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Soccergirl, Incorporated Comments

There are 1323 Comments for this Podcast
bring back SG!!
To this day a truly unique podcast
Submitted By: robin.somers
(547,161 on 1-2014)

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Submitted By: inder.singh
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Submitted By: claire1215
(526,861 on 10-2010)

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Submitted By: hlthpitt00
(522,080 on 7-2010)

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Submitted By: s71128745
(520,114 on 6-2010)

i love you xxx
Submitted By: jimi2880
(517,599 on 4-2010)

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Submitted By: priyankasinghseo
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Submitted By: priyankasinghseo
(513,779 on 3-2010)

A very cynical young lady.
Submitted By: sreid
(509,545 on 1-2010)

Great show. Loads of quality comedy.
Submitted By: alan.emmerson1977
(509,294 on 1-2010)

brainpulse web hosting
nice post card !!
Submitted By: san.seo02
(508,013 on 12-2009)

Happy Birthday!
.. and thanks for the great show. Ive been enjoying it for years now
Submitted By: hinkepinke
(498,514 on 9-2009)

Soccergirl is fantastically entertaining. Hot and smart! Best by far.
Submitted By: minstrik999
(498,357 on 9-2009)

This Show Should Be #1
Submitted By: mzapolski
(498,255 on 9-2009)

Most kool girl
I like her viewpoint and wish shed do more
Submitted By: Moldred
(496,855 on 9-2009)

Soccergirl rocks
Podcast is fun, entertaining and sometimes even informative.
Submitted By: brucefp
(496,846 on 9-2009)

soccergirl kicks ass
Submitted By: slackington
(494,531 on 8-2009)

parallelorama@googlemail. com
Submitted By: parallelorama
(494,507 on 8-2009)

Soccergirl is quite frankly, the sexiest, cheesiest, most irreverent, most useful and unmissable podcast out there. Hey SG, dont go changin ;-)
Submitted By: Dafttom
(494,505 on 8-2009)

SG Inc Rocks!
Pretty much awesome!
Submitted By: ifbyforce
(494,498 on 8-2009)

Soccergirl is awesome
Love the cast
Submitted By: timfarley
(490,544 on 7-2009)

way to go SoccerGirl
Submitted By: Carlos
(490,542 on 7-2009)

Always interesting
Soccergirl Inc is many things, but it is never repetitious. It is one of those podcasts that is energetic, inventive and creative. You get the feeling that you are part of one persons exploration into their own limits of creativity.
Submitted By: brucefp
(490,242 on 7-2009)

Sg rules!!!!
She always has an intresting sland on life
Submitted By: Moldrad
(489,965 on 7-2009)

voting for Soccergirl
Submitted By: campyonly
(489,829 on 7-2009)

She is the girl of podcasting
If you look for female fronted podcast bands, youve found it - her vocals are excelent and when she is on the stage, everybody is watching her beautiful boo...eyes. Thats right. Eyes. She can growl, she can sing clearly - she can even rap! And she has an incredible sense of humor - she must be on mushrooms often ;-). My type of girl...Science female fronted metal...I mean podcast. With boobs. Eyes. Boobs. Eyes. Dont know where to look? Close your eyes and enjoy the ride!
Submitted By: agquarx
(489,826 on 7-2009)

Beautiful and Spellbinding
Always a surprise with stories, music, soundscapes. I like!
Submitted By: johanges
(489,651 on 7-2009)

Go, Soccergirl!
Funny, smart, and sexy as hell! Long may your skeptic flag wave!
Submitted By: wordboy32310
(489,502 on 7-2009)

I love Soccergirl
Shes the best! Would let her give me a sponge bath any time.
Submitted By: bobwildcat2518
(485,671 on 6-2009)

Sliding through veils
Harsh landings can always disrupt a good trip. Why rip through those veils of reality, tearing perfectly fine fabric that could be used again, when you can glide smoothly into home base. Soccergirl gives feathered wings to all your favorite flotation apparatus!
Submitted By: kowdude
(485,661 on 6-2009)

soccer girl rocks
Soccer girl pod casts are the best. she is so much fun to listen to.
Submitted By: andyou812
(485,560 on 6-2009)

it is just great
I am a new listener of the podcast buy I have listened to nearly 150 episodes in 2 weeks and the only thing I have to say is that it is simply awsome. KEEP UP THE EXCELENT WORK. G.
Submitted By: jumandi_amaru
(485,471 on 6-2009)

Witty; irreverent; sophisticated
Submitted By: skiptowne
(485,451 on 6-2009)

Always a pleasure
Very creative and frequently funny. Great podcast
Submitted By: roland333
(485,438 on 6-2009)

SoccerGirl, Inc.
Submitted By: lin.harper
(481,500 on 5-2009)

soccergirl rocks!
Submitted By: sabre694
(480,821 on 5-2009)

Love Ya!
Says it all really...
Submitted By: ukayjohn
(480,769 on 5-2009)

Soccergirl rocks!
Shes sexy and smart, what more do you want?
Submitted By: greglong1977
(480,483 on 5-2009)

Great Show Soccer Girl
Soccer girl is a great podcast
Submitted By: sutcliff
(480,465 on 5-2009)

Awesome podcast!
I just love this show and have listened or watched all the epidodes.
Submitted By: mzapolski
(480,443 on 5-2009)

I like this show.
Soccergirl amuses me. And shes funnier than your mama.
Submitted By: doctoratlantis
(480,439 on 5-2009)

SG rocks.
Submitted By: steve8282
(480,438 on 5-2009)

Refreshment for the weary mind
Submitted By: jeff
(480,406 on 5-2009)

Go, Soccergirl!
One of my favorite general commentators in the interwebosphere. Funny and smart as hell. Hooray!
Submitted By: wordboy32310
(480,405 on 5-2009)

Awesome Cast
what can one say, soccergirl is the bomb. smart and sexy, cant beat that.
Submitted By: ferpleron
(480,402 on 5-2009)

Love it
If you love random and funny songs, you will love Soccergirl. RyanP is cool too. So listen and dance along.
Submitted By: jeredr
(480,401 on 5-2009)

Soccergirl is the bomb, yo!
It doesnt get better!
Submitted By: abk
(480,400 on 5-2009)

Love it
Soccergirl is da bomb
Submitted By: timfarley
(480,399 on 5-2009)

i love her
seriously, she is awesome
Submitted By: jayboneisbuff
(474,461 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: howard.handy
(466,798 on 2-2009)

so where are the pictures of SoccerGirl and the OutRigger girl??
Submitted By: smellyralph
(466,775 on 2-2009)

Great FUCKIN show!
Totally love listening to Soccergirl on my way to work and being that their about 30 mins takes the whole trip to listen to so i dont have to find something else to listen to! Andrew
Submitted By: griffdawger
(466,234 on 2-2009)

What can one say
top notch very good laughed my tits off funny nice baps excelent beard(im jellous)
Submitted By: jazmakk
(461,931 on 1-2009)

The best podcast ever!!
Submitted By: mail
(458,541 on 1-2009)

she is ok in my notebook
I have a notebook and wrote her in a page but left plenty of space before to write other material. Of which most will be about the DaVinci Code which is true.
Submitted By: mgriffin27
(458,339 on 1-2009)

Each show is a trip of random awesomeness. Showin love from the Free Beer Crew.
Submitted By: FreeBeerPC
(457,623 on 1-2009)

Soccergirl, congratulations on 300 episodes!!!
Submitted By: donb61x01
(447,532 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,528 on 11-2008)

The show is great - Go Soccergirl
Submitted By: zeus-fox
(442,298 on 10-2008)

I love yah
really :]
Submitted By: picera
(429,561 on 9-2008)

very hot ;) keep it up
Submitted By: lamborghini
(428,146 on 9-2008)

Soccergirl Blam!
I enjoy Soccergirl!
Submitted By: roland333
(428,091 on 9-2008)

Soccergirl Forever!
Keep talking!
Submitted By: stuff4sparky
(422,746 on 8-2008)

go soccergirl
I vote for soccergirl
Submitted By: skankinred
(418,224 on 8-2008)

Keith and The Girl - Greasy Haters
When I first started listening to podcasts in 2005, I had four favorites. The PK&J Show, Soccergirl, Incorporated (who introduced me to this media), The Dawn and Drew Show, and finally, Keith and The Girl. I quickly found out that Keith and The Girl had a problem. They hated everyone. They hated the kids they entertained when they had their clown jobs. They hated their manager, they hated people they worked with (Keith had a very brief office job), they hated people on the subway. Hell, they even hated the guy that came over and helped them with remodeling their home for free! I got tired of all the maliciousness and unsubscribed to their podcast. So it came as no surprise that they rudely attacked Soccergirl. Keith and The Girl have no other talent than to attach a weak attempt at humor with hostility towards others. Why are Keith and The Girl so popular here at Podcast Alley? I guess theres a lot of people in this crazy world that love to hate.
Submitted By: donb61x01
(415,367 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: bobby.stanford
(410,476 on 7-2008)

new to this show but i like it and she is so hot!!
Submitted By: mzamora52
(409,318 on 7-2008)

love it!
very clever! Soccergirl is entertaining in every level; the pod cast is so intelligent in a most subtle Kind of way not to mention SEXY! You’re every enlighten man’s fantasy!
Submitted By: sherijoon1
(408,974 on 7-2008)

um soccergirls is crazy hot
yeah soccergirls is like really extremely hot.Its not even funny how hot she is.I would like um give my left nut to have sex with her
Submitted By: soulreaper400
(400,412 on 6-2008)

love your show hope you are still going when i get all the backlog done with
Submitted By: imthemaninthebox
(397,333 on 6-2008)

Friggin cool stuff. Thanks!
Submitted By: badnegro
(397,279 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: ppahub
(394,109 on 6-2008)

Not voting for soccergirl is like not peeing in the morning. At first you think it might work but by noon the presure is building and by three youve embarrassed yourself in public and made a mess all over the be good to your bladder and vote for soccergirl!!!!
Submitted By: sabre694
(393,552 on 6-2008)

You Rock Soccer Girl
Submitted By: bkla123
(393,549 on 6-2008)

Your show is so fun! :)
Submitted By: marithegreater
(387,801 on 5-2008)

SGI rules!
Soccergirl is a delight!
Submitted By: nate19
(386,157 on 5-2008)

I love Soccergirl Inc.! With all the funny bits (not to mention innuendo) and the conversations which will stimulate both of your heads (if you know what I mean) Soccergirl is a sure win and youre missing out if you dont check her out!!! Yay Soccergirl!!!
Submitted By: Military_Junk
(385,000 on 5-2008)

Top 10 but doesn't even do shows. What a rip off?
Submitted By: nuccabeans
(383,798 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: desertsand09
(383,724 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: cwjohann
(383,708 on 5-2008)

Wah hoo.
Buckets of laughs, sardines, and ant traps... The strong and sturdy Rudegeair will prevail! Fan.
Submitted By: alia_886
(383,357 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: ecr489
(382,904 on 5-2008)

consistently entertaining
Submitted By: biminip
(382,077 on 5-2008)

sex xxxx sex
Submitted By: david.john.18
(381,621 on 5-2008)

SG is the best
LOVE the show. I listen at work and it makes the time just fly.
Submitted By: phillip.luna
(379,234 on 4-2008)

heh heh heh
Submitted By: dogpants
(378,074 on 4-2008)

Soccergirl Rulez
Submitted By: giselle.sommerstein
(376,086 on 4-2008)

U Rule
Hi Soccergirl I always have fun listening to your podcast It makes my day alittle better . God Bless Your Tittys Christian Wood Long Island New York
Submitted By: happyman654
(374,086 on 4-2008)

Beer wench of the month
Soccergirl is completely nuts, and thus i live vicariously through her. Chuck
Submitted By: cdonches
(373,396 on 4-2008)

you rock
you rockity rock
Submitted By: peterbufano
(372,453 on 4-2008)

my thoughts
Best "S" "G" I have found. Fun and relaxing tj
Submitted By: t_orin
(371,212 on 4-2008)

endlessly creative
Is there no end to this ladys talents? Not only the hottest girl in podcasting, shes a poet and a pretty good singer too—as well as having the most thoroughly inventive imagination imaginable!
Submitted By: pcalley
(368,657 on 3-2008)

Soccergirl Incorporated FTW
Soccergirl Incorporated is made if win!
Submitted By: arcus_angelus
(368,486 on 3-2008)

yay soccergirl
Submitted By: bingorage
(368,438 on 3-2008)

Best Pod Cast
The smartest and most seductive pod show Ive heard.
Submitted By: lapueblo
(368,350 on 3-2008)

you rock sock
Submitted By: frick
(366,977 on 3-2008)

Yeah, me too
I think that thirteen-year-old old said it best for all of us to all of you...
Submitted By: ehalloran
(366,396 on 3-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: abfidler
(366,159 on 3-2008)

shes good
shes good
Submitted By: drthomr
(366,069 on 3-2008)

Yo babe
Cant wait to see ya on popcorn
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(366,055 on 3-2008)

I cant believe Soccergirl isnt #1!
Submitted By: donb61b01
(364,365 on 3-2008)

soccergirl is the MAN
When is Ryan going to have his own podcast. Ive had enough of what is going on in Soccergirls mind. I want to know what Ryan thinks.
Submitted By: jeredr
(362,917 on 2-2008)

soccergirl is the best podcast out there!!!!
Submitted By: eugenepb
(362,335 on 2-2008)

I have a new tagline for your voting requests: Vote for soccergirl and make her cum! Ok, maybe too corny, but you get the idea. BTW, Ive been on a long hiatus, but Im back voting. Forgive me Soccergirl for I have sinned... oh wait Im Jewish so I dont follow that shit. Nevermind... Love ya, Robert (your not so loyal listener, whip me please!)
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(361,689 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: rkbcngdl
(361,678 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: slaw11975
(361,548 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: kcrowe
(361,126 on 2-2008)

i know this souds wierd, but.... you have the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen and listening to the soud of your voice helps me go to sleep at night. - Orie Marine (im a dude) ps - i am 13
Submitted By: frogmaster95
(361,123 on 2-2008)

Go Go Soccergirl
One of my fave podcasts.
Submitted By: bingorage
(360,956 on 2-2008)

She is the Sarah Silverman of tomorrow... today!
Keep up the good work kid!
Submitted By: jordan.dennis
(360,904 on 2-2008)

Soccergirl makes me freakin crazy!!!
Submitted By: donb61x01
(360,899 on 2-2008)

Only for you...
Hey SG Anybody who really know me, knows I dont do the PA thing anymore, but I couldnt resist your charm.... Good luck, with the votes, but more importantly, good luck with the book. I want to know more.... Until then... Cheers, --Lance
Submitted By: vergefringe
(360,779 on 2-2008)

Glooberosity, Inc.
Your podcast beseeches, besets and elates me to the highest stratum!
Submitted By: sbeddow01
(360,479 on 2-2008)

Youre my fav, sista.
Submitted By: trudegeair01
(360,387 on 2-2008)

You Rock Soccer Girl
Submitted By: bkla123
(360,182 on 2-2008)

Yay Soccergirl!
Good luck!
Submitted By: aosier
(360,169 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: lubakogan
(360,059 on 2-2008)

soccergirl rocks
great, gutsy,sexy podcast
Submitted By: mrscarriep
(359,981 on 2-2008)

What I Think
Soccergirl is funny, smart & hot!
Submitted By: skiptowne
(359,870 on 2-2008)

Soccergirl demands my vote and I willingly give it. Please tally this as my vote for her. Thanks.
Submitted By: chiposcol
(359,869 on 2-2008)

yeh! librarians rule!
Submitted By: lensandcamera
(359,843 on 2-2008)

Is This a Joke?
This is a cakewalk, no contest whatsoever, an absolute lanslide because Soccergirl Inc. is more than anything.... real, and deserves all the respect in the world not only for her unique individuality, but more importantly for maintaining that scarcely found individuality amongst a sea of bulshit artists that shovel to their audience exactly what they are full of.... shit. I sincerely apologize for my profanity, but I don’t think it could be described any better than the fact that she is the fucking balls and deserves all the respect and success she has earned with her ambition, intelligence, and uniqueness, while never relinquishing her deathly grasp of realness in a day and age when it’s a rarity, and virtually extinct. Thanks for everything Soccergirl, when we listen to you it makes our daily lives that much easier and bearable, serving as an outlet to escape when all goes wrong in our lives, while at the same time offering a grounding sense of realness in that escape that has been long lost in the quicksand of our so called “real” everyday lives.
Submitted By: cscsoc5hoc7
(359,817 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: alcatrooper
(359,809 on 2-2008)

soccergirl kicks ass
Submitted By: Alizabel
(359,773 on 2-2008)

I love you soccergirl. soon maybe you can come to 98 and say whatup.
Submitted By: danielmbieber
(359,758 on 2-2008)

Soccergirl Keeps its Real!
Submitted By: dsumberg
(359,755 on 2-2008)

The best show EVER
Submitted By: guyandgirl
(359,743 on 2-2008)

Go Soccergrrl!
Submitted By:
(359,739 on 2-2008)

Entertaining, intelligent, goofy, twisted, funny... whats not to love? Oh, and did I mention drop-dead sexy as well?
Submitted By: encaf1
(359,729 on 2-2008)

Pitchin in!
Go Soccer Girl!!
Submitted By: thedivarockin
(359,722 on 2-2008)

I heart Soccer Girl
Submitted By: justinsimonsen
(359,715 on 2-2008)

Rock On!
Submitted By: fridaynightdanceparty
(359,714 on 2-2008)

SG rulz
Submitted By: jeff
(359,712 on 2-2008)

soccergirl rules
Submitted By: beccaprahl
(359,703 on 2-2008)

soc rocks
soccergirl, incorporated is awesome!
Submitted By: lp215
(359,694 on 2-2008)

soccergirl is the best!
Submitted By: ecr489
(359,692 on 2-2008)
Submitted By: smluoma79
(359,613 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: lostatwork
(359,564 on 2-2008)

great podcast!
Submitted By: dpaskin
(359,148 on 2-2008)

Love your show, and Im happy to vote for you. Would you be so kind to give my podcast a listen, I would appreciate your criticism. The American Smartass http://locnetwor
Submitted By: kroley
(359,077 on 2-2008)

Yes! Very good, very strange. She doesnt do that unnecessarily sped-up voice that everyone else does, which makes it feel organic. The jokes are good yet bizarre, the songs are so good it doesnt matter half of them are played out on a Casio, and the whole thing never feels drawn out or dumbed-down. There Soccergirl, I reviewed your Podcast.
Submitted By: involuntaryabstinence
(358,139 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: rpsthirteen
(357,450 on 2-2008)

Soccergirl, Incorporated is made of win!
Title pretty much sums it up.
Submitted By: arcus_angelus
(357,428 on 2-2008)

fun and insightful
Submitted By: donbullockjr
(356,707 on 2-2008)

You Rock ...Soocer Gal
I tottaly adore your show and i think you make everyone keep it up
Submitted By: farazmani
(355,617 on 1-2008)

Totally awsome casts keep us entertained!!!!
Submitted By: slaw11975
(355,007 on 1-2008)

SG ass
lets see it
Submitted By: gabemeldrum
(354,791 on 1-2008)

Soccergirl rocks!
Submitted By: abfidler
(350,857 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: sos45ck
(348,059 on 1-2008)

I love Soccergirl!
I love your stuff. Im Roland, male 42 years old from the Netherlands and loved your podcast from the first second I saw it. Keep in touch and greetings from Holland, Roland.
Submitted By: rstolk
(347,385 on 1-2008)

Great Show
More entertaining that a real show
Submitted By: southernman99
(339,116 on 12-2007)

votes probably too late. nice photo though!
Submitted By: edh120200
(337,109 on 12-2007)

Bright and varying visions
unrolled to the sound of delightful Musick.
Submitted By: pcalley
(336,670 on 11-2007)

love it
soccer girl is da bomb.
Submitted By: freakna
(333,722 on 11-2007)

simply awesome
Submitted By: matt_glasson
(332,624 on 11-2007)

