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The Rachel Maddow Show Comments

There are 510 Comments for this Podcast
Sanity Personified
Just when I think the world has gone completely mad, Rachel steps up and puts everything in perspective. Thanks for keeping it real, Rachel!
Submitted By: kgokeefe
(545,631 on 11-2012)

Awesome. Fair, even to right wingers if theyre brave enough to show up. Their biggest problem? Rachel has the facts - up down, and both versions of sideways. Right wingers hate that. Very pitiful.
Submitted By: williblair
(533,194 on 3-2011)

great show!
Submitted By: rbnrg13
(530,403 on 1-2011)

Submitted By: eestes3367
(525,372 on 9-2010)

Rachel Rocks!
Rachel Rocks and so does Dylan Ratigan and Cenk Uygar!
Submitted By: carguy_chevy
(523,909 on 8-2010)

Stop the Oil
Hello Rachel, I had a faith-based insight on how to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. I wanted to share it with you. Thank you for your great reporting each and every night. Sincerely, Troy
Submitted By: troyanddawnandboys
(520,409 on 6-2010)

Love this podcast
Submitted By: bggoldman
(516,746 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: hanson101
(516,457 on 4-2010)

The very best!
Submitted By: ackepple
(501,309 on 10-2009)

rachel maddow podcast not working
June 25 show of Rachel Maddow podcast on i tunes never did download yesterday on my Apple. Others did. Anyone know why these download problems. I'm in Montana.
Submitted By: ranchosanmiguel
(488,231 on 6-2009)

TRMS PCast Problems
Yes, I'm having problems downloading the podcast as well. I'm on the West Coast, USA.
Submitted By: chrisrippslaw
(463,589 on 2-2009)

Yes! Whats going on??
I am receiving the same error message when trying to download Rachels podcast. I was worried this would happen. I hope its not because they dont offer the podcast in Canada anymore, but it seems like that would be the reason. This was a problem for me with the Bill Maher podcast, which IS NOW available to Canadians. Hopefully they get this all resolved so we can have Rachel back, I mean , she might as well be Canadian :) For now we still have Green960 podcast, Rachel's 6 pm radio show on Air America... look for it in you podcast directory.
Submitted By: kristindimarco
(457,812 on 1-2009)

Rachel Maddow podcast no more?
I'm having problems downloading this podcast. I seemed to get all episode until the January ones. Now iTunes tells me there may be a "server error". NO idea what this means. Is there a chance they've put a regional restriction on the download? I miss it!
Submitted By: hanne_lore
(457,772 on 1-2009)

are other people outside of the us having trouble getting this podcast? have the cut us off?
Submitted By: tokyopl
(457,694 on 1-2009)

Rachel is such a class act!
Submitted By: write_sammi
(444,478 on 10-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(428,839 on 9-2008)

Terrific podcast
This is a terrific podcast by the one and only Rachel Maddow. She is intelligent, witty and thoughtful.
Submitted By: sundredl
(428,410 on 9-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(418,544 on 8-2008)

Great Podcast!
Very Good!
Submitted By: robsd00
(388,603 on 5-2008)

the girl600 podcast
I miss this show, even though I have both satellite radio companies, but I preferred the podcast form. Check out my show at
Submitted By: girl600show
(294,232 on 8-2007)

This is the best podcast on the net!
Submitted By: daddio5251
(238,110 on 3-2007)

Best damn show
Best political talk ever
Submitted By: jan1118
(151,574 on 8-2006)

I Love Rachel
vote early vote often
Submitted By: HoneyBearKelly
(99,732 on 3-2006)

The Double-Wide Verison!!!
I didn think it was possible, but The Rachel Maddow Show is even better!!! If you haven tuned in and listened to this, I would highly suggest you do so immediately!!! Love you Rachel!!!!
Submitted By: joegreeniii
(75,663 on 1-2006)

Rachel Maddow
Submitted By: gogiants
(74,984 on 1-2006)

Rachel Maddow
Glad you've started having the new show available!
Submitted By: gogiants
(74,888 on 1-2006)

great news!
Submitted By: drdave91
(71,662 on 12-2005)

Rachel has become my favorite personality on Air America. I often find myself skipping through most of the other shows but I always stick around for the Maddow Show.
Submitted By: drewbloodallonewordunderscore
(68,468 on 12-2005)

RDA of intelligence
Make yourself smarter. Listen to Dr. Rachel Maddow every day.
Submitted By: dmerrer
(56,952 on 11-2005)

One of the best podcasts in the world. the best news podcast you can find! Dr. Maddow rules!
Submitted By: jack
(55,438 on 11-2005)

just. listen. every. day.
Submitted By: stupidloginlogin
(47,838 on 10-2005)

The PK and J Show never misses Rachels awesomeness. Hardcore listeners here.
Submitted By: pk505505
(47,505 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: sweitz29
(37,299 on 8-2005)

Yeah for Rachel
Submitted By: mngbennett
(37,236 on 8-2005)

Rachel ROCKS!
Shes hot and smart. What more do you need?
Submitted By: Jacqrat
(37,165 on 8-2005)

I listen every day!
Submitted By: judy31333
(36,755 on 8-2005)

Best show ever!
She needs her own TV show, too.
Submitted By: m8h29dull
(36,646 on 8-2005)

Rachel Maddow
I cant imagine starting my day out any other way than listening to Rachel.
Submitted By: superbee144
(36,613 on 8-2005)

Great show! Great host!
Rachel gives the report on the daily headlines. Now, this is not just reading from the papers. She gives a detailed analysis of the story behind the story. EXCELLENT listen!
Submitted By: ryan
(36,112 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: EAC96
(35,777 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: aptiva726
(34,785 on 8-2005)

yes yes yes
this is the only news i listen to. is that ging to mess up my brains? oh well it is the only news i have time for. three cheers for The Rachel Maddow Show.
Submitted By: man
(33,280 on 8-2005)

not your situation
Submitted By: laura222
(31,476 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: laura222
(30,353 on 7-2005)

The best!
Submitted By: eac96
(28,640 on 7-2005)

Rachel's Front Page
Rachel's front page is aired live at 5:00 O'clockl AM. I work nights and don't always get out in time for her show. This makes Rachel's daily podcast a MUST HAVE on my list!
Submitted By: frederickmartello
(26,483 on 7-2005)

love rachel
I love Rachel
Submitted By: johnmillward
(24,948 on 7-2005)

great in scotland
found a way to download the show on this side of the Atlantic!
Submitted By: g.panjandrum
(24,766 on 7-2005)

Wonderful , all the news you need, none of the BS
Submitted By: cahlash
(22,930 on 7-2005)

37 minutes is not enough!
Rachel could just go on all morning with her wit, genius, intelligence, and out and out knowledge of the world around us. I wish more newscasts were like this one, we'd all be a whole lot smarter!
Submitted By: Stacey_Adams
(21,019 on 6-2005)

Great Show.
Great Show
Submitted By: papermoon2
(20,929 on 6-2005)

Rachel is brillant.
Submitted By: kristine.kolar
(20,799 on 6-2005)

Love the show
I can toss my daily dose of news on the iPod Shuffle and the daily Mac news and an Ep of Coverville perhaps and blam set for the drive to work and back.
Submitted By: tino
(20,749 on 6-2005)

best show
i listen to it every day!
Submitted By: arogers
(20,553 on 6-2005)

The Situation is this... Rachel Maddow ROCKS! I start every morning with Rachel. I just wish her show was longer... I need more Rachel!
Submitted By: simplybkuz
(20,545 on 6-2005)

Rachel Rocks!
Submitted By: clu707
(19,717 on 6-2005)

Can't wake up without Rachel
After only two months, this show has become an indispensible part of my morning. One hour of Rachel leaves you more informed than 3 hours of NPR.
Submitted By: jgraz
(19,432 on 6-2005)

REAL news
Rachel covers the news like no one else!
Submitted By: ragby1
(19,430 on 6-2005)

Go Rachel
I love the show
Submitted By: knobandtube
(19,409 on 6-2005)

Too smart for words!!!
Submitted By: lbarr001
(19,398 on 6-2005)

Go Rachel
How exciting! Can't wait to see the new show.
Submitted By: patriciaghenderson
(19,350 on 6-2005)

She is the NEWS Goddess!
She IS the news goddess!
Submitted By: rahjur
(19,326 on 6-2005)

Beside Morning Sedition, this is the only show I have to hear everyday. It is so timely, intelligent, and funny that I'm sad when its over and I have to wait a day to hear a new one. Thanks Rachel and crew!
Submitted By: adouglas
(19,253 on 6-2005)

Love it
This is where I get my news headlines for the day...listen at work. Really great since I'm losing AAR when they leave Sirius. Great show!
Submitted By: stevelee24
(19,002 on 6-2005)

A daily must!
Submitted By: eac96
(18,881 on 6-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: jmorganix
(18,851 on 6-2005)

this is one of the most informative,interesting,entertaining and humorous shows currently on AAR,thoughly enjoy it every morning and wouldn't think of missing it,looking forward to her visit to Seattle Seattle Baker
Submitted By: nana-umpa
(18,782 on 6-2005)

Rachel is the Best!
Submitted By: myracrowell
(18,679 on 6-2005)

I actually look forward to the drive to work. Very informative.
Submitted By: benner.c
(18,632 on 6-2005)

Great show.
Can't always catch it live - it's just too early.
Submitted By: g.panjandrum
(18,620 on 6-2005)

This show rocks
Maddow rocks
Submitted By: 02ess
(18,304 on 6-2005)

Great show
Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: cspank1214
(17,902 on 6-2005)

Best ever
A must listen to for me everyday/
Submitted By: harveynsally
(17,843 on 6-2005)

Thank you for a great show!
What a great way to kick start the day! Listener from Yokohama, Japan
Submitted By: evelyn.corbett
(17,670 on 6-2005)

Rachel Rocks
She's the best thing on radio. Smart, funny, sharp. And I'm glad I can get her show on podcast, because 5am is a bit too early for me to be up.
Submitted By: jazzbiker
(17,407 on 6-2005)

"I think Rachel is pretty hot and I'm a straight girl!" Submitted By: kristapea55 Straight, gay or whatever; BRAINS are hot. Rachel is scorching in that regard.
Submitted By: throwaway59
(17,333 on 6-2005)

Rachel is SOOO hot!
I think Rachel is pretty hot and I'm a straight girl!
Submitted By: kristapea55
(17,314 on 6-2005)

Terrific Show
Submitted By: hummingbird
(17,287 on 6-2005)

The Best
Best news and commentary--smart, witty, informative-- she's helping to make the broadcast world and the real world a place you want to live in. Listen in!
Submitted By: steve02130
(17,205 on 6-2005)

I love Rachel Maddow
I wouldnt miss this show...I listen to it every day. Rachel is so knowledgable and funny. I hope that Air America expands her show.
Submitted By: doubter
(17,135 on 6-2005)

real news
I couldn't live without getting my daily fill of the real news from Rachel Maddow! She's got the best show on AAR!
Submitted By: metaljawgirl
(16,931 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: honeybearkelly
(16,926 on 6-2005)

