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Common Sense with Dan Carlin Comments

There are 2223 Comments for this Podcast
Intelligent comments on important topics.
Submitted By: hvychvy67
(549,668 on 4-2014)

Common Sense and Hardcore History are both great!
As the title indicates, I too also listen to both of Dan Carlins shows, and have done so for many years now, and think they are both wonderful. I have been impressed for many years now by the quality of shows Dan publishes, and have come to trust Dans insights within his shows, much like the 21st century Walter Cronkite. I absolutely recommend both shows to you!
Submitted By: jamesmlmiller
(547,145 on 1-2014)

Submitted By: jdoug312
(547,089 on 12-2013)

Thought provocative
It was good but I think it has matured and improved further over time.
Submitted By: fpalmay
(546,773 on 9-2013)

My favorite
Actually I love both Hardcore History and Common Sense. Dan Carlin is the history teacher I wish Id had growing up. But thank goodness I found his podcasts because Im amazed at what Im learning and how much I didnt know! Hes definitely made an impact on my thinking and I wish everyone who loves to send emails that support their political viewpoint would listen to Dan Carlin. Most of them, including me until recently, dont have a clue.
Submitted By: ahwatman
(546,754 on 8-2013)

Sense...we need more of this!
Dan ROCKS! Whether it is Hard Corp History or this insightful and researched Common Sense it should be mandatory listening for all voters. Voters should be strapped into sturdy chairs and forced to consider the ideas and topics Dan goes over...and only then, after receiving Dans wisdom and knowledge, should the would be voter be allowed to punch a chad.
Submitted By: brynduffy
(546,725 on 8-2013)

Awesome, Intelligent, and Unique
Listen to several historical, political and world news podcasts. Dan has a refreshing perspective - unapologetic, based on a solid foundation of world history and always thought-provoking. Makes me want to be wiser, and makes me smarter. Love it!
Submitted By: monkiesatemybaby
(546,545 on 6-2013)

The best!
Submitted By: Bkd32
(546,524 on 6-2013)

Dan Carlins podcasts are nothing sort of excellent.
Submitted By: pires
(546,510 on 6-2013)

A must hear
Submitted By: gniels1
(546,500 on 6-2013)

excellent & informative
if you are looking for an independent political talk show then this is it!
Submitted By: desertdood
(546,005 on 2-2013)

Awesome Show!! Love every episode. You must get into this one.
Submitted By: khouser2
(545,916 on 1-2013)

one of the best damn podcasts out there
Submitted By: krushinkailash
(545,887 on 1-2013)

Common Sense
Dan is clearly an independent thinker. Informed and rational--I enjoy his podcast. Thanks for what you do, Dan.
Submitted By: bh.sparks
(545,876 on 1-2013)

The best independent political podcast out there.
Submitted By: pbjorkman
(545,850 on 1-2013)

Its just common sense!
Submitted By: gratefuljack
(545,823 on 12-2012)

Smart nonpartisan stuff
Submitted By: tjbonita
(545,767 on 12-2012)

great podcast
Submitted By: johnccoghlan
(545,501 on 10-2012)

Greatest podcast
Dan Carlin is great-- so smart and thoughtful
Submitted By: mavenmalenfb
(545,463 on 10-2012)

Great Podcast
My Fav Podcast
Submitted By: chulsey1
(545,453 on 10-2012)

Great Podcast, Ive learned a LOT.
This is a fantastic podcast and im so glad i found it.
Submitted By: Risquebicycle
(545,395 on 10-2012)

Here I am, voting. You wanna make sumthin of it, punk?
Submitted By: sgastineau
(545,246 on 9-2012)

Brilliant podcast
The only "political" podcast I think worth the time.
Submitted By: hal.render
(545,230 on 9-2012)

I like this show a lot. I especially like interviews. Dan seems like a funny, sweet, serious guy who cares about what goes on in the world.
Submitted By: danandaileen
(545,099 on 8-2012)

Very Good Podcast.
Thoughtprovoking, honest, and original.
Submitted By: jweg13
(542,192 on 1-2012)

Must Listen
Common sense commentary on current events.
Submitted By: trawfrog
(542,068 on 1-2012)

Submitted By: bryand_s
(541,415 on 12-2011)

Great Political commentary!
Submitted By: dmainis
(541,067 on 12-2011)

Thought provoking rationality
Every 2 weeks or so, I start getting antsy for the next Common Sense podcast. Dan Carlin has such a unique view on current events, tying them in with his own rationality, as well as his historical perspective. Well worth listening to.
Submitted By: merek75
(539,614 on 10-2011)

Best Commentary show around
Agree or disagree with Dan - and I do both, depending on his stance - these podcasts are the best.
Submitted By: roypitta
(538,248 on 8-2011)

Submitted By: mrturbo5983
(537,611 on 7-2011)

Great show
Best place to get point of view that isnt tied to any party line.
Submitted By: castephensjd
(537,578 on 7-2011)

Its refreshing to hear someone talk about the political landscape of America without all the cheer-leading for this side or that.
Submitted By: desertdood
(537,278 on 7-2011)

truly common sense
Dan does a great job of clarifying the obfuscation of American and global politics.
Submitted By: sfscott
(536,648 on 6-2011)

Mainstream needs DC CS
Mainstream needs Dan Carlin Common Sense!
Submitted By: ttphotos
(536,460 on 6-2011)

Dan will always keep you thinking.
Submitted By: codiene
(536,165 on 6-2011)

Great stuff
Love Carlin
Submitted By: Mathias.breistein
(536,013 on 6-2011)

A Bitter Pill
Providing insightful and earnest political commentary at a time when our country needs it more than ever, Common Sense is string bad news delivered with a wonderful dry sense of humor and a deep concern for the issues. This show isnt about extolling one party over the other, its about getting to the root of the problems crippling the country and how to fix them. Dan has brought together listeners from the left and the right and around the globe, but this isnt a bunch of non-committal centrists agreeing with each other either. Dan and his listeners disagree on many things, but we can agree that the country is headed in a frightening direction. The podcast is great, the community is great. Give Common Sense with Dan Carlin a try and you wont feel uplifted and happy, but youll become more mentally flexible, more informed about the problems and hopefully, youll be more motivated to get up and do something about them.
Submitted By: harmonandneo
(535,948 on 6-2011)

Not Left, Not Right, Just Free
Gary Johnson for President
Submitted By: jb
(535,238 on 5-2011)

Not Left, Not Right, Just FREE
Submitted By: jb
(533,962 on 4-2011)

Consistent, quality production.A very enjoyable education in every show
Submitted By: sagarp49
(533,432 on 3-2011)

Best Show on Podcast Alley
Love the show, keep up the good work.
Submitted By: mf.cummings
(532,702 on 3-2011)

It might be a bit jarring to hear a guy discuss politics and current events without a fanatical adherence to a particular party, but I urge you to give Common Sense a listen. Thoughtful analysis on the many problems facing America, you cant go wrong with that.
Submitted By: harmonandneo
(532,194 on 2-2011)

Best History Podcast
Submitted By: jerrycrawford
(531,817 on 2-2011)

Must listen
These are must listen podcasts!
Submitted By: sommer
(531,216 on 1-2011)

Incredible dude!
Submitted By: hugo.enes
(531,169 on 1-2011)

Brilliant, Passionate
Politics and current events from a non-partisan, common-sense perspective. Make no mistake, however, this isnt that "No Labels" nonsense; Dans all about preserving your liberty. Give it a single listen, and youre hooked.
Submitted By: harmonandneo
(531,136 on 1-2011)

Critical Thinking & Entertainment
Easily the most thought-provoking show Ive had the pleasure of listening to. Non-partisan editorial, grounded in fact and historical examples, Dan captures the frustration of Americans with regard to politics and continues by trying to find solutions. Action-oriented, both intellectually and vocally. The show is a must-listen for both conservative and liberal-minded folks looking for another option than the rank-and-file pundits who merely fan the flames of fear and hatred.
Submitted By: areyouolsen
(531,106 on 1-2011)

Common Sense
One of the best podcasts Ive listened to - great.
Submitted By: stevenrmoody
(530,690 on 1-2011)

Best Political facts on the net
Submitted By: helomike24
(530,543 on 1-2011)

Great podcast
Wonderful podcast! Dan can make you both love and hate him in the same podcast, depending on what hes talking about.
Submitted By: roypitta
(530,107 on 12-2010)

Common Sense is Right On
Dan Carlins Common Sense is just that Common Sense .There is very little of it in the world today. Find it here Left or Right Dan tells it like it is..............Eric
Submitted By: quacker
(529,941 on 12-2010)

Great Podcast!
Submitted By: vze3cd7s
(529,468 on 12-2010)

Dan makes the best arguments and backs them up with fact and rationale. His unique knowledge of history helps in understanding why events in the world are taking place. Subscribe to both Common Sense and Hardcore History, you will be very impressed!
Submitted By: podcastalley
(529,466 on 12-2010)

Dan Carlin
Very clever, very informative and though provoking. His history podcast is sure to intrigue those who hated history. This is how I wish it had been taught to me in school!
Submitted By: richard.kern.2013
(528,809 on 11-2010)

Dans commentary is a breath of fresh air. A true look at the issues and refreshing insight.
Submitted By: wes.a.holden
(528,626 on 11-2010)

Best political commentary!
Submitted By: northjersey
(528,363 on 11-2010)

What a show!!!
Agree with him or not, Dan makes you think about things. And his show is at least as entertaining as anything else out there.
Submitted By: roypitta
(528,043 on 10-2010)

Addicted to the show
I check consistently waiting on the next podcast
Submitted By: Ledrousbrown
(527,572 on 10-2010)

Still going strong
Dan Carlin is still offering one of the few realistic views of politics in America. Depressing, but realistic.
Submitted By: karls
(527,276 on 10-2010)

continued excellent work
Submitted By: j.hedwig1
(527,262 on 10-2010)

War with Iran
Can We Avoid A War With Iran? Iran has a history of cyclical seesaw revolutions that have advanced and retreated from social progress. One need but consider the Iranian Constitutional Revolution between 1905 and 1911 to realize that Iran has been and can again be a country that upholds and advances human rights. Iran has a very young population that has a surprising amount of good will and affinity for Americans and American culture despite the hardships it has endured due to the policies of the US government. Over the course of the past 150 years Iran has had to confront and repel repeated attempts by Russia, Britain, United States, Egypt, Israel, and Iraq to dominate its? internal and external affairs. In 1953 the CIA covertly overthrew the legitimate government of Iran. Then after years of political and economic exploitation the revolutionary forces within and without the country overthrow the Shah in 1979. And the indignant cries by corporate interests in the country became a frenzy when the US Embassy was seized. Never one to lose an opportunity to capitalize on political weakness Ronald Regan saw the hostages freed on the day of his inauguration as president, in exchange he shipped spare parts to the Iranian Air Force to refurbish their American built military aircraft. Then in 1980 Iraq invaded Iran over a ?border dispute?. When it became apparent that Iran had successfully repelled the initial invasion, the United States responded by suppling Iraq with intelligence and weaponry. The US supported the Iraqi military under the rubric, ?the enemy of my enemy is my friend? and thereby prolonged the border war until it became an eight year long bloodbath. It is estimated that somewhere between 1 & 2 million people lost their lives in that conflict. The war fervor that was whipped up over the threat of weapons of mass destruction prior to the invasion of Iraq by the US and its? allies highlighted the devastating effect the use of chemical weapons had had on the Kurds. But very little if any mention was made about the use WMD?s by Saddam Hussein against the Iranians. And there was virtually no discussion as to how Iraq developed a capability to manufacture WMD?s in the first place. Only in hindsight was it uncovered that the Iraqi ability to develop such ?evil? weapons was made possible by the United States. In 1994 it was revealed that the U.S. Department of Commerce had authorized at least 70 shipments of pathogenic/toxigenic materials to Iraq during the Iraq-Iranian War. And when Iran protested at the time against the Iraqi use of chemical weapons to the United Nations, the US representatives were instructed to take no action and/or voice no opinion. Now the drums of war are beating once again, this time it?s ?the threat of a nuclear capable Iran.? For months proposals have been made to eliminate the perceived threat of a nuclear capable Iran. Now the media has temporarily turned its? attention toward the November elections, and a time out has been afforded from the propaganda machine. Some have begun asking a number of critical questions. ?Is this perceived threat being blown out of proportion by the climate of fear that overshadows much of our public discourse since 9/11?? What evidence does the politically driven media have to support its? claim that Iran wants to have a nuclear capability for a ?first strike option?? How likely is it that a nuclear capable Iran would ?proliferate? nuclear weapons by supplying terrorists with a nuclear devise. In light of the pre-invasion propaganda used in the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq who?s to say this is not another straw man argument to justify the invasion of a sovereign country? Is Iran really consumed by a fundamentalist desire to destroy Israel and the Great Satan, i.e. the United States, no matter what the cost as has been proposed by a popular fiction writer? Or Is there another viable and perhaps justifiable set of reasons why Iran would feel compelled to develop a nuclear weapons capability? For instance, consider one of the unanswered questions about Saddam Hussein?s non-existent nuclear and/or chemical weapons capability. Why didn?t he state beforehand that he didn?t have any WMD?s, allow UN inspectors back into the country to verify his claim, and avoid an invasion? The full story may never be known, but one thing seems apparent, i.e. as long as other countries believed he had WMD?s, for a time that threat served as a deterrent to outside aggression. It?s striking to listen to ordinary Iranians as they express approval for their government?s effort to develop a nuclear weapon. They see it in a similar way to what Americans saw when faced with a perceived Communist threat, i.e. as a deterrent against outside aggression. Given the external threats Iran has had to face through much of its? past and recent history is it unreasonable for it feel the need to have a nuclear capability to deter outside aggression? Are there other countries that pose a clear and present danger to Iran?s sovereignty? Given that the United States subverted its? government in 1953 and has continuously attempted to subvert its? present government since 1979, is it ?reasonable? to want a nuclear capability to deter further aggression from the United States? Having had to repel an invasion by Iraq and endure eight years of war, does Iran have a ?reasonable? basis for demanding a significant role in the political reconstitution of Iraq? With the reemergence of Russia onto the world stage, does Iran have ?reasonable? cause to fear Russian aggression in pursuit of its? ancient desire for a warm water port and dominion over its? oil reserves? With a nuclear capable Pakistan on its border does Iran have a ?reasonable? cause for wanting a means of deter a potential nuclear threat? Does Iran have a ?reasonable? security concern over theTalaban drug trade crossing it?s border from Afghanistan? In light of Israel?s finger pointing and previous first strike incursions into other countries does Iran have ?reasonable? cause to fear military action from Israel? When one considers the prevailing state security issues facing Iran, from an Iranian point of view, it?s a wonder the country isn?t more paranoid then its? media portrait would suggest. Outside of insisting that Iran give up its? effort to develop a nuclear weapons capability or face serious consequences are there other diplomatic options available to the concerned parties that have not been explored? For example: 1. As a good faith gesturte, can the US Government take responsibility for its? past subversive behavior and apologize to the people of Iran, if not to the Iranian Government, for the harm caused by its? policies? 2. Does the US Government have the foresight to open discussions that could lead to a negotiated non-aggression or mutual defense treaty with Iran - without a poison pill precondition? And thereby address many ofIran?s security needs in a meaningful way. 3. Is it unreasonable to call upon Israel to help diffuse the crisis by signing a nonproliferation treaty and divest itself of nuclear weapons? Thereby moving the Middle East closer to a nuclear free zone. From a military point of view can the United States risk a intervention with Iran that could develop into a war with the Muslim world? Besides, if people like Chris Martenson are even half-way correct, the United States simply cannot afford the financial burden it would incur by taking military action against Iran. We, the People, have a closing window of opportunity to bring some common sense into the discussion of Iran. My hope is that you will use your program as a forum for discussing our relationship with Iran before the propaganda machine frames the issue in such a way that overwhelms common sense as it did with Afghanistan and Iraq.
Submitted By: neuromate
(527,178 on 10-2010)

A Must-Have!
If you only get one podcast, this is the one you need most to hear. Dan Carlin is the doctor and it's up to us to start cranking out the medicine. If you really want to make a difference, this is the place to start.
Submitted By: skepticatsbox
(527,033 on 10-2010)

Awesome! Thank you Dan.
USA is decaying, people like Dan are trying to slow down and may be prevent this process. Dan is a woodpecker in the sick forest. Thank you Dan.
Submitted By: canada_java
(527,019 on 10-2010)
BOTH Common Sense and Hardcore History are a must!
Submitted By: ahwatman
(526,929 on 10-2010)

Always compelling
Just smart enough to get you really thinking about the issues and leave enough room for personal interpretation. You need to listen carefully to assess a wide range of touch points. No Agenda with Dvorak and Curry comes from the same sceptical position but without being grounded.
Submitted By: acfarrer
(526,767 on 10-2010)

viva Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: daniel.271828
(526,752 on 10-2010)

Prosecute False Advertising
Dan, your talk on False Advertising today was right on! And to follow it up with a rant on "What can we do about it," was positively ingenious. But I'm left with a real question... "What CAN we do about it?" I cannot find it in myself to vote for a republican, although our newest rep from Hawaii, Charles Djou, is particularly honest and ready to listen and discuss issues, so how can I counter Barrack Obama's false advertising? I do hope you will follow up with this topic in your next installment!
Submitted By: action
(526,622 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: ws.prova.prova
(526,557 on 9-2010)

top shelf commentary
Submitted By: cowpuck
(526,493 on 9-2010)

Just awesome, I have no otherwords!!
Submitted By: lumpy46
(526,412 on 9-2010)

Most sensical
A great non-partisan take on modern politics.
Submitted By: karls
(526,387 on 9-2010)

Great Show
Submitted By: stball
(525,575 on 9-2010)

Well worth the wait!
Slow to come out, but well worth the wait. Easily my most looked forward to podcast.
Submitted By: tyrobish
(525,343 on 9-2010)

most of whats presented here makes sense and should be implemented
Submitted By: lasermc
(525,288 on 9-2010)

Its the best.
Submitted By: jackfennessy
(524,814 on 8-2010)

Top notch podcast
Submitted By: Williamsworkout
(524,395 on 8-2010)

Love it
I am new listener and it seems I agree with Dan a lot and have in fact given a similar tirade myself on some of the issues he covers: so fun to find some one like him though not sure what that says about me!
Submitted By: Cmyr
(524,366 on 8-2010)

Love the Show! Love, Love it!
Love the show! Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: drewbryandrewbryan
(524,309 on 8-2010)

Vote Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Submitted By: Andromeda2311
(524,225 on 8-2010)

excellent show
This is one of my favorite podcasts...I listen to new episodes as soon as they come out
Submitted By: robert.anderson
(524,213 on 8-2010)

Great Show
My favorite podcast.
Submitted By: dmott_ucdavis
(524,080 on 8-2010)

This is , by far, the most informative straight shooter on my IPod!
Submitted By: hdscout1
(524,014 on 8-2010)

Best Podcast ever
Submitted By: adamgalas3
(523,682 on 8-2010)

Logic, not partisanship
Submitted By: jb
(523,569 on 8-2010)

An intellegent,educational, provocative, humorous and above all -important commentary on the tragic state of our government. Thanks, Dan, for telling it like you do!
Submitted By: lunazone02
(523,516 on 8-2010)

The Best Show out there
Very informative. Great job.
Submitted By: hgeldenhuys
(523,058 on 7-2010)

Common sense - the best thing we can rely on
I have recently found this podcast having listened for another Dans wonderful show "Hardcore History". It is no wonder that it is from a person who is aware of the past you can get a good sense of the present and the future awaiting for us. I have listened through the backlog of "Common Sense", which just confirmed that. No matter what your political views are, you will find many truths here. Listen to this show armed with your common sense and see what are the real problems our society faces and what can we do about them. After this shot of common sense you will be able even to survive the exposure to mainstream media without adverse effects on your mental health.
Submitted By: plumbumo
(523,014 on 7-2010)

Always interesting
Dan is consistent, which is remarkable for today
Submitted By: deardoff
(522,974 on 7-2010)

new favourite
Submitted By: manders30
(522,949 on 7-2010)

Reasoned Commentary
Dan makes you think about the direction of our nation.
Submitted By: brandphillips
(522,930 on 7-2010)

Best political podcast going
simply the best.
Submitted By: pwhitfill
(522,676 on 7-2010)

Dan is a great thinker when he is not in the bath tub. If you want to get off your high horse he can help you down.
Submitted By: mawardly
(522,663 on 7-2010)

Most interesting podcast around
Submitted By: allus70
(522,652 on 7-2010)

Thanks brother Dan! You podcast is awesome!
Its so freaking good, that I stopped listening radio and put on hold my another podcasts and now working on all Dans archived episodes. Dan Ill paypal you for few episodes right now and Ill leave same comment on Hard Core History podcast. We need more episodes Dan, More, MORE!
Submitted By: canada_java
(521,083 on 6-2010)

Great podcast
Hardcare History is one of my favourite podcasts and this is great too. Keep up the great work Dan! Fascinating insight from the other side of the pond.
Submitted By: boyafraid65
(520,977 on 6-2010)

what a relief
Finally someone with common sense! Carlin 2012!!!
Submitted By: ivoryatemory
(520,836 on 6-2010)

I have been listening to this podcast of Dans from the beginning. It is excellent, and I look forward to each episode.
Submitted By: ddscrna
(520,758 on 6-2010)

good podcast
Submitted By: gibbydog
(520,662 on 6-2010)

Keep upthe good work.
Submitted By: j.hedwig1
(520,630 on 6-2010)

2nd Best Podcast Out There
after hardcore history, of course
Submitted By: marquisdeboyle
(520,544 on 6-2010)

just what it says...
evidently the collective logic the majority of our population lost has found a home in Dan Carlins head.
Submitted By: grandpoobah
(520,510 on 6-2010)

Common sense is great
Submitted By: robert.anderson
(520,478 on 6-2010)

best show!
Along with Hardcore History, are the two shows I always listen to. Great job Dan!
Submitted By: c.markevic
(520,464 on 6-2010)

One of the best pod casts available right now!
Submitted By: pbjorkman
(520,312 on 6-2010)

good show
Submitted By: jgagnon88
(520,302 on 6-2010)

Keep making Sense Dan!
Love your shows. Keeps me sane during my long Bay Bridge commute.
Submitted By: gadjeep
(520,002 on 6-2010)

Best Podcast
Submitted By: scottpeterson514
(519,931 on 6-2010)

great show
the only true independent voice in politics!
Submitted By: clinneer
(519,849 on 6-2010)

the awesomeness of this podcast in relation to its size causes me to worry that it will implode and destroy humanity.
Submitted By: Phooey138
(519,765 on 6-2010)

Please continue and if possible increase the number of shows. You have opened up areas of different thinking for me. THANKS, Dan Sarubin
Submitted By: sarubin
(519,234 on 5-2010)

I was wrong, Dan
Ive been saying for the last few months that your big clip show was the show that was so perfect, so representative that its what Id use to introduce new listeners to you. Then you released this baby.
Submitted By: kd5kuv
(519,203 on 5-2010)

Dan Carlin
You are fantastic. My fiance and I listen a great deal and love it when there is another podcast available. Its nice to know there are people out there with some intellegence. With hope for the human race, JoNell and Daniel Shaw p.s. He found you through the hardcore history podcast and your storytelling made it worth my time. Thank you
Submitted By: thecoolshaws
(519,173 on 5-2010)

Great Stuff!
I love Common Sense and Hardcore History from Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: illairk
(518,963 on 5-2010)

Always thought provoking
Dan always presents a fresh view that is not heard on TV and radio. I wish there were more like him.
Submitted By: forrge
(518,531 on 5-2010)

Dan Carlin is great!
Submitted By: liftom
(518,523 on 5-2010)

Submitted By: atwarnick
(518,333 on 5-2010)

I told a guy at work that Dan had a new podcast available. he replied that "its like Christmas morning when ever Dan has a new episode. When you open it up, you never know what your going to get, but its always special"
Submitted By: jeffandnan24
(518,224 on 5-2010)

Finally a nonpartisan freethinker!
Submitted By: traverse25
(517,786 on 4-2010)

Praise for the middle!
Submitted By: kngofwords
(517,769 on 4-2010)

Great political analysis
First off I listen to a lot of podcasts and Dan Carlin is my favorite. This podcast is good for anyone with a brain. Avoids the stupid issues covered on TV and focuses in on the real issues. If you are a republican or a democrat you will probably like some of what Dan says and disagree with other things he says. You are most likely to enjoy this podcast if you do not identify with either party, although I think anyone who thinks for themselves will like this podcast.
Submitted By: bwanner77
(517,722 on 4-2010)

Make Him President!
I am a UK resident and have to say I am hooked, find it very hard to pick any holes in his cases he puts. Also download his hardcore history podcast which is Incredible
Submitted By: brian
(517,604 on 4-2010)

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Submitted By: huyoua
(517,591 on 4-2010)

Infectious Bugger!!
Submitted By: philbond
(517,541 on 4-2010)

Worth Staying With
Depite its puerile packaging and the sometimes abrasive tone of Mr Carlins audio persona, this is a real thinkers podcast. Mr Carlin is very good at digging into the subtext of current events, often using historical perspectives. He can weigh the value of arguments on any side of a political debate, without resorting to taunts or logical fallacies which have become commonplaces of our current political discourse. Not to be missed.
Submitted By: plotch
(517,325 on 4-2010)

Smartest guy in politics
Very good commentary.
Submitted By: coltonkinstley
(517,278 on 4-2010)

He should run for public office
Submitted By: gmilbert
(517,212 on 4-2010)

Dan is great!
His shows are excellent...Common Sense gives a good take from the sensible center of American politics.
Submitted By: JTesch6528
(517,200 on 4-2010)

Great show
Submitted By: dg.spamtrap
(516,954 on 4-2010)

Sorry Dan, I may have inadvertently borrowed your quote from the Palinization of GOP episode and used it at SRLC last weekend. Ron Paul/Dan Carlin 2012! 0/04/after_the_boos_a_better_recept.html
Submitted By: john.umc
(516,945 on 4-2010)

Best commentary out there
Dan, you are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise putrid field of misinformation.
Submitted By: RickWorth
(516,911 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: stevekrauss
(516,895 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: c.hudak017
(516,733 on 4-2010)

Truly common sense
... and common sense is the least common thing. Very valuable podcast that gives some hope that common sense is not dead yet...
Submitted By: alp_baysal
(516,367 on 4-2010)

Great Show
Your the best! im running to the computer to get more info on Jesse Ventura as I type!
Submitted By: creolecalm
(516,230 on 4-2010)

Same old leftist crap
Submitted By: w0offens
(515,958 on 4-2010)

Great show
Submitted By: jweg13
(515,542 on 3-2010)

Dan Carlin is required listening
My iPod died last week, and the rest I can wait for, but the a Common Sense podcast gives me a perspective on whats going on in our country that keeps me sane. Thank you Dan.
Submitted By: reidp012
(515,533 on 3-2010)

Breath of Fresh Air
Submitted By: capoeira37
(515,510 on 3-2010)

Insight galore!
Dan Carlin for President!
Submitted By: paulgebel
(515,392 on 3-2010)

Great Show!!!!!!!
Submitted By: dkerwin
(515,298 on 3-2010)

Dan Carlin is great!!!
Dan Carlins Common Sense (and Hardcore History) are my favorite podcasts. I download all of them and listen to them during my commute to and from work (instead of the radio). Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: jchristopher
(515,218 on 3-2010)

Excellent and thought provoking
This podcast is an excellent example of what is possible in this new medium. It is media like this that will hopefully give a voice to the thoughtful, and logical population in this country while applying the principles and lessons of history. Thank you Dan. (and Ben too. I hope he starts to feel better.) Listen to the podcast and you will understand that last comment.
Submitted By: mrbtoys
(515,127 on 3-2010)

Excellent meeting of party lines
The title of the podcast says it all. I feel like hitting myself in the head (similar to the V-8 commercials) and saying "oh, now I get it." The facts are amazing even though in the end I may not agree completely with Dan Carlin. He brings in many history facts that enlighten one as to why we are where we are as a country.
Submitted By: tntjames
(515,078 on 3-2010)

Great insight and way of making you come off your hard edge
Submitted By: chuck789123a
(515,052 on 3-2010)

Dan Carlin is AWESOME!
Submitted By: rgering
(514,908 on 3-2010)

Best political talk show anywhere. America needs more straight talkers like Dan
Submitted By: ifirean
(514,738 on 3-2010)

Love it!
I think that what Dan Carlin does is really original and thought provoking, and Id love to see more podcasts like his.
Submitted By: oshea.regina
(514,541 on 3-2010)

Great Program!
Submitted By: highlandwoodworking
(514,493 on 3-2010)

a welcome insight
Submitted By: paul.harbrookhomes
(514,438 on 3-2010)

This podcast should be required listening for anyone who believes in what American Founding Fathers were going for when they set up this country. Personal responsibility, personal freedom.
Submitted By: tmaestro
(514,382 on 3-2010)

Very good show.
Submitted By: taubenhell
(514,317 on 3-2010)

Love the show. Great perspective, I dont always agree, but I love what he says and how he says it.
Submitted By: spcraig01
(514,304 on 3-2010)

Thought provoking
Submitted By: jerseyjack21
(514,177 on 3-2010)

Great podcast!!
This is a Great podcast!! Highly recommended!!
Submitted By: electric.abh
(514,110 on 3-2010)

Makes me think.
Dan Carlin for President (none of the other clowns on the horizon come close to his vision of where we are and what we need to do).
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(514,101 on 3-2010)

right on dan!
Submitted By: ericmarceau
(514,088 on 3-2010)

fair and balanced
but for real this time
Submitted By: pederhanson
(514,075 on 3-2010)

Excellent podcast! highly recommended
If you are looking for spending a lot of hours of thinking this is your podcast, you wont regret it!
Submitted By: toppc
(513,735 on 3-2010)

Common sense
Its exactly what it says on the box. Great show!
Submitted By: petergray
(513,697 on 3-2010)

Go Dan!
Excellent show, no matter where you stand on the issues and thoughts that Dan presents!
Submitted By: gasparsson1
(513,561 on 3-2010)

love it
nothin makes you think like 60 min of dan carlin (and ben)
Submitted By: john.umc
(513,487 on 3-2010)

good stuff
keep spreadin the gospel dan, you are doing great
Submitted By: jghenike
(513,484 on 3-2010)

Great Show
It actually makes a lot of common sense! I think Dan is a great host and addresses many issues from an angle that clears up the matters that he is dealing with. Having a history background helps him put a lot of current things into perspective too. I love that show.
Submitted By: airbusflyer
(513,082 on 2-2010)

Great show, Dan! I dont always agree with your political views--in fact, I usually disagree vehemently--but I do enjoy the intelligent and questioning approach that you take to dealing with the issues you tackle. You do a great job of describing the systemic problems with our political system, and while I dont always agree with your proposed answers, too often I find myself agreeing that theres a problem. Keep both your podcasts coming, theyre excellent debates that are worth having.
Submitted By: heydeome
(513,071 on 2-2010)

THE best political/current events commentary available, in any format!
Submitted By: singesage
(512,991 on 2-2010)

great show
Submitted By: pmuczynski
(512,974 on 2-2010)

Great independent views
Dan Carlin is excellent -- great independent views and very insightful. Glad to have his contributions to the "national debate" -- I hope he is able to encourage more Americans to engage, think, and act as citizens.
Submitted By: markgilleland
(512,944 on 2-2010)

The Truest Podcast Title
Dan Carlins approach to politics and current cultural issues cannot be pigeon-holed and thats a good thing. Hes the best in podcastiana today.
Submitted By: davidgib
(512,823 on 2-2010)

Truly a voice of reason in American politics. A fresh voice outside of the partisan mainstream.
Submitted By: lyric
(512,808 on 2-2010)

the best
Dans the best
Submitted By: JDK77550
(512,615 on 2-2010)

The Best!
Submitted By: andykrumm
(512,530 on 2-2010)

Dans view of the political climate in America is spot on. For once I feel like there is a voice and an outlet to reality and not this political propaganda garbage that the left and the right attempt to shove down our throats! Keep it going Dan, youre the beginning of a new movement!
Submitted By: lophaso
(512,504 on 2-2010)

Submitted By: garydana
(512,442 on 2-2010)

Cuts Through the BS
Submitted By: helomike24
(512,426 on 2-2010)

great show
Submitted By: nikkiyo93
(512,359 on 2-2010)

Dan Carlin is one of the best Podcasts on the web. I only wish there were more of them.
Submitted By: cabinetsb_us
(512,264 on 2-2010)

required listening
Submitted By: bens_jems
(512,095 on 2-2010)

This show is fresh, fascinating, and right on the ball.
Submitted By: evinmark
(512,082 on 2-2010)

Very good podcast
Dan continues to change the way I think about politics. I hope more and more people come to realize that his view is one to listen to.
Submitted By: jweg13
(511,391 on 2-2010)

Kudos to Carlin
Let those who will hear, hear the truth in Common Sense! Dan Carlins Common Sense program is like no other out there. You WILL be challenged!
Submitted By: clclementsj
(511,355 on 2-2010)

Dan Rocks!
Submitted By: jparisel
(511,353 on 2-2010)

Submitted By: ableal
(511,295 on 2-2010)

More Dan!
What a great spokesman for the Independent!
Submitted By: rickworth
(511,166 on 2-2010)

Indispensable Show
Submitted By: omarramonmuniz
(511,134 on 2-2010)

One of a kind!!
Submitted By: oelkington
(511,119 on 2-2010)

Think and Listen and Think...
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(511,060 on 2-2010)

Dan is a lifeboat in a sea of partisanship. He gives voice to opinions you may already have, and will provoke you with ideas you dont. Common Sense is a fantastic show for all sides of the aisle.
Submitted By: heyjoek
(511,047 on 2-2010)

Great program
Not just common sense, but objective nuetral positions
Submitted By: bktorm
(510,734 on 1-2010)

Great show.
Everyone, and I mean everyone should be listening to what Dan Carlin has to say. Makes you think and reconsider what you "know" about our country and whats going on in the world today.
Submitted By: batscott
(510,683 on 1-2010)
Submitted By: ranthonysteele
(510,677 on 1-2010)

The best poltical commentary available today
This show presents very logical, consistent, well-structured arguments for dealing with current events and issues. Dans intelligent and logical break-down of the issues has persuaded me to change my mind on some things I used to feel very strongly about in the other direction, and its usually difficult to get me to change my mind. I would encourage everyone to listen to this podcast, whether youve followed always politics or were never interested. It will get you thinking and motivated to reshape this countrys direction. I believe our country is headed in the wrong direction and we need more focus on long-term solutions through common sense, rather than short-term gains for special interests that exacerbate problems later. This show should be required listening for every elected representative, public servant or lobbyist. The logic presented is so clear and obvious, that it just angers me every time I listen that more of our decision-makers seem devoid of the intelligence, foresight courage to make the right decisions.
Submitted By: leonard.zimmerman
(510,673 on 1-2010)

Great Show
Terrific show overall.
Submitted By: jweg13
(510,612 on 1-2010)

Love it
Terrific podcast. Very interesting. Always learn a lot and it peaks my interst on new subjects every time.
Submitted By: marissa_whitten
(510,604 on 1-2010)

thanks DAN!
Submitted By: Markbabo
(510,589 on 1-2010)

Always Provocative
I just started listening over the summer of 2009, just picked out at random, what luck! I love the show and Mr. Carlin has increased my level of thought.
Submitted By: hsotelo
(510,557 on 1-2010)

Common Sense
Common Sense is a place where I can find common sense which has become rare!
Submitted By: ricelaker
(510,411 on 1-2010)

DC for DC!
Just kidding.... But this podcast is a great resource for people wanting to think about US politics, rather than simply react to it.
Submitted By: drew.power
(510,373 on 1-2010)

Great perspective
Love or hate the opinion but not indifferent
Submitted By: anders.dgw
(510,367 on 1-2010)

Acquired taste
Dont be a dim bulb... Spend 30 minutes and then decide!
Submitted By: jwolfe
(510,170 on 1-2010)

Very engaging.
Submitted By: stuart.sfa
(510,132 on 1-2010)

Dan Rocks!
Go Dan go!
Submitted By: bmet001
(510,118 on 1-2010)

Good stuff
i may not always agree with dan....yet i cant stop listening
Submitted By: john.umc
(510,054 on 1-2010)

The ONLY political commentary worth listening to
Dan Carlin perfectly articulates his views, and is the only voice of reason among hundreds of high-profile political commentators. Hes equally anti Republican and Democrat, and should be heard by every voter with enough mental capacity and open-mindedness to accept his truths.
Submitted By: vannesspdx
(510,017 on 1-2010)

Common Sense is wonderful
nice work, Mr. Carlin.
Submitted By: mooreforyourmoney
(509,964 on 1-2010)

i think the world would be a better place if he was the voice of politics rather than glenn beck and keith olbermann
Submitted By: danielpilrose
(509,837 on 1-2010)

Dan Carlin
Love his Common Sense show almost as much as I love his Hardcore History show.
Submitted By: christopher.jarmon
(509,804 on 1-2010)

Common Sense
Dan Carlin is the most rational voice in our society today. He should be required listening in our school system. Why cant America awaken and elect someone like him for President.
Submitted By: ffarris
(509,753 on 1-2010)

Great Cast
Submitted By: jhamlin
(509,716 on 1-2010)

A breath of fresh air after listening to the "bipartisan" bickering
Submitted By: wes.a.holden
(509,689 on 1-2010)

While I dont always agree with Dan, I do like the mushrooms and onions.
Submitted By: brentsrich
(509,562 on 1-2010)

Yes, I listen to Dan Carlins Common Sense. No I do not like every one. Why do I listen??? THEY MAKE YOU THINK! I know, most of us would rather not, but yelling at Dan while I am commuting seems to be better then yelling at the other drivers on the road. You wont agree with him all the time (or probably even half the time) but you will value the time spent with Dan and Ben (I do believe in Ben, I do believe in Ben) nonetheless.
Submitted By: douglas.anderson
(509,551 on 1-2010)

Unbiased Presentation
Really like the unbiased presentation he provides of todays politics.
Submitted By: prescott87
(509,548 on 1-2010)

What a political Rockstar. I am seldom impressed. However; he is true.
Submitted By: daniel.armstrong
(509,494 on 1-2010)

Thought provoking!
Submitted By: Rothman
(509,472 on 1-2010)

right category?
I think this should also be listed in the News and Politics genre, as it seems more fitting than in just "General." But I love this podcast, and highly recommend it!
Submitted By: somberwolf
(509,449 on 1-2010)

Submitted By: emesner
(509,393 on 1-2010)

Thought provoking
Submitted By: geisteskrank
(509,386 on 1-2010)

Submitted By: denntol
(509,379 on 1-2010)

Great stuff
Submitted By: woodward
(509,293 on 1-2010)

Worth listening !
No matter where you are on the political spectrum....this is a refreshing take on curretn events. Well worth your time!
Submitted By: peh999
(508,893 on 1-2010)

great show
Submitted By: poverhauser
(508,889 on 1-2010)
Dan Carlin for president!
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(508,884 on 1-2010)

Post Partisan Politics
Submitted By: wkinch
(508,880 on 1-2010)

This is an insightful, interesting and engaging show. Keep up the good work!!!
Submitted By: rockdoggiedogg
(508,739 on 1-2010)

Excellent Podcast
If youre tired of the political same old same old and believe that the true conservatism lies far to the right of the republicans and true liberalism lies far to the left of the democrats, this might be a great show for you.
Submitted By: jimmyshay
(508,625 on 1-2010)

The Best Political Podcast!
I think Dan Carlin has a brilliant mind when it comes to dissecting the political issues of the day. His nonpartisan take on a variety of topics is refreshing. I wish every person in America would listen to Dan. Political discussions would be so much more reasonable and thoughtful!
Submitted By: abbysmom21299
(508,591 on 1-2010)

Commen Sense
Dan, Although I don not agree with you 100% of the time, (I agree like 95% of the time) you do make sense from my point of view! You bring a ton on common sense to the issues. I will donate after I get back on my feet, this economy has killed my business! Tell Ben to hang in! Happy New Year! Biff Yeager
Submitted By: iam
(508,474 on 1-2010)

Great Program
Submitted By: knysmith
(508,436 on 1-2010)

This is the only podcast I can stay dedicated to. Dan is a genius.
Submitted By: robchronister
(508,195 on 12-2009)

Vote 4 Dan
Vote 4 Dan
Submitted By: sterlingbushnell
(508,190 on 12-2009)

Dan Carlin
im addicted to it
Submitted By: thaniasw
(508,125 on 12-2009)

It really is common sense
Dan approaches things more from a pragmatic than a dogmatic perspective. For example, even if there is anthropogenic global warming, what can we do about it? Generally, he leans Libertarian, but he allows no orthodoxy of any sort to color his viewpoint.
Submitted By: fsulawyer
(508,084 on 12-2009)

everything carlin
Dan Carlin is amazing.
Submitted By: mrantala
(508,082 on 12-2009)

Truely common sense.
Thanks Dan for telling it like it is.
Submitted By: shaneglenn
(507,967 on 12-2009)

Excellent podcast. Very sound reasoning. Very intuitive.
Submitted By: b.rower
(507,888 on 12-2009)

Awesomeness beyond description
Few people can capture the essence of the struggle to be an American patriot in these rough times like Dan can. He is a catalyst for independent thought and should be a mandatory addition to every high school education curriculum. Then, kids would enter adulthood without the veil of blindness goverment and media outlets use to keep us uninformed.
Submitted By: jfranco3
(507,716 on 12-2009)

Someone with working brain matter
Submitted By: mate
(507,469 on 12-2009)

Shining light
My favorite podcast!
Submitted By: dafomin
(507,366 on 12-2009)

Doing right for 165 shows
Submitted By: marcsgrignoli
(507,364 on 12-2009)

Finally someone gets it! Our 2 party system sucks! But can we ever change it?
Submitted By: Njbeyer2
(507,257 on 12-2009)

Americans need to be listening to this podcast!!!
Submitted By: jeffrey_hogan
(507,216 on 12-2009)

Refreshing thoughts
I love listening to Dans newest podcasts. Always thought provoking and articulate with a splash of insanity.
Submitted By: mo.steveh
(507,101 on 12-2009)