Submitted By: cates
(325,805 on 11-2007)

I am the luckiest boy in the world because Soccergirl is my girlfriend.
Submitted By: ryanpmurray
(325,447 on 11-2007)

I love SG!
Submitted By: mzapolski
(325,065 on 11-2007)

gotta love it, but must use the headphones at the workie workie!
Submitted By: jwaldron2508
(320,352 on 10-2007)

Soccergirl Inc
I LOVE Soccergirl!
Submitted By: Thing340
(319,909 on 10-2007)

soccer girl rocks. bin listening since 2006 and i just seen a pic. god dam hot as well
Submitted By: freakna
(319,568 on 10-2007)

Rock On
You rock!
Submitted By: westbury78
(319,281 on 10-2007)

Super Duper!
Submitted By: rbermingham
(318,845 on 10-2007)

She tricked me again....I think I am in love
Submitted By: lostatwork
(318,400 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: CHARLESJAN1976
(316,548 on 10-2007)

Virgin no longer
Soccergirl busted by POD-cherry big time - I love it.
Submitted By: southernman99
(314,956 on 10-2007)

a vote
a vote for Soccergirl, Incorporated podcast
Submitted By: ludwickwolfcub
(309,677 on 9-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: rvillars
(308,067 on 9-2007)

Its just great !!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: stefan_140781
(307,566 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: podalley
(304,565 on 9-2007)

Much more than I could ever hope for!
Im not a huge Podcast fan but SoccerGirl has totally sold me on the medium and made me a fan. She is clever, down-to-earth, fun, and NIPPLY! Believe me, this is more than a cool face and a pretty gimmick - wait, I mixed that up.. Whatever.. Ryan and Anneke make an awesome team. You guys rock - lots of love going out to you! =oD
Submitted By: yomar.lopez
(304,196 on 9-2007)

This cast rocks
And not just because she is HOT, for other stuff too ;)
Submitted By: jason272fist
(300,260 on 8-2007)

vote for this great show
Submitted By: gongshengwu
(296,215 on 8-2007)

Love that girl!
Submitted By: luxus00
(294,024 on 8-2007)

love her
love soccergirl
Submitted By: mynamespencer
(291,123 on 7-2007)

Whats happinin
Hey babe
Submitted By: hrt93
(290,159 on 7-2007)

win, anni, win
Submitted By: phbauer2004
(290,146 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: todd.stokes
(289,836 on 7-2007)

Shes such a Doll...
Submitted By: initial.havoc
(286,171 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: lrtitze
(285,657 on 7-2007)

soccergirl rocks
Submitted By: formatmeplease
(284,313 on 7-2007)

A Vote for Soccergirl is a Vote for Justice
Already said.
Submitted By: k_willis
(284,242 on 7-2007)

Nice tits
Submitted By: taweaver
(282,264 on 7-2007)

Who the hell WOULDNT vote for Soccergirl?
Just point them out to me and Ill be sure to have my way... if ya know what I mean. Love ya Soccergirl! Ivy
Submitted By: ivygirl5000
(281,953 on 7-2007)

Im for ass.
Asses are good.
Submitted By: meeeearcus
(280,852 on 7-2007)

As an unbiased party, I say its the best show going!
Submitted By: ryanpmurray
(280,736 on 7-2007)

sooo late this month.
Submitted By: chugach124
(278,567 on 6-2007)

i always love the show
feeling guilty about it again ...
Submitted By: info
(273,417 on 6-2007)

Keep Up The Great Work!
I enjoy listening to your podcast & the Showgirls podcast! Have a great weekend my friend! Dont forget to "Twitter"!
Submitted By: mikeb12653
(271,281 on 6-2007)

This show is what podcasting is all about.
Are you a fan of Catcher in the Rye? and its unedited free flow of real thought? Are you searching for the meaning of Life and in search of the mustarg seed? Then This podcast is for You. Check Her out!
Submitted By: rider196
(271,235 on 6-2007)

Soccergirl forever, I want to move to Germantown!
Submitted By: stefano.sogliani
(270,689 on 6-2007)

Vote Bloke...
Howdy SG, this is Paul from BF. We do a show on the first fridays of every month now and it would be great to have you come on and talk to us. :) Up for it???????
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(270,330 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: jacksonfishauf
(270,148 on 6-2007)

Love the show
Submitted By: rvillars
(269,953 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: darrin_tidwell
(269,824 on 6-2007)

so there it is yah
Submitted By: kwillis
(269,652 on 6-2007)
Submitted By: taweaver
(269,497 on 6-2007)

Awsome Bonkersness
its great, subscribe now
Submitted By: simonlomax
(266,180 on 5-2007)

Awesome! Get that new Macbook Pro!
Submitted By: brace_dude
(265,942 on 5-2007)

Sick And Wrong salutes Soccergirl!
Submitted By: rampageradio
(265,570 on 5-2007)

always creative
Submitted By: biminip
(265,418 on 5-2007)

im confused, I was downloading podcasts about soccer, and came across this. While I have yet to hear ONE WORD about soccer, I have become totally caught up in the world of this cybervixen. listen, and I swear, you wont be able to stop.....promise
Submitted By: jervonics2112
(265,333 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: lrtitze
(265,026 on 5-2007)

Bed wetting good!
Submitted By: stephen.purkis
(263,671 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: silva_harry
(263,036 on 5-2007)

I voted!!!!
I voted for something worth voting for.....SOCCERGIRL!!!!!
Submitted By: shaolin136
(262,549 on 5-2007)

love ya babe
Submitted By: mirandacady
(262,497 on 5-2007)

Great podcast (take my comments with the knowledge that I am a podcast listening newb and I dont have much to compare this to) Very entertaining!
Submitted By: uscfans2000
(261,790 on 5-2007)

LOOOOOL.. Fell for it :)
You rock!
Submitted By: jerry
(261,137 on 5-2007)

SG is my dream girl
she rocks my world
Submitted By: Seasonace
(260,675 on 5-2007)

Best on my iPod!
Soccer Girl is one of the podcast I just cant wait to download & listen to. Keep up the graeta work! Love ya, girl! {{{{{{{{{Soccergirl}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Submitted By: mikeb12653
(259,980 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: revdez
(259,961 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: vinfiniti
(259,912 on 5-2007)

her pussy is ALMOST always wet
Submitted By: mmgoose
(259,674 on 5-2007)

soccergirl rocks
gotta hear this one
Submitted By: gby111
(259,612 on 5-2007)

just gotta
the best at being soccergirl
Submitted By: carry
(259,281 on 5-2007)

I love you!
Submitted By: ryanpmurray
(259,278 on 5-2007)

soccergirl makes me want to rub peanut butter on my nipples and...umm, well, you know.
Submitted By: rich.toth
(259,079 on 5-2007)

Best podcast evar
The truth. Simply so, so much fun.
Submitted By: gnewcomer
(258,979 on 5-2007)

Soccer Grill Makes a Tasty Hot Dog
You know what Im saying.
Submitted By: k_willis
(258,642 on 5-2007)

Who doesnt love SGInc?
I love Soccer Girl, shes fun, talented, and incredibly creative. Ive been listening since her first show, and am never disappointed! Go SGInc! - Steve Runner
Submitted By: steve
(258,518 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: rhino
(258,469 on 5-2007)

imaginative, musical, fun,
Submitted By: maildrop11
(258,173 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: kwillis
(257,951 on 5-2007)

soccergirl is #1
Submitted By: falaishto
(257,923 on 5-2007)

muah to soccergirl
luv, PodChick
Submitted By: kfc
(257,888 on 5-2007)

How could someone - anyone - not love this show?
Submitted By: guyandgirl
(257,886 on 5-2007)

Howdy SG. This is Paul from BF, tossing a vote for you, among tossing other things. :) Hope youre doing super duper.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(257,868 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: stephenogorman
(257,775 on 5-2007)

The best
SG rolls! Err, Rocks!
Submitted By: nlj
(256,844 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: chugach124
(256,735 on 4-2007)

Wit and Wiles
favorite podcast... ever... sex for the brain.
Submitted By: sylly
(256,715 on 4-2007)

Damn, I love this podcast. I grew up not far from Bard College, I hope she continues this after she graduates. Great Show!!!!
Submitted By: psychodoctor1860
(256,581 on 4-2007)

your awesome
Submitted By: s_ward_22
(256,327 on 4-2007)

soccergirl inc
Submitted By: yajart
(255,532 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: lunch_art
(255,246 on 4-2007)

Just fantastic
Soccer Girl, sei fantastica, ti mando un bacio dalla capitale della moda Milano....... Soccer Girl, u r fantastic, a wet kiss from fashion capital, Milan
Submitted By: enricobanchi
(254,568 on 4-2007)

am I wrong? U go girl.... :) Franklin
Submitted By: frank
(254,148 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: ricebill1
(254,121 on 4-2007)

Soccergirl is joy incarnate.
Submitted By: volkyman
(253,939 on 4-2007)

Love the show! (not an original statement, but true none the less)
Submitted By: gamer4life27
(253,904 on 4-2007)

Its hard to believe so much creativity is confined in one brain... spanning so many fields. Lets just fire everyone in Hollywood and clone Soccergirl.
Submitted By: dahallz
(253,793 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: julie_felder
(253,376 on 4-2007)

CAUTION: Ridiculous yet undeniably real crush ahead
Ever since I began listening to podcasts in late 2005, I often came across mention of "SoccerGirl", almost always in the form of a glowing recommendation. But I only got around to finally checking out this mysterioius girl of soccer and her eponymous podcast last week. Ive now listened to three of the "regular" episodes plus both of her landmark retrospective compilation shows, known as Episode #100 and Episode #200. "SoccerGirl the Podcast" and "SoccerGirl the Person" can both be quite accurately described with the exact same combination of adjectives: quirky, honest, fun, playful, fascinating, and often hilarious. But theyre also easy to tell apart.: - "SoccerGirl the Podcast" is the one you want in your iPod or other audio player. - "SoccerGirl the Person" is the one you want in your hot tub, your car, your embrace, your bed, your wedding album, your family tree, and your life." Because if you are a heterosexual male and have already heard at least one whole episode
Submitted By: derrickp
(253,315 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: whip.smarts
(253,252 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: da_seanster
(253,014 on 4-2007)

New to the Show
Pretty Cool1
Submitted By: SarX_man
(252,979 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: scottmerrick
(252,790 on 4-2007)

stay tuned !!!
Submitted By: neitching
(252,714 on 4-2007)

Soccergirl rocks!
Submitted By: greendisco
(252,638 on 4-2007)

She Rocks
Lets get her to number 2 and see her ass!
Submitted By: shaftmanster
(252,591 on 4-2007)

Yeah Soccergirl
Submitted By: dwink
(252,586 on 4-2007)

Why the hell not. Enoy my big, throbbing, Polish vote.
Submitted By: Goldendannyj
(252,442 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: steel2
(252,408 on 4-2007)

Soccergirl rocks!
Submitted By: umtank
(252,343 on 4-2007)

plan nine says...
Hardee Har Har.....
Submitted By: p9print
(252,316 on 4-2007)

I vote Yay!
Submitted By: a.duckman
(252,140 on 4-2007)

not a tease
she delivers. creative, fun, smart, with an undercurrent of naive goodness.
Submitted By: maildrop11
(252,106 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: mckenzdj19
(251,974 on 4-2007)

love the show
even after all this time, you still shine like a light bright
Submitted By: thekracker
(251,879 on 4-2007)

Really Great!
Submitted By: hpinyak
(251,815 on 4-2007)

Love it
best one around, STILL
Submitted By: fester_hicks
(251,513 on 4-2007)

love is the word
Submitted By: eesti65
(251,510 on 4-2007)

I know this is bullshit
I know this is bullshit. There no pornoart. I know it!
Submitted By: kwillis
(251,394 on 4-2007)

Yeah you also got me last year with the porn short...
Submitted By: phbauer2004
(251,222 on 4-2007)

Love SG!
To hear her is to love her! SG Inc. is one of the most creative PodCasts out there! - SteveRunner
Submitted By: steve
(251,170 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: oldlife93
(251,015 on 4-2007)

nasty girl fooling around again!
Submitted By: taweaver
(250,916 on 4-2007)

Love That SoccerGirl!!
Submitted By: abe.froeman
(250,685 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: richardlarabee
(250,524 on 4-2007)

soccergirl is the best podcaster in the world
Submitted By: waterdancinginaglasshalffull
(250,291 on 4-2007)

You rock, girl!
Love ya!
Submitted By: podcastalley
(250,270 on 4-2007)

Go soccer girl
Submitted By: kinky_gentleman1970
(250,230 on 4-2007)

i think i love you
Submitted By: celticsfan06
(250,165 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: satch
(250,117 on 4-2007)

interesting show....
Submitted By: alena_mclain
(250,058 on 4-2007)

A great achievment in podcasting, absurd and beautiful in equal measure. Give it a listen.
Submitted By: chrickan
(250,042 on 4-2007)

Blah blah blah
Submitted By: tsai01
(250,013 on 4-2007)

best show
yo guys come on and vote for the best show on earth
Submitted By: polarbear555db
(249,965 on 4-2007)

I am voting
Yay for voting!
Submitted By: doorock42
(249,918 on 4-2007)

foiled again damn those tempting pussylips
Submitted By: thenintendofreak
(249,804 on 4-2007)

S-Girl Rocks
Shes smart, and sexy, and has just the right dab of perv.
Submitted By:
(249,708 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: csallert
(249,661 on 4-2007)

Soccor, your super f in hot ~ wonderful wishes on your 200th, its sure to be stupenderous! PS. that pair beats a full house!
Submitted By: cheeksterling
(249,542 on 4-2007)

Soccergirl Rules
yes she does
Submitted By: basstom1
(249,369 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: buzz
(249,363 on 4-2007)

I dig it.
Submitted By: dipascal
(249,251 on 4-2007)

Its good!
Submitted By: irrision
(249,119 on 4-2007)

SG Rocks!!
SG is the greatest. Sexy, intelligent, talented, witty, the whole complete package! Much love to SG!
Submitted By: alderfearn
(248,960 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: ro
(248,898 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: fakeemail
(248,887 on 4-2007)

Vote for Soccergirl...
Howdy SG, this is Paul from BF tossing a vote your way. Its not the only thing Im tossing. Meaning something goofy and a bit perverted, but I think you can take it. Keep on keepin on.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(248,814 on 4-2007)

Vastly entertaining
Submitted By: david.medland-slater
(248,536 on 4-2007)

Theres no reason you shouldnt be on the top 10! VOTE PEOPLE!
Submitted By: your.accidentaldeath
(247,394 on 4-2007)

Show me your Ass!! me your ass?
Submitted By: badhonkymutha
(247,337 on 4-2007)

Great chest
But when are we going to see that ass?
Submitted By: stephenogorman
(246,382 on 4-2007)

What a creative person!
Submitted By: jeeves18
(245,299 on 3-2007)

Soccergirl is the best freespirit on the internet
Submitted By: jvanderw
(244,462 on 3-2007)

WTF! March 26th and I am only now voting? :) sn
Submitted By: chugach124
(243,711 on 3-2007)

Brilliant & funny.
Submitted By: adrian-campa
(243,231 on 3-2007)

Stock in you
I wish I could buy stock in you because you are going to be a household name. I just moved to Los Angeles, CA from Hartford CT and you make me miss home. You have the New England hippy charm I love. Good luck
Submitted By: ricebill1
(240,401 on 3-2007)

Ive seen your ass,exceptionally nice,R
Submitted By: robinshoo
(240,378 on 3-2007)

Jesus Christ!
you suck ass. How the fuck is this show popular? -Baron Von Snatch
Submitted By: jonny1717
(238,842 on 3-2007)

Soccergirl Rules
I find this show fun and sexy.
Submitted By: beeplikeajeep
(238,808 on 3-2007)

Brilliant lady
Soccergirl is intelligent, original, sexy and fun. Enjoy yourself, darling!
Submitted By:
(238,708 on 3-2007)

more smurf porn
Submitted By: gamer4life27
(238,507 on 3-2007)

You Rock
Soccergirl you rock out loud. and your hot, can you send me pics of you
Submitted By: albinowhale15
(238,379 on 3-2007)

Cant wait to see that butt
Submitted By: dwkinn
(238,334 on 3-2007)

the interns lover her
so do I
Submitted By: Jeremy.Maldonado
(237,744 on 3-2007)

my vote
hello SG im just stopping by to drop you a vote
Submitted By: solid_snake24
(236,897 on 3-2007)

Smashing stuff. Good show etc.
Submitted By: stephenogorman
(236,887 on 3-2007)

Love S.G.
Shees the best
Submitted By: bryanmade
(235,909 on 3-2007)

Soccergirl, Inc Rocks
fo shizzle
Submitted By: relgart
(235,780 on 3-2007)

I love listening to SoccerGirl. She reminds me of my daughter whom I havent heard from in years.
Submitted By: maildrop11
(235,601 on 3-2007)

candidradio loves soccergirl
Love the show, keep up the great work.
Submitted By: candidradio
(235,400 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: bk_3e
(235,285 on 3-2007)

sg rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By:
(235,055 on 3-2007)

Okay then
I voted, geez.
Submitted By: mky
(235,016 on 3-2007)

SG Rulz!!
Submitted By: tcbracing
(234,951 on 3-2007)

Soccergirl is the best
This girl really knows her way around a podcast and also life in general.
Submitted By: fester_hicks
(234,942 on 3-2007)

thanks for that meant a lot....
Submitted By: openintro
(234,931 on 3-2007)

Best show
Love them boobies!!!
Submitted By: cyahman
(234,903 on 3-2007)

Sweet person
Soccergirl is a very sweet and kind person, whom I have listened to since she first started her Yes, but smart, interesting and entertaining as well. She deserves to be #1, and heres my vote! - Steve Runner
Submitted By: steve
(234,888 on 3-2007)

Soccergirl Rocks!
Submitted By: greendisco
(234,422 on 3-2007)

I love you!
Submitted By: ryanpmurray
(234,346 on 3-2007)

SG is the sexiest!
Submitted By: Seasonace
(233,534 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: stagetec
(233,358 on 3-2007)

Voting for the Best
Picards favorite podcast, this show is very entertaining. SGs voice is very inviting and playful, a very enjoyable show all around.
Submitted By: sgreger
(232,469 on 2-2007)

Submitted By: stephenogorman
(230,170 on 2-2007)

Submitted By: wildvector
(226,749 on 2-2007)

this is probably the most freakin awesome show. ever.
Submitted By: jat3
(226,737 on 2-2007)

luv Soccer Girl
Submitted By: bryanmade
(224,929 on 2-2007)

Submitted By: paulsaurini
(224,698 on 2-2007)

Soccergirl Rules!!
AND shes hot to boot! =-]
Submitted By: dantan98
(224,291 on 2-2007)

Submitted By: pants9119
(224,001 on 2-2007)

soccergirl rocks!
Submitted By: falaishto
(223,780 on 2-2007)

SG rules
Submitted By: seasonace
(223,779 on 2-2007)

soccergirl rules!!!!
Submitted By:
(223,487 on 2-2007)

Soccergirl Rocks
Tossing a vote for a fav girl
Submitted By: CockyFlirt
(223,380 on 2-2007)

still kick ass!! woo hoo! vc/dc
Submitted By: vealchart
(223,307 on 2-2007)

let there be ASSSS
lemme see it now.
Submitted By: taweaver
(223,267 on 2-2007)

SoccerGirl RULES!
Submitted By: nselse
(223,236 on 2-2007)

damn straight
Soccergirl FTW!
Submitted By: sam_theridge991
(223,226 on 2-2007)

Love you SG
love the show SG keep podcasting
Submitted By: solid_snake24
(220,187 on 2-2007)

The Podcast Rocks!
I love the podcast just because of how much time and effort you put into it. especially the music.
Submitted By: Blacklabel_7
(215,778 on 1-2007)

Best show on the pod
intelligent and real, with a quirky yet enticing wit
Submitted By: sylly
(215,158 on 1-2007)

