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The SoupyGato Show Comments

There are 1579 Comments for this Podcast
the cooooolest show!
i love the music soup!
Submitted By: nanatasja
(546,186 on 3-2013)

The most exciting unpredictable music show with a highly rich aftertaste
Submitted By: nanatasja
(546,000 on 2-2013)

It is super.duplicacion dvd *TRUE FRIENDSHIP "NEVER" ENDS, Friends are FOREVER*
Submitted By: copysan0411
(541,627 on 12-2011)

Great shows
Submitted By: reneeisblessed
(525,955 on 9-2010)

Where can I get new soup?
Submitted By: progopolis
(523,221 on 8-2010)

Still Soupy After All These Years
sdjkLASKDJHKJhkj hljslkjkljlkjflkjfjaskdhgj klskljf
Submitted By: maryhestand
(520,270 on 6-2010)

you rock
what a cool show... keep it going
Submitted By: mojoshouse
(516,289 on 4-2010)

s-s-s-s-SOUPY KAT!
Submitted By: jlaw18
(516,285 on 4-2010)

Great music!
Submitted By: reneeisblessed
(516,273 on 4-2010)

Best Soup in the Land
Dan rocks.
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(516,222 on 4-2010)

The best show on the planet!
Submitted By: cogombra
(516,202 on 4-2010)

All Irish for Michele at Tibet Aid
Just as we are all Irish on Saint Patricks Day, today we are all Irish at Tibet Aid in memory -- and celebration -- of Michele! We hold ya in our hearts, lassie!
Submitted By: info
(515,191 on 3-2010)

number one!
Submitted By: tedgotsoul
(515,190 on 3-2010)

More Soup!
Dan is great.
Submitted By: tgorst
(515,188 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: astroal
(515,186 on 3-2010)

Hello! You've got a great podcast, and I would love to submit my music to be played. How can I go about doing that? My band is The Staves, and you can hear our music at Thanks! Keep up the great podcast!
Submitted By: sorenanders2010
(514,994 on 3-2010)

Soupy really cooks
I love the variety of music Soupy dishes out.
Submitted By: thubtenkway2
(513,830 on 3-2010)

Be cool, be wise!
The SoupyGato Show ROCKS! Its cool and wise and if you listen, you will be too! Guaranteed or your money back. ;-)
Submitted By: mhangell
(513,823 on 3-2010)

Dan Rockz!.
Hello~Voting for Dan~he touches so many people around the world~invites Music to be played~& he layz down a groove~with the Tunez~that~I HATE WHEN THE SHOW ENDZ~CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT AMAZING MUSIC COLLECTION~HE PUTZ TOGETHER!~ forever he iz!~ Pray he getz #1~! thank You ~ally~
Submitted By: allyblackcrowcards
(513,820 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: rhausler92258
(513,778 on 3-2010)

the best
The SoupyGato show is the best feakin podcast in the Universe!
Submitted By: jahbegood
(513,694 on 3-2010)

Soupy Groupie
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(513,686 on 3-2010)

Hang on, Soupy, Soupy Hang On
Hope the luck improves - if it doesnt you may have to start making your own. Wish I had a recipe! dlfkjaldkfjaljdkhjadslfdlkasjfdskljfdslkjdsk, Merry Ms. Mary
Submitted By: maryhestand
(513,673 on 3-2010)

Some of the best music I have ever heard and Dan Harris deserves an award.
Submitted By: montymontgomeri
(513,658 on 3-2010)

gato is so COOL
soupygato show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i so so so dig it!
Submitted By: nanatasja
(513,656 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: blinkie48872
(513,491 on 3-2010)

In the Soup?
Sorry to hear about all of the "technical" difficulties, hope you are up and running again soon. My Admiral Twin guys are working on new stuff, and I'll send you some as soon as I can. Hang in there!
Submitted By: utterlylinda
(513,476 on 3-2010)

SoupyGato Show Rocks! (^_^)/ Its PIXIETASTIC!
Submitted By: rosered36
(513,365 on 3-2010)

Automatic Children loves You!!!
Submitted By: cristag
(513,074 on 2-2010)

Youre the best!
Submitted By: eliot319
(513,046 on 2-2010)

Bard of Ely shows support
Just wanted to show my support for the excellent SoupyGato show!
Submitted By: bardofely
(513,028 on 2-2010)

The SoupyGato Show is perfect
Submitted By: cecen.yasemin
(511,317 on 2-2010)

Life would be boring with SoupyGato
Submitted By: thubtenkway2
(511,102 on 2-2010)

soup soup
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(511,054 on 2-2010)

keep it up
thanks for sharing the music
Submitted By: c.saeji
(510,965 on 2-2010)

Great Show - No Matter What!
Putting out great music in adverse circumstances -- great music, all the time! Thanks, dj!
Submitted By: info
(510,923 on 2-2010)

Who rocks? SoupyGato!
An enjoyable listen--great way to discover new music!
Submitted By: music
(510,911 on 2-2010)

A vote for Diads
Please play The Waiting Song from the album Make You Dirty.
Submitted By: grizz7_0
(509,495 on 1-2010)

Gotta get my Gato
Dan you da Man!
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(509,434 on 1-2010)

happy new year!
Submitted By: spiritwo
(508,659 on 1-2010)

The Gato Rocks
Gotta have my Gato
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(507,790 on 12-2009)

jahoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee great show
Submitted By: nanatasja
(507,674 on 12-2009)

A vote...a very Merry Christmas and an all around Happy Holidays to Daniel and The Soup!:)
Submitted By: thegodsendsessions
(507,596 on 12-2009)

The SoupyGato Show rocks!
Submitted By: music
(507,497 on 12-2009)

Awesome show
Submitted By: scott
(507,496 on 12-2009)

Happy Chrismakwanzahankah to Soupy!
Soupy is the merriest, the happiest, the greatest show on earth!!! dajl;dkjalskhjadsgjhklsjdaslkdjasl;dja;, Mar y
Submitted By: maryhestand
(507,402 on 12-2009)

Still da best
Greetings from Chicago, Da Bears, Da Gatto. Hot soup in winter. Its what we all need. Dan, still keepin em entertained. Always a great listen. Gman Blues Chi-town.
Submitted By: gmanblues
(507,392 on 12-2009)

souptgato rules!
Soupygato show is the best. Even Santa Claus listens to Daniel! Merry Christmas.
Submitted By: richcoxmusic
(507,389 on 12-2009)

The Auto Dropouts got your back!
Submitted By: jesper.deluxe
(507,376 on 12-2009)

Happy Christmas
Hermano, Still out here, sending good thoughts and wishes your way. switters
Submitted By: ronerin
(507,359 on 12-2009)

Get Well.
I'm glad to hear you're over the flu and feeling better, Dan.
Submitted By: gailmarten
(507,326 on 12-2009)

Jennifer Zeitler
soupygato show rocks!!!! yesss!!!!!!
Submitted By: longred_hair2002
(507,296 on 12-2009)

Please play some christmas music..:):)
Submitted By: reneeisblessed
(507,291 on 12-2009)

Soupy Soupy hes our man
Howdy from tejas Danny Boy
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(507,279 on 12-2009)

Submitted By: sunnymallory
(507,241 on 12-2009)

hoobitty doobitty
Soupy Kat for President!
Submitted By: jlaw18
(507,218 on 12-2009)

Voting for The SoupyGato Show
Love the show. It really rocks
Submitted By: candi_829
(507,187 on 12-2009)

Automatic Children loves SoupyGato!
Happy Holidays Soupy from your friends in Brooklyn, Automatic Children!
Submitted By: info
(507,175 on 12-2009)

Pilgrim Speakeasys favourite audio soup kitchen
Submitted By: pspeakeasy
(505,500 on 11-2009)

Hells Yeah
GO soup
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(505,427 on 11-2009)

vote gato
Submitted By: astroal
(505,422 on 11-2009)

Dan Iz the Music Man!
hello~!~ I have Voted many timez now~because~I will Alwayz Believe~since I had the Honor to meet Danial on myspace a year ago august~that then~like NOW~HE PROVIDES THE BEST~MOST HONEST APPROACH TO MUSIC~than any show out there~! his old side kick Kimmi~haz 2 rockn showz~because of Dan!~ he layz down a Groove~that Keepz you there~Keeps you coming back~for more!~ peace~love~ally!~ & thankz~
Submitted By: allyblackcrowcards
(505,415 on 11-2009)

Soupy Gato Show Rocks
Soupy Gato is the pod cast of all pod casts! They play the best Indie songs out there! Soupy Gato Rocks!!
Submitted By: debe
(505,249 on 11-2009)

Thanks for all the support over the years. Keep up the great work! kindly, lowlight
Submitted By: depotstreet64-losangeles
(504,773 on 11-2009)

Love the Cat!
Submitted By: ian
(504,678 on 11-2009)

The greatest soup show for cats in the world!
Submitted By: xpan100
(504,600 on 11-2009)

Love the Show!
Soupy is the bestest ever!!!
Submitted By: cristag
(504,560 on 11-2009)

U Rock!
The soupy show is da best show in da world! And the host is da king of internet radio!
Submitted By: danielablom
(504,558 on 11-2009)

huck yeah!
the best podcast in the world! yay soupy gato!
Submitted By: tedgotsoul
(504,529 on 11-2009)

Enjoyed the was awesome! Thanks!
Submitted By: reneeisblessed
(504,526 on 11-2009)

Hi Daniel, fantastic page.........keep up the great work! XOXO Michi Sixx
Submitted By: MichiSixx
(504,511 on 11-2009)

good work!
Submitted By: logan
(504,507 on 11-2009)

.. the highest, the noblest, the best. -Eliot
Submitted By: eliot319
(504,504 on 11-2009)

Great show
Soupy does a great show, we love it!
Submitted By: info
(504,501 on 11-2009)

Great show!
Awesome show with funny flavours and tones. Great sounds including the epic Daniel Angelus.
Submitted By: daniel_lodge_3
(504,498 on 11-2009)

Music for all
Submitted By: hailbop57
(504,485 on 11-2009)

SoupyGato rocks
The best new music podcast period !
Submitted By: info
(504,481 on 11-2009)

The one and only!!
I gotta say, there are not many shows like this one that are as passionate and as original and as independent as Soupy. If you haven't heard him before, snag a few random podcasts and give them a listen; this stuff is pure gold....
Submitted By: naturedevil
(504,455 on 11-2009)

Absolutely love The SoupyGato show. Great variety of music.
Submitted By: brrnandi
(504,452 on 11-2009)

SoupyGato....the indie friendly show
SoupyGato....the indie friendly show
Submitted By: antiqcool
(504,448 on 11-2009)

I love The SoupyGato Show. It has the kind of variety that suits my temperament and mood. Beside, he is funny and intelligent.
Submitted By: thubtenkway2
(504,433 on 11-2009)

I love the SoupyGato Show!
Submitted By: w1pet
(504,428 on 11-2009)

Daniel puts out a great mix of genres, and a podcast that is second to none!
Submitted By: info
(504,410 on 11-2009)

The SoupyGato Show rocks!
Great show!
Submitted By: music
(504,408 on 11-2009)

awesome show
Submitted By: suziez40
(504,407 on 11-2009)

The Soupy Gato show ROCKS
Your show is the real deal.!!
Submitted By: michaelsjhn
(504,406 on 11-2009)

Soupygato is amazing!
Submitted By: Qmwc3
(504,399 on 11-2009)

soupygato show
The soupygato show is by far the coolest and most unique show I have listened to in years. Keep up the great work, Dan!
Submitted By: debbiereisetter
(504,397 on 11-2009)

Love the Man....Love the Music.
Dan is a top-notch host & I like the wide variety of music he offers.
Submitted By: jlkal2000
(504,395 on 11-2009)

very cool dan the man
Submitted By: e_7018
(504,393 on 11-2009)

Hails from AZOOMA(Iran)
Hails from AZOOMA(Iran) Your work is far beyond great Dan Thank you so much for your great works Keep on going keep metal alive Rock on
Submitted By: crimson_dawn_of_me
(504,261 on 11-2009)

Switters sends love
Keep the heartbeat, hermano!
Submitted By: ronerin
(504,177 on 11-2009)

You got the auto dropout voice - of course. Admire youe work - go on: Up the ladder! Cheers Jesper :^)
Submitted By: jesper.deluxe
(504,116 on 11-2009)

another month another vote! keep up the great work! licks"
Submitted By: sunnymallory
(504,077 on 11-2009)

soupyGato Rocks!
Long live SoupyGato!
Submitted By: richcoxmusic
(504,016 on 11-2009)

Soup Happens
Yes, it does. Id like to hear about that visit from the fireman. fdslkjasjhdfasdjl;askjklshdf, Mary
Submitted By: maryhestand
(503,926 on 11-2009)

this guy rocks
I hope all is good with you and take a good care xxxx
Submitted By: spiritwo
(503,905 on 11-2009)

This show
mucho rocks.
Submitted By: progopolis
(503,899 on 11-2009)

No flies in my Soup
Goto Rocks
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(503,848 on 11-2009)

Congrats on #400!!! Kimmi
Submitted By: moodyroo
(503,031 on 11-2009)

Hey bro!
Submitted By: danielablom
(502,500 on 10-2009)

If you are looking for some serious new music, and an extremely entertaining host, look no further, this is your podcast...give Sir Soupy Gato a spin!! thanks for the continued entertainment Soupy Gato!
Submitted By: lawrencemark
(502,459 on 10-2009)

at least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great show great host
Submitted By: nanatasja
(502,283 on 10-2009)

Getting Older and Better
Dan, have a great year - no more trips to the ER! djafksjdoaiehwihgpoidjfaskj, Mary
Submitted By: maryhestand
(501,974 on 10-2009)

soupygato rocks
peace from kenny sommer of ,new cd !! out ? very soon
Submitted By: somken
(501,876 on 10-2009)

Soupy Kat Kan!
Gimme a can of that Soupy Kat! diggit diggit diggit! 400 ? yeah baby!
Submitted By: jlaw18
(501,682 on 10-2009)

Still #1
The SoupyGato Show will always be #1 to me. Eliot
Submitted By: eliot319
(501,618 on 10-2009)