Rachel Maddow
Rachel is brilliant and concise. One of the best talk show hosts I've ever heard.
Submitted By: eiandphil
(16,923 on 6-2005)

I LOVE Rachel
Dr. Maddow has helped me to transform nebulous notions into coherent thoughts. I really love her. I am her devoted fan!
Submitted By: mguttor
(16,893 on 6-2005)

Love that Rachel
I listen to the show every day.
Submitted By: richardgarrick
(16,843 on 6-2005)

best show on AAR
Go Rachel!
Submitted By: jbabic
(16,567 on 6-2005)
Submitted By: qw3rty
(16,560 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: MANDELLA45
(16,262 on 6-2005)

Rachel Maddow
I listen to it everyday, as soon as I get home from work.
Submitted By: jschiffman
(16,181 on 6-2005)

my daily dose
I can't wake up in time to hear her on the air. I hesitate to vote for this as a "podcast" b/c really, this is just TiVo'd radio. BUT as a local Democrat activist, I must promote this brilliant liberal media resource! She delivers left-leaning news without sounding paranoid and whiny like too many "so-called liberals." I love it.
Submitted By: s
(16,161 on 6-2005)

Go Rachel
Submitted By: arogers
(16,122 on 6-2005)

I've emailed Real Time with Bill Maher and suggested he include Rachel in next season's line-up! This woman will continue to astound! Can't wait to see where this show, and her talent takes her!
Submitted By: lteolis
(15,955 on 6-2005)

I love waking up with Rachel every morning
Submitted By: thehepcat
(15,923 on 6-2005)

Great voice, great personality, the smartest news analysis.
Submitted By: sharon_weitz
(15,885 on 6-2005)

Rachel makes you smarter
If you listen to one podcast a day-- make it this one!
Submitted By: thomasonc
(15,883 on 6-2005)

Rachel Rocks!
Submitted By: jtguarded-podcastalley
(15,869 on 6-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: sweitz29
(15,774 on 6-2005)

The Best News Show
Submitted By: stevl
(15,748 on 6-2005)

Top Podcast & News/Humor Show, Highly Recommendend, Vote For It
This is the best short podcast there is. Insightful news, analysis, commentary and humor rolled out in 37 minutes. Dr. Rachel Maddow goes through tons of material to bring you the best news and best look at little known stories. Kent Jones is too funny with his take on News Headlines Stories. Spread the word on the rising star of The Rachel Maddow Show. Also come back to this page to Vote by clicking on Vote Now! and tell others to Vote too. Email them this link: d_id=3195
Submitted By: mastermichaelc
(15,727 on 6-2005)

it's a good show. i hereby vote.
Submitted By: frugme
(15,704 on 6-2005)

TRMS Finishes May #2 Out Of 3176 Shows!
The Rachel Maddow Show finished the May, 2005 voting with 692 votes placing it #2 out of 3176 podcast shows listed. It barely finished ahead of #3 by the razor thin margin of only 2 votes. You and everyone you know is now eligible to Vote Again in June, 2005. Remember to Vote and tell everyone you know to vote. Just tell them to go to this page and Click On The Vote Now! link: d_id=3195
Submitted By: greatamericanpatriot
(15,694 on 6-2005)

Blah Blah BLah
Hello, Corporate lady. Here's a meaningless vote tossed your way from PAUL at BAREFOOT RADIO! Let the best rise to the toP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(15,670 on 5-2005)

TRMS Is A Unique Podcast
sjoswick, This short show is also a podcast(confirmed as that to be listed here). One has to have a client program that supports the Bit Torrent protocol to subscribe to it as a podcast although the majority of downloads are direct mp3 downloads via the download site. You will get a higher fidelity sound if you do subscribe to the podcast rather than the direct mp3 download or the live internet stream. Of course if you happen to be a Sirius(only until July something) or XM subscriber you can tune in live with a high fidelity signal. The Rachel Maddow Show along with Ring Of Fire, Laura Flanders, Politically Direct and Morning Sedition are the best shows coming out of Air America Radio.
Submitted By: greatamericanpatriot
(15,634 on 5-2005)

Excellent show. I wouldn't technically call it a podcast, since this is really a radio show that is posted as an mp3 post-broadcast.
Submitted By: sjoswick
(15,574 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks!
I have downloaded and listened to every single one of Rachel's shows - and I live in England (American expat). I hope, hope, hope some of the other shows at Air America Radio (and other great content providers) follow suit like Rachel so I can enjoy more programmes due to the flexibility podcasting provides. I email all my friends all the time with links to the podcasts so they will catch on and spread the word too.
Submitted By: todd_vining
(15,558 on 5-2005)

One for AAR'S Front Page!!!
Submitted By: JeniGoci
(15,408 on 5-2005)

Best news show around
This is the best news show available anywhere - live or pod cast. She brings real news to the air/pod waves and does it with a sense of humor and compassion. Something those compassionate conservatives need to remember how to do... LISTEN! It will engage your brain.
Submitted By: gogiants
(15,403 on 5-2005)

Keep On Voting For The Rachel Maddow Show
Keep On Voting For The Rachel Maddow Show here. Just click on the Vote Now! link. Remember that everyone is eligible to Vote Again in June as all the votes are reset to 0. Lets keep TRMS in the Top 10 again and also hit #2 again but sooner than the last week of the month. Tell everyone you know to Vote and the other person in the household can vote at the office, library or cafe.
Submitted By: greatamericanpatriot
(15,338 on 5-2005)

I love the Rachel Maddow show--Rachel is funny and smart and sassy!
Submitted By: joanallen007
(15,327 on 5-2005)

Rachel does an incredible job!
Submitted By: john.henderson
(15,319 on 5-2005)

Fabulous show
An excellent show which keeps me mentally asking the American "everyman" "Why aren't you outraged?" It reminds me why I left the US on a daily basis.
Submitted By: todd
(15,300 on 5-2005)

Love Rachel's Podcast!
TRMS is by far my favorite podcast of them all. My favorite radio "show" in general, actually. Love her sense of humor, her voice and her no nonsense sharing of the news!
Submitted By: diertac
(15,298 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks
Love the show, keep it up!
Submitted By: wrobson
(15,211 on 5-2005)

Way to go, Rachel!
Submitted By: patriciaghenderson
(15,208 on 5-2005)

great show!
Submitted By: louisao
(15,200 on 5-2005)

Great show, Rachel!
Submitted By: baviedna
(15,190 on 5-2005)

Vibrant presenter
Rachel gets her message accross with incredible energy and conviction - not to mention her sense of humor. This is a wonderful podcast and I thoroughly recommend it.
Submitted By: mxmage
(15,177 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Show
Rachel continues to amaze and entertain. Bravo!
Submitted By: sunshine1006
(15,107 on 5-2005)

Not To Be Missed & Audio Quality Is Fine
If you use a client like ipodder, ipodderx or doppler to download the show the Audio Quality is Fine and of 32 bit quality like most other podcasts. The quick download MP3 is 16 bit for dial up modems but it still is good vocal quality. This is Not a repurposed program. It is the whole Rachel Maddow Show minus the commercials specifically for MP3 downloads. It is one of the best, solidly prepared, informative shows there is. Great web links at
Submitted By: mastermichaelc
(15,101 on 5-2005)

The Best Short News, Analysis & Humor Show
The best short(37 mins) news, analysis, commentary & humor podcast there is. Kent Jones does a unique twist on the headlines. No one prepares for a news show more than Rachel Maddow does. It will whiz by before you know it and you will know more than other people after hearing it. It's a must hear that always makes you Think. - Highly Recommended.
Submitted By: greatamericanpatriot
(15,088 on 5-2005)

If I wanted AM radio I'd buy a 56 Chevy
Audio quallity sucks. Content is fine but it is just another repurposed AM talkshow.
Submitted By: onemanrevolution
(15,036 on 5-2005)

wish it were more than an hour!
Submitted By: brooks156
(15,014 on 5-2005)

I Love Rachel !
Honest and true commentary on the news of the day... as well as the news that no one wants to be heard. Rachel is a Progressive breath of fresh air in the stagnancy of Conservative agenda!
Submitted By: lanee
(15,010 on 5-2005)

The best news
Submitted By: drummondhalf
(15,004 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow's Show is Great
This show does a great job of keeping you up to date on all the political news you need; or at least tells you what you need to look at closer.
Submitted By: smt
(14,987 on 5-2005)

I love Rachel's show!
Submitted By: msrocca
(14,975 on 5-2005)

I love Rache Maddowl! She is doing such an important thing for our country. She is able to say the things that I wish I could think of thatfast
Submitted By: wetdog
(14,968 on 5-2005)

Should be required listening
Submitted By: tuttle1984
(14,933 on 5-2005)

RE: Great News Source
It is a wonderful source of "real" news, not the mainstream crap they pass off as journalism!
Submitted By: debpete1313
(14,921 on 5-2005)

I love the Rachel Maddow Show
It's my favorite of all radio shows, ever.
Submitted By: bluelemonegg
(14,920 on 5-2005)

Go Rachel!
Submitted By: wonafanCA
(14,808 on 5-2005)

this show is great... maddow is witty and really has no bones about her take on the news.
Submitted By: jdewar
(14,798 on 5-2005)

Rachel on for one hour is just NOT enough. I like Jerry Springer and all, but Rachel is much more informative.
Submitted By: aksigtexan
(14,792 on 5-2005)

Wake UP America!
With the Rachel Maddow Show at 5 AM on Air America Radio
Submitted By: Notorious_QED
(14,785 on 5-2005)

Rachel rocks! AAR should give her back 9 AM-noon when Springer's contract runs out.
Submitted By: kevin_mcvan
(14,725 on 5-2005)

Love the Show!
Submitted By: JaneRoberts
(14,718 on 5-2005)

I love this show for its straight talk about the news and its excellent funny bits!
Submitted By: adouglas
(14,715 on 5-2005)

My very favorite news source!
Submitted By: dcybercircus
(14,694 on 5-2005)

Rachel is awesome -- I've been listening and patronizing her advertisers from the early days of AAR to the Rachel Maddow show. I make it a point to go to her advertisers for my products to support her work.
Submitted By: autumn_oleander
(14,682 on 5-2005)

Great Show
The most informative program around.
Submitted By: kk7931
(14,646 on 5-2005)

This show is awesome and the word needs to spread!
Submitted By: elissaschneider
(14,639 on 5-2005)

this show rocks!
for those who like their news on the smart side, Maddow is a rock star among drab pop wannabes!
Submitted By: sangrante
(14,634 on 5-2005)

I can't get up early enough to listen live, so I'm grateful for the podcast option. I usually listen to it at night, but I haven't missed a day yet. It's a refreshing look at the NEWS!!
Submitted By: abookworm
(14,597 on 5-2005)