Like a book you cant put down.
Submitted By: jburkecpa
(506,767 on 12-2009)

great show
Submitted By: poverhauser
(506,537 on 12-2009)

Does my homework for me.
Submitted By: dauntlessmsblack
(506,481 on 12-2009)

Makes me think.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(506,465 on 12-2009)

Best political show EVER!
Submitted By: jws
(506,461 on 12-2009)

keep going!
Submitted By: jose
(506,440 on 12-2009)

Love it
some of the smartest commentary out there. Dan doesnt just pick a side and stick to it (left OR right) he thinks about his opinion and why he thinks those things, then talks about them - Something I dont think I hear from other commentators.
Submitted By: sarahlynncameron
(506,437 on 12-2009)

...for Dan Carlin. He is wonderful! Ive read many of the reviews, and some Ive agreed with, while some Ive naturally disagreed with. The general consensus I see is that everybody likes Dan. Ive got news: he is the greatest political commentator Ive ever encountered. Let me explain. Im a teenager living in Indiana. Ive always thought that politics were slightly interesting, but it wasnt till this past election and my history class this year that I really started paying attention. The problem was that with all the dizzying political views, the jabs from side to side, the shouts, the condescension, and nose-turning, I couldnt pay attention. I couldnt discern what was really going on. And I feel that many of my friends at school feel the same way. Its like walking into a skirmish with swords and bows and arrows! Not with Dan. He pushes everything aside. He sits down and forces you to forget partisan issues. He really makes everything lucid. While I dont always agree with everything he says, I do believe that he is right about one issue: Americas political divide is being pushed farther and farther apart. Its a silent civil war. We, as Americans, if we want to see our country continue in any form, need to sit down with each other. It doesnt have to be quietly. It can be raucous, filled with varying viewpoints, but we need to forget the thing that is tearing us apart: blind loyalty and a blocked intelligence caused by the parties. Dan is really great. No matter what your political preference is, you need to listen to him, because hes smart. Hes got a real, analyzed viewpoint of the system and the present status of things. YOU ROCK, DAN!
Submitted By: zcassel11
(506,205 on 12-2009)

great program
dan, i think the program is great. i wish they came more often.
Submitted By: mark
(505,950 on 11-2009)

It goes to eleven
Tired and angry with politics and politicians, Common Sense appeals to me as an American. (although I hear he has a large foreign audience too.)
Submitted By: j.tiberius
(505,694 on 11-2009)

Best podcast ever!
Submitted By: kryanspam
(505,654 on 11-2009)

Energetic, Informed and Fun
Submitted By: dba
(505,621 on 11-2009)

Great show! Always informative and always engaging, nonpartisan and intelligent.
Submitted By: focusnothought
(505,482 on 11-2009)

Best political podcast ever made. He really hit the nail on the head with this last one.
Submitted By: erika_lane_
(505,472 on 11-2009)

Dan Carlin is common sense
Outstanding, non-partisan commentary. Listen and learn.
Submitted By: swood_yzf
(505,243 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: corb
(505,239 on 11-2009)

A worthwhile listen
Dan carlin does a great job as a political commentator. The shows are often layers and require a full listening for full appreciation. I suggest listening to at least two if you do t like the first one. I often find myself disagreeing with statements made untill about midway through the show but soon find the wisdom to his logic thereafter. Dan Carlin holds to task all facets of our political systems with thoughtful consideration to the situation he speaks of. Truely non-partisan Dan carlin holds fastly to the virtues of true journalism in his commentaries and asks some very tough questions about political society in America. I can not recommend this show more highly.
Submitted By: Mcmahon.Justin.8211
(505,001 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: jibeandfly
(504,996 on 11-2009)

I love that some Americans with some influence have to guts to stand up to the bipartisan sham that is American politics.
Submitted By: findingmulder
(504,972 on 11-2009)

great show
Submitted By: jdmay21
(504,969 on 11-2009)

grt stuff
Submitted By: exile55552000
(504,937 on 11-2009)

Hands down the most informative and thought provoking hour of my week. I love listening to him. I feel so lucky that we have someone like Dan Carlin in the world of politics...even if I dont agree with him all the time.
Submitted By: layal12
(504,932 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: nikkiyo93
(504,907 on 11-2009)

The best
Submitted By: fwr517
(504,904 on 11-2009)

Best political podshow out there.
Submitted By: lymara
(504,804 on 11-2009)

Best Independent Political Podcast
The name says it all - Dan lays it down, takes it apart, and puts it all back together with a heaping helping of common sense.
Submitted By: gowestweb
(504,782 on 11-2009)

Common Sense
Best political commentary podcast around.
Submitted By: zendoged
(504,711 on 11-2009)

Up with Dan Carlin
Excellent Pod cast
Submitted By: angrynurse
(504,680 on 11-2009)

The best pod cast.
This show will make you think. Dan does a great job looking at events of the day with a slant and angle you will find nowhere else.
Submitted By: dave.atchison
(504,660 on 11-2009)

Great Show
Dan Carlin is the best. Period.
Submitted By: jweg13
(504,569 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: jackfennessy
(504,419 on 11-2009)

Amazing podcast! Dan seems to solve all of lifes problems with just a little common sense.
Submitted By: travis.d890
(504,378 on 11-2009)

I like this one.
Submitted By: OctaneFDX
(504,258 on 11-2009)

Thinking, not blind opinion
This is neither left nor right, its an intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable person talking to you, as if you have a mind. If you do, listen, treat yourself! I wish there were more like this. Nice dry sense of humor too.
Submitted By: rothman
(504,203 on 11-2009)

Always interesting
I often disagree with Dan Carlin, but Im always entertained, and often challenged by some of the ideas he explores. The public discourse needs more people like him out there asking hard questions and not accepting mediocre answers.
Submitted By: nmorgan
(504,182 on 11-2009)

Grrrrreat show as always :)
Submitted By: miguel.sarmento
(504,162 on 11-2009)

Recommened for everybody
If only we could get everybody in America to take a listion to the this show. Maybe we could get people to take some action.
Submitted By: greenpeace18
(504,150 on 11-2009)

Dans show is one of the smartest and most thought provoking commentaries on American politics out there. I highly recommend it to any and everyone.
Submitted By: ryanjo23
(504,143 on 11-2009)

Just the best political podcast out there. Doesnt pander to either side, you really should listen
Submitted By: ian_demartino
(504,080 on 11-2009)

Awesome show on how not to be a political sheep.
Submitted By: molto.libri
(504,078 on 11-2009)

I have really enjoyed Dan Carlins pocast. Unforunatly I cannot afford to pay for the show but at least I can give him my vote. Also his history podcast is superb, it is great to see history seen in a light that may not be as populer but to truly understand the past you must see it from every angle. Thank you very much for your podcsts and please continue.
Submitted By: miguel-gonzales
(503,950 on 11-2009)

This is mandatory listening... always thought provoking and challenging. It's like my birthday every time Dan gets a new one posted.
Submitted By: davieorr
(503,919 on 11-2009)

Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Submitted By: tdeane42
(503,841 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: romli490
(503,795 on 11-2009)

good stuff
good stuff
Submitted By: streaming_soundtracks
(503,499 on 11-2009)

Carlin for Senate
Submitted By: mporio101
(503,323 on 11-2009)

Seems like Common Sense to me.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(503,241 on 11-2009)

Best podcast ever!
Submitted By: maxre4
(503,226 on 11-2009)

Keep it coming
Submitted By: jose
(503,217 on 11-2009)

Common Sense is my favourite podcast by far.
Submitted By: calalastarr
(503,062 on 11-2009)

He is right on
Dan should be the first advisor to Pres. Obama. His perspective on government is uncanny. I wish more people listened to him. Sometimes you disagree, but he gives you something to think about!
Submitted By: ohars
(502,823 on 10-2009)

love the show!!!
Dan Carlin is the new black. I never miss a show! -clayton
Submitted By: igotaxed
(502,596 on 10-2009)

To the heart
Cuts to the bone and exposes the putrification of power. The founding fathers would be proud that freedom and liberty, achieved through great sacrifice, was stll treasured.
Submitted By: Xbusman
(502,513 on 10-2009)

Top Notch Production
Better than radio, the production value is above standards. Common Sense is the skewer to all of those sacred cows most people cherish. If you lead an unexamined life, this show is probably not for you.
Submitted By: sharecropper
(502,304 on 10-2009)

Common Sense
Best political podcast on the web
Submitted By: cmallsop
(502,290 on 10-2009)

I still love you
Yep, voting twice! Soon you will be #1!
Submitted By: agibbs
(502,180 on 10-2009)

Love it
great show, Keep-em coming!
Submitted By: marissa_whitten
(502,080 on 10-2009)

Great Show!
Excellent podcast - professional and always on point!
Submitted By: weber4obama
(502,078 on 10-2009)

Well balanced show
Submitted By: mark
(502,057 on 10-2009)

Really well thought out, fascinating stuff.
Really well thought out, fascinating stuff.
Submitted By: swfl_dan
(501,924 on 10-2009)

Why are you not listening to this show?
Submitted By: theknid
(501,875 on 10-2009)

Logical, Fair, and NON-Partisan
Submitted By: John_Brendel
(501,634 on 10-2009)

Love the show Dan! Very thought provoking.
Submitted By: andrews.michael2
(501,536 on 10-2009)

I Might Not Agree With Everything YHe Says, But He Sure Does Make You Stop And Think WTF?!!! Great Job Again Dan!! :)
Submitted By: karma_kyng83
(501,517 on 10-2009)

This and Hardcore History with Dan Carlin are my favorite podcasts.
Submitted By: elbgwn
(501,318 on 10-2009)

Great show
Great show. Always thought provoking
Submitted By: Rexboyce
(501,301 on 10-2009)

best ever
Best political commentary not only on podcast but in any media form. Fantastic!
Submitted By: nstig8r44
(501,158 on 10-2009)

best political podcast available. Price in unbeatable. Dan is a realist.
Submitted By: fakenate5
(501,086 on 10-2009)

Always stimulating
One of the best political podcasts the internet has to offer.
Submitted By: myreprise
(501,028 on 10-2009)

It Makes me think
As a Brit I find this pod to be a refreshing and stimulating take on US politics and current affairs.
Submitted By: anaalias
(500,993 on 10-2009)

great independent political broadcast
Submitted By: lance.eason
(500,663 on 10-2009)

This guy , Dan, is great. He enters the room of politics, not on a donkey or an elephant, but on his own two feet. He does the research, makes his case and presents it in an enthusiastic but logical manner. While he does not post a cast weekly or at times, monthly, the content makes up for it. If you want "fast food" commentary listen to the radio, if you want a good a " well prepared meal" listen to Common Sense with Dan Carlin. I need to say that this being such a glowing review, I am not Dans mother nor Bens . Thanks for the podcast. I owe Ben a dollar for all his work. Paul
Submitted By: pmdohio
(500,584 on 10-2009)

great show!!!!!!
Submitted By: geraldedward26
(500,361 on 10-2009)

Great show
Dan Carlin has a lot of good and original ideas about almost everything.
Submitted By: lenkei
(500,346 on 10-2009)

Accurate, Informed and Fun
Submitted By: dba
(500,282 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: coolprasad
(500,219 on 10-2009)

Great podcast!
Agree with him or not, Dans commentaries will make you think. Sometimes he infuriates me, sometimes I react with a mental "You got that right, Dan!", but he is always interesting, and his voice is a far cry from the dull monotones too many hosts are cursed with.
Submitted By: roypitta
(500,168 on 10-2009)

No Partisan Snark
Thoughtful commentary. Best production value of any podcast out there. All sides of issues are examined, with a focus on solutions rather than finger-pointing.
Submitted By: flynnmail
(500,127 on 10-2009)

I dont always agree with Dan, but I love this podcast!
Submitted By: kramstad38
(500,062 on 10-2009)

Dan makes me mad, Dan makes me happy, Dan makes me think
Submitted By: patrickpfeffer
(500,028 on 10-2009)

Not Left, Not Right -- Just FREE
Submitted By: traverse25
(499,954 on 10-2009)

Always Interesting
Liberal or Conservative, or somewhere in between, you will always find Dans comments thoughts on current events enlightening.
Submitted By: forrge
(499,722 on 10-2009)

Thought provoking
I enjoy this show
Submitted By: bobnorty
(499,687 on 10-2009)

Love it
True independant podcast. He says what we all need to hear. Excellent podcast!
Submitted By: dark_nautilus
(499,656 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: wmekimberly
(499,618 on 10-2009)

Exceptional thought provoking
Submitted By: mrclark0000
(499,597 on 10-2009)

Carlin - common sense
Submitted By:
(499,512 on 10-2009)

Savagely honest about the world we live in
Submitted By: woodward
(499,489 on 10-2009)

great show
Submitted By: poverhauser
(499,450 on 10-2009)

Great show
I listen to this show EVERY week. He is great because he doesnt just squawk one side of an issue
Submitted By: sdguy67
(499,316 on 10-2009)

Common Sense!
Its awesome. I love it!
Submitted By: jbd74
(499,228 on 10-2009)

Love it
Submitted By: ikynaston
(498,811 on 9-2009)

Excellent Job!!
Dan, Youre doing great! Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: roopsingh
(498,789 on 9-2009)

great show
Submitted By: clinneer
(498,758 on 9-2009)

Dans the man!!
Dans excellent podcast, is always well presented and well researched. He is well informed and as an Englishman with an interest in US policy (particularly abroad) i find it essential listening, and i really appreciate the non partisan approach. Keep going Dan and Ben (if you exist)
Submitted By: bens_jems
(498,729 on 9-2009)

This show rules
Kind of a slowish timeline, but its so worth it every episode, for commentary thats not the ridiculous parrotry on TV news or talk radio.
Submitted By: john
(498,711 on 9-2009)

If you like free thinkers
this is probably the best political commentary you can get! No matter what side youre on, even if you dont agree with him all the time or even ever. You have to respect the guys knowledge and passion for america and his take on liberty.
Submitted By: cafe_insomnia
(498,555 on 9-2009)

Best podcast on the internet
Submitted By: shaunbrannan
(498,547 on 9-2009)

it?s just the price of a cup of tea.
Hey Dan come on, How about a British one off Common Sense Special? God only knows we need some. That would get my pound per show. You know it makes sense.
Submitted By: mattbrian72
(498,420 on 9-2009)

great show
great show well thought out and very informative.
Submitted By: evanson.paul
(498,370 on 9-2009)

We all need common sense
Submitted By: jibeandfly
(498,334 on 9-2009)

Thought Provoking
This guy is smarter than every political pundit on TV
Submitted By: chris.fleming
(498,069 on 9-2009)

Changing Our Destiny
This guy is right on!
Submitted By: thesilverpenny
(497,967 on 9-2009)

Nice to hear a non-partisan viewpoint
Its truly refreshing to hear a viewpoint not affiliated with party lines. You dont have to agree with anything he says and its a treat to listen to someone so open to debate. His views are his own and he respects yours....
Submitted By: shawn.bleiler
(497,387 on 9-2009)

Not so Common Sense
Cements my political feet to the floor. Thanks Dan
Submitted By: markac4430
(496,992 on 9-2009)

Afghanistan podcast
Hello Dan, I listened to your podcast on Afghanistan yesterday and was impressed. I had come to the same conclusion for some of the reasons your mentioned but you put the entire history and reasons we are there plus reasons we should not be there in a succinct, well spoken manner. I plan to listen to all your podcasts. Best regards, Michael Lardner
Submitted By: zephyr1964
(496,796 on 9-2009)

the smartest and most thought provoking analysis of our political system ive ever come across. a must listen
Submitted By: jondial
(496,769 on 9-2009)

Common Sense isnt so common
Love the show, and love the political commentary. As Dan says, its fun when you agree with him, and its even more fun when you dont.
Submitted By: whipitgood66
(496,750 on 9-2009)

Favorite Political Podcast
Submitted By: popeshawn
(496,608 on 9-2009)

Common Sense Indeed
If this guy doesnt make you think.... Ill give you your money back :-)
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(496,483 on 9-2009)

A great Podcast!
This is news at its best. I look forward to hearing it every week.
Submitted By: greenpeace18
(496,344 on 9-2009)

Always good listening
Submitted By: ed
(496,249 on 9-2009)

Reallity Check
Simply put: A GREAT out of the box REALLITY check!
Submitted By: brad57
(496,190 on 9-2009)

Great show
You may not always agree with him, but Dan puts his points across intelligently, backs them up, and most importantly is not histrionic, partisan or conspiratorial in tone. Im pretty far to the left, and I find his podcast engaging.
Submitted By: ziege19
(496,177 on 9-2009)

great show will make you think!
Submitted By: jrobo1980
(496,039 on 9-2009)

Keep Up the Good Work
Keep Up the Good Work :)
Submitted By: stccg1
(495,933 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: snowmassive
(495,885 on 9-2009)

Common Sense
2nd best podcast, only second to Dan Carlins other podcast, Hardcore History
Submitted By: ajsm94
(495,823 on 9-2009)

Best podcast ever!
Submitted By: maxre4
(495,757 on 9-2009)

Thought provoking
Submitted By: woodward
(495,624 on 9-2009)

Do not cancel this show
We need shows that challenge our thoughts and ideas; whether i agree or disagree it is always thought provoking. I say this as a listener for at least three years. Keep it up. We all need to have our thought and ideas challenged; whether it fortifies or changes our ideas is irrelevant.
Submitted By: igammie
(495,596 on 9-2009)

keep it coming. this show is great.
Submitted By: corb
(495,352 on 9-2009)

Common Sense
Submitted By: gwebb730
(495,075 on 8-2009)

The passion Dan puts into his podcasts is amazing. What Id do for a round table political discussion with him and a range of journalists from the American media. Common Sense is straight up, educated and passionate.
Submitted By: jeremy
(494,986 on 8-2009)

Everyone should listen to Common Sense
I like his passion. I like his point of view. I like that he makes me think about issues. Common sense is the best of the political podcasts.
Submitted By: reggaemolasses
(494,969 on 8-2009)

Top notch discussion. Even if i dont always agree.
Submitted By: Petros0007
(494,864 on 8-2009)

Outrageously reasonable.
Dan Carlin uses Ockhams razor to flay the competition. No fallacious demagoguery can survive his sound and cogent reasoning.
Submitted By: niemand262
(494,801 on 8-2009)

Absolutely Phenominal
This show presents new and down to earth perspectives on the day to day events that we all normally just pass off as "whatever". Dan has the passion and the intelligence to look at everything going on and inspire us listeners to ask ourselves how we really feel about the way things are going in this country. Six stars out of five from this listener.
Submitted By: wadester
(494,796 on 8-2009)

A man after my own heart
Dan Carlin is so smart and eloquent. He knows my political views better than I do. Maybe its because his show is called COMMON SENSE!!!
Submitted By: racastelo1
(494,729 on 8-2009)

Dan Carlin; Sensible, uncommon
Great show - more people need to hear this
Submitted By: kvnhys1
(494,701 on 8-2009)

For the Interested Citizen
Fantastic podcast and alternative media outlet. Dan has an amazing ability to discuss political and social topics intelligently and critically. His knowledge of current events and history add depth to the topics, giving the listener a holistic understanding of the world we live in, and how we got to this point.
Submitted By: sts
(494,675 on 8-2009)

Good sense
Great Political comment, as always
Submitted By: miguel.sarmento
(494,666 on 8-2009)

Actual Thinking Going On
Nice to see someone messing around with thinking rather than just repeating either the left or the right s point of view. Go Dan.
Submitted By: vkeskinen
(494,618 on 8-2009)

My House.
I cant clean with out listening to Dan Carlin! My house is going to be spotless now that I have just downloaded the latest show!
Submitted By: mkdebusk
(494,604 on 8-2009)

whats better than the best? Dan Carlin!
Common Sense is by far the closest to a normal, straight, simple political point of view to our today problems! Dan, keep up the good job!
Submitted By: sibranga
(494,580 on 8-2009)

great stuff
these podcasts get me through a very dull job..thank you!
Submitted By: exile55552000
(494,511 on 8-2009)

someone that speaks to me
Rush, Mark levin, sean hannity as well as the rest of the new media need to take a page out of Carlins book. Take a look at history and a little common sense and see whole new way to look at our country. The system is broken, What are you going to do about it. Great show!!!
Submitted By: sangevine
(494,385 on 8-2009)

The Best Podcast show, period.
Dan is amazing, this show is the best out there.
Submitted By: palmacci81
(494,312 on 8-2009)

best pod cast on internet
Submitted By: lafontaine1
(494,156 on 8-2009)

Love the podcast! Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: q_ship
(494,011 on 8-2009)

Great Show
Feed your brain with Common Sense!
Submitted By: hpmg
(493,925 on 8-2009)

The Best Political Commentary Show Made
Submitted By: jon
(493,815 on 8-2009)

Provocative, but in a good way
Ive loved dans hardcover history for a while, but was wary of the political program. Dont know why, maybe the bad rep of American talk shows. But now I regret not listening from much earlier. Its a really great show, and most of all its fun, and more than most-of-all, itll make you think.
Submitted By: colum.paget
(493,777 on 8-2009)

brilliantly done, a guiding light of reason at one of the most politically bleak times in modern US history. Carlin for President, or at the very least for Congress!
Submitted By: drielm1
(493,767 on 8-2009)

to see stuff from the other side of the pond has openend my eyes. a true Brit.
Submitted By: liambrodrick
(493,702 on 8-2009)

Common Sense
A refreshing view point - dont always agree but who does agree with everyone on everything. Dan Carlin for President!
Submitted By: djgberg
(493,651 on 8-2009)

My Favorite Political Podcast
Sometimes infuriating, always fascinating. Dan is the best!
Submitted By: akingsley81
(493,433 on 8-2009)

Been listening to Dan for about six months now, and I have to say that he is great. I love the topics; not the same crap that you hear on the radio, but something different. Keep up the great work Dan! P.S. the history show is the greatest!
Submitted By: jampacv71
(493,356 on 8-2009)

Best Podcast ever
I listen to every episode because its nice to hear a voice of moderation in our culture
Submitted By: robertbuttsmd
(493,353 on 8-2009)

Very Interesting Talk
Submitted By: ziphii
(493,331 on 8-2009)

Love this Show
Seriously, if youre sick of all the blow hard talking heads on both sides of the ideological spectrum, Dan Carlin is a breath of fresh, centrist air.
Submitted By: mycorygax
(493,254 on 8-2009)

Yes. Yes. YESSSS!
Dan. Love the show! Dan, This show is great. The SICK thing, well.. takes up a lot of time and effort, but I hope it works. But why not some other Schpepeal other then someone being sick....
Submitted By: thenose100
(493,015 on 8-2009)
Submitted By: loki08
(492,973 on 8-2009)

excellent shows
Submitted By: bruckmannfrank
(492,726 on 8-2009)

keep going!
Submitted By: jose
(492,700 on 8-2009)

Splendrous Show
Submitted By: lrbj
(492,695 on 8-2009)

Always well-thought out, always relevant, Carlin is brutally non-partisan. This isnt entertainment, its brain food.
Submitted By: starscream809
(492,682 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: Michael.J.Fairchild
(492,524 on 8-2009)

Mutant Politics!
Beyond the usual partisan bickering. Beats up on both parties and gives them credit in the rare cases that they deserve it.
Submitted By: wkinch
(492,522 on 8-2009)

best for politics
best at analyzing both sides (Rep & Dem) of American politics and finding the truth (or a more believable story) in the middle. quite simply my favorite source of US political analysis.
Submitted By: pederhanson
(492,515 on 8-2009)

great show
Submitted By: poverhauser
(492,494 on 8-2009)

My favorite political podcast
Im a guy who used to absolutely hate and distrust all things political. Finally, I forced myself to start tuning in during the recent elections. During this time, it became my quest to find a medium that was as unbiased, bipartisan and hopefully interesting as possible. Dan Carlin was the solution to my problem. His podcasts are provocative, energetic and passionate. His style is true to the title, common sense and whether you agree or disagree with his view you are guaranteed to have your view challenged. Highly recommended.
Submitted By: chris.r.armstrong
(492,475 on 8-2009)

A moderate voice...
The best political commentary out there.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(492,474 on 8-2009)

this show makes me think a lot.
Submitted By: corb
(492,470 on 8-2009)

Shatters the reality of the comfortable world we think we live in.
Submitted By: woodward
(492,468 on 8-2009)

Great Podcast
Listen to every one. This is much better than the "non mainstream" talkshows. Listen loud...then take an asprin.
Submitted By: cbcollie8558
(492,442 on 8-2009)

A big thumbs up
Dan Carlin has made living in the modern age easier to understand. His simple common sense views on the forces in our politcal, social, and economic systems are timeless. I dont know how I came across his podcasts, but I couldnt image not having his views in my life. Thanks Dan, and keep up the amazing work
Submitted By: ngoktz
(492,432 on 8-2009)

Dan carlin is kool
Submitted By: Radica
(492,366 on 8-2009)

More, More, MORE!!!
Submitted By: leggett.joseph
(492,312 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: daxjonas
(492,109 on 8-2009)

great show
I listen to everyu show and get a lot out of all of them.
Submitted By: evanson.paul
(492,059 on 8-2009)

Non-political politics
The only real source of issues without the usual Dem/Rep spin.
Submitted By: hycoach
(491,745 on 7-2009)

Long live critical journalism
People like Dan give me hope for democracy
Submitted By: hpmg
(491,725 on 7-2009)

Love it
Dan is the man...
Submitted By: richardlorber
(491,693 on 7-2009)

Big Dan!
Actually cant get enough of his podcasts!
Submitted By: blackwallstreet_
(491,661 on 7-2009)

Love the show
This is one of my top 3 podcasts (Hardcore history is #1, Mayo and Kermodes movie reviews is second, this is third.
Submitted By:
(491,611 on 7-2009)

Its mind boggling!
Submitted By: ymoran00
(491,529 on 7-2009)

Amazing podcast!
For those who love being intellectually challeneged to see a bigger picture nehind current political events, to put them into a historical perspactive, and to ponder some interesting questions related to these events.
Submitted By: tcherni
(491,509 on 7-2009)

viruses are nasty. I promise to send my $...
Submitted By: johnvanb
(491,508 on 7-2009)

Dan Is a Pothead
Would somebody please put this guy on the national stage?!?!?! Please?!?!?!?
Submitted By: roofus06
(491,505 on 7-2009)

Awesome stuff.
Submitted By: jazayer
(491,501 on 7-2009)

I have no need to turn on talk radio ever again thanks to this podcast. Dan is real. Not just some conservative shock jock or Left wing NPR host that litter the airwaves.
Submitted By: Brentjamesonparker
(491,450 on 7-2009)

Carlins analysis and opinions to enhance your interpretation of events.
Submitted By: dinospyder
(491,383 on 7-2009)

Best show ever
Dan always has something to say, I can hardly wait for his next show :)
Submitted By: PCMcGee
(491,372 on 7-2009)

great listen!
just nothing like a different perspective -
Submitted By: brianevery
(491,371 on 7-2009)

this podcast gives you good inspiration for your worldview
Submitted By: simonertl
(491,338 on 7-2009)

Great Podcast...
or greatest podcast? Its your choice.
Submitted By: brian.hersey
(491,333 on 7-2009)

Voice of Reason
Thank God someone is out there that is actually speaking with a centrist voice. If you are sick and tired of hearing only one side of the story because of political affiliation then this is definitely a podcast to checkout.
Submitted By: arlenkasdorf
(491,292 on 7-2009)

My Favorite podcasts
This and Dan Carlins Hardcore History are my favorite podcasts. I even pay for them.
Submitted By: jbonet
(491,181 on 7-2009)

Common Sense
Is a fantastic podcast!!!
Submitted By: xaira1
(491,059 on 7-2009)

Always brilliant, always refreshing
Submitted By: acousticmartini
(490,941 on 7-2009)

I love this show! I never stop having my eyes opened by Dan!
Submitted By: eclipsetitan809
(490,865 on 7-2009)

Common Sense!
Submitted By: jbd74
(490,861 on 7-2009)

one of the best polictical radio shows anywhere.
Submitted By: raistian77
(490,799 on 7-2009)

Sham Wow
This guy puts a spin in that keeps you from shutting him off. Kind of like listening to a combination of Gilbert Godfree and Danny Bonaduce. Anyhow really good stuff.
Submitted By: fffb7
(490,779 on 7-2009)

My new fav podcast
Dont miss this, folks - maybe the only time in history that the smartest guy in America also has a great radio voice. Dan is the man.
Submitted By: fouts
(490,659 on 7-2009)

gballantyne@gammatelecom. com
Submitted By: gballantyne
(490,552 on 7-2009)

great show
examines all sorts of contemporary political issues and gives the best and most solid commentary available
Submitted By: mavenmalenfb
(490,514 on 7-2009)

Best Podcast
Submitted By: nickaweber
(490,454 on 7-2009)

Dan Carlin
He is the voice of reason and common sense. If your tired of one dimentional talk from Rush and his cronies check out Dan! you wont be disappointed.
Submitted By: puckboy
(490,411 on 7-2009)

The best
The best political/social podcast.
Submitted By: mrburhans
(490,378 on 7-2009)

common sense -- yes!
Great alternative voice. He is smart, interesting, engaging and educational. Rock on Dan!
Submitted By: jed
(490,271 on 7-2009)

Finally, someone with a different perspective who actually brings up important points, really worth the listen
Submitted By: milythemike
(490,137 on 7-2009)

Thought provoking content
Submitted By: thebard
(489,963 on 7-2009)

My hero!
Submitted By: pabonnie
(489,956 on 7-2009)

Dan Carlin reminds me of George Carlin when he gets going about politics. Youd wish that the people in charge would stop listening to everyone in D.C. and pay attention to people like these two men. Listening to Common Sense makes me want to print "Carlin 2012" bumper stickers.
Submitted By: onikitsune
(489,952 on 7-2009)

Dan Carlin Rocks
Just discovered this.. love it love love love it
Submitted By: a.girl43
(489,792 on 7-2009)

Marvelous podcast. Very refreshing to listen to someone who assumes his audience is intelligent, wants to be informed, is interested in whats going on in the world and doesnt mind being asked to think. Keep up the great work Dan
Submitted By: lgbguitar
(489,778 on 7-2009)

Fresh and Insightful
I have to hand it to Dan for putting a common perspective on worldly situations . As a college student and a political science major, Dans moderate thinking really adds to the depth of my experience. Without a doubt, understanding politics from a fresh new angle has lead to a greater understand and appreciation for politics.
Submitted By: brochujoe
(489,701 on 7-2009)

i FREAKING LOVE politics and its all Dans fault.
Submitted By: jiyoon.koo
(489,605 on 7-2009)

Dan is the Man!
Common Sense is a great podcast! Wish I had it in college. Dan explains things lucidly!
Submitted By: crystalhuff
(489,488 on 7-2009)

Clear Non-partisan Analysis
Dan (and Ben) clearly provide a balanced view of both (or all) sides of the podcasts topic. Balanced, but not impartial. When one view is much more likely to prove accurate, in historical perspective, Dan will make that clear. Some sources present only one side. Others present both, and try to pretend theyre equal, and equally likely to work. Only Dan gives the full picture, then points us in the direction it shows.
Submitted By: CBHobart
(489,162 on 7-2009)

Great Show!
Submitted By: jwolfe
(489,103 on 7-2009)

Fantastic Podcast!
If you want to hear a different take on the news and politics, a take that actually makes you think and question some of your preconceived notions....listen to Dan Carlins Common Sense. While I dont always agree with him, he makes a convincing case for why our current political system is not working, and he respects alternative points of view...which is extremely admirable.
Submitted By: U2Pepperman252
(489,010 on 7-2009)

most important political program ever
Submitted By: daylenshir
(488,991 on 7-2009)

Obviously just great.
Submitted By: entrenchedmetal
(488,959 on 7-2009)

Dan Carlin for President!
This is the only guy I would vote for happily.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(488,955 on 7-2009)

great show
Submitted By: pederhanson
(488,940 on 7-2009)

Dan rocks
Submitted By: dpglass
(488,714 on 7-2009)

Great show
I love his no nonsence analysis which is always tempered by his humanity
Submitted By: paddy
(488,564 on 7-2009)

My favorite podcasts
Dan Carlins podcasts are my favorites. In fact, theyre so good I gladly gave him a donation.
Submitted By: jbonet
(488,492 on 6-2009)

Dan Carlin Rocks!
Dan has the courage to say whats best for the country. A true patriot!
Submitted By: william.laseur
(488,440 on 6-2009)

The least common sense...
Interesting discussion of current (and not so current) events.
Submitted By: ericgrog
(488,435 on 6-2009)

Says what he thinks...
often i begin to be against his fiscally conservative / liberally social arguments because i think they are "mutually" exclusive.. but then by the end of the show... at least he has me thinking.... Maybe hes right.... naw.
Submitted By: zmubear
(488,391 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: anospamo
(488,309 on 6-2009)

I agree 100%
Especially the part about the media.
Submitted By: t1
(488,304 on 6-2009)

Dan Carlin
My only reason for pod casts. The best of the best
Submitted By: johnmikebaier
(488,255 on 6-2009)

Nothing "Common" abot sense Dan, keep up the good work.
Submitted By: fatdogsimon
(488,200 on 6-2009)

great show
when ever I see a new episode its like hearing from a good friend. I dont always agree with him, but he makes me think and want to become more involved in changing the world around me.
Submitted By: ray.vallerie
(488,191 on 6-2009)

Best Carlin since George
Best podcast on the planet.
Submitted By: jasbrosauce
(488,128 on 6-2009)

Common Sense?
I only wish this "Common Sense" were more common. Excellent podcast.
Submitted By: lockwooddp
(488,118 on 6-2009)

Another one!
When I heard that this was another non-partisan show bucking media rediculousness, I wanted to roll my eyes--but following in the tradition of Hardcore History, Dan Carlin brings it in a way I have truly never heard. Awesome.
Submitted By: padawanhilary
(488,041 on 6-2009)

Dan Carlin for President
This podcast makes me mad...mad because Dan identifies all the ways the Democrats and Republicans are screwing over the little guy/gal. But this guy is more than your run of the mill naysayer, hes got some ideas that could just turn this thing around. Will anybody listen?
Submitted By: pakarger
(487,999 on 6-2009)
Submitted By: smfanjuli
(487,860 on 6-2009)

great show
Submitted By: ramjet909
(487,857 on 6-2009)

Good Stuff
I am an avid listener to both of Dans casts, hardcore history and common sense. He is has tremendous energy and an uncommon ability to present his take on various subjects in away that I find both insightfull and provoking.
Submitted By: clearlakediver
(487,677 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: stephen_brown14
(487,658 on 6-2009)

Great Show
At least I voted. One day, Ill do the buck too.
Submitted By: luxou812
(487,610 on 6-2009)

Thank you
Love this show.
Submitted By: cocotv
(487,567 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: w4rwiz4rd
(487,390 on 6-2009)

great show
long time listener!
Submitted By: mavenmalenfb
(487,317 on 6-2009)

First of all, thanks for a great show. I must say that I am relieved that there are still people out there who have their common sense intact in these harsh partisan times. I find the show highly relevant and enlightening beyond anything the old mass media outlets puts out these days, and hope this goes on for as long as you can.
Submitted By: Kamelguru
(487,084 on 6-2009)

Great Political Show
The man should run for office. Common sense! What a concept!
Submitted By: clinneer
(487,015 on 6-2009)

love the show but get frustrated by Carlins great changes in volume when talking. One second you have to turn the volume down because he gets excited about something, and the next you miss what he;s saying because he speaks so softly
Submitted By: lasermc
(486,835 on 6-2009)

Great to see some enlightenment is spreading.
Submitted By: woodward
(486,800 on 6-2009)

Best news-talk out there.
Submitted By: eugeneaxe46-misc
(486,769 on 6-2009)

vote carlin
Submitted By: joetaylor3
(486,733 on 6-2009)

Common Sense
One of the best political and social commentaries Ive heard.
Submitted By: brycep
(486,719 on 6-2009)

Hey There!
Hears that vote.. LOL... Maybe Ben and you will Quit being so sick!
Submitted By: randy
(486,711 on 6-2009)

Thought-Provoking and Entertaining
Unlike so many commentators, Dan Carlin is not easily classified, yet there is an underlying consistency in the views he expresses. Dan is not into the name-calling that so often passes for commentary. Instead, he builds his case in a logical fashion. Even when I disagree with his position, I appreciate his though-process, and he forces me to examine my own views.
Submitted By: williambrown1
(486,696 on 6-2009)

The American political system is broken -- what are you going to do about it? The answer is "listen to this podcast."
Submitted By: foggeh
(486,455 on 6-2009)

Excellent show
This show is excellent. Dan provides his peculiar point of view on a multitude of topics and always manages to make it interesting. Its not likely that you will agree with everything he says, but you will be entertained and made to think about things from a different point of view.
Submitted By: miguel.sosa
(486,435 on 6-2009)

The best
Dan the man!!!
Submitted By: emilgud
(486,428 on 6-2009)

My Favorite Podcast
Dan always makes me think. I disagree with him at times, but he always makes clear concise arguements, even when his opinion doesnt match mine.
Submitted By: chris.plym
(486,424 on 6-2009)

Very informative
Being a New Zealander, pretty much the only exposure I get of the States are those events sensational enough to warrant mainstream media attention. Its nice to be plugged in, through Dan Carlin, to a well reasoned point of view "on the inside" to allow me better perspective.
Submitted By: luke
(486,339 on 6-2009)

dead on
cant get any more truth than this without any propganda
Submitted By: armatage69
(486,327 on 6-2009)

Once again, A great Show
Submitted By: indigomoon
(486,313 on 6-2009)

I really enjoy your shows - please keep them coming. You are a refreshing change from the blah blah talking heads!
Submitted By: pjvierl40
(486,296 on 6-2009)

Great stuff
Dan is smart, funny, and irreverent. Just what you need to be a student of history.
Submitted By: jpindras
(486,280 on 6-2009)

Awesome show!
Always provocative, always well-argued---listen to it already!
Submitted By: fireproofeyes
(486,199 on 6-2009)

Dan Rules
Submitted By: mr_ddixon
(486,198 on 6-2009)

Common Sense Good
I like the perspective based on history. Thanks Dan
Submitted By: markac4430
(486,138 on 6-2009)

Its nice to hear smart commentary that neither panders to the left nor kowtows to the right.
Submitted By: dlindahl
(486,085 on 6-2009)

Good show
Submitted By: timandersen4
(486,058 on 6-2009)

Great podcast worth listening
Submitted By: nacho_morales
(486,045 on 6-2009)

Listen. To. This. Show.
One of the best political podcasts on the web. Carlin tries to rise above the endless bickering between the left and the right, and its great to see somebody SANE talking about politics for a change.
Submitted By: pjking
(486,004 on 6-2009)

good political show
even for non americans.
Submitted By: peetscoffeebean
(485,956 on 6-2009)

Degenerating rapidly
This podcast has always been spotty because Carlin has no well thought-out principles. His pragmatic approach tends to err towards kowtowing to those who would kill us and favoring government enslavement of productive citizens and their enterprises. Lately, he's been even worse and can't even bother to get basic facts right (Corporate donations, American healthcare, Obama's disgraceful treason in the Middle East, etc.)
Submitted By: w0offens
(485,935 on 6-2009)

Great Stuff!
Submitted By:
(485,891 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: the.scarecrow
(485,875 on 6-2009)

Common Sense
Submitted By: 1983farmboy
(485,844 on 6-2009)

Dan Carlin is my replacement for mainstream media.
Submitted By: gameguy24
(485,656 on 6-2009)

Great show!
I love Dans commentar and sensible ideas. I just wish more people would listen to him.
Submitted By: PCMcGee
(485,578 on 6-2009)

Common Sense is the most insightful and enlightening commentary show I have every come accross. I listen to every episode.
Submitted By: don_sage
(485,544 on 6-2009)

good points! good lines! good tone! good attitude!
dan, you are my sons role model! ... and ours!
Submitted By: branga
(485,539 on 6-2009)

beyond partisan bickering
Submitted By: djensen
(485,536 on 6-2009)

In the middle, but right on target...
Dan constantly rides the line of being crazy, but somehow thats just what I need to hear...
Submitted By: hippylikecats
(485,524 on 6-2009)

Rather appreciate his views about US politics
Submitted By: Qiyvxuan
(485,488 on 6-2009)

Why isnt this show being heard by more people?
Dan Carlin makes more sense than any of the partisan voices Ive heard.
Submitted By: Xtr3mFuSioN
(485,400 on 6-2009)

Pisses me off
I agree with him 33 1/3 percent of the time.
Submitted By: fendaddy
(485,304 on 6-2009)

A mind blowing voice of reason
Dans political voice needs to be heard by more people in the center of the political spectrum. Hes not calling for a revolution; hes calling on citizens to use their brains and use some Common Sense and honesty. Thanks Dan and Ben for a great show!
Submitted By: Chris.holzer
(485,229 on 6-2009)
Submitted By: aarhaha
(485,155 on 6-2009)

Fresh Perspective!
Dan Carlin gives a fresh new media perspective about timely issues facing the world!
Submitted By: attorneymathias
(485,104 on 6-2009)

Great show - worth listening to
Dans show is a great one, and a nice change from many of the more strident, partisan political commentaries out there. Definitely worth listening to.
Submitted By: mvarey
(485,095 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: jveretto
(484,983 on 6-2009)

another great podcast
I liked listening to hardcore history so much that when I found out about common sense I immediately checked it out! I was really glad i did. I love listening to it!
Submitted By: Johnmhenbest
(484,932 on 6-2009)

Excellent podcast
Submitted By: cma4_
(484,870 on 6-2009)

just superb...
Submitted By: per.wallin
(484,798 on 6-2009)

Great Show
Great Show
Submitted By: Jsin57
(484,792 on 6-2009)

Great show
Great show
Submitted By: kazrok
(484,780 on 6-2009)

Great Show!
Submitted By: jwolfe
(484,676 on 6-2009)

Dan Carlin for President!
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(484,649 on 6-2009)

Great Program
I really enjoy listening to this program...
Submitted By: dpray2
(484,627 on 6-2009)

Great stuff
Original, insightful, non-trivial... in other words, NOT mainstream media.
Submitted By: isolovey
(484,515 on 6-2009)

