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The Jesse Peterson TV Show Comments

There are 30 Comments for this Podcast
Jesse Is GREAT
and has a great show
Submitted By: timbertrail4444
(546,752 on 8-2013)

after reading about the churches that allows Muslims there not to hear the word of GOD but to practice islam i was shocked but again thats america if the Pastors would read there Koran or watch some of the teachings they have on the internet would they reconsider. or have an interpretor to let them know what they are praying in their sanctuary.
Submitted By: sarnabb
(532,257 on 2-2011)

Interracial marriage
There should not be any interracial marriages. Everyone who gets married should always stay within their own race. That is the way GOD has always wanted marriages to be.
Submitted By: jennifercarolle
(517,928 on 5-2010)

Whit women vs Black women
I heard Jesse Peterson on the radio April 06, 2010. I heard him say to a black women that is why black men date white women. I feel that what he said demeans black women and white women. Mostly all women are the same. Women all wanted to be respected, protected, and stable. I don't know if Jesse has ever been to college, but if he has does he know his history. Black men since they were conquered have never been able to support their black women. Black women have been raped, abused, finiancially deprived and for a negro to get on the radio having a black man and to degrade black women is ignorance. To me black men hate theirselves that is why they alway portray the fag, or the comedian, or the spook, or the one that dies for the white man, because most of them our swayed into tramps easier than black women. America hates the black women. America wonders how the black women still stands strong, and beautiful through it all. Black women are not mad any more about interracial dating because the majority of the time the black women doesn't find that black man attractive anyway, and I have see alot of black women dating outside their race. I know for me I believe black men are just worried about having sex allll the time with everyone like they did doing slavery when master sent them to shack to shack. Now the black man has turn into a sexual beast known for saggy pants and having sex. White men and Asian men are mostly worried about making money. So you may say white women are different but many of my white sistas have put their black man in their place to. I really believe alot of blacks need extensive therapy. The self hate has to stop. Why does the black man what the white mans women, child and everything else. Why doesn't the black man fee good enough about his self. Why is the black man so insecure. I feel sorry for all the young black girls who may of heard Jesse say what he said. These are the kinds of black fathers we have out here. Its a shame and almost perverted. Jessie please start loving yourself.
Submitted By: pickensjudith
(516,291 on 4-2010)

a link to help jesse's cause
Hello, to whomever reads this. If you want to expose the hoax of 'civil-rights' (and I do believe in the rights of Blacks (etc.), though not by the destructive liberal-means), go to . He was a defector from the 'Communist Party, U.S.A.', who helped try to expose the agenda of political-correctness. (The bio. on that site will explain his history, up to his demise in the 1960's.) If Blacks want to know why they're so often impoverished & used as political-tools to elect leaders who intentionally do nothing for their benefit, seek this man's wisdom in his "Color, Communism, & Common-Sense" (written in 1958). It's like nothing that you've ever read, and these truths will truly set you & the rest of us free if you're willing to his advice. Two-more quick links (to expose what is happening to America, as of the last-200 years): * html * * ild.htm (The only thing the latter link gets wrong is why Lincoln was assassinated, which is corectly explained in Thomas Woods' "The Politically-Incorrect guide to American-History" (2004).) Thank you.
Submitted By: andrewbrown99
(505,557 on 11-2009)

Dear Rev. Peterson, I saw you last night on Hannity and admired you so much, I had to find your site and email you. You are wonderful! Each person on this earth is equal in every way. America has made some mistakes, but thank the Lord, most of us have moved past them. This is the greatest country in the world. No matter how any of us got here (my ancestors came from other countries, as well) we all need to just be thankful that we are here now. Keep up the fantastic work! God Bless.
Submitted By: debie.wilson
(502,083 on 10-2009)

Brother Peterson, I'm simply writing to ask that you publicly explain just who are the people that support you and your organization? And what your annual salary is? Lastly, for the sake of all of our black ancestors, please speak of how we can overcome the continuation of racism that whites are doing, which is far more detrimental to blacks than what Rev. Jesse Jackson and others may be doing to get money from racist whites. Write a book about the evils of slavery, that is still harming blacks mentally. And as a minister, which I am also, let it be known that whites MUST reap what has been sewn. I'm at (615) 494-9056. Give me a call sometimes, Brother Peterson.
Submitted By: wmb71
(472,911 on 3-2009)

