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The Paris Hilton Podcast - Countdown to House of Wax Comments

There are 35 Comments for this Podcast
I dont even have to listen to know this is stupid.
Submitted By: barf
(258,020 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: mark_10_7
(14,692 on 5-2005)

How please don't expect too much this is paris hilton but she ROCKS, KILLER.EXCELLENT!!!!!!
Submitted By: philr98x
(10,767 on 5-2005)

Just read what Danni wrote
"I just threw up in my mouth a little" hhHAHAhahahahahahahahahaha That killed me!!!!
Submitted By: rastaspoon
(10,544 on 5-2005)

Piece of crap
This podcast is a complete waste of storage. Paris Hilton has nothing to offer, all she does is record herself ordering food and signing autographs, nothing is learned from this podcast about her, or what she's doing (not that I really care either way). This Podcast just further reinforces my opinion that Paris Hilton is as empty-headed as we all think she is. Shallow, uninteresting, and dull.
Submitted By: rastaspoon
(10,500 on 5-2005)

love it ...
a great podcast, light and fun
Submitted By: berkshirehunt
(10,132 on 5-2005)

This podcast could go somewhere really fun, but Paris needs to get her head out of her ass and really do something that could make something new happen. She has kind of a warped image right with those porn tapes published, she could use this podcast as a way to change the way people view her. And Please, Please, change that jingle! It's starting to drive me crazy!
Submitted By: comedycast
(9,150 on 5-2005)

Give Her A Chance
Theres alot of people here bashing paris for no reason, don't judge a book by its cover. Its only been 2 show, how good where your first 2 show. Not that good i'm guessing. All in all, i think her podcast is going to be interesting, and i'm gonna give her a chance. And i suggest you give her one to. Alex from the MashCast.
Submitted By: MashCast
(8,894 on 5-2005)

LOL this is the funniest shit know you're retarded right?
Submitted By: oh_boozka
(8,833 on 5-2005)

What the fuck was that?
If I wanted advice about Louis Vitton bags, how to be skanky and on how to generally whore myself I might be remotely interested in this podcast. Actually, I'm all about whoring myself. But whatever. I actually gave this a shot but it just wasn't hot. But I'd still do her.
Submitted By: harry
(8,727 on 5-2005)

2nd podcast is much better
than the first. Keep the trend going!
Submitted By: robertellise-02
(8,707 on 5-2005)

Ha hahahaha
This podcast needs some help. The #1cast was a total strike out. Now #2 did hold my interest as there is something I find interesting about the back stage of a t.v. show. So I will stick around a wile longer. I looked at the trailer on the site and see little of the princes herself. It makes me wonder if she is one of the first to die. (I may be wrong) With that said. Don't you think it's so funny when a film co. knows how bad the movie is going to suck and they hire some hip hot celebrity to use in hopes of getting someone to sit in on the their "movie"?
Submitted By: cujo_vii
(8,649 on 5-2005)

Tinkerbell wears a dress
That's about all I got out of this. Hi, Paris, in an interview, people generally ask questions about your personal life when you make your personal life the source for "entertainment." I just threw up in my mouth a little. - Danni
Submitted By: dstewart2
(8,626 on 4-2005)

you need a podcast coach
hook up with the guy from "distored view", " or better yet do an interview with marge the bloated lesbian. Your podcast needs to be integrated with some good content and relate to podcasters that are already stars imho. What's your favorite podcast paris. What is so amazing about podcasting is the talent already here. Not the top shows on the podcast alley voting list, but the ones down the charts a bit.
Submitted By: robertellise-02
(8,592 on 4-2005)

In all honesty...
I acknowledge that this is a good idea for a podcast because I think it's a neat personal way to feel like we have an eye in on the life of famous people. I like to hear stories about where famous people are and what they're doing. People who feel threatened by every little new podcast that pops up are too insecure. Big companies are bound to dip their noses into podcasting and why not??? We can still do podcasts on an individual level. BRING ON THE BIG LEAGUES!!! I don't care who gives us shows if the SHOWS ARE GOOD! I was entertained by this five minutes. I say to the big industry! Help me raise the standard! Get the quality to the top! Good luck, Paris! If I were a girl, I wouldn't mind being Paris Hilton. It would be fun to dress up! Ouuuu, check out my fantastic show, Barefoot Radio!
Submitted By: paul
(8,590 on 4-2005)