Dan Carlin
Best Podcast out there!
Submitted By: dave.atchison
(484,505 on 6-2009)

Best Podcast ever
Dans show is awesome
Submitted By: rob
(484,408 on 6-2009)

Keep the good work!
Dan, I am a new comer in USA and with your help I now understand many things. Jorge
Submitted By: jargaez2
(484,192 on 5-2009)

Dans the best!
Submitted By: jrg4
(484,139 on 5-2009)

good stuff
good discussion, always.
Submitted By: corb
(484,101 on 5-2009)

The mans a genius, with an excellent speaking voice and manner. His topics are interesting, well-researched, and, well, let me take off "interesting" and make it "captivating.
Submitted By: terrydactylpsl
(484,014 on 5-2009)

Politics is actually interesting when Carlin talks about it!
Submitted By: aetius9090
(483,963 on 5-2009)

Never miss a show!
I dont always agree with him, but no one makes more convincing and well-informed arguments for their viewpoints than Mr Carlin. Ive been listening for a year, but I wish I had found this podcast sooner!
Submitted By: fossil1977
(483,962 on 5-2009)

common sense
Submitted By: jason_kasner
(483,955 on 5-2009)

It makes sense to me!
Submitted By: ccisecure
(483,930 on 5-2009)

Great commentary
Common Sense always has insightful commentary on news and politics without partizan nonsense.
Submitted By: ronaldgbaker
(483,891 on 5-2009)

Best Podcast!
This is a consistently intelligent and thought-provoking show.
Submitted By: hbrianjr
(483,853 on 5-2009)

Awesome Show
The best one out there IMO
Submitted By: andrew.cramb
(483,837 on 5-2009)

hes a very strong sspeaker
Dan Carlinm has new prespective
Submitted By: radica
(483,827 on 5-2009)

Dan Carlin - 5/5 Stars!
Excellent podcast- not many could do Dan Carlins job, being a truly subjective and nonpartisan commentator these days is almost unheard of. Dan is what "independents" like Bill OReilly promise, but only Carlin delivers.
Submitted By: kitsunehoshi
(483,826 on 5-2009)

Great show thats important to the country
Dans show is a must listen if you enjoy politics and smart debate and thoughts. Dan has a twisted bright mind that asks very relvant and important questions!
Submitted By: calubka
(483,811 on 5-2009)

Great Podcast!
A healthy dose of opinion backed up by facts and a lot of thought---quite different from the usual political commentary.
Submitted By: wascko
(483,759 on 5-2009)

Fantastic podcast
I always look forward to Dans show. I would recommend this podcast to anyone.
Submitted By: rosalindessig
(483,680 on 5-2009)

Great Show
Submitted By: ANDREWLIMB
(483,635 on 5-2009)

Love this podcast!
Love this podcast! Pay Dan his money! Save Ben!
Submitted By: thanosied
(483,627 on 5-2009)

Well thought out political commentary
Submitted By: kimms01
(483,617 on 5-2009)

This is a great podcast.
Its tied for my favorite one with Dan Carlins history podcast. Dan Carlin is brilliant this show is well named. In a highly non-sensible political climate, its great to have this insight.
Submitted By: timhsanchezh
(483,616 on 5-2009)

Dans attitude and insight is as amzing as it is rare. This is a MUST listen podcast for anyone who is interested in the public arena and the direction of our society, country, and world.
(483,600 on 5-2009)

Killer show
Dan is a rare voice of moderation and reason in a media landscape thats increasingly partisan and sensationalistic. Whichever side of the political spectrum youre on, youll like Dans show.
Submitted By: seanpramsey
(483,572 on 5-2009)

Great Show
By far the best show on the planet!
Submitted By: davidc856
(483,540 on 5-2009)

Always intriguing, this is by far one of your best sources for news. Just expect to get pissed off at least once a show.
Submitted By: theda_velo
(483,536 on 5-2009)

Fantastic podcast
Blue or Red Dem or Rep Right or Left youll love him one week then hate him the next. Either way he gets you thinking.
Submitted By: kazrok
(483,511 on 5-2009)

The best of the best
This is one of the few pod cast that I look for everyday to see if it arrived. Sorry to here that ben is sick again
Submitted By: sdevlin
(483,423 on 5-2009)

It Rocks
Submitted By: sellersb
(483,397 on 5-2009)

doesnt get betther than this.
Dan creates the podcasts that everyone wants to hear. If you are listening to podcasts you are looking for something different, something sane. Dan Carlin has it. In the center of the hurricane of political duress is a peace surrounded by more than Common Sense, its simply the truth.
Submitted By: osaka.jason
(483,394 on 5-2009)

Best Political Talk Show, Period.
Dan Carlin is worth every second you spend listening. There are none better who do this kind of show. In fact, there are none that Ive heard that even come close to Dan Carlin. His show is about an hours worth of insight and inspiration. You will enjoy this show for its philosophical take on politics, no matter what your persuasion.
Submitted By: dorganbg31
(483,359 on 5-2009)

good for those who like to think and have their thoughts sometimes challenged
Submitted By: missquinby
(483,355 on 5-2009)

Dan Carlin is awesome
Dan Carlin is awesome. Forget about the mainstream media, Dan Carlin Rocks!
Submitted By: dnelson1983
(483,273 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: jbd74
(483,264 on 5-2009)

Listening to it now.
Submitted By: fcgravelyn
(483,242 on 5-2009)

Listen to Common Sense
Dan has great takes on politics and policy, while you may not always agree, he at least really makes you think.
Submitted By: teamfatman76
(483,103 on 5-2009)

Dan Carlin Common Sense
Submitted By: ssstewart
(483,089 on 5-2009)

Wonderful commentary on news of a political bent
Submitted By: mrtwondo
(483,053 on 5-2009)

Great show
Once you listen to one of Dans shows, youre hooked! Whether you agree with him or not, the show is great to get you thinking.
Submitted By: roypitta
(483,028 on 5-2009)

My favorite podcaster
Dan Carlins podcasts are the best!
Submitted By: jbonet
(482,998 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: dg_1974
(482,994 on 5-2009)

Greatness found in men!
Dan Carlin is very though provoking and entertaining.
Submitted By: mooreforyourmoney
(482,985 on 5-2009)

Essential Listening
Trying to get a grip on the world spinning out of control? This podcast will help you appreciate alternate points of view and digest the broader scope and consequences of many of the big ideas out there today.
Submitted By: tgos2012
(482,977 on 5-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: rfdispatch-online
(482,967 on 5-2009)

one of the best podcast.
Submitted By: supsoo
(482,954 on 5-2009)

Love the show!
Submitted By: baron.blakley
(482,947 on 5-2009)

The uncommon common sense
Different from all other political commentaries in every way, louder, funnier, more passionate, and far above and beyond all other in terms of intelligence, poignancy and originality. Listen!
Submitted By: joacomachado
(482,922 on 5-2009)

Outstanding stuff! Ideas that need to be heard!
Submitted By: rsmurphy2
(482,900 on 5-2009)

Fact-based commentary. Great grasp of history. Awesome show.
Great show. Factually based opinion and commentary. The world needs more straight forward conversation like this. Like or dislike the view, Dan isnt some talking head. He has informed opinions and his grasp of historical points gives a good "this is how we got in this particular mess" that most other news sources seem to be oblivious to. Keep up the good work Dan.
Submitted By: racer758
(482,551 on 5-2009)

Excellent Podcast
Submitted By: andybobpowell
(482,446 on 5-2009)

Fantastic show
Submitted By: lymara
(482,341 on 5-2009)

Love Dan Carlin
Dans shows are great!
Submitted By: bwhitmail-podcastalley
(482,211 on 5-2009)

excellent podcast
Submitted By: j4porlavida
(482,108 on 5-2009)

Im very pleased with Dan Carlins Common Sense podcasts. Very informative and objective.
Submitted By: wlbio
(481,578 on 5-2009)

great podcast
Submitted By: craigmil
(481,347 on 5-2009)

not your fathers talk radio
outside the lines- bold- exhilarating-confrontational- thought provoking-addictive & that is only the typical opening monologue. down it once and if you have even the slightest inkling of the news and current events you will not likely miss any others podcasts
Submitted By: ptab01
(480,534 on 5-2009)

Congrats on the 150th
Definitely on my list of must-listen-to podcasts. A very short list, btw.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(480,469 on 5-2009)
Submitted By: jonblowers
(480,387 on 5-2009)

The Best Podcast
I love to listen to Dan about our current issues, he has a unique view that I generally agree with, (but not always!)
Submitted By: PCMcGee
(480,222 on 5-2009)

Number 1
Submitted By: cartertodd92
(479,938 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: Jsin57
(479,934 on 5-2009)

If you cant keep up...its not Dans fault!
Submitted By: mdyson
(479,768 on 5-2009)

3/4ths wrong
Like Dan I am not in favor of the GOP or Dem Parties, so I agree with Dan only 1/4th of the time.
Submitted By: fendaddy
(479,757 on 5-2009)

Dan Carlin for President!
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(479,674 on 5-2009)

love it
This is a fantastic podcast. Its what America could be!
Submitted By: bradley.justin
(479,670 on 5-2009)

Im not Ben either!
Submitted By: jwolfe
(479,652 on 5-2009)

Truely Common Sense
Submitted By: michaelthurstons_email
(479,594 on 5-2009)

best politics show out there!
Submitted By: chetkincaid
(479,494 on 5-2009)

Excellent Show!
Never fails to spark my curiousity!
Submitted By: glassgod03
(479,309 on 5-2009)

my vote for dan
Submitted By: sterlingbushnell
(479,115 on 5-2009)

Common Sense
A great show on politics with an engaging fast talking attitude but thought provoking non-partisan and intelligent opinion and ideas.
Submitted By: psw2
(479,089 on 5-2009)

Great show, interesting topics, views and for me as a non-american insight into current events, the structure of US society and history / historical context!
Submitted By:
(479,041 on 4-2009)

Excellent insight into todays political chaos
Love the show! Dan for Whig party presidential nomination!
Submitted By: garygallo1
(478,899 on 4-2009)

Ive listened to 22 shows and have yet to find fault with anything he has said.
Submitted By: cmgcardinale
(478,880 on 4-2009)

What A Great Show
I love this show
Submitted By: recasero
(478,871 on 4-2009)

Dans great too
Ben Im less sure about
Submitted By: bushlosttwice
(478,682 on 4-2009)

Amazing, insightful
Submitted By: hydrosean
(478,659 on 4-2009)

true common sense
My favorite podcast. Not left nor right. Right in the middle, like most of us.
Submitted By: kkubida
(478,595 on 4-2009)
Submitted By: loki08
(478,360 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: tyebomber
(478,074 on 4-2009)

A wonderful commentary on current events that gives much to think about.
Submitted By: grawingirl
(477,871 on 4-2009)

Brilliant as usual!
Submitted By: woodward
(477,780 on 4-2009)

This podcast makes me care about history. Good job Dan!
Submitted By: hoffman.nicholas
(477,499 on 4-2009)

Whats wrong and how to fix it? Dig into this podcast past and present.
Submitted By: subscriber
(477,362 on 4-2009)

awesome show!
Submitted By: sarahjo87
(477,272 on 4-2009)

Searching for Security
Absorbing and informative, as usual.
Submitted By: tall4one
(477,126 on 4-2009)

Finally, Politics that I agree with (Mostly)
Submitted By: mjemmons
(477,058 on 4-2009)

Thinking is a Required
You know what I hate most about Dan Carlin's show, is how much I end up agreeing with him. Great stuff. I don't agree with all of your stuff (as a Canadian, public health care works fine...thank you very much), but I really appreciate the non-partisan approach. I use to say the world only gets to see the Jerry Springer version of America -- the images get blurred with all channels are the same. With Dan, the picture becomes much more clearer. What's with all this right wing / left wing divide? A good idea is a good idea, no matter who says it. Period. Thanks Dan...
Submitted By: miltonw
(476,679 on 4-2009)

Why isnt this guy on the TV networks
Dan Carlin is perhaps one of my favorite talk show hosts around. Too bad he isnt on the major television networks, we need more people like him.
Submitted By: adrivdahl
(476,677 on 4-2009)

great show
Im a fan of Common Sense and Dans other show Hardcore History. Both of these shows are well put together, smart and right on. thanks Dan and Ben!
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(476,430 on 4-2009)

Good stuff!
Submitted By: liddicoat.brian
(476,221 on 4-2009)

3 thumbs up
Dan is awesome. He brings critical and rational thinking to you with the delivery of Dr Marvin Monro.
Submitted By: battereddonkey
(476,148 on 4-2009)

Listen to this NOW!!
an audio gem
Submitted By: xnuez111
(476,053 on 4-2009)

great show
Loved the last show.
Submitted By: bradley.justin
(475,790 on 4-2009)

Dan Rules! (or would like to)
Great for non-Americans wanting to understand our US cousins
Submitted By: schade_chr
(475,762 on 4-2009)

Dans Hardcore History podcasts are incredibly insighful and informative. I just listened to Judgment at Nineveh and it opened up a new and fascinating area of history for me. Please keep up the great work. Thanks very much, Dan.
Submitted By: parkerma1
(475,695 on 4-2009)

This guy really knows his stuff. It is refreshing to hear someone cutting through the two party political facade, and telling it like it is!
Submitted By: emkulick
(475,608 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: clarity4
(475,595 on 4-2009)

Do yourself a favor and listen to Mr. Carlin for a much needed dose of practical realism.
Submitted By: clarity4
(475,594 on 4-2009)

This is a great podcast.
Submitted By: Dbennett6684
(475,474 on 4-2009)

Top Marks
Really essential listening.
Submitted By: the.scarecrow
(475,390 on 4-2009)

Dan Rocks! I have become a diehard fan. I only wish he could put out a Common Sense episode every week. He seems to be about 1 part conspiracy theorist, 1 part political pragmatist, 1 part leftist, one part conservative, and 2 parts historian. Perfect news shows result! You will be mad exactly one third of the time.
Submitted By: chris.plym
(474,990 on 4-2009)

I listen to all Dans podcasts and Hardcore History. I love these programs.
Submitted By: danandaileen
(474,865 on 4-2009)

Consistently Classic
Dan Carlin is the most important voice in podcasting... or any other form of "casting." I never dreamed I could become addicted to a podcast, but Carlins wit, wisdom, brash humor and straight-up honesty are like a wonderful drug. A legal one... with no side-effects. Well, it will make you think. But thats a great side effect! Thanks for the great programming, Dan!
Submitted By: acousticmartini
(474,297 on 4-2009)

My favorite show on politics.
Submitted By: chmurph2
(474,183 on 4-2009)

Dan Carlin for President!
Try a few shows, if you dare. They all make you think.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(474,175 on 4-2009)

Still a Great Podcast!
Submitted By: gorman33
(474,141 on 4-2009)

I am always looking for a more rational, more logical pov than my own. I have had to start rethinking some of my government, economic and political beliefs since subscribing some time ago.
Submitted By: fendaddy
(474,128 on 4-2009)

Great Show and informative
Submitted By: Jsin57
(474,121 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: perevydqik-dima
(474,091 on 4-2009)

Great Show
A great opinion show that avoids partisan hackery.
Submitted By: mikeywadevogt
(473,934 on 4-2009)

Great Podcast, finally something real and no bullshit. Thank you Dan Carlin
Submitted By: vova514
(473,840 on 4-2009)

Great show
An even-handed, unique take on current events...
Submitted By: mikecico
(473,666 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: ascole
(473,598 on 4-2009)

so rarely do i find someone i agree with so often, as i wait for them to anger me. im still waiting.
Submitted By: secondcyclerecords
(473,300 on 3-2009)

Great Podcast
No bias. Great Podcast
Submitted By: sitcom1
(473,144 on 3-2009)

love it
Keep up the good work! Im a newly minted podcast listener and I love your shows
Submitted By: khamacher2000
(473,057 on 3-2009)

Dan Carlin rocks, bitches!
Submitted By: nicholas.and.dixie
(472,849 on 3-2009)

Excellent Political Commentary (5+ Stars!)
Superb as always, Mr Carlin! Thanks so much from us Whigs in NYC for your balanced POV, and keen insights into American politics! Having become disgusted by the pundits both Left and right, I find your show is always a breath of fresh air. Best, Noel S. in NYC
Submitted By: themodule
(472,615 on 3-2009)

Great Stuff
Dan Carlin is the most independent voice out there. Great show and good production.
Submitted By: scottishladnlass
(472,582 on 3-2009)

outside the common political news and discussion. thoughtful and provoking Mr. Daniel Carlin sets out a prudent overview of recent events. If doesnt have a bias or slant he tends to keep it close to the vest.
Submitted By: ptab01
(472,416 on 3-2009)

Wonderfully engaging!
Submitted By: VHigman
(472,307 on 3-2009)

Great Commentary
Dan Carlin does an amazing job on this podcast. His commentary is thought-provoking and inspires me to really dissect how I see the world!
Submitted By: georgiamylab
(472,243 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: grantlsimpson
(471,901 on 3-2009)

This is a must have podcast if you care about current events.
Submitted By: jonstowell
(471,680 on 3-2009)

Great shows
As you have said so often, I dont agree with everything you say, but you sure as hell make me think about things in a clearer light. When I get home this weekend you art going to get your buck a show. Your Canadian Mexican listener, John Prichard
Submitted By: jocaprichard
(471,589 on 3-2009)

A Refreshing Surprise
Im a long time libertarian activist, but am no longer a member of the party since it has been taken over by Republicans who didnt like Bush. Dans Views are well-reasoned, intelligent, articulate, and libertarian in nature. I know he is rabidly non-partisan, but philosophically hes very libertarian. Ive only recently come across this podcast, and Im happy I did. I started off with episode 130 and have almost caught up now. This is a lot better than any radio show Ive heard. Unlike Dan, I dont believe the American government can be returned to our Constitutional Republic without bloodshed. Im sad about this, but I just dont see it happening otherwise. America will likely be destroyed from within by our own debt load. If America doesnt destroy itself, revolution is the only answer.
Submitted By: ptireland
(471,522 on 3-2009)

Fresh Air
Whether you agree or disagree with Dan Carlin, he consistently brings up good points to think about. While his political views arent exactly the same as mine, its a breath of fresh air to hear talk "radio" that isnt constantly preaching the party line. Its good to hear someone who can call out both sides of the political spectrum. Dan calls them like he sees them which you have to respect even if you disagree.
Submitted By:
(471,450 on 3-2009)

Dans the man
Senseless societal trends need to be dealt with.
Submitted By: bwana_92868
(471,429 on 3-2009)

Excellent show, more often would be wonderful!
Submitted By: rproper
(471,107 on 3-2009)

A great show.
Submitted By: deathinapinkboa
(471,086 on 3-2009)

couldnt have found a better title for this podcast! keep up the good work Dan!
Submitted By: angarcia85
(470,941 on 3-2009)

Usually dont vote for this or any online poll, but Dan Carlin is worth my effort to post this. Fantastic. Keep up such premium programming.
Submitted By: alshriver
(470,808 on 3-2009)

common sense
Submitted By: stephen_brown14
(470,768 on 3-2009)

Insightful, meaningful and thoughtful commentary about core societal issues.
Submitted By: whiterocksingle
(470,638 on 3-2009)

Im not Ben either!
Submitted By: jwolfe
(470,507 on 3-2009)

Great podcast!
Its nice to listen to a realistic viewpoint for a change.
Submitted By: matt.weeks
(470,460 on 3-2009)

Gotta love Dan Carlin and his side-kick Ben. Always very interesting and insightful.
Submitted By: sanderson808
(470,363 on 3-2009)

pretty darn good
The guy is a bit like Jeremy Paxman, with added caffein and makes my journey to work much more interesting.
Submitted By: carl
(470,274 on 3-2009)

Crunching realism
Submitted By: woodward
(470,249 on 3-2009)

Great Podcast!
Submitted By: Duane_Morgs
(470,136 on 3-2009)

Awesome Show
Submitted By: jpodgors
(470,067 on 3-2009)

Great Show!
Love the logic and arguments.... great job Dan.
Submitted By: helomike24
(470,025 on 3-2009)

Great Job!!!
Doesnt give a you know what about the left or the right. Speaks his mind (truth) even if you dont like it. I am part of the audience that loves your stuff.
Submitted By: jandh81
(469,935 on 3-2009)

Dan rocks!
Submitted By: rhodium
(469,927 on 3-2009)

This is one of the most thought provoking political shows around. Tired of the 2 parties and their coke and pepsi differences, listen to Dan and look at things differently!
Submitted By: ssadlowski
(469,916 on 3-2009)

Listen to Thsi podcast!
Sometimes I disagree strongly with Dan, most times I agree, but no matter what, he always makes me think...and what more can you ask for in an Age where the mainstream media does nothing but try to indoctrinate (read: brainwash) people so that they do NOT think?
Submitted By: roypitta
(469,827 on 3-2009)

Common Sense
Bravo Dan and Ben......You have by far, the most interesting Podcast on Cyberspace today.....I was a bit apprehensive at first- as the intro is so intense- compared to Hardcore History, but after one listen, I am hooked. #1 all the way!
Submitted By: rowlanddb
(469,757 on 3-2009)

thats the best audioblog
Submitted By: simonertl
(469,572 on 3-2009)

WTF?! Only 6th?
I have no clue how Common Sense is only at #6... I cant say that your solutions are always realistic, but its downright strange how much my father and I agree with the underlying ideals. At the risk of sounding like some kind of separatist, Im worried that the only thing capable of shaking American culture hard enough to bring about a fundamental change is a revolution. And not neccesarily an armed one... . Perhaps an energy revolution in which gas prices rise to $12 a gallon....or a financial revolution where the Dow goes to 0 and we rebuild the financial markets in this country with a freshly poured foundation. Any flavor will do. Which ever it is though, its going to have to be MAJOR, and its gonna have to hit us hard in the wallet cuz thats the one thing that gets everyones attention. Anyways, Ive got at least two family members to check out the show so far.... workin on more. Thanks Dan/Ben!
Submitted By: mwimett
(469,481 on 3-2009)

Hooray for Dan Carlin
The brightest independent light in the firmament
Submitted By: rgaryk
(469,427 on 3-2009)

Common Sense Political Commentary
Dan Carlin is the only pundit speaking with insight and common sense. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative, internationally remote, Dan Carlin for President!
Submitted By: cyotee
(469,163 on 3-2009)

A well adjusted, refreshing, energetic program
Submitted By: fjkonstable
(468,895 on 3-2009)

Finally, a calm voice of reason... all right well a voice of reason anyhow. Dan provides sharp original, but most of all- thought-provoking analysis, unique solutions, and youll learn a hell of a lot that the public school system failed to teach you. Thanks Dan, Im spreading the word about you; after the rain Im conducting a downtown and campus wide flyer campeign at both the junior college and the university. Keep the Faith, Oh son of Liberty!
Submitted By: grizzoman
(468,835 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: poverhauser
(468,796 on 3-2009)

Very insightful and entertaining program.
Submitted By: gerhard1
(468,740 on 3-2009)

AWESOME show 2 thumbs up!!!
Submitted By: lumpy46
(468,720 on 3-2009)

Dan Carlin for President!
This guy makes sense to me (and that isnt easy).
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(468,690 on 3-2009)

Great Show
Great Show
Submitted By: Jsin57
(468,659 on 3-2009)

good show
good show
Submitted By: novart41
(468,605 on 3-2009)

Common Sense indeed!
Carlin is fantastic! An intelligent, nonpartisan voice in a wilderness of talking heads.
Submitted By: don
(468,533 on 3-2009)

Common Sense
Submitted By: cartertodd92
(468,492 on 3-2009)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: lambeauguy1
(468,428 on 3-2009)

great show
Submitted By: fernando_l_
(468,354 on 3-2009)

The Best of the Best...Informative, entertaining and mesmerizing
Arresting and thought provoking material. His voice is tantalizing. I wish I could listen to these things more. The fact that you can only listen and not see him makes it even more intriguing.
Submitted By: kijafia
(467,845 on 2-2009)

Common Sense=Uncommon Greatness
Takes an a look at the world around us in a rather introspective nightmarish form. Absolutely great. If you tire of the talking heads you will find Dan Carlin inspiring. Claims to be an alien in regards to the mainstream ideas typcially found on the news and from pundits of all sort. Carlin will inspire and most likely scare you with the simplistic truth of his words.
Submitted By: luke_warm84
(467,826 on 2-2009)

Dan rules
Ive been listening to Dan Carlins podcasts for a littleover a year now and I highly recommend them. Outstanding and thought provoking.
Submitted By: coop925
(467,757 on 2-2009)

Yay, Dan!
Submitted By: Robertpaul_65
(467,672 on 2-2009)

Best Podast out there!
I listen to every podcast he creates. I cant say that about any other podcast. Dan is fair, non-partisan, insightful, and humorous. Highly recommended.
Submitted By: bklusman
(467,467 on 2-2009)

Dans the Man
My favorite political commentator
Submitted By: nomadbryce
(467,450 on 2-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: tecdm
(466,909 on 2-2009)

Great podcast
Praise for Dan Carlin! His podcasts are inspiring and he deserves greater accolades for his Common Sense & Hardcore History podcasts.
Submitted By: Luke_warm84
(466,617 on 2-2009)

Good Stuff
Even if I dont agree with him Dan Carlin makes me think... and thats not a bad thing.
Submitted By: jekief01
(466,584 on 2-2009)

Keep the good stuff coming.
Submitted By: gadjeep
(466,558 on 2-2009)

Just common sense!
I can only wish that more people on this earth would think the way Dan does. He is really insightful and I love listening to him.
Submitted By: ian.whelan
(466,538 on 2-2009)

Great Show!!
Submitted By: jkroll
(466,302 on 2-2009)

Again, articulate, well-reasoned arguments. Well Done.
Submitted By: dpac777
(466,281 on 2-2009)

This show rocks!!
Submitted By: lackofknowhau
(466,146 on 2-2009)

Finally, someone who doesn't fill my ears with bias rhetoric and talking points. What a simple concept. This show should be required listening at all institutions for higher learning. Thanks Dan
Submitted By: jmgriggs5
(466,044 on 2-2009)

Gan Carlin....
Killer show!......
Submitted By: us1
(465,940 on 2-2009)

Dan Carlin
Dan brings a refreshing commentary highlighting what is missing in todays political world, COMMON SENSE. Thanks Dan for doing what so many dont know how to do, that is, use your head and have a voice.
Submitted By: larrydwoolf
(465,915 on 2-2009)

Knowing right from wrong
Dan is clearly bringing the basics of what this country was founded on to the forefront. He is a pleasure to listen to - no matter what the subject. Most importantly he gets you think - I mean think about all of the things that are right and wrong with our country and how we are shaping our destiny.
Submitted By: scwalter10
(465,856 on 2-2009)

Defend Yourself
Submitted By: sing
(465,851 on 2-2009)

Thumbs Up
Dans shows are easily the most informative and insightful things on the web today
Submitted By: leatharnak
(465,568 on 2-2009)

impressive work!
this is what should be the press.
Submitted By: jplombard1964
(465,546 on 2-2009)

Great Show!
Far right and far left supporters are killing this country with their rigid and uncompromising views. Thus, unfortunately, we have Congress divided this way. Luckily, there is an increase in the amount of people who have the ability to see issues moderately and think of solutions as truly bipartisan. Dan Carlins Common Sense is helping this cause. One of the most intelligent podcasts around! Dan talks about the ISSUES in a way that makes sense...COMMON SENSE!
Submitted By: kjny21
(465,501 on 2-2009)

Great Podcast
A great podcast I always look forward too. A close look at current events with cogent commentary and historical analysis. My first recommendation to all my friends who are just starting to get into the podcast world.
Submitted By: michael_burhans
(465,389 on 2-2009)

hes awesome
Submitted By: gghoulie
(465,321 on 2-2009)

We should all REVERE this mans intellect and historical knowledge. I could not agree more with his perspectives, even if I originally dont agree with his points, he lays them out so well and so thoroughly that I gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the other side. Absolutely brilliant.
Submitted By: tnics28
(465,316 on 2-2009)

Best Show (and HH) on web
See Title, little more needs be said.
Submitted By: c.markevic
(465,299 on 2-2009)

this is my favorite politics/commentary show
Submitted By: zooey
(465,239 on 2-2009)

Good clear political thinking
Dont always agree, but always a good listen!!
Submitted By: vhopson
(465,173 on 2-2009)

excellent political podscast
Submitted By: guido
(464,941 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: xbusman
(464,907 on 2-2009)

Great Show
I love this show... it helps fill the massive void in the traditional media. Just like the intro says: Dan Carlin is not the usual partisan voices that youre used to hearing. The Hardcore History show he does is also excellent.
Submitted By: douglasandrewnelson
(464,867 on 2-2009)

Thoughtful debate is what American truly needs right now! the guys is a genuinely independent thinker.
Submitted By: J_wentworth
(464,803 on 2-2009)

Defend Yourself may be the best show about the military bloat Ive ever listened to.
Submitted By:
(464,791 on 2-2009)

Love this show
Dan we love the show!
Submitted By: bradley.justin
(464,781 on 2-2009)

Best podcast ever
Keep it up Dan. We need more people like you doing what you do on a larger scale. MORE MORE MORE!
Submitted By: benafrye
(464,398 on 2-2009)

DANs the MAN
Best podcast out there not only for the content but for its professionalism
Submitted By: alexgilbs
(464,322 on 2-2009)

Longue vie a Common Sense
Submitted By: chr.guy
(464,278 on 2-2009)

best Independent Podcast!
Submitted By: cjalbinati
(464,257 on 2-2009)

It is Good sense
Fresh look and insightful commentary. We need more from him.
Submitted By: digitalmarkd
(464,227 on 2-2009)

I disagree all the time with Dan. Sometimes he offends me, but I still come back for more.
Submitted By: fred.leung
(464,052 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: bizstuff
(464,034 on 2-2009)

Best politics show EVER!!!
Common Sense, that sums it up.
Submitted By: danajanezic
(463,907 on 2-2009)

Great Show
Dan consistently delivers well planned and articulate show which cause you to question the political norm. The only complaint I have heard, and Dan addresses himself in, "Mushrooms and Onions" is his voice. Trust me, once you get into the content you wont notice his voice at all. After a show or two, it will cease to be an issue. Now go download Common Sense and take a listen to some great solutuions to our societies toughest problems.
Submitted By: apsroswell2
(463,817 on 2-2009)

Outstanding & Insightful Commentary.
Submitted By: Jules.Edwards.III
(463,645 on 2-2009)

Still good.
Great podcast Dan, just listened to 144. In the first part you make a good point, however, what about the French contribution to our war of independance? The founding fathers seemed to not want America to do the very thing they advocated France to do in our time of need.
Submitted By: gorman33
(463,641 on 2-2009)

Dan Carlins Common Sense Podcast is one that I eagerly look forward to... hes always got good stuff to share and keeps me thinking about good things!!
Submitted By: pwilcox3
(463,635 on 2-2009)

awesome show!
Submitted By: sarahjo87
(463,602 on 2-2009)

agree or disagree its still good.
In most recent Common Sense (#144) Dan vocalizes exactly what I feel is making the USA suck today.
Submitted By: sleepytako
(463,514 on 2-2009)

Insightful and Wise
This is the most insightful political podcast that I am aware of. Non-partisan and non-politically-correct views that make you think about subjects youve long sorted out for yourself or dismissed.
Submitted By: nightonearth
(463,393 on 2-2009)

best podcast
Submitted By: deppand
(463,259 on 2-2009)

Awesome Political Show
Dan Carlin uses reason to make his arguments. In an age when so many so call pundits can only shout down opposing views, Dan is a breath of fresh air.
Submitted By: pfischer
(463,247 on 2-2009)

great show
This show is a great current affairs UNDERSTANDING tool.
Submitted By: arturo.vazquez
(463,243 on 2-2009)

Well stated.
Submitted By: jlfermendzin
(463,174 on 2-2009)

Double Plus Good
Submitted By: wmpatrickg
(463,165 on 2-2009)

Non-partisan - really
I dont always agree with him, but I love the non-partisan view.
Submitted By: techrogue
(463,144 on 2-2009)

great show
Submitted By: poverhauser
(463,129 on 2-2009)

Long time listener, This is the greatest show out. Ive played it for both my extremely conservative and extremely liberal friends and heard nothing but great reviews from both. Ive always loved it. GREAT SHOW DAN!!!
Submitted By: travelinbeat
(463,056 on 2-2009)

the best brain on the net.
Submitted By: joeburtonfink
(463,035 on 2-2009)

Dan Carlin Rocks!
Submitted By: rgering
(463,026 on 2-2009)

Dan Carlin for President!
This guy makes a lot of sense. Dont always agree with him, but his arguments are always clear, fair and consistent. Give it a try.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(463,020 on 2-2009)

refreshingly radical
A great source for original ideas outside of the Democratic/Republican political axis that has restricted American political thinking for the last twenty years.
Submitted By: antonio.rubio
(462,999 on 2-2009)

2nd Best
It just is!
Submitted By: aaron_kadkhodai
(462,983 on 2-2009)

get your ideas straight!
Submitted By: cthreepio
(462,958 on 2-2009)

Common Sense makes good sense
Best political commentary on the internet -- hands down!
Submitted By: b_haferkamp
(462,907 on 2-2009)

Should never fall out of top 10
Submitted By: robert.hall1
(462,897 on 2-2009)

When he gets these up, theres little else on the web to compare. Dans a little too cheeky about presenting himself as both liberal and conservative, but in the discussion itself he proves it.
Submitted By: scruffythinking
(462,881 on 2-2009)

Great interesting show
Great show
Submitted By: johanalmighty
(462,559 on 2-2009)

Great Show
I even listen to the shows that cheese me off! Theyre still entertaining and make me thing.
Submitted By: mheyman
(462,489 on 2-2009)

common sense
This weeks show was great
Submitted By: gusstu
(462,443 on 2-2009)

Best show I know
Dan Carlin gets me. Neo-prudentialism ftw!
Submitted By: tindall21047
(462,307 on 2-2009)

Great listening
Enjoy the perspective that Dan Carlin applies to his topics.
Submitted By: sille
(462,272 on 1-2009)

Heres to the Whig
Dan has nearly got me capitulating all the way to the gun shop!
Submitted By: djensen
(462,237 on 1-2009)

best podcast
Dan and Ben still puttin out the goods !
Submitted By: loosewildfree
(462,232 on 1-2009)

Finally an Independent
Great show. He proves his independence from the "big 2" by pissing everyone off!
Submitted By: cs5bct
(462,217 on 1-2009)

What a guy!
Submitted By: mooreforyourmoney
(462,195 on 1-2009)

Awesome show
Submitted By: nechols
(462,183 on 1-2009)

Wonderful Show!
A mix of logic and common sense. You will not agree with him all the time but then who does.
Submitted By: tomero4326
(462,160 on 1-2009)

Dan really gets you thinking..
Submitted By: Ddenny501
(462,137 on 1-2009)

This program does offer some hope that the general western society has some thinkers. Thank you Dan! Way to go and Congrats on the wonderful shows.
Submitted By: grantlsimpson
(461,979 on 1-2009)

great show
great show - highly recommended
Submitted By: jason_kasner
(461,945 on 1-2009)

Great Podcast
dont always agree but always makes me think
Submitted By: john.umc
(461,320 on 1-2009)

The smartest show you will actually enjoy listening to!
Submitted By: jwolfe
(460,891 on 1-2009)

uncommon common sense
Whether you agree or disagree with what he has to say you should listen! I listen to several different podcasts(read 30 or so) and Dans is the one I wake up everymorning looking for. Its a great place to get a look at, or at least a peak at, both sides of the issues. He does more than anyone Ive listened to toward giving you his opinion and the opinion of those on the other side of the issue. You get a chance to agree or disagree with him based on the facts from both sides, even when you may not think hes on the right side of an issue.
Submitted By: corycope17
(460,656 on 1-2009)

Great Show
Makes you think, entertaining.
Submitted By: cvanderneut
(460,202 on 1-2009)

A sane voice
I trust Dan. He is thoughtful, non-demogogic, sincere, wants to get at the truth.
Submitted By: sroushdy1
(460,124 on 1-2009)

Listen to This
Submitted By: andrew.shackelford
(460,029 on 1-2009)

Oh Dan..
Oh Dan..Chin up old boy,shovel the coal ,full speed ahead into the obiss.Look at it this way,our obess country is going on a crash diet. Will we come out of this? It time I'm sure,Leaner and meaner,I'm not a religous person,However I believe in the American People...Den
Submitted By: Ddenny501
(459,938 on 1-2009)

One of about 3 podcasts I listen to regularly
This is one of the few podcasts I listen to regularly. Most other podcasts I eventually get tired of, but not this one. Dan always looks at things from a different angle, the "Common Sense" angle I guess, cuts through the BS and gets right to the heart of the issues. A great speaker, me makes the morning commute bearable. Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: erk99
(459,259 on 1-2009)

Amazing Show
I hate all the political bullshit in this country today, and Dan Carlin is exactly the kind of media we need to get rid of it.
Submitted By: cirvin1
(459,171 on 1-2009)

I really enjoyed Jan 02, 2009s episode pertaining to the "Crisis in the Middle East"; Dan has great foresight.
Submitted By: nmcdaniels
(458,954 on 1-2009)

Great podcast
Love this podcast, its really interesting and really makes you think
Submitted By: nicholas.orwin
(458,776 on 1-2009)

Dan Carlin-Brilliant
Hes enlightening america one cast at a time
Submitted By: OneWithoutTheOther
(458,528 on 1-2009)

More more
Submitted By: Cdawlins
(458,509 on 1-2009)

dan carlin is great! i want to be in a weird relationship with him full of conversation and sexual tension.
Submitted By: matthew.holloway
(458,434 on 1-2009)

Great Show, makes me mad and makes me laugh!
Submitted By: john
(458,401 on 1-2009)

Wonderful Show
Without a doubt the best podcast ever produced! Gives people new hope about who is John Galt...
Submitted By: psd763
(458,354 on 1-2009)

Keep it up Dan, love the show. The only way you could make it better is to increase the number of hour in a day so that you and Ben could produce it more often!
Submitted By: swigen
(458,331 on 1-2009)

Excellent show
Submitted By: martywater
(458,231 on 1-2009)

very thought provoking
Must listen to this one!!!
Submitted By: Vincent1271
(458,154 on 1-2009)

I love Common Sense
Submitted By: smoody
(458,120 on 1-2009)

great show
Submitted By: happyser
(458,054 on 1-2009)

Love it!
Great content and provocative commentary! -Reality Bytes with Rachael West
Submitted By: pj
(457,911 on 1-2009)

Non-partisan analysis. So rare, it stands out like a mountain in the desert.
Submitted By: ck_junkbox
(457,704 on 1-2009)

Carlin is Great
Submitted By: mattvi
(457,672 on 1-2009)

Dan Carlin for President!
His two podcasts are my two favorites... Dont always agree with him, but he always makes a good case for his point of view, and always makes me think.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(457,423 on 1-2009)

My Favorite podcast
Dan Carlins podcasts are my favorites!
Submitted By: jbonet
(457,102 on 1-2009)

Dan you you really nailed it..I have thought the same way about peace in Isreal,I'm afraid your right on this one...Den
Submitted By: Ddenny501
(457,014 on 1-2009)

commen sense
... ya that pretty much sums it up.
Submitted By: jonahwerre
(456,945 on 1-2009)

Best Political Voice
Dan Carlins ideas make you think - whether youre coming from the right or the left. Its nice to hear from an independent voice once in a while! You should give him a try.
Submitted By: elizabeth.medwid
(456,265 on 12-2008)

Its just the best.
Submitted By: jcm0301
(456,243 on 12-2008)

Fantastic Podcast.most definitely worth listening too.
Submitted By: specter513
(456,163 on 12-2008)

Great Podcast.
Great Podcast. I love it!
Submitted By: Intarsia
(455,846 on 12-2008)

Submitted By: eccoradio
(455,697 on 12-2008)

Submitted By: vlad
(455,648 on 12-2008)

exceptional podcast
This show isnt just good and entertaining, but when you listen to it you feel its important, because Dan isnt arguing a liberal or conservative agenda, hes taking current issues and saying "wait, what does this mean??" And often, you think "dang.. we all should have thought of that..." just give it a shot
Submitted By: cthreepio
(455,487 on 12-2008)

The only talking points are his own. Listen in and get the martian point of view.
Submitted By: wmpatrickg
(455,338 on 12-2008)

I am a big fan of Dan Carlins podcasts and would like to see him in the top 3 for all of 2009.
Submitted By: nmcdaniels
(454,979 on 12-2008)

great perspecitve
Submitted By: ohars
(454,879 on 12-2008)

Gangsters & Politicians
Well done !!!
Submitted By: proofer47-alley
(454,798 on 12-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: championsforever
(454,781 on 12-2008)

Talk Radio Excellence
This show and author is for anybody my generation, or for that matter, anybody who is absoloutly disgusted with the ineffective, inept two party political system that has gotten us to where we are today. Dan Carlin is exactly what is needed in " Main Stream Media" would do this country and the brainwashed masses, tremendous amounts of good. thank you dan
Submitted By: clarity4
(453,440 on 12-2008)

Submitted By: dienoszinios
(452,967 on 12-2008)

Great Show
Helps me stop and think
Submitted By: trevr
(452,861 on 12-2008)

great suff. incredible insight
Great stuff. Incredible insight
Submitted By: btomancny
(452,823 on 12-2008)

Dan Carlin knows where this nation is going and provides an outlet for those of us who are tired or government charades.
Submitted By: sactoboy916
(452,723 on 12-2008)

Dan, You are a great voice of common sense.However, have you ever taken on the many crimes of the Zionist state? You could have years worth of the most important issues I know of. I believe you could inform Americans with the important news stories they are isolated from. P.B. (203)-445-2889 PS: It takes big balls to be a real patriot.
Submitted By: planetsage
(452,661 on 12-2008)

Of other things
Dan Carlin always complains about not being recognized. But, hes justified in doing so because his podcast should be.
Submitted By: cmilleville
(452,367 on 12-2008)

awesome podcast
Submitted By: mikemcging
(452,357 on 12-2008)

thank you!
dont stop! please dont stop!
Submitted By: surrealspiral
(452,184 on 12-2008)

this is the only
pod cast I listen to as soon as it is available
Submitted By: poverhauser
(452,160 on 12-2008)

