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There are 200 Comments for this Podcast
Love it
Submitted By: jjberes0027
(505,303 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: Simpsonfreak247
(489,310 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: internal_vision
(452,933 on 12-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,938 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(428,798 on 9-2008)

the best
PP rules
Submitted By: peterdeboer
(427,978 on 9-2008)

Simply the best!
Submitted By: theking
(425,854 on 9-2008)

Submitted By: curlytate
(422,873 on 8-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(418,914 on 8-2008)

Ill know it when I see it.
Submitted By: jackoharte
(401,096 on 6-2008)

Great Stuff
Lots of variety
Submitted By: Jeldersnet
(398,921 on 6-2008)

The BEST!!!!!!!
Love Miss Vicki!
Submitted By: theking
(377,786 on 4-2008)

voting for this awesome site
Submitted By: houseonfire0
(370,572 on 3-2008)

Voting for
Always an interesting mix of adult material; from informative to sensual.
Submitted By: dsm_lotte
(333,907 on 11-2007)

One of the best !
Submitted By: trueBetaMale
(326,486 on 11-2007)

#1 adult podcast
Pretty damn good!
Submitted By: bubuyovich
(315,310 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: dmanisgood07
(314,779 on 10-2007)

miss vicki is awesome
Submitted By: bigbobo_328
(306,881 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: sean
(300,794 on 8-2007)

great content
has the best audo stories
Submitted By: seandulac
(295,353 on 8-2007)

Well written, well read (very hot!) podcasts! We need more!
Submitted By: digga29
(293,637 on 8-2007)

I love this!
It is the hottest podcast ever!
Submitted By: fiyeroravenswood
(280,782 on 7-2007)

hot hot
Submitted By: macladybug72
(277,030 on 6-2007)

The best
The best podcast for sex.
Submitted By: Kaze455
(268,611 on 6-2007)

brilliant site!!!
Submitted By: liam2p
(257,835 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: matterotime
(256,271 on 4-2007)

the best
Submitted By: maxbyk
(236,173 on 3-2007)

the best
better then all the rest
Submitted By: deepness
(225,499 on 2-2007)

Very orignal and funny!
Submitted By: jakestich
(216,495 on 1-2007)

Love pod-porn
Its a well-done podcast without all the stupid giggling and childishness.
Submitted By: nospammers970201
(214,385 on 1-2007)

Submitted By: enigma2118
(209,813 on 1-2007)

This rocks
Oh, pod-porn is sooo hot
Submitted By: vlaagnir
(199,599 on 12-2006)

great really saucy
I jove this podcast it really gets me going.
Submitted By: gameguy32
(189,688 on 11-2006)

This site rocks!
Submitted By: jubei007
(188,261 on 11-2006)

Very Good Site
I have yet to come across a better site.
Submitted By: ocelotii
(187,793 on 11-2006)

Funny Stuff!
Submitted By: MrMAB63
(180,552 on 11-2006)

Cool Site!
Submitted By: the_mark
(179,994 on 11-2006)

just discovered...lots of saucy audio files...and some real good tips and stories
Submitted By: kevinjbc
(176,829 on 10-2006)

Great Site
Submitted By: rxp6001
(176,825 on 10-2006)

Keep your pills handy...
it will raise your blood pressure
Submitted By: dangeratom
(175,007 on 10-2006)

Most sexy podcast
Its sexy, its beautiful and I love it. Keep on podcast
Submitted By: pullme
(173,512 on 10-2006)

They should win
they have the most unique pod casts on the internet
Submitted By: MasterPav1
(172,655 on 10-2006)

Submitted By: alexbaben
(169,662 on 10-2006)

voteing for fun
i wish to get into the valt.
Submitted By: denzil37
(164,404 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: cntrygrl458
(164,053 on 9-2006)

Pod-Porn rocks
Submitted By: dougski
(161,755 on 9-2006)

my vote
I like this podcast
Submitted By: hnkry
(160,189 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: keysings2002
(156,485 on 8-2006)

Love your video
Good work! Thank you.
Submitted By: senxchan
(154,067 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: motorby
(146,086 on 7-2006)

i love them
they are a little bit different than the usuall podcast
Submitted By: kensalomon
(143,835 on 7-2006)

Good eargasmic audio
Submitted By: larry_lavaughn
(143,010 on 7-2006)

best yet
best yet
Submitted By: moc226
(142,139 on 7-2006)

Submitted By: laylaytaytay06
(131,927 on 6-2006)

