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There are 50 Comments for this Podcast
I love the HPPC podcasts because theyre soooo funny and informative too. Plus, new author chats too. I
Submitted By: totallymeh
(516,773 on 4-2010)

HPPC is the best!
I absolutely love the staff chats and listening to a story being read aloud by all the talented speakers out there is great, this is definetly my favorite place in all of podcast alley!
Submitted By: mollzers4life
(512,765 on 2-2010)

So much fun!
I love being a part of this podcast and seeing what people think of the content we produce. I love making content, and I hope people love hearing it!
Submitted By: AlexG2490
(511,595 on 2-2010)

American Ginny Podcast are some of the best podcasts i have ever listened to. Not just the stories though. The Staff Chats they have are absolutely entertaining and enlightful. Check them out and youll never regret it. :)
Submitted By: shadowsomething
(508,843 on 1-2010)

number one is cool. Where else are you going to be treated to a weather report from a random country, get up to date on all the latest goings on in the forums, and hear about the crazy adventures of the panelists as they remember a kid being tossed on them in the school bus. quality entertainment? I think so.
Submitted By: bgchaz
(507,437 on 12-2009)

Fun Podcast!
As someone who not only listens to what other people do on the podcst, but who creates a lot of the content myself, I can say that this is a ton of fun and worth a listen.
Submitted By: AlexG2490
(505,715 on 11-2009)

I love the HPP, its what got me into listening to podcasts. The podcasts are very intresting, and I love listening to them!
Submitted By: nightworld2009
(498,089 on 9-2009)

HPFF podcasts are amazing
Yes, I go on and on about how much I love these podcasts, especially the Staff Chats, and if you think this is bad, you should here my talking to my friends about it. I honestly think this is the best HP podcast. Go HPFF!!
Submitted By: midnighthorrors
(491,069 on 7-2009)

sandwich. Mm.
Wow. The podcasts are loads of fun. Saves me from boredom, really. You guys are great, and it was quite possibly the best thing thats been thought up since Christmas. ; ) Brilliant. ~Greta
Submitted By: crazy_lithuanian
(490,232 on 7-2009)

I vote for podcast. This site is quite well organized, and managed. It gives all Harry Potter fans from those who outwardly express their fanaticism to the closet fanatic a reason to smile! Thanks HPFF!
Submitted By: Jenn
(486,890 on 6-2009)

Thanks for this guys
This is so great!!!! I can listen to fanfic at work now YAY!!!!! thanks guys
Submitted By: webster_only
(451,303 on 12-2008)

The Best
I am a big fan and you gys deserve to be number one. Keep up the great work
Submitted By: iman_e_leb
(423,839 on 8-2008)

Wonderful way to enjoy some of the best!
I just love this podcast! My favorite story has been Hogwarts Sanitarium. I read Hogwarts Sanitarium last year, but listening to it has renewed my adoration for the story; and put a wonderful spin on enjoying it! They are doing a wonderful job on this podcast; I hope to see it continue on for as long as possible.
Submitted By: nicole.hewitt
(418,781 on 8-2008)

Hey. I wanted to vote for podcast!!!
Submitted By: mrs_oliver_wood
(407,755 on 7-2008)

Awesome Podcast!!! Im Sirius! (haha) Every Month I Wait Endlessly To Hear Everyones New Ideas & Stories. Keep Up The GREAT Work!
Submitted By: trini_babie_gyal
(407,278 on 7-2008)

Another great month for HPFF and their podcasting team. Keep up the wonderful work!
Submitted By: lisale09
(403,152 on 7-2008)

HPFF continues to put out wonderful podcasts every month!
Submitted By: lisale09
(396,048 on 6-2008)

I LOVE HPFF! Their podcasts are so well done, and the story content within the podcasts is fabulous and well written. Great job HPFF!
Submitted By: sarah
(388,911 on 5-2008)

Its so great to see this site!
Submitted By: jlelliott08
(388,264 on 5-2008)

HPFF has many awesome podcasts that are definately worth listening to, keep up the great work guys :)
Submitted By: sian13_badja
(387,866 on 5-2008)

This site contains a very hardworking bunch of staff members that make these podcasts more outstanding than any other!
Submitted By: lisale09
(387,763 on 5-2008)

HPFF Podcasts are the Best!
I truly love all of the HPFF podcasts - the stories are better than brilliant and the podcasters are truly amazing, they deserve much more than they get credit for :)
Submitted By: sparkle_fairie
(387,607 on 5-2008)

