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Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Comments

There are 2862 Comments for this Podcast
awesome sauce
Great show!
Submitted By: jontomedwards
(549,796 on 6-2014)

Blueprint for Armegeddon III
Dan, I cannot express sufficiently my appreciation for the the outstanding attention to detail in your exhaustive research, andyour ability to articulate, the personal accounts from those involved in these events. Dan, your Hardccore History Volumes are worthy of being recorded in the National Archives, better yet, inclusion to any data about the human race that is projected into the celestial universe. Thank You for what you do, and know that my $10 per month in support is fractionally representative my appreciation of the historical erudtion I receive from these podcasts. John Boehmer SGM, U.S. Army (Ret) Williamsburg, VA. PS, If you are ever in the locale of the "Historic Triangle here in S.E. Virginia, please consider contacting me, I would love to buy you and yours dinner.
Submitted By: jboehmer1
(549,701 on 5-2014)

Best Intelligent Podcast!
I love listening to Dan Carlin and Hardcore History. I wish history had been like this in school.
Submitted By: kfitz01
(549,665 on 4-2014)

Awesome Podcast!
Submitted By: dmoer94
(549,660 on 4-2014)

The Best History Podcast Hands Down
Submitted By: rcaron66
(549,497 on 2-2014)

every show is meticulously researched and compellingly presented. Amazing work. McArthur Genius stuff here.
Submitted By: rhkennerly
(549,469 on 2-2014)

Hardcore History Fan
This is an amazing podcast with episodes that I return to again and again. As a huge history geek I enjoy Dans entertaining and thoughtful approach to his topics. Ive been doing my best to spread the word about Hardcore History. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: estrietelmeier
(549,420 on 1-2014)

Informative, interesting and generally well-prepared!
Submitted By: anniken.marijke
(547,152 on 1-2014)

Fantastic history podcast
If youre interested in history, you will not be disappointed
Submitted By: kwhitty
(547,084 on 12-2013)

Great podcast
Submitted By: sub367
(547,059 on 12-2013)

thank you for the wonderful history lesson. You make History a living, heart rendering story. thank you very much
Submitted By: bcolson258
(547,057 on 12-2013)

Dan rocks
Obviously voting for HH.... Best Podcast ever
Submitted By: evan.barclay
(547,040 on 12-2013)

Spanish civil war
It would be awesome if this podcast did a story abour the spanish civil war and all the political sides that were involved plus how the anarchists were trying to biuld their utopian society. It would be fun to hear how that war is relevant to this day and how it can be reflected upon.
Submitted By: jumafer91
(546,992 on 11-2013)

Cant get enough
Best podcast for history fans! Dan Carlin gives his audience the rich details, commentary, and narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat podcast after podcast. I appreciate the fact that he also gives you quotes and sources for many of his topics that affords the listener additional material to pic up whee he leaves off and or for more information on the vast subjects and details contained in his podcasts. I cannot wait to play these to my son & daughter as they grow up to hear the history everyone should know.
Submitted By: jsknepper
(546,984 on 11-2013)

Best History podcast
Best podcast ever but be warned - it isn't a podcast as much as a small audiobook. Yes, I listen to History according to Bob, History of WWII, etc. Dan does not come off as a history teacher, but a history fan.
Submitted By: casstlelong1
(546,974 on 11-2013)

Well presented and researched. Entertaining and very informative!
Submitted By: Jryan33
(546,921 on 10-2013)
Dans Hardcore History is fantastically entertaining and always insightful. I wish there were more history teachers out there with just half his ability.
Submitted By: decker931
(546,920 on 10-2013)

Outstanding Thoughts on History
I love Dans analysis of many pivotal moments in history that you never knew of without researching yourself. The Fall of Nineveh Show for example is about an empire that was never even mentioned in my College Ancient Mesopotamia Course, but considering their influence is amazing that I never learned of the Assyrian Empire.
Submitted By: greg.turnbaugh
(546,919 on 10-2013)

If you love history there is no substitute for this show.
Submitted By: psnewcombiv
(546,903 on 10-2013)

Best history podcast ever!
Dan Carlins podcast has been more rewarding than all of the history classes I took in k-12 & college combined. This man does extensive research and presents all available relevant perspectives in an unbiased way. Listen and you will see!!!
Submitted By: contactjoshuabloom
(546,895 on 10-2013)

The storytelling and interlaced quotes make this podcast a treat for history fans and those who are hungry for knowledge. I especially reccomend the American Peril episode, listening to it as the US is discussing military action against Syria provides uncanny resonance.
Submitted By: tpolichro
(546,759 on 8-2013)

Absolutely can not get enough of this podcast...
Outside of Game of Thrones series and next to the This American Life podcast, I enjoy Dans Hardcore History podcast more than any single piece of current media... And I love that he randomly references specific Simpsons episodes.
Submitted By: john
(546,742 on 8-2013)

above its the sun
So far the best podcast a "history geek" can find. Keep up the good work Dan! (Lucas from normandy)
Submitted By: lucas.jumelin
(546,721 on 8-2013)

Thanks Dan!
I listen to your show an absolutely embarrassing amount of times.
Submitted By: Dorpisdead
(546,624 on 7-2013)

Simply the best history and contemporary politics podcast alive today.
Submitted By: rollrasmussen
(546,600 on 7-2013)

Keeps ME Wanting More
Love Hardcore History. Need more episodes!!
Submitted By: williamwickey
(546,516 on 6-2013)

Submitted By: gniels1
(546,499 on 6-2013)

Dan carlin is the man.
Great podcast. Dan carling is amazing.
Submitted By: Nodice_nodice
(546,420 on 5-2013)

How history should be
Genghis Khan series made me a fan
Submitted By: reedcsy
(546,395 on 5-2013)

Submitted By: Jamie.dechon
(546,374 on 5-2013)

Excellent podcast, great compliment to my university history courses. Keep up the great work guys, Dan and Ben. Angela in Sydney
Submitted By: angelamcloughlin714
(546,368 on 5-2013)

Big Fan
Really enjoy this history show!
Submitted By: djparker3
(546,314 on 4-2013)

Dan Carlin Hardcore History is the best
you have to listen.
Submitted By: phatphox
(546,309 on 4-2013)

This is by far the best podcast on the internet.
Submitted By: pcosta.jedwardcapital
(546,246 on 4-2013)

History told with captivating style
Im a huge fan of Dan Carlins Hardcore History podcasts. If youre new to them, I encourage you to listen to all the back episodes you can get hold of. There are so many new insights into historical perspective; a sense of what it may have been like to actually experience the events described with a passion for the subject by Dan Carlin.
Submitted By: thomas
(546,194 on 3-2013)

Dan is a fantastic storyteller. I will sometimes drive my high school age son and his buddies to and from snowboarding - one hour each way - and my "fee" is that they have to listen to one of his Hardcore History podcasts. They always pretend to hate it, but then Ill overhear them talking about some of the events they just heard and have a discussion about it.
Submitted By: tduffy56
(546,151 on 3-2013)

If you...
...if u love thinking, if u like history, if u like humans. This is the best podcast ever for you!
Submitted By: ahreeeman
(546,042 on 2-2013)

go dan hh
Submitted By: Derekrhodes5
(546,040 on 2-2013)

I anxiously await the new podcasts every few weeks.
Submitted By: dougknipple
(546,028 on 2-2013)

tremendous work
Submitted By: dbnntt
(545,974 on 2-2013)

Amazing podcast series. The best of all history ones out there in part because of the analogies and connections Dan Carlin makes between ancient events and the present.
Submitted By: faugonne
(545,934 on 1-2013)

A master storyteller, was recommended by a friend and I cant stop listening.
Submitted By: gehswan
(545,930 on 1-2013)

Love this podcast. So entertaining and engaging.
Submitted By: ariel.whitehill
(545,890 on 1-2013)

Entertaining and Interesting
Hardcore History is a solid A. Always interesting, even if you dont always agree with Carlins perspectives.
Submitted By: DanielWaterman
(545,819 on 12-2012)

Submitted By: dummyccnt0
(545,757 on 12-2012)

Best Show Ever
This is a great show. I live in Australia and dont always enjoy American podcasts, but this one and Dans Common Sense podcast cross international borders.
Submitted By: scottsparrowallica
(545,731 on 12-2012)

Great nerration
I find the narrative style and the presentation very enjoyable, breaths more life in the topics being discussed.
Submitted By: 094220121119dev
(545,659 on 11-2012)

Im a fan of history, but Dan takes it to an entirely different level. Amazing content and delivery show after show.
Submitted By: jrhelton34
(545,466 on 10-2012)

Hardcore history.
Need more like this
Submitted By: garion911
(545,431 on 10-2012)

I check every day to see if hes put a new one out. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Submitted By: katherinemorici
(545,283 on 9-2012)

Recently discovered Mr. Carlins podcasts by chance and instantly became a fan! Keep up the great work! And say hello to Ben! Marco
Submitted By: winters
(545,248 on 9-2012)

Dan Carlin makes history fun! His enthusiasm for the subject matter is unbridled and he brings his subjects to life in a way that many other podcasts simply fail at. Cannot recommend these podcasts enough.
Submitted By: Phillip_harben
(544,995 on 7-2012)

number 1....dan carlin is incredible
Submitted By: eightdoorme
(544,489 on 4-2012)

This show is so smart! This episode is great. So interesting and pertinent to the way we conduct war today.
Submitted By: timhsanchez
(544,472 on 4-2012)

Submitted By: thinnairr
(544,417 on 4-2012)

Brilliant - thought provoking
Submitted By: littleinabudhabi
(542,987 on 2-2012)

Thors Angels
Another four-hour program? It popped up in iTunes, and I wondered what Dan was thinking. I prefer the moderately-sized hour-long programs ... or at least I thought I did. This was great listening. The audio book format is worth the wait between episodes. Unfortunately, I devoured it, but it was fantastic! A little touch of Scythia-worship (starting to expect that), but it really did hit a departure in content from the last few episodes on Rome (loved them, but ready for something new). How about something on the Zulus or the founding of Australia or pirates or ... the Persians. Whatever Dan thinks actually. Keep em coming!
Submitted By: wittmaier
(542,621 on 1-2012)

A very engaging podcast that is well thought out and seldom has a dull moment. Considering it's just one guy at the mic reading out a script to himself, he manages to generally maintain a coherent narrative to historical discussions or a compelling line of argument to his analyses. It's the only historical podcast I listen to. My only complaint is that it doesn't come out often enough, and when it does come out, it's frequently really long. Thanks for your hard work, Dan.
Submitted By: scannon90
(542,493 on 1-2012)

Great Show
Best Podcast. Period.
Submitted By: jweg13
(542,191 on 1-2012)

Not History like I knew it from school
This is not a history lesson but storytelling on a grand scale that just happens to be historical in nature, it has lessons for all of us today. As Dan has alluded to History has destoryed fiction for me as no one would belive a fiction writer is they come up with some of the stuff from our past. Has made me thirst for more knowledge. Outstanding
Submitted By: david.woolcock
(542,180 on 1-2012)

brilliant podcast
Submitted By: stanleykaye
(541,665 on 12-2011)

brilliant podcast
If history had been taught this way in schools we wpuld all have been historians
Submitted By: stanleykaye
(541,664 on 12-2011)

The best history podcast
Dans is the best history podcast I have ever heard. History is an incredible, emotional thing and often when I find myself saying "Holy @#$%!" he is too and then he follows up.
Submitted By: mikefarr
(541,603 on 12-2011)

Even though I am a happily married man with a growing family there is still a small part of me that would like to have Dan Carlins children. Thats how good his hardcore history podcasts are.
Submitted By: ranterdean
(541,348 on 12-2011)

I love this podcast,
Submitted By: Dmainis
(541,068 on 12-2011)

Dan Carlin is AWESOME!
I wish all teachers could talk on their subjects like this. Listening to him makes me want to study history. Every time I hear him I learn something new, not just about history.
Submitted By: dead.juice
(540,617 on 11-2011)

fabulous, love every minute of this stuff
Submitted By: sheree
(540,497 on 11-2011)

Hes great.
I love his podcasts. So enlightening and refreshing.
Submitted By: elijah727
(540,378 on 11-2011)

Best Story Teller
Im all-in with this podcast...Dans weaves in primary sources perfectly to flesh out the often unexplored full picture of historic events. Ghost of the O-front and Fall of the Republic are epic in scope and he is up to the task! Brilliant!!
Submitted By: mangs618
(540,050 on 11-2011)

Never miss an episode
Submitted By: peter.swinson
(539,901 on 10-2011)

Simply outstanding!
Entertaining and informative.
Submitted By: oceanseleven1960
(539,250 on 10-2011)

Absolute favorite podcast
This is by far one of my favorite podcasts. Im not at all a history major; in fact Ill be going into medschool soon, but I can still fully appreciate all the information Dan Carlin has to offer. Most importantly, the way draws a picture of these historical events and how he puts in his own views about them makes this podcast all the more fascinating.
Submitted By: mlf76
(539,229 on 10-2011)

History of Rome
Fantastic series
Submitted By: jerry
(538,874 on 9-2011)

Brilliance in audio form
Submitted By: fireproofeyes
(538,848 on 9-2011)

best history podcast
hence the vote
Submitted By: jarmonroska
(538,846 on 9-2011)

I love hardcore history
Submitted By: michaelfleming1
(538,817 on 9-2011)

Great show Dan!
This has to be the best free online history show in the web! Dan Carlin is an interesting speaker and his topics touch exactly those things in history that are most interesting to listen without disgarding the more formal timelines and facts. Great show Dan, keep going!
Submitted By: thomas_dten
(538,805 on 9-2011)

Very informative and presented in an interesting way.
Submitted By: jsodell
(538,787 on 9-2011)

EXCELLENT EXCELLENT. Thank you, Mr. Carlin
Submitted By: tconrad
(538,502 on 9-2011)

Great series
Dans narration adds some draa to the stories he tells from the pages of History, a lot of which is unknown to most people.
Submitted By: roypitta
(538,247 on 8-2011)

Awesome podcast
Submitted By: jpampush
(538,001 on 8-2011)

Wonderfully insightful!
Submitted By: mikesf
(537,786 on 8-2011)

Hardcore History
Best podcast out there for history!
Submitted By: kharris24
(537,727 on 8-2011)

Submitted By: mrturbo5983
(537,612 on 7-2011)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History
I learn more history from Dan than I did in school! Great stuff!!!
Submitted By: dversetto
(537,539 on 7-2011)

Makes history fun
Submitted By: meco76
(537,465 on 7-2011)

Education the awesome way
A podcast as enthralling as it is deeply researched. I cant think of any storyteller Id rather listen to.
Submitted By: ixalarx
(537,271 on 7-2011)

Brilliant in every way
The title says it all. Amazing, especially the recent epic on the decline and fall of the Roman Republic. Great Work guys!!!
Submitted By: 12MackjA
(536,947 on 7-2011)

Best history show
Submitted By: dcmarcotte
(536,256 on 6-2011)

Compelling Perspective
Hardcore History is about visiting familiar topics with a fresh look. Dan presents the figures and events through the ambition, fear, greed, conflict, sadness and hate that surrounded them. The effect is nothing short of electrifying and yet sobering at the same time. There are dozens of episodes available to listen to for free. Youll be thoroughly hooked by your third.
Submitted By: harmonandneo
(535,950 on 6-2011)

Great Podcast
Not only informative, but extremely entertaining!
Submitted By: roypitta
(535,771 on 6-2011)

Wicked podcast
Submitted By: alexhixson
(535,660 on 5-2011)

Submitted By: originalball
(535,624 on 5-2011)

Amazing History
Dan offers a wonderful diversity of subject and perhaps a unique perspective on historical events and characters. While he enjoys what-if scenarios but that is far from his main thrust. He organizes and researches his work well and has a very engaging delivery. He doesnt claim to be a "professional", which allows him to cover many disparate subjects. This guy is addictive!
Submitted By: kenmaven
(535,546 on 5-2011)

Dan Carlin thank you!
Dan Carlin has brought alive history in a thought provoking, interesting and fantastically creative show. Truly a fantastic show, from a fantastic team. Dan passion for history might just spark your own all over again. Thank you Dan.
Submitted By: matthewjudecooper
(535,336 on 5-2011)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: monti666
(534,519 on 4-2011)

Hardcore History- a most excellent podcast
Dan Carlins Harrdcore History is the best podcast Ive ever listened to- history or otherwise.
Submitted By: sam_bandahjr
(534,127 on 4-2011)

Favorite podcast, wish it was every week!
Submitted By: jlsalt
(533,444 on 3-2011)

love your show it is why i can work all weekend at my job thanks
Submitted By: full3dwheel
(533,307 on 3-2011)

top self
one of the best podcasts, a great brain stimulate
Submitted By: jhulley
(533,266 on 3-2011)

Love this podcast - Dan Carlin rocks =)
Submitted By: holly
(533,208 on 3-2011)

One of the finest podcasts to be found among a whole group of excellent podcasts. Well done!
Submitted By: stevan.taylor
(532,943 on 3-2011)

A history podcast for those who dont like history. This isnt just names and dates, its a unique look at how and why things turned out the way they did. Give it a single listen and youll be hooked.
Submitted By: harmonandneo
(532,195 on 2-2011)

Great Show
This is a fantastic show
Submitted By: s1
(531,724 on 2-2011)

Was waiting on new ones...Ben!!! parts 3+4 always great, but forgetting you podcast alley listeners?
Submitted By: warmingtone
(531,673 on 2-2011)

Take a Step Back
And get a new perspective on current events, lionized figures and human nature.
Submitted By: harmonandneo
(531,137 on 1-2011)

My favorite podcast
I am addict, absolutely love this show. Dan knows his stuff, but he figures out ways to hook you in and pull you along that just brings history to life like nothing else I have ever experienced. He is doing a multiple part series on Rome right now and the new show comes out tomorrow, I am writing this in a way to get out some of my angst with how excited I am to get that show on my Ipod.
Submitted By: knickpoint
(531,123 on 1-2011)

History Made Entertaining!
One word: Awesome! Even if you were bored in high school history, Dan Carlin makes it exciting and relevant. I only wish the podcasts came out more frequently; the quality, though, is worth the wait!
Submitted By: areyouolsen
(531,107 on 1-2011)

the bomb
Dan Carlin podcasts are the bomb - ie fantastic. Am checking almost daily to see if they have been updated. By the way podcast alley you are way behind, Death Throes of the Republic lll has been on the Carlin site for months now...
Submitted By: caroline.em
(530,887 on 1-2011)

These are the bests podcasts Ive ever listened to. Even if you arent interested in history at all, you will be after listening to Dans Ghosts of the Ostfront series.
Submitted By: wadehwallace
(530,698 on 1-2011)

Dan Carlin = #1
Everyone should listen to Dan Carlins commentaries concerning our modern world (Common Sense) & his insights into history (Hardcore History).
Submitted By: mccainrj
(530,603 on 1-2011)

My favorite podcast !
Submitted By: dslojr
(530,328 on 1-2011)

Great. Cant say enough about these monologues.
Submitted By: Norm.Zehms
(530,129 on 12-2010)

Great Podcast
Dan will alternately get you cheering and get you yelling at him; all in all, though, he does a fantastic job and raises valid questions about lots of topics. Well worth listening to.
Submitted By: roypitta
(530,105 on 12-2010)

Always awesome!
Submitted By: simpletyranny
(529,918 on 12-2010)

Dan makes the best arguments and backs them up with fact and rationale. His unique knowledge of history helps in understanding why events in the world are taking place. Subscribe to both Common Sense and Hardcore History, you will be very impressed!
Submitted By: podcastalley
(529,467 on 12-2010)

Excellent series that I really enjoy. Thank you.
Submitted By: kpia50
(529,371 on 12-2010)

Such an amazing podcast!
Submitted By: don.m.clark
(528,795 on 11-2010)

Awesome !
Easily one of the most entertaining podcasts available, sign up and and enjoy.
Submitted By: dslojr
(528,588 on 11-2010)

Love this podcast
Dan has a way of dramatically narrating historical events so as to make History entertaining as well as informative.
Submitted By: roypitta
(528,039 on 10-2010)

The kind of History I wish my Grandkids will be taught
Alas dry texts, wrote memorization of dates and quotes are not the instruction our kids and Grandkids need. Dan inspires me to inspire my Grandchildren to have an inquisitive mind about history and not just dates and names. But how we got where we are today. Bravo Dan.
Submitted By: tlminc
(527,920 on 10-2010)

Ive been a listener for a few months now - my 15-year-old son was trapped with me for a 6 hour drive... the ninevah podcast caught his attention and the osfront series has finally fired the boy up about history... i "owe you my appreciation Mr. Carlin - his low "C" has gone to an "A" this quarter
Submitted By: vanderbes
(527,628 on 10-2010)

Should be no. 1
Submitted By: captsunshine54
(527,280 on 10-2010)

Submitted By: ws.prova.prova
(526,558 on 9-2010)

HH Rules
Best podcast on the web
Submitted By: bigblockdodge
(526,547 on 9-2010)

Great Podcast!!!
Submitted By: itsmetcp13
(526,490 on 9-2010)

The best podcast out there
This has to be the best podcast Ive ever listened to (I also love Common Sense). Dan Carlin is a natural born teacher and I hope his work continues to grow. We need more people like him.
Submitted By: ahwatman
(526,422 on 9-2010)

Dan rules!
I cant wait for the 3rd installment of Death Throes of the Republic!
Submitted By: jordan.burich
(526,404 on 9-2010)

This guy is great
This guy is great. Great knowledge, great enthusiasm. Dan Carlin really gets you thinking and gives insight into what it was like to be there when history was taking place.
Submitted By: rdedwards
(526,142 on 9-2010)

Hardcore History Addict
Love the show! Excellent, educational, riviting and Dans perspective is refreshing.
Submitted By: snippersly
(526,042 on 9-2010)

o.O yay
Submitted By: thais_marrow
(525,962 on 9-2010)

Dig it
Thank you for this podcast. I have enjoyed listening to it on my way to and from work. I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about what never fascinated me in high school.
Submitted By: jeremyvose
(525,863 on 9-2010)

Not Broken
Dan Carlin creates a lively and seemingly cinematic show about fascinating historical events. I find it to be extremely entertaining and educational. Keep up the great work Mr. Carlin.
Submitted By: 3683698
(525,779 on 9-2010)

Outstanding Podcast!
Love this podcast, Dans soothing voice and even the enigmatic Ben. I am using this as a teaching tool to go along with our classical education curriculum. Definitely keeps the students attention!
Submitted By: dfr915
(525,770 on 9-2010)

Great podcast
THis is very capitvating podcast. Dan does a great job bringing history to life. I find myself enthralled with his show just as I would be with a great movie.
Submitted By: cgella
(525,639 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: mattbuehler89
(525,581 on 9-2010)

Excellent and Entertaining
Dan possess an excellent knowledge of history along with the art of great story telling. Sit back relax and be entertained!
Submitted By: greek2mee
(525,558 on 9-2010)

Simply Superb
If you are a history buff, or even if you are not, you will be forced to think by listening to these podcasts.
Submitted By: completeabstraction
(525,423 on 9-2010)

Vote for Hardcore History
Submitted By: msdick
(525,352 on 9-2010)

hardcore history is amazing
best podcast ever
Submitted By: resipsa
(525,342 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: thegwood
(524,788 on 8-2010)

Submitted By: carolyn.j.stirling
(524,693 on 8-2010)

Death throes of the republic
Hardcore history is the greatest! Dan turns history into an audio movie. Love it! Dans coverage of Rome is superb. Thanks Dan
Submitted By: Ps
(524,617 on 8-2010)

Great Show!
Submitted By: jeffreymangel
(524,573 on 8-2010)

Love it!
Dan Carlin is the best!
Submitted By: jacob.e.anderson
(524,569 on 8-2010)

I really look forward to hearing each new podcast!
Submitted By: tsmith
(524,493 on 8-2010)

Submitted By: loghill
(524,450 on 8-2010)

By far the BEST podcast I think I have ever heard!
Submitted By: grant
(524,422 on 8-2010)

Best History Show Out There!
Love the show. Looking forward to for the next show.
Submitted By: drewbryandrewbryan
(524,310 on 8-2010)

History on steroid !!
Submitted By: jonathan.machado.2
(524,287 on 8-2010)

These podcasts are absolutely amazing and above all you gain a new perspective on historical events.
Submitted By: dinesh_chaudhari
(524,256 on 8-2010)

this is my favorite podcast...when new episodes hit I listen to them immediately
Submitted By: robert.anderson
(524,214 on 8-2010)

Love Hardcore History!!!
HH is my all time favorite Podcast~ I appreciate the hard work and research which goes into each episode.
Submitted By: clscurlock
(524,129 on 8-2010)

Hardcore History
Best podcast ever
Submitted By: roysanau
(524,029 on 8-2010)

Simply the best
Submitted By: etreslan
(523,947 on 8-2010)

Love It
Very entertaining and insightful - good bibliographies.
Submitted By: f_dorrie
(523,800 on 8-2010)

Fav podcast hands down
Submitted By: deefinn
(523,768 on 8-2010)

Great show
Keep up the good work, Dan...
Submitted By: djordjerd
(523,596 on 8-2010)

Love Dans passion for history
Submitted By: andyall
(523,519 on 8-2010)

History is fun!
And it doesnt get any better than this. Storytelling mixed with commentary... mixed with awe... its a fun listen
Submitted By: cnpeters
(523,258 on 8-2010)

Great way to learn history
Submitted By: CamerArts
(523,206 on 8-2010)

Fresh Approach
Dans ability to take unique perspectives across a variety of historical periods and topics is refreshing. If youre looking for a straight forward orthodox approach this isnt the place. Dan takes the time to illustrate both on the ground human experiences and the situations that led to the topic at hand. If you enjoy putting yourself in the shoes of history and taking a ride, please give yourself the gift of Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: beatle6270
(523,161 on 7-2010)

love this podcast
Submitted By: zachmo81
(523,090 on 7-2010)

easy to remember a story if its told right
if you have even a passive interest in history, youll quickly find that this is simply the best version of history ever told. well at least since thucydides.
Submitted By: nathan
(523,045 on 7-2010)

Hardcore History is a MUST LISTEN!
Every episode in a gem...well researched and delivered PASSIONATELY. DAMN I wish history had been taught to me like this!
Submitted By: jerrycrawford
(522,948 on 7-2010)

Best History Podcast
Best history podcast Ive found.
Submitted By: brandphillips
(522,929 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: carbmonster
(522,925 on 7-2010)

great show - perhaps the best show
Submitted By: kevinbower
(522,826 on 7-2010)

Passionat about history
Its so refreshing to hear someone talking about history like a passionate storyteller and not like a boring teacher. Its the best podcast ever!
Submitted By: fdehne09
(522,782 on 7-2010)

Rating of Dan Carlins Hardcore History
History through the extraordinary filter of Dan Carlins perspective is both living and somewhat enlightening. Its also a breathtaking.. His enthusiasm and talent for the topic are laudable. What more can one say?
Submitted By: ecrangle
(522,775 on 7-2010)

Great Show
Love his stuff. PBS ought to pick up on this stuff.
Submitted By: Randy
(522,625 on 7-2010)

Carlins Hardcore History should be required listening for any high school or college history student. Since listening to the show, history has come alive in my mind. The show has created a monster of a trivia buff in me, and Ive been bombarding my friends and family with "You wouldnt believe what Hannibal did in the second Punic War," "Did you know Apaches were absolute bad@#$*%?" and so on. Listen to the show. Become an obnoxious know-it-all, too. The show is awesome, and you wont regret it.
Submitted By: podcastaley
(522,575 on 7-2010)

do not miss
remarkable: savvy, insightful, podcast out there (despite lame title).
Submitted By: tlg48
(522,482 on 7-2010)

Great show
This podcast got me interested in history in a way that I never had been before. Dan Carlin puts out an amazing show, time after time. I only wish that they were a little more frequent (but given the breadth of the podcasts, I understand it takes awhile to prepare).
Submitted By: randy447
(522,419 on 7-2010)

Episode 34
Excellent job. Very good in presentation and very informative. I have listen to other episodes of Dan Carlins Hardcore History and have the same very high opinion of those as well. Dan does his homework. Also, Dans podcast Common Sense is only one of two podcasts (The Bugle being the other) that I listen to regarding politics. Dan keep up the great work.
Submitted By: tdourte33
(522,093 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: baire007
(522,025 on 7-2010)

Prepare to be enlightened
If Dan Carlin and his show, Hardcore History, could be described in one word (which it can?t) the word would be ?enlightening.? The reason I would choose this word is because Mr. Carlin selects topics and subjects throughout history that narrow one?s thought process. One reason why some people don?t like history is because it?s just too broad. Classroom history tends to be organized in a ?He/She went here on this date and did this.? It sucks all of the emotion and ideology out of the subject. Mr. Carlin?s topics tend to personalize history, and paint a vivid emotional and personalized picture of what a given event was actually like through the eyes of the participants and witnesses. One of Mr. Carlin?s best and most popular recordings (at least in this reviewer?s humble opinion) is a series titled ?Ghosts of the Ostfront.? The series chronicles the many battles and hardships faced by both the Germans and the Soviets on the Eastern front of WWII. Most Americans tend to forget that the troops our country bravely sacrificed to rid the world of Nazis in Europe are miniscule in comparison to the sacrifice of the Soviet Union. A listener could not possibly listen to this series without a feeling of acumen and sympathy. To say that this series is eye opening is quite the understatement. By listening to Mr. Carlin?s ?Ghosts of the Ostfront? series one gets a concise process for how that battlefront progressed. One of the best characteristics of Hardcore History is that it doesn?t require any previous education. Having a solid foundation on which to build is helpful, but not necessary to learn from, enjoy, or be entertained by the show. Mr. Carlin actually refers to himself as a ?fan? of history as opposed to an educator or expert. This idea is prevalent throughout the series because of Mr. Carlin?s conversational as opposed to lecture style. He tends to pose questions instead of answering them. Some could find this style frustrating, but so much of history is speculation, so avoiding definitive answers is often the best approach. He regularly encourages his listeners to seek further information of any given subject through a variety of mediums (books, films, lectures, etc.). It?s not uncommon for one to add myriad books and publications to his or her ?to read? lists after a given episode of Hardcore History. To give an appropriate analogy: With Hardcore History, Dan Carlin leads his listeners to the edge of the cliff. Once there, the listener decides whether or not to jump.
Submitted By: aramion
(521,683 on 7-2010)

The best history podcast series ever made!
Submitted By: em_dusx
(521,380 on 7-2010)

This is Required listening
Submitted By: evinmark
(521,273 on 7-2010)

Best history podcast ever!
Submitted By: angelau
(521,250 on 7-2010)

Thanks brother Dan! You podcast is awesome!
Dans HHH is so freaking good, that I stopped listening radio and put on hold my another podcasts and now working on all Dans archived episodes. Dan Ill paypal you for few episodes right now and Ill leave same comment on Common Sense podcast. We need more episodes Dan, More, MORE! May be you can talk to Ben and ask him to work second shift to get more episodes?
Submitted By: canada_java
(521,084 on 6-2010)

Best Show
great content...interest catching commentary...very good stuff
Submitted By: vonmartel
(520,969 on 6-2010)

The best
Submitted By: bruce.kleppe
(520,891 on 6-2010)

Great podcast!!!
Love what Dan does !!!
Submitted By: Andrew.sheArer
(520,886 on 6-2010)

Hardcore History
Submitted By: gwebb730
(520,764 on 6-2010)

You have to listen to this interesting, knowledgeable, and intelligent podcast. You will be captivated by Dans presentation.
Submitted By: ddscrna
(520,759 on 6-2010)

Love this podcast
I listened to one and was hooked - good stuff at the gym
Submitted By: eja6950
(520,718 on 6-2010)

the best podcast!
if you like history its a must listen! if you like learning you should really check it out! and if you are simply looking for a really well done, professional, solid, awesome podcast... well, listen to it for free and youll see what im so excited about. dan, this is great!!!
Submitted By: troy.kasting
(520,663 on 6-2010)

I love this
Submitted By: kunle.olatunji
(520,604 on 6-2010)

excellent of the best
Submitted By: robert.anderson
(520,477 on 6-2010)

I am addicted to this podcast. Agree or disagree, it doesnt matter. Just listen!
Submitted By: bkorsnick
(520,475 on 6-2010)

Great series
Well-researched gonzo history. Sometimes over the top, but that is what makes it good. A big part is the human experience of historical events--what it might have been like to be a participant.
Submitted By: m.khodok
(520,466 on 6-2010)

Concur or not
Mr. Dan Carlin certainly brings more to the table than the Standard Radio talk show host. The message that rarely escapes an open minded listener is that politics of the US terribly ill suited to correct themselves on nearly all levels.
Submitted By: PTAB01
(520,459 on 6-2010)

Great program, easily my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: Vagabonddms
(520,425 on 6-2010)

Fun to listen : one has to conclude that we will never learn from the past.
Submitted By: lucileetandre
(520,339 on 6-2010)

Great history pod cast in the typical style of Dan Carlin. There is nothing else like it!
Submitted By: pbjorkman
(520,314 on 6-2010)

Dan Carlin Rocks
History comes alive. "History is philosophy taught by experience."
Submitted By: gibbmartin
(520,223 on 6-2010)

Keep up the good, HARD work Dan!
Anxiously awaiting your next installment. Thanks!
Submitted By: gadjeep
(520,001 on 6-2010)

great show
should be required listening in all high school history classes! Made my kids listen to "the History of Children" cast and I seem to have got them hooked.
Submitted By: clinneer
(519,848 on 6-2010)

A great show, period.
Submitted By: nick_orand
(519,657 on 6-2010)

Great podcast
Submitted By: spcbl1
(519,555 on 6-2010)

Hardcore History is extrordinary.
Submitted By: mail
(519,528 on 5-2010)

I love Dan and the show. Ill keep listening if you keep on doing it. Kind regards from Stockholm,Sweden Miles
Submitted By: kentfinell006
(519,507 on 5-2010)

Best History Podcast
This is the best history podcast I have heard. Insightful and entertaining.
Submitted By: russell-willis
(519,464 on 5-2010)

previously i was interested in history but thats all in the past thanks to dan and the teams great work, passion, freshness and enlightened choice of interviewees im now a hardcore junkie! thanks dan!
Submitted By: saulderber
(519,365 on 5-2010)

History at its Finest
Submitted By: gnuguy82
(519,258 on 5-2010)

Best on the web bar none
I save these casts to listen to over and over. And I cant say that about any other podcast.
Submitted By: carolynjsanders
(519,237 on 5-2010)

Great stuff!
Really great historical insight.
Submitted By: dan
(519,226 on 5-2010)

Great and informative
Submitted By: profgenius
(518,972 on 5-2010)

Fantastic podcast. Look forward to it every 2 months....or so. Truly engaging content and although sometimes controversial is always entertaining. Keep up the good work Dan (and Ben)
Submitted By: micahdavies
(518,914 on 5-2010)

Love it!
This is my favorite podcast! Everyone should listen to it. It made me fall in love with history
Submitted By: andreabaertl
(518,668 on 5-2010)

good show!
always entertaining and a very fresh look at the way things are in this country. Dan doesnt like much about our political system and he makes you think if nothing else. Also, I like his delivery. Im a definite liberal, but I dont listen to dan for reinforcement of my view, its for his unique perspective.
Submitted By: dorganbg31
(518,653 on 5-2010)

dif part of the world China
Im addicted to your podcasts and appreciate the content and the fresh new outlook you give on history. There are far too few people who delve into the lives of the so called unimportant people of history and who give the general atmosphere and feeling of the time. I don't know if you have any interest in china or the middle east but I think that it is a history that we as people of western society are sourly lacking. I know you probably already have an agenda but just food for thought. thanks man
Submitted By: rscooke
(518,297 on 5-2010)

Love dans style
Submitted By: driscoll.pj
(518,107 on 5-2010)
Submitted By: roy_henock
(518,048 on 5-2010)

the best
Submitted By: cthor55
(517,976 on 5-2010)

This is the best podcast that I have ever listened to. I wish he had it more often but it is the best thing that I have ever listened to. Keep up the good work, Dan.
Submitted By: mattmcniff
(517,911 on 5-2010)

Dans the man.
Best podcast out there with the possible exception of Common Sense, his other podcast.
Submitted By: GaryEight
(517,874 on 5-2010)

Dan Carlin is amazing
Absolutely the best podcast out there. Shadows of the Osfront was more entertaining than any movie Ive seen in the last five years.
Submitted By: kngofwords
(517,768 on 4-2010)

MORE ! ! !
Submitted By: ganjibus
(517,764 on 4-2010)

Very interesting. I learned details that I was not awared of. It is a great tool to help you think.
Submitted By: lucileetandre
(517,763 on 4-2010)

learn history, be entertained
"learn history, be entertained" That pretty much sums it up. Dan provides a unique perspective on history and focuses on human elements and less well known angles on history. I would definitely recommend this whether you like history and especially if you hated high-school history this podcast is for you. Dan carlin is my favorite podcaster he also has his common sense podcast.
Submitted By: bwanner77
(517,723 on 4-2010)

exceptional, great at making it clear to non historians
Submitted By: cfoglar
(517,627 on 4-2010)

Its awesome
Submitted By: Gamex7017
(517,576 on 4-2010)

Just superb!!!
Dan Carlins genuine enthusiasm comes through in every podcast.
Submitted By: dullmand
(517,575 on 4-2010)

engrossing mind expansion
Dan Carlin is dangerous. He is addictive. Cannot get enough. Fascinating insightfull history.
Submitted By: jviggers
(517,502 on 4-2010)

Dan Carlins Hardcore history is awesome.
Submitted By: jsabowabo
(517,421 on 4-2010)

Rare Fruit
If there were history teachers like this we would all be history majors. Too bad the podcasts are so infrequent.
Submitted By: rknoble123
(517,397 on 4-2010)

Simply the Best History Podcast
Dan Carlins Hardcore History is simply the best history podcast around. He spends the time with research that enables him to get the emotion of the event(s) into the podcast on a level no one else can. Keep up the excellent work Dan.
Submitted By: 505thpathfinders
(517,378 on 4-2010)

"Be There" History
A bit voyeuristic at times, often wallowing in the tragedy, sorrow and gore of epic historical events. However, when Mr Carlin hits his stride, the results can be transporting. This is "be there" history. Some episodes work better than others, and recently the producers have dispensed with the distracting sound effects of earlier podcasts: this is a change for the better, and probably streamlines the production process, which can often run into gaps of several weeks between releases. The recent series on the Russian Front of WWII was particularly gripping. Mr Carlin was very effective in portraying the scale of the grim struggle in the East and contrasting it against the more traditional war occuring in the West. Highly recommended.
Submitted By: plotch
(517,327 on 4-2010)

Excellent Show!!!!!!
Submitted By: brucearitter
(517,315 on 4-2010)
Great show!!
Submitted By: Meehanrw
(517,243 on 4-2010)

Best history cast
Dan brings history to life and has answered questions I have always wondered about.
Submitted By: jjjz
(517,172 on 4-2010)

the most ah ha moments per podcast ever!
Submitted By: vctdag
(517,166 on 4-2010)

Great Show!
Dan, I hope you dont let people discourage you from doing the show. You provide me with what I believe is a truly interesting, fresh perspective. The rest of the media juggernaut simply regurgitates one anothers comments without every pressing guest with important questions or critically thinking about dire topics. Please keep up the good, hard work!
Submitted By: bif5128
(517,141 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: c.hudak017
(516,734 on 4-2010)

Absolutely the greatest show ever if you like history, battles, and exploring the dark side of humanity. There are lessons to be learned. Dan Carlins voice draws you into every moment in history he talks about.
Submitted By: toenuff
(516,619 on 4-2010)

still great
way to not shy away from controversy!
Submitted By: odinsworn
(516,597 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: shadowisp
(516,589 on 4-2010)

Dan for prez
not really. but he should def be an advisor or something. DAN CARLIN RULEZ!!!!
Submitted By: blueskyboys
(516,458 on 4-2010)

The most amazing history podcast ever
The podcasts are few and far between but each one is amazingly dense and incredibly interesting, quite simply the best explanation of historical events and how they affect people that I have ever encountered
Submitted By: m
(516,442 on 4-2010)

there is not anothe rhistory podcast close to this one.
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(516,220 on 4-2010)

Thought provoking and entertaining. Always worth the wait.
Submitted By: davies.thomas
(516,175 on 4-2010)

Great show
Submitted By: jweg13
(515,541 on 3-2010)

Historical Fiction
An acquaintance of mine suggested I listen to "Ghosts of the Ostfront". I was very disappointed. Historians are supposed to be detached and objective, yet from the very beginning Carlin depicts this as a "bad guy versus bad guy story" and inserts his political views by blaming the growth as government as for why Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were such brutal dictatorships. When it comes to the facts, he draws heavily on memoirs and personal accounts, which anyone with common sense knows is going to be biased. He uses quotations we now know to be without source (such as Stalin's "the death of one person is a tragedy; the deaths of millions is a statistic"). He also advances the popular misconception that Soviet forces shot their own fleeing soldiers regularly, omitting the fact that this order was rarely implemented and was eventually dropped altogether. I imagine Carlin's podcast is popular not because it is accurate but rather because, like Hollywood films, he plays fast and loose in order to spice things up and make them more dramatic and to conform with what most people already believe about events. While his intention of focusing on rarely discussed aspects of history is commendable, it might be better if people were left ignorant than misinformed. I would suggest anyone checking out this podcast to do their own research and to trust neutral, unbiased sources.
Submitted By: whatwouldcamusdo
(515,538 on 3-2010)

Dear Dan, I recently discovered your podcast and have listened to APACHE TEARS, GHOSTS OF THE OSTFRONT, and GLOBALIZATION. I absolutely love and appreciate your take on history. The way you put things in context and bring out the drama of the time is extraordinary. Keep up the good work! I am telling everyone I know to tune in. yours, Jeff
Submitted By: thehipwolf
(515,534 on 3-2010)

History with well rounded, gritty perspective
Submitted By: spam
(515,511 on 3-2010)

Great podcast: Hardcore history
Dan produces great content, brilliant discussion, clear portrayal of ideas and attracts note worthy people for interview. His show has improved and excited my understanding of history 100%, prior to finding his show i wasnt attentive to history, now i see its relevance. Thanks
Submitted By: amcke71
(515,474 on 3-2010)

Great Podcast
I really love listining to Dans history at work, overtime is no problem!!
Submitted By: andrewmcmahon1
(515,465 on 3-2010)

The Best
No question; this is the best history show ever made.
Submitted By: kitewizard
(515,367 on 3-2010)

Great Podcast
If you enjoy history, you will love Dans podcast!! Highly recommended!
Submitted By: rwdflynavy
(515,120 on 3-2010)

Hardcore History
I never really got into the "podcast craze" until I discovered this site, which lead me to Dan Carlin. I absolutely love listening to his podcasts.
Submitted By: mike
(515,085 on 3-2010)

Another Fantastic Adventure History! Every HH is great and worth the ride; the latest show globalization again demonstrates that you never know where this show might take you...more unexpected twists, thanks dan!
Submitted By: psw2
(514,864 on 3-2010)

Dan Carlins podcasts have sparked an interest in history I never expected. There are very few works that really change the way I look at the world, this series of stories is one of them.
Submitted By: foard
(514,670 on 3-2010)

this is one of my favorite podcasts - and I listen to a lot of them. On basic information this is great. On opinion it is great. Highly recommended
Submitted By: mycurrentopinion
(514,613 on 3-2010)

Pacific Theater
Hello Dan, I am very impressed with your efforts on your Hardcore Hiistory podcast. It has really helped me understand the details much better since you always focus on the details when it comes your subjects of choice. I was wondering if you are planning or considering a series on the Pacific Theater of operations in light of the new series that Tom Hanks is pushing on HBO. Thank you for your great work, I always get excited every two months in anticipation of your next subject to download. Sincerely, Chris Middlebrook
Submitted By: delamothe68
(514,588 on 3-2010)

Hard core gistory
Wonderful narration. His syle is unique. I like to hear him in any subject in history. It Is a different kind of telling history. I wish I had a teacher like him. But, never is too late to appreciate someone that cares. Sidney Santos
Submitted By: godatcenter
(514,583 on 3-2010)

Best podcast in existance
Submitted By: shanethompson
(514,575 on 3-2010)

Freaking Awesome
I love that he brings history to life and makes it jump from the pages of the books. He gives a lot of insight and perspective that I find enlightening and refreshing.
Submitted By: oshea.regina
(514,542 on 3-2010)

Great show
Love this podcast! Engrossing and challenging - rock on, Dan.
Submitted By: thronetogether
(514,515 on 3-2010)

A great series.
Submitted By: glittle
(514,407 on 3-2010)

Dan and his Hardcore History is awesome and time well spent!
Submitted By: pork_flavored_infidel
(514,395 on 3-2010)

Intersting perspective
I love his podcasts. He puts a bunch of work into them, and his perspectives are great. He opens up new insights to snapshots in history.
Submitted By: spcraig01
(514,305 on 3-2010)

Enlightening Show!
Submitted By: jerseyjack21
(514,176 on 3-2010)

It's better than buying a history audio books! This is very interesting podcast. The way Dan presents, the way he talks, the quality of the audio. This podcast makes my driving time shorter. Now instead of listening boring news or advertisement on the radio, I just educate myself. Thanks Dan. You Rock buddy!
Submitted By: canada_java
(514,123 on 3-2010)

Amazing, my favorite show
This podcast is for people that enjoy a good story. Unlike most history shows, this does not emphasize dates, battles, locations, etc; but rather the human emotions and amazing aspects of some really great stories that just turn out to be true. Dan does a great job of weeding out useless information and delivers every show from the standpoint of a fan rather than a teacher.
Submitted By: Lothma2
(514,121 on 3-2010)

This is a Great show!!!
Submitted By: electric.abh
(514,109 on 3-2010)

Lets replace the Lawyers in Congress with Historians!
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(514,100 on 3-2010)

awesome hi"stories"
the German word for "history" is the same as for "story." no other podcast honors the art of (factual) storytelling like Hardcore History as they tell you how it was
Submitted By: pederhanson
(514,074 on 3-2010)

kudos to dan carlin
his podcasts are amazing!
Submitted By: arsiji
(513,818 on 3-2010)

Dan Carlin
Amazingly brilliant and addictive podcast
Submitted By: toppercullen
(513,608 on 3-2010)

Go Dan!
Submitted By: gasparsson1
(513,562 on 3-2010)

Great show
This is a great show that approaches history from a different perspective.
Submitted By: lundgren.magnus
(513,540 on 3-2010)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History
Submitted By: NovaNike
(513,512 on 3-2010)

The world needs more Dan Carlin.
Submitted By: adamdadkins
(513,499 on 3-2010)

Ghosts of the Ostfront
Outstanding!!!!! Learned about the US involvement in WWII and little about the relationships between Germany & Russia. Also little about how brutal Stalin was and the high death rate. Thanks so much - this is the closest I can get to time travel. -Jim Dodd Maryland
Submitted By: Jim
(513,493 on 3-2010)

thanks Dan
Submitted By: jameslockwood
(513,440 on 3-2010)

great, as always
Submitted By: j.hedwig1
(513,219 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: kaylinrrobinson
(512,994 on 2-2010)

great show
you make history fun
Submitted By: pmuczynski
(512,973 on 2-2010)

Awesome Monologue
Can we get a new show already?
Submitted By: ivanskovar
(512,928 on 2-2010)

Excelent podcast!
For anyone in love with history or just wanting to listen to a good story, this is THE show!
Submitted By: lucasamericano
(512,908 on 2-2010)

entertaining and educational
love, love, love this history podcast!
Submitted By: lyric
(512,809 on 2-2010)

Enlightening, Fantastic Learning Resource
Dan Carlins enthusiasm and passion for history are contagious. I love finding examples of fanboy intellectuals getting respect for their knowledge and work. This podcast embodies what the freedom of the internet is all about in lowering the barriers to knowledge for all.
Submitted By: n8wilson1
(512,776 on 2-2010)

The Best!
Submitted By: andykrumm
(512,529 on 2-2010)

Best Look at History on the Net
Submitted By: helomike24
(512,428 on 2-2010)

Always Brilliant
I love the big shows, the punic and ostfront series were a tour de force...but the blitz editions and single shows are fabulous, the latest on the history of children and parenting particularly moving...
Submitted By: psw2
(512,420 on 2-2010)

my favorite podcast
I havent heard a better podcast, or radio show for that matter, than hardcore history. Carlin has brilliant insights into his subjects and can paint vivid pictures with few words and a minimum of sound effects. The ghosts of the ossfront series was incredible. I ache waiting for each episode
Submitted By: zalbedo
(512,404 on 2-2010)

Great Podcast
This podcast is in a class all by itself, no one brings history alive like Dan. Hats Off!
Submitted By: prelom9
(512,175 on 2-2010)

Only complaint is that there are not enough shows!
Submitted By: cjmcrae
(512,109 on 2-2010)

The Best of the Best
Of all the history podcasts available, Dan Carlins Hardcore History is several notches above everyone else. Actually, this show is several notches above just about every history book, television program or movie I have ever seen. Carlins unique perspective as "not a historian, only a student" enables him to bring history alive in a way seldom seen in the history of, well, history. Every show is riveting: fascinating, well-researched and exciting to listen to. Bravo to Dan and Ben for a job well done, time and again.
Submitted By: jtklein
(512,105 on 2-2010)

Submitted By: proofer47-alley
(512,045 on 2-2010)

Thumbs Up!
Dan Carlins podcasts - especially Hardcore History - are among the best out there. GO DAN!
Submitted By: mandrake
(511,997 on 2-2010)

This is one of two podcasts that I consider to be "must listen"s. The other is Dans other podcast, Hard Core History.
Submitted By: GaryEight
(511,959 on 2-2010)

Best podcast on my iPod.
Submitted By: adamdadkins
(511,907 on 2-2010)

History w/ Context & Perspective
Dan Carlins Hardcore History breathes life into the ghosts of our past. All too often we are so absorbed in our modern day outlook that we have no real context, for our history. Mr. Carlin offers a glimpse of those days gone by with a fervor that well represents the passion, fear, & melodrama that we humans live each day.
Submitted By: awakenedmind
(511,795 on 2-2010)

My Favourite Podcast
Hardcore History is a great podcast. If a little frustratingly infrequent of late. Offers a rare perspective on not just history but how much we can learn about current affairs by treating historical characters as modern people.
Submitted By: robertstephenharvey
(511,773 on 2-2010)

Remarkable quality and professionalism
Thank you , Dan. Your hard work is appreciated.
Submitted By: zevbard
(511,766 on 2-2010)

Excellent show! More updates please!!!
Submitted By: sirving.812
(511,629 on 2-2010)

Great Show
Awesome history podcast.
Submitted By: jweg13
(511,392 on 2-2010)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History
Submitted By: srtraveler
(511,206 on 2-2010)

Submitted By: omarramonmuniz
(511,135 on 2-2010)

Fantastic show
Submitted By: oelkington
(511,117 on 2-2010)

The best!
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(511,059 on 2-2010)

In every podcast Dan leaves me thinking about at least one thing Id never thought of before. How refreshing!
Submitted By: ncarfra
(510,704 on 1-2010)

Ghosts of the Ostfront: brilliant, moving, definitive.
Submitted By: malachy.kearney
(510,689 on 1-2010)

Unparalleled intellectual stimulation
I have been a history buff my entire life and grew up watching the History Channel and reading history books. But Dan offers a very unique insight into the past that conventional sources do not. I come away with a fresh perspective at subjects that I thought I knew inside and out. He intersperses the telling of historical events with clever commentary and comparison in a way that really humanizes struggles and leaves me pondering for days afterward how I would have acted were I in the same era. Friends who arent usually into history love listening to the show because its very educational, entertaining and gripping, without requiring any background knowledge on the subject to follow along. My only complaint would be that they dont come out often enough!
Submitted By: leonard.zimmerman
(510,672 on 1-2010)

Fantastic history podcasts!!! Makes you feel like you are right there! Good voice for presenting these podcasts also., inflections, etc., Very, very interesting.
Submitted By: r.bloch
(510,616 on 1-2010)

Great Show
Submitted By: jweg13
(510,613 on 1-2010)

Very very very interesting. Made me look at history in a new way. Has completely revolutionized my mindset on events past and current.
Submitted By: marissa_whitten
(510,605 on 1-2010)

Keep it coming
Submitted By: dahops52
(510,600 on 1-2010)

Why listen to the radio, when you can learn and be entertained? Dan's preparation and delivery of historical content is top notch. No spin here and no ideological propaganda;. Keep it coming.
Submitted By: dahops52
(510,599 on 1-2010)

