA
Submitted By: got39kos
(492,358 on 8-2009)

Love the show!
This is the best show on podcast alley!
Submitted By: got39kos
(492,357 on 8-2009)

Thank you.
I have been listening for some time now and look forward to each weekend to download the latest episode. I appreciate your comments and insights on the shows and thank you providing us with an interesting and entertaining podcast. SL Paur (pronounced "power") St. Peters, MO
Submitted By: slpaur
(492,128 on 8-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: bauerkg
(492,062 on 8-2009)

My Vote for August
Hi Adam, Here is my vote for you this month. When I said you are welcome here every Saturday evening, I meant by podcast of course. Keep em coming. I hope when Dragnet is finished you might find for us some more police stories in old time radio. Like maybe the Malteese Falcon, or something similar. Dragnet Rules! And so do you! Great work. Thank You, Michael Calistoga,CA
Submitted By: MGalea51
(492,034 on 8-2009)

I just want to say Adam that you do a wonderful job. I found your podcast a few months ago, and though at the time I didnt care for your commentary, it grew on me, and I stuck with it for a number of reasons. One you have some of best audio out there for the shows. Two your collection is very expansive, and three, I started to listen to the commentaries again and I found that the first one I had listened to was the misplaced podcast from one of your other podcasts; which has some rather different political views then my own. Please keep up the wonderful work!
Submitted By: thehatinthecat
(491,804 on 7-2009)

Keep up the good work
Hi Adam, Thanks so much for Dragnet podcast. I really enjoy listening. Unfortunately, I am just about caught up with the old episodes which means that I will only be able to listen once a week. Thanks again, Randy
Submitted By: rlj
(491,791 on 7-2009)

Trivia Question
Adam - Enjoy your podcast - thanks for being so dedicated to posting new episodes each week. While listening to one from the archives this week, I learned something that I thought would make a good trivia question for Dragnet buffs: "What is the first name of Joe Fridays father?"
Submitted By: swarren239
(491,353 on 7-2009)

Really enjoy old Dragnet episodes
Submitted By: paulreddick
(491,108 on 7-2009)

best of podcasts
I have quite a few podcasts and have to say Dragnet is THE BEST. My question though is: are there more episodes available than what is found at itunes?
Submitted By: ptrgun
(490,953 on 7-2009)

Always a great show. Adam you are the best host online. Keep up the great work. You are welcome to come into my living room every Saturday evening. Michael Galea Calistoga, Ca
Submitted By: MGalea51
(490,937 on 7-2009)

Love the pocast Adam! I must say that I am very much missing Romero. When do we get a new "legitimate" partner and who is it? Keep up the great work and I will continue to vote for you each month. KG in New Mexico
Submitted By: bauerkg
(490,868 on 7-2009)

Still Good
I have been enjoying the Old Time Dragnet show and it just gets better. Keep up the good work, Adam. Unfortunately, I have now caught up with the current episode so I can no longer listen to a new episode every day. I didnt think it would happen so soon. Now I have to wait along with everyone else. Natalie
Submitted By: gnatly
(490,800 on 7-2009)

Continued Success
If I remember correctly, Ive been with you "live" since about episode 15. The quality of the show has continued to improve and your commentary just gets better and better! BTW - I would put myself in a very small minority that likes "Jeff Regan: Investigator" better than "Dragnet". Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: datate
(490,712 on 7-2009)

Great Program...My Job...Vote
Hey Graham...excellent program. I just listened to the Big Sorrow and I find it kind of eerie that the episode plays out the death of Ben Romero mimicking the actual death of the actor who portrayed him right down to the actual cause of death (heart attack). That must have been a very difficult episode for Jack Webb and the rest of the cast and further demonstrated what a consumate professional Webb was. Keep up the great work and thanks for fixing the sound level issue. I listed to your podcast on the way to work in the morning and your intros used to startle me so much I nearly ended up in a ditch from time to time :).
Submitted By: elvis_cabral
(490,664 on 7-2009)

Keep the Fatima Ads
I think you should keep the Fatima ads. Everyone knows how ridiculous the claims made in the commercials are and they give an added touch of nostalgia to the podcasts. I have no complaints otherwise and I will keep downloading Dragnet weekly. Thanks for keeping dragnet out there.
Submitted By: smthmstr
(490,616 on 7-2009)

Dragnet Feedback
Adam, Your podcast is thoroughly enjoyable. I particular like your insights and background comments before and after the broadcast. The moral/values that imbues the underlying legal system stands in contrast to that of today. Keep up the good work Adam and continue the fun that listeners can tell you have with Dragnet. Bill
Submitted By: bill.winscott
(489,771 on 7-2009)

i loe dranet and especially adams commentary. thanks for bringing it to me.
Submitted By: granospam
(489,734 on 7-2009)

Thank you for a great job. I download the episodes and listen to them in the evening while I work. I like hearing about some of the background that went into making the show. Thanks! Leonard
Submitted By: leonard
(489,722 on 7-2009)

Hey, Adam. I wanted to come on and add two comments. The first one was to praise Jack Webb and the Dragnet folk, retroactively, I suppose, since all this happened years ago, for the kind, sensitive and personal way that they dealt with and addressed the death of one of the major cast members. I was really touched, both by Jack's personal words and by the episode, as well. Secondly, I thought that I'd repeat the comment I made earlier in June. I realize that you don't have time to read every comment on the podcast, itself, but because you DO read most of them, I am guessing that the fact that I DIDN'T hear you read mine suggests that you didn't see it. As I said in the note, I'd LOVE to hear an Adam Graham, Old Tom Radio presentation of the Perry Mason broadcast, if it was ever offered! Sadly, I imagine that your hands may be plenty full as is... So - here's my earlier comment: Well, no jokes this time about good old Tom Radio, OR about ANY kind of "ado," further or otherwise, but Im just checking in to encourage you over these summer months. We continue to enjoy the Dragnet show AND your friendly introductions. You know, if ANYone could make sense of it, the Perry Mason radio show would be such a good one to follow. I dont know if you have any appreciation of it, but for some reason - perhaps just because of they came out in the same era, or because Raymond Burr had a role in Dragnet for a while - I think that youd do a great job organizing and presenting that broadcast. I say, "make sense of it," because the episodes MUST have had a nice linear format when originally broadcast, but they are very mixed up in the only place presenting them on iTunes. I think that if they had that special combination of Adam Graham and Old Tom, maybe wed have yet another golden oldie to enjoy! Enjoy the summer, and God bless you! David Small, Gig Harbor, WA
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(488,834 on 7-2009)

Adam, I enjoy listening to your pod casts while I deliver the mail, thanks for helping make my mundane job - enjoyable. The sound quality has improved dramatically, your comments volume used to blow out my speakers, now it is fine. Your comments and show notes while still very interesting are getting more organized all the time. Keep up the good worrk! - Bill Henry South Bend IN.
Submitted By: billpathenry
(488,444 on 6-2009)

Caught up!
What a disappointment to finally catch up with all the podcasts so far. Now I cant listen to 3 or 4 a day. I love this podcast, like all of your listeners do. I never guessed when I started listening that it would become the one that I listen to the most. By the way, I guess I am the only one who really liked the Johnny Madero episode. I have listened to it about six times, and I get something new from it every time. The lines are incredibly clever, like "a voice so low it could strike oil." The Jeff Regan stories come close, but the similies are not as rapid-fire. Good job with this podcast, Adam. I may have to save up a few weeks and get back to listening when I have a good backlog. You have my vote this month, and I will try to remember next month, too.
Submitted By: mdherbst
(488,427 on 6-2009)

Good job!
Love the show as always, and I think the show sound has greatly improved. Good work! Ps thanks for the little Jeff Regan sample!
Submitted By: KrIsti
(488,367 on 6-2009)

Love it
Love the podcast! I have been "out of commission" from iTunes for the last couple of weeks and missed it immensely. Thanks for your efforts. KG in New Mexico
Submitted By: bauerkg
(488,215 on 6-2009)

ok for me
I like the narration adam puts with the shows KUTGW
Submitted By: jen6238
(488,105 on 6-2009)

Adam, Always a great show. You have my vote for June. Michael Calistoga,CA.
Submitted By: michael.galea
(487,907 on 6-2009)

Voting for June!
Hi Adam! Just wanted to get my vote in for the month. Still loving the show - its something to look forward to at the office on Monday mornings. :-) Sad that were getting ready to lose Romero, but I guess its one of those things we all see coming. Im coming around as far as Jeff Regan goes. Its just hard for me to get used to Webb as anyone other than Sgt. Friday, and frankly its a little creepy to hear Sgt. Friday trying to pick up ladies. Great job lately on the sound levels - keep it up! Roger in Lexington, KY
Submitted By: rdmullins
(487,791 on 6-2009)

