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The Drabblecast Comments

There are 71 Comments for this Podcast
Very well produced and entertaining. Norm Sherman is great.
Submitted By: thehooses
(545,869 on 1-2013)

The Drabblecast is the most consistent fiction podcast out there. Each week, I can expect a great story provided by the always interesting Norm Sherman.
Submitted By: leogodin217
(535,864 on 6-2011)
best cast in the whole pod!
Submitted By: bigfootsangry
(535,677 on 5-2011)

my favorite bedtime story
I swear to cthulu that I cant sleep anymore without Norms voice in my ear...
Submitted By: farfelonius
(532,618 on 3-2011)

All Hail me, the one hundredth vote!
Submitted By: w0offens
(529,215 on 12-2010)

Awesome stories, tidbits and even songs. Professional audio production.
Submitted By: w0offens
(523,306 on 8-2010)

the new black
Remember when grey became the new black? Then there was green, followed by orange. Well, now it's the drabblecast. My love for the drabblecast tends to be messy, but I don't think it'll stain.
Submitted By: dinkins
(523,181 on 7-2010)

top of the field
Submitted By: v.burnett
(522,584 on 7-2010)

Best short stories on the net!
Too cool for words.
Submitted By: tbaker
(521,354 on 7-2010)

Drabblecast keeps me sane! And continent!
Submitted By: alexcharltonderrida
(521,306 on 7-2010)

Are you strange, or do you just believe your mother, who told you you are special? Theres only one way to know for sure. The Drabblecast separates strange Men from the special little girls, and is responsible for the continued mental health of 72% of those who take it weekly.
Submitted By: strawmandrabblecast_pca
(521,303 on 7-2010)

Those who get it, get it. Aint got it? Youve lost out.
Submitted By: w0offens
(521,267 on 7-2010)

They are fantastic!
Submitted By: robertmarkbram
(520,395 on 6-2010)

Yay drabblecast
it is very much fun.
Submitted By: podcastalley
(519,872 on 6-2010)

To the parsecs
This podcast does the Kessel run in under five parsecs.
Submitted By: slidster2003
(519,691 on 6-2010)

Best short stories on the net!
Submitted By: tbaker
(519,664 on 6-2010)

If you enjoy listening to fiction, short fiction, new fiction, interesting fiction, usually fiction that will either make you laugh out loud, or think a new thought, or if you just enjoy a good show. They (Norm) give it to you! Check it out today!
Submitted By: tobias
(518,997 on 5-2010)

Drabblecast rocks!
Submitted By: goatkeeper
(518,391 on 5-2010)

Best short stories on the net!
Submitted By: tbaker
(518,215 on 5-2010)

The Drabblecast is the future now.
Submitted By: strawmandrabblecast_pca
(518,173 on 5-2010)

Best podcast ever.
Can drabblecast get any better than it already was? Only Norm Sherman can pull off that trick, consistently outdoing himself with every episode.
Submitted By: slidster2003
(518,170 on 5-2010)

Drabblecast is the Drabbliest!
Love Norm and the Drabblecast.
Submitted By: eric
(518,081 on 5-2010)

Simply Super
Listen to this podcast or suffer for eternity -- knowing that you missed some great entertainment.
Submitted By: w0offens
(517,814 on 5-2010)

Short Fiction at its Best
If you havent heard the Drabblecast, you are missing out on some of the best short fiction today. Always fresh and entertaining.
Submitted By: baedon
(517,088 on 4-2010)

Zany, Thought-Provoking, and Fun
The Drabblecast is literally the best podcast ever made. Not just a statement, its also a fact. Great production values that never get in the way of the story ... which is always a fun bit of oddness. Norms musical work is hilarious and the introduction and final thoughts are often as fun as the story content itself.
Submitted By: jemcneill
(515,965 on 4-2010)

Best short stories on the net!
Incredible narration!
Submitted By: tbaker
(515,941 on 4-2010)

Norm Sherman is the god of Podcasting.
Submitted By: strawmandrabblecast_pca
(515,916 on 4-2010)

Better and better
Norm keeps upping the ante with every episode. If this podcast isnt on your radar it should be.
Submitted By: slidster2003
(515,882 on 4-2010)