Truly inspiring
Dan Carlin doesnt tell you about history, doesnt narrate, doesnt explain. He just takes you there and lets you see it for yourself.
Submitted By: albertdanmaar
(510,594 on 1-2010)

Hey Dan, fantastic work. bringing history to life in your own unique, provocative and stimulating style. Your passion is catching.
Submitted By: buckr1244
(510,345 on 1-2010)

Dan Carlin: Sensational work
Submitted By: ljtyrrell
(510,295 on 1-2010)

Best Podcast
Submitted By: john.wieser68
(510,286 on 1-2010)

Lord of the rings? Bah. Oostfront forever!
enough said.
Submitted By: jwolfe
(510,171 on 1-2010)

Favorite podcast, hands down
Submitted By: mooreforyourmoney
(509,965 on 1-2010)

th best
Submitted By: beth.sanderson
(509,936 on 1-2010)

Love your show!
Submitted By: apastizzo
(509,928 on 1-2010)

The Best
Submitted By: jhamlin
(509,717 on 1-2010)

I was hooked on Dan Carlins Hardcore History the first time I heard it. Now, when I boot my laptop and it pops in another installment in the podcast everything stops until I can listen to it. Dan (and the ever ill Ben, if you believe in him...I do believe in Ben, I do believe in Ben) produce the best podcast both in quality and content. Outstanding work!
Submitted By: douglas.anderson
(509,550 on 1-2010)

Food for thought.
Dan's unique delivery, witty use of analogy, and obvious passion for what he does, shines through all of his Podcasts, making them not so much food for thought as a veritable banquet for the soul. First rate and worth repeat listenings.
Submitted By: stevegad
(509,543 on 1-2010)

Thought-provoking, immersive, hypnotic
Submitted By: frank
(509,426 on 1-2010)

Submitted By: proofer47-alley
(509,423 on 1-2010)

Onions and Mushrooms
Dan, Good stuff. I like your style. Mediocre pundits put me to sleep. Dont let the naysayers discourage you. Sid Taylor
Submitted By: xabixnaq
(509,408 on 1-2010)

Submitted By: emesner
(509,392 on 1-2010)

Great as usual
Submitted By: woodward
(509,292 on 1-2010)

Terrific podcast, one the best. Certainly inspired and interest in history. Well done.
Submitted By: stevencurren
(509,289 on 1-2010)

(509,279 on 1-2010)

my favorite podcast ever!
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(509,274 on 1-2010)

Still my favorite podcast
After several years and hundreds of podcast subscriptions, Hardcore History remains, by far, my favorite. Always quality, always worth waiting for.
Submitted By: rednecktech1
(508,924 on 1-2010)
The best!
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(508,883 on 1-2010)

Great History Show
Submitted By: wkinch
(508,879 on 1-2010)

Suffering the Children
Dan has a way of framing history that opens my eyes and mind to see an entirely different perspective. This podcast was amazing and thought provoking.
Submitted By: grawingirl
(508,878 on 1-2010)

Very, very well done
Submitted By:
(508,776 on 1-2010)

The Best!
This multi-part series on the Eastern front is the finest podcast ever produced. A part of history ignored by the West but just as relevant to the shape of our present. Hardcore History sets the highest standard for podcasts!
Submitted By: anthonylima
(508,599 on 1-2010)

Submitted By: lynn85
(508,595 on 1-2010)

Love this podcast
Submitted By: fourdsixntwo
(508,553 on 1-2010)

One of the better podcasts
Both this one and common sense are two of the finest pod-casts going. Shame there are not more of them.
Submitted By: artphelps
(508,441 on 1-2010)

Great Program
Excellent program, whether you love history or not, Dans views and insights will keep you captivated
Submitted By: knysmith
(508,435 on 1-2010)

Go Dan!
I enjoy your show very much. In depth historical inquiry is what I looked for and found it here. Im from Israel b.t.w, your voice is heard here too.
Submitted By: shlomi.israel
(508,334 on 12-2009)

There simply is no better history podcast available.
Submitted By: kitewizard
(508,224 on 12-2009)

Submitted By: dtessler
(508,215 on 12-2009)

Vote for Dan the man
Vote for Dan the man
Submitted By: sterlingbushnell
(508,189 on 12-2009)

Good History
I love to listen to Dans interpretations of important historical events. Well worth listening to.
Submitted By: ishipaco
(508,182 on 12-2009)

Incredibly awesome podcast about history... keep up the good work Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: denntol
(508,173 on 12-2009)

Outstanding podcast
If you are a history buff, these are must-listen podcasts. Even my wife, who is not an avid history buff likes them. I have listened to each podcast multiple times, which I cant say I have ever done with any other podcast on my ipod.
Submitted By: christopher.l.thayer
(508,144 on 12-2009)

love this program
Submitted By: lsnrchrd
(508,097 on 12-2009)

Dan really makes history come alive. He has a rare talent for painting vivid mental pictures of what it must have looked and felt like.
Submitted By: fsulawyer
(508,083 on 12-2009)

History theater of the mind!
HH is a top quality, immersive tour through history. I cant get enough.
Submitted By: vanmeek
(508,068 on 12-2009)

Hardcore History is one of the best. I download and save for travel, and they always make the trips shorter!
Submitted By: baoluo51
(508,048 on 12-2009)

Exellent! Great!!!!! WOW!!!
Submitted By: pargev
(507,956 on 12-2009)

I love this podcast
I almost cant believe that this kind of extremely informative and well presented material is available for "free" on the Internet. My most hart felt gratitude to Dan Carlin for making this important contribution to my quest for knowledge. Listen to this podcast, you will love it!
Submitted By: shelmn
(507,939 on 12-2009)

You Rock!
You are one of the best presenters I have ever heard!
Submitted By: tsturtevant61
(507,916 on 12-2009)

Submitted By: helenjnicol
(507,778 on 12-2009)

an amazing show
the best
Submitted By: stephenkrale
(507,713 on 12-2009)

Fantastic Show
I love this show!!!
Submitted By: taftwin
(507,562 on 12-2009)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: guyayal
(507,544 on 12-2009)

Great Show
Love this show
Submitted By: mbarth2
(507,511 on 12-2009)

Fantastic Content and Delivery
Submitted By: mate
(507,470 on 12-2009)

Intelligent and interesting
By far my favorite podcast. An outstanding job on research and facts by Dan make this podcast the best!
Submitted By: TheWainer
(507,458 on 12-2009)

Dan Carlin
Love Dan Carlins shows. They are so informative and interesting. He has inspired my new found interest in history and politics. Keep em coming.
Submitted By: marissa_whitten
(507,423 on 12-2009)

Love Hardcore History! My only complaint is that there are not more of them. Dan Carlins unique perspective and free flowing thoughts/ramblings are both entertaining and informative. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: hrub0026
(507,417 on 12-2009)

Compelling, Provocative, and Informative
Dan Carlins Hardcore HIstory is what Podcasting should be about.
Submitted By: mr.murlocs
(507,390 on 12-2009)

This Show Rocks
Unbelievably great. Dont miss this.
Submitted By: rdoggett
(507,378 on 12-2009)

hardcore podcast
this show sets the bar
Submitted By: mrantala
(507,297 on 12-2009)

a great history podcast it make me think differently about histoy and its effects on us today also it shows that those who have gone before and not so different only the times they lived in
Submitted By: david.fitch
(507,287 on 12-2009)

Love this stuff
Submitted By: Njbeyer2
(507,256 on 12-2009)

Ghosts of the Ostfront
This series gave me a whole new perspective on WWII. Ive listened to it twice and will listen again.
Submitted By: arpeggio22
(507,246 on 12-2009)

Don't worry Dan, I will pay for your great shows after a bit, the guilt is building! Seriously, do not miss these podcasts! Always interesting...every show gives you at least 5 "wow, I had no idea" moments that makes history so cool.
Submitted By: wadeus
(507,239 on 12-2009)

Really informative! LOVE his Common Sense podcast as well!
Submitted By: jeffrey_hogan
(507,215 on 12-2009)

I love it.
Submitted By: nathan
(507,173 on 12-2009)

pure gold
Without a doubt, the BEST podcast on the internet. Facinating.
Submitted By: rsoxrule1918
(507,163 on 12-2009)

Dan Carlin
There is no excuse to remain stupid anymore, even those of you who claim ADD. Hardcore History is an interesting and thought provoking as it is unique and enjoyable to listen to. Perez Hilton or Dan Carlin? Spending time with one will make you stupid, spending time with the other one will make you interesting. You choose!
Submitted By: michaelpopove
(507,153 on 12-2009)

If only it had been taught this way
What guy would not love history had it not revealed the tumultuous risk, gore, glory, megalomania, ineptitude, talent, bravery, cowardice, artifice and honor that makes up every show of Hardcore History. Prior to this, I had the the date of the Stamp Act memorized and could say things like "No taxation without representation" since fifth grade....a phrase that meant a lot to me then. The effort put in to presenting each topic shows in every podcast. Well worth your time.
Submitted By: jhenderson1
(507,151 on 12-2009)

Most interesting History podcast out there
Dan Carlin uses his long radio and podcasting experience to deliver an engaging and immersive style, with excellent production values, focussing on the more human elements of historical events. The multipart podcasts are particularly engaging. His delivery is energetic and charismatic and draws you in like no other. Head and shoulders above the competion!
Submitted By: cdca_scientist
(507,141 on 12-2009)

The most interesting show I listen too
Submitted By: markgitomer
(507,050 on 12-2009)

thought provoking independant
Submitted By: d.morton2
(507,021 on 12-2009)

Submitted By: ajzdro
(506,986 on 12-2009)

A must podcast for those who like history.
Submitted By: dsolway
(506,896 on 12-2009)

Oh what I missed
This is a great podcast I wish I wouldnt had slept thru history the first time thru
Submitted By: runninrum
(506,780 on 12-2009)

This is a great show. Even though he claims to be merely a student of history, I believe their would be more students of history if we had more teachers of history like Dan
Submitted By: keithparks
(506,589 on 12-2009)

Hes Awesome
Submitted By: speck.laura
(506,564 on 12-2009)

Great Show
I had about 10 years of history in school but it was never explained to me as well as it is in these podcasts - fantastic shows. Thanks!
Submitted By: holgerb
(506,512 on 12-2009)

So Satisfying
Submitted By: dauntlessmsblack
(506,480 on 12-2009)

Submitted By: wmekimberly
(506,462 on 12-2009)

In incredibly entertaining and educational show. Yes. Its educational, but youll get over it.
Submitted By: jws
(506,460 on 12-2009)

still the best podcast out there
Some podcasts slack off after some success. Not this one. It gets better with each episode. Even if you think you know everything about history, Dan will give you something new to think about.
Submitted By: rednecktech1
(506,447 on 12-2009)

keep going!
Submitted By: jose
(506,439 on 12-2009)

to anyone who enjoy history... they will enjoy this podcast. Dan Carlin is insightful and intelligent and an excellent story teller!
Submitted By: sarahlynncameron
(506,436 on 12-2009)

Awesome history podcast
This guy is fascinated by history and he makes it the same for the listener. He finds the human story behind the faceless forces that shape world events. The series "Ghosts of the Ostfront" is the best podcast in any category Ive ever heard - it really paints a picture of what it was like to live through a war that is usually described only with dates and statistics. Cant wait for the next series.
Submitted By: plobdell1132
(506,411 on 12-2009)

The best history podcast out there right now. Great job Dan!
Submitted By: jerseyjack21
(506,399 on 12-2009)

the lone voice of objective critical journalism
Submitted By: woodward
(506,357 on 12-2009)

Great podcast!
Best podcast out there!
Submitted By: vaporlock
(506,355 on 12-2009)

Dan Carlin makes history fascinating, immediate, and sometimes even thrilling (eg, the Ghosts of the Ostfront series). Hes a thorough researcher, but retains the sort of enthusiasm youd expect from a witness to the event. Does this guy have a time machine hidden in his basement?
Submitted By: deathmango
(506,263 on 12-2009)

This podcast is amazing. It is not only the most vivid depiction of historu but a unique combination of passionate story telling and profound rational analysis of the people that defined the past in the present.
Submitted By: Ferraro.oscar
(506,254 on 12-2009)

Dan rocks this stuff!
I found this by accident, and within a couple of weeks, Ive listened to them all, and am spoiled when it comes to other history podcasts. Dans contextual placement of people and events, combined with his terrific contra-historical musings, make for a really great hour. I hope therell be more!
Submitted By: cputnam
(506,183 on 12-2009)

Dan is the man
This podcast introduced me to new media and has kept me there...
Submitted By: dustin.lees
(506,101 on 12-2009)

Nice analysis of important historical events. Thanks!
Submitted By: ekvu
(505,996 on 12-2009)

Submitted By: ric
(505,964 on 11-2009)

Wow, the best way to hear history.
Submitted By: newageretro
(505,912 on 11-2009)

the real WWII
For those people who have started to realize that the stuff we have been taught in school is nothing more than a shadow of the truth and an over inflated view of the importance of the west in Europe towards the final victory over the 3rd Reich. Its great someone has started to put the Russian front into its true light. Go Dan
Submitted By: cwedwards
(505,901 on 11-2009)

Fascinating Listen
Greatly entertaining, Dan Carlin injects his own enthusiam for history into a format that is enjoyable for both history scholars and novices. My 12 year old son is now hooked on these podcasts (as I have been for awhile) and eagerly awaits each new episode.
Submitted By: bgilmore10
(505,790 on 11-2009)

Hardcore history is the most exiting thing I have been able to download to my PC.
Submitted By: pbjorkman
(505,757 on 11-2009)

Game Changing Entertainment
History was my least interesting subject throughout my formal education. Dan has completely changed my interest in the subject.
Submitted By: deepvoice14
(505,731 on 11-2009)

great podcast
Submitted By: vedran.bauer
(505,720 on 11-2009)

It goes to eleven
I am hooked. History gains a personal, human side when Mr. Carlin tells the story.
Submitted By: j.tiberius
(505,693 on 11-2009)

Dan Carlin Rocks!
Dan Carlin lays it all out for you, with great guests like James Burke, but Hardcore History tells an untold side to history. Forget History Channel, bring on more Hardcore History!
Submitted By: echosideproductions
(505,677 on 11-2009)

Awsome Podcasts. Cant get enough! Looking forward to the next one.
Submitted By: ponderosajoe20
(505,627 on 11-2009)

Got me from the first episode! Downloaded all i could, paid the $1 a show, then bought the CD of the early episodes i couldnt get! Fantastic, brings more feel & emotion to the topic than any lecturer i ever had at Uni. If only school children could have teachers like this then the world would be a much more intellectual place. Already have half the office listening to it, Brilliant work Dan and Ben.
Submitted By: pumbabum
(505,620 on 11-2009)

Well researched history presented with wit and enthusiasm.
Submitted By: LD4NVACA
(505,600 on 11-2009)

Simply Astounding
The best podcast ever done.... seriously!
Submitted By: joshua.fonzi
(505,599 on 11-2009)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History is a stellar show. It is well researched, entertaining, engrossing, informative, and highly relevant to our current day.
Submitted By: michael.bruce
(505,543 on 11-2009)

excellent thought producer
Submitted By: brucestuart8
(505,535 on 11-2009)

Dan's "theater of the mind" style of narration is absolutely mesmerizing. At the end of the podcasts, without even realizing it, your whole psyche has left the present and immersed itself in the past.
Submitted By: artespinoza
(505,534 on 11-2009)

Awesome podcast!
Like history? Dans a great story teller and you learn everytime you tune in. Keep it up Dan!
Submitted By: jason.gresalfi
(505,457 on 11-2009)

Excellent. Very entertaining.
Im not a history enthusiast and tend to listen more to tech podcast, but ever since I found Dan Carlin Hardcore History Im hooked. I dont delete them from my pc and I go back to listen The way he narrates is excelent Thanks very much
Submitted By: vidalrob
(505,446 on 11-2009)

Your passion set you above all others
Submitted By: rrbcad
(505,431 on 11-2009)

awesome show. cant stop wont stop
Submitted By: propertyoflsutigers
(505,357 on 11-2009)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History
Submitted By: a_vaupel
(505,322 on 11-2009)

DCHH is awesome
Best podcast anywhere.
Submitted By: solgloval
(505,321 on 11-2009)

I think both of Dan Carlins podcasts are great. Hardcore history provides backstory and analysis on prominent (relatively speaking) historical events and allows the listener draw applicable parallels to the modern world.
Submitted By: jumptoc
(505,251 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: corb
(505,238 on 11-2009)

History Teachers Take Note
If History teachers at the secondary and college level taught the subject like this, students would be engaged, young Americans would finally learn and retain the lessons of History, and the country would be far better off.
Submitted By: malcolm.logan
(505,122 on 11-2009)

Hardcore History is the best!
I love this podcast. So well produced. It punches above its weight.
Submitted By: michaeldamato
(505,113 on 11-2009)

My favourite podcast.
Submitted By: sankey
(505,082 on 11-2009)

Its Walter Cronkites "And You Were There" for pod people.
Submitted By: dollynmark
(505,045 on 11-2009)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: sargeson
(505,007 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: jibeandfly
(504,997 on 11-2009)

This show got me back into politics after losing hope in the American system.
Submitted By: vomitingblood
(504,984 on 11-2009)

Hardcore History
Wow, amazing.
Submitted By: dgarrett
(504,978 on 11-2009)

of Great Interest
Hardcore History is a great way to get a semblance of an idea of what it would be like to witness different eras of history, some of them very overlooked.
Submitted By: findingmulder
(504,973 on 11-2009)

fantastic podcast
A very compelling and well researched historical podcast. From here I went and scoured my llibrary for information about the subjects Dan discusses. Very engaging.
Submitted By: mercierm
(504,757 on 11-2009)

Real details from history
Dan is just a fantastic storyteller and brings the teachings of history into how they effect our daily lives.
Submitted By: sjfrenc
(504,713 on 11-2009)

awesome podcast
passed much time listening to Dans podcast.
Submitted By: njhuemmer
(504,705 on 11-2009)

Great Show
Submitted By: jweg13
(504,571 on 11-2009)

I truly enjoy listening to this podcast every chance I get which is usually while I work out or cart the kids around. It really brings all the things I learned in history together with some interesting spins. Thanks
Submitted By: marykay
(504,556 on 11-2009)

Reignited my interest in History
I commute 45 mins each way and am avidly listening to Dan Carlins "Hardcore History" every day. Im currently finishing the 4 part series on Ghosts of the Ostfront about the Russian:German theater of WWII and am completely caught up in it. Dan Carlins facts, enthusiasm and delivery makes History fascinating. Ive also listened to some of his Blitzes and theyre equally as good. Highest recommendation for a Podcast!
Submitted By: mike.peckitt
(504,478 on 11-2009)

my favourite podcast by far
Submitted By: silverwagon
(504,390 on 11-2009)

This is the best podcast hands down. Definitely very addictive.
Submitted By: Travis.d890
(504,377 on 11-2009)

Very interesting and well put together. Lots of energy and very easy to listen to.
Submitted By: mrpuffet
(504,353 on 11-2009)

Hardcore History
NO ONE does it better than Dan! History should have been like this in high school. I wouldnt have fallen asleep.
Submitted By: shector
(504,283 on 11-2009)

I like this one.
Submitted By: OctaneFDX
(504,259 on 11-2009)

Love the show!
Submitted By: christianunicorn
(504,253 on 11-2009)

This guy blows my mind
Submitted By: AnisaDawn
(504,238 on 11-2009)

One of the best podcasts out there
I wasnt really much of a history buff, but Dan Carlins infectious enthusiasm and excellent storytelling really sucked me in. Well worth the time.
Submitted By: nmorgan
(504,181 on 11-2009)

Best History show ever
Seriously, better than watching history channel DVDs, nothing can beat this guys amazing ability to tell a story.
Submitted By: ian_demartino
(504,081 on 11-2009)

best podcast online
simply mindblowing
Submitted By: pashaveliki
(503,971 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: jfdasylva
(503,966 on 11-2009)

Best Podcast in the World
Submitted By: Austin212
(503,944 on 11-2009)

I love history podcasts and this is one of the top!
Submitted By: wascko
(503,885 on 11-2009)

Intense assault of knowlege
Dan Carlins history show never disappoints. With eloquence and rare intensity he brings obscure events to light and ressucitates interest in topics you though you knew all about. Absolutely riveting and slighly addictive... May guilt you with parting with some money but its totally worth it!
Submitted By: sean_parnell
(503,817 on 11-2009)

Awesome show
Submitted By: romli490
(503,796 on 11-2009)

What a Great Show
I love this guys unabashed in your face manner. The obvious research that goes into the podcast is incredible. The series Punic Nightmares and Ghost of the Ostfront (Eastfront) were my favorite. Punic was eye opening but Ostfront was brutal. I cant wait to see what Dan does next.
Submitted By: ejdouglas
(503,719 on 11-2009)

The most interesting podcast Ive ever heard
Submitted By: melnichuck
(503,514 on 11-2009)

good stuff
good stuff
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(503,498 on 11-2009)

The Best
The Best history podcast on the net. dans ability to put you right there in the period is amazing with an ability to make history about people.
Submitted By: Danx_of_denver
(503,270 on 11-2009)

Makin history interesting
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(503,240 on 11-2009)

Best podcast ever!
Submitted By: maxre4
(503,227 on 11-2009)

Keep it coming
Submitted By: jose
(503,216 on 11-2009)

History lives!!!
No dry academic here! ---- so entertaining
Submitted By: amanda
(503,115 on 11-2009)

All of them
my favorite podcast of all time
Submitted By: mglsite
(503,029 on 11-2009)

History at its Grittiest
Love it!
Submitted By: seen_by_Michael
(502,683 on 10-2009)

Dan Carlin is fanatastic for long road trips.
Submitted By: zurke
(502,667 on 10-2009)

Best Podcast!
Amazing enthusiasm and knowledge!
Submitted By: joshperlman
(502,664 on 10-2009)

love hardcore history!!!
dan carlin is an amazingly informative history buff!!!! i love it.
Submitted By: igotaxed
(502,598 on 10-2009)

Real History
straight forward, encompassing, unbiased with an attention holding story telling style. well done
Submitted By: frank_andree
(502,568 on 10-2009)

Ghosts of the Ostfront
Dan , fantastic ! I am addicted to your shows...
Submitted By: Stevegyimesi
(502,423 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: krpopp
(502,355 on 10-2009)

Love it!
Submitted By: marascusbomm
(502,327 on 10-2009)

Fantastic podcast!!
Submitted By: ken
(502,315 on 10-2009)

Wow Final Ghost of the Ostfront Episode
Just finished listening to the final episode of Ghosts of the Ostfront. Just incredible. This has to be largest and saddest story of the 20th Century and maybe any century. Anyone interested in protecting and defending the thin veneer of civilization some of us are lucky enough to be born into should listen to this series, and maybe a few times. It boggles the mind what horror a couple of evil charismatic leaders unleashed on this world.
Submitted By: bingyoung
(502,274 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: james
(502,255 on 10-2009)

Educational and Entertaining
Love this podcast. Dan Carlins delivery of the history is excellent. He delivers more like a story teller than a dull professor, but has the same great information.
Submitted By: alan_dobbs
(502,252 on 10-2009)

Thank you! You have reminded me of how much I love learning. I love both your shows and only wish there were more of you to get more shows out. How about getting Ben to work on the cloning technology! Chop, chop!
Submitted By: agibbs
(502,179 on 10-2009)

Great podcast
The podcast offerings for history geeks is a bit meager, but Dan Carlin does a good job of taking unusual, interesting historical topics and addressing them in his very unique style. Well worth a listen!
Submitted By: kckoyle
(502,174 on 10-2009)
Submitted By: jpr6
(502,107 on 10-2009)

My all-time favorite podcast
Submitted By: afullerton
(502,103 on 10-2009)

incredible podcast
Submitted By: mikemcging
(502,082 on 10-2009)

Great show
this show is fabulous.
Submitted By: marissa_whitten
(502,081 on 10-2009)

History as it Should Be
This is how history should be presented. Fantasitic!
Submitted By: weber4obama
(502,079 on 10-2009)

its my favourite podcast. period
Submitted By: emehes
(502,077 on 10-2009)

History at its best
The way Dan tries to get you to imagine what really went on in history really makes history come alive.
Submitted By: blchristian
(502,063 on 10-2009)

I love this podcast. Cant live without it!
Submitted By: markus
(501,985 on 10-2009)

Great show even if not interested in history.
This guy is just a great storyteller. He talks about what I never learned in the short time I was awake in history class.
Submitted By: gr8doc
(501,967 on 10-2009)

Really Intense.
The intensity and emotion that Dan brings to the show really makes the information interesting. I love history, and I love Dans take on it!
Submitted By: swfl_dan
(501,923 on 10-2009)

Everyone should listen to every episode of this show.
Everyone should listen to every episode of this show. Everyone should listen to every episode of this show. Everyone should listen to every episode of this show. It could be better than Mugglecast. Im just sayin. Oh yeah... Everyone should listen to every episode of this show.
Submitted By: theknid
(501,874 on 10-2009)

Great podcast! A reality check for those who think they have any idea what true suffering and loss really means or how fragile the veneer of humanity and civilization really is. Make you think and reexamine the things we assume about ourselves. A must listen. When I was a kid I saw a documentary series on television called "The Russian German War." Parts of it can be seen on YouTube. Look it up if you want to add some visuals to Dan's words.
Submitted By: tecole
(501,873 on 10-2009)

Incredible period
I am so hooked on the Ghosts of the Eastern front series, although all episodes of Hardcore History are incredible. Dan Carlin, please continue to bring the historical importance of this part of the Great War. My family is Polish and as a child I was always reminded of the great hardships that this war brought to mankind . My grandfather was in the Polish cavalry at the Polish front when the Germans invaded. After the defeat his regiment was disbanded. He returned a broken man. I was told that for the most part the German military and the Officer core were very proffesional and did not agree with the high command. I can go on and on. Dan, you have given me the vivid realization of what my parents were trying to make me understand. Thank you! Bernard
Submitted By: Vads1
(501,811 on 10-2009)

This Podcast Rocks!!
I wish he had been my history teacher! This guy breaks it down and makes it come alive!
Submitted By: mrjamesryan
(501,776 on 10-2009)

I love this podcast!
Submitted By: jeff
(501,637 on 10-2009)

Dan brings the human elements of these events to life in a very vivid manner. Its awesome.
Submitted By: hbaja
(501,570 on 10-2009)

Great work
Carlin is a charismatic, well thought out guy who has never ceased to entertain me. Keep up the good work. -Adam
Submitted By: adamdadkins
(501,537 on 10-2009)

This Podcast Is Hardcore
Dan isnt just a man, he is The Man when it comes to putting you in the shoes of the people who lived through some of historys most dramatic moments.
Submitted By: benhansen
(501,525 on 10-2009)

I Am A BIG Fan Of History, But My Patience isnt That Great....But The Way He Puts Tings,And With The Passion He Says it Draws Me In And Keeps Me Interested Throughout Multiple Podcast!!! Thank You Dan!!! :) WHERE WERE YOU WHILE I WAS IN SCHOOL!!
Submitted By: karma_kyng83
(501,516 on 10-2009)

Hardcore History Yeah!
Ive been a fan for 2-3 years. Subscribe!
Submitted By: k9zu
(501,477 on 10-2009)

Love this
Submitted By: ben
(501,374 on 10-2009)

excellent, i am hooked
Submitted By: alandece
(501,329 on 10-2009)

always interesting
This and Dan Carlins Common Sense are my favorite podcasts.
Submitted By: elbgwn
(501,317 on 10-2009)

Listen and learn! Awesome show
Submitted By: Rexboyce
(501,300 on 10-2009)

Great show
A truely education in the podcast arena
Submitted By: fan
(501,293 on 10-2009)

Excellent Podcast
I have been listening to this for a year now and really enjoy Dans show. Thanks!
Submitted By: cfkelley
(501,171 on 10-2009)

Good stuff
It is rare that history is presented in such a fresh and dynamic way, also linking different periods to one another as history sometimes repeats itself.
Submitted By: gunther.buch
(501,131 on 10-2009)

the greatest show on earth!
Submitted By: ameliapeta
(501,088 on 10-2009)

This podcast is superb.I love it, and recommend it to everyone that i speak to about history.
Submitted By: lmoneyx
(501,076 on 10-2009)

Incredible resource. Carlin's podcasts are illuminating and profound. A must-listen.
Submitted By: myreprise
(501,027 on 10-2009)

Absolutely brilliant
Dan has the amazing ability to present the past from a human experience. I havent seen/heard anybody or any other resource do that. Hes a master storyteller !
Submitted By: rohitseth
(501,007 on 10-2009)

Great shows. I am addicted.
I never really listened to any podcast before...but the way he talks about what happened in historic events, usualy wars, makes you feel as if you are there. Not recommended for the easily offended or mentally weak as it may give you nightmares and paranoia.
Submitted By: gr8doc
(501,001 on 10-2009)

One of the Best
I love this pod; Im currently saving the current series on WW2 so that I can listen to the whole set back to back.
Submitted By: anaalias
(500,992 on 10-2009)

Great Show
its thoroughly addicting!
Submitted By: spsauer
(500,967 on 10-2009)

vote for hardcore history
it is the one podcast i look forward to the most. compelling narrative
Submitted By: sbeas028
(500,809 on 10-2009)

Better than Christmas...
is the feeling I get when I see a file download for Dan Carlins Hardcore History - riveting and always worth a 2nd/3rd/4th listen.
Submitted By: kevin.coker
(500,784 on 10-2009)

History Gets Real
Carlin takes history beyond the textbook with insights assesments that are as intriguing as they are unparralleled in any media.
Submitted By: kyle.friedel
(500,720 on 10-2009)

Great Historical thought producing Podcasts
Submitted By: davehag5
(500,715 on 10-2009)

Excellant job on this serise!
Submitted By: leisenfelder
(500,706 on 10-2009)

Great show
I cant miss an episode! Dans viewpoint on history is outstanding.
Submitted By: thronetogether
(500,674 on 10-2009)
Submitted By: CigarAnon
(500,648 on 10-2009)

If podcast were science this would be cutting edge.
Im grateful for such content as Common Sense, and Hardcore History. Ive not listened extensively to the other top podcasts on this site yet. If theyre as good as Carlins Ill be an even happier person than I am today.
Submitted By: goliath11
(500,638 on 10-2009)

A good one!
Insightful analysis for thinking people.
Submitted By: todevslashnull
(500,629 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: mccauley205
(500,605 on 10-2009)

Hardcore History
I really find this show fascinating
Submitted By: charles.glidden
(500,569 on 10-2009)

Addictive and Satisfying
This is by far my favorite podcast. Dan Carlin takes you on a fantastic journey into the truth and experience of the subjects hes covering. A true history junkies delicious fix!
Submitted By: wantnewexp
(500,533 on 10-2009)

great show
Submitted By: jdmay21
(500,493 on 10-2009)

The Only Non BBC Podcast I Listen To
I have yet to find a more enganging & digestible podcast than Dan Carlins Hardcore History. Its leagues ahead of anyone else & the quality of research is impeccable. Ive happily paid for many episodes and await each new one impatiently. Each episode is well planned yet spontaneous and it has none of the self-important, slow-talking, bored pace of some podcasts (the readers of which often seem think they are the most profound, original broadcasters who are owed an audience). Dan is a speaker of real quality. His opinions have depth and dimension. Hes in the same league as BBC Radio 4. Whens the next episode?
Submitted By: ben
(500,473 on 10-2009)

The Best Podcast ever
Submitted By: tvosburg
(500,300 on 10-2009)

dan the man
the best thing about dan is that hes always asking the right questions that are absent from the mainstream media. were fortunate to have this voice out there, especially during these times when gutsy journalism is most needed
Submitted By: turtle_necks
(500,284 on 10-2009)

Excellent Show
Submitted By: peterkaldis
(500,205 on 10-2009)

Awesome podcast. Unfortunately it updates way too seldom
Submitted By: plzspam
(500,175 on 10-2009)

Saturation of dark moments of history. Do we need it? It does bring a perspective to the life of freedom and a historical message of how fragile it is. Are we the next sheep that will be led to the slaughter? Are we different today? I vote for hardcore...
Submitted By: wallyd
(500,174 on 10-2009)

Best History show
Even people who dont like History will love this podcast.
Submitted By: roypitta
(500,167 on 10-2009)

History comes alive!!!!
Carlin is awesome. His passionate love of historical knowledge is only matched by his eagerness to share it. Rather than go the route of endless lists of names and dates, he is most interested in what it must have been like to be there at that moment. He hammers home the human element of historical events and reminds us at all times that those people back then were reall people, like us. It really puts things in perspective and makes history stand out as real life.
Submitted By: pjhawke
(500,160 on 10-2009)

Best. Podcast. Ever.
Submitted By: flynnmail
(500,125 on 10-2009)

great work HCH team
Submitted By: ttphotos
(500,091 on 10-2009)

Started listening to both Common Sense and HCH at the same time. I look forward to each episode. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: kramstad38
(500,066 on 10-2009)

I love these podcasts
Just keep making them. I am going to send you about $20 since Ive listened to about 12 so far and am going to keep listening.
Submitted By: colleencayes
(499,970 on 10-2009)

History, Not Propaganda
Submitted By: traverse25
(499,955 on 10-2009)

great show
This is the only podcast that will actually make you smarter (other than uhh yeah dude)
Submitted By: dgp7575
(499,951 on 10-2009)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: bearj
(499,950 on 10-2009)

The best history show of all times
Submitted By: bobbafet_bh
(499,886 on 10-2009)

Made me enjoy history when all else had failed.
Dan Carlin has done the impossible, made me genuinely interested in history, ancient and otherwise. The show is so well done, so informative and so entertaining that you have to do yourself a favor and give it a try.
Submitted By: fireflip
(499,753 on 10-2009)

The best history podcast on the web today
Submitted By: vikingur78
(499,748 on 10-2009)

Dans depth of understanding is amazing. His presentation is extremely interesting.
Submitted By: grawingirl
(499,648 on 10-2009)

great show
Mr. Carlin do a great show, the best out there for history buffs!
Submitted By: stephenkrale
(499,631 on 10-2009)

Love it!
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(499,617 on 10-2009)

Fun and thought provoking
Submitted By: mrclark0000
(499,598 on 10-2009)

vote hardcore history
Submitted By:
(499,511 on 10-2009)

Dan really puts history in context. His Ostfront series are rivetting!
Submitted By: stglass
(499,507 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: woodward
(499,488 on 10-2009)

Good podcast!
Submitted By: gmazarico
(499,332 on 10-2009)

Great Show
Great Story Telling....Learn a lot. I wish everyone would listen.
Submitted By: cbcollie8558
(498,985 on 10-2009)

Get Inspired
I have never been interested in history untill this podcast. He has a talent for drawing you into the story- history theatre he calls it. Def my fav podcast.
Submitted By: n0xin
(498,867 on 9-2009)

post more frequently please
Submitted By: david.a.landry
(498,849 on 9-2009)

Though provoking
Dan has a well thought out show that provides contextual information and ideas clearly in a way in which the laymen can understand it. well done
Submitted By: jmuhlen
(498,774 on 9-2009)

Amazing Show!
Both of Dan Carlins Podcasts are great, but I am really into this one. Its very entertaining, informative, and riveting. Its a fantastic show done with unsurpassed production quality. I cant speak highly enough about it.
Submitted By: ptireland
(498,766 on 9-2009)

Great history show
i love it and I want more! I especially recommend "Ghost of the ostfront" and "Punic nighmares" for everybody who needs some good educative entertainment
Submitted By: partsch
(498,741 on 9-2009)

Superb - please vote!
As a fan of history; Dans approach is so welcome. He runs as a fan and student of history, not a teacher. The podcasts are so interesting, and really provoke thought. Superb!!
Submitted By: bens_jems
(498,730 on 9-2009)

Best History Show Period.
This show rules.
Submitted By: stormd
(498,710 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: jared.hague
(498,679 on 9-2009)

This is the best history show ever!
Submitted By: lenis2000
(498,674 on 9-2009)

Explains history in an interesting light.
(498,630 on 9-2009)

Hardcore History
Submitted By: gwebb
(498,617 on 9-2009)

Dan has ruined all other history podcasts for me!
So as not to leave the title misleading, I want to explain it immediately. I started listening to Dan a few years ago and love it. I cant get enough of the interesting "radio talk show" style that he has (if you know anything of his background, this makes sense). The only problem is that now all other history podcasts and BLAND!!!! Dan has a way of bringing history to life with side notes, laws of unintended consequences, and incredible commentary. Ive recommended the podcasts to tons of friends and family, and cant advertise for him enough! Thanks, Dan!! Looking forward to the next one!
Submitted By: stuff
(498,605 on 9-2009)

the best.
Submitted By: cbs220
(498,580 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: nicholas_robson1
(498,552 on 9-2009)

History has never been so interesting. Dan, if you had been my history teacher in primary school I would have aced it. Keep it up.
Submitted By: zurke
(498,545 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: rlwh2
(498,527 on 9-2009)

Addictive listening--Dans got a fun personality and an enthusiasm for his subjects and a talent for presenting them in a well-told story that makes one constantly come back for more. Also check out his independent political podcast Common Sense.
Submitted By: crypticjs
(498,490 on 9-2009)

I find myself hypnotized by Dans story telling and fascinating accounts of history! Keep it up! Thanks for the great knowledge.
Submitted By: jtk51578
(498,435 on 9-2009)

Hardcore History saved me!
Hardcore History saved me! Not to put a downer on things but I was ??credit crunched?? (made redundant) in March of this year 09. Don?t worry folks I am now fully employed once more. But things got pretty dark back then. Hardcore History kept me ticking along, seriously! Somehow the podcast helped me to keep things in perspective. I am Christ it isn?t like there is a Global plague sweeping the earth ,oh wait?.
Submitted By: mattbrian72
(498,422 on 9-2009)

great stuff
Submitted By: spincitysd
(498,390 on 9-2009)

This is the podcast that made me excited about history
Submitted By: jibeandfly
(498,330 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: j_korson
(498,218 on 9-2009)

Best Ever
He really is the greatest
Submitted By: chris.fleming
(498,068 on 9-2009)

I give Dan 10 out of 10 can make history come to life. Excellent show.
Submitted By: ybd13
(498,042 on 9-2009)

Always interesting
Dans commentaries are always interesting, insightful and educational. I can never get enough of his thoughts. I can only hope that Barack is listening to his podcast too.
Submitted By: darkofilipic
(497,993 on 9-2009)

Keep em coming, Dan.
Submitted By: stevecody
(497,992 on 9-2009)

I wish Dan Carlin was my history teacher in High School, then maybe I wouldnt have fallen asleep!
Submitted By: thesilverpenny
(497,970 on 9-2009)

Best history podcast yet...
Ive never really been all that interested in history. Actually, I found it quite tedious and boring at school. Dan Carlin presents the show with such vigour and explains history in such a fashion that I always look forward to the next podcast. This is a great educational and fun to listen to.
Submitted By: mercure333
(497,727 on 9-2009)

Entertaining and eye opening.
Submitted By: acrazydame
(497,719 on 9-2009)

Great shows, keep them coming!
Submitted By: thegenericgeek
(497,681 on 9-2009)

Great podcast. Great information. Want more.
Submitted By: marissa_whitten
(497,603 on 9-2009)

Keep it up!
Great podcast, more please!
Submitted By: jonathanjowett123
(497,490 on 9-2009)

Woot! Excellent Show!
Submitted By: bfsadacca
(497,447 on 9-2009)

Awesome show. Still waiting for John Stewart to get you on his show!! Dan, you should be nicer to Ben.
Submitted By: scott_a_jones
(497,332 on 9-2009)

GREAT podcast!
Submitted By: scott
(497,297 on 9-2009)

I tend to not use my ITouch for music as much as I do for Audiobooks and Dan Carlin. Dan consumes my listening time!
Submitted By: mooregk
(497,201 on 9-2009)

Excellent podcast
Submitted By: asaville
(497,173 on 9-2009)

Anything that catches the eye of the maker . . . and can be quite eclectic without ANY connection between successive topics (not a judgement, just true).
Submitted By: hpraue
(497,061 on 9-2009)

These are bad ass.
Submitted By: lazlo_funktek
(497,027 on 9-2009)

i really enjoy your show! keep up the good work!
Submitted By: genmdse
(497,023 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: s1.sammons
(497,017 on 9-2009)

Like the show
Very Good show, I listen to it every time its published.
Submitted By: evabob1005
(496,906 on 9-2009)

Ghost III
I am having a hard time waiting for the final chapter of Ghosts of the Ostfront.
Submitted By: bethunver
(496,904 on 9-2009)

10 out of 10
Love this show- informative and entertaining and shrinks long car journeys !
Submitted By: llwyd
(496,843 on 9-2009)

Statuatory warning
Dan Carlin is addictive. Beware. I can never wait for his next show to come out. His shows take time to come out. Speed is a cost of quality, like Dan says. I end up listening to the same shows again and again until the next one. And I'm not even a history fan.
Submitted By: Ssivaprakash
(496,825 on 9-2009)

GREAT podcast.
Hardcore History and Common Sense are two of the best podcasts available. And they are both created by Dan Carlin. Check them out!
Submitted By: link.robertson
(496,776 on 9-2009)

History at its finest
Dan makes history come alive! He avoides the dull practice of regurgitating facts and brings a fresh and original perspective to topics that interest him. Great show for anyone and everyone.
Submitted By: whipitgood66
(496,751 on 9-2009)

The Best
It is a long wait between shows, but always worth the wait.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(496,482 on 9-2009)

Very informative. One of my faves!
Submitted By: Phil4verse9
(496,472 on 9-2009)

A great show!
I never liked much history, but since starting to hear Dans podcast - its exciting and interesting! He brings in emotion and pathos, and helps us think more about the stuff behind the headlines from history classes.
Submitted By: ymoran00
(496,467 on 9-2009)

Takes you deeper
Through his study of history Dan gets you to examine human nature in ways you probably havent done before. Very interesting and entirely thought provoking.
Submitted By: Warren
(496,402 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: 1sedw
(496,362 on 9-2009)

Hard Core History is Great
Fascinating, informative, inspiring.
Submitted By: lberghoff
(496,353 on 9-2009)

A great Podcast!
I learn something new every time I hear the show! Its also a very entertaining show. Thats hard to come by with most history shows.
Submitted By: greenpeace18
(496,346 on 9-2009)

Best of the Best!
Outstanding selection of the best of the best of progressive and alternative media!
Submitted By: richard.deshaies
(496,159 on 9-2009)

Hardcore History
Best Historical Podcast out there. Dans telling of these accounts glues me to my ipod weekly.
Submitted By: rowlanddb
(496,138 on 9-2009)

great show
Hardcore History is the best.
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(496,101 on 9-2009)

My all time fave podcast
This guy has taught me so much and kept me entertained and transfixed through so many long runs. When he comes out with a new episode, I cannot WAIT to get out there on the roads and tune in.
Submitted By: dougbrowncreative
(496,041 on 9-2009)

Its wonderful!
Submitted By: rickbratt
(496,023 on 9-2009)

Keep It Going :)
Keep It Going - Hardcore History Is a Great Podcast :)
Submitted By: stccg1
(495,935 on 9-2009)

Excellent series Dan C.
Submitted By: j.hedwig2
(495,850 on 9-2009)

Best Podcast!!!!!!!
Dan Calins Hardore History & Common Sense shows are by far the best podcasts ever!
Submitted By: jjswisher2
(495,825 on 9-2009)

Hardcore History
Favorite podcast ever!
Submitted By: ajsm94
(495,820 on 9-2009)

hardcore history
This podcast was downloaded to help me get to sleep at night but has had the opposite effect and I am now up until the early hours listening to Dans fasinating history show, its great!!!! Thanks Dan and team
Submitted By: 01209710962
(495,719 on 9-2009)

Carlin Rocks
An outstanding show!
Submitted By: pvantyle
(495,633 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: woodward
(495,623 on 9-2009)

hardcore history rules my world
Submitted By: corb
(495,351 on 9-2009)

Great stuff!
Submitted By: ravi_naras
(495,133 on 8-2009)

Just the greatest.
Submitted By: Mykie1234
(495,093 on 8-2009)

Every episode worth listening to twice
Or more. Great stuff. Excellent delivery.
Submitted By: hinthorn
(495,090 on 8-2009)

reasonable and interesting
Philosophy and history combined with unabashed curiosity. My kind of man.
Submitted By: mjbrownstribe
(495,082 on 8-2009)

Hardcore History
Submitted By: gwebb730
(495,074 on 8-2009)

The Real Deal
Ive been listening to Dans Hardcore History podcast now for about a year and each and every one is fascinating. So much detail and so much heart. Dan does an amazing job and is definating worth a listen. Youll get hooked.
Submitted By: jeremy
(494,984 on 8-2009)

learned a lot
Great Pod Cast among my favorite!
Submitted By: kevinbower
(494,939 on 8-2009)

Only wish there were more episodes
can't believe this war stuff is so fascinating--I'm more an art history type. But it gives me insight into the art too. Question--is the ruler in the painting "Death of Sardinapolous (sp?)"---where the ruler, his harem and his treasure are burned before they can be taken--the same one Dan mentioned during the podcast about Nineveh?
Submitted By: ssodowning
(494,916 on 8-2009)

great show!
My boyfriend has been after me to listen to Dan and finally, I did. What a great show!. Because I only listen when I am working, it keeps me at my easel for hours. Ill have to donate because my productivity has increased as a result!
Submitted By: ssodowning
(494,915 on 8-2009)

great podcast
just listened to the one on defense spending. Great stuff.
Submitted By: johnjbender
(494,842 on 8-2009)

The BEST podcast Ive ever heard.
This podcast presents history in the most interesting manner. Dans perspectives are well thought out and he takes much care to try and connect the contemporary audience to the feelings of the people of the past. 5 out of 5.
Submitted By: wadester
(494,797 on 8-2009)

great stuff
This guy makes me care about history. Ive been boring my friends with trivia ive learned from him since i started listening.
Submitted By: kjraven2000
(494,791 on 8-2009)

Great show
I listen to a lot of history podcasts and this one is by far the best!
Submitted By: dws5us
(494,705 on 8-2009)

Fantastic stuff
Love Dans history shows - very entertaining and informative about subjects I might not otherwise have taken an interest in
Submitted By: kvnhys1
(494,702 on 8-2009)

Dan Carlins hardcore History is absolutely outstanding and one of the best podcasts on the web
Submitted By: kevsnewsmail
(494,663 on 8-2009)

Best story teller
Dan Carlin is the Paul Harvey of Podcasting. Dans ability to tell a story based on historical events will take your breath away.
Submitted By: dalanridgeway
(494,638 on 8-2009)

History Podcast
Carlin is always interesting.
Submitted By: carroll
(494,625 on 8-2009)

great great greatest podcast ever
dan the man! keep up the good job!
Submitted By: sibranga
(494,579 on 8-2009)

Excellent program for a buck!
Submitted By: lt.solet
(494,565 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: richmjohnson
(494,522 on 8-2009)

dan is the best
dan really is the best
Submitted By: jamays01
(494,470 on 8-2009)

Wow! The best history show Ive heard!
Submitted By: kbender5
(494,433 on 8-2009)

Excellent Stuff!
Submitted By: pdm868191
(494,428 on 8-2009)

Xcellent Way to Draw Us Into History
Dan has a way of drawing you right into the action of historical events.
Submitted By: chris.navarra
(494,353 on 8-2009)

wish I had Dan for a teacher
wish I had Dan Carlin as a history teacher back in school, he makes history so fascinating. Two of the best podcast shows are by Dan, keep it up!!
Submitted By: palmacci81
(494,313 on 8-2009)

Dan does an amazing job. I especially enjoy his exploration of ancient history - I've tried many history podcasts and his stands far above the rest. Thank you Dan!
Submitted By: hinn0019
(494,309 on 8-2009)

Loved Ghosts of the Ostfront
Great stuff, thorough research well presented.
Submitted By: ed
(494,191 on 8-2009)

Whole-Heartedly Recommended
This is easily one of the most interesting, entertaining and certainly best-produced podcast yet to exist. It convinced me to study history!
Submitted By: mymomsaysimhandsome
(494,182 on 8-2009)

DC is the man
UK listener, Ive always enjoyed history, and Dan has re-ignited that interest since it dwindled after leaving formal education. Im learning about where the human race has come from, and why things are how they are now. My knowledge is expanding, all thanks to Dan, a great, entertaining, objective format.
Submitted By: driscoll.pj
(494,151 on 8-2009)

I just found you last night! (I just got an iphone) I listened for three hours. The VDH interview was wonderful. I love the way itunes catagorizes you - I hope everyone ignores them.
Submitted By: lacegrl130
(494,146 on 8-2009)

Thanks Dan for putting on such great shows.
Submitted By: photogeis
(494,145 on 8-2009)

Greatest History Teacher in the Universe!
Dan Carlin will make you care about history. He will put you on the battlefield, carry you through the temples, and transport you to periods in time that are all but forgotten. This is, hands down, my favorite Podcast. But more importantly, it has become the one example in ANY medium that I now anxiously look forward to every month. I can watch any tv show or movie pretty much anytime. I read books often but never anticipate something before its release. However, Dan Carlins podcast is the one form of entertainment and enlightenment that I devour as soon and as fast as possible and then eagerly await the next installment.
Submitted By: stunbunny
(494,093 on 8-2009)

Great podcast that makes history even more interesting!
Submitted By: Wickedmemories
(494,043 on 8-2009)

huge fan... great show!
Submitted By: reddishblitz
(494,018 on 8-2009)

Ghosts of Ostfront I, II, III
How can anyone make History more interesting than Dan Carlins Hardcore History. No one does it like Dan.
Submitted By: al.maige
(494,006 on 8-2009)

Great Show
This is a brilliant show, just takes a bit to long to get a new episode
Submitted By: nicholas.orwin
(493,985 on 8-2009)

Vote for Hardcore History!
Excellent show and the first time Ive voted for anything.
Submitted By: s.griffiths77
(493,939 on 8-2009)

very good
Submitted By: charlietilly
(493,937 on 8-2009)

Dan is the best informative podcaster in the casting sphere! Listen, Love it, Remember it!
Submitted By: garrettcumber
(493,926 on 8-2009)

great shows
Best history I ever listened too. Hope more to come. Thanks for all your hard work. My friends are now sick of me saying I heard this show by Dan Carlin......
Submitted By: scottpeterson514
(493,851 on 8-2009)

Learning History
Can you possibly imagine what would happen if teenagers around the country could learn history in their classrooms from someone as captivating as Dan Carlin? What if, instead of boring classes, we could give our kids the opportunity to experience and visualize themselves in the middle of a great battle? Wouldn't that change history by itself?
Submitted By: cerda_licuime
(493,811 on 8-2009)

Great show!!!
Submitted By: cerda_licuime
(493,809 on 8-2009)

Great stuff
Ive been listening for a long time and have seen how Dan has really evolved this show over time. Its extremely professional, extremely informative, and extremely interesting.
Submitted By: Azhain
(493,792 on 8-2009)

Best podcast Ive found
It just doesnt get any better. Educational, fun, and surprising. Hardcore History, they should put it in the drinking water!
Submitted By: colum.paget
(493,778 on 8-2009)

Must Listen, Without Equal.
The best thing about Dans take on history is his ENERGY. That doesnt take away from his dedicated application of masterful critical thinking skills or in-depth research one bit. He really has the ability to take you back in time and explore the human first hand experiences that previous generations lived through. Way, way cool. Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: bdicey
(493,731 on 8-2009)

Mr. Carlin, I have just one thing to say about your shows on the war in the east during the Second World War EXCELLENT. I am looking forward to more in the furture.
Submitted By: jerfurdt
(493,708 on 8-2009)

great stuff. always liked history but this brings a new view of stuff. superb
Submitted By: liambrodrick
(493,701 on 8-2009)

Dan Carlin
Simply the best!
Submitted By: djgberg
(493,650 on 8-2009)

Completely Captivating
Its the kind of show you get so excited about that you want to tell everyone just how good it is. His enthusiasm for history is highly contagious and I find myself eagerly awaiting his next show.
Submitted By: spsauer
(493,639 on 8-2009)

Bringing it to Life
Nobody brings history to life like Dan Carlin. First, he did the Scythians warriors - and made the listener imagine what it must have been like facing the Huns or Mongols. Second, he does the Punic Wars, and in this podcast, you imagine what it must have been to be a Roman Soldier about to be massacred at Cannae. And just when you think he cant top those, he does the battle of Stalingrad. Ive watched documentaries, read books and so on but there is nobody who puts you there like Dan Carlin. Hes essential listening for one who wants to truly imagine what it must have been like.
Submitted By: dgolds5268
(493,628 on 8-2009)