Rachel is the best...
I have never heard of anyone that wants to educate and inform the public as much as Rachel Maddow. I think she deserves a lot more than one hour a day!
Submitted By: hotted
(14,556 on 5-2005)

Rachel is the best!
If 5 a.m. is too early, podcasting is the next best thing, I guess!
Submitted By: vmagnanijr
(14,543 on 5-2005)

If you want to be informed and knowledgable about the days news, podcast this show! Rachel rocks!
Submitted By: g8rlane
(14,514 on 5-2005)

The Front Page of My Life
Erudite and passionate!
Submitted By: apstein
(14,490 on 5-2005)

Rachel rocks!
It's so great to have someone intelligent translate the skimmed over headlines in the news to filter out what's being conveniently swept under the right-wing carpet.
Submitted By: jessgirl25
(14,484 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rules!
Without Rachel, I'd be uninformed!
Submitted By: gniessgirl
(14,482 on 5-2005)

Rachel is concise and informative.
Submitted By: amy.liss
(14,471 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: Q
(14,470 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show
This is a great podcast!
Submitted By: charmaine.klein
(14,466 on 5-2005)

I am an avid AA listener and Rachel is a great way to start the day! I am not up early enough to catch her show live so I simply Podcast her once I get to the office. :-) Keep up the good work Rachel and everyone else keep voting for her!!!
Submitted By: woodd00
(14,460 on 5-2005)

Simply the best!
This show is fantastic! Today's news, peppered with Rachel's sharp intellectual insights. It's the way I start my day EVERY weekday. Too bad it's only on 5 days a week.
Submitted By: jamaster87
(14,458 on 5-2005)

You Rock, Rachel!
Hey Rachel - You're the voice in my ear that keeps me up to speed. Without your show, I'd be spending most of the day researching the teasers (at best) that we get in the media. Thanks and keep it going. Your fan, Toos
Submitted By: toosinbeymen
(14,455 on 5-2005)

best news show going
Rachel - Your news show is so packed with information, I sometimes have to listen twice to make sure I get all of it. I'm very glad it's now available in archives. But this may have more to do with being asleep when you're clueing in the rest of your listeners to what's really happening as opposed to what the media is talking about. Kind Regards, Paul
Submitted By: nesspa43
(14,454 on 5-2005)

Great Show
Thank-You. I really like the program.
Submitted By: marc
(14,446 on 5-2005)

Smart Dykes ROCK!!!!!
The Rachel Maddow Show is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Submitted By: meichorn1
(14,433 on 5-2005)

Amazing news and great personality! Love her voice!
Submitted By: bigmonk
(14,425 on 5-2005)

Love the Show
Submitted By: ldm
(14,415 on 5-2005)

It's my favorite news show, and since it's on at 5am while I'm sleeping, Podcasting is the way to go!
Submitted By: gspiller
(14,410 on 5-2005)

New podcastee
Because of my desire the Rachel Maddow show, which I presently download. I am now going to join the pod community. Please be sure to keep her.
Submitted By: rmleggett
(14,406 on 5-2005)

Great show -- keep it up!
Submitted By: cspank1214
(14,397 on 5-2005)

i podcast
Submitted By: tythai
(14,394 on 5-2005)

real news for breakfast
Like having the Nation read to you during your morning coffee.
Submitted By: glibertino
(14,392 on 5-2005)

without a doubt the most intelligent and informative program out there! we need more of rachel!!!!
Submitted By: cindyross226
(14,389 on 5-2005)

We LOVE Rachel Maddow!
Submitted By: joannememorye
(14,384 on 5-2005)

Essential Morning Listening
I actually look forward to my morning commute now. Entertaining and a great summary of news and important stories that are ignored or underreported elsewhere. Don't miss the program closer: Kent Jones Now with Kent Jones, now!
Submitted By: jazzdad451
(14,379 on 5-2005)

this show is the best! informative and timely.
Submitted By: drholly1
(14,377 on 5-2005)

Great show!
I listen on my walks to work, and I love it! Rachel gives me the things I need to watch for every day, and she's way ahead of other liberal talk show hosts.
Submitted By: venneman24
(14,370 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: mhamilton465
(14,365 on 5-2005)

This is a great progressive talk show. It is well-researched and gives you information that is slighted and left aside by the mainstream outlets.
Submitted By: iflipti
(14,352 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow podcast
best 37 mins of news available
Submitted By: michaellax
(14,349 on 5-2005)

Love you Rachel. I have been listening to you since Unfiltered.
Submitted By: op2823-busman
(14,347 on 5-2005)

Podcast Instructions
I got the podcast to work once. Trouble is I haven't a clue what I did to get it to work. The instructions are as clear as mud. -Ellen Moerk
Submitted By: ChattyOne2001
(14,345 on 5-2005)

I have struggle to wake up and stay awake for Rachel Maddow with limited success. I love this podcast -- though I'm not sure how I got it to work.
Submitted By: ChattyOne2001
(14,342 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show
Great show! I wish the show was longer.
Submitted By: mc2f
(14,331 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow
The most important news show on the Internet.
Submitted By: writrwoman
(14,330 on 5-2005)

When Air America leaves Sirius sat radio, rather than buying into XM, I will buy an mp3 player and go 100% download on Air America content. Rachel does an outstanding show, and I start my day listening to her via the download since I don't arise in the middle of the night.
Submitted By: jbauerregs1948
(14,329 on 5-2005)

better than jerry springer
Submitted By: busiandre
(14,323 on 5-2005)

Rachel ROCKS!
Without her, there would be no "news!" I have abandoned network so-called newscasts as merely human interest hacks. There IS no free press anymore.
Submitted By: rahjur
(14,315 on 5-2005)

She's one of the best personalities on Air America, and that's saying a lot! There's lot of funny stuff on AAR, but Rachel gives the spin on serious news, which is gonna make the difference in the long run. She deserves to be a big success! YEAH!
Submitted By: WISEGUY
(14,308 on 5-2005)

Great show, still the best on Air America. It sucks that she was replaced by Jerry Springer.
Submitted By: webslinga
(14,301 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: americanowviewer
(14,300 on 5-2005)

Go Rachel!
LOVE Rachel Maddow's show! Thankful I can stream. :) The Cooks Omaha, Nebraska
Submitted By: slcook1
(14,294 on 5-2005)

The best progressive news show on the air!
I got hooked on Rachel's great style of covering the issues important to me on Unfiltered. She is my favorite Air America Radio host. I don't get to hear her show live very often, but I never miss a show.
Submitted By: democrat
(14,293 on 5-2005)

love rachel!
Submitted By: diana
(14,288 on 5-2005)

We need More Maddow!
Submitted By: anasaldana
(14,285 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show.
Rachel is brilliant. I can't explain how happy I am that she has been able to stay on with Air America. Due to my schedule, I can't listen to her live. So because of sites like these, I'm able to listen to her during the day. Her show is very informative, and I would recommend that anyone listen to it.
Submitted By: nycbjs
(14,278 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Show
Love the show and download it almost every day - thanks
Submitted By: lklott
(14,277 on 5-2005)

Great Show! Wish more people listened to this!
Submitted By: Calliste
(14,276 on 5-2005)

Yeah Rachel Maddow
Submitted By: maybespam17
(14,275 on 5-2005)

A breath of Fresh Air
Ms. or should I say Dr. Maddow is indeed a breath of fresh air. We loved her in her Unfiltered 3 hour format, and while this newer show is harder to catch live, we tape her and play the show when Jerry is on. We could listen to her brilliant, insightful and thoughtful commentary and discourse all day long and wish Air America would have a Rachelthon. She is the debunker of myths, the deflator of egos suffering from pompasoidal self flagelation. We are nuts about Rachel Maddow and hope that Limbaugh will soon understand that compared to Dr. M, he's over. Speaking truth to power, uncovering the scabs of media tripe and political old hashery is very refreshing and my wife and I wished that Rachel's show would be required listening not only here at home, but replace Professor Lard Butt on Armed Forces Radio. No comparison. The truth would win out every time. If XM doesn't pick up Rachel's show when Air America Radio leaves Sirius, we'll join the podcast generation so we dont' miss a syllable.
Submitted By: Russ
(14,273 on 5-2005)

I LOVE Rachel Maddow! Replacing Unfiltered with Jerry Springer was the dumbest thing Air America has ever done...
Submitted By: byronj
(14,270 on 5-2005)

Sliced Breads best challenger
Rachel Maddow is the best voice and mind to join the airwaves since the invention of sliced bread! Her insightful observations, unvarnished truthtelling and unambigious statements of the facts are sorely missed on Unfiltered in their formerly 3 hour format, but joyfully, if albeit too short a time slot on The Rachel Maddow Show on Air America Radio. We could listen to Rachel all day long and not tire of her. She has our vote!
Submitted By: Maxine44
(14,268 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show Rocks
Submitted By: Nate_Heard
(14,263 on 5-2005)

Real, thoughtful news that matters.
Submitted By: jjambro
(14,256 on 5-2005)

Best news
Rachels show tells the truth.Rare these days.
Submitted By: aptiva726
(14,255 on 5-2005)

I think Rachel could increase AAR's legitimacy by dropping the childish sound effects and commentary. I used to listen to each and every AAR show daily but stopped shortly after the gun bit played on Randi's show. I have now focused my time listening to Rachel's show and Democracy Now.
Submitted By: jbabic
(14,253 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks!
She's an extraordinarily articulate woman -- love it every day!
Submitted By: bkapp
(14,249 on 5-2005)

Rachel's great.
Excellent progressive news hour.
Submitted By: dukelexon
(14,243 on 5-2005)

Best on the Radio
Submitted By: fdv
(14,242 on 5-2005)

Great show
This is the best show on the radio!!!! Very informative and entertaining, highly recommend!!!
Submitted By: cchristie9
(14,233 on 5-2005)

Great Show! Smartest woman on the radio!! A real keeper!
Submitted By: novatransinc
(14,232 on 5-2005)

My Morning Routine!
Submitted By: Matt
(14,228 on 5-2005)

Rachel rocks
I believe Rachel is the hardest working woman on radio today. It is proven by the detailed and well researched real news.
Submitted By: fob1044
(14,227 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks
Submitted By: shodge
(14,222 on 5-2005)

Rachel is my favorite at AAR. She's smart, concise, and has a pleasant voice, even when she's freaking out.
Submitted By: judithkanies
(14,215 on 5-2005)

Thanks Rachel for your intelligent, informative, what-would-I-do-without-you broadcasts. America should be so lucky to have a mind and voice such as yours. Adrian
Submitted By: live_from_marz
(14,214 on 5-2005)

I listen to the podcast every day!
Submitted By: ktyhwknc
(14,202 on 5-2005)

Terrific Show
Submitted By: george_metzler
(14,200 on 5-2005)

I'm hooked to this show!
Submitted By: dirkster42
(14,196 on 5-2005)

great show
Wish it were longer, but a great show. Maddow is a good host and kent jones is hilarious.
Submitted By: infernalis
(14,195 on 5-2005)