Adam You Rock!
Hey Adam, Keep up the good work...We love your podcast here in Los Angeles. They used to broadcast Dragnet on KNX 1070 AM but stopped in about 2003. How did you get that Tennessee accent living in Idaho? Keep up the good work! Curtis and Joan Los Angeles
Submitted By: abefrowman
(487,769 on 6-2009)

Go Dragnet
The story you are about to hear is true, only the names havent been changed because it doesnt really matter anyway. Go To My PC brings you, Old Time Dragnet!. Your a fan, There are dragnet episodes people have not heard. Your job, broadcast them! Thank you for all of the entertainment you provide. I am a truck driver, and I download many episodes at a time to enjoy while driving. It makes my day a positive experience. Keith in Dallas
Submitted By: keithstark1
(487,254 on 6-2009)

Go Adam! Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: bsue229
(487,154 on 6-2009)

Good sounds
Hi Adam, Rebecca from Orillia,Ontario here saying well done! I have noticed a definate sound improvement in your Dragnet podcasts, and thought I would drop you a line while I listen to the latest Jeff Reagan show. Kee up the great job Adam. Rebecca
Submitted By: rglynn96
(487,026 on 6-2009)

Keep on keepin on...
Well, no jokes this time about good old Tom Radio, OR about ANY kind of "ado," further or otherwise, but Im just checking in to encourage you over these summer months. We continue to enjoy the Dragnet show AND your friendly introductions. You know, if ANYone could make sense of it, the Perry Mason radio show would be such a good one to follow. I dont know if you have any appreciation of it, but for some reason - perhaps just because of they came out in the same era, or because Raymond Burr had a role in Dragnet for a while - I think that youd do a great job organizing and presenting that broadcast. I say, "make sense of it," because the episodes MUST have had a nice linear format when originally broadcast, but they are very mixed up in the only place presenting them on iTunes. I think that if they had that special combination of Adam Graham and Old Tom, maybe wed have yet another golden oldie to enjoy! Enjoy the summer, and God bless you! David Small, Gig Harbor, WA
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(486,552 on 6-2009)

I stumbled upon your podcast having never really listened to or watched Dragnet before, though being a big fan of old time radio. Am now addicted, and hardly listen to any of the other shows I subscribe to.
Submitted By: gnatly
(486,530 on 6-2009)

Raw Novelty
Adam, I admire your ability to exude enthusiasm in your unique and novel approach to broadcasting. I enjoy your pre-and post-episode comments ALMOST as much as I enjoy hearing Dragnet. Keep it up and dont lose your balance. John Beck, San Marcos, Texas
Submitted By: JayJay1147
(486,409 on 6-2009)

Awesome show!
Submitted By: Bruce.Rasche
(486,032 on 6-2009)

hey adam. your narrative is great fun, but sometimes you come on so loud at the beginning or end of a show and blow out my eardrums! Great fun and thanx for the "oldtime dragnet"!
Submitted By: steve.mccormick
(485,062 on 6-2009)

Great job Adam!
Submitted By: niffernurse
(484,851 on 6-2009)

Adam, Hello from Germany. Ive been a subscriber through iTunes for well over a year and listened to every one of your podcasts. I really enjoy them each week. Thanks. Steve Lusk
Submitted By: steve_lusk
(484,546 on 6-2009)

good job adam! lots of fun listening while i fall asleep at night.
Submitted By: steve.mccormick
(483,896 on 5-2009)

Keep up the great commentary for the Dragnet episodes. My 15 year old son introduced me to your podcast and I love it as much as he does. We listen just about every evening. Thanks Again !!
Submitted By: seleek
(482,103 on 5-2009)

Enjoy the comments almost as much as the shows.
Submitted By: mrobert2
(481,517 on 5-2009)

Keep em coming, big guy!
Although they are from such different genres, I continue to enjoy both the Dragnet podcast and the Old TOM Superman podcast. Being a loooong time Super-hero fan, it might follow that Id enjoy the Superman stories the most of the two, but although the innocent simplicity of the late 30s / early 40s Superman broadcasts are charming, they are also its biggest weakness. Gaping plot holes, goofy ideas, and a sense that the writers are REALLY making things up on the fly weaken the Superman stories, but we enjoy the fantasy despite those flaws. Dragnets reality-based stories and Jack Webbs refusal to try to glamorize everyday police work make for a more mature and satisfying experience. And through it all, "Real Guy" Adam Graham continues to provide friendly and enjoyable commentary. His comments dont knock you out of your chair with surprise, depth and awe, but like your next door neighbor who invites you over for dinner and home movies, he adds a warmth and a flavor that is comfortable and pleasant. I remember someone asking Adam what part of the country his accent came from, and I believe that the answer was that he didnt feel he HAD an accent. I had to chuckle at that, since I suppose everyone feels that only other folks have accents. However, my wife and I always joke that Adam has given his radio the name "Tom," since unlike we Northwest Washington State folks, who pronounce the word "Time," with a diphthong T-AH-EE-M, Adam just calls it Tom... And, so, each week were welcomed to meet with "Old Tom Radio," as if that were a person. And, Adam, the other thing I enjoy - and youre not alone in this (my kids love catching ME in my little verbal habits, and tease me to no end) - no matter WHAT youve spoken about during your introductory comments on the Superman podcast - you must consider it ALL "ado," since I can set my clock by the absolute certainty that when its finally time to move on to the broadcast, itself, youre going to say, "Now, without further ado..." I love it! If I had the technological savvy, I would make a tape with every single "without further ado..." on it. Well, I hope that I havent come across as if this is "National Tease Adam Day," because honestly, I am a BIG fan of both of the podcasts, and can say without hesitation that even though I enjoy the shows in their own right, I probably wouldnt listen to them regularly without Adams enjoyably charming segments as bookends to the broadcast!
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(481,223 on 5-2009)

Dragnet Show
Hey Adam, just stopping by to vote for the show this month. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: rjhodges12
(480,943 on 5-2009)

Love the show
Love the show Adam! I vote for you each month now. I am now through each of your podcasts and am finishing the last few episodes available on Hulu. Im not sure what it is, but Webb has a gift of making events that would be otherwise mundane fascinating! Keep up hte great work...KG in New Mexico
Submitted By: bauerkg
(479,835 on 5-2009)

really great
My name is Marco and Im from The Netherlands. I really enjoy the great series of Dragnet. By coincidence I found out about this show and I must say Im completely hooked. Furthermore I really like the comments by Adam. Keep on going, I would say and greetings from Holland, Europe. Kind regards, Marco
Submitted By: mc.terbeek
(479,821 on 5-2009)

Great show, I look forward to every Saturday to hear a new episode.
Submitted By: michael.galea
(479,639 on 5-2009)

another great month
thanks for another good month of podcasts, adam. its been interesting to listen to you as you grow into this role. if it helps, im in favor of some jeff regan so taht you have more material to make it last!!!!
Submitted By: kpkelsey
(479,437 on 5-2009)

i really enjoy this podcast
adam, thanks for your hard work in putting this together. it must really be a labor of love for you. i am now up-to-date on my listening, and im excited to hear what you have in the future! one question: do you know if anyone has ever researched the actual cases behind the episodes? i know that you talked about one particular case a few weeks ago (big imposter, i think), but i wonder how accurate the cases are to the episodes. keep up the great work. thanks, kevin
Submitted By: kpkelsey
(478,738 on 4-2009) au
Hello Adam, i wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your show is being listened to down under! Thats right you have fans in australia. Dragnet is a fantastic series and your comentary is very insightful. I have learnt alot about that era in time both from dragnet and yourself. Keep it up I love it. Darren Britt Near Melbourne Australia
Submitted By: darrenbritt
(477,893 on 4-2009)

Dragnet Show
I've been catching up, listening to 3-4 shows a day. Thank you for providing this show for free. I have always been a Dragnet fan (even though I'm only 30). I appreciate the tidbits of info you provide before and after the show. The only suggestion I could make is for you to work on your audio levels. Your commentary levels are often terrible and sound very tinny. Often the commentary sections are much louder than the actual broadcast. No matter though, I will continue to listen.
Submitted By: rjhodges12
(477,085 on 4-2009)

Love the Show, keep up the good work
Hello, Adam. Your main fan from Philadelphia wanted to check in and say "Hi". Keep doing what you are doing. Lee Herman
Submitted By: leemherman
(476,892 on 4-2009)

Less talk, more show
Your show is appreciated however you talk too much. People want to hear the program not the sound of your untrained voice. Please think about getting voice lessons to help you improve your tone quality and especially to help you to lose your overuse of "you know . . ." addendums. JFK was so annoyed by Ike's um's, er's and ahs' which peppered his awful speeches that he took lessons to make his Presidential speeches professional.
Submitted By: icgriff
(476,330 on 4-2009)