Soupy Gato Show Rocks!
Remember Daniel, the older you get, the better life gets! Keep the show going strong. Sandy at Serge Entertainment
Submitted By: SergeEnt
(501,616 on 10-2009)

happy birthday and Congratulation
Hails from AZOOMA(Iran) Happy birthday and Congratulation Thank you so much for your great work. We hope you'll have a great rockin' year. Keep ongoing Keep Metal alive Rock on
Submitted By: crimson_dawn_of_me
(500,940 on 10-2009)

Cauldron Soundwerx loves SOUPY GATO
Soupy Gato has been a big help to our bands. Heres to 400 more!!!
Submitted By: cauldronsoundwerx
(500,927 on 10-2009)

Congratulations!! On your 400th show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a Happy day!!!!!!!!!!!-Christopher K. G. Hagadone
Submitted By: chagadone
(500,845 on 10-2009)

love the soup man
Submitted By: markbowsher
(500,813 on 10-2009)

Coool Show!
Hope youre ok after your ER visit? and talking about ER(Emotional Rescue)...why not dig out some of their old tunes ,or i could send u some brand new stuff? cheers Alexander Campbell (Manager Emotional Rescue)
Submitted By: alexander_campbe
(500,806 on 10-2009)

A "Well Done" from Whitehouse
Congratulations to your 400th podcast.Well done. Best musical regards from Whitehouse
Submitted By: info
(500,804 on 10-2009)

"400" ... Just like the movie but more! the only podcast I"ll ever hear!!
Submitted By: spythagoras
(500,790 on 10-2009)

The best
Just the most wonderful act of freedom in the USA!
Submitted By: cogombra
(500,744 on 10-2009)

Great show
Thanks for what you do, Dan.
Submitted By: steve
(500,732 on 10-2009)

Thank you
Great show! Very supportive for all these years.
Submitted By: depotstreet64-losangeles
(500,704 on 10-2009)

Diude hope your OK the ER is not the vacation we want! Everthing is turning and churning so good the Super Gato Lands on his feet. Wacko Jacko
Submitted By: jackschell
(500,692 on 10-2009)
SoupyGato Rocks!
Submitted By: richcoxmusic
(500,687 on 10-2009)

Happy Bday
Happy 400th! I turned 59 this week and I thought I was old!
Submitted By: richcoxmusic
(500,686 on 10-2009)

Awesome Program
Hey Daniel! Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the SoupyGato Show, a really awesome program for indie artists & truly unique program!! Larry
Submitted By: larryproguitarlessons
(500,683 on 10-2009)

HI, been listening to this show for some years now, and it still constantly entertains. Long may it continue.
Submitted By: daveconway30
(500,679 on 10-2009)

Soup on
Dan Harris, what a great host.
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(500,560 on 10-2009)

Soupy Gato Show
Happy 400th
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(499,842 on 10-2009)

Thanks for all your great work! Kathy at Tibet Aid
Submitted By: info
(499,721 on 10-2009)

your no.1 in my book!
keep up the good work "licks"
Submitted By: sunnymallory
(499,356 on 10-2009)

go gato
go go gatozilla
Submitted By: astroal
(499,299 on 10-2009)

Happy birthday Dan!!! Your show rocks as hard as it has for the last four years!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(499,151 on 10-2009)

Dan has 400 Amazing Shows under his belt! I came across his show~ a year ago~& still~can not get enough!~ peace~xo
Submitted By: allyblackcrowcards
(499,145 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: monsterpop
(499,143 on 10-2009)

Go soupy go!!
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(494,348 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: monsterpop
(494,341 on 8-2009)

Love love love the Soupy Gato Show!!! You rock!!!
Submitted By: singeronamission
(490,541 on 7-2009)

You Rock!
Mucho love bro!
Submitted By: danielablom
(490,025 on 7-2009)

Cry...Karl Vasey
Please play "Cry" by Karl Vasey....Karl must not be forgotten ...he has a new band and is working hard on a new album....Take care Dan..I have not forgotten you ...Love Marijke
Submitted By: marijke6383
(490,009 on 7-2009)

Best Friday Show.
You have a great Show Soupygato!
Submitted By: sjfailing
(489,947 on 7-2009)

Long Live SoupyGato!
#1 All -Time!
Submitted By: eliot319
(489,341 on 7-2009)

Dan you ROCK! Happy 4th of July
Submitted By: sunnymallory
(489,263 on 7-2009)

Go Daniel J!
Keep them coming Daniel J!
Submitted By: sarah.colony
(489,213 on 7-2009)

We love you Dan!
Submitted By: seikijohn
(489,203 on 7-2009)

Gato rocks
Peace man
Submitted By: somken
(489,145 on 7-2009)

I believe in Soupygato Show!!
I believe in this radio, I believe in the friendship and i amir soupygato show how helps emerging artists! Thank you Dan!
Submitted By: holos
(489,141 on 7-2009)

in memory xx
Submitted By: yaelclaire
(489,134 on 7-2009)

Honoring Jay Bennett
Even if we do not always finish what we start, ... we only finish what we start. Thanks for introducing us to Jay Bennett!
Submitted By: info
(489,124 on 7-2009)

Great show Dan
Soupy Gato!!!
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(489,120 on 7-2009)

i just want to thank you for being. one of my heros is ed wood. yeah the guy made bad flicks but he kept trying to do what he wanted to do no matter what. got to admire that.
Submitted By: astroal
(489,094 on 7-2009)

A vote for Daniel and The Soup!
Always glad to support the show! Peace, Joe Gande
Submitted By: thegodsendsessions
(489,088 on 7-2009)

Soupy Gatto!
Submitted By: tgorst
(489,079 on 7-2009)

great music delivered with style...
Submitted By: email_7thorder
(488,254 on 6-2009)

this is radio...
at its finest...god bless the soupy gato show!
Submitted By: daniel
(488,237 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: sharrisfick
(487,628 on 6-2009)

SoupyGato Show Comment
The Fuzzy Demented Doom Movement approves of this message.
Submitted By: lisamdaugherty
(487,381 on 6-2009)

Soupy G
Submitted By: maryhestand
(487,264 on 6-2009)

Keep on Rockin in the semi free world.
Submitted By: tinymyrick
(487,245 on 6-2009)

Soupy Rocks!
Mucho love
Submitted By: danielablom
(486,977 on 6-2009)

Go, Gato, Go!
Keep that wonderful music pouring forth!
Submitted By: info
(486,969 on 6-2009)

soupy Kat kan!
Submitted By: jlaw18
(486,961 on 6-2009)

Soupy Gato!
Great show!
Submitted By: eric
(486,952 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: monsterpop
(486,882 on 6-2009)

greatest music show I have heard in a LOOONNNGGG time.
Submitted By: debbiereisetter
(486,877 on 6-2009)

Awesome program!
Submitted By: reneeisblessed
(486,861 on 6-2009)

Gato is great
Dan Hariis is a wonderfully witty host.
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(486,816 on 6-2009)

all gato
its all gato a go go
Submitted By: astroal
(486,782 on 6-2009)

You make me smile
Thank you for the opportunities you've given folks to hear musicians we might never have otherwise heard. You bring a smile to my face often.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(486,766 on 6-2009)

Soupy Gato Show Rocks!
#1 forever!
Submitted By: SergeEnt
(486,765 on 6-2009)

a year later~ Dan is still a pivatol part of my music on myspace. he has also become a friend. he is~ Dan the Man~ with a killer music show! his format is the best~ his passion to keeep music~all over the world~ of any kind~ Alive! i honor that! peace!
Submitted By: allyblackcrowcards
(486,763 on 6-2009)

Heres to The SoupyGatto Show!
Submitted By: tgorst
(486,762 on 6-2009)

Blind Mike--See what youve been missing
Please interview Blind Mike Higdon. Hes an interesting interview, though a slow talker. He can tell you stories that will curl your hair--or straighten it. (Thats how I do my hair, you know.)
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(486,227 on 6-2009)

Great show!
Submitted By: progopolis
(486,088 on 6-2009)

love soupygato!
Submitted By: jennifercazal
(483,375 on 5-2009)

Awesome show!
Submitted By: bubzyb
(483,091 on 5-2009)

SoupySoupySoupySsssoupppp yyyy
is still unquestionably the very best. adsdak;ldjkjskahkjhksdjlkjk Merry
Submitted By: maryhestand
(483,073 on 5-2009)

keep it up!
Submitted By: c.saeji
(483,068 on 5-2009)

Dan Harris is The MAN!
Submitted By: tgorst
(483,058 on 5-2009)

Blind Mike on the Gato
Blind Mike Higdons "East Bay City Blues" can make anyone long for home. Especially if you remember what it was like to hear whippoorwills on a dusky evening. I find Blind Mikes lyrics and his music to be inspiring--like the Soupy Gato Show. The unlimited nature of the Soupy Gato Show stirs the imagination and makes me want to write...
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(483,054 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: nanatasja
(483,045 on 5-2009)

Go with the soup!
Submitted By: bluebaronmusic
(482,627 on 5-2009)

Soupy Gato rocks!
Submitted By: trenthirschy
(482,390 on 5-2009)

Great sounds this week Keep up the good work
Submitted By: geoffreykeogh
(481,310 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: thubtenkway2
(480,729 on 5-2009)

love the show
love the show my friend keep up the great work!
Submitted By: a-k-brown
(480,580 on 5-2009)

Love It!
Keep it coming SG!
Submitted By: sarah.colony
(480,569 on 5-2009)

radio for the future
tremendous show, guided only by what right to play - how many organizations out tylere have cdoing rigtt on its mantra? too fe...
Submitted By: daniiel
(480,565 on 5-2009)

Daniel J
Daniel J Harris plays some kick ass music on his podcast show. Keep it up!!
Submitted By: darlin_112671
(480,563 on 5-2009)

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
How could anyone think this show is less than amazing!?
Submitted By: leezanator
(480,389 on 5-2009)

Theres no Gato like SoupyGatp. Stereo Radiation holla!
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(479,808 on 5-2009)

Go, Soupy Gato, Go!
Submitted By: info
(479,800 on 5-2009)

Keep it up!
Keep on, keeepin on, brother. It is not often someone gets to spend their time doing something they love for so many people.
Submitted By: tinymyrick
(479,759 on 5-2009)

The coolest of cool
Got to love Dan Harris and the Gato.
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(479,754 on 5-2009)

Dan J Harris for president!
Submitted By: danielablom
(479,751 on 5-2009)

Keep it coming!
Thanks for what you do!
Submitted By: c.saeji
(479,702 on 5-2009)

Still the Best
Submitted By: eliot319
(479,698 on 5-2009)

Awesome shows Dan
Your shows are awesome you play the best of everything. You ROCK!!!
Submitted By: sunnymallory
(479,668 on 5-2009)

cool show
Submitted By: somken
(479,658 on 5-2009)

Health to you
Hey Bud, Hope your better soon! It is a big rejuvenation time right now it seems. Jack Schell / theSoundWeaver "Musical Art Pieces to Rejuvenate Your Soul"
Submitted By: jackschell
(479,656 on 5-2009)

number 1
Submitted By: monsterpop
(479,642 on 5-2009)

go gato
Submitted By: astroal
(479,607 on 5-2009)

Cheers to the SoupyGato Show!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(479,599 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: kevingorwill
(478,310 on 4-2009)

Hubris Music that you wanted
My names Matt, you my space messaged me a lil while ago about wanting to play my music on the show - i would really love for this to happen (i think your show is absolutely amazing!) - ill be sending a cd through as soon as i can.. heres the myspace again .. Thanks again Matt - Hubris
Submitted By: mp.1981
(477,916 on 4-2009)

SoupyGato Rox!
I LOVE your guys podcast!
Submitted By: info
(476,516 on 4-2009)

SoupyGato is a great podcast!
I really enjoy this quality podcast. Please keep it up great work and features! :)
Submitted By: ratspg44
(476,515 on 4-2009)

Blind Mike Higdon
I just gotta hear the melodic musings of Blind Mike Higdon
Submitted By: trandallross
(476,208 on 4-2009)

SSSSSoupyGato is risen
Happy Easter, Dan. Its really a thinly disguised Pagan fertility rite. Hugs, dkjfAL;KSL;KASDL;KASDF;LKASJFLKJHJHKJhksj skj Mary
Submitted By: maryhestand
(475,667 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: progopolis
(475,394 on 4-2009)

The best music and ipod show. The best music youve never heard before
Submitted By: sunnymallory
(475,214 on 4-2009)

Darrin Kohavi
Check out the Soupy Gato Show @ for great music. And while were talking about great music, check out Darrin Kohavi. Darrin Kohavis "Please Believe Me" EP CD streaming high quality at
Submitted By: info
(475,153 on 4-2009)

this show rocks
Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: minmax
(475,136 on 4-2009)

Play Automatic Children!!!
Submitted By: caradelucia
(474,901 on 4-2009)

U Rock!
SoupyGato rules!
Submitted By: danielablom
(474,848 on 4-2009)

Thank YOU!!!
Thank you soooo much!!!!!! For putting me on your show!!!! My Song Was "Perfect Your Shine" by Christopher K. G. Hagadone/Me ........... Thank You!!!!!!!! If you need anything.... drop a line............ Keep On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christopher K. G. Hagadone
Submitted By: chris
(474,819 on 4-2009)

Soupy Gato Show estinationdawn 303103
Submitted By: destinationdawn
(474,751 on 4-2009)

O' San Francisco- New Album
Hi, We just sent you our latest album, "O' San Francisco". Please check out song #6, "I've Got My Eyes On You, Baby", a rocker in the vein of ZZ Top or song #1, "Cute, Cute", a Rolling Stones style rocker. Best wishes with the program. You can find us at J. C. Martin Black Angel Santa Barbara, California
Submitted By: blackangelband
(474,709 on 4-2009)

ElectroCelt, Digital fields
Submitted By: jackiepaul67
(474,702 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: QMWC3
(474,683 on 4-2009)

Show vote
ElectroCelt ... Irish Electronic artist ..!!!!!
Submitted By: geoffreykeogh
(474,677 on 4-2009)

Hi there , you received a disc recently from Ireland called 'Digital Fields' by Irish electro rock artist 'ElectroCelt' ... could you include a track or two on a future show .... Thanks in advance Geoff Keogh By the way have listened to a few back shows some great & interesting material there ...
Submitted By: geoffreykeogh
(474,676 on 4-2009)