Simply the Best
This is a podcast that I am always on the lookout for. Its simply the best.
Submitted By: clane
(493,627 on 8-2009)

Love it....
Podcast after podcast, Dan puts out an incredible show.
Submitted By: john.motley
(493,622 on 8-2009)

Excellent show
Submitted By: rjohnson
(493,617 on 8-2009)

Great show. You do an excellent job of making history come alive.
Submitted By: martinwigginton
(493,537 on 8-2009)

passionate and eloquent
Beautifully produced show that is as entertaining as an audiobook
Submitted By: jacobor79
(493,471 on 8-2009)

Compelling listening
History that is actually interesting.
Submitted By: DaleEltoft
(493,450 on 8-2009)

I love history. I have a B.A. is history. Dan Carlins podcasts are how history should be taught.
Submitted By: diane
(493,426 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: lgol27
(493,398 on 8-2009)

Great history show.
Submitted By: pbeccas
(493,381 on 8-2009)

Best History Podcast ever
great program for anyone interested in history
Submitted By: robertbuttsmd
(493,355 on 8-2009)

the podcast
hi dan and all, this sereies of pod casts have opened my eyes, cant get enough thank you very much.
Submitted By: jon1uk
(493,342 on 8-2009)

Wonderful, informative, motivating! Not just a litany of historical events but Dan offers insightful commentary which makes you think twice about what you thought you knew and wonder what could have been different if events had been slightly altered. Makes my long work commute enjoyable!
Submitted By: mgscoops
(493,319 on 8-2009)

I cannot get in the car anymore without hooking up my iPhone and listening to Dan Carlin. I only wish he did more!
Submitted By: nyguy8506
(493,285 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: Martyl23
(493,202 on 8-2009)

Great show
This is the most interesting history lecture i have ever heard.
Submitted By: bonnie.murray
(493,132 on 8-2009)

Great Show
We need the shows faster. I love them all, but It takes far too long to get a new episode out.
Submitted By: jc290970
(493,058 on 8-2009)

This podcast is well worth the wait for new episodes. Mr. Carlin has a unique perspective on mankinds history and a knack for delivering it to the listener.
Submitted By: willh3lls3nd
(493,052 on 8-2009)
Submitted By: loki08
(492,974 on 8-2009)

Hardcore History
Great podcasts
Submitted By: tomw199
(492,935 on 8-2009)

I love this podcast!!!
Submitted By: mkdebusk
(492,922 on 8-2009)

Amazing podcast... just a joy to listen to.
Submitted By: ca2hill
(492,900 on 8-2009)

Good show, very interesting
Submitted By: bgreer
(492,884 on 8-2009)

One of the best
Submitted By: indyman402
(492,815 on 8-2009)

Great History Podcast!
Submitted By: jeffidolh
(492,716 on 8-2009)

great show
really enjoyable
Submitted By: stglass
(492,708 on 8-2009)

keep going!
Submitted By: jose
(492,699 on 8-2009)

Outstanding PodCast
Submitted By: ggrace3
(492,684 on 8-2009)

I find Dans narrative skills to be excellent. He keeps you tuned in with what I would call "time changes" in his story telling. I might not agree with his particular point of view at times, but he still is albe to keep me tuned in and waiting for his newest "Podcast".
Submitted By: foxtrot684
(492,599 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: Michael.J.Fairchild
(492,523 on 8-2009)

great show
one of the best online, easily #1 for history best attributes: - storytelling skill - range of perspective - drama/suspense (result of stellar delivery)
Submitted By: pederhanson
(492,513 on 8-2009)

Great History Show
Dan always finds an interesting angle from which to examine history.
Submitted By: wkinch
(492,509 on 8-2009)

Great Podcast
Discusses histroy in a fun and exciting way instead of throwing just throwing dates at you. However, you should still know that he does ocasionally include dates : )
Submitted By: solidmagus
(492,499 on 8-2009)

Rock Solid Performance
Never has narrative history been delivered so sumptuously, informatively, so enthusiastically, or enticingly. Cant get enough of Dan Carlins Hardcore History!
Submitted By: pvantyle
(492,497 on 8-2009)

Dan makes history alive for me. His views are refreshingly different from all that stuff I learned (or more correct, didnt learn) in school.
Submitted By: grawingirl
(492,489 on 8-2009)

Great show!!!!
Submitted By: yoav.moran
(492,486 on 8-2009)

The Best
Dan Carlin has made a history buff of me. Give it a try!
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(492,473 on 8-2009)

Dan is the man
Long time listener to both Hardcore History and his other show on politics, Common Sense (bi partisan theme mind you!). Dan is very energetic and his passion shows through on all his podcasts. He really brings to life the history subject being covered and I only wish my college/highschool teachers couldve used these to educate us instead of the ole textbook.
Submitted By: chris.r.armstrong
(492,472 on 8-2009)

extremely awesome
i look forward to this podcast more than any other entertainment medium in my life. other podcasts, movies, tvs, music. hardcore history entertains me endlessly. i listen to them over and over. carlin rules.
Submitted By: corb
(492,469 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: woodward
(492,467 on 8-2009)

what a show
Unbelievable Totally Priceless.
Submitted By: stanislav.tsvirko
(492,401 on 8-2009)

Dan you rock
I am a fan of Hardcore History. I really enjoy the way Dan goes through his episodes. I am from India and would like him to make a show on India and its various civilizations, cultures and history. - Sony Varghese
Submitted By: sonyinbox
(492,397 on 8-2009)

he rox
Submitted By: upotemkinvillage
(492,352 on 8-2009)

Excellent Presentation!
Dan presents the history shows in a insightful and entertaining way. I find them addicting.
Submitted By: stball
(492,348 on 8-2009)

Awesome podcasts
Submitted By: susan.wallace
(492,340 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: daxjonas
(492,110 on 8-2009)

Maybe not a great historian but a fantastic story teller. Best history podcast by a very long way.
Submitted By: chodgson625
(491,918 on 8-2009)

Compelling podcast
Dans story telling skills are remarkable and a joy to listen to. I anxiously await the third installment of Ghosts of the Ostfront. Looking at his research materials proves that Dan thoroughly researches each topic and considers many angles.
Submitted By: jeffturp
(491,868 on 8-2009)

Greatest Podcast Series Ever Created
I listen to these podcasts over and over again... so much information and story telling. Dan paints a vivid picture of near and distant histories while focussing on the interesting aspects of the events hes discussing. Hes not an historian, but I think you would be hard pressed to find a more well-read hobbyist. I would love to sit down with this guy and talk history over a beer.
Submitted By: chris.fleming
(491,752 on 7-2009)

Exceptionally educational & entertaining
The two part series on WW 2 had me finding reasons to get in the car so I could listen.
Submitted By: hycoach
(491,744 on 7-2009)

Everyone must listen. Heil Dan! Wait, that might be a bad thing. Just listen... Its a great show!
Submitted By: cbcollie8558
(491,728 on 7-2009)

Greatest podcast
Dan is simply the best potcast host!
Submitted By: hpmg
(491,724 on 7-2009)

Seriously great listening.
Submitted By: Marieandben
(491,716 on 7-2009)

the best of the best
Submitted By: richardlorber
(491,694 on 7-2009)

In a class of its own
HH - simply the best history podcast. Intelligent and thoughtfully delivered. Could make a history lover out of Brittany Spears - if she could only figure out where the little man in her I-phone lives.
Submitted By: raymond
(491,691 on 7-2009)

The Best
This is done so well and the topics so informing it should be rated number one.
Submitted By: neallage
(491,685 on 7-2009)
Submitted By: robinsonmr
(491,662 on 7-2009)

Simply awsome.
Submitted By: bryanpoe
(491,653 on 7-2009)

Get this Podcast
I have been a listener for 2 years. I eagerly anticipate every installment. I couldnt recommend it more enthusiastically.
Submitted By: rft10
(491,631 on 7-2009)

Vote for Dan
Great show!
Submitted By: tavo_amezcua
(491,606 on 7-2009)

best of best
Submitted By: workpcs
(491,583 on 7-2009)

History told with a passio. It cant get better that this
Submitted By:
(491,524 on 7-2009)

Amazing podcast!
Dan Carlin is a very gifted story-teller, and he is also very knowledgeable about historical events. The combination of the two is absolutely enthralling!!!
Submitted By: tcherni
(491,510 on 7-2009)

I promise, I will donate to help ben.
Submitted By: johnvanb
(491,507 on 7-2009)

Dan for Historical President
Build Dan a Monument.
Submitted By: efram.burlingame
(491,492 on 7-2009)

Really appreciate it!
your podcasts are better than disneyland. keep up the good work!
Submitted By: skittleschik17
(491,474 on 7-2009)

Punic Nightmares
I just listened to Dan Carlin's three podcasts on the Punic Wars. They were outstanding! Dan's intelligence, enthusiasm for history and story telling ability make for compelling entertainment. Finally, there is an alternative to the usual junk on TV.
Submitted By: TedTimmis
(491,376 on 7-2009)

Another Great show from Dan
I love Dans view on history.
Submitted By: PCMcGee
(491,370 on 7-2009)

Tied with his Common Sense show for the title of greatest podcast of all time.
Submitted By: brian.hersey
(491,334 on 7-2009)

a voice of reason
I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Carlins insight on political issues. A voice of reason shouting in the fog.
Submitted By: rosemyles
(491,324 on 7-2009)

What a show!
Submitted By: mxy742
(491,253 on 7-2009)

This guy knows his &%*#. I love the tangents he goes on. Keep up the good work Dan. (and Ben... maybe)
Submitted By: ivoryatemory
(491,246 on 7-2009)

Outstanding -- best on the net
Submitted By: bmortens
(491,183 on 7-2009)

My Favorite podcasts
This and Common Sense with Dan Carlin are my favorite podcasts. I even pay for them.
Submitted By: jbonet
(491,180 on 7-2009)

Great Show
I really enjoy this approach to history and I look forward to each installment.
Submitted By: jclhomer
(491,024 on 7-2009)

Fantastic show
Submitted By: robinevans
(490,955 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: s1.sammons
(490,934 on 7-2009)

A unique look at history. Thank-you as well for your great interview with Dyer. Great work. Keep it up. Wugsby
Submitted By: Wugsby
(490,856 on 7-2009)

Dan Carlin Rocks
not much else to say.....Dan is the man to listen to. thanks, Eric Halberstadt
Submitted By: eric
(490,815 on 7-2009)

Histroy comes alive
Submitted By: fffb7
(490,780 on 7-2009)

Just listened to the podcast on the impact of the plague. Very, very interesting. (In college, we discussed "the rise of towns" as key in the evolution of modern Europe. Never mentioned the plague. This was quite interesting.
Submitted By: howie_gutfeld
(490,737 on 7-2009)

One of *the* best podcasts, period.
Dan has one of the best podcasts out there with his Hardcore History show. Thoughtfully, well researched, and imaginative. How else would you like your history served up? Dans shows move from the entertaining to the sublime. Its really like candy for the ear and the brain. Please listen and enjoy.
Submitted By: capricornobx
(490,662 on 7-2009)

tThe very best of all the history podcasts Ive heard. Very broad topics, incredibly well researched, and very entertaining to listen to.
Submitted By: afmicro
(490,649 on 7-2009)

great show
in depth examinations of historical events and issues
Submitted By: mavenmalenfb
(490,515 on 7-2009)

Great podcast. Ive never been so enthralled by the topic of history. It blows my mind at least 3 or 4 times an episode. Its like having a superb history professor without being responsible for a term paper. Just sit back and relax and learn something.
Submitted By: colthorn11
(490,501 on 7-2009)

Fascinating and hugely enjoyable podcast. Deserves every plaudit thrown at it!
Submitted By: richard.usher
(490,476 on 7-2009)

History Made Interesting
No dry discussion of places & dates here. Wonderful in depth discussion of notable events in history and elaboration on the who, the why, and the how.
Submitted By: creggfisher
(490,457 on 7-2009)

Best History Show On the Web
Submitted By: nickaweber
(490,455 on 7-2009)

Hardcore history!
Youll appreciate history a lot more if you listen to Dan!
Submitted By: puckboy
(490,412 on 7-2009)

Wow, so great.
One of the few podcasts that will remain as good in 10 years, as they are in the first listen.
Submitted By: mrburhans
(490,382 on 7-2009)

thumbs up for hardcrore history
was never a history fan until hearing dan. He makes it understandable, fun and relevant.
Submitted By: jed
(490,270 on 7-2009)

very educational n entertaining, a good storyteller with fantastically interesting excerts from history.
Submitted By: djelrun
(490,227 on 7-2009)

This show is amazing, it truly sheds a new light on history and dan tells it without the annoyance of dates and numbers and just gets the the essence of what happened and why its interesting.
Submitted By: milythemike
(490,136 on 7-2009)

Excellent history lesson
Submitted By: shaneborgess
(490,132 on 7-2009)

Simply the best.
As a major history buff I have listened to lots of history podcasts and this is simply the best. Dan is not a history prof rattling off dates and places but more of a story teller where the stories are based in fact. Dan always finds a way to relate history to the world today OR the way the world could have been today. Very interesting and engaging. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: baxtereb
(490,109 on 7-2009)

Great podcast!!!! Entertaining as well as informative!!!!
Submitted By: gstoecklein
(490,079 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: remonsma
(490,051 on 7-2009)

This is my current favorite Podcast. Entertaining and informative.
Submitted By: glbl
(490,030 on 7-2009)

Dans the Man!
If only I had a history teacher like Dan Carlin in high school! Great podcast, great production. Looking forward to years (hopefully) of enjoyment.
Submitted By: arpeggio22
(490,026 on 7-2009)

You dont have to be a history buff to enjoy this show. Listening to Dan enthuse about history is like listening to a Hollywood Blockbusters Script being described. Thanks Dan for your great entertainment! (whoever, or whatever Ben is, We all hope he gets well, and stays that way.)
Submitted By: onikitsune
(489,949 on 7-2009)

Entertaining & Educational
Dan Carlin does a wonderful job in explaining history. Hes #1 in my books. If youre interested in learning about the past this is the place to go. he does a wonderful job in making history come alive.
Submitted By: handelb
(489,935 on 7-2009)

new fan
The Punic Nightmares series has me riveted - if you crave learning and information, this podcast is perfect.
Submitted By: amandabeth
(489,931 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: jmac007
(489,908 on 7-2009)

passionately awesome
Submitted By: jfleitz
(489,876 on 7-2009)

Great Show
One of the best podcasts to come out so far.
Submitted By: russell.rod
(489,838 on 7-2009)

An exciting and thought provoking podcast. After each podcast I go out and do more research on my own because they get me hooked.
Submitted By: littlecarnivore
(489,813 on 7-2009)

Love it!
I really enjoy listening to Dans way of explaining historical events. His personality and knowledge, in addition to Bens fantastic production skills, make this a must have in your library!
Submitted By: tfrance
(489,781 on 7-2009)

The Best History Podcast Outhere
Keep It up Dan!
Submitted By: staat-haat
(489,711 on 7-2009)

For the history buff and those who are interested in a 3 dimensional history in a podcast format, Dan Carlin is pure gold.
Submitted By: dsharkis
(489,636 on 7-2009)

Great history podcast. Should be mandatory listening to anyone at all interested in history.
Submitted By:
(489,631 on 7-2009)

Dan Carlin
Both of Dan Carlins podcasts are the best. I so enjoy them, the only bad thing is it takes Dan soooooo long to produce the next podcast
Submitted By: larrydwoolf
(489,621 on 7-2009)

The best podcast EVER!!!
Submitted By: one4d10fd1dae1b
(489,617 on 7-2009)

Great for Hist Buffs
Fun podcast. I especially like the one on Hitler during WWI. Most casts are good for the military buff (especially one just getting into military history).
Submitted By: crystalhuff
(489,489 on 7-2009)

Dan Carlin presents a radically objective perspective on history thats very hard to find. He neither over-glorifies nor denigrates the past, and he makes the past very understandable to a regular person.
Submitted By: wadehwallace
(489,416 on 7-2009)

Best Podcast Out There
Dans casts are so professionally done, they put all others to shame. History was never more interesting, and the people on the discussion board are great.
Submitted By: japhymf
(489,396 on 7-2009)

Best podcast ever
Submitted By: kory
(489,354 on 7-2009)

Keep up the good work Dan
Fascinating and engaging...these podcasts show the potential of the medium...give it a listen if new to podcasts and even if you dont think you have an interest in may well be surprised pete
Submitted By: psw2
(489,202 on 7-2009)

If youre a history buff, you will LOVE Dans postcasts. Hes insightful and intelligent in all of his offerings!
Submitted By: sarahlynncameron
(489,129 on 7-2009)

Great Show!
Submitted By: jwolfe
(489,101 on 7-2009)

Best podcast ever!!!! Thanks Dan, Pablo
Submitted By: armentapablo
(489,078 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: pkures
(489,048 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: cjbiederman
(489,034 on 7-2009)

Love this show, it makes you think.
Submitted By: rasungod20
(489,029 on 7-2009)

Probably the most interesting podcasts Ive ever listened to. Well produced.
Submitted By: glindquist2
(488,982 on 7-2009)

best voice best story best enthusiasm!
Submitted By: pvantyle
(488,966 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: entrenchedmetal
(488,960 on 7-2009)

Nothings Quiet on the Eastern Front
Dan keeps apologizing to his listeners via the website for the length of the Ostfront series of HH episodes, but for those of us who enjoy WWII history -- and I imagine many who dont care that much -- this has been a fascinating look at an amazingly deadly part of World War II which most westerners ignore despite wreaking a death toll greater than many wars combined. As always it is more than just an array of facts, and actually a deep look at the events and experience of this theatre of the war.
Submitted By: foggeh
(488,958 on 7-2009)

Nobody would have ever believed that I would take an interest in history, but this podcast did it!
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(488,954 on 7-2009)

Best podcast online
Dan ( and Ben, if you believe in that sort of thing), produce the most informed, entertaining, and anticipated podcast on my iPhone. Dan should be given an award for the depth of his research and his innovative approach to history. The most recent product, on the clash on the Eastern front in WWII, is empassioned (Dans specialty) and perfectly produced.
Submitted By: Jaharnish
(488,761 on 7-2009)

Let Dan feed your brain
Fantastic podcast. Dan opens your mind to new perspectives on history. If we only had history teachers this good in middle school. Also check out Dans Common Sense podcast on politics and current events.
Submitted By: caduncan
(488,721 on 7-2009)

Any and All of his podcasts
Dramatic story telling ability and mind boggling research goes into each of Dan Carlins Hardcore History pod casts.
Submitted By: jansvoid
(488,689 on 7-2009)

A lot of information, especially about WW2, not generally covered in the popular media. Well done and infectiously enthusiastic.
Submitted By: dogwoods2
(488,592 on 7-2009)

Best way to learn history!
If you like history, you will love this. Dan takes little known eras and gives you amazing stories about them.
Submitted By: jacobssm
(488,522 on 6-2009)

My favorite podcasts
Dan Carlins podcasts are my favorites. In fact, theyre so good I gladly gave him a donation.
Submitted By: jbonet
(488,491 on 6-2009)

Great Information
This show has changed how I view history.
Submitted By: fffb7
(488,467 on 6-2009)

The best history podcast out there.
Submitted By: sebphaneuf
(488,421 on 6-2009)

Very intelligent and passionate. tries to give the whole story in an easy to grasp way.
Submitted By: zmubear
(488,390 on 6-2009)

Dan Carlin is far worse than any drug pusher on the street, Giving you a little taste of the ostfront getting you hooked and then leaving you to sweat and wait for the next one.
Submitted By: cowcidile
(488,387 on 6-2009)

History Insights
These podcasts help visualize reality - what actually happened, and the underlying causes - not just the dates and names of places and people.
Submitted By: jbenson2
(488,374 on 6-2009)

very good podcast - makes history interesting
Submitted By: charlietilly
(488,345 on 6-2009)

Dan Carlin is a brilliant man. The delivery of his historical knowledge makes you want to read his entier recommended reading list.
Submitted By: the_sacred_cow
(488,331 on 6-2009)

History as it should be taught in school.
Submitted By: carolynjsanders
(488,326 on 6-2009)

Dans history tales are simply the best "human connectors" out there.
Submitted By: mbraksator
(488,318 on 6-2009)

great podcast!
Submitted By: sebesp
(488,316 on 6-2009)

The most fun podcast I listen to... and educational too!
Submitted By: mark
(488,315 on 6-2009)

Brilliant podcast
Submitted By: warrenri
(488,308 on 6-2009)

Fantastic show
Submitted By: mca
(488,298 on 6-2009)

Dan, Of all the history podcast I listen to, I find yours to be the best. Just the point of view keeps me tuned right in. I wear a hard hat to work and I tuck my iPod up into it and listen. The problem is that I am re-listening to older Hardcore podcasts because well I like them so much. Ghosts of the Ostfront has to be one of the most compelling stories I've heard you speak about and your descriptions paint many visions as I can see what is happening in my head often. I know there is only so much you can do and I look forward to more upcoming episodes. I am also a"fan" of history and your show leaves me wanting to know more and I do as a hobby. Thanks for all the great podcasts Dan!
Submitted By: ddonato
(488,179 on 6-2009)

the best
one of the best podcasts going.
Submitted By: theimann
(488,108 on 6-2009)

Very well done
This is one of my favorite podcasts.
Submitted By: gwar_40k
(488,080 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: shadowisp
(488,072 on 6-2009)

Hardcore History Rocks
This is one of the best podcasts Ive ever listened to. It is the one that made me realize how powerful and interesting podcasts can be. This and Dans "Common Sense" are in my must listen group.
Submitted By: brian.smith
(488,051 on 6-2009)

Hardcore History
What an awesome podcast - latest series is simply rivetting
Submitted By: evan
(488,042 on 6-2009)

Hardcore History rocks! I have a man crush.
Submitted By: vidhead
(488,039 on 6-2009)

Fascinating stuff
My favorite educational podcast. Dan covers history subjects spanning a many topics. Great Podcast!
Submitted By: xenoflame0
(488,014 on 6-2009)

Dan Carlin for President, because he knows his history!
Very interesting, excellent delivery. I wish I could take a class from this guy. Hell, I wish I could take every class from this guy.
Submitted By: pakarger
(488,001 on 6-2009)

My favourite random podcast
Dan is passionate. He loves to talk and he love talking about issues (current or historical alike). He grabs the bull by the horn and does not recoil from being controversial. His History Shows are not as frequent as I would like but they are very thoroughly researched and always presented from a very personal perspective. His passion for the truth and compassion with the victims of cruelty and abuse and criticism of the winner as well as the loser makes him the unique voice I always listen to as soon as I download.
Submitted By: tamaslorincz
(487,957 on 6-2009)

Cant stop listening
This show is awesome! He says all the things Ive thought. I love what this guy has to say.
Submitted By: Jakebaber
(487,898 on 6-2009)

If history was as interesting as this at when i was at school, well who knows... Nice one.
Submitted By: craigsmith2007
(487,881 on 6-2009)

Best History Podcast
Submitted By: jtimothydorman
(487,862 on 6-2009)
Submitted By: smfanjuli
(487,861 on 6-2009)

The entire hardcore History series is excellent, but the recent Ghosts of the Ostfront is doubly so. Very engaging, interesting, and informative.
Submitted By: donovan.valdes
(487,815 on 6-2009)

Best podcast... period!
Educationally entertaining (and vice versa)!!! Most captivating historical narration out there!
Submitted By: nicolas.salem
(487,756 on 6-2009)

...a major source of detail and insight to the events from the view of the citizens on the ground in the German invasion along the Russian front. Simply a Paramount telling of an event so vast to be compassed in any one setting. and not only opens the door to vast amount of discussions in regards on collective punishments, the nationalistic view of a country under siege, and the very nature of mans inhumanity to man... an oxymoron proven throughout the history of man kind itself...
Submitted By: ptab01
(487,633 on 6-2009)

Hardcore History is SUPER!!
I like this podcast so much that i often listen to them more than once. Dan has a great way with his presentation and the subject matter is both interesting, insightful and entertaining. My favorite Podcast for sure. #2 is Common Sense.
Submitted By: markkadillak
(487,576 on 6-2009)

Cant Get Enough
Thank you for filling my brain with more knowledge and thoughts.
Submitted By: cocotv
(487,568 on 6-2009)

Hardcore History
Nice! Great lectures from someone very passionate on the subject. Im hooked!
Submitted By: pdupuis
(487,529 on 6-2009)

Welcome Back!
The best podcast (history or otherwise) in the world. period.
Submitted By: miguel.sarmento
(487,509 on 6-2009)

Ghosts of the Ostfront II
Incredible performance, content, dramatization, sound effects and learning experience.
Submitted By: bbachman1
(487,476 on 6-2009)

This show deserves to be #1.
Submitted By: AStupica
(487,398 on 6-2009)

Love it!
Hardcore History is one of the best podcasts out there - give it a listen, you wont be sorry!
Submitted By: gilleska
(487,397 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: wetandfire
(487,363 on 6-2009)

great show
long time listener!
Submitted By: mavenmalenfb
(487,316 on 6-2009)

Hungry for more
One of the most enjoyable podcasts out there. Dan Carlins take on historical events is really mentally refreshing compared to history class.
Submitted By: jang.esther
(487,299 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: o_connell
(487,285 on 6-2009)

Plain spoken history!
Wow, Id rather listen to 3 hours of Dan a day than any of these blowhards on radio! Keep up the good work my man, history is supposted to be fun, like you make it for your listeners!
Submitted By: bigrearden
(487,282 on 6-2009)

Excellent Show
Submitted By: dfrechettenh
(487,278 on 6-2009)

Warning: Totally Addictive!
I was turned on to Hardcore History by my boss about a month ago - since then I've listened to the whole series. Entertaining, engaging, thoughtful and exciting - and once you've digested a few of the episodes, you find yourself much better able to put each new one into context. A big picture starts developing. Well done Dan, the work that's gone into this series must be enormous. :) Loz
Submitted By: lozzobear
(487,274 on 6-2009)

Fantastic Show/ Mezmerizing
Fantastically informative. Evocative and intellectual. This show is a great testament to the excitement of history told with passion, incite, and the love of humanity as a whole.
Submitted By: jason310
(487,270 on 6-2009)

Immensely gratifying
Love this podcast. Dan Carlin presents some of our most pivotal moments as a human race in a way that is at once interesting, informative, emotional, and completely enthralling. You cant turn it off; and when you first discover DCHH you will find yourself unable to resist listening to episode after episode until youve caught up, desperate for the next release!
Submitted By: bhellquist
(487,269 on 6-2009)

Fantastic Podcast
This is one of the best history programs available and certainly the best history podcast.
Submitted By: brianliberatore
(487,089 on 6-2009)

Best History On The Net!
Dan Carlin discusses history with the passion and knowledgable insights I only wish my ( or my kids) history teachers had.
Submitted By: clinneer
(487,012 on 6-2009)

Hardcore History is Terrific!
Although not always agreeing with Mr. Carlin - as many of his listeners will attest - hes always respectful of the oppostion and presents his ideas and thoughts clearly and quite brilliantly. Listen - you just may have your mind blown.
Submitted By: danieljkostelec
(487,004 on 6-2009)

Great podcast
Dan has a truly great show. His podcasts make you think about what hes saying long after the shows done. Ive heard some of his shows over multiple times and still find something intersting to listen to.
Submitted By: dnarwhal
(486,889 on 6-2009)

Is comment needed?
Submitted By: woodward
(486,801 on 6-2009)

Love it!
I am a new fan of this podcast!! I love the way they present the history information!
Submitted By: tfrance
(486,751 on 6-2009)

I have never studied history and I discovered Dan Carlins podcast completely by accident but was blown away by how interesting Dan makes each subject. Outstanding. This is the first and only thing that has ever made me want to go out and buy a book! The Punic Wars trilogy is my favourite to date but I have listened to all of the podcasts and am hungry for more.
Submitted By: jimmckeown
(486,748 on 6-2009)

Smashing piece of work!
Definately hooked. The interview wth esteemed historian Victor David Hanson was fantastic and currently burning down past episodes. Definately worth the singular dollar contribution.
Submitted By: patric.stuber
(486,713 on 6-2009)

Makes History Fascinating
Whod have thought three segments on the Punic Wars would be so riveting? Ditto the other areas of history hes covered. If Dan Carlin had been a history teacher, no one would have slept through his class.
Submitted By: williambrown1
(486,695 on 6-2009)

We want more!
AMAZING! even casual history fans need to listen to Dan Carlin talk about the past.
Submitted By: griffisjosh
(486,682 on 6-2009)

Very Interesting
I like it.
Submitted By: berics
(486,622 on 6-2009)

Great stuff
The way Dan approach history has made me go back to buying books on the subjects and get hooked on history again thanks Dan keep it up. Say hi to ben whether he exist or not?
Submitted By: m_yckey
(486,616 on 6-2009)

the best
best history podcast. amazing. engaging host.
Submitted By: bert46901
(486,514 on 6-2009)

Excellent show
Dan Carlin talks about history in a way you are not likely to have heard before. Interesting, informative and provocative.
Submitted By: miguel.sosa
(486,436 on 6-2009)

Killer for History Nerds
These dont come out ofetn enough, however it hhas to be due to massive amounts of research. Dan always manages to give a complete picture in an entertaining manner. Great show.
Submitted By: chris.plym
(486,425 on 6-2009)

Sorry I have not Voted in awhile. Would Hate to Loose this podcast.
Submitted By: indigomoon
(486,314 on 6-2009)

Love Hardcore History
My favourite podcast from a person who loves history like I do. Keep it going Dan!
Submitted By: andrew.kennedy
(486,295 on 6-2009)

The best!
Makes history interesting and relevant---an excellent show!
Submitted By: fireproofeyes
(486,200 on 6-2009)

I picked up on this podcast last year during the three-part series on the Punic Nightmares and have been addicted ever since.
Submitted By: dlindahl
(486,082 on 6-2009)

Best podcast
Submitted By: allleftturnsjoe
(486,036 on 6-2009)

unique way of looking at events of the past that is totally engaging. Well worth listening to.
Submitted By: karenjmitchell
(485,978 on 6-2009)

superb history show
features mainly ww2 and ancient rome.
Submitted By: peetscoffeebean
(485,957 on 6-2009)

great show
Submitted By: chuckeazay22
(485,946 on 6-2009)

Submitted By:
(485,890 on 6-2009)

Simply Amazing!!!
I wasnt such a fan of history but ever since i listened to the first podcast of hardcore history, he has shown me a comletely different view many things. He enters the mind of other people and opens a window into the lives of so many interesting people and situations. I cannot thank you enough Dan for making such interesting shows and i really do hope that you get the best of success and happiness in your life. Ayman McGarry, 15 years old
Submitted By: aymanmcgarry
(485,878 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: the.scarecrow
(485,874 on 6-2009)

Hardcore History
Submitted By: 1983farmboy
(485,843 on 6-2009)

just awesome
Submitted By: eye4thesky
(485,731 on 6-2009)

Great Shows
I like Dan style of covering history.
Submitted By: Littlerasclejr
(485,708 on 6-2009)

great historical insights!
Submitted By: djensen
(485,535 on 6-2009)

Turns facts into stories that are hard to forget...
Submitted By: hippylikecats
(485,525 on 6-2009)

The Best General History Podcast
Submitted By: az.massage
(485,440 on 6-2009)

Excellent Podcast
Great podcast -
Submitted By: kronnie
(485,390 on 6-2009)

This is an amazing podcast. I love it!
Submitted By: jtelleen
(485,388 on 6-2009)

Dan has the best history podcasts on the internets!
Submitted By: fendaddy
(485,301 on 6-2009)

Ghosts of the Ostfront 1
Great Podcast. The best podcast I have heard ever. And Im a Sports guy!!!!
Submitted By: bx10457
(485,269 on 6-2009)

Hard Core History Rules!
Submitted By: salfun
(485,232 on 6-2009)

Hooked from the episode I heard
This is Dans best work. I love these shows. I get so immersed in these podcasts. Dan makes historical events so connected and alive. He seems to know when detail is important and when to gloss over things. His podcasts are recyclable for multiple listenings. Help support this show, so he can produce more. I will be.
Submitted By: Chris.holzer
(485,230 on 6-2009)

Love This Show!
Really well-researched and interesting show. They do a great job of teasing out compelling personalities and situations.
Submitted By: cissyhammers
(485,174 on 6-2009)

Great podcast! I really enjoy this broad take on History in general.
Submitted By: JSGonwa
(485,032 on 6-2009)

Awesome podcast!
Submitted By: jveretto
(484,981 on 6-2009)

Dan is awesome!
This is still my favorite podcast! If you like history presented in a dramatic and thought provoking way, you will love this one. I wish it came out once a week, but they are worth waiting for!
Submitted By: Johnmhenbest
(484,930 on 6-2009)

Excellent podcast
Submitted By: cma4_
(484,871 on 6-2009)

Hardcore History has really opened my eyes!!!
Thanks so much to Dan Carlin. Ive only recently become a history buff and this cast has really piqued my interest. Dans information is great and his delivery is fantastic. If only my teachers back in school/college were so engaging! Eric Halder
Submitted By: erichalder
(484,829 on 6-2009)

Great Show
Great Show
Submitted By: Jsin57
(484,791 on 6-2009)

Great show
Alternative look at history
Submitted By: kazrok
(484,779 on 6-2009)

Great Show!
Submitted By: jwolfe
(484,675 on 6-2009)

Makin history interesting
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(484,648 on 6-2009)

Best History Podcast Out there
A great Program. I just wish he had more people helping him so he could get the shows out faster.
Submitted By: dpray2
(484,628 on 6-2009)

Dan has a gift of story-telling. Granted, I love history as it is, but Dan makes topics like the Punic Wars more interesting than any movie ever can.
Submitted By: isolovey
(484,516 on 6-2009)

My all time favorite Podcast
Hands down the most thought provoking podcast ok the web.
Submitted By: rob
(484,411 on 6-2009)

Hardcore History
Thoroughly enjoyable
Submitted By: marc.t.smith
(484,226 on 6-2009)

good show
excellent part 1
Submitted By: j.hedwig2
(484,194 on 5-2009)

Just Great
Dan Carlin has to be one of the best commentators that nobody (or at least too few people) have never heard of. I am so happy I found him. The Hardcore History stuff is so good because it is clear that it is a labor of love.
Submitted By: Thomasdwh
(484,169 on 5-2009)

Its just brilliant. Passionate and entertaining.
Submitted By: stig_bergqvist
(484,161 on 5-2009)

Dans the best!
Submitted By: jrg4
(484,140 on 5-2009)

I am absolutely addicted to Hardcore History. Dans attitude and insight are inspiring and thought-provoking and fun! Even when the subject is not one that I am particularly interested in, he makes it so interesting that I cant stop listening.
Submitted By: surveyortom
(484,128 on 5-2009)

best part of my life...
Submitted By: corb
(484,100 on 5-2009)

Im addicted.
Submitted By: vwbeetle1975
(484,093 on 5-2009)

Deeply intelligent
I Love History, and this is how it should be presented, - Dan is passionate, intelligent, memorable, and partisan. I learn a heap, and remember most of it!
Submitted By: hwemper
(484,006 on 5-2009)

Great, great show - easily my favorite podcast - keep em comin!
Submitted By: jason_kasner
(483,954 on 5-2009)

Great twist on what you think you know
Submitted By: ccisecure
(483,929 on 5-2009)

If only my high school history teachers had brought history to life the way that Dan Carlin does!
Submitted By: duckdog68
(483,880 on 5-2009)

Fantastic podcast.
More, please.
Submitted By: christopherj_68
(483,848 on 5-2009)

Dan Carlin rocks.
He rants too, but I listen as soon as each new podcast appears.
Submitted By: hotc
(483,814 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: danajanezic
(483,803 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: wascko
(483,760 on 5-2009)

Educating the World
Ignorance isnt bliss its frightening. Keep it up Dan.
Submitted By: sdb.3billion
(483,663 on 5-2009)

Making history exciting
I must say since I stumbled upon this podcast 5 or 6 months ago I have not missed an episode since. The way Dan Carlin is able to recite these moments in history is nothing short of wonderful. He brings a life and energy to these moments in history that you cant get in any class. If you are a fan of history in any way you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast. You will not be disappointed.
Submitted By: cjrufus81
(483,659 on 5-2009)

Love this podcast!
Love this podcast! Pay him his money :) Save Ben!
Submitted By: thanosied
(483,624 on 5-2009)

Thanks Dan!!!!!!!! and the other fellow.
The solid B I received in my introduction to western civilization class last semester was only possible because I listen to your show. I really had no interest in World history till I got an I pod for Christmas in 07, after getting turned onto your program. I was hooked. I was my professors favorite student because I could talk on his level. I was giving a B because in the words of my Cambridge educated professor I was the only one in the class he could have a interesting conversation with. Thanks Dan, when I get my student loans paid off to the feds, I will get my belated tuition into to you. Thanks for helping my see the how the past affects my everyday life. Sincerely Jeff (St. George, Utah) P.S. Thank you wife she must be a patient woman.
Submitted By: Utahscookie
(483,567 on 5-2009)

Wicked Sweet!
I love this podcast. It is so enjoyable to listen to someone speak about history and you can just tell that they truly love history. Its not just facts, its peoples lives, what they lived through and what motivated them. I love this podcast!
Submitted By: jthurbs
(483,515 on 5-2009)

Differant take on historical events and people
Submitted By: kazrok
(483,512 on 5-2009)

magnificent podcast
My favorite podcast.
Submitted By: evilsaladofdoom
(483,507 on 5-2009)

Great food for thought
I may not always agree and at times i do agree. But, he gives me a different perspective and something to grapple with.
Submitted By: lillianrulon
(483,491 on 5-2009)

It Rocks
Submitted By: sellersb
(483,398 on 5-2009)

Hardcore Awesome
Amazing shows - excellent stuff.
Submitted By: marohn
(483,386 on 5-2009)

the best
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(483,354 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: wouter
(483,253 on 5-2009)

very good cant wait for next episode
Submitted By: evfred2000
(483,245 on 5-2009)

Great show
Could make history interesting to people who dont like history
Submitted By: fcgravelyn
(483,241 on 5-2009)

Great podcast
Dan Carlins Podcast have re-kindled my interest in history.
Submitted By: c_zorn
(483,237 on 5-2009)

The Best
Best history show in the net.
Submitted By: sofapatata
(483,216 on 5-2009)

Dan Carlin allows me to "feed my head" with good stuff.
Submitted By: tall4one
(483,191 on 5-2009)

Its important to understand how US poitical system is failing
Submitted By: filc2
(483,174 on 5-2009)

super show
Submitted By: sarubin
(483,150 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: teamfatman76
(483,104 on 5-2009)

The Best
Dans podcast are simply the finest around.
Submitted By: alram2
(483,098 on 5-2009)

Love the sessions. Especially enjoyed the James Burke interview
Submitted By: dougkinkaid
(483,029 on 5-2009)

Best ever!
There are many great History podcasts out there, but Hardcore History is NUMBER 1, a Giant among Giants!
Submitted By: roypitta
(483,027 on 5-2009)

dan carlin vote
Hardcore history is the best podcast I listen to. Only wish they would come out more often.
Submitted By: copperknob_47
(483,010 on 5-2009)

My favorite podcaster
Dan Carlins podcasts are the best.
Submitted By: jbonet
(482,997 on 5-2009)

Great show
Essential show for any independent thinking history fan.
Submitted By: gelandres
(482,995 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: dg_1974
(482,993 on 5-2009)

listen and learn
Submitted By: rexboyce
(482,992 on 5-2009)

Greatness found in men!
Dan is the best!
Submitted By: mooreforyourmoney
(482,986 on 5-2009)

Perfect Clarity
I absolutely love this show. I think he really has answers to many of our government problems.
Submitted By: talonawd1991
(482,979 on 5-2009)

Love Dans Interpretation of Historical events
Submitted By: rfdispatch-online
(482,968 on 5-2009)

Love the show!
Submitted By: baron.blakley
(482,946 on 5-2009)

The "Ostfront 1" podcast was a pretty stunning historical tour.
Submitted By: blanderson
(482,919 on 5-2009)

addicted to bondage
Dans shows are amazing
Submitted By: j_g_kamstra
(482,915 on 5-2009)

How do you pay a 1$ a show, not see it on the Dan Carlin's page?
Submitted By: Pdev2222
(482,891 on 5-2009)

great show
Submitted By: kennywhiteyfp
(482,878 on 5-2009)

gripping show
Submitted By: cthreepio
(482,816 on 5-2009)

Great History Lesson
Submitted By: terryharlon
(482,733 on 5-2009)

this guy is awesome he really gets you to think about how the people felt during different generations
Submitted By: hastingsjackson
(482,716 on 5-2009)

Best podcast out there, Ive listened to every one at least three times. Keep em coming!
Submitted By: njplaskett
(482,643 on 5-2009)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History
The best of the best.
Submitted By: dsolway
(482,637 on 5-2009)

You cant miss if you have a passion for history. Dan makes history more interesting than you might believe!
Submitted By: dmmotily
(482,537 on 5-2009)

hardcore history
waiting for osfront 2 - best podcast ever
Submitted By: RLaDue2003
(482,527 on 5-2009)

60% of us
60% of the US population are more in line with Dan than we are with any of the political parties out there. At least here you do not feal as though you want tobeat your face against a wall after they speak.
Submitted By: lmtszero
(482,328 on 5-2009)

Hardcore Awesome
I dont miss any of these, great show. I helps me to become better educated on historical topics while I ride the bus!
Submitted By: neilos
(482,146 on 5-2009)

Good show
Dans got a point of view, but unlike many podcasters hes thought it through and its interesting even when its wrong.
Submitted By: bridgeriver
(482,121 on 5-2009)

dan carlin is awsome. i wish my histroy teacher had been half as interesting. if you think history is boring and you dont care? listen to this, youlll change your mind.
Submitted By: shadowisp
(482,098 on 5-2009)

Yay for history
As a student of history I find this pocast amazingly interesting and helpfull. I can't to hear every word!!!!
Submitted By: nikkigikkin
(481,966 on 5-2009)

Well done - informative and entertaining.
Submitted By: jeanie
(481,941 on 5-2009)

Dan Carlin Hardcore History
Engrossing and entertaining. Dan Cartlins enthusiam for his subjects is infectious. 100% the best presented history show available.
Submitted By: jeff.brennan
(481,898 on 5-2009)

A pleasure
It was really refreshing finding a sane political mind and a well researched (and entertaining) Historical perspective. Ive never had a history teacher in school be so interesting or entertaining. I have never been as immersed in a historical perspective or felt like I could relate to a people as Dan Carlin causes you to be. A great Podcast and I was honestly sad when I ran out and found that he cant put a new one out every day.
Submitted By: blessrosewater
(481,820 on 5-2009)

Australia needs a Dan Carlin All praise gen X intelligentsia
Submitted By: hpeek
(481,773 on 5-2009)

Great podcasts. History becomes alive thanks to Dans presentation style, subject matter knowledge, and ability to activate the listeners minds eye.
Submitted By: johnbrofka
(481,720 on 5-2009)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: wcrowson
(481,686 on 5-2009)

vote for dan
Submitted By: mikes
(481,564 on 5-2009)

Great show not a hystory guy but been converted into one by dan love the aproach of the impact on the people or period that he is comenting on.
Submitted By: m_yckey
(481,515 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: fffb7
(481,408 on 5-2009)

Happy Dan Discovery
Dans historically rich perspective and blend of far-right with far-left makes for a view of a radical middle that makes sense to me. It shows too clearly the weaknesses of both parties and illuminates a fresh path. Go Dan go.
Submitted By: vkeskinen
(481,358 on 5-2009)

Best podcast there is!
Submitted By: cashman0412
(481,332 on 5-2009)

Thanks Dan-
By far my favorite podcast!
Submitted By: domdj
(481,022 on 5-2009)

Hooked on Carlin
As always, as must listen, even if you didnt *think* you were interested in history.
Submitted By: amy.moline
(480,889 on 5-2009)

entertaining and a welcome change of pace from the usual podcast fare
Submitted By: scott
(480,875 on 5-2009)

It is so great to listen to a fan of history who knows more about history and can express it better than almost any professor I have encountered! Dan Carlin brings the story of People to life. A true treasure of a podcast.
Submitted By: cafe_insomnia
(480,652 on 5-2009)

Spectacular podcast!
Submitted By: crgabe
(480,628 on 5-2009)

if you didnt know this b4
this is a show of stunning ,insightful tour de force of each subject Mr. Carlin sets out to study. One could spend hours lost below the volumes of textbooks and never achieve the understanding you gleam from one Hardcore History Show
Submitted By: ptab01
(480,531 on 5-2009)

I become so absorbed in the HH podcasts I hardly know I am driving my car. History is really alive and well thanks to Dan Carlin.
Submitted By: drlyman
(480,493 on 5-2009)

In a class of its own
A lot of podcasts, you listen to and forget. Not HH. This one is a treasure.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(480,468 on 5-2009)
Submitted By: jonblowers
(480,386 on 5-2009)

HH rocks!
I just listened to my first full podcast. Dan Carlins Hardcore History (The Macedonian Soap Opera). Excellent! Im a new fan!
Submitted By: fredmatamoros
(480,343 on 5-2009)

I just discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and have already listened to all of them. I love the straightforward, non-biased views on really interesting aspects of history
Submitted By: thomasmartinmeehan
(480,275 on 5-2009)

Another Great Show!
Dan is one of my favorite podcasters. Its true I dont always agree with everything he says, but at least hes logical about his arguments. If you dont mind feeling motivated to overthrow your government, you should listen :)
Submitted By: PCMcGee
(480,219 on 5-2009)

great stuff
Submitted By: 55kelly
(479,965 on 5-2009)

Dan Carlin
Does a great job.
Submitted By: Jsin57
(479,933 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: dobblesguard-new
(479,861 on 5-2009)

Good Stuff
Very good, brings out the story very well like a good history teacher or professor.
Submitted By: mrbain81
(479,860 on 5-2009)

Keep them coming! Heads a tails above all other podcast out there!
Submitted By: Grizzlyhuff
(479,814 on 5-2009)

Learn More?
This podcast has taught me more since ive started listening to it than i ever did in school. Dan Carlin does his homework. He has all his eggs in one basket, and it shows! If i had 1/4 of what he knows in my head I would be lucky! Still waiting on "Ghost of the Ostfront Part 2...Cant wait!
Submitted By: captainearlb
(479,778 on 5-2009)

Dan turns history into a living and breathing thing that connects our current lives with the past. Confronting and very addictive.
Submitted By: stevenandlisapotts
(479,775 on 5-2009)

Hey, who ever said history had to be boring?
Submitted By: mdyson
(479,769 on 5-2009)

better than school
He is more engaging in the topic than any teacher I have ever had.
Submitted By: fendaddy
(479,756 on 5-2009)

history interest
This guy is just great. Makes my runs go by like fun.
Submitted By: cbahan
(479,695 on 5-2009)

Bringin History Alive
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(479,672 on 5-2009)

Im not Ben either!
Submitted By: jwolfe
(479,651 on 5-2009)

Glorious and twisted...
A new take on History by one of the most original voice in American media... Fascinating.
Submitted By: jfdoray
(479,566 on 5-2009)

excellent show
Submitted By: tzt48
(479,477 on 5-2009)

Best Podcast
The content/quality is getting even better than before!!
Submitted By: glassgod03
(479,307 on 5-2009)

Very good podcast with excellent interviews.
Submitted By: alleex2
(479,186 on 5-2009)

my votefor dan
my vote for dan
Submitted By: sterlingbushnell
(479,114 on 5-2009)

How did this fall out of the top 10!!!!
HH is simply amazing in the detail and work that goes into it. But it may not be what you expect, this is no dry treaties on history but a thought provoking and positively engaging show that bears listening to again and again. The latest, like the classic Punic Wars series is stellar...
Submitted By: psw2
(479,088 on 5-2009)

Great podcast
Not only terrific content, but great quality as well. Professionally produced.
Submitted By: wpedison
(479,066 on 4-2009)

Why history taught like this in school?!
Submitted By: jerzeeboy
(479,027 on 4-2009)

This rules
Best podcast Ive found
Submitted By: christob49
(478,902 on 4-2009)

Keep em coming Dan!!
Hardcore history and common sense continue to be two of my favorite podcasts. Dans insight and detailed research make the history shows both interesting and educational. Keep up the good work, and Ill keep giving you money to help cure Bens latest ailment. GG
Submitted By: garygallo1
(478,896 on 4-2009)

Great show
I find this show most enjoyable.
Submitted By: Palm6816
(478,808 on 4-2009)

Dans great
Bens probably all right too.
Submitted By: bushlosttwice
(478,681 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: xxcmc601xx
(478,622 on 4-2009)

love the show
Submitted By: massevolution
(478,509 on 4-2009)
Submitted By: loki08
(478,359 on 4-2009)

Thank you Dan
In a internet filled with drivel and distraction, he (Dan) spends time and effort making those who listen more aware, enlightened and intelligent. Thanks Dan
Submitted By: theaterdj
(478,345 on 4-2009)

Dan brings to life what he is talking about. I feel like I am there whether in Churchills office or in the gore as Phalanxes clash. Well researched and presented. Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: _salvadore
(478,280 on 4-2009)

Always Interesting
If every high school teacher played Dans podcasts in their class, more students would find history is not just a bunch of places and dates. Rather they would find history a fascinating tale and understand what made us what we are today.
Submitted By: forrge
(478,256 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: jnorena
(478,183 on 4-2009)

I walk home from work which takes an hour just so I can listen to Hardcore History. It is thought provoking and stimulating. It reopened a door to the world that I had almost forgotten. One of the best aspects is Dan Carlins humanity and the way he can bring history alive so you almost believe that you were actually seeing the events unfold. I hadnt apprecaited the amount of effort that goes into each production. I cant recommmend it highly enough and I will be paying up . Its so worth the price of a cup of coffee. Jeanie McKenzie
Submitted By: JeanieM
(478,169 on 4-2009)

If you have a brain, you will love this podcast.
Hardcore History is gripping, exciting, fascinating, so much that you may not even notice that its also educational. Learn about what makes us who we are, and about the kind of things our ancestors faced. Learning history is vital to being prepared for our future, so do yourself a favor and download this podcast.
Submitted By: kjeanne
(478,001 on 4-2009)

Great Podcasts
Just greats shows Dan. I am a history fan so I picked up the HH shows 1st, very extensive and plenty of research, but easy to follow and understand. I also love the CS podcast, I am not a politics fan, but this shows are really easy to follow and even hilarious. Keep em comoing.
Submitted By: levitaboricua
(477,975 on 4-2009)

I love Dans history podcast. the only complaint I have is that it is one of the first podcasts I started listening to and now no other podcasts quite measure up the the standard of this one and believe me I have been searching. Dan you just set the bar too high! Keep up the good work and thanks for the opportunity to let me become more educated while doing very boring menial jobs!!!
Submitted By: Limbata
(477,955 on 4-2009)

*Intelligent* podcasting
I want a podcast that makes me think and this one really does it. He uses extensive primary sources and does plenty of research before his shows. Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: DMoreMFT
(477,907 on 4-2009)

great podcast
This is one of my favorite podcast. Dan Carlin has a unique perspective on history, and is a great storyteller.
Submitted By: nialmcfadyen
(477,844 on 4-2009)

Great storytelling! I've been listening to thePunic Wars. Excellent stuff. Thanks for putting these together. B, in Toronto
Submitted By: brian-johnson
(477,805 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: woodward
(477,781 on 4-2009)

Informative and Enjoyable
Submitted By: tylerelwell
(477,752 on 4-2009)

Great show
Highly recommend, not only for history fanatics.
Submitted By: ledda
(477,727 on 4-2009)

Yes a new addition!
Thank you Dan for producing another awesome podcast. Im sure people offer all the time, but I would love to help out anytime! Andrew Cali
Submitted By: drewcalle
(477,653 on 4-2009)

hardcore history
ilove it! i like the way dan says again (agin)
Submitted By: dc
(477,618 on 4-2009)

What you do must take much time & energy - but it is appreciated. What you do is proof how the internet can be a big step forward for civilization
Submitted By: stimpy66
(477,554 on 4-2009)

Riveting, constantly making me think!
Submitted By: joshdearing1
(477,515 on 4-2009)

Provocative and insightful
Submitted By: subscriber
(477,361 on 4-2009)

awesome show!!
Submitted By: sarahjo87
(477,273 on 4-2009)

Just found HH and love it. Show 15 Desperate Times is quite poignant now in 09.
Submitted By: cowtownwino
(477,212 on 4-2009)

great look at old news and events!
Submitted By: weever
(477,203 on 4-2009)

highly enjoyable history.
Exciting and often thought-provoking.
Submitted By: ecshumway
(477,163 on 4-2009)