Have always enjoyed Dragent and Jack Webb. Hearing the old radio shows is fun. Thanks
Submitted By: TexasBruce
(476,312 on 4-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: Nbajka
(475,925 on 4-2009)

Youve got my vote
Ive been listening to Adams podcast for about a year now, and I love it! The audio is usually very good, and the commentary is always interesting. I do have a question, The Big September co-starred Frank Smith as Fridays partner rather than Ben Romero, yet there was no mention of what happened to Romero. I know the actor who played Romero died early in life, but did I miss something, or did Webb just decide not to mention anything?
Submitted By: bauerkg
(475,350 on 4-2009)

Ben Romero?
Adam: I just listened to the Big September Man. One interesting thing about the episode is that Frank Smith, not Ben Romero, was Fridays partner. I know that Barton Yarborough, who played Ben Romero, died while the radio show was being aired, but I think that happened later in the show. Do you know why Yarborough did not appear in this episode? Also, do you know if the actor who played Frank Smith in this episode is the same actor who played him after Yarboroughs death? Thanks. Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(474,887 on 4-2009)

Adam, Love the shows and your incite. Keep it up
Submitted By: johnecellular
(474,754 on 4-2009)

Enjoying it more, all the time
I'd like to share a comment that I left for Adam on the iTunes page. I've written a few other comments regarding this engaging podcast, but from time to time feel the desire to update my thoughts. I was, at first, a little critical of the host's informal and apparently off-the-cuff introductions. I suppose that I was expecting that these podcasts would be more like professional network broadcasts where the introductory comments would be carefully written, energetically researched, and practiced to a polished sheen. That's not what we have here. As I've gotten to know Adam Graham, I've learned that he IS the entire "staff," and that he's doing this mostly for the love of the show. Once I recalibrated my "ear-atory receptors" accordingly and set those unrealistic expectations aside, my appreciation for all that Adam does and says rose significantly. I now look forward, not only to a new and enjoyable episode of "Dragnet," but also to a friendly and pleasant visit with "my buddy down the street," Adam Graham, who with all his "Everyman" enthusiasm, his tongue-trips and his mid-sentence halts and corrections, his sincere manner, his amused chuckles to himself, and his down-home warmth, is eager to share with me the pleasure he finds in Jack Webb's wonderful broadcast. And that's a good thing, isn't it? I only wish that Adam had time to present two shows per week rather than just the one.
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(473,372 on 3-2009)

Voting for Dragnet
Submitted By: jpdawson63
(473,141 on 3-2009)

Hi Adam. I'm a long time listener and enjoy your show weekly. You're a terrific host. I found an interesting Jack Webb story in a old issue of Filmfax. Actress Cindy Robbins who played Pearl in "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" was interviewed and told a story about her appearance on Dragnet in the tv episode "The Big Blank." She said Jack pulled a big joke on her. You really don't think of Jack Webb being that way. She was playing an amnesia victim and they were to hypnotize her character to help her remember. They took a break and she saw Webb whispering to someone. An assistant came up and said they were going to change the scene. When her father in that episode came in she was to say, "Daddy Warbucks, it's me, your little Orphan Annie." Cindy thought that was strange but thought they were trying to make light of her situation. Webb said, "OKay. Le'ts do this so we can finish by lunchtime." When the actor playing her father came in she through out her arms and said, "Daddy Warbucks, it's me, your little Orphan Annie!" Webb screamed, "Cut! What are you doing? We have a tight schedule! What is this, some kind of joke?!" She told Webb she was told to say that. And the guy said, "I didn't tell her that!" It turned out Webb was behind that whole thing, and everyone had a great laugh. That shows Webb had a keen sense of humor. I was also interested because I'm a hypnotist. Do you know if this episode was ever done on the radio show or if another Dragnet episode featured hypnosis? Thanks Adam. John Dawson.
Submitted By: jpdawson63
(473,140 on 3-2009)

My Vote For March!
Hi Adam- I almost let March get by without casting my vote! Sorry bout that. As for Jeff Regan, it was an interesting addition. Id never been exposed to Webbs other radio work, and so for that I certainly owe you my thanks. However, Im not sure if I "like" Webb in Regan or not... I think your comments about the private eye genre in general are valid; Webb was going for something altogether different with Dragnet. Hearing the Regan episode drove home for me the reality of the void that Dragnet filled in early radio, and made me appreciate even more the struggles Webb and his team had to endure to bring a show like Dragnet to reality in a time when shows like Jeff Regan were the rule rather than the exception. All of which is a roundabout way to say thanks for providing perspective. I missed out on the political podcast snafu you mentioned in your intro to the Big Seventeen, which is probably for the best since politically I think were probably at opposite ends of the spectrum. :-) Its good to have a podcast like your take on Dragnet, where everyone can check their politics at the door and simply enjoy good radio. It sort of plays into the overall theory that in general, people tend to be more similar than not. As always, keep up the good work! Roger in Lexington, KY
Submitted By: rdmullins
(472,625 on 3-2009)

Hi Adam, Love the show. You do an excellent job bringing the listener into the program, you insight is very much an asset to the show.
Submitted By: Johnecellular
(472,070 on 3-2009)

Great old show with interesting prologue and epilogue. Comfort food for the brain.
Submitted By: DRLinn
(471,728 on 3-2009)

Good time
I enjoy you podcast very much. Your commentary adds to the experience. I thought breaking things up with Jeff Regan was a good idea. Do you have any copies or do you have access to "Pete Kellys Blues?" It is yet another side of Jack Webb. I have read that Pete Kellys Blues was grittier than other shows he did. Plot lines dont always wrap up on the upbeat. Do you know if Webb had an interest in music. He was married to a great blues singer, Jule London. He cast her and her second husband, trumpet player Bobby Troupe, in featured roles on the show "Emergency." Keep up the good work. Sherry
Submitted By: sksubscriptions
(471,305 on 3-2009)

Great Show
Adam, I love your show. I have loved old time radio ever since I was a kid listening to amos and andy and lum and abner cassettes on my walkman or forcing my parents to play them in the car on road trips. Since the Wonderful world of the I-pod has arrived your show has quickly become one of my very favorites. I listen every week and enjoy your insight and comments. Im am currently using back episodes to feed my addiction for more dragnet than once a week and am enjoying seeing how you have refined your hosting skills from old shows to new ones. Keep up the great work. Nate P.S. I find your enthusiastic Welcome Back to be proof you enjoy what you do and we enjoy listening. By the way, any idea where i could find Lum and Abner episodes?
Submitted By: natefish
(470,668 on 3-2009)

Regan, Dragnet, love it all
I love Jack Webb, so anything with him in it is great. Play whatever you want Adam, we trust you! Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: kristi
(470,033 on 3-2009)

Great Podcast
I love Old time radio and when I first found your podcast, I didnt think Id like it with your commentary. But Ive been listening to your podcasts for months now, and I really enjoy your commentary and facts about the episode we just listened to. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: zoar883
(469,638 on 3-2009)

Adam continues to do an outstanding job on this program. Have been with you for the 100+ episodes, and continue to enjoy them every week. I even go back and listen to old ones again and again. As to Jeff Reagen, it is your show, but I do not like Webb in Jeff Reagan as much, as he is always short with people, and maybe even "vicious" as he deals with the cases. Perhaps it is because of his boss, ANthony Lyons, always picking the worst possible cases. Anyway, thanks! Tommy
Submitted By: tidwelltommy
(469,624 on 3-2009)

Great show.
What sort of technical assistance did the LA PD provide to the Dragnet show? Also, how much preparation did they have? Was there much post show processing (i.e. sound effects, music), or was it done live? What was the technology like then to accomplish those things? Finally, how were they able to make so many authentic sounds, such as a cafe during business hours, or a busy bar scene?
Submitted By: cibolalobo
(468,226 on 3-2009)

Adam, Just wanted to let you know that I love the show! You now also have me hooked on hulu...I watch one epsiode almost each day. By the way, several episodes ago you were asked who your favorite partner was to Joe Friday - I must say I like Romero the best. As much as I like Harry Morgan I am not much of a Bill Gannon fan. Thanks for the great work! KG in New Mexico
Submitted By: bauerkg
(468,151 on 3-2009)

Big Dragnet fan
Love the show, thanks for your efforts. The sound levels are terrific. Let me cast my vote for just Dragnet, or at least if you bring in other Jack Webb productions bring them in as additional content to the Dragnet episodes. Thanks again.
Submitted By: lrhaig
(468,034 on 3-2009)

hey love the show
finally got around to commenting on your great show. i have been listening to old time radio since i was a kid and wanted to thank you for making it fun waiting for next weeks show! thanks chris
Submitted By: cmbeck85
(467,756 on 2-2009)

adam i cant download last weeks episode (the big winchester) help?
Submitted By: steve618j
(467,630 on 2-2009)