Podcast good.
Soccergirl is the worlds new greatest MC on the one.
Submitted By: ryanpmurray
(214,467 on 1-2007)

Soccergirl, Inc is my new wet dream. Love, Sick and Wrong
Submitted By: rampageradio
(214,208 on 1-2007)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay soccergirl!
Submitted By: twnklilstar13
(213,361 on 1-2007)

Soccergirl, Incorporated
Soccergirl, Incorporated rocks
Submitted By: ducky_30285
(213,137 on 1-2007)

I really enjoy the show.
Submitted By: jeeves18
(212,880 on 1-2007)

Soccer Girl Rules!
Submitted By: justin.ehly
(212,698 on 1-2007)

Soccergirl rules!
Submitted By: briangintytech
(212,696 on 1-2007)

Simply the best podcast out there. The spirit!
Submitted By: graphixjames
(212,691 on 1-2007)

SG inc gives my brain stuff to think about
Submitted By: relgart
(212,687 on 1-2007)

Hell yea SoccerGirl
Best Podcast ever, makes my day go by so much better
Submitted By: ericmors
(212,686 on 1-2007)

you freekin rule
just the 2 coolest things ever and so the show good to
Submitted By: sifoster
(212,681 on 1-2007)

Hurrah Hurrah!
Better than KFC, finger lickn good! Gotta love it...!!!
Submitted By: neosar
(212,671 on 1-2007)

a ding ding!
Submitted By: rwoerth
(212,666 on 1-2007)

A new Listener from across the sea.
I have just found the show and love it.
Submitted By: matt_johnson
(211,373 on 1-2007)

Great stuff: Compulsive & easy listening. Plus SINGING!
Submitted By: cphughes99
(211,051 on 1-2007)

Soccergirl v0ted :)
Soccergirl Inc is awesome... sure Ill vote it. And make sure I wish everyone a HNY. Hope 07 will be a good one ;-)
Submitted By: lonn.daniel
(210,144 on 1-2007)

Amazing Show
One of the reason I listen to podcasts
Submitted By: tratios
(209,793 on 1-2007)

SG makes me smile.
Submitted By: capedude
(209,692 on 1-2007)
Submitted By: thesevengimps
(209,539 on 1-2007)

Sweet show!!
Submitted By: jarvisgarcia
(209,415 on 1-2007)

Soccergirl Rules
Sexy Girl, Great Show
Submitted By: lickingood
(209,201 on 1-2007)

Hot intelligent women.
I love that there is a bad ass chick out there that is both hot, and pretty fuckin intelligent. I love the show. Plus I am doing this to see soccergirls ass, its deffinately a bonus.
Submitted By: fuzz1303
(209,175 on 1-2007)

Submitted By: scottmerrick
(208,642 on 1-2007)

carry on big girl !
Submitted By: neitching
(208,516 on 1-2007)

yes... super cool. p.s. My cat can eat a whole watermelon.. still
Submitted By: vealchart
(208,507 on 1-2007)

the bomb
Soccergirl is the bomb. Don;t deny it - you know its true. this is the best podcast for everyday use and really makes the time go by. so nice.
Submitted By: nselse
(208,492 on 1-2007)

nice rack, i mean podcast...
thanks soccergirl!
Submitted By: albanynym
(208,484 on 1-2007)

SUP wit CHOO???????? Havent heard from you in a million years, Ms. Bizzy Wig. How are things??? Hope youre doing well! Paul @ BF
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(208,434 on 1-2007)

Awesome podcast
She is the hottest podcaster on the net and I, and the rest of the UK, love her dearly :)
Submitted By: chris.evans
(208,424 on 1-2007)

My Vote is for SG
SG where u at?
Submitted By: dwink
(208,418 on 1-2007)

you rock!
what he said--------->
Submitted By: richw
(208,415 on 1-2007)

Love the show.
Submitted By: jaderobbins
(207,481 on 1-2007)

Love your voice
I love your voice. Its so smooth.
Submitted By: ricovitale
(207,423 on 1-2007)

Fantastic as always
Submitted By: cdasloon
(207,006 on 1-2007)

Only podcast I listen to faithfully
Submitted By: rider196
(206,973 on 1-2007)

refreshing female american voice on the airwaves....keep it up sweet heart....
Submitted By: cleopat
(206,004 on 1-2007)

I actually voted in the first week of a month. Wow. Hope you had a great newyear, sg. Steve
Submitted By: chugach124
(204,697 on 1-2007)

hehe.. its amazing.. i mean.. not like a very touchy podcast but its funny. :)
Submitted By: du_luzbel
(204,500 on 1-2007)

Love Soccergirl, Inc.
Soccergirl rocks my socks every day of the week. Even if there isnt a new episode out yet, Im highly anticpating the next and newest podcast from her. Much love to you Soccergirl!!!!!!! ~Theresa~
Submitted By: Italianprinces435
(204,303 on 1-2007)

Happy New Year
OK... so my comment title was the easy and obvious one... Still a little hung over so Im sticking with the standards. OH it is supposed to be a comment about the show....there I go again... I need to focus.... ooh a butterfly.
Submitted By: ardentoctopus
(203,880 on 1-2007)

rather odd, but interesting.
Submitted By: ke4mai
(203,682 on 1-2007)

Shes Great!
seriously great podcast. I enjoy the randomness of it.
Submitted By: jaderobbins
(201,177 on 12-2006)

The best
Hands down - the best - anywhere
Submitted By: dancer
(201,124 on 12-2006)

So very terrif.
This show is fabulous to the max. Love that Ryan P. Hilarious! (Full disclosure: I am him.)
Submitted By: ryanpmurray
(196,960 on 12-2006)

go girl
Submitted By: trudegeair01
(195,034 on 12-2006)

Love It
This podcast is fantastic. it really renews your belief in the american spirit, the arts, and the importance of self expression. Erotic, sexy, adventurous and infectious...yummy.
Submitted By: nselse
(194,809 on 12-2006)

Best podcast ever !
Submitted By: neitching
(193,599 on 12-2006)

love that soccergirl
no 07 calendar???
Submitted By: taweaver
(192,964 on 12-2006)

Soccergirl RULEZ!!
Shes the best! =-]
Submitted By: dantan98
(192,840 on 12-2006)

ho ho ho from kfc
Submitted By: kfc
(192,839 on 12-2006)

Vote Yo
Submitted By: dwink
(192,834 on 12-2006)

How can you not love Soccergirl?
Submitted By: jthannon
(191,706 on 12-2006)

Simply the best!
Submitted By: stagetec
(190,592 on 12-2006)

Hot and sexy
Love listening to her pod casts. She is sweet and sexy all at the same time.
Submitted By: greenergrass51
(189,230 on 11-2006)

Brainy, Bawdy, Bodacious
Love it! Kee the shows coming.
Submitted By: mzapolski
(188,859 on 11-2006)

Love ya Soccergirl!
Submitted By: orangedakine
(188,831 on 11-2006)

LATE! I know. ;) ~Steve.
Submitted By: chugach124
(188,562 on 11-2006)

Fun, Real and totally awesome......... :p
Submitted By: confused-one
(188,280 on 11-2006)

Kickass Podcast
Submitted By: cb7374
(188,275 on 11-2006)

The Plan Nine Rock Show
The Plan Nine Rock Show
Submitted By: p9print
(188,057 on 11-2006)

Like her show
Shes smart and sexy. You cant beat that combo.
Submitted By: tayl1967
(187,598 on 11-2006)

I love Anni!
I love watching your podcasts. You are a freak! But in a good, hilarious, sexy kinda way. Your the best. Keep on doing what you do, Anni! Hugs and kisses on all your pink parts the original moonchiled
Submitted By: moonchiled75
(186,478 on 11-2006)

great show
very enjoyable..
Submitted By: jkf385
(185,804 on 11-2006)

soccergirl podcast vote
Submitted By: justin.ehly
(184,678 on 11-2006)

woop! woop!
Submitted By: rwoerth
(184,644 on 11-2006)

Love Soccergirl
hey, fantastic show. Love you soccergirl!
Submitted By: agunandtwocigarettes
(182,011 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,845 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,844 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,840 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,839 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,838 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,837 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,834 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,833 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,831 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,830 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,829 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,828 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,827 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,826 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,825 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,824 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,823 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,822 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,821 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,820 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,819 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,817 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,816 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,814 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: halley3fur
(181,811 on 11-2006)

Very Intriguing
Submitted By: jtlopez
(180,689 on 11-2006)

Hey Soccergirl, Whats up? Have a happy november. PhilosophyGuy
Submitted By: podsafecomedycountdown
(180,104 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: jmilitello
(179,992 on 11-2006)

Woo Hoo
SG kicks much ass!! word is bond .. vealchartdotcom
Submitted By: vealchart
(179,793 on 11-2006)

great stuff
keep it up -- love your frankness
Submitted By: biminip
(179,777 on 11-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(179,337 on 11-2006)

Soccer Grill Cooks!
I especially love the marinated kielbasa.
Submitted By: kswillis
(178,901 on 11-2006)

Vote Bitches!!
Submitted By: rooster7011
(178,827 on 11-2006)

Hola from Australia!
Heya SoccerGirl, This is Finn all the way from Down Under! You e nagging finally got me to vote for your show, coz, god knows, you deserve it! Me and my boyfriend Jake think you are awesome and i have never laughed as hard as i did when i heard The Egotist" and "SlaughterGirl Coin-Operated" not to mention Mademoiselle Masturbation! Rock on, SoccerGirl, you e awesome! Luv Ya Lots from Australia! Finn~
Submitted By: shenzi_easternhall
(177,005 on 10-2006)

I luv soccergirl
Just stumbled onto this show and am completely immersed in all that is soccergirl
Submitted By: dwink
(175,696 on 10-2006)

See!! ;)
Submitted By: chugach124
(175,437 on 10-2006)

In love with Bill O' Reilly
why soccergirl loves Bill O' Reilly -- I have developed my style after watching Bill O' Reilly and I owe all my success to mimicking everything about my hero...Mr. Bill O' Reilly
Submitted By: soccergrills_servitude_for_bill
(174,842 on 10-2006)

In love with Bill O' Reilly
why soccergirl loves Bill O' Reilly -- He is always right
Submitted By: soccergrills_servitude_for_bill
(174,838 on 10-2006)

In love with Bill O' Reilly
why soccergirl loves Bill O' Reilly -- I learned how do my show by watching Bill O' Reilly's program
Submitted By: soccergrills_servitude_for_bill
(174,835 on 10-2006)

In love with Bill O' Reilly
why soccergirl loves Bill O' Reilly -- He's on Fox, the best network
Submitted By: soccergrills_servitude_for_bill
(174,833 on 10-2006)

In love with Bill O' Reilly
why soccergirl loves Bill O' Reilly -- He is what I really look for in a man
Submitted By: soccergrills_servitude_for_bill
(174,831 on 10-2006)

In love with Bill O' Reilly
why soccergirl loves Bill O' Reilly -- I have admired his view since I was a child
Submitted By: soccergrills_servitude_for_bill
(174,830 on 10-2006)

In love with Bill O' Reilly
why soccergirl loves Bill O' Reilly-- He knows how to do his talking points
Submitted By: soccergrills_servitude_for_bill
(174,829 on 10-2006)

In love with Bill O' Reilly
why soccergirl loves Bill O' Reilly--He is a sharp dresser
Submitted By: soccergrills_servitude_for_bill
(174,827 on 10-2006)

First naked podcaster!!!!
Submitted By: rm5373
(174,798 on 10-2006)

Submitted By: brian
(174,737 on 10-2006)

Submitted By: b_i_g_kid
(174,699 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote," I have come to learn the important things in life are 1. Bill O' Reilly 2. follow his advice 3. appriciate his superior smile"
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,693 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote,"I am at a dilemma. I love Bill O' Reilly, but I want to be on his show."
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,688 on 10-2006)

soccergirl is so sweet
Go sg
Submitted By: donbullockjr
(174,683 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote," I love Bill but that Anton is a trip"!!!
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,676 on 10-2006)

Save Robert Anton Wilson!!!
Hes sick and nearly out of money!
Submitted By: ghoulardi
(174,667 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote," Bill is my one true love"
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,659 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote," I never knew what Bill was like until I started to think the proper way."
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,657 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote," I am a Bill lover, I love his toes to nibble on"
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,655 on 10-2006)

good stuff
Soccer Girls shows are always entertaining...and shes HOT!!!
Submitted By: guebs007
(174,647 on 10-2006)

pure joy
I lost my job, broke up with my girlfriend, and was feeling like a total loser. Then, I discovered Soccergirl. I bet someones gonna read this and think its disengenuous, but her podcast got me through some shitty times. Anyone who says anything bad about her podcast can fuck themselves. I love you, Soccergirl. Keep doing what you e doing.
Submitted By: anstead42
(174,643 on 10-2006)

do not be sad!
Submitted By: eesti65
(174,640 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote," I used to be unfocused until I fell in love with Bill O' Reilly"
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,627 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote," now I found my love, my Bill O' Reilly"
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,626 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote," my life changed once I adopted the Bill O' Reilly lifestyle"
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,625 on 10-2006)

Soccergirl Rulz!!! OCEANSIIIIIIIDE!!!!
Submitted By: rooster7011
(174,619 on 10-2006)

Submitted By: cyahman
(174,615 on 10-2006)

She really understands me. I dig that! And she has the nicest tits Ive seen in a while!
Submitted By: antoniofascilla
(174,587 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote," growing up, Bill was my hero and the father I wish I always had"
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,585 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
soccergirl actual quote," I have always loved Bill and wanted to have his baby"
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,584 on 10-2006)

Soccergirls the best, I don care what anybody says
Submitted By: morpheus12526
(174,579 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
Who is the smartest man on earth? Bill O' Reilly of course!!!!
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,578 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
Bill O' Reilly is always right and follow what he says!!!!
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,577 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
Bill O' Reilly is brilliant
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,576 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
Bill O' Reilly is who soccergirl looks up to!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,575 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
Bill O' Reilly knows his stuff!!!!
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,574 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
Bill O' Reilly is the smartest!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,573 on 10-2006)

Bill O' Reilly Rules
Bill O' Reilly is just superb!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: soccer_loves_bill
(174,572 on 10-2006)

Soccergirl is brillian
This is what the internet is all about. I love Soccergirl. If only everyone could be as creative as her. Keep it up
Submitted By: eightywattthought
(174,561 on 10-2006)

Aww, so sorry your little show can't get listeners! Soccergirl's 50,000 must sting.
Submitted By: sexy73734
(174,555 on 10-2006)

It's so sad that you idiots think you're qualified to judge anything more than your simple bullshit, especially when you say things like "it's simple in its structure". Even if you hate the show, you have to admit that the structure is innovative! Jesus. Whatever, it's probably just the same person writing all these neggative and moronic comments anyway.
Submitted By: chip_lafferty
(174,553 on 10-2006)

This is a joke
my roommates a podcaster. said if I want to hear cats yelling in confusion, to listen to this podcast. Gotta tell ya', they are right. I don't understand people singing off key.
Submitted By: bxs_bsop
(174,379 on 10-2006)

9 out of 10 podcasts agree!!
We get together, about 5 podcasters and review really bad podcasts. This is one of them. General concensus is that this is stale, tierd. It's simple in its structure. Wonder if this just for shock value.
Submitted By: nrk_callzz
(174,378 on 10-2006)

This is better art than anything I've seen lately
Good art is controversial. Looks like you've got that down SG! I love the show. It's complicated. Lots of people are afraid of complicated. Why do you think Mr. Show got cancelled?
Submitted By: tcherpnin001
(174,211 on 10-2006)

Podcast Ally Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(173,660 on 10-2006)

Show is sub-par, low-rez vids, been checking out podcasting and I know I'm going to listen to other podcasts for now on instead of this crappy noise. Never posted before, glad I did.
Submitted By: gxcz_zhj
(172,053 on 10-2006)

She is awesome
She is outstanding, good videos, I saw her news videoclip on google, and now I think I am going to check out podcasting, I never even messed with it before. Dave
Submitted By: david12597
(172,031 on 10-2006)

What Is This Crap!!!!!
What a waste of time!!!!
Submitted By: ccr_xaz
(171,592 on 10-2006)

This Ain't Art Bro
Bro, I'm an artist in Jersey. It's a joke if anything is considered art. Take piss an' mix with spit, dip a roach in. Now that would be art compared to this nonsense. Now that I get.
Submitted By: jrz_urt
(171,556 on 10-2006)

Complete Rubbish?
As an artist, the first thing you must be aware of is that anything and everything is and can be considered as art. This show communicates with thousands of us, from various parts of the world. We get it and will always do so. I had hitherto, thought of artists as openminded people. Guess I was wrong...
Submitted By: Thr3wayfilms
(171,507 on 10-2006)

Rip Off Voice
Can I ask where else you've heard my voice? I did a promo for SG that played on Distorted View recently, other than that , I'm not aware of!.
Submitted By: thr3wayfilms
(171,504 on 10-2006)

Rip off voice!!
It's funny that you keep hearing a guys voice from england and she says he calls her. If you listen to other podcasts, they used that same guy to talk in other podcasts as well. Guess it's art...
Submitted By: mq_vppq
(171,434 on 10-2006)

Complete Rubbish!!!
Dude, I'm an artist and one thing art has to do is communicate. This podcast falls way short of that, therefore it's Narcissistic Rubbish!!
Submitted By: aurtu_mz
(171,432 on 10-2006)

soccergirl is #1!
See title.
Submitted By: inatter
(171,267 on 10-2006)

Douch! If you'd ever paid a cent for Soccergirl's show, maybe she'd be obligated to cater to your mainstream, bland, close minded and art-devoid sensibility. As it is, you got something for free and instead of being grateful you complain. I'd love to see you or anyone try to do the innovative work Soccergirl does every single week... actually I'll keep my money.
Submitted By: chip_lafferty
(171,258 on 10-2006)

Don't worry Soccergirl, For every person that doesn't like your show, there is a fetal alcohol past to consider. You're so smart and so talented and I hope you keep podcasting forever! -Roc
Submitted By: better_sex8
(171,255 on 10-2006)

I Want My Money Back!!!!
Listening to this podcast is like anticipating a great ride, paying full admission and waiting hours in line. Then with great expectation you sit through the ordeal and its over. Aside from the disappointment, one can only hope to get ones money back!!!
Submitted By: ptrnk_rrhwam
(171,044 on 10-2006)

what is this junk?
when the guys over at the other podcast told me to listen to this i was like sure, it just doesnt make any sense, no point to any of it and at the end your left wishing for the apocalypse. Thanks alot guys!!!!
Submitted By: tsnne_kkr
(170,860 on 10-2006)

Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Submitted By: cdasloon
(170,689 on 10-2006)

Voting for you.
This is Paul from BF. You don have to return the favor of voting because it DOESNT matter. BUT, you SHOULD consider coming on the phoneline and catching up. Yeah??? Let me know. You e impossible to reach.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(170,659 on 10-2006)

Mikey sends his love
It was great meeting you at the expo. Hope to do it again sometime. Public Nuisance Radio loves Soccergirl...... Rock on
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(170,584 on 10-2006)

SoccerGirl Rules!
Submitted By: travisbow
(170,368 on 10-2006)

Soccergirl is the best!!
Submitted By:
(170,359 on 10-2006)

Disliking the show is one thing, but I can never understand why people feel like they need to personally attack perfect strangers.
Submitted By: soccergirlincorporated
(170,340 on 10-2006)

she doesn't have a clue
went to the marriott and booths this past weekend....I gotta say what I saw was a person that if you don't compliment her 24/7....she'll talk behind your back or ignore you or even both....its sad really that she lives in her own world and doesnt know what reality is...
Submitted By: octoberrfests
(170,332 on 10-2006)

Sorry. I can't believe anyone can stand to listen to more than 1 episode of this.
Submitted By: img_fx
(170,239 on 10-2006)

PodChick luvs Soccergirl!
Submitted By: kfc
(169,954 on 10-2006)