This is an excellent and informative podcast.
Submitted By: solarjinx
(477,050 on 4-2009)

So informative and intelectually gripping
Submitted By: Iwasjoking82
(476,878 on 4-2009)

Dan Carlin
The best history class Ive ever taken.
Submitted By: gary.reagan
(476,814 on 4-2009)

fanstastic stuff
Submitted By: markseemanpillai
(476,793 on 4-2009)

The only podcast I listen to
besides G. Gordon Liddy shows I missed. The hard work that goes into this podcast is much appreciated. I hope it is a long time before Hardcore History is history!
Submitted By: are_you_threatening_me
(476,740 on 4-2009)

Need More
Great podcast. Please post more episodes!!!
Submitted By: lynn85
(476,714 on 4-2009)

Provocative and thoughtful
As someone who enjoys history, this is a must-listen. I look forward to each one.
Submitted By: david.a.landry
(476,534 on 4-2009)

Hardcore fan of hardcore history
I love Dans personal, non-conformist outlook on history. (just go easy on the sound effects, though) Dominique from Belgiul
Submitted By: dominique_biebau
(476,485 on 4-2009)

living history
This show is truly a wonder. If my history classes in school had been anything like this podcast i would have loved learning about it a whole lot sooner. Another great show by Dan Carlin is called Common Sense , check it out and learn about the now...
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(476,431 on 4-2009)

Love this podcast.
My wife and I love his show!
Submitted By: rickettes
(476,401 on 4-2009)

Great Show
This is a great show. Please can you uys make some more. And please get some British Historians on as your special guest Historian.
Submitted By: dunntom
(476,289 on 4-2009)

Good stuff!
Submitted By: liddicoat.brian
(476,222 on 4-2009)

3 thumbs up
Dan gives me an insight into history that I have never been able to get from teachers or academics before. Thanks Dan.
Submitted By: battereddonkey
(476,149 on 4-2009)

Will there ever be another episode?
Submitted By: scottlisajoshua
(476,055 on 4-2009)

dense with information, yet is easy and truly enjoyable to listen to.
Submitted By: xnuez111
(476,052 on 4-2009)

This Podcast offers tremendous insight and delivery on a variety of history topics. I have learned a lot from this pod cast. Highly recommend.
Submitted By: rjlitton
(476,033 on 4-2009)

Fantastic Podcast
Submitted By: mmathews182
(475,838 on 4-2009)

Great Show!!
Love your show Dan.
Submitted By: vipularoh
(475,687 on 4-2009)

This is an excellent podcast
Submitted By: Dbennett6684
(475,475 on 4-2009)

Very thought provoking and entertaining. Highly recommended.
Submitted By: the.scarecrow
(475,389 on 4-2009)

great informative fab!
Dan Carlin gets me through my daily jogging.
Submitted By: aareemahke
(475,208 on 4-2009)

Love him
I eagerly await each new episode of Hardcore History and listen to it several times just to make sure I get everything out of it that I possibly can.
Submitted By: bethunver
(475,197 on 4-2009)

This is one of the most interesting Podcasts Ive come across. Many thanks and keep up the good work.
Submitted By: ncarfra
(475,053 on 4-2009)

More Blitz Episodes!
Submitted By: chris.plym
(474,992 on 4-2009)

Awesome show, great topics, great host- will always make you think, even if you dont always agree
Submitted By: tau.iohannes
(474,597 on 4-2009)

Dan Carlins history is great listening.
Submitted By: fred
(474,473 on 4-2009)

Dan, Thanks for doing this and keep up the good work.
Submitted By: tybolles
(474,460 on 4-2009)

voting for my fav!
I rarely used the ipod feature on my phone until my sister recommended this podcast. I may not have time for pop music, but I make time for Dan Carlin.
Submitted By: emilyorton
(474,304 on 4-2009)

Love this show!
Im going back and listening to all the shows and really enjoying it.
Submitted By: cmbg
(474,228 on 4-2009)

I await each new episode with bated breath.
Submitted By: chmurph2
(474,182 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: wmekimberly
(474,177 on 4-2009)

Best History Podcast
Submitted By: gorman33
(474,142 on 4-2009)

This is very good programing.
Submitted By: treesusa01
(474,135 on 4-2009)

Hurrah for History
Best History Podcast ever! Insiteful, entertaining and education.
Submitted By: fendaddy
(474,127 on 4-2009)

Great Show
Great Show
Submitted By: Jsin57
(474,120 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: terry
(473,712 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: ascole
(473,600 on 4-2009)

Hardcore History
I love Dans unique perpective on history. This is an excellent podcast. The only problem there arent enough of them.
Submitted By: tcoopernca
(473,512 on 3-2009)

Thanks a lot Dan, youve really turned me on to history. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: atticus19
(473,507 on 3-2009)

Go Dan!
Submitted By: iaijitsu_strike
(473,495 on 3-2009)

best podcast on history, period.
Submitted By: chad.maples1
(473,469 on 3-2009)

A touch of escapism
As a college student who doesnt study history, this podcast is absolutely one of the best. It tantalizes the mind while offering an escape--whether to Alien worlds or to James Burkes wall.
Submitted By: krooney
(473,361 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: mavenmalenfb
(473,039 on 3-2009)

Great show!
Submitted By: surreal.dent
(472,779 on 3-2009)

Dan Carlin Rocks!
Finally someone who does not tow the two party line!!!!! All hail common sense and to those of you who sit back and watch our rights disappear in the name of nationalism..... please listen and WAKE UP! I do not always agree with Dan but more times than not, I do. Thanks Dan.
Submitted By: william.laseur
(472,679 on 3-2009)

Great show
I wish Id had any history teacher in school who could get at the real crux of historical events and make them as interesting.
Submitted By: unclemeat9
(472,614 on 3-2009)

!!! best podcast out there!!
Submitted By: pargev
(472,389 on 3-2009)

Love them all
Submitted By: jenny
(472,369 on 3-2009)

Love Dan Carlins podcasts!!!
This is my favorite podcast, by far. Even though I may not always agree with Dan, I find that he makes me think, and gets my curiosity going about many aspects of history. He helps me to see different perspectives about events in history. His show is great for the history buff - it always gives a background on the issues and events he is highlighting, but at the same time he doesnt talk down to his listeners. His shows are always well-planned, well-produced, and fascinating. Highly recommended!
Submitted By: steshaheats
(472,338 on 3-2009)

Don Carlin is absolutely the best history podcaster today.
Submitted By: VHigman
(472,306 on 3-2009)

Dan the man
Dan Carlins Hardcore History is the #1 Podcast we listen to. It is the only Podcast to listen to that everyone will like, especially on long car trips, Adults & Kids alike sit in Rapt attention as Dan spins the tale of ages past. If knew to Pod-casting or just introducing someone. This one everyone comes back for more. Excellent work. Michael Thurston
Submitted By:
(472,304 on 3-2009)

Incredible Show
My FAVORITE podcast. Excellent and fascinating!
Submitted By: georgiamylab
(472,244 on 3-2009)

Excellent. Enjoyed this and every single one!
Submitted By: fpalmay
(472,156 on 3-2009)

Great show! Keep it up, Dan!
Submitted By: rockit600
(472,144 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: stevenl40
(472,021 on 3-2009)

History with spice and life
Submitted By: grantlsimpson
(471,900 on 3-2009)

Great Show
needs to make them faster though
Submitted By: mglsite1
(471,755 on 3-2009)

Great show as history will show
Submitted By: floyderama
(471,686 on 3-2009)

If you are looking for an interesting take on history, then you must get this podcast. It is great.
Submitted By: jonstowell
(471,681 on 3-2009)

Good show, interesting and entertaining.
I'm lovin' Dan Carlin. He's got a good voice and interesting opinions. His history shows seem fairly factual while still being entertaining. Best of all, its free! Still, I'm thinking I'll purchase his other shows now, simply because I want to hear them and I think he deserves my support. Keep it up Dan, Ben and the rest of the crew.
Submitted By: supated
(471,676 on 3-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: shandavidbeaulieu
(471,674 on 3-2009)

great show
the best history show on podcast!
Submitted By: turtle_echo
(471,633 on 3-2009)

Awesome Podcast!!
Dan isnt one of those boring history guys who may or may not be reading their podcast from a texbook and whose accent might be fake; hes much more entertaining, covers interesting topics from an angle that challenges you to think about the impact of history on the people of the time. Great job, Dan!
Submitted By: scott_70816
(471,597 on 3-2009)

This show will blow you away
Wow, just wow, I love this show. There is nothing better than letting Dan talk about history and bring it alive in a way your high school teacher never could. A brilliant blend of both tragedy and humour it will really make you think.
Submitted By: fish
(471,572 on 3-2009)

Wow, my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: tekboy
(471,531 on 3-2009)

kept me interested......
I really enjoy these podcasts. Dans interpretation of historical evevts and there impact on our culture is thought provoking and stinks of intelligence.
Submitted By: garybell999
(471,312 on 3-2009)

Gripping and keeps me wanting more.
Only place Ive been on the web labeled "Hardcore" that didnt leave me feeling guilty. Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: dannygroves
(471,222 on 3-2009)

One of my favorite as Dans specialties are abilities to make us sit up and think.... yeah why not???? or yeah why didnt I see it in that light before??? An absolute delight listening to Dans endering episodes.
Submitted By: pinseahk
(471,189 on 3-2009)

Great show! Very informative and addictive. Thanks Dan.
Submitted By: dj_mexi
(471,183 on 3-2009)

Dan is awesome on History
Dan has a great perspective and a riveting style. He looks at history from a different angle, one that is beneficial for life today!
Submitted By: sartmann
(471,104 on 3-2009)

Beyond awesome
Thank you. I have sent away for the "classic" CD
Submitted By: desertphile
(470,964 on 3-2009)

still great
still great, if infrequent
Submitted By: aliciarobbins
(470,779 on 3-2009)

dan is a great story teller!
Submitted By: swino
(470,772 on 3-2009)

History alive
Once again I watched a TV documentary of Hannibal,and his fight with Rome. I had never had an ounce of interest in either until one day bored to death at my job I downloaded one of Dans history podcasts. Since then I was fascinated with everything to do with Hannibal,and Carthage. After listening to Dan I find it dissapointing to watch a TV documentary or movie,regarding either.Not because there are slight varyations,but because of the complete lack of enthusiasm on the part of the television broadcasts. I have such vivid pictures imbedded in my mind of the battles as described by Dan that the TV show seem weak and leave you feeling empty ,and that they didnt finish the job. This goes for all Dans history podcasts ,I just loved them all . If your reading this and havnt listen to Dans history lessons you dont know what your missing. Dans other site is just as captivating but me being a Canadian aye,I find it to political ,or maybe I should say Americanized ( of coarse ,what else would it be?) Anyway we dont have any Dans up here and if you folks dont like his veiws on politics please chase him out of the country ,chase him north! Neil
Submitted By: neil.winter
(470,758 on 3-2009)

A look behind the events of history. Fascinating!
Submitted By: whiterocksingle
(470,640 on 3-2009)

Brilliant Discourse
I ran across Hardcore history in iTunes when I got tired of listening to "Car Talk". I downloaded one Hardcore History podcast. listened to it and got the rest. I just ordered the first 9 directly from Dan Carlin website. 2 of my colleagues at work heard me talk about the wonderful history lesson and the Dans insights. They are doing the same. If only history were taught like this in college. I would have rushed to the store to buy books to fill in the gaps. I didnt do it then but Im doing it now. An understanding of several thousand years of human history puts the current world into better focus. Thanks Dan,
Submitted By:
(470,600 on 3-2009)

Great Show!
Always interesting and well-researched.
Submitted By: chris.richey
(470,598 on 3-2009)

Punic Nightmares I II III
The most exciting ten days of my adult life listening to Dan tell about Carthage, Rome, and the players in the Punic Wars. GREAT JOB DAN. I hope Ben gets better.
Submitted By: joeearnest
(470,560 on 3-2009)

Exceptionally awesome and elucidating
I used to like listening to talk radio shows, mainly because they were the closest thing I could find to someone presenting an argument, however weak the attempt was. Dans presentations are amazing. His arguments are very well formed, and typically the only way you can find fault with them is to disagree with his initial premise. I look forward to every one of his shows.
Submitted By: taliver
(470,527 on 3-2009)

Im not Ben
Submitted By: jwolfe
(470,506 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: davidb316
(470,500 on 3-2009)

Best History Podcast
Submitted By: terrence.murtha
(470,430 on 3-2009)

Great podcast --takes already fascinating topics apart in a creative way that raises new questions, connections and insights on the past and on our world today.
Submitted By: argonaut717
(470,399 on 3-2009)

LOVE This Podcast
Cant get enough of this show. Only wish my high school history teacher was half as interesting as Dan.
Submitted By: shaemus3
(470,383 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: woodward
(470,250 on 3-2009)

slavery show vote
The slavery show was a tour de force. I still keep thinking about it weeks later. Made me donate to you (again).
Submitted By: abulka
(470,139 on 3-2009)

Awesome Show
Submitted By: jpodgors
(470,066 on 3-2009)

where can I get the first 10?
Submitted By:
(469,958 on 3-2009)

Dan rules!
Submitted By: rhodium
(469,926 on 3-2009)

Excellent work!!! More please!!
Submitted By: radcliffowen
(469,878 on 3-2009)

Great podcast
Submitted By: peter.bell
(469,871 on 3-2009)

Great Podcast
There are a lot of History podcasts out there, but none of them has the storytelling suspense that Dan puts into Hardcore History!
Submitted By: roypitta
(469,823 on 3-2009)

The Title Says It All
Submitted By: alan_a_wright
(469,748 on 3-2009)

dan carlin
Submitted By: timothyeva
(469,688 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: projman
(469,389 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: devianity
(469,270 on 3-2009)

hardcore history
The greatest series of podcasts ever. It has rekindled a love of history I havent felt since college.
Submitted By: tbfbronco
(469,238 on 3-2009)

Hands Down The Best Podcast.
This is the best podcast series that I have ever had the privilege of listing to. Dan and Hardcore History has sent me off on a quest to learn about history and the people that make it. Thank you Dan for doing this.
Submitted By: jbower101
(468,982 on 3-2009)

First rate content and delivery. Keep them coming Dan!
Submitted By: scott
(468,788 on 3-2009)

Love this podcast
Great. Very interesting.
Submitted By: mrvnj
(468,743 on 3-2009)

History made interesting...
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(468,689 on 3-2009)

What a wealth of information in an entertaining fashion.
Submitted By: fendaddy
(468,675 on 3-2009)

Great Show
Great Show.
Submitted By: Jsin57
(468,657 on 3-2009)

good show
good show
Submitted By: novart41
(468,606 on 3-2009)

5 X 5--if we all had dan in grade school, wed all be history majors!
Submitted By: spacewrangler68
(468,575 on 3-2009)

wished there would be more
need more shows!!!!
Submitted By: wfischli
(468,358 on 3-2009)

It makes me think. Thank you. Michael
Submitted By: michael.watson
(468,335 on 3-2009)

Always entertaining always inciteful always brilliant
Submitted By: dougal70
(468,280 on 3-2009)

One of the most biased views of history Ive heard.
Submitted By: jibeandfly
(468,188 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: dmclong
(467,995 on 3-2009)

Dan Carlins hardcore history is the best audio podcast, next to common sense.
Submitted By: bbcal
(467,959 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: jakebaker1975
(467,847 on 3-2009)

Wildly Fascinating Man (Dan Carlin) and equally fascinating discussion
I am obsessed with Dan Carlin! His perspective is interesting and thought provoking. I wish I could listen to him on a daily basis.
Submitted By: kijafia
(467,844 on 2-2009)

Hardcore Hit
A great podcast! Takes a whole new look at historical events that shape our world with insightful tidbits that titilate the mind.
Submitted By: luke_warm84
(467,824 on 2-2009)

One of the best history information places ever. he makes it real real interesting and entertaning
Submitted By: antonschafer
(467,766 on 2-2009)

Hardcore History Rocks
Fascinating view of major historical events. I look forward to new podcasts like a kid waiting for Santa to deliver presents....
Submitted By: chrispatrone
(467,760 on 2-2009)

The absolute best!!
I would never have done so poorly in History - High School or College - if Id had a teacher as excited about it as Dan is. Raving doesnt begin to explain how much I love this show. I recommend it to anyone I know.
Submitted By: coop925
(467,758 on 2-2009)

simply the best
Submitted By: colinstringer
(467,719 on 2-2009)

Great History Perspective
One of the only truly interesting history podcasts available. Well produced and thgouth out, makes you tink.
Submitted By: rosenberg858
(467,603 on 2-2009)

Hard Core History
I love the shows by Dan Carlin. I send them to as many people as I can.
Submitted By: kjcscout01
(467,475 on 2-2009)

Hes grest
Dan has a intresting take and is a great host.
Submitted By: bajabum
(467,457 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: vm69
(467,445 on 2-2009)

Brings history alive.
Submitted By: podcastalley
(467,333 on 2-2009)

Its the best history content podcast I have heard. Always entertaining and always inciteful.
Submitted By: dave.atchison
(467,313 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: kierancrilly
(467,307 on 2-2009)

Great job, Dan. Youre podcast really opened my eyes to the world of history. School is a miracle for me now.
Submitted By: mathwhiz162
(467,170 on 2-2009)

Great podcast!
Great podcast
Submitted By: kelnewt
(467,085 on 2-2009)

Great Stuff!
Love the show! Keep em coming!
Submitted By: patrick.paul.sheehan
(467,082 on 2-2009)

very good
I like to listen to this podcast.
Submitted By: errol.erroljones.jones
(466,997 on 2-2009)

Great podcast
This guy is amazing, entertaining and enlightened. Excellent job Dan.
Submitted By: gochateauroyal
(466,804 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: Hopquah
(466,787 on 2-2009)

The Best
Like it says. . . the best.
Submitted By: activationjason
(466,644 on 2-2009)

The Best!
Submitted By: gadjeep
(466,557 on 2-2009)

This is a great podcast series by a very intelligent person. The way Dan relates history to todays world is great. Also, he has a really good knack for really immersing the listener in the moment. Give this a listen even if youre not a big history person, and I bet youll be hooked.
Submitted By: ian.whelan
(466,539 on 2-2009)

Neoprudentism rocks!
Submitted By: drcwright
(466,457 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: sage1029
(466,391 on 2-2009)

Hardcore History
Submitted By: etreslan
(466,368 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: shawn7775
(466,363 on 2-2009)

Compelling and addictive. Looking forward to much more!
Submitted By: rac.nash
(466,324 on 2-2009)

Great Show, Dan cant them out fast enough for me!!
Submitted By: jkroll
(466,304 on 2-2009)

great show, passionate articulate host. Well done! Hi Ben.
Submitted By: dpac777
(466,280 on 2-2009)
Submitted By: blchristian
(466,207 on 2-2009)

Wow, the Punic Nightmares was top quality!
Submitted By: peter.thompson
(466,175 on 2-2009)

really enjoying your show!
thanks for the good show
Submitted By: madridmania
(466,152 on 2-2009)

Big Fan
Awesome Dan. I am a DVD fan but find your podcasts as exciting as a movie or top TV show!
Submitted By: patterson_roger
(466,081 on 2-2009)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: meancoder
(465,998 on 2-2009)

History at its best
When i stumbled upon hardcore history, i was hooked. Dan does an excellent job with his stories. His podcasts have reinvigorated my lust for history. He has obviously dedicated himself to the shows, his research references is excellent which has motivated me to buy books. I just love the shows, they are my favorite pod casts.
Submitted By: larrydwoolf
(465,918 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: jercrum
(465,913 on 2-2009)

Dan Carlin podcast? MORE, please
Submitted By: amy.moline
(465,895 on 2-2009)

I love this show, it really makes you think about the past and present. Dans take on history helps you appreciate both how much and how little people have changed over the millenia.
Submitted By: singingsprocket
(465,830 on 2-2009)

love the show
very entertaining and enlightening
Submitted By: Richmond.brown
(465,721 on 2-2009)

Love it!!!!
This is great stuff -- keep it coming.
Submitted By: weabeken
(465,494 on 2-2009)

A Fantastic Pod Cast
Submitted By: ian.wetherill
(465,460 on 2-2009)

best podcasts ever
Utterly gripping.
Submitted By: joelengel
(465,386 on 2-2009)

Educational, entertaining, whats not to like!
Submitted By: hbilling
(465,383 on 2-2009)

Awesome. I listen all the time!
Submitted By: gasah
(465,367 on 2-2009)

Hardcore History New Fan
Wow, what an engaging, thought provoking show. If only shool could have been this interesting.
Submitted By: drsharp01
(465,355 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: Jjernigan
(465,313 on 2-2009)

Best show (with CS) on web
Both this show and Common Sense are the best shows on the web. How does one man do it?
Submitted By: c.markevic
(465,300 on 2-2009)

Great website
This website is one of my favorites, should be taught in all schools!
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(465,170 on 2-2009)

Excellent Show!!
Submitted By: andrewface
(465,083 on 2-2009)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: matthew.pianosi
(465,072 on 2-2009)

awesome podcast
my favorite podcast!
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(465,016 on 2-2009)

I heart dan carlin
If everyone had a teacher like dan, no one would drop out of high school.
Submitted By: Changeofheart2009
(464,983 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: ccroft
(464,956 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: GLEE
(464,916 on 2-2009)

HARDCORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: indigomoon
(464,892 on 2-2009)

GREAT podcast
Ive been listening to both Dans podcasts for years now and he is among my top three favorite podcasts of the dozen or so that I regularly listen to. Insightful, centrist and reasonable. Well worth the effort
Submitted By: kn195
(464,821 on 2-2009)

Carlin show is fabulous..
Listen every week to this refreshingly independent insight. Just donated $25. All americans should be having these thought provoking discussions when we need it most!
Submitted By: J_wentworth
(464,801 on 2-2009)

Always Interesting
Fascinating, refreshing and enthusiastic perspective on history.
Submitted By: oldmanfoltz
(464,722 on 2-2009)

Grate History Lovers
I got hooked up to this pod cast after i stumbled upon it a month back....its a must lisiten for any history lovers....even though its a free pod cast, i donated money, as it made my day on more then few occations.
Submitted By: SHRIKKS
(464,598 on 2-2009)

Excellent and thoughtful production
Submitted By: sfkstater
(464,441 on 2-2009)

Wonderful show!
dan, keep em coming!! you have The Talent for bringing what is sublime about the discussion of history to a listener! excellent!
Submitted By: spacewrangler68
(464,428 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: calin.grecu
(464,331 on 2-2009)

Very good podcast
Submitted By: chr.guy
(464,279 on 2-2009)

Great show
I like his independent take on the issues. He pisses me off sometimes but that is actually a god ting.
Submitted By: digitalmarkd
(464,226 on 2-2009)

Excellent , The Best
Excellent work by Dan and the team, shame all your other podcast are not delivered in this style. Dan comes across like his really enjoy his subject and Im left with wanting more.
Submitted By: seamusscott
(464,149 on 2-2009)

Why Hardcore History is so good
Ive listened to a number of history podcasts. Many of these make the mistake of not realising that there is a difference between a piece of writing and a podcast. Dan Carlin doesnt make this mistake. His podcast genuinely makes history come alive.
Submitted By: baxterluke
(464,108 on 2-2009)

Great podcast! Im not even a history buff. The best thing Dan does is to take seemingly dead topics and make them clear and pertinent to us today.
Submitted By: fred.leung
(464,053 on 2-2009)

love his stuff
Submitted By: bizstuff
(464,032 on 2-2009)

Takes you back in time
Submitted By: newgrassfarm
(464,013 on 2-2009)

original and valuable ideas
Dans show is refreshing to me as he takes us through non-conventional ideas and thought provoking points of view.
Submitted By: gordoncjackson
(463,912 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: bradley.kistler
(463,911 on 2-2009)

Great Show
Hardcore History is great!
Submitted By: marda
(463,896 on 2-2009)

thumbs up
Submitted By: Odinsworn
(463,872 on 2-2009)

Absolutely brilliant
Dan Carlins approach is to history is brilliant. Too often history presented in a boring, matter of fact way; or else is is told in a way that is too broad to be relatable. Dan presents the facts; however, he also brings an exciting, very human element to all the stories. The listener really gains, inasmuch as is possible, some understanding of what it was like to be a Roman soldier, or a peasant during the plague. I highly recommend this podcast, even for those who have been bored by history in the past.
Submitted By: joemacl2000
(463,767 on 2-2009)

Dans the Man!
Dan asks the logical and thought provoking questions that we all have deep down in our core essence. We need an army of Patriots such as Mr. Carlin.
Submitted By: 1crazy_guy
(463,742 on 2-2009)

Dan Carlin
Awesome! Entertaining! Educational....not EDUTAINMENT
Submitted By: pulcinijo
(463,705 on 2-2009)

truley great history narratives that make you feel as though you are hearing about events that only just happened. Very insightful.
Submitted By: mattandtamsin
(463,658 on 2-2009)

Outstanding & Insightful History, passionately delivered
Submitted By: Jules.Edwards.III
(463,646 on 2-2009)

Great as usual!
Submitted By: gorman33
(463,640 on 2-2009)

Cheers to Dan Carlin
Love this show!! Good job, Dan!!
Submitted By: pwilcox3
(463,633 on 2-2009)

Intelligent, interesting show
Submitted By: chmurph2
(463,606 on 2-2009)

another awesome show!
Submitted By: sarahjo87
(463,603 on 2-2009)

Amazing. Dan Carilns insight is simply amazing
Submitted By: jennifer.stafford
(463,291 on 2-2009)

great show
Dan makes history come alive; take it from a history professor. He delves into the human side of history. We can read that in 116 B.C. Carthage was sacked. Dan takes it a step further and looks at what exactly that entails and the human dramas that played out.
Submitted By: dyosca
(463,278 on 2-2009)

History for All of Us
I was permanently bored of history classes in school. If I had a teacher with the enthusiasm and panache of Dan Carlin I would have been a history fan at 9 instead of at 40. Dan Carlin brings history to life in a way I never believed possible without multimillion dollar special effects. Dan uses my own imagination in a way the movies never can.
Submitted By: pfischer
(463,250 on 2-2009)

Im a stay at home mom and I love this podcast because it is a great break from the mommy stuff that consumes my daily life. Dan is great at this. Im thrilled about my favorite new podcast!
Submitted By: kdicey
(463,175 on 2-2009)

And if you like it, check out Common Sense
Submitted By: wmpatrickg
(463,166 on 2-2009)

The best history content on the Web -- an enriching experience and truly engaging podcast.
Submitted By: weekend
(463,162 on 2-2009)

really interesting show
Submitted By: poverhauser
(463,130 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: epconsult
(463,102 on 2-2009)
I love Dan Carlin
Submitted By: glennyboiwpg
(463,044 on 2-2009)

Makes you think!
This guy has taught me a lot. Painlessly. Enjoyably. I recommend this show.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(463,021 on 2-2009)

History reconstituted
Dan has a gift for bringing history to life and customarily spends an hour or so discussing a different facet of history in each podcast. I have a new respect for the Apaches and the US and Mexican forces that opposed them.
Submitted By: antonio.rubio
(463,002 on 2-2009)

Best Podcast
It just is!
Submitted By: aaron_kadkhodai
(462,980 on 2-2009)

great show
Love it :)
Submitted By: pineappleclock
(462,935 on 2-2009)

Best commentary on the Internet
Huge thumbs up for me! Keep pushing Hardcore History and Common sense to the top of the list.
Submitted By: b_haferkamp
(462,906 on 2-2009)

Im addicted
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(462,478 on 2-2009)

This show is so good it gives me goosebumps. Puts history right in your face, makes you understand just how incredible these things are.
Submitted By: tindall21047
(462,308 on 2-2009)

If I were gay ...
... he would be forced to dress very modestly! Listen to this guy. He has some very interesting views on history. Frankly, I think the name "hard core" may do Dan a disservice?it almost makes it sound like mud wrestling, ... but I havent thought of a better name as of yet.
Submitted By: djensen
(462,238 on 1-2009)

Dans the best.
Submitted By: mooreforyourmoney
(462,194 on 1-2009)

Top Notch
Submitted By: puremovic
(462,192 on 1-2009)

Best Podcast
Makes you think! So wonderful! Enlighten yourself and download.
Submitted By: duncanoh
(462,179 on 1-2009)

I love almost all of these, Judgenent at Ninevah, Scars of the Great War, and Darkness Covers the Bronze Age Are just fantastic, though. Too long between eps, IMHO, but usually worth the wait
Submitted By: mwhudson64
(462,121 on 1-2009)

The Past
This is what our public school history teachers should be allowed to teach.
Submitted By: tjpetta
(462,094 on 1-2009)

Absolutely inspiring!!!
Thanks Dan. Your way of delivering such an obvious interest in history is so appreciated. 10 out of 10. Cant wait for each release.
Submitted By: originalball
(462,093 on 1-2009)

This show gives one of the best perspectives on History that Ive heard or read. Thanks Dan. Great Shows. - Grant Simpson
Submitted By: grantlsimpson
(461,980 on 1-2009)

great show
great show - highest possible recommendation - wish there were more of em to listen to!
Submitted By: jason_kasner
(461,946 on 1-2009)

Excellent stuff. Just the right amount of detail that I never could get in class without having to read the whole text. Or book from the History Book Club. Thanks, Rick
Submitted By: rickbray
(461,926 on 1-2009)

carlin rules
Submitted By: ojlane
(461,919 on 1-2009)

Hardcore History
Wonderfully entertaining. Really brings history to "life" rather than just being a dry rendition of the facts. Perhaps a little overdramatic, but in many ways that just adds to the entertainment value. I am always surprised at the end of an episode that it has finished already!
Submitted By: lori.mcwhirter
(461,669 on 1-2009)

Terrific podcast, my favorite
Submitted By: lilgreenpea
(461,646 on 1-2009)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History is great
Dan Carlins Hardcore History is the best.
Submitted By: tmgonzalez
(461,605 on 1-2009)

Best History Podcast
This podcast is by far the best podcast about history found on the web. Dan brings to life aspects of history that most people never discover and offers great commentary. Keep it up Dan!
Submitted By: rwunder
(461,514 on 1-2009)

The best
Your podcasts are incredible, I am a high school physics teacher and I want to teach some history electives because I am enough of a history fan that I can interest students in conversation. I hope to expose them to your podcast. Keep up the good work, Ben almost has me feeling guilty enough to pay for all the back episodes.
Submitted By: eric.sharpsteen
(461,507 on 1-2009)

Need more podcast
Submitted By: falloutbos34
(461,389 on 1-2009)

Love the shows.
Submitted By: rfhickey
(461,376 on 1-2009)

Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: brittlanderson
(461,277 on 1-2009)

Great Show
I love this guy!!
Submitted By: jclevoy
(461,149 on 1-2009)

exciting and educational
One of my two favorite podcasts (Radio Lab being the other)
Submitted By: brad999hall
(461,098 on 1-2009)

Excellent Show
A History major myself, Dan has reignited my reasons for choosing a degree in this field! EXCELLENT podcast. Enthusiasm spills over from this veteran broadcaster! Thank you, Dan!
Submitted By: nospam
(460,997 on 1-2009)

Great Show
I listen as soon as they are released. I love this program.
Submitted By: lochaud56
(460,973 on 1-2009)

Very Good
Very enjoyable Thanks
Submitted By: richard
(460,890 on 1-2009)

Dan Carlin history
Great enthusaism! It really carries the show
Submitted By: gnpm72
(460,782 on 1-2009)

still sweet
most entertaining and informative history show in podcast land
Submitted By: Odinsworn
(460,728 on 1-2009)

Great show,
Dan Carlins Hardcore History is an easy to listen to show that touches on topics as he sees fit. He tells history in story form more than chronology. The episodes are on the long side (1 hour) but I still find time to listen to them as soon as they come out. In summary Great show, Great host
Submitted By: arc_de_capitulation
(460,719 on 1-2009)

Nothin beats it!
You should be paying for his podcast its so good. No better history podcast anywhere.
Submitted By: shector
(460,624 on 1-2009)

great show
First time listener. Loved the show!
Submitted By: kog
(460,535 on 1-2009)

Greatest history ever.
I heard Dans Punic wars ,all three of them .Wait a minute ,I listened to every history podcast of his. I never enjoyed myself more .I was running a caterpillar tractor at work and with my MP3 player it was great.I listened to each one several times ,some (like the 1st and 2nd punic wars )probably 10 times or more .Then like an addict having tated the delights ,I went searching for more ,Thats what really screwed things up , I found some history podcast site ,another one about the spy museum. I gotta say they were disgusting ,after listening to Dans enthuseism and detailed podcasts I wondered if these other guys had ever heard of his shows .These guys talk monotone ,unbeleivable ,and they dont go in any detail .When I listened to a few I found it irritating ,frusterating and ,just boring as can be .. The sad part is that Dan doesnt have a new one every day.Dans history lessons are so extremley interesting and,packed with his comments regarding how he looks at the situation being discussed.You just cant stop listening .Id have my little ear things pluged in and the forman would really upset me if he came to talk about what do do next or some other mundane thing ,here I was in the middle of Hannibal crossing the Alps ,and this dunderhead wants to talk about buldozing some hillside .I finally learned that if I shut the MP3 player off ,it would start where It left off,so it wasnt so bad as at first ..Mind you I didnt mind listening over from the start again ,but when your caught up in Dans stories and someone interfears you fell like cutting the guys head off with one of those little Roman swords.. I didnt have a sword luckilly for my boss. Neil
Submitted By: neil.winter
(460,262 on 1-2009)

Great Show
Submitted By: noufos
(459,999 on 1-2009)

best podcast ive heard
engaging and entertaining
Submitted By: loggan
(459,983 on 1-2009)

Impressively entertaining ...
Looks like Ill have to scrounge up the funds for the CD of earlier shows ...
Submitted By: roger
(459,787 on 1-2009)

Awesome show!
This podcast is the best one out there in terms of modern historical thought - as good as sitting in a colloquia in a major university - simply awesome!
Submitted By: armatiwarrior
(459,477 on 1-2009)

The Best
The best content on history anywhere
Submitted By: fhrohles
(459,407 on 1-2009)

great show!
Submitted By: siah_slaydon
(459,340 on 1-2009)

Great podcast!
This show is fantastic! If you like history, youll love this show. Dans a great speaker, a real joy to listen to. The only complaint is that they dont come out as often as Id like. But, if he continues to receive support from us listeners, maybe well be able to enjoy listening to him more often.
Submitted By: erk99
(459,258 on 1-2009)

One of my absolute favorite podcasts!
Submitted By: LorreW58
(459,175 on 1-2009)

Great Stuff!
Wonderful podcasts--Im recommending the show to all my history-buff friends. Like others, I wish hed been my history teacher for grade school or high school or at ANY point in my education--so I could have had my "awakening" earlier on.
Submitted By: rc.wilson
(459,100 on 1-2009)

this is a fabulous podcast gives you an insight into history, which is an insight into people, which is an insight into ourselves
Submitted By: violin.wings
(459,077 on 1-2009)

Mini series material
I have always enjoyed learning about history, and the Hardcore History podcasts add a whole new level to history. Its almost like listening to a primetime mini series with the level of emotion Dan brings to the show.
Submitted By: jamesht3
(459,044 on 1-2009)

dan carlin rocks
I am an Australian podcaster and have just discovered the delight of listening to Dan Carlin. I love Hardcore History and have been recommending to everyone I know. Thanks for a fun and educational pod program
Submitted By: karen.heathcote
(458,852 on 1-2009)

Really good podcast
This is a great podcast for anyone who is interested in history!
Submitted By: nicholas.orwin
(458,777 on 1-2009)

great program ... thanks for carrying the feed ...
Submitted By: greenspacesforever
(458,602 on 1-2009)

Great Listening
I love these shows. I wish there were more.
Submitted By: cushdog5
(458,486 on 1-2009)

an indispensable show
A great endeavor by Dan Carlin, the fluidity of his treatment of history makes of listening this postcast a great journey through the pages of humanity.
Submitted By: fexpoe
(458,478 on 1-2009)

nuff said.
Submitted By: takotaco
(458,477 on 1-2009)

Great show, really makes me think
Submitted By: john
(458,400 on 1-2009)

dan collects my thoughts
dan collects my thoughts
Submitted By: mgriffin27
(458,340 on 1-2009)

Thanks for the show guys!
Submitted By: swigen
(458,335 on 1-2009)

(458,318 on 1-2009)

Submitted By: martywater
(458,230 on 1-2009)

This is awesome
Submitted By: andyshearer
(458,185 on 1-2009)

Dan makes history come alive and offers unique insight into history not offered by typical proffesors or historians!
Submitted By: inthelight20
(458,183 on 1-2009)

Great show
just great
Submitted By: Vincent1271
(458,153 on 1-2009)

Nice job guys keep it up
Never boring. Have yet to find a podcast that is as interesting and as listenable at the same time.
Submitted By: belleriphon
(458,093 on 1-2009)

I love this podcast!!
Submitted By: wildcohosh
(458,069 on 1-2009)

Hated history in high school, but came to love it in college. Taught sciences for 40 years, but to understand modern society and it's conveniences, we need to understand history. Love your format. I have recommended this podcast to several of my colleagues.
Submitted By: balt0_6
(458,002 on 1-2009)

Thumbs Up
Love the Show, keep up the great work!
Submitted By: texmila
(457,919 on 1-2009)

great hooked
Submitted By: jusbcuz71
(457,918 on 1-2009)

Vote of support!
Awesome show! Keep em coming! -Reality Bytes with Rachael West
Submitted By: pj
(457,910 on 1-2009)

Cool Show you need to listen.
Submitted By: snelsonpaint
(457,879 on 1-2009)

Great information, thank you.
Submitted By: kpia50
(457,872 on 1-2009)

The history teacher you wish you had..
Dan Carlin does so well to capture the essence of historical events. He touches on points that are not usually mentioned, and gives fantastic illustration of why or how some of the biggest moments in history came about. He manages to place his listeners on a Roman battlefield, or in a city being sacked by a conquering army, or at a negotiation between two great empires that will decide the fate of civilization.
Submitted By: mitchmattioli
(457,740 on 1-2009)

The BEST podcast Ive found to date, without question!
Submitted By: ck_junkbox
(457,703 on 1-2009)

have recommended to many
Submitted By: Nicole_andrews
(457,674 on 1-2009)

grand_national2000@yahoo. com
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(457,668 on 1-2009)

excellent show!
Submitted By: glechner
(457,497 on 1-2009)

Has got me thinking differently about history!
Submitted By: glassgod03
(457,338 on 1-2009)

Should be required listening for High School history
Even if you dont ever go any farther into the subject of the podcast, each episode gets you thinking. Every high schooler should listen to some really good critical analysis such as is found in Carlins podcasts.
Submitted By: ninewunwun
(457,297 on 1-2009)

My Favorite podcast
Dan Carlins podcasts are my favorites!
Submitted By: jbonet
(457,101 on 1-2009)

hard core history
excellent podcast - the only complaint is that resourses for the podcasts could still be posted, even if the audio is gone.
Submitted By: annmarie_carter
(456,916 on 1-2009)

Great Site
Submitted By: mglsite
(456,624 on 1-2009)

This is Excellent
Hardcore History is the best history podcast Ive encountered. Where has it been all these years?
Submitted By: michael_elkon
(456,436 on 1-2009)

Punic Nightmares was the best audio entertainment I can remember.
Submitted By: fraytyle
(456,316 on 12-2008)

Love the Show
Thanks Dan: You program on the the Carthage vs Rome feud saved my ass in mt Into to western civ at Dixie State College. Ironically it actually has helped me understand the bible better too. Keep up the good work. Working on getting a CC to donate to the show.
Submitted By: Jeldersnet
(456,274 on 12-2008)

Most interesting historical perspective!
Yeah, you gotta get this one. It is self-aware enough to know its limitations, and within the time constraints, is both informative and wildly entertaining. Must Download.
Submitted By: elizabeth.medwid
(456,266 on 12-2008)

I heart Dan Carlin
Dan does a great job of geting into what it was like for the people taking part in the historical events. When people ask me why I love history, I say that it is because these are stories about people doing things I cant imagine myself having to do. It sounds like Dan feels the same way and he really makes me understand why I wouldnt want to have to do those things.
Submitted By: rmarkunas
(456,251 on 12-2008)

Love the history
Submitted By: jcm0301
(456,244 on 12-2008)

my morning coffee podcast
Thoughtful and thought provoking.
Submitted By: sheilarmt
(455,906 on 12-2008)

Great Podcast
Great Podcast. I love it!
Submitted By: Intarsia
(455,844 on 12-2008)

Dan, I thank you for re-kindling my love of history!
Submitted By: Ashivon
(455,819 on 12-2008)

Great content and Great delivery
Not only is the delivery outstanding, the podcasts content is very well thought out.
Submitted By: jlfermendzin
(455,818 on 12-2008)

great stuff from a great man
Submitted By: 55kelly
(455,758 on 12-2008)

Great show.
Submitted By: beachglasshawaii
(455,739 on 12-2008)

I just found Hardcore History and freekin love it. Cant enough. Keep em coming!
Submitted By: cocotv
(455,708 on 12-2008)

My absolute FAV .... history made interesting! This was my undergraduate major and the passion is revived by Dans presentations... just wish there were more and more!
(455,655 on 12-2008)

The Good Stuff !!!
Always actuate, insightful, and entertaining, Thanks Guys!
Submitted By: yellowpike
(455,595 on 12-2008)

I have listened to Dan Carlins Hardcore History podcasts multiple times. I enjoy and learn more each time I listen.
Submitted By: avangr
(455,497 on 12-2008)

Best Podcast I have ever heard
He makes learning about history as real as experiencing the events themselves. Great job Dan!
Submitted By: brian
(455,226 on 12-2008)

Submitted By: saribsk
(455,054 on 12-2008)

Thrilling and educational!
Submitted By: alexandermartin
(454,955 on 12-2008)

Great Job!!
I love the format of the show, you do a great job explaining history. I like your selection of history. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: skhoshaba
(454,863 on 12-2008)

Really enjoy the shows. Great way to get a taste of subjects and events that I had no idea about before in a very easy to listen to format. Always great to listen to someone who is passionate about there work. Great job Dan.(and Ben)
Submitted By: l_groch
(454,752 on 12-2008)

wonderful podcast
Submitted By: rajashekeran
(454,559 on 12-2008)

New Favorite
This podcast has not only made me a big fan of Dan Carlin, but it has stoked an interest in history I didnt know was there. Im actually recommending that friends break down and get their first iPod so they can understand what Im so jazzed about.
Submitted By: sonomaswan
(454,440 on 12-2008)

He is the best story teller I have ever listened to. It is one of my favorite podcasts. To be honest it dont even matter if what he is saying it factually correct because it is a joy to listen to the stories. Just give it a try and youll know what I mean.
Submitted By: lukealanjohnson
(454,415 on 12-2008)

Submitted By: jasonwhistle
(454,378 on 12-2008)

Love Dan Carlin and his topics.
Submitted By: cwelston
(454,231 on 12-2008)

love Dan Carlin
He is a bit wacky, but I love his take on history! Booyah!
Submitted By: carolin_shining
(454,225 on 12-2008)

Gripping stuff
Submitted By: Simon.Hibbs
(454,088 on 12-2008)

Hail Hardcore History
Love the show! Im sure Im not the only person who says, "please, sir, I want some more!"
Submitted By: jackr402
(454,087 on 12-2008)

Great podcast
I have them all, they are great to listen to coming from a history buff
Submitted By: nddo3
(453,972 on 12-2008)

the only pod cast i look forward too.
Submitted By: asumpossum123
(453,945 on 12-2008)

this podcast is amazing...hands down, one of, if not the best podcast outthere. Carlin has a way with words that makes history interesting. If only he could be cloned and teach history in every class room in america!
Submitted By: david.benjamin.arnold
(453,637 on 12-2008)

Dan, your manner of presentation is truly unique and thats exactly what drew me to this podcast. Now, Im hooked. I study political science and just this past semester I took 1 history course with with a professor who truly motivated me to make history "un-boring." Im looking forward to your future episodes on iTunes, since thats the first thing I listen on my way to campus which takes about 30 minutes. Thanks, Andrew.
Submitted By: andrewarchy
(453,615 on 12-2008)

5 Stars
being a huge proponent of self education, betterment especially living in the age of informational dissemination find this program by Dan Carlin to be invaluable to me. The shows are presented in a captivating format that draws you into the period of time discussed. I encourage anyone with a thirst for knowledge to subscribe to this program, and support Dan Carlins buck a show request. Youll get more for your dollar than you ever have before Regards
Submitted By: clarity4
(453,441 on 12-2008)

Fantastic History
Of all the history podcasts I listen, this one is by far the best. Dan is very good a creating a sense of excitement and drama, making the historical episodes very stimulating and enjoyable. In addition, I love the way that Dan often relates historical episodes to todays world, as it provides a perspective on things that is very helpful in understanding the scope and power of these events.
Submitted By: pjgaskill
(453,303 on 12-2008)

Great show
Dan's podcasts are brilliant and like everyone else I just wish there were more. I have never been interested in the middle-east before, but I must have listened to the "Judgement at Nineveh" episode about ten times. Fantastic work.
Submitted By: adc102
(453,262 on 12-2008)

History in context
A great history program presenting topics in their historical context: what was it like to live through those times and how does it relate to us today?
Submitted By: dhgsmith
(453,142 on 12-2008)

Really great!
Submitted By: davemail
(453,025 on 12-2008)

Very Informative
Puts things in perspective for me
Submitted By: trevr
(452,862 on 12-2008)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History
Dan Carlins Hardcore History podcasts are awesome.
Submitted By: jdipalermo1
(452,857 on 12-2008)

Great Show!
Dan Carlins Hardcore History is excellent! His commentary, unique insights and great presentation skills get my vote for the best podcast!
Submitted By: jtimothydorman
(452,808 on 12-2008)

Great Show
Love your hardcore history series.
Submitted By: honekampjr
(452,735 on 12-2008)

Dan Carlin is one of the best storytellers of our time.
Submitted By: sactoboy916
(452,722 on 12-2008)

great show
Submitted By: captsteve66
(452,592 on 12-2008)

Submitted By: ag_wong
(452,512 on 12-2008)

Who knew history could be so informative and entertaining? Dan Carlin clearly knows and loves this stuff. He has another committed fan!
Submitted By: rickbratt
(452,448 on 12-2008)

a great alternative to work
I just discovered this pod cast and have listened to all the episodes this week at work and in the car while travelling on the road but in my mind also as these wonderful tales of the past simply and graphically transport you to other times and worlds , great job Dan . John in Ireland
Submitted By: johnbwickham
(452,394 on 12-2008)

Well worth the listen!
The amount of work and care that go into this podcast are very evident. It is very entertaining and informative. You dont mentally wander off with this guy. You will be spellbound until the end as I am. I only wish the episodes come out every couple of days instead of months. I love learning about history and the back stories of people and events, others come close, but they are just not Dan Carlin. I bought the CD (the early shows) and loved it. I also enjoy Dans "Common Sense" program. I never really was interested in politics before but he has me becomming a bit of a political animal. Keep it up Dan (and Ben, if you exist). Jon Ehler, Hamilton, ON
Submitted By: ejdouglas
(452,364 on 12-2008)

great podcast
Submitted By: mikemcging
(452,358 on 12-2008)

best history of them all
Lots of history podcasts out there, none as good as Dans. He may not post as frequently as others, but his stuff is worth the wait. Really. Its addictive.
Submitted By: rednecktech1
(452,244 on 12-2008)

i am 15 and i was introduced to this show about a year ago. i think i learn more from one of these shows than i do in about a week of social studies class. dans thoughts and views are always extremely interesting and out there. he really makes you think about the topics.
Submitted By: surrealspiral
(452,183 on 12-2008)

Best Show on the Web!
Best show on the Web, well next to Common Sense. Dan does a great job of putting you in the moment. If you are not listening, your missing out. GET WELL SOON BEN!
Submitted By: oldben1
(452,159 on 12-2008)

Greatly varied topics that are sure to please any history fan. In fact, Dan is much more interesting than the History Channel on cable or any history show Ive ever seen.; his insight is razor-sharp and the presentation is quite dramatic. Unlike other history sources, he isnt afraid to talk about something other than simply WW2 over and over again. Thank God he doesnt try to cater to idiots by talking about space aliens.
Submitted By: scottmeehleib
(452,056 on 12-2008)

THE best history podcast!
Cant get these fast enough!!
Submitted By: christopher
(451,941 on 12-2008)
Submitted By: jguild2120
(451,834 on 12-2008)

Master Historian at work. Amazing Show
Submitted By: hindy1111
(451,820 on 12-2008)

Great show!
really brings history alive!
Submitted By: Mafarnsworth
(451,763 on 12-2008)

I love every episode that comes out and i look forward to more
Submitted By: ericmillan2
(451,424 on 12-2008)

wonderful punic war
thank you the punic wars were great
Submitted By: tteramana
(451,399 on 12-2008)

the best history podcast anywhere
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(451,254 on 11-2008)

Great podcast
I listened to the episodes 10-16 on a road trip, each one left me interested in learning more about each subject!
Submitted By: Rick_Gaudette
(451,220 on 11-2008)

The podcasts are enjoyable. Not always ... perfect ... but does a great job in making the topics interesting and invites further self-study or thought for those so motivated. Examines some subjects that are fascinating and perhaps off the beaten track for many people. Thought-provoking at the least. I enjoy listening to Dan.
Submitted By: jonnyboy2807
(451,097 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin!!
Hes the Jenny Garth of Podcasting!!
Submitted By: oaklandnightmares
(451,070 on 11-2008)

one of the best history podcasts
My favorite history podcast! thank you dan carlin :D
Submitted By: xenos82
(451,059 on 11-2008)

A fans perspective of history. One of the best of all the podcasts on the internet
Submitted By: achew22+podcastalley
(451,057 on 11-2008)

My favorite Podcast
HH can be incredibly moving and reflective on times past and now...and is about the human condition as much as anything. As a result of Dans presentation, history is revealed in a different light, often riveting (the Punic Wars was sensational). Without an appreciation of the past, we are doomed to make the same world issues or our personal lives...learn from the experiences of the past, save yourself a lot of grief and become un-doomed with DC and the HH podcast
Submitted By: psw2
(450,935 on 11-2008)

Best History Podcast ever.
Submitted By: Bermo_69
(450,762 on 11-2008)

Harcore History is very entertaining and informative
Ive just started listening to podcasts during my communte and Dan Calins Hardcore History is my favorite discovery so far.
Submitted By: smoody
(450,736 on 11-2008)

Awesome Show!
This show will make you a history lover.
Submitted By: colephifer
(450,720 on 11-2008)

best show on the internet!
best show on the internet. period.
Submitted By: Brian.sall
(450,632 on 11-2008)

Ive been listening to Hardcore Historys podcasts ever since I got my new iPhone and I have found all the programs to be fascinating. They are well structured, well documented, and best of all, they are presented in a way that puts you right there were the events are happening. Dans presentations get to the core of your emotions. Im listening to all the programs I can get hold of. Ive listened to other history programs, but they cant compare to Dan Carlins.
Submitted By: pablo.adam1
(450,609 on 11-2008)

Punic Fascination!
This is always a great show, but Dan even managed to get me to give the Roman Empire some attention with his 3-part Punic Wars show. Normally, the Roman Empire bores me to tears (much like modern America). Dan made the topic truly fascinating. Thanks, Dan!
Submitted By: paulsacademy
(450,601 on 11-2008)

Truely awesome!
Submitted By: jeremy
(450,498 on 11-2008)

Fantastic History Show
Dan Carlin doesnt just teach you about history. He makes you feel what the participants must have felt. This show was alway very good but with Judgment at Nineveh, Apache Tears, and the Punic Nightmares series he stepped up to greatness.
Submitted By: leogodin217
(450,349 on 11-2008)

Excellent, informative and extremely entertaining podcast. Currently my favourite podcast on the net (I only wish there were more of them!).
Submitted By: danielzulauf
(450,196 on 11-2008)

Great show
I listen during my many travels across the country or while walking around the river or even doing the dishes. Great show. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: bee152
(449,980 on 11-2008)

Great Show
Love the shows!
Submitted By: james.zurga
(449,957 on 11-2008)

extremely interesting!
Submitted By: blackfgb
(449,884 on 11-2008)

Very good- entertaining and informative
Submitted By: chriscoombs22
(449,829 on 11-2008)

the show
Dan thanks for all the shows you`ve done so far . there great you make history alive again, i`vw downloaded ever show which i can and listen to them all in a week, i`m completely hooked. just keep up the great work.
Submitted By: iansmith2
(449,800 on 11-2008)

Breath of Fresh History
Charismatic logical yet fanatical intersting speaker!!!
Submitted By: alexandercostis
(449,725 on 11-2008)