Godspeed,Rev. Peterson
It sickened me to see how Obama used blacks to get elected,just as Clinton did. But watch and see,the Mexicans and not the blacks ,are going to benefit from this president. If people would listen to you and follow your advice,what a wonderful world we would live in. I thank you and hope you continue to grow momentum.
Submitted By: barelywalkingx2
(464,064 on 2-2009)

persecuted for truth
Rev. Peterson speaks truth and so very clearly. Sadly, we often do not want to hear the truth, myself included. As a woman who believes women have certain God given roles and should value and use their femininity carefully (while being equal in importance to men), I am not too popular with some groups of women (or men!). Therefore, I can understand his not being popular with some in the black community. I have a son and a daughter and I want them to learn what God desires them to be and that only when they follow His way will they live to their full potential. Our culture is brainwashing young men and women. I do not want my kids to see special treatment given to girls to coerce them into certain careers, etc. Women are just as good at science & math as men, but often areinclined to use those talents in different ways than men. Quit making special programs to train up girls specifically for certain careers wherein they don't traditionally have much representation. If a girl is meant to go into one of those fields, then she WILL be successful without the special treatment. And those who got into a certain field just so they could get a free education won't end up feeling unfulfilled. We do not appreciate boys or girls for what they are and are training the girls to believe they 'don't need a man' and the boys that they are dumb blockheads. And telling both that they should compete with rather than complement.
Submitted By: klelkin
(446,457 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: jlnez22
(444,907 on 11-2008)

Bro. Peterson, tonight for the first time we're hearing your program on 660 Dallas. We want to express gratitude for the many salient points you're making. You are the Hope of our Future. God bless you, you will be in our prayers. We will support your ministry. We're praying for open ears and minds of All Left Leaning Americans for this essential message or this nation will come under condemnation. We are standing for you and yours. God Bless and Protect You Susan and Bill Cohrs
Submitted By: hors2cohrs
(443,648 on 10-2008)

Issues of today
I saw you on The Shawn Hannity&Allen Cones show and I like the way you conducted yourself.I am a Black women who's not happy with the way this Presidential race is going.I Obama and his camp has played the race card alone with media as his no.1 fan.There are no perfect person that I no of. But the way the Clintons have been treated is unbelievable.I don't like the way Mr.Obama is saying things then he switch up to something else.Its asthough he has to gather his thoughts before he can finish a sentence.You no it one thing to say something ugly about a person (which is not good). But to delivery try and destroy them is evil.This what the Obama camp and the media has tried to do to the Clintons. However I am a strong supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton and if she does not get the nominee I am not votting.I also think it is sad for the media to try and connect Rev. John Hagee& Rev. Rod Parsely to Sen.MCCain. They are two Pastors who endorse him and he does not attend their church or agree with their views. But on the other hand Sen. Obama was and still is a member of Trinty Church where the Rev. Jermiah Wright was the Pastor.There is a big different there. I no we can't pick friends for a person but Sen. Obama are a little scarey for the job he is seeking.I think this Father Pfleger wants to White-Black. He's a bit confused and wacked like the Rev. Wright. I think anyone assorociated wit Louis Farrakhan is wacked because that man is so full of hate. With all of his smartness he does not no what it is to love. On Sat. it want matter what the voter say it will be all about the supperdelegates-Hypocrites what they say and think in decideing this Presidential race.You have Blacks votting for Brack Obama because he's Black and because of the media Whites because he yelled change-change what.Young whites-Blacks votting because they're glad to vote and the rest Hillary hater because of what they've heard.All the dirty politicing and the favoritism and so call friends and betrayal of friends turns my stomach. The media can kill you with the way twist the way you something or if you're their favorite person then you can do no wrong. Like they've treated Mr.Obama.All I no GOD is not in the mist of this foolishness thats taking place. There will be a price to pay. GOD BLESS YOU.Linda From LeRoy,New York
Submitted By: BeautifulT
(389,902 on 5-2008)