Terrific news show!
Submitted By: gackerman141
(14,193 on 5-2005)

Best national political news source available.
Submitted By: grady
(14,188 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks!!!
Thanks for giving a voice to Rachel Maddow! She needs to be heard by as many people as possible.
Submitted By: bertlib
(14,183 on 5-2005)

Listen every day
Submitted By: Mark_Reichert
(14,180 on 5-2005)

LOVE Rachel Maddow
Intelligent and passionate. I listen every weekday.
Submitted By: minniecreek
(14,176 on 5-2005)

and ou gotta love Kent too
Submitted By: wtwiner
(14,166 on 5-2005)

The Best News Show On Radio!
Kudos to Rachel for her efforts to get the full national and world news!
Submitted By: cirrusland
(14,163 on 5-2005)

Great information
I was a regular listener to Unfiltered, now I listen to The Rachael Maddow Show via podcast. All the news that I need early in the day.
Submitted By: hjbuehl
(14,162 on 5-2005)

Love RM!
I absolutly love rachel maddow and download her show religiously. Sadly, no Air America in Las Vegas so I'm thankful for still having the opportunity to listen!
Submitted By: aj_jhawk
(14,161 on 5-2005)

she is very needed
thank you thank you keep up the great work!
Submitted By: deidri.deane
(14,160 on 5-2005)

Recording RM show
The only way I can get RM Show is via XM radio and then she is on so early, I record it to be listened to later. I respect her a great deal and hope her show is permanent. If I goof up on recording, I listen to the podcast. Love it.
Submitted By: jcewing
(14,157 on 5-2005)

Great show that shoud be longer! I loved unfiltered and was very sad to see it go. I am glad thought that she is still on the air but it's a shame that she isn't on longer and in a better time slot.
Submitted By: bkobject
(14,153 on 5-2005)

Go Rachel!!
The BEST News hour that should be a much longer, because why harness brilliance really?
Submitted By: tvidfun
(14,148 on 5-2005)

Fantastic show! Informative, quick and to the point.
Submitted By: aharrington1
(14,146 on 5-2005)

Coffee and Maddow
That's how I begin my day. Sorry, NPR, I don't have time for your smug, irrelevant palaver.
Submitted By: megruber
(14,145 on 5-2005)

How wonderful! The Rachel Maddow show is a news show that is actually a news show!!
Submitted By: jecanon
(14,144 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow rocks!
Just getting in my vote for the Rachel maddow show - I don't get up early enough to hear her live here in Austin, so I download her daily. Great stuff!
Submitted By: ann_labuda
(14,143 on 5-2005)

Maddow rocks!
Submitted By: betsyolson
(14,142 on 5-2005)

the best show on the air
Thank goodness we can podcast or stream Rachel now that they moved her to pre-dawn hours!! Makes all the difference in the day...
Submitted By: lollynanda
(14,139 on 5-2005)

Rachel is Excellent
I mean it!
Submitted By: tpcarolan
(14,138 on 5-2005)

I never miss a day....
.... I just wish I could get it on the radio here in southern colorado...
Submitted By: dw13346
(14,137 on 5-2005)

I love your show. Sorry you're not on when I'm driving in, but I'm podcast you when I get here.
Submitted By: inalambs
(14,135 on 5-2005)

The most insightful voice...
The most insightful voice in news analysis
Submitted By: tomtomlinson88
(14,134 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow
I get more useful information from one of Rachel's show than from three hours of just about any other radio show on the air. Her show is a *must have* for me daily.
Submitted By: ShelaghC
(14,133 on 5-2005)

Rachel is the best recapper in the business!
Submitted By: pmcnair1
(14,132 on 5-2005)

Best political show on the air
Submitted By: jdog2050
(14,131 on 5-2005)

Happy listener
I am not awake when Rachel's show airs in Memphis. The cannot use the streaming option at work. Thank you for the opportunity to Podcast Rachel's show. I understand Jerry Springer is a big star but I much prefer listening to Rachel.
Submitted By: richardgarrick
(14,126 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow is terrific
I love her show.
Submitted By: ambroseliao
(14,125 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show
Submitted By: kmh32
(14,124 on 5-2005)

The best morning news around
My hunger for Rachel's sharp wit and good humor led me to learn how to use podcasts, since the show airs at 5AM CST. It's a tragedy that Rachel's first Air America show "Unfiltered" was cancelled and replaced with Jerry Springer (Ugh!!).
Submitted By: morganizeit
(14,123 on 5-2005)

Luv your show; but its a tad early, so download it later on.
Submitted By: colin_mitch
(14,122 on 5-2005)

And still another fantastic show
Submitted By: jpecoraro5
(14,121 on 5-2005)

Quite possibly the best source for REAL news anywhere.
Submitted By: eugene
(14,119 on 5-2005)

Bring back Rachel to her old slot from 9 Am to 12 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: spyoung
(14,118 on 5-2005)

Rachel is the best
I download and listen to her show every morning. Some of the best radio about.
Submitted By: mngbennett
(14,117 on 5-2005)

A very informative show.
Rachel Maddow Rocks! (Yes, I love my cliches!)
Submitted By: redwretch
(14,115 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow
Love her show
Submitted By: lharke
(14,111 on 5-2005)

Maddow rocks!
I am so thankful to get the Rachel Maddow show downloaded since: 1) It's the best hour on the radio I can find anywhere 2) I don't get her show locally on my a.m. station 3) I can't get up that early to hear her (it's in the middle of my night!)
Submitted By: betsyolson
(14,110 on 5-2005)

support rachel maddow
I think RAchel Maddow is one of the most original and talented radio personalities on the air now. Smart, very well informed and funny without being mean-spirited. Why is she on at 5AM? Really stupid decision if you are going for a younger demographic. Isn't everyone? Same kind of stupid decisions that the DNC has made, going for the same and known instead of the new, talented and appealing. Anyway, I download her show because I can't get up at 5. MOVE her show back into a decent time, give a smart person to bounce off of, liek Lizz Wisntead was.
Submitted By: miraschor
(14,104 on 5-2005)

Maddow Rocks
I think the title says it all.......
Submitted By: mcid15
(14,102 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rules
Keep up the good work RACH (I know she HATES beign called RACH!!)
Submitted By: drubin14
(14,099 on 5-2005)

rachel maddow
most fearless show on radio--best synopsis of news in a morning format!
Submitted By: mastrovita
(14,098 on 5-2005)

I couldn't go through the day w/o Rachel's show!!!
Submitted By: acasey
(14,096 on 5-2005)

Rachel is the only way to start the day. Long may her stick be sharp!
Submitted By: hippydan
(14,095 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow is the BEST
Yup. You could exchange her small time spot for Randi Rhodes' LONG time spot, and it would be fine with me. MORE of Rachel, please.
Submitted By: Sari
(14,094 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow is the BEST
Rachel Maddow's show is my favorite on AirAmerica Radio. I have to dl it because it's not on the radio in Chicago (that I know of)... I also liked her show with Liz Winsted...(where did she go?) VERY entertaining and informative.
Submitted By: sari
(14,092 on 5-2005)

Rock on Maddow
Submitted By: vscutaro
(14,087 on 5-2005)

Rachel rocks.
Submitted By: whitlock27
(14,085 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow
The Rachel Maddow Show is an amazing and rare news source for those interested in going beyond sound bites and talking points. Thank you for carrying such an insightful show.
Submitted By: alexandfriends
(14,084 on 5-2005)

Daily Dose of News
I get my headlines from this show every day while I'm in the office. Great show! Love the Maddow!
Submitted By: stevelee24
(14,083 on 5-2005)

I like rachel maddow show
Submitted By: mike54zt
(14,082 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Show
I listen daily. Great show, very interesting and FACTUAL. Smart lady, great to listen to.
Submitted By: margericotta
(14,081 on 5-2005)

Rachel is the greatest! Very informed and easy to listen to nand always on the money! Lets keep the show going!!!
Submitted By: qstikusf
(14,080 on 5-2005)

Love Rachel Maddow!
Submitted By: jtguarded-podcastalley
(14,079 on 5-2005)

Love it!! I download it EVERY day
Very informative corrective to the relentless blather of morning news shows that are more interested in promoting their networks' prime-time shows or distracting us from real news by focusing on celebrities or high-profile trials.
Submitted By: alyssa_g
(14,078 on 5-2005)

Great show..not long enough..air america should utilize her more.
Submitted By: rsmiley
(14,076 on 5-2005)

Love the show. Download it all the time. Rachael is very intelligent and witty. Kent Jones' commentary is great.
Submitted By: permagrin
(14,074 on 5-2005)

Fun Smart Politics
Love Rachel Maddow Show. I don't get Air America in Nashville and Sirius is dropping AAR so I've moved to podcasting the show. It's up every morning by 7am central time where I can listen on the way to work. If you like smart liberal polictics this is the podcast for you.
Submitted By: maxim_dave
(14,073 on 5-2005)

Great News!
The Rachel Maddow Show helps me keep up with all of the important news. Not just the stuff that the big media corporations report.
Submitted By: vaklam
(14,072 on 5-2005)

Best show on radio!
This show is insanely addictive. One hour of news and commentary from the left with a bright, articulate and very funny host.
Submitted By: jgraz
(14,071 on 5-2005)

Vote for Rachel Maddow Show!!
Submitted By: sprimeau
(14,069 on 5-2005)

Maddow Show
Thanks for the casts. They are too eairly for me to hear but i can download you and listen 1st thing in the morning. Thanks for all the Great information. Mike
Submitted By: darkenrhal
(14,068 on 5-2005)

Rachel ROCKS!
I love the Rachel Maddow show!!! Who needs NPR?
Submitted By: treesdontbite
(14,063 on 5-2005)

best news show!
Submitted By: len
(14,061 on 5-2005)

Finally, real news!
Listening to Rachel is a great to wake up. She provides real news with a pleasant voice, and a sense of humor.
Submitted By: loan4frank
(14,060 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show ROCKS!
The Rachel Maddow Show ROCKS!!!
Submitted By: mikeyp9
(14,059 on 5-2005)

Best Liberal Talk Show
Succinct, not too conspiratorial or emotional.
Submitted By: deb
(14,058 on 5-2005)

Real News
I am so thankful for the ability to podcast Rachel and other shows from Air America Radio.
Submitted By: patbobmcgee
(14,057 on 5-2005)

love the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i listen to rachel every day when i arrive at work.
Submitted By: kstilwell
(14,056 on 5-2005)

Rachel was fantastic on Unfiltered, but I think her current show is much more important in pointing out what is really going on - as she points out, the worst and most embarrassing news in released on late Friday afternoons. Plus there's Ken Jones (Sacajawea!).
Submitted By: tbrackbill
(14,054 on 5-2005)
woo hoo!
Submitted By: cathy
(14,053 on 5-2005)

maddow is the most incisive,brilliant and relevant radio broadcaster on the airwaves.
Submitted By: winter
(14,052 on 5-2005)