Entertaining and insightful
Submitted By: alexandersacco
(449,705 on 11-2008)

dan carling kicks proverbial satirical ass.
i only started listening sine monday and the only reason i havnt voted yet was i couldnt find ime between each episode. you are the man. im in the uk. how can i get the previouse episodes. i only got from whatifs of 1066, which was a gap filler of the inadiquate history lectures i recieved in high school and a correction fluid for the lies and romanticising. thank you man. keep the work up. holla back. ps. you are so right about the second amendment and the reason why USA goes to war more now than when the "militia" was the US army.
Submitted By: farai_t
(449,657 on 11-2008)

Awesome show!
Great show! You can learn a lot in an fun way.
Submitted By: rexboyce
(449,507 on 11-2008)

Got History?
Americans need to learn this stuff - without it, its like coming it to The Godfather in part III... all we know is the tail end!
Submitted By: noushin
(449,436 on 11-2008)

Dan brings history alive for me. I love it.
Submitted By: grawingirl
(449,388 on 11-2008)

Great Show
I love the passion that Mr. Carlin brings to the subjects he explores in this history show. It is not delivered in the usual dry manner of a history lesson, but with emotion and intensity. Thanks for a great show!!
Submitted By: marleycone
(449,319 on 11-2008)

Good Show, Great Thought
Puts history in perspective and breaks it down in easy to understand segments. Exactly what Podcasts should be--independent, thoughtful, and free (or close to it).
Submitted By: jravend3
(449,176 on 11-2008)

Hardcore History is well produced and with very relavent discussions! Makes me want to study history
Submitted By: cj1492
(449,020 on 11-2008)

Love this podcast. Just discovered it and cant get enough.
Submitted By: Catahoula6
(449,013 on 11-2008)

great podcast
Love it.
Submitted By: ed
(448,952 on 11-2008)

Best History Show
There are several other history shows I like and listen to, but NO ONE comes close to presenting their material as well as Dan does. He is dramatic and makes you want to hear MORE! MORE! MORE! I only regret he cant do more of these shows, faster.
Submitted By: roypitta
(448,933 on 11-2008)

Offbeat, indepth, high-quality
Hardcore History is a really unusual and interesting podcast. I love to listen to Dan Carlin when I am at the gym. He offers quirky, yet insightful angles on historical topics both familiar and obscure.
Submitted By: bmcewan
(448,814 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: nabil.s.khan
(448,767 on 11-2008)

Doesnt seem to matter what the topic is; this podcast is always riveting. More please!
Submitted By: joandcomosaics
(448,763 on 11-2008)

very good
Submitted By: chasinbigd
(448,567 on 11-2008)

The voice of the next gen
I dont always agree with him but I still enjoy hearing it
Submitted By: joejohnsey
(448,550 on 11-2008)

Fascinating show!
Submitted By: systematiconslaught
(448,501 on 11-2008)

Best History Podcast Ive Found
Youve got my vote, Dan. Ive tried to listen to a lot of other history podcasts, but I keep coming back to yours because of your lively, engaging style. I just wish there were more!
Submitted By: teacherhen
(448,344 on 11-2008)

History made tolerable
I thought I was destined to be an ignoramus all my life, but with Hardcore History, maybe now theres hope.
Submitted By: goodrumj
(448,271 on 11-2008)

hardcore fan
Submitted By: baker936
(448,245 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin rules
Totally addicted to both shows, this might slightly have the edge as im a history nut. Punic Wars was epic!!
Submitted By: jamesdrohan
(448,242 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin is very good
Submitted By: jasonlasure
(448,212 on 11-2008)

Best show
I think Dan Carlins Hardcore History podcast is the best on the web!
Submitted By: stevegyimesi
(447,944 on 11-2008)

Same ole Great stuff
Dans latest submission in the Hardcare History stream continues the high quality of its earlier mates. If you have ANY interet in history, or are willing to risk getting one :), get these three podcasts and then plan on downloading all the rest.
Submitted By: douglas-anderson
(447,893 on 11-2008)

Thoughtful and insightful
Just listening to Dan Carlin's hardcore history and Common Sense and wanted to comment on how original and refreshing his programmes are. When I first heard him I was unsure anbout his presentation but now adore the enthusiasm and honesty he always gives to each ad every topic he touches upon. Why can't more broadcsters be like Dan and fly away from the unoriginal and commercial perspective that main stream media portray... oh yeah it's becasue the main stream is owned and paid for. Viva la podcast's!
Submitted By: mattandtamsin
(447,887 on 11-2008)

the best show on web
Submitted By: 55kelly
(447,856 on 11-2008)

I found this podcast to be very insightful and informative. This is definitely not the dry history you may have encountered at school. If you have an interest in history this is very well worth getting.
Submitted By: a.webb
(447,786 on 11-2008)

Along with the 12 Byzantine Emperors the best history podcast. Absolutely wonderful to listen!
Submitted By: jdiamjr
(447,766 on 11-2008)

Best Free Hardcore on the Net
Carlins skillfully weaves together facts and anecdotes into each well produced episode. Professional all around. Ive listed and re-listened to each episode, each time catching facts and details previously missed.
Submitted By: hinthorn
(447,702 on 11-2008)

Turned me on to podcasts
Hardcore History is spectacular! I just listed to Dan Carlin?s three part series on the Punic Wars and his delivery, organization and selection of anecdotes made the podcast riveting.
Submitted By: VHigman
(447,657 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin Hardcore History
One of the very best podcasts I have ever found.
Submitted By: rjstuff
(447,656 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: nigel.lomas
(447,629 on 11-2008)

Great show
You are the history teacher we wish we could have all had! This show is definitely NOT a snoozer.
Submitted By: thesilverpenny
(447,344 on 11-2008)

Insightful and Entertaining
This podcast is completely engaging; it presents history in a way that is relevant to our contemporary times. Dan presents history to his listeners in the same way that I present science to my students. Its a brilliant podcast!
Submitted By: jodi
(447,182 on 11-2008)

My husband and I are big fans. We download the podcast shows to an ipod and listen to them when were in the car because we do alot of road trips. We are captivated by Dans tales. He makes history exciting and entertaining. Sorry to hear Bens always coming down with the flu or something. We send a get well card to Ben : )
Submitted By: jakendall
(446,993 on 11-2008)

Great stuff
Uncanny ability to force you to put yourself in the shoes of the men who had to live the history.
Submitted By: Odinsworn
(446,979 on 11-2008)

Great Show
I hate waiting so long between shows, but what he does produce is outstanding! I love listening to him when Im doing something at work that doesnt require a lot of thought - like mundane admin crap.
Submitted By: ivanskovar
(446,806 on 11-2008)

Just amazing
I?m from northern europe and I just love the fabulous way that Dan pieces togheter these episodes.
Submitted By: per.wallin
(446,800 on 11-2008)

This show get you excited about history. Its not dry and dull, but tells historical events in a way that makes you feel like your watching a movie. It makes you realize how amazing and mind blowing some moments in history are, that times lines can not express.
Submitted By: Kbertone
(446,757 on 11-2008)

Dan brings history to life! The latest series on the Punic wars is one of his best ever.
Submitted By: dan_klimke2001
(446,677 on 11-2008)

Awesome and Informative!
Great podcast, lots of information, enthusiastic presentation and very well produced, overall, segments. Not only do you learn about history, but Dan Carlin isnt afraid to make speculations and throw in some "what-ifs" and other insights that just make you think and interact with the knowledge presented.
Submitted By: s.jeanveau
(446,659 on 11-2008)

my absolute favorite
Submitted By: lori
(446,541 on 11-2008)

Not just for history buffs. He knows how to tell a very entertaining story and fill it full of facts which guide you to think about things in a different way!
Submitted By: bobbino_go_hoosiers
(446,526 on 11-2008)

History brought to Life! (Was Mr. Carlin actually THERE?)
Submitted By: dirtyratmiller
(446,523 on 11-2008)

My intro. to Dan Carlin(I have since found Common Sense); two phenomenal podcasts! But as a huge history fan I most appreciate the story behind the books perspective of this incredible podcast. Keepem comin Dan--I look forward to each episode.
Submitted By: mitchnitz
(446,309 on 11-2008)

History that isnt boring... Im impressed.
Submitted By: mwimett
(446,233 on 11-2008)

Punic war series was great!
Submitted By: sennettbill
(446,225 on 11-2008)

Review - Short Version
The BEST of its type. Thoroughly researched and elegantly presented.
Submitted By: ck_junkbox
(446,087 on 11-2008)

Fantastic story telling
Even for those that may not have an interest in history, it is valuable to listen to this podcast.
Submitted By: tycho155
(446,080 on 11-2008)

Awesome show
Dan has an excellent way of catching your attention and, the work that he and "Ben" put into the show reflects the highest quality. This is certainly a must subscribe.
Submitted By: l7chavez
(446,056 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,891 on 11-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: erik.kruger
(445,439 on 11-2008)

Great way to view history. Fantastic!
Submitted By: keronite
(445,412 on 11-2008)

Great podcast
Thanks for all your hard work on these podcasts. Theyre wonderful!
Submitted By: a_vaupel
(445,401 on 11-2008)

Very enjoyable
Submitted By: fnraf3
(445,361 on 11-2008)

Compelling listening
Great content, delivered in the most inventive unconventional way. This is the way that professors should deliver lectures. If they did, everyone would be history majors
Submitted By: dtooke1645
(445,332 on 11-2008)

The greatest podcast of all time, if your in to histoyr this is THE podcast to listen to. Dan u are one of the greatest story tellers of all time, and your mind bogels my mind.
Submitted By: bobbafet_bh
(445,270 on 11-2008)

Keep the good stuff coming
Submitted By: jose
(445,175 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin makes History cool again
Submitted By: allan.solomon
(445,143 on 11-2008)

Best History Show ever!
Submitted By: aryaaputra
(445,124 on 11-2008)

Best History show. Period
Submitted By: scepas
(445,087 on 11-2008)

i just finished listening to the 3d episode of punic wars it was a great finale this podcast takes you to moments, places and angles of history you didn t know of or that were made dull, overlooked by common historiography dan puts them back at the place they deserve, while deeply entertaining his listeners you don t have to be an historian or a specialist to get it, you just have to like to listen to stories, dan carlin is a great story teller check out his other podcast and don t forget to wish ben the producer a prompt recovery
Submitted By: evelyneletawe
(445,050 on 11-2008)

Keep it up Dan!
I just returned home from a six hour drive listening to nothing but Dan Carlins Hardcore History. I just learned about podcasts a while ago and couldnt be more thrilled to discover Hardcore History. Cant wait to hear more! Jim
Submitted By: jim890
(444,970 on 11-2008)

For teachers
all the dull history teachers should listen to this podcast
Submitted By: wfischli
(444,878 on 11-2008)

How History should be told!
Love it, keep em coming Dan!
Submitted By: lukelister323
(444,871 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlins engagement with the subject and enthusiasm for the presentation come through with every broadcast. Bravo.
Submitted By: hotc
(444,837 on 11-2008)

Too intelligent for commercial radio....
....and thats a good thing. Dan has a love of military history...and I thank him for it. The recent shows that he has been doing about the Punic Wars (Rome vs. Carthage) are gold.
Submitted By: bane19682001
(444,707 on 10-2008)

Hardcore History rocks!
Dan makes history really cool and interesting.
Submitted By: nickvandernet
(444,664 on 10-2008)

look forward to each episode
I love this podcast. I look forward to each episode and listen when I am out walking.
Submitted By: debbielh51
(444,641 on 10-2008)

amazingly imformative
Submitted By: chris
(444,591 on 10-2008)

dulce et decorum pro patria mori James Burke the best! Dan you are inspiring, thanks
Submitted By: enricogao
(444,568 on 10-2008)

The Best!
My favorite podcast (together with Common Sense with Dan Carlin).
Submitted By: jbonet
(444,560 on 10-2008)

Great Show.
Dan and Ben (say something man) have a podcast that is entertaining and lets amateur historians like myself see a different side to the events. Keep up the great work, I WANT MORE HARDCORE HISTORY!
Submitted By: mattwchoy
(444,538 on 10-2008)

no history drones here please
Luv the show could listen all day if i could
Submitted By: tech1can
(444,491 on 10-2008)

Wonderful, passionate and well prepared. Keep up the excellent insights into how we became who we are.
Submitted By: mhurlbut
(444,474 on 10-2008)

THE history podcast
History is one of the few podcast genres where the quality of offerings is generally high and where there are many standout offerings (shows like 12 Byzantine Rulers and the History of Rome). But this show stands astride the world of history podcasts like a colossus. As Dan says, this is a history show for history buffs, more of a commentary than a chronology. But you dont need a background in the subject of a particular podcast to enjoy it. Dans passion is infectious and will cause you to do your own research. One of my friends read 1000 pages of Roman history after listening to the first two Punic Wars episodes. Dont be surprised if it happens to you.
Submitted By: aliving1
(444,455 on 10-2008)

Great Shows
I eagerly await each installment of Hardcore History!
Submitted By: joshdad44
(444,419 on 10-2008)

I listen to hundreds of podcasts. This is by far the best history podcast out there.
Submitted By: mpate521
(444,362 on 10-2008)

Great podcast
Submitted By: bmac
(444,349 on 10-2008)

There should be more
These are so much fun to listen to that they completely mask how much workt they must be.
Submitted By: dtooke1645
(444,291 on 10-2008)

Love Dan Carlins Hardcore History
Especially Carlins speaking voice. It reminds me of when I listen to Harlan Ellison read "A Boy and his Dog"
Submitted By: jimpeterson
(444,150 on 10-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: c.j.leach
(444,033 on 10-2008)

This is a great site for anyone with an interest in history!
Submitted By: shaybridges
(443,993 on 10-2008)

I absolutely love Dans show. A MUST listen to any history-phile!
Submitted By: ag99x99
(443,903 on 10-2008)

I Heart History
This is the best podcast in the world... fascinating history, even to the average person with little history education. The production is also excellent (when Ben isnt sick).
Submitted By: benpanepento
(443,798 on 10-2008)

Thank you
Dan Carlin is talented, intelligent and entertaining. I like the fact that he attempts to relate historical events to our day and age. After all in many ways we have much to learn from the mistakes and accomplishments of the past civilizations. I consider Mr.Carlin a talented history teacher and highly value his contributions.
Submitted By: szadori
(443,791 on 10-2008)

Hardcore History
Voting for the Dan Carlins Hardcore History podcast. It has interesting topics and the quality is top notch
Submitted By: albeacham
(443,640 on 10-2008)

Hardcore History Rocks!
This is a great podcast for history buffs, especially if you believe that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Excellent story telling combined with commentary on current events.
Submitted By: garygallo1
(443,613 on 10-2008)

Vote 1 Dan Carlin
Up the big red rooster
Submitted By: charlie500
(443,537 on 10-2008)

Awesome history lessons
Never boring!
Submitted By: langendorf
(443,412 on 10-2008)

Huge Fan
There should be more podcast like this one.
Submitted By: jskemper
(443,390 on 10-2008)

great stuff
Im learning a lot! Great stuff!
Submitted By: markojen
(443,118 on 10-2008)

Dan Carlin: Hardcore History
Great show! compelling analysis and insight. Cant wait for the next one.
Submitted By: schelld1
(443,054 on 10-2008)

I love it,
thanks for your efforts and your passion.
Submitted By: jplombard1964
(442,986 on 10-2008)

A really nice podcast. It really makes History come alive again. 10/10
Submitted By: registeradress
(442,794 on 10-2008)

Awesomest is not a word I use lightly. Heck Im not sure its even a word. For Dans two podcasts though, you have to think outside the linquist box and create a whole new word to describe it. Awesomest
Submitted By: racer758
(442,727 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: seanwt
(442,629 on 10-2008)

The magic of storytelling
Great show. Thrilling and catching. Surprising me with new aspects.
Submitted By: hpmg
(442,546 on 10-2008)

Dan Is The Man
Hardcore History is one of the best shows ever, worth hearing again and again, after all the future may be uncertain, but history is forever! Honestly a show to bring the past alive in ways that engage you with the experience of it, not a bunch of facts and figures, and it also encourages one assess their own times, places and experiences...A+
Submitted By: psw2
(442,484 on 10-2008)

Great podcast!
Dan, well done. You have managed to do what my classics (latin) teacher never could: make the Punic Wars interesting. I forgot how the teacher could have managed to make it so boring after I heard your rendition. Keep up the good work, Mark Sutherland.
Submitted By: mark.sutherland
(442,470 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: imphine74
(442,278 on 10-2008)

Punic Wars III--Bring it on!
Very enjoyable and engaging 'cast. Extremely well organized and presented. I'm awaiting the third episode of Punic Wars III with anticipation. Bravo, Dan!
Submitted By: richard.luecke
(442,010 on 10-2008)

Great podcast
This is a really intelligent podcast for all history lovers. Best on the net!
Submitted By: ilya.lavrik
(442,005 on 10-2008)

Keep Bringing It!
I cant imagine how much time it take to put one of these shows together. The hard work shows, thanks.
Submitted By: bezukov
(441,980 on 10-2008)

I cant praise this podcast enough
But I can at least vote for it
Submitted By: tatiana.slater
(441,904 on 10-2008)

Some of most interesting thought I have heard in a long time. Really makes history come alive. Very, very good. Thanks alot.
Submitted By: jwbwalrus
(441,737 on 10-2008)

Greatest podcast Ive ever listened to. A great twist on History, a perfect middle ground between academic classes and popular stuff. Absolutely perfect. I want more though.
Submitted By: jfdoray
(441,726 on 10-2008)

Great Stuff Dan
Put Ben on steroids! We need more!
Submitted By: gregbywater
(441,709 on 10-2008)

The Best Podcast
I am no history buff, as a matter of fact, before I listened to Dan Carlin I would fall asleep if you brought up most historical events. Just listen to this podcast, youll be hooked.
Submitted By: dasapp
(441,686 on 10-2008)

Love Hardcore History!
Submitted By: kursaal
(441,658 on 10-2008)

Youve really grown on me
I was put off a little at the beginning of my discovery of this podcast by the dramatic rhetorical style, but I have loved enough episodes now that I love the style too. My obsession with history gets weak when it comes to the military stuff, but I have grown a little more interested in trying to understand even that better. I check your podcast update all the time. Dont have much money -- am donating what I can. Susan Case
Submitted By: tamar848
(441,654 on 10-2008)

Dan Carlin, a sell professed non-historian, takes a look at areas of world history that interest him. He takes his interest and transfers it to the listener providing a, often irreverent, view of history. His lack of "historian" credentials is a benefit to the listener because Mr. Carlin often looks at history from an unconventional direction, take a look at his podcast on drugs/booze and Hitler, Alexander, etc...
Submitted By: douglas.anderson
(441,500 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: wetandfire
(441,282 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: emesner
(441,269 on 10-2008)

This is one of the best pod casts Ive listened to - except that they come out FAR too infrequently. Id pay $20 a month to get an issue every two weeks. Come on Dan... you can go faster! james
Submitted By: vollbrecht03
(441,063 on 10-2008)

Simply the best
Submitted By: chrispatrone
(440,962 on 10-2008)

The Best?
This is quite possibly the best podcast around. It's entertaining, factually sound, and doesn't really date. Some podcasts are available waaaay past their use-by date. Hardcore History actually stands up to repeated listenings and like all good history discussions really takes you to the time and place of the events ie talking about Hannibal and his elephants Dan asks you to think about fighting an elephant. Now you know what fear is right? To use a baseball analogy (even though i'm a kiwi so cricket is the real sport!) Dan hits it out of the park nearly every time!!!! 9.9/10
Submitted By: giddaygreg
(440,769 on 10-2008)

Good stuff
Better than the history channel.
Submitted By: lambeauguy1
(440,730 on 10-2008)

A twist on history
This is a VERY entertaining view of history and events. I just wish he would post more often.
Submitted By: esteban_sosa
(440,700 on 10-2008)

Great entertainment, great history
This is the only History podcast I have heard that is both professional and solid content-wise. Most of them are dull and amateurish - nerds reading notes - yuck. Dan is great. This is one of the best podcasts out there, period. Most of the better quality podcasts are just replays of things created for other media. This one is just good on its own. Hooray for the New Media! Hooray for Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: jomafum
(440,548 on 10-2008)

The Best
Of all the podcasts that I subscribe to, this is the best. His ability to add dramatic gravity to the history he recounts makes it entertaining as well as informative. After hearing a few episodes it became clear that Dan Carlin is not only a student of history, but an accomplished story teller with a strong ability to infuse his recollections with compelling meaning.
Submitted By: adam
(440,407 on 10-2008)

great show, very informative
Submitted By: clinneer
(440,404 on 10-2008)

Who knew?
History is actually interesting. Thanks, Dan!
Submitted By: jim
(440,398 on 10-2008)

Dans passionate commentary brings history to life in a way that cant come through by reading about it.
Submitted By: zerlegen
(440,381 on 10-2008)

Hardcore History Podcast
Oct 14 2008 Wow Dan! I could not believe what I was hearing. Last Thursday: Just before leaving home (Houston) for an extended work program on a small vessel in the Atlantic, I decide to down load Dan Carlin?s Hardcore History podcast. I?m not much for history, but what the heck; I?ve got a bit of room left on my IPOD so I might as well fill it up. I don?t have time to listen (I?ve got a plane to catch) so I?ll just wait until I get on board the vessel and give it a shot. Last Night: So, here I am, 50 miles off the coast of Nigeria; in my cabin; in my bunk and I can not sleep. I should be sleeping; the sea swells are causing a nice slow vessel roll and I can see the mid night sky through my cabin window; a very peaceful and calm setting indeed. But, I can not sleep. I?ve got to find something to put me out so I grab my IPOD thinking that this History podcast thingy should do the trick. The Punic Wars; that should be a real sleeper! I get relaxed in bed and start up the podcast. WOW, right off the bat, I can not believe what I?m hearing. I have never heard history presented so dramatically and in such terms that I can understand. For the next 2 hours I listen to Punic Nightmares I & II. I?m blown away. Presentation, format and show content: I have never heard anything as mind bowing from a podcast. The back ground sounds really add to the texture of the subject. As the vessel continues its slow roll and I gaze up at the starry night, I?m total carried away back in time as I listen to the Punic Wars. Dan Carlin you?ve got another vote, another donation and another purchase. Thanks, John Guild
Submitted By: jguild2120
(440,347 on 10-2008)

Historically impressive!
Dan consistently delivers interesting and exciting episodes about our past. I enjoy history but Dan really brings it all to life and puts you in the moment. I also really enjoy his Common Sense series.
Submitted By: jcbateman
(440,346 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: krpopp
(440,329 on 10-2008)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History
Very great Podcast indeed!!
Submitted By: jguild2120
(440,318 on 10-2008)

novel perspective on history
As a student of history I am most surprised by Dan Carlins ability to express history in terms that explain simply and allow me to imagine incredibly complex historical events in ways I had never considered them.
Submitted By: yohej
(440,237 on 10-2008)

Dan Carlin is the real deal
Submitted By: uralvin
(440,171 on 10-2008)

Both of Dans shows are very inspiring, makes you wanna learn more and more and more.
Submitted By: ek_pontus
(440,102 on 10-2008)

I was AMAZED the most recent EXCELLENT podcast, the Punic Nightmares II. I had to tell EVERYONE about it! Loved it. Never thought I'd enjoy WAR. MC (art education person)
Submitted By: foucof
(440,062 on 10-2008)

Dan Carlin is AWESOME
I vote for "Hardcore History"....its the best, and Ive learned SO MUCH.
Submitted By: foucof
(440,057 on 10-2008)

If these were lectures at Stanford, I would leave thinking that the Stanford education was worth every penny!
Submitted By: ck_junkbox
(439,798 on 10-2008)

Great job Dan; it is extremely informative and superbly easy to understand.
Submitted By: jerseyjack21
(439,630 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: macd124
(439,579 on 10-2008)

Greatest History Podcast
If only Dan Carlin would have been my history teacher in high school, I may have been inspired to pursue a more fulfilling major in college. His excitement for whatever he is discussing makes this podcast educational AND thoroughly entertaining, something that even in todays fast-paced, high-budget, cable-TV History Channel age is missing. His current episodes on the Punic Wars are the most engaging yet, and is guaranteed to produce an intellectual orgasm.
Submitted By: JohnPReese
(439,492 on 10-2008)

I have studied some history, have read a bunch and Dan Carlin always has the most interesting approach in every episode he (and Ben) put together. I always look forward to the next installment!
Submitted By: dmaes1
(439,446 on 10-2008)

Fantastic Show
Great show, really makes me think about the past, and the present!
Submitted By: john
(439,279 on 10-2008)
Great show with a wide range of subject matter and perspectives not found in your typical history podcast.
Submitted By: daiboan
(439,143 on 10-2008)

Punic War Podcast
These shows on the Punic War are incredible.
Submitted By: patrickmahaneyclark
(439,015 on 10-2008)

Casting a vote
Submitted By: thewebvalet
(438,769 on 10-2008)

Fantastic podcast
Not your average history program... informative, entertaining, and in context for present times.
Submitted By: paulkirchman
(438,649 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: captsunshine54
(438,569 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: chocotjea
(438,566 on 10-2008)

Love this podcast!
This is really great, Dan often presents his material with drama and suspense, and listeners cant help but want to hear more, more, more! If every learning experience were this good and entertaining, everyone would be well-educated!
Submitted By: warkingroy
(438,400 on 10-2008)

great great great
This show has blown the dust off of history for me. the human perspective reminds you that history is really just as exciting as real life, because it was real life.
Submitted By: theimann
(438,337 on 10-2008)

I love this podcast.
Submitted By: aaronroosevelt
(438,328 on 10-2008)

Wicked Show
Always an intense show. Im always looking forward to the next installment of this spectacular show.
Submitted By: Duane_Morgs
(438,089 on 10-2008)

I give it 5!
Very interesting and informative podcast. One of the best out there. One of the most important things is that Dan Carlin is putting himself 100% into this and he is very passionate. Thank you Dan for waking up my hunger for history.
Submitted By: viktorgolovachko
(438,060 on 10-2008)

As a fellow history degree holder, this bloke reminds me of those lectures youd occasionally get that would make you want to go back for more.
Submitted By: Nic.Robson
(437,994 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(437,922 on 10-2008)

The best history podcast
Its not dull, its informative and retrospective in terms of how we got to where we are.
Submitted By: miguel.sarmento
(437,878 on 10-2008)

This podcast is a must for all of you history buffs out there.
Submitted By: tonysmags
(437,840 on 10-2008)

Excellent show!
Submitted By: martywater
(437,772 on 10-2008)

Greatest ever!!
He does an awesome job of reminding us that history was made by actual people.
Submitted By: cruelshoes70
(437,537 on 10-2008)

The recent punic nightmares are sensational. This podcast is very enlightening.
Submitted By: mokrauerd
(437,515 on 10-2008)

the best
my best history podcast
Submitted By: allgha
(437,512 on 10-2008)

Only negative is there simply is not enough of this great dialog from Dan!
Submitted By: djgberg
(437,491 on 10-2008)

This is the show that has my looking for other history podcasts to fill the time in between releases. There is no better show... very professional & informative. His choice of topics and passion make the topics come to life. Everyone who ever had a great teacher would love the Carlin podcast... everyone wh never had a great teacher NEEDS the history podcast!
Submitted By: orpheus922
(437,444 on 10-2008)

You Only Thought You Knew History
If you?re a history buff or if youre just looking for some entertainment, tune in to Hardcore History. Dan does an incredible job of weaving meticulous research and commentary into a vivid tapestry. It really, pardon the clich?, history to life. There?s no wondering how this stuff is important because by the end you know how it relates to the world today.
Submitted By: c.p.metzer
(437,436 on 10-2008)

An education
I always loved my history teachers that loved history. I am impressed with Dans ability to explain the times and people in a vibrant way.
Submitted By: fendaddy
(437,363 on 10-2008)

delicious history
Youll want more and more! Its addictive!
Submitted By: rednecktech1
(437,326 on 10-2008)

you have to listen to punic nightmares. brilliant! brilliant!!!!
Submitted By: mjmrjones1
(437,286 on 10-2008)

Lovers of knowledge rejoice!
Submitted By: arkticcool
(437,273 on 10-2008)

Great how! The best!!!!
Submitted By: alec.neal
(437,262 on 10-2008)

The Best
I am a non-professional lover of history and if my professors had an ounce of Dans oratory skills, i would probably hold my doctorate in history by now. Both of his podcasts are perfectly done, if slow in production.........
Submitted By: patrick.moore3
(437,229 on 10-2008)

Keep up the great work. Even though I do disagree with you at times. John
Submitted By: JOHFINK
(437,156 on 10-2008)

Dan is the man
Dan makes history come alive and he makes it relevant like no one else. I was motivated to be a history major in college by the kind of love for human drama that Dan captures. The Punic War series is a magnum opus in the making.
Submitted By: john.manthe
(437,143 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: petermaag
(437,057 on 10-2008)

Hey guys, where can I find episodes 1-9?
Submitted By: phoneman7904
(436,930 on 10-2008)

Dan picks a particular historical event or period and takes us into it in such a way as to make the listener feel what it may have been like to be there, or in those times.
Submitted By: commerce
(436,772 on 10-2008)

Can Make Anyone interested in History. Give it a try! Dan has more passion and energy for his subject than any Real historian!
Submitted By: dmmotily
(436,706 on 10-2008)

Die Ben Die!!!
Just Kidding,...
Submitted By: hasse
(436,662 on 10-2008)

Hardcore History is the best!
Submitted By: libbylynn
(436,638 on 10-2008)

best history show
Submitted By: jejunamja
(436,557 on 10-2008)

Excellent Podcast
The podcast can never come fast enough...but if they came faster they would be less complete. This is the single best history podcast out there.
Submitted By: jmarkh2001
(436,516 on 10-2008)

This is THE best podcast I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.
Submitted By:
(436,495 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: loki08
(436,479 on 10-2008)

Punic Nightmares II
Intriguing. Fun!
Submitted By: polydistortion
(436,466 on 10-2008)

Super Podcast
Only problem too long between shows
Submitted By: huels3rd
(436,413 on 10-2008)

Excellent history narration!!
Submitted By: glassgod03
(436,348 on 10-2008)

Best History show in the known galaxy.
Submitted By: pulverdingen
(436,335 on 10-2008)

Love it!
Submitted By: enay
(436,294 on 10-2008)

Smartest show on web
Submitted By: eddiekay1010
(435,811 on 10-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: dpray2
(435,391 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: bruce_mackinlay
(435,356 on 10-2008)

I have a very long daily commute that just got a lot shorter when I found the Hardcore History podcasts. Wonderful! Keep up the great work, Dan.
Submitted By: jgoodrum08
(435,337 on 10-2008)

awesome show
This is how history should be taught
Submitted By: tom.prigg
(435,284 on 10-2008)

I have become addicted to the show!
Submitted By: jose
(435,207 on 10-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(435,181 on 10-2008)

Best Show
Been Listening to this podcast for the last 6 months, and am a huge fan! Love the drama, scene setups, details, and his ability to bring to reality to the reality of these historic events. Great job Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: dasgeld54
(434,948 on 10-2008)

Dan makes history INTERESTING
When somebody first recommended Hardcore History to me, I thought, okay, sure, whatever. It took me a couple weeks to actually listen to a show. And then, WOW! Dan Carlin really knows how to make history interesting and he is amazing to listen to. Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: xwaupemail
(434,925 on 10-2008)

best show
A history buffs best podcast ever.
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(434,145 on 9-2008)

Dan Carlin is the greatest.
Submitted By: Christinayuan
(434,143 on 9-2008)

Great Listen!
Good to find someone who can describe historic events in terms of modern relevance.
Submitted By: miscseg1
(434,103 on 9-2008)

love this podcast each are riveting.
Submitted By: ellen
(434,018 on 9-2008)

Carlin Fan
We need more podcasts of this quality.
Submitted By: jbroda
(433,827 on 9-2008)

Best History Podcast Ever
Submitted By: corey.rubin
(433,747 on 9-2008)

great show
Submitted By: hero_makers
(433,662 on 9-2008)

Fantastic program , don not change it ,not even a little. I am glad to wait for as long as it takes for the next podcast, if that is what it takes to keep the quality of the program. P L E A S E ! AAA+++
Submitted By: generomo
(433,623 on 9-2008)

Amazing show
I think Ive learned more about history from Dans show than I have from all my years of public education.
Submitted By: rockit600
(433,577 on 9-2008)

I am not a history buff but absolutely love Hardcore History! Dan is amazing at making history interesting.
Submitted By: davies.thomas
(433,524 on 9-2008)

Carlin reminds of the legendary former dean of UW Seattles History dept,, Prof. Jon Bridgeman (sp?) . Passion and relevancy and good storytelling are what makes studying history exciting. Carlin reminds me why I majored in history in the first place. Kudos!
Submitted By: billjr714
(433,321 on 9-2008)

good listen
maybe give it a try?
Submitted By: n8frey
(433,306 on 9-2008)

great show.congratulation
Submitted By: hpkr
(433,305 on 9-2008)

Just great
Nothing else out there quite like it. Simply amazing.
Submitted By: Vincent1271
(433,166 on 9-2008)

Great podcast!
Most original thinker on the web!
Submitted By: robert9861
(433,098 on 9-2008)

Our son was totally on track with a biomedical engineering degree before he became addicted to Dan Carlen's (excellent...fascinating) essays. Now he has redirected himself towards a history major, and we can only hope, eventually law school. Dan, you may occassionally ask yourself, "Is my life...are my choices...making a I positively influencing the species?" Something like that... . Thanks. Thanks for the episodes. Thanks for asking the questions and exploring the answers. This is good stuff. It is easier to chart a track towards our future with a better understanding of our past.
Submitted By: crowleys7
(433,003 on 9-2008)

Hate it when it gets over
This series of podcast has really got me hooked to the world of podcast. Dan is a great speaker. I fell like listening to him all day. I keep waiting for his podcasts. When each episode ends, I feel sad that it is over. When listening to these podcast, I sometime feel that I should have majored in history instead of computer science. Salai.
Submitted By: ssivaprakash
(432,917 on 9-2008)

Gets better and better
Just finished the most recent episode (Punic Nightmares II). Best yet. Never get bored with Dans stuff. Keeps getting better and better. Pete Michigan
Submitted By: shector
(432,816 on 9-2008)

Best Podcast in a long time!
Submitted By: Foxrunner22
(432,766 on 9-2008)

Its about time!
I love this show, even though it takes forever and a day to release. Thanks for helping me get through work with my sanity in tact and my historical knowledge enhanced.
Submitted By: nicholas.collard
(432,745 on 9-2008)

History for motivated semi-ignorants
I have a certain superficial knowledge of history but a real interest for it. However, I have abandonned the tought of filling this gap before I die. Days go by so fast even if you do not watch TV ! With this podcast, I can make connections between things (some I know, some are new to me) and look at these facts with a certain perspective
Submitted By: odette.helie
(432,420 on 9-2008)

My favorite podcast by far
Best historical podcast out there - bar none.
Submitted By: GODSASLEEP
(432,397 on 9-2008)

Recomended podcast
Of all the history podcast I listen to, this one is the best - mind provoking and intelligent - and well spoken. A true delight to listen to.
Submitted By: hc
(432,333 on 9-2008)

Awesome podcast on history with a falre for the dramatic.
Submitted By: Art1318
(432,093 on 9-2008)

Intelligent, passionate musings
Dan may sound like an over-caffeinated Richard Dreyfus, but it only adds to his passionate broadcasting style, evidently backed up by a lot of research. A great podcast, highly recommended.
Submitted By: lisawordbird
(432,092 on 9-2008)

Dan, I love your podcast! Really interesting and much much more than just some regurgitating of the events. I like how you step back from the events and put them into a perspective that we can understand. It makes it more real. Keep up the great work! Scott
Submitted By: scottbohart1968
(432,064 on 9-2008)

Love the show!
Submitted By: aniruddha.ganguly
(430,709 on 9-2008)

Worth your time
Hardcore history is excellent and thoughtprovoking infotainement.
Submitted By: stormjensen
(430,588 on 9-2008)

one of americas best
I cannot find a more precise and sharp intellect than Mr Carlins in America these days. His indomitable political critique knows no biasing or compromising whatsoever. Heres a professional that seeks the truth, no matter how hard it might hurt. Highly recommendable!
Submitted By: lukebxt
(430,560 on 9-2008)

All the shows that I have heard are very interesting. He is a great talker/lecturer/teacher. There is not one moment of boredom when my mind wanders. Thank you very mych Dan C.
Submitted By: colev
(430,530 on 9-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: dreid65
(430,371 on 9-2008)
Submitted By: middle.american
(430,057 on 9-2008)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History
Very interesting - I cant wait for the next podcast..
Submitted By: chetjet25-podcastawards
(429,828 on 9-2008)

A passionate well researched show.
Submitted By: jocaprichard
(429,326 on 9-2008)

Good Show
Submitted By: scrogamus
(428,815 on 9-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(428,792 on 9-2008)

Dans show is an informative and compelling journy through historys less travelled halls, an exciting discovery at avery corner. Tim
Submitted By: tim
(428,407 on 9-2008)

Finally, someone has figured out how to keep history exciting and relevent , i hate seminar type monologes with no type of drift toward anything exciting but people this podcast is the meat and potatoes of podcasts, interesting "tid-bits" of info on everything from vikings to nazi-occultists now that ladies and gentleman will keep me listening! keep up the solid work Dan and Co.
Submitted By: enriquebarrueta
(428,196 on 9-2008)

Even if History isnt your "thing"...
...Dan will make it interesting for you. I can almost guarantee it. Dans webcast is fun, entertaining, family-friendly and interesting, and you can tell hes passionate about the topic.
Submitted By: npowell013
(427,851 on 9-2008)

62 yr old Un. student
toss up betw Carlin and Rober Harrisons Entitled Opinions
Submitted By: paulbeuth
(427,712 on 9-2008)

62 year old Un student
beyound belief as to the delivery style---all i can say is WOW--which i had York Un ( Torornto) profs as competant
Submitted By: paulbeuth
(427,711 on 9-2008)

really great!
Submitted By: theimann
(427,150 on 9-2008)

I cant wait for the next update!
Submitted By: jcm0301
(427,136 on 9-2008)

Great insight!
Simply a must-pod!
Submitted By: alexcavaliere
(426,821 on 9-2008)

My Favorite podcast
My favorite podcast (tohether with Common Sense). Worth paying for.
Submitted By: jbonet
(426,746 on 9-2008)

informative and entertaining
this is a great podcast. i just wish it came out more often. its very education, and very entertaining. if you like history at all, it is very recommended.
Submitted By: rjl
(426,720 on 9-2008)

Dan is a Genius!
Submitted By: Tamaraschuler
(426,341 on 9-2008)

So enlightening
Dan is a genius! I am a huge fan of history but Dan is on another level. He talks about history in a great way that relates to today, and shows how history always repeats itself. I always look forward to his next podcast, and Im always bummed when it is over. I wish history teachers in schools would have even 1/4th the insight that Dan has. Listen to this podcast, and youll be hooked!
Submitted By: ian.whelan
(426,258 on 9-2008)

Gotta love Dan!
Dans show are great!
Submitted By: gtimchishen
(426,223 on 9-2008)

Keep it going!!
Submitted By: jose
(425,958 on 9-2008)

Simply The Best!!!
Very good Pod. Dan Rules!!!!
Submitted By: mcrailuc
(425,834 on 9-2008)

Keep it up
As a passionate student of history myself, i love it - and its the only history show/program that my girlfriend has actually downloaded and listened to with interest! well done.
Submitted By: so.many.variables
(425,506 on 9-2008)

My family and I love the show - informative, entertaining and throught-provoking. Just superb!
Submitted By: robinevans
(425,172 on 8-2008)

Can Carlin's podcasts
I just discovered Dan's podcasts .They are facinating ,I had no idea such stuff existed. I started looking for Goedon G Liddy's podcasts but he is much older now than when I heard him first and has not much spark in him nowadays.Then I found Dan Carlin ,now theres a guy with a spark .I never thought history could be so interesting..Keep on going Dan ,Your the greatest..
Submitted By: neil.winter
(425,090 on 8-2008)

An excellent podcast, so well put together, interesting topics, engaging host, give me more of that please!
Submitted By: Hopquah
(425,087 on 8-2008)

pinic wars
Dans summary of the punic wars was great ,I cant wait for part 2.He brings to our attention things we never would have thought of before ,and his way of speaking is so filled with excitment I think I would listen to just about anything he speaks aqbout.
Submitted By: neil.winter
(425,058 on 8-2008)

Great podcas
Dan discusses subjects that non-history majors will really enjoy, and apply to a further understanding of human behavior, and where we are in the world today.
Submitted By: ddscrna
(425,022 on 8-2008)

Great Show!
Submitted By: cjo4
(424,863 on 8-2008)

Great podcast!!!
I think I could listen to this podcast for hours and hours and hours. Dans style is so engaging and interesting. At first, Dans style might come across as aggressive or egotistical but the listener quickly realizes that Dan is passionnate about the topics and loves to share his knowledge and ideas with other. Everyone should listen to this podcast.
Submitted By: scott.azbill
(424,842 on 8-2008)

makes me think
I love to listen to him rant! Hes not really mean to anybody in particular but he can really make some things out to be pretty dumb
Submitted By: kenfrederickson
(424,835 on 8-2008)

Best ever
Dan Carlins Hardcore History podcast is the best thing ever in podcast history. For every history enthusiast out there, you will love this show.
Submitted By: fannarh
(424,790 on 8-2008)

OMG... Its awesome!
Yeah, normally I hate history, but this actually makes it fun and interesting. I am always waiting for a new show to come out, and I really hope more people are voting for this, because its really good. So yeah. Listen to it and vote. If you dont, Marie Antoinette will rise from the dead to eat your pasteries, and we wouldnt want that, would we now?
Submitted By: chibiktsn3
(424,576 on 8-2008)

Absolutely fascinating take on history - totally engrossing - his enthusiasm shows thru - you dont get the feeling hes reading a script or he doesnt bore with unnecessary facts and figures . Please add some more - its my favourite podcast !!!!!
Submitted By: chrismcmorrow
(424,237 on 8-2008)

Great show!
A must for history enthusiasts and majors. Wish I had it when I was an undergrad.
Submitted By: crystalhuff
(424,236 on 8-2008)

The best history show ever
This podcast sheds light on little known historical events and people. For the most part. It is history brought to you by a history fan. No boring lectures on stuff that you could care less about, each episode brings something new and intersting to light. If you like history at all, you will surly find this a great suppliment.
Submitted By: rw122
(424,206 on 8-2008)

a must have
Excellent, it keeps you engage - a must for any history enthusiast
Submitted By: basnuevo
(424,205 on 8-2008)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History is fascinating! The content is well researched an thorough. The program is one that increases a thirst to learn more about history.
Submitted By: joeannj
(424,171 on 8-2008)

I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in history !! ***** 5 stars
Submitted By: robboni
(424,151 on 8-2008)

Terrific Show
I cant wait for each new subject to be posted. Dan is amazingly good!
Submitted By: denisewspt
(424,150 on 8-2008)

Simply the best Ive heard. His political "Common Sense" cast is great too.
Submitted By: chris
(424,146 on 8-2008)

great show!
Always a thought-provoking and insightful view of history and many what-ifs.
Submitted By: cgribnau
(424,052 on 8-2008)

good podcast
Very interesting and entertaining. Dans sense of humour is a little wacked but overall, good podcast.
Submitted By: iq164
(423,914 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: emilgud
(423,852 on 8-2008)

I wish you were my teacher back in high school. Or maybe my Dungeon Master.
Submitted By: theimann
(423,671 on 8-2008)

Very well done
Fantastic Podcast. One of my favorites.
Submitted By: brianliberatore
(423,625 on 8-2008)

Great Show
I look forward to and savor each episode
Submitted By: droops
(423,603 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: collinkevin
(423,520 on 8-2008)

Hardcore History
education, wisdom, Ben.
Submitted By: blakewoessner
(423,495 on 8-2008)

My new favorite podcast.
Submitted By: savinis
(423,444 on 8-2008)

nice job
Submitted By: pthomason
(423,074 on 8-2008)

Thanks for an incredible show
Great job Dan. You cant produce these fast enough. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: activationjason
(422,954 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: Smaguire18
(422,617 on 8-2008)

Great Podcast! Who would have thunk it? Wow, if only history would stay so clear!
Submitted By: madzombieluv
(422,520 on 8-2008)

Great Show
Now that Dan is back with the show, it is reminding us why it is the best!
Submitted By: aborunda
(422,121 on 8-2008)

Another favorite
When you listen to one of these shows, you really feel like they put a TON of work into it. Not only do the provide you with a very informative show, but they do a great job of entertaining you enough to really get lost in the story. Great show!
Submitted By: reas.bowman
(422,049 on 8-2008)

2nd best
2nd only to Common Sense! Awesome stuff!
Submitted By: cloudyday000
(421,652 on 8-2008)

Wonderful, intelligent podcast
Submitted By: mikeculmo
(421,639 on 8-2008)

Love the Show
Cant get enough of this! Really provides the missing perspective in todays age
Submitted By: talonawd1991
(421,541 on 8-2008)

Excellent cast
Of the dozen or so podcasts I subscribe to, when a new episolde of HH appears, its automatically at the top of my playlist.
Submitted By: ddmiller
(421,259 on 8-2008)

Awesome Podcast
This one is great! Dan goes way in depth on a particular topic for each podcast. He does need to do more of them though.
Submitted By: geophizz
(421,160 on 8-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: advalencia
(421,128 on 8-2008)

Love the passion!
Submitted By: slalib
(421,011 on 8-2008)

awesome show
Submitted By: filtermagnet
(420,946 on 8-2008)

Great history show that looks at events in ways that make you realize what it was like to be there experiencing these great events.
Submitted By: rusticbrando
(420,361 on 8-2008)

The Best
Dan & (Ben?) Best on the web. John Prichard
Submitted By: jocaprichard
(420,247 on 8-2008)

too great, too rare
Passionate, informative, rambling and eye opening.
Submitted By: snookd
(420,179 on 8-2008)

Great show
Fantastic show really interesting
Submitted By: cstanford2007
(420,143 on 8-2008)

Best podcast for history buffs
Submitted By: vsouffay
(420,033 on 8-2008)

Wonderful podcast on history! Certainly the best I have ever heard. Just wish they could afford to put them out more quickly.
Submitted By: wgdf2
(420,012 on 8-2008)

I cant wait to hear the second part of Punic Nightmares!
Submitted By: mattbuehler89
(419,996 on 8-2008)

Great show, history made oh so interesting.
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(419,937 on 8-2008)

Great podcast!
Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: abide_above
(419,900 on 8-2008)

Very good..
Submitted By: armyof1
(419,854 on 8-2008)

This series, for its breadth, originality, superb production and brilliant presentation from Dan Carlin, in my opinion is the best history podcast on the net.
Submitted By: richardorford
(419,695 on 8-2008)

This shit is off the hook
Love your common sense. i am in Love with History. A James Burke contemporary!!
Submitted By: demetrius_rozenblad
(419,629 on 8-2008)

dan carlin is the best / most entertaining hour ( or more ) you can find.
Submitted By: salesmail23
(419,558 on 8-2008)

By far my favorite podcast.
Each episode of Hardcore History is a work of art.
Submitted By: ian.all.over
(419,535 on 8-2008)

Loved every episode.
Submitted By: heytothat
(419,506 on 8-2008)

Reinspires my passion for history. Love the perspective as one of human experience and bridging the gap between contemporary and historical epochs.
Submitted By: zacwdavis
(419,468 on 8-2008)

Cant Get Enough
I love this show. It really brings life to the amazing people and events in our history.
Submitted By: jesgreenberg
(419,420 on 8-2008)

great podcast!
Submitted By: Aaron.courville
(419,392 on 8-2008)

Best history podcast ever
Intelligent, humane, fun, Dan Carlin takes you to the past to have a bit of the humane experience of living in tough times
Submitted By: manuel
(419,365 on 8-2008)

Best Podcast on iTunes
Submitted By: nick.dww
(419,362 on 8-2008)

LOVE this show - entertaining and informative at the same time! Always well-researched and so passionate.
Submitted By: helgz
(419,289 on 8-2008)

always interesting
Submitted By: chasgold
(419,228 on 8-2008)

This is a great podcast. I cant recommend it enough.
Submitted By: csharp
(419,199 on 8-2008)

Love this show
There are other good History podcasts out there, but none of them tops Hardcore History - Dan not only presents great material, but he presents it in a manner that is riveting.
Submitted By: roypitta
(419,198 on 8-2008)

Great show, one of the best ive ever heard!
Submitted By: tindall21047
(419,197 on 8-2008)

Great show, makes history come alive.
Submitted By: daileya
(419,175 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: JOHFINK
(419,145 on 8-2008)

Great show
Submitted By: nspodcastalley
(419,110 on 8-2008)

My favorite podcast
Brought me into the history podcast genre. Now Im subsribed the three of them.
Submitted By: erick
(419,083 on 8-2008)

Poor Ben
Dont have the cash, but have a bit of time. Before you got all busy & important, Dan, I asked if you like to play wargames. You replied yes. Now, Im wondering if you have time to play an online head to head game? If so, lets find one we both like and see who what sort of battle/campaign results??
Submitted By: condor_beta
(419,075 on 8-2008)

best history podcast ive found
an interesting and well delivered take on a number of different events spanning thousands of years of history. great!
Submitted By: tkeradar
(419,071 on 8-2008)

Very entertaining podcast!
One of the more intelligent podcasts out there, IMHO. Rome vs. Carthage stuff was very cool...
Submitted By: bane19682001
(419,064 on 8-2008)

Love the show
Submitted By: slacker11
(418,976 on 8-2008)

Excellent history program... By far the best podcast Ive heard.
Submitted By: cdiamond
(418,767 on 8-2008)

Dan Rocks!
If High School History were taught this way, colleges couldnt find people to major in any other area of study. Hardcore History is intelligent and passionate, addressing historical issues like they happened last week. You MUST listen to this webcast.
Submitted By: npowell013
(418,757 on 8-2008)

Keeps me stimulated
I look forward to every episode.
Submitted By: brian_ferrell
(418,756 on 8-2008)

Always Interesting
I just wanted to note that I always find Carlins insights and illumination of history not only first rate, but easy to follow and never boring.
Submitted By: irenzero
(418,739 on 8-2008)

awesome show
Everyone must listen to this show. really. its awesome.
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(418,737 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: dugger1893
(418,727 on 8-2008)

Great Show
Dan Carlin poses many discerning questions about the world we live in. His voice challenges established beliefs, something that is increasingly rare in todays mainstream media. Bravo to Carlin and his production team.
Submitted By: mikegnome
(418,703 on 8-2008)
Submitted By: loki08
(418,698 on 8-2008)

Carlins topics are very engaging and interesing
Submitted By: jkdonald79
(418,622 on 8-2008)

Definitely worth paying for.
Submitted By: jbonet
(418,491 on 8-2008)

Why isnt my Teacher like Dan?
Great podcast, not only does Dan make history interesting he also makes me look at things in a new light which is always great.
Submitted By: fuergrissaostdruaka
(418,410 on 8-2008)

This has to be the best podcast Ive every listened to - ever. Once I hit play - thres no going back. It leaves me with so much information that I never knew or thought about that I have to research it myself. Dan is creating a new history buff!! A+++++++++++++
Submitted By: kellylu23
(418,387 on 8-2008)

History the way it should have been in High School. FUN.
Submitted By: harrybyte
(418,317 on 8-2008)

the middle east
Hi Dan. What an excellent show you have. My 12 year old daughter has now become a fan as well, as we listen to your program together, and discuss the topics you present. Thank you so much for providing us with this ....How about an episode on the history of the last one hundred years in the middle east. It may be an interesting topic due to the current instability of that region.
Submitted By: dudeonian
(418,085 on 8-2008)

The only thing I can find troubling about "Hardcore History ", Too long between shows. Keep up the good work and thanks.
Submitted By: huels3rd
(418,026 on 8-2008)

A vote for Hardcore History!
Great job, Dan. I listen to your podcast riding my bike to work over the Brooklyn Bridge!
Submitted By: ted.deignan
(417,916 on 8-2008)

Well done
Submitted By: temp-0ozv8mmhiw
(417,606 on 8-2008)

Worth hearing
Dan Carlins hardcore history is truly worth listening to. As someone who has sat through lots of boring history classes, I can just say that listening to him is truly fascinating. He really makes history come alive. His show on the Punic War is not to be missed!
Submitted By: yellowstork
(417,413 on 8-2008)

Great show!
Submitted By: gtimchishen
(417,326 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(417,324 on 8-2008)

