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Daytime Confidential Comments

There are 111 Comments for this Podcast
On today's Performer of the Week episode Luke, Jamey, Jillian and Melodie choose the actors and actresses who they believe did an outstanding job during the previous week and discuss their honorable and dishonorable mentions. منتديات
Submitted By: alasiri1
(530,715 on 1-2011)

The best
Submitted By: mseamon
(524,681 on 8-2010)

Love it!
I am addicted to listening to the podcasts, and more often than not find myself laughing out loud along with the fabulous people like Jamie, Luke, Mel, Regan, J Bernard, and Jillian. This last podcast was so wonderfully amusing. I had to listen to it twice in succession. Thanks guys for bringing a smile to my face. Youre all
Submitted By: ddkattar
(508,311 on 12-2009)

I heart DC
Love Daytime Confidential. They are informative and entertaining. I love the whole crew.
Submitted By: q23tip
(507,633 on 12-2009)

Daytime Confidential
This podcast is so much fun! Love the whole gang. Its the go-to place for the latest breaking soap news!
Submitted By: doodleynoodle
(494,133 on 8-2009)

Daytime Confidential
Love that podcast! That crew is funny and informative
Submitted By: asingree
(490,478 on 7-2009)

The Best Podcast In Daytime!
Not only are Jillian and Jamey hilarious, but they, along with J. Bernard Jones and Luke, are very knowledgeable about soap opera history. They also know the goings ons in the industry. All of that combined makes any Daytime Confidential Podcast not only fun to listen to, but one that you can come away learning something you did not know.
Submitted By: NikG187
(486,476 on 6-2009)

Love the podcast! Jillian and Jamey you two keep the jokes coming and give good insight on soaps.
Submitted By: rudeg
(486,383 on 6-2009)

Daytime Confidential is the best podcast!
Love DC! Lots of humor & good insight !
Submitted By: kvnovak
(482,888 on 5-2009)

Love it!
Submitted By: bevrartis
(476,934 on 4-2009)

Jason & Elizabeth
Most chemistry ever, and the biggest waste of a storyline and a tanking of a soap opera in the history of soaps. They gave their star a child, and showed him completely fail at it. Its no coincidence the ratings followed suit.
Submitted By: js121292
(475,686 on 4-2009)

Great Discovery!
Submitted By: daleiden
(472,195 on 3-2009)

I wish there wasa epeisode every day you guys are great. Jamey keep the Laughs coming.
Submitted By: navywife89
(471,824 on 3-2009)

Love your podcast !
Submitted By: laurenproietti
(460,750 on 1-2009)

Great Show!
If you are into Soaps (a.k.a. Daytime Dramas),then I highly recommend this Podcast! Always interesting and entertaining - you will not be disappointed!
Submitted By: BetseyDanault
(442,603 on 10-2008)

I must confess
I have grown obsessed with this podcast. The discussion of soap opera history including my favorites; Santa Barbara and Another World, are great. It is also a lot of podcast for the buck, each episode is quite long and filled with lively debate. It is also uniquely heart felt. I believe it was Jamey who discussed how the disenfranchised are drawn to soaps. However, gay men, the economically disadvantaged, and minorities consistently tune in to a medium that has never sought them directly as an audience. Yet, by providing an escape has kept their attentions for generations.
Submitted By: Drhead323
(430,401 on 9-2008)

i agree with daniel and chelsea being number one. also you guys are so funny and interesting. oh Antonio Sabato jr too
Submitted By: tgmehari
(419,153 on 8-2008)

Summers Sexiest Soap Couples
daniel and chelsea
Submitted By: tgmehari
(419,135 on 8-2008)

I am a truck driver and enjoy listening to Luke and the gang discussing my favorite soaps. It can be very entertaining while you are driving down the road.
Submitted By: redjdrose
(406,801 on 7-2008)

Great Show!
This is my favorite soap podcast. The commentators are fun and informative. A very enjoyable show that Im adding to my must listen list.
Submitted By: vmsyphax
(393,550 on 6-2008)

DC Pod
Submitted By: tinad77
(391,336 on 6-2008)

I can never get enough of this podcast....I've never missed a character more than Evangeline, she was mid story when she was thrown into a coma by the OPP. I would even take REG on another soap, so long as she got to generate chemistry And Scott Bryce brought me so much joy as Craig on ATWT. I was in love with the actor that portrayed Ryan on Y&R. He was so hot. He can't be dead.
Submitted By: miajere2002
(376,450 on 4-2008)

Best Couple
Jason and Robin! Reunite them!
Submitted By: yorkierangels
(371,062 on 4-2008)

Best Couple
Elizabeth and Jason are the best Daytime couple ever!
Submitted By: elizabethfbc
(370,470 on 3-2008)