I Pod-Porn
Miss Vicki is the bomb.
Submitted By: jdhedden
(129,775 on 6-2006)

Fun and fiesty, I love it.
Submitted By: andymyers77
(128,956 on 6-2006)

love it!
Submitted By: weirdcookie
(124,478 on 5-2006)

Great for the drive!
Nothing like listening to hot porn on the drive to work...
Submitted By: ntldr
(120,540 on 5-2006)

great podcast!
Submitted By: banebdjet
(112,865 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: sjgreene
(110,513 on 4-2006)

Great podcast
I dig the audio erotic tales and the satire.
Submitted By: hepcatrayo
(107,057 on 4-2006)

this is a sweet podcast and i like it alot.
Submitted By: Str8Balla3220
(106,995 on 4-2006)

this rocks!
Submitted By: mp
(106,509 on 4-2006)

Just my vote
Great pod cast
Submitted By: Untruth7
(105,496 on 4-2006)
They rauk ma wurld
Submitted By: angrykeyboarder
(102,782 on 4-2006)

[email protected]
this is the shit
Submitted By: mimeit
(102,378 on 3-2006)

awesome site
love this site.
Submitted By: mag246
(101,628 on 3-2006)

Yeah, its a good set of pod-casts. very enjoyable to listen to on the way to work.
Submitted By: mathewjenkinson
(101,439 on 3-2006)

If you e looking for great erotic stories, pod-porn is the place to go.
Submitted By: bradhung2003
(100,036 on 3-2006)

Podporn rules
Podporn rules! I love this podcast
Submitted By: jbosbr33pay
(97,657 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: eamonn.clarke
(97,420 on 3-2006)

Great site
Love the stories here.
Submitted By: targon9999
(93,359 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: joecz99
(92,224 on 2-2006)

Fantastic podcast!!
This is the greatest!!! Highly recommended!!!
Submitted By: yisraelyechaskel
(92,089 on 2-2006)

great content some of which is very hot
Submitted By: russell.seniormoving
(91,590 on 2-2006)

English ladies talking dirty.. OMG..
Submitted By: afwm7vp02
(89,982 on 2-2006)

Vote for pod-porn
Best podcast ever.
Submitted By: merc427
(87,985 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: lintfree
(87,379 on 2-2006)

great site
Submitted By: pastry122-wetnwild12
(87,251 on 2-2006)

Never voted before!!
Submitted By: brian
(86,583 on 2-2006)

Where is the pod porn
What's going on There hasn't been any new pod porn since november of last year.
Submitted By: samplecoupons
(84,038 on 2-2006)

I think this pod is great
Submitted By: bigone163
(82,059 on 1-2006)

Great podding
Submitted By: physicsjoe
(81,626 on 1-2006)

More Miss Vicki
Submitted By: xsover21
(81,067 on 1-2006)

its great!
Submitted By: omarshamshoon
(81,036 on 1-2006)

[email protected]
Great site. Specially for kissing ass.
Submitted By: bambinocarlo
(80,829 on 1-2006)

Now has Video too!
Video available on the site as well as audio now.
Submitted By: artemiskitty
(80,604 on 1-2006)

dig it!
5 stars, without a doubt. Miss Vicki is hot hot hot!
Submitted By: yaknowthatguy
(80,586 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: tino
(80,051 on 1-2006)

Great stuff
Submitted By: n978th
(79,661 on 1-2006)

A great show!
Submitted By: chenny90210
(77,901 on 1-2006)

Best Podcast
Voting Pod-Porn as the best podcast around.
Submitted By: jreitler
(77,209 on 1-2006)

Absolutely outrqageous!
Submitted By: kriswilhelmsen2003
(77,111 on 1-2006)

I vote for pod-porn it is the best.
Submitted By: bjbacher96
(76,282 on 1-2006)

Burro is back
Burro likes this site.
Submitted By: schmulyank
(75,792 on 1-2006)

Wookin pore nub
My my my...
Submitted By: CuriosityPrevails
(75,465 on 1-2006)

the best
the best
Submitted By: stephen_marshall
(74,668 on 1-2006)

A good laugh
Submitted By: stephanstan
(73,711 on 1-2006)

Shakespeare is cool but ..... PLLEEEAAASSSEEE MORE OF MISS VICKY!!!
Submitted By: matterotime
(73,545 on 1-2006)

this is a very accelint website guys
Submitted By: andymcn
(73,078 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: person99_
(72,110 on 12-2005)

Pod-Porn! Whoo!
Submitted By: gxg8484
(71,722 on 12-2005)