Education thats entertaining!
Learn about the things were not supposed to repeat.
Submitted By: davidprincipato
(417,078 on 8-2008)

A human perspective on history
Before discovering these podcasts I never thought about what it must have been like to live through the historical experiences Carlin describes. Carlin has turned this aging geek into a history lover. Best podcasts on the web!
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(416,919 on 8-2008)

Fantastic podcast. Absolutely hooked
Submitted By: jacobvanakin
(416,690 on 8-2008)

Best podcast ever
listen to the Punic Nightmares cast first!
Submitted By: carolynjsanders
(416,443 on 8-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(415,670 on 8-2008)

I dig the show.
Submitted By: fangthang
(415,611 on 8-2008)

Not your average history information! I love the shows. Wish there were a LOT more of them for me to listen to!
Submitted By: bethanyradman
(415,586 on 8-2008)

Hardcore History
Just never enough of his stuff!
Submitted By: gregbywater
(415,572 on 8-2008)

Great show
Dans off the cuff approach to history makes for very fascinating listening. Highly recommended.
Submitted By: vex
(415,426 on 8-2008)

The latest HH show (Punic Nightmares I) is one of the best. I could almost see the battle of 300,000 Romans and Carthaginians. I cant wait for part II
Submitted By: dan.minds
(414,942 on 8-2008)

History with a brain and a heart
Submitted By: info
(414,924 on 8-2008)

Top Notch
History and current events just dont get any more interesting!!
Submitted By: allus70
(414,154 on 7-2008)

Also See Common Sense
Also See Common Sense w/ Dan Carlin
Submitted By: drewfreemanrph
(413,780 on 7-2008)

History as great story-telling.
Submitted By: tamar848
(413,761 on 7-2008)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History is the best reason to own an I-pod.
Submitted By: krpopp
(413,450 on 7-2008)

Excellent show!
Just recently got addicted to this show - Im eagerly anticipating the second part of Punic Nightmare.
Submitted By: vanoteghem
(413,430 on 7-2008)

Hardcore History - required listening!
Submitted By: pct610
(413,046 on 7-2008)

The Greatest
The greatest podcast in history. Period.
Submitted By: sam.rothwell1
(412,924 on 7-2008)

The Greatest
Greatest Podcast in History.Period.
Submitted By: sam.rothwell1
(412,921 on 7-2008)

Best HH Yet
awesome podcast period
Submitted By: lheinz
(412,842 on 7-2008)

Great podcast.
Wonderfully imaginative and colorful presentation of aspects of history that are often highly relevant to current events. Dan does his research and it pays off in the quality of the program. His other podcast, "Common Sense," is phenomenal.
Submitted By: timhsanchezh
(412,809 on 7-2008)

Common Sense & History
I walk for about 45 minutes three or four times a week. The best walks are when I have the latest Dan Carlin podcast on my I-pod. He is great company. Overall, I think that Dan's Hardcore History and Common Sense programs are consistently excellent, well researched and thoughtful. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have two podcasts - I would choose Dan Carlin's History and Common Sense programs. Without hesitation.
Submitted By: joanne_popkin
(412,243 on 7-2008)

A Vote for Dan Carlins Hardcore History!!!
I listen and re-listen and reccomend the podcast to all my friends... It inspires me to read from his book sources and keep learning. Thanks for the motivation!!
Submitted By: lillianrulon
(412,201 on 7-2008)

Brilliant !
Submitted By: leannebeaver
(411,995 on 7-2008)

love the show... I only wish we could collectively pay him enough to get them out more often.
Submitted By: paulkirchman
(411,891 on 7-2008)

I have learned heaps! Well done! Battle of Hastings was never so interesting. I love the background music /effects too
Submitted By: j_zandersen
(411,284 on 7-2008)

Great, great podcast! I make my teenage children listen to Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: aareemahke
(411,266 on 7-2008)

Dan gets excited about what hes talking about. This is what makes listening to Hardcore History riveting. It would be neat if he could squeeze in a little womens history, but hey, you cant have everything...
Submitted By: giraffe
(410,863 on 7-2008)

History Paul Harvey Style
History is a summary of all the things forgotten the least (original but you can have it ... err, if its wanted) Dan has a knack for applying known history in a manner that allows one to infer the rest of the story in a sockingly vivid manner. As an attorney, I earn a living applying the known to infer the unknown. Dan Carlin is the attorney building a solid case for history.
Submitted By: gtennant
(410,850 on 7-2008)

Awesome show!
I love it. Dan rocks.
Submitted By: tompahellacopter
(410,809 on 7-2008)

Hardcore History Is Hardcore Awesome
Just an absolutely wonderful and interesting show. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Submitted By: drgreengenes
(410,739 on 7-2008)

He Is Hardcore!
This is great stuff because he is a STUDENT of history and not a TEACHER, as he puts it, but he shares so much knowledge and makes it easy to follow. Not only that, but its easy to remember and share with others.
Submitted By: prince_dolph6
(410,732 on 7-2008)

the best out there !
Submitted By: vsouffay
(410,221 on 7-2008)

Superb Pcast by "History Fan"
Hes no historian (nor does he claim to be), but Dan Carlins history podcasts leave you thinking about what you think know by offering great perspectives from his interesting mind. A ton of preparation goes into each episode and it shows. Meticulous production research paired with Carlins alternately reflective / manic presence is nothing short of extraordinary and keeps us coming back. Keep em coming and well keep listening!
Submitted By: charlesesanchez
(409,616 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: jennifer_k_rodney
(409,463 on 7-2008)

Great show.
Great show, cant wait for the next episode.
Submitted By: gorman33
(409,258 on 7-2008)

Great Educational Entertainment
Carlins Hardcore History is a great way to get plugged back into history. His podcast is entertaining and educational.
Submitted By: podcast
(409,247 on 7-2008)

Great Podcast - Hardcore History
I LOVE THIS PODCAST. Fascinating insights.
Submitted By: coffeyjj
(409,137 on 7-2008)

Dan rules.
This is bar-none the best history podcast there is. Dan makes it fun for the novice and the academic alike. A must-listen!
Submitted By: benantiben
(408,759 on 7-2008)

The best history podcast out there
Nobody does history like Dan Carlin. Whether you think you like history or not, youll find Dans podcasts fascinating.
Submitted By: jchornbe
(408,630 on 7-2008)

A very refreshing view of history- nothing like it was in school! Dan is very entertaining and this podcast is filled with lots of interesting facts that will make for a good conversation/debate with friends. Once you listen to one, you will download the rest!
Submitted By: podcastalley
(408,322 on 7-2008)

Great stuff
Submitted By: ddenny501
(408,295 on 7-2008)

Great stuff
Submitted By: slolife
(408,191 on 7-2008)

Im one of those starving students so Dan is going to get votes from me, but will have to wait for those buck a show donations. This show is great, spectacular, mind blowing, and inspires me to pick up a book. HOWEVER, I am starving in more ways than one. The past few shows have been aimed at getting the listeners more, even had a blitz show.... yet the shows are as slow as ever. People LISTEN, if you like it TELL others (especially your rich friends wholl pay a starbucks price to hear it) so Dan can hire a staff or something to get there shows out more often.
Submitted By: byronabroad
(408,137 on 7-2008)

This is mt favorite of them all! Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: the_mafioso08
(407,730 on 7-2008)

Best History podcast EVER!
Seriously people, if you like to hear a good story, and like learning about history in terms you can relate to, check out this podcast. Dans episode on "the what ifs of 1066" was absolutely enthralling! A great podcast to listen to while working out, or while lying in bed at night!
Submitted By: svgaudio
(406,915 on 7-2008)

In-depth knowledge and stimulating to my minds eye.
Submitted By: sd3fvi
(406,483 on 7-2008)

Best there is
I was never interested in history growing up, but... all of that has changed. Dans way of telling history is so compelling and intriguing that it is like a great book. Once I start listening to him I dont want to stop.... and then he also has inspired me to do more reading on the subjects on my own. The only negative.... DO MORE and DO THEM MORE OFTEN!!! Thanks Dan! Rick
Submitted By: rick
(406,403 on 7-2008)

(406,254 on 7-2008)

A Fan
Great interpretaion and delivery on fascinating events of History. Keep it coming
Submitted By: ronnie.reid
(406,244 on 7-2008)

Hardcore History
The best history podcast available. Check it out!
Submitted By: gilleska
(405,772 on 7-2008)

Excellent content
Dan always finds an interesting and exciting way of presenting history. You never know what he will cover next. Thanks Dan.
Submitted By: uucowboy
(405,716 on 7-2008)

History, the way it should be
Dans history show is truly a marvel. History has never been my subject, but it always seemed like it could be interesting. Now, I found out I was right! Thanks for the show, Dan!
Submitted By: srwiseley
(405,638 on 7-2008)

This show is really spectacular!
Submitted By: michael
(405,179 on 7-2008)

If only History was this good when I went to school.
Submitted By: mark
(405,115 on 7-2008)

I only wish there were more of these!!! Theyre AMAZING!
Submitted By: jjarvis106
(404,923 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: jahn-takeshi.saito
(404,694 on 7-2008)

Love this show
This podcast not only teaches you a lot of interesting stuff, Dans narration makes it very entertaining and even, at times, as suspenseful as a good novel.
Submitted By: roypitta
(404,015 on 7-2008)

love hardcore history
Submitted By: kellygal78
(403,699 on 7-2008)

Great show!!!
Submitted By: jose
(403,671 on 7-2008)

Another great month
I cant recommend this podcast highly enough. These podcasts are thought-provoking and well made. A great podcast! Keep em coming.
Submitted By: tbrentmar
(403,643 on 7-2008)

Great Storyteller
I like the stories that he tell about history. That is how you learn, by hearing the stories of history rather than the facts about history.
Submitted By: bradinjapan2001
(402,239 on 7-2008)

Its the best!!
Submitted By: bryan.sechez
(401,869 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: TOM_WMSON
(401,722 on 6-2008)

Very interesting show, too bad they are not produced more frequently
Submitted By: aenima68
(400,313 on 6-2008)

Thank god!
Great stories told well and with enthusiasm. Everything history should have been when it was taught to us in school.
Submitted By: tbrentmar
(399,452 on 6-2008)

A pearl among podcasts, long live Hardcore History!
Submitted By: blbkykrtek
(399,237 on 6-2008)

Amazing history!
If only history were taught like this! The enthusiasm is infectious and has rekindled in me the interest that high school history stole from me. This is a wonderful show, he does very thorough research and presents it in a very exciting way.
Submitted By: tbrentmar
(398,976 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: leilababy2
(398,846 on 6-2008)

Great show, definitely worth a $1 almost every show
Submitted By: craigmil
(398,708 on 6-2008)

Fun and educational
Hardcore history is interesting and educational. Dans perspective makes all his topics relevant to todays geopolitical environment.
Submitted By: garygallo1
(398,609 on 6-2008)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History
This is an outstanding show. Dan makes History extremely interesting!
Submitted By: doakley314
(398,154 on 6-2008)

not out of a textbook
Submitted By:
(397,921 on 6-2008)

Just superb
I've recently come across Dan's Podcast for Hardcore History and I'm hooked. I'm based in the UK and now I'm banging the drum for Dan over here. It's wonderfully insightful, cleverly put together and incredibly engaging. Dan captures the spirit of excitement and brings history alive in a way no 'real' historian can. Just stunningly superb effort Dan, and you've now got yourself a real fan.
Submitted By: billshatner
(397,603 on 6-2008)

Things that make you go hmm....
Very informative and entertaining. A brief view of interesting points in history.
Submitted By: rproper
(397,599 on 6-2008)

A Great Show
A great and entertaining history show! One of my favorites for long airplane flights or car-rides. Carlin's oratory is great and entertaining, like a great old-time radio broadcaster and his unique look at the "puzzles" of history are creative and fun for history fans.
Submitted By: ryansbackup111
(397,524 on 6-2008)

A Great Podcast
One of my favorites.
Submitted By: ryansbackup111
(397,523 on 6-2008)

The best show out there
Encompassing POVs far and wide to allow us to reflect and actually forge our own opinion on specific historical facts, rather than to sheepily accept the spoon-feeding what teachers taught us (which was more often than ever lacks a variety of POVs and tends to drill in a unique & common opinion all SHOULD share) Hardcore history is the best show there is out there.
Submitted By: vsouffay
(396,973 on 6-2008)

A wonderful show
Hardcore history is probably the best history show out there for the simple reason that it is done by a History buff, not a Historian. We dont have a specific school of thinking drilled into us - but a show that tries to be as objective as possible on a specific subject - even if it sometimes goes beyond the Politically Correct = but i personally believe that that is what makes the strength of the show. It forces us to think from a different point of view, it forces us to adapt our reasoning and challenge what we would normally take for granted. an excellent show.
Submitted By: vsouffay
(396,968 on 6-2008)

Best of the Best
No other History show gives so much information in such an entertaining manner!
Submitted By: roypitta
(396,962 on 6-2008)

love it
Great show and deserving of a listen
Submitted By: Vincent1271
(396,909 on 6-2008)

Check this podcast out!
Submitted By: aimfortheheadprod
(396,822 on 6-2008)

Favorite Podcast!
I love listening to this podcast. Being a fellow history nerd I enjoy listening to Dan talk about the ideas and events of historical importance and non-importance!
Submitted By: alideroche
(396,726 on 6-2008)

good stuff
good stuff
Submitted By: jwsigns
(396,516 on 6-2008)

Best of the Web
My favorite podcast, hands down! Keep 'em coming, Dan!
Submitted By: bdberlin
(394,948 on 6-2008)

Great Job!!
Submitted By: mrirish33
(394,914 on 6-2008)

Too infrequent.
But worth the wait. Great look at history through a modern lens.
Submitted By: rsglover
(394,886 on 6-2008)

my favorite podcast. very informative and very entertaining
Submitted By: anklyos
(394,811 on 6-2008)

Great Podcast
Between this and common sense, without doubt some of the most exciting thought provoking podcasts today.
Submitted By: dtooke1645
(394,511 on 6-2008)

Well done
Clearly a very well researched show, and very refreshing subject matter.
Submitted By: mcrutchfield
(394,368 on 6-2008)

I taught history in schools for 15 years and I never came close to Dans charisma and knowledge. Dan, u da man!
Submitted By: jdudley
(394,103 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: presenceofline
(393,693 on 6-2008)

Intelligent and entertaining
Submitted By: jeanie.clayton
(393,338 on 6-2008)

great show
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(391,865 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: deboergosum
(391,771 on 6-2008)

Still my favourite
Submitted By: martywater
(391,596 on 6-2008)

Excellent podcast. Very enlightening and highly addictive.
Submitted By: wspweasel
(391,461 on 6-2008)

Not just for Hostury buffs
This is the best History show Ive ever heard online - in fact, anywhere!
Submitted By: warkingroy
(391,403 on 6-2008)

I listen to every episode
The episodes are not as frequent as I would like. But I do enjoy all of them. Great show.
Submitted By: wineinc1
(391,335 on 6-2008)

The First Ten Podcasts
Hey Dan, Love your podcast, but I've blown throuhg all of 11-20. How can I get my hands on the first 10? I really hope there is one on Alexander the Great. Regards, Doug McPeek
Submitted By: lemonfunk
(390,807 on 6-2008)

The best history pocast in all of Christendom.
Submitted By: mark.taylor
(390,736 on 6-2008)

Top stuff
Submitted By: badmonkeys
(390,702 on 6-2008)

French-Algerian War
Great show! Dan, you mentioned in several shows about using history to make educated guesses as to what direction we may be headed now. Have you read about the French-Algerian War? If so, I think you could have a really great episode about that war and how it was or was not taken into account when the United States invaded Iraq. You should read Alistair Hornes: A SAVAGE WAR OF PEACE.
Submitted By: brian_lawatch
(390,526 on 6-2008)

My Favorite Podcast
Submitted By: schottkyle
(390,037 on 5-2008)

Fantastic show!
Without a doubt one of the most thought-provoking, intelligent, and entertaining podcasts in existence. Bravo.
Submitted By: stan.henson
(389,709 on 5-2008)

Best ever!
I love the Hardcore history podcast, so informative, so fun to listen to.
Submitted By: paul-prince
(389,515 on 5-2008)

dan rocks!!!
I love this podcast!
Submitted By: thetwig67
(389,428 on 5-2008)

Best podcast!
Submitted By: bryan.sechez
(389,395 on 5-2008)

Best Political Commentary and Analysis Podcast out there - Hands Down.
While I may not agree with him on every issue, I find Dan Carlins stripped down, back-to-basics and "common sense" view of American politics and foreign affairs to be truly refreshing. In the sea of white-noise blared by CNN, ABC, Fox News and other "old media" outlets, Dan Carlin stands out as the only thumb thats sore for the right reasons. Seems somewhere in the middle lies the U.S. Constitution, and simply applying some of its more innovative principles greatly simplifies our countries current situation. Ive benefitted greatly from taking the time to tune in, and will definitely recommend this to anyone else out there whos sick of the endless, petty bickering between Left *and* Right. Thanks Mr. Carlin, Noel S.
Submitted By: themodule
(389,180 on 5-2008)

This is one of the most fascinating programs youll hear anywhere in media.
Submitted By: tonysdivelog
(389,153 on 5-2008)

Great show!
Ive just discovered Dan Carlins show but I must say both this and Common Sense are amazing.
Submitted By: willd
(389,053 on 5-2008)

The Best Podcast out there!
Submitted By: arjuna22
(388,903 on 5-2008)

Excellent take on history topics. I just wish he would do it more often.
Submitted By: esteban_sosa
(388,792 on 5-2008)

Informative and unique
Submitted By: wlmmlrjr
(388,649 on 5-2008)

Just What I Was Looking For
For a history buff such as me, Carlins commentary is fascinating and entertaining. Its almost as if I am there throwing ideas back and forth. I searched for a podcast such as this and am thrilled to have found it.
Submitted By: billrco
(388,398 on 5-2008)

Hardcore history is awesome
Submitted By: johandelivera
(388,323 on 5-2008)

LOVE IT! You will too
Submitted By: rexboyce
(387,780 on 5-2008)

Best Podcast Ever
Even if you are not a big history fan...
Submitted By: toddsmarrella
(387,670 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: ANFROHOLIC
(387,449 on 5-2008)

Not for 2-digit IQs
If you can name more than one American Idol contestant, youre probably not a Hardcore History fan.
Submitted By:
(387,221 on 5-2008)

really good and interesting, especially the presentation style!
Submitted By: chinchilla11
(387,092 on 5-2008)

My Favorite Podcast!
This is my favorite. Enough said.
Submitted By: gorman33
(387,017 on 5-2008)

The Best military history Pod out there
Submitted By: chris.plym
(386,531 on 5-2008)

Great show.
Submitted By: paulbader
(386,215 on 5-2008)

Dan sheds new light on the History we all thought we knew. He is informative in a new way. Great show!!!
Submitted By: jjarvis106
(386,171 on 5-2008)

great show
good thoughts on history
Submitted By: sterlingbushnell
(385,989 on 5-2008)

love the show, keep themcoming
Submitted By: janeth
(385,758 on 5-2008)

Dan Carlin Rocks
My absolute all time favourite podcast ...... best thing out there
Submitted By: cootey59
(385,742 on 5-2008)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History, at least show 17, is excellent. The first podcast that I have found that is well worth the time to listen to.
Submitted By: cpeaden
(385,541 on 5-2008)

This guy can speak elequently and informatively on a variety of contemporary history and ancient history alike. Just great and interesting!
Submitted By: runner_pucci
(385,042 on 5-2008)

So far the best history podcast Ive heard. Connects the historical dots in a way that make you think. Colors in the black and white lines of the conventional "patriotic" rendition of history. Never boring.
Submitted By: shector
(385,028 on 5-2008)

Adore it-worth any wait
Submitted By: sheilaindurham
(384,973 on 5-2008)

excellent program
Submitted By: cmagai
(384,850 on 5-2008)

Its Back!
Submitted By: djensen
(384,481 on 5-2008)

Historys fine tidbits.
I absolutely love this podcast. Dan Carlin brings up the most interesting and thought provoking questions about every topic with ease. History students beware, this podcast will distract your thoughts as you end up waiting impatiently for the next edition. Check out "Common Sense with Dan Carlin" as well if you want an viscous injection of politics too.
Submitted By: chris.hessler
(384,273 on 5-2008)

great podcast
Submitted By: lczackery
(384,205 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: gedaliah
(384,005 on 5-2008)

If only there were history teachers like this in school.
All I can say is wow. I am very happy that a friend shared this podcast with me.
Submitted By: rarosenstein
(383,778 on 5-2008)

Awesome Show
Submitted By: clinneer
(383,476 on 5-2008)

Great Show
I only wish this podcast came out more frequently. Great production value with a great enthusiasm for history. Makes anyone who listens to it feel compelled to read about the subject for themselves.
Submitted By: snelsonpaint
(383,464 on 5-2008)

History brought to life
Dan has the ability to take the dusty history book from school that put you to sleep and bring it to life. This is a rare gift and worth putting at the top of podcast downloads.
Submitted By: ejspino
(383,438 on 5-2008)

great show.
Submitted By: drnafy
(383,386 on 5-2008)

LOVE this show!
Great show, very entertaining and informative. My only complaint is that it takes so long for Dan and Ben to put out this show; they are, after all, busy with Common Sense, their more well-known show, which is my all-time favorite podcast!
Submitted By: roypitta
(383,054 on 5-2008)

prior to hearing these shows i thought a pod cast was the discarded portion that is generated when you shell peas! now i am alleying podding blogging ipodding and most importantly listening and mainly due to this show!
Submitted By: kenwilliamson
(382,678 on 5-2008)

informative and entertaining
...great production too.
Submitted By: tmgonzalez
(382,639 on 5-2008)

HardCore History
Submitted By: Pbaker1004
(382,298 on 5-2008)

Hope my vote will be accepted this month!
Submitted By: sylvain.gagne03
(382,185 on 5-2008)

hardcore history
Never gets old. Ive listened to some of the shows twice. Thanks guys will send some money when I can. Kris Sf., Ca. U.S.A.
Submitted By: wreckreation
(382,099 on 5-2008)

I enjoy Dans take on the topics he chooses. It may not be for the strict history lover whos looking for a litany of dates, names, and other specific historical data, but I dont think Dan is out to rehash the facts. He seems more interested in telling good stories with respect to what happened, what COULD have happened differently, and the impact of the history on the world. Thanks, Dan. Hope to hear another episode soon!
Submitted By: alex
(381,656 on 5-2008)

Best History Podcast outthere
Submitted By: john.motley
(381,535 on 5-2008)

I live in Japan and recently found this podcast on itunes. Very entertaining and interesting stuff. Cant wait until the next episode is ready to download.
Submitted By: markkadillak
(381,519 on 5-2008)

Great Show
Very well done and informative
Submitted By: mrjamesryan
(381,289 on 5-2008)

history comes alive
The only problem with this podcast is that there isnt enough of it.
Submitted By: AlexTaylor4
(381,272 on 5-2008)

We love Dan Carlin and Hardcore History. Keep up the good work Dan and Ben! The Reentses
Submitted By: thereentses
(381,220 on 5-2008)

Love it.
Submitted By: cammac56
(381,050 on 5-2008)

grand_national2000@yahoo. com
the most enjoyable Podcast available for history buffs
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(380,919 on 5-2008)

Hang in there Ben
Great show Dan. Thanks for keeping us educated/entertained!
Submitted By: mrsmedjunk
(380,494 on 5-2008)

Dan Carlin is great
I love his show and enjoy listening to him on my train ride home.
Submitted By: billeggers
(379,916 on 5-2008)

I wish the lectures at college were this passionate about the subject matter as Dan. /the articles on Apache Tears, The bronze age and Smedley Butler were down right inspirational. You go Dog
Submitted By: jerrykempe
(379,713 on 5-2008)

***** Five star podcast - I love it!
This is one of the best podcasts out there - Dan is passionate, highly informative and does a great job. I dont always agree with him but I respect the perspective.
Submitted By: js
(379,572 on 4-2008)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History podcast is amazing. I learn someting every time I listen to it.
Submitted By: kmuhlenberg
(379,474 on 4-2008)

Great Show!
Thanks for a great, well researched show!
Submitted By: tylerpgardner
(379,366 on 4-2008)

What a great podcast. Highly informative and entertaining. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: AlexTaylor4
(379,252 on 4-2008)

Exciting, informative - a wonderful learning experience
Submitted By: ceejayruss
(379,186 on 4-2008)

definitely William Shatner on caffeine and Helium. Actually its more like listening to a 10 year old savant on meth? Brilliant podcast. Its my personal favorite and I recommend it to everyone, everyone except my retarded parents who dont know how to work a computer. That does however allow me to impress them with my Dan Carlin impersonations. They actually believe that he is an alter-ego I invented.
Submitted By: wardjames9
(379,133 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: Deaddack
(379,098 on 4-2008)

I love my mushroom and onions.
Submitted By: jchen
(378,970 on 4-2008)

Great show
Submitted By: jonathankeren
(378,813 on 4-2008)

Dan reminds us that we should be learning from least someone out there is a voice in the desert giving society a reality check.
Submitted By: woodward
(377,935 on 4-2008)

really really interesting
Submitted By: overhauser2
(377,843 on 4-2008)

These wonderful "musings" have become essential listening. Thanks so much. Please keep them coming! Bill
Submitted By: bill
(377,781 on 4-2008)

Essential listening
I ve become quite addicted to Dans history musing! Such fun; intriguing, mind-opening, spellbinding. I hope Dan continues adding to these podcasts, they are simply fantastic and the best thing Ive come across yet in the podcast world. Essential listening. Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: bill
(377,779 on 4-2008)

I love this podcast. Very engaging and theres tons of stuff I never would have thought to find out about. Keep it up!
Submitted By: scarleno
(377,304 on 4-2008)

thumbs up
I Looooove Dan Carlins hardcore history.
Submitted By: darneboy
(377,167 on 4-2008)

good, very good
Submitted By: briangreen
(377,119 on 4-2008)

I learned more here
about hstory listening to Dans show then in 12 years of public education
Submitted By: joejohnsey
(376,645 on 4-2008)

I could listen to this guy talk about the history of just about anything. totally enjoyable way of talking about the past.
Submitted By: jpluskcubed
(376,531 on 4-2008)

I love these. The guys tone and the reality of what he tells you in a modern context, he brings history to today, makes it interesting and relevant. I cant recommend enough :-)
Submitted By: smile
(376,340 on 4-2008)

coolest history show
Submitted By: prananrg
(376,216 on 4-2008)

Excellent Shows
I truly appreciate his comments and the width of information that is contained in these podcasts. Keep up the great work. Rich
Submitted By: rich
(376,116 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: kristopher
(375,974 on 4-2008)

good show
I like his enthusiasm for his subjects, and the fact that he makes it clear that he is an history enthusiast and not history scholar
Submitted By: mycrapemailaccount
(375,580 on 4-2008)

Great Cast
One of three podcasts I listen to religiously.
Submitted By: gregg
(375,503 on 4-2008)

Amazing show. History the way it is meant to be discussed. Perfect, save for the fact that the episodes do not come out fast enough. Seems like ages since the last show.
Submitted By: leatherrobe
(375,306 on 4-2008)

the best!
Cant wait for the next one!!
Submitted By: rexboyce
(375,284 on 4-2008)

I love this podcast. The host is great too. Not boring or pretentious at all thank god. Hurray for Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: dolphin812000
(375,168 on 4-2008)

Great Show
I would like more of the common sense and history podcasts.
Submitted By: mmick2
(375,003 on 4-2008)

Makes History
Submitted By: dpray2
(374,792 on 4-2008)

Always a great ride
I never fail to hear something interesting on this show.
Submitted By: pdrzaic
(374,741 on 4-2008)

Just great!
Submitted By: victor92
(374,730 on 4-2008)

Innovative content
Found this by accident - LOVE IT! Dave Carlin - you are indeed a scholar of history. Please keep them coming.
Submitted By: budandmel
(374,729 on 4-2008)

great show
Submitted By: sergio.walder
(374,439 on 4-2008)

Without a doubt one of the finest political commentators of this age...
Mr Carlin fine political review is second to none. His ability to present his analysis from the most unpredictable of angles proves him an indispensable reference in the current journalistic map. Brilliant!
Submitted By: lukebxt
(374,235 on 4-2008)

Absolutely Wonderful
I listen to tons of History podcasts, and while they are all packed full of the content I love, Dans style is what keeps me coming back. He makes me want to listen to more.
Submitted By: nine_names0351
(374,196 on 4-2008)

hardcore history grows your brain!
Submitted By: rollertrain
(374,189 on 4-2008)

Great job
Keep up the good work. A very unique program.
Submitted By: diego
(373,963 on 4-2008)

great show!
Submitted By: djaylambert
(373,913 on 4-2008)

Great Podcast
These shows have been a great introduction to the world of Podcasts for me. I can highly reccomend Dans shows - they are fascinating and really thought provoking.
Submitted By: millard
(373,780 on 4-2008)

The best show on podcast
by far the bests show on podcast. A true classic for all ages throughout all ages
Submitted By: meadow62
(373,542 on 4-2008)

I cant wait for the next musings.
Submitted By: yates_stephen
(373,497 on 4-2008)

the real history
i am a both a student and teacher of history. my specific area of study is historiography; that is how history should be researched and written. my influences are postmodernism and postcolonialism and so i beleive in an eclectic history that is stylistically cosmopolitan; a history that should inspire and excite; not an insipid and dull history that inspires sleep and ennui. dan carlins history is the former - bold, exciting. challenging, refreshing and stylistically a breath of frswh air. i wish i had his history in high school.
Submitted By: anurag_s121
(373,157 on 4-2008)

Wonderful podcast, really puts you into the eras dan speaks on and hints at the parallels in todays world.
Submitted By: tindall21047
(373,107 on 4-2008)

Best history podcast in HISTORY!
I am so taken with Dan Carlins Hardcore HIstory! I am an amateur history buff and he touches on so many topics that fascinate me. And through the show, Ive developed new interests. This has become my all-time favorite podcast. Finally, someone who understands how much FUN history is!
Submitted By: phyllis
(373,026 on 4-2008)

Great Job
I really look forward to hearing this podcast
Submitted By: jeffidolh
(373,014 on 4-2008)

Makes history exciting
Submitted By: eugene
(372,948 on 4-2008)

Great show as usual
Submitted By: jose
(372,628 on 4-2008)

grand_national2000@yahoo. com
my favorite of all podcast!!
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(372,598 on 4-2008)

well worth the wait
Submitted By: k4man6
(372,554 on 4-2008)

love this
love Dans take on history
Submitted By: greg
(372,362 on 4-2008)

best podcast eveer
Submitted By: ericgeo
(372,248 on 4-2008)

Cant stop listening!
Great Show. I cant wait to listen to all Dans epidodes.
Submitted By: Dale
(371,928 on 4-2008)

Great podcast
Love your podcast - keep em coming!
Submitted By: kathy_ruther
(371,855 on 4-2008)

A Must for History Lovers (and everyone else!)
An absolutely invaluable resource for history lovers - thanks Dan! Thanks, Noel
Submitted By: themodule
(371,792 on 4-2008)

No title - just like the show
Have always enjoyed history and Dan Carlins show, what he presents on and how he tackles it, sums up a lot about what I like about stories from the past and what they mean for the present.
Submitted By: ur043131
(371,656 on 4-2008)

Dans the man
Submitted By: kjmoore62
(371,605 on 4-2008)

Just discovered your history podcast on itunes and really enjoy it. I hope you continue to do more!
Submitted By: rsr26
(371,437 on 4-2008)

Excellent Show
Your show demonstrates why I love historical studies.
Submitted By: crawbush
(371,293 on 4-2008)

Carlins enthusiasm about history is contagious! I find myself listening with equal intensity as he goes beyond narrating to offer a truly insightful view into the workings and machinations of history- from ancient times to fairly recent. A real delight every week!
Submitted By: helenkellerkitty
(371,085 on 4-2008)

Refreshing Change
Your Histories are a refreshing change against the institutionalized textbook versions, and create "nutritious food for thought". I am having my AP European students listen to them for class discussions.
Submitted By: lisaswart
(368,466 on 3-2008)

Hardcore history rules!
I love Hardcore History. The history geek in me is having a field day with every new episode. Thank you for your passion and for the excitement that you bring to my walks and subway rides, and keep the new eopisodes coming!
Submitted By: atrocaru
(368,289 on 3-2008)

hardcore history is great!
Submitted By: scottb52
(368,256 on 3-2008)

Hardcore History ROCKS!
Great podcast! Consistently interesting, insightful, illuminating, entertaining, thought provoking, and thoroughly riveting content & presentation. Dont change a thing. It doesnt get any better than this. I donated and will continue to do so. The two main reasons I think your history podcast is so much better than the others are: - CONTEXT AND INSIGHTS. Rather than focus on timelines and superficial examinations of historical "facts" as most other history presentations do, you provide context in a way that modern listener can relate to and you extract insights from events, their relationships and the motives driving the events. A unique, illuminating and hugely satisfying approach. Your approach to history provides exactly what is LACKING in most other accounts of history, whether audible or otherwise. - PACING. your pacing is perfect and allows time for the listener to digest an idea before you continue to the next, all while retaining a light, relaxed, entertaining feel. Too many podcasters speed from one detail or idea to the next---The listener has no chance to absorb and reflect on the meaning or connection with other events.
Submitted By: john.coffey
(368,250 on 3-2008)

I vote for Hardcore History
Truly interesting. Whether a professional historian or a interest fan, Dan Carlin really does a great job at bringing out what makes history my lifes work.
Submitted By: maynerd412
(368,210 on 3-2008)

New Perspective
A thoughtful look at history talking about the interesting connections between people, places, and events.
Submitted By: mystech_j
(368,202 on 3-2008)

makes you think
Entertaining and also makes you say "wow, Id never thought of it that way before!"
Submitted By: lyric
(368,142 on 3-2008)

Awesome podcast!
Submitted By: pensrule92
(368,091 on 3-2008)

great show
Dan makes history very interesting and relevant to current times.
Submitted By: tjharlon
(368,039 on 3-2008)

Submitted By: pmaag
(368,020 on 3-2008)

Dan Rules
I miss your hardcore action Dan. Come back please!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: atticus19
(367,899 on 3-2008)

Simply amazing. I've listened to all the available 'casts time and time again. Thank you Dan!
Submitted By: lexibean7
(367,858 on 3-2008)

The Best! So much history, so little time! Keep em coming.
Submitted By: gadjeep
(367,546 on 3-2008)

Great Stuff!
Love Dans shows.. a must for ipoding! Im in Oregon
Submitted By: danas200
(367,519 on 3-2008)

If you
Love history! This is it
Submitted By: eddierad
(367,438 on 3-2008)

grt show
this with "in our time" the bbc4 show are wonderfull thanks again
Submitted By: exile55552000
(367,422 on 3-2008)

Recently got turned on to Dan Carlin and have since caught up on his entire catalog, I enjoy it that much.
Submitted By: mikehammer02
(367,410 on 3-2008)

Hardcore History
great Show
Submitted By: highlandwoodworking
(367,220 on 3-2008)

Best use of podcast ever
Dan Carlins compilation of history is like nothing else of its kind. In a highly unique, detailed, intricate, and exciting way, Carlin takes the listener on a journey through the history of man kind. Through that journey, he stops and investigates deeply into the corners and alleys of what is behind the well known history, from the rise and fall of Assyria, to the life and death of Alexander the Great, to the Norman Invasion of 1066, to the German Third Reich of World War II. The best part of it all is, he aint stopping yet.
Submitted By: sam_diggins
(367,175 on 3-2008)

By far my favourite podcast
Thanks for all the hard work - its great that there are things like this out there on the net to stimulate those of us who want more out of the media than constant distraction.
Submitted By: japhymf
(367,054 on 3-2008)

Best history podcast. Period.
Submitted By: mbrooks941
(366,943 on 3-2008)

most excellent not to be missed
Submitted By: special
(366,753 on 3-2008)

Dan has replaced my morning radio programs with his fantastic pod cast! Listen to a couple shows and youíll be hooked!
Submitted By: tomcroxton
(366,687 on 3-2008)

Outstanding Historical Perspective
A Last!!!
Submitted By: cd
(366,671 on 3-2008)

Great stuff, Dan. Im glued to my Ipod every time I listen to your casts. Please keep em coming!
Submitted By: kr_vanhorn
(366,668 on 3-2008)

I love this podcast. I never miss an episode. The James Burke episode was excellent. I wish this podcast were more frequent.
Submitted By: wineinc1
(366,471 on 3-2008)

More than amazing!
Check it out!
Submitted By: kindalhawkins
(366,413 on 3-2008)

Submitted By: JGW812123
(366,306 on 3-2008)

Back to the Future
Love the show, very informative and some intriguing ideas that stimulate the dormant regions of my brain. Those areas are heavily populated by the misinformation and selective history forced down out throats by mainstream media and the government. Thank you for the brain cleanse!
Submitted By: strenbenski
(366,277 on 3-2008)

Gets my vote
A great, non-traditional look at various aspects of historical events.
Submitted By: ctscholes
(365,398 on 3-2008)

Best Podcast Out There
This really shouldnt be missed, its above par in every respect.
Submitted By: bobmanni
(365,196 on 3-2008)

Interesting and entertaining!!!
Submitted By: ReddenJay
(365,071 on 3-2008)

Great show! From the Assyrian Empire using human skin to decorate their towers to comments on the life of Winston Churchill, this podcast is an entertaining, hour-long ride through the Disneyland of our worlds past.
Submitted By: nenglish
(365,064 on 3-2008)

I Love Dan!
I love Dan Carlin! I came across his podcast on itunes and I am so grateful. He entertains me immensely, the more I listen to him, the more enamored I become. You are intelligent, articulate and have such a passionate voice. Please keep up the wonderful job.
Submitted By: celinejaime
(364,832 on 3-2008)

Great show
Dan has a gift with language that makes oft times mundane history as interesting as a good action movie!
Submitted By: joshdad44
(364,762 on 3-2008)

Patience is Key
There is a long time between shows, but they are worth it!
Submitted By: DPorterfield
(364,581 on 3-2008)

Best History show around
This is by far the best of the History podcasts out there, and I have heard several different ones. Pity is there are not more of them!
Submitted By: roypitta
(364,558 on 3-2008)

most entertaining podcast on the web
great things take time. this ones well worth the wait!
Submitted By: rollertrain
(364,538 on 3-2008)

My favorite podcast-for the first time Im learning history!
Submitted By: tpk5943
(364,485 on 3-2008)

Very well put together, enjoyable for any history fan.
Submitted By: Sharkattack4173
(364,408 on 3-2008)

Excellent podcast
Fascinating tour of historical moments.. inspires independent research.
Submitted By: mail
(364,390 on 3-2008)

Historical Entertainment
Hardcore History is unique because it educates and entertains at the same time. Dan is a gifted thinker who knows how to tie a subject together.
Submitted By: Marcsgrignoli
(364,275 on 3-2008)

Pure Passion!
Thanks to Dan for his contagious passion for history! Not less is his bravery for taking on such disparate topics as the fall of the Bronze Age or the effects of the Cold War, and doing it in a way that makes them exciting and fresh, as if they were breaking news. If only every field had a Dan Carlin to help us share in their fun!
Submitted By: jfnelson61
(364,163 on 3-2008)

Submitted By: pulverdingen
(364,149 on 3-2008)

A high quality product!
Submitted By: scrapper1960-37
(363,901 on 3-2008)

The Best
Absolutely mesmerizing
Submitted By: allus70
(363,815 on 3-2008)

No comment
Submitted By: highway.blues
(363,779 on 3-2008)

A Modern Historical Classic
Submitted By: martywater
(363,657 on 3-2008)

Great podcast
Ive never really been a history fan, but I love this podcast. Its everything thats interesting about studying history without the tedious stuff. It makes me want to learn more.
Submitted By: kaseburg
(362,909 on 2-2008)

Great shows. You put a different slant on history which I find both enjoyable and interesting
Submitted By: topchop46
(362,828 on 2-2008)

Finally Something Worth Listening Too and Even Much More Than That
Im telling others about this podcast. Stands out as having been invested in - with the time and effort of someone who cares about the audience. Thus worth giving my time to listening to and I and my friends are delighted also at the opportunity to recieve and to learn. Thanks!
Submitted By: silvasteding
(362,740 on 2-2008)

entertaining and informative
Dan Carlins style is engaging, offering a typically unique perspective of historical events and times. He claims not to be an historian but yous never guess it.
Submitted By: AlexTaylor4
(362,535 on 2-2008)

MORE Episodes !!!! Monkey Feed.
Submitted By: condor_beta
(362,482 on 2-2008)

Great podcast!
Great podcast!
Submitted By: bunchanjapan
(362,226 on 2-2008)

I love Dan Carlins obvious passion for histroy and the quirks therein. He talks with an enthusiasm that leaves me knowing I am not the only history addict/nerd out there. Common Sense with Dan is also good.
Submitted By: genisis88
(362,195 on 2-2008)

Great Idea
Submitted By: jeffidolh
(362,138 on 2-2008)

I am just beginning to look into podcasts, having just acquired an iPod. If this is material is considered outstanding, then I may not get much further into podcasts. I found this material to be cliche-ridden, superficial, and rambling.
Submitted By: ml569vc
(362,007 on 2-2008)

I am ifrom Australia... I love history and I love this show Carmelo
Submitted By: inssol
(361,780 on 2-2008)

All are very good. I enjoy them because they are presented in a way where a person who does not have a major in history can understand them.
Submitted By: mwagner1
(361,747 on 2-2008)

I really enjoy this
Submitted By: bgrimer
(361,546 on 2-2008)

This show is the best
so happy I found dan carlin
Submitted By: timothyjfeeley
(361,417 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: dherringer
(361,248 on 2-2008)

Love it
I just wish it came out more often...get well Ben.
Submitted By: jeisenmann
(361,238 on 2-2008)

I love history, and i simply adore this podcast...better than any other history pod cast by far.
Submitted By: immy4950
(361,191 on 2-2008)

Well informed and profoundly interesting!! Im unabashedly obsessed and always looking forward to the next episode.
Submitted By: mslaureli
(361,150 on 2-2008)
Submitted By: jkroll
(361,037 on 2-2008)

Spellbinding Learning!!
Am 63 years old. Just got an ipod for Xmas. Cant stop listening to Dan Carlin Hardcore History. I love getting stuck in taffic now!! Thanks. Keep it up. Bill Adams
Submitted By: adamsbill
(361,006 on 2-2008)

Hardcore History Rocks
Terrific show, engaging commentary, the kind of show where dates and people stick. James Burke show best so far
Submitted By: legiondary
(360,924 on 2-2008)

Bar none; the history podcast out there!
Submitted By: djgberg
(360,796 on 2-2008)

best podcast on itunes
dan carlin is AWESOME. hardcore history is the best podcast on the internet.
Submitted By: rollertrain
(360,764 on 2-2008)

i love history
and i love it when dan carling tells me about it
Submitted By: melzieba
(360,731 on 2-2008)

If only all history teachers had Dans remarkable ability to tell the story. If you never liked history, Dan Carlins podcast will turn you into a buff>
Submitted By: junk4um
(360,604 on 2-2008)

Always keeps you interested
Submitted By: mark.a.sch
(360,309 on 2-2008)

dan is cool
Submitted By: ericmarceau
(360,241 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: ntalbot77
(360,052 on 2-2008)

Its like a drug of a monthly fix...
Submitted By: franciscofossa
(360,049 on 2-2008)

Just discovered you, listened to 4 casts, bronze age, ninevah, 1066, and Macedon. Lot o fun!
Submitted By: afmicro
(360,008 on 2-2008)

Dan interviewed James Burke (one of my all time favorites from the Connections series on PBS). It was a fascinating interview. Great podcast!
Submitted By: dticks
(359,853 on 2-2008)

The Most Entertaining and Enlightening
You get it all with Hardcore History and Dans other podcast, Common Sense. By far my favorite podcast to listen to.
Submitted By: lee
(359,827 on 2-2008)

very nice podcast
it refreshes my history Ive learnt in school and gives me a new perspective on things nowdays as history repeats itself. Great podcast. I wish my history teachers gave me such perspective.
Submitted By: nemchenko2000
(359,717 on 2-2008)

Came across this podcast today..........Outstanding!!!
Submitted By: roman.huar
(357,964 on 2-2008)

Judgment at Nineveh
Wonderful show!! I learned so much about the fleeting stamp we make on history. Your shows really help me keep my brain in shape. Thanks for allowing me to think about such interesting topics.
Submitted By: debbie
(357,807 on 2-2008)

not as good as usual
I am a HUGE fan of Hardcore History. I just did care much for the latest installment with James Burke. I guess I liked the idea, and I did listen to it, but it took me 3 days to finish it. Usually I finish it in one sitting. Enjoyable, but not as good as the rest of the episodes.
Submitted By: darianstarrider
(357,267 on 2-2008)

Thank you for creating this podcast! I just finished "Judgement at Nineveh" Brilliant stuff! I plan on proving how much I value your work by donating at
Submitted By: cptceejay
(357,051 on 2-2008)

suggest guest
Love what you did with the james burke program and all the others as well. Marc Faber is I think a brilliant economic historian and quite worthy of consideration . He now lives in Hong con . Just a thought if you need one.
Submitted By: sstolowski
(356,605 on 2-2008)

James Burke episode
I LOVED this episode. Really. James Burke has so much insight and gave great perspective of where we are today in the world. Thanks for this episode. I've listened to it twice, and I think I could do it again.
Submitted By: Peonys
(356,265 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: wetandfire
(356,213 on 2-2008)
Submitted By: vlconie
(355,885 on 2-2008)

Great show!
Submitted By: fender911
(355,466 on 1-2008)

Got History?
He makes learning fun and brings history to life. Step into your ancestors shoes why dont you? Their time and your time are not so different after all.
Submitted By: Jsin57
(355,414 on 1-2008)

Makes you think
Great new views on history
Submitted By: robgormanjr
(355,251 on 1-2008)

Should be higher than #7
Erudite orator of his favorite times in history. A true enthusiast who is entertaining and thought provoking.
Submitted By: kramichael
(355,204 on 1-2008)

Excellent gear
I really love this stuff, Dan is passionate and convincing. Thatns for the information Dan.
Submitted By: andre.snoxall
(355,129 on 1-2008)

more please
Im waiting.
Submitted By: shauna.mckenzie
(355,103 on 1-2008)

Thought Provoking
History the way it should be taught.
Submitted By: pmc2
(355,079 on 1-2008)

This is a great show... very entertaining and informative.
Submitted By: rabohl
(355,078 on 1-2008)

informative and always worth a listen.
Submitted By: mccormickronan
(354,835 on 1-2008)

Gets your head spinning all over the place
Submitted By: aslusher1
(354,510 on 1-2008)

well done
Awesome podcast that should interest even those usually not interested in history. Mr. Carlin is a remarkable story teller who manages to weave grand themes together rather than spout of chronological events.
Submitted By: mikealao2
(354,475 on 1-2008)

great shows
you may not actually BE a history teacher, but you oughtta be! Thanks for keeping it interesting!
Submitted By: clinneer
(354,243 on 1-2008)

Dont let the name worry you!
A very well done podcast. Mr Carlins interest in history is obvious and contagious. The hardcore could be taken to mean this might be hard to listen to by anyone other then a serious history buff. I can tell you this isnt the case. Mr Carlin isnt really interested in giving a step by step lecture series on history starting at some point chosen by him and moving toward our present times. No, Mr Carlin likes to talk about important events in history that interest him, and that you will find interesting and or compelling. The presenter has a very interesting meter, and keeps the listener involved, and wanting more. And that seems to be the real point, get you involved and wanting do some fact checking/research of your own. A very interesting and enjoyable presentation!!!!
Submitted By: bayareabob
(354,241 on 1-2008)

Awesome podcast, Dan. Keep em coming!
Submitted By: robert9861
(354,234 on 1-2008)

great show
Submitted By: geva30
(354,063 on 1-2008)

Great Podcast! Loved the James Burke interview! Thank you Dan!
Submitted By: Dachshunddog
(353,941 on 1-2008)

Fantastic Content!!
Easily my favorite podcast. I look forward to it, and am never disappointed by the dynamic and engaging programming. Thank you, Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: nmg915
(353,912 on 1-2008)

Way to Go
Amazing, exciting podcast, I share it with my middle school son. Thank you Dan!
Submitted By: dms.long
(353,773 on 1-2008)

Great Podcast
I love listening to Dan Carlins Hardcore history. I like his personality in regard to the areas of history he is interested in. Highly recommended!
Submitted By: littlejoe1722
(353,676 on 1-2008)

Thanks for doing what you do. Keep it up!!
Submitted By: saribsk
(353,664 on 1-2008)

Excellent Show
Very entertaining. I wish they came out quicker.
Submitted By: lochaud56
(353,441 on 1-2008)

This should be picked up by the history channel. They make history come alive!
Submitted By: s.r.schwartz
(353,289 on 1-2008)

Great podcast
I really enjoy the details and commentary. I constantly have "a-ha" moments as Dan Carlin makes connections for me. Keep them coming. Scot
Submitted By: prkinnaman1
(353,161 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: orionwitch
(353,156 on 1-2008)

Onward and upward Dan (and Ben)!
Submitted By: vargasrocks
(353,132 on 1-2008)

Hardcore History rocks!
I think the show really draws the attention of common folks that normaly dont take the time to learn about our global history to include the blue collar society of America. I wanna thank the people of this show for their hard work and attention to detail.
Submitted By: ino20seal
(353,104 on 1-2008)

Great stuff
Submitted By: strongorv
(352,971 on 1-2008)

Extremely entertaining and enlightening
Submitted By: borgesj
(352,956 on 1-2008)

Keep it up dan.
By far the best podcast anywhere. Always interesting topics presented by a highly energetic and entertaining personality. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: jclass
(352,897 on 1-2008)

Good show with a heavy personal touch
Submitted By: nemchenko2000
(352,866 on 1-2008)

My favorite history show. Puts things in context and perspectives you probably never thought about before. Entertaining and thought-provoking.
Submitted By: rreppy
(352,808 on 1-2008)

this is one of the best podcasts out there its entertaining and it will make you smart yeah
Submitted By: wckdhunter
(352,684 on 1-2008)

The Best!
Ive always loved history, and this is right up my alley. Just wish there were more of them. Scars of the Great War was very good, indeed.
Submitted By: mwhudson64
(352,632 on 1-2008)

The best history pod ever!
Submitted By: Szwed223
(352,603 on 1-2008)

Great Show
What a find. Keep up the good work, Dan. And Ben.
Submitted By: PopeMickyB
(352,558 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: jlove
(352,441 on 1-2008)

I can not find it.
Where can I get the first 6 episodes. I can not find it in his site, itunes, ir podcast alley.
Submitted By: antho42
(352,306 on 1-2008)

More Hardcore History!
Not since Clay Jenkinsons "The Thomas Jefferson Hour" have I heard such an enlightened, engaging and entertaining discussion about historical topices. Fantastic stuff, Dan!
Submitted By: j.graham
(352,269 on 1-2008)

Great show
Very ineresting, intriguing and thought provoking.
Submitted By: sylvestro
(352,218 on 1-2008)

This is what Ive been waiting for
I am scrubbing floors, cabinets, toilets and enjoying doing it for the first time in my life. Im 46. I have my first nanopod and Hardcore History is my favorite along with "Wait Wait, dont tell me." Dan I will be sending you $$. Love it!!!!! Diane in Gainesville, Florida
Submitted By: strondc
(352,163 on 1-2008)

Well reserached. Innovative. New interview approach will add to the quality.
Submitted By: tajones615
(351,861 on 1-2008)

Great Podcast
This is a great History Podcast.
Submitted By: tramuto
(351,779 on 1-2008)

very engaging
Submitted By: snugget
(351,743 on 1-2008)

Informative and Interesting
Dan Carlin makes history come alive. Instead of that dry facts, he delves into the details that make history accessible to all.
Submitted By: sabrina_garbutt
(351,665 on 1-2008)

A baby History fan
I love your show. I see it as a rebellious way to combat what appears to be the intentional dumbing down society suffers at the hands of corporate media. It seems that people, like politicians, have short memories, and need to be reminded that "theres nothing new under the sun". Do your thing brother!!
Submitted By: stevan_e
(351,625 on 1-2008)

good stuff
Interesting and the hell did that happen
Submitted By: allus70
(351,612 on 1-2008)

This is a top quality podcast.
This is one of the very best podcasts I have listened to. It is very well researched and and very entertaining and professional.
Submitted By: kknight1573
(351,573 on 1-2008)

great show
Dan Carlin rocks.
Submitted By: jkuhn08
(351,523 on 1-2008)