New Listener
nice tits. love the show. keep it up
Submitted By: solid_snake24
(168,008 on 10-2006)

hurm hurm hurm
Submitted By: albert.paras
(167,153 on 9-2006)

Hi, I´m from Austria and I love this podcast! They are really great - I´m looking forward to the next with great interest! I love it!
Submitted By: hh55
(166,345 on 9-2006)

you rock
yr show is pretty cool. MORE AUDIO PICTURES!!! like yr thots abt stuff like skydiving, the existential meaning of living in a physical body. lonely postal worker Brian
Submitted By: getstakerized
(166,323 on 9-2006)

Soccergirl Inc. is my hero!
Submitted By: nospamhere
(166,136 on 9-2006)

youll fall 4 her
the best podcast
Submitted By: gshollar
(166,129 on 9-2006)

Mmm soccergirl
Smart, funny and beautiful.....what more could you want?
Submitted By: tabooradley
(165,442 on 9-2006)
Submitted By: guy451montag
(164,758 on 9-2006)

Soccergirl #1
I think shes a little crazy, but shes so lovely and sexy!
Submitted By:
(164,556 on 9-2006)

Kick ass
It takes alot for me to vote in one of these things and she does it.
Submitted By: jnewport4
(164,224 on 9-2006)

This show rocks
Soccergirl ... oh yes!
Submitted By: mikebladon
(164,126 on 9-2006)

Bring on that ASS!!!!!
Submitted By: jron619
(164,123 on 9-2006)

you sexy sexy sexy girl show me your ass
Submitted By: cashack
(163,953 on 9-2006)

Very diverse topic selection. Great to listen to.
Submitted By: snowball5250
(163,619 on 9-2006)

well done!
A lovely podcast...full of fun and frolic.
Submitted By: mcj5644
(163,563 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: gjorgensen
(163,155 on 9-2006)

a ding ding!
Submitted By: rwoerth
(163,149 on 9-2006)

Soccergirl FTW...
Soccergirl RULEZ!!
Submitted By: dantan98
(163,105 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: piratephex
(163,055 on 9-2006)

Shes the best!
Ive enjoyed her show for months now....great find!
Submitted By: zaza
(162,955 on 9-2006)

Sometimes gets a little long in the tooth, but good sense of humour and someone you could imagine hanging out with. All in all good show!
Submitted By: podsoc
(162,945 on 9-2006)

Im listening to it now
Submitted By: deepdishcomics
(162,936 on 9-2006)

Strangely intriguing
Submitted By: soma101
(162,904 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: robertf
(162,852 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: luffy
(162,723 on 9-2006)

SG is sexy and hot -- you know that already!
Submitted By: seasonace
(162,155 on 9-2006)

u rock
Submitted By: doctoremilyjane
(161,712 on 9-2006)

Soccergirl we love you
Submitted By: darkcompass
(161,597 on 9-2006)
Submitted By: surefoot
(161,583 on 9-2006)

Spam me one more time ...
Submitted By: guenter.wilde
(161,581 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: eagleajn
(161,523 on 9-2006)

soccer girl
Submitted By: f1xela
(161,413 on 9-2006)

ok then
Soccer G sill roks
Submitted By: vealchart
(160,897 on 9-2006)

Hot Hot Hot
Submitted By: kingleo
(160,841 on 9-2006)

This is simplay as good as it gets!!
Submitted By: anthony.pisarek
(160,633 on 9-2006)

go soccergirl!! she rocks!!
Submitted By: spokesmdr
(160,610 on 9-2006)

Soccergirl is one of the most entertaining podcasts I have ever heard. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: aalejandro
(160,548 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(160,538 on 9-2006)

Still #1
Submitted By: r.larabee
(160,081 on 9-2006)

love you sg!!
Submitted By: morpheus12526
(160,023 on 9-2006)

More Stuff with Things
Want to hear more stuff with things. And see em, too! Keep on rawkin in the free world!
Submitted By: kswillis
(159,693 on 9-2006)

SoccerGirl ROCKS!
she is so Hot! need i say anymore?
Submitted By: joeywoo420
(159,666 on 9-2006)

Still Dig....
Hi there SG, heres a vote for you. Whazzzzup? Will you come on Barefoot Radio again, stranger??? OY?
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(159,574 on 9-2006)

the greatest
Submitted By: ciendecine
(159,254 on 9-2006)

This podcast rox
roxxors my boxxors
Submitted By: jarvisgarcia
(159,251 on 9-2006)

go soccergirl
Submitted By: wodenickel
(159,230 on 9-2006)

Hey Soccergirl
You e a pioneer. And youve stuck with it. Good on ya!
Submitted By: mikemiche
(159,223 on 9-2006)

Sixty-nine forever
Submitted By: taweaver
(159,168 on 9-2006)

cool show
Soc Gal = good stuff!
Submitted By: pennyman
(159,158 on 9-2006)

I feel you!
Submitted By: kfc
(159,129 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: stalker5726
(156,344 on 8-2006)

i love you soccer
every episode, every video, you e greeat beuaty and funny, muy divertida me encantas sweet kisses from barcelona
Submitted By: ciendecine
(155,159 on 8-2006)

Soccergirl FTW
Soccergirl for the win. I wanna see crack
Submitted By: rbmonosylabik
(152,973 on 8-2006)

Better late then never!
Submitted By: chugach124
(152,234 on 8-2006)

great boobs
she got great boobs and a great sense of humor, very funny podcast
Submitted By: veltcardio
(151,215 on 8-2006)

Disssssssssss VOTE
Hi SG, heres a vote for you. You e all hollywood now and won call me back. :( Cmon now!!!! :) Stay hot.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(150,556 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: bashmanj
(150,101 on 8-2006)

that time of the month
another one bites the dust Political correctness is affirmative action for lousy ideas.
Submitted By: taweaver
(149,716 on 8-2006)

Fine ass tits
Girl you got some fine ass tits and some quick witts to go along with them.
Submitted By: lamedudederik
(149,530 on 8-2006)

WOOT WOOT -- sg rocks!
Submitted By: seasonace
(149,406 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: rwoerth
(149,321 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: richardlarabee
(149,158 on 8-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(148,898 on 8-2006)

Sexy with brains
Yes shes a babe, but more importantly: shes sweet, thoughtful and a good person. You can help but love Soccergirl - Steve Runner.
Submitted By: steve
(148,670 on 8-2006)

Mikey sends his love
heres some August lovin from Public Nuisance Radio... now make sure you wash your hands, never know where Ive been.
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(148,636 on 8-2006)

This is one of the few podcast that I listen to, and is well worth a award!
Submitted By: highland316
(146,992 on 7-2006)

I love your boobs!
Submitted By: amberalexa
(146,903 on 7-2006)

she rocks
she rocks my world!
Submitted By: savvas.papasavva
(146,672 on 7-2006)

One of the best and most unique podcasts out there
Submitted By: falkman
(146,633 on 7-2006)

more bathcasts
You rock now and forever
Submitted By: cdasloon
(146,585 on 7-2006)

Submitted By: david_harms
(146,571 on 7-2006)

Submitted By: rich_z47
(146,570 on 7-2006)

soccergirl is a baby
and who doesn want to have sex with babies?
Submitted By: lovestofail
(146,525 on 7-2006)

great show
Submitted By: benchbrawl45
(146,521 on 7-2006)

bathcast!!! i get to hear her naked!
Soccergirl is the new paradigm. Step back or be hit and killed by the paradigm.
Submitted By: scott
(146,512 on 7-2006)

Soccorgirl deserves to win!
Submitted By: sparklepig
(146,505 on 7-2006)

Trolls Love Soccergirl Too
Hey soccergirl, forget the gnomes. We Trolls got it goin on for you Soccergirl. Wanna play under my bridge??? Luv ya, Trollman Al
Submitted By: allenhuseth
(145,803 on 7-2006)

Very entertaining
Submitted By: winans_chris
(145,616 on 7-2006)

Wow. This podcast blows my mind. Check it out!
Submitted By: quietwlf
(144,135 on 7-2006)

Great Show
Boobies forever
Submitted By: Spam
(143,910 on 7-2006)

Sorry Im late SG!
Submitted By: chugach124
(143,461 on 7-2006)

Submitted By: aquilaonline
(143,038 on 7-2006)

Im quite fascinated with this show. Down to earth folks that, I think, would be great to hang out with. Why? No masks. Two thumbs up!! (in the right places can give you a big smile!)
Submitted By: warebird2000
(142,461 on 7-2006)

SoccerGirl is awesome and keep up the phenomonal work cant wait for future podcast:) oh yeah i almost forgot to say that SG is a Hottie:)
Submitted By: joeywoo420
(142,379 on 7-2006)

Submitted By: bashmanj
(142,321 on 7-2006)

Shes got a hot show.
Submitted By: thinga_mabob
(142,196 on 7-2006)

Soccergirl FTW!!
Soccergirl RULEZ!!
Submitted By: dantan98
(142,072 on 7-2006)

Soccergirl is #1
Submitted By: falaishto
(141,907 on 7-2006)

i love soccer (girl)
Submitted By: ciendecine
(140,825 on 7-2006)

sg soldier
Submitted By: mike__dunn
(140,253 on 7-2006)

rhinos lair
Submitted By: rwoerth
(139,812 on 7-2006)

keep smurfing soccergirl love listening to you....and cant wait to see video of that play you did. xoxoo mikey ;)
Submitted By: dragonlair
(138,510 on 7-2006)

Keep it real...
hugs and kisses, Robert
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(138,424 on 7-2006)

soccer girl
she is the best.
Submitted By: heather.wagner
(138,416 on 7-2006)

save my soul
Submitted By: kfc
(138,415 on 7-2006)

Again, I cast my vote for the girl of the soccer.
Submitted By: possumcowboy
(138,402 on 7-2006)

mistress baller
SG inc. is one of the only podcasts that holds my - OOO shiny - where was I oh yeah attention.
Submitted By: rubberbeaver
(138,393 on 7-2006)

SG rocks
Anytime I can listen to a stoned hot chick is time well spent.
Submitted By: soccerbizkit
(138,144 on 7-2006)

Whats going on here?????
Im shocked. What in the world???? Soccergirl, start campaigning babe! When are you coming on Barefoot Radio again????????????
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(138,121 on 7-2006)

Go Soccergirl!
When better to listen to soccergirl than during the World Cup??? HAHAHA You e our goddess...
Submitted By: thestrippodcast
(137,244 on 7-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(136,769 on 7-2006)

Some July Lovin from Mikey
Love and Support to Soccergirl from Mikey of Public Nuisance Radio
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(136,429 on 7-2006)

Soccergirl ROCKS
hey Soccergirl! Its Steve from The Strip! You rock! Vote for us? All best! -Steve
Submitted By: thestrippodcast
(133,193 on 6-2006)

Soccergirl is playful, musical and and he rbest open about sexula things - glad sheis getting sponsors but I worry she will be inhibited by go-daddy
Submitted By: biminip
(133,127 on 6-2006)

first impressions....
SoccarGirl rocks my socks....
Submitted By: rollo
(132,984 on 6-2006)

cool man!
Submitted By: bashmanj
(132,905 on 6-2006)

Love it
Hope the show keeps up the flipant and sometimes irreverant attitude
Submitted By: starquest77
(132,314 on 6-2006)

Soccergirl Rules!
She should be number one.
Submitted By: jaime.currier
(132,300 on 6-2006)

Soccergirl rocks!
Submitted By: learyryan
(132,256 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: jlandreth999
(132,155 on 6-2006)

soccergirl rocks!!!
Submitted By: dyamondguy
(132,150 on 6-2006)

Soccergirl rules
Im in love with soccergirl.................
Submitted By: markdwestwood
(132,080 on 6-2006)

Soccergirl RULES!!
Id like to vote for Soccergirl, Inc., please!! Thanks!!
Submitted By: dantan98
(132,078 on 6-2006)

she kicks azz , keep up the great show pete
Submitted By: transampete
(132,070 on 6-2006)

Soccergirl rocks! keep up the phenomonal work! now that i have an I podf i carry Soccergirl in my pocket... her videos are great when im bored at work!
Submitted By: joeywoo420
(132,054 on 6-2006)

i love you SG
Submitted By: thenintendofreak
(132,051 on 6-2006)

keep fresh
cheers from Brazil
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(131,494 on 6-2006)

yeah so..
Submitted By: Fingermush
(131,268 on 6-2006)

This is the first podcast Ive ever subscribed to. Soccergirl is fucking excellent. Keep it up!
Submitted By: darrowandrew
(131,239 on 6-2006)

every day shes better, how can she do it??? answer: because shes is the only one
Submitted By: ciendecine
(129,929 on 6-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(129,700 on 6-2006)

SG and Ryan rock!
Submitted By: soccerbizkit
(129,391 on 6-2006)

I Luv U SG! But...
...Smidgits are coming for YOU!
Submitted By: m_johnson
(128,230 on 6-2006)

Keep it real!
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(128,151 on 6-2006)

I actually forgot
Submitted By: chugach124
(127,962 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: eagleajn
(127,362 on 6-2006)

Mikey sends his love
Heres some June lovin for Soccergirl from Mikey of Public Nuisance Radio
Submitted By: senseispike
(127,335 on 6-2006)

go baby!
Submitted By: kfc
(126,296 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: Seasonace
(126,178 on 6-2006)

soccergirl is the stein.....
Submitted By: chuck.muncie
(126,120 on 6-2006)

Still #1
Submitted By: richardlarabee
(126,086 on 6-2006)

Love this podcast
I just found it yesterday and i have listed to i think 20 shows already im a addict! and loving it! Ow i found it because i heard people talk about it on another podcast i belief media tips en tricks;) just so you know. Bye bye, Xiomara
Submitted By: Onlyxio
(124,502 on 5-2006)

gr8 show!
never miss an episode.....
Submitted By: phun_n_gamez
(124,070 on 5-2006)

Modern day psycho beat poet
Soccergirl is a refreshing voice of individuality in these days of sanitized, market-tested blandness. Do yourself a favor and download her podcast now.
Submitted By: andrew
(123,723 on 5-2006)

Submitted By: rampageradio
(123,200 on 5-2006)

o yes the best
US excellence with a UK sense of humour - and who said americans weren funny. : -) this podcast is easy to love. wash your ears with soccergirl at least weekly. ensures aural connection with the real world.
Submitted By: mike
(122,782 on 5-2006)

Voting for the #1 podcast on the planet. -One slightly more attractive viewer.
Submitted By: evbogue
(122,743 on 5-2006)

Best show ever
Submitted By: khrister
(122,612 on 5-2006)

Submitted By: vonstoddard
(122,555 on 5-2006)

Soccergirl Rocks!
Excellent... in a word! This is the best podcasting has to offer.
Submitted By: zaza
(121,973 on 5-2006)

Soccergirl kicks the balls straight into my heart
Yeah Dawg.
Submitted By: melkir
(121,512 on 5-2006)

wowww 110 %
hey heyyy i hear some show there and woww continue soccaaaagirl :P
Submitted By: lebontazz
(121,161 on 5-2006)

cool girl
Soccergirl is the best podcast. Its short and SWEET
Submitted By: moldrad
(120,977 on 5-2006)

SG rules!!
SG you rock!!
Submitted By: fer_2
(120,884 on 5-2006)

I love you socergirl!
Submitted By: Wsttrollboy
(120,853 on 5-2006)

SG is the shit
Submitted By: hamiljs
(120,479 on 5-2006)

hot hot
you´re hot! keep it up!
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(119,821 on 5-2006)

Shes fun. Shes creative. Shes smart. Shes hot. Do you really need anything else? -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(119,449 on 5-2006)

SG Inc. Rocks
I love this show. I listen to it all the time, ever since i heard the first podcast i have been nothing short of hooked. Excellently made, like im seeing into the life of a sexy babe.
Submitted By: Asimerson
(118,478 on 5-2006)

Creative and beautiful
Fully entertaining and sexy.
Submitted By: donbullockjr
(118,058 on 5-2006)

Love your show and new hairdo
Love the show, and your new hairstyle looks great on you. By the by, how do I get to actually see into the fucksoccergirl area?
Submitted By: cdasloon
(118,017 on 5-2006)

I love soccergirl smart, funny, sexy.
Submitted By: uhsinner
(117,996 on 5-2006)

Submitted By: eagleajn
(117,768 on 5-2006)

Do you like foreskin?
...we love you Soccergirl!
Submitted By: twomenwithforeskin
(117,699 on 5-2006)

The Best
Great....We need something and someone different...Soccergirl fits the bill...Don change anything, keep up the great work!!!
Submitted By: kpearson
(117,694 on 5-2006)

The only show as good as Jesus and Homi
Listen to the Jesus and Homi show if you like this one. Its a bit better than this one but this show isnt too bad either.
Submitted By: jesusandhomi
(117,619 on 5-2006)

Bless Soccergirl
That says it all.
Submitted By: collincouv
(117,084 on 5-2006)

Soccergirl, INC.
i love soccergirl, shes the Tits!
Submitted By: travisbow
(117,083 on 5-2006)

will you marry me sg?
Ill worship you forever!!!
Submitted By: rscobee
(116,971 on 5-2006)

i don like soccer, but i like soccergirl
Soccergirl is one of my favorite ways to start the day -- or at least the day after she uploads a podcast. I look forward to each and every one. She has a very sexy voice and a great body.
Submitted By: larbaer
(116,774 on 5-2006)

To hear her is to love her.
Soccergirl is a very sweet person whom I enjoy spending time with. Shes intelligent, passionate, caring and fun to listen to. - Steve Runner
Submitted By: steve
(116,711 on 5-2006)

Submitted By: bashmanj
(116,690 on 5-2006)

Hey this is Paul from Barefoot tossing one vote and something else for a super cool podcaster. SG, whazzzzzup???????? Where you been???????
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(116,556 on 5-2006)

Soccergirl for President
If Soccergirl was president, peace would reign! There'd be no more war, poverty, or split-ends. Soccergirl would be on every channel of the television, and none of us would remember what it was like to cry. O, Soccergirl, my Soccergirl. There would be a national initiative to clone Soccergirl at any cost, so everybody who wanted one could have their own personal Soccergirl to rule them. And punish them when they were bad.
Submitted By: kswillis
(116,545 on 5-2006)

One smurf, one vote
I am assured by Gargamel that a vote for you is like a vote for Smurfette. I hope he\s not just blowing smurf up my ass.
Submitted By: papasmurf
(116,389 on 5-2006)

I will make it so
I am making it so.
Submitted By: jeanlucpicard
(116,386 on 5-2006)

Soccer Girl is Lickable
Soccergirl sounds so hot, I just want to lick her. In a clean, wholesome way, tho.
Submitted By: bobodenkirk
(116,384 on 5-2006)

Soccer Girl is Love
Kevin says if I vote for you he will let me breathe fresh air and possible use a flush toilet. I am so grateful! Bless you, Soccergirls!
Submitted By: ferrisbueller
(116,380 on 5-2006)

Soccer Girl is the One True Way
K said to vote for you so I am
Submitted By: luminous
(116,366 on 5-2006)

A Vote For Fresh Audio
K. Said vote for you so I did
Submitted By: alphlipp
(116,364 on 5-2006)

Working to get you to number one. If it happens, I don care about no picture of yo butt. I want hot fresh audio served up with love. Deal?
Submitted By: kevinwillis
(116,328 on 5-2006)

great job.
good. very good. and wacky. very wacky.
Submitted By: kiely
(116,318 on 5-2006)

Great podcats. Soccergirl is super hot and smart, and just awesome in general. Keep it goin (more tits please)
Submitted By: luffy
(116,220 on 5-2006)

Love from the motorcity
Heres your May vote baby. Jon Industrial Radio Podcast
Submitted By: industrialradio
(116,057 on 5-2006)

hey Baby
Submitted By: butchbrooklyn
(115,858 on 5-2006)

Oh My Thank Goodness for the Delightful SOCCER GIRL - Much Love, Brolo
Submitted By: brotherlove
(115,584 on 5-2006)

yay for football girl
we love you footballer girl
Submitted By: jon
(115,405 on 5-2006)