This Podcast is so much fun to listen to!! You have some of the best written stories that are a gem to listen to at any time. I listen to these at work all the time, except for What is the point of chickens? since I laugh so hard it has been outlawed. Excellent work everyone!
Submitted By: cre_babe
(387,105 on 5-2008)

HPFF Rocks!
The title says it all.
Submitted By: bryonyyates
(387,088 on 5-2008)

Fab work guys!
Submitted By: ali
(387,044 on 5-2008)

Yes we do! Its too true! Hahaha
Submitted By: teapotsandkettles
(386,903 on 5-2008)

ALL of the podcasts on HPFF are AMAZING!
Submitted By: vampireplagues
(386,799 on 5-2008)

HPFF has an attached podcast site thats brillaint!! Love it!
Submitted By: Sammyshortt
(386,764 on 5-2008)

I love the podcasts for HPFF!! The stories are great and the staff chats are so funny
Submitted By: madgal718
(386,756 on 5-2008)

The Best
This podcast is the best there is on the net and the stories at HPFF are always so fun to read and really creative!
Submitted By: uptowngirlinlove2
(386,739 on 5-2008)

I think the harrypotterfanfictionpodcast is wonderful. The stories are great and the staff are incredibly funny to listen to when it comes to the staff chats.
Submitted By: foxychick_38
(386,732 on 5-2008)

Only the best HP podcast on the web... ^_^
Submitted By: jemmaboss
(386,730 on 5-2008)

You guys, with all your hard working awesomeness, need more votes!!! Keep up the great work guys!
Submitted By: pensnapped
(385,800 on 5-2008)

These are really fun to listen too, and they are interesting too. They just are a good way to spend some time!
Submitted By: daniel_dan
(372,825 on 4-2008)

Another great addition of the HPFF staff podcast! Wonderful job to all the staffers that participated. Keep up the great work everyone. (: - Lisa
Submitted By: lisale09
(338,313 on 12-2007)

The staff chat was so hilarious! LOL!!! and a bit of Star Trek trivia anyone, haha. I love it, but at times it wasn't quite clear at times though. Death Eater Tribe all the way!!!!!!!!!!!! - lia
Submitted By: lia_2390
(326,412 on 11-2007)

A Fan - Starting Now!
Submitted By: viduojha
(326,390 on 11-2007)

It doesn't seem like the HPFF podcast has been getting much love lately. I had to say that it's still amazing. Keep up the great work! I'm curious as to who the female voice is. ;) -magicalperfect
Submitted By: lisale09
(299,885 on 8-2007)

I was sooo happy when i found this podcast, I love listening to fanficreadings, but it is not too many places you can find it. Keep up the good work! - Kaja
Submitted By: apelsinpiken
(283,355 on 7-2007)

Amazing... absolutely amazing
This is an absolutely amazing idea, and I love listening to the stories when I have to sit through a long car ride.
Submitted By: abbey_lb
(279,774 on 6-2007)

HPFF podcasts are wonderful and really great to listen to on the road. I can hear some of my favorite stories while away from a computer.
Submitted By: lisale09
(279,725 on 6-2007)

Just discovered the HPFF podcast and it was really great. I love litening to fanfiction readings, more people should record fanfics as poscasts. The fics are really good, "Ill Follow the Sun" is really amazing! Cant wait for more! Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: apelsinpiken
(275,307 on 6-2007)

just want them to come out more often. it takes way to long for a new one to be here..hate waiting so long cause it is so good
Submitted By: aniklynie
(256,652 on 4-2007)

love it!
i love having actual stories to listen to
Submitted By: lizbef_18
(246,930 on 4-2007)

Lovin it!!!
Listened to both of the podcasts out so far!! We love them! They are really well writtern and I am so looking forward to the next one!!!
Submitted By: K2_vet
(246,488 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: chizzalazty
(244,940 on 3-2007)

Great podcast! It was a great story. Looking forward to the next one.
Submitted By: psumathgirl
(244,734 on 3-2007)

HPFF Podcast
This is great ! excellent idea. Keep up the good work !
Submitted By: owlyone
(244,325 on 3-2007)

HPFF Podcast
Wonderful podcast! Thank you for putting it up, and giving many of us the oppurtunity into hearing this great story! Love Sonia xxx
Submitted By: urban_chick25
(244,074 on 3-2007)

HPFF Podcast!
Great podcast!
Submitted By: ch_eetah
(243,487 on 3-2007)

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