Great Show
This is a great show and gets my vote!
Submitted By: washton
(14,051 on 5-2005)

download on internet
great overview of day! nice radio voice.
Submitted By: kirhome1
(14,050 on 5-2005)

I cannot believe how much important news I learn from Rachel every single day. She is amazing at telling it as it is; and doing so in a way that makes sense. The timelines, alternate sources...amazing.
Submitted By: flightoftheseabird
(14,048 on 5-2005)

Has Anyone Ever Heard of Rachel Maddow?
I never heard of Rachel Maddow until I decide to check out her show at AAP .... pretty informative show. I check out her show everyday now. ;)
Submitted By: spirit_30
(14,043 on 5-2005)

Maddow rules!
Listening to Rachel's program is a requirement for all thinking people...
Submitted By: paul
(14,042 on 5-2005)

Love this Show
Love this Show!!
Submitted By: spunk
(14,041 on 5-2005)

loves it!
Rachel Maddow has superceded my coffee in order of importance to my morning. Damn the man, love the Rachel!
Submitted By: jessicacea
(14,040 on 5-2005)

This show is fantastic! Brilliant.
Submitted By: wendyerem-shop
(14,039 on 5-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: aaron0505
(14,037 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show
I live in Texas - And I love the Rachel Maddow Show.
Submitted By: darce
(14,036 on 5-2005)

literate and intelligent
All the news that you really need to hear!
Submitted By: daniel_pearl
(14,033 on 5-2005)

Every American should hear Rachel, EVERY DAY
Rachel is like a booming ThunderStorm in the middle of a Hot Summer Day. She is your only relief from the oppressive humidity of our current political climate. Her lightning bolts of News, and Comment enthrall you, while the cool breeze of Hope for the future blows away the clouds, and leave you able to breathe the air once again. While small streaks of Sun peek from behind the Republican clouds.
Submitted By: johnm
(14,032 on 5-2005)

Honesty in broadcasting
Rachel can be relied on to bring the most relevant political information to the fore every day. She can be relied on for accuracy and honesty in reporting while advancing a credible progressive agenda.
Submitted By: pattibbs
(14,030 on 5-2005)

Love Rachel!
I live in the greater Seattle area. Rachel show was on in the morning on 1090 and I looked forward to listening to her during my work out. They have taken her off! and put Morning Sedition on instead! Yuck!!! Rachel is the best and the smartest and most articulate person I have heard for the left in a long time!! Keep her on!!! Any way you can! Peace, Desiree Dodson
Submitted By: desmark123
(14,029 on 5-2005)

Rachel is Fantastic!!
This girl knows her facts! Whenever she delivers stories, she always does her homework. You get a complete view to give you some sanity for a change. Cheers Rachel!
Submitted By: basstom1
(14,028 on 5-2005)

New to the Show
I use to listen to a lot of talk radio before I was alienated from it. This show is fast moving, informative, and will keep you entertained. Not to mention short enough that I can get on with my life after 30 minutes.
Submitted By: sandoze98
(14,027 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Show
This is one of the best talk radio shows ever produced. It really needs to be about two hours longer (unfiltered - hint, hint).
Submitted By: joegreeniii
(14,026 on 5-2005)

Vote for Rachel Maddow show
I really appreciate the contribution this show makes and enjoy llistening daily.
Submitted By: ayela
(14,022 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow
She is the most informative persons on the air.
Submitted By: ridesharing
(14,021 on 5-2005)

Rachel is the Best
I was very disappointed when Unfiltered was taken off, but very excited when I found out that Rachel was going to have another show. The fact that it's on at the ungodly hour of 5AM I don't understand. I think Rachel is one of the most intelligent and informed radio host I have ever heard. I listen by downloading later in the day, but I do that every day. I think her show should be moved so that more people can listen to her. Keep up the good work Thanks Susan Lawson
Submitted By: 2lawsons
(14,020 on 5-2005)

I wasn't happy about Unfiltered cancelled for Jerry! Rachel's new show starts too early for me and was happy to find it with Podcast, that way I can listen to it instead of Jerry. Thank You!
Submitted By: charlie2444
(14,019 on 5-2005)

Informative and entertaining
I only came to find out about Dr Maddow through her previous Air America show, Unfiltered, and find that I really appreciate listening to her daily. If only her broadcast were longer, 38 minutes is too little for everything that's going on.
Submitted By: latinhou7
(14,017 on 5-2005)

Absolutly the BEST!
Submitted By: rhsteel
(14,016 on 5-2005)

best kept secret in national news
Submitted By: suryan207
(14,015 on 5-2005)

Vote For Rachel
A brilliant round-up of the news to wake up to.
Submitted By: g.hinds
(14,013 on 5-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: chipcab
(14,011 on 5-2005)

Best Show for Progressives
This is the best show for a quick synopsis of everything in the political arena that progressives should be talking about. The well formulated insights provided by Dr. Maddow are extremely pertinent to our nations ongoing political and cultural dialogue. All this, and entertaining too!
Submitted By: dmoore
(14,009 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow is my favorite choice for streaming first thing in the morning. When she moved to the current early time - far too early for me here in Albuquerque- I began downloading the show and find this a most agreeable way to listen.
Submitted By: gmrintune
(14,008 on 5-2005)

I listen to Rachel Maddow's podcast everyday on the train. It's so great! My days not the same without it.
Submitted By: dgu186
(14,006 on 5-2005)

Informative, witty, fast-paced
A great summation of the headlines of the day. I know the stories to watch because I listen to Rachel. And who could not love Kent Jones. PS. Read the Saturday papers
Submitted By: apesma
(14,005 on 5-2005)

Go Rachel!
Rachel Maddow is one of the finest political voices on the air. Her show deserves a much wider audience.
Submitted By: MarkRFL
(14,003 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: aaron
(14,002 on 5-2005)

I love Rachel
I would do anything to make this the #1 show on the radio.
Submitted By: scott.breiding
(14,001 on 5-2005)

Wonderful show! Wonderful host!
Submitted By: rogersb
(14,000 on 5-2005)

Smartest News Outlet In America By way of WOMAN!!!
This is the most intelligent, informative, trustworthy news outlet in America today. If the blissfully ignorant knew to switch their dials to Rachel M., this world would be a better place...for YOU AND FOR ME AND FOR ALL OF MY INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS!!! THEY ALL KNOW ABOUT RACHEL AS I, as an American citizen, MUST DO MY PART TO SPREAD THIS WEALTHY WEALTH!!!
Submitted By: Rscharf
(13,995 on 5-2005)

BEST News Show
Because of The Rachel Maddow Show I don't and won’t listen to NPR. The first responsibility that the press has is to the truth. This is what most of the main-stream press fails to do and what Rachel Maddow does in spades. In addition, due to the length and the editing of commercials it is the perfect POD cast to get a Quick concise rundown of the days news.
Submitted By: alex
(13,993 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Show
Submitted By: mspad1
(13,989 on 5-2005)

This voice needs to be heard!
Submitted By: linda
(13,986 on 5-2005)

rachel maddow-yes
i love this show and listen to it every the portable format and can listen anytime while walking to the subway, etc. smart and sassy, fast-paced and my daily dose of news! and outrage!
Submitted By: cadetandgreen
(13,985 on 5-2005)

I listen to this every day. It's an excellent way to get news of the day...quickly.
Submitted By: bholliday
(13,983 on 5-2005)

Great show, check it out
Rachel doesn't just cover stories kept off of the corporate media, she also shows you some of the underbelly of the media machine and Bushites.
Submitted By: bkoenigs
(13,982 on 5-2005)

Best News
Submitted By: jmaceda
(13,981 on 5-2005)

Great show. The best commentator around.
Submitted By: steve02130
(13,980 on 5-2005)

Such a great show
I religiiously listen to this show. She gives us all the news that should be news and isn't.
Submitted By: mordecaiii
(13,979 on 5-2005)

truth rules
One of the few sources of real news around.
Submitted By: cadyellow2004
(13,978 on 5-2005)

Go Rache!
Submitted By: jcowgell
(13,976 on 5-2005)

Great reports
Submitted By: rey_hinckley
(13,975 on 5-2005)

She has a GREAT show! Lots of important information in a compact format.
Submitted By: lnupham
(13,972 on 5-2005)

rachel maddow
Submitted By: s.amisano
(13,971 on 5-2005)

Nothing but Praise!!!
The Rachel Maddow Show is INCREDIBLE!!! She and her staff pack more relevant news into one hour than most news sources do in a day! It is energetic, informative and entertaining. This woman is going to go VERY far. She has a great passion for what she does. Also, Kent Jones is a stand-out talent. I know that writers may be a good deal of his segment, but his news segment almost tops The Daily Show in its content and delivery!!! Why, oh why is this show buried so early in the morning??? Thanks to Pod Cast and streaming, we can listen to it over and over, to not miss a bit of what these talented people present!!!
Submitted By: lteolis
(13,969 on 5-2005)

Long Live The Rachel Maddow Show!
I am proud to vote for the RM show. She is a refreshing and bold voice for the left, not afraid to express her views. There are lots of us out here listening to AAR. It is the only place to hear unadulterated critiques of the status quo since the mainstrean media is controlled by the power brokers - political and corporate. Rachel is one of the finest broadcasters on AAR.
Submitted By: betsyf
(13,968 on 5-2005)

Intelligent radio
This is the best news hour available
Submitted By: elmarko
(13,967 on 5-2005)

Yeah Rachel
I am very happy that I can listen to the show at a time that is more convienent to my schedule. She reveals the news that is not being shown on any tv or radio spin machines. Karen O'Shea Please keep her I love this show!
Submitted By: karen1950_2
(13,965 on 5-2005)

all the important news in a half hour
this show makes my ride to work a breeze
Submitted By: Ignu.Smith
(13,964 on 5-2005)

Informative and fun to listen. I love the Limbaugh audio drop! AJ, Host of Road Rage
Submitted By: roadrageradio
(13,962 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow and AAR Rock
I think Rachel Maddow is one of the most intelligent and articulate radio talk show host on the air today. If you have any influence with radio stations, could you have one of my local radio stations in Marquette, Michigan carry Rachel and AAR. This is a college town and a blue county and folks would love to hear her and Al Franken for sure! Thanks
Submitted By: seeker0101
(13,960 on 5-2005)

I listen first thing to get the important news each day.
Submitted By: mjd50
(13,958 on 5-2005)

great news show!
what a swell condensed news show -- including the news that other folks don't ever tell us!
Submitted By: bootssf
(13,956 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow rocks
Submitted By: podcastalley
(13,955 on 5-2005)

Love that Rachel Maddow!
I love Rachel Maddow's show. I download it first thing in the morning when I arrive to work and really enjoy Ms. Maddow's take on the news of the day. Also, Kent Jones rules!
Submitted By: pwagner
(13,952 on 5-2005)