I vote for Sam!
I used to be a fan of Liz back when she first started on the show and hooked up with Lucky (then played by the best Lucky ever-Jonathan Jackson). Over the years she has become a liar, selfish and manipulative and I no longer like her. It may seem hypocritical of me to prefer Sam, but at leat she is more forthright with things she has done wrong and the reasons for them. Liz is just a hypocritical liar who really has no excuse for the things she's done.
Submitted By: ilovemyabi
(370,336 on 3-2008)

Sam will always be!!!
Sam will always be Jasons true love. Liason sucks and they bore me to hell!!!!!
Submitted By: disneyfan1113
(370,320 on 3-2008)

Youve got my vote
With the extinction of Soapnets SoapTalk, Ive missed having an outside discussion about the Soaps (message boards are ok, but way to mean). If you can,could you get the actual stars of Daytime to come and speak about their storylines and formal daytime stars can promote their latest projects are just pop n to address the fans.
Submitted By: skittix
(363,766 on 3-2008)

I would love to subscribe to this podcast, but I don't own an Ipod, I own a Zune. Can't you guys make your podcast available to Zune owners as well???
Submitted By: mich321
(360,223 on 2-2008)

I love the podcast and they need make more podcasts and love Lisa "obsessions" with DG and her funny comments and can't wait for more podcasts.
Submitted By: siomonstuart2003
(356,833 on 2-2008)

Great Podcast!
This podcast is great! Always informative and enjoyable!
Submitted By: MarlenaDimera
(355,542 on 1-2008)

thanks guys your great!
Submitted By: laurenproietti
(353,412 on 1-2008)

Love this podcast
Love this podcast! It keeps me "fixed" when I cant watch my shows and adds to the fun when I can.
Submitted By: 70ssoapfan
(346,869 on 1-2008)

excellent podcast!
I love Daytime Confidential! Luke and Lisa keep it fresh and fun! And look forward to their insight and seeing if I agree with how the feel about characters and story lines. Simply great banter!
Submitted By: mstovall2002
(346,741 on 1-2008)

Best podcast ever!!!!1
Submitted By: dmariet
(346,284 on 1-2008)

Very Entertaining
Submitted By: trobles1
(346,065 on 1-2008)

great podcast
Submitted By: erin197
(345,542 on 1-2008)

Luke & Noah the best!
I wish to these two great guys a lot, a bunch of awards! They made me discovered tenderness, sweetlyness, inside passion, turmoil of feelings also! But they are so nice together and apart, their smiles, their attitude, their way of acting; everything is so real, so affectionnate, so lovable. Thanks for having that kind of coupl on daytime TV. Robert
Submitted By: rofrangin
(342,110 on 12-2007)

I LOVE this podcast!
This podcast is AMAZING! I cant wait for every new episode to come out. Each and every episode is filled with laughter, gossip, and the lastest news from daytime TV. If you havent checked it out yet, you definietly should!
Submitted By: gqfan1212
(339,936 on 12-2007)

I absolutely love this podcast. I listen every chance I get and oftentimes find myself giggling. Then Im met with puzzeled looks from the husband and the pets...whatever. Keep up the good work :)
Submitted By: stenok8
(337,257 on 12-2007)
what a great podcast!!!!
Submitted By: dpward
(336,396 on 11-2007)

Love it....
Submitted By: diallo41
(333,645 on 11-2007)

The Black & White Ball
I to the lastest podcast and you were talking about who should be killed off I agree Nadine and Leyla should been killed off the frist night both of them.
Submitted By: Tnylasley
(332,551 on 11-2007)

Top youngher actress
Loved the podcast and liked most the actress on your lists and did you know that it`s the end of the road for zendall.
Submitted By: Tnylasley
(330,669 on 11-2007)

Daytime Confidential is the Best!
DC is the best podcast ever! Lisa and Luke are so fun together, they include their audience, and they know their soaps! If you havnt already, you should defineitly download it and give it a listen!
Submitted By: gqfan1212
(329,753 on 11-2007)

Grils nigth out
Loced the pocast .
Submitted By: Tnylasley
(327,503 on 11-2007)

Great Podcast
Lisa and Luke are very funny and its really informative and fun podcast.
Submitted By: Revans0721
(326,451 on 11-2007)

Chi_Town_Fan Votes For You
I love this podcast especially when I get shout outs.
Submitted By: lkonieczny
(323,262 on 10-2007)

Luke and NOah
Submitted By: d.blaze
(319,768 on 10-2007)

