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The Uncanny X-Cast Comments

There are 22 Comments for this Podcast
Best Xmen podcast. very entertaining.
Submitted By: sterling.k.johnson
(546,810 on 9-2013)

Podcast Rating
Brian & Rob, I just recently started listening to your podcasts, and I must say its great! I love the way you take the X-men and break it down in your opinion. I believe the difference (and most enjoyable) thing you guys have with your podcast is Rob being reintroduced to the comics. I have been listening to your earlier podcasts (I am on #9 now) and they are just so attention-getting. They keep me listening and looking forward to your next one. I believe my favorite thing you guys talk about would be a close tie between your top five and the Retro-review. Keep up the great work. I would like to put my opinion on a spin-off, from episode 8, out there. I could see a series of a new character who is noone special, with no powers. The first two or three issues could introduce us to the main character and supporting characters and then, BAM, at the end of the third issue, his/her mutant powers (whatever they may be) kick in. This would be a great idea (in my humble opinion) on an origin story from the very beginning. We get to see the major changes going on in the lives of the character and those supporting characters around him/her. What do you think? KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. I look forward for every podcast from you guys. Thanks, Magnetox (Dave Fanning) Sumter, SC
Submitted By: davidwfanning
(493,665 on 8-2009)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(435,188 on 10-2008)
This is THE most entertaining, hilarious, and informative podcast about comics on the entire Internet. TRUST ME, Ive heard them all. This one blows em ALL away, hands down.
Submitted By: corinwentworth
(394,676 on 6-2008)

Love the show
Highly entertaining.
Submitted By: Phillies64isme
(377,380 on 4-2008)

The Best X-Podcast Around
Nuff said
Submitted By: pokerdogjen
(377,373 on 4-2008)

Favorite Podcast
Of the over 30 podcasts I listen to this one is by far my favorite.
Submitted By: matthew004
(290,277 on 7-2007)

Very entertaining show. Engaging hosts. Enjoyable subject matter.
Submitted By: Spats33
(252,211 on 4-2007)

Feb Vote From Tony
Great to finally meet you, Bri! F Rob!
Submitted By: tguagliardo
(232,311 on 2-2007)

January Vote From Tony
MobileHome loves the Uncanny X-cast!
Submitted By: tguagliardo
(204,006 on 1-2007)

January vote from the Collected Comics Library Podcast! Read More Trades In 2007!
Submitted By: shopccl
(203,319 on 1-2007)

December Vote from Remy! Merry X-Mas!
Submitted By: Darius4Bebe
(191,336 on 12-2006)

December Vote from Tony
Have an Uncanny X-mas!
Submitted By: tguagliardo
(190,089 on 12-2006)

November vote from Tony
Submitted By: tguagliardo
(178,339 on 11-2006)

This show rocks!
Submitted By: sgabborin
(168,521 on 10-2006)

I Love Uncanny X-Cast!
Finally an outlet for die hard x-fans!
Submitted By: paul
(168,293 on 10-2006)

Thanks guys for the show!
Submitted By: matthewguyiii
(167,572 on 10-2006)

Oct vote from Tony
Submitted By: tguagliardo
(167,446 on 10-2006)

If you are a fan of Marvels X-Universe, this is the pod-cast for you. Great format pod-cast with good hosts. Very entertaining and informative.
Submitted By: cgiles
(164,882 on 9-2006)

Sept vote from Tony
X-cellent show, guys!
Submitted By: tguagliardo
(158,983 on 9-2006)

Thanks for the show guys!
Submitted By: matthewguyiii
(158,933 on 9-2006)

Sept Vote from the CCL
Submitted By: shopccl
(158,713 on 9-2006)

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