Attention Media: We're all Not this Bad!
OK...Much hype has gone into this big premier Podcast! Even Chris from Podcast Alley bumped a regular Podcast Feature, just to promote the little Princess. Free Gratis no doubt (Yeah Right!). I know Adam Curry, you're going to tell us ALL to lighten up on the wench! But that's because you've sold out! Just look at the ipodder "House of Wax"skin and all the promotional activity! The rich continue to get richer! Attention Media: When you read these comments understand, we're all not this bad! Everyone puts a lot of time and effort into our shows. We don't have a Daddy pumping money into our POST Production. We have to be the Talent, the Director, the Producer, The Engineer and the Critic! Then after that's finished, we have to Promote and Market the finished product! This is the first real Hyped, Large Budgeted Podcast. My personal opinion of Paris Hilton aside, I think her show does NOT represent the hard work and sacrifice we all put into our shows! There's the Real Story!
Submitted By: mfnoffice
(8,589 on 4-2005)

Thankfully its only 5mins
Given what the producer from Battlestar is doing with podcasting, my wife and I thought this would provide some insight into the movie. So far nothing.
Submitted By: spanish_inq
(8,585 on 4-2005)

Afortunadamente hay Ritmo Latino...un podcast vale la pena.
Submitted By: neil_hohmann
(8,570 on 4-2005)

hoooollllyyyy shit this is bad
Submitted By: mark923
(8,560 on 4-2005)

Not very good
This isn't very good. It's better than I thought it would be. I hate it how she makes it seem like whe has it so hard for herself. It's kind of funny everyone tells her what to do.
Submitted By: ab.station
(8,554 on 4-2005)

Complete f**king sh*t
need I say more?
Submitted By: rumby328
(8,547 on 4-2005)

This rocks!
Submitted By: bswarth
(8,545 on 4-2005)

thats hot...
Submitted By: yazthedestroyer
(8,541 on 4-2005)

He sure gona!
Submitted By: renodust
(8,534 on 4-2005)

He's gona listen to every one.
Submitted By: chemdapants
(8,531 on 4-2005)

Only slightly more intelligent than the Keith and the Girl podcast. Fascinating. A moment inside the head of our pop culture goddess. The emptiness is temporarily filled with the cacophany of screaming fans. Don't be offended by the cultist comments, Paris, we want more!
Submitted By: renodust
(8,528 on 4-2005)

Well now you got 2 votes, baby. Don't listen to them. You ARE hot. THEY'RE the ones not hot. Love, Keith of 'Keith and THe Girl'
Submitted By: chemdapants
(8,524 on 4-2005)

Please NO!!
Can we not have this kind of stuff ruining podcasting? I'll turn on the tv for this kind of crap.
Submitted By: badhair76
(8,504 on 4-2005)

OK now I finished with the show. That was dumb. Get a clue if you think any one is going to like this.
Submitted By: pk505505
(8,487 on 4-2005)

can't you afford a decent sound engineer? Jesus, compared to you I'm poor as hell, get a pop-shield girl. Aren't you dating a dj too? oh that's your co-star without the big nose. -paul of the pk and j show.
Submitted By: pk505505
(8,486 on 4-2005)

What the?
How is it this podcast got one vote already and it's not even gone live yet? That's some serious shite right there. If onlyBibb+Yaz Take Over the World! could get people to vote for us without actually doing a podcast we'd be set.
Submitted By: garybibb
(8,052 on 4-2005)

i love paris!
Submitted By: s4052070
(7,569 on 4-2005)

that theme sucked of wax looks like shyte anyway.
Submitted By: washins
(4,986 on 4-2005)

I got 2nd
I gots second yo! Do you think Paris will read this? Or will it be some sort of dumb ass PR guy... I vote for the latter.
Submitted By: bitjobbage
(4,949 on 4-2005)

Look at me I'm first !!!
I would like to be the first to welcome Paris Hilton into our little geek club. (edited)
Submitted By: garybibb
(4,936 on 4-2005)

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