Better then anyone on 24 hour news!
Submitted By: exskier10
(451,931 on 12-2008)

Common Sense--hot!
Extremely listenable, very entertaining, and undeniably insightful. Dan makes you think, even if your opinion differs. Who knew that non-partisanship could be some smokin hot podcasting! Dems, Repubs, yourself a favor. Download a show, listen to it on your way to work. Youll be glad you did!
Submitted By: heyjoek
(451,781 on 12-2008)

thumbs up
great to have someone to agree with and be aggrevated by simultaneously
Submitted By: Odinsworn
(451,765 on 12-2008)

Always a great show
Not everyone agrees with everything Dan says...but thats kind of the point...always engaging and more than entertaining...oh, and get well soon Ben...;-)
Submitted By: psw2
(450,932 on 11-2008)

Are you feeling bogged down by typical political media? Dan Carlin gives listeners a fresh perspective. He is not left or right, but he is rational and full of entertaining and new ideas. His appoach may piss you off at times. But the trueth is, he likes it that way. Great show. But his Hardcore History is my favorite.
Submitted By: post85
(450,610 on 11-2008)

The best and only
This is not only the best American political commentary out there, its the only one worth listening to, because the host is open-minded, clear-headed, and amazingly devoid of dogmatic bias. The only problem is that Dans performance reveals just how biased and obscene propaganda bullhorns like FOX News and NPR really are.
Submitted By: paulsacademy
(450,602 on 11-2008)

The antidote to political talking heads
If he hasnt made you mad yet, he will. Thats the tagline of the show. Dan doesnt blindly follow a party or demonize those who disagree with them. He is an independent thinker. This show is interesting and well produced.
Submitted By: leogodin217
(450,350 on 11-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: notrehtad
(450,327 on 11-2008)

A Different Approach
I can count on Dan to bring perspective to issues and porpose ideas that I, nor anyone I have access to, wouldnt have even considered. This includes both typical and non-traditional content distribution methods. Great fun to listen to.
Submitted By: frazmcg
(449,422 on 11-2008)

Great stuff! Keep it coming.
Submitted By: permaletter
(449,304 on 11-2008)

This man does his homework and gets it right. I dont always agree with him, but his arguments are always well thought-out and logical.
Submitted By: ferret404
(449,257 on 11-2008)

Love the show
Dan sometimes drives me nuts with some of his opinions, but he is still interesting and overall makes you think.
Submitted By: roypitta
(448,932 on 11-2008)

One of the best!
Submitted By: tcharest
(448,836 on 11-2008)

Great show
I love both of Dans shows. He offers a perspective I normally would think of.
Submitted By: joejohnsey
(448,552 on 11-2008)

Very Smart
I love listening to Dan! Dan;s show is what I wish I could hear daily from the main stream media. He introduces well thought commentary on current topics. His perspective is refreshing and I look forward to each episode.
Submitted By: tommy_sdsu
(448,468 on 11-2008)

Great Podcast
I dont always agree with you, Dan... But I always enjoy listening. Even if I am a Canadian living overseas. Youve got my vote.
Submitted By: teacherhen
(448,345 on 11-2008)

best there is
Submitted By: allus70
(448,339 on 11-2008)

good stuff
Got me interested in politics again, and its even entertaining, Ben.
Submitted By: goodrumj
(448,270 on 11-2008)

new media rules!
There are very few political commentators who as unbiased as Dan Carlin. While he is very opinionated on the problems our government faces and the way we choose to deal with them, he leans neither right or left in his analysis. This program offers a more objective view of politics and society than any mainstream "old" media attempts.
Submitted By: wpkieft
(448,269 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin cuts to the heart of the matter in a sensitive and sraightforward way that, at the very least, must give his critics pause.
Submitted By: krosch61
(448,257 on 11-2008)

Wonderful stuff
Submitted By: mattandtamsin
(447,891 on 11-2008)

Wonderful podcast - one of the best!
Submitted By: jdiamjr
(447,767 on 11-2008)

Uncommonly superb
Carlins uncommonly superb delivery combined with vast knowledge reminds me of the early days of a radio host I once avidly listed to. Sadly hes not available everyday, because if he was Carlins following would be even bigger. (PS Carlins history show is even better!)
Submitted By: hinthorn
(447,701 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin Rocks!
Submitted By: n.macholl
(447,378 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin gets my vote
Next to the "None of the above" box, Id write in Dan Carlin! He gets my vote! Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: thesilverpenny
(447,342 on 11-2008)

Enjoyable and Accurate
Submitted By: rogerdanielpaul
(447,332 on 11-2008)

Dans excellent
Pundits brainwash you... Danll get your brain filthy and sinking again: hell heap loads of hot, steaming, oozing, stinky COMMON SENSE!
Submitted By: chimychimy
(447,319 on 11-2008)

Common Sense is definitely my podcast of choice. I have recomended this podcast to a friend of every kind of political view and it has been well recieved. Thank you Dan for giving us some Common Sense
Submitted By: jtkade
(447,249 on 11-2008)

Finally. A non-partisan viewpoint. Might not agree with the guy sometimes, but who cares? Good stuff.
Submitted By: brotherwoo
(447,247 on 11-2008)

A wonderful breath of non-partisan fresh air!
Submitted By: jodi
(447,183 on 11-2008)

Common Sense
The most entertaining, educational and practical commentary that I have ever found.
Submitted By: larrydjennyr
(447,074 on 11-2008)

Along with hard core history, my favorite podcast! Give it a try!
Submitted By: jwolfe
(447,044 on 11-2008)

Refreshing take on old topics
Being a rookie in the arena of politics, I was looking for something unbiased, as Ive always hated politics due to the extreme bipartisan finger pointing that has taken over as of late. Dan is very energetic, knowledgeable and passionate. Granted you probably wont agree with everything he says, its still refreshingly easy to get a history education and some political commentary from him.
Submitted By: chris.r.armstrong
(447,009 on 11-2008)

A fresh voice
As I channel surf between CNN, Fox news and CNBC I get the usual party posturing from the talk show participants. Sure is great to hear a fresh voice out there - from our man - Dan Carlin. Keep up the good work Dan.
Submitted By: jakendall
(446,998 on 11-2008)

the best
this is my favorite podcast by far
Submitted By: poverhauser
(446,782 on 11-2008)

Dan is real
Submitted By: so_tayari
(446,679 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin is awesome! His is one of the few podcasts I am always waiting for and listen to as soon as it is available.
Submitted By: dan_klimke2001
(446,676 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: lori
(446,540 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: dott
(446,476 on 11-2008)

very informative and thought provoking
Submitted By: Bobkat49
(446,446 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin, future media King
Submitted By: whatthehellisapodcast
(446,434 on 11-2008)

I love the way you think & find I agree with you much more often than I disagree. You are a refreshing voice in an environment increasingly confounding--KEEP IT UP!!
Submitted By: mitchnitz
(446,305 on 11-2008)

Best political podcast around
Submitted By: cartertodd92
(446,297 on 11-2008)

Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Submitted By: jderekbelcher
(446,248 on 11-2008)

Keep it up.
I dont always trust that Dan is entirely sane (and Im beginning to wonder how sick this Ben charater really is) but the show is delightfully thought provoking. You could also say that people like Bill OReilly and Michael Moore are thought provoking, but theyre both so divisive and biased that I am ashamed that they still get to call themselves Americans. Give Dan and Ben a shot and you wont be dissapointed, even if you completely dissagree with everything they stand for!
Submitted By: mwimett
(446,232 on 11-2008)

Probably the best
Probably the best podcast out there, both the Harcore History Show and Common Sense
Submitted By: per.wallin
(446,175 on 11-2008)

Great show!
This show has introduced me to the "new media". Dans views are always griping and can make you re-think some of your own. You can find your self loathing, praising and laughing to his views all in the same show.
Submitted By: l7chavez
(446,063 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,892 on 11-2008)

great podcast
thanks for all your hard work.
Submitted By: a_vaupel
(445,399 on 11-2008)

Thought provoking
Submitted By: fnraf3
(445,362 on 11-2008)

best political commentary
Submitted By: dkcabal
(445,255 on 11-2008)

Best Podcast Ever!
Dan Carlin is the single rational voice that is left out there in the media. Thank god for podcasts...
Submitted By: neal.stearns
(445,238 on 11-2008)

hardcore history
The best podcast on the net
Submitted By: neil.winter
(445,191 on 11-2008)

Keep the good stuff coming
Submitted By: jose
(445,176 on 11-2008)

All Dan's podcasts
These are great ,I just wish some of our politicians had the oratory ,and common sense that Dan has .. Of coarse I realize Ben is behind him keeping him on track. We here in Canada have the same power crazed politicians ,willing to wade through sleaze and lies to get their little puppet positions .Not a one with any guts or Karisma. This is why people like Dan are not running the Countries . Just imagine the country with Dan as Prez and Ben VP. Neil
Submitted By: neil.winter
(445,145 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin is the best more intellectually simulating balanced podcast in existance
Submitted By: allan.solomon
(445,142 on 11-2008)

Best News & Politics Podcast ever
Submitted By: aryaaputra
(445,122 on 11-2008)

One of the Best
I listen to Bill Maher for humor, Bill OReilly for outrage - and Dan Carlin for the truth. He is one of the best political commentators I have ever come across.
Submitted By: patbradv2.0
(445,039 on 11-2008)

Here is a podcast that refreshes from so many partisan podcast. Despite my often disagrement with the host, Dan Carlins arguments are generally a good equilibrium between passion and reason. For a foreingner, it makes americans bearable! Americans, listen and make up your own mind.
Submitted By: gaeiaV
(445,024 on 11-2008)

Dan Carlin for president - in a more perfect world....
Submitted By: wfischli
(444,877 on 11-2008)

A worthy political podcast...
If one is sick of our two-party rule here in the USA, I strongly urge people to subscribe to this podcast...lots of "food for thought"
Submitted By: bane19682001
(444,704 on 10-2008)

In the top 3
Submitted By: allus70
(444,665 on 10-2008)

Thought Provoking
Thanks for the great podcast that entertains while examining our political system.
Submitted By: BurgerDST
(444,599 on 10-2008)

awesome, and impartial
Submitted By: chris
(444,590 on 10-2008)

The Best!
My favorite podcast (together with Dan Carlins Hardcore History)
Submitted By: jbonet
(444,559 on 10-2008)

this guy is cynical on both sides, just like me
Submitted By: mailandstuff
(444,531 on 10-2008)

Excellent, couldnt be better in this era of polarization.
Submitted By: mhurlbut
(444,473 on 10-2008)

As advertised
This show goes above and beyond political punditry--its commentary on the American psyche through the lens of state affairs and economic affairs. The opinions offered are controversial, well-reasoned, and often spot on in my opinion. But you dont have to like Dans opinions to love his show. It is nothing if not thought-provoking. Now wheres that new episode?
Submitted By: aliving1
(444,451 on 10-2008)

Great cast
Dan may piss you off, but he is one of the smartest, well read political thinkers of our day.
Submitted By: mpate521
(444,361 on 10-2008)

Great Show!
Submitted By: psd763
(444,351 on 10-2008)

Great show!
Great show
Submitted By: kae3106
(444,325 on 10-2008)

History + Opinion = Interesting show
Mr. Carlin puts together a good combination of current politics, history and a strong dose of spirited editorializing to produce an entertaining and educational show. If only the politicians would tune in occasionally, but what am I saying, common sense and politicians?
Submitted By: ericgrog
(444,269 on 10-2008)

One of my faves!
I love Dan.
Submitted By: andrea0599
(444,131 on 10-2008)

a rant without hate
Submitted By: lonemonad
(444,052 on 10-2008)

Great Show!
I dont always agree with Dan... in fact, often I dont. But I tremendously enjoy hearing his point-of-view espoused without all the vitriol and spin so common to the old media.
Submitted By: dianna.ballard
(443,988 on 10-2008)

great show!!!!
Submitted By: hero_makers
(443,881 on 10-2008)

Common Sense
Voting for the Dan Carlins Common Sense podcast. The quality is top notch.
Submitted By: albeacham
(443,641 on 10-2008)

Important discussions!
never miss one...
Submitted By: pdrzaic
(443,616 on 10-2008)

Vote 1 Dan Carlin
Submitted By: charlie500
(443,538 on 10-2008)

great show!
Submitted By: bssrf4
(443,214 on 10-2008)

The left and the right are both full of crap. You wont get the truth from MSNBC any sooner than you will Fox News. Listen to a guy whos not a shill for anyone. Sometimes hes crazy, but sometimes hes just trying to beat you over the head with common sense.
Submitted By: christhompson2000
(443,150 on 10-2008)

Insightful and excellent show.
Submitted By: russwilliams3
(443,147 on 10-2008)

Makes you think
I dont always agree with everything Dan says, but it inspires reflection and thought. I appreciate his attempts to be fair and balanced, calling out his own bias when he detects that he is in that type of situation.
Submitted By: brad
(443,115 on 10-2008)

great content
I give you five stars! I love both this and Hardcore History.
Submitted By: vronmcmullen
(443,080 on 10-2008)

oh yeh
Submitted By: eccoradio
(443,059 on 10-2008)

Dan Carlin: Common Sense
Fantastic political insight. Important current event analysis for any person of any political view.
Submitted By: schelld1
(443,055 on 10-2008)

a torch in the night
you are doing much good Dan, dont stop.
Submitted By: jplombard1964
(442,985 on 10-2008)

Awesome Show!
A great perspective of American Politics.
Submitted By: scott.nutting
(442,876 on 10-2008)

Best podcast ever!
Submitted By: hellskinchen
(442,855 on 10-2008)

I find it refreshing to hear something else other than extreme right or left wing negative opinions. This is a thought provoking podcast. I guess I am a late baby boomer that likes mushrooms & onions!
Submitted By: ivyb
(442,808 on 10-2008)

A nice political Podcast for Americans and non-Americans. A refreshing point of View
Submitted By: registeradress
(442,795 on 10-2008)

Love the Show!
Submitted By: nmccloskey
(442,677 on 10-2008)

Dan Carlin Common Sense
The best in the business, period.
Submitted By: toddpendergast
(442,675 on 10-2008)

Great show!
Submitted By: seanwt
(442,630 on 10-2008)

Good stuff, check it out
Submitted By: doron.meir
(442,595 on 10-2008)

Awesome podcast!
Submitted By: tboconne
(442,587 on 10-2008)

Another great show
Its allways good to hear a new point of view. Keep on rockin Dan!
Submitted By: hpmg
(442,548 on 10-2008)

An Independant Voice
Dans show bristles with common sense...or at least opinions and observations that tempt or cajole you into thinking and caring. This is the New Media at its best...professional standards with an independent and anarchic sensibility...I dont even live in the USA but I find it entertaining and thought provoking and informative. Whether you are agreeing or disagreeing, at least youll be thinking...Dan is the Man
Submitted By: psw2
(442,485 on 10-2008)

Great podcast!
Dan produces an interesting and entertaining podcast.
Submitted By: mark.sutherland
(442,467 on 10-2008)

dan carlin for the win
i vote for dan listen to the show if you havent
Submitted By: sterlingbushnell
(442,422 on 10-2008)

Best Out There
Submitted By: j5alive
(442,268 on 10-2008)

I love common sense
Dan tells it as he sees it without any partisanship. I attribute my decision to vote for who I believe in to him. Thanks Dan
Submitted By: darthtye
(442,093 on 10-2008)

Thought provoking. Enjoy the program. It is refreshing to hear some "common sense".
Submitted By: leader75
(442,006 on 10-2008)

Great Stuff
Heres a vote... thanks man
Submitted By: bezukov
(441,979 on 10-2008)

I have been looking for a commentary program that wouldnt just make me angry at Republican, or angry at Democrats, I wanted something that would show me what both sides are doing right and wrong. This is that "something". Dan can sum up what is going on and inspire me to do something about it.
Submitted By: jesse.wahl
(441,874 on 10-2008)

Common Sense is just plain good
Love the show Dan! Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: mattjuren
(441,871 on 10-2008)

This is an exceptional podcast. Dan Carlin is an exceptional podcaster. Each episode is filled with intelligent discussion about current events with a wider, historical perspective. I am a proud independent citizen, and this podcast seems to have been designed for me. Not that I always agree. But that is the beauty. Dan knows how to passionately, yet respectfully, argue his positions. Very entertaining and very thought provoking. I look forward to listening to Dan for years to come. Craig Weier Detroit, MI
Submitted By: craig.weier
(441,863 on 10-2008)

its great!
Submitted By: brian_harkins
(441,812 on 10-2008)

dan carlin
I love the common sense and hard core history. I do not always agree with you, but I love the fact that you try to stay unbiased in your opinions
Submitted By: danielpilrose
(441,806 on 10-2008)

I really enjoy this show
Submitted By: womack50
(441,756 on 10-2008)

Elegantly Logical
Dan Carlin for President? Maybe not. Nonetheless, I wish more people listened to this podcast to limit the idiocy that the American public gets caught up in, particularly during this damned election season. Subscribe. Think. Enjoy. Get well, Ben.
Submitted By: dbbliss
(441,743 on 10-2008)

love it, love it, love it! dan says everything I think and feel much better then I ever could! just wish he was on much more often!
Submitted By: hippiearchitect
(441,671 on 10-2008)

great Show
Submitted By: louisnatale
(441,602 on 10-2008)

This guy makes so much sense its scary...
Submitted By: jgillespie1959
(441,564 on 10-2008)

Yay! Great stuff.
Submitted By: Emy_105_
(441,557 on 10-2008)

lively politcal discussion
In-depth discussion of issues facing us in the US, as well as reflections on the various proposed solutions.
Submitted By: cwwees
(441,486 on 10-2008)

best podcast
Submitted By: mikathem
(441,480 on 10-2008)

Great podcast.
Great podcast. I may not always agree with Dan, but he tells it straight. Sweet and hard-hitting.
Submitted By: enforcer_zealot
(441,452 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: wetandfire
(441,283 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: emesner
(441,268 on 10-2008)

Dans most definitely the man! While sometimes I dont agree with everything he says, it is obvious that he cares a great deal about all the topics he talks about.
Submitted By: ras_fincher
(441,132 on 10-2008)

we want more dan... dont forget Mexico
Submitted By: villus1
(441,032 on 10-2008)

Im a Canadian and am an ardent fan of Hardcore History. Ive hesitated to subscribe to Commonsense because I assumed that it would mostly be about U.S. politics. But I was starving for good meaty talk so I checked out a few Commonsense shows. I picked out a few shows to listen to which seemed to have more than a national focus. To quote most of your reviewers "I dont always agree with Dan but..." You know, we in Canada have a love-hate relationship with the U.S. Part of that feeling comes from how your government conducts itself in the world, part how it conducts itself with Canada, and part how the mainstream U.S. media regards your country. How refreshing to not get the usual crap political reporting I would get from that mainstream media. Thank you. Great show. I must say that Show 125 (Mad About Torture) brought up stuff I totally agree with and feel very passionately about. Bravo. Very well analyzed. Keep up the good work. Pamela Morninglight, Surrey, BC, Canada
Submitted By: morninglight
(440,836 on 10-2008)

Commen Sense Partisan
This podcast took me from the depths of partisanship to a level of objectivity I could never have obtained otherwise. No longer am I a partisan robot, for a party I shall not name, who believes and votes the way I am told to. It is unbelievably refreshing to listen to ideas that are not copied and pasted from one of the two major political parties websites. One show is all it took to get me hooked.
Submitted By: lambeauguy1
(440,725 on 10-2008)

Its just a great show. I just wish politics in talk radio were more like this instead of the partisan BS we are subjected to.
Submitted By: esteban_sosa
(440,699 on 10-2008)

deserved praise
this podcast remains one of the best discussions of politics in America that you will find!! Check it out, and get beyond good guy bad guy politics and into the issues.
Submitted By: lcameron09
(440,691 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: robtherebel001
(440,536 on 10-2008)

A fresh viewpoint
it makes me think. I often write down Dans opinion and then present it to my friends. lively discussion ensue.
Submitted By: patrickpfeffer
(440,504 on 10-2008)

I dont always agree but...
I wish there were a lot more shows like this. Dan has called himself the Iggy Pop of talk radio but thats a little too Baby Boomer for me. Hes really more of a Greg Graffin. He calls the show Common Sense, says what he does is neoprudentism, but its actually DIY, punk rock, old fashioned, American pragmatism. Id like to express my thanks to him and the technology gods that make this show possible. Lets hope the long tail turns out to be tall enough to let this show grow. Maybe someday Dan will be more than just a minor threat to big media.
Submitted By: coggel
(440,429 on 10-2008)

great show
Submitted By: clinneer
(440,402 on 10-2008)

Great content, great production value
There needs to be more Dan Carlins in the main stream media. Heck, there needs to be ONE Dan Carlin in the main stream media. Great show, Dan! Love it!
Submitted By: jim
(440,382 on 10-2008)

The best of its kind
Submitted By: painless42
(440,376 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: krpopp
(440,330 on 10-2008)

Dans podcast was one of the first I started listening to on a regular basis. At the time i was disgusted at what passed for the main stream media and this left vs right yelling and screaming match without anything ever really getting solved. I recommend it highly to anyone who is tired of being beat over the head with the rhetoric that passes for news.
Submitted By: vrich187
(440,277 on 10-2008)

You simply MUST hear what Dan has to say
Submitted By: npowell013
(440,230 on 10-2008)

Love this podcast
Submitted By: eatavegi
(439,809 on 10-2008)

It is such a pleasure to hear topics discussed, or points made, without the typical partisan leanings. Thank you!
Submitted By: ck_junkbox
(439,799 on 10-2008)

Dans the man
Just like the title says this is "Common Sense". So rare and yet so close. Hes loud and fast and so much brighter than any of the 40 watt pundits on the tube.
Submitted By: steve
(439,680 on 10-2008)

Great Show
Great show!!!
Submitted By: james.zurga
(439,666 on 10-2008)

So great
"I dont always agree with Dan, but. . ." I love this podcast. Dan has an often brilliant insight beyond the surface, and even if I dont agree with him, I can see how he is thinking, and I respect that.
Submitted By: alb0401
(439,494 on 10-2008)

Dont always agree, but...
Submitted By: gadjeep
(439,459 on 10-2008)

Great Show
Great Show. Support the new media!
Submitted By: daiboan
(439,144 on 10-2008)

Eye-opening information
Good stuff. Thought provoking, hard questions that not many other people are willing to voice, even if we are all thinking them at some level.
Submitted By: rascalking
(439,070 on 10-2008)

Great Podcast really makes you think about things in a new light. I dont always agree with him though.
Submitted By: bba1014
(438,982 on 10-2008)

One of the best Podcasts out there
Submitted By: colorjazz
(438,755 on 10-2008)

Great show
everyone who is interested in what goes on in america with a more factual view than a bias view should listen to dans common sense show.
Submitted By: basebal084
(438,742 on 10-2008)

better than npr
I still love NPR but they tend to be too careful for my tastes and regular TV type news isnt even worth mentioning. Dan has a recklessly thoughtful approach to world events that you simply have to respect.
Submitted By: paulkirchman
(438,650 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: captsunshine54
(438,568 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: chocotjea
(438,565 on 10-2008)

love the mushrooms and onions!
After listening to show 135, I feel the need to further vindicate Dan.
Submitted By: foxysound
(438,564 on 10-2008)

Great show
Dan is the most entertaining, if at times vexing, podcast host out there, but his show is top quality and makes the listener think.
Submitted By: warkingroy
(438,399 on 10-2008)

best political podcast
I dont always agree with Dan but..... I mostly do.
Submitted By: theimann
(438,338 on 10-2008)

Refreshing political and social commentary
I came upon Common Sense when I was searching for more politcal podcasts to give me a viewpoint other than that presented by the Big Three (MSN, CNN, FOX). I aboslutely love Dans perspective on the world. On some subjects, Im in total agreement. On others, I wish I could talk directly to him and tell him why hes dead wrong. But the one common thread is that he logically argues all of his positions and I am eager to hear them. This is a great show for anyone who enjoys listening to logical commentary on current affairs. I only wish that Dan could do more interviews.
Submitted By: ernelson1
(438,273 on 10-2008)

I dont always agree with Dan.......but. His common sense look at the world is so nice to hear compared to the talking heads we hear every day.
Submitted By: rbarr3766
(438,240 on 10-2008)

Great podcast
Love the podcast, Dan has some down to Earth out look on what has been going on in our life time. The love that he has for what he does and the passion he express for the good of all Americans. Robert Girard Jr N.H. USA
Submitted By: Girardmn4
(438,019 on 10-2008)

Fresh Ideas
Always an enjoyable and though provoking show.
Submitted By: mo.steveh
(438,018 on 10-2008)

Makes you think
I think Dan is far too the stereotypical American (i.e. patriotic to a an almost sickening level), and some of the things he says is almost insulting to us non-yanks (yes we are the other 6 billion people out there). But I still cant stop listening to him!! The other 90% of what he says is some really good stuff that makes you think about the future of democracy in general... Even if America isnt the most democratic country in the first place :)
Submitted By: Nic.Robson
(437,992 on 10-2008)

Best yet, Keep it up!
Submitted By: ojaijeff
(437,978 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: martywater
(437,773 on 10-2008)

A much needed voice of sanity
Submitted By: jayson.elliot
(437,611 on 10-2008)

great show
Dan is very insightful and always gives me something different to think about. I have listened to every episode since I found this podcast. I cant get enough.
Submitted By: mokrauerd
(437,528 on 10-2008)

He keeps it interesting!
He will make you think about politics! The best non-partisan show there is!
Submitted By: ih82beused-leo
(437,523 on 10-2008)

Simply the best!
Submitted By: djgberg
(437,490 on 10-2008)

I vote Dan
Submitted By: tgos2012
(437,467 on 10-2008)

Dan Carlin for President!
If "Dan Carlin for President!" sounds silly to you... Listen to some of his shows. Certainly he isnt always right, but he always makes you think.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(437,432 on 10-2008)

Love it
Submitted By: igreenha
(437,412 on 10-2008)

Close to the mark
I have been listening for the past 8 months. Great find podcast. This podcast is about as close to the mark as any talk show. Good topics and well researched. Please dont stop this or your history podcast. Dont always agree but nice format.
Submitted By: mar10j
(437,406 on 10-2008)

Dan Carlin
I enjoy Dans show.
Submitted By: tparsons96
(437,403 on 10-2008)

always entertaining
and informative! Controversial but also extremely smart.
Submitted By: melissiaelisa
(437,394 on 10-2008)

Most fair and objective political newscast that you can find in any media form.
Submitted By: msabatini
(437,358 on 10-2008)

Awesome show!!!!!!!!!!
Love the show! Cant get enough of it!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: alec.neal
(437,261 on 10-2008)

Very good commentary on current events.
Submitted By: drcurran
(437,237 on 10-2008)

Love this show.
Submitted By: stephenharred
(437,221 on 10-2008)

my Favorite
Started with Hardcore history then Common Sense and it grows on you
Submitted By: dave
(437,204 on 10-2008)

I dont know of any voice on the air more original and authentic than Dan Carlin. Both of his shows are outstanding.
Submitted By: terryotoolesr
(437,200 on 10-2008)

Dan is the man
I dont always agree with Dan (apparently he gets that a lot), but its so refreshing to hear someone speak about the issues facing us through a truly non-partisan, pragmatic lens. Keep doing what youre doing Dan!
Submitted By: john.manthe
(437,145 on 10-2008)

What a breath of fresh air! I have channel surfed endlessly to find current events programming that isnt blatantly partisan. Ive been looking for a host who is willing to discuss not only the pro and cons of ideas presented by the two major political parties but is also willing to discuss out of the box alternatives. My search is over, Common Sense with Dan Carlin is the show Ive been looking for. My hearfelt gratitude and thanks to Dan Carlin and the crew.
Submitted By: kaliphoenix
(437,134 on 10-2008)

Best podcast out there
Dan Carlin For President (even though Im Canadian).
Submitted By: paul-prince
(437,113 on 10-2008)
I dont always agree with but....I wish we coud get a few of our nations prominent political leaders to sit across a table from Dan to answer the questions he poses
Submitted By: alan_a_wright
(437,106 on 10-2008)

Is he red or blue?
Dan Carlin is the most entertaining talk show host I have found. He will give you a fair view on the issues. Just when you think you have his political side pegged he says something that changes your mind. Great show, all should listen.
Submitted By: leopardsother
(436,932 on 10-2008)

dan carlin
id like to vote for both of dan carlins shows. they are the best podcasts out there
Submitted By: jon.mckay
(436,892 on 10-2008)

Makes you think, more so than any commentator out there! We particularly need this now! Give it a listen!
Submitted By: dmmotily
(436,710 on 10-2008)

Great Show
Dont Die Ben
Submitted By: hasse
(436,661 on 10-2008)

Best political show in the US
Dan Carlins Common Sense show has taught me more about politics and American history than any class or book.
Submitted By: libbylynn
(436,639 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: cobb11
(436,623 on 10-2008)

Best political talk
Left and right at the same time ...
Submitted By: jejunamja
(436,556 on 10-2008)

Must Listen
Before listening to this podcast I felt that my thoughts on American politics were so far outside of what people were thinking but Dan often articulates what Ive been thinking only using better words. If he doesnt piss you off at least once a podcast, you must not really care about our country however if you dont find yourself nodding along at some point...the same might be said.
Submitted By: jmarkh2001
(436,521 on 10-2008)
Submitted By: loki08
(436,481 on 10-2008)

Immediate Gratification
Again, an exceptional show!
Submitted By: polydistortion
(436,467 on 10-2008)

great show
Submitted By: k4man6
(436,427 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: bruce_mackinlay
(435,357 on 10-2008)

great show
Submitted By: tom.prigg
(435,285 on 10-2008)

I have become addicted to the show!
Submitted By: jose
(435,208 on 10-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(435,180 on 10-2008)

This podcast is great
Submitted By: doorsofperception12
(434,836 on 10-2008)

Dan Carlin
The two best podcasts on the net are: Common Sense with Dan Carlin and Dan Carlins Hard Core History.
Submitted By: oldguy94553
(434,606 on 9-2008)

Great Show
This guy is right in line with my thinking.
Submitted By: louisnatale
(434,335 on 9-2008)

great show
One of my few "cannot miss" podcasts.
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(434,144 on 9-2008)

Great Show. Love it!
Submitted By: alyciab
(433,580 on 9-2008)

Great show
I may not agree with Dan all the time, but at the very least, he gets me thinking. Isnt that the point?
Submitted By: rockit600
(433,576 on 9-2008)

A look at both sides of the Issue.... Level headed....
Submitted By: indigomoon
(433,494 on 9-2008)

pretty good stuff
Submitted By: crawbot
(433,416 on 9-2008)

The Best...........
I find Dan Carlins work excellent and recommend it for anyone seeking infotainment thats factual and entertaining.
Submitted By: indigoword
(433,356 on 9-2008)

Publius is Back!
Submitted By: hmey
(432,769 on 9-2008)

Best podcast on my list
Submitted By: psy-cop
(432,730 on 9-2008)

Political Analysis for People who are fed up with the RIght & the Left!
Dan Carlins Common Sense Show is the absolute best, non-partisan American political commentary and analysis show hands down. For intelligent people who are fed up with the white noise and distractions of both the Left and the Right this show is truly a breath of fresh air. While I may not agree with Mr. Carlin on every issue, over the past 2+ years, Ive benefited immeasurably from his insightful, "common sense" discussions of foreign and domestic events. Thanks Mr. Carlin - keep up the good work!
Submitted By: themodule
(432,702 on 9-2008)

Thank you thank you thank you
Submitted By: goldmale
(432,581 on 9-2008)

This guy has more sense than most of this administration. Hes the only person I have heard courageously put forth a SANE view regarding torture. No torture!
Submitted By: podcastalley
(432,425 on 9-2008)

I like this podcast because I cannot predict what Dan carlin is about to say about a topic. I do not always agree with him and I am sometimes wondering what is the difference between common sense and bad populism (its not so simple to figure out). What reassures me a bit is his vast culture in history. I hope it gives him some perspective. Anyway, I have been neglecting the other poscasts I usually listen to !!!
Submitted By: odette.helie
(432,414 on 9-2008)

Its common sense!
Carlins podcast is a necessity for every American. Common sense that everybody needs to be aware of!
Submitted By: codyjrapp
(432,385 on 9-2008)

Top podcast
EXCELLENT!!! Intelligent perpspectives and well spoken indeed - a salute from Roskilde - a viking city on an island in Denmark(-:
Submitted By: hc
(432,331 on 9-2008)

Dan for President!
Submitted By: corey.dimond
(432,274 on 9-2008)

Balanced political discussion is truly hard to find...
Submitted By: Deaddack
(432,267 on 9-2008)
Submitted By: dhayes21
(431,859 on 9-2008)

Dan Carlin is a genius!!! Listen to him NOW!!!
Submitted By: bste34
(431,234 on 9-2008)

Common Sense IS
Non partisan, constitutional commentary
Submitted By: lubyn
(430,899 on 9-2008)

show 133
Submitted By: tom.prigg
(430,895 on 9-2008)

Love the show!
Submitted By: aniruddha.ganguly
(430,708 on 9-2008)

Great show
Just wanted to let you know that this is a great thought-provoking show that looks at todays issues from a perspective that is too often overlooked in mainstream, sensationalistic media. I listen religiously...
Submitted By: ajburns
(430,677 on 9-2008)

Great podcast. I look forward to his views
Submitted By: bigguy12
(430,293 on 9-2008)
Submitted By: middle.american
(430,056 on 9-2008)

Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Great show - refreshing to hear Dans thoughts - keeps me thinking.
Submitted By: chetjet25-podcastawards
(429,833 on 9-2008)

I love this podcast. I dont always agree with him, but Ive learned more about politics from an Independent, "Common Sense" viewpoint from this show than anywhere else.
Submitted By: trexdacy
(429,670 on 9-2008)

Submitted By: roland.morel
(429,658 on 9-2008)

Its Great!!!
This Podcasts addresses the reality of politics that is neglected by most other media. Dan Carlin is the man!
Submitted By: lutherun
(429,615 on 9-2008)

Dan Carlin Commen Sense
Greatest Podcast Ive listened to yet
Submitted By: rboyer
(429,478 on 9-2008)

We need this podcast now more than ever! The cold oatmeal we are being fed by the main media is going to make us very sick if we dont wake up in time!
Submitted By: etraveller54
(429,452 on 9-2008)

Dan, I never get upset with your viewpoints. I think we are both similarly politically aligned. John
Submitted By: jocaprichard
(429,325 on 9-2008)

Good show.
Submitted By: leviforman
(429,134 on 9-2008)

Best Podcast Ever
Ive never been a big fan of politics or its workings, but since i started listening to dan carlin ive actually started giving a crap about whats going on in the world i live in. ive started reading time magazine and i cant get enough common sense or hardcore history. ive learned a lot and ive actually developed my own view points!! hooray!!!
Submitted By: thinktank343
(428,961 on 9-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(428,791 on 9-2008)

Excellent podcast
I think Dan Carlins Common Sense show (as well as his Hardcore History show) are some of the best content on the Internet.
Submitted By: joeburtonfink
(428,595 on 9-2008)

I love dan carlins viewpoints
Submitted By: matt.pipkin
(428,465 on 9-2008)

Keep us thinking and questioning
This commentary, while sometimes maddening, is a vehicle for critical analysis of current events. If youre looking for a straightline, preaching to the choir type of analysis, look elsewhere. If you are prepared to confront ingrained thought, youre in the right place! Great podcast - entertaining and enlightening.
Submitted By: c2avilez
(428,413 on 9-2008)

Thank you Dan
Thank goodness & basic Common Sense. Please dont ever leave us Dan....the general public, the guy on the street, the man next door, and the majority of average humans who still give a damn. No we dont believe everything that is being spoon-feed to us by our politicians and the media. Sometimes though we need a loud wake-up call to re-engage us in what is happening. We all need to think about these issues, whether we agree or not. Apathy is a killer.
Submitted By: mandy66
(428,289 on 9-2008)

Love the show!
Submitted By: nmccloskey
(428,195 on 9-2008)

Excellent source of news and commentary backed up by facts not opinion
Submitted By: cmahru
(428,119 on 9-2008)

great show.
Submitted By: aakubilus
(428,001 on 9-2008)

My second favorite podcast
My first being Hardcore History.
Submitted By: mattwarren1
(427,858 on 9-2008)

insightful (if theres a word like that!)
Submitted By: tywoatunwa
(427,408 on 9-2008)

Great Show!
Submitted By: jcm0301
(427,135 on 9-2008)

best show
I really enjoy the commentary Dan Carlin provides, no other podcast Ive found compares to it.
Submitted By: jondial
(426,977 on 9-2008)

Dan Carlin for President
I love the show and the fact he doesnt pander to the normal bias. Is he bias yes but not twords either party and thats a breath of fresh air.
Submitted By: darthtye
(426,887 on 9-2008)

Ben get a job!!
Dan is awesome. I wish our politicians could stir debate as well as he does!
Submitted By: drcummins
(426,820 on 9-2008)

love the show Dan
Submitted By: slacker11
(426,774 on 9-2008)

Great shows
Dan, I love your shows. Just got introduced to the Common Sense podcast, but have been a big fan of Hardcore History for a while. Id just like to add a quick jab, since I know you get this a lot...please finish a new Hardcore History show soon!!! Thanks, Megan
Submitted By: chico4carter
(426,764 on 9-2008)

Dan Carlin!
I love these commentaries... hes got such a great insight to the issues we should really be paying attention to.
Submitted By: rowdy_scorpio
(426,749 on 9-2008)

My Favorite podcast
My favorite podcast (with Hardcore History). Worth paying for.
Submitted By: jbonet
(426,744 on 9-2008)

awesome podcast. great viewpoints.
Submitted By: rjl
(426,719 on 9-2008)

McCainiace in Sheeps Clothing
Odd there isn't a single negative McCain podcast description but a whole slew of anti-Obama descriptions.
Submitted By: ajarnbarryd
(426,578 on 9-2008)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: crazyredmom
(426,485 on 9-2008)

Submitted By: Tamaraschuler
(426,340 on 9-2008)

Dan Carlin is the best. I always eagerly await his next podcast, so that I can hear his take on what matters in our country, and the world. It is nice to hear someone finally have something relevant to say when were constantly hearing the same old worthless commentary from the usual news outlets. I only wish more people would listen to Dan. It would be awesome to see him have a show on CNN, or similar channel but we all know that he wont play that game the way they want it. Anyway, keep it up Dan.
Submitted By: ian.whelan
(426,255 on 9-2008)

I love Dans Shows
Listen to this show... you wont regret it!
Submitted By: gtimchishen
(426,222 on 9-2008)

Common Sense is not so Common
Submitted By: danheneise
(425,968 on 9-2008)

Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: jose
(425,959 on 9-2008)

Let us thank the powers that be that we still live in a country where Dan (and Ben) can share their views with the public. Up with Common Sense!
Submitted By: jbfuller
(425,760 on 9-2008)

My favourite weekly podcast
I love your work Dan
Submitted By: davidfield
(425,527 on 9-2008)

Gday from China
Hey Dan... im an australian in china... i download both your podcasts as soon as they come out - love them.
Submitted By: so.many.variables
(425,510 on 9-2008)

great podcast
the most enjoyable way ive found to keep up on pollitics
Submitted By: fuergrissaostdruaka
(425,366 on 8-2008)

Great show!!!
This podcast is CONSISTENTLY provocative and while maybe not right on the nose 100% it never fails to get me thinking.
Submitted By: corinnefavero
(425,107 on 8-2008)

Great to listen to
Very enjoyable. So much so, I invested in a DVD of the first 100 episodes. You will love it!
Submitted By: ddscrna
(425,021 on 8-2008)

go Dan
Submitted By: corgyn
(425,010 on 8-2008)

Great show
Thoughtful and original political discussion
Submitted By: crstnaknt
(424,834 on 8-2008)

Great show, as is Hardcore History.
Submitted By: trish_o_brien
(424,772 on 8-2008)

Dont stop
Submitted By: xplod14
(424,614 on 8-2008)

Dan is awesome
I adore the show. I couldnt agree with you more, and was so happy to hear another person as pissed off about the olympics as I. And I didnt even watch! Also, love the history. Thank you so much for you and all who work on the program. Sincerely, Laura
Submitted By: laurapalmer
(424,555 on 8-2008)

political/social dissection at its best
This is a FANTASTIC podcast. Not only do I appreciate Dans genuine intensity and passion, but this has got to be the best place to get another political point of view, I dont always agree with him, (but he knows that and thats the point)-- the point is to open up the topics in ways that they ARENT being opened up, even though they should be. And then, always, what are the ramifications of whats being done? His episode on torture comes to mind. Trust me, its an honest and fascinating podcast no matter your political orientation. Listen, rate, and keep this guy on the air!
Submitted By: cthreepio
(424,497 on 8-2008)

Im honestly addicted to this podcast. I wish Dan would do them more frequently. Also, check out his Hardcore History show!
Submitted By: profgenius
(424,485 on 8-2008)

A little nuts, a little genius, a lotta awesome. Listen up, folks, this guy speaks the truth!
Submitted By: ahh5038
(424,477 on 8-2008)

Not so good anymore
The last few shows were quite disappointing, I hope this wont continue
Submitted By: suzanhoffman
(424,284 on 8-2008)

Great show!
Accidentally stumbled across Dan Carlins podcasts. They are great---a must for any college student. I wish I had these casts when I was in school. Also check out his Hardcore History series.
Submitted By: crystalhuff
(424,235 on 8-2008)

The Voice of the New Media
Great podcast. Intelligent and passionate, this podcast is for anyone seeking an opinion on politics that isnt dictated by those currently in power. Dan examines our political system from a unique but informed perspective. You cant go wrong.
Submitted By: rw122
(424,199 on 8-2008)

Thank You Again
Submitted By: tpetta
(424,185 on 8-2008)

consistent high quality
By far the best podcast that I download! I always listen to this one first when it comes.
Submitted By: cgribnau
(424,049 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: emilgud
(423,853 on 8-2008)