Having read your book: "SCAM" I hope more influential Blacks will step up to the plate to address this sensetive issue. What was it you said? "Lose the hate and foregive" Best wishes and good luck. Mike Woods
Submitted By: wildturkey
(369,582 on 3-2008)

If Fredrick Douglas could speak on todays blacks...
...there would be very little difference between Rev. Peterson and Mr. Douglas. A word of advise to those who turn their ears towards the Rev. Peterson's words; understand the TRUTH is its very own axiom as defined by Wikipedia to be "A proposition that is not proved or demonstrated but considered to be self-evident. Therefore, its truth is taken for granted, and serves as a starting point for deducing and inferring other truths." Therefore, do not strain or filter his statements through your internalizations of TRUTH as you see it, because TRUTH exist outside of us, it is real like it not, it just is. The only reasonable way to honor TRUTH is to except it in its natural state, how you FEEL about it is can only currupt it's splender.
Submitted By: sgoforth
(366,054 on 3-2008)

I am a 66 year old white womean profoundly touched by an e-mail sent to me about you Mr. Pererson. I would only pray that if there were more honest and truthful humans on the earth like you, what a wonderful would this would be.. No "color"...just "human beings"...As God would want it to be....Please keep doing the wonderful things you are doing. God bless you and your family.......blueyes
Submitted By: blueyes925
(365,783 on 3-2008)

This a great organization
I met the son Jesse Jr. he opposes school prayer you know every issue he brings up, you just cannot have a conversation with him, 80% of what Jesse Jr. speaks he talks about race. I am glad that BOND is doing a great a job.
Submitted By: blues45beat
(363,580 on 3-2008)

Any More???
Any More T.V Shows??? when is Jesse going to do some more TV Shows and post them
Submitted By: vjreyes2000
(357,741 on 2-2008)

You are not a Tom you are a Sambo
I've never liked you Jesse Lee. You are the most dispicable so called black man I have ever seen or heard. You have a deep seeded hatred for your own people. You try to find fault in any black person that doesn't kiss conservative white peoples asses. You would defend to the death any white racist who would do anything in there power to destroy any thing positive in the black community. Now you had a problem with Obama's church in the Chicago area. You said that the pastor was basically sponsoring black empowerment by having blacks buy or sell goods and services from black people in their community. I don't see those conservative white people you love so much doing anything in the black community. I take it you don't want blacks to buy goods and services from other black people. What a sad Sambo you are.
Submitted By: alwaysunknowing
(357,725 on 2-2008)

Any More???
When is Jesse going to do some more TV Shows and post them
Submitted By: vjreyes2000
(357,271 on 2-2008)

Great Showing
Saw you on Hannity and Combs tonite. You handled yourself very well and with dignity!
Submitted By: ernj
(352,716 on 1-2008)

TV Apperance
Rev Peterson: I saw you on the Hanniety and Combs show tonight, and have heard a lot about you.Mr Peterson I believe you would be a great leader for all Americans. Black,White and any other color there is.Please continue your good work. M. J. Shock
Submitted By: marvinshock
(352,659 on 1-2008)

I Love Jessie Lee
Mr Peterson is a true man of God . As a white man I love his sweet good nature and strong stance against those who "act" like men of God ala Jessie Jackson & Farrakhan who disgrace the good legacy of MLK. If your a black person you cant do any better than Rev Peterson as a good example of a self disciplined all American man. He puts his money were his mouth is and personally helps fatherless black kid's to start a new life and become what ever there hearts yearning is in this country without needing a welfare handout or blaming "the man". You can learn something from Rev Peterson and from a dear mutual friend Roy Masters of the on how to find the meaning of life, how to overcome a bad life and how to get on the right path and have a meaningful good life . GOoooooooo Jessie !!!!! sincerely Steve southern Oregon
Submitted By: steven_walker_evans
(352,616 on 1-2008)