Morpheus mother fucker!!
Submitted By: morpheus12526
(115,337 on 5-2006)

Here ya go! Another vote for the month of May. Thanks for podcasting. See-Ya! Dred242 www.D
Submitted By: Dred242
(115,293 on 5-2006)

one from Erick V.
this is in return for joining my frappr! and because you e awesome (and pritty)!
Submitted By: 8bitrockerdude
(115,216 on 5-2006)

love that soccergirl
Submitted By: thenintendofreak
(115,188 on 5-2006)

smurf it soccergirl mikey! :)
Submitted By: dragonlair
(115,147 on 5-2006)

Now show me dat ass!
Submitted By: saundhaus
(115,146 on 5-2006)

Soccers The Girl of my Dreams
No problem voting for SG. Shes a hot, intelligent, talented young woman. The sorta girl Id love to date, if I could ever get a girlfriend dang it. Since I are too ugly for that, at least I can enjoy a babe like SG from afar.
Submitted By: lightfoot
(115,054 on 5-2006)

Lovin Some Soccergirl
Submitted By: kwillis
(114,970 on 5-2006)

Soccer Girl Continues to Rock
Soccer girl continues to rock. Want you to be number one on podcast alley. Really don care about seeing your ass, but thanks.
Submitted By: kswillis
(114,966 on 5-2006)

Lets see it
That lovely derriere
Submitted By: Optomystic
(114,933 on 5-2006)

I think that about says it all
Submitted By: soccergirl
(114,801 on 5-2006)

Sure thing
Submitted By: christian
(114,772 on 5-2006)

Soccergirl FTW!!
Soccergirl is #1 in my book!! :-D
Submitted By: dantan98
(114,737 on 5-2006)

greatest podcaster ever
i love listening to her podcasts so much, she is funny, smart, interesting, completely random which just makes her even funnier and shes sexy as hell, i hate to think were any of us would be without her great show and she should deff be number one
Submitted By: jakeblakely
(114,729 on 5-2006)

I was all like..
.... dang-git. thank i was like dude that was rad. and then she was like - oh.. my.. god.. and then i said ya money-- then i voted for soccergirl!!
Submitted By: vealchart
(114,717 on 5-2006)

wocka wocka wocka
teh best!
Submitted By: rhino
(114,712 on 5-2006)

PodChick loves Soccergirl!
Submitted By: kfc
(114,707 on 5-2006)

Soccer Girl Rules
Love you girl.. Lets see that ass!!
Submitted By: es_rock75
(114,700 on 5-2006)

you go girl!
get those photos ready
Submitted By: camerafann
(114,688 on 5-2006)

To my podcasting superhero
Submitted By: balthazarb
(114,687 on 5-2006)

Soccergirl rules
see title!
Submitted By: taylorcp
(114,685 on 5-2006)

Go Girl
Number 2 is smelly. Go for number 1.
Submitted By: jmilitello
(114,664 on 5-2006)

sg best show
so hot!
Submitted By: pantoneperfect
(114,663 on 5-2006)

Yo go girl! :)
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(114,661 on 5-2006)

SG! Rules!
Soccergirl has the best podcast in existance!
Submitted By: Smcnerney
(114,657 on 5-2006)

SG is awesome!
Submitted By: Seasonace
(114,604 on 5-2006)

create comedy and very intertaining
Submitted By: vic
(114,191 on 5-2006)

The best podcast!
SG has the catchiest random tunes, shes totally ball-dropping hilarious!
Submitted By: keyesjoe
(113,879 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: 4u2read
(113,806 on 4-2006)

this is one of the oddest ongoing podcasts out there. good, but odd :-)
Submitted By: simpson.tim
(113,684 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: kurtn
(113,620 on 4-2006)

I am in love with the soccer girl, i am tall brunette with the big ones from the Czech Republic, I am looking like Monica Bellucci but bigger breasts. I want soccer girl!!
Submitted By: korvinabagmeovic
(113,535 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: chrisrittersdorf
(113,211 on 4-2006)

Hope you e doing well
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(113,158 on 4-2006)

Love Ya, Succa-Girl!
Submitted By: abe.froeman
(112,834 on 4-2006)

soccergirl is the greatist
Submitted By: potskuhn
(112,653 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: squitoo
(112,611 on 4-2006)

go girl
Submitted By: brendan_bst
(112,350 on 4-2006)

I love Soccergirls pod
Soccer girl is not only talented, smart and creative but HOT
Submitted By: rubberbeaver
(112,138 on 4-2006)

What we have here,, is failure to communicate.
Submitted By: backhurts
(111,938 on 4-2006)

Malcolm Eggs Writes
Submitted By: thr3wayfilms
(111,724 on 4-2006)

SoccerGirl Rules
she is my favorite podcast!!!!
Submitted By: jpodraza
(111,374 on 4-2006)

SGONE --> sg1 --> gomomma!
Submitted By: john
(111,248 on 4-2006)

The best!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: stephenchopik
(111,191 on 4-2006)

All is well here, if not slightly d
Submitted By: broomchemistry
(111,064 on 4-2006)

You Rock
Love your Pod Cast, you rock!
Submitted By: ehhorst
(111,006 on 4-2006)

You are so beautiful...guess you get tired of hearing that :) I just got one of your podcasts downloaded yesterday and enjoyed it. What color jewelry do you prefer..white color or yellow?
Submitted By: chris7202000
(110,959 on 4-2006)

please now!!!
This is Susanne (mikes bi wife) and I love soccergirl (usually with 2-3 fingers)... thanks for your wonderful work my dear!
Submitted By: mikeinwestchesterpa
(110,906 on 4-2006)

kick ass show
keep up the work!
Submitted By: monkeyrecords
(110,790 on 4-2006)

SG rules!!
soccergirl rules!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: fer_2
(110,701 on 4-2006)

Soccergirl is the best!
Submitted By: pedrobonatto
(110,488 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: BobLevin
(110,440 on 4-2006)

She rocks... she what? She rocks... vote boobies!
Submitted By: aries2069
(110,378 on 4-2006)

Entertaining! Addictive!
Submitted By: wilbermac
(110,229 on 4-2006)

soccergirl rocks the cats butt
Submitted By: stalker5726
(110,207 on 4-2006)

awwww yeah!
she rocks my SOCCs!!
Submitted By: ftlibs
(110,086 on 4-2006)

SoccerGirl Rulez
Submitted By: phil.mckeown
(109,939 on 4-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: seanrourke
(109,648 on 4-2006)

Best podcast anywhere
Submitted By: gpaszul
(108,703 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: bohoo
(108,604 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: sledgehbk
(108,483 on 4-2006)

Very very funny...some parts were even hilarious! Made me want to go buy batteries.
Submitted By: prevaricate
(108,335 on 4-2006)

soccergirl kicks the booty
pretty much what i just said but am opting for repeation... soccergirl kicks THE BOOTY!!!!!!
Submitted By: the_evil_buddha
(108,197 on 4-2006)

Yes have some!
Submitted By: slamv23
(107,880 on 4-2006)

i lowe her.
Submitted By: spacedog1313
(107,860 on 4-2006)

She is spectacular
Submitted By: bneumw
(107,835 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: rwoerth
(107,785 on 4-2006)

soccergirl rules
Submitted By: admin
(107,741 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: morpheus12526
(107,718 on 4-2006)

Great Show
Submitted By: guinnessrain
(107,518 on 4-2006)

New to the site,impressive.
Submitted By: donnybobbitt
(107,419 on 4-2006)

love her
she rocks
Submitted By: tsmith3141
(107,315 on 4-2006)

Still Rockin in the Free World
Most hypercreative, quirkily existential podcast in the podosphere. I vote Yes on Soccergirl. Don believe the pype!
Submitted By: kwillis
(107,271 on 4-2006)

Blah Blah Blah ass
Submitted By: riker1384
(107,174 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: gdrojo
(107,162 on 4-2006)

great show... one of my favorites.
Submitted By: ajbashore
(107,158 on 4-2006)

Still hot!
SG, how do you keep doing it? Brainy and creative... even without showing your t**s!!!
Submitted By: jmahony
(107,063 on 4-2006)

Love it
Love it
Submitted By: matix221
(107,031 on 4-2006)

great show
I subscribed
Submitted By: threeholer
(106,996 on 4-2006)

i wear headphones at work and my computer screen faces away from other people. life is very good. my favourite is when you called your brother and asked him about his band but forgot to ask him if it bothers him that you show your boobs.
Submitted By: naturalthought
(106,924 on 4-2006)

the sweetest
You hear that everyone Soccer Girl may have lots of love for you but she thinks Im the sweetest
Submitted By: butchbrooklyn
(106,806 on 4-2006)

Love your show
Submitted By: daluvs2hunt
(106,370 on 4-2006)

vote for soccergirl
Submitted By: tymofval
(106,229 on 4-2006)

She is really nice..
She is really nice..I mean her voice is nice and I hope she is the same.
Submitted By: corporation
(106,162 on 4-2006)

soccergirl is cool, sexy, knolegable, and talented,what else can i say.
Submitted By: adam_1976
(106,079 on 4-2006)

soccerigl rules
Submitted By: woohaa
(105,889 on 4-2006)

Greatest Podcast Ever...
Not only is she incredibly clever and entertaining, she is also drop dead gorgeous and breathtakingly sexy!!
Submitted By:
(105,750 on 4-2006)

it a good show sometimes way out there
Submitted By: lithoman45
(105,692 on 4-2006)

Top of the pops
Submitted By: christian
(105,639 on 4-2006)

This is the only podcast i listen to besides Leonard Lopet. What can I say? I like brainy new yorkers with sweet tits (you should see Leonards rack!) Ive heard every episode of Soccergirl- and shared a few after a dinner party with several friends. I really like this foxy chickadee. She should always win whatever it is one wins for this. -from a female fan in nyc.
Submitted By: pononimo
(105,572 on 4-2006)

soccergirl Rules
Submitted By: dyamondguy
(105,558 on 4-2006)

Soccergirl rocks
I hope she wins
Submitted By: journaljim
(105,543 on 4-2006)

I love Soccergirl!
Great show, as always. Got to love Soccergirl!
Submitted By: guebs007
(105,525 on 4-2006)

absolutely hot
Submitted By: shavedcpl30s
(105,430 on 4-2006)

Awesome show
This is a great podcast. Funny, hot, *and* she plays soccer. Whats not to like?
Submitted By: brian
(105,373 on 4-2006)

keep it up... TOOT TOOT!!
Submitted By: jakerock316
(105,340 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: eagleajn
(105,311 on 4-2006)

soccergirl rocks!
Soccer girl rocks!!
Submitted By: ny954
(105,244 on 4-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(105,222 on 4-2006)

Every time I slap my chinchilla, the sun comes to dinner.
Submitted By: battlecrank
(105,217 on 4-2006)

SG is real..that is what makes it great.
Submitted By: tonjones
(105,165 on 4-2006)

Vote for Soccergirl
Yeah, why not?
Submitted By: kswillis
(105,140 on 4-2006)

i love her
i love soccergirl, pretty and smart
Submitted By: ciendecine
(105,115 on 4-2006)

excellent podcast
Submitted By: franklinjdrummond
(105,037 on 4-2006)

cool show
Submitted By: mutherzuxx
(104,983 on 4-2006)

really and simply artistic...
Submitted By: fradik
(104,955 on 4-2006)

Fantastically weird different groovy inspiring (possibly!!!) podcast :) keep it up soccergirl, never know what to expect :))))
Submitted By: johncove
(104,954 on 4-2006)

well done
Your lucky I can f-ing sleep
Submitted By: timfrycintas
(104,948 on 4-2006)

Soccergirl is #1
Submitted By: dizo123
(104,793 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: burt500
(104,753 on 4-2006)

your great sg just stay cool
Submitted By: transampete
(104,734 on 4-2006)

Soccergirl for Intergalactic Chancellor
that is all.
Submitted By: falaishto
(104,654 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: motkaf
(104,633 on 4-2006)

SoccerGirl is sexy and awesome!
I love her
Submitted By: seasonace
(104,613 on 4-2006)

Soccergirl Rules!!!
Submitted By: rahlgren
(104,583 on 4-2006)

You are the ONE
Nicely done.
Submitted By: PUGDUSTER
(104,544 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: j3ghouse
(104,479 on 4-2006)

Very talented, artistic lady!
Submitted By: madpedlr
(104,474 on 4-2006)

love you
Submitted By: tony
(104,470 on 4-2006)

Top Pussy...
....Thats pussy cat to anyone with a seriousley awful mind...this podcast is tops for its unique vibe... Soccergirl is the coollest lady around and should be heard by all...and seen if your lucky
Submitted By: robert
(104,447 on 4-2006)

I fucked soccergirl!
Submitted By: halfdan
(104,444 on 4-2006)

Soccergirl is an angel
Her halo slightly titled.
Submitted By: hauntedtreehouse
(104,433 on 4-2006)

wow - you rock
keep on rockin the freeworld SG!!
Submitted By: vealchart
(104,422 on 4-2006)

Fuck Soccergirl
Submitted By: premiumj29
(104,394 on 4-2006)

Vote 4 Soccergirl
Submitted By: m_johnson
(104,356 on 4-2006)

Luv u SG
Submitted By: kfc
(104,312 on 4-2006)

Amazing, Amusing and SEXY!!!!
Submitted By: whipflinger
(104,302 on 4-2006)

The best podcast ever, it rocks!
Submitted By: matt
(104,287 on 4-2006)

I love her. There is not other way to put it. She has got to be the perfect woman. Beautiful, smart, funny and talented. She is the human equivalent of an amusement park.
Submitted By: dangermouseesq
(104,272 on 4-2006)

What a show
Soccergirl Inc. is a great show. It is artistic, funny, provocative, intriguing, and damn them boobies.
Submitted By: jaysenk
(104,271 on 4-2006)

Go SG!
Submitted By: jwhershbine
(104,261 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: darrendigital
(104,257 on 4-2006)

Soccergirl rocks!
Submitted By: umtank
(104,249 on 4-2006)

Love your show! Here is your April vote from Team K Online
Submitted By: teamk1
(104,228 on 4-2006)

Go, SG!
Submitted By: dmccanlies
(104,201 on 4-2006)

Shes the best!
Submitted By: michael
(104,159 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: fitz
(104,154 on 4-2006)

great show
Submitted By: tom.mulholland
(104,136 on 4-2006)

she is teh roxors
soccergilr is the shit. that simple.
Submitted By: marcusinterop182
(104,129 on 4-2006)

Gorgeous and Great
Whod have thunk a soccer girl could be so damn cool, and amazing
Submitted By: n3f4r10us_2000
(104,113 on 4-2006)

Love the show ! More going on then an amazing body. This is Freedom of Speech at its Sexiest , Looks hot in Bodypaint too :) ~Kevin C Mason
Submitted By: artofpaint
(104,112 on 4-2006)

Soccergirl is the SHIZ...
Please put me down with a vote for SOCCERGIRL!! (Yay)
Submitted By: dantan98
(104,092 on 4-2006)

entertaining, sex, smart, naked
Submitted By: seansguitar
(104,089 on 4-2006)

Soccer_girl makes me feel good inside
Soccergirl you are so beautiful sometimes my heart flutters at the meire sound of your voice!! LOVE!
Submitted By: Darthmonkee
(104,084 on 4-2006)

Creative and fun
Submitted By: donbullockjr
(104,074 on 4-2006)

Soccergirl, Incorporated
Great boobs. Great gal. Wacky podcast.
Submitted By: kevbo
(104,068 on 4-2006)

This podcast is so FUCKIN money baby!
Submitted By: piratephex
(104,061 on 4-2006)

Love the Soccergirl.
Submitted By: postmodern.sexgeek
(104,041 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: sdurham_lex
(104,039 on 4-2006)

Still #1
Submitted By: Richardlarabee
(103,911 on 4-2006)

One vote????
Whats going on here? Only one vote???
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(102,845 on 4-2006)

What a mind!
Submitted By: learyryan
(102,165 on 3-2006)

the best
Submitted By: hsv_man_2000
(102,125 on 3-2006)

love the creativity and freedom of expression!
Submitted By: wnchstr
(101,714 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: fishyfighter
(101,636 on 3-2006)

Rock on
Submitted By: paul
(100,935 on 3-2006)

The new HOT show about nothing
Submitted By: melorant
(100,440 on 3-2006)

Shes a classic
You e just a lot of fun to listen to, and I listen regardless of how much skin you expose. Be happy! And I dunno about the car thing. You might consider a horse.
Submitted By: mikemiche
(99,929 on 3-2006)

a vote for soccergirl
This podcast embodies the spirit of free speech.
Submitted By: journaljim
(99,766 on 3-2006)

Fantastic podcast.
Submitted By: mark.mccoubrie
(99,696 on 3-2006)

Love Soccergirl
The best podcast. Period. Not a girl period but a definitive period.
Submitted By: gnob
(99,401 on 3-2006)

Soccergirl=kick ass
Submitted By: jakerock316
(98,520 on 3-2006)

Soccergirl Rocks!!
Soccergirl Rocks!! Please cast my vote for Soccergirl!!
Submitted By: dantan98
(98,484 on 3-2006)

love the podcast :)
keep up the great work soccergirl =) u rock!!.... ;)
Submitted By: xxx_franchize_xxx
(98,274 on 3-2006)

Random Genius
The fact that each show can and does go anywhere and that the listner has no idea what to expect makes socergirl eunique. She just is, and if u dont like it she will blow u a kiss and keep on walkin.
Submitted By: Mail_at_Rojo
(97,921 on 3-2006)

Soccer Girl!
Submitted By: vernon.wells
(97,749 on 3-2006)

love the show!!
Submitted By: randyjp301
(97,596 on 3-2006)

go soccergirl go
best podcast ever
Submitted By: alexb0nv
(97,378 on 3-2006)

Your great SG
Submitted By: butchbrooklyn
(97,345 on 3-2006)

Soccergirl newbie
im a newbie to the show thanks to your awesome artical in the metroland about a month ago! i recently got Road Runner cause im getting an i pod 30gb with video for my birthday next month(420:P and i was on your site and i must say that it is awesome and I especially love your video about reality tv and im hoping that i will be able to download it to my i pod and if so it will be my first download:P well im looking forward to your future shows! joey
Submitted By: joeywoo420
(97,278 on 3-2006)

oh yeah!
I luv soccergirl soooooo much, oh yeah!
Submitted By: thekracker
(97,068 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: mgagne
(96,699 on 3-2006)

Oh mama!
Submitted By: dduffner
(96,550 on 3-2006)

Good Stuff
Keep on keepin on... When the udder is full, remember to milk it... Jigga what... If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear... Just some ancient Chinese proverbs for some intellectual stimulation.
Submitted By: cloudkey700
(96,225 on 3-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: hgesell
(95,923 on 3-2006)

The UK loves you.
Im a recent convert (and thats the right word). I wish Id heard all of the previous 100 not just the seven Im lucky enough to have heard. Her personality makes it great & Im spreading the word.
Submitted By: shinemcr
(95,638 on 3-2006)

Soccergirl Rocks!
for cocks.
Submitted By: falaishto
(95,299 on 3-2006)

just keeping the soccergirl faith
Submitted By: thenintendofreak
(94,996 on 3-2006)

Love that Soccergirl!
Submitted By: dmccanlies
(94,873 on 3-2006)

This show rocks
Soccer Girl I just love your show.
Submitted By: christian
(94,662 on 3-2006)

Loving that Soccergirl, loving those boobies...original, I know. Craig@Tangents
Submitted By: tangentspodcast
(94,136 on 3-2006)

soccergirl rules!
shes so cool, sexy, funny, cute and adorable!
Submitted By: seasonace
(94,131 on 3-2006)

PodChick loves Soccergirl!
Submitted By: kfc
(94,097 on 3-2006)

SG, Words fail me - you e a sweetie and you do a great job. Chugach.
Submitted By: chugach124
(93,951 on 3-2006)

hope you smurf all over soccergirl! mikey! :)
Submitted By: dragonlair
(93,931 on 3-2006)