Every episode so far has been worth the download
Submitted By: sjwest4
(423,616 on 8-2008)

Love this cast
Dan says all the things I want to say, but my limited verbal skills keep me from doing that. This guys ideas are forward thinking and should be what all mericans should be listening to.
Submitted By: LADIEUONE
(423,598 on 8-2008)

dan is refreshing to listen to.
i look forward to each episode. you know dan is going to give you something to think about.
Submitted By: eddiecogg
(423,367 on 8-2008)

Dan Carlin is great!
Thanks for helping bring his podcasts to me.
Submitted By: aklnbrg
(423,310 on 8-2008)

Very provocative
Dan provides very fair and intelligent thinking around many issues in todays political scene. Unusually informative and balanced!
Submitted By: idgoddard
(423,176 on 8-2008)

best commentary show, anti-gov.
Submitted By: kinain
(423,080 on 8-2008)

Always interesting - A woderful show.
Submitted By: cjmsola
(423,072 on 8-2008)

Two for one
Dan, its incredible that youre currently producing the two best podcasts available (Hardcore History and Commen Sense). Both shows go great together and your take on history gives great insight into your take on current affairs. Thanks for consistantly making me think outside the box.
Submitted By: activationjason
(422,955 on 8-2008)

Carlin is the man
Submitted By: brutul
(422,931 on 8-2008)

Great show! We love Dan Carlin
Submitted By: muttnjeff
(422,845 on 8-2008)

good show
Fun to listen to.
Submitted By: bschou
(422,838 on 8-2008)

Dan Carlin has a great podcast
Submitted By: cursteven
(422,732 on 8-2008)

This is by far the best political commentary podcast I have ever heard. Every show is informative, well-researched, and eye-opening. Awesome Podcasst!
Submitted By: nstig8r44
(422,597 on 8-2008)

Awesome POV - I hope more people listen and react to the logic of common sense.
Submitted By: hurtstosit
(422,287 on 8-2008)

This is a really good podcast. Really good. Dan has an extremely good style of speaking, and is very insightful. I can almost never guess what Dans thoughts are on a topic, and yet I end up almost always agreeing with him in the end. I cannot recommend this podcast enough.
Submitted By: drjlove
(422,172 on 8-2008)

Better than most!
Submitted By: aborunda
(422,122 on 8-2008)

My Favorite Politics Podcast
Hes in the vein of Bill Maher, but not trying for laughs. Dan takes on very interesting subjects, and has a very interesting point of view. Definitely worth a try, no matter your political association.
Submitted By: reas.bowman
(422,047 on 8-2008)

It rocks!
Best current events/politicoon the web!
Submitted By: corymoss22
(421,913 on 8-2008)

the best
hands down, best podcast ever.
Submitted By: cloudyday000
(421,651 on 8-2008)

Wonderful, intelligent podcast
Submitted By: mikeculmo
(421,638 on 8-2008)

Awesome Podcast
Dan has the best outlook on our countries situation out there. Listen to it, love it.
Submitted By: andrewbolin
(421,604 on 8-2008)

Love the Show
I did not like it at first but it has really grown on me. Now i look forward to seeing it in my new folder.
Submitted By: talonawd1991
(421,542 on 8-2008)

Dan Carlins common sense
This show is THE BEST podcast I have ever listened to. Highly recommended!
Submitted By: codyjrapp
(421,535 on 8-2008)

Excellent Podcast
Submitted By: geophizz
(421,159 on 8-2008)

Giving Podcasting a Good Name
One of the best reasons to listen to podcasts: smart, thoughtful and irreverent. Common Sense is an appropriate title.
Submitted By: mtandrsn
(421,010 on 8-2008)

Great Show
Finally found a non-partisan current events podcast to listen to.
Submitted By: mikeywadevogt
(420,957 on 8-2008)

Superb Podcast
Dan Carlins podcast is both thought provoking and entertaining. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the contemporary issues of our day.
Submitted By: gjalarhorn
(420,954 on 8-2008)

awesome show
Submitted By: filtermagnet
(420,945 on 8-2008)

thought-provoking analysis. thanks, dan!
Submitted By: lindsaymcummings
(420,921 on 8-2008)

Common sense for sure. I wish more people in the Unites States had some.
Submitted By: fixerhouseguy
(420,852 on 8-2008)

A great podcast
A truly independent view of politics and current affairs. You may not always agree with Dan, in fact I often strongly disagree with his conclusions or ideas, but Dan makes you think. He is beholden to no one! - Keep up the good work Dan.
Submitted By: lparisi
(420,752 on 8-2008)

Dan Carlin
If you are not listening to Dan Carlin, you are part of the problem.
Submitted By: kfelledge
(420,548 on 8-2008)

Great show
This is one of the best political podcasts on the web.
Submitted By: coreymatthewslmt
(420,541 on 8-2008)

Exceptional show
Dan Carlin always has a new an interesting topic that provides you a (despite how much he hates the term) fair and balanced. To be fair he hates everyone in a balanced fashion. When you read this Dan I hope youre drinking coffee from my buck a show donations!
Submitted By: achew22+podcastalley
(420,394 on 8-2008)

Great show with an unorthodox viewpoint that makes you think.
Submitted By: rusticbrando
(420,360 on 8-2008)

I Love
Dan & (Ben?) You are a breath of fresh air. John Prichard
Submitted By: jocaprichard
(420,246 on 8-2008)

The podcast basically echoes the sentiment most people have when they wake up in the morning and turn on the news. I think many people will find they can agree with Dan Carlin on more than one level, and where they disagree it is still possible to appreciate his perspective because hes not belittling anyone.
Submitted By: charlesjdewitt
(420,156 on 8-2008)

Great Show!
I love Dan Carlins show! His independent views are so refreshing! Hes not Left or Right wing - so he offend you and inspire you all in one show! Its awesome for political junkies!
Submitted By: blackbird2009
(420,127 on 8-2008)

dans the man
great podcast!
Submitted By: arm82879
(420,120 on 8-2008)

great show - ty
Submitted By: thalunil
(420,044 on 8-2008)

Get ready to get angry
I love this show because it shines a new light to the concept of debate, far from stoicism - this emphatic podcast moves you makes helps you formulate the proper questions through the thick smoke veil of current politics and media affairs.
Submitted By: vsouffay
(420,034 on 8-2008)

Great show and at least he tries to be even-handed. One of the better ones for intelligent opinions.
Submitted By: wgdf2
(420,011 on 8-2008)

Amazing "Moderately Radical" Political Show
This show will tickle your brain and rouse the partisan feathers
Submitted By: dgibbons
(419,982 on 8-2008)

dan rocks
Submitted By: kenney999
(419,948 on 8-2008)

A great show, sooo interesting and bang on.
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(419,938 on 8-2008)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: jjew1
(419,924 on 8-2008)

Uncommonly Sensible
Very fast, extremely entertaining and thought provoking
Submitted By: armyof1
(419,853 on 8-2008)

Dan is Tops
How refreshing! To finally listen to someone who cuts through the bull and tells it like it is. Dan doesnt just talk about today but he tracks how we got here and where were headed (like it or not). Hell lull you out of complacency and wake you up to whats really going on - all while screaming, "Listen up People!" Very cool. Very cool, indeed.
Submitted By: callap3
(419,801 on 8-2008)

love it
just wanted to say that i love this show.
Submitted By: hwpgbxsz3rkm9yc
(419,783 on 8-2008)

Great show
Good for Gray Matter
Submitted By: hasse
(419,775 on 8-2008)

dan carlin rules!!
I listen to all of the shows. I find them to have a brave a refreshing perspective, not affraid to talk about the issues that mainstream media wont touch out of fear of not being "neutral".
Submitted By: iansnesrud
(419,766 on 8-2008)

Excellent Podcast
Carlin trusts his listeners to think for themselves, and invites them to contact him with their disagreements, indicating a much greater respect for his audience than other political commentators. Moreover, because Carlin takes time to describe his views and to make clear his own personla assumptions and biases, listening to him articulate points that you disagree with may not change your mind, but it will make you think about your own views more carefully.
Submitted By: afarensis16
(419,763 on 8-2008)

I find this to be one of the best podcast on the net. I look forward to it each and every time.
Submitted By: king.chad
(419,733 on 8-2008)

Like the show
Submitted By: kathleenmrivera
(419,719 on 8-2008)

Compelling Monologue
Dan provides a voice for the notion that has been nagging me for several years now - the political system in the US is broken, is in steep decline and is dragging the country down with it.
Submitted By: robjon
(419,690 on 8-2008)

great show
Submitted By: onitsud
(419,598 on 8-2008)

dan carlin is the best / most entertaining hour ( or more ) you can find.
Submitted By: salesmail23
(419,557 on 8-2008)

Always well produced, always thought provoking.
Submitted By: ian.all.over
(419,534 on 8-2008)

best show
Submitted By: vannj
(419,532 on 8-2008)

Favorite Political Podcast Out There
A different perspective that always gives you something to think about even if you disagree. Can hardly say the same of corporate media.
Submitted By: NMC86
(419,528 on 8-2008)

Very enjoyable. Brings perspective and attention to important topics that are overlooked, and regrounds the point of the issue in terms that are too often ignored or forgotten. Whether you agree or not (and I often do), Dan forces you to think about what it is to be an American, and how weve often lost our way.
Submitted By: zacwdavis
(419,472 on 8-2008)

Great !
great commentary, great insights.
Submitted By: kkeenan
(419,466 on 8-2008)

Great stuff
Loved show 131, especially about China and the Olympics!
Submitted By: amioduch
(419,464 on 8-2008)

excellent thought
While I do not agree with the author all the time he is one of the most intellectually arousing commentators I have ever heard.
Submitted By: brucestuart8
(419,456 on 8-2008)

Great podcast
Dan is full of energy and, even if you disagree with his positions, find new ways to think of problems. Quality podcast!
Submitted By: bffredo
(419,434 on 8-2008)

Makes You Think
Lots of food for thought about where our country is and where it might be going.
Submitted By: jesgreenberg
(419,421 on 8-2008)

I love this guy.
Submitted By: jasonlhackett
(419,382 on 8-2008)

This is the best show on US politics ever!
Submitted By: manuel
(419,361 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: jeremybroadhead
(419,295 on 8-2008)

Dans input on politics is very enlightening. i look forward to both of his shows
Submitted By: pantallica599
(419,218 on 8-2008)

Best show out there!!!
No one does a podcast like Dan Carlin does; even though there are (very few) times Id like to shake some sense into him because I think hes a bit off the mark, he does make very persuasive arguments, and the show is greatly entertaining as well as extremely informative. Keep up the good work, Dan and Ben!!!
Submitted By: roypitta
(419,200 on 8-2008)

Great show!
Submitted By: tindall21047
(419,196 on 8-2008)

Best Podcast on my list
Most thought provoking podcast out there period!
Submitted By: vanquish_db8
(419,161 on 8-2008)

great show
love the show if you have never herd it take the time
Submitted By: sterlingbushnell
(419,156 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: JOHFINK
(419,147 on 8-2008)

Best podcast for thinking people!
Submitted By: terrence.murtha
(419,096 on 8-2008)

Dan is the MAN!
This and hardcore history are the best casts out there. Period.
Submitted By: o_blue_rain
(419,089 on 8-2008)

Great show!
Love the show almost as much as Hardcore history!
Submitted By: erick
(419,082 on 8-2008)

A shot in the arm for Ben
Rock on guys
Submitted By: condor_beta
(419,079 on 8-2008)

good to see something different for a change
ive loved this podcast for over a year now and still am not tired of it. a new and interesting outlook on all the same stories the television networks are covering, but without the myopia.
Submitted By: tkeradar
(419,072 on 8-2008)

Uncommonly good common sense ... if only there were more of it around.
Submitted By: grateful
(419,056 on 8-2008)

Great show
I have never been keen on politics, current events and history. Good teachers, like Dan Carlin, are changing that for me. Apple iPods and great podcasts are making me smarter everyday.
Submitted By: gedeyenite
(419,047 on 8-2008)

Thank You
Submitted By: tjpetta
(419,036 on 8-2008)

Awesome Podcast
This is one of the best podcasts I listen to. Dan gives great opinions and lets you know what is wrong with this country. This is a must listen for anyonewho wants to know how we can improve our country.
Submitted By: scigrex14
(419,009 on 8-2008)

Best podcast on podcast alley
Submitted By: msabatini
(419,008 on 8-2008)

Wonderful Podcast
I wish more people would listen to this.
Submitted By: dkcabal
(419,002 on 8-2008)

Original Thought
Great to hear original and critical thought in a world or unoriginal, uncritical men.
Submitted By: aaron.bivins
(418,988 on 8-2008)

great show
Submitted By: glechner
(418,982 on 8-2008)

Dan Carlin is amazing
Are you a Republican? A Democrat? An Independant? Libertarian or Green? Even if you are an international listener with little knowledge of the American political system, or an American with no real interest in the status quo, this webcast has something for you. Dans take on things just makes sense. Listen to just one show with a skeptical ear - thats how I started. I kept waiting for him to turn into a nut ball, and it simply never happened. Im hooked now. You really must listen to this webcast.
Submitted By: npowell013
(418,759 on 8-2008)

Someone with a brain talking about politics..
I dont always agree with Dan, but I am glad to hear him stepping outside of the Right/Left talking point, and to hear him looking for answers instead of just ranting about whats wrong...
Submitted By: irenzero
(418,740 on 8-2008)

i am smarter
I am smarter because I listen to this show. you can be smarter too. Listen to common sense.
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(418,738 on 8-2008)
Submitted By: loki08
(418,700 on 8-2008)

Definitely worth paying for.
Submitted By: jbonet
(418,492 on 8-2008)

this is the best podcast on the internet. i havent listened to every single one, but i still stand by that assertion.
Submitted By: sp759
(418,424 on 8-2008)

Refreshing and Important Commentary
Its difficult to say how much I like this podcast. After listening to over 20 episodes, I can say that Dan Carlin really presents actual common sense. If I dont initially agree with what he says (which is admittedly rare), his rationale is usually so good it makes me feel kind of silly for being opposed to his idea in the first place. He is independent. If you listen to an episode and it seems like he leans too far towards one direction, just keep listening. Hell change it up at some point.
Submitted By: jinx6921
(417,448 on 8-2008)

Great show!
Submitted By: gtimchishen
(417,327 on 8-2008)

I appreciate your honesty
I appreciate your honesty and sincerity
Submitted By: andrewshauver
(417,055 on 8-2008)

Dan Carlin rocks
Should be required listening for all US voters.
Submitted By: carolynjsanders
(416,444 on 8-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show
Submitted By: soupygato
(415,669 on 8-2008)

Good stuff
Submitted By: fangthang
(415,610 on 8-2008)

From One History Freak to Another
Love this show... I never miss an episode. Dan is quite a history buff and it shows in his opinions, which, being a bit of a history freak myself, I VERY much appreciate.
Submitted By: bethanyradman
(415,585 on 8-2008)

Independent political fury!
Dan is a non-partisan force of nature! Its political discussion in real terms, and with an honest look at both sides of the aisle. Try out one show--- youll be hooked!
Submitted By: heyjoek
(415,131 on 8-2008)

Great Podcast!
I thoroughly enjoy the independent thinking, even when I disagree with his viewpoints.
Submitted By: ryanericmorgan
(413,894 on 7-2008)

Go Dan!
Dont forget Hardcore History
Submitted By: kenh
(413,873 on 7-2008)

Also see Hardcore History
Also see Hardcore History w/ Dan Carlin
Submitted By: drewfreemanrph
(413,781 on 7-2008)

Entertaining and Thought Provoking
One of the best podcasts around
Submitted By: flynnie78
(413,471 on 7-2008)

Terrific podcast.
Insightful and much-needed perspective on whats going on today. If everyone in the country listened to this program and really considered his criticisms, we wouldnt be in the mess we are today. For societys sake, try listening to at least one or two of this alternative to fallacious partisan hackery. Its good stuff.
Submitted By: timhsanchezh
(412,808 on 7-2008)

The most sober opinion in media - I wish this guy could inform our leaders
Submitted By: damonbrunelle
(412,511 on 7-2008)

Great Show
Somewhat off the wall, radically sensible. Save Ben
Submitted By: sjames_1958
(412,469 on 7-2008)

a vote for Common sense with Dan Carlin
I dont always agree but he gets me thinking by challenging the way I think. He inspires me to do more research on my more and ask questions. When I listen I feel like its almost a dialog...i am responding to his issues...he really draws this listener in. aloha, Lillian
Submitted By: lillianrulon
(412,203 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: dpray2
(411,306 on 7-2008)

If youre not listening to Dan Carlin, youre severely under qualified to vote.
Submitted By: kelsuy
(411,289 on 7-2008)

Dans Great!
I love dans show! Ben... oh Ben...
Submitted By: gtimchishen
(411,163 on 7-2008)

Great show!
A truly interesting show. I like it and Im not even american.
Submitted By: tompahellacopter
(410,808 on 7-2008)

Awesome as usual
Dan has that unique voice that captivates, and good content that prompts reflection. Im always anxious for the next show!
Submitted By: roland.morel
(410,507 on 7-2008)

Great show!
Submitted By: ms.shara
(409,641 on 7-2008)

listen if you love America
Dan Carlin has a true passion for whats GREAT about America - and plenty of anger, ranting, and crazy solutions for whats not!
Submitted By: jennifer_k_rodney
(409,461 on 7-2008)

Great Show!
Great show as usual.
Submitted By: gorman33
(409,257 on 7-2008)
Submitted By: finnellr
(409,193 on 7-2008)

Highly Recommended !
Keep up the good work. A great show and one of the few shows with an edge.
Submitted By: Peter.Thompson
(409,143 on 7-2008)

Great Podcast - Common Sense
Love it! Wouldnt change a thing. Dont ever stop. We need you.
Submitted By: coffeyjj
(409,136 on 7-2008)

very interesting and entertaining
I like the points of view he has on topics I thought I had nailed. intriguing stuff. hope ben is getting what he needs :]
Submitted By: trevis
(409,002 on 7-2008)

best political podcast
Brlliant man with non partisant ideas
Submitted By: codejeux
(408,818 on 7-2008)

Right on
Dan makes sense
Submitted By: kinsign
(408,730 on 7-2008)

The Best Anti-Partisan Podcast Around
Thoughtful, yet intense, Carlin mercilessly deconstructs the glittery facades of our gridlocked two-party system. My favorite podcast!
Submitted By: jmcdoogle
(408,724 on 7-2008)

Dan Carlin is an amazing personality
Common Sense by Dan Carlin is my favorite discovery out of an form of media this year.
Submitted By: odincappello
(408,721 on 7-2008)

Great Podcast
I dont always agree but he will make you think
Submitted By: sfarrel
(408,685 on 7-2008)

Dan really gets it
If youre looking for intelligent political discussion without the shackles of left versus right then Dan is your guy. If I couold only listen to one podcast this would be it.
Submitted By: jchornbe
(408,628 on 7-2008)

Always insightful and innovative, Dan Carlin makes my day.
Submitted By: pvolker
(408,305 on 7-2008)

great show!
Submitted By: clarke
(408,201 on 7-2008)

As Always, Best Political Content & Analysis Cast Around
Well done Mr. Carlin - as a longtime listener, I cant thank you guys enough for your insightful, *common sense* analysis and commentary on American politics and international affairs. You guys produce the absolute finest show around. Everyone out there - be they a right-wing LEftist, ultra-conservative Hippie, democrat, republican or anywhere in between - should watch your show. Regards, Noel S. Brooklyn, NY
Submitted By: themodule
(407,868 on 7-2008)

Make up your own mind!
Finally a political anyalst with no agenda. Imagine a world where decisions made are based on merit. If there were more Dan Carlins in this world we may know what that is like.
Submitted By: aoltmans
(407,782 on 7-2008)

Dan Carlin, my media Darling
Submitted By: whatthehellisapodcast
(407,772 on 7-2008)

Refreshing political talk
Its great to hear somebody take on the issues and the political figures without being biased to either of the politcal parties.
Submitted By: krugerio
(407,760 on 7-2008)

Dan Carlin!!!
Great show!
Submitted By: kae3106
(406,484 on 7-2008)

(406,255 on 7-2008)

i love this podcast!
Submitted By: ashleyr.taylor
(406,241 on 7-2008)

Uncommonly sensible.
Dan Carlin offers, for free and without annoying commercial breaks, a much higher quality of political commentary than one can find anywhere on the FM or AM dial. You may not agree with every position he argues, but his perspectives are unfailingly well-reasoned and well-articulated...and easy on the ears, to boot. Carlins talk show used to be an important part of my radio consumption, back in his days of Oregon radio broadcast, and Ive missed him ever since his show went off the air. Im delighted to have rediscovered him in the podcasting medium. Hes well worth a listen.
Submitted By: kerrydelf
(405,778 on 7-2008)

Common Sense!
Smart, entertaining, thoughtful, critical, funny - this show is well worth a listen!
Submitted By: gilleska
(405,763 on 7-2008)

great show
great show - wish I could afford a dollar
Submitted By: skydive7273x
(405,734 on 7-2008)

A delight
Dan Carlin is living proof that not all Americans are.....hmm....a bit..... Dan Carlin is a great thinker.
Submitted By: wfischli
(405,677 on 7-2008)

This podcast is the only place I can turn to for intellectual appeasement. Truly a show to believe in! Thanks for the show, Dan!
Submitted By: srwiseley
(405,636 on 7-2008)

A voice of sanity
A refreshing voice on my ipod.
Submitted By: andyi99
(405,581 on 7-2008)

Thanks for an entertaining and thought provoking show. Always interesting to turn on.
Submitted By: dherringer
(405,439 on 7-2008)

Common Sense is the best
Submitted By: jjohn7072
(405,192 on 7-2008)

Dan Carlins Common Sense is one of my favorite podcasts
Submitted By: michael
(405,178 on 7-2008)

This man is bent...but in a good way!
Submitted By: mark
(405,114 on 7-2008)

Nothing is better!
I absolutely LOVE this show, and Dans delivery makes it even better.
Submitted By: roypitta
(404,016 on 7-2008)

Great show!!!
Submitted By: jose
(403,670 on 7-2008)

Love this podcast!
Non-partisan and thought-provoking. If you are willing to listen to both sides of an argument and see the value in both sides, this podcast is for you. He discusses current issues and has many great ideas and debates that I have found invaluable. THANK YOU! Keep em coming!
Submitted By: tbrentmar
(403,646 on 7-2008)

Still my favourite
Submitted By: martywater
(403,587 on 7-2008)

Jacob L
Best political podcast around.
Submitted By: jagula
(403,512 on 7-2008)

This show is good. But I must say, it pales in comparison to the hyper genius at That is truly the most intelligent political podcast of all time.
Submitted By: jessemunson
(403,455 on 7-2008)

Love It
Submitted By: audiomyth
(403,199 on 7-2008)

The greatest talk show ever.
Submitted By: jaydini
(402,577 on 7-2008)

exposing the farce which others seems to be oblivious of...
Finally a podcast which speaks out - unconcerned by the politically correct to show how grey politics can be and how low they are willing to stoop to get a chance at power. for the "amateur cynics" who think politics is all about power & money; just listen a while and fully comprehend how infantile that remark actually is and how in bed business and politics have been and since how long!
Submitted By: vsouffay
(402,052 on 7-2008)

dan is great
Submitted By: eddiecogg
(401,477 on 6-2008)

great podcast
Submitted By: theawesomeone5
(401,102 on 6-2008)

dan Carlin
great show!
Submitted By: clarke
(400,613 on 6-2008)

Great stuff
Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: jalto7
(400,405 on 6-2008)

Great Show
This podcast is great! Although I may not always agree with Dan on certain subjects, he always gets me thinking wanting to do something about the problems we face in America. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: icepick14
(400,261 on 6-2008)

Its about time
His title says it all Common Sense. I would like him to do a show on what happened to common sense in American or if weve ever had it.
Submitted By: ejspino
(399,750 on 6-2008)

a good dose of common sense
a good dose of common sense
Submitted By: dienoszinios
(399,702 on 6-2008)

Smart. This is thought provoking and intelligent discussion that needs to be had more often. Good Job Dan!
Submitted By: tbrentmar
(399,448 on 6-2008)

Amazing and important show
Its so important for us to be able to have real discussions about real issues. This podcast is about the stuff that matters. I cant recommend this podcast enough, it might make you question values that you thought you held. It will certainly strengthen your clarity on issues that matter. It will make you WANT to use your brain. And that is a good thing
Submitted By: tbrentmar
(398,972 on 6-2008)

Dan is Great!
I love this podcast.
Submitted By: jjohn7072
(398,898 on 6-2008)

Love it!
Submitted By: leilababy2
(398,845 on 6-2008)

Keep up the good work!
This is one of the few podcasts that Ive not only stuck with, but that I will gladly listen to old episodes repeatedly.
Submitted By: deljarum
(398,840 on 6-2008)

great show
Dan Carlin for debate moderator
Submitted By: psyche010
(398,833 on 6-2008)

Really enjoy the podcast!
Dan is a refreshing alternative to the mundane and repetitive "news" coming from the "mainstream" media. Dan has not once discussed the relationship between Brittney Spears and global warming.
Submitted By: garygallo1
(398,608 on 6-2008)

a good dose of reality
one of the most original, down to earth, slap in the face and put ice on your balls, hours of commentary Ive ever heard.
Submitted By:
(397,920 on 6-2008)

Great Show
I like the show
Submitted By: cuchuquin
(397,870 on 6-2008)

Informative and interesting
Great show; I never miss it.
Submitted By: rproper
(397,598 on 6-2008)

Recently found this gem
I found this gem of a podcast two weeks ago and I love it! Hes insightful and sometimes funny. It isnt as loud and fast as the comment leads you too believe, but I wouldnt want it to be either. Take a look if youre interested in current events/political commentary.
Submitted By: sendjamesstuff
(397,533 on 6-2008)

#1 Baby
Submitted By: cartertodd92
(397,278 on 6-2008)

Not the same old dribble you hear from mainstream media sources. Leaves partisanship behind and gets straight to the truth, the common sense.
Submitted By: isaacnsmith
(397,128 on 6-2008)

Bens the man
Keep up the good work, this podcast is important.
Submitted By: bpetersen127
(396,985 on 6-2008)

Full of Common Sense!!!
I really LOVE this show, and cant get enough of it!
Submitted By: roypitta
(396,961 on 6-2008)

Love the show. This is unique take on a variety of subject- thought provoking and yes, entertaining too.
Submitted By: Vincent1271
(396,908 on 6-2008)

Fantastic cast!
Submitted By: featurecreaturefx
(396,818 on 6-2008)

One of my favorites
Just try it. Hes honest, thoughtful, provocative and entertaining. Deals with the big issues. Makes you look at all sides. This man has integrity.
Submitted By: sroushdy1
(395,646 on 6-2008)

I thought this would be a prompted vote? IIf its based on opinion, than I vote for dan carilins pod cast because it is always good food for thought from a fresh angle.
Submitted By: bullshtemail
(395,355 on 6-2008)

Great show
Great effort from Dan and Ben (if he exists) in getting this show out.
Submitted By: mark
(395,265 on 6-2008)

great podcast
Submitted By: sgadonniex
(395,194 on 6-2008)

A breath of fresh air!
Submitted By: terrence.murtha
(395,151 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: joehickeyus
(395,135 on 6-2008)

The only podcast I consistently look forward to downloading. High quality, well thought out commentary. Recommended!
Submitted By: rsglover
(394,885 on 6-2008)

smart & funny
Love this Podcast. Dan Carlin rocks!
Submitted By: monikad24
(394,719 on 6-2008)

Go Dan!
This show rocks! Keep speaking your mind!
Submitted By: bigphilblack
(394,510 on 6-2008)

Truly Refreshing
To truly and honestly consider an opposing viewpoint must be one of the most difficult tasks known to man, judging by how seldom I see it occur. Kudos to Dan Carlin for this effort; its consistently a very good show.
Submitted By: mcrutchfield
(394,367 on 6-2008)

white house 2012
Submitted By: presenceofline
(393,692 on 6-2008)

New Listener, great show, agree with your views on torture. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: mareadams
(393,494 on 6-2008)

Excellent, thought provoking for people with a brain (and a heart.)
Listening to Dan Carlin and the vital subjects he talks about can't leave you indifferent. Respect from France. Francois
Submitted By: schneo
(393,440 on 6-2008)

Great Stuff
Submitted By: cblue
(393,367 on 6-2008)

A "Must Listen" Show
Everyone has to listen to this man at least for one show. He will change the way you see your country (if you live in the U.S.) and the nations relationship to the rest of the world. Definitely check it out.
Submitted By: jimedgeton06
(393,060 on 6-2008)

awesome podcast man, lots of good insight, espically with the whole "the united states should have a draft army instead of a professional army because it would make it tougher for us to go to war." I think if my country goes to war i should not only have a say in it, but if we do go to war i should be forced to fight it and share the burden.
Submitted By: upsidedowntoasteroven
(392,884 on 6-2008)

Dan rocks
Both the Common Sense podcast and the Hardcore History podcast are must-listens. You wont always agree with Dan but you will always be fascinated and provoked into thought.
Submitted By: carolyn
(392,808 on 6-2008)

New media giant
This dude rocks. His show is hard hitting but still entertaining. Even Ben is cool.
Submitted By: aerives
(392,786 on 6-2008)

worth a listen
go commentary
Submitted By: kathrynmayo
(392,464 on 6-2008)

great show
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(391,866 on 6-2008)

Dan Carlin for President!
Republicans - Enough! Democrats - Enough! Its time for a genuine change and Dan Carlins my choice.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(391,830 on 6-2008)

clear and real
Submitted By: lizardaware
(391,715 on 6-2008)

Always very interesting.
Submitted By: martywater
(391,597 on 6-2008)

Great Show!
Dan has it on the nose: he is filled with Common Sense, and if our politicians had half as much as he does, wed be better of!
Submitted By: warkingroy
(391,401 on 6-2008)

Great podcast
I listen to every show--often multiple times.
Submitted By: wineinc1
(391,331 on 6-2008)

still love the show
Submitted By: errol.jones
(391,247 on 6-2008)

Top stuff
Submitted By: badmonkeys
(390,700 on 6-2008)

Carlins "frothing at the mouth" delivery style is a refreshing change from the usual bland crowd. If Joseph Goebbels lived in another time, and had been a good guy - he would have been Dan Carlin.
Submitted By: david.qld
(390,311 on 6-2008)

Great Show
Dan offers interesting perspectives on a variety of important topics.
Submitted By: marty
(390,182 on 5-2008)

Great show
Submitted By: jf8423
(390,051 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: schottkyle
(390,040 on 5-2008)

dan is great
i cant wait for a new show to come out. dan is great
Submitted By: eddiecogg
(389,840 on 5-2008)

this is...
..... my favorite podcast. For sure.
Submitted By: overhauser2
(389,808 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: batscott
(389,806 on 5-2008)

It is wonderful to know i am not the only person to think like this.
Submitted By: cmullinsaf
(389,556 on 5-2008)

A Voice for People Who Think
Not only is the podcast a solid quality production but for the first time I can hear something other than the same mundane assinine redundent rhetorical dribble that usually oozes from talk radio. My IQ now stands half a chance of at least staying where it is. Dan offers something to think about, backs up insights with substance, and addresses events within a more complete contextual framework. Save your mind from IQ sucking idiocy (Hannity)--listen to Dan.
Submitted By: shector
(389,466 on 5-2008)

Smart listening, not boring!
Whod have thought a smart discussion on history and politics could be so, well, entertaining, while electrifying your neurons with fun and sometimes quirky ideas?
Submitted By: jfnelson61
(389,366 on 5-2008)

Great Show, My favorite Podcast
I love this guy! Unlike a lot of other guys out there he will not only give his opinion but he will go into the WHY. Not too many people can back up their arguments as well as Dan and while I can disagree on few points he dosnt bash the people who think differently so you can consider his point of view more clearly.
Submitted By: hangar8
(389,365 on 5-2008)

Dans my hero
Submitted By: aaron.courville
(389,339 on 5-2008)

Awesome Dan!
Submitted By: roland.morel
(389,187 on 5-2008)

This podcast should be mandatory listening for any responsible citizen.
Submitted By: tonysdivelog
(389,152 on 5-2008)

Excellent commentary.
Submitted By: ddscrna
(388,767 on 5-2008)

why hes the best
real opinions of real people
Submitted By: grfender97
(388,524 on 5-2008)

I see your contact info is in Eugene, Oregon. Do you record in Eugene as well?
Submitted By: powderslut2003
(388,515 on 5-2008)

Its a great show with real common sense and some minor mistakes. Cant await the next.
Submitted By: ritter.gerd
(388,471 on 5-2008)

Finally, someone who actually looks at the facts and applies some analysis that is not party line and is not based on who holds which opiniions.
Submitted By: wlmmlrjr
(388,418 on 5-2008)

I love this show!
This show and the Hardcore history show have become my favorite podcasts to listen to.
Submitted By: a_rebiai
(388,361 on 5-2008)

thanks dan you do a great service.
Submitted By: fast1157
(388,102 on 5-2008)

this is an awesome show.
by far the most thought provoking show.
Submitted By: supsoo
(388,028 on 5-2008)

Awesome! Just listen and learn
Submitted By: rexboyce
(387,779 on 5-2008)

I am a huge fan of Carlins Hardcore History podcast, and avoided this show for fear of losing respect for him over his political views. When I finally gave it a listen I discovered quite the contrary. Carlin is, as he says, a true alternative to the partisan political shows that are the bane of AM radio. His fervent dedication to common sense politics and stringent criticism of both parties are refreshing, and his ideas and views are thought-provoking and thoroughly informed.
Submitted By: anienaber
(387,155 on 5-2008)

My Second Fav Podcast
Great show! This is my second favorite podcast! Keep it coming. BTW, my favorite is you history show.
Submitted By: gorman33
(387,016 on 5-2008)

Better than good
Better than good, its great
Submitted By: wwinter1
(386,765 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: chris.plym
(386,532 on 5-2008)

another home run
Submitted By: kevinfarrar
(386,525 on 5-2008)

Smart & Thought Provoking
Dan injects some sanity into my day. I used to think I was all alone but I finally found someone who talks about the issues the way I want to hear them discussed. Now if he could only run for President...
Submitted By: karobertson1
(386,510 on 5-2008)

Dont Rock the Vote, Baby
Thoughtful, meaningful and entertaining as always. Carlin is not for the sheep-minded partisan types who normally dominate political discourse.
Submitted By: flynnmail
(386,184 on 5-2008)

great show
good stuff , well worth the hour or so
Submitted By: sterlingbushnell
(385,986 on 5-2008)

excellent content
Submitted By: janeth
(385,759 on 5-2008)

Dan Carlin for Pres
fantastic stuff ..... Dan Carlin is the best Podcaster around
Submitted By: cootey59
(385,743 on 5-2008)
An uncommon passion for hsitory and the possibilities of paodcasting at its absolute best.
Submitted By: gaeiav
(385,578 on 5-2008)

well worth the wait
Submitted By: k4man6
(385,399 on 5-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: imkevlar
(385,164 on 5-2008)

consistently good
Submitted By: briangreen
(384,954 on 5-2008)

couldnt get enough of the hardcore history podcast, so I subscribed to his common sense podcast. now I cant get enough of either!!! what great stuff!
Submitted By: jrzydevil06
(384,604 on 5-2008)

A Vote for Staying Home!
Submitted By: djensen
(384,479 on 5-2008)

Where political commentary is on steriods, in a good way.
Dan Carlins thoughts on politics are very interesting and engaging. Unlike some political radio hosts he does not claim to always have the right answer, but he analyzes the problems so as to find their solution. Better yet, he does this in a fairly logical and historically influenced manner. Kudos for that. This podcast is not for hardcore republicans or democrats, as their heads may explode... unless that is the goal. Excellent.
Submitted By: chris.hessler
(384,279 on 5-2008)

Much needed perspective!
Dans podcast is like a voice from the wilderness, like a voice from the darkness, beckoning us towards hope, sanity and reason in our culture that has lost its way.
Submitted By: rarosenstein
(383,777 on 5-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: clinneer
(383,475 on 5-2008)

Great show!
There is no other show out there I would rather listen to; Dans show is indeed full of Common Sense, and even when I disagree ith him, I still love the show!
Submitted By: roypitta
(383,055 on 5-2008)

Dan Carlin rocks
Dan Carlin is the most articulate, intelligent podcaster out there!
Submitted By: buster_the_rocketboy
(382,702 on 5-2008)

This is the smartest show in podcast land
Cannot get enough of Dan Carlin.
Submitted By: john.opladen
(382,270 on 5-2008)

Great work Dan and Ben. Its too bad that your brand of common sense is missing from our government. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: AlexTaylor4
(381,271 on 5-2008)

Dan Carlin for President!
Yeah. I am serious. Dont agree with him on many things, but I still think hed be light years ahead of the rest of that pack of politicians.
Submitted By: wmekimberly
(380,965 on 5-2008)

Worth paying for!
Submitted By: jbonet
(380,852 on 5-2008)

This is the best podcast that ive heard. Thought provoking views that are not commonly heard.
Submitted By: jerrykempe
(379,707 on 4-2008)

insightful and entertaining
A great non-partisanship perspective on our government and society. Keep up the great work Ben and Dan.
Submitted By: AlexTaylor4
(379,255 on 4-2008)

Great Work
Submitted By: rmarshal
(379,058 on 4-2008)

Dans most valuable podcast to date!
The Empty Calorie Inquisition is perhaps the greatest production Dan and his ever ill producer has or will ever make. Every registered voter and every MSM stooge should get take note. I have been listening to Dan for months, only now I truly respect his mind in a serious way.
Submitted By: thebuckstopshere
(378,802 on 4-2008)

Fantastic non-partisan commentary.
Submitted By: wjmccrary
(378,760 on 4-2008)

Good program
Submitted By: sille
(378,709 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: brad.mccoy
(378,256 on 4-2008)

Great show!
Im always waiting for a new one.
Submitted By: susan-brassfield
(378,177 on 4-2008)

Best Podcast
I learn alot from this podcast
Submitted By: shoney
(378,040 on 4-2008)

Cutting Edge
Submitted By: woodward
(377,934 on 4-2008)

Great Show
Better than Free talk live.
Submitted By: kthorpetx
(377,900 on 4-2008)

my favorite webcas!
Submitted By: overhauser2
(377,842 on 4-2008)

Clear thinking
I like what this guy has to say.
Submitted By: heathydog
(377,517 on 4-2008)

great show
Its good to hear a fresh, non-partisan point of view. I dont always agree, but its great to hear programing for the thinking adult - go Dan!
Submitted By: acewade
(377,465 on 4-2008)

Defines the meaning
of the word commonsense
Submitted By: joejohnsey
(376,646 on 4-2008)

Turn on your brain...
best podcast I have ever heard. You probably wont fall right in line with all of Carlins ideas (he is truly walking both sides of the fense politically) but I guarantee you this... listen to a few shows and he will get you thinking and talking to those around you about the important issues facing this country. If you listen and like it, please vote so you can help him get the word out. Great show!
Submitted By: swigen
(376,389 on 4-2008)

Great show, awesome ideas. You can take what you like and hate what you dont but at least youre thinking about something.
(376,319 on 4-2008)

very cool
this podcast, though infrequent, is some of the best political commentary to be heard
Submitted By: prananrg
(376,215 on 4-2008)

Better than radio any day.
Submitted By: david.h.79
(376,158 on 4-2008)

Great show. Favorite radio show after This American Life.
Submitted By: wendell.thompson
(375,914 on 4-2008)

Awesome show!!!!
His podcast should replace the current corrupt mainstream media as the nightly news. The current nightly news censors and skews what is going on.
Submitted By: joyviva7
(375,676 on 4-2008)

Common sense is good for your ears ... after hearing so much drivel, I didnt realize how numbing it was until I heard this podcast
Submitted By: podcastalley
(375,362 on 4-2008)

Finally, common sense!
One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. Finally, someone who actually thinks and articulates logically without blindly following the left or right.
Submitted By: vrich187
(375,316 on 4-2008)

This show consistently puts out great material. Worth listening to every time. 5 Stars!
Submitted By: profgenius
(375,288 on 4-2008)

one of the best!
Listen and learn...very entertaining
Submitted By: rexboyce
(375,283 on 4-2008)

Awesome! Inspirational!
Submitted By: blooberryyogurt
(375,157 on 4-2008)

Dan Carlins history and common sense podcasts are 2 of the best on the web!
Submitted By: mmick2
(375,002 on 4-2008)

Love this show!
I never vote for anything, ever. Yet here I am.
Submitted By: shwood
(374,796 on 4-2008)

Great, Fresh Commentary
Dan Carlin brings a fresh approach to Current Events
Submitted By: dpray2
(374,791 on 4-2008)

When I get tired of Fox News and CNN
I go here!
Submitted By: pdrzaic
(374,742 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: kevinfarrar
(374,713 on 4-2008)

A climate change "skeptic?"
Really? No kidding? Well, that puts Dan right up there in the company of Flat Earthers, Free Energy kooks and Fundamentalist nutballs. I wonder what else Dan is screwed up about.
Submitted By: webmaster
(374,682 on 4-2008)

excellent show, very well done.
Submitted By: briangreen
(374,462 on 4-2008)

Love it
Interseting and thought provoking whether you agree with him or not.
Submitted By: bolivarsn
(374,200 on 4-2008)

Why cant more people think like this? Free, independent thought is what this country was founded on, and this show is the first time Ive seen any example of it since. Wonderful.
Submitted By: nine_names0351
(374,197 on 4-2008)

common sense is the best
Submitted By: rollertrain
(374,188 on 4-2008)

This is my third favorite podcast, just behind Hardcore History and The Thomas Jefferson Hour. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: errol.jones
(374,046 on 4-2008)

This is a great podcast! Hes blunt and a little gruff, but mostly he makes a lot of sense on a lot of issues.
Submitted By: amyecall
(373,899 on 4-2008)

I love Dan Carlin
He makes history interesting.
Submitted By: christian.simms
(373,890 on 4-2008)

A piece of sober thoughts
A piece of sober thoughts.
Submitted By: dienoszinios
(373,781 on 4-2008)

top 5 of podcast
this is a great and truly non partisan refreshing show on politics
Submitted By: meadow62
(373,543 on 4-2008)