Go Podporn
Great tips, hot stuff.
Submitted By: chris.mowder
(70,638 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: theinfoboy
(70,398 on 12-2005)
Submitted By: junkmail
(70,296 on 12-2005)

this thing rocks !!
Submitted By: 1024kilobyte
(70,231 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: bethman
(70,004 on 12-2005)

Enjoyed Shakespears Wolf series.
Submitted By: eager
(69,982 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: shangri_la2000
(69,446 on 12-2005)

Fantastic Pod-porn
Submitted By: nickgiant
(69,017 on 12-2005)

Pod-porn rocks!
Submitted By: pmnj_99
(68,909 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: guru
(68,871 on 12-2005)

Pod Porn
Submitted By: greghow1962
(68,704 on 12-2005)

Keep up the good work
Submitted By: ogee2152
(68,690 on 12-2005)

Amazing site!
Submitted By: creep25
(68,635 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: qcgbert
(68,482 on 12-2005)

The best
Submitted By: novo_cp
(68,252 on 12-2005)

Cool Page
Pod Porn is a great page offering superb podcasts! I love it!
Submitted By: michal_krska
(68,144 on 12-2005)

Great stories and other content. Very arousing and just an overall pleasant experience. This is a great podcast!
Submitted By: jeff_7000
(67,615 on 12-2005)

Number one
Its number one!
Submitted By: castpodding
(66,705 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: smartut
(66,152 on 12-2005)

I Like it
Submitted By: jleibow
(63,501 on 11-2005)

Awesome idea
Why didn I think of it???
Submitted By: sybaritik-voyeur
(63,437 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: gglock22
(63,174 on 11-2005)

Pod-Porn is great!
Submitted By: DigiNY
(63,011 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: popbamboom
(62,694 on 11-2005)

[email protected]
[email protected]
Submitted By: hippoth
(62,639 on 11-2005)

Pod-Porn Rocks!
Submitted By: kamoku
(62,357 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: oreng
(62,120 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: ensat
(61,225 on 11-2005)

Really good show
Submitted By: silverbabepink1
(60,869 on 11-2005)

great site
Submitted By: shinkley
(60,626 on 11-2005)

Love the stories
Makes my day go by and love the stories.
Submitted By: caddman
(59,915 on 11-2005)

audio for the other parts
groovy stuff
Submitted By: podspam
(59,913 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: rogerwprice
(59,654 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: uncutqueer
(59,575 on 11-2005)

Great Stuff
Hope your around for long time!
Submitted By: teddymoe
(58,705 on 11-2005)

Pod-porn rocks!
Submitted By: tordaila
(58,700 on 11-2005)

Vote yes
Submitted By: andyvet
(57,545 on 11-2005)

This site is amazing!
Submitted By: jwhitesnow
(57,421 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: justyjust
(57,031 on 11-2005)

love pod cast vedios
Submitted By: frank326
(57,024 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: adrian.quinton
(56,595 on 11-2005)

excelent tips
Submitted By: aposalukibb
(56,025 on 11-2005)

luv yall
luv yall
Submitted By: madapostle86
(55,306 on 11-2005)

Great Audio Pod cast!
Submitted By: netscape_ceo
(54,166 on 10-2005)

Voting for Pod-Porn Podcast
Just a vote for the Pod-Porn podcast as one of the best podcasts around.
Submitted By: Big9erFan
(53,697 on 10-2005)

Voting for Pod Porn
Some good sex tips
Submitted By: finalthief
(53,650 on 10-2005)

Cool Stuff
Cool stuff to make my day!!
Submitted By: thickgeek05
(53,642 on 10-2005)

site meets my needs nicely, wife likes it too
Submitted By: knl66
(53,418 on 10-2005)

Pod-Porn Too HOT!
Submitted By: db_2270
(53,232 on 10-2005)

best podcast site
i love this site, easy no hassle
Submitted By: blook77
(53,140 on 10-2005)

Vote for Pod-Porn
Vote for Pod-Porn
Submitted By: asg252
(52,978 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: mdoenges
(52,662 on 10-2005)

great pod cast
this is a great adult site!!
Submitted By: frangar69
(52,149 on 10-2005)

Love the show. Miss Vikki, dominate me!!!
Submitted By: alivefl
(51,446 on 10-2005)

Podcast Vote
Submitted By: scotbott
(51,067 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: Jrewing
(50,911 on 10-2005)

Great Stuff
Great show, well worth listening
Submitted By: moggy006
(49,677 on 10-2005)

worth a listen
Submitted By: ggo1
(49,181 on 10-2005)