Dinner Music for the Gods
Dinner Music for the Gods
Submitted By: porkrind71
(474,654 on 4-2009)

G o L!
Gangster of love digs The Soupy Gato Show! Greets from Finland... Peace out! G o L
Submitted By: coltcannister
(474,600 on 4-2009)

The Soupy Gato Show rocks - please play heather mandich
Submitted By: heathermandich
(474,576 on 4-2009)

Voting for the show
Great show. Lets hear more! Kathy Boyd Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising
Submitted By: kathyboyd
(474,574 on 4-2009)

Go, Soupy Gato, Go
Great music! Thank you for giving air time to new indie artists! Kathy
Submitted By: fusho
(474,542 on 4-2009)

Play Automatic Children
Submitted By: lynnpg11
(474,508 on 4-2009)

Go Soupy
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(474,496 on 4-2009)

Best podcast period.
Submitted By: Tedgotsoul
(474,488 on 4-2009)

Soupy is World Class!
Im an award-winning internationally known author, and the only podcast I listen to is The Soupy Gato show. His vocal quality, tune selection, topics of concern, interviews--everything about the show is the best in the biz. I wont be surprised if some smart exec from a major network snaps him up soon. I hope he will do well in maintaining the high quality, moral integrity, and sheer fun of his programs in that venue.
Submitted By: jahbegood
(474,484 on 4-2009)

Great show dan
Submitted By: xman12
(474,471 on 4-2009)

Deliciously Diverse!
Hi, Soupy G! Thanks for introducing me to such great new music! Kathy at Tibet Aid
Submitted By: info
(474,465 on 4-2009)

vote for soupy gato show
super!!!!!!!cool show
Submitted By: nanatasja
(474,463 on 4-2009)

real professional, real quality
cant say enough about how awesome the soupy gato show is and its host a mister dan harris. Great dude, great show.
Submitted By: greg
(474,462 on 4-2009)

Ya got our vote
The boyz in CHRONIC.D! Episode 270....Now U Know played right after Johnny Cash! Very cool!
Submitted By: stat1331
(474,447 on 4-2009)

Mess of it ALL
Please play Mess of it ALL
Submitted By: tim.kress
(472,426 on 3-2009)

Blind Mike Higdon
I just gotta hear Blind Mike Higdon, a great singer-songwriter and all-around nice guy
Submitted By: trandallross
(472,141 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: soupygato
(471,652 on 3-2009)

Give Mama a shot
Hey Soupy, Wed love to make it on the show. Are we worthy? Let us know. Good luck!
Submitted By: mamahagglin
(471,617 on 3-2009)

SoupyGato Keeps the Heartbeat
Switters sends love, hermano. Que tenga un buen fin de semana.
Submitted By: ronerin
(470,803 on 3-2009)

Excellent show!
Submitted By: gerrywall
(470,020 on 3-2009)

#1 of course!
Submitted By: leezanator
(470,015 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: caninefeline
(469,996 on 3-2009)

Because I want to
Submitted By: _akuma
(469,957 on 3-2009)

"The CD album called (Expression) is a CD where I express how I feel in some sort. From ?Lots to Live? to ?A Light Has Bursted? I feel that life is good. But I know ?I?m Up Against Allot?. But ?I?m Here? knowing that pain will be with me and trial and errors will proceed my life. Where I will do my best and live up to what (I) value and so is the song ?Perfect Your Shine?. ?Mere Man? is my question to the world where I ask it. If you can?t dream and love like I do. Do you know I can?t for you? And so is ?Drum Of My Heart? expressing that I will go on with the drum of my heart. Even though wrong or right. Were ?A Thought Manifest? is manifested in that I am going to live my life according to me. And so I?m ?In The Midst Of Change? were this world overrides my expression. But I am going to keep on expressing?" Christopher K. G. Hagadone
Submitted By: chagadone
(469,943 on 3-2009)

Heck, yeah
The SoupyGato Show: One of the best!
Submitted By: music
(469,917 on 3-2009)

Lipstick Magazine
Please play Skin Deep. Thanks!
Submitted By: ravensnestrecords
(469,901 on 3-2009)

Best podcast show on earth, Congratualtions on your wicked success
Submitted By: tonyyackson
(469,895 on 3-2009)

Thanks so much for playing Climb a Tree by strange A. I guess this is also the place to request that song?
Submitted By: laurak
(469,557 on 3-2009)

Keep up the good work.
Submitted By:
(469,092 on 3-2009)

Its alovely song...thats sure. Musical Love DATTAS.
Submitted By: dattas
(469,075 on 3-2009)

Everything is optional except death and taxes
Soupy Gato is simply the best! The show even makes paying taxes easier to live with. alsdkjasdlfkjalkjdskjadslfjakdfjakdfj Mary
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(468,966 on 3-2009)

I am voting for Automatic Children
Submitted By: caradelucia
(468,939 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: purpletouchdown16
(468,899 on 3-2009)

The Fores
I would like to vote for The Fores please. A truely great rock n roll sound!?
Submitted By: melvyn.hopkins
(468,883 on 3-2009)

Courtney Barker
I know that Courtney didn't get the interview, but her music is fantastic, and is definitely worth a listen! You can hear some of it on her myspace (CourtneyBarkerMusic). I'd love to hear it on the show! Especially her song Time, which isn't on myspace yet, but is on her CD, EVeryday Life...
Submitted By: carbk
(468,779 on 3-2009)

blind mike higdon
More music by Blind Mike Higdon, please!
Submitted By: keitmckinley
(468,774 on 3-2009)

Always On the Go!
Go, Soupygato, go!
Submitted By: info
(468,693 on 3-2009)

You dont know what your missing without NATUREDEVIL!!!!!
Submitted By: oleto6
(468,661 on 3-2009)

oh no there goes tokyos litter box go go gatozilla!
Submitted By: astroal
(468,653 on 3-2009)

Automatic Children
Gets my vote!!!!
Submitted By: cristag
(468,550 on 3-2009)

I want to hear Courtney Barker.
Submitted By: mollydorseyrich
(468,501 on 3-2009)

Support vote from Santiniketan Podcast
Submitted By: tonu
(468,500 on 3-2009)

dan iz the Music Man!
the guy has reached so many lives~ because of the venue he has given us~! I am a music lover~ send bandz to the soupygato show~ to Dan~ to be a part of a phenominal thing he has created~! he has inspired me to get the musice out there too~ i now have 2 tv showz~ bringing bandz ~local~ onto the showz~ to showcase their wares! thank you~ peace~ ally~
Submitted By: allyblackcrowcards
(468,429 on 3-2009)

Courtney Barker
Courtney Barker
Submitted By: coachabshire
(468,386 on 3-2009)

Automatic Children
Voting for AC
Submitted By: alippman
(468,347 on 3-2009)

Hey, its Quincy Go SoupyGato!
Submitted By: QMWC3
(468,184 on 3-2009)

courtney barker
Submitted By: chupi50
(468,112 on 3-2009)

courtney barker
Submitted By: motomxdeals
(468,094 on 3-2009)

Got Soup?
Just as so many different things go into the pot to make a good bowl of soup, so the many types of music that go into the Soupy Gato Show make a podcast that just cant be beat.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(468,060 on 3-2009)

Courtney Barker
Submitted By: davibarker
(468,038 on 3-2009)

Vote for Courtney
Vote for Courtney
Submitted By: bluewendybear
(467,993 on 3-2009)

Courtney Barker
Im voting for Courtney Barker
Submitted By: pghscotsman189
(467,983 on 3-2009)

Vote for Courtney Barker
Courtney Barker
Submitted By: stan.trapp
(467,977 on 3-2009)

courtney barker
Submitted By: missinglimb
(467,838 on 2-2009)

Courney Barker
Submitted By: derichter
(467,796 on 2-2009)

Courtney Barker
Courtney Barker
Submitted By: jmbeavs
(467,788 on 2-2009)

Courtney Barker
Courtney Barker!
Submitted By: shonnastreasures
(467,786 on 2-2009)

Courtney Barker
Submitted By: joyharplus3
(467,779 on 2-2009)

Courtney Barker
Courtney Barker
Submitted By: leicher13
(467,772 on 2-2009)

Courtney Barker
I vote for Courtney!
Submitted By: carbk
(467,762 on 2-2009)

Good luck!
Submitted By: bluewendybear
(467,383 on 2-2009)

Automatic Children
Play more, play more, play more!!! Thanx!
Submitted By: cristag
(467,335 on 2-2009)

I hope Im doing this right!
The Soupy Gato Show is the greatest! We want to hear courtney Barker interviewed. JCM
Submitted By: jcm.jeanne
(467,228 on 2-2009)

Blind Mike Higdon
Blind Mike Higdon please!!!
Submitted By: kimberlysierra
(467,107 on 2-2009)

Blind Mike Higdon
Blind Mike Higdon, please!
Submitted By: ashleyjeanconzel
(467,081 on 2-2009)

I would like to hear some music from Blind Mike Higdon!!!!!!
Submitted By: jenpax
(467,044 on 2-2009)

John Dissed
Submitted By: bullleemusic
(467,037 on 2-2009)

On your show
Id really like to see NatureDevil on your show!
Submitted By: annejuly82
(467,034 on 2-2009)

(467,030 on 2-2009)

Interview naturedevil
Thats right, interview the boys from NatureDevil, they need some exposure and not the kind they got last month. I don t think they can ever go back to that Home Depot ...
Submitted By: museaphelion
(467,023 on 2-2009)

Automatic Children
Automatic Children
Submitted By: heymurphy
(466,968 on 2-2009)

Dan is the HOSTEST with the MOSTEST!!! Luv, Kimmi
Submitted By: moodyroo
(466,963 on 2-2009)

A rock band that rocks!!! :) Chicagos best!!!
Submitted By: hachaduryan
(466,948 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: lenciona
(466,945 on 2-2009)

Next band to go on the show
Submitted By: DBZgirl_83
(466,940 on 2-2009)

Voting for NatureDevil
I am voting for NatureDevil!! Well, I am NatureDevil, so I should vote for myself at least once througout this thing, right? Plus, I wanted to see how this voting thing actually works so when I send out my e-mails and bulletins, I can be specific for how this works. Sweet. Thanks!!!
Submitted By: naturedevil
(466,925 on 2-2009)

Blind Mike Higdon
I want to hear Blind Mike Higdon, a great singer/songwriter and a very handsome man
Submitted By: trandallross
(466,895 on 2-2009)

Soupy Gato Show
I want to hear some music by Blind Mike Higdon!!
Submitted By: qheq_00
(466,795 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: purpletouchdown16
(466,789 on 2-2009)

Would like to hear music by Blind Mike Higdon! He is an awesome musician.
Submitted By: keitmckinley
(466,736 on 2-2009)

Blind Mike Higdon
My writing partner, Blind Mike Higdon, is a fresh voice in folk music today. A gifted musician, Blind Mike can detect the music in words he sees written on the page. He can express all the emotion of being far from home--or too close to home. I hope that Blind Mike will make the cut for the interview contest.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(466,701 on 2-2009)

Vote for Blind Mike Higdon!
Vote for Blind Mike Higdon!
Submitted By: gridler
(466,657 on 2-2009)

Automatic Children
I vote for Automatic Children!!
Submitted By: katiefreiday
(466,603 on 2-2009)

The Ready Set
Pleeeease play The Ready Set!!! Jordan is amazing. Very talented, I think youre listeners will like him a lot!
Submitted By: phillip.matthew
(466,579 on 2-2009)

Interview this band!!
Automatic Children
Submitted By: suzy717
(466,571 on 2-2009)

I vote for AC
Automatic Children!
Submitted By: lin4nyc
(466,551 on 2-2009)

Automatic Children
Automatic Children!
Submitted By: stuckahnjae
(466,549 on 2-2009)

Automatic Children
Submitted By: mehart
(466,548 on 2-2009)

Automatic Children
Kicking things off
Submitted By: adam.lippman
(466,545 on 2-2009)

Stone Antica
Submitted By: anneli.hilleberg
(466,405 on 2-2009)

play mariano acosta songs
Submitted By: meeli.b
(466,316 on 2-2009)

Play Mariano Acosta
"Play Mariano Acosta"
Submitted By: rodrigodevedia
(466,315 on 2-2009)

"Play Mariano Acosta osta"
"Play Mariano Acosta"
Submitted By: sofidimasi
(466,312 on 2-2009)

"7" by Wainwright
Hi, I am new to your site. I was directed here by my friend Edward Wainwright. I understand that you have a request show. Please let us know what time the show is as we want to hear our friend, Edward wainwright, song ,"7" be broadcasted. Thanks Jimmy
Submitted By: Rasta954
(466,278 on 2-2009)

Stone Antica
Hope all is well and youll play a song made by us f?r the people in the states =)
Submitted By: stone_antica
(466,124 on 2-2009)

Radio Dan Show is showing some love.
Submitted By:
(465,997 on 2-2009)

Saving The Scarecrow
Submitted By: savingthescarecrow
(465,523 on 2-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: gonzo_arzamendi
(465,461 on 2-2009)

I'd like to hear
I'd like to hear an interview with Don Coleman, Canada's Premiere AC/DC Vocalist who's song "Women, Whiskey & Rock'n'Roll" has been on AC/DC's website for 10 months and aired on major FM in 16 countries. His latest song "Loud, Hard, Fast & Wild" has also been an upcoming hit and is now on the Canadian band, MOXY's website. Seems he's done a lot of on air interviews lately, had a magazine front page pic and 4 page article and much more.
Submitted By: southerncrossgypsy
(465,074 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: alexxander
(464,874 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: earthdog80
(464,203 on 2-2009)

The Snakecharmers
Submitted By: lcclambert
(463,902 on 2-2009)

The Snake Charmers
Submitted By: soupygato.5.jmuscara
(463,839 on 2-2009)

Soupys playlist
We LOVE The Snake Charmers.. please play something from their new album...thanks
Submitted By: lyrical_she_is
(463,740 on 2-2009)

I vote for The Snakecharmers!
Submitted By: ali_castellano
(463,735 on 2-2009)