Keep it up. The BEST PODCAST AROUND !!!!!!
Submitted By: pulverdingen
(373,490 on 4-2008)

This show rocks!
Submitted By: aerives
(373,190 on 4-2008)

Best podcast ever
Amazing podcast, just discovered it recently. Has wonderful insights into the world we live in, historically based with a firm hold on the values that once made the United States great. With a little luck, and a lot more listeners perhaps we shall again be great.
Submitted By: tindall21047
(373,106 on 4-2008)

Great Show
Both of your shows are great!
Submitted By: jeffidolh
(373,015 on 4-2008)

Excellent podcast with great information.
Submitted By: ham3309
(372,753 on 4-2008)

keep going!
Submitted By: jose
(372,629 on 4-2008)

grand_national2000@yahoo. com
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(372,599 on 4-2008)

well worth the wait
Submitted By: k4man6
(372,553 on 4-2008)

Great as always
Getting addicted to this series now
Submitted By: greg
(372,360 on 4-2008)

It shows common sense to listen to Common Sense.
Submitted By: gedaliah
(372,035 on 4-2008)

Incredibly Insightful Commentary
As a longtime listener, I cant give Dan Carlin enough praise - thanks for the thoughtful, insightful common sense, Dan! Noel S.
Submitted By: themodule
(371,790 on 4-2008)

go big chicken
Submitted By: cartertodd92
(371,588 on 4-2008)

Carlin rules!
Common Sense is simply the best podcast out there. Dans blend of rapid-fire ideas and new views will either get you steaming mad or make you wonder how life exists without independent thought.
Submitted By: starscream809
(371,083 on 4-2008)

On the mark!
Fresh, critical thinking. I love it!
Submitted By: bjkk1988
(371,027 on 4-2008)

Thought-provoking, intelligent and stylish
As an outsider living in America, Dan's podcast helps me understand this country so much better. He's incisive and opinionated and that's great, especially because even though I don't agree with all his opinions, he makes me re-examine my own. Also, and unusually for a podcast, his production values are excellent: the sound is very clear, his diction is very clear, and the podcast is beautifully structure. I'm donating. Keep it up Dan!
Submitted By: carolynsanders
(370,628 on 3-2008)

connon sense with dan carlin is great!
Submitted By: scottb52
(368,255 on 3-2008)

"Common Sense" ROCKS!
Great podcast! Consistently interesting, illuminating, entertaining, thought provoking, and thoroughly riveting content & presentation. Dont change a thing. It doesnt get any better than this. I donated and will continue to do so.
Submitted By: john.coffey
(368,222 on 3-2008)

Real Questions
Dan Carlin is asking the right questions. It is up to us to decide the answers for ourselves.
Submitted By: mystech_j
(368,199 on 3-2008)

We need more thinkers like Dan out there. Perferably in our political system...
Submitted By: cloudyday000
(368,068 on 3-2008)

great show
I think Dan is one of the most balanced yet powerful citizens around. May he live long and well!
Submitted By: tjharlon
(368,038 on 3-2008)

Political Wisdom
Some of the worst people and the best people in history have been extremely intelligent. Wisdom however only encompasses benevolent people. This show is what happens when Wisdom and Intelligence mix.
Submitted By: nomadbryce
(367,925 on 3-2008)

iwanna anouther episode!
" "
Submitted By: lemcolives
(367,847 on 3-2008)

Dan Carlin is great!
Love the podcast!
Submitted By: greg1
(367,741 on 3-2008)

the best thinking around
Listen to this if you want your mind to be awake.
Submitted By: john5pence
(367,739 on 3-2008)

Great podcast
Dan always hits the nail on the head!
Submitted By: eddierad
(367,436 on 3-2008)

grt show
i have a very dull job in the uk,with very annoying managers but this gets my through it,thanks alot! colin moore
Submitted By: exile55552000
(367,421 on 3-2008)

Always interesting arguments that keep the listener thinking after the program is over.
Submitted By: mikehammer02
(367,411 on 3-2008)

dan carlin common sense
Great shows
Submitted By: highlandwoodworking
(367,203 on 3-2008)

I enjoy hearing political talk by someone without a party agenda. Very refreshing.
Submitted By: psychoag98
(367,165 on 3-2008)

If more Americans thought this way the world would be a better and safer place!
Submitted By: jschwa1
(367,075 on 3-2008)

Dans the man
I dont recall how, but I am greatful I discovered Dan Carlin. My commute, roughly 30 min road time each way, has been replaced with a time to get a better grasp. The older I Like Ike and Kryptonite made me a big fan. Things you wouldnt hear elsewhere on topics that almosted blotted out the sun in media overattention (at the time). Common Sense nailed it in my book. And he does it with humor, familiar schtick and even, style. Just want both sides: CS and HH to come more often. I know... "for the price of a cup of coffee", I should "send a buck". ~cgl
Submitted By: cbcmlowe
(367,068 on 3-2008)

most excellent not to be missed
Submitted By: special
(366,751 on 3-2008)

Dan has replaced my morning radio programs with his fantastic pod cast! Listen to a couple shows and you’ll be hooked!
Submitted By: tomcroxton
(366,685 on 3-2008)

Best Political Commentary in AmericA
We will know when freedom is truly lost. Dan will be censored.
Submitted By: cd
(366,670 on 3-2008)

Common Sense is Great
This is a GREAT podcast. It is both insightful and entertaining.
Submitted By: mokrauerd
(366,519 on 3-2008)

I love this podcast. I never miss an episode.
Submitted By: wineinc1
(366,468 on 3-2008)

More than amazing!
Check it out
Submitted By: kindalhawkins
(366,411 on 3-2008)

Submitted By: JGW812123
(366,307 on 3-2008)

Synapse Sparking
Love the show, very informative and some intriguing ideas that stimulate the dormant regions of my brain. Those areas are heavily populated by the misinformation propaganda forced down out throats by mainstream media and the government. Thank you for the brain cleanse!
Submitted By: strenbenski
(366,276 on 3-2008)

Dans clarity of thought on political issues that seemingly befuddle the minds of most casual observers of politics and the politicians themselves, is enviable.
Submitted By: glenn
(366,062 on 3-2008)

Great Show
Dans Common Sense AudioCast is one of the best out there.
Submitted By: joelinux
(365,937 on 3-2008)

The Best of the Internet
When I talk to others about the great fun and value of podcasts, I point to Dan Carlin as an example: fresh, informative and unique.
Submitted By: mtandrsn
(365,424 on 3-2008)

Love it!
Well thought out, opinionated, and worthy of consideration. Check it out!
Submitted By: ctscholes
(365,396 on 3-2008)

Dan Carlin is Amazing!
Dan certainly has a style all his own, and is likely to offend some of your sensabilities, sooner or later. I started listening to his podcast with a very sceptical ear, waiting for the thought or phrase that would give him away as just another rhetoric-spewing blow-hard. That time never came, and I find myself, more and more often now, shaking my head in agreement with his views. Whatever your views are, you should listen to this podcast.
Submitted By: npowell013
(365,392 on 3-2008)

Intriguing and interesting, Highly recommended.
Submitted By: steve
(365,377 on 3-2008)

Ive listened to several shows now, and Dan Carlin seems like a regular guy with interesting, informed, and even reasonably balanced political views. And he isnt just some unemployed guy with a couch and a microphone. This is a professional quality program. Give it a listen. See what you think.
Submitted By: jeff
(365,343 on 3-2008)

dan carlin is a badass.
my band tours the country pretty much nonstop. to kill the dead highway time, we listen to countless amounts of podcasts. right in the upper tier of our catalog is Dan Carlins Common Sense (and Hardcore History). So Dan Carlin...... We salute you. -Clayton Atlanta, GA
Submitted By: igotaxed
(365,042 on 3-2008)

I Love Dan!
I love Dan Carlin! He makes intelligent arguments about the subjects that he discusses. Every episode is better than the next. This includes his “Hardcore History” podcasts as well.
Submitted By: celinejaime
(364,827 on 3-2008)

More than worth the price of admission.
Submitted By: sampix
(364,818 on 3-2008)

Submitted By: joehickeyus
(364,734 on 3-2008)

Exposing the Super Delegates
Submitted By: BRolph
(364,659 on 3-2008)

Great Show!
I love this show, it fully lives up to its name, and Dan Carlins delivery is as entertaining as the topics he deals with.
Submitted By: roypitta
(364,557 on 3-2008)

My Favorite Podcast
I listen to Common Sense ever chance I get. Dan makes such intelligent comments that no one in the main stream media would EVER think of. Go Dan!
Submitted By: jagula
(364,545 on 3-2008)

best political podcast on the web
it makes your brain grow!
Submitted By: rollertrain
(364,537 on 3-2008)

Wonderful podcast for anyone intrested in politics or current happenings
Submitted By: Sharkattack4173
(364,406 on 3-2008)

Excellent podcast
A great overview of current events from a compelling voice.
Submitted By: mail
(364,389 on 3-2008)

Great Show
It doesnt get any better than Dan. Since I discovered the show last September, I have been a loyal listener. I wish there were more like him out there but that just wouldnt make Common Sense!
Submitted By: marcsgrignoli
(364,270 on 3-2008)

Awesome and my middle school kids love it!
Submitted By: cartertodd92
(363,936 on 3-2008)

Finally, a NON-partisan political show!
Intelligent, non-partisan and stimulating discussions about issues. Dan does an excellent job of dissecting ideas. If you came here looking for Rush or Air America one-liners youll be sorely disappointed. This is a forum for the exchange of ideas. Keep up the good work, Dan!
Submitted By: junk4um
(363,915 on 3-2008)

listen to this man for a interesting perspective into politics.
Submitted By: geoffreyisnotcool
(363,874 on 3-2008)

Always very interesting.
Submitted By: martywater
(363,659 on 3-2008)

The bad thing is: Dan has limited resources. We need more Dan Carlins out there.
Submitted By: phreeman
(362,739 on 2-2008)

Awesome Podcast!
Very, very, very good. One of the best speakers Ive ever heard in a podcast.
Submitted By: jonwilliams8
(362,691 on 2-2008)

Love Common Sense!
Submitted By: hessk
(362,678 on 2-2008)

No B-S
The straight to the point no nonsense approach to thinking about our society is refreshing. Dans style and energy make the podcasts very entertaining to boot.
Submitted By: AlexTaylor4
(362,539 on 2-2008)

great show!
Submitted By: a.wenneman
(362,527 on 2-2008)

Lets Play a War Game
Hey Dan or Ben (or unlucky flunkie reading this)" Lets play a turn based war game....there are a few free online games we could play... Im playing Talensofts battle of bullrun right now.... so let me know if you are up for the challenge... oh, the show rocks, but make more of them more often.... Eric
Submitted By: condor_beta
(362,485 on 2-2008)

Amazing Show
This show will give you a dose of reality amid the election promises.
Submitted By: christopher_eby
(362,181 on 2-2008)

Excellent Podcast
My whole family loves this guy. Very refreshing.
Submitted By: dderhak
(361,642 on 2-2008)

amazingly good
I wish the show went out daily
Submitted By: mcdonaldljames
(361,391 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: dherringer
(361,245 on 2-2008)

I love this show! best podcaster hands down!
Submitted By: immy4950
(361,190 on 2-2008)

like it
great podcast, good listen, insightful ideas
Submitted By: pederhanson
(361,105 on 2-2008)
Submitted By: jkroll
(361,038 on 2-2008)

like it
Im a trucker. I put dan on my ipod touch along with dave ramsey. Takes the boredom out of the trip
Submitted By: wocadd47
(360,831 on 2-2008)

Great Show!
Submitted By: n74jrw
(360,821 on 2-2008)

second best podcast on itunes
dan carlins common sense podcast is second only to his hardcore history show. brilliant, educational, interesting, controversial and full of common sense.
Submitted By: rollertrain
(360,767 on 2-2008)

i heart dan carlins common sense
Submitted By: melzieba
(360,730 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: ericmarceau
(360,242 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: kristophermkeith
(360,185 on 2-2008)

History because it matters
Submitted By: tomandanne
(359,821 on 2-2008)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: ntalbot77
(359,800 on 2-2008)

Best political show on radio (internet or otherwise)
This is what political podcasting is all about! Dan snaps up the long tail of Americans that are disenfranchised with the dominant political parties and gives us all well thought out ideas to ponder throughout our week.
Submitted By: eterps
(359,488 on 2-2008)

fantastic show, great insights--- it will convince you that the emperor really has no clothes---
Submitted By: abrkstb
(359,155 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: wetandfire
(356,215 on 2-2008)
Submitted By: vlconie
(355,934 on 2-2008)

Great Thoughts
The name of the show says it all. Now is a great time to get a fresh opinion that does not follow any particular party guidlines.
Submitted By: kybkh
(355,467 on 1-2008)

A MAN THAT MAKES YOU THINK and does not just tell you what you WANT to hear.
Submitted By: Jsin57
(355,413 on 1-2008)

Independent Thinking
Submitted By: robgormanjr
(355,252 on 1-2008)

dan and ben are the best
Submitted By: s.kirkeeng
(355,164 on 1-2008)

I dont have time
So its great that Dan talks fast.
Submitted By: shauna.mckenzie
(355,102 on 1-2008)

the most level-headed political show Ive come across.
Submitted By: andrejs.skuja
(355,043 on 1-2008)

This show is phenomenal
Submitted By: jbussey85
(354,894 on 1-2008)

Excellent listening
Yup... its all Common Sense...
Submitted By: greatpavaz
(354,893 on 1-2008)

The Truth
Reminds me of a potical version of freakenomics - I listened to one show and now Im an addict, though true to his prediction I dont agree 100% of the time with his assertions I do find his theories and commentaries very inspiring and informative and plan to make donations to help Ben get well as soon as I am able!
Submitted By: upwindcapsize
(354,124 on 1-2008)

Best Podcast
This show is without doubt the best of its kind.
Submitted By: climbolduc
(353,948 on 1-2008)

Love Dan Carlins verve and honesty...a great level of coverage of issues...easy to listen to and very inviting for listener participation.
Submitted By: janinecorey
(353,909 on 1-2008)

I look forward to my daily commute to work so I can listen to Dans latest ideas on my ipod!
Submitted By: jmkiii
(353,784 on 1-2008)

Common Sense at last!
God Blessed me the day I found Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: wasteoftime4me
(353,656 on 1-2008)

Keep it up
This is the best take on US politics I have read in a long time! I am British and as you look at us under the microscope to see how this CCTV surveillance thing is going to pan out, we are looking at your "extreme democracy" and that is keeping our own executive branch (the PM and co) in check. After all we all agree don't want to end up like the states :) Pete-
Submitted By: peter.thompson
(352,915 on 1-2008)

Keep it up!
I am British and as you look at us under the microscope to see how this CCTV surveillance thing is going to pan out we are looking at your "extreme democracy" and that is keeping our own executive branch in check. We dont want to end up like the states :)
Submitted By: peter.thompson
(352,914 on 1-2008)

This show rocks
Submitted By: BigTFromKC2002
(352,548 on 1-2008)

Great podcast
While I dont always agree with Dan he always has great topics.
Submitted By: brian.h.gibson
(352,519 on 1-2008)

Default isn't in the Cake!
You apparently decided to boil down the complex Social Security Program with of mix of fear and flattery. By dismissing the "liberal Krugman" with the "Consensus View", i.e. the privatization plan yet again. Implicit in your commentary is privatization disguised as... Our politicians are simply not honest enough to tell you the truth! However the facts are that when Social Security starts drawing on the trust fund it will repay these bonds just the same as millions of people, corporations, and banks would be repaid if the bonds where held in private personal retirement accounts (you might have noticed that it's the private bond market that's more than a little stressed lately). The bulk of the money the Treasury gets to repay its bonds comes from individual and corporate income taxes (general revenue/IOU's). A little Hardcore History Please... A Bi-partisan National Commission chaired by Allen Greenspan agreed to a financing solution for the SSI programs for both the short run, 1983-89 and the long range, 1983-2056 (as measured by an intermediate cost estimate). The most recent projections from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office show that Social Security will have enough money between projected taxes and the bonds in the trust fund to pay all benefits through the year 2046, with no changes whatsoever. If you, Ben Bernanke or any politician of your choice propose cuts to Social Security please be clear, if the benefits are cut, the government has effectively defaulted on the bonds. If default is what you or our representatives propose, it would be a very serious miscalculation raising the prospect of defaulting on government bonds held privately both here and abroad.
Submitted By: design1674
(351,842 on 1-2008)

D Carlin
Dan Carlins Hardcore History is just awesome. Entertaining, informative, educational and thought provoking.
Submitted By: roberth1957
(351,661 on 1-2008)

Great show
It is a shame that this show is not number one.
Submitted By: jkuhn08
(351,524 on 1-2008)

I used to be a Rush fan until I listened to Bernie Ward. When I spotted all the tricks and deceptions he used, I spotted the same things the next time I listened to Rush. Ive been wanting something independing for a LONG time, and Dan Carlin is the best Ive found.
Submitted By: evliath
(351,281 on 1-2008)

My Favorite Podcast Ever!
Always thought provoking and holds your intrest. He dosnt have one political affilition.. infact he dislikes both equally which is great because you always feel like he is being straight with you. Great show, once you get it youll be hooked!
Submitted By: bluestile37
(351,254 on 1-2008)

excellent podcast for the thinking person
excellent podcast for the thinking person
Submitted By: eballad
(351,017 on 1-2008)

Great Show
Finally someone talking sense about the demographic crisis facing us
Submitted By: hirogen_222
(351,002 on 1-2008)

listen then think.
you may not always agree. but hell make you think! recommended to all those who think... on their own behalf. 5 star every episode. thanks dan ...and i hope ben gets better soon
Submitted By: mjmrjones1
(350,864 on 1-2008)

Cant wait to listen to the next one!
Submitted By: jarkmedeadly
(350,636 on 1-2008)

Dan Carlin saved my life
Submitted By: skyman108
(350,411 on 1-2008)

Awesome, awesome podcast.
You know, Im finally getting into podcasts. Im now addicted. Dans podcast is intelligent, lively and fun. Im a huge fan and look forward to listening to each and every show. I learn a lot, think a lot and am thoroughly entertained. Thanks Dan! Say hi to Ben.
Submitted By: hiyabubb
(350,366 on 1-2008)

Simply Excellent
All hyped up and everywhere to go...
Submitted By: chrispatrone
(350,321 on 1-2008)

Finally some history with some meet on it!
Submitted By: liqathlete13
(350,314 on 1-2008)

What a fantastic podcast! Dans lively portrayal of human history are wonderfully relevant and light enough to be enjoyed on the go. Definitely one of the more enriching pieces of content to make its way to my iPod. Its so good, I cant believe this is free!
Submitted By: jcorry
(350,232 on 1-2008)

I vote for Carlin
Carlins shows are entertaining, informative, provocative. What more can we ask for?
Submitted By: rvjudy
(350,224 on 1-2008)

uncommon podcast
thought provoking, and in some cases anger provoking(only if you lean too hard one way or the other), but definitely a voice of reason addressing some of the inequities in our country today. If youre tired of the getting your news and comentary from the same old, tired, party line, networks youll be doing yourself a favor by listening to this guys show. You may not agree with everything he says(hes an equal opportunity offender) but hes worth a listen. Its one of the most professionally produced, well done podcasts out there(and believe me I subscribe to a ton of them!)
Submitted By: corycope17
(350,085 on 1-2008)

This podcast never ceases to amaze. Its intelligent, entertaining, thought-provoking and highly addictive. Listening to new episodes is probably the best ~40 minutes of my week. Keep up the great work! Were listening.
Submitted By: natikinsss
(349,799 on 1-2008)

you have my vote
Submitted By: cjalbinati
(349,655 on 1-2008)

Truly the best podcast ever
Submitted By: hudakc
(349,102 on 1-2008)

Great podcast
your commentary is food for thought. Ron Paul on the debates (1/10/08) sounded like he has no clue.
Submitted By: jarvek7
(348,462 on 1-2008)

Always a Great Show
This is a must listen to podcast! I am recommending it to all my friends (and enemies ;>) Good Going Dan!! Keep it up..
Submitted By: caelimg
(348,321 on 1-2008)

great show
Very professional delivery. Always entertaining and thought provoking.
Submitted By: james_tatem_jr
(348,282 on 1-2008)

One of my new favorite shows. Pledge to listen until youve gone through all 3 stages of the Carlin Experience: 1. Learning the you agree with Dan on everything and loving him for it. 2. Finding something on which you disagree so powerfully as to make you hate Dan. 3. Forgiving Dan, and maybe understanding his retarded opinion a bit better than you did before.
Submitted By: mattwarren1
(348,202 on 1-2008)

Finally! Someone who isnt afraid to offend some people and talk passionately about what he is passionate about!
Submitted By: jgt10
(348,129 on 1-2008)

you make me think
What, you mean there is someone who thinks independently like i do?
Submitted By: steve597
(347,990 on 1-2008)

independent commentary
Submitted By: cwwees
(347,736 on 1-2008)

grand_national2000@yahoo. com
the best
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(347,694 on 1-2008)

Great commentary
Great podcast, more Right than Left but only because socialism is INHERENTLY immoral! ;^)
Submitted By: nospam4me
(347,641 on 1-2008)

Great show. I wish more people in Washington were listening.
Submitted By: donnybliss
(347,623 on 1-2008)

No One Says It Better Than Dan
I started out as a Hardcore History Fan and moved on to Common Sense from there. He is such a captivating and informative speaker, I find myself listening to the show every week despite the fact that I am a Canadian!
Submitted By: marcsgrignoli
(347,620 on 1-2008)

I love Common Sense
Submitted By: maryrose
(347,309 on 1-2008)

The Best out there!
This podcast is my favorite, and despite the fact that I do not always agree with him, Dan has convinced me to rethink some beliefs I have held for years. And he did it in a most entertaining way, using nothing but...Common Sense!
Submitted By: roypitta
(346,461 on 1-2008)

Hooked immediately.
Dan has amazing timing and delivery. Moreover, the content of his shows is outstanding. You will be hooked immediately.
Submitted By: curtismm27
(346,428 on 1-2008)

Independents unite!
What if there was a candidate that held one view that was important from each type of independent and we could all have a reason to vote for this person. Being pro life could translate into not wanting abortions while wanting to fund healthcare more universally for mothers and children and protecting our environment while pushing other poluters like China to straighten up their human rights and envronmental excesses. Futher, this pro human existence could find a way to end the war by having Iraqis manufacture solar panels and allowing the oil companies getting a oligopoly on the product.
Submitted By: soupsoninnaples
(346,102 on 1-2008)

Great Show!
Dan Carlin explains his stances very clearly and honestly. Its also refreshing to see someone talking about the issues without having a bipartisan view. Whether you agree with his opinions or not at the very least they are his opinions not a copy cat from every other political talk show.
Submitted By: meco76
(346,090 on 1-2008)

intersting and provocative
Submitted By: adamnoah
(346,042 on 1-2008)

Carlin is tougher than an Assyrian King
As a teacher, I look to keep the eye and ear of a student of history. Dan Carlin does that. Keep the passion and the musings coming!
Submitted By: d_mahlandt
(346,030 on 1-2008)

Great Show
I wait for this show. My only complaint is that there are not enough of them. Common Sense and Hardcore History are terrific. Mary
Submitted By: mary
(346,023 on 1-2008)

Excellent show!
Submitted By: martywater
(345,959 on 1-2008)

the most awesome show
If you want to know the facts and nothing but the bare facts till it hurts.. listen to Dan... If you want to live life ignorant and dumb.. listen to it anyway.. youll be smarter from the experience.
Submitted By: matthew
(345,953 on 1-2008)

Common sense
not only is it a entertaining podcast but it tries to do something positive. How can it not be a top podcast.
Submitted By: redbull_addict
(345,910 on 1-2008)

Best Bipartisan Political Commentary & Analysis, Hands Down.
Drawing from the common-sense bedrock of the U.S constitution, Dan Carlin provides an incredibly entertaining, insightful weekly view of the US political scene - roses, warts and all. Being fiercely bipartisan, Dan is both blessed and cursed with a worldview (and fanbase) that does not neatly fall into any political category, yet somehow makes sense of it all in a way that inspires real change. Thank you, Dan (and silent Ben): While I may not always agree with ya, the world is a richer place for your efforts. Your brother, Noel S. in NYC
Submitted By: themodule
(345,909 on 1-2008)

Robert S
Keep em coming Dan
Submitted By: bigrob1023
(345,737 on 1-2008)

My favorite!
Dan Carlin is a genius
Submitted By: jdivozzo
(345,214 on 1-2008)

Thought provoking. Emphasis on provoking.
I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with Mr Carlin in about equal quantities. His opinions are generally well informed and entertainingly expressed and whether I agree or disagree with his stance on a given issue, I always look forward to hearing his opinion.
Submitted By: punyhumanpromo
(345,033 on 12-2007)

Dan is great
Submitted By: moh77
(345,006 on 12-2007)

GO, Dan
Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: jg
(344,836 on 12-2007)

great podcast
Submitted By: sjames_1958
(344,616 on 12-2007)

Great Show
Highly Recommended
Submitted By: spacesos
(344,533 on 12-2007)

engrossing talk
The podcasts are easy to listen to yet make you think.
Submitted By: rgold921
(344,411 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: yoktan
(344,107 on 12-2007)

Excellent - Just what Im looking for
Carlin comes closest to what I want: Well educated, in-depth, and above all BIG PICTURE analysis of whats going on. Now that Ive found Carlin, he has my attention. If he sticks with the Big Picture, hell have some of my money as a thank you.
Submitted By: rvjudy
(343,744 on 12-2007)

Uncommonly Good Sense
Dan is right on the money in his analysis of the challenges we face.... I hope Ben is feeling better. EE
Submitted By: condor_beta
(343,417 on 12-2007)

interesting topic; good production
interesting topic; good production Well done podcast. Im new to podcasting (yes, Ive been living under a rock) - my comment is that I wish there was an indication of listening time length in the description, so I know how long Im committed to when I start listening. An even better place for listening time note would be in a dedicated field for that but I dont see one on podcastalley.
Submitted By: bjb
(343,315 on 12-2007)

Kudos for Carlin
Ive been listening to this podcast for sometime now, and I really enjoy it. Well informed, brisk, to the point. Clever stuff.
Submitted By: sundredl
(342,905 on 12-2007)

Im never listening to regular talk radio again. This man is amazing.
Submitted By: bridgetmkane
(342,791 on 12-2007)

always brilliant
Submitted By: robert
(342,685 on 12-2007)

great podcast!
Submitted By: rick
(342,486 on 12-2007)

Great show!
Hell force you to think about the issues. Sometimes it hurts, but you will learn a lot.
Submitted By: rexboyce
(342,460 on 12-2007)

Worth the Vote
The only intelligent political commentary
Submitted By: kthorpetx
(342,184 on 12-2007)

Love the podcast
Dan and my wife are the only two people that can make me change my mind about something. Hats off to a great podcast.
Submitted By: tkeradar
(342,141 on 12-2007)

Refreshing take
Enjoy the refreshing and non-partisan take on political and social issues. Engaging conversation style...
Submitted By: aniruddha.ganguly
(342,071 on 12-2007)

All of Dans
Submitted By: jacerra
(342,002 on 12-2007)

BEST Political Commentary Ever!
On Target and Laser Sharp! This guys got it right. You gotta listen in - and change the world.
Submitted By: davidteel
(341,452 on 12-2007)

A professional Podcasters favourite
Im in the podcasting business and Dan is one of my favourites. Hes a true pro who plans his shows and it shows.
Submitted By: greg
(341,332 on 12-2007)

Great commentary
I really enjoy common sense. It gets me through my commute interested and wake.
Submitted By: fepitts
(340,519 on 12-2007)

Title says it all
I like his history podcast too
Submitted By: kathryn.mayo
(339,895 on 12-2007)

Commen Sense with Dan Carlin
Great show.
Submitted By: richgary
(339,712 on 12-2007)

solid talk show
Like the topics. Takes him about 5 minutes to get going and would be better if he didnt act as if each rant was going to get him in trouble (kind of flies in the face of the whole podcast idea). All in all a great show that makes you think.
Submitted By: jim_l_morris
(339,617 on 12-2007)

Thanks Dan
Always a thoughtful discussion. As one who has always eschewed the corporate or career lifestyle and has chosen to live on the margins I cant wait to hear what you have to say in "losers". My observations of the petite bourgeoisie as well of the so-called "successful" lead me to a sense of relief that my daily concerns DO NOT emulate the, absurd, degenerate, and sometimes simply idiotic goings on in many "wealthy" households I have been privy to observe. On the other hand, many good people handle their success with aplomb and genuine good citizenship (not leftist pseudo-citizenship), so I congratulate them. Thanks for your good works Dan.
Submitted By: mozsugg
(339,593 on 12-2007)

Great Show... I am a fan of the show living in Japan, born in Venezuela with Japanese nationality. I think Dan goes to the heart of things, and I really enjoy his views. Dan, keep going your own way!
Submitted By: jose
(339,389 on 12-2007)

Best on net
Great analysis, provocative ideas, outstanding delivery.
Submitted By: douglasreeve
(339,368 on 12-2007)

enjoyable and smart
An interesting and enjoyable podcast. I have been a fan of his history podcast and I have now discovered this. Athough as an Australian I have so far found commonsense to be a bit American focused, I still enjoy the thought processes that are on display.
Submitted By: ericolympic
(339,195 on 12-2007)

Best Podcast out there
This is a fantastic show, hosted by a very charismatic, energetic, and common sense-filled man who has even changed my mind about some beliefs Id held for years!
Submitted By: roypitta
(339,128 on 12-2007)

Really Great Political Talk
Fantastic political commentary. Fundamental, Conservative, Moderate, Sometimes downright Leftist. Constitutionally minded. The best Ive heard.
Submitted By: watson.ben
(338,946 on 12-2007)

Incisive Political Analysis
If only politicians were as sane as Dan!
Submitted By: woodward
(338,612 on 12-2007)

Always interesting!
Submitted By: starstruck325
(338,387 on 12-2007)

it jus makes sense
Who is Ben!!!!!!
Submitted By: emilgudfinnsson
(338,106 on 12-2007)

I want to know,more!!!!
Im telling anyone who will listen about your show Dan, and to listen,keep up the superb work......thanks.....Tim
Submitted By: timotara
(338,002 on 12-2007)

Down with the exisiting polotical parties! Thanks for keeping me straight Dan.
Submitted By: akrider
(337,901 on 12-2007)

Excellent show!
Submitted By: martywater
(337,704 on 12-2007)

Good work Dan, I like most of what you say and most of what you say is interchangeable with Australian politics (both political and social). Hope Ben gets better soon..... Kevin
Submitted By: kjmoore62
(337,679 on 12-2007)

I constantly crave more of this stuff. Its gonna be hard when I finally catch up on the back episodes and I have to wait on the new ones
Submitted By: loxybagle
(337,581 on 12-2007)

Dan forever!
Submitted By:
(337,312 on 12-2007)
Submitted By: randyg997
(337,268 on 12-2007)

great show
Submitted By: speedy19852
(337,130 on 12-2007)

Dan Carlin is the most thought provoking and entertaining voice of reason that I have ever heard. He gives personality and credability to the vexing rants that invade my own mind.
Submitted By: homechef64
(336,758 on 11-2007)

da best show
Submitted By: tombs
(336,023 on 11-2007)

Best Podcast Out There
Submitted By: Matthew
(335,981 on 11-2007)

Excellent shows, great common-sense views on Big Politics. I wait for each new episode.
Submitted By: adigo2006
(335,963 on 11-2007)

Stepping in the right direction
I once saw a bumper sticker that read, "He who steps away from religion, steps toward God" Ive always wondered likewise if he who steps away from politics, steps toward the common sense. I think you are on that track. Thank you, Kelvin
Submitted By: kfelledge
(334,967 on 11-2007)

Awesome show
Submitted By: greenwood1443
(334,171 on 11-2007)

Great Podcast
Needs a new one!
Submitted By: jcm0301
(334,092 on 11-2007)

Very Thoughtful
This is a very good show that is posted every seven to ten days. I find myself anxiously waiting for the next show.
Submitted By: hdoddsjr
(334,016 on 11-2007)

Great Podcast
Dan - we need more Hardcore History.....
Submitted By: cark25808
(333,888 on 11-2007)

Life Changing
Suddenly, the light is on. Common Sense with Dan Carlin has condensed years of political conclusion in my mind into a few short months. While looking for the next step or "alternative to the partisan voices" Dan has given this Gen-X-er the courage to consider myself a true Independent.
Submitted By: aaronpetrarca
(332,776 on 11-2007)

a must listen
Fantastic podcast...
Submitted By: djdeno
(332,627 on 11-2007)

Thank goodness for Dan
Dan talks sense, although it isnt common. I wish we had more thinkers like him.
Submitted By: weissx4
(332,468 on 11-2007)

Dan brings true and free thought to all his topics. Maybe you will agree with him maybe you wont but he will get you to think.
Submitted By: jason
(332,297 on 11-2007)

Submitted By: bnlfan3
(331,967 on 11-2007)

Bst show Ive heard since Neal boortz!
Submitted By: polydistortion
(331,632 on 11-2007)

great show
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(331,450 on 11-2007)

Excellent show
Listen to every show. its so interesting
Submitted By: rdesha0218
(331,391 on 11-2007)

A must listen
what a breath of fresh air. there is no excuse not to listen once. Listen once and you will be hooked
Submitted By: mjkravec
(331,101 on 11-2007)

love it
Submitted By: notonj
(330,775 on 11-2007)

Great show
Submitted By: aborunda
(330,719 on 11-2007)

all episodes
Having to play catch up on the episodes due to my episodic lifestyle, just wanted to place my vote for all the episodes from global warming (who do you believe) to maddening missed opportunity to debate the Iranian president during his visit etc. Keep it up, where did I put that check book. .... Yours truly, Michael in Mexico
Submitted By: malocsay
(330,569 on 11-2007)

Dan Carlin is the passionate voice of reason!
Submitted By: chaiydonati
(329,418 on 11-2007)

Listen and learn, then get angry
Submitted By: adrian.m.davies
(329,205 on 11-2007)

Simply the best
Submitted By: jdivozzo
(329,189 on 11-2007)

Amazing podcast!!!!
Submitted By: dsandall
(328,626 on 11-2007)

Dan Carlin
I think everyone needs common sense....
Submitted By: alex_thedude
(327,429 on 11-2007)
Submitted By: randyg997
(326,866 on 11-2007)

Love the show...
This show is one of my new most favoritest things in the world... everyone should listen to this show...
Submitted By: Adamfishmouth
(326,615 on 11-2007)

Interesting, appreciate the insightful views
Submitted By: marcus_l_smith
(326,613 on 11-2007)

Get well soon Ben!
hmmmmmm....mushrooms and onions....... Its an addictive. Kinda like crack!
Submitted By: jchen
(325,517 on 11-2007)

This show doesnt even need my vote. Geez!
Submitted By:
(325,387 on 11-2007)

Submitted By: ericmarceau
(325,226 on 11-2007)

Hey Dan...
run for office.
Submitted By: Deaddack
(324,970 on 11-2007)

Really enjoy the podcast. Pulled in through the Hardcore History podcast, also excellent. Dont always agree, but isnt that the point, good discussion leaving partisanship out of it. Cool.
Submitted By: edward
(324,898 on 11-2007)

Improving with age
Even though he started off pretty damn good
Submitted By: martywater
(324,856 on 11-2007)

smart show
very good show, thoughtful. a "breath of fresh air."
Submitted By: ned.menoyo
(324,823 on 11-2007)

Best common sense Ive heard in a long none...
Submitted By: freshandsnappy
(324,822 on 11-2007)

Always nonpartisan
If you want someone who toes party lines and "roots for the team" by praising or blasting a party whether theyre right or wrong, dont listen to Common Sense, where Dan Carlin simply calls it as he sees it.
Submitted By: mikeywadevogt
(324,808 on 11-2007)

Rush Who?
The best political show on the air. Dan for Pesident .08.
Submitted By: Gambitkhan
(324,669 on 11-2007)

In depth analysis you wont find elsewhere
Submitted By: malcolm
(324,350 on 10-2007)

pawn to E 4.....
Submitted By: condor_beta
(324,246 on 10-2007)

love the cast
Submitted By: nicholaseverett
(324,010 on 10-2007)

Excellent Show
Submitted By: rdesha0218
(323,803 on 10-2007)

This show is great. Honestly. I have been telling all my friends.
Submitted By: caelimg
(323,660 on 10-2007)

Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Submitted By: hcsdar
(323,540 on 10-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: nivag
(323,500 on 10-2007)

One of the most interesting podcasts Ive found, absolutely fantastic stuff.
Submitted By: cactusfoley33
(323,405 on 10-2007)

Great podcasts !
Great podcasts. Very entertaining, well produced, and politically right on target.
Submitted By: joelinux
(323,402 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: ice_millionaire
(322,832 on 10-2007)

Excellent show
Submitted By: roots_e
(322,766 on 10-2007)

fresh air
A breath of fresh air. Dan Carlin is someone who isnt afraid to think outside of the box, and put his views on the line. Love him even when you hate him.
Submitted By: madscientist
(322,588 on 10-2007)

A thoughtful, well produced, and fun to listen to podcast that sets a high standard.
Submitted By: spacesos
(322,558 on 10-2007)

Great show Dan! I especially liked the one about lost causes. Please keep em coming. :)
Submitted By: arayhbuck
(322,472 on 10-2007)

Good for the Cynic & the Soul
For many of us--those becoming more and more disenfranchised by the political machine in the US--it is refreshing to hear an "independent" voice. Three cheers for Dan Carlin--lets hope more and more find "common sense."
Submitted By: g.m.may7
(321,790 on 10-2007)

Great Show
This is a show that everyone should listen to!!
Submitted By: john
(321,561 on 10-2007)

the world needs more Common Sense
Dan Carlin is unique in that he attacks the current problems with an open mind and an unlimited curiosity. He offers solutions that sometimes see implausible but aways make you think.
Submitted By: Bobkat49
(320,559 on 10-2007)

Best Political Discussion
Dan Carlin rages against the machine while grasping for solutions to fix the mechanism in this great non-partisan political forum. But dont be fooled. Just because its non-partisan doesnt mean its unbiased. Dan takes current events and puts his own very personal take on whats wrong with modern politics and society and, occasionally, offers suggestions on how to correct them.
Submitted By: woodworker
(320,430 on 10-2007)

Always good listening
Submitted By: thesilverpenny
(319,741 on 10-2007)

Love it
Submitted By: WJDobbs321
(319,707 on 10-2007)

he is so fair
Submitted By: bonilloa
(318,861 on 10-2007)

listen to it and learn!
Submitted By: rexboyce
(318,732 on 10-2007)

I Am Sane?
Always anxious for another episode.
Submitted By: dauntlessmsblack
(318,366 on 10-2007)

If he doesnt piss you off sometimes...
... then you werent paying attention.
Submitted By: cblack.tx2
(318,324 on 10-2007)

well done
good episodes
Submitted By: liambussell
(318,097 on 10-2007)

Great job! Best podcast ever!
Great job! Best podcast ever!
Submitted By: surfer96819
(318,077 on 10-2007)

Dan Carlin has given me hope in mans ability to rationalize once again
Submitted By: beatle6270
(317,875 on 10-2007)

Just like it says
Common sense. Thanks, Dan, keep it up!!
Submitted By: abennett
(317,813 on 10-2007)

Great Stuff!
Love Dan and his way of sharing his ideas
Submitted By: danas200
(317,706 on 10-2007)

My Favorite Podcast
Love this show, cant get enough of it.
Submitted By: roypitta
(317,698 on 10-2007)

Give em Hell Dan
I finally caught up on all the shows and though I dont agree with everything he says he is a fresh voice in the often divisive world of politics. Give em hell Dan
Submitted By: yiqian1000
(317,660 on 10-2007)

Still a great show
Cant stop listening!!
Submitted By: lee_carey
(317,644 on 10-2007)

Very professional delivery, thought provoking, trenchant.
Submitted By: james_tatem_jr
(317,624 on 10-2007)

Ben is sick
Listen to your own show. It heals. T
Submitted By: tomhanley
(317,619 on 10-2007)

good listening
This is the kind of show that makes your head hurt, only in a good way.
Submitted By: wlcasey
(317,444 on 10-2007)

Too good to miss
Submitted By: epistimological
(317,356 on 10-2007)

the`best of all
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(316,797 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: ftrimyer
(316,773 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: brentmurrell
(316,584 on 10-2007)

Awesome show !
Submitted By: midwestikette
(316,178 on 10-2007)

Every talk show host on the air today claims that he/she is a non-partisan, no-nonsense, independent with a fresh perspective, who cuts through the BS of mass media. Dan Carlin is the only one who actually means it.
Submitted By: spammeidareu
(316,133 on 10-2007)

Talent on loan from God.
Excellent production, insightful content. One of the few topical commentaries where the host is able to express himself passionately without demonizing others.
Submitted By: littlenomad
(315,446 on 10-2007)

great shows here
Submitted By: keith
(315,322 on 10-2007)

insert something witty here
Submitted By: rodrigo4444
(315,058 on 10-2007)

I love me some Dan Carlin
Submitted By: dan
(314,819 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: travisrhodes
(314,596 on 10-2007)

Truth in Public Policy
Truly Independet thinker with original ideas. I would feel good about Dan Carlin contributing to to public policy. All this and its extremely entertaining as well.
Submitted By: dlazar
(314,530 on 10-2007)

The Best
I cant get enough of this guy. I wish he put out a show once a day! I am addicted.
Submitted By: dcramer16
(314,455 on 10-2007)

still the best
Absolutely numero uno !
Submitted By: climbolduc
(314,454 on 10-2007)

Steady as she goes
Consistently GREAT! I cant wait for another show......come on Ben!
Submitted By: jdivozzo
(314,380 on 10-2007)

this show is awesome!!!!
Submitted By: beth.gilmore
(314,268 on 10-2007)

great show
great show, give us more
Submitted By: tallulaj
(314,245 on 10-2007)