His style makes the show.
Submitted By: roland.morel
(351,516 on 1-2008)

This podcast is definately interesting and enjoyable, except for Mr. Carlin's frequent and just-long-enough-to-be-awkward pauses.
Submitted By: pink_penguin_2010
(351,474 on 1-2008)

good stuff
listen think learn
Submitted By: eballad
(351,018 on 1-2008)

You Rock
I only wish the podcasts were published more often . . . . But, they are worth the wait.
Submitted By: amy_salberg
(351,006 on 1-2008)

The Best Pocast
The only one I listen to!!!
Submitted By: sam.rothwell1
(350,983 on 1-2008)

I really enjoy the history and observations
Submitted By: tom2696
(350,940 on 1-2008)

Cant get enough!
The only thing I wish would change about hardcore history is that it should come out more often! Great show!
Submitted By: jeffkuykendall
(350,938 on 1-2008)

Top of the list
A great history podcast that has quickly risen to the top of my listening playlist.
Submitted By: j.wunderlich3
(350,752 on 1-2008)

Good show, not sure about extras
The core of this show, with Dan Carlin speaking about different aspects of history, is phenomonal. Its less about details (although there are many of those) and more about analyzing what it meant to live at the time, what lessons we learn for our time. Theyve just recently started having guest speakers on periodically to increase the frequency of new episodes, and the first one was so-so. Im much more excited for the regular podcasts. But overall one of the best podcasts Ive ever found. Thoroughly enjoyable, and worth the buck an episode they ask for.
Submitted By: mark
(350,739 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: luciano.consentino
(350,702 on 1-2008)

Loves It
Just perfect.
Submitted By: jarkmedeadly
(350,632 on 1-2008)

Best History Podcast
This is by far the most interesting and informative history podcast by far.
Submitted By: Tmgonzalez
(350,631 on 1-2008)

Dans Great!
I listen to them all. He may claim to be only a fan, but hes a pretty-well-informed fan.
Submitted By: dmbriggs
(350,400 on 1-2008)

Tremendous Podcast!
Always an outstanding podcast. I am always educated, encouraged to look into events in history more closely and vastly entertained. Thanks for all of the effort put into these podcasts.
Submitted By: everhat
(350,342 on 1-2008)

love the show!
Submitted By: scott
(350,273 on 1-2008)

This Show is Great!
The first show I listened to featured an interview with James Burke! Fantastic!
Submitted By: Gregcartoon
(350,241 on 1-2008)

truly fantastic podcast
If youre a real history buff, youll really enjoy this. Its one of those that you listen to one episode and you cant wait for the next.
Submitted By: corycope17
(350,083 on 1-2008)

Great show, unmissable.
Should be compulsory listening - awesome.
Submitted By: christopher_boddy
(350,006 on 1-2008)

Excellent PODCAST! Cant get enough! We need more Dan!
Submitted By: pargev
(349,988 on 1-2008)

my favorite!
I look forward to your podcasts. I listen to them over and over because each time i hear something else that gives me pause to consider. I have started reading James Burke book: "the day the universe changed. Thank you for doing thoughtful research and keeping yourself out of the soup mix. Thank you for respecting that I can think for myself. Aloha, Lillian
Submitted By: lillianrulon
(349,927 on 1-2008)

Great delivery
Wonderful material (9/10). Great delivery (10/10).
Submitted By: hometech
(349,881 on 1-2008)

Excellent podcast. Informative, eloquent and articulate lectures from a voice made to do this kind of work. I have listened to several and plan to download them all.
Submitted By: dfirmin2
(349,850 on 1-2008)

Hardcore History shows are great!!!
Submitted By: chuckcahill
(349,774 on 1-2008)

two thumbs way up!
Dan Carlin sets the standard for podcast excellence.
Submitted By: stewart.walsh
(349,681 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: cuturilo
(349,484 on 1-2008)

Outstanding show, history portrayed as it should be, emotional, exciting and easy to understand. I dont have time to read as much as I like, but this show presents an excellent range of topics and attempts to focus on different angles of interpretation and admits bias when it is there. Without doubt my favourite podcast, thank you for sharing your brilliant work.
Submitted By: rhcreasy
(349,483 on 1-2008)

The best podcast I have come across - all kudos to Dan Carlin.
Submitted By: dougbrowncreative
(349,465 on 1-2008)

Absolutely brilliant!
Submitted By:
(349,435 on 1-2008)

Best podcast!
If you want to be entertained and learn something, listen to Hardcore History.
Submitted By: darianstarrider
(349,417 on 1-2008)

Great Job
I love the passion and interest this podcast brings to me when I listen to it, the feeling and passion that he puts into history are something that I did not know existed and has really excited me.
Submitted By: Fatherlandmann
(349,408 on 1-2008)

This is quality stuff. Thanks, Dan, for raising the bar.
Submitted By: smathews
(349,406 on 1-2008)

Greatest Podcast
This is the absolute best podcast available.
Submitted By: marcus_l_smith
(349,206 on 1-2008)

Dan is the best
Where else can you find someone to compare Hitler with Alexander The Great and offer such unique insight. If your not a listener yet, become one now!
Submitted By: mseangrant
(349,165 on 1-2008)

Great Stuff!
I hope that you all keep up the fine work. The last podcast was very interesting
Submitted By: patrickl
(349,140 on 1-2008)

best podcast ever
Submitted By: hudakc
(349,103 on 1-2008)

unique and entertaining!
Mr. Carlins commentary as a self-proclaimed student of history rather than a teacher is refreshing and keeps my attention every minute along the way. Its refreshing to hear someone with a passion for history who is willing to share his time, knowledge, and unique insights. I cant get enough.
Submitted By: led_zeppelin_pagey
(348,518 on 1-2008)

I came to this site just to give Dan a vote
Submitted By: sethgrayson
(348,487 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: jarvek7
(348,457 on 1-2008)

I love this History show
It is really well done. Makes you think about history in very interesting ways..
Submitted By: caelimg
(348,322 on 1-2008)

I have never found history this fascinating!!!
Submitted By: spellingtuesday
(348,223 on 1-2008)

Great stuff!
very interesting, such enthusiasm, cant stop listening to it!
Submitted By: dogwoods2
(348,184 on 1-2008)

Great show
I really enjoy this podcast, Dan does a fantastic job - Steve Runner
Submitted By: steve
(348,158 on 1-2008)

I now like History, again!
You make it so much fun and so interesting. You should be cloned and put in every high school in this country.
Submitted By: steve597
(347,989 on 1-2008)

Love this show. Energetic, enthusiastic, fascinating. Hes not an historian but he makes you think and appreciate some angles of history that historians dont often have the freedom to show you.
Submitted By: suddencheese
(347,816 on 1-2008)

Hardcore History
Thank you for these fascinating podcasts, Dan. Ive enjoyed all of them.
Submitted By: ralph.ellison
(347,810 on 1-2008)

History like Ive always wanted.
Submitted By: j.hoel
(347,645 on 1-2008)

Fantastic show. Will you wish you paid more attention in history class.
Submitted By: donnybliss
(347,622 on 1-2008)

Great Show
Dan is a student of history, open to debate and always ready to answer your questions. Great podcast, help him keep it up by donating a buck a show to keep Ben healthy!!!
Submitted By: marcsgrignoli
(347,619 on 1-2008)

I ran into Dan Carlins Hardcore History purely by accident and have enjoyed it immensely. One of the best history podcasts I have found.
Submitted By: kag_abca
(347,615 on 1-2008)

Excellent Podcast
Submitted By: m1wood
(347,611 on 1-2008)

Love This Show!
I am a big fan of this program, and cannot wait for the next episode to arrive. Thanks for your hard work and please keep producing more shows!
Submitted By: gjmcnamee
(347,604 on 1-2008)

Great Show!
Most interesting history podcast out there. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: lem888
(347,480 on 1-2008)

There is no more interesting way to get your history fix.
Submitted By: frankc29
(347,444 on 1-2008)

After only a few weeks, I am not only a fan, I have cultivated all my friends.
Submitted By: knorphus
(347,432 on 1-2008)

Its History-- HARDCORE
Dan Carlins Hardcore History is my favorite podcast ever! Dans style is so hyberbolic and over-the-top, but it works! No one brings history to life like him and no one else gets you so deeply inside the heads of those who lived it. Its not just a bunch of dates and facts. There were real people there who lived, loved, laughed, feared, and ultimately died. Listen once - you wont be able to stop!
Submitted By: kitcatcher
(347,384 on 1-2008)

great show!
keep up the great work!
Submitted By: xix36x
(347,275 on 1-2008)

love the show
you make it interesting......
Submitted By: blacgurl
(347,144 on 1-2008)

thought-provoking and insightful
very much enjoy this podcast, its one thats comparatively infrequent, so by the time the new one comes out Im champing at the bit. Dan doesnt recount history event by event, he gives an overview and hes mostly interested in the ramifications of things in the past -- how history begat history, and how if certain often tiny things didnt happen the way they did, many things would have turned quite differently. fascinating and presented very humbly in an enthusiast, as opposed to academic style
Submitted By: magloaf
(346,939 on 1-2008)

fun stuff
One of the few podcasts I save a listen to more than once
Submitted By: faze
(346,922 on 1-2008)

Great Show
I have learned a great deal listening to this podcast! I think everyone would learn alot from this guy. Mark
Submitted By: MarkSRoop
(346,913 on 1-2008)

love it
Submitted By: jcstr329
(346,705 on 1-2008)

Bravo Dan! Very intertaining!
Submitted By: meyerinsurance
(346,681 on 1-2008)

Excellent Podcast!
This is one of the best Podcasts out there! Dan is very thought provoking, and entertaining. He researches his material very well, lists his sources and encourages you so seek out more. If you like history you will love this. If you dont like history, just listen... because after this, you will!
Submitted By: Pbaker1004
(346,680 on 1-2008)

Keep up the good work!
Very Good!
Submitted By:
(346,563 on 1-2008)

Best podcast I have listened to in a long time.
Submitted By: jeffmiller17
(346,503 on 1-2008)

Great Show
Dan teaches History the way it should be taught in school, in the most entertaining yet informative manner imaginable. If more teachers were like him, perhaps we would have more students interested in History, and in the lessons it holds.
Submitted By: roypitta
(346,462 on 1-2008)

Immediately hooked.
Dan has amazing timing and delivery. Moreover, the content of his shows is outstanding. You will be hooked immediately.
Submitted By: curtismm27
(346,427 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: HAYES37
(346,424 on 1-2008)

Great Podcast
Dan presents historical facts and makes history fun by asking interesting "what if" questions. Really good stuff.
Submitted By: richardhaskins
(346,355 on 1-2008)

Great Show
Great show. Whats with all the BCE crap? Nothing common about this era. Take a stand for 2000 years Western Civilization and just say B.C. Its easier to say and youll feel better.
Submitted By: immersiv
(346,323 on 1-2008)

Im a huge history fan and I love Dan Carlins poscasts. Theyre an easy listen and theres always something I didnt know before.
Submitted By: curb42
(346,320 on 1-2008)

Dans the man
This show is briliant
Submitted By: kjmoore62
(346,198 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: vlad
(346,121 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: iraven
(346,098 on 1-2008)

Inspiring story teller
Dan gives you the tip of the iceberg when it comes to historical events. He is a wonderful story teller in which inspires you to learn more about the subject he is talking about. I wish he was able to produce more shows..........1 buck a show.
Submitted By: meco76
(346,094 on 1-2008)

Brilliant, brilliant and even better!
Submitted By: martywater
(345,960 on 1-2008)

I though I knew history
Real history. Listen to history in a way you never dreamed.
Submitted By: matthew
(345,954 on 1-2008)

hardcore history
How could you not like this show. I hated history as a student, know I can get enough of it. Wish my teacher was like Dan Carlin.
Submitted By: redbull_addict
(345,911 on 1-2008)

Most Intelligent History Show Online (or off) - Period.
Dan Carlin has a preternatural gift for exploring, explaining and mankinds mysterious, horrible, and yet generally wonderful past. For students, scholars and simply *fans* of World History, this show is a must-listen. The best out there, hands down. Thanks Dan (and Ben).
Submitted By: themodule
(345,904 on 1-2008)

love it
its like being in a history class without having to worry about taking notes
Submitted By: nihillist
(345,878 on 1-2008)

Robert S
Keep em coming Dan
Submitted By: bigrob1023
(345,736 on 1-2008)

Don Carlin:Very savvy and interesting
Worth listening for certain.
Submitted By: marilyncane
(345,410 on 1-2008)

Hisory rules
This podcast deserves a buck a show.
Submitted By: jdivozzo
(345,217 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: aljolo18
(345,155 on 1-2008)

Bring it on!
provocative and exciting
Submitted By: Karmacorn
(345,152 on 1-2008)

Dan is great
Submitted By: moh77
(345,007 on 12-2007)

His wanderings are entertaining and enlightening.
Submitted By: dave_mauger
(344,941 on 12-2007)

Dan Carlin has a truly captivating style of sharing his historical observations. The show always asks fundamental questions, based on Historical events, that get to the core of the Human Condition. Thanks Dan and Ben for a wonderfully entertaining show!
Submitted By: ired5835
(344,867 on 12-2007)

Love It!
Submitted By: mgoth
(344,797 on 12-2007)

Awsome podcast
It is really good and detailed. Keep up the quality!
Submitted By: eguy451
(344,720 on 12-2007)

Great Show!
Highly Recommended
Submitted By: spacesos
(344,534 on 12-2007)

Best History Podcast Ever!!!
This is absolutely the best, most engrossing, history based podcast show Ive heard!! Excellent production quality. Interesting presentation of topic material. Great host!
Submitted By: emailjoey
(344,390 on 12-2007)

My favorite Podcast!
Educational, insightful and my favorite podcast!
Submitted By: pruittsigns
(344,351 on 12-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: ismael.medel
(344,120 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: yoktan
(344,106 on 12-2007)

Hard Core History is the best
Dan Carlins "Hard Core History" is without a doubt the best History podcast available and also one of the best podcasts you can listen to period ! Dan is the master of his subject and his enthusiasm for the topics covered is felt and appreciated by the audience. Keep up the excellent work Dan the man.
Submitted By: lparisi
(344,034 on 12-2007)

Loving the Podcast
I just found Dan Carlins Hardcore history podcast on iTunes. I really enjoy the show, and I hope he stays with it. Many thanks
Submitted By: mikesomersde
(344,024 on 12-2007)

History the way it is meant to be
A podcast that presents History the way it should be, focusing all the drama, the great people and the implications of the historical events in our lives. Dan runs away from the academic boringness and shows how dramatic and amusing history can be.
Submitted By: rp106
(343,917 on 12-2007)

Love Dan Carlins shows
Dont agree all the time, but he makes alot of sense.
Submitted By: j.hutter
(343,906 on 12-2007)

Excellent podcast
Hardcore History is a great podcast. Mr. Carlin fills each episode with great information and its presented in a active way. Highly recommended!
Submitted By: gjalarhorn
(343,897 on 12-2007)

Very interesting topics and coherent thinking for those who dont follow history as closely as others. I will definately listen to each episode.
Submitted By: wolfsongcoyotemoon
(343,754 on 12-2007)

best show
the show is so good it will make you hate everything else sadly :)
Submitted By: desmond_shaw
(343,733 on 12-2007)

Want HH more often DAN
Get with it man. We do not want perfection....just do it already ...and faster...more intense.
Submitted By: condor_beta
(343,418 on 12-2007)

Good Show! Itll never make any money of course.
Submitted By: fimhotep
(343,360 on 12-2007)

Really enjoy each Podcast. Perspective of a Student of History vs a Teacher.
Submitted By: jmac007
(343,241 on 12-2007)

What a great way to increase or refresh your knowledge of history! Carlin is a superb lecturer. Please keep it coming.
Submitted By: jcmiller
(343,172 on 12-2007)

I love this!
He is a great speaker! I have learned a lot!
Submitted By: sennettbill
(343,129 on 12-2007)

Love It!!!
Submitted By: carrie.gress
(343,107 on 12-2007)

I Love This Podcast
I eagerly look forward to the newest edition of this podcast. I cant wait to hear what Dan is talking about in each edition. Its always interesting, and Dans enthusiasm for his topic infects me too. In fact, after listening to his podcast about how WWI changed the world, I spent the next three months researching WWI for myself. A big thumbs up!
Submitted By: megakadlec
(342,979 on 12-2007)

The best history podcast
Informative and thought provoking.
Submitted By: Cogitator_X
(342,940 on 12-2007)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: curtisk
(342,781 on 12-2007)

this is an extremely well done podcast. very entertaining.
Submitted By: chris.stuart
(342,673 on 12-2007)

love it!
Submitted By: alex
(342,619 on 12-2007)

great show
excellent show - we need shows more often, especially on asia
Submitted By: abhijitcfs
(342,548 on 12-2007)

Excellent show! Listen and learn
The best podcast out there! Well produced.
Submitted By: rexboyce
(342,459 on 12-2007)

Best Podcast
The recent history of ninevahs fall is my favorite podcast so far
Submitted By: mdbento
(342,455 on 12-2007)

Great show! Cant wait for the next one!
Submitted By: erik.kruger
(342,425 on 12-2007)

This show rocks!!!!
Submitted By: danajanezic
(342,410 on 12-2007)

This podcast is the single most interesting podcast that I have listened to. It is always informative and captivating. I recommend it to all of my friends.
Submitted By: dellpepper
(342,389 on 12-2007)

A great, entertaining, and educational podcast
Keep up the great work
Submitted By: joetraveler
(342,346 on 12-2007)

Makes history approachable
Enjoy the conversational and engaging way he talks about history and find the choice of topics interesting and eclectic.
Submitted By: aniruddha.ganguly
(342,072 on 12-2007)

Excellent podcast
Dan Carlin is an excellent historian who discusses things in thoughtful and easy to understand terms.
Submitted By: vex
(342,027 on 12-2007)

History that is relevant
Dan Carlin delivers historical topics with passion and vigor. This is the most engaging podcast Ive ever heard. He shows how we can learn from history and he relates issues and ideas of the past with the problems and times that we now face in the present. Excellent material!
Submitted By: hornejoshua
(341,999 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: homechef64
(341,854 on 12-2007)

Great Show!
Submitted By: ich
(341,811 on 12-2007)

best podcast
This is by far the best history show of any medium. Should be played at all schools.
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(341,784 on 12-2007)

This is a high quality history podcast. I find it both entertaining and informative.
Submitted By: rogers_edward
(341,578 on 12-2007)

Not another one like it
Great show. Very unique, well written and performed. The passion for history really comes through.
Submitted By: plobdell1132
(341,521 on 12-2007)

Great series! I wish my History 101 professor had been as interesting!
Submitted By: s007miles
(341,520 on 12-2007)

Great show! As a history graduate myself, I really can identify with his viewpoint.
Submitted By: trinitycomputers
(341,490 on 12-2007)

Im a big enthusiast for hardcore history...
this is like Jim Morrison on acid explaining to his little brother why there are no more Assyrians any more - all on a rainy night in the Cambodian jungle...
Submitted By: okolker
(341,484 on 12-2007)

What about the Spanish Inquisition
Two things I'd like Dan to cover are the Spanish Inquisition, (how bad was it really in the context of the times, which were very violent and what myths are held as "history" and also, perhaps in another show, what was the reaction in the old world when the "new world" was discovered. How disruptive was this knowledge?
Submitted By: greg
(341,335 on 12-2007)

I love this podcast!
History is fascinating to me, and Carlin puts it forth in such a way that I cannot help but see the connections to todays world. That alone makes the podcast worthwhile. Furthermore, its accessible, and the listener can easily tell that Carlin really cares about it.
Submitted By: ctishman
(341,200 on 12-2007)

Awesome Show! Go Dan and Ben!
Submitted By: djgberg
(341,143 on 12-2007)

Just superb
This is what history is all about. He puts in all of those wonderful little details, while giving meaning by examining the macro aspects with a philosophical slant. I cant get enough.
Submitted By: MKENYON
(341,113 on 12-2007)

Great Show
Always keeps me engaged!!!
Submitted By: dpray2
(340,822 on 12-2007)

This show
is simply the best thing going that ISNT already on our network. Class A, informative, excellent podcasting, utterly riveting and completely necessary. Thank you for all that you do, and I will fork over some cash tomorrow.
Submitted By: somacow
(340,596 on 12-2007)

Great stuff!
This definitely isn't your dry, ordinary and textbook history show, thank goodness. It's a show hosted by a guy who obviously loves the subjects he talks about and he isn't afraid to ask the question, "what if...?" I hope there are more shows to come!
Submitted By: dfirewolf
(340,495 on 12-2007)

i love hardcore history!!!
Submitted By: wallpower123
(340,465 on 12-2007)

I do enjoy Dans way covering historical events; the way he rambles on, covering details frequently not covered by more structured essays.
Submitted By: lparfrey
(339,900 on 12-2007)

Keep it coming!
I think I could get addicted to Dan and his stories. In like to think I have a pretty good grounding in history myself and I havenít found any factual errors that would amount to more than nit-picking.
Submitted By: jg
(339,702 on 12-2007)

Great practical view on history. Very entertaining. Very informative.
Submitted By: jameskpressley
(339,451 on 12-2007)

Awesome talk, show about year 1066 got me hooked
Submitted By: craigmil
(339,433 on 12-2007)

I am a history lover. I have been listening to this show since the beginning. I think is great and very insightful... Dan, keep going!! you make a great show.
Submitted By: jose
(339,390 on 12-2007)

Past Master
His research is good, but his delivery is outstanding. Dan is the master of podcasting.
Submitted By: douglasreeve
(339,369 on 12-2007)

Australian fan
congratulations on a well constructed and interesting podcast.
Submitted By: ericolympic
(339,197 on 12-2007)

Best History show ever
Dans way of presenting history is entertaining and informative; and his speaking style makes listening to this show a true pleasure.
Submitted By: roypitta
(339,129 on 12-2007)

Kicks ass.... I listen to shows again and again
This is a great podcast, probably my favorite. Packed with info, and I listen to them over and over. I only wish they came out more often!..Bernie
Submitted By: bdmail
(339,075 on 12-2007)

Great Historical Insight
Submitted By: watson.ben
(338,948 on 12-2007)

Great show! Keep it up Dan.
Submitted By: robert9861
(338,939 on 12-2007)

Great Podcast
I just recently found this podcast and think it is absolutely wonderful. I love how passionate he gets while relaying the information. He makes history so much more interesting than when I went to school.
Submitted By: dlconcidine
(338,686 on 12-2007)

Cutting Edge
Need I say more
Submitted By: woodward
(338,611 on 12-2007)

Awesome show! One of the best shows on history that Ive listened to - enlightening, interesting, and even entertaining. Highly recommended!
Submitted By: jat_mail
(338,515 on 12-2007)

This show really presents history from a fresh perspective
Submitted By: manuel
(338,274 on 12-2007)

Still my favourite
Submitted By: martywater
(337,707 on 12-2007)

bring on another show dan
Submitted By: babblecast
(337,562 on 12-2007)

great show!!
Submitted By: programs
(337,411 on 12-2007)

great show
Submitted By: speedy19852
(337,129 on 12-2007)

Better than This American Life
Possibly the best radio shows Ive heard online. As a comparison i tend to listen to a lot of NPRs This American Life, Coast To Coast AM, and various PRI radio shows. Id say Hardcore History is as good or better than those shows. Great Stuff!!!
Submitted By: kipmalek61820
(336,165 on 11-2007)

Great Show
Check this out if youre a fan of history. Start w/ Alexander vs. Hitler and youll appreciate the a new viewpoint.
Submitted By: adigo2006
(335,964 on 11-2007)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History is refreshing and engaging! If I wasnt already excited by history, this podcast would make me so!
Submitted By: larrypm3
(335,757 on 11-2007)

hardcore history - best podcast!
the best most entertaining podcast ive ever come across! carlin can litterally take you to the can smell the ancient time....hes a story teller like no other....
Submitted By: fbjaras
(335,733 on 11-2007)

Dan -- to be honest, your 20th century talks are not quite as informative as your ancient history BUT -- I love them all. My family is tired of me talking about "what I heard on Hardcore History" this morning while walking the dog...
Submitted By: mary.bock3
(335,248 on 11-2007)

great, great show
keep em comin Dan!
Submitted By: jalto7
(334,285 on 11-2007)

Excellent Show
Very well done. This is one that I would be willing to pay to hear. Some of them I listen to more than once.
Submitted By: hdoddsjr
(334,017 on 11-2007)

Dan does a good job of putting things into perspective, and fleshing out the fact with the emotion and passion of the people going through the events at the time. Even if you think you know a particular part of history well, youll know it better after listening to Hardcore History.
Submitted By: rreppy
(333,897 on 11-2007)

Sponsors please sponsor this show....
This is a great show....
Submitted By: cark25808
(333,895 on 11-2007)

Lively History
Vibrant orator who keeps your attention and makes History fun. You can hear his enthusiasm and his passion for history on this Podcast. Highly recommend.
Submitted By: surfer
(333,706 on 11-2007)

excellent show
mesmerising. I can listen to them over and over
Submitted By: calislnb
(333,426 on 11-2007)

keep them coming
Submitted By: gadgt
(332,939 on 11-2007)

great podcast
Submitted By: Djdeno
(332,634 on 11-2007)

Submitted By: dale
(332,524 on 11-2007)

great podcast
I love your enthusiasm and depth of knoweledge. Makes history interesting. Keep on podcasting.
Submitted By: templed001
(332,492 on 11-2007)

What a great show. Inspires me to think and get passionate about history.
Submitted By: mjniccore
(332,398 on 11-2007)

History lover or not, a great show!
Submitted By: jason
(332,303 on 11-2007)

excellent show, want more!
Submitted By: principato
(331,840 on 11-2007)

Lovin it!
Submitted By: davidb316
(331,522 on 11-2007)

my favorite pod cast ever
this show is sooo amazing. i tell folks about it all the time.
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(331,452 on 11-2007)

Always interesting
Dan Carlin has re-ignited my interest in history single-handedly. Recommended.
Submitted By: a_ponyboy
(331,399 on 11-2007)

excellent show
Listen to every show. its so interesting
Submitted By: rdesha0218
(331,392 on 11-2007)

fascinating history podcast
Dan Carlin has rivetting history podcasts which everyone can learn from.
Submitted By: tgrignon
(331,312 on 11-2007)

Great Stuff!!
Submitted By: gregbywater
(331,103 on 11-2007)

Its like heroin for history
Need I say more?????
Submitted By: mjkravec
(331,102 on 11-2007)

I like it.
I ,m Tum Tum the leader/spokes man for Memory Lane a stable in Hardkore World. I tryed to listen to some of the shows but the link fell plat,still liked what I heard. Maybe in near future on Ground Zero radio the update about when I beat Reginald P.Packer in Simpsonville. Yes I got a reward from a person and Packer get out of the roof so to speak.
Submitted By: m.nieuwkoop
(330,899 on 11-2007)

Awesome podcast; long may it thrive
Submitted By: gsiggins
(330,771 on 11-2007)

Nazis, great depression etc.
love them all Dan, both the history and the common sense. Would like to see more history of broad outlines, placing historical events in relation to others - what was America doing during the French Revolution and the happenings in Africa during the same time period. Do a show on "Pasha Gordon" and Kartoum, the Madi muslim revolution in the 1880s and how it died out etc. So much to talk about, so little time. Thanks Dan, will make another contribution this month. Michael in Mexico
Submitted By: malocsay
(330,574 on 11-2007)

Submitted By: breyna
(330,206 on 11-2007)

great podcast!
I look forward to each episode - educational and interesting in-depth treatments of various historical subjects
Submitted By: sgadonniex
(329,995 on 11-2007)

A great road podcast
This is a great one for avid historians, or even casual history channel nuts. Carlin has gotten me through dozens of day long drives cross-country between digs. R, Howell Archaeologist Wisconsin
Submitted By: howell.ryan
(329,975 on 11-2007)

Just listen, it is a great podcast
Submitted By: adrian.m.davies
(329,209 on 11-2007)

thoughtful history
Submitted By: jdivozzo
(329,190 on 11-2007)

interesting and informative. It was a wonderful show.
Submitted By: cleo_isis_0719
(329,071 on 11-2007)

love it
Not just what happened in history but lots of questions and ideas about why
Submitted By: writesouth
(329,058 on 11-2007)

Dan Carlins cool
I really enjoy listening to Dan Carlins Hardcore History podcast ... even when he gets all excited and starts to bloviate ... I just turn down my player and take a couple deep breaths. He starts making sense again soon -- hugs ... Erika
Submitted By: nweyes51
(329,052 on 11-2007)

The Great War
This podcast is informative and fun.
Submitted By: marjoram22
(329,023 on 11-2007)

Amazing podcast!!!!
Submitted By: dsandall
(328,627 on 11-2007)

Engaging and Entertaining
Interesting topics, entertaining discussion, and great production quality.
Submitted By: dave.atherton
(328,404 on 11-2007)

All of them
Ive listened to every one of Dans podcasts and find them wonderfully enlightening and insightful. His delivery seems very natural and heartfelt and his passion for all the subtle nuances of history permeate his presentations. My only regret is that he cant produce one every day! Awesome stuff.
Submitted By: steverob
(328,042 on 11-2007)

first time I am actually interested in history
first time I am actually interested in history, very good job, thanks
Submitted By: paulinct
(327,605 on 11-2007)

Very intersting podcast
Dan explores history form many intersting angles and presents thought provoking ideas. Really interesting shows and has ignited a real interest for me in considering history from a different perspective.
Submitted By: christopher.jay
(326,982 on 11-2007)
Submitted By: randyg997
(326,868 on 11-2007)

Submitted By: ftrimyer
(326,137 on 11-2007)

No other history podcast is on the same level as Hardcore History
Submitted By: Bmdietrich
(325,915 on 11-2007)

I am addicted!!
Submitted By: lane714
(325,549 on 11-2007)

(325,227 on 11-2007)

Need More Podisodes!!!!
This show is fascinating!!! When will the next podisode appear?!?!?
Submitted By: aliciarobbins
(325,131 on 11-2007)

So well done Im actually considering doing one myself. Think about doing a Crusades show, or Guns of August and the view from both sides. Thanks again.
Submitted By: edward
(324,899 on 11-2007)

Still my favourite
Always does the trick
Submitted By: martywater
(324,857 on 11-2007)

awesome show
connects all the dots....
Submitted By: ned.menoyo
(324,824 on 11-2007)

Must hear
One of the podcasts in my lineup that never gets skipped.
Submitted By: mikeywadevogt
(324,807 on 11-2007)

good stuff!
keep up the good work!
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(324,802 on 11-2007)

love hardcore history
several months ago i discovered hardcore history. i really enjoy listening to the show and never want to wait for the next podcast. the show makes me think. it makes me consider things that i had never thought of before and smile when something is mentioned that i have thought of. anyway, i just wanted to let someone know how much i like the show.
Submitted By: aylaeh
(324,344 on 10-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: tim
(324,337 on 10-2007)

Educational and Entertaining - always thought provoking
Submitted By: jimmy2x
(324,322 on 10-2007)

Want more Hard Core ...
... HISTORY...more often!
Submitted By: condor_beta
(324,247 on 10-2007)

love it
I love this cast. Dan know his stuff and picks great subject matter
Submitted By: nicholaseverett
(324,009 on 10-2007)

Great stuff
Submitted By: bobby.redsocks
(324,008 on 10-2007)

Best on Podcast Alley
Excellent, Informative, Must have! I bought a MP3 player just to listen to Hardcore History as I commute. I am going to slip an episode on my daughters MP3 player next. Appreciate the hardwork and excellent quality.
Submitted By: eellison_family
(323,968 on 10-2007)

Reasons why I own an Ipod
Hardcore History is reason enough to own an Ipod. It is the kind of show that I already miss, as nothing lasts for ever, so I make sure to listen to them all!
Submitted By: toddimmell
(323,955 on 10-2007)

Insightful and approachable
Great show - makes history approachable and very interesting. Like the fact that Dan Carlin talks about implications and his owwn take rather than a boring bookish approach.
Submitted By: ganguly.ani
(323,922 on 10-2007)

My favorite
Hard Core History is by far the best podcast out there! Now, how do we get people, esp young people to listen and LEARN so much.
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(323,823 on 10-2007)

Excellent SHow
Submitted By: rdesha0218
(323,804 on 10-2007)

Learn a little
History was never so interesting
Submitted By: masonc
(323,655 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: info
(323,521 on 10-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: nivag
(323,501 on 10-2007)

A neat perspective on history.
Submitted By: vudubluzman
(323,417 on 10-2007)

A great listen for any history buff.
Submitted By: rlbennen
(322,869 on 10-2007)

Excellent Program!
Keep em coming!!
Submitted By: chadblood
(322,691 on 10-2007)

Quality Podcast
Hardcore History is a well produced, thoughtful, and fun to listen to podcast that sets a high standard.
Submitted By: spacesos
(322,559 on 10-2007)

Really good show
Great info + interesting comments
Submitted By: shandavidbeaulieu
(322,527 on 10-2007)

This is the best!
Submitted By: jeffturner53
(322,523 on 10-2007)

love it
Submitted By: motionworksfitness
(322,316 on 10-2007)

Good preface, bad host
A really good idea for the show, but the hosts voice is absolutely excruciating. Extremely poor elocution, almost unbearable with the poor pauses and rollercoaster tones. D+
Submitted By: nathan.sturcke
(322,305 on 10-2007)

HARDCORE HISTORY shows the power of a good podcast in raising peoples interest on a specific subject.
Submitted By: sergio
(322,266 on 10-2007)

Enjoy it
Submitted By: sgale
(322,025 on 10-2007)

History has never been more entertaining
History--especially the history that is talked about by Dan Carlin--has been neither more informative nor entertaining. Do yourself a favour and subscribe to this podcast!
Submitted By: g.m.may7
(321,791 on 10-2007)

Keep It Up!
Submitted By: gadgt
(321,398 on 10-2007)

I love Hardcore History
Hardcore History is the most informative podcast on history that I have found. I love it.
Submitted By: Bobkat49
(320,557 on 10-2007)

Need more like it
very interesting
Submitted By: timmpiper
(320,420 on 10-2007)

Best history podcast
Thanks, Dan. Ive tried to find more, but so far yours is the only really engaging history podcast out there.
Submitted By: teacherhen
(320,179 on 10-2007)

Awesomely Entertaining!
Dan takes a fresh new look at familiar history that keeps me interested. Im always signing in to check if the next ones been uploaded.
Submitted By: stevemail47
(320,128 on 10-2007)

love the show, a alot...
Submitted By: trevortempleman
(320,110 on 10-2007)

more more more.....
needs to be more!!!!!
Submitted By: WJDobbs321
(319,708 on 10-2007)

I love this show but given how rarely shows are posted I don't belive it deserves to be in the top 10
Submitted By: spooky79stl
(319,558 on 10-2007)

made me love history !!
Submitted By: eliane.lefebvre
(319,071 on 10-2007)

This guy makes you (re)think!
Submitted By: aliciarobbins
(319,047 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: rexboyce
(318,734 on 10-2007)

My Favorite...
Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: dauntlessmsblack
(318,367 on 10-2007)

Another vote for Dan
Hardcore History is, simply put, fun and smart. nuff said.
Submitted By: cblack.tx
(318,323 on 10-2007)

where is the new one?
still waiting
Submitted By: liambussell
(318,100 on 10-2007)

History used to be boring. . .
Personally, I have nevr found history even remotely interesting. This podcast (Show 13-Bubonic Nukes) was suprisingly intriguing. It made me think a lot about the effects the black plague on modern times. The dark-vadar quotes and sound effects made me laugh, while the soothing voice made me think. Sincerely, Ms. recently-turned-history-nerd :)
Submitted By: onlyu
(318,083 on 10-2007)

Great job! Best podcast ever!
Great job! Best podcast ever!
Submitted By: surfer96819
(318,079 on 10-2007)

Best History show around
Wish all History Teachers could lecture the way Dan does, wed have many more people interested in History.
Submitted By: roypitta
(317,699 on 10-2007)

Thank You!!
Submitted By: kmg12429
(317,657 on 10-2007)

Great way to bring history alive!
Submitted By: v.salupo
(317,645 on 10-2007)

Love it
I am addicted to this podcast. Im dying waiting for the next episode. It is truly brilliant.
Submitted By: candiceash
(317,636 on 10-2007)

excellent history choice
He has a very professional radio quality delivery. Its not a recording of a droning college professor.
Submitted By: james_tatem_jr
(317,625 on 10-2007)

It is an unbelievable history show. Its always interesting and lacks the dullness of other history shows. The show conclusions are priceless.
Submitted By: Smaguire18
(317,595 on 10-2007)

should be more of this kind of thing
In a well functioning society is should be commonplace to find people thinking out loud about what has happened and how it relates to what is going on right now. This ...dialog... should be just that a dialog between the past and the present. Now a filter of what seems to fit current agendas. Dan Carlins Hardcore History is a welcome addition to my weekly podcasts. Thanks!
Submitted By: wlcasey
(317,445 on 10-2007)

Dan is rather good
Submitted By: epistimological
(317,357 on 10-2007)

great show
Submitted By: stempien
(317,300 on 10-2007)

Always engaging!
Submitted By: frossi
(317,229 on 10-2007)

Excellent Entertainment
Dan Carlins style is quite entertaining. I like the way he mixes the facts and relationships to draw new conclusions in one show after another. Highly recommend both for history buffs and for those who never liked history in school.
Submitted By: cwwees
(316,822 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: ftrimyer
(316,772 on 10-2007)

Great Show
I look forward every time a show hits Itunes. Keep up the great job.
Submitted By: rexvaughn
(316,135 on 10-2007)

The Best Podcast
I absolutely love this show!
Submitted By: darin_dingman
(316,067 on 10-2007)

Talent on loan from God.
Well-researched. Passionate. Equally entertaining and insightful.
Submitted By: littlenomad
(315,448 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: keith
(315,323 on 10-2007)

Carlin is an inspiring teacher of history. I wish I were rich enough to be a funding angel. Thanks for brining his WEBcast to us. BC Indy
Submitted By: mozsugg
(315,068 on 10-2007)

Great Show! But...
Mr Carlin doesnt make enough of them. I guess excellence is not easy. If you havent heard them, you should!
Submitted By: ck_junkbox
(314,899 on 10-2007)

Thought provoking stuff, I really enjoy listing to the podcasts.
Submitted By: gregerathome
(314,760 on 10-2007)

Good research, well presented, honest opinion where information is unclear. Highly recommended!
Submitted By: mahan.rick
(314,637 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: travisrhodes
(314,597 on 10-2007)

Informative, Intelligent, Entertaining, Unique.
Submitted By: dlazar
(314,527 on 10-2007)

My brain is getting larger
My brain is growing by the day. Love the History Dan!
Submitted By: jdivozzo
(314,381 on 10-2007)

Best Podcast Out There
Professional, amazingly interesting, and ridiculously accurate!
Submitted By: tnelle99
(314,370 on 10-2007)

this is the best history podcast i know of. I love this show and when i listen to it i feel smarter.
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(314,270 on 10-2007)

Love it!
Submitted By: barbarapiper
(314,151 on 10-2007)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: james.zurga
(313,980 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: vlconie
(313,667 on 10-2007)

Without a doubt the best History talk show out there. Dan Carlin presents some interesting characters and pairs them together showing similarities and differences that I never thought about. His analysis is thought provoking both for a history enthusiast and general listener as well.
Submitted By: betweentheposts1
(313,462 on 10-2007)

Hardcore History? Gimme!
Thought provoking and entertaining? How does Dan do it? Hoping a new show will drop any day now. I could use a fix.
Submitted By: CatchCharyou
(313,346 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(313,021 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: SCOUT360
(312,835 on 10-2007)

Highly Entertaining
College should have been more like this interesting program.
Submitted By: info
(312,801 on 10-2007)

digs deep
This guy digs deep for some very interesting insights!
Submitted By: stvnbrnds1958
(312,718 on 10-2007)

more episodes please ;)
keep up the good work
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(312,438 on 10-2007)

Great stuff
Submitted By: brettcollier
(312,419 on 10-2007)

The best history podcast ive ever listened to!!!!!!
Submitted By: thetoebbens
(312,161 on 10-2007)

Damn!! if school was this interesting .........
Submitted By: ccsd041686
(312,117 on 10-2007)

Consistently the most interesting podcast.
Submitted By: martywater
(311,996 on 10-2007)

This is the best podcast on the net!
Submitted By: rtieder
(311,852 on 9-2007)

More please.
I would like to see a weekly history show from Dan and Ben. Lets go.
Submitted By: dougreeve
(311,821 on 9-2007)

I want more episodes
I want to hear more, and YES, I want the variety that goes with the time and research that Dan puts into each show. I want my children to listen to the way historic themes can be studied from all sorts of angles so that its always alive. For now, they just have to listen to their mother yammering about what she heard and I need more material!
Submitted By: shauna.mckenzie
(311,815 on 9-2007)

Fantastic Show!
I stumbled upon Hardcore history about 2 weeks ago. I have listened to all 15 shows, and repeated a couple shows. Cant wait for the next one! My only concern is that they wont come fast enough....
Submitted By: dan.minds
(311,583 on 9-2007)
Excellent, excellent show. listen to just one show and youll be downloading ALL of them ....I Guarantee it! Dans Common sense is great too. Check it out.
Submitted By: rmshock
(311,582 on 9-2007)

Cant wait for next episode
Submitted By: lee_carey
(311,408 on 9-2007)

i like the show but he needs to put more out lol
Submitted By: sterlingbushnell
(311,340 on 9-2007)

Very smart
Commentary is better than just a dry recitation of the facts, but only if it is intelligent and well-constructed. Carlin clearly makes the grade - this is the best hitory podcast, period.
Submitted By: ordering123
(311,276 on 9-2007)

Love it! My favorite!
Submitted By: xboxhero232
(311,273 on 9-2007)

Never got into history as a kid. Maybe if my history teacher had been Dan Carlin...
Submitted By: redrooster9
(311,188 on 9-2007)

Its a great day when a new Hardcore History hits Itunes
Submitted By: jdivozzo
(310,611 on 9-2007)

Great educational podcast
REally enjoy this one
Submitted By: drehs
(310,599 on 9-2007)

Great Show
This podcast actually lives up to its name, as it is filled with Common Sense.
Submitted By: warkingroy
(310,577 on 9-2007)

Fantastic show!
Submitted By: mackenone
(310,575 on 9-2007)

Awesome Podcast
Submitted By: thetoebbens
(310,452 on 9-2007)

made me think
I LOVE it when someone makes me think about something in a way I hadnt considered before! And it happens EVERY TIME with Hardcore History! Definitely my favorite.
Submitted By: lyric
(310,212 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: mendacity25
(310,040 on 9-2007)

Still the best
Submitted By: zman5232
(309,997 on 9-2007)

New listener - great podcast
Submitted By: srobinson
(309,631 on 9-2007)

Superb thought provoking podcast
Superb thought provoking podcast
Submitted By: chris.hodkinson
(309,606 on 9-2007)

Not just a bunch of facts, but lots of answers on why and how it applies to us.
Submitted By: polevltr6
(309,569 on 9-2007)

Great show
Submitted By: danpao
(309,544 on 9-2007)

Best show for a nice long drive coming home from vacation, makes you think and be entertained and the miles roll by
Submitted By: ccsd041686
(309,447 on 9-2007)

Great work
Submitted By: raymondgaskell
(309,356 on 9-2007)

The Best.
I love Dan Carlin.
Submitted By: szurek
(309,197 on 9-2007)

Dark Corners Illuminated
Carlins reading of odd aspects of ancient history comes from the POV of life lessons for the living. His has a talent for illuminating the obscure and ironic which makes relearning what we thought we already knew a double pleasure. Bill
Submitted By: mozsugg
(309,169 on 9-2007)

One of the best podcasts out there!
Submitted By: ctscholes
(309,161 on 9-2007)

love the show...History rocks -
Submitted By: colinncraig
(309,048 on 9-2007)

I am a sophomore in high school. I first heard about this podcast when I was a freshman and I absolutely loved it from there. This is a must-have!!!!!
Submitted By: deuce592
(308,918 on 9-2007)

Most Excellent, Thoughful, and Intellectual
Dan Carlins Hardcore History - nails it. Easy to listen to, yet presented in an informative and intellectual level. Please keep the shows coming. BaileyK9
Submitted By: bailey_woof
(308,901 on 9-2007)

Great Show
Thoroughly thought provoking and enlightening. What interests Dan almost always interests me.
Submitted By: jinilake
(308,870 on 9-2007)

Dan Rocks!!
Submitted By: epistimological
(308,825 on 9-2007)

best. podcast. ever.
Submitted By: taueret_spins
(308,798 on 9-2007)

Great musings!
This is my first real podcast series that Ive followed. Very entertaining & informative. I know you dont think of yourself as a teacher of history, but arent these anecdotes the fun stuff that was missing from our highschool classes?
Submitted By: gloane
(308,694 on 9-2007)

Love this one!
Great content for people who like to THINK while theyre being entertained. Thanks, Dan!
Submitted By: michelleswanson
(308,679 on 9-2007)

Excellent history podcast
Submitted By: riffraffdj
(308,381 on 9-2007)

awesome podcast!
Submitted By: loneronin26
(308,091 on 9-2007)
Submitted By: WJDobbs321
(308,060 on 9-2007)

fantastic podcast
Submitted By:
(307,944 on 9-2007)

Best Ever!
This podcast rules! Get it and all the back episodes and learn a ton. Wish they would get them out faster!
Submitted By: stolasz
(307,734 on 9-2007)

My favorite
Hands down my top podcast.
Submitted By: jimmystewart2004
(307,596 on 9-2007)

Thank you! Great podcast.......... Aloha!
Submitted By: us1
(307,534 on 9-2007)

Wonderful Podcast
This podcast is full of good information on great topics. If you have even a passing interest in history you will like this podcast. In fact, I think history teachers should make this podcast a course requirement. It would be easy points for us students because its so easy to listen to Dan Carlin who is a great host. What more can I say? This podcast comes with my highest recommendation.
Submitted By: christopher_eby
(307,412 on 9-2007)

Nice Work
Great show, Im hooked
Submitted By: liambussell
(307,272 on 9-2007)

Even my kid that is saying something about this podcast.
Submitted By: dan.grignon
(307,009 on 9-2007)

Best History Podcast!
I love this show!
Submitted By: paffette
(306,964 on 9-2007)

Great Show
Entertaining as well as informitive. Dan is the History professor I wish I could of had!
Submitted By: jkaskan
(306,900 on 9-2007)

Show 12 - Steppe Stories
Submitted By: llanfried
(306,796 on 9-2007)

Great Stuff
Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(306,688 on 9-2007)

Hardcore History? Gimme!
Im a history major, so this podcast is waaaaaaay up there on my list. Dan Carlin provides some really interesting topics and even more interesting thoughts on those topics and puts it all into a show that leaves you wondering and looking for more. Do yourself a favor and check this one out if you havent.
Submitted By: lazynessincarnate
(306,622 on 9-2007)

Great Job
This is my favorite podcast... More frequent episodes please!
Submitted By: websites
(306,570 on 9-2007)

Best thought provoking program on the net
Submitted By: wjmclune
(306,519 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: gparry4boys
(306,457 on 9-2007)

Its even better
When it comes out more regularly.
Submitted By: wasteyourtimehere
(306,445 on 9-2007)

Entertaining and educational.
Submitted By: benjamints
(306,266 on 9-2007)

Great Episode!
Submitted By: jkroll
(306,252 on 9-2007)

Making history come alive
Great show - must have listening
Submitted By: pdejager
(306,216 on 9-2007)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: barrygon25
(306,156 on 9-2007)

Wow, what a great podcast!
I am sad that I am coming to the end of the back log of episodes!! For the last week I have been all hardcore all the time!! He has the best presentation that I have heard...I wish he would have been my instructor in high school!! Keep up the great work. This is a "must listen" pod cast!!
Submitted By: dropbury1
(306,055 on 9-2007)

hardcore history vote
i want to submit a vote for hardcore history because it is indeed hardcore.
Submitted By: emileb
(306,054 on 9-2007)

Ive enjoyed listening to the old shows. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: kukpa1998
(306,009 on 9-2007)

The Best
Submitted By: monclaud
(305,979 on 9-2007)

Best History Podcast
There are a few really good History podcasts out there, but Hardcore History is the Best.
Submitted By: roypitta
(305,927 on 9-2007)

Im a Dan Fan.
Submitted By: aps
(305,620 on 9-2007)

Best podcaster is Dan Carlin!!!
I listen to several Podcasts and Dan Carlins Hardcore History Podcast is by far the best. I am intensely interested in history and have a verry demanding schedule, Thanks Dan for giving me such a awesom podcast to look forward to!
Submitted By: springfieldhobbyshop
(305,573 on 9-2007)

Great Podcast
all the history you never learned in school
Submitted By: jjclementi
(305,481 on 9-2007)

Informative, passionate and politically neutral
Submitted By: SeJaFr
(305,390 on 9-2007)

Best history podcast around!
Submitted By: robert9861
(305,164 on 9-2007)

Great stuff
Submitted By: hollowyears
(305,079 on 9-2007)

Fantastic Show!
Killer show... this is worth listening too over and over again! I cant tell you how many people I have recommended this show to! I would love to run promos on my show for this guy! Cant recommend a show more. Very engaging and makes you think!
Submitted By: nick.klett
(304,949 on 9-2007)

Entertaining and educational! Great show!
Submitted By: jdetrich
(304,837 on 9-2007)

Dan is engaging, passionate and makes history so very interesting! Please keep then coming!
Submitted By: dmmotily
(304,770 on 9-2007)

Hands Down BEST history show around.
Incredibly insightful, and always entertaining. Thanks Dan! Noel
Submitted By: nsuthers
(304,663 on 9-2007)

Best podcast I listen too
Seriously, nothing is better than sitting down after a stressful day, playing some video games while listening to interesting facts and what-ifs about history. I just wish theyd come out more frequently.
Submitted By: nountheclown
(304,637 on 9-2007)

Hardcore History....its the best!
Submitted By: marjie
(304,570 on 9-2007)

love learning
I missed a lot of history in grade school, not being able to get past girls. And in college I majored in something that allowed me circumvent history classes. Dan fills in some major gaps and peaks my interest at every turn.
Submitted By: tglenn187
(304,531 on 9-2007)

Hardcore History
I really enjoy Hardcore History. Its thought-provoking, entertaining, and informative.
Submitted By: racheldilley
(304,433 on 9-2007)

dans the best podcaster out there.
Submitted By: robert.hall1
(304,376 on 9-2007)

Execellent entertainment and learning
Submitted By: docstanga1
(304,333 on 9-2007)

Dan Carlin provides a captivating presentation of historical topics in a way that stimulates my love for history.
Submitted By: djilles32
(304,311 on 9-2007)

diggin it!
Submitted By: druids_keep2
(304,123 on 9-2007)

A Refreshing Look at History
Ive always been a fan of world history, but Dan has raised that interest to a whole new level. I always get excited when I open my iTunes and see that a new "Hardcore History" podcast is downloading (yes, Im a bit of a nerd). Dans historical "musings" are entertaining and enlightening at the same time. Dan if youre ever in LA, Id be more than happy to take you out for coffee. In the meantime, I think Ill donate my daily latte money to you today. Thanks!
Submitted By: chriscrouch
(304,059 on 9-2007)

Hardcore History
Very informative and interesting.
Submitted By: jeanie.clayton
(303,962 on 9-2007)

Excelent program
Great treatment of the subject matter. Dan Carlin is a very enthusiastic presenter. His insigths in history and the way he develops relationship between events in history makes a very dry and difficult subject very interesting and enjoyable. Thanks Dan for your show.
Submitted By: luis.fernando.flores.oviedo
(303,932 on 9-2007)

Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: pthomas61
(303,898 on 9-2007)

Great program!!
Submitted By: timbigley
(303,670 on 9-2007)

I listen to every episode.
Submitted By: wineinc1
(303,644 on 9-2007)

Dang it, Im hooked!
I discovered HH last week and have already burned through all 15 shows.
Submitted By: jabuhrer
(303,514 on 9-2007)

Great! I love it and look forward to the next one each time.
Submitted By: jakub_malinowski
(303,335 on 9-2007)

This stuff is really amazing. I am from Ghana and we don't normally listen to stuff like this but I am really impressed with the presentation and everything else about it. I think the world needs this. AMAZING!!!!
Submitted By: kwesibanson
(303,192 on 9-2007)

Need More!
If you like history this is a must For those of you not in the history choir this a podcast that is thought provoking and entertaining. Give it a shot.
Submitted By: jason
(302,650 on 9-2007)

Great show!
I wish it came out more than once a month.
Submitted By: shawn.w.gordon
(302,522 on 9-2007)