My daily fix of for news!
I don't know about most of you but I don't have enough time to sit down and read the various INDEPENDENT news sources on the web. It's nice to have Rachel and her crew do this for those busy folks out there. Rachel appears to be a ver cool, down to earth gal. Hear her once and you'll keep coming back. Peace!
Submitted By: edson72
(13,950 on 5-2005)

Best of the Best
Rachel Maddow has intelligence, a sense of humor, a remarkable delivery and a more than substantial overview of the world. She always knows the direction in which she is going and she always knows the issues. She does her homework and it takes her all night. I give her a trillion stars!!!!!!!
Submitted By: lhorton
(13,948 on 5-2005)

Great Show
The best damn talk on the net
Submitted By: jan1118
(13,947 on 5-2005)

Rachel is great! She's incredibly smart and her show is one of the most informative out there. My morning wouldn't be complete without hearing Rachel's take on the top new stories. Thank God for pod casting...I'm not usually up at 4:00 am CST.
Submitted By: mwierz1961
(13,946 on 5-2005)

I listen to The Rachel Maddow show every morning. - Bob Eaton
Submitted By: stuff
(13,945 on 5-2005)

Love the show. First thing I turn on when I turn on my computer in the morning.
Submitted By: bwaters
(13,944 on 5-2005)

Rachel you're terrific!!!!!!!!
I love the Rachel Maddow Show podcast. Rachel Maddow is the best and I so love to listen to her. It would really be ashame if I was not able to listen to her. I would really be very upset. But I am delighted and very appreciative to have the opportunity. I listen to her every day at 5am.
Submitted By: coranathe
(13,942 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Show
Hi - I greatly appreciate that you and Air America Place host archives of Rachel's daily radio show. I listen to it every day without exception. She's incredible and provides so much news and background information in 1 short hour. I regret that she isn't on WLIB each day for 3 hours as she was earlier but at least she still gets an hour and I'm happy. Best Regards, Paul
Submitted By: nesspa43
(13,940 on 5-2005)

Terrific show
Thanks for my morning pickup, you keep me angry.
Submitted By: jacksonn
(13,937 on 5-2005)

My favorite AM Podcast News
I have been following Rachel since the beginning of Air America Radio. I miss the old Unfiltered show, but I this a great replacement.
Submitted By: atomicwoman
(13,932 on 5-2005)

My Vote for the Rachel Maddow Show
Please do everything you can to keep this vital and important show available on line. Ms. Maddow provides a vital service to listeners seeking real news behind the thinly-veiled public relations programming that currently masquerades as news in the United States. Stephen Eric Berry
Submitted By: seberry
(13,931 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Show
The Rachel Maddow Show is the only show that I feel I can trust. Also, the show encourages me to check out any of their reporting with other sources. I have been listening to Rachel Maddow since she was in the unfiltered show on Air America Radio. I'm not able to listen to the show between 5 am and 6 am so I download it afterward. As long as the RachelMaddowShow continues to run I plan to continue to listen. Thank You Rachel maddow.
Submitted By: c.laboy
(13,930 on 5-2005)

love rachel
rachel's show rocks! really love to be able to download and listen to her every morning when I get to work. thanks for making it possible!
Submitted By: zonedog33
(13,929 on 5-2005)

great show
This show is wonderful; really honest and informative!
Submitted By: kes_80
(13,924 on 5-2005)

rachel maddow show
great show & much needed
Submitted By: lcarsman
(13,923 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rules
Submitted By: JCOOPER
(13,922 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Show
Great show, I really enjoy it.
Submitted By: sunshinydays
(13,921 on 5-2005)

She's the most intelligent person speaking out there on a daily basis, uncovering the right-wing schemes and telling the truth about what the general public is being sheltered from by the mainstream media.
Submitted By: jgrynberg
(13,920 on 5-2005)

I love this show! It's incredible!
Submitted By: jcramer
(13,916 on 5-2005)

Starts my day.
Submitted By: jerryp26
(13,914 on 5-2005)

I think this is a great show.
Submitted By: rgreenwood
(13,913 on 5-2005)

rachel maddow show
Rachel rocks!
Submitted By: denisebrooks3
(13,912 on 5-2005)

Go Rachel Girl!
Thanks for carrying insightful and to some, inciteful program...she is absolutely doing a great job of bringing a progressive outlook to talk show radio.
Submitted By: djgreiman
(13,910 on 5-2005)

This show is an absolute necessity if you really want to know what's going on in the world.
Submitted By: alrobmac
(13,909 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks...
Matter-of-fact, committed, but non-ranting... if you like your left-of-center news not screamed at you and put into a friendly and fun format, Rachel's the way to go... and Kent Jones is also not to be missed.
Submitted By: bdelliott2
(13,908 on 5-2005)

Real News, No Talking Head BS
Smart, humerous, informative, and above all, honest.
Submitted By: tsarkus
(13,907 on 5-2005)

Go Rachel!
Rachel Maddow is the most informative progressive podcaster on all the web! I cannot start my day without listening to her poking her stick at the pasty white underbelly of the frightwing!!
Submitted By: johnrm48
(13,905 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Rocks
Submitted By: mark
(13,903 on 5-2005)

Rachel is the Best
Submitted By: coomes
(13,902 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow show is great
Thank you for podcasting the rachel maddow show. I loved unfiltered and I love rachel's show. Thank you for supporting air america!
Submitted By: prgroup3117
(13,901 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow
The Rachel Maddow show is great. She is a brilliant communicator. Her direct approach and ability to explain the issues is truely unique and very much appreciated.
Submitted By: mindeme
(13,900 on 5-2005)

Refreshing & Informative
The Rachel Maddow show is a very intelligent, open-minded and informative broadcast that I listen to everyday. I listen through podcast since the local station here only plays bits from Air America. I am not up and going when Rachel broadcasts but by podcast I am able to listen to her every morning after Morning Sedition. I never have listened to talk radio before since the few times I had tried, I was usually bored or outraged by what I heard. Air America is invaluable.
Submitted By: mnewton
(13,897 on 5-2005)

Intelligent Politics
This is a show for listeners who care about the world we live in, and are tired of hearing the press repeat of a sound byte . I think Rachel is the smartest pundit on the radio . What she says MAKES SENSE.
Submitted By: seenoevil20
(13,896 on 5-2005)

God Bless You!
I have become a huge fan of your show!...I am attempting to get everyone I know to tune in, both Conservative and Liberal...especially the misinformed Conservatives within my own family. (I feel like an orphan.) You are truly the beacon of truth in a smoke-grey fog of disinformation that has become our political...dare I say it...leaders. God Bless You and Yours - Always, Tim Hanlon
Submitted By: thanlon553
(13,895 on 5-2005)

Listen and learn
Submitted By: 7offbeat
(13,893 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow
The smartest, coolest, news in the whole country reported by the smartest coolest radio person in the whole world!
Submitted By: mguttor
(13,892 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks
Submitted By: kirsten.moysich
(13,891 on 5-2005)

essential listening!
Submitted By: katemccarthy
(13,889 on 5-2005)

great show
Submitted By: cunningb
(13,886 on 5-2005)

Great show
Love the show.
Submitted By: Zagnew
(13,885 on 5-2005)

best front page ever
Submitted By: adler
(13,883 on 5-2005)

Air America's best show
37 minutes of useful info for anyone interested in US politics - and minus the egos and bloviation to be found elsewhere on the network. This is the future of radio from the left of the dial!
Submitted By: johnsmith0903
(13,882 on 5-2005)

Thanks for all the work that you do, Rachel!
Submitted By: gilesea
(13,881 on 5-2005)

I have great interest, confidence, and enjoyment in Rachel Maddow
Submitted By: gwenbuck
(13,880 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show is absolutely essential to anyone who wants to be informed about the issues of the day. Essential!!!
Submitted By: sesimon
(13,879 on 5-2005)

I love your show. I download it every morning and listen to it a work to start my day. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!
Submitted By: Zagnew
(13,878 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show
My day would not be complete if I couldn't hear Rachel everyday! She is amazing, and we want to keep her!
Submitted By: KimberlyANauer
(13,877 on 5-2005)

Has anyone heard...?
Has anyone heard of Rahel Maddow? If not, you will soon!
Submitted By: lisacatv
(13,876 on 5-2005)

Best morning news show!
Submitted By: cahlash
(13,875 on 5-2005)

Smart Stuff!
The best unvarnished news there is and very intelligently delivered. This show needs to be carried during prime AM hours.
Submitted By: jollyali
(13,874 on 5-2005)

Great Show
I stream the Rachel Maddow show every morning to get my real news for the day. Her show is well researched and presented in a factual manner which is refreshing.
Submitted By: mjsand
(13,873 on 5-2005)

good stuff
This is some good information! Keep fighting the good fight!
Submitted By: salemstar
(13,872 on 5-2005)

I love this show.
Submitted By: mmorris
(13,871 on 5-2005)

Thanks for supporting the Rachel Maddow Show
Thanks for supporting the Rachel Maddow Show
Submitted By: jjhaydeniii
(13,869 on 5-2005)

the best!!
love this show
Submitted By: zoestoes
(13,868 on 5-2005)

Great source of news
This is an amazing source of news...and has become my main source of news.
Submitted By: cecrowell5
(13,867 on 5-2005)

Maddow Rocks!
The most useful show on Air America.
Submitted By: jadams
(13,865 on 5-2005)

Excellent progressive news
I listen to this news program daily. It's one of the smartest shows out there.
Submitted By: nathanhinton
(13,864 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks!!!
Submitted By: kkirk1
(13,863 on 5-2005)

Love the show
I love Rachel's show. I listen to it every day.
Submitted By: riles32807
(13,862 on 5-2005)

Excellent show
Thanks for offering it.
Submitted By: cwcline
(13,861 on 5-2005)

A Vote for Maddow
I like it fine.
Submitted By: algiles
(13,860 on 5-2005)

I Love this WOMAN!
If you have not listened to this program, you are missing out on the news that no one else will tell you. I love the "Poking a Sharp Stick" segment, even though I have a soft white underbelly myself! Don't worry, it is a liberal soft white underbelly. Wait... uh, well you know what I meant! Go Rachel! It's Your Podcast! I'm listenin cause its your podcast! Woooo!!!
Submitted By: ohiome323
(13,858 on 5-2005)

great podcast
Submitted By: nesocha
(13,857 on 5-2005)

Great Show
Best news show on the radio.
Submitted By: Jarrell
(13,856 on 5-2005)

Rachel is great
It's just simply a great show. You will learn so much!
Submitted By: smartin
(13,850 on 5-2005)

great show
I love this show. I love Rachel. AAR should run it at least twice day. We need to know these news stories. Great job Rachel. Keep it coming.
Submitted By: Jarrell
(13,849 on 5-2005)