Awesome podcast.
Funny and thought provoking. Each new episode is entertainment gold.
Submitted By: w0offens
(515,705 on 4-2010)

If youre a little weird...
...youll love The Drabblecast. Professional production values (with sound effects and original music), odd stories from all genres, and Norm Shermans energy and unpredictable humor. Because of my schedule, Im down to listening to only one podcast these days, and its The Drabblecast.
Submitted By: taigaole
(514,801 on 3-2010)

The best fiction podcast, bar none
This is the podcast by which all other fiction podcasts must be judged: Great story selections, amazing narration, kick-ass episode art, and unparalleled production values.
Submitted By: sixdeaftaxis
(513,736 on 3-2010)

It dont get better than this
My comment says it all. Get in on the Norm Sherman Drabblecast wave before Hollywood scoops him up. (Or the elder Gods drag him screaming away in their slime-dripping tentacles...) Find out why Pratt, Lafferty, Resnick, and so many other first rate authors love having their stories read by this narrative genius
Submitted By: slidster2003
(513,305 on 3-2010)

Super Awesome Podcast!!
Submitted By: greysonaa
(513,294 on 3-2010)

Drabblecast Aeterna!
Submitted By: strawmandrabblecast_pca
(513,280 on 3-2010)

Great podcast
Nuff said.
Submitted By: w0offens
(513,089 on 3-2010)

Best short stories on the net!
Submitted By: tbaker
(511,236 on 2-2010)

Smackdown challenge: The Drabblecast is the most brilliant combination of strange and funny on the internet. Norm Sherman is the most original voice in podcasting. Listen to nature documentary host Connor Choadsworh in In Search of the Mongolian Death Worm. Listen to The Last Great Clown Hunt. Every week an instant classic.
Submitted By: strawmandrabblecast_pca
(511,201 on 2-2010)

Drabblecast = Amazing
This is my Favorite podcast ever.
Submitted By: themorg
(511,111 on 2-2010)

Drabblecast = Amazing
This is my favorite Podcast i listen to.
Submitted By: themorg
(511,110 on 2-2010)

Just keeps getting better
If you havent found the Drabblecast yet and strange genre fiction, produced in a truly professional fashion is your thing, make sure you stop by the Drabblecast. You wont be disappointed.
Submitted By: slidster2003
(511,098 on 2-2010)

Hidden Gem!
Great stories, awesome sound, often very funny and always entertaining. Ive sampled scores of others, and minute, per minute; pound, per pound; this is the best listening in the podcast-o-sphere! If Norm ever gets an advertising budget, this show will explode in popularity; its got everything but exposure.
Submitted By: w0offens
(510,990 on 2-2010)

its a really fun cast
the stories are interesting, and fun. youll like it
Submitted By: munroe_is
(509,736 on 1-2010)

Best short stories on the net!
Submitted By: tbaker
(509,640 on 1-2010)

Drabblecast rocks!
This weekly podcast totally makes my day!
Submitted By: lparis2008
(509,626 on 1-2010)

My ribs hurt
Compared to the Drabblecast, all other podcasts are a waste of time. Not a put-down; a challenge.
Submitted By: strawmandrabblecast_pca
(509,554 on 1-2010)

The Drabblecast is THE best Podcast. Period
Submitted By: strawmandrabblecast_pca
(509,553 on 1-2010)

Dont be left behind. Be there before hes a major celebrity. Comedy Central WILL be calling him soon
Submitted By: slidster2003
(509,521 on 1-2010)

Best Podcast Ever
Norm Sherman is a prodigy, both musically and in his ability to produce the finest flash-fiction podcast to date. The greatest problem he faces is that the best-selling authors, who's stories he presents, will come to feel upstaged by his amazingly funny intro's and outro's. This podcast is NOT to be missed by any fan of SF, Fantasy, the weird, or the strange. 8 tentacles up!!!
Submitted By: slidster2003
(509,519 on 1-2010)

Extremely Creative
The Drabblecast not only features fantastic stories, but they are well presented in a fun, creative and user-inclusive atmosphere.
Submitted By: juliascottdouglas
(506,575 on 12-2009)