History for Adults
Tired of watered down history content? No regard for the lowest common denominator here!
Submitted By: cblack
(302,457 on 9-2007)

Keep on Keeping on Dan
Submitted By: condor_beta
(302,227 on 9-2007)

Bring history to life
Ive never felt so passionate about History. This style of delivery isnt for everyone, but I love the theater and dramatics of it. Theres nothing like learning from someone who is excited and devoted to their subject. Its an awesome show.
Submitted By: cadbury_cat
(302,148 on 9-2007)

New Look at History
Check out the Alexander vs. Hitler episode and youll be hooked. Fresh and insightful when compared to the American history texts.
Submitted By: adigo2006
(302,103 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: dlazar
(301,899 on 9-2007)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: jzurga
(301,811 on 9-2007)

Excellent show
Well spoken seamless commentary on historical events. He offers excellent insight into those events
Submitted By: benji862002
(301,638 on 8-2007)

Favorite podcast
Submitted By: art_chat
(301,576 on 8-2007)

This Podcast ROCKS
The best history Podcast Ive been able to find. Please add more....
Submitted By: chrispatrone
(301,523 on 8-2007)

Incredibly interesting and very well done. I thought I was good, Dans a whole lot better.
Submitted By: d.beaujon
(301,263 on 8-2007)

More addictive than chocolate
Dan Carlin takes history and makes it more real than your favorite history professor, more interesting than your smartest friend, and more fully-developed than any movie "based on actual events" could hope to be. Everybody who has even a passing interest in history needs this cast.
Submitted By: spiffarino
(300,497 on 8-2007)

As entertaining as it is thought-provoking! A must-listen to any student of history.
Submitted By: pthomas61
(300,450 on 8-2007)

Ive always wanted to learn more about history and was never much of a reader. He gives quite an incite on history and you can tell that he knows what hes talking about and makes it interesting to listen to. Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: pjmuelley1
(300,203 on 8-2007)

Diggable History
I like Dans take on history. Its compelling, informative, and provocative. The best thing I can say is that I learn something when listening to each episode.
Submitted By: gsmorton1
(300,201 on 8-2007)

Very educational
Dan makes history fun!
Submitted By: fitz
(299,948 on 8-2007)

Very Entertaining
I recommend this podcast, for anyone even remotely interested in history.
Submitted By: lcr956
(299,902 on 8-2007)

Love it!
Submitted By: e.sarb
(299,901 on 8-2007)

love it
fascinating, I wish they had taught history like this at school
Submitted By: adrian.m.davies
(299,879 on 8-2007)

This Show ROCKS
Sooooo smart. Clearly well researched. Knowledgeable host. And the best part: his delivery of the material is mesmerizing. Youll loave to hear him on topics you thought wouldnt even interest you.
Submitted By: aliciarobbins
(299,250 on 8-2007)

Hardcore History
my fav pod..
Submitted By: sophia1560
(299,189 on 8-2007)

History at its best.
Submitted By: mruksurf
(299,061 on 8-2007)

get well ben
Submitted By: wkincheloe
(298,584 on 8-2007)

Dont miss this
Dan doesnt just tell you about historical events, he thinks out load about what they mean. He is an excellent example of someone who really uses his mind and thinks for himself, as we all should.
Submitted By: keith
(298,383 on 8-2007)

History to make you think
If you like to think, and like to learn about the past, this is your Podcast!!
Submitted By: fraggleshubby
(298,365 on 8-2007)

hardcore history
Submitted By: eric.jarvis
(298,359 on 8-2007)

Please give us more!
Dan, please give us more hardcore ... history, that is! I love Common Sense, and I console myself with it in between episodes of HH. But HH is what first made me love you. Give me more history fixes, please!
Submitted By: hessk
(298,019 on 8-2007)

Hardcore History Is Great
These shows are taught by the History Prof I wish Id always had!
Submitted By: mjsnd80
(297,994 on 8-2007)

Great show
I enjoy this sho. It helps to make my workday go by.
Submitted By: cjrudd
(297,886 on 8-2007)

jonnyrcarburator@hotmail. com
Submitted By: jonnyrcarburator
(297,662 on 8-2007)

My Favourite Podcast!!
*********** (11 stars)
Submitted By: unsinkable2002
(297,218 on 8-2007)

Dont judge by your first (bad) impression
Amazingly original insight. I feel originality is the most important aspect of podcasting, at least when it comes to historical subjects, otherwise it just sounds like someone reading a Wikipedia article. Odd way of pausing, but do not let it lead you astray. One you listen for a few minutes, it actually sounds good, and you dont notice the odd pauses.
Submitted By: brycedalbey
(297,084 on 8-2007)

Dan does a great job
keep up the good work Dan.
Submitted By: condor_beta
(297,036 on 8-2007)

Just found this and Common Sense, and man do we need more on the history. I like the analogy of boxers vs. punchers, and it made me think -- dont we have some boxers as well? Isnt that what the special forces are all about (although we dont use them too effectively)? Didnt the Scottish Highlanders run a boxer-type hit and run campaign against the British in the early 18th C. and push nearly all the way to London, and didnt they finally fail when they fought the Brits on the flatlands at Inverness? Didnt some of the minutemen fight boxer-style? Just some thoughts -- I dont think the boxing-style of warfare is particular to the East and Middle East, just more prominent (and I think terrain plays a large part in that).
Submitted By: wasteyourtimehere
(296,966 on 8-2007)

test for comments
Submitted By: t.jaware
(296,948 on 8-2007)

This show rocks!
Dan Carlin is the Man!
Submitted By: seniorhealthins
(296,554 on 8-2007)

Totally addicted!
Submitted By: adriana.goss
(296,437 on 8-2007)

This information is presented in an interesting and funny way. Dan, will you teach my history class? Please?
Submitted By: annieirishangel
(295,893 on 8-2007)

Dan Carlin restores the kind of vitality to the discussion of history which is all too often lost in the academic study of it. As a history fan and as a university student of it, theres no question he and his team deserve an award. Thanks a lot and hope well get more shows, more often, in the near future.
Submitted By: gashaw172
(295,814 on 8-2007)

Absolutely the best
This is the single best podcast that Ive heard, ever. Dan Carlin has passion, a perspective on history that is refreshing, the ability to dissect the issues and incorporate into the historical picture a clear idea of the overall environment at the time. If you havent listened to any of this show yet, start with the first, and youll quickly realize that his incisive intellect is staggering when directed at the issues he chooses to highlight in this unique podcast. Literally I listened to the first episode and had to immediately download all the rest, and put my other podcasts on hold as I listened to these back to back to back. Stupendous! Thanks Dan for a great show!
Submitted By: louiedcat
(295,745 on 8-2007)

More interested in scientific history, i find the miltaristic approach refreshing
Submitted By: 2lucid
(295,335 on 8-2007)

best in history
thinking mans history
Submitted By: chris
(295,288 on 8-2007)

Fav Pod
Submitted By: zbrobrien
(294,961 on 8-2007)

Hardcore History
great stuff!
Submitted By: stephenhsmith
(294,605 on 8-2007)

Great Show
This show gets better with each installment!
Submitted By: aborunda
(294,477 on 8-2007)

I teach AP World History and I LOVE this podcast. I will recommend this to all of my students.
Submitted By: wilb13
(294,332 on 8-2007)

Love the show Mr. Carlin, one of the most enjoyable shows out there.
Submitted By: zman5232
(294,049 on 8-2007)

I learn something every time
Submitted By: abennett
(294,000 on 8-2007)

Clever balance of education and enthusiasm
Refreshingly educational and casual, often igniting an interest in a past you knew little or nothing about.
Submitted By: djjess
(293,903 on 8-2007)

Hardcore History is the best History program in any format, bar none.
Submitted By: cblack.tx2
(293,610 on 8-2007)

i LOVE this podcast -- more please, and more frequently
Submitted By: janeth
(293,475 on 8-2007)

Wish you would do more than one podcast per month. I love it.
Submitted By: ceawood
(293,434 on 8-2007)

Great show!
Wonderful for anyone interested inHistory. Too bad school teachers arent this eloquent!
Submitted By: warkingroy
(293,326 on 8-2007)

Fantastic show always leaves you thinking about the topic long after hearing the podcast. Stays regular with new shows. If you like history at all, youll love this cast...
Submitted By: barretb1
(293,206 on 8-2007)

i only wish that the episodes would come out more frequently! this is, it goes almost without saying, a smart & engaging podcast.
Submitted By: m.m.brannagan
(293,076 on 8-2007)

greatest ever
it is crack cocaine of podcasts for History fans
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(292,789 on 8-2007)

If you would have to choose one history podcast, it surely would be this one. I actually relisten to some of the shows! Absolutely addictive...
Submitted By: emmanuelleus
(292,428 on 8-2007)

Excellent show. Well presented and thought provoking.
Submitted By: hboville
(292,069 on 8-2007)

History with Attitude
The most passionate and entertaining podcast Ive found anywhere. A great teacher makes learning enjoyable. What a fun way to learn about history.
Submitted By: cadbury_cat
(291,789 on 8-2007)

Love it!
The only downside is that there arent more.
Submitted By: WJDobbs321
(291,754 on 8-2007)

I love this podcast. Dan makes history come alive in new and different ways!
Submitted By: murth208
(291,527 on 8-2007)

Good Stuff
Keep em Coming
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(291,525 on 8-2007)

Great Show!
I love this show, very informative and entertaining.
Submitted By: steveymi
(291,433 on 8-2007)
Submitted By: bruce_mackinlay
(291,409 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: shelley
(291,366 on 8-2007)

great show
Submitted By: terrywebb
(291,312 on 8-2007)

Passionate and very listenable!
Submitted By: rossthegill
(291,098 on 7-2007)

I loce it. I listen with my whole family
Submitted By: estrinphoto
(291,094 on 7-2007)

Intelligent, well researched, thought provoking and entertaining - a great podcast.
Submitted By: LaurMM
(291,010 on 7-2007)

Hardcore History with Dan Carlin
Id like to throw in my positive vote for Dan Carlin & his "Hardcore History" podscast. Dan brings a refreshing & direct delivery of events in the past that have not often been tied together in our Western Civilizationized historical education. He doesnt pull punches, but neither does he spin based on personal political perspective, which is rare in these days.
Submitted By: GalenHorton
(290,963 on 7-2007)

Thumbs up
Love the Hardcore History podcasts. Dan really builds a great story about a lot of different snippets in history.
Submitted By: hawkiz8
(290,940 on 7-2007)

You really get a feel for how the events of the past contributed to the shaping of the world and culture we inhabit today
To tout one show in particular: I had never understood so clearly how different the pre- and post-WWI worlds were from one another, or for that matter, exactly WHY the conflict was fought as a trench war. Great work, Ben and Dan. Also, you might want to check out Dan Carlins other podcast, Common Sense. Its a political show, and if youre into that sort of thing, youll probably like it, because its done really well. Ethan
Submitted By: ethansmoore
(290,804 on 7-2007)

Makes Hx* interesting* and accessable
Ive just started listening to Hardcore History and Im hooked. It helps that I like history, but even for those who dont, this is a great podcast. I wish it was available when i was in school! Its a must for students and for history buffs.
Submitted By: mikecox
(290,709 on 7-2007)

Love it!
Dan serves as an example of how History teahcers should lecture. He is interesting, informative, and entertaining. One of my favoriote podcasts!
Submitted By: roypitta
(290,556 on 7-2007)

Awsome podcast!
A truly great podcast! You feel Dan Carlins enthusiasm, and catch it yourself!
Submitted By: gbarth4048
(290,497 on 7-2007)

This is a really great podcast that pulls volumes of information together with a new and interesting slant.
Submitted By: sendme6247
(290,447 on 7-2007)

I love this!
Hi, I want you to know that you make a 48yr old mom of two teenagers extremely happy and entretained with your history podcast. Loved specially the one about my beloved Churchill... Oh, almost forgot, Im mexican and live in Merida, in the Yucatan Peninsula....Me encanta, gracias!!
Submitted By: maruhol
(290,315 on 7-2007)

Listening that takes you back in time
I enjoy listening to the Hardcore History podcasts. While listening to the podcasts, the speaker informs and educates the listener to historical events and places and makes history come alive.
Submitted By: VDomnikov
(290,055 on 7-2007)

Hardcore History
I am a history major and have listened to many (if not all) history related podcast and this is by far the best! Dan Carlin is not just reading the jacket cover from one single source (like many other podcast of history seem to be), but interpreting and adding his own thoughtful perspective.
Submitted By: patrickba
(290,005 on 7-2007)

If you like great story telling this one is for you. You might learn something as well!
Submitted By: eshowe4u
(289,960 on 7-2007)

Dan Carlin for President!
Hes the man!
Submitted By: peterwolf12
(289,886 on 7-2007)

Love it!
I really enjoy this podcast
Submitted By: cammac56
(289,856 on 7-2007)

Excellent history!
Submitted By: rsisk
(289,808 on 7-2007)

Interesting History
I enjoy this show, and Im not a history buff!
Submitted By: mtokumaru
(289,790 on 7-2007)

I love this thing. Dan talks about history as though it were a campfire story, letting you imagine you were there in the story with him. A great podcast, and a great source for the detail oriented side of history, not just bland facts and statistics. It reminded me how much I love history.
Submitted By: zatatmando
(289,769 on 7-2007)

I love this show!!!
Dan is great, I love to listen him. I wish his history show was more often.
Submitted By: miguelg4472
(289,672 on 7-2007)

Delicious! Full of flavor! Crunchy and sour.
Submitted By: doctor_detroit
(289,573 on 7-2007)

This is an excellent podcast
Submitted By: rgpandrade
(289,264 on 7-2007)

History made even more interesting!
I love Dan Carlins Hardcore History podcast. Keep up the excellent work!
Submitted By: studiochandler
(289,153 on 7-2007)

Hardcore History rocks
Submitted By: RussLee74
(288,836 on 7-2007)

Finally, intelligence on the web
fantastic listening - Dan stitches together significant historical events in the context of contemporary times...without swearing, nudity or any mention of Harry Potter.
Submitted By: shamca
(288,627 on 7-2007)

A great podcast for history buffs
I am a history teacher in Australia and always find Dan Carlins podcast a great source of anecdotes. It is always well-researched and presented with passion.
Submitted By: msendt
(288,546 on 7-2007)

Timely and timeless
I have always been a fan of history, and this is like spending time with a knowledgeable friend. Great podcast with great content.
Submitted By: argosfalcon
(288,468 on 7-2007)

The best!!!
Submitted By: sam.rothwell
(288,400 on 7-2007)

Keep Up The Good Work...
... were listening, and learning...
Submitted By: netsnype
(288,258 on 7-2007)
dan rocks....but not sure he pronounces Macedonia correctly ?
Submitted By: condor_beta
(288,247 on 7-2007)

great podcast
This the best podcast I have heard by far. Dan is able to present the facts in a very fun interesting way. I just hope he doesnt stop any time soon.
Submitted By: lukeeric22
(288,236 on 7-2007)

Simply the best
Dan is like that great history teacher you had growing up (if you were lucky).
Submitted By: CBLACK.TX2
(288,172 on 7-2007)

love it
oh yeah!
Submitted By: weedmeat
(288,126 on 7-2007)

Entertaining history? Yep!
History like youve never heard it before.
Submitted By: spamjase
(288,007 on 7-2007)

One of the Best!
Since Ive been turned on to Hardcore History I wait anxiously every week for the next episode to be released.....its simply one of the most educations and entertaining podcasts Ive ever heard.
Submitted By: chris
(287,872 on 7-2007)

hardcore history junkie
Dan Carlin discusses the history that intrigues us. Whether a history buff or not you will find an appreciation for it. This show is far from classroom history that looks deeper into the big events or people that have shaped our history. I couldnt miss an episode.
Submitted By: AdamDrew17
(287,857 on 7-2007)

History Conversations
He makes learning history interesting and fun.
Submitted By: eec005
(287,801 on 7-2007)

History Teacher Loves Hardcore History!
I have been a history teacher for the last 11 years, and I absolutely love Hardcore History! Carlins "common sense" approach to the subject matter is entertaining, enlightening, and refreshing! I never miss an episode.
Submitted By: dparker
(287,776 on 7-2007)

excellence in podcasting
Hardcore History is one of the best podcasts out there. Excellent production value, incredible content and Dan Carlins wonderful and enlightening delivery style makes it a pleasure to listen to.
Submitted By: vladdythephotogeek
(287,492 on 7-2007)

Quality Learning
The Hardcore History team really knows how to put on a show that keeps the listener intrigued throughout the program. Along with the descriptive historical content, the sounds effects create the perfect setting to learn about the the worlds past. I recommend it to anyone of any age group.
Submitted By: astrozen2000
(287,255 on 7-2007)

This is something interesting and different. It is more than just a straight forward narrative. His perspective and analysis adds interest to the subject.
Submitted By: ericolympic
(287,239 on 7-2007)

Great Perspective
Great perspectives, Excellent Subjects, Awesome podcast anywhere
Submitted By: vonmartel
(287,182 on 7-2007)

Very Fun!
Thanks, Dan, I love it.
Submitted By: dondondon
(286,969 on 7-2007)

Its like listen to your favorite history teacher when he put down their book and tells you what they really think abouta history topic. I love it!
Submitted By: halkyra
(286,961 on 7-2007)

keep em comin
Submitted By: jonathan
(286,606 on 7-2007)

i hate this show because i have to wait so long between shows for my hardcore history fix. it should be on daily!
Submitted By: thewickorens
(286,498 on 7-2007)

Not just a dry recitation of the facts
Dans perspective and thoughtful analysis distinguish this offering from other history podcasts.
Submitted By: mail4rmm
(286,443 on 7-2007)

The Best!
Submitted By: rexboyce
(286,391 on 7-2007)

Excellent cast
Positively riveting. If you dont believe History could be so interesting, try it!
Submitted By: manimstarving
(286,188 on 7-2007)

Best History cast!
Submitted By: fidbox
(285,664 on 7-2007)

I love this show!
Submitted By: the_last_dolphin
(285,638 on 7-2007)

dumb name, great podcast
If you can get past the "hardcore" part Dan Carlin offers some really interesting perspectives on events in history. Well worth the listen
Submitted By: stglass
(285,595 on 7-2007)

great show!
Love this cast. Makes history fun...
Submitted By: amazingarthur
(285,552 on 7-2007)

History with Pizazz
This Podcast teaches, entertains and inspires. It lays out history in a way that is incredibly approachable. It relates history to our current state of politics and culture. I imagine that even those who are typically bored to death by history would be fascinated with this podcast. Those who have even a remote interest in history will be blown away. My only complaint is the that there are not more of them more often for longer.
Submitted By: dlazar
(285,508 on 7-2007)

The best Podcast Ever Heard
This is the Podcast that change media for me, Dan is by far the best storyteller and the most powerful subject matter I have devoted my time to in years. I leave each show with a sensation that is akin to finishing a one of the best books I have ever read. The information just churns in my mind and inspires and fascinates me about the World, its people and its scope. Awesome stuff. Really Awesome
Submitted By: driscoll
(285,475 on 7-2007)

Entertaining and interesting
great to listening!
Submitted By: epg1
(285,372 on 7-2007)

hard core history
Great show...more fun than 11th grade European history
Submitted By: lornebigley
(284,914 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: joshualhernandez
(284,745 on 7-2007)
Submitted By: atawney
(284,733 on 7-2007)

Finally, some perspective
Dan Carlin, while he may not call himself a historian, has the command and fluency of historical narrative that is necessary to offer the kind of insight and perspective that make history truly relevant. Not all historians have a talent to see the kind these patterns in the tapestry, but thankfully Dan Carlin does.
Submitted By: damybiesinger
(284,485 on 7-2007)

The best of its kind
Hardcore History is the best history podcast and in my opinion one of the best podcasts period. I just love it !
Submitted By: nikariot
(284,236 on 7-2007)

Good Stuff
Calins passion and knowledge come through in every episode. A bit rambling at times - but that is part of the charm.
Submitted By: aka_pg
(284,214 on 7-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: tntjim
(283,986 on 7-2007)

Great podcast
Submitted By: Me
(283,665 on 7-2007)

Hardcore History Rocks!
Excellent pod cast!
Submitted By: drpkck_mrphy
(283,623 on 7-2007)

Hardcore History
Submitted By: ikmccall
(283,422 on 7-2007)

keep it up Dan!
Submitted By: jayare_2000
(283,377 on 7-2007)

the best
History freaks will love all of Dans podcasts.
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(283,286 on 7-2007)

Good Stuff
Keep up the good work :)
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(283,259 on 7-2007)

I was not a very good history student, but this would have kept my attention.
Submitted By: netwirk
(283,089 on 7-2007)

Great Podcast
If you love history, youll love this podcast.
Submitted By: leroyherr.mann
(283,049 on 7-2007)

I Love this show
This is a spectacular show for the history buff. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: ifelloffasmallcliff
(282,755 on 7-2007)

Brilliant Historical Perspectives, week after week
Incredible show Mr. Carlin! Thanks for the time you put into this. Your Public, Noel
Submitted By: themodule
(282,537 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: ryanwallis
(282,052 on 7-2007)

Love it
I just found the Hardcore History podcast, and I became an immediate fan. Clear, articulate, thoughtful and controversial discussions make even the most yawn-worthy topics in history revelant and pressing, with professional production to boot. I plan to recommend it to everyone I know.
Submitted By: csaunders
(281,921 on 7-2007)

love it!
I look forward to the next installment every month.
Submitted By: kmy2809
(281,652 on 7-2007)

Good even for historians
Submitted By: rodrigolecter
(281,624 on 7-2007)

Great show
Submitted By: blondell.morey
(281,620 on 7-2007)

Love it!
Submitted By: jewelsymom
(281,500 on 7-2007)

I am a high school U.S. History teacher and have recently discovered your podcasts. I love them.
Submitted By: dcrews
(281,477 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: aliciarobbins
(281,421 on 7-2007)

Thanks for Doing the Show
Submitted By: bobbyding
(280,988 on 7-2007)

Fantastic show, most engaging podcast out there
Submitted By: alaher
(280,873 on 7-2007)

Great podcast
Love the history buff talk.
Submitted By: mikeywadevogt
(280,631 on 7-2007)

Hardcore isnt the half of it!
Submitted By: mc2
(280,593 on 7-2007)

Love this show
Submitted By: mary
(280,582 on 7-2007)

Really good as well...wish he would have a couple of these a month.
Submitted By: jgovert
(280,076 on 6-2007)

Hardcore History
This is my favorite podcast by far! Dan does a great job putting past events into perspective. I only wish it were updated more often.
Submitted By: jkroll
(279,979 on 6-2007)

Not the usual litany of dates, battles, and kings, but a fascinating, thought-provoking look at history.
Submitted By: tubas4862
(279,807 on 6-2007)

I listen to this show when Im at work, and it makes the time go by so much faster. My boring 8 hours at work are now filled with entertaining and fascinating history. Look forward to many more future episodes.
Submitted By: adamcloer
(279,692 on 6-2007)

Great podcast!!!
Submitted By: martin
(279,499 on 6-2007)

I love the Hardcore History podcast!!
Submitted By: karinptrck
(279,402 on 6-2007)

Best history podcast Ive found.
Dan does a great job.
Submitted By: meyerrb
(279,116 on 6-2007)

great podcast... maybe add some sound effects... the battle of hastings could use the sound of pots and pans.
Submitted By: phil
(279,061 on 6-2007)

loved it.
Dont aloways trust his conclusions but very enjoyable
Submitted By: tkuehne
(278,999 on 6-2007)

Good Stuff
A little bombastic, but very interesting and world-expanding.
Submitted By: stuart.winer
(278,920 on 6-2007)

Lets have some more
Very exciting and thought provoking show
Submitted By: mwolfskehl
(278,719 on 6-2007)

I wish I had history class like this when I went to school.
Submitted By: Mike122257
(278,591 on 6-2007)

A must listen for anyone interested in history.
Submitted By: jrhelton34
(278,566 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: R_Stallberg
(278,197 on 6-2007)

Hardcore History
More episodes
Submitted By: jacksonpbarry
(278,125 on 6-2007)

This is a very good and thought provoking podcast!
Submitted By: patrickl
(277,893 on 6-2007)

The lessons of history
Dan Carlin has taken the old adage about those who ignore the lessons of history to heart. His thought-provoking podcasts on wide-ranging historical topics never cease to provoke thoughts on todays most sensitive issues.
Submitted By: hessk
(277,875 on 6-2007)

Hardcore History is great
Great Show
Submitted By: idmaster2000
(277,791 on 6-2007)

Great perspective on historical events. History how I wish it had been prseneted in school...interesting, and quite frankly...addictive.
Submitted By: stacyoid
(277,696 on 6-2007)

Hardcore History
Submitted By: BRolph
(277,635 on 6-2007)

Hardcore History is great
Hardcore History is great!
Submitted By: thomaswigington
(277,504 on 6-2007)

The best podcast on the web. Forget the music, listen to this while you work out; expand your mind as well as your body.
Submitted By: bill
(277,390 on 6-2007)

great podcast
Submitted By: dnarwhal
(277,258 on 6-2007)

Far and above the best posdcast Ive encountered. Only audio source Ive found that reflect my own atitude towards history for non-professionals, yet still teaches me a more prolific depth on all the issues. My only big beef - I want more !!
Submitted By: beyo5
(277,083 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(276,971 on 6-2007)

This is such an interesting podcast. Sure beats the history lessons at school. I recommend this to all that are interested in history.
Submitted By: sudenkorento_87
(276,940 on 6-2007)

Dans passion, attention to detail and elevated insights has created my "must listen to" fix with each episode. Start a political party or religion Dan, and Im there! Ade
Submitted By: ade.d
(276,877 on 6-2007)

New to this one, but awesome
I just started listening to this one but seriously its great, if you like history.
Submitted By: cgelatt
(276,872 on 6-2007)

It is so great to be able to listen and learn. I love his enthusiasm.
Submitted By: mdick7
(276,775 on 6-2007)

Wonderful, I wish it came out more often
Submitted By: shanemanning
(276,298 on 6-2007)

History Rocks!
Great Podcast, cant get enough... thanx
Submitted By: bonesaab
(276,295 on 6-2007)

Hardcore History is Awesome!
Even if youre not into history, per se, youll love this podcast if you like to think about whats happened in the past and how things wouldve turned out if events transpired just a little bit differently. The production is top notch and very entertaining, very atmospheric. Dan Carlin is true character whos passion for history becomes contagious. Great, great podcast!
Submitted By: natetimoteo
(276,266 on 6-2007)

Bubonic Nukes
Great series of history. Love the delivery
Submitted By: richard.sisk
(275,759 on 6-2007)

Not the History You Learned in School
There is an excellent podcast. Dan has a way of telling stories of history that engage you as if you were listening to a gripping audio book. Fantastic!
Submitted By: paltman
(275,537 on 6-2007)

History in the making?
The podcast itself is history in the making - keep up the series Dan and thanks for the hours of educational entertainment.
Submitted By: malocsay
(275,176 on 6-2007)

this is a great podcast
Submitted By: egeis66
(275,004 on 6-2007)

Brilliant Show
Submitted By: epistimological
(274,658 on 6-2007)

Great show
Dan Carlin Rocks !
Submitted By: peter
(274,143 on 6-2007)

Some History to Think About
Black Death? Just a cold or a force that made society what it is today? How bad are our problems to bad? Get Hardcore History and start thinking on it.
Submitted By: qwiksilver
(274,004 on 6-2007)

Dan (and Ben, of course), you never disappoint. I owe you 13 bucks ;)
Submitted By: mhein
(273,988 on 6-2007)

Great show, keep em coming!
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(273,896 on 6-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: yourheavenshallburn
(273,597 on 6-2007)

I love the enthusiasm, the tangents, and the tid bits. Not only do you NOT drone on, but you make it so I am mentally leaning in to listen closer.
Submitted By: hellzyeah23
(273,248 on 6-2007)

I just wish it were more often!
Submitted By: iacon466
(272,568 on 6-2007)

Best History show out there
Submitted By: zman5232
(271,679 on 6-2007)

Love Hardcore History
Its the only history podcast that is easy to listen to. Ive put it on the stereo at home, and my friends got sucked right in. Thanks for making history as interesting as it should be, Dan.
Submitted By: teacherhen
(271,493 on 6-2007)

Great Stuff
Submitted By: aoltmans
(271,372 on 6-2007)

Hardcore History
great podcast!
Submitted By: hdaily
(271,371 on 6-2007)

good show
Submitted By: gregbillock
(271,087 on 6-2007)

Loving the history lessons!
Submitted By: shane
(271,056 on 6-2007)

please make many many more!
Submitted By: skrummer
(271,004 on 6-2007)

Entertaining and scintillating!
Submitted By: nicmcfaul
(270,862 on 6-2007)

good stuff
Submitted By: frossi
(270,820 on 6-2007)

intellectually stimiulating
Submitted By:
(270,486 on 6-2007)

Makes me smarter
This podcast is awesome! Dans passion for history combined with his knowledge and preparation make this the best podcast out there.
Submitted By: leogodin217
(270,475 on 6-2007)

My favorite podcast
Submitted By: robert.hall1
(270,034 on 6-2007)

Best history commentary in podcasting
This isnt your grandpas history lesson, Carlin makes it all fascinating. Next thing you know youll be reading biographies of Churchill.
Submitted By: karenlroth
(269,651 on 6-2007)

Best podcast ever
Submitted By: sam.rothwell
(269,516 on 6-2007)

My 25 year old son is interested in getting into politics. I will make sure he knows about this show.
Submitted By: abuell7
(269,482 on 6-2007)

Hardcore History
My favorite podcast
Submitted By: tundrag
(269,421 on 6-2007)

great show
He makes any subject enjoyable. Great new twists on history
Submitted By: rexboyce
(269,154 on 6-2007)

give us more Dan!!!
Submitted By: jayare_2000
(269,014 on 6-2007)

I love history, and I love Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: ednblue
(268,651 on 6-2007)

Dan Nails History
Dan brings historical events from the past into the present to prove that we havent learned anything!
Submitted By: brian.travis
(268,385 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: jsputnik
(267,574 on 5-2007)

Love the Show
I learned more about history and its relevence to me than in all my years in public school.
Submitted By: kmy2809
(267,527 on 5-2007)

Very cool
Submitted By: raedrfan
(267,261 on 5-2007)

This is a refreshing unique look at various historic topics often put in a modern perspective.
Submitted By: dlazar
(267,213 on 5-2007)

Great Show!! Dan has a wide-ranging view of history and all its possibilities.
Submitted By: kjb
(267,024 on 5-2007)

Dan the Great
Hardcore History is super.
Submitted By: lethaljesus
(266,788 on 5-2007)

Keep them coming, Dan!
Submitted By: mikeywadevogt
(266,398 on 5-2007)

Can we get a History of all the super small countries, nation states (whatever). Vatican, Monte Carlo, etc....?
Submitted By: haggarglass
(265,841 on 5-2007)

Very enjoyable approach to history
I love this podcast. Listening to it, Ive learned a lot about themes in history, as well as learning how to enjoy studying history.
Submitted By: ryanwallis
(265,801 on 5-2007)

Great Show!
Wish it came out a little more often . . .
Submitted By: magnus_lundgren
(265,480 on 5-2007)

Another brilliant show
Submitted By: epistimological
(264,567 on 5-2007)

Just caught your latest ep. WELL DONE!!! Your steroid-pumped retelling of history is the best thing Ive heard in a long time! Keep it up, Ill definitely be catching more of you in future! Best Regards, Marcus
Submitted By: snare01
(264,251 on 5-2007)

Hardcore History
Great show. Informative, yet keeps your attention
Submitted By: ghewgley
(263,681 on 5-2007)

This guy is absolutely Great! I am sitting here at desk now learning about the the Huns. On my way to work I listened to Churchill and gained a different perspective of the War. Thanks Dan!! Airetta
Submitted By: aramey
(263,364 on 5-2007)

I personally love history, but this is just... bad. I like to get facts and learn things fast, my mind just wants to absorb this stuff fast, listening to this guy and the many pauses during his speech is just painful. Not for someone who actually wants to learn things without the unnecessary long-winded dramatization.
Submitted By: psycho_gunman
(263,212 on 5-2007)

Historical Talk Show
At last, a talk show that does not require me to take a political stance and teaches at the same time. Why didnt someone think of this before. Many congratulations on a job well done. I suggest you provide an area for listeners to submit topics, i.e. history of Captain Cooks effect on the world, Aviation, Battle of Mid-Way, history of Australia and other areas visited so commonly these days. A good historical perspective is possibly the best way to make the most of a visit. Litte known things like, why is Brazil Portuguese and not Spanish? Dont get me started - the ideas are unlimited.
Submitted By: malocsay
(263,071 on 5-2007)

love it
Love the show, it feels like one of the days the awsome history teacher goes off on a tangent and the kids dont want to leave.
Submitted By: vaulter22
(263,056 on 5-2007)

History without the dates
I could listen to Carlin all day.
Submitted By: masonc
(263,013 on 5-2007)

My favorite podcast
I love the way you talk history. Today I listened to the Steppes podcast and I just can not wait for more of that history. When the podcast was over I felt like I had been on the ride of my life. I could just feel the history from you and I could see what might have been. Thank you SOOO much for putting out such good quality history.
Submitted By: s1klight
(262,765 on 5-2007)

Good Stuff
Thank you for such an insightful program
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(262,652 on 5-2007)

Awesome show!
A must listen.
Submitted By: scottwynter
(262,279 on 5-2007)

Outstanding Podcast
Intelligent, interesting, and a prime example of the value podcasting can bring to the table
Submitted By: mrtrog
(261,781 on 5-2007)

Very informative podcast
Submitted By: gorman33
(261,144 on 5-2007)

Great show. I enjoy how he presents events in history. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: topchop46
(260,928 on 5-2007)

Hardcore History is da bomb
Probably my favorite non-tech podcast. A must for any history buff.
Submitted By: topmonkey
(260,835 on 5-2007)

Best Long-Form History Podcast
Submitted By: fidbox
(260,588 on 5-2007)

knowlegeable and direct.
Submitted By: emilv-na
(260,435 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: gunner2004
(260,384 on 5-2007)

Great discussion of history, the best ive found. I only wish you could do episodes more often. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: asa_swain
(259,957 on 5-2007)

Great Show
A well produced, informative history show. I wish they came out more often.
Submitted By: spacesos
(259,643 on 5-2007)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: rustin_dirk
(258,974 on 5-2007)

The Church of History
Dan gets me going--makes me want to wave my hands in the air and sing aaaaamen! He makes history a veritable epiphany-a-minute. I only wish that the episodes came more frequently. I guess I had better reach for my wallet.
Submitted By: djensen
(258,664 on 5-2007)

Awesome Show!
Submitted By: prodromus
(258,597 on 5-2007)

Smartest out there...
Submitted By: peteycat
(258,347 on 5-2007)

Everything I shouldve learned in school
But they never put it THIS way! Dont miss these outstanding presentations. Masterful!
Submitted By: mc2
(258,193 on 5-2007)

Dan makes history interesting for the disinterested.
Submitted By: rknoble
(257,943 on 5-2007)

Best History podcast. Hands down.
History as it ought to be taught! Why was it never this interesting back in school? Rather than names and dates, Dan takes us into motivations, objectives, and all the things that make history dramatic and personal.
Submitted By: jtallon
(257,939 on 5-2007)

always entertaining
Submitted By: frossi
(257,846 on 5-2007)

awesome show
Submitted By: yoavgivati
(257,653 on 5-2007)

My New Favorite
A smart, concise historical review aimed at intelligent non-academics. I enjoy all of Dan Carlins interesting takes on the events that have brought us to our present circumstances
Submitted By: widi
(257,554 on 5-2007)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: kpeugene
(257,291 on 5-2007)

Makes history very exciting!
If you like history you will love this show. Very entertaining. He brings up some really good points.
Submitted By: rexboyce
(257,086 on 5-2007)

Fire up more!!
Huge fan of the show...understand it takes a lot of work/research to get them out, but theyre so damned addicting....I need more!!!
Submitted By: jayare_2000
(257,083 on 5-2007)

Great Show
Great info, great delivery, interesting viewpoints.
Submitted By: bshowell72
(256,779 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: gregbillock
(256,656 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: stevenmackey
(256,331 on 4-2007)

Hardcore History
Submitted By: shawn.gordon
(255,773 on 4-2007)

10 Greatest Armies
Hi Dan, My son put me on to your podcast. We are both loving them, Colin
Submitted By: colinsanders
(255,195 on 4-2007)

Great podcast
Love this podcast
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(255,112 on 4-2007)

Interesting everytime
I wish that I had a better internet connection so that I could download the podcasts faster.
Submitted By: mk1sprite
(254,698 on 4-2007)

The Great
Submitted By: soupsoninnaples
(254,696 on 4-2007)

very interesting
really interesting perspective on Churchill.
Submitted By: talis1728
(254,221 on 4-2007)

I really enjoy how Mr. Carlin puts events into a larger cultural and historical perspective...taking an event, and zooming out to show you the scene that led up to it, and ramifications that followed. If my high school history teacher had this approach to history, Id have been a history major in college...and probably slinging burgers now - so maybe it was a good thing he didnt.
Submitted By: spamsink
(254,116 on 4-2007)

Hardcore Fin History!!!
Dan Carlin ROCKS! You can tell he loves this content. He makes history exciting to listen to.
Submitted By: electrothebiggiantbrain
(253,821 on 4-2007)

Hardcore History
I very much enjoy the hardcore History podcasts!
Submitted By: john_mcdonough
(253,798 on 4-2007)

Keeps me coming back for more
I check this feed every day for new episodes. If I am not careful, I might even learn something!
Submitted By: cchubb
(253,256 on 4-2007)

The best history podcasts available anywhere... Keep up the good work, Dan.
Submitted By: coryk_music
(253,059 on 4-2007)

Great History Podcast
Submitted By: thom
(252,985 on 4-2007)

interesting listening
Submitted By: igannaway
(252,850 on 4-2007)

go dan carlin
go dan carlin
Submitted By: andrew
(252,473 on 4-2007)

great podcast
Submitted By: clinneer
(252,334 on 4-2007)

Needs to do a show much more often.
Submitted By: strafer_usa
(252,304 on 4-2007)

One regret
Dear Dan, My late mother loved histroy and she would have loved your show. My sisters now listen to your show and also have commented on how Mum would have lapped up the podcast. All the best for you and your family Phil
(252,150 on 4-2007)

I love this cast. It is the most interesting and thought provoking history show that I listen to by far. It is made with excellent production quality and seems to have a crew working behind the scenes to set this show apart from the others.
Submitted By: mallred
(251,694 on 4-2007)

I enjoy history!
Submitted By: walter
(251,648 on 4-2007)

His best so far!
Submitted By: martywater
(251,578 on 4-2007)

Hardcore history is a great history show. I started listening to this and also found Dan Carlins more popular show, Common Sense. Definately worth downloading!
Submitted By: jprichard
(251,577 on 4-2007)

Enjoyed it - well produced
Submitted By: winson134
(250,953 on 4-2007)

Wish it was a weekly show
Great ideas, and more re-hashing than your common sense show.
Submitted By: wvoorhies
(250,734 on 4-2007)

History that is far from boring.
Submitted By: spowers
(250,469 on 4-2007)

Carlin Rocks
Way to go, Dan! Another great show!
Submitted By: btravis
(250,467 on 4-2007)

Makes History Interesting
Dan knows his history, and makes it non-boring. Bravo!
Submitted By: HistoryBuff
(250,465 on 4-2007)

This show is a history buffs dream, gotta love it! Ajaxhart
Submitted By: ajaxhart
(249,679 on 4-2007)

Dan Carlin makes history interesting and clear.
Submitted By: mdshield
(249,529 on 4-2007)

Good stuff!
Intelligent, informative, compelling and entertaining! I look forward to each and every episode of Hardcore History.
Submitted By: genovaj
(249,367 on 4-2007)

Great stuff! I need more!
This show is just perfect for the historically curious person who doesnt necessarily have the time to dig in and study, and who isnt focused on one or two persons or time periods, but is more interested in the over-arching sweep of history and how it relates to us now. I sure wish he would put them out more frequently!
Submitted By: safeathome
(248,893 on 4-2007)

The best history podcast
Submitted By: nicusori
(248,754 on 4-2007)

I Love This Show
Dan Carlin has such a great perspective on history, hes always entertaining to listen to.
Submitted By: parrot0123
(248,368 on 4-2007)

Good Stuff!
Very well produced. Im learning something!
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(247,806 on 4-2007)

Great History
Love those history stories - I listened to the "Shields of the West" on the way to work today - excellent!
Submitted By: davcam
(247,557 on 4-2007)

My favorite source of history "water-cooler discussion" because he doesnt shy away from military history like my pussy history professor does.
Submitted By: dukeofspades
(246,912 on 4-2007)

Dan, please keep up the good work - i love history and your podcast is the best of the bunch in the history sphere. Thanks so much! Alis Hawkins, Canterbury UK.
Submitted By: alishawkins
(246,644 on 4-2007)

great podcast. Looks at the other side of the events and try to answer the why question. % stars program
Submitted By: jddelcroix
(246,408 on 4-2007)

Hardcore History
Excellent podcast with great work on history and great sound and diction. I love it.
Submitted By: carlos_beca
(246,181 on 4-2007)

Makes History Come Alive for Me
I saw 300 recently and was touched by the podcast concerning the Battle of Thermopaylae- my favorite battle ever in history! Im gonna have to read Herodotus and his accounts about the Greeks and Persians!
Submitted By: teniscrzy06
(246,122 on 4-2007)

When are you going to post a new show?
Submitted By: bruce_mackinlay
(245,824 on 4-2007)

The best history podcast Ive come across!!
Submitted By: chrerick
(245,564 on 4-2007)

One of the most compelling and intelligent podcasts I have heard...
Submitted By: tvtekk
(245,340 on 3-2007)

Not your highschool history
If high school history were like this, wed have more history majors.
Submitted By: rknoble
(244,793 on 3-2007)

Dan Carlins Hardcore History is a captivating style. Not only does Carlin have a riveting voice, the issues he discusses are interesting.
Submitted By: RWill36617
(244,640 on 3-2007)

Fantastic show!
Its so fantastic to have a show on history that isnt just a narrative reading of high school history! This is such a great way to stimulate thinking about history, and what it means, and why it is SO important that we go back and look at history for the reflections it shows us of ourselves. Five out of five.
Submitted By: rachel.laurenson
(244,519 on 3-2007)

I have sampled dozens of podcasts. Most of them are awful. Even the free Stamford lectures are difficult to listen to due to lack of editing. Hardcore History is by far one of the best podcasts ever made.
Submitted By: mikeandrachael2004
(244,474 on 3-2007)

Carlin Does Excellent Work
Im a history buff, and I read books and listen to other podcasts on the same topics as those of the podcasts. Mr. Carlin makes a distinct contribution by providing useful insights and by clearly labeling fact, speculation and conclusions.
Submitted By: cogan
(243,859 on 3-2007)

Great Show!
Thanks for the great shows Dan! Makes my commute something to look forward to.
Submitted By: ccowen2000
(243,692 on 3-2007)

Great podcast!
Love the commentary and perspctive
Submitted By: websites
(243,517 on 3-2007)

I Hate History!
I hate history, but this podcast is great! Dan does not bog history down with the boring stuff that does not dates. Just the good it impacts the world we live in today, etc. History buff or not, this is the best history pod I have found.
Submitted By:
(243,194 on 3-2007)

Vote for Dan!
Dan Carlins Hardcore History is the best
Submitted By: peterwolf12
(242,377 on 3-2007)

Great podcast
If you like history and even if you dont this podcast is great. I wish all professors would deliver lectures that are as clear, understandable, and so incitefully demonstrate the interesting and important aspects of world history.
Submitted By: mark
(242,211 on 3-2007)

keep up the great work! Cant wait for the next one.
Submitted By: ldyminerva
(241,957 on 3-2007)

great shows
Submitted By: junemelton
(240,965 on 3-2007)

Absolutely superb podcast
Submitted By: mattallendli
(240,852 on 3-2007)

The man is awsome!
Submitted By: isacu
(240,807 on 3-2007)

This is by far my favorite podcast. Entertaining and educational, he gives history a kind of rock n roll edge.
Submitted By: jim.mcneely
(240,778 on 3-2007)

Great Podcasts Look forward to many more.
Submitted By: harveyzehr2
(240,758 on 3-2007)

Wow this podcast is great!
Just discovered this podcast and WOW! It is great! Keep em coming!!!
Submitted By: ebrenn1
(240,707 on 3-2007)

Best History Podcast
Submitted By: cuevo_dog
(240,600 on 3-2007)

Love this podcast - one of my top favs
Submitted By: cbhotmail
(240,407 on 3-2007)

another favorite!
Submitted By: vvalerio
(240,376 on 3-2007)

Fantastic podcast
Hey Dan. Great show. You got my vote this month. You got my vote next month too. Keep up the great show. :)
Submitted By: paul.vladuchick
(240,231 on 3-2007)

Excellent show!
If you like history told well with insight and strong narrative then this is your podcast.
Submitted By: martywater
(240,214 on 3-2007)

Very informative as well as entertaining. I look forward to each new installment.
Submitted By: james_bruce
(239,766 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: grand_national2000
(239,690 on 3-2007)

Bronze Age Collapse
I enjoyed the bronze age podcast. The historical events have a bearing on what is happening to our age.
Submitted By: dannari
(239,191 on 3-2007)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: sandeeandclint
(238,769 on 3-2007)

Truth is better than fiction
Dan Carlin brings history alive. He is absolutely right in saying that history has spoiled fiction.
Submitted By: kamgal51
(236,681 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: yocraig
(236,540 on 3-2007)

gotta give it a listen
Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So go out there and Learn, listeners!
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(236,462 on 3-2007)

like history?
one of the best podcasts that Ive ever heard! if you like history and an independent look at it then you will definately enjoy, no, love this show. check it out ASAP!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: kdowell
(236,137 on 3-2007)

Talk about connecting the dots... great stuff!
Submitted By: jsputnik
(236,019 on 3-2007)

great show!
keep up the great work
Submitted By: podshowqa
(235,959 on 3-2007)

An unbelievably stimulating history talk show. A MUST for anyone who is mildly interested in this field of knowledge.
Submitted By: chjauslin
(235,936 on 3-2007)

History Fix
Im totally addicted. Very interesting show.
Submitted By: chrisse_1968
(235,893 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: SHELLYSPLASH2003
(235,822 on 3-2007)

best history commentary Ive ever heard
Submitted By: weasel31899
(234,541 on 3-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: cattiva.spam
(234,357 on 3-2007)

Great Podcast
The best history podcast on Thank You
Submitted By: atabac01
(234,320 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(233,647 on 3-2007)

Very interesting podcast
Submitted By: dickj2
(232,656 on 2-2007)

Outstanding podcast with thought provoking insight!!! A+
Submitted By: u2asch
(232,620 on 2-2007)

History thats not dated...
If the American educational system would allow teachers to present history along the fashion that Dan Carlin does, wed have a generation of youth who would be interested in history. Not to mention better informed and wiser for it. Dan understands that the best course to understanding and appreciating history is not to spew a laundry-list of dates & facts, but by starting with a good question. This show rocks!
Submitted By: peteycat
(231,968 on 2-2007)

by far the best history podcast
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(231,492 on 2-2007)

I never liked history in any of my classes. I wish he was my professor. Its a great podcast that makes history interesting. One of the best podcast I have ever heard.
Submitted By: ola374
(231,166 on 2-2007)

Best History Pod Cast Blows me away
The history that he delivers is some of the best most entertaining things I have ever listened to, far exceeds any expectation someone would have. The only thing that compares is Mats Today in History which is also fantastic but a whole different animal. I listen to both religiously. If you love history then this is a little bit of Nirvana.
Submitted By: driscoll
(230,834 on 2-2007)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(230,688 on 2-2007)

Great show
Need more History! Thanks for putting on my kind of history Z
Submitted By: Zatexdp
(230,455 on 2-2007)

My favorite
I cannot get enough.
Submitted By: dzarder
(230,033 on 2-2007)

by far the best podcast out there. i can discuss these podcast with my friends for hours. they make history interesting agian.
Submitted By: bguoan
(230,004 on 2-2007)

Love it!
Being a history buff I love the way he presents the information!
Submitted By: swwks
(229,579 on 2-2007)

my favorite podcast
Im always excited to get the latest installment. Ive turned many of my friends on to this insightful and entertaining podcast. Bravo!
Submitted By: dita2u
(229,503 on 2-2007)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: sandc10
(229,288 on 2-2007)

great for history lovers
this is my favorite podcast period.
Submitted By: Rzpastena
(229,219 on 2-2007)

Submitted By: djensen
(229,092 on 2-2007)

Its great!
I love listening to your podcast; I just wish they came out more often!
Submitted By: deeann.1
(228,810 on 2-2007)

very good
Submitted By: 55kelly
(228,615 on 2-2007)

Insightfull and Thought Provoking
Hardcore History is by far the greatest podcast on the subject of history on the internet. Dan Carlins style lets the listener know that he is just as huge a nerd for this stuff as we are, and we love him for it.
Submitted By: jedi_day
(228,578 on 2-2007)

Dan, Im glad to see you learned to cheat early on. 26 comments on 430 votes? Cmon!
Submitted By: NLOisworthless
(228,451 on 2-2007)

Great podcast
Of the many podcasts Ive heard this is the best produced and presented History podcast I have encountered.
Submitted By: argosfalcon
(228,439 on 2-2007)

Hardcore History Rocks!
I love this podcast!
Submitted By: shawn.gordon
(228,289 on 2-2007)

Great show!
Ive found this show to be quite a refreshing change to the ivory tower History that is practiced in the universities by postmodern academics and their politically driven agendas.
Submitted By: ophiussa
(228,192 on 2-2007)

Best source for unbiased, informative history. Keep em coming!
Submitted By: violet_fire
(228,042 on 2-2007)

Great show!
Dan Carlin does a great job of putting history in perspective. And its not boring!
Submitted By: brian.travis
(227,114 on 2-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: blakehendrix
(226,449 on 2-2007)

Dan, you make it come ALIVE! My daughter learned more about what was happening during world war one in 30 minutes than she learned during 2 weeks of school. This is the premier history show on the web, bar none. Do an episode about how the Nazis took over in germany!
Submitted By: mhein
(226,210 on 2-2007)

Your History Can Beat Up His
Baddest one hit my hand.
Submitted By: yocraig
(226,183 on 2-2007)

History that Keeps you awake!
I love history, but Dan Carlin makes history even exciting, and provokes thought about past events.
Submitted By: zman5232
(224,763 on 2-2007)

Every episode you learn something new.
Submitted By: flex_six76
(223,356 on 2-2007)

Brilliant lecture
Dan Carlins exposition of the subject help us realize that we live in a continuum and todays events are only consecuences of past desicions and actions, if we fail to undestand this we condemn or modern society to wander in future history without a sense of real inteligent design of our destiny as humans and concious evolution. Dans briliand disertations are always worth the wait. Congratulations to Dan and keep the excelent work. Luis Flores Aguascalientes, Mexico
Submitted By: luis.flores
(216,976 on 1-2007)

Submitted By: FROSSI
(215,220 on 1-2007)

I love the show!
Submitted By: jennyrick
(212,014 on 1-2007)

Great show
Submitted By: dmartell75
(211,624 on 1-2007)

Well produced, entertaining, enlightening
Submitted By: mikeschultz98
(207,259 on 1-2007)

What you dont know...
If you really want to get to the heart of something you need to know that history of the subject and Hardcore History is the place to do it.
Submitted By: briancmckinley
(206,791 on 1-2007)

love him
Submitted By: larryfernandez
(205,499 on 1-2007)

Great Show!
Im really enjoying the new show! Keep em coming!
Submitted By: wes.raine
(204,920 on 1-2007)

great show no matter which side of the aisle where you "think" that you sit.
Submitted By: handydan1956
(202,238 on 12-2006)

excellent show
Submitted By: zablonski
(200,788 on 12-2006)

Makes History interesting and exciting
Submitted By: jblynch
(199,955 on 12-2006)

interesting history
Submitted By: toldaddy
(197,200 on 12-2006)

I actaully learn something because this show is entertaining. I always used to have the history lessons go in one ear and out the other. Hardcore History keeps me interested.
Submitted By: bdubpro
(196,512 on 12-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: tiselin
(190,628 on 12-2006)

This is an excellent podcast. If you are a fan of history this will educate you and make you think, giving you a new look on old topics. Riviting, please put more episodes out soon!
Submitted By: rexboyce
(189,316 on 11-2006)

Found this podcast through common sense. Great show.
Submitted By: arnd.kohrs
(166,517 on 9-2006)

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