Great Show!
Submitted By: mzaps
(93,682 on 3-2006)

Oh Yes - SoccerGirl Rocks!
SoccerGirl - Candy - thats o so sweet! Much Love, Brother Love Podcast: www.brotherlo
Submitted By: brotherlove
(93,638 on 3-2006)

A vote just for you.
Thanks for podcasting.
Submitted By: Dred242
(93,616 on 3-2006)

The cutiest and kewliest podder to ever cast a pod upon me.
Submitted By: theboxdoctor2002
(93,194 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: ffantom82
(93,036 on 3-2006)

Super Cool...
Soccergirl will change any mans mood for the better. Give her a listen, Subscribe, be obsessed, spread the word, and then do that again when you wake up tomorrow.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(92,982 on 3-2006)

keep it up
Submitted By: eagleajn
(92,906 on 3-2006)

Soccer Girl makes me wig out
Soccer girl makes me run around and go WOO WOO
Submitted By: jdkimple
(92,591 on 2-2006)

hot stuff
Submitted By: artisy00
(92,570 on 2-2006)

Great Show
Submitted By: bluesbrother111
(92,534 on 2-2006)

Creative majesty
Wonderfully creative and flirtatious entertainment.
Submitted By: donbullockjr
(92,316 on 2-2006)

Vote for the Chick
We need more great looking, naked women, podcasting whenever possible. As far as I am concerned the woman is doing a vital public service in our national intrest. The reason Muslim men are so angry is they dont get laid. If more women like this were in the Muslim world I am sure there would be nothing but contented smiles and peace on earth.
Submitted By: clarkh_slc
(92,287 on 2-2006)

She is soo hot...
I REALLY enjoy listening to her casts.
Submitted By: mikebed99-pca
(92,268 on 2-2006)

man of few words
Submitted By: woodfordp
(92,099 on 2-2006)

SG is the shit
Submitted By: frankmcc
(91,789 on 2-2006)

I _looove_ it
Submitted By: dan
(91,684 on 2-2006)

poor soccergirl
Submitted By: ninjamonkey
(91,633 on 2-2006)

Voting done
Youve got my vote Soccergirl
Submitted By: Aquilaonline
(91,294 on 2-2006)

as always
Submitted By: possumcowboy
(91,265 on 2-2006)

top stuff
i like it (:
Submitted By: johnie.oneball
(91,217 on 2-2006)

Best podcast around
Submitted By: nsingleton
(91,206 on 2-2006)

Love your show :-)
Submitted By: shit
(91,126 on 2-2006)

This show sucks
This show is so unlistenable. Don't subscribe to this tripe! The only good thing about this show is her tits and you can't hear tits.
Submitted By: justinrowe
(90,860 on 2-2006)

Hot! Hot! Hot!
Come on. What can I say? She actually has something to say. Nobody makes it to 100 shows without good content. SG, I would love to meet you someday. Who knows?
Submitted By: jmahony
(90,824 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: lrtitze
(90,763 on 2-2006)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: guinnessrain
(90,611 on 2-2006)

soccerfirl for #1
Submitted By: thenintendofreak
(90,607 on 2-2006)

SC Rules!
Soccergirl Rules!
Submitted By: pa.revell
(90,466 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: eagleajn
(90,315 on 2-2006)

Gotta be carful on the subway. My cousin once had his front pocket slit and his wallet sliped out while sleeping on the way back to NJ. Sorry for the loss of your content and stuff. I felt the least I could do is vote. Never let it be said I did not do the least I could do. Keep an eye on your credit report. The loss of your SS card can pave the way for identity theft.
Submitted By: stevenvolante
(90,256 on 2-2006)

Soccergirl Rocks!
It was nice to meet you adn hear you speak at Sundance.
Submitted By: mclaff9
(90,096 on 2-2006)

Great Show
I look foward to listinging to every show on my comute to work.
Submitted By: mike122257
(90,035 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: rich_cabeza2002
(89,994 on 2-2006)

soccergirl #100... yeah!!!
you go girl!! keep smurfing!!! mmmmm ;)
Submitted By: dragonlair
(89,980 on 2-2006)

SG oh yeah....
Onward, Soccergirl. Onward, sexy! Yes. Yes. Im in favor and I will just say yes one more time to over specify my approval of Soccergirl. Ok, just one more! YES!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(89,972 on 2-2006)

One of the most creative PodCasts ever
Soccergirl is an artist, a sweet person, and someone youd enjoy having a beer with. This is one of my all time favorite PodCasts. -
Submitted By: steve
(89,907 on 2-2006)

Hell yeah soccergirl
Submitted By: lathquar
(89,870 on 2-2006)

Simply LOVE SoccerGirl! Shes awesomely beautiful, sexy, fun, and intelligent.
Submitted By: seasonace
(89,856 on 2-2006)

Soccergirl is #1
Submitted By: mikedonnelly
(89,709 on 2-2006)

What a mind.
Submitted By: jeeves18
(89,653 on 2-2006)

Industrial radio podcast loves you!
Submitted By: industrialradio
(89,497 on 2-2006)

You Rock!
This is a Podcast of Podcasts... Great show!
Submitted By: alaskapodshow
(89,436 on 2-2006)

great show
Loved the 100th episode
Submitted By: guebs007
(89,021 on 2-2006)

Soccergirl is becoming in my opinion a cult in theory the less people who know about it the better, but that just wont do..more people need to know about it. Its different and qwerky and a good laugh. Soccergirl is a breath of fresh air.
Submitted By: robert
(88,949 on 2-2006)

lovin soccergirl and ryan in perfect harmony with the colletive
Submitted By: pk505505
(88,769 on 2-2006)

Fine stuff this
Submitted By: kord_torf
(88,637 on 2-2006)

A+ #1 -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(88,604 on 2-2006)

Great great show
Submitted By: alexb0nv
(88,531 on 2-2006)

Happy 100th!
SoccerGirl, you make me smile! KFC (PodChick)
Submitted By: kfc
(88,405 on 2-2006)

Whos the sexiest podcaster alive...
Soccergirl! You should be doing the commercials babe. Kisses and Hugs. Miss you.
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(86,650 on 2-2006)

Best damn girl on podcast...
She just rocks My World... \m/ :)
Submitted By: karl
(86,274 on 2-2006)

Love it!
Submitted By: dickp44406
(85,931 on 2-2006)

Jsin says soccergirl rules
see comment title
Submitted By: electronicj2003
(85,719 on 2-2006)

soccergirl for president!
that is all.
Submitted By: falaishto
(85,226 on 2-2006)

the best!
Submitted By: PUGDUSTER
(85,204 on 2-2006)

Soccergirl has a smurfbox and rox
Submitted By: darren
(85,093 on 2-2006)

I love Soccergirl
Submitted By: onecatdude
(84,994 on 2-2006)

Go SoccerGirl!
Submitted By: joniak
(84,960 on 2-2006)

fun and sexy
sensational sexy siren says seductive salacious storys big bouncy boobs on the radio!
Submitted By: taweaver
(84,953 on 2-2006)

Soccergirl, Incosporated
Soccergirl, Incosporated is such a great show!!
Submitted By: bryanmade
(84,763 on 2-2006)

SG rocks!
I love SoccerGirl, I love SoccerGirl, I looooove SoccerGirl!
Submitted By: miranoriel
(84,755 on 2-2006)

Love Her
Submitted By: qdibal
(84,746 on 2-2006)

the perfect girl
i only can say shes perfect in all, mental and phisic, her ideas, her body, i love spend a diner with her (and her friends) and talk about everything, discover more and more of she
Submitted By: ciendecine
(84,696 on 2-2006)

She rocks!
Submitted By: michael
(84,685 on 2-2006)

Soccergirl is the stein.....
Submitted By: chuck.muncie
(84,656 on 2-2006)

She rocks!
Submitted By: wf90ymt02
(84,654 on 2-2006)

Soccergirl is god
Submitted By: dpirello
(84,631 on 2-2006)

Soccergirl RULES!
its no contest!
Submitted By: JakeRock316
(84,314 on 2-2006)

SG is tha SHIZ!!
Enough said. She rocks the hiz-ouse!! --Big Dan in TX
Submitted By: dantan98
(83,557 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: dan224
(83,204 on 2-2006)

Love ya SG. ~chugach
Submitted By: chugach124
(83,116 on 2-2006)

Fake Votes
No Validity in Voting

There is no validity in the voting here at podcastalley. Anyone like Soccergirl, Incorporated can be number 1 by using Who ever said this place was an authority in the ranking of podcast anyway! Joe Vitale's vote's were legitimate from true fans, now people like Soccergirl, Incorporated have altered the system and proven the invalidity of voting here.
Submitted By: Marknevada41
(82,880 on 2-2006)

Oh Yeah
How about Showing us your cunt too. All we see is your hippy tits. Lets see some cunt, I bet that thing fucking reaks
Submitted By: jonny1717
(82,766 on 2-2006)

Hey Girl
you need to take a fucking shower. I saw you at the pod expo. Skank ass bitch. TAKE A FUCKING SHOWER BITCH!
Submitted By: jonny1717
(82,760 on 2-2006)

High Approval
Soccergirl, Incorporated gets my vote. The podcast and movies presented are #1 in the genre.
Submitted By: majjbf
(82,153 on 1-2006)

shes So awsome
Submitted By: unclevanya
(81,911 on 1-2006)

you rock
thank you soccor girl and keep up the good podcasts
Submitted By: thenintendofreak
(81,399 on 1-2006)

Wonderfully talented
Very creative woman; one of the best "fun" podcasts.
Submitted By: donbullockjr
(80,976 on 1-2006)

lots of potential
Has lots of potential but podcasts sometimes too scattered, i.e. diffuse, unfocused, at least for me. Soccergirl also has a nice voice and enchanting delivery, but her musical presentations seem largely snippets of songs rather than entire songs. Song is over before listener gets into the groove of the work. On the positive side, Soccergirl is truly charming, funny, articulate, original and open.
Submitted By: pldevries
(80,817 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: joeychang
(80,728 on 1-2006)

Soccergirl, Incorporated
This is by far the best podcast that I have ever heard. It is the only podcast I am subscribed to that I can honestly say that I look forward to. Thanks Soccergirl!
Submitted By: rahlgren
(80,441 on 1-2006)

For sure...
Soccergirl makes me turned on. It happened today. For real. No joke. GO SG!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(80,433 on 1-2006)

Hey was up i love your podcast. keep up the good work! ;)
Submitted By: lone_ranger101200
(79,915 on 1-2006)

Im in love with soccergirlINC.
Submitted By: taweaver
(79,057 on 1-2006)

Hey soccergirl!
I love your show! Hope this vote pushes you back up into the top 10! Melissa (
Submitted By: porcuponics
(78,960 on 1-2006)

go to sundance!
Submitted By: matt_glasson
(78,900 on 1-2006)

Soccergirl rocks
Its true.
Submitted By: jmail854
(78,709 on 1-2006)

This show is great. Really great. Really, real... you get the idea.
Submitted By: thejohnnyoshow
(78,384 on 1-2006)

good stuff
Submitted By: faithcatpeach
(78,353 on 1-2006)

soccergirl rocks
soccergirl rocks
Submitted By: gregmoynahan
(78,348 on 1-2006)

She is my friend and she is neat.
Submitted By: leliarogers
(78,344 on 1-2006)

This is soccergirls highschool soccer captin! This sex kitten striker better kick some podcast alley ass, or theres gonna be hell to pay.... im talkin 20 laps and then down on the ground for 20 sets so work it or else!! haha!
Submitted By: steelejunk
(78,330 on 1-2006)

shes something!
Submitted By: trsf
(77,803 on 1-2006)

love it
Love the show
Submitted By: ckinni
(76,478 on 1-2006)

only the best will do.
Submitted By: PUGDUSTER
(76,407 on 1-2006)

SoccerGirl Rocks
I think this is one of the funniest, and creative podcasts out there. The naked pics are a nice gift, yet the content of the show, its cleverness is what keeps me coming back to updating the show. Thanks SoccerGril
Submitted By: nahuatl71
(75,561 on 1-2006)

Splish, splash. I'm a slut.
The nopulse generation never ceases to amaze me. Take, for instance, Soccergirl's recent invitation to speak at the Sundance Film Festival. Now I have tolerated her presence for some time--on this earth, in the virtual internet la-la-land, etc.--but such a monumental compromise of Sundance's integrity cannot go untouched. A free ride. I'm sure you have all heard of the famously paradoxical naked podcast. Soccergirl! Is she really naked?! The idea that some slut might actually be talking to you without clothes on excites some men. Now I am not going to advertise for her any more than I have to, but suffice it to say Soccergirl is convinced she is championing the cause of free speech by being naked. Ultimately, believe me, you get what you pay for. Now despite her noble insistence on keeping the podcast free of charge, the media harlot now begs shamelessly on her site for donations to support 'Independant art'. (There are two reasons why that's funny.) By supporting her 'art', of course, she means paying for her tickets to Sundance, where she has been invited to speak on podcasting. Naturally, her generosity has left her penniless. Hey, being the cheapest whore in town ain't easy. But making nationwide headlines is a snap! Thankfully, more people are inclined to wipe the benefits of her show with a kleenex than to tribute it with a donation. Splish splash, I'm a slut. Let's be honest. Chances are there is a whore bathing near you right this minute. Is it really worth your time to listen to Soccergirl's podcast? What are you doing? Staying up late, hoping to hear her wet tits in the broadcast? Do you circum-navigate the nipple of your iPod in anticipation? Oh. You listen to the podcast for the content. The next generation 'I read Playboy for the articles' guy. Well at least that guy had some legitimate basis for such a claim. A typical podcast : Episode 87, which includes 'Soccergirl's favorite movie quote segment', in which she proceeds to act out scenes from the film Roxanne, which is apparently one of her favorite films. How appropriate. Steve Martin's Roxanne is a modern film adaptation of the old play 'Cyrano de Bergerac' ; Soccergirl's regular podcast is a modern translation of radio broadcasting. Both are notable for their insistence on restructuring the original to appeal to the lowest common denominator. To her credit, Soccergirl looks back on the session and modestly comments, 'This was a super fun episode!'. We're glad you approve. Other mainstays of her podcast include original music--which arguably can be described as music but never as original--and regurgitated socio-political commentary. Being a naked woman, clearly Soccergirl will have profound insights into the abortion issue. From Episode 85 : 'I really think that up until the end of the first trimaster, and even some after that, the fetus is essentially a fetus.' Brilliant. Following this revelation, the monologue then degrades into some paranoid cloning fantasy that ultimately suggests to her : 'never get a haircut'. Well. Good luck to you. To be fair, after some swimming through her own garbage, Soccergirl manages to pose one thought-provoking question : 'So, does that mean anything?' I'd rather not answer until I've read the Gattaca script through and through.
Submitted By: talkshowhost
(75,361 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: chilled.king
(75,239 on 1-2006)

She makes me do things, instead of watching the old glass tit.
Theres a life out there, and watching TV shortens it.
Submitted By: sgettieddi
(74,321 on 1-2006)

this girl is hot and the show rocks
Submitted By: camerafann
(73,882 on 1-2006)

Great podcast
Like the title said, Great podcast, from a great person.
Submitted By: matix221
(73,791 on 1-2006)

J Sin Loves Soccergirl !!
Yes its true- Soccergirl rocks. Yep. I stand by my statement.
Submitted By: electronicj2003
(73,496 on 1-2006)

Still The Best
Soccergirls shows just keep getting better and better.
Submitted By: spogeo38
(72,929 on 1-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: mintond
(72,560 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: Wsttrollboy
(71,974 on 12-2005)

Soccergirl Inc Rocks
Soccergirl Inc still rocks my boat!
Submitted By: aquilaonline
(71,969 on 12-2005)

Soccergirl kicks balls!
Submitted By: ggh01
(71,865 on 12-2005)

this is probably the coolest girl i have ever seen/heard, and she is outstandingly pretty or beautiful, or very very radiant and she makes me smile
Submitted By: emericangypsy
(71,838 on 12-2005)

Funny as hell....
Love this blog(ger)
Submitted By: taweaver
(71,724 on 12-2005)

you have the best podcasts there weird, random, ffillled with you and your body i love them...
Submitted By: nevermind4191
(71,449 on 12-2005)

#12 Great lighting!
Submitted By: ccooper
(71,093 on 12-2005)

very good
great show
Submitted By: nellygray
(70,817 on 12-2005)

great podcast
keep it up, soccergirl!!!
Submitted By: bkksteved
(70,800 on 12-2005)
Submitted By: steve.todd
(70,719 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: billv13
(70,345 on 12-2005)

Sexy SG
Submitted By: rougeflirt
(70,255 on 12-2005)

what a voice !
Submitted By: neitching
(70,007 on 12-2005)

very inspiring
love the show
Submitted By: timothy.fox1
(69,897 on 12-2005)

Most interesting
Submitted By: hacker671
(69,820 on 12-2005)

the best podcast out there...hands down ......and also a standing O
Submitted By: aholmesy44
(69,695 on 12-2005)

soccergirl vote
i love soccer girl and her podcast is the best i ever listen
Submitted By: ciendecine
(69,685 on 12-2005)

soccergirl rules!
Woohoo soccergirl inc!!!!!!!1
Submitted By: joniak
(69,671 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: kribkickermwm
(69,523 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: corri
(69,412 on 12-2005)

I miss you!!!
I haven had as much time to fart around with listening to podcasts lately, as Im looking to move the family somewhere where there is a low cost of living. I chose Seattle, WA, but I know that isn that low, but hell its lower than here (San Diego/Del Mar). Anyway, I knocked up the wife again, so we have #2 on the way (due June), and I bought an electric gee tar. I can play worth shit, but its fun trying, and the 7 yr old digs when I do the blues (2nd to 4th fret isn really that hard, but hey it makes me look like a rock star to him), and it turns the wife on. Anyway, hope you e keeping warm (and Id love to hear how :) ). L8r, Robert
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(69,395 on 12-2005)

We miss you already! Can wait till we meet again. SG is da coolest. -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(69,188 on 12-2005)

fuck yea-uh!!!
soccergirl rocks like a majickiss!!!
Submitted By: scott
(69,043 on 12-2005)

Nice Rainbow Kick
Saw Summertime...and I was impressed. Not many people can muster a rainbow kick in the summertime....appreciate the finest moment comment contrary to the walk of shame....
Submitted By: henry5
(68,778 on 12-2005)

Here is your December vote from
Submitted By: industrialradio
(68,713 on 12-2005)

I love Soccergirl
Submitted By: phizzix
(68,684 on 12-2005)

Voting for Portugal!
Soccergirl is a great podcast! I hope she cames to Portugal one day and maybe we could do a show together! Keep up the good work girl, kisses LBR
Submitted By: lbramos
(68,670 on 12-2005)

luv from optomystic
Submitted By: scottmerrick
(68,657 on 12-2005)

SG kicks ass
Submitted By: droot24
(68,597 on 12-2005)

Aluta Continua
The Bathcast Revolution will get you.
Submitted By: jon
(68,433 on 12-2005)

Great podcast. and shes sexy as hell on top of that.
Submitted By: bigjimhainey
(68,431 on 12-2005)

Soccergirl rocks!
The title says it all. Hip, smart, sexy, clever, talented. When does she get the time to put all this stuff together?
Submitted By: jmahony
(68,354 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: KJAC712790
(67,949 on 12-2005)

More than just boobs
I love SG for her brains too--boobs are a dime a dozen. (Of course, I only say that in hopes that I get to keep seeing em too!)
Submitted By: cputnam
(67,584 on 12-2005)

We love your show, and we love you even more-- your so hottie!!! Klenn & Kid from the Goin Deep Podcast-- hey Soccer Girl would you consider being a hottie of the week on our show/site???? We would be honored-- because your so hot!!!!
Submitted By: kleen
(67,201 on 12-2005)

go Girl!
Submitted By: PUGDUSTER
(67,122 on 12-2005)

lovley show
awesome comedy. I LOVE THE SONGSSSSSSS!!!!! omg shes so freaking good at singing. and shes a wicked good rapper. haha she should seriously make an album of all the songs she sang on her show. no joke
Submitted By: lifis2d
(66,832 on 12-2005)