I always enjoy your commentary about the episodes. I just have to remeber to turn the volume down when you say Welcome Back or it blows my earphones out:-) Thanks again for all you do! Phil
Submitted By: philipgk
(467,225 on 2-2009)

Love That Dragnet
Hi Adam, You talked about how phony the ministers sound? Well where on earth did Jack Webb get those ridiculous Mexican woman voices, not to mention the little girl I heard on one episode. If the little girls voice had gotten any higher pitched, only my dog would have heard it. And the Mexican women have a falsetto not heard in nature. It makes it fun to listen to, though, so Im not complaining -- just commenting!
Submitted By: bucketofballs
(467,110 on 2-2009)

Jeff Regan
Adam: In response to your question last week, please give us an episode of Jeff Regan -- as long as Jack Webb plays Jeff Regan. I dont think that Jeff Regan was intended as a comedy, but the dialog is hilarious at times. Besides, it will make the Dragnet episodes last longer. Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(467,098 on 2-2009)

great podcast
interesting show and a real public service. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: ckbrouwer
(466,490 on 2-2009)

Great podcast
Thanks so much for your show- I started listening when my son was born to get through 3 a.m. feedings. The baby is a year old now and we listen ok walks around the neighborhood. I just listened to the big sophmore and had to chuckle about the name of the episodes victim, Mr. Loomis--the same name they used in the late 60s TV episode where there was a crook who insisted people address him as "Mr." Loomis before he (eventually) robbed them. Just a funny coincidence. Anyway, thanks for the show!
Submitted By: Kristi
(466,371 on 2-2009)

The Big Late Script?
In the comments to you read before this episode (I think), someone asked about the CBS Mystery Theater. The subscription website (being updated), which is operated by a visually impaired individually and is not expensive, offers subscribers the ability to listen to -- but not download -- this series. It also has hundreds of other OTR shows. Well worth the $$.
Submitted By: fkaylor
(466,053 on 2-2009)

Thanks for this podcast!
Thanks for your work, Adam. Your comments enhance a great old-time radio show. Please continue producing these podcasts! In addition to the tv shows available on NetFlix, you should inform your listening audience that four seasons of Dragnet TV are available for free through I just watched season one, episode one, "The LSD Story"; what a strange trip.
Submitted By: rider1
(465,369 on 2-2009)

Great podcast
Adam, you do a wonderful job and I thank you for putting your show together it is a bright spot to see new episode pop up on my ipod. To fill the hours between shows I recommend a couple of iTunes radio stations- under the Talk and Spoken Word category you will find ACB Treasure Trove and AM 1710 Antioch Both Play old time radio shows exclusively,
Submitted By: grabraham
(464,952 on 2-2009)

Enjoying going back through all of the Dragnet podcasts...
Submitted By: gshood
(464,681 on 2-2009)

Love it
love the podcast. I am from Idaho myself. Your accent doesnt sound Idahoan to me. Where are you from originally?
Submitted By: bauerkg
(464,655 on 2-2009)

The Best
I am sorry to have caught up to the current podcast. I have enjoyed all the shows and Adams comments are spot on. Sherry
Submitted By: sksubscriptions
(464,640 on 2-2009)

Excellent show
Always a great show and the comments are terrific. Keep it up, its one of my favorite podcasts!
Submitted By: lrhaig
(464,605 on 2-2009)

:)Lots of fun, thanks!
Submitted By: faerymerry
(463,684 on 2-2009)

Thanks for a great podcast. I appreciate your ongoing effort to improve the recording quality and your interesting comments on the show. -Mike
Submitted By: mike-l-roman
(463,429 on 2-2009)

Great Show!
Adam- Stopping by to cast my February vote on Podcast Alley - as always, love the show! A few comments Ive been sitting on the past couple of weeks: 1 - Congrats on hitting the 100th episode mark! 2 - While watching the inaugural festivities on TV, I suddenly remembered the 60s Dragnet TV episode with Friday and Gannon working alongside the Secret Service to prep for a presidential visit, with all the behind-the-scenes things the authorities do to keep the president safe. I wonder if there are any radio episodes about the LAPD working alongside another law enforcement agency like this - its always interesting to see such a dynamic at work. 3 - I also wonder if "The Big Late Script" was some sort of inside reference on the show... Ill have to check Michael Haydes appendix tonight and see if he has anything on it. Keep it up! Roger in Icy, Snow-Covered Lexington, KY
Submitted By: rdmullins
(463,344 on 2-2009)

great show
Adam, I like the way you pick out minor details that may have been missed when listening. I also like the added details to the episodes at the end of the podcast. Ill be listening to all your shows as I take my daily walk in the park.
Submitted By: mcnamara
(462,549 on 2-2009)

My favorite podcast!
Submitted By: norahwillett
(462,537 on 2-2009)

Adam Keep up the great work. Detective Skeeter LAPD
Submitted By: raskeeter
(462,115 on 1-2009)

New listener
Thanks Adam for keeping this going. I am a new fan of podcasts and LOVE listening to old time radio mysteries and detective stories. Kelly in Plumas Lake, CA
Submitted By: musicalkelly
(462,084 on 1-2009)

Great Show
Adams program is great, with exceptional commentary before and after the show. I started listening to this program in May and quickly became addicted. Im a law student in Washington and love to hear about the police procedure during the time. I listen to a program every night before bed in order to relax. Keep up the good work Adam.
Submitted By: sean.roney
(461,769 on 1-2009)

Hello Adam Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your podcast each week. Although I have 308 Dragnet radio episodes on CD and have listened to them all, I somehow prefer to listen to them on your podcast knowing that there are thousands of others listening to the same weekly podcast. I agree with the comment that your podcast gets better and better each week. Thanks again, you have my vote James in the Hudson Valley of NY
Submitted By: walberg
(461,662 on 1-2009)

Great Drama
I discovered your podcasts a couple of months ago and started with episode 1. I am now listening to January 2008 episodes but will be caught up in a month or so. The Bob Hope Show - Dragnet podcast was very enjoyable. If you find any others like that, please include them. Thank you. Mary in Mission Viejo, California
Submitted By: bucketofballs
(461,615 on 1-2009)

I change out my podcasts all the time (I usually have about thirty or forty), but this Dragnet show is one of five that have never, will never change. One of my favorites.
Submitted By: crlytal
(461,519 on 1-2009)

Good Show
My wife and I love the podcast. We record each show and listen to them at night on the iPod. We enjoy them a great deal. Thank you for hosting the podcast and bringing back great memories. Too bad there is no podcast for the old CBS Radio Mystery Theatre. We miss thos also..
Submitted By: cranepm
(461,361 on 1-2009)

100th Episode
Adam: Congratulations on your 100th episode. Every one of the episodes has been a pleasure to listen to. Please keep them coming. Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(461,158 on 1-2009)

Excellent podcast
Always a pleasure to listen to the weekly podcast - entertaining and getting technically better all the time. Adam is an excellent host - not too slick, always enthusiastic. Its a real joy.
Submitted By: lrhaig
(460,493 on 1-2009)

good stuff
Submitted By: wehlingd3102
(460,227 on 1-2009)

Great Show
Adam, Your show that aired on Jan.17, 2009 was a truly sad but great show. I am alwas eager for Saturdays to come so I can listen to your podcasts. I think we were a better nation when we listened to radio and used our imangeations. Sorry about the spelling. Anyway Keep up the great work, and have a great week. Michael Calistoga,CA. ( Cal-is-toga )
Submitted By: MichaelGalea
(459,969 on 1-2009)

great show
im a little behind listening to the the big cliff today thanks for the great entertainment. and the comentary is informative
Submitted By: larryrwaters
(459,614 on 1-2009)

Great show and comments
Submitted By: svkolb
(459,291 on 1-2009)

Still the best
Adam, still love the show. Thanks for fixing the sound disparity between the show and the host segments--youve made a great show even better!
Submitted By: kristi
(458,835 on 1-2009)

Adam, thanks so much for taking your time to share these wonderful shows with us and your great commentary
Submitted By: gretchenladley
(458,830 on 1-2009)

Keep up the great work!
Thanks for taking the time to make these great podcasts! :)Diana Lincoln City (OR coast)
Submitted By: faerymerry
(458,476 on 1-2009)

Great Show!
Adam- I took your advice and signed up for a Podcast Alley account, so now I can vote for your show. :-) Interestingly, I was working my way back through some older broadcasts this past week and came across one from a while back where you said you first got into Dragnet due to Square One TV and Mathnet. I had *totally* forgotten about Mathnet, but as it turns out I was also a fan of it before I became familiar with Dragnet through Nick-at-Nite. So, I suppose that was my first introduction to the Jack Webb legacy as well. As always, great show and keep up the good work! -Roger from Lexington, KY
Submitted By: rmullins
(458,309 on 1-2009)