News and comment from someone that sees the world as I do.
Submitted By: msmith112
(314,235 on 10-2007)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: james.zurga
(313,979 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: dethride
(313,726 on 10-2007)

not always sure what he on about - Im English, but its an education. Ta.
Submitted By: vlconie
(313,678 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: kevinfarrar
(313,642 on 10-2007)

With quick and enlightening prose, it is without a doubt the best intellectual talk you can listen to.
Submitted By: betweentheposts1
(313,456 on 10-2007)

Hooray for Common Sense.
Eager to hear what Dan will have to say this week.
Submitted By: CatchCharyou
(313,344 on 10-2007)

Think for yourself...
Dan does, and its refreshing to hear. By far one the most intellectually stimulating podcasts Ive heard, and entertaining to boot! History buffs need to check out his other podcast "Hardcore History" as well.
Submitted By: randalldean
(313,042 on 10-2007)

Awesome podcast; relevant and current, outstanding...
Submitted By: doufrasu
(312,836 on 10-2007)

Outstanding, excellent.
Submitted By: brettcollier
(312,407 on 10-2007)

It just makes sense
Beyond tired of the traditional paradigm for discussing issues ("Im right; youre stupid!") I find Dans show to be very refreshing. It is the place where ideas can come to play - some good, some bad; but its the process that is important!
Submitted By: tstellick
(312,180 on 10-2007)

not left, not right, just smart enough to make this old hardcore right winger think a little more
Submitted By: ccsd041686
(312,116 on 10-2007)

The best podcaster around.
Submitted By: martywater
(311,995 on 10-2007)

Widen the audience.
This show deserves a wider audience. We all deserve that this show gets a wider audience.
Submitted By: dougreeve
(311,819 on 9-2007)

I cant see why Ben is sick again...
Ive been guilted into taking the time to vote. Theres no voice for common sense in Canada - my tax dollars only go to pay for one side of the story. I really appreciate being ALLOWED to hear several arguments from all sorts of angles.
Submitted By: shauna.mckenzie
(311,817 on 9-2007)

Listen to this Guy, he makes you think!!
Take the time to listen too him from the beginning, youll totally enjoy.
Submitted By: lee_carey
(311,407 on 9-2007)

Love both shows Dan, great work. Hope this vote makes Ben feel better. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: zangbang
(311,356 on 9-2007)

i really like his show
Submitted By: sterlingbushnell
(311,339 on 9-2007)

Well Done
I tend to skew conservative; yet still enjoy many points dan brings to the table. Well done
Submitted By: LiquidMorgan
(311,311 on 9-2007)

makes you think!
Makes you think, rather than telling you how to think.
Submitted By: redrooster9
(311,185 on 9-2007)

Best site on the Internet
This is a show that truly lives up to its name.
Submitted By: warkingroy
(310,906 on 9-2007)

Best Show
Great intellect, pace, and plenty of mushrooms and onions.
Submitted By: brittoncrates
(310,879 on 9-2007)

Great Show
I love the fact that I dont always agree with this guy. Ive been feeling guilty about only reading and listening to people who think like me. Ive tried listening to other guys but they seem to think the opposite of me and basically insult me for not agreeing with them. Dan Carlin respects the fact that he might not always be right and I so I respect him and his show. If youre looking for a source of opinion that might actually make you change your own give this show a try.
Submitted By: tom.mcgrath
(310,765 on 9-2007)

Fast talking
Sometimes he talks faster than I can listen. When I do catch up, its always worth the effort.
Submitted By: dave
(310,763 on 9-2007)

Im Canadian and I still listen evey podcast.
Submitted By: kevcurl
(310,668 on 9-2007)

great podcast
Really interesting and well informed.
Submitted By: mikemcging
(310,579 on 9-2007)

Awsome show!
Submitted By: mackenone
(310,576 on 9-2007)

Great Show!
Dan Carlin has great ideas and makes you think.
Submitted By: kjeanne
(310,530 on 9-2007)

I know it when I hear it
How refreshing... no bombast or belittling. No skewing of the facts for the party line. No "Im the God of Opinion on earth." He tells it like he sees it from a truly independent point of view. Makes me think instead of trying to make me mad. Well... he says hes going to make everyone mad eventually but I actually like listening to reasoned points of view that are different than my own. Key word... reasoned.
Submitted By: lyric
(310,211 on 9-2007)

ill wear that button
Submitted By: mendacity25
(310,039 on 9-2007)

Common Sense w Dan Carlin
Excellent and thought provoking podcast. I originally found out about Dan throught his Hardcore History podcast which is excellent (but need more podcasts). Dan is intelligent, informed and passionate without being overtly biased. Excellent content. This guy needs a sundicated show on the airwaves.
Submitted By: chrispatrone
(309,972 on 9-2007)

Great work, keep it up!
Submitted By: trew97
(309,885 on 9-2007)

I like the variety of opinion and the critique of all sides in the political debate.
Submitted By: danny.topp
(309,700 on 9-2007)

New listener - great podcast
Submitted By: srobinson
(309,630 on 9-2007)

still the best
Yep ! Dan IS the Man, still. Oh Yea !
Submitted By: climbolduc
(309,371 on 9-2007)

great show
It restores my hope for our democracy.
Submitted By: keith
(309,201 on 9-2007)

Damn good show
damn good show
Submitted By: hasse
(308,951 on 9-2007)

I love this podcast. I love Dans way of thinking and his delivery.
Submitted By: taueret_spins
(308,794 on 9-2007)

What great shows! As a British person listening to a US political broadcast its very interesting to compair the two systems... $$ and ££ = power, Oil IS king and the army is just a blunt instrument of the corporations. Or not, listen and make your own mind up. ( This is NOT a radio version of Micheal Moor - it slams BOTH sides. ) DaveP
Submitted By: DavePomphret
(308,481 on 9-2007)
Submitted By: WJDobbs321
(308,061 on 9-2007)

Pretty good podcast
Keep up the good work Dan and Ben!
Submitted By: stolasz
(307,735 on 9-2007)

Makes you think!
Dan- you do a great job. I enjoy your style. This is one of my favorite podacsts.
Submitted By: jimmystewart2004
(307,593 on 9-2007)

Politics like it should be
It is so refreshing to find a podcast like this. Dan Carlin makes politics interesting again with his well thought out, independent opinions. He make me wonder why we have party politics at all.
Submitted By: christopher_eby
(307,414 on 9-2007)

Great Show
Provocative, interesting, and edgy. I like the show, I like the ideas - even if I dont agree with them all, I appreciate the honest way that they are presented. Dan is not afraid to be wrong, which means hes not afraid of new ideas.
Submitted By: shawngerum
(307,396 on 9-2007)

love the show
Submitted By: jde1972
(307,207 on 9-2007)

great stuff
greatness indeeed
Submitted By: hmuzicloverz
(307,182 on 9-2007)

Common Sense - the title says it all
Entertaining and informative. This is not a label Id assign to most political conversation. Carlin discusses thought provoking issues and entertains creative solutions while making no effort to walk the wire. He steps on toes to the left and he steps on toes to the right. Others may step on just as many toes but Carlin politely explains why you should move your feet with clear and rhetoric free discourse. Every American should be listening to this podcast.
Submitted By: wwwhack
(307,099 on 9-2007)

Common Sense With Dan Carlin
With a Podcast and a car adapter for the iPod, Dan Carlin is like Radio TiVo.
Submitted By: Staffist
(307,089 on 9-2007)

Keep it coming...need someone like you in Canada!!
Submitted By: dan.grignon
(307,010 on 9-2007)

Great Show
I love this show so much I have been going into the past and getting every episode. It might be a few months old but it is still very relavent!!
Submitted By: bryanspellman
(307,006 on 9-2007)

Great Podcast! I love it!
Submitted By: paffette
(306,963 on 9-2007)

Right Wing Republican Dittos
Submitted By: sherryandrod
(306,895 on 9-2007)

love the show!
Heres your vote to pay the mortgage. Good luck and love your show.
Submitted By: melissiaelisa
(306,833 on 9-2007)

This is one tasty podcast, if you are into and or can stomach current American politics.
Submitted By: lazynessincarnate
(306,620 on 9-2007)

Great Job
More frequent episodes pleeeeese!
Submitted By: websites
(306,569 on 9-2007)

Help Ben
Ben has a long uphill battle. Only votes can cure his skin disease.
Submitted By: wasteyourtimehere
(306,444 on 9-2007)

It just makes sense, common sense. (Yeah I know, its a crappy generic comment, sorry not that creative right now; but Dan IS!)
Submitted By: Jgold855
(306,430 on 9-2007)

Simply Brilliant
Rarely does one encounter rational thinking at the level that Dan presents. Its not just opinions, but opinions that are backed up by well-researched facts. My favorite show among all podcasts. Ro
Submitted By: rohitseth
(306,384 on 9-2007)

Great Show!
This is one of the smartest shows on the podiverse!
Submitted By: aborunda
(306,292 on 9-2007)

Open-mindedness with a whopping dose of damn good thinking
Submitted By: mrkdds1
(306,279 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: jkroll
(306,251 on 9-2007)

Great cast...fantastic ranting
Submitted By: roy_smith
(306,168 on 9-2007)

Dan Carlin is a most solid podcast
Always solid, always thoughtful. One of the only podcasts I havent de-subscribed from......
Submitted By: a_ponyboy
(306,107 on 9-2007)

I love this show. Great job, Dan. You really make me think!!
Submitted By: kukpa1998
(306,008 on 9-2007)

The best
Submitted By: monclaud
(305,980 on 9-2007)

I LOVE this podcast!!!
Dan truly shows Common Sense in his commentaries here, and even though I do not agree with him 100% of the time, its hard not to agree with him most of the time.
Submitted By: roypitta
(305,928 on 9-2007)

2 top 10 shows on PCA !!
Its funny....when I first listened to Hardcore History Dan reminded me of James Tiberus Kirk mixed with a bit of Spock. Hey, great thoughts on democracy in the middle east. Glad to hear someone who logically thinks thru & takes into account all consequences. Keep up the great work.....Glad to hear that Ben is getting freelance work as a mixer.
Submitted By: condor_beta
(305,688 on 9-2007)

Excellent, informative and entertaining!
Submitted By: artmotive
(305,682 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: shane.anglin
(305,322 on 9-2007)

Great stuff
Submitted By: hollowyears
(305,080 on 9-2007)

Right on target!
Submitted By: jdetrich
(304,838 on 9-2007)

Best Political/Social Commentary Show
Incredibly insightful, and always entertaining. Thanks for all the time and energy you guys put into the Show: If more folks get a dose of your oddly beautiful worldview it might help guide national political debate into more productive territory... Noel
Submitted By: themodule
(304,665 on 9-2007)

helps pass the time at work very well, always interesting on multiple playthroughs.
Submitted By: nountheclown
(304,636 on 9-2007)

Dan Carlin....Uncommon Sense. Hes compelling, intellegent, interesting and his voice is not THAT bad.
Submitted By: marjie
(304,572 on 9-2007)

Best Approach
Dan knows how to cut through the two-party rhetoric. Awesome and fun.
Submitted By: tglenn187
(304,529 on 9-2007)

Not for the Sheepish
I couldnt be more pleased to have an independent viewpoint to listen to that is insightfull, thought out, and interesting. If you do not want to be led down the political trail as if you were a herded sheep, then this is the podcast for you.
Submitted By: djilles32
(304,314 on 9-2007)

Hes a loud mouth
But an interesting one.
Submitted By: sjames_1958
(304,273 on 9-2007)

Dan tells it like it is.
Submitted By: soupsoninnaples
(304,069 on 9-2007)

Always thought-provoking and entertaining!
Submitted By: pthomas61
(303,897 on 9-2007)

This show rocks!!
Submitted By: dvansickle3437
(303,535 on 9-2007)

This is the real deal!
Dans podcast does the impossible: injects COMMON SENSE into American politics!
Submitted By: mdyson
(303,464 on 9-2007)

Its the NEW Media!
Dan Carlin is a blessing to the world. Conservatives, Liberals, and Martians alike will love his take on the world. Truth has finally made a comeback.
Submitted By: iamsmrtguy
(303,152 on 9-2007)

Intelligence isnt dead
Finally, politics being discussed in a way that just may do some good.
Submitted By: jason
(302,635 on 9-2007)

Common Sense. We need more of it!
Terrific show. If youre a party stalwart, stay far away from this one...
Submitted By: cblack.tx2
(302,454 on 9-2007)

Best Political Podcast
It doesnt get better than this for thoughtful, historically-mindful analysis of current American politics.
Submitted By: adigo2006
(302,101 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: dlazar
(301,898 on 9-2007)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: jzurga
(301,809 on 9-2007)

Always presented in an informative and entertaining way. Good to see that there are Americans who realise what is respected, envied and admired about America, throughout the world. Always enjoy the show, even when I dont agree. Your arguement are rational whilst still allowing your passion to show. Simon, Sydney, Australia
Submitted By: simondbell
(301,733 on 9-2007)

Great stuff! Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: sanderson808
(301,577 on 8-2007)

Different Views
Great to have a podcast in which someone is not affraid to voice his opinion even if it clashes with the "norm." Keep up the good work Dan! I love your show.
Submitted By: molsenak
(301,570 on 8-2007)

Ive recently started listening to Common Sense and trust me, if youre looking for REAL common sense views this is a must-listen podcast.
Submitted By: dmetzger_84
(301,435 on 8-2007)

Fantastic, Dan makes history interesting and fun.
Submitted By: ts70043
(301,430 on 8-2007)

Great Show
This show is very thought-provoking. Dan Carlin does a great job of referring to history and spelling out what needs to be accepted by all sides of a given argument.
Submitted By: mokrauerd
(301,244 on 8-2007)

Great Podcast!!!
Love the show!!!
Submitted By: jzurga
(301,106 on 8-2007)

Entertaining and thought-provoking, a great podcast!
Submitted By: pthomas61
(300,449 on 8-2007)

Non partisan political talk
Great concept. Very entertaining
Submitted By: fitz
(299,947 on 8-2007)

Great podcast
Damn, I find myself agreeing with way too much of what Dan says
Submitted By: adrian.m.davies
(299,878 on 8-2007)

Common Sense
I really love this show. While I dont always agree with Mr. Carlin he does make you think outside the box and consider the other side of the arguement. A very thought provoking show.
Submitted By: mcgheed
(299,617 on 8-2007)

Move it Up
Both of Carlins podcasts should be at the top of the chart. If only certain people in "area D.C." would listen to Carlins podcasts and then to their jobs (rather than raising money for the next election), America would be a much better place to be in the 21st Century. Though as it is in reality its as though that Bridge that Clinton and Gore claimed to be collasped in a fashion similar to the unfortunate mishap in Minneapolis.
Submitted By: mruksurf
(299,064 on 8-2007)

Tom Payne Would Be Proud
Stimulating program, providing a thinking persons alternative to the talking heads.
Submitted By: barryzed
(298,900 on 8-2007)

M Fry
Best show ever.
Submitted By: smallfry1
(298,643 on 8-2007)

get well ben
Submitted By: wkincheloe
(298,585 on 8-2007)

This show is a joy and a challange
Submitted By: ben.neal
(298,556 on 8-2007)

at last
G R E A T!!! I love onions, Thanks for your dedication.
Submitted By: seyejin
(298,326 on 8-2007)

Passionate without being partisan. No hidden agenda, just honest opinions and thoughts from someone who isnt afraid to speak his mind.
Submitted By: mikeywadevogt
(298,300 on 8-2007)

Excellent Show
Hes exceptional! The Hardcore History is excellent; and Common Sense might even be BETTER!
Submitted By: mjsnd80
(297,992 on 8-2007)

Best show ever.
Submitted By: jessbott
(297,904 on 8-2007)

Love him
smart, smart, good guy
Submitted By: sroushdy1
(297,549 on 8-2007)

Just found these
Just found Common Sense and Hardcore History. Its a testament to pragmatic thought.
Submitted By: wasteyourtimehere
(296,965 on 8-2007)

very entertaining AND insightful
Submitted By: joel.karwatsky
(296,813 on 8-2007)

Great Stuff
Submitted By: hollowyears
(296,772 on 8-2007)

Dan Carlin Rocks! EOM
Submitted By: seniorhealthins
(296,692 on 8-2007)

Dan Carlin Has It Correct
This high-energy, fast talking libertarian is very well versed with a knowledge of history. His commentaries are the modern day equivalent to Martin Luther nailing the "95 Theses" to the door of the Castle Church of Wittenberg. Wake up Americans shouts Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: doug
(296,579 on 8-2007)

Excellent podcast
Submitted By: roy_smith
(296,398 on 8-2007)

Still The Best
Yep, still the best ! Check it out and youll see.
Submitted By: climbolduc
(296,156 on 8-2007)

The Shit
I love Dan Carlin. NO, NOT LIKE THAT, FOOLS. Anyway...So... Just listen to him. He talks very fast, yes, but thats what makes the show even more great. His ideas make sense and he isnt afraid to tell the real truth. (Something thats so rare these days.) And...Ben? I hope you feel better. :)
Submitted By: annieirishangel
(295,891 on 8-2007)

good podcast
Submitted By: terrywebb
(295,771 on 8-2007)

Dan is Good.
Common Sense is great to listen to. Dan gives an independant but passionate view on a wide variety of topics within the American political and current affairs sphere. As a european who is interested in these topics I find him both educating and entertaining.
Submitted By: mrshoko
(295,764 on 8-2007)

Dan pulls together disparate ingredients in thinking about what the common sense solutions to our countrys current malaise, without resorting to knee-jerk partisan dogma. Well done, and well worth a listen! Im going to buy him a cup of coffee next time I see him, too.
Submitted By: louiedcat
(295,743 on 8-2007)

This is the best show I have found on politics and culture. I love the style, content, and ideas presented. I always look forward to the next podcast. Five stars,10 out of 10, or best of the best. Keep it up Dan.
Submitted By: sailslowdancing
(295,579 on 8-2007)

Great show
Submitted By: ccharc
(295,059 on 8-2007)

Dan the Man
Just would like to say I sooooo enjoy Dans program. I really love history and get told all the time that I have the wrong job. Im just a simple country boy that really enjoys the programs. Anyway keep up the good work and thank you for your time that you put into this awesome podcast!
Submitted By: h0riz0n_13
(294,584 on 8-2007)

Fantastic Ideas that if only we could all grasp and apply them
Submitted By: tsmith5859
(294,314 on 8-2007)

One of the best podcasts
I download and listen to maybe a half dozen podcasts and I consider Dan the best of them all. Content, knowledge and dellivery. Gabriel Soren
Submitted By: allogabriel
(294,108 on 8-2007)

Great podcast.
Submitted By: obliare
(294,073 on 8-2007)

Still Waiting
A couple of shows ago you claimed that you would at one time or anothe offend every listener, well I am still waiting. I would not consider myself a libtarian but a liberty minded individual. I will keep waiting for my turn to be offened and even after that will continue to listen. Those who tell you to give up on your common sense stance and focus on HCH are crazy. It is not their right to not be offened.
Submitted By: zman5232
(294,052 on 8-2007)

Love it
Dan does talk common sense.
Submitted By: abennett
(293,997 on 8-2007)

Beer For Breakfast
Submitted By: brettcollier
(293,923 on 8-2007)

Great podcast
Carlin has it going on!
Submitted By: duanekline
(293,750 on 8-2007)

Love it!
Just wanted to say that I enjoy this podcast more than any other. Its informative while remaining bipartisan and immensely entertaining with Dans personality. Keep up the great work! Thanks
Submitted By: nathan.timoteo
(293,690 on 8-2007)

Great ideas
Carlin may not be 100% correct, but he does make a lot of sense, much more so than our politicians and the parties they represent.
Submitted By: warkingroy
(293,367 on 8-2007)

As entertaining and educated avoice on podcasts as Ive heard. Keeps shows very regular. Check out his Hard Core History, also.
Submitted By: barretb1
(293,204 on 8-2007)

Carlins is undoubtedly one of the smartest political podcasts around. The issues are pertinent, not only to Americans but globally, & Carlins personality is engaging.
Submitted By: m.m.brannagan
(293,075 on 8-2007)

1 vote for Common Sense!
Submitted By: cpross
(292,756 on 8-2007)

If you arent listening to this, YOU ARENT LISTENING
wake up America -- Dan Carlin does for the political commentary world what George Carlin did for the comedic commentary world.
Submitted By: nrolfes
(292,337 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: aeedoc
(292,334 on 8-2007)

Great Show!
Submitted By: pvspencer22
(292,159 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(292,047 on 8-2007)

Best common sense show ever.
Hard to find stuff to disagree with this guy about... great perspective. Get well soon, Ben.
Submitted By: podalley
(291,760 on 8-2007)

love that guy
Submitted By: saamiles
(291,746 on 8-2007)

Great show
Dan is funny and the topics are usually pretty interesting. He seems like hes speaking common sense because he tells it like it is, critiques the mistakes of both parties, and speaks for the people, for individual rights and the greater good.
Submitted By: bryanpanderson
(291,706 on 8-2007)

Great Content
I like the show because it does not try to sway you one way or the other. I wish the news industry would follow suit. Then again what would I listen to?
Submitted By: james.waymire
(291,492 on 8-2007)

Love the show, entertaining and professional.
Submitted By: steveymi
(291,434 on 8-2007)
Submitted By: bruce_mackinlay
(291,408 on 8-2007)

Love last episode (beer for...) Dan
Submitted By: sniperopera
(291,114 on 7-2007)

Well thought out and stimulating
A smart guy with a lot to say and a heck of a delivery; check it out.
Submitted By: eddie
(291,077 on 7-2007)

Great Podcast
I usually avoid politics because of the zealotry, mean spirit, and bias in a lot of political people. However it is a pleasure to listen to this man. He really thinks things through and doesnt simply go along to get along. Furthermore his enthusiasm and presentation make it fun to learn about politics.
Submitted By: astraltarsier
(291,071 on 7-2007)

The political equivalent of a cutting edge restaurant - sometimes you like it, and sometimes you dont, but its always worth going to find out.
Submitted By: LaurMM
(291,009 on 7-2007)

This is the best political show Ive EVER heard.
Submitted By: climingruvne
(290,993 on 7-2007)

great show
great show
Submitted By: joehickeyus
(290,969 on 7-2007)

Dan is the best...
No really, the best.
Submitted By: jeremymace
(290,949 on 7-2007)

Great show-- stimulates lively discussion
Whether you agree with him or not on a given issue, Dan Carlin is sure to get you thinking about the issue in more detail. The best thing about the show: You get the feeling that you could change his mind, so that he agrees with YOU, if you presented him with a compelling argument backed up by substantiated facts. In fact, he ends each show with the line, "If you have a different opinion, Id love to hear it, contact me at [then he gives his contact information]." Refreshing! And his Hard Core History podcast is arguably even better (and less politically charged, for the squeamish out there). Ethan
Submitted By: ethansmoore
(290,799 on 7-2007)

Keep it up, Dan!
Submitted By: magyar
(290,644 on 7-2007)

Great again
This is the best on the web
Submitted By: danas200
(290,586 on 7-2007)

Common Sense is just that!
I think Dan is one of the best and most innovative thinkers out there; I am a long-time Conservative Libertarian, (or maybe Liberatrian Conservative), but I like a lot of the ideas Dan puts forth.
Submitted By: roypitta
(290,555 on 7-2007)

Dan carlin for President!
Submitted By: riski7
(290,244 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: robtherebel
(290,101 on 7-2007)

Great Podcast
A great example of what a podcast can be if people actually talk about subjects that matter.
Submitted By: Alexander.Wysocki
(289,975 on 7-2007)

Common Sense makes sense!
New listener, but very impressed and bullish on this show!
Submitted By: eshowe4u
(289,958 on 7-2007)

Excellent commentary!
Submitted By: rsisk
(289,807 on 7-2007)

He should run for President. Best Ideas I have heard in a long time.
Submitted By: grandemts
(289,796 on 7-2007)

Great Podcast, gets me through the mindless tasks at work. Dont forget to check out Dans other podcast "Hardcore History", which is excellent!
Submitted By: timetrap
(289,676 on 7-2007)

common sense is great
Submitted By: antoniocmoore
(289,448 on 7-2007)

awesome show
Submitted By: anospamo
(289,229 on 7-2007)

In the Center
A wonderful podcast giving a fresh take on politics that is obviously missing in a biased media world.
Submitted By: brett0817
(289,037 on 7-2007)

Excellent Insight
I am a devoted fan of Dan Carlins Hardcore History. I never miss a podcast! I recently found and added Common Sense to my subscription list and am really enjoying it, too. Both are in-depth, thought-provoking and simply FUN to listen to, but Common Sense really speaks my political language -- I think its the best news commentary out there. Keep up the good work, Dan!
Submitted By: thesilverpenny
(288,697 on 7-2007)

Common Sense
Want someone that tells you EXACTLY what you believe and want to hear? Then dont listen. If you want to listen to someone that challenges your views and beliefs, then by all means check Dan out!
Submitted By: ag99x99
(288,515 on 7-2007)

We need more like him!
Submitted By: cblack.tx2
(288,170 on 7-2007)

Best political podcast
No one else discusses politics on a level playing field the way Dan Carlin does. No intellectual dishonesty, just straight talk, even when it might make his views unpopular. Dan doesnt tell people what they want to hear.
Submitted By: spamjase
(288,005 on 7-2007)

Insightful, Articulate and Entertaining
All of those adjectives describe Dan Carlin, what a great show.
Submitted By: chris
(287,873 on 7-2007)

I dont always agree with him, but he gives me a new way to look at things and has well thought out arguments.
Submitted By: eec005
(287,800 on 7-2007)

Fear of free thinking.
I wish I had more time to be involved in the discussions, but yesterday, driving through the jungle I listened to Dans latest on the survivability of being independent and whether or not he should continue to the volume of negative email, comments on the teachers union etc. Ive always said, if I only associated with people I agree with, I wouldnt have any friends. I think it dangerous to surround ones self with only those who agree with you - look at history and see the flaw in that strategy. Anyway, I was offended by the number of people apparently offended so here I am to vote and say, dont you dare stop - finally the public has someone whos not following a particular mono-philosophy. In fact, Im going to make a contribution right now to offset anyone who may have given up on free thinking. Right on Dan, you dont suck.
Submitted By: malocsay
(287,783 on 7-2007)

I might not *always* agree with your politics but your reasoning is quite solid - I always enjoy listening to your podcasts and I wanted to vote for Common Sense for two reasons: 1) I want to support the show 2) I dont want Ben to get another nasty bout of Rosefoot Dyptheria. :)
Submitted By: vladdythephotogeek
(287,493 on 7-2007)

Excelent and addictive
Submitted By: jocontrera
(287,429 on 7-2007)

continual food for thought - nutritious AND delicious
You cant make an omelet without breaking some eggs, and Dan Carlin certainly isnt one who concerns himself with walking on egg shells, either. When it comes to Common Sense, he tends to the alternate views which make people think. These views are the necessary ingredients we need in order to help formulate ideas that step away from the bipartisan dogmas fed to us daily. Even when I dont exactly agree with him, he always ends up serving up a tasty treat for the mind.
Submitted By: astrozen2000
(287,253 on 7-2007)

He makes you think
Submitted By: info
(287,252 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: rexboyce
(286,390 on 7-2007)

Very good show
Submitted By: riffraffdj
(286,351 on 7-2007)

Ive recently worked my way through all the podcasts available. If your a hard core conservative or liberal.... dont bother unless you like stomach pain. Everyone else, the other 80% of you... listen, youll like it.
Submitted By: foxc_2
(286,094 on 7-2007)

Love this show
Just recently started listening to this show but omg I cant get enough of itz!
Submitted By: activeseven
(286,027 on 7-2007)

Fantastic Alternative
I seriously appreciate Dan Carlin and his opinions. Who cares if you agree or not...he presents a refreshing look at the crazy goings on.
Submitted By: corinnefavero
(285,848 on 7-2007)

Great! Keep going Dan!
Submitted By: fidbox
(285,663 on 7-2007)

Unique passionate politics
This is an intense and entertaining podcast that blasts our current leaders (who clearly deserve it) on both sides of the aisle. This is not just angry ranting, its intelligent, entertaining, and justified ranting. Mr. Carlin prides himself in being independent. He is.
Submitted By: dlazar
(285,509 on 7-2007)

The best political and social Commentary anywhere
Dan Carlin has a incredible mind and a voice and delivery that matches Edward Murrow. The wit, the commentary and the balance of this very wise soul is something that I look forward to with relish.
Submitted By: driscoll
(285,479 on 7-2007)

Finally, political commentary by someone who isnt a fascist Right or a unrealistic Left!
Submitted By: lilpepe2501
(285,423 on 7-2007)

Pretty good monologues
always enjoy listening to dan rant in his likeable way!
Submitted By: epg1
(285,373 on 7-2007)

very interesting perspective
Submitted By: hawari76
(285,333 on 7-2007)

Love the podcast!
Submitted By: shane.anglin
(285,160 on 7-2007)

Best Political Podcast, Bar None
There is no more insightful and self aware commentator in new or old media than Dan Carlin. This show has no competition.
Submitted By: darichetti1
(285,137 on 7-2007)

Great Show
I dont always agree but I appreciate the honesty to discuss any topic.
Submitted By: danny.topp
(285,031 on 7-2007)

common sense
great show...provocative
Submitted By: lornebigley
(284,913 on 7-2007)

Dan keeps it real
Hes goofy sounding sometimes, but I never miss an episode. Topics are insightful and positively charged.
Submitted By: karri
(284,846 on 7-2007)
Submitted By: atawney
(284,732 on 7-2007)

This is an excellent alternative to the horizontal thinking so prevalent in public discourse of society and politics.
Submitted By: Taylor.Alex
(284,656 on 7-2007)

This audio commentary is great! It really gets you thinking wether you agree with Dan Carlin or not. It just makes sense.
Submitted By: bryanphawk
(284,455 on 7-2007)

Great show
Best political podcast out there period
Submitted By: nrolfes
(284,446 on 7-2007)

Great smart content
Submitted By: manuel
(284,412 on 7-2007)

Love the show !! Dan Carlin for President!
Submitted By: jose1970us
(284,328 on 7-2007)

Great show!
I recently started listening to Dans "common sense" and "hardcore history" podcasts. He has a refreshing perspective on current and historical events. I find myself agreeing with most of his "stupid" ideas. Heres to the first whig party presidential candidate of the new mellenium!
Submitted By: garygallo2
(283,672 on 7-2007)

Give this guy an award...make one up if you have to.
Dan Carlin is one of the handful of honest commentators who take the time to not only research REAL news but to ponder all sides of an issue and offer solutions that actually make sense. The program and commentary are well organized and Dan is excellent at staying on topic. He raises questions that have not even occured to me, he causes me to rethink my own opinions and ultimately, I feel hes PROVOKING me into being more open-minded about not only issues, but my fellow countrymen. I dont agree with everything Dan believes and I wonder about his admiration of someone like Pat Buchanan but overall, this podcast is a TRUE winner.
Submitted By: fivexfive
(283,431 on 7-2007)

Great Podcast. Wish I could vote for Dans history podcast as well.
Submitted By: roysmithiii
(283,429 on 7-2007)

Great thought provoking talk
I love the thoughtfulness the host puts into his show. he does not just vomit forth partisan bull, but actually takes a more pragmatic view of the worlds situations. This program will make you think.
Submitted By: onemonkworkshop
(283,382 on 7-2007)

Great Show
Good perspective on current affairs - refreshing balance considering all the crap put there
Submitted By: idgoddard
(283,324 on 7-2007)

Great podcast
Always a great show, never fails to entertain and inform.
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(283,285 on 7-2007)

Love the independent insights. Check out hardcore history as well.
Submitted By: netwirk
(283,088 on 7-2007)

left right left right
no! look in the middle
Submitted By: keith
(283,016 on 7-2007)

Dan Carlin For President!
This Show rocks.
Submitted By: ifelloffasmallcliff
(282,757 on 7-2007)

Hands Down, Best Non-Partisan Political Commentary Show
Folks, cant say enough good things about this podcast. Taking a truly non-partisan view of todays socio-political landscape, Ive come to love this brilliant curmudgeon. Dan Carlin is that rare gem of independent broadcasting that is sometimes so hard to find amongst the myriad pretenders to the throne. With a mind like a steel trap and a dulcet voice reminiscent of chocolate velvet wrapped in silk (with subtle overtones of young Frank Sinatra), youll be glad you tuned in. This itinerant vocal coach to the stars (well, at least Mr. Carlin anyway) always is. Noel
Submitted By: themodule
(282,536 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: bcarver
(282,474 on 7-2007)

New discovery - love it
Submitted By: yoktan
(282,372 on 7-2007)

Dan is the man! The indie movement talk is great and poor Ben for getting sick
Submitted By: botanyisfun
(282,224 on 7-2007)

Dan Carlin Podcast
Best political podcast.
Submitted By: sutt_man
(282,066 on 7-2007)

Great cast
Submitted By: ryanwallis
(282,048 on 7-2007)

Love It!
Cant wait for the next one. Keep making sense Dan.
Submitted By: gadjeep
(282,007 on 7-2007)

love it
Submitted By: kmy2809
(281,651 on 7-2007)

Outstanding insight on politics today. This is the next generation of political talk shows.
Submitted By: blanklook
(281,512 on 7-2007)

Dan Carlin
Hes good!
Submitted By: zambonithug
(281,404 on 7-2007)

Great podcost
I just found this podcast the other day and am thoroughly enjoying it. Wonderful insights and it really is stuff you wont hear on more mainstream shows. He has these "radical" ideas that really are just common sense. -S-
Submitted By: korealignments
(281,365 on 7-2007)

Excellent show than
Submitted By: kevspink
(281,084 on 7-2007)

Thanks for Doing the Show
Submitted By: bobbyding
(280,984 on 7-2007)

super show
Submitted By: evanfagan1995
(280,796 on 7-2007)

It will make you think. Hope it doesnt hurt to much, you poor thing.
Submitted By: Jgold855
(280,675 on 7-2007)

Fun show
Ive become sick of the partisanship, as Im sure a lot of others are. Nice to hear someone who doesnt act like politics is a "my team must win at all costs" sort of game, since so many just pick a side and support that side no matter what.
Submitted By: mikeywadevogt
(280,634 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: mc2
(280,586 on 7-2007)

Always thought-provoking.
Submitted By: brian.travis
(280,555 on 7-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: wboyd2003
(280,017 on 6-2007)

Dan Carlin
Great podcast! I really enjoy this and Dans other podcast "Hardcore History."
Submitted By: jkroll
(279,976 on 6-2007)

great show
Submitted By: stacyoid
(279,044 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: evats3
(279,008 on 6-2007)

Great common sense
Submitted By: spamboxx
(278,936 on 6-2007)

Go Dan GO!!!
Submitted By: slacker11
(278,690 on 6-2007)

At last some common Sense.
Submitted By: mike122257
(278,590 on 6-2007)

A breath of fresh air. Proof that some people still believe its important to explore ideas regardless of where they may take you or how they may challenge you.
Submitted By: rryan
(278,537 on 6-2007)

A great show with a fresh air approach many current iissues. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: topchop46
(278,512 on 6-2007)

This is a great podcast, excellent production, content and delivery. always thought provoking need someone to comment like this on the uk! Martin
Submitted By: martinoswin
(278,186 on 6-2007)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: gorman33
(278,129 on 6-2007)

Common Sense
Always great
Submitted By: jacksonpbarry
(278,124 on 6-2007)

is a vote for carlin
Submitted By: trevorvanhemert
(277,971 on 6-2007)

this is a vote.
Submitted By: trevdogg100
(277,967 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: robtherebel
(277,950 on 6-2007)

Dan Carlin thinks independently
At first blush, you might think Dan Carlin is audacious and immodest, naming his podcast after the great series of essays by Thomas Paine. But listen to just one show, and youll know theres nothing else he could have called it.
Submitted By: hessk
(277,874 on 6-2007)

I love this guy!
Submitted By: gnirbnierk
(277,460 on 6-2007)

Thank You
It is so refreshing to hear commentary that is thought provoking and insightful, without a political back beat, that I cannot thank you enough. I am not a "Trekie," but I think the proper way to put my thoughts about your podcasts concisely is to say "Live Long, and Prosper." Sincerely, Chris Kochey
Submitted By: ck.junkbox
(277,366 on 6-2007)

Great oratory with unique perspective
Dan Carlin provides some rather unusual but strangely practical solutions to problems in our political system. I like that he will criticize anyone and will support anyone on the basis of their ideas and not on whether they are prominent or on the fringe of the political scene. Give this a look to hear a new take of the current issues and be entertained by how he expresses himself.
Submitted By: sdillon685
(277,079 on 6-2007)

Extremely insightful. Dan does a great job being honest and laying out the issues in a way even I can understand!
Submitted By: mdick7
(276,774 on 6-2007)

Vote for Dan Carlin
Im a Canadian and would LOVE to find a podcast this clever, insightful, entertaining, and above all non-partisan made by someone here. This is my absolute favourite podcast...
Submitted By: keith
(276,214 on 6-2007)

Dan must have read my mind...
Dans podcasts are simply fabulous.
Submitted By: ifelloffasmallcliff
(275,592 on 6-2007)

still the best
Yep, Still the best !
Submitted By: climbolduc
(274,837 on 6-2007)

the best show ever!
this is the best and most informative podcast i have found to date. its gentle blend of history and politics make it the most informative podcast to date.
Submitted By: korynokes
(274,721 on 6-2007)

not for lemmings!
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(274,710 on 6-2007)

Red? Blue? Dan is Purple with anger at Red vs Blue
Submitted By: djweaver64
(274,662 on 6-2007)

Dan Carlin
Dan Carlin continues to be at the top of political podcast heap. Cant wait until he gets syndicated on the radio.
Submitted By: kt0am
(274,659 on 6-2007)

Brilliant Show
Submitted By: epistimological
(274,657 on 6-2007)

The second best podcast available. The Hardcore history podcast is the best.
Submitted By: farby1
(273,666 on 6-2007)

Ive learned soooo much. Dan does the research and I learn
Submitted By: restwelll
(273,594 on 6-2007)

Brillant analysis
Thank you Dan for this important story. Im 100% for you and Ben and, like Ben, I am sick most of the time over these current events.
Submitted By: davenporthughes
(273,218 on 6-2007)

Love the Show
Submitted By: bobbyding
(273,034 on 6-2007)

Dan Carlin for President
Just kidding of course since hes too sensible to be electible and if elected, someone would most likely take a shot at him... I would encourage all those listeners to get up, place a vote and make a donation to keep this podcast alive. Good work Dan.
Submitted By: malocsay
(272,525 on 6-2007)

great commonsense show
Submitted By: bmccarvey
(272,390 on 6-2007)

Another fantastic show! I wish more people knew to tap into it.
Submitted By: astrozen2000
(272,247 on 6-2007)

Reasons to Change
Dan Carlin vocalizes the Common Sense that ALL Americans should heed. Now is the time for Americans to re-evaluate what we are allowing OUR government to do. Now is the time to educate ourselves. Listen to Mr. Carlin, agree with him or disagree with him, but follow his lead and use some Common Sense! Nunc Es Tempes.
Submitted By: golanbat
(272,114 on 6-2007)

Incredible Show guys!
Hands down, absolutely the *best* socio-political commentary blog online. Whether you lean left, right or anywhere in the middle, Dan Carlin has a way of making you think about the issues in an entirely new light. (BTW - Ive updated my opinion about his voice: Turns out that Rushbaugh, Kermit, and Wallace Shawn are a kind of aural Reeses snack that inexplicably work when combined in his distinctive oratory style! Yea, Mr, Carlins dulcet tones simply bedazzle the ear, adding yet another reason I cant help but come back week after week!) Keep up the good work, Friend. Modulator
Submitted By: themodule
(271,989 on 6-2007)

One of the best podcasts ever.
Submitted By: rrynhff
(271,793 on 6-2007)

Dan Carlin Podcast
This and his history show are both excellent.
Submitted By: sutt_man
(271,614 on 6-2007)

Good Work!
Dont take this the wrong way, but not EVERYTHING is wrong or broken in the world.
Submitted By: davehull
(271,439 on 6-2007)

Kepp up the good work, Dan Carlin!
Submitted By: shane.anglin
(271,055 on 6-2007)

Great Podcast!!!
Submitted By: nivag
(270,834 on 6-2007)

consistently good
Submitted By: frossi
(270,819 on 6-2007)

This podcast really inspires and gives me hope for the future of the country. I think many of the younger people are quickly jaded to the demagoguery that exists in the political world and see through it. Instead of being a hopeless, apathetic observer, I realize that there are people out there generating honest, non-partisan, opinions. Dan has really rejuvenated my thinking and attitude about current affairs and politics. Thanks Dan.
Submitted By: Robbob14
(270,115 on 6-2007)

Common Sense is great
Common Sense by Dan Carlin would go a long way to improve America if more people listened to it.
Submitted By: giu
(270,041 on 6-2007)

Common Sense is the best political commentary in podcasting.
Youve got to try it, youll be amazed at the enlightenment.
Submitted By: karenlroth
(269,650 on 6-2007)

The best
Submitted By: sam.rothwell
(269,514 on 6-2007)

Love it!
Love his show! A must download! He cuts through the bull on the issues and dissects them like a shark!
Submitted By: eddierad
(269,459 on 6-2007)

Dan rocks!
Not that I agree with him all the time hehe
Submitted By: cube
(269,446 on 6-2007)

Solutions oriented.
Submitted By: apsroswell2
(269,418 on 6-2007)

Dan Carlin for President
Gawd, I WISH!
Submitted By: ginnaman
(269,381 on 6-2007)

listen, you will learn something, and be entertained at the same time
Submitted By: rexboyce
(269,153 on 6-2007)

Dan Carlin is great
Dan Carlin should run for that would probably ruin him too. His podcasts are entertaining and informative in the perfect mix.
Submitted By: egeis66
(268,931 on 6-2007)

Carlin invigorates US politics!
Is he Liberal? Conservative? Libertarian? No labels, please, just look at the issue, and use Common Sense... Like a 40,000 watt idea lightbulb over your head....
Submitted By: j.knapp
(268,793 on 6-2007)

The best
Adults only - best comentary avaiable in any media.
Submitted By: ednblue
(268,649 on 6-2007)

