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1 Year Daily Chronological Audio Bible Comments

There are 10 Comments for this Podcast
Cant recommend this enough! Will change your life.
Take a chance and listen to the DAB.
Submitted By: andrewrwheeler1
(546,215 on 4-2013)

Best thing since sliced bread
The Daily Audio Bible is the best podcast I have found. I am thankful I found it on I-tunes...
Submitted By: drmitchell83
(544,979 on 7-2012)

I hope this is the Daily Audio Bible with Brian out of Tennessee...the listing summaries were too sparse to tell. Im voting for the Daily Audio Bible and the Daily Proverb readings
Submitted By: mwendaman
(538,163 on 8-2011)

Life changer! Thanks Brian!
This is an excellent podcast. Listened for 2 yrs. now. Highly, highly recommend! I download this & the Daily Audio Proverb each day.
Submitted By: manteyk
(537,203 on 7-2011)

The best reading of the Lords word out there.
Submitted By: morse.tina
(529,150 on 11-2010)

increase in the knowledge of the bible
this is a podcast that has increased my knowledge of the bible by a hole lot . I thank Brian the author of this podcast for all of the work that he is doing with his hole family directing them into crist. brian has problems in his eyes and he has to wear expecial contacts, and the audience would not have known thet he had that if his wife would not have told us. for he had never told us about the problems with his eyes. and despite that he is an exelent reader. I encourage everiy body I know and every one who reads this to hear the daily audio bible . you can find it on Itunes or in Thanks Brian
Submitted By: colombiadeeddy
(522,694 on 7-2010)

Love it!
Submitted By: caro_sammy
(522,617 on 7-2010)

The Best
I love the DAB!!
Submitted By: tinamorse
(518,756 on 5-2010)

I love the DAB! I listen everyday.
Submitted By: tinamorse
(517,322 on 4-2010)

Love Daily Audio Bible
Brian is a wonderful host. Very accessible.
Submitted By: talktomarcia
(496,104 on 9-2009)

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