GREAT--love the Dragnet shows.
Submitted By: angelakane
(458,150 on 1-2009)

Adam. I love your Dragnet Podcast. I discovered it a couple weeks ago and have been listening to it non-stop. Im currently up to August 08. Im conflicted about hearing the original ads. Normally I really like the authenticity of hearing the original ads when Im listening to old time radio. But in the case of the smoking ads on Dragnet - they actually make me kind of sad. As does hearing Friday and Romero talk about smoking during the show. The fact that both actors died young comes into my mind every time they talk about smoking during the show. Who knows how long those guys might have been around and what they might have done if they hadnt smoked like chimneys.
Submitted By: chris
(457,946 on 1-2009)

thank you
I am only 35 but I got hooked on OTR when I was fifteen and every time I find it, I love it. Dragnet was one of my personal favorites and I enjoy Adams commentary each episode.
Submitted By: ephriam_t
(456,964 on 1-2009)

Great podcast!
Having to make extra money by cleaning buildings in the evening, Adams podcast makes it much smoother. Keep them coming.
Submitted By: lnielson2
(455,476 on 12-2008)

Dragnet Radio Series
Thanks for the podcast, Having grown up in San Francisco listning to radio every night, I miss the family gathering around the radio after dinner and listning to the latest radio shows, when TV became the focus we whatched Dragnet and Brodrick Crawford hightway Patrol, I look forward to your pocasts on itunes.... Keep up the good work ...Mark
Submitted By: nevadaoutback01
(454,982 on 12-2008)

Adam, thanks for hosting Dragnet. Love listening to the shows and enjoy your commentary - specially this week. I found it interesting that Joe has been warning us about police paper work for years. Look forward to next weeks show.
Submitted By: braasch14
(454,186 on 12-2008)

Love the show! Thanks so much for putting it on! The volume adjustment on the last episode was nice. Also... maybe I just never noticed before, but the dates were messed up in The Big Building. At the beginning I believe that it was Monday, February 8... but the letters were postmarked from December 15 to March 24. I wonder how a mistake that obvious made it into the script... or am I the one that missed something?
Submitted By: ramblinrose506
(454,074 on 12-2008)

Its a cold Friday night but me and my kid are working on holiday gifts and decorations along with Joe Friday and Ben Romero. You have a great podcast!
Submitted By: bettylewben
(453,365 on 12-2008)

Great show- I work overnights and really enjoy listening to the great shows and commentary. I only wish you posted new shows 3 times a week. Thanks for your insight and commitment to Dragnet.
Submitted By: anicemonkey
(453,189 on 12-2008)

Great Commentaries
I listen to a lot of old time radio podcasts, but I enjoy Adams the most because you can tell he really enjoys the Dragnet and Superman shows and his comments always make listening to the episodes more fun. Dont worry, Adam, if you miss a day once in a while. Good things are always worth waiting for! And like some of your listeners, I always keep a few episodes in reserve. I enjoy listening to the old shows when theres not a new one. Thanks for all you do! Keep up the good work. From Laurie, a long time subscriber.
Submitted By: lrsamford
(453,186 on 12-2008)

Another kudos with a suggestion.
Hey, Adam, Still really enjoying the podcast. I thankful that you feel a "call" to take your time and energy to bring these to us each week. My question or suggestion is this... It often seems as if your own introduction and commentary is recorded at a far higher level than the show, itself. Now, I am NO audio engineer, but I would think that there would be a way to tweek or adjust one or the other to match the overall sound level. When you first come on with your enthusiastic "HI THERE! WELCOME! THIS IS ADAM GRAHAM!" it comes through loud and strong. Then, when you start the Dragnet recording, the sound is often lower, so I turn up the volume. Next, I often drift off to sleep somewhere towards the end of the show, only to have you return with my now "turned up high volume" and your voice is now, once again, so loud that it causes my slightly slumbering brain cells to explode and my nose to bleed. Plus, the next door neighbors keep calling the police and complain that theres some kind of domestice dispute going on in my home. Well, I admit that Im exagerating, but you catch my drift. I dont want you to lose any of your vim and vigor, but like I said, matching your voices sound levels to the show would be greatly appreciated! God bless! David Small
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(453,040 on 12-2008)

The Big Impostor
Last weeks episode was quite engaging. Although I have not seen Clint Eastwoods movie, The Changeling, I had read enough about it to recognize paralells with The Big Impostor. The fact that they both concern the LAPD and that the murder of the child takes place in Riverside makes me wonder if they werent drawn from one and the same case. Of course, it could be mere coincidence. Perhaps you or your listeners have some thoughts on that?
Submitted By: swarren23
(452,802 on 12-2008)

Adam: Voting again for my favorite podcast. Please keep the episodes of Dragnet coming! Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By: brian.ashby
(452,721 on 12-2008)

Great show
Submitted By: lrhaig
(452,586 on 12-2008)

Great job
Adam... Im another of your fans who enjoys listening to both this show and your Superman show. Im acutally someone who saves them up so I make sure I have time to enjoy them (I have about 4 Dragnet shows and about 20 or so Superman.). Keep up the great work. Your comments add a lot to my enjoyment of these shows. William, Baltimore MD
Submitted By: Wahoward
(452,072 on 12-2008)

Great Show
Great Show, Adam, thank you.
Submitted By: Brian.Hutton
(451,250 on 11-2008)

A radio classic
Im old enough to remember watching the 60s/70s TV show with my parents and still enjoy them on tape and DVD. Up until a few years ago, one of the major L.A. news radio stations ran a nightly Old Time Radio Hour and I remember how much I enjoyed hearing episodes of Dragnet when they ran from time to time. I never thought Id be building a library of recordings of this show, but thanks to Adams podcasts, I can enjoy them whenever I want. Thanks, Adam!
Submitted By: swarren23
(451,064 on 11-2008)

Hey Adam, Just wanted to say thanks for the great podcast.I love the trivia you give with each episode.Just one question.How much creative control did jack webb have over the show?And did he create the show,or was he just an actor who took control?Ive heard Webb on other shows such as Pat Novak for hire,so I know he did other radio work.Again thanks for the great show. Lance in sunny california
Submitted By: Lancedon1701
(450,645 on 11-2008)

love the show!
Submitted By: kristi
(450,319 on 11-2008)

I dont remember early Dragnet but watched later shows with my Mom and Grandmother. We also liked other Jack Webb shows particularly Emergency with Julie London (Webbs ex wife) and Bobby Troupe (her new husband). I am enjoying catching up with the early shows. sk
Submitted By: sksubscriptions
(450,233 on 11-2008)

Thanks for the show
You have a great podcast, by far the best featuring Dragnet. I must say, you are the reason why I started to listen to Dragnet. Keep up the good work. Adolfo
Submitted By: enfrcr
(449,105 on 11-2008)

The show grows on you!
This is a great show. Its always fun to see how Webb fits just the right doses of tension, characterization, exposition, humor and reality into these little half hour shows. The host, Adam Graham, is a pleasant individual who enjoys both the show and his role in this production. His introductory comments and analysis are not usually very deep or challenging, but his good nature and enthusiasm grow on you, and after listening to many episodes, Ive become fond of him and his "rustic" straight-forward style. I WOULD enjoy some more revealing disection of the plot, (or just tell us more of what makes each show unique - guest stars, twists, special themes, cultural or historical relevance, etc... - but whether or not Adam feels up to that particular challenge, I will continue to eagerly look forward to each weekly installment.
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(448,493 on 11-2008)

Thanks so much for the wonderful shows! Great commentary, Adam, I always find the background info about the episodes interesting. I found you on iTunes by accident, didnt know podcasts like this existed (Im not techno-savvy by any stretch of the imagination) and Im so glad I did. Anyway, thanks so much, I listen to them everyday. Only problem? Im almost out of back-episodes and will have to wait to listen to the new ones! Thanks again, Ill be listening! :)Diana Lincoln City, Oregon (coast) P.S. Any plans for Dick Tracy, Sam Spade, or other mystery podcasts?
Submitted By: faerymerry
(447,480 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,465 on 11-2008)

Excellent content
Kudos to you, sir!!! As a kid, a radio station in San Francisco used to play old radio shows on Sunday evenings and my father and I would drive back from a day of fishing, listening and enjoying our one-on-one time together. Wed pull up in front of the house and sit in that RV and finish hearing our story as the day drew to an end. Thank you for giving me back those wonderful memories.
Submitted By: tyedye5877
(442,961 on 10-2008)