5. Nacy Lee Grahn [ Alexis] .What can I say she just wonderful when she in scenes with Sebastine Roche[ Jerry] the woman just shines. 4.Robin CHristoper [Skye]She was great on ANOTHER WORLD when she played Lorna she just so haunting to watch when she was bad and even when she was good.I have tie for 4 . . Alicia Minshew [KENDALL ]. HER best are with erica, BINCA , zach and Josh. 3. Kimberly MCcullough [ ROBIN] i cried with Robin when Stone die and when she had to tell Mac that she was H IV Potive those scene where so wonderfu and heart felt you just couldn`t stop watching. 2..Leslie Charlson [Monica] Alan`s death do I have to say more she is just so underused now and she shouldn`t be. 1.Renee Goldsberry [Evangine] A BC`S BIGGEST MIKESTAE OF LETTING HER GO. BYE for now, Tny28 ps. love the pdcast luke & lisa.
Submitted By: Tnylasley
(319,625 on 10-2007)

Luke and Lisa love the podcast find you through and I agree with you on some of your top 8 actors to I just want to say love guys you make myweek keep up the good work, I god your are so funny.
Submitted By: Tnylasley
(318,993 on 10-2007)

Awesome, wonderful, fabulous
is how I would describe DC!
Submitted By: catherinecsi
(315,470 on 10-2007)

Love it
love your podcast. Just wish it was everyday !
Submitted By: Freem06
(314,176 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: jeanine_bulizzi
(310,564 on 9-2007)

Podcast Addictive
I really love your podcast. I only download and listen to the special shows, the top fives, and the OLTL and GH ones. Its a very addictive show and you guys have great chemistry and personality. Nothing worse than listening to dull people and you guys definitely aren't that. Keep it up. Love ya and love tha show. Podcast Junkie
Submitted By: kaliel2000
(308,456 on 9-2007)

Love Love LOVE
I love love LOVE this Podcast. Luke are Lisa are so great...I especially love LIsas sense of humor. She has made me burst out laughing countless times. The only thing I love more than watching my soaps is talking about them and listening to other people talk about them. This podcast fills my soap obsession when I am not waching them. I cant say good things about Daytime Confidential. LIsten and you will b hooked. I wish they were on everyday. Thanks.
Submitted By: classicrock1970s
(308,085 on 9-2007)

Excellent podcast - one of a kind
Submitted By: blisstear
(307,180 on 9-2007)

Daytime Confidential
I just love your show, just wish it was everyday !
Submitted By: Freem06
(306,138 on 9-2007)

This is a one of a kind podcast, Lisa & Luke keep me entertained every time! Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: dpward
(305,861 on 9-2007)

Love this podcast
Submitted By: rachel70802002
(305,174 on 9-2007)

Daytime Confidential
I love it. Great show. Keep it going!
Submitted By: kaliel2000
(304,038 on 9-2007)

I love this show.
Submitted By: baamac
(303,179 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: lisalove611
(303,122 on 9-2007)

Love Luke and Lisa
They just rock. I never laugh more then when I am listening to them talk about soaps. Whether I agree with them or not-- I always enjoy their comments. They make daytime shows so miuch more entertaining. Eleah
Submitted By: mozeleah
(302,956 on 9-2007)

best podcast ever
Daytime Confidential is the best podcast ever!!!!
Submitted By: catherinecsi
(302,944 on 9-2007)

I have been absoultly addicted to the DC Podcast since I found out about them. They talk about all the soaps and recently they got me addicted to Days! Awsome Podcast!
Submitted By: Stephlovesgl
(302,934 on 9-2007)

simply the best!
Submitted By: jordanpa_54
(302,923 on 9-2007)

Love this podcast! This is the one to listen to for all your daytime news and gossip - and its pretty funny too!
Submitted By: blsm79
(302,912 on 9-2007)

daytime confidential worth the time
fun to listen to and informing. lots of great comments!
Submitted By: tmcgeady
(298,176 on 8-2007)

Daytime Confidential
I vote yes...
Submitted By: livi1019
(297,952 on 8-2007)

love the podcast listen everyday!
Submitted By: thecarringtons
(296,856 on 8-2007)

They are incredible
I love luke and lisa. I listen to there podcasts all the time. They are extremely interesting.
Submitted By: mozeleah
(296,605 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: tvfanonline
(296,604 on 8-2007)

Best podcast to hit the air!
Submitted By: jordanpa_54
(296,571 on 8-2007)

Great podcasts peeps!
Submitted By: kaliel2000
(296,488 on 8-2007)

This is a very entertaining podcast for those who love daytime soaps!
Submitted By: blsm79
(296,021 on 8-2007)

This is the best podcast for any daytime scoops or opinions you need. Luke and LIsa are wonderfully funny and informative.
Submitted By: dmlosey1
(296,005 on 8-2007)

Best Podcast EVER
This group, mainly Luke/Lisa are FUNNY! Great updates with banter included. Highly recommend to anyone who is a podcast listener
Submitted By: llubben
(294,601 on 8-2007)