Great Show
With Great stories
Submitted By: thejebimaster
(506,554 on 12-2009)

Diamond in the Rough
This podcast is always outstanding. The short stories are brilliant, the production is professional-grade, and the humor is just right.
Submitted By: w0offens
(506,136 on 12-2009)

I don't think I know of or have ever heard anyone proclaim anything but praise when it comes to this show. These stories are extremely diverse but always well picked. I have found myself with teared up eyes several times, either because a story has me laughing so hard or because it is so profoundly moving. The production is just outstanding. Saying that is professional quality doesn't do it justice simply because even on radio or TV you never hear anything this good. The musical settings to which Norm sets the stories are remarkably effective; never intrusive or diminishing to the story. Subtle or absent when they need to be, powerful and present when it counts. Norm often creates much of the soundtrack himself. The narration, something that is always a concern to fiction done in audio, is stellar. Norm is a master story teller, his readings are really something to behold. His warm, whiskey-soaked voice can take on an incredible range and never comes across as contrived or over-acted. Norm is also brilliant as a host personality, it's no surprise Escapepod hired him on board to co-host. The Drabble News segments are always hilarious and extremely clever; reminiscent of the Daily Show, except instead of politics they are usually scientific, about some sort of bizarre sea creature discovery in an ocean vent or the latest Cryptozoological gossip. The "Bbardles" (songs that Norm writes for big $ donors to the show) will have you falling out of your chair too. All of this in a short 15-30 minutes. This show is jam-packed with high quality awesome every week. The best, mostly still undiscovered thing on the internet.
Submitted By: richmazzer
(506,051 on 12-2009)

I love it.
A great short sf&f podcast.
Submitted By: thejebi
(505,465 on 11-2009)

The Drabblecast is my favorite short fiction podcast. Norm Sherman knows how to entertain people in an extraordinarily weird way. Love it!
Submitted By: books
(505,388 on 11-2009)

Best Damn Flash Fiction Podcast Ever
This stuff is addictive. Norm Sherman really knows how to tell a tale. If you like it weird, stop your jonesin and roll your bones on over to "The Drabblecast. "
Submitted By: mkelly317
(505,317 on 11-2009)

Best short stories on the net!
Submitted By: tbaker
(505,038 on 11-2009)

Best Flash Fiction, Ever.
This is the podcast all the other SF/Fantasy podcasts envy. (They freely admit to this....) Want to know why Escape Pod hired Norm Sherman to co-host? Come listen to his home-town cast and enjoy the strangeness, the #1 narration, and the professional production standards. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!
Submitted By: slidster2003
(504,955 on 11-2009)

Great stories, Excellent production.
Submitted By: w0offens
(504,947 on 11-2009)

Drabblecast Rules
The Drabblecast is the most hilarious and awesome Podcast around. Norm has a weird, but great sense of humor and his music and production value on the cast are both great. I cant recommend this show enough for anyone interested in short fiction podcasts.
Submitted By: sclutt3r
(456,627 on 1-2009)

Best short stories on the net!
Submitted By: tbaker
(428,387 on 9-2008)

Submitted By: potatohamster
(422,061 on 8-2008)

Best short stories on the net!
Norm Sherman is the best new storyteller in podcasting. Creating such vivid imagery with such interesting stories, you come back week after week wanting more.
Submitted By: tbaker
(421,713 on 8-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(418,504 on 8-2008)

Consistently good
Submitted By: temp-0ozv8mmhiw
(417,607 on 8-2008)

This podcast is truly one of the best on the internet.
Submitted By: kendallmarchman
(382,429 on 5-2008)

Hilarious and compelling
This podcast delivers week after week. One of the truly innovative podcasts in my opinion.
Submitted By: kendallmarchman
(382,428 on 5-2008)

nuggets of happiness they are
thanks norm! I look forward to the next pig parasite story
Submitted By: jodys357
(373,630 on 4-2008)

Lots and lots of fun
Submitted By: yes
(355,344 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: herbal211
(345,979 on 1-2008)

Love the drabblecast
Submitted By: mattcarvin
(275,769 on 6-2007)

this podcast rocks!
Submitted By: goatkeeper
(272,232 on 6-2007)

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