Please dont spam me.
Cause it would be rude to send unsolicited emails, and actually, against the law in this state. $200 per occurrence and Ive got a lawyer who has nothing better to do. Other than that, great show, although the sound levels are wildly erratic and sometimes the episode audio is muddy and indistinct. If you are cutting down on file size for economic reasons, know that it does make a difference. Maybe a higher sample rate? (I know nothing about podcasting at this time, so if thats silly, well, you know why)
Submitted By: lrhaig
(441,749 on 10-2008)

This is one of the few podcasts of OTR that is consistent. Adam is dedicated to forming a community of Dragnet lovers and he has succeeded. Adam also has intelligent commentary.
Submitted By: walberg
(441,651 on 10-2008)

Kudos again
Adam, great show. Now that I have caught up on the older episodes, I miss hearing Dragnet daily. However, I now have time to catch up with the Old Time Superman episodes. Keep up the great work, and thank you again for your informative pre- and post-show commentaries. Best wishes, Brian Hutton, Wallingford, CT.
Submitted By: Brian.Hutton
(440,156 on 10-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j, Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(435,095 on 10-2008)

As I slogged through 2 weeks of hard labor stripping and refinishing my deck, Joe, Ben, and yes you, Adam, helped keep me sane with this wonderful show. Thanks for your commentray--your love for the show comes through loud and clear. Need more polish now and then? Sure. But dont we all! God Bless! Todd
Submitted By: bberner310
(430,385 on 9-2008)

A Cultural Treasure!
It struck me the other day while listening to your introduction for "The Big Partner" that, indeed, this program is an fantastic cultural treasure. Much like a time-capsule, listening to this program allows me to be transported back to the City of Los Angeles as it was in the 1940s and 50s. I initially was attracted to this program do to the fact that I am a police officer, and this program certainly contains excellent, realistic, police procedural story lines. However, I have come to realize that better than the police drama is the sense of nostalgia that it provides, taking the listener back to an era that despite the problems highlighted in the show, gives a sense of comfort and sanity...a time when legendary men like Joe Friday kept the wolf away from our doorstep...and what a marvelous upstanding and moral character, who always stuck to his code of ethics, no matter the cost. I strive to be the kind of peace officer that Joe Friday is portrayed as, and having these programs helps reinforce that week in and week out. So, this podcast really appeals to all of my senses, and offers a very well rounded sources of entertainment. Thanks for bringing to us week in and week out, Adam. I look forward to staying with you until we run out of episodes...and beyond. Now Im headed over to nominate this program for the Podcast Awards.
Submitted By: adbowell
(429,755 on 9-2008)

Great show, and I enjoy and appreciate your pre- and post-show commentaries. I am still catching up on the older episodes, and I cant wait for more new episodes.
Submitted By: Brian.Hutton
(429,329 on 9-2008)

thanks adam, this i the best podcast for OTR lovers
Submitted By: steve618j
(427,660 on 9-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(427,567 on 9-2008)

Dragnet Radio
Fantastic Radio Shows. Thank you Adam for bringing them back to life. Michael, Calistoga,CA.
Submitted By: MGalea54
(426,093 on 9-2008)

thanks again, adam! this is my favorite podcast. youre the man!!
Submitted By: steve618j
(420,966 on 8-2008)

Great show.
Thanks for making such a well done show available to new generations. Webbs attention to detail is astounding and really gives one the feel for the time period. The show makes me appreciate modern technology. When they make phone calls, or recieve messages in the book, it makes me appreciate how different things were back then. Without Webbs attention to those details, I dont think the show would be nearly as interesting or credible. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: cibolalobo
(420,065 on 8-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(418,498 on 8-2008)

Dragnet Podcast
Ive just recently discovered the "Old Time Dragnet" podcas and its great! Love the commentary by Adam at the beginning and end of the episodes. I agree with your decision to remove the commercials from the podcast. Keep up the good work! Susan Strickland Cataula, GA p.s. - Please keep encouraging your listeners to watch the show on It was recently announced that Season 2 of Adam-12 will be released. The decision was due in part to traffic on Hulu. Hopefully well see a similar decision for the later seasons of Dragnet. Thanks!
Submitted By: susancs91
(418,199 on 8-2008)

I love this podcast. Ive been a huge fan of Dragnet since I was a child, and it is wonderful to hear the radio version. Thank you for bringing the episodes into the present day.
Submitted By: imanurse02
(417,850 on 8-2008)

Dragnet Radio
Thank You for the wonderful show. All the episodes take me back to the TV show in the 60's. Please keep them coming. I listen at work on my breaks and they make my night fly by. Thank You again, Michael Calistoga,CA
Submitted By: MGalea54
(417,530 on 8-2008)

Adam: Voting again for your podcast. Please keep it coming! Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(416,303 on 8-2008)

Thank you
I dont remember the radio version of Dragnet; but, as a small child, I would hide behind a chair in my grandmothers livingroom to watch the show. Thanks for reviving the memory.
Submitted By: sksubscriptions
(415,956 on 8-2008)

Thanks, Adam!
Submitted By: adbowell
(415,696 on 8-2008)

Keep it up Adam
Your version of Dragnet still gets my vote for radio entertainment. A couple of questions and a comment: Adam, are there any stories on how the badge number 714 was selected when Webb brought the show to TV? Another show I find rarely is Sgt. Preston/Challenge of the Yukon. Is that available for broadcast over the internet/ipod? Youve done a better job of balancing volume of your commentary with the one time the switch would blast out your eardrum !! Keep up the good work, and continue to these shows over the airways!!
Submitted By: street.lizard
(414,058 on 7-2008)

Here I am in France
Here I am in Provence, France, and I had to get my fix of Dragnet, and the commentary by Adam. I guess the culture of America and France meet in Boise. Thanks for your program.
Submitted By: dctrpangloss
(414,038 on 7-2008)

The Big Thanks!
Thanks Adam! I love these shows, and I always look forward to hearing what you have to say about the episodes. I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into this podcast. A. D. Bowell, T.U.P.D.-Badge #023
Submitted By: adbowell
(413,906 on 7-2008)

I cant tell you how much I appreciate your show. If you recall, I sent you an email a month or so ago with a bit of "Dragnet" trivia where I found noticed that one of the episodes called "The Big Chill" (1951), in which the plot was exactly like a crime committed in north Georgia in 1997 had the exact same components. History truly repeats itself! My family and I got through our own true crime trauma last week when the 11 year-old murder case of my husband ended in a mistrial. Upsetting? Yes! Able to cope? Absolutely! I spent a "Me Day" in bed with Godiva chocolates and Adam Grahams "Dragnet" podcast - listening to all of your shows all over again. One can never get enough, what with your homespun commentaries, informative yet not pretentious. I love it and find it very "innerestn". :-) Please keep them coming. No one does it better. Much luck always.
Submitted By: lindalou404
(413,299 on 7-2008)

Great show. Listen to it while driving, walking, and bike riding. Perfect length. Nice commentary.
Submitted By: rhj1967
(410,013 on 7-2008)

Thanks for the tip!
As a regular listener I took your advice and went to Go TO MY PC.Com Great service, we own and operate a pest control business and my wife is able use this service to access our work computer for posting payments, access to our customer records or anything she used to do at the office. This has allowed her to be at home for our children which is very important to us. It also allows me to go home earlier as I can schedule route work at home instead of staying late at the office. The money I save in gas due to extra trips to the office just to access computer more than pays for the small monthly fee -thanks to Go To My PC.Com for a great service and a sponsor of my favorite old time radio show!
Submitted By: gvbugs
(409,666 on 7-2008)

What a breath of fresh air!
Adam Thanks for sharing this piece of Americana each week. It is quite a striking contrast to the inane and unintelligent, demeaning and even destructive, programming currently offered on the airwaves. Jeff Thompson
Submitted By: jthompson
(407,501 on 7-2008)

Adam Graham is brilliant in setting up the show for the listener, I listen to this show ever time it is on. I grew up with the show on the tv, but honestly listening on the radio is best. I never miss it.
Submitted By: chrisjerome37
(405,786 on 7-2008)

Love your podcast
I have downloaded all your podcasts and love to listen to them at night. My wife wants something to listen to in order to fall asleep. She loves the Dragnet episodes. We both loved the television episodes and now love the radio versions as well. Thank you for broadcasting these episodes. Paul Crane
Submitted By: cranepm
(404,967 on 7-2008)

great show
Submitted By: kristi
(404,031 on 7-2008)

old shows are relly good and Adam Grahams commentary addes l lot to my entertainment.
Submitted By: gretchenladley
(400,986 on 6-2008)

Great Show
Hi Adam Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy the show. I look forward to hearing it each week. Mark Des Moines Iowa
Submitted By: iowahawkeyes
(398,973 on 6-2008)

Great show
I listen to it at work and really look foeward to it. It helps the time pass I seen some of the shows that you played on the 60s show and they were almost word for word with the radio show Have a great day and keep up the good work Kent
Submitted By: kentgroves
(397,716 on 6-2008)