Great show Great service!
Submitted By: dustinmusic26
(463,725 on 2-2009)

This is a vote for the Snake charmers
Submitted By: mail
(463,723 on 2-2009)

The SnakeCharmers
The SnakeCharmers!
Submitted By: andrewsgoodrich
(463,722 on 2-2009)

The Snake Charmers
We need more Snake Charmers!
Submitted By: lilpecan
(463,721 on 2-2009)

Snakecharmers are awesome!!!!
Submitted By: far.wyde
(463,720 on 2-2009)

The Snake Charmers
Submitted By: shardrix
(463,719 on 2-2009)

The Snake Charmers
Submitted By: hollinsmize
(463,718 on 2-2009)

SoupyGato rocks!
Ya gotta love it! Keeo up the good work Daniel and Kimmi! Rich Cox
Submitted By: richcoxmusic
(463,623 on 2-2009)

sendin love
hope alls well - have the best year coming your way! xx
Submitted By: yaelclaire
(463,595 on 2-2009)

Yea, SoupyGato!
I hate to be all "oo, The Snake Charmers" but, yeah, "oo, The Snake Charmers," we loved being played on The SoupyGato Show! The SoupyGato Show is really an outstanding podcast. Great music and its really cool the way Dan handles the show. So, there you go.
Submitted By: music
(463,584 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: sharrisfick
(463,568 on 2-2009)

Great show
Such a good, eclectic podcast.
Submitted By: mail
(463,549 on 2-2009)

Love The SoupyGato show -- great interviews, great music!
Submitted By: golden.arm
(463,545 on 2-2009)

Vote for The Fores
Top Top Rock n Rocll band. Love their Unknown Destination - I belive its about getting pi**ed on a Friday night after a hard week at work. Fantastic
Submitted By: melvyn.hopkins
(463,517 on 2-2009)

vote for the soupygato show!
I love this podcast. Great mix of music!
Submitted By: debbiereisetter
(463,444 on 2-2009)

Switters sends love
Namaste!! I hope all is well, mi hermano.
Submitted By: ronerin
(463,105 on 2-2009)

Good Show!
I listen to Dan all the time.
Submitted By: steve
(463,104 on 2-2009)

Soupy Gato is the best. See for yourself.
Submitted By: progopolis
(463,087 on 2-2009)

gato in the house!
Submitted By: astroal
(463,060 on 2-2009)

its always great hearing from you Dan. if you fancy playing a StrangeA track, thatll be fab! We love ya!! StrangeA
Submitted By: seikijohn
(463,032 on 2-2009)

Play More Automatic Children
I recommend Dirty Weekend, Automatic Children or Pity Party
Submitted By: info
(462,933 on 2-2009)

Happy Valentines, Soupy Gato Show!
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(462,921 on 2-2009)

Great shows!!
Dan you have a great show and I am glad to see you coming back strong!
Submitted By: indienink4
(462,920 on 2-2009)

Dan the Man & World Music!
Dan gives to the **World** OF MUSIC~A PLACE~ A ROCKING AMAZING PLACE~ that I go to~Have been a Loyal FAN for over 6 months! He is ROCK~ His show~& HIM~ Dan is a voice that I pray , will never go away! Peace~ Rock~ Ally!
Submitted By: allyblackcrowcards
(462,904 on 2-2009)

vote Soupy- Vote monsterpop!
Submitted By: monsterpop
(462,895 on 2-2009)

I vote for azooma to be on monthly request show
Submitted By: aminlica
(462,218 on 1-2009)

great show! che gutierrez
Submitted By: cheswim
(461,866 on 1-2009)

I am voting for your show because you have recently had the Opium Symphony on and they rock. Good show mate!
Submitted By: damenaustinband
(461,858 on 1-2009)

kevin wagner
Submitted By: wagskevin
(461,822 on 1-2009)

The Soupy Gato Show is the sh*t! John
Submitted By: johndissed
(461,818 on 1-2009)

SoupyGato ROCKS!!!!!!!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(461,812 on 1-2009)

Mongrel just puts straight raw energy and passion into the music...THEY ARE ROCK N ROLL
Submitted By: inkjet_1945
(461,805 on 1-2009)

Vote for Mongrel
Please play Mongrel!
Submitted By: mibera
(461,798 on 1-2009)

request for Mongrel
please play Mongrel on the next request show! thanks! -adam
Submitted By: mongrelband
(461,785 on 1-2009)

Voting for great music
Chlo? March
Submitted By: powderkegrecords
(461,772 on 1-2009)

MichaelJameson Band
Michael Jameson Band
Submitted By: michaeljameson72
(461,771 on 1-2009)

Char Butler "Secrets of the Heart" CD!!
Submitted By: charbutlermusic
(461,683 on 1-2009)

soupygato show
would love to hear some more Kenny Sommer of EdGeRr and look forward to his new cd digital world
Submitted By: somken
(461,608 on 1-2009)

Bryon Thompson
Submitted By: bryon
(461,593 on 1-2009)

***********Start At X**************
Submitted By: soupygato
(461,572 on 1-2009)

thank you for playing Switchback on your podcast!
Submitted By: christine.knapp594
(461,357 on 1-2009)

PLEASE put the brilliant Alice Sweet Alice on the podcast . Fantstic band that we in the UK absolutely LOVE. Cheers. Steve.
Submitted By: s.suddick
(461,344 on 1-2009)

Because Soupy Gato will always be #1 to me
I request that Soupy Gato always be #1
Submitted By: maryhestand
(461,342 on 1-2009)

Emotional Rescue
Hi Daniel I request(as per your email) you please play a song from the new Emotonal Rescue album Greenhill Road(you should have received a early promo CD around Nov08?)-Some of the album tracks are picking up airplay here in the UK&the new single will be track 3 from the album Partisan Man. cheers Alexander Campbell(Manager Emotional Rescue)
Submitted By: alexander_campbe
(461,260 on 1-2009)

Fuck Yeah!
Fuck Yeah!!
Submitted By: rfssuperg
(461,247 on 1-2009)

play music by the wtl club
Submitted By: michaelaminnis1
(461,218 on 1-2009)

Dan Harris rulesssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Submitted By: cogombra
(461,207 on 1-2009)

EI man, I would like to listen to Pau Riba,....A cuddle from Bristol
Submitted By: cogombra
(461,206 on 1-2009)

Who else but SOUPY GATO!!!!
Submitted By: posse
(461,194 on 1-2009)

Is there another choice?
A vote for Soupy is a vote for indy music, and bands like Alice Sweet Alice! ( Ciao for now!
Submitted By: posse
(461,193 on 1-2009)

vote soupy,,vote monsterpop;-)
Submitted By: monsterpop
(461,188 on 1-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: arzukproductions
(461,114 on 1-2009)

keep it up
Thanks Dan, keep the music coming. Hi to Kimmi, too!
Submitted By: c.saeji
(461,103 on 1-2009)

I'd like to hear...
Michael Bray's (Faraday's?) "Take Another Shot" from his CD Lonely at the Stop would be great to hear. "All you'll ever need is you...because all you see is you..."
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(461,102 on 1-2009)

We?d love to hear some songs of the Whitehouse album GAMES Best regards
Submitted By: r.breitfeld
(461,100 on 1-2009)

The Gato Rocks
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(461,094 on 1-2009)

Play some old school Cuttin Heads and BotFly!
Submitted By: eric
(461,087 on 1-2009)

I request Runa Los Atta! They just played at Good Beans and they were great!
Submitted By: petethebanjo1138
(461,085 on 1-2009)

SoupyGato Show Rawks & Rules
Great music from Indie Artists. This show rawks and rules. Number One all the way!!! Cheers!!!
Submitted By: destinationdawn
(460,671 on 1-2009)

Automatic Children
Please play Automatic Children!!!
Submitted By: info
(460,317 on 1-2009)

Hey Daniel...
Showin love and support for the Soup! Voted of course! Would be great to be on again...anytime you think you can fit me in... Thank you! Joe
Submitted By: thegodsendsessions
(460,013 on 1-2009)

gato is sooo soupy
You rock the roll, and roll the rock like no other. Thanks for all the support!
Submitted By: info
(459,533 on 1-2009)

Play some more Switchback! Something from Falling Water Rivers CD! Thanks! Karen
Submitted By: dkleemi
(459,466 on 1-2009)

Love The SoupyGato Show!
Submitted By: anaproductions
(459,436 on 1-2009)

dan harris a nice guy
Soupy gato is very supportive of local and regional musicians and many thanks to Dan Harris and Kimmi for being so wonderful in supporting my music on their show. I cannot tell you how much this means to original artists that are just trying to get their music out there in cyber space or on npr radio. Kudos to you and thank you so much. glenn thomas butterhorn
Submitted By: bluzesman2002
(459,432 on 1-2009)

Your shows are great!
Submitted By: reneeisblessed
(459,370 on 1-2009)

Still the No.1 Podcast in our eyes. We love you Dan, StrangeA
Submitted By: seikijohn
(459,363 on 1-2009)

Play More Automatic Children
Please play "Dirty Weekend". Thanks.
Submitted By: info
(459,281 on 1-2009)

Auburdeen, Wisconsin?
Here we go this is another sad attempt in writing a bio telling you all the things I have accomplished and how cool I am. Actually I am not. I would Like to tell you a little about my May 2009 release ?Auburdeen? . Auburdeen was inspired by one song and that one song is Auburdeen of course. On one of the hottest days in July of 2008 I headed up to my unairconditioned tree house like studio. With only one window for air flow and the sun beating in and I wrote and recorded the first track Auburdeen which was actually a mistaken Identity of a town that does not exist. This spawned the creation of a mythical town of empty houses and building standing empty like ghost from the great depression. Auburdeen is a town you can never find or understand. It's that dark places in the back of you mind you go to be afraid, depressed and even a little bit nuts. In this time and age with are economy, wars and government corruption these songs bring a new country folk feel. I call it a real country album it's not manufactured in a big city studio It's recorded the woods of Jackson county in Wisconsin far from Internet, cell service and blacktop roads. On a property mistaken over the years as a nudist colony, hippie commune and hide out for the mob. It actually was a experimental grounds for green solar living. So come May look for my real country album ?Auburdeen.? Here is the Tracks that are complete for the album so far: Auburdeen Winters so lonely Ferral sand lane Finalized trust me The Kiss
Submitted By: brianbethkemusic
(459,276 on 1-2009)

Hooray SoupyGato!
The show has a feeling almost as if it is part of NPR programming which is a tough feat! Way to go :) Jerod Elder Occasional Monster
Submitted By: jrok2
(459,263 on 1-2009)

checking it out
First time listener, but long time fan of Dan!
Submitted By: sarah.colony
(459,262 on 1-2009)

go gato
go go gato!
Submitted By: astroal
(459,252 on 1-2009)

Gets my vote. ASA sent me!
Submitted By: cauldronsoundwerx
(459,003 on 1-2009)

consistently excellent
SGS never fails to be entertaining and illuminating - keep up the terrific work, guys!
Submitted By: daniel
(458,305 on 1-2009)

"Devil on My Shoulder" by Blind Mike and Evil Demented Bunny! please?? all the best, switters
Submitted By: ronerin
(458,152 on 1-2009)

Showin some love from the Free Beer Crew!
Submitted By: FreeBeerPC
(457,846 on 1-2009)

Mike Bray!
Please play the CD by my friend, Mike Bray. I would love to hear "Take Another Shot" or "Born into Slavery." Thanks for being open to so many musical styles and for bringing new ones to us, too.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(457,406 on 1-2009)

(457,395 on 1-2009)

The Year of the (Soupy) Gato
The glory that is the Soupy Gato Show has spawned its own baby Gato. Hooray for Kimmi and the Metal Deli. We are glad to have twice the music in our lives. Thanks Kimmi. The Soupy Gato Show gives me a reason to put on my headphones while I work at my computer. I love the freedom that only such a podcast could convey. I dont know from moment to moment, from song to song, what Ill get to hear. I never know what Kimmi or Daniel J. will say or read. That is freedom. That is entertainment. Its a festival of flavors for my mind and ears, rather than for my mouth. The saying is, "Its all good." But that is most truly the case when Soupy Gato chooses the music and Michelle brings the research. Three cheers for Soupy Gato.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(457,369 on 1-2009)

Gato Especial
Much love for this show.
Submitted By: progopolis
(457,119 on 1-2009)

Daniel is the hardest working DJ that does it for the love!
Submitted By: scott
(457,063 on 1-2009)

If you could play "Cry" or "Your the Greatest Feeling" by Karl Vasey. Thank you Daniel!!
(456,975 on 1-2009)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: ourcatholiclife
(456,445 on 1-2009)

Just to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Keep up the good work :) xx
Submitted By: static-field
(455,027 on 12-2008)

much respects from IBWIP
Submitted By: blake
(454,560 on 12-2008)

Consistently great.
Submitted By: progopolis
(454,532 on 12-2008)

A show of support.
Great show.
Submitted By: ourcatholiclife
(453,889 on 12-2008)

Coasting into the Holy Days with SG
Thanks, Soupy Gato, for keeping the candles burning this holiday season with great music and even greater spirit!
Submitted By: info
(453,466 on 12-2008)

Shitswarm wishes Dan and Kimmi a very happy Christmas. Youve already got our festive offering so heres a world exclusive for you. Its a special preview of theas yet unreleased brand new song from the swarm. lots of love from us lot.
Submitted By: shitswarm77
(453,429 on 12-2008)

Submitted By: sharrisfick
(453,427 on 12-2008)

soupy gato no. 1!
Squirt On!
Submitted By: shanebert2000
(453,389 on 12-2008)

Dan, you ARE the man!!! SoupyGato ROCKS! Kimmi, The Fifth Listener
Submitted By: Moodyroo
(453,387 on 12-2008)

The sou[ygato show is wonderful!
Happy holidays to all, and all a great 2009! Kenny Sommer of EdGeRr
Submitted By: somken
(453,383 on 12-2008)

Good Stuff
Submitted By: ckp
(453,371 on 12-2008)

Just sending you some Christmas crackers for your soup! I love the show. Think of the indie music we would never hear if it were not for Daniel J Merry Christmas!
Submitted By: cruizinsuezin
(453,349 on 12-2008)