Brother Peterson, I am a 43 year old black Christian male from Chicago who (by happenstance) came across your website just yesterday (01/15/07). Before I proceed further with my opinions and beliefs, let me (first of all) be the first to suggest that I share your beliefs on loving God and accepting Christ as our lord & savior as I do personally. I'll also be the first to affirm & share your beliefs about the negative evil practices of homosexuality. I believe homosexuality is immoral, dispicable, blasphemous, disgraceful, and just all-out filthy. I also believe that the husband (regardless of color) maintain his purpose and responsibilities of being the head of his household, especially as a happily loving christian black man & husband such as myself am supposed to. As a mature adult black christian male, I do as best to aliviate as much ungodly sins of the world from entering my life, my home, and my marriage as best as possible, but because I'm not a follower of the dreadful natures of sin doesn't make me perfect. Everyday I ask Christ to help me fight and overcome the evils of procrastination that (so far) continues to spiritually stunt my growth, but I know in due time that God will release this form of sin away from me and remain free from this debilitating spirtual disease. I will continue to set as best examples for others especially my nephews to walk straight in the lord and to be the best husband to my wife and future father to my child(ren) that I hope to someday be. I find your spiritual views and your views on immigration enlightning because I'm against illegal immigrants coming into this country to, but I have major polarizing differences with you toward my black people that I find obserd and very disturbing. I allow me to be honest with you Bro, you head an organization that with all good intentions are to help build character within the black family and that's fine, but your vile racist views toward those who you claim on wanting to help is divisive, offensive, and hypercritical. Yes, I agree that a segment within our society (especially among our young black people) need both parents in the home to nurture and them the way a mother & father are supposed to, but unfortunately in some of our black neighborhoods throughout this country that there are no father figures to do that. But loathing the black man and/or black woman for their transgressions won't change things either. You perceive me with that impression Peterson and it vexes me. I respect you as a man and a human being, but just as you seem to always question the integrity of the majority of black people in this country, I'm beginning to suspect your integrity as a (so-called) Christian. If you choose to be a right-winged conservative then that's on you, that's your choice. That's what I love about this country also......about makeing choices, but Man, you take this anal retentive role of social conservatism to far. I also believe that your vile tongue toward verbally attacking black women change. I'm a firm believer that the integrity of a black are usually measureed by the character by the black woman.......not whitey. Revenend, I'm going to pray for you. Your heart is corrupt and you let encourage the ignorance these white honkys for allowing you to turn against your brothers that you have no respect for. You think you do, but you don't. You're entitled to your conservative views Rev because that's who you are and I respect that, but your rhetoric is vile and totally disrespectful. Thank you for allowing me to exercise my freedom of speech on your website. Praise him, Bro.
Submitted By: aparkw
(350,284 on 1-2008)

black politics
This podcast was great to watch. Entertaining, informative, and it keeps you on your toes! Intro music is kind of 80s. But really enjoyed the discussion!!
Submitted By: ascates
(338,798 on 12-2007)

Rev. Peterson's stand on Jena
I thought justice Thomas was the last colored person to do the white man's but i see you have jumped on the bandwagon
Submitted By: willhj
(310,828 on 9-2007)

Churchill's Curve
the following is from a speech Sir Winston Churchill gave in 1899 when he was a young soldier/journalist... "How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries-improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prohet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread through Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome." Churchill won the Nobel prize for literature in 1953 for his historical writings. Churchill was a savant. Regards... Steve Gobie Middleburg, Va.
Submitted By: sgobie
(306,285 on 9-2007)

Thank you!
I have just received an email forwarded to me tht was an article you had written on New Orleans debaucle and who should sholder responsbilitiy of such. Thank you, for speaking truth. I have found you on the internet and intend to listen to your commentaries! Along with Walter Williams, you should consider running for President!! By the way, I am a conservative, 57 year old, white woman that is looking for someone to support in the next election! Blessings and protection to you! Nancy Dunlap
Submitted By: njdunlap
(305,544 on 9-2007)

Useful Idiot
See definition: Useful Idiot That is all Jesse Lee Peterson is.
Submitted By: viper9964
(241,927 on 3-2007)

white giult
Submitted By: bhkeller
(230,667 on 2-2007)

Like a breath of fresh air
Peterson is touching on something very real, deep, and profound. He is touching on the real causes of problems in black culture (i.e.: refusal to accept personal responsibilty, immorality, criminality, abortion, etc...). While Peterson can go overboard at times with generalizations, the substance of what he says is valid.
Submitted By: newscndaddress
(192,278 on 12-2006)

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