Many thanks!
Thanks Adam for bringing the old Dragnet shows back for everyones enjoyment. I really appreciate it and it makes my commute to and from work tolerable. Bob from Maryland
Submitted By: rriley25
(397,232 on 6-2008)

The reason the Dragnet podcasts are as good if not better than TV detective shows...the radio Dragnet encourages the listener to be a part pf the story by using ones imagination. TV is for observation only. About the only participation is in turning down the advertisements and political ads.
Submitted By: street.lizard
(396,775 on 6-2008)

great show
love this show. its really cool
Submitted By: blondmetis
(393,298 on 6-2008)

love it
adam i started podcasting at about the time you started the dragnet podcast.ive left comments before and i like it that you read all the comments each week. dragnet has always been my favorite download. sorry to hear about the end of the live broadcasts. i wish i would have joined in with you and the others. thanks for all that you do bringing dragnet to us(even on the holiday weekends!) i for one appreciate it
Submitted By: steve618j
(392,379 on 6-2008)

Dragnet is THE BEST!
Way to Adam Graham - you do a great job facilitating the distractions of the internet and focusing on the content with a taste of commentary. Maintain your convinction to bringing Dragnet to widest audience available. It is great stuff and you do a great job!
Submitted By: rjbmba
(391,759 on 6-2008)

Hi Adam. Besides Jack Webb, which other performers appeared most often on this series? Thanks very much for your podcast! Laura Moore
Submitted By: lmoore20169
(391,518 on 6-2008)

Worth a listen!
I have been listening to this show for several months now and have just caught up with the current episode. I have got used to other podcasts which just provide an episode of a serial without any commentary and I was a bit wary of subscribing to this one and expected to have to fast forward through the chat to get to the good bit but Adams commentary has got better and better - more insighful as time has gone on. A great show, I now listen every week without fail. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: mmcshepherd
(389,035 on 5-2008)

COntinued thanks to you for a great program. Thanks for your insights, and look forward to it each week. Tommy
Submitted By: tidwelltommy
(388,387 on 5-2008)

great podcast; friendly host too!
Submitted By: lmoore20169
(387,805 on 5-2008)

what is the vido podcast address
What is the video podcast address of NBC to get the '60's video feeeds of Dragnet? And Harry Morgan was tops--even better than he was in MASH
Submitted By: dctrpangloss
(387,792 on 5-2008)

You have one great show worth waiting for. Thanks for the Podcast.
Submitted By: dctrpangloss
(387,486 on 5-2008)

I love it!
I am a neuroscientist and work by myself all day. Old time dragnet has been a wonderful supplement to my NPR addiction and helps keep me going on the longer days. I am finally caught up, and miss having more than one a week! Keep em coming.
Submitted By: a.tozierdelapoterie
(387,049 on 5-2008)

Great program
Submitted By: mister.rev1
(385,944 on 5-2008)

Hello Adam, as a regular listener I have noticed in many episodes they include getting something to eat but never really have enough time to eat the food. Also wasnt there a Dragnet TV show in the 50s? Thought I saw one years ago. Great show as always, Dougbug
Submitted By: gvbugs
(385,114 on 5-2008)

Ive been trying to catch up to the most recent releases here ever since I found the podcast, and I think Im finally about there! Just wanted to continue to give you further encouragement, Adam, as Ive listened to maybe 5 to 7 of these a day whenever possible at my job, and its the only thing keeping me going right now. Ive still had a little trouble within the last 10 to 15 episodes here and there with audio issues that I hope might get worked out (stuff being bassed out or muffled, only being pumped through the left or right channel instead of both, being unlistenable due to heavy compression, etc.), but on the whole I think youve improved in your hosting duties and your information has been enjoyable, especially when the community backs you up and sends in extra tidbits or stories. I dont think Ill ever be able to join up with the live broadcast since it occurs just before I get home from work, but Ill continue to check out the show every week for sure (and will be very sad that I wont have 5 or more to listen to a day!).
Submitted By: Quemaqua
(384,193 on 5-2008)

I look forward to each weeks show - Adams comments make a great OTR show even better!
Submitted By: david.hancock89
(383,284 on 5-2008)

Old Time Dragnet: Hosted by Adam Graham is the best. Its a great series and Adams passion for the show and enlightening commentary make it a show to look forward to each week.
Submitted By: jpdawson63
(382,957 on 5-2008)

Go Dragnet!
Hey, thought I would vote really quick. Enjoy the show and got the opportunity to comment on the blog, so thanks for your work Adam and looking forward to the another great year of Dragnet!
Submitted By: johnnybeavers
(382,634 on 5-2008)

DRAGNET podcasts
Jack Webb rules! Thanks AG.
Submitted By: dragnet
(382,624 on 5-2008)

Love this show
This is an excellent show! Please keep doing it for all time!!!
Submitted By: kristi
(382,089 on 5-2008)

new old radio for us oldsters
My wife has me load the ipod for her trips to nanny at my daughters house. It makes the train ride go just so pleasantly for her. I usually try to listen to a show or two for later conversation purposes, it just so happens I really like the dragnets also. Keep up the good work and I would like these shows to go on and on...... thank you adam grahm
Submitted By: jen6238
(381,203 on 5-2008)

Great show
Submitted By: cwpayton
(381,135 on 5-2008)

Good podcast, but at the risk of being a lone voice, I do think the introductory segments could stand to be more polished. Perhaps written in advance before airtime (not to be read from, but so you know what youll want to cover). And although self-conscious isnt good, a bit of variety from "interesting" couldnt hurt.
Submitted By: NicodemusLegend
(379,060 on 4-2008)

great show
Submitted By: lnielson2
(378,536 on 4-2008)

super pod, adams presentation wonderful
Submitted By: gretchenmaui
(378,448 on 4-2008)

Still lovin it!
Keep it up! Good stuff Adam!
Submitted By: adbowell
(377,484 on 4-2008)

Adam: I continue to enjoy your Dragnet podcast. In fact, my interest in Dragnet has been peaked by your podcast, and, as a result, I got a copy of Michael Haydes book, My Names Friday, for my birthday. I havent started to read it yet, but it looks very interesting. ;-) Please keep the podcasts coming. Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(376,953 on 4-2008)

love dragnet. always have, always will. its great to catch the old radio plays. cheers pkae from australia
Submitted By: p.anneliikonen
(376,931 on 4-2008)

Came across this and I think it's great that you're continuing to share these and promote them. Your commentary adds a nice touch. Please keep it up!
Submitted By: Quemaqua
(376,144 on 4-2008)

Kudos to you Mr. Graham
I love this podcast! I can remember watching Dragnet on tv, however I was unaware it was a radio show. Thank you for broadcasting it! You comments really enhance my enjoyment of Dragnet.In fact Mr. Graham you podcast has spurred my interest in OTR and now I have a new hobby!
Submitted By: nami1106
(375,713 on 4-2008)

Enjoy immensely
Love the shows. They hold up well. Enjoy Adams commentary.
Submitted By: wb2bmh
(374,586 on 4-2008)

Hey Adam, I just wanted to say that I enjoy listening to your podcasts, I download them every week, and I listen to them on my way to school (it makes the time spent in my car enjoyable)! I am many decades too young to have watched the original T.V. show, instead I watched Law and Order. However, some things never change, and whether its 1950 or 2008, the detectives job remains the same. I enjoy your commentary, it adds something unique to an interesting show. Loyal listener, Beth, Florida
Submitted By: GreyHavensFL
(374,519 on 4-2008)

Great job -- enjoy them every week! Even if you do say interesting a lot!
Submitted By: tidwelltommy
(373,909 on 4-2008)

Im the "watch out for too frequent thats interesting" guy." As I said before, Im a BIG fan of the Dragnet series. Very entertaining, and yet with a homey, family-friendly content. The Dragnet show combines an easy and mildly predictable format with an always engaging plot that has just enough newness and variation to it to hold ones interest, show after show. Adam is quite unpolished, but friendly, pleasant, and real. His shortcomings as a public speaker are easily offset by 1) his love for the genre and the show, 2) his eager and energetical desire to share the thing his loves with others, and 3) the honest, straightforward, "friendly guy next door" manner that he demonstrates in all he does.
Submitted By: dnasmalltalk
(373,131 on 4-2008)

A favorite
Great show! I love your comments on the shows too!
Submitted By: norahwillett
(372,813 on 4-2008)

Better than a movie
I love listening to the podcast and the old radio shows are awesome to listen to anytime and especially on a long trip.
Submitted By: jhook80
(372,317 on 4-2008)