My hospital blocks the webcast of Air America because too many people were streaming it (we don't have a local Air America broadcast station here). Dr. Maddow's show keeps me abreast of what's going on that day; it really is my "front page." The podcasting of Rachel's show is great!
Submitted By: mjm9760
(13,848 on 5-2005)

I LOVE the rachel maddow show IT IS THE BEST!!!!!
Submitted By: rnolanlenstein
(13,847 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow's podcast
Great show!
Submitted By: net_femme
(13,846 on 5-2005)

You go girl!
Rachael has the best show on the radio. Now we need to get her moved to a time when people are awake enough to get it!! Springers time slot would be just fine!
Submitted By: woolfjan
(13,844 on 5-2005)

Go Rachel
Submitted By: ashwajon
(13,843 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks!
I so appreciate this show being available!
Submitted By: leah.janosko
(13,840 on 5-2005)

The Best
The best progressive show out there.
Submitted By: jlh_customer
(13,839 on 5-2005)

Terrific show
The Rachel Maddow Show is a great way to jump start your day. It wakes you up and gets your brain working and your heart pumping.
Submitted By: huffman1699
(13,838 on 5-2005)

Rachael Maddow Show
Being in the central time zone, I cannot get up early enough to listen to the show live but download and listen later in the monring almost every day. This show is informative, factual, fast moving and very valuable. Maddow is and excellent host as always. I urge people to give the show a listen.
Submitted By: Oleary25
(13,835 on 5-2005)

Great show!!
Submitted By: themurphster
(13,834 on 5-2005)

Best morning news
This is honestly the only show I podcast throughout the day. I don't get Air America where I live and don't get to work early enough to stream it so I end up downloading it every day. Best morning news around. Let's you know what to keep your eyes on and what stories to read throughout the day.
Submitted By: brianpoints
(13,833 on 5-2005)

best show ever!
Submitted By: hainesem
(13,832 on 5-2005)

most important hour of the day
Submitted By: gboyett7
(13,831 on 5-2005)

Best way to start my morning.
Submitted By: ratliff.thomas
(13,828 on 5-2005)

She's the next big thing.
Best 60 mniutes on air. Much like Air America's slogan should be....."Laugh and Learn".
Submitted By: loopsadaisy
(13,826 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow best on the air
It is the only show that actually provides ways to do something about the issues discussed. Way to go, Rachel!
Submitted By: ranck
(13,825 on 5-2005)

Awesome show
Submitted By: ramiller
(13,823 on 5-2005)

Absolutely love this show!!!
She is very very good. I think a lot of liberal or progressive talk show hosts should take note of her 5am show on air america. Her ability to communicate the news or todays top headlines, and more importantly, have fun with it is going to make her a big hit (just wait and see!!!) Although I cannot stand Rush, this is one of the ways he has dominated for so long.....HE IS ENTERTAINING!!!!
Submitted By: sidneybuchet
(13,820 on 5-2005)

Love Rachel Maddow Show
Love getting the REAL NEWS from you Every Day ... Keep It Up!!!
Submitted By: J.W.Morgan
(13,819 on 5-2005)

best newshow i have ever heard. tremendous amont of info covered in an hour with a perspective and intelligence you never hear on radio
Submitted By: khoward
(13,816 on 5-2005)

Best News of Day
I have listened to Rachel Maddow for a long time. But I can not live without her new show. I downlad her show as soon as I get up. I get the important news of the day from her. The things you will never hear anywhere else. And how easy for me. I do not have to do any investigation or any work. She has done it all for me. I am ahead of everyone I know with the news of the day. Thank you Rachel!
Submitted By: Marymcduck1
(13,815 on 5-2005)

rachel maddow show
Rachel is great! She's got more brains than all of the right wing bozos put together and the wit to put together a FUN and interesting hour of political analysis. She should be heard by a HUGE audience.
Submitted By: jazzbiker
(13,814 on 5-2005)

Cheers For Rachel And Podcast
I wake up in the morning and listen to The Rachel Maddow show every day. It's the ideal forum that I use to get REAL news before the filtering takes place and broadcast on Television. The program is on aired on the radio too early for me tune to on the radio. Therefore, thank you Podcast Alley for creating another option I can use.
Submitted By: jacobey06
(13,813 on 5-2005)

My favorite
This show and Rachel Maddow rock!!!
Submitted By: forrestk
(13,812 on 5-2005)

Excellent program
Good listenning - well presented
Submitted By: jtcarve
(13,809 on 5-2005)

best news depend on this daily
rachel maddow is so needed her show is a window into our secret governments actions
Submitted By: caseybyrne
(13,808 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show rules!
Rachel sets the pace for Air America with her well-produced, informative, and energetic news program. It is a must for me every weekday!
Submitted By: magickal1
(13,805 on 5-2005)

Start your day right
The best news digest show on radio. Gives you all the essential items to watch for in the coming day. One of the best hosts on radio!
Submitted By: dglscrm
(13,804 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: bgm9
(13,803 on 5-2005)

Great Lady
Rachel is the hardest working, and one of the most perceptive members of AAR. There are few people for whom I would get up at 5 AM . Rachel is one of them.
Submitted By: rsala2
(13,802 on 5-2005)

38 minutes of the best reporting you can get, and stories you won't hear about elsewhere but need to know!
Submitted By: mag123
(13,800 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow's show is great!
Submitted By: rdollar
(13,798 on 5-2005)

Best Radio news show
This is the best radio news show, better than other commercial stations, better than NPR and better than the BBC.
Submitted By: pvbklyn
(13,797 on 5-2005)

The Last Hope for Air America: Rachel Maddow
Air America screwed up big time when it canceled "Unfiltered" and hired Jerry Springer.
Submitted By: greggwager
(13,796 on 5-2005)

positive & informative
Great to have an informative show, it's so positive to hear the truth. My daughter, also a Rachel, listens, too. She's very happy that I have something to listen too, as I end up shouting at my other choices.
Submitted By: kate
(13,794 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow: A radio natural
The Rachel Maddow show is always a treat when I catch it. When it comes on live here in Portland, Oregon, it's 2:00 in the morning, and I'm about 4 or 5 hours away from my alarm going off. I listen to Air America when I'm getting ready for bed and fall asleep to it (as well as wake up to it). By far the best thing about staying up way too late is catching Rachel's show.
Submitted By: ljcolgrove
(13,792 on 5-2005)

Rachel is terrific, so say I .
Way off base or faith based reality . This gal is all real time , relying on events and facts rather than wishes and fantasy . A moderate who infuses her bright young mind free from the influence of emotional dystopia offered by the present administration .
Submitted By: frederickroyceperez
(13,791 on 5-2005)

Very Good Show!
Although Rachel's Show is on pretty late here, I always enjoy her educational program. I appreciate she is very well informed and knows what she is talking about as when she pokes a sharp stick into the soft underbelly of the right wing spin machine.
Submitted By: p.anastasia04
(13,790 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow's show is extraordinary
Rachel packs as much content into her hour as her colleagues can manage in three. The format is clever and she paces herself like a pro. This show would benefit from a better time slot, as I think an audience is out there just waiting for her.
Submitted By: T_Orzechowski
(13,788 on 5-2005)

Pleasure To Listen To [Maddow]
Truly easy listening.
Submitted By: MisterGreen
(13,787 on 5-2005)

We love the entire Air America Family down-under (and we miss Liz and Chuck) BUT we love Rachels new GET-TO-THE-POINT show, it's timed perfectly for when we're making dinner. (Hey Rach...did you ever get that LemSip we went you? Perth Australia
Submitted By: padchome
(13,786 on 5-2005)

Great Show
Rachel is a breath of fresh air. One of the best on talk radio today!
Submitted By: justus
(13,784 on 5-2005)

This is the best early morning news show on the air!
Submitted By: racer91
(13,783 on 5-2005)

Even Better Lizz-less
This is what we need a bit more of on AA. Not more yucked up skits. Not more comedied-up "news." Just thoughtful reporting and commentary. Thanks, Rach.
Submitted By: phllp
(13,782 on 5-2005)

love her show
I wake up at 3:00 in the morning just to listen to the Rachel Maddow Show.
Submitted By: clwalks
(13,780 on 5-2005)

good show
Rachel is informed, incisive, and personable.
Submitted By: nocrap
(13,778 on 5-2005)

this is the best show. i wish it were another hour. fast paced, intelligent, concise and so interesting.
Submitted By: k-dicker
(13,777 on 5-2005)

Fresh air on the air
Submitted By: jdittmer
(13,775 on 5-2005)

Maddow Rules!
The best news program on ANY network! Download, listen, learn!
Submitted By: fignuts
(13,774 on 5-2005)

Real, Smart Woman
Submitted By: Aarlene
(13,603 on 5-2005)

Love that Rachel Maddow
Thanks for letting us vote!
Submitted By: flutecake
(13,578 on 5-2005)

What I always thought Air America was about
An excellent news program, packed with all the information that CNN _should_ be reporting. This is what I thougt I would get from Air America, but it took them a year to produce it and they hide it at 5AM. Better than Al Franken because it is lean, not one second wasted on frivialities. Rachel Maddow dives right in and barely takes time to breathe. How long can she keep up this level of energy? Hope she's training somebody so I won't have to do without when she finally takes a break.
Submitted By: disclave
(13,569 on 5-2005)

None needed - the show is great - go get it!
Submitted By: john
(13,471 on 5-2005)

Love the Rachel Maddow show!
Submitted By: larphees
(13,466 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show
The Best of the Best....really!
Submitted By: myracrowell
(13,464 on 5-2005)

She makes you smarter!!!
and she makes you laugh!!
Submitted By: raine
(13,427 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: bear02909
(13,423 on 5-2005)

rachel amddow rules!
i listen to rachel maddow twice a day...once while i wake up & then again around 11, when ive woken up & can pay atention!
Submitted By: norn
(13,422 on 5-2005)

Real News
Submitted By: k57
(13,122 on 5-2005)

R. Maddow Show
I'd rather listen to the show live, but the 5:00am is way too early. At least I can rely on the podcast.
Submitted By: g.panjandrum
(13,058 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks
I can't live without this show. Rachel is the smartest, most saavy headline gleaner in the world. Don't get your news anywhere else!
Submitted By: njquilter
(12,991 on 5-2005)

Rachael Rocks. The way news USED to be before it became a 24 hour propagand spewing infomercial!!!
Submitted By: tomka55
(12,878 on 5-2005)

a daily dose...
of trms keeps me going. Thank god she's back, and spending 10 hours a day reading the news, so I don't have to~
Submitted By: andrea-miller
(12,687 on 5-2005)

Rachel - my morning coffee
Nothing like a cup of coffee and Rachel on my Palm Pilot to begin my workday!
Submitted By: devere15th
(12,460 on 5-2005)

The Dr. is in....
The best hour of information anywhere....
Submitted By: webmaster
(11,583 on 5-2005)