Great Content
Fun adult entertainment done with intelligence and humor.
Submitted By: ravenlangley
(48,538 on 10-2005)

This podcast is great!
Submitted By: omankoi
(47,516 on 10-2005)

Excellent content
I loved it!
Submitted By: artmanjon
(47,187 on 10-2005)

Vote for
Submitted By: hugsnkizes
(46,030 on 10-2005)

good content
Submitted By: bluntdrummer
(45,497 on 9-2005)

this rocks
Submitted By: ekelley1985
(45,434 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: outcare
(45,272 on 9-2005)

Love it!
Love it!!!
Submitted By: dfw_new_sub
(45,234 on 9-2005)

I lika da porn
I am vote!
Submitted By: mosliar
(44,578 on 9-2005)

pod-porn vote
Love it
Submitted By: moulin.vert
(44,488 on 9-2005)

Check it out quickly!
Submitted By: xxx124578
(44,126 on 9-2005)

Theyre the best!
the best source for all pod porn!
Submitted By: dg.spamtrap
(43,693 on 9-2005)

Great Site
I love this site. This is the only site with stories like these.
Submitted By: dglstuff
(43,464 on 9-2005)

gets me off
Submitted By: ella_door
(43,377 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: edgar.brown
(43,288 on 9-2005)

Love it!!
Funny...Erotic...can you ask for anything more???
Submitted By: darbo1
(41,723 on 9-2005)

great show
Submitted By: jrbeach13
(41,615 on 9-2005)

Enjoyed while driving
Submitted By: drmark
(41,394 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: kyles
(40,749 on 9-2005)

i love it
Submitted By: siloowns
(40,394 on 9-2005)

Inspirational and Imaginative
Pod-Porn is in a class above everything else
Submitted By: wethotredhead
(39,857 on 9-2005)

Inspirational and Imaginative
Pod-Porn is in a class above everything else
Submitted By: wethotredhead
(39,856 on 9-2005)

Good Stories
I have to say, i love the newer podcasts, the older ones are a little too gimicky. I like the straight-foward relaxed sound of the actors, and it definately gets me going!
Submitted By: jabackes
(38,860 on 9-2005)

Good Stories
I have to say, i love the newer podcasts, the older ones are a little too gimicky. I like the straight-foward relaxed sound of the actors, and it definately gets me going!
Submitted By: jabackes
(38,859 on 9-2005)

Good Stories
I have to say, i love the newer podcasts, the older ones are a little too gimicky. I like the straight-foward relaxed sound of the actors, and it definately gets me going!
Submitted By: jabackes
(38,858 on 9-2005)

Good Stories
I have to say, i love the newer podcasts, the older ones are a little too gimicky. I like the straight-foward relaxed sound of the actors, and it definately gets me going!
Submitted By: jabackes
(38,857 on 9-2005)

Good Stories
I have to say, i love the newer podcasts, the older ones are a little too gimicky. I like the straight-foward relaxed sound of the actors, and it definately gets me going!
Submitted By: jabackes
(38,856 on 9-2005)

Please let it happen.
Submitted By: dericson
(37,865 on 8-2005)

Submitted By: trojan666666
(36,637 on 8-2005)

great show
especially the confessions of a nyphomaniac segments.. they are the best
Submitted By: parsons_b
(33,718 on 8-2005)

Pod-porn Rules
Pod-porn brings you great stories for couples. Support it all the way.
Submitted By: daveem
(30,300 on 7-2005)

stoke the imgaination
i love sex and everything related to sex. why not listen to some sexy audio.
Submitted By: buriedalive
(25,088 on 7-2005)

Wonder why I feel a little dissed by you???????? Are you on the up and uP???????????????????? BLAH POD PORN~!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(22,179 on 6-2005)

wow, pron
Submitted By: tigerstorms
(22,084 on 6-2005)

support pod-porn!
Submitted By: james.watchman
(21,014 on 6-2005)

Great podcast!
Hiliarious, fun, and sexy!
Submitted By: sroeubs
(20,765 on 6-2005)

great show
Submitted By: sharkman357
(19,765 on 6-2005)

That's hot.
I jerked-off after listening.
Submitted By: nickd
(18,522 on 6-2005)

this is fun and sexy
Submitted By: grinder05
(16,722 on 6-2005)

Wonderfully Smutty
What a wonderfully smutty podcast. For dirty minds with dirty thoughts.
Submitted By: wethotredhead
(15,080 on 5-2005)

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