Great Recordings, excellent series
Adam has created a quality product with an uncommon eye for detail that appeals to collectors of OTR and fans of Dragnet. His personal observations are lively and kept to a good length. His research about the show is informative and enjoyable. Best of all, his recordings have a much better than average audio quality when compared with many other old time radio podcasts.
Submitted By: consumeralias1
(372,192 on 4-2008)

Commercials and credits
Adam - If they're available, consider including the original commercials that ran with the shows - this would add some additional interest and historical context to your programs. Also, do you edit out the credits? I hear so many familiar voices, it would be nice to be able to associate them with the actors' names.
Submitted By: swarren239
(371,933 on 4-2008)

Great Podcast
Adam, you do a fine job hosting this podcast! Dont change a thing!
Submitted By: don9360
(370,261 on 3-2008)

Love the podcasts
I listen to your Dragnet podcasts every day. I enjoy your descriptions and how you put them in historical context. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Angela
Submitted By: angelakane
(370,048 on 3-2008)

This is a very entertaining Podcast. As soon as Adam gets his Hosting duties smoother, and he IS getting better, it will be much better. Adam does give a lot of backround and insite to Jack Webbs Dragnet. Adam Buddy, ya just need to maybe plan what you want to say ahead of time.
Submitted By: gmur51
(369,546 on 3-2008)

Keep Up The Good Work!
Submitted By: datate
(369,215 on 3-2008)

The best
Radio was never better, and this was the best show. Thanks, Adam.
Submitted By: trg
(367,617 on 3-2008)

Just the facts
I listened to the Dragnet shows as a young boy, watched the TV show in College as a comedy, and now listen to the podcast as a nostalgic and iconic style. Webb was a genius and the radio cast. although the voices become familiar the voice acting is solid. Adams introductions and wrap ups are often amusing and sometimes insightful. I never miss an eposode.
Submitted By: evans3
(367,263 on 3-2008)

Keep em coming! They are great to listen to while I am driving!
Submitted By: reedjeffben
(363,920 on 3-2008)

Adam Im happy to cast my monthly vote for "Dragnet". It is my favorite podcast. Have you seen the movie "Sunset Boulevard"? Jack Webb has a small part in it. I just watched it this week. It was made in 1950, right when "Dragnet" was starting up, but he plays a very different part than Sgt Joe Friday. it just reinforces by opinion that Jack Webb was a very special talent. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: steve618j
(363,761 on 3-2008)

Love the show!
Submitted By: reedjeffben
(363,005 on 2-2008)

Adam: Congratulations on a successful first season! I really enjoy these podcasts each week. Brian in Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(360,724 on 2-2008)
Submitted By: steve618j
(357,559 on 2-2008)

Adam - back agan to vote for your podcast. I download your show from ZANCast. I made the teribble drive through LA yesterday ( I live in Santa Barbara County) and as I drove up the 405 (at 15 mies an hour) past Signal Hill, I thought about Jack Webb andwhat he would thing about the "City of Angles" if he were still alive today. Keep up the good work! David
Submitted By: datate
(357,413 on 2-2008)

Look forward to it
I found it on iTunes and look forward to it every week. Its must-hear podcasting at its best. Thanks, Adam.
Submitted By: janiemhart
(356,617 on 2-2008)

Great show
Submitted By: Gvbugs
(355,604 on 1-2008)

Despite audio issues it is still worthy of a positive vote.
Submitted By: casmith245
(354,693 on 1-2008)

Mr. Graham has a wonderful podcast. His comments enhance my enjoyment of the show. In fact I have become an Old Time Radio nut because of this podcast. Kudos to Mr. Graham
Submitted By: knitter1106
(354,120 on 1-2008)

Adam: I continue to enjoy the Dragnet episodes. I have voted here in the past and am doing so again today. Please keep them coming. Shifting gears a bit, at the start of a recent episode of Dragnet, you mentioned that you would begin a new project sometime soon. You were going to begin airing episodes from the original Superman radio program. When will you start? Where will they be available? Looking forward to hearing more about your new project! Brian Ashby Hampton, New Jersey
Submitted By:
(352,273 on 1-2008)

Fun, But Fuzzy
Adam, You really do have a fun show. I like the inciteful commentary and, while I appreciate the off-the-cuff delivery, you should consider putting together a script. The audio is a little fuzzy snd somewhat distorted; maybe you could check your recording levels to see if your are overdriving the recorder? I heard the first half of Johhny Modero and could hardly hear parts it because it was being drowned out by my own laughter at the witty, but corny, dialogue. If that show was a fence, it would definitely be barbed wire--I can do it, too. Seriously, it is amazing how well produced radio shows of that era were. I know that some of them were done in front of live audiences; that really took talent, careful timing, and practice. Todays media has got so much schlock I cant stand it, so Ive given up radio and TV entirely. Podcasts like this are wonderful creations. Please keep it up. Thanks, Jeff Thompson
Submitted By: jthompson
(351,928 on 1-2008)

Great Show
Grew up in the L.A. area and watched the 60s/70s series. Now enjoying the radio version via your podcast. Thanks for making it available.
Submitted By: swarren239
(349,386 on 1-2008)

Great podcast
Thanks for keeping up the weekly schedule, I look forward to new episodes each week and enjoy your intros and closing comments. Kevin
Submitted By: kevindudash
(346,404 on 1-2008)

Great to hear the old shows again.
Submitted By: david_mcmillion
(346,401 on 1-2008)

great show
thanks again, adam, for these Dragnet shows each week. they are great
Submitted By: steve618j
(345,197 on 1-2008)

excellent podcast!
Submitted By: hungryduck
(343,812 on 12-2007)

youre the best
I love this show, Adam. You do a great job with it. I am very proud of you Love Andrea p.s. youre very handsome, too!
Submitted By: andrea
(341,574 on 12-2007)

thank you, Adam,for the work you do to bring us "Dragnet" every week. i love these shows!!!
Submitted By: steve618j
(341,108 on 12-2007)

Keep It Coming
Adam: I voted last month. I continue to enjoy the show. Please keep it coming. Brian Hampton, NJ
Submitted By:
(337,587 on 12-2007)

Thanks! Keep em comin!
These are great! I wasnt aware that "Dragnet" was a radio program until I found this podcast! Jack Webb did so much for law enforcement. I am cop, and enjoy listening to these--sometimes even in the squad car on a slow night. Jack Webb is an excellent person for police officers to try and emulate in the course of their duties. He exemplifies professionalism, and the ideal of what police officers ought to be--and he does this while understanding, fully, what it means to be a cop, and the all the challenges we face. Like I said, thanks, and keep em coming!
Submitted By: anbowell
(336,311 on 11-2007)

Enjoy Show
Adam - enjoy the podcast each week and your interest in all things Dragnet / Jack Webb. I especially enjoyed the Jeff Regan show over the past two weeks....
Submitted By: datate
(330,627 on 11-2007)

LOVE this show!
Look forward to it every week; thanks Adam!
Submitted By: pounceuma
(330,302 on 11-2007)

The Big Thank You
This edition, with exceptional character actors, is enhanced by Adam Grahams comments and insights. He makes an interesting show more interesting by pointing out the wonderful mood music and unique sound effects.
Submitted By: lrsamford
(328,661 on 11-2007)

jack webb
i really love the work Jack Webb did on old time radio (" Pete Kelleys blues" is great!! ). ive also seen him in some movies from the late 40s & early 50s, not to mention " Dragnet" on TV in the 50s & 60s. I feel he is underrated as someone who really was very instrumental in both of these medias. Besides all that, he was married to Julie London, one of my favorite (and sexiest) singers of that era. Thanks for the show Adam, i am a faithful listener and i appreciate that you take the time to do this
Submitted By: steve618j
(324,984 on 11-2007)

great show
This is a great show, other than a few tech issues its all good.
Submitted By: casmith245
(324,074 on 10-2007)

classic radio
this is a great nostalgic program - it reflects the art of radio - which we have largely lost and substituted with less intelligent media programming. thanks for keeping this art form alive.
Submitted By: rjbmba
(321,513 on 10-2007)

keep it going
Submitted By: mtfarmers
(321,151 on 10-2007)

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
I love it thanks allot for doing this i enjoy all OTR(old time radio) detectives but your show surpasses them all!!!!!!!!!! And i really enjoy your commentary it makes me think about the show more than i normally would. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mitch
Submitted By: swenson.mitch
(316,040 on 10-2007)

Good Show
Adam: I enjoy listening to your podcasts. I remember watching the Dragnet television show as a kid with my parents, but I am experiencing the radio show for the first time. Good stuff. Brian Ashby Hampton, New Jersey
Submitted By:
(312,741 on 10-2007)

I like radio shows.
Submitted By: TCWilliams
(310,194 on 9-2007)

Dragnet Rules.........
Submitted By: zbrobrien
(308,681 on 9-2007)

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