This is how politics should be!
Youll never get more enjoyment out of disagreeing with someone about politics! Youll like it even better if you agree with him! ;-)
Submitted By: mdyson
(268,598 on 6-2007)

Consistently great
Dan has the best solutions out there!
Submitted By: brian.travis
(268,381 on 6-2007)

Best Show on Politics
Keep it up Dan and Ben!
Submitted By: ryanwallis
(268,345 on 6-2007)

Dans right on
The browning of America. Great description.
Submitted By: dleifyamjr
(268,325 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: jsputnik
(267,573 on 5-2007)

Your show is like a breath of fresh air in this waste land of political polution. You give me hope in this dire situation the best country in the world finds herself in. (America)
Submitted By: merksol23
(267,295 on 5-2007)

A great political podcast, youll like it if youre liberal or conservative.
Submitted By: raedrfan
(267,260 on 5-2007)

This is an incredibly refreshing look at politics from a truly independent intelligent thinker who truly calls it as he sees it without a political agenda. When I first began listening to this I was sure there would be some political agenda somewhere-Having listened to about 15 hours of podcasts, I have yet to find a hint of it. I only wish this could be a daily gig. It seems to come out about every 3 weeks.
Submitted By: dlazar
(267,215 on 5-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: wvoorhies
(266,926 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: kb1
(266,768 on 5-2007)

Great Podcast, Really.
Mr. Carlin, I found your Common Sense podcast on i-Tunes, listened to one episode then subscribed to it and listen to at least one of them a day. I really enjoy your content, approach, delivery, the way you integrate the daily topic into so many other things and just how informative, thought-provoking and enjoyable it is. If Im gushing, no apologies. I really enjoy the podcast. I have to admit i may have to measure out my listening time for Common Sense because i have found another podcast that is competing with it - Hardcore History... Thanks again, Everett Virginia Beach
Submitted By: everhat
(266,164 on 5-2007)

makes me think
Submitted By: kmy2809
(265,596 on 5-2007)

Common Sense - Makes Sense
"If youre not angry, youre not paying attention"
Submitted By: chaiydonati
(265,347 on 5-2007)

Excellent Political Podcast
No matter where you lie on the political spectrum, Dans "common sense" talk should provide good listening for you. If you care about the past, present, or future of the US, youll find something of interest here.
Submitted By: ratfactor
(265,319 on 5-2007)

Excellent Show
Keep up the great work - its independent thinkers like Dan who are the true catalysts for change in our country.
Submitted By: mcurran76
(265,280 on 5-2007)

Great Show. Keep it Up
Submitted By: magyar
(265,182 on 5-2007)

Dan I always enjoy your opinion. We dont always agree but I respect your insights. Your opinions are well thought out and presented. You keep America thinking- keep it up.
Submitted By: jarvek7
(265,166 on 5-2007)

Brilliant Show
Submitted By: epistimological
(264,566 on 5-2007)

Great show
Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your show. It is thought provoking.
Submitted By: trew97
(264,401 on 5-2007)

Good show
Good show, thought provoking.
Submitted By: lordkuri
(264,166 on 5-2007)

Excellant show
You should see the ideas this guy comes up with.
Submitted By: benrolph
(263,993 on 5-2007)

Beautiful thinking
Dan challenges my thought process everytime I hear him. Dont miss an episode!
Submitted By: warpedjm
(263,266 on 5-2007)

Theres no much of it about
Submitted By: masonc
(263,019 on 5-2007)

Love the show
They put a lot of work into it, and Dan avoids the usual partisan "rah-rah team" silliness you get from other opinion or talk shows.
Submitted By: mikeywadevogt
(262,949 on 5-2007)

His podcast is one of the most informative, interesting and thought provoking I have heard in a very long time.
Submitted By: joshspeedie
(262,368 on 5-2007)

(262,317 on 5-2007)

The most thoughtful podcast
Submitted By: kthorpetx
(261,992 on 5-2007)

Still The Best
Submitted By: climbolduc
(261,614 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: astrozen2000
(261,535 on 5-2007)

excellent and thought provoking!
I dont always agree with Dan, but he makes me think!
Submitted By: safeathome
(261,455 on 5-2007)

Common Sense
Great Show!
Submitted By: dxbenne2
(261,214 on 5-2007)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: gorman33
(261,143 on 5-2007)

Ben is sick no more
keep up the good work Dan!
Submitted By: mikeandrachael2004
(261,134 on 5-2007)

Agree 99 out of a 100
Submitted By: topmonkey
(260,836 on 5-2007)

It REALLY makes sense!
Just give it a try, regardless of how you vote. This is America. Think Different.
Submitted By: j.knapp
(260,712 on 5-2007)

Great show! Dan is an independent voice out of the two party insanity.
Submitted By: marty21
(260,656 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: fidbox
(260,589 on 5-2007)

Fast, Loud, Fun
I love this guy. Hes smart and really passionate in his beliefs. It helps that I frequently agree with him. I wait eagerly for each episode!
Submitted By: gnirbnierk
(260,476 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: gunner2004
(260,383 on 5-2007)

Found the show today. Thanks for the insight.
Submitted By: susanjdubois
(260,292 on 5-2007)

AWESOME SHOW DAN!!!! At long last we have a commentator who tells us EXACTLY how it is. America also needs to introduce itself to a third political party if not more. Im looking forward to hearing future programs. Richard McCowen
Submitted By: mccowen1
(260,273 on 5-2007)

Great Show
Great podcast i watched most of it in a 2-3 day span keep up the good work
Submitted By: deviblade
(259,718 on 5-2007)

Awesome Show
Most of the time I agree....but
Submitted By: spacesos
(259,644 on 5-2007)

All-too uncommon
Very informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining. Bravo!
Submitted By: djensen
(258,662 on 5-2007)

Great independent political show
Submitted By: prodromus
(258,596 on 5-2007)

If Common Sense were common
we wouldnt need Dan Carlin. But it isnt, so we DO!
Submitted By: mc2
(258,192 on 5-2007)

Common Sense #1
Best new commentary on the web.
Submitted By: sutt_man
(257,953 on 5-2007)

Common sense is uncommon!
Submitted By: rknoble
(257,944 on 5-2007)

Always a great angle...
Dan cuts through the partisan hackery, and takes a logical, historical angle on current events. Hes great at framing the current debate in a bigger perspective that the other talking heads never seem to rise to. The podcast is the antithesis of the weekly spin shows, and its refreshing.
Submitted By: jtallon
(257,942 on 5-2007)

Good show this week
I am going out to look for kryptonite right now.
Submitted By: dleifyamjr
(257,703 on 5-2007)

A provocative, non-hysterical look at todays political and social concerns. Even when I disagree, I find Carlin interesting and thoughtful.
Submitted By: widi
(257,559 on 5-2007)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: kpeugene
(257,290 on 5-2007)

Excellent show!!
This show will really make you rethink your views. He hits you hard with his common sense ideas. A must listen show. Thought provoking and entertaining at the same time. Great delivery. Enjoy this guy before his outgrows this medium.
Submitted By: rexboyce
(257,084 on 5-2007)

Great, thought-provoking show
Its refreshing hearing discussion of problems along with common sense resolutions.
Submitted By: brandonl
(256,371 on 4-2007)

Dear Ben, Get well soon!! Both Common Sense and Hardcore History are very entertaining and informative. Im not a political junkie, and not a fan of talk radio, mostly because of all the partisian BS and negativity. Common Sense is different. Dans views are straightforward and logical. Im sure that Thomas Paine would be proud.
Submitted By: deg1
(256,272 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: hasse
(255,787 on 4-2007)

Common Sense
Best independent news podcast Ive heard yet.
Submitted By: sutt_man
(255,174 on 4-2007)

Dan Carlin is my all time favourite!
Submitted By: pcmbabu2002
(255,013 on 4-2007)

I listened all weeked
I found your podcast and listened to 4-5 hours of it while I did chores around the house and while driving. I love the non partisan aspect of your program. You said that was your intention. --- To make a point without having to malign anyone who disagreed. --- On this point I always agree with you. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: soupsoninnaples
(254,695 on 4-2007)

Dan Carlin - Insightful Political Debate!
Still my absolute favorite social/political debate program, guys! Keep up the kick ass work! (BTW: Hope Bens sandfoot gets better - my grandma was similarly afflicted. A surefire prescription: Fast for seven days, drinking only tequila and eating only margarine.) Noel
Submitted By: themodule
(254,523 on 4-2007)

Great thought provoking speaker
Submitted By: info
(254,424 on 4-2007)

"Loco" Dan
I am Glad to find this Podcast with Dan´s eclectic comments and opinions. I follow Dan´s Podcast Hardcore history and common sense. About last common sense pod “I am agree with Dan about owning a gun will give equilibrium against bad guys, but unfortunately we ride in a spiral of violence. However, when both sides acknowledge the right of own a gun and defense theirs family lives, I hope criminals will think twice before they broke into a house. I am deeply sorry last event at Virginia Tec… Thanks Luis Villuendas Cancún, México Ps. Ben will improve his health with a few days in Cancun most beautiful beaches in the world, the tequilas are on the house…
Submitted By: villus
(254,341 on 4-2007)

Save America!
Spread the Common Sense (which, as it turns out, is not all that common, apparently)! America has Cancer, and Carlin Sense is the cure! Ok, so thats really cheesy, but seriously, even if we dont all think exactly like Dan Carlin, he makes critical points that at least most of us can (or should) agree on.
Submitted By: redrooster9
(253,623 on 4-2007)

Long Time Listener
Dan has never disappointed.
Submitted By: qwiksilver
(253,585 on 4-2007)

Yer killin me!
Good stuff! Dan is mostly right about everything except the stuff hes terribly wrong about.
Submitted By: tommyarcata
(253,443 on 4-2007)

Total Domination...
... All other podcasts are inferior!! Keep up the good work, Dan.
Submitted By: coryk_music
(253,058 on 4-2007)

hell yeah
Dan Carlin ROCKS!!!
Submitted By: turbomacncheese
(252,501 on 4-2007)

best podcast of all
best podcast of all
Submitted By: andrew
(252,472 on 4-2007)

Keep em coming Carlin!
Here is my vote to make Ben feel better! Keep em coming Carlin!
Submitted By: ipod
(252,250 on 4-2007)

the best
if only we had someone like dan carlin running (or helping to run) this country our politicians have ruined! very smart man. inclined to history. and he gets angry sometimes! what? someone who cares enough to get emotional? how novel!
Submitted By: cloudyday000
(251,821 on 4-2007)

Carlin rocks
This is a refreshing show. Better than the normal voices and way more intelligent!
Submitted By: senki.ka
(251,499 on 4-2007)

Dan, love the show
Somehow we will find more to agree on than not.
Submitted By: wvoorhies
(250,733 on 4-2007)

almost makes an anarchist feel patriotic
Submitted By: inthistogether
(249,816 on 4-2007)

This is the best political show I have ever listened to. If you care about America you need to listen to this show
Submitted By: rdemars187
(249,636 on 4-2007)

The Best
Great Podcast.
Submitted By: dsl262
(249,627 on 4-2007)

Uncommon Sense!
Dan Carlins show is terrific. How refreshing to hear someone giving his own strong opinions without vilifying people who dont agree. Also, Dan seems fairly well-versed in history and politics, giving him more credibility than the run-of-th-mill blowhard.
Submitted By: safeathome
(248,885 on 4-2007)

Refreshing change of pace!
Its nice to hear a political discussion that attempts to see both sides of the issues w/out spiraling into a race to see who can demonize each other first.
Submitted By: fossil1977
(248,103 on 4-2007)

A very entertaining podcast.
Submitted By: Kaptingutz
(248,102 on 4-2007)

Common Sense
Great show for news and understanding beyond the normal sources.
Submitted By: dleifyamjr
(247,846 on 4-2007)

Keep it up Dan!!
Submitted By: jayare_2000
(247,738 on 4-2007)

The show is simply fantastic. Regardless of your political affiliation, try it out and see how it fits.
Submitted By: j.knapp
(247,679 on 4-2007)

A Call for Reason
This fellow does not fall easily into any neat category like conservative or liberal. He is a straight up guy, leaning neither right nor left. If you cannot avoid the need to pigeonhole him based on his discourses, the only label I could accurately pin on him would be "mercilessly anti-stupidity". No party lines tolerated here. If you are not at least a little angry about the way things are, you are definitely not paying attention. That has seldom been truer than it is now, and yet Mr. Carlin provides hope through solutions. A former history professor, he discusses issues in terms of how we got here, and what we can do about it. A very encouraging podcast which will be essential listening to intelligent people who can think outside the box.
Submitted By: ginnaman1
(247,505 on 4-2007)

None or all of the above, based on whats good for the Country, NOT for the politicians. Dont miss this!!
Submitted By: mc2
(247,499 on 4-2007)

Its sure as hell a lot more rational that Blast the Right; it acknowledges that the left aint so hot either.
Submitted By: dukeofspades
(246,906 on 4-2007)

Still The Man
Yes, Carlin is still the Man, without a close second. " Except maybe Ben" Thanks for the great show Dan !
Submitted By: climbolduc
(246,878 on 4-2007)

in a class all his own
Submitted By: nick.dww
(246,604 on 4-2007)

Dans the man!
Why buy into all the divisive political muckrakers out there? Dan doesnt care whether youre left, right, center, or Martian--he just talks good common sense. Take a listen!
Submitted By: mdyson
(245,851 on 4-2007)

I must be a little nuts, cause I love "mushrooms & onions"! Speaking of food, this podcast is real nourishment - for your soul, your mind, and your civic heart. And I have to rebutt the comment that Dan has a "lack of emotion": I think Dan has a lot of emotion, and passion, and respect, and love for this country. Perhaps what the commenter intended to say is that Dan is not mean, which does make him different in a world of Limbaughs and Coulters. Heres to hoping Mr. Carlin has a long, successful career castin to the masses! And that Ben makes a speedy recovery!
Submitted By: cdbosh
(245,103 on 3-2007)

Have you thought of writing a book?
Submitted By: navysis72012
(244,809 on 3-2007)

Thought provoking, passionate, and sensible
Common sense is such a perfect name for this show. Its so... sensible. Im so pleased that there is a voice against the duality that most media would have us buy into. Its a very hopeful window into the US. There are sane people out there, and one day the sane people will outnumber the partisan agitators. Mr Carlin, while I dont always agree with you, I salute you.
Submitted By: rachel.laurenson
(244,520 on 3-2007)

great thinker
Dan Carlins podcast is a joy to listen to, primarily for his rational, common-sensical approach to this weird culture we are part of.
Submitted By: res04ssy
(244,308 on 3-2007)

Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Submitted By: veritech_100
(243,687 on 3-2007)

great show with great ideas
Submitted By: jayare_2000
(243,470 on 3-2007)

vote for him
Submitted By: sstachler
(243,038 on 3-2007)

best podcast out there
Thanks for the invformative podcast. I listen to them at work. Very stimulating.
Submitted By: mynameisjack81
(242,496 on 3-2007)

Great podcast
He makes you think
Submitted By: info
(242,337 on 3-2007)

Turns out there is a LOT to discuss nowadays
While I may not agree with Mr. Carlin on every issue (Left or Right) I can honestly say this is hands down the best social/political Podcast Ive ever heard. I came across this relatively non-partisan show after having gotten hooked on Carlins "Hardcore History" series, which kicks ASS. When I Googled him to find more episodes, I was elated to discover this long-running commentary podcast. Bringing a colorful, broad and historical perspective (historical as in actually remembering and learning from Historys past lessons) to current political debate, this show intelligently covers everything that really matters in current political and social debate. If you can get past his somewhat irksome voice (imagine an unholy combination of Rush Limbaugh, Kermit the Frog & Wallace Shawn), youll come to understand just why our moribund 6 oclock news institutions are on their last legs. Thanks so much Mr. Carlin. We hear you.
Submitted By: themodule
(242,295 on 3-2007)

Alternative to talk radio
I got so sick of the "Were good-theyre bad" way most talk radio presents their material. Surely I thought there must be something with a little more prespective. Alas! I found "Common Sense". I really like how Dan interweaves his knowlede of history to give the big picture. I enjoyed the historical view so much I now download Dans "Hardcore History". Both are now my favorite Poscasts. Finally a truly non-partisian view. Thanks-Mike L.
Submitted By: lmlynch11585
(242,033 on 3-2007)

REally enjoy the show!
Submitted By: ldyminerva
(241,639 on 3-2007)

Informative and entertaining
Informative and entertaining
Submitted By: kaveh
(241,205 on 3-2007)

alex jones w/out the conspiracy
love it... literally, common sense, which we need more of. thank you, dan carlin!
Submitted By: jsputnik
(240,795 on 3-2007)

The best podcast out there.
Submitted By: mamaraines
(240,709 on 3-2007)

A must hear for all.
Submitted By: cuevo_dog
(240,599 on 3-2007)

One of my favorites!
Submitted By: vvalerio
(240,375 on 3-2007)

great show
Hey Dan, You got my vote this month. You have my vote for next month. :) I appreciate your non-politics politics, your fairness and your "we bash bosh sides" Keep up the great work, Paul
Submitted By: paul.vladuchick
(240,236 on 3-2007)

Dans the man
Submitted By: martywater
(240,213 on 3-2007)

Carlin rocks!
Submitted By: eddierad
(240,131 on 3-2007)

Dan for #1
He is the reason why podcasts have become a great medium!!
Submitted By: greginspain
(239,876 on 3-2007)

Great podcast!
The best podcast on the web. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: sandeeandclint
(238,770 on 3-2007)

Good Show
Submitted By: tremac_ceo
(238,730 on 3-2007)

Dan, Love your show. I have always been a talk show junkie and I would listen to anything because I appreciated the idea, from Hannity, to Limbaugh, to Franken, to Bob Davis. But I need to say that with your show I finally feel at home, Its a place where I can not only disagree but agree as well. Its just nice to know that is a show out there like yours that pushes people to think on their own and not feel judged, right, or wrong. But to think about every aspect that affects our lives without major bias and bias where needed. I really appreciate that your not trying to inject fear only of the other side in your listeners, and encouraging your listeners to make their own choices based their own judgements out of the information that you are aware of. Thank You. Best, Jacob Spagenske Ft.Lauderdale, FL.
Submitted By: Jacob.spagenske
(238,457 on 3-2007)

Dan you continue to bring that pure unadulterated not from concentrate perspective that nobody else discusses. I hope this vote helps.
Submitted By: sschneider
(238,262 on 3-2007)

Refreshing and fun
Just bought my iPod Shuffle a onth ago, and now Im hooked on listening to "Common Sense". Between his non-partisan take on the issues, the importance he assigns to the constitution & our liberties, and his out-of-the-box thinking, the shows politics and ideas are very refreshing. His humor and speaking style have me grinning and laughing out loud once or twice a day on the train into DC. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: t2nav
(238,182 on 3-2007)

I like dan
This is the most refreshing podcast Ive heard in a long time.
Submitted By: mike
(237,948 on 3-2007)

Best Show
Intelligent and thoughtful
Submitted By: wboyd2003
(237,687 on 3-2007)

This show is needed. Period.
Submitted By: j.knapp
(237,144 on 3-2007)

Favorite podcast
Common Sense is the best podcast around, bar none.
Submitted By: kt0am
(236,682 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: yocraig
(236,539 on 3-2007)

Great show
Great show. I disagree with him a lot, but at least he doesnt bash you purely for disagreeing with him like FreeTalkLive.
Submitted By: obliare
(236,014 on 3-2007)

By far the most refreshingly original politically independent talk show on air today. Dan Carlin, full of a fun and intriguing ideas, delivers a compelling 40-60min masterpiece of radio art. In addition, Dans loyal relationship with his audience - both on the forums and emails, brings talk show host/audience interaction to a whole new level.
Submitted By: chjauslin
(235,940 on 3-2007)

Great Show!
Keep up the common sense rants and wonderful history lessons,...
Submitted By: hasse
(235,903 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: SHELLYSPLASH2003
(235,821 on 3-2007)

like the lack of emotion and amply use of checkable facts
Submitted By: siampayne
(235,704 on 3-2007)

Best Podcast
This is absolutely the Best podcast out there, hands down. Thanks Dan.
Submitted By: climbolduc
(235,239 on 3-2007)

Keep em comin, Dan
Submitted By: bimmerchris
(235,234 on 3-2007)

The Best
Submitted By: cdonaldson
(234,762 on 3-2007)

Always thoughtprovoking, I feel like my way of thinking is expanded when I listen.
Submitted By: madkat2000
(234,576 on 3-2007)

Great Show!
Give this show a listen! You WILL love it!
Submitted By: bradwaite
(233,895 on 3-2007)

Are you paying attention?
Dont like any of the various "party lines" the present bunch of boobs in government spew at us? Dan Carlin gives me hope that there are intelligent, sensible people out there who are not snowed by the politicians (in my view, a derogatory term) who claim to represent us. And while other podcasts dispense more "party lines" in the face of logic to the contrary, Mr. Carlin examines things in a no-nonsense manner, analyzes how they got that way, and proposes solutions that make sense. He IS an acquired taste, but once you "get it" you cant get enough. Be warned, though - he doesnt suffer fools gladly. Common Sense with Dan Carlin is the best!
Submitted By: ginnaman
(233,461 on 3-2007)

All insight, all the time
It doesnt get any better than this BANG for your listening buck (time is money)
Submitted By: mc2
(233,452 on 3-2007)

Thanks for the show, Dan!
In the middle of show 85 ... the most cutting edge show that still makes friends with those who disagree. :)
Submitted By: chase.nordengren
(233,168 on 3-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: dan.phifer
(232,992 on 3-2007)

Excellency that defies description...
The only way to improve this podcast is to make it longer and deliver it more frequently...
Submitted By: aluminu
(232,800 on 3-2007)

One of the best
One of the best political commentaries available.
Submitted By: dickj2
(232,657 on 2-2007)

Common Sense with Dan Carlin
I dont miss an episode. Great Podcast
Submitted By: puntocult
(232,462 on 2-2007)

The Heart of the Matter
Cuts through all the smoke to get to the root of problems that affect all of us in the US
Submitted By: mc2
(232,211 on 2-2007)

Screw bi-partisanship! When the Donkey and the Elephant get together on something, it just makes for a big fat ass! Then were all screwed. NON-partisan pragmatism is our only hope, and Dan Carlin is the best voice of reason rising above the monopoly of the choice of two evils that is the current political miliu. No matter what your philosophy, Dan will get you thinking, and that is where change starts.
Submitted By: peteycat
(232,002 on 2-2007)

finally some hardcore common sense
Submitted By: grand_national2000
(231,493 on 2-2007)

This podcast is AWESOME!! I love it and cant wait for the new episodes every week! Very thought-provoking and easy to swallow!!
Submitted By: jagsbills2000
(230,935 on 2-2007)

Best most insightful current Events podcast
Great mind, great ideas, concise simple explanation of ideas with supporting references. Dan is the best thing on my IPOD. Check out his Hardcore History Series as well.
Submitted By: driscoll
(230,830 on 2-2007)

very informative
Informative and entertaining
Submitted By: garrison.canter
(230,267 on 2-2007)

Absolute Genius
This guy is incredible; a complete breath of fresh air
Submitted By: zuikaku
(230,011 on 2-2007)

Once again: Excelent!
I am rapidly becoming addict to Dans coments on politics, which can be applied globaly withcommon sense, as my dad used to say: Common sense is the least common of senses. This programm is a great exercise for developing my own common sense.
Submitted By: luis.flores
(230,003 on 2-2007)

Very interesting and thought provoking. Great job!
Submitted By: sandc10
(229,289 on 2-2007)

Best Podcast
Common Sense with Dan Carlin is, without question, one of the best, most thougth provoking political/current events podcasts on the net. Absolutely worth your time to give him a try.
Submitted By: nursingcareers
(229,037 on 2-2007)

Antidote for the Morons that Surround Us
Dont like any of the various "party lines" the present bunch of boobs in government spew at us? Dan Carlin gives me hope that there are intelligent, sensible people out there who are not snowed by the politicians (in my view, a derogatory term) who claim to represent us. And while other podcasts dispense more "party lines" in the face of logic to the contrary, Mr. Carlin examines things in a no-nonsense manner, analyzes how they got that way, and proposes solutions that make sense. He IS an acquired taste, but once you "get it" you cant get enough. Be warned, though - he doesnt suffer fools gladly. Common Sense with Dan Carlin is the best!
Submitted By: ginnaman
(228,113 on 2-2007)

Carlin says it like it is and gives us a new perspective to the status quo.
Submitted By: kpeugene
(227,941 on 2-2007)

great show,...
great show - good for the breain,...
Submitted By: hasse
(227,848 on 2-2007)

site not downloading
check your site. no luck downloading or downloads and then there is a problem
Submitted By: profhome
(227,607 on 2-2007)

Great show!
He is the best at cutting through all this partisan smaltz that the Repubbies and Demmies are always fighting about!
Submitted By: obikinobee
(227,438 on 2-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: blakehendrix
(226,448 on 2-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: travelsalot74
(226,420 on 2-2007)

Too Taxed... comment.
Submitted By: yocraig
(226,182 on 2-2007)

Seriously, you should listen
Ive said it before and Ill say it again: This is a great show and Dan always gives interesting and insightful analysis.
Submitted By: dan.phifer
(225,969 on 2-2007)

Go Carlin!
Submitted By: doug
(225,966 on 2-2007)

voting for the best
Submitted By: sstachler
(225,963 on 2-2007)

GREAT website!
Submitted By: outwest4
(225,607 on 2-2007)

Submitted By: oneguysmind
(224,894 on 2-2007)

Ive been listenting to Dan Carlin for the past month and I cant get enough...Ive always been a Rush fan...and still am...but this guy rocks...Dan I need more!!!
Submitted By: baneth2001
(224,773 on 2-2007)

Very Refreshing
It is so refreshing to hear someone who is not swayed by political ideas and is willing to form their own opinions
Submitted By: zman5232
(224,760 on 2-2007)

Dan Carlin
Make this Guy #1...The Best Podcast!
Submitted By: jacksonpbarry
(224,016 on 2-2007)

Addicted to this show
Beware: you will become much more aware of the America around you! This is Independent political ranting drizzled in chocolate! Not over your head, but INSIDE it! Tired of the partisan blathering of the Democrats and Republicans? Give it a whirl!
Submitted By: j.knapp
(224,011 on 2-2007)

Great show
Dan always has a well thought out, interesting topic to discuss. Hell give you a new perspective to consider on a wide range of topics. And hes got that crazy voice going for him, too!
Submitted By: kate.phifer
(223,795 on 2-2007)

Dan for #1
Dan most definitely has the most valuable podcast out there, he is what makes this medium great...I look forward to his thoughts on the weeks news every week!!
Submitted By: greginspain
(223,755 on 2-2007)

Submitted By: wvoorhies
(223,607 on 2-2007)

keep up the good work
...u even have listeners from Romania :D
Submitted By: sssharkieee
(223,605 on 2-2007)

keep em coming
keep em coming
Submitted By: bcramer1
(223,179 on 2-2007)

Vote Dan Carlin!
A great podcast.
Submitted By: addrjunk
(222,750 on 2-2007)

Uncommon sense
In todays world, Dans common sense is somewhat uncommon. A MUST for the politically motivated listener. He gives insight into todays problems, and offers solutions that make sense. #1 show in my book. If you are of libertarian mindset -you will really like what he has to say.
Submitted By: bradwaite
(222,663 on 2-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: joehickeyus
(221,963 on 2-2007)

best podcast
This is by far the best podcast of its genre. Dan is revolutionary in his thinking and his enthusiasm inspires a call to acton. Thanks Dan. You too Ben.
Submitted By: climbolduc
(221,762 on 2-2007)

Political Independence
I wish Everyone would listen to common sense
Submitted By: kthorpetx
(219,220 on 2-2007)

Dan "the man"
Great Podcast for independent minded individuals.
Submitted By: rss10
(216,983 on 1-2007)

Dan Carlin is a GENIOUS!
Submitted By: gerblesarefordinner
(216,468 on 1-2007)

The revolution is here!!!
This is a podcast for anyone who wishes to call themselves an American!!!
Submitted By: paddysuz
(215,690 on 1-2007)

Submitted By: FROSSI
(215,217 on 1-2007)

religiously (not in the christ way) listening
there are three "personalities" that i generally trust. woody guthrie, bob dylan, and dan carlin.
Submitted By: wachris
(214,219 on 1-2007)

A great outlook on the state of US politics
Submitted By: info
(214,004 on 1-2007)

enjoying common sense in norway
Submitted By: haslev007
(213,696 on 1-2007)

great insight
Submitted By: Flipmstr2
(213,013 on 1-2007)

Great Article. Keep up the good Job!
Submitted By: carlos
(212,397 on 1-2007)

Simply the best
For simply the best politcal insight today, look no further than Dan Carlin. Both this podcast (Common Sense) and his other cast (Hardcore History) are far and away the most thought-provoking Ive found on the net. It doesnt matter if youre Republican or Democrat (or Whig!) you will find your time will be well spent
Submitted By: indyschulz
(212,338 on 1-2007)

common sense
exellent commentary, one of the top, top ten, even not always right, I would like it every day, worldwide
Submitted By: alphakrit
(211,021 on 1-2007)

Listen to Dan
Found Dan on ITunes over a year ago have been listening ever since. We need more common sense like Dans. Extremely knowlegeable, topical, sane and fair analysis. A guy in search of the unbiased truth (as much as any human being can do), not in just supporting black and white fanatical ideology.
Submitted By: sroushdy1
(210,075 on 1-2007)

Great Podcast
Dan has great energy and lives up to his branding of taking neither side. Fantastic subject matter all tackled in a thought provoking, entertaining manner
Submitted By: dtooke1645
(209,615 on 1-2007)

Love the Show
Dan dishes out the common sense with common sense. And i love his style! Mushrooms and Onions baby!
Submitted By: sniperopera
(209,399 on 1-2007)

Thanks Dan!
I cant wait for the weekly installment of Diagnosing Ben -- er -- Common Sense :)
Submitted By: bimmerchris
(209,315 on 1-2007)

Plus FREAKIN one, baby!
Submitted By: blade
(209,314 on 1-2007)

Dan is the Man !
This is by far the best podcast out there as well as an out there podcast ! Thanks Dan. You too Ben.
Submitted By: climbolduc
(209,306 on 1-2007)

This guy does amazing stuff, its really well thought out with no fluff and remarkable credibility and accountability. If I could rate podcasts on iTunes like songs every one of Dan Carlins shows would recieve a 5/5 stars. If youre into politics I say give one episode a try, but dont be scared by his passion!
Submitted By: JohnJN
(209,017 on 1-2007)

Common Sense
Today, its needed more than ever
Submitted By: mkeach
(208,647 on 1-2007)

Great Show!
This show is definitely worth listening to.
Submitted By: jmanning
(208,084 on 1-2007)

Great podcast
This is a great podcast. Smart, witty and unconventional in thought anf format. Keep up the great work Dan!
Submitted By: davecc23
(207,897 on 1-2007)

Intelligent talk for the rest of us
Submitted By: haslev007
(207,803 on 1-2007)

Solutions provided
Great show! More practical approach to non-partisan issues then most shows. Works with what we have versus a perfect world.
Submitted By: molsenak
(207,761 on 1-2007)

Brilliant Stuff
Common Sense with Dan Carlin is just what the Doctor prescribed. Insight, Analysis and Solutions to the problems we are currently facing in our historical narrative. With this guy on the Compass – Common Sense has become the new North. This guy is fast - and if you can keep up - beware of Empowerment!
Submitted By: chaiydonati
(207,468 on 1-2007)

Dan Rocks
I am always excited when I see a new show go up. Always thought provoking and never boring. He has a unique and exciting delivery that adds even more to an already great show. Its the #1 podcast in my book.
Submitted By: bradwaite
(207,031 on 1-2007)

I never miss an episode
Dont always agree with him, but he makes me think.
Submitted By: mikeschultz98
(207,008 on 1-2007)

Great ideas are so hard to find
And thank goodness I found Dans podcast. It really is Common Sense, just what the nation needs.
Submitted By: briancmckinley
(206,789 on 1-2007)

love dans delivery style!
Submitted By: colin_mckenna
(206,141 on 1-2007)

love him
Submitted By: larryfernandez
(205,498 on 1-2007)

Bitter Pill...but it cures ya.
If you want sugar-coated, high fructose snake oil...go listen to a motivational tape. If you want whats good for wide.
Submitted By: qwiksilver
(205,416 on 1-2007)

Dans the man!
Like your favorite Baptist preacher on speed hes fast, loud, and full of energy. Straight talk, delivered straight up, covering the politics of the day free of partisan bias. This is Common Sense the way we can dream the so-called leaders of this country will someday see it.
Submitted By: mdyson1
(205,337 on 1-2007)

Excellent Show
I love this show. Carlins attitude and delivery really bring some political ideas out in me that I have never cared about in the past. I hope the show gets bigger, I dont know how it could get much better. Maybe if the influence spreads people will wake up, get a fire in their belly and do something to bring about real change. It isnt going to happen while sitting on your couch. Keep up the good work guys...
Submitted By: jbert50021
(205,144 on 1-2007)

Great Podcast!
Keep the neo-prudentism coming Dan (and Ben)!
Submitted By: wes.raine
(204,919 on 1-2007)

Great show!
Dans philosophy has really struck home for me. This podcast may change your life.
Submitted By: fraederichs
(204,890 on 1-2007)

anyone who is interested in US politics will appreciate this. im saying this because im from vienna, austria, and common sense gives me a real, erm, sense about most of the issues in the US id like to know about. thought-provoking, to say the least. and the thing about dan talking to fast? i think its just fine.
Submitted By: danieloquence
(204,705 on 1-2007)

dans sense isnt as common as it should be. listen up people!
Submitted By: benjamn236
(204,614 on 1-2007)

only the intelligent need listen
If you like getting the most ideas that are humanly possible to pack into one podcast, this is the cast for you. If you are able to think for yourself and are not threatened when someone has a strong opinion that might differ from yours, this is the cast for you. If you want to ingest fresh political ideas only from a dropper a la infant medication, go elsewhere. This is a fantastic podcast for folks with a brain.
Submitted By: karenlroth
(204,600 on 1-2007)

I love my onions and mushrooms
Carry on the great work in your very entertaining style. I am considering starting a podcast here in the UK but dont really know where to start. I would certainly approach someone like you, rather than the dulluns out there for advice on how to best put together and deliver a podcast. Thanks. Gavin - Stoke-on-Trent, UK.
Submitted By: mail
(204,545 on 1-2007)

Dan For President
Quite possibly the pinnacle of reason in this world.
Submitted By: henrycantdie
(204,485 on 1-2007)

Your thoughts, his voice
How did Dan Carlin get in your head? Or mine? His views and insight to politics will probably make ya say "Yeah, thats what I think too!" If not, hell at least open your mind. This show is for the independent-thinking American.
Submitted By: j.knapp
(204,454 on 1-2007)

I love the show. Been a listener since the whole thing started and although I cant always listen to them in sequence because of a hectic lifestyle, I cherish them.
Submitted By: sschneider
(204,446 on 1-2007)

Dan rocks!
This man clearly knows what he is talking about. Ive been listening to him for around 6 months now, and Ive never looked back. He has actual FACTS for his statements, and gives us an array of solutions for the problems that we have in our society. Hurray for common sense, and non-partisans!
Submitted By: isn0wb0ard4life
(204,423 on 1-2007)

Great show
Finally some fresh air amongst all the partisan talk.
Submitted By: joehickeyus
(204,402 on 1-2007)

The best podcast ever I have listen to. Its just common sense.
Submitted By: gerd.ritter
(204,140 on 1-2007)

Great show.
Submitted By: mamaraines
(202,318 on 12-2006)

Great show-big fan of mushrooms and onions from Oslo Norway
Submitted By: haslev007
(202,211 on 12-2006)

Mans Greatest Podcast Ever
This podcast will change the world and bring about a true revolution of freedom and common sense. ...if the world has any common sense, that is.
Submitted By: dukeofspades
(202,190 on 12-2006)

This show is hot
I heard about this show on the Free Talk Live podcast. They are a little bit different but I enjoy both shows.
Submitted By: wyomingliberty
(202,188 on 12-2006)

Dan is THE MAN
I found this show right when it came out and Ive got to say it IS the best show Ive found and I have checked out tons of them. Keep it up Dan !
Submitted By: climbolduc
(202,086 on 12-2006)

And now for the middle of the story...
The one place you will go to hear the middle of the story. You may not like it today, but you will like it someday. You may like it tomorrow, but it will rub you the wrong way next week. Sort of like the stuff your grandparents told you.
Submitted By: qwiksilver
(201,957 on 12-2006)

Great show!
Every week (or so) Dan provides an in depth, well-research analysis that is as eye-opening as it is fun to listen to. Listen to a few shows and see if you can break the habit!
Submitted By: dan.phifer
(201,545 on 12-2006)

great show!
Submitted By: zablonski
(200,786 on 12-2006)

If only Common Sense were more common!
Channeling the founding fathers & the spirit of liberty, Dan continually transcends "the box" in the search for ideas & attitudes that we need to explore if we hope to remain the land of the free & the home of the brave.
Submitted By: mc2
(200,302 on 12-2006)

interesting viewpoints and commentary akin to the original common sense
Submitted By: jblynch
(199,956 on 12-2006)

great cast! informative & insightful
Submitted By: rick
(199,906 on 12-2006)

Common Sense Rocks!!!
Dan rules.
Submitted By: dave
(199,854 on 12-2006)

The best!
Submitted By: dafomin
(199,583 on 12-2006)

Best political podcast on the net, hands down! Short, sweet, to the point, and full of common sense. Dan Carlin is a brilliant political thinker.
Submitted By: jtm506
(199,575 on 12-2006)

Great show, buts Dan can sound a bit like a preacher...
I have really been enjoying listening to Dan Carlins shows Common Sense and Hardcore History. The only thing I wish he would do is tone down the "preacher voice" he sometimes falls into. I warn all the folks I turn on to Common Sense to "listen to it, youll like it, just ignore the being preached to feeling...". So, Dan, you have great shows and great thoughts (thanks for making us think even more), but try to chill just a bit in the interest of not scaring the newbies. -Landrew
Submitted By: podcastalley
(199,408 on 12-2006)

good show!
Submitted By: gregbillock
(199,400 on 12-2006)

Great podcast
I really like the thought provoking dialogue and insight that Dan provides. Great show!
Submitted By: cenchelmayer
(199,091 on 12-2006)

Not Red or Blue- kinda purple!
Great political commentary. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and best of all, non-partisan.
Submitted By: j.knapp
(198,609 on 12-2006)

Common Sense
Dan has one of the best political podcasts on the web! He is easy to listen to, dedicated and is very even handed. He also has a great knowledge of american history and always has a unique view on current events. GET IT!!!
Submitted By: gmm5001
(198,585 on 12-2006)

Common Sense - in true form!
Dan Carlin is brilliant, articulate and energizing. He is a political medicine man - giving us all a much needed does of common sense! Forget Republicans and Democrats - this guy is a 21st Centaury freedom fighter - holding allegiance only to that fundamental idea which has come to define every great nation throughout history: Freedom
Submitted By: chaiydonati
(198,403 on 12-2006)

Dan is the man
The more I listen to Dan Carlin the more I appreciate his efforts in producing an excellent show. He is intelligent, non-partisan and passionate about his topics. I highly recommend his podcast.
Submitted By: mkcfarms
(198,203 on 12-2006)

Best Opinion and Commentary on Web
This guy is fantastic, he is bright, passionate and has an extremely powerful and entertaining way of delivering his message. Just awesome. Listen to each and every podcast with anticipation and always satisfied with what I get.
Submitted By: driscoll
(198,073 on 12-2006)

Good Show
Hes a smart guy who knows what he is talking about - even if you dont agree with him, he is worth a listen.
Submitted By: rmacleod
(197,837 on 12-2006)

Submitted By: iliketowin
(197,741 on 12-2006)

I dont agree with everything he says, but he sure makes me think.
Submitted By: brgumby1
(197,666 on 12-2006)

Must Hear!
Submitted By: podcastalley
(197,567 on 12-2006)

Great show!
Make sure yall check out Hardcore History, too...
Submitted By: danltiger
(197,553 on 12-2006)

Best Ever
Submitted By: vvalerio
(197,517 on 12-2006)

The Loudest and fastest...
The loudest, fastest podcast on politics and current events going. Its addicting!
Submitted By: brittany
(197,306 on 12-2006)

look forward to every episode
I dont agree with everything he says, but he makes me think.
Submitted By: mikeschultz98
(197,288 on 12-2006)

Another Source...
Take the log out your eye.
Submitted By: riedelblair
(197,255 on 12-2006)

The Perfect 2X4
As another reviewer says...Dan DOES hit you with a 2x4. I love it! Hit me again Dan!
Submitted By: colobasas
(197,242 on 12-2006)

Good, but Long Winded
I enjoy Dans views and think the guy has a good perspective on the way things should be in America. The one draw back is that he is beating you with a 2x4 to get his comments across and it can get a bit drawn out. Maybe thats what it takes to get a point across to some people.
Submitted By: adtawney
(197,232 on 12-2006)

Good thinking
Submitted By: toldaddy
(197,198 on 12-2006)

i love Dan Carlin. What great ideas.
Submitted By: balouthesasquatch
(197,095 on 12-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: tiselin
(190,627 on 12-2006)

Damn good common sense!!!
Submitted By: yocraig
(189,728 on 11-2006)

Great show
love it
Submitted By: bridger157
(170,480 on 10-2006)

I found this podcast through FTL. Dan Carlin presents original, intelligent and well-researched viewpoints. His profound historical knowledge is very refreshing.
Submitted By: arnd.kohrs
(166,515 on 9-2006)

Why aren more people listening to this???
Submitted By: rokarules
(156,632 on 8-2006)

More people need to know about this
It is a fantastic show making politics understandable and non-partisan. Common sense is the way of the future.
Submitted By: isn0wb0ard4life
(142,101 on 7-2006)

This is the best podcast I have listened to this year.
Submitted By: haslev007
(140,708 on 7-2006)

best political podcast
Submitted By: ben
(139,240 on 7-2006)

great podcast
bring your dictionary because this guys is smart and talks really fast....
Submitted By: ben
(128,838 on 6-2006)

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