Love it !
I love the DC podcast! even though one of the co host doesnt like jammy ! I as a jammy fan will still listen because they are awsome ! ;)
Submitted By: Stephlovesgl
(293,982 on 8-2007)

LOVE it!
This is such a great program - i am not able to watch daily, and this keeps me up-to-date on my Y&R (and B&B). I feel like i havent really missed a thing. Love the conversation!
Submitted By: ddellavalle
(293,938 on 8-2007)

Great info...
Submitted By: jeansteinm
(293,929 on 8-2007)

excellent show!
I really enjoy listiening to Lisa & Lukes banter! It is a fun listen & I am always surprised that the show is over! Keep up the good work....
Submitted By: dpward
(293,615 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: bryanlovefamily
(293,173 on 8-2007)

Cant say it enough, love the podcast, love Luke and Lisa, love the listeners, love it. Your one stop shop for soaps. Dimeragirl
Submitted By: historical_buff
(292,661 on 8-2007)

love it
I enjoy the banter, its a good bid of rumour, speculation and just plain soap sudser fun. A nust for anyone who watches and appreciates the daytime genre!
Submitted By: swteapi
(291,948 on 8-2007)

Big fun!
Submitted By: belinda812
(291,512 on 8-2007)

DC Rocks
VERY addicting podcast! Keep it up Luke and Lisa! We love you guys! WhitePineLane
Submitted By: kadamsplehal
(287,768 on 7-2007)

The Best Podcast Ever!
I love this podcast its so great! Luke and Lisa rock! Keep up the hard work guys!
Submitted By: gqfan1212
(287,459 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: ides_of_march
(287,120 on 7-2007)

I love how they are into EVERY soap. Its great to find a place where people not only understand my soap addiction, but share in it.
Submitted By: downtime_01
(286,703 on 7-2007)

Chitown Fan Loves IT
You will love this podcast. Perfect for listening to on the commute, or to unwind before bed. Luke and Lisa are the best
Submitted By: lkonieczny
(286,520 on 7-2007)

Wonderful podcast- check it out!
Submitted By: lisalove611
(284,048 on 7-2007)

so enjoyable!
Submitted By: dpward
(283,071 on 7-2007)

THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: spunkyroc
(281,904 on 7-2007)

Love It
I love this podcast, it gets me up to date with all my favorite soaps and the banter is mint. I love that soap fans are talking soaps and dont care what others think.
Submitted By: historical_buff
(280,913 on 7-2007)

Love the podcast
Submitted By: iaa001
(279,422 on 6-2007)

Great podcast
Funniest hosts ever!
Submitted By: kerry_lynne
(278,206 on 6-2007)

awesome podcast!
Submitted By: kstenger
(275,972 on 6-2007)

I lovee it
Best podcast in the history of Podcast should win a daytime emmy!
Submitted By: bamfx56
(275,963 on 6-2007)

This is a great podcast
This is one of the best podcasts around. It is informative and entertaining all at the same time.
Submitted By: dmlosey1
(275,524 on 6-2007)

Listen to this one!
All about soaps...and Luke & Lisa are great!
Submitted By: ebernier
(275,378 on 6-2007)

Awesome Podcast
Submitted By: dianab
(274,795 on 6-2007)

Love It
Best podcast you can find about daytime television.
Submitted By: blisstear
(273,677 on 6-2007)

The best daytime podcast by far.
Submitted By: melbourne_fc
(271,018 on 6-2007)

Wonderful Podcast
This podcast is awesome
Submitted By: jax_rlk
(270,915 on 6-2007)

Luke and Lisa rock!
they are great! love hearing the podcast. always keeps me informed on all my soaps not to mention the great chemistry between them and their excellent/enjoyable banter makes it all the better. definitely recommended, no matter what station you watch for your soaps;CBS,ABC,NBC...they care and respect each listeners opinion even if they have an opposing view to yours. you should check it out, you wont regret it. ~tenilove~
Submitted By: lourdesweet43
(270,201 on 6-2007)

this is the best podcast ever
Submitted By: nicole_pyne
(270,054 on 6-2007)

Great Podcast!
Daytime Conidential is such a great podcast! Luke and Lisa are so funny together. They are very intelligent about all 9 soaps and other daytime shows including The View and Oprah. This podcast will make you laugh out loud and its definietly worth suscribing too! So hurry into iTunes and start listening! You wont regret it!
Submitted By: gqfan1212
(270,046 on 6-2007)

Great podcast with great hosts.
Submitted By: lisa_e_love
(268,243 on 6-2007)

Wonderful podcast covering all soaps on all networks!
Submitted By: sharpkmac
(268,210 on 6-2007)

this is the best podcast ever!!!!!
Submitted By: kellyannie1125
(268,200 on 6-2007)

The best daytime podcast there is!
Submitted By: mowygirl
(268,171 on 6-2007)

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