Great Podcast
Look forward to the next episode everytime i listen to the new one, helps me get my day moving
Submitted By: adam.osman
(66,693 on 12-2005)

She rules!
Submitted By: tim.peter
(66,305 on 12-2005)

fun show
Submitted By: pkolenda
(66,300 on 12-2005)

This show rocks, keep up the good work
Submitted By: Bigm1031
(66,291 on 12-2005)

hot and great!!
Submitted By: cary99
(66,227 on 12-2005)

Of course I vote for you
None other are deserving.
Submitted By: sg
(66,199 on 12-2005)

I Love SoccerGirl!!!!
Submitted By: apisarek
(66,129 on 12-2005)

Soccergirl Rocks!
Submitted By: sbecotte
(66,084 on 12-2005)

You rock!
Soccergirl - you whispered in my ear (sometime in the middle of one of your podcasts). Yes, we must keep this quiet. You are funny and hot - life is good. Don stop!
Submitted By: dave.bates
(66,065 on 12-2005)

Here ya go!
Thanks for podcasting Dred242
Submitted By: Dred242
(66,064 on 12-2005)

edgy and original
Soccergirl is the best
Submitted By: vernon.wells
(66,047 on 12-2005)

Best podcast peroid
Submitted By: Tomdumon
(66,010 on 12-2005)

I love the shows, the pics !
Submitted By: studio
(65,926 on 12-2005)

Shes The Best
Can stand the sport, but I love soccergirl, incorporated!
Submitted By: spogeo38
(65,914 on 12-2005)

Yo - Soccergirl is #1!
Submitted By: michael
(65,862 on 12-2005)

I love you
Your show is great!
Submitted By: keithleslie
(65,841 on 12-2005)

so fuckin hot SG love ya
Submitted By: mike.k75
(65,833 on 12-2005)

SG Rocks
Submitted By: Cptnjava
(65,766 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: mgagne
(65,748 on 12-2005)

soccergirl rules
she just does
Submitted By: veebis
(65,706 on 12-2005)

Very cool, very different!
Submitted By: a_nyc_scott
(65,704 on 12-2005)

awesome podcast
Submitted By: chronocross_xp
(65,701 on 12-2005)

i love this podcast one of the best i have heard hope she keeps up the good work
Submitted By: isawasquirrelzim
(65,663 on 12-2005)

great tits !!!
Submitted By: euclid13
(65,615 on 12-2005)

what a great babe
most bueu tits ever seen
Submitted By: rkchopra
(65,609 on 12-2005)

sexy voice
one of the best podcasts out there. she's a talented girl... in more ways than one.
Submitted By: jongtang23
(65,589 on 12-2005)

Da girl got Mad Skills!
Shes the rich carmel filling in my chocolate heart!
Submitted By: michael
(65,542 on 12-2005)

Soccer Girl RULES! intelligent, witty, smart, funny, sexy! What more could anyone ask for!!
Submitted By: dsat1900
(65,443 on 12-2005)

Hell yea
She is great!!!!
Submitted By: lathquar
(65,431 on 12-2005)

great show
soccer girl is great
Submitted By: freya209-shop
(65,348 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: TIMROBB
(65,314 on 12-2005)

Hands down the most worthwhile podcast simply because it is made from the heart.....
Submitted By: eddyraykenobi
(65,047 on 12-2005)

always interesting
great podcast. Im getting a new video iPod because of this
Submitted By: brwfx
(64,947 on 12-2005)

One of the best podcasts online!
Submitted By: albert65
(64,863 on 12-2005)

screw the pictures (shes beautiful), its all about the voice!!
Submitted By: rikt
(64,856 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: Jaateex
(64,634 on 12-2005)

Good Audio/Podbook
Submitted By: skalakd
(64,628 on 12-2005)

For sure...
Soccergirl, you continue to be SUCH a babe.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(64,522 on 12-2005)

best show ever
Submitted By: sean2herholdt
(64,451 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: richardlarabee
(63,969 on 12-2005)

hot and sexy
Submitted By: freya209-shop
(63,688 on 11-2005)

Soccergirl r0x0r5
Submitted By: traubie420
(63,679 on 11-2005)

If you like this podcast, then you’ll love The 6620 West Kidcast with the Terry Family. Check them out at You’ll be glad you did.
Submitted By: mike-terry
(63,588 on 11-2005)

Soccergirl rocks!
Submitted By: dallas.e.spohn
(63,255 on 11-2005)

i consider her as my girlfriend
Submitted By: jlumley1
(61,882 on 11-2005)

here we go again
Submitted By: podcastgear
(61,653 on 11-2005)

Holy moly....
Soccergirl is so hot it drives me crazy. I met her, and I couldn't do anything because I'm married. But I fantasized. Oh, yes I did.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(61,132 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: adocia
(60,795 on 11-2005)

Your podcast rocks my socks!
Submitted By: michaelkubota
(60,649 on 11-2005)

You know we love ya baby! It was so cool to finally meet you. (And yes everyone, shes just as hot as she looks in the pictures!) We had a blast hanging out with you, and can wait to do it again soon. -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(60,244 on 11-2005)

Most real podcaster out there
Submitted By: tcbracing
(59,897 on 11-2005)

Excellent Show
Simply the best
Submitted By: podcasts
(59,694 on 11-2005)

Shes Hot - Great Tits
Submitted By: marcryan01
(59,636 on 11-2005)

Just to say
I loved the Warewolf/Vampire hibrow and well read too
Submitted By: bardan
(58,739 on 11-2005)

You kick ass
Dear Soccergirl ,
Submitted By: den_sangel
(58,514 on 11-2005)

She ROCkS!
Submitted By: aardor1
(58,437 on 11-2005)

fun to listen too
She is so bizzarre... but in a way that makes me smile.
Submitted By: dan
(58,123 on 11-2005)

we like her.
Soccer girl has been voted the number 1 pod cast of the German Colony in Jerusalem. Fancy that!
Submitted By: dan.smokler
(57,515 on 11-2005)

SoccerGirl is Awesome
Submitted By: torque3k
(56,367 on 11-2005)

no vote for you
Submitted By: cbates_2005
(56,017 on 11-2005)

Hi Soccergirl, my son Paul from Barefoot Radio says to vote for you so I am voting for you. My husband likes you on his show! :) Good luck, hon!
Submitted By: dinamyt
(55,182 on 11-2005)

Your show is awesome! Keep up the good work. You also have a great singing voice. Zecryphon
Submitted By: princeprozac
(54,848 on 11-2005)

Hey! Check your myspace email.
Submitted By: chugach124
(54,817 on 11-2005)

Best & sexiest podcaster ever!
Submitted By: george.furey
(54,749 on 11-2005)

Love the show
I made mention of you on the last PK and J show. It sounds creepy, but don worry, Im not like that (i.e. I have not figured out how to become invisible and watch you while you are bathcasting, hence seeing the whole enchilada (or taco). ) Anyway, Happy Belated Halloween. Love, Robert G
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(54,718 on 11-2005)

As u asked...
Guilt works. Nice stuff. Thanks. Love the squadcast entries, although a few were definately cop outs. Love ya. Enrique
Submitted By: loveshackle
(54,278 on 10-2005)

Ur awesome
Submitted By: kold725
(54,225 on 10-2005)

SG rocks
Dont miss this one. SG is the girl we all wish lived next door.
Submitted By: dgrssl
(54,184 on 10-2005)

love it ! keep it going !
Submitted By: HansoUsps
(54,117 on 10-2005)

you make the call
Submitted By: antel0pe
(53,974 on 10-2005)

Soccergirl rocks
giddy that bathcast
Submitted By: MBergie
(53,765 on 10-2005)

Soccer girl rules
This is a must-hear !!
Submitted By: bbaaxx
(53,646 on 10-2005)

Shes funny, sexy, and a good poet! Go SG, go!
Submitted By: bbadvoodoo
(53,555 on 10-2005)

Tha Best
Soccergirl iz tha best podcast out dere.i must b tha biggest fan in London!!! if u still ave not subscribed on itunes or somink, ur missin out cause she is tha greatest!!SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!luv ya soccer girlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Submitted By: hedgex60
(53,520 on 10-2005)

Soccergirl rocks!
One of the most envelope-pushing podcasts out there!
Submitted By: umtank
(53,388 on 10-2005)

Such a great show..and great tits
Submitted By: indielovemusic
(53,214 on 10-2005)

great show
Submitted By: jmdougherty
(53,144 on 10-2005)

Its like crack
If you have adictive personality - DONT listen. I listen to one of her shows and the more I listened, the more I wanted. Now, I can get enough. I can figure out what is it that keeps me coming back, but she is unusally entertaining. Its pod-crack. Nemo
Submitted By: wnemo
(53,126 on 10-2005)

Love the show
Great stuff. Just started listening, trying to catchup. Good times!
Submitted By: bryan
(53,045 on 10-2005)

read this
podcast soon, podcast often. luvu.
Submitted By: rdshackleford
(52,982 on 10-2005)

You e jealous because Soccergirls so brilliant and amazing and she makes you feel bad about your own meager accomplishments. I can understand that. Im jealous too, but Im not stupid enough to think its her fault. I love you sg!
Submitted By: sosoreal01
(52,921 on 10-2005)

Soccergirl is 2nd?
I have made several attempts to try and listen to this podcast. Unfortunately, there is nothing remotely interesting or entertaining about this show. When are people going to wake up and realize that there is nothing here to listen to?
Submitted By: baconskin
(52,855 on 10-2005)

Really Intriguing Show
I finally checked out SoccerGirl because I kept seeing it on the 10 ten list. It is one of the most compelling podcasts and I have found myself unmistakably drawn to it. It is a blending of poetry and art delivered in a very sensual wrapper. SoccerGirl is original and addictive although I do not fully understand what it is that makes me like it so much. It has a very erotic nature though it is not obvious as to what makes it so. Perhaps, after I consume more episodes, I will understand. Nice job. Kidder Kaper host of Sex is Fun! the podcast
Submitted By: kidder
(52,351 on 10-2005)

Love the show
keep up the good work
Submitted By: gringolocoo
(52,269 on 10-2005)

We Love This Show!!
Submitted By: Squadcast
(52,246 on 10-2005)

Sexiest Woman in the world
Soccergirl, you have proven to me that perfection of the female form is a real thing. you are the embodiment of all that is woman.
Submitted By: digitalhighlander
(52,134 on 10-2005)

You got my vote
Love your show.......
Submitted By: joedawn2001
(52,076 on 10-2005)

I love Soccergirl Incorporated. She keeps me up and at attention, if you know what I mean (wink, wink). Keep the internet hot and inviting.
Submitted By: Death_Star_LAG
(51,967 on 10-2005) We have arrived We have voted We have left ...
Submitted By: mcconville.john
(51,963 on 10-2005)

Love the voice
Soccergirl, you are fantastic! At last, beauty and brains!
Submitted By: digitalsoul
(51,879 on 10-2005)

This cast rocks...
Submitted By: lstsjrn
(51,212 on 10-2005)

Great Podcast
I just listened to my first Soccergirl podcast, and loved it! Thanks I like your work.
Submitted By: craigsalva
(50,974 on 10-2005)

New Fan!
Love the I just gotta catch up on a ton of episodes!
Submitted By: flynn551
(50,661 on 10-2005)

great podcast!!!!!!
Submitted By: fer_2
(50,392 on 10-2005)

Great show; very entertaining
Submitted By: kge74
(49,742 on 10-2005)

what can I say, she is great! and surprising at every turn.
Submitted By: j1armstrong
(49,635 on 10-2005)

Awesome podcast !! Love the spontaneous attitude and mood of the podcast
Submitted By: fcooks
(49,571 on 10-2005)

go sg
vote for sg
Submitted By: bobwildcat2518
(49,477 on 10-2005)

shes #1
or at least, she should be
Submitted By: rs_sternberg
(49,250 on 10-2005)

Nice Work
New to this whole podcasting thing.. I will definitely be back. Well done Soccergirl.
Submitted By: bill
(49,215 on 10-2005)

good listening
Submitted By: bavant
(48,989 on 10-2005)

the best
the best podcast!!
Submitted By: circuskiss
(48,836 on 10-2005)

cause Soccergirl rocks
Come on. Shes naked for heavens sake. And she likes Trek.
Submitted By: Kinayda
(48,676 on 10-2005)

i love soccer girl
i have ,ike 6 podcasts on my itunes and i listen to her all the time i love soccer girl and she is just so adorable and since i subscribed i been a huge fan of her podcasts and shes hott 2
Submitted By: twizt_o_fate
(48,673 on 10-2005)

We got your back, baby.
Submitted By: Keith
(48,568 on 10-2005)

Great show
Keep up the good work. I can only begin to fathom how much time it takes to put on a show like this.
Submitted By: ken.lauder
(48,472 on 10-2005)

SoccerGirl is funny, sexy and just cool to listen to. Oh yeah and Ryan is cool to :-)
Submitted By: aardor1
(48,282 on 10-2005)

Heres your vote
Soccergirl, help me fight Muscular Dystrophy, check your email!
Submitted By: pcdlphoto
(48,239 on 10-2005)

sg is great
Did I say sg was great? She is!
Submitted By: bobwildcat2518
(48,051 on 10-2005)

We love SG! -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(48,019 on 10-2005)

Great shows
Submitted By: tim.williams
(48,014 on 10-2005)

LOVE IT !!!!
Submitted By: roadrunner562
(47,867 on 10-2005)

Great Show
I love this show!
Submitted By: shaftmanster
(47,783 on 10-2005)

Soccergirl RAWKS
Submitted By: k2
(47,609 on 10-2005)

love it!
love the show..
Submitted By: mannberg
(47,443 on 10-2005)

For my cybergirlfiend
Thank you for your spanish greetings
Submitted By: pedrofelipe
(47,322 on 10-2005)

I loved it!
Submitted By: artmanjon
(47,192 on 10-2005)

Go Soccergirl go!
Keep up the great work
Submitted By: jeffrey.carpenter
(47,093 on 10-2005)

Awesome show
Love you e show. Discovered it two weeks ago. Listen to every new one. I especially like the moments of creativity, such as stories youve written or the musical interludes you create. They always make the show very enjoyable. Death to Smoochie Rocks! anyways. I gotta get back to work. keep up the good work.
Submitted By: htjohnson
(47,058 on 10-2005)

SGInc Underground represent! Forward the SG!
Submitted By: dr.bruce.chaos
(47,036 on 10-2005)

This woman is AMAZING!!!!!
Submitted By: anthony.pisarek
(46,999 on 10-2005)

What a spunk
Definitely one of the best podcasts out there, not to be missed! She fun, sexy and... well, lets just stick with sexy, although I don want to take anything away from the fun part either.
Submitted By: ahbiteme
(46,767 on 10-2005)

Soccergirls Rocks!!!!!
I love soccergirl - real from the heart, what else could a man oe woman want.
Submitted By: camerafann
(46,754 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: chuckie3show
(46,659 on 10-2005)

What a sexy babe. If she didn have brains along with that sexyness of hers, Soccergirl would not have much to offer. But brains and boobs with soccergirl make perfect harmony. Im a soccergirlaholic. Yum.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(46,415 on 10-2005)

you rock!!!!!!
Submitted By: davidkalonick
(46,357 on 10-2005)

Love you!
Also, Happy Belated birthday. I have been so incredibly busy with life stuff that I haven had enough time to even listen to every show. But now Im starting to get a handle on things again. Anyway, much love and hugs for your birthday and tell Ryan hi and to keep treating you well. Robert G
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(46,171 on 10-2005)

Babe... You Rock.
Yeah, youve heard it before a zillion times, so I won bother you with all those boring compliments and cheesy come-on lines from desparate males sitting up late at night at their computers, drinking whiskey and smoking pot and listening to Soccergirl talk about her lost koala and... almost... crying. ;) Seriously, babe, you rock. They oughtta make a movie out you. -Peace out
Submitted By: mrclriggs2001
(46,108 on 10-2005)

Even hillbillies love Soccergirl!
Submitted By: leliarogers
(46,079 on 10-2005)

Another SG Listener
You can stop the Soccergirl, and why would you want to!
Submitted By: takerfan4
(46,076 on 10-2005)

SG Inc
I love Soccergirl!
Submitted By: screedman
(46,073 on 10-2005)

#1 all the way..
Submitted By: richardlarabee
(45,936 on 10-2005)

Just because you e so cute
Soccergirl, you e a hotty. Of course you get my vote.
Submitted By:
(45,693 on 9-2005)

Ive been telling all my friends about soccer girl incorporated. You have a great show and anyone who doesn like it needs to lighten up.
Submitted By: shedevel666
(45,320 on 9-2005)

Soccer Girl , I want to be your Koala
salutes from Mexico city
Submitted By: klaun73
(45,209 on 9-2005)

Awesome Show. Definitely deserves to be Number 1
Submitted By: richardlarabee
(45,179 on 9-2005)

Soccergirl rocks. She is the best not only does she talk what we want but what we need. SHe is the Howard Stern of Podcast Audio.
Submitted By: plr533-sports
(45,084 on 9-2005)

Best Podcast yet.
Soccergirl, incorporated is the best Podcast out there yet, real,sexy,and funny.
Submitted By: sys_oad
(44,941 on 9-2005)

Still loving the show
Submitted By:
(44,483 on 9-2005)

Inside SoccerGirl
Inside SoccerGirl's where most listeners would like to be - I made it into her room and if possible, she's more alluring in person than she is over the web. As Kool Keith would say 'Bow to the master'.
Submitted By: sam.sugar
(44,441 on 9-2005)

Awesome Show
I love this show, and Soccergirl turns me on
Submitted By: shaftmanster
(44,262 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: chuckie3show
(43,694 on 9-2005)

Smart, sexy, and cool?! How does she do it? Well, thats easy, shes Soccergirl! -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(43,583 on 9-2005)

fun show
Submitted By: drunkenmonkeytattoo
(42,890 on 9-2005)

Soccergirl Rocks
Yes she does
Submitted By: nottathome
(42,648 on 9-2005)

sg is the best
DId I say, sg is the best?
Submitted By: Bob2518
(42,646 on 9-2005)

Excellent, sexy, thought provoking, original content. You have a new loyal fan!
Submitted By: jfheck
(42,597 on 9-2005)

SG rocks
...title says it all, as if a naked chick in a bathtub is the coolest thing to listen to on the weekend?
Submitted By: mail.phatlip
(42,538 on 9-2005)

Lovin that Soccergirl...
...still lovin those boobies!
Submitted By: aaron
(42,342 on 9-2005)

Great Pod Cast
Great Pod Cast I just finished listening to all of your podcasts I did find a couple of them got on my nervers to the point that I had to stop what I was doing ond just get rid of that part. But otherwise a very hot Pod Cast. Dan writting From Germany
Submitted By: daniel.minton
(42,080 on 9-2005)

Never heard anything like this!
Amazing cool and so funny - awaiting the movie!
Submitted By: jasonmboyle
(41,857 on 9-2005)

who rules?
Soccergirl Incorporated rules!! ps. I love boobies! -rooster
Submitted By: rooster7011
(41,674 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: glenn
(41,530 on 9-2005)

soccergirl rocks
you podcast is hysterical. i thouroughly enjoy it. i like your creativity . . . bathcasting, september lists. ryan p and his poo-phobiass are great. keep up the revolution.
Submitted By: mktg1
(41,511 on 9-2005)

U got my Vote!
Love your show, u need to make it a daily show so I dont have to go through withdrawls. You should change the name to SoCOOLGirl, Inc. Kepp it Hot. Jim
Submitted By: jbusa2k
(41,496 on 9-2005)

Soccer girl
Submitted By: jeff
(41,358 on 9-2005)

thank Jebus for Soccergirl
I fell in love after one podcast...
Submitted By: corri
(41,280 on 9-2005)