This great show deserves to be heard
Since Air America moved Rachel from her 9-12 slot to five am, it's still essential to listen to her show if not live at five, then podcast later at leisure.
Submitted By: rosamoline
(11,568 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Show
This is the best show I have found on the internet, radio or XM anywhere! Rachel is intelligent and insightful, providing not-to-be-missed news coverage.
Submitted By: lindablack
(11,514 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow Show
Submitted By: ksmith
(11,496 on 5-2005)

I miss 3 hours of Rachel
I MISS UNFILTERED & 3 FULL HOURS OF RACHEL AND KENT!!! But I'll take what I can get for now. FYI, here's a message I sent to MorningSedition: Marc Maron sucks! I can only take so much of his unfunny banter esp. his "wake up sheaple" bit. I'd like to see Rachel Maddow take over this show. She and Kent Jones have too much talent to be stuck in a 5am slot. I do like Riley, and if I had any say at all, I'd say Maddow, Riley, and Jones from 6am-12pm. I can't stand Jerry Springer either. If he tells the right winger freaks that they "have a point" one more time, I'm going to hurl. He seems like he's campaigning for another public office and too 'careful' of offending others. This 'careful' commentary has no room in radio, esp. Air America.
Submitted By: citibabenyc
(11,440 on 5-2005)

Your New Front Page
A puzzled and obviously drug-addled Rush L. (identity protected) once asked, "Has anyone here ever heard of... Rachel Maddow?" And thus a radio legend was born, or more accurately, born again. Formerly the "brainy" third of the now-mythical "Unfiltered" program, she's currently known as "the front page" every weekday morning at AirAmerica Radio, and she'll be yours, too, by simply downloading this one-hour program every morning on your way out of the house to work. (Assuming that by downloading you will also listen to the podcast.) Rachel was a Rhodes Scholar (Or "is"? I'm never sure.) and has the instincts and acumen of a top surgeon for picking out important news and bringing you right to the crucial parts of it without having to wade through countless Benifer teasers. Indeed, the number of Benifer stories covered daily on the R.M.S. tends to hover near or around the "zero" mark. So if you're like me, and you like your news peppered with lotsa mentions of Bill Frist and Harry Reid, and not so much about Ben & Jen, you've got that going for you. Which is nice. Also let's not forget to mention that major player Kent Jones (of "Kent Jones Now with Kent Jones") presents an amazingly funny snippet of newsreel-type reporting that manages to nail its issue every day while forcing you to laugh until you cry tears of bittersweet reality. Now THAT's what I call "NOW"! Sweet Sacagawea, you've got to hear this show every day!! Subscribe to this feed. Download it every day. And listen, listen, LISTEN. Does anyone read these comments?
Submitted By: JRobelen
(11,316 on 5-2005)

my morning coffee
I now not only need my morning coffee, I also need my dose of The Rachel Maddow Show. Rachel keeps me up on news that the mainstream media lets slip by. The show is up beat and informative. I love Rachel Maddow and Kent Jones and the rest of the programs Air America delivers.
Submitted By: snicks992
(11,019 on 5-2005)

Triple Integrity At Five AM Eastern
First of all, Air America's new front page is an hour of outrageous wake up. The shameless (and seemingly invisible to the mainstream media) tyranny of the American public by the Bush Administration provides endless fecund fodder for a daily break down of new low points in American history. From Tom Delay's less than ethical attempts to undermine the Senate Ethics Panel to the minimizing of the horror that is Abu-Ghraib, Rachel Maddow is doing a top notch job of setting the table for a banquet of actual fact based reporting each day on Air America. That Rush Limbaugh is allowed to broadcast on our Armed Forces Network and still find's new ways to blindly diminish the real extent of international law violations represented by the torture at Abu-Gharib and human rights abuses at the Quantanimo Bay Detention Facility continues to amaze anyone who bothers to pay attention to what is going on in the highest reaches of our government and only one more embarrassingly irresponsible attempt at propagandizing the American people by the "all lip / no service" Republicans who occupy our nation's Whitehouse. It's also nice to hear that Rachel is reading the news segments at the top of the hour as well, which helps keeps the focus on her stature as "News Person" rather than as an entertainment personality. Secondly, she has learned a lot about how to be funny from a year with Lizz Winstead and has lost none of her newsy, insightful edge. Thirdly and not least, possibly the best aspect of all is that Air America regulars will be glad to learn that Kent Jones is still a part of The Rachel Maddow Show and brings his well known comic slant to what can be the very sad news copy generated by the activities of this Pseudo-Fascist Right-Wing Republican administration. I'm going to have to stream this show via "podcast" later in the day from now on... (yaaawwwn)
Submitted By: luv
(10,986 on 5-2005)

eya Rachel!
yer a delight to listen to!
Submitted By: sofrajones
(10,652 on 5-2005)

I love it!
My favorite news program.
Submitted By: honeybearkelly
(10,439 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks
There aren't to many people that I would bother to download and listen to later. This lady is one of them.
Submitted By: c_hoyman
(10,425 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks!
The only thing wrong with Rachel's show is that it's not long enough. We need more Rachel! The most informative show on AirAmerica!
Submitted By: simplybkuz
(10,394 on 5-2005)

Not a Morning Person
I can't do 5 AM, and bless Rachel for being able to do it every day, so this podcast has become a daily necessity for me. Brava, Rach!
Submitted By: Phoebe
(10,271 on 5-2005)

Best News On the Radio
This is the fastest paced, best informed, most entertaining news source on the radio. Not to be missed.
Submitted By: jimanna
(10,189 on 5-2005)

Podcasts are nice but live is better
Submitted By: ctaylor
(10,167 on 5-2005)

IQ over 100?
There's not enough time in a day for a working mom with two jobs, a dog and a cat to process the information required to be a well informed contributing American citizen. Rachel does it for me and , frankly, I trust her point of view way more than even NPR now.
Submitted By: IBRB33
(10,090 on 5-2005)

Best damn news show in the morning. Actual real news, what a concept
Submitted By: djspurlin
(10,073 on 5-2005)

Old School AAR
Air America Radio seems to have dumped down it's lineup in an attempt to reach the average Clear Channel's listener -- those who like 'Reality-Radio' (ranting host + moron callers) over programming which mixes comedy, discussions and cool guest. Hence the cancellation of Maddow's old show Unfiltered and the roll back of Morning Sedition. At least with The Rachel Maddow Show we get some of the intelligent discussion back, with a bit of humor. I'll take what I can get.
Submitted By: dawn
(10,044 on 5-2005)

Rachel rocks!!!
this is second best to still having unfiltered on air america!!
Submitted By: laura_barr
(10,026 on 5-2005)

Real news from a great host.
Submitted By: Chris.Date
(10,001 on 5-2005)

The only one
I'm in England and I listen to radio news from all over the world, in three languages. The Rachel Maddow Show is the only American programme I have found that is worth taking seriously for news. More than that, Rachel's voice is addictive, her wit and humour intelligent. She's someone whose company I would always enjoy, so the mere 37 minutes a day I have with her is essential listening.
Submitted By: Chris.Date
(9,998 on 5-2005)

Rachel Rocks!!
Although I do like Randi's show, And by moving The Rachel Maddow show To 5am, makes it very hard to listen too LIVE, I now download the show as soon as I get up and get a chance to kick back with a cup of coffee, and listen to the show. I don't like the fact that they moved you too that time slot, But atleast Your still here for us and we are able to download the show and listen later. (I myself, not only download and listen, I e-mail the downloaded show to a few friends, because it is the onlly way they get a chance to hear you at all! Needless to say......THEY LOVE YOU AS WELL!!! See, I am a Gay Democrat, and my Husband (of 11 yrs this mnth) is a RePUGlican, and it makes it very hard to listen to your show with him around. So I just get up in the mornings, and while he gets ready for work, and I Iron his shirt or whatever, I listen to your show live at that time. on my XM Radio! and NO i didn't know he was a RePUGlican when we met, he hid it very well, until the honeymoon was over (lol) and then it was too late, BUT I do think I am changing him SLOWLY. I'll let you know, the day we win him over, and we can have a BIG Party, (and your invited)! Because it is Your show that I find the best info to fight back with him on the major points. Who Knows, maybe we can burn down ANOTHER Log Cabin soon! Thank you so much for your work and devotion. We Need More people like you........on a Local level would be even better! Ever thought about being Cloned? LOL We have a new Local TALK Radio station, that CLAIMS to be better then ...."a bunch of White Guys Yelling At Each Other on the Radio" (Thier words Not Mine) But if you look at the small line up of shows, you quickly realize that it is just ANOTHER (of many) Lie. I mean come on, when they have DR. LAURA as thier BIGGEST show! Or should that be Dr Laura the PORN Star? LOL Again, THANK YOU, and kiss your momma for all of us on Mothersday for raising such a INTELAGENT Woman. (I guess your Dad figures in there as well) M.William Belger-Mastroserio P.S. YOU ROCK!!!!! Keep up the fight Rachel, we all could learn something from you, usualy on a daily basis!
Submitted By: mwbelger
(9,994 on 5-2005)

smarter every day
Rachel packs more into her 37 minutes (without commercials) than most newscasts have on all've just got to feel smarter and better informed after hearing this show, or you're just not paying attention.
Submitted By: Stacey_Adams
(9,992 on 5-2005)

She's the best....who else in the world is as smart as my girl, Rachel? And I'm not even GAY!
Submitted By: renitab2
(9,986 on 5-2005)

Rachel Maddow is awesome
Rachel Maddow is awesome! Smart, wise, funny, and always informative.
Submitted By: 2leemartin
(9,962 on 5-2005)

Great show
Day in and day out the best show on AAR.
Submitted By: maddow
(9,881 on 5-2005)

Maddow's the best
Great show for podcasting, since it's on in the middle of the night in most places. But it's the smartest hour of news around!
Submitted By: rwood
(9,838 on 5-2005)

The only way to start the day
Listen and you are equipted with all the important news. Rachel presents the news in a lively manner and provides just the right amount of backround for informed understanding.
Submitted By: MCullen53
(9,823 on 5-2005)

best show smart!
Submitted By: arogers
(9,777 on 5-2005)

Best Morning news show there is! Concise, humorous and filled with cold hard undeniable facts!
Submitted By: Madmaxi
(9,722 on 5-2005)

The Rachel Maddow Show is now orbiting in the 'Pod-O-Sphere'
Rachel, Kent and TRMS team along with all the maddowite listeners are now officially in the 'Pod-O-Sphere' orbit! "This is Ground Control To Major Maddow... Countdown Podcast Engines On"... And Take Your Podcast Pills And Turn The Maddow News Engines Onnnnn... BOINGGGGGGGG......
Submitted By: greatamericanpatriot
(9,659 on 5-2005)

Great Show
And great commentary. It's like reading the entire newspaper in under and hour.
Submitted By: Dalhyp
(9,630 on 5-2005)

love Rachel
Submitted By: bonnie
(9,577 on 5-2005)

Best news and commentary
Submitted By: citizensteve
(9,575 on 5-2005)

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