SoupyGato Got It Going On
The Soupy Gato Show is the best!
Submitted By: music
(453,348 on 12-2008)

Happy Christmas
Namaste, switters
Submitted By: ronerin
(453,346 on 12-2008)

Gatos Forever
So much better than Catholic Podcasts, I cant even tell you!
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(453,343 on 12-2008)

Merry Christmas, Dan and Kimmi!
Well, I know that Santa brought Kimmi's present early--or will next Monday. Hooray for the new Deli in town. The Soupy Gato Show is the only place you can hear swing, jazz, hip hop, ska, metal, and every other thing under the sun--even folkies. Thanks Soupy. We are so pleased to have a place to get all the major food groups.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(453,338 on 12-2008)

Man, oh, man. You've outdone yourself. All the artists, all the commentary. I'm listening to 254, and now to 253. What a great selection. I'm so happy right now, listening to the widely varied styles with not a clinker in the bunch. You must have the best time selecting tracks. Hooray for you. You give us something to listen to. Thanks, Daniel J. Harris, for the Soupy Gato Show. Evil Demented Bunny
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(453,024 on 12-2008)

Hooray! I can vote again!
Daniel and Kimmi!! Good luck on the new ventures. I am winding down the year glad in all the people Ive gotten to know. Plus the evidence that my kids were listening to the internet safety lectures--theyre giving them back to me! Its been a great year of finding great music and variety in music at last. Thanks for all you bring to the feast.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(452,474 on 12-2008)

Vote Soupy and monsterpop!
cheers Danothy! JimmyD
Submitted By: monsterpop
(452,266 on 12-2008)

good stuff, man...
the soupygato show is one of the very few outlets where you can hear music that *belongs* on the radio because its *good*. not cause some corporate hack greased someones palm along the line - or some well-built doll broke the springs on a casting couch . kudos to daniel and kimmie for keeping the fires of spirited music alive...for the sheer joy of it.
Submitted By: daniel
(452,234 on 12-2008)

The Soup that eats like a meal
The way music was created to be presented.
Submitted By: gmanblues
(451,947 on 12-2008)

Hope the move was a smooth one. Enjoy your new home Dan. Loads of love, StrangeA
Submitted By: seikijohn
(451,540 on 12-2008)

Thanks! Nine, over at Left Of Center
Submitted By: kroley
(451,470 on 12-2008)

Daniel is doing a brilliant job with the Soupygato show and the musical mix he presents!
Submitted By: bardofely
(451,300 on 12-2008)

Not to read
Kimmie and Dan--I was humbled to hear my comments read. I know you must get so many. For you to read two of mine--how I am humbled. Thanks for using them. Stephanie
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(451,168 on 11-2008)

Gato y Gato
I'm glad that I tuned in to the Soupy Gato Show after "meeting" Kimmi online. No one can bring the kaleidoscope of music into focus like Daniel Harris. Thanks, Kimmi, for the hot tip all those months ago!
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(450,592 on 11-2008)

On Tracy Lane to entertain our troop
On Tracy Lane will leave for Thule Air Base in Greenland, December 28th to entertain our troops. We could not be more proud to have this opportunity to give back to our brave men and women in uniform.
Submitted By: toddw
(450,564 on 11-2008)

Love that SoupyGato show!
Submitted By: anaproductions
(450,557 on 11-2008)

Play some "Switchback" for me!
Submitted By: dkleemi
(450,555 on 11-2008)

Thanks from Whitehouse
Great--keep up the good work!!! Best musical regards from Whitehouse
Submitted By: info
(450,549 on 11-2008)

SoupyGato! We love you!
Ian McGlynns THIS IS THE SOUND is out now and available on iTunes! :)
Submitted By: ariane
(450,547 on 11-2008)

Emotional Rescue
Hi Dan Have you had a chance to listen to our new cd album...Greenhill Road by Emotional Rescue? i sent the cd to you about a month ago. cheers Alex
Submitted By: emotional.rescue
(450,528 on 11-2008)

soupy funks me hard
Submitted By: tedgotsoul
(450,527 on 11-2008)

wed LOVE to see you here: Once a day keeps the facists away! VIVA LA LOVELUTION!!!

Submitted By: MOKSHYA_BAND
(450,525 on 11-2008)

Lizards From Afar
Download all of our MP3s for FREE at: Learn WAY more about us than you need to know at: Thanks, Sir Pent drummer and relentless promoter of Lizards From Afar
Submitted By: lizardsfromafar
(450,068 on 11-2008)

Where have all the good times gone? (thats a Kinks tune... correct? -- one must recite in the melody of the Kinks) --- PEACE, E
Submitted By: eric
(449,769 on 11-2008)

Next Reading Start Here
Submitted By: soupygato
(449,737 on 11-2008)

Go, Soupy Gato, Go!
Submitted By: fusho
(449,731 on 11-2008)

Keep the heartbeat
switters sends abrazos
Submitted By: ronerin
(449,685 on 11-2008)

DJH... I was so into your are interesting and tonya is ...welll tonya...i love her..with my abckground in the music industry, plus involved with my old rnr tv show....i have heard lots of int. that just are fluff and stupid...u though go left and it...she usually is more guarded...i loved seeing her wall come down...rock on and now shut up and dance...btw...just how amny times have u watched the bipolar video...ha...i love needs to win awards...u will win your award...hands down... jo xo see u on the virtual side of the world...bulletined it all and podcast on my myspace and blogged...ha...xo
(449,650 on 11-2008)

An Easy Way to Help the People of Tibet
Tibet Aid is looking for volunteers to arrange for the recycling of used textbooks and CDs/DVDs. You can help raise funds for Tibet Aids work by identifying sites on college campuses for the collection of unwanted books and CDs by our friends, Rob and James Fink at Book Drives, Inc., who receive these donations on our behalf. When the books and music are resold, the proceeds help to support Tibet Aids work! Please visit us online (, call us toll free at 1-877-842-3824 (1-877-TIBET-AID) or contact us via email ( for more details! With a big thank you to Dan and Kimmi and to all of Soupy Gatos listeners! Kathy at Tibet Aid
Submitted By: info
(449,641 on 11-2008)
Good luck this month to you Dan from Mike at
Submitted By: mikeca0331
(449,637 on 11-2008)

Soupy Cat
Love it
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(449,633 on 11-2008)

soupy gato show rules
this dude has such a great wide array of artists on his show, he fucking rock.
Submitted By: greg
(449,631 on 11-2008)

vote soupy!
vote soupy,,,request monsterpop;-)
Submitted By: monsterpop
(449,630 on 11-2008)

A vote of support from Joe @ BPN!
Submitted By: bipolar_nation_podcast
(449,059 on 11-2008)

can't be beat
in a class by itself, daniel and kimmi do a terrific job. i laughed, i cried - 2 thumbs up!
Submitted By: daniel
(448,234 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: sharrisfick
(447,105 on 11-2008)

Great Show
Great show by Daniel J Harris, who is also an ardent supporter of fellow music podcasters! Theres a reason some guys are consistently in the top 3, and visitors should definitely check out The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: progopolis
(447,015 on 11-2008)

Show of support from Game Center: RPG PC and Console
Submitted By: jonathanlovesscience
(446,756 on 11-2008)

Showing some love from the Free Beer Crew.
Submitted By: FreeBeerPC
(446,711 on 11-2008)

There is something out there
It is the SoupyGato show...
Submitted By: KimMonaghan
(446,583 on 11-2008)

Thanks for the vote SoupyGato!!!
Youre awesome!
Submitted By: chrissyandbrianshow
(446,429 on 11-2008)

Well done for getting votes from popdcasters who have never listened to your show. Visit Punky! radio for truth, justice... and the ENGLISH way.
Submitted By: paulyb
(446,296 on 11-2008)

Thanks for the vote Daniel, here's one right back at ya! Reality Bytes with Rachael West
Submitted By: pj
(446,275 on 11-2008)

Hey any friend of the Jamhole gets my vote. Nice work, love the show.
Submitted By: newyorkpaulo
(446,209 on 11-2008)

Thanks for the support
Heres some support for you to, from The Americana Rock Mix
Submitted By: americanarockmix
(446,128 on 11-2008)

Support from HMR
Horse Mag Radio says these guys deliver your podcasting needs!
Submitted By: horsemagradio
(446,067 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: craig
(446,040 on 11-2008)

Thumbs up from The Family Anatomy Podcast!
Submitted By: brian
(445,726 on 11-2008)

If it says Soupy Soupy Soupy on the Label Label Label
You will like it like it like it on you ear table table table! Thanks for playing Pick UP your SOCKS!!!
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(445,352 on 11-2008)

(445,241 on 11-2008)

Keep it going man...
Submitted By: info
(445,117 on 11-2008)

it's no surpise...
..that the soupy gato show continues to rock the world...great work, guys!
Submitted By: daniel
(445,015 on 11-2008)

The SoupyGato Show
Dan, its the best podcast in the world. We love ya, StrangeA
Submitted By: seikijohn
(444,960 on 11-2008)

Keep rockin
Keep up the awesome work. Much success to you in the future. SOUPYGATO SHOW and cOnspiracy of Angels ( rockin the free world! Peace!
Submitted By: conspiracyofangels
(444,910 on 11-2008)

November vote
Check out the new MySpace profile for SonicJive featuring a plug for SoupyGato. Mike
Submitted By: mikecanter
(444,906 on 11-2008)

Soupy Stuff
The Soupy Gato Show gives listeners something new to chew on. Instead of the same old cardboard-flavored frozen dinners that radio has become, instead of the unsatisfying one-dish meal that many podcasts are, Soupy Gato provides a smorgasbord of musical fare. And his listeners are full, fat, and happy--every tastebud satisfied. Thanks, Daniel.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(444,862 on 11-2008)

No One Like Daniel
No other podcaster intones like Daniel J. Harris. He knows so much of what his listeners want to know about the music and musicians he plays. His thoughtfulness in advertising the songtitles and group names on Team Soupy Gato can't be beat. Thanks for giving us something to listen to, other than the same ol', same ol'.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(444,861 on 11-2008)

I really like the SoupyGato Show on many levels... the music is great! The interviews are informative and fun. And Dan spreads good to humanity whereever he is! He has the best show right now on the internet!
Submitted By: indienink4
(444,853 on 11-2008)

Vote for SoupyGato & ASA
Isnt it kosher for candidates to vote for themselves? Good luck!!
Submitted By: scott
(444,836 on 11-2008)

Lighten up Soupy...
Ha Ha Daniel - If youd been listening to us for long enough youd know that we accuse ANYBODY who finishes above us in music of cheating! Glad we got your attention though - now go to for all your internet and webhosting woes! Apoog! Apoog! Paulybx PS. Heres a vote by reciprocation. Together we are strong. Resistance is futile.
Submitted By: paulyb
(444,827 on 11-2008)

gato me
Submitted By: astroal
(444,817 on 11-2008)

another day another coupon
Please take a moment and head to We are up for best Pod Safe Music Show, Best Wishes, daniel j harris the soupygato show
Submitted By: soupygato
(444,798 on 11-2008)

the sugar queen
treebends is one of the best music-makinig institutions in existence currently. cheers!
Submitted By: nationaltryst
(444,019 on 10-2008)

The sugar queen
Submitted By: drtrobison
(443,675 on 10-2008)

Soupy Gato show is tops in our books, tuning in every week is a unique adventure with Daniel Harris. Thanks for delivering a tremendous worldwide radio experience. And his offsider Kimmi is doing a wonderful job getting musicians out their and heard. Keep up the great work you guys. Kim & Propaganda Rock (Sydney Australia)
Submitted By: kim.richardson3
(443,388 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: monsterpop
(443,058 on 10-2008)

Super duper group! Love their unique style!!! Great music and vocals!
Submitted By: schahara
(442,867 on 10-2008)

Vote Treebends!
Submitted By: ammw77
(442,609 on 10-2008)

Todays Show....The Sugar Queen
Hi, I just want to say that Ioved the song, "The Sugar Queen" played today by TreeBends. I am requesting that the song be played again as I loved it! It was my favorite song played today!
Submitted By: tbautista8
(442,574 on 10-2008)

Sugar Queen
Sugar Queen, is awesome.
Submitted By: glenneyville
(442,570 on 10-2008)

the sugar queen
thanks for the love, gatos. the show was muy bueno.
Submitted By: treebends
(442,563 on 10-2008)

Great show
I LOVE the Treebends song!!!
Submitted By: darcyco
(442,562 on 10-2008)

Keep it up!
Dan and everyone, you rock! Keep it goin! ( -- the AngEls
Submitted By: conspiracyofangels
(442,347 on 10-2008)

Really COOL Show, Wish U all the best
Submitted By: mortex
(442,222 on 10-2008)

Soupy is the Poopy!
Love the show and thanks for playing Anton Mink! You rock!
Submitted By: antonmink
(442,197 on 10-2008)

Great fun show playing great music. I really enjoy it. From Austin Beeman of
Submitted By: music4midnight
(441,293 on 10-2008)

Great show! Thank you.... Joe from American Talk USA
Submitted By: jcmorris18
(440,383 on 10-2008)

I can hear 7th Order in PR!
Submitted By: adarapr
(440,147 on 10-2008)

Great Show!
Submitted By: trimordial
(440,051 on 10-2008)

The Best!
Submitted By: alex_oliver
(440,046 on 10-2008)

Gatos Rule!
Big Meow for the Soupy Gato show... Only the coolest of music ONly the Coolest of interviews!
Submitted By: thewhitecrow
(439,057 on 10-2008)

For Dan
Because the Gatos always land on the side of the toast with the butter - its a law of the universe.
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(439,037 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: lily4me
(439,000 on 10-2008)

Why I Love the Soupy Gato Show
There are a number of shows out there that I like. Among them, only the Soupy Gato Show is as responsive when I have a question about an artist. Dan Harris and Kimmi both respond quickly. On the other hand, he usually tells a great deal about the artists on his shows, giving them a plug like no other I've heard elsewhere. Artists--however hardworking--can't go wrong with a slot on the Soupy Gato Show. I hope I hear Blind Mike Higdon's "Bayou Moon" on there soon. A tribute to Johnny Cash, "Bayou Moon" has a quiet, romantic rockabilly rhythm. Mike's vocal stylings really do evoke the sweet bass of the late Mr. Cash.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(438,872 on 10-2008)

Dan, Im always enjoying the diverse line-up of music on the show. Keep promoting independent music (and keeping me sane through this Ph.D. thing)- CB
Submitted By: c.saeji
(438,830 on 10-2008)

Chunky Gato Noodle Soup for the Win!
Hey, yall! Getcher fill of that thar noodly gato soup. Its fortyfide with sumo them thar vitymins n minerals and while it aint no part of yer breakfast, it shur makes fer some good eatins! Im Jerod of Occasional Monster and I approve this message.
Submitted By: jerod
(438,700 on 10-2008)

Some support from The Family Anatomy Podcast.
Submitted By: brian
(437,982 on 10-2008)

this is it...
...the zenith of spirited rock & roll radio - keep up the great work, aloha from 7th Order in Hawaii...
Submitted By: daniel
(437,296 on 10-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Our Catholic Life.
Submitted By: ourcatholiclife
(437,220 on 10-2008)

The Soupy Gato rocks
Dans the man.
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(437,025 on 10-2008)

A vote from TJ at The 13 Skulls podcast :)
Submitted By: the13skulls
(436,251 on 10-2008)

It 's a very good show! Thank you
Submitted By: dominia
(436,172 on 10-2008)

Dan, I hope your Birthday was a day full of fishsticks,coffee,Cigs (even though they are Bad,mk),Happy Gatos and Big Cake! You Rock Dude,and leave the others in the dust. Jacko
Submitted By: soundweaver
(435,901 on 10-2008)

Dirty Kumquat Radio
Throwing some support right back atcha
Submitted By: feedback
(435,856 on 10-2008)

Game Center support
A show of support from Game Center: RPG PC and Console
Submitted By: jonathanlovesscience
(435,332 on 10-2008)

Vote and Happy Birthday!
Hey Daniel, Happy Birthday man...Have an awesome, rockin. day! Came by to vote and show my support. The Soup rocks!
Submitted By: thegodsendsessions
(435,321 on 10-2008)

Happy Birthday, Daniel J.
Remember, my friend, you are never old so long as there is someone older than you. And when you become so old that no one is older, you will be in the Guinness Book. LOL
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(435,315 on 10-2008)

happpppppppppppppy birthday
your not old I am old but I dont feel it .I look in the mirror and see this old guy but I dont feel as old as I look so if your 30 something ,you gotta wait till your my age(52) to say your old thats 52 time 9 in cat years have a great day uncle reggie
Submitted By: quick1shot
(435,264 on 10-2008)

Feliz Cumpleanos
To Dan, who keeps the heart beat... all the best switters
Submitted By: ronerin
(435,258 on 10-2008)

SoupyGato Rules!
From your podcasting neighbors over at the Drew Show! !
Submitted By: johnny
(435,219 on 10-2008)

Happy B-Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy B-day Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: chagadone
(435,198 on 10-2008)

The Brink of Sanity Show
Approves of this podcast. Thanks for your support as well.
Submitted By: jmckenna
(435,145 on 10-2008)

Domo arigato, Soupy Gato
Thanks for supporting Stereo Radiation. Send us a 15-second promo!
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(435,143 on 10-2008)

Just showing a little support for your show Daniel since you showed me some last month. Hope all is well. Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(435,142 on 10-2008)

Happy Birthday!
I cant tell you that you are getting old because that would mean that I was almost old. Instead, you are aging to perfection.
Submitted By: cupidfailed
(435,090 on 10-2008)

voting AND
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN!!!! Peace & Rock out! Angi Dodge No Regrets
Submitted By: adodge
(435,027 on 10-2008)

Soupy Gato Show
Love the show with Lenny White!! Dan you ROCK! Marlene ` Indienink Music
Submitted By: indienink4
(435,024 on 10-2008)

Soupy Cat Rocks!!!!!!
Submitted By: jlaw18
(435,001 on 10-2008)

Happy Birthday hope you have a grr8 time :) take care Graham n Roz xx
Submitted By: static-field
(434,949 on 10-2008)

I will be voting for you over and over again. How many do we get?
Submitted By: blindmike33
(434,926 on 10-2008)

Blind Mike and Purblind Rabbit
Me gusto el gato mucho senior Dan. La musica es fantastico. Cuantos anos tienes? Quiero Purblind Rabbit y Blind Mike Higdon.
Submitted By: blindmike33
(434,924 on 10-2008)

I vote for you at the START of the month you charlatan - now do the same! Happy Birthday as well, apparently... Paulybx (Punky!)
Submitted By: paulyb
(434,870 on 10-2008)

Happy birthday to us! Red is passion and strength. You help make the world someplace i want to live. Keep up the good work, friend.
Submitted By: turtlecab10
(434,856 on 10-2008)

i love da gatos
dan the gato man happy birthday dont let the man get you down
Submitted By: astroal
(434,778 on 10-2008)

Podcast brotherhood
Robotlove Honey and Dick, Jukebox Review
Submitted By: producer
(434,738 on 10-2008)

happy birthday
greetings my name is michael i am wishing you a happy birthday come party in michigan sometime!
Submitted By: gothchilddomain
(434,734 on 10-2008)

vote music !
great independent artist podcast!
Submitted By: bert
(434,713 on 10-2008)

We Love the SoupyGato Show
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dan! Youre a beautiful man! Loads of love, StrangeA
Submitted By: seikijohn
(434,710 on 10-2008)

Happy BDay my friend!!
Hope you have a great day! I wont ask for a plug - Just hope you can play some of my tracks from my chasing Shadows album - someday soon !
Submitted By: Jeff
(434,703 on 10-2008)

birthday greetings
7th Order in Hawaii sends you their aloha and best wishes for a terrific gato b'day!
Submitted By: daniel
(434,692 on 10-2008)

happy date of birth...
yah,,,,yah,,, yah...
Submitted By: soupygato
(434,684 on 10-2008)

Go Gato!
September was fabulous - good luck on !
Submitted By: fusho
(434,153 on 9-2008)

Simply The Best
To Whom It May Concern, My name is Kenny Mitchell and I am just a guy that is trying to be in this life without causing any more confusion that may exist here already. I always tell all of my friends, family and those loving souls I meet in my journey through life that I hope at the end of my life I have added more peace, love, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, joy, happiness, and music, by each and every one of my examples of them, than I ever took away from life by any of my examples of their opposites. This is what I believe in my heart that Danielj through the vehicle of The SoupyGato Show podcast has been doing. I am deeply humbled to have been on his show but, more to have been the recipient of his loving examples and tireless efforts on behalf of all of those of us who have been so incredibly fortunate to have made his aquaintance musically. Its inspiring spirits in life like Danielj who truly allow me the luxury of being able to example all of the music and love that I am focused upon unencumbered by all of what sometimes appears to be otherwise. So, Thank You once again this month Danielj for all that you are doing to bring us ALL one step closer together through all that you so lovingly example in every way. God Bless and... "Be Peaceful" Love, Love, Kenny PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Submitted By: knynkly
(433,990 on 9-2008)

soon to be a major motion picture
...well, OK - that title is misleading. but the soupy gato show is an epic entertainment experience anyway. i, and everyone i have suggested listen in, enjoy this how immensely. humor and depth co-exist peacefully here, that's not an insignificant feat. radio has been dead since 1975 - the internet is trying to resurrect it, and the soupy gato show is leading the way with an innovative style and of course a terrific blend of music.
Submitted By: dljone9
(433,743 on 9-2008)

keep the heart beat!
switters sends love
Submitted By: ronerin
(432,932 on 9-2008)

Submitted By: lily4me
(432,694 on 9-2008)

Super Soupy
Awesome show!!!!
Submitted By: jenniferyoung
(432,677 on 9-2008)

Daniel, thanks for the vote of support. Heres one right back at ya! Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(431,492 on 9-2008)

showing some love in return
Submitted By: bipolarnation
(430,906 on 9-2008)

Vote from Kidder Kaper
of the Sex is Fun Show!
Submitted By: kidder
(430,160 on 9-2008)

Soupy Gato is always timely
Some great shows lately, Dan - dont know how you do it all, but keep it up. And please play the Chicken Headed Thing by Room 101.
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(429,850 on 9-2008)

SoupyGato ROCKS!
Marcus Miller & Lenny White - very cool! Enjoy your new home Dan. Loads of love, StrangeA
Submitted By: seikijohn
(429,806 on 9-2008)

showin podcast love back
thanks yall for the vote. like good little podcasters we shall return the favor my friends.
Submitted By: blake
(429,761 on 9-2008)

Thanks dude
We needed your vote and you gave it. Nice job! Heres our vote .... even though you have many already! Robot love Honey and Dick
Submitted By: producer
(429,705 on 9-2008)

Great stuff
Love the show, as always and good interviews! TV Smith! Keep it coming - cheers, Ray
Submitted By: info
(429,690 on 9-2008)

Good Show!
A Good Show with a Great Voice!
Submitted By: concertblast
(429,659 on 9-2008)

I love this show.
Submitted By: modida
(429,643 on 9-2008)

Thanks for some good content on a slow day. Really liked the Willie Nelson; hadnt heard that one in a while. I really like the general balance of the show; while Im mostly into punk/core, I only FFed through one song. Thanks again.
Submitted By: riot138
(429,638 on 9-2008)

Soup for Nuts Like Me
Mixed nuts, that is. The Soupy Gato Show satisfies the listener who likes more than just one or two kinds of music. You wont suffer the boredom that some stations offer. Every song, every band is a refreshing breeze from a new direction. And Daniel J. Harriss commentary is consistently interesting without overshadowing the music.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(429,614 on 9-2008)

Submitted By: kbums
(429,603 on 9-2008)

Automatic Children
Please play "Dirty Weekend". Thanks!!!
Submitted By: info
(429,587 on 9-2008)

Free Minds TV supporst the SoupyGato Show
Submitted By: toby
(429,582 on 9-2008)

Pleasure Seekers/Cradle
All girl 70's legends will be releasing their cd soon. This will be their first re-issue. Check them out on myspace.
Submitted By: nglassmgt
(429,483 on 9-2008)

Soupy Gato Show Rocks Our World!
There is something about the Soupy Gato Show that is warm and inviting. It's that sense of community that radio lost a long time ago. The Soupy Gato Show reminds me of the tribal drum in ancient times that let everyone in the tribe know what was happening. As long as we have the SG Show (along with Kimmi and Michelle to lend a hand), our tribe is safe. Thanks for sounding the drum. Love and much respect from Las Vegas, Lex, Tex, and Royal Poppermost
Submitted By: pop
(429,451 on 9-2008)

Its no secret - and the reasons in plain sight!
A vote of support from The Secrets In Plain Sight!
Submitted By: lordaidan
(429,172 on 9-2008)

Wigglians in the Soup
Submitted By: mojomagick
(429,088 on 9-2008)

Love da Gato
Love da Gato..yo!!
Submitted By: bottlefinger
(429,075 on 9-2008)

SoupyGato ROCKS!!!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(429,067 on 9-2008)

goatstock 4
Goatstock 4: Ever! Nave Gallery Saturday, September 27th 2008 7 PM $5.00 cover 155 Powderhouse Blvd Somerville, Massachusetts 02143 There will be projections by the fabulous Dr. T (known for his work with Mission of Burma) Goatstock is staged to benefit Heifer International Bands in order of appearance: Astro Al (psychedelic drive in music) Tim Mungenast & His Preexisting Conditions (60?s goat powered rock) Amber Spyglass (dark trip hop). In addition to the cool tunes there will be bellydancing by the super charged Samarra
Submitted By: astroal
(429,058 on 9-2008)

My plesure!
Among what seem to be a billion podcast shows youre is - In my eyes the most interesting with a brilliant host! Keap your good wheel spining you indie natives :-) Best wishes Jesper/The Auto Dropouts/Sweden
Submitted By: jesper.deluxe
(429,044 on 9-2008)

radio of the future
progressive, humorous, soulful - the wave of radios future, while maintaining essential traditions started by alan freed, et al - making it a party on the air...
Submitted By: daniel
(429,028 on 9-2008)

Oops...Im a little late in doing this.
Submitted By: cupidfailed
(428,760 on 9-2008)

NH After Hours thanks you!
A big thank for the show of support We will be sure to mention you in episode 62. the boys
Submitted By: newhampshireafterhours
(428,138 on 9-2008)

Stereo Radiation
We appreciate the support! All the best.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(428,102 on 9-2008)

A totally cool show as chaotic and free as music itself should be.
Submitted By: jackwilkinson
(427,844 on 9-2008)

Keepin on....
Show still is great and original.....thank you soupygato!
Submitted By: vantolr
(427,775 on 9-2008)

soupygato rules!
sept. 26th. ROCK THE VOTE! w/Pig Children, Building Seven and MUTE. doors @ 4pm. @ the MIdland Motor Inn on saginaw rd behind Pis Chinese. in Midland. food provided by Cafe American. $5 @ the door/$3 w/student i.d. come on out and get registered!!!
Submitted By: thephoenixproduction
(427,546 on 9-2008)

vote Soupy,,vote monsterpop;-)
Submitted By: monsterpop
(427,541 on 9-2008)

SoupyGato #227
Pale Hollow Digs The SoupyGato show!! Thx Daniel for promoting indoe bands the way you do!
Submitted By: palehollow
(427,488 on 9-2008)

Submitted By: adiadv1
(426,860 on 9-2008)

stay cool, lovin it
keep up the great work, its a happening thing, come together right now over this show!! stay cool, best wishes Vaughan Adams
Submitted By: vaark
(426,664 on 9-2008)

Karl Vasey
Love all the songs! Please keep playing them!:)
Submitted By: reneeisblessed
(425,795 on 9-2008)

Submitted By: soupygato
(425,721 on 9-2008)

a show of support
Submitted By: ourcatholiclife
(425,688 on 9-2008)

keep up the great work! Paulybx (Punky!)
Submitted By: paulyb
(425,652 on 9-2008)

225 rocks
Another great show my man Dan...
Submitted By: soundweaver
(425,639 on 9-2008)

hope youre doing well :]
Submitted By: static-field
(424,424 on 8-2008)

Automatic Children upcoming Shows
Hi Soupy. We've got two NYC shows coming up. September 26th at the Annex October 17th at Arlene's Grocery Both shows are on Fridays at 8PM and on NYC's Lower East Side We're recording a new CD this fall! Thanks for your support!
Submitted By: info
(424,261 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: soundweaver
(424,139 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: lily4me
(423,679 on 8-2008)

The SoupyGato Show is STILL ROCKIN -- and wont be STOPPIN! Love you, GatoMan!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(423,483 on 8-2008)

The Gato Rocks
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(422,792 on 8-2008)

amazing show
I have finally completed a remix of Babul Mora - by Indias well respected and established artist Abhijit Pohankar. Its a fusion of Ambient and Indian Chillout. Its now up on iTunes: lbum?id=286592618&s=143441 You can hear the whole track on my myspace page: Hope you enjoy Best Wishes Jeff
Submitted By: jeffwoodall4
(422,544 on 8-2008)

from The Wigglian Way
It's all about the Love......
Submitted By: mojomagick
(421,875 on 8-2008)

Show # 220
Lots of great music! Totally enjoyed !
Submitted By: dabluzking
(421,330 on 8-2008)

Nice way to find new artists!
Submitted By: brian
(421,125 on 8-2008)

Thanks for a great show!!!
Submitted By: ourcatholiclife
(420,637 on 8-2008)

Had not heard the show before -- but very interesting. Nice eclectic mix of music -- a little something for everyone. Now downloading the archives to listen to more of the show. :) --TommyElf, From the Edge of the Circle
Submitted By: elfster
(420,201 on 8-2008)

Thanks for the support!
A support vote from Bipolar Nation!
Submitted By: bipolarnation
(420,196 on 8-2008)

Showing support
From Free Minds TV & Radio podcast. I just started listening to this show, and its great. I have some archives to catch up on.
Submitted By: toby
(419,500 on 8-2008)

A vote from The Secrets In Plain Sight
A vote of support from The Secrets In Plain Sight!
Submitted By: lordaidan
(419,174 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: humenx
(419,166 on 8-2008)

Yihaaa! #1
wow still #1 !!!! Keep on rockinggg !!! yeah!
Submitted By: spythagoras
(419,048 on 8-2008)

Supporting the Gatos
From Game Center Podcast.
Submitted By: jonathanlovesscience
(418,977 on 8-2008)

Now this is music!
The original "pirate" podcast! Awesome.
Submitted By: omegathenovel
(418,868 on 8-2008)

Heavy young Heathens
SoupyGato rocks! If you get a chance, stop over at our myspace page, to download our new tracks for FREE! -Heavy Young Heathens
Submitted By: misfit13007
(418,072 on 8-2008)

Black Zodiac in the Studio
Mayelin from Black ZOdiac is teaming with the amazing South American Metal band TransMetal to release a new Black Zodiac CD and tour. This is an awesome combination and the end result should be kickass Metal.
Submitted By: mayelinbernal
(418,047 on 8-2008)

Banner Thomas
I have been waiting to listen to this interview. Hooray for Soupy Gato!! Im glad to hear from Banner Thomas. Hes a great musician.
Submitted By: evldmtdbunny
(417,407 on 8-2008)

Hey Dan, its SHIT swarm, not SHITE swarm. :-)
Submitted By: shitswarm77
(417,343 on 8-2008)

Id like to vote for Karl Vasey
Submitted By: isa.perreau
(416,960 on 8-2008)

Thank You!
Thank you for the help to indie artists like me!! :)
Submitted By: irenebpromotion
(416,883 on 8-2008)

Karl Vasey
I hope you van play ."Youre The Greatest Feeling"By Karl Vasey... I think he gives people the greatest feeling through his music... Thanks..all the bestwith the shows..Take care... love Holland..Kisses Marijke
Submitted By: marijke6383
(416,762 on 8-2008)

The Best Podcast
Thank you Danielj and Kimmi #5 at the SoupyGato show for ALWAYS keeping it real and independent. In a world that sometimes examples differently these incredibly gifted and kind people at the SoupyGato show continue to focus their energy on music and talent that have not been signed from around the globe. How wonderfully refreshing and gifted it is to have them, not only in my life but most importantly in all life. Thanks so very much Danielj and Kimmi for all of your tireless work in giving a voice to all of those of us who would otherwise have none. God Bless and... "Be Peaceful" Love, Love, Kenny Mitchell
Submitted By: knynkly
(416,536 on 8-2008)

Go SoupyGato!
Thanks for all the great sounds!
Submitted By: info
(416,492 on 8-2008)

Soupy Gato #1
Dan and Kimmi - Soupy Gato is number 1!!!!!!!!! Brendan Ryan from GanoRyan and Mad Larry ( ( will be playing trumpet, accordian and French horn with the New Pornographers at the All Points West Festival in Liberty State Park in New York, August 8. So if youre in NY, check it out!!!! And be sure to stop by to check out all the new stuff up at their site!!!
Submitted By: lisabrocks
(416,327 on 8-2008)

The Soupy Gato show is a great friend and supporter of many flavors of creative, original rock & non-rock-lock music. Long may they rock!
Submitted By: catjonesmanagement
(415,792 on 8-2008)

gato vote
vote gato!
Submitted By: astroal
(415,720 on 8-2008)

Contributing to my own job stability
I considered offering my next born child as incentive for voting, but that didnt quite seem right.
Submitted By: cupidfailed
(415,497 on 8-2008)

Pax Teum
All the best, Dan. Peace, Switters
Submitted By: ronerin
(415,015 on 8-2008)

good luck this month - all the best, Paulybx (Punky!)
Submitted By: paulyb
(414,586 on 8-2008)

Nice to meet you! Good show Stay wild
Submitted By: helpmerobot
(414,551 on 8-2008)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! daniel j harris the soupygato show
Submitted By: soupygato
(414,446 on 8-2008)

Vote for SoupyGato
Go Resonator Ghost and SoupyGato!
Submitted By: katelawrence.eircom
(414,382 on 8-2008)

Soupy rocks
My favorite podcast
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(414,013 on 7-2008)

Digging Pharcyde
Switters sends love and gratitude. Im digging "Pharcyde", good sound from those cats. The trick is this: keep your eye on the ball. Even when you cant see the ball. --T. Robbins all the best, hermano ron
Submitted By: ronerin
(413,381 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: static-field
(412,172 on 7-2008)

PLEASE - Play "No Sound" from Karl Vasey!
Please play Karl Vaseys "NO Sound", he is an incredibly talented & gifted self taught musician from the UK!
Submitted By: speedygnat
(411,563 on 7-2008)

Karl Vasey
I love his vocals and I think the song(s) that needs to be played on the air is "Youre The Greatest Feeling" and his latest "No Sound".....and I have to say that he reaches out to his fans, and goes out of his way to let those of us who love him and support him, know that they are truly appreciated. I dont live in the state of Michigan, but..I have loved Karl from the very start. He is just AWESOME!!!
Submitted By: danaesomsen
(411,477 on 7-2008)

Request for Karl Vasey
Hope you can play "Youre The Greatest Feeling".. Karl is a very talented singer..beautiful voice and heart of gold..Is very buy.. but always has time for his friends and fans...That makes him very special...Thank you Karl.. Greetings from Holland Take care..Hugs Marijke
Submitted By: marijke6383
(411,442 on 7-2008)

SoupyGato! We love you!
Submitted By: ariane
(410,389 on 7-2008)

Thanks Dan & Kimmi
I want to thank Dan & Kimmi for all the work that they do for independent artist. That means alot to us all, and having the number one podcast is a result of that hard work. Now on to the shamless plug (Mike Canter told me to) - I'd like to invite everyone to my myspace page at to hear some chilled instrumentals and keep up to date on my latest release Krakatoa later this year as well as film projects I'm working on. Thanks Dan & Kimmi, and feel free to play a sneel peek cut off that album, your friend Robert A. Wolf
Submitted By: Wolfymusic
(409,847 on 7-2008)

Win $200 shopping spree!
Win $200 shopping spree at by entering sweepstakes on You can find the link on Julia Bristows blog. Contest ends Friday, 7/28/08. Dont miss opportunity to possibly win a free hand-beaded guitar strap! Address: and click on this weeks "freebie Friday" sweepstakes! Good luck!
Submitted By: julia
(409,671 on 7-2008)

Hello! Thnaks well someting that you may need to know is that in 2 months from May to now on www.myonit/arzukartistoftheweek we have 195,000 visits to our site this is an average of 3000 a day that was great. thanks for always be ther take care Gonzo.
Submitted By: gonzo
(409,513 on 7-2008)

the show rawks!
Submitted By: sadchild70
(409,270 on 7-2008)

Mad Larry to Support Troops at Benefit Concert
New York rock band Mad Larry will be playing a benefit concert for Wounded Warrior, at Bar 9 in Hell's Kitchen on Wednesday, July 23 at 8 p.m. Wounded Warrior supports troops who have been disabled in the line of service. It was founded on the principle that veterans are our nation's greatest citizens. The organization assisted members of the armed forces who have been severely injured during the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations around the world. So come on out check out some great music and support our troops!!!! Bar 9 807 9th Ave New York, NY www.woundedwarriorproject. org
Submitted By: lisabrocks
(409,261 on 7-2008)

Howard GLazer gigs!
Sun 6-20 - Oxford Tap - Howard Glazer - solo - 36 S. Washington, Oxford, MI > 248 236-0380 5 PM > > Wed - 6-23 - The Blue Goose Inn - Open Jam - 28911 Jefferson Ave., St. Clair > Shores, MI, 586 291-0950 9 PM > > Fri - 6-25- Mudflats Bar & Grill - 31 W. Columbus, Galena, OH 9 PM > > Sat - 6-26 - Big Bend Blues Bash! - Riverside Amphitheater - Pomeroy, OH > we play at 5 PM > > Wed -7-30- Butchers Inn - Acoustic open mic!! hosted by Howard Glazer- all > musicians welcome -1489 Winder, Detroit, MI 313 566-0966 9 PM >
Submitted By: howardglazer13
(409,153 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: sharrisfick
(408,905 on 7-2008)

Soupygato rocks!
IN the Sixties (which I am old enough to remember) You could hear every different style on the same radio show, simply because the DJ would play what he liked. SoupyGato has revived that kind of programming in a whole new medium. I think they could be the Musical Kingmakers of the 21st century.
Submitted By: mcmf
(408,797 on 7-2008)

Thanks so much for playing the BUNNIEs!!! We appreciate it much! Hope to see you in Chicago this weekend. Love, Donna
Submitted By: donnaf57
(408,766 on 7-2008)

Kimi and the Soup
Kimi is doing a great job for Soupy Gato!
Submitted By: tetragramophone
(408,352 on 7-2008)

Thank You
My Dear Sweet Loving Brother and Sister, Thank you Danielj and Kimmi, for all that you both do to bring my message further into all life. Words on this or any page could never begin to express to each of you how DEEPLY APPRECIATIVE, HONORED, and BLESSED, I TRULY am to have been SO INCREDIBLY FORTUNATE to have found you two dear souls. Wow this is the little SoupyGato podcast engine that could! How sweet is this ride that we are all taking on the SoupyGato Express through life? To any one who hears or reads this; Whatever express you're taking in life this show is a MUST CHECK OUT!! Thanks again Danielj and Kimmi SO VERY MUCH for giving such a BEAUTIFUL LIFE to so many voices! PS I thought the following might help introduce anyone to my path: Kenny lives in Los Angeles, California and performs his Solo musical work for private parties throughout the West. He is in the process of writing a ‘Self- Awareness’ book titled, "THE MESSAGE" Sub-titled, ("LIFE IS LOVE"), ("LOVE ONE ANOTHER"). As a Healer, Kenny employs his music, lyrics, words, examples, and his personal fitness program called, ‘Stretch for Strength’, to gently realign and balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. If you are interested in learning more about his services as a Musician, or Healer, or if you would just like to say hello and share your story, please feel free to contact him at; or God Bless and… “Be Peaceful” Love, Love, Kenny
Submitted By: knynkly
(408,282 on 7-2008)

Great Show!
The Soupy Gato Show Rocks!
Submitted By: rarestarmusic
(407,893 on 7-2008)

awesome show!
yeah!!! its awesome!!! thats right! : )
Submitted By: a_deangelis
(407,866 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: moodyroo
(407,841 on 7-2008)

Show 202
I have to comment on show 202....I didn't even listen to it all yet because I was blown away by Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet -- Taiyang Chulai Lowlight!!! That song is incredible!!!! Wow! And of course you know i was playing GanoRyan's Better Than You Know which is a really cool California feel good song.!!!! So now I'm gonna go and finish listening to Show 202 to see what other music you've got to blow my mind! The SoupyGato Show Makes My Ears HAPPY!!!!
Submitted By: popsmashpr
(407,567 on 7-2008)

I Love Soupy Gato!
The Souply Gato Show much great music and super nice people (they sound nice at least)...heres my vote for one of the best podcasts in the world... -Jerry
Submitted By: jasphotography
(407,464 on 7-2008)

Thanks Dan!
Submitted By: shitswarm77
(407,382 on 7-2008)

Well Hello!
Love the show! Check out Hello Roger Wilco, at wilco. Prepare to get your dick sucked off
Submitted By: rdlindiana
(407,363 on 7-2008)

Dan and Kimmi You Rock
Great new band out of Chicago - Unspoken. check them at And be sure to check out American Flag, progressive rock trio from Michigan at and if you haven't heard The Danglers new tune Ascend, you're missing out. Check out this political anthem at! Thank you Dan and Kimmi for everything you do for music!!! LisaB from the Indie Music Review.
Submitted By: indiemusicreview
(407,253 on 7-2008)

SoupyGato is #1
The SoupyGato podcast has the support and vote from, Michigans newest social network dedicated to promoting live, local music.
Submitted By: contact
(407,190 on 7-2008)

Hey Dan and Kimmi. You're show rocks! I thought the Gordon Gano and Trey Gunn interviews were the best, but show 201. Ha!!! There's a difference between crush and passion and I definitely have a passion for Gordon Gano and the Ryan Brothers/GanoRyan!! Brendan, Billy, Gordon, Frank and Lonnie's music simply kicks ass!!! Check them out at!!!
Submitted By: indiemusicreview
(406,855 on 7-2008)

you rock, dude
Submitted By: valdric
(406,651 on 7-2008)

Great show!
This is a terrific show with tremendous musical variety. Dan is really informative too. Cool beans!
Submitted By: ksumeda
(406,477 on 7-2008)

You are doing a REALLY GOOD & important job here! Best wishes Anette/Sweden
Submitted By: anette.robertsson
(406,448 on 7-2008)

Simply the coolest podcast around dudes! Jesper/The Auto Dropouts/SWeden
Submitted By: jesper.deluxe
(405,964 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: soupygato
(405,754 on 7-2008)

soupy rocks!
Soupy Gato rocks! So do I. Rich Cox
Submitted By: rich_cox1957
(404,913 on 7-2008)

Thumbs up for The SoupyGato Show
Submitted By: ShannonHeaton
(404,460 on 7-2008)

Thank you
Thank you Dan for having Roy G and Inner LIght on your show a while back. Keep on rockin my friend. Hi to Kimmi. :) Peace, Joy, and Unity for the world though music Roy G
Submitted By: fourpyramids
(404,424 on 7-2008)

Soupy Gato and Unknown Component
Thanks for playing and supporting independent music on your podcast. Unknown Component songs are now available for free download @
Submitted By: unknowncomponent
(404,395 on 7-2008)

American Flag on Soupy
Thanks again for having us on the Trey Gunn Show. Got to see a little more into the Trey Gunn mind. Thank you from the American Flag boys.
Submitted By: americanflagmusic
(404,381 on 7-2008)

Highs and Hellos
Dave Conway releases Highs and Hellos with a Dublin Ireland show on Weds July 9th. The CD will be available online and by order very soon on Please be a friend, say hello, exchange music and views etc.
Submitted By: daveconway30
(404,350 on 7-2008)

Dan and Kimmi you rock!!!
LisabRocks here!!! Just wanted to cast my vote for you to play more Gordon Gano and the Ryan Brothers or GanoRyan as they call themselves and definitely more American Flag!!! Those boys from Michigan rock! And some Mad Larry -- Billy and Brendan Ryan's side band. Billy Ryan has got one sexy voice! Gordon is a musical genius and did you know that the very talented Brendan Ryan is teaching himself how to play Dark Side of the Moon on accordian?! Is that a trip or what!!! Maybe once he's got it mastered he'll play it for your show!
Submitted By: popsmashpr
(404,228 on 7-2008)

Keep it up-man.
We have just finished our new album(you have already played some demo tracks by Emotional Rescue-thanks for that!)+we have a new cd single coming out soon,its a anti-war song,called Patisan Man...i could mp3 it to you,or post the cd.Please let me know. cheers Emotional Rescue "Nobody sounds like Emotional Rescue" Kerrang Radio UK.
Submitted By: emotional.rescue
(403,905 on 7-2008)

Yeah Kimmi!
Submitted By: whitebuffalomusic
(403,901 on 7-2008)

Soupy Gato Rocks!
Just giving props from the home office of
Submitted By: mikecanter
(403,855 on 7-2008)

More Gordon! More American Flag!
you guys rock!!!!
Submitted By: popsmashpr
(403,790 on 7-2008)

I have a new album which came out in June called Chasing Shadows and is now available on iTunes and plus other outlets. Thanks Jeff Woodall
Submitted By: Jeff
(403,323 on 7-2008)

Ravens Birthday Blowout
Come and celebrate Ravens birthday at The Double OO Pub, 25044 Grand River, Redford MI on Friday July 11, 2008 with Satans Toilet, The Petafylers, Empty Arms, The Impaler and The Idiots. Doors at 8PM, $3.00 cover, 21+
Submitted By: satanstoilet666
(403,234 on 7-2008)

Hi Dan. Ive got a new EP, "Big Kid Now," coming out on August 2, 2008. Adam
Submitted By: adambalbo
(403,231 on 7-2008)

Travis Myatt
Thank you for playing Travis Myatt on show 192. I think the young man has talent. You do good work, Dan, on many fronts. All the best to you, Switters....out
Submitted By: ronerin
(403,228 on 7-2008)

Heres your monthly vote from the kings of cock n bull, Punky! Radio... cheers, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(402,921 on 7-2008)

Is it fair that the assistant gets to vote for a band to be played? Hm... I dont think so. Darnit all. So instead do a plug for me -- CD reviews by Kimmi!!! I just tell em as I hear em. Send your CD to: Kimmi, PO Box 851, Highland Park, IL 60035 And send me a band t-shirt!!! I LOVE THOSE!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(402,542 on 7-2008)

Dan Rocks The Soup
Hey Dan, Have a great July My Friend, Jacko
Submitted By: soundweaver
(402,075 on 7-2008)

super gato
i want a super gato with a cape!
Submitted By: astroal
(402,055 on 7-2008)

I Vote For SoupyGato!
Submitted By: townshed
(401,217 on 6-2008)

Great show
Submitted By: jeffwoodall4
(400,069 on 6-2008)

got our vote once again
Hey Daniel ;-) Were trying to keep up with all your shows - honest - youre just too dang prolific! Andrea & Jim - Sonic Deli Records, Toronto
Submitted By: andrea.sonicdeli
(399,948 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: badmule68
(399,907 on 6-2008)

july 3 show
Justin Petertil is an independent artist in Chicago IL. The track "Streamlined" is from his new album "New Kinds of Rocks, New Kinds of People," and at various moments it draws from Jimi Hendrix, Brian Eno, Parliament, Paolo Conte & Deerhoof. Go to to listen to and download more music.
Submitted By: jppetertil
(399,731 on 6-2008)

Go Soup
Submitted By: papa
(399,707 on 6-2008)

Greatest Podcast EvER!!!
dan covers all the bases!! And has great interviews with Stars and future stars!
Submitted By: tut
(399,572 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: popsmashpr
(399,531 on 6-2008)

Indie Music Review
Hey Dan and Kimmi, Lisa from Indie Music Review here. So when are we going to get together to interview?! The world wants to know about Dan and Kimmi from the Soupy Gato show. IMR will be launching their dot com in the next couple of weeks and it'll be full of live performance reviews and cd reviews (from your very own Kimmi), interviews and more. I'm pretty stoked. BTW, your interview with Gordon Gano of GanoRyan was awesome!!!! The man is a genius. They're working on a cd for release hopefully by fall! I also hear that Michigan band American Flag is heading to the studio in the fall to work on their first full length album and that Paper Street Company from Chicago who've already finished their album, Perfecting the Art of Casual, is planning on an early 2009 release!
Submitted By: indiemusicreview
(399,529 on 6-2008)

One vote from DRIFT!
Submitted By: jak_nnj
(399,518 on 6-2008)

Great Station!
Submitted By: peteberwick
(398,955 on 6-2008)

What a treat!
Wonderful show. Thanks for all those hours youve spent putting it together.
Submitted By: windsong
(398,674 on 6-2008)

Play more MAGNUSON !!!!!
"Hopeless Rerun" is my favorite jam, keep it in rotation please!!!! & for all other info related to magnuson see ... or ... Love your show!!!!!!!
Submitted By: oneill1619
(396,534 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: soupygato
(396,023 on 6-2008)

Life of Byron
Hey there, you gonna play any Life of Byron tonight??
Submitted By: lifeofbyron
(395,983 on 6-2008)

Mike Harwood in the mood
Hey Dan, heres some more info about me ... might be good for your show ... Im a singer/songwriter who resides in the West Coast of Cornwall (UK) and started in the music business as a Decca Records artist and session guitarist. My music described as “warm funk for a cold day” combines elements of fusion, smooth funk, R&B, soul, blues and acid jazz. CD; Booboo, released on tidbit music, is aromatherapy for the soul, opening channels that have been blocked and enjoying the pleasures of blissful melodies. The songs are sensuous with fluid movements and stimulating lifts that bring you in and free you of the burdens that weigh you down! Think you have some tracks from Podcast Lat time you played Moonshine I think? with John Keenan on vocals. Lemme know if you need an mp3 file? All the best Mike
Submitted By: mikeharwood
(395,982 on 6-2008)

The count down is on and this is the final week for you to get on board the Acoustically Inclined fan funded album. Acoustically Inclined provides you the opportunity to travel alongside the creation of a new recording. Your involvement will take you inside of the creative process plus you will have exclusive access to candid streaming audio, photo galleries and journal entries. Where else can you become a Junior Executive Producer of an album for only a hundred bucks. ( Tee shirt, signed cd and your name on the liner notes!). If you havent yet joined do so now at and get involved. The $25 signed cd pre-sale is also a great way to support the new album in advance. There are opportunities for you from $10 up to $5000 and beyond. Time is running out. Come and be part of this exciting project! Love, Norine
Submitted By: norine
(395,974 on 6-2008)

great show
Submitted By: yaelclaire
(395,968 on 6-2008)

Strange A
Thank you for the feature of Strange A. They are truly talented. Their songs are catchy and really fun to listen too. The beauty of their songs, everytime you hear them it gets better and better.
Submitted By: laurak
(395,412 on 6-2008)

Athen rocks!
Submitted By: karenhoule
(395,121 on 6-2008)

Big thumbs up!
I`m thrilled to be a part of the SoupyGato Show podcast, number one in my book!
Submitted By: carawayking
(395,062 on 6-2008)

New Album
Hi Daniel I have a new album out entitled 'Chasing Shadows' would be great if you could give it a mention and maybe play a track from it. ( I sent you My Isolation from it ). It's available on iTunes and CDBaby. Thanks Buddy Best wishes Jeff i
Submitted By: jeffwoodall4
(394,416 on 6-2008)

Distant Theory Rocks!!!
My vote is for Distant Theory...
Submitted By: d_jude
(394,265 on 6-2008)

aaaaw! ta ever so for mentioning Sian it made her day :) and for playing us lots of love Rozzie xxx
Submitted By: roz_044
(394,101 on 6-2008)

Great podcast
The SoupyGato Show podcast. is the best weve heard! Great mix of tunes and styles.
Submitted By: newworld
(394,100 on 6-2008)

I would never harm Soupy Gato
Because he always plays my requests to hear myself on the Soupy Gato show, the coolest radio show in the universe. jasdljflaskhkasjhksdhfakshkdhfasdjkfkdf
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(394,079 on 6-2008)

All Four Tibet Shows were great and thanks for pouring your energy into everything about Tibet-- peace!
Submitted By: c.saeji
(393,909 on 6-2008)

Love Soupygato!
Submitted By: jcazal
(393,888 on 6-2008)

Switters sends love
Dan, Im still out here listening, Brother, just bad about keeping in touch. Work ate my life. Marcus Miller is a musical hero of mine, by the way. "The Truth is Spoken Here".... all the very, very, best switters
Submitted By: ronerin
(393,519 on 6-2008)

Peace, joy, unity
Bless all the listeners of the Soupy Gato Show. We want peace around the world among all people. peace, joy, unity Roy G and Inner Light
Submitted By: fourpyramids
(393,473 on 6-2008)

Athen Grey
hello everybody, My question for Athen is: “when will you publish the last novel that you wrote?” have a good time : -) greetings of France Enzo
Submitted By: spikelo2405
(393,450 on 6-2008)

Dan the man!
SoupyGato Rocks! Ill mail U our latest tune.. Its a short one :) Take care n cyber hugs Danny Creekblossom
Submitted By: danielablom
(393,345 on 6-2008)

******************************************************* *************hi*******
Submitted By: soupygato
(393,342 on 6-2008)

Can you give a shout out to Sian - without her Static Field wouldnt exist!! Much Luv GnR :)
Submitted By: static-field
(393,323 on 6-2008)

automatic children
please play pity party. thanks
Submitted By: info
(393,264 on 6-2008)

Rattlesnake Band all the way
I wanna hear Rattlesnake on the podcast and you need to buy their album! Im in the US. I think they ROCK!!
Submitted By: kamikazecomedy
(393,122 on 6-2008)

Soupy Gato ROCKS!
Soupy Gato gets it all done and in style, baby! Kimmi works hard and yet retains her youthful charm. Aint nothin better. The Snake Charmers
Submitted By: music
(392,751 on 6-2008)

Your podcast and Kimmi rocks!
Your podcast and Kimmi rocks!
Submitted By: multibrowser
(392,680 on 6-2008)

Tibet Music Showcase - Thanks!
Thanks for a great job on the Tibet Music Showcase! Those were wonderful shows, and I hope that more people will check out the depth of cultural wisdom and spiritual insight coming from Tibet. Tashi Delek! Your fans at Tibet Aid (
Submitted By: info
(392,652 on 6-2008)

Soupy Gato #1
Looking forward to your Gordon Gano interview....and....I think Robert Plant would be a good interviewee.....
Submitted By: indiemusicreview
(392,312 on 6-2008)

What a great job Kimmis doing wed really like to hear more from her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we know this coz she told us so :o) much luv Static Field
Submitted By: grahamscutt_044
(392,235 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: Sueln64
(392,192 on 6-2008)

Kimmi does an awesome job. Ive known her online for quite some time, actually saw her job with the show develop. The SoupyGato Show is great!
Submitted By: rlwhitaker2
(392,190 on 6-2008)

Kimmi is the bomb!! Enjoy the soupygato show very much. Keep rockin girl!!
Submitted By: sennkelly
(392,189 on 6-2008)

Kimmie & SoupyGato rock!
Submitted By: len
(392,182 on 6-2008)

Distant Theory
Distant Theory has been chosen as the Band Of The Month by the heavy metal website Our pics and bio will be posted on the site for the entire month of June. Please check it out! Thanks to all our fans. We love you guys! Keep rockin! David Fite, Rhythm Guitarist for Distant Theory
Submitted By: jbdelatta
(391,858 on 6-2008)

Love it.
Submitted By: cshayy
(391,755 on 6-2008)

Artist of the Day
I read your bulletin on myspace about promoting the bands on Sunday and was just wondering if you could do a little blurb about "Artist of the Day" my myspace is or the blogger is under As usual any promotion is good promotion :) Thanks in advance for your time :) Geri
Submitted By: gjkpromo
(391,724 on 6