Love it!
I wish for a faster pace, but I still love it.
Submitted By: allnut64
(41,228 on 9-2005)

I lovfe your Attitude...
Submitted By: ajdee_31
(41,199 on 9-2005)

The bomb!
This is great stuff. Sexiest voice on the net.
Submitted By: codyspamtrap
(41,185 on 9-2005)

Great thinker and babe
Insightful and wise as she is a hottie.
Submitted By: jcortel
(41,162 on 9-2005)

I love Soccergirl
she makes me all twitterpaited!
Submitted By: us
(41,149 on 9-2005)

brains, beauty, and a helluva body. What a specimen of femininity. Great podcast...and a very sexy voice.
Submitted By: gfredenb
(41,122 on 9-2005)

Great podcast. Racy, irreverent and fun.
Submitted By: edward_collins
(41,089 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: jim0266
(40,938 on 9-2005)

I love the show!
Awesome show, keep up the good work.
Submitted By: fgalvan
(40,842 on 9-2005)

I vote again in advance.....
I want to see your rack at the pod cast expo. Andrew
Submitted By: getoff
(40,832 on 9-2005)

Sorry it took so long...
Been detoxing (from food)
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(40,816 on 9-2005)

I just listened to the Latest Cast
Damn SG!!! Every time I listen to you I am sure that I will be alone forever. Since there is no chance I will find any woman as cool as you to be with!!!
Submitted By: dmward
(40,684 on 9-2005)

SG is hot
Submitted By: justinkuhn
(40,438 on 9-2005)

The SG Universe
Soccergirl is one of the most important defining voices in podcasting. And shes funny. And . . . well . . . Im married and cannot comment on certain things. SG has among the most unique voices in podcasting. If youre not subscribed to her show, youre missing out on the very heart of this thing. - Douglas Scott
Submitted By: purecastmedia
(40,368 on 9-2005)

London calling - Soccergirl is the babe of the terraces! World domination coming soon...
Submitted By: skipnicker
(40,326 on 9-2005)

go sg
Sg is my very favorite podcaster!
Submitted By: Bobwildcat2518
(40,321 on 9-2005)

Its all about the ass
Submitted By: agua3030
(40,057 on 9-2005)

woot woot
soccergirl rocks
Submitted By: aarongeis
(39,981 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: jm
(39,877 on 9-2005)

I love to hear your voice. I think that you have great dialogue with Ryan that is not all about actors and entertainment and fluff that doesnt matter to the real world. Thanks, Stale Dry One
Submitted By: staledryone
(39,819 on 9-2005)

vote for sg
because her podcast is the best!
Submitted By: bobwildcat2518
(39,425 on 9-2005)

Excellent show
The Soccergirl, Incorporated podcast is one of the most entertaining shows available. I thoroughly enjoy it for its balance of wit, insightful social comment and humour. Go Soccergirl!!
Submitted By: iwan
(39,357 on 9-2005)

The siren of podcasting
Never the same show 2x...and I love it! SGs the best. :)
Submitted By: jason
(39,347 on 9-2005)

Soccergirlincorporated is the best
Submitted By: jgraph
(39,228 on 9-2005)

SoccerGirl yum
Shes the awsomest, sexiest, ...
Submitted By: dr.bruce.chaos
(39,184 on 9-2005)

Paul says to vote for you so Im voting for you. :)
Submitted By: dinamyt
(39,122 on 9-2005)

Love it.
Absolutley Hilarious
Submitted By: tonyschiebel
(39,097 on 9-2005)

She Rules...
Soccergirl is a babe. Soccergirl Rules. Girl, you dont even have to ask me to vote because I always will!!!!!!! Oy Paul from BFR digs you!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(39,052 on 9-2005)

If you listen to only one podcast, this HAS to be it!!!
Submitted By: anthony.pisarek
(39,019 on 9-2005)

All your base are belong to SG Inc
Soccergirl is rad awesome funny and hot !
Submitted By: indigo214
(38,984 on 9-2005)

Great posdcast
A funny and sexy podcast that sometimes doesnt shy away from talking about more serious issues.
Submitted By: vanhaesendonck
(38,927 on 9-2005)

Hot as Shit
Best reason to own an iPod Must Hear Podcast
Submitted By: Stoner
(38,599 on 8-2005)

Sexual innovation
SG is really pushing the boundaries of podcasting... making statements about how we see ourselves and what it is ok to do and be.
Submitted By: metacoda
(38,331 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: sug_night44
(37,971 on 8-2005)

best show ever
Submitted By: seemjb
(37,879 on 8-2005)

Weirdly addictive
Submitted By: jmraffin
(37,732 on 8-2005)

Youre so sweet
Thank you for the podcast lovin. That was very sweet of you. Kisses right back atcha Allan the Zany Aguirre
Submitted By: allan
(37,590 on 8-2005)

soccergirl rules
Submitted By: oxygen.nick
(37,337 on 8-2005)

a great, funny show
Submitted By: ckinni
(36,760 on 8-2005)

You sexy vixen
Hi Soccergirl, Keep up the great work, I really enjoy your show. Chicago gets hot in the summer, but not as hot as your sexy voice. Have a great day!
Submitted By: jeffreyscarpenter
(36,517 on 8-2005)

Soccer Girl Rocks
I love soccer girl, I discovered her about a week ago and I love it!!
Submitted By: sonny_lmf
(36,287 on 8-2005)

warm and fuzzy.
Submitted By: nickd
(35,730 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: cdelong_55
(35,415 on 8-2005)

Soccergirl rocks!
Bathcasting is the best thing ever! I am now the happiest boy in the world.
Submitted By: Kawagoekid
(35,241 on 8-2005)

SGInc all the way
shes fuckin hot and fuckin rad!!!
Submitted By: dr.bruce.chaos
(35,231 on 8-2005)

good stuff
just listened to my first show. Nice stuff. Wish my wife sounded like her. Bonner time.
Submitted By: mg107bop
(34,986 on 8-2005)

Love Ya
Submitted By: dustdevilchic16
(34,850 on 8-2005)

Awesome Show.
She is funny, sexy and is really smart. She is the best
Submitted By: tonyschiebel
(34,504 on 8-2005)

Go Soccergirl Incorporated!
Thanks for the halarious antics. Your lifestyle is similar to mine, and its fun to hear others share their insights!
Submitted By: lurking44
(34,253 on 8-2005)

Soccergirl IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soccergirl is the finest example of a podcast available. Entertaining, arousing, intriguing, and all other ing words you can think of.
Submitted By: dmward
(33,869 on 8-2005)

Top 10 already!! You go girl! You deserve it for breaking new ground in podcasting! I wish I had more time to listen/ hang out on your site! Love ya, --Dominar
Submitted By: bbowen
(33,583 on 8-2005)

Soccergirl....cute stuff!
I heard of you from Barefoot Radio! :) You were fun to listen to.
Submitted By: dinamyt
(32,913 on 8-2005)

awesome show
Go soccer girl you rock
Submitted By: rwm4_85
(32,825 on 8-2005)

/me claps
Ive enjoyed your podcast immensely
Submitted By: pertuz
(32,005 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: chuckie3
(31,960 on 8-2005)

Lovin that Soccergirl...
Lovin that Soccergirl, lovin those boobies!
Submitted By: aaron
(31,921 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: darthmonkee
(31,358 on 8-2005)

I vote for you because...
Im going to be looking at your rack at the Media Expo. Andrew
Submitted By: acoffey
(31,111 on 8-2005)

Soccer Girl Rocks!
Hot Hot Hot!!!
Submitted By: mbguy2
(30,333 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: chuckie3
(30,283 on 7-2005)

Can't get enough!
Wish I could touch her soccer balls!
Submitted By: chad
(28,885 on 7-2005)

great show
Keep up the great workand Nice Tits!
Submitted By: novagoth0315
(28,331 on 7-2005)

anni rocks my box. and many, many others. She also smells like honeysuckle, even via computer.
Submitted By: lostlenore_80
(27,668 on 7-2005)

uh anni
fabulous cast adore it
Submitted By: weary_hum
(27,396 on 7-2005)

the bomb
she's #1 in my book
Submitted By: jokra05
(27,048 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: louiselassen
(27,011 on 7-2005)

Outstanding show
I've been listening to this show for several weeks now, and while at first I was "drawn in" because of the sexy nature of the hostess, I’ve come to realize that she, and her boy friend Ryan, are actually very creative, interesting people who, through their PodCasting give the listener a sense that they are hanging out with some really fun, creative people. The show will bring you back to your college days, when it was cool to hang out with friends to listen to great music, have a few beers, and talk about everything and anything. The show is more than just a “show�, it’s a snippet in the life of Soccergirl. As a runner, who takes to the road every day for five miles or more, listening to “SoccerGirl Incorporated� is like running with some cool friends who want nothing from you but friendship. It’s the most honest and refreshingly interesting PodCast on the planet.
Submitted By: steve
(26,655 on 7-2005)

Go SoccerGirl!
Submitted By: pcdlphoto
(26,654 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: matt_glasson
(26,485 on 7-2005)

Just plain fun to listen to... I look forward to each and every podcast... My morning commute is not the same unless she rides with em...
Submitted By: apisarek
(26,479 on 7-2005)

jogging for president Novacaine
Submitted By: simenp
(25,978 on 7-2005)

ani's cool
but don't send me junk mail.
Submitted By: barbexit
(25,750 on 7-2005)

Go Soccergirl, Incorporated
Submitted By: themaleduck
(25,733 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: kentcallison
(25,451 on 7-2005)

The hottest voice with a bod to match
She opened my mind when she opened her mouth. You must tune in!
Submitted By: gr82bc2d
(25,365 on 7-2005)

great show
anni rockx
Submitted By: apatriquin
(25,358 on 7-2005)

eccentric with flashes of brilliance
Submitted By: acostaa
(25,338 on 7-2005)

Great show!
This is the best show EVER for ALL eternity.
Submitted By: leliafain
(25,301 on 7-2005)

Awesome show
This is an awesome podcast, hilarious stories and poscast personalities. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: enigmae
(25,142 on 7-2005)

Great Stuff
This is a great podcast! Soccergirl and Jeanette should hook up!
Submitted By: swohler
(24,598 on 7-2005)

Love those boobies
She be staccckkkked.
Submitted By: tim
(24,421 on 7-2005)

RED BAR gives you a vote!
Submitted By: miked
(24,391 on 7-2005)

Soccergirl is a breath of fresh air.
Submitted By: starkcast
(24,364 on 7-2005)

Weird, but cool.
Submitted By: ferg
(24,354 on 7-2005)

Soccergirl rulez!
Hey babe - it's the rg man. Have a great fourth!
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(24,098 on 7-2005)

Howdy SG!
SG gets my vote. SG gets my fantasty time. Soccergirl is a babe. KEEP GOING, GIRL!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(23,429 on 7-2005)

If there was a comment section for you omelettes I'd call you a douche bag.
Submitted By: tinkle.from.the.krinkle
(22,646 on 6-2005)

What is wrong with you?
How could you EVER not like soccergirl's show? Even if you did, why would you be an asshole about it? I think this show is wonderful. Soccergirl isn't full of herself, she's honest and confident and brave. It's easy to say mean things when you can be anonymous or when you don't ever do anything daring and put yourself out there. Shame on everyone who says things like that. I LOVE YOU SOCCERGIRL!
Submitted By: omelettesforyou
(22,640 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: tinkle.from.the.krinkle
(22,624 on 6-2005)

kickass podcast to listen to work, always gathers a crowd when i play it.
Submitted By: jeromy
(21,908 on 6-2005)

Marry me soccergirl. please!!!!!
Submitted By: chip_lafferty
(21,541 on 6-2005)

Well that wasn't very nice! You are SO not invited to the party at my house.
Submitted By: soccergirlincorporated
(21,399 on 6-2005)

Sucks ass. Her popularity is further evidence that 95% of the world's population consists of morons.
Submitted By: s
(21,362 on 6-2005)

Funny, Refreshing, Original
Submitted By: gizmojo
(21,302 on 6-2005)

it rules
totally and utterly cool
Submitted By: obegron
(20,895 on 6-2005)

This Show ROX my SOX!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: rwmartinez
(20,741 on 6-2005)

4 stars
4 stars ands a double thumbs up!
Submitted By: grant
(20,504 on 6-2005)

wait wait, you need the cash to save those rats, that's cool oprah
Submitted By:
(20,014 on 6-2005)

spin is spin sissda you soundin more corporate oprah you go girl
Submitted By:
(20,013 on 6-2005)

Corporate schmorporate
No way! Check out It's a free way for me to get my logo out there and for you to get cool stuff at a small price. It definitely aint corporate, brutha.
Submitted By: soccergirlincorporated
(19,941 on 6-2005)

you into sell crap? going corporate?
Submitted By:
(19,570 on 6-2005)

I enjoy your shows. Especially the bath cast. You've got the sexiest voice of all.
Submitted By: jefjones
(19,525 on 6-2005)

Good podcast!
I have been listening now for only two weeks or so. It's a good show, but I got whacked in the back of the skull by my wife for listening in the car with her, she didn't think it was funny some of the more sexually explicit moments. Well love the show, and I am glad to hear your not going off the web! Ray
Submitted By: nilkin67
(19,335 on 6-2005)

Soccergirl Rocks!!!
A hot girl talking bout sex and showing her boobs. What more could any red-blooded American want?
Submitted By: caius84
(19,330 on 6-2005)

sweet dude!
Submitted By: matt_glasson
(18,662 on 6-2005)

I heart Soccergirl.
I really do!
Submitted By: mkhedlund
(18,648 on 6-2005)

Great Podcast
Love it. Funny as "all get-out"!
Submitted By: trictle
(17,446 on 6-2005)

DV loves you!
Submitted By: tim
(17,239 on 6-2005)

Great Show! Great Hostess!
Love ya Soccergirl!
Submitted By: dkulak
(17,192 on 6-2005)

Lovely Voice
Submitted By: bcbeatty
(17,035 on 6-2005)

Nate and Di Can't Get Enough!
Our Upstate lover, Y'all. Soccergirl Incorporated is one of our favorites - so we hang out over at her site alot, and you should too! Come on everyone, it's a revolution! - Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(17,012 on 6-2005)

Just started listening. Great show! Keep up the good work, and good find on the Steely Dan vinyls- totally agree with Ryan P, the more I love digital, the more I miss the "real" sound of the good ol' album.
Submitted By: sumutherdude78
(16,830 on 6-2005)

voting now
Submitted By: shawndb
(16,652 on 6-2005)

Why not???
Paul from BFR here. Soccergirl is more than sexy, she's interesting. Good luck to you, and way to be passionate about your podcast!
Submitted By: paul
(15,951 on 6-2005)

Keep plugging SG!
Submitted By: pk505505
(15,852 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: devious
(15,808 on 6-2005)

this show is a blessing
Submitted By: madge_winch12345
(15,589 on 5-2005)

I love soccer girl, I love her boobies!!
Submitted By: Chainlinkandmeters
(15,501 on 5-2005)

Rock on
Submitted By: vic
(15,173 on 5-2005)

Love yall!
Great show
Submitted By: dvc1998
(14,574 on 5-2005)

Good for girls too
I listened to the shows for the 1st time last night. She has a cool voice and I like her humor. The show is funny, I'm hooked. I like when she read the erotica book, that was good. Kind of like a female Stern.
Submitted By: ebaicrazy
(14,309 on 5-2005)

I'm REALLY trying to find a reason to buy an iPod so I can walk around and listen to some good podcasts... but, uh, there are no good podcasts. EXCEPT SOCCERGIRL, INCORPORATED! Thanks for keeping me entertained while I'm at work. It sucks trying to walk out of my office with a boner. Oh well. Johnny Griswold
Submitted By: Luckyx26
(13,714 on 5-2005)

Kick Ass
I love this blog. Isn't freedom of speech what podcasting is all about? If she can't post here, where else can she post?
Submitted By: monjesmedia
(13,403 on 5-2005)

Put her over the top..
Hey there, she gets my vote for being creative and sexy. You'z a hotty, soccergirl. :) Keep it up! -->In more ways than one.
Submitted By: paul
(13,378 on 5-2005)

My Services Are Free
Soccergirl incorporated you are the bomb. Love your mouth & everything that comes out of it. As for your tits...the only thing I can say is they make me want to be a baby again. Also would you sign my soccerballs? My services are free other wise they would be illegal. On a serious note darlin you have a great thing goin. Good material but most importantly you keep em cumin back for more. In the short time since your beginning you have achieved a level not many people do. Keep it up & you have our overall support. Fred Garvin Male Prostitute & The Reverend DeMize
Submitted By: fredgarvinradio
(13,241 on 5-2005)

Soccer Girl's podcast is totally cool and awesome!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: jpatton348
(13,047 on 5-2005)

Yo, Jessica and Lelia, I miss you both, man! You should post over at if you have a chance. Jessica, we watched a movie tonight starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, and it made me think of you, as she looks so much like you, only not quite as hot.
Submitted By: ryanpmurray
(11,750 on 5-2005)

hell yeah
ok, this pod cast fucking ROCKS MY WORLD!!!
Submitted By: moksha9
(11,747 on 5-2005)

Soccergirl rocks my world!
Submitted By: leliafain
(11,580 on 5-2005)

I have such a crush on soccergirl! The way she kicks that ball, over and over again, with her hair flashing in the sun......big sigh for the days of Clermont.
Submitted By: jessicabarry
(11,542 on 5-2005)

mistaking pinochle for peanutbrittle
woo stuff! and votes too.
Submitted By: ya81
(11,381 on 5-2005)

This girl rocks....and I have been lucky enough to kick it around with her. If you think her show is hot you should see what she can do with a soccer ball!!!
Submitted By: steelejunk
(10,883 on 5-2005)

THe best new podcast out there.Listening here in California
Submitted By: digital.pmg
(10,864 on 5-2005)

Soccergirl is ubersexy!!!!
I'm a big fan of this show. Give it a listen you'll fall in love real quick.
Submitted By: nlinus
(10,774 on 5-2005)

love ya!
Soccergirl... You're great! A lot of us women feel the same way you do, I have most of my girlfriends listening to you now. My friend is a womens study professor, teaches feminism and she agrees that you kick ass. Keep it up! Oh and we think Ryan is awesome!
Submitted By: jamahsan
(10,547 on 5-2005)

soccergirl is an up and comer who should be on everyone's radar.
Submitted By: pk505505
(10,335 on 5-2005)

go for it
Hi its me Zoe
Submitted By: Zoo_phun
(10,321 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: matt_glasson
(9,763 on 5-2005)

WARNING!!! ... Soccergirl is a genuine Goddess! ... and not to be messed with. She and her guests are a lot of fun.
Submitted By: steevus
(9,462 on 5-2005)

Check out this cool new podcast....soccergirl seems like a fun person to be around. I don't really know what else to say, other than I like it. She doesn't have many votes yet, because of the newness of the podcast, so I figured I should leave a comment. Anyway...listen! jmaze
Submitted By: jmaze
(8,407 on 4-2005)

Thanks for the comments and votes guys!! Glad you took the time, what with the masturbating and all. kisses! -sg
Submitted By: soccergirlincorporated
(8,362 on 4-2005)

Keith of 'Keith and The Girl'
This show gets one thumb up! (The other hand's busy.) Jerking off to you that is. MEANING I'M MASTURBATING TO YOUR PUSSY!
Submitted By: malley5000
(8,331 on 4-2005)

Great Stuff
Ha Ha Great story Ryan. Sorry about the shitty shorts.
Submitted By: snumedahl
(8,313 on 4-2005)

Lesbo love
Your voice is the most sexy thing ever, Soccergirl! Anyone who hasn't heard this show is totally missing out!
Submitted By: sallyflower15
(8,145 on 4-2005)

This is my new favorite show. Hands down. Excellent website too!!!!
Submitted By: arc
(8,140 on 4-2005)

This show is better than your mom.
Submitted By: ryanpmurray
(8,058 on 4-2005)

Keep Going!
Can't wait for episode 3!
Submitted By: abroyles
(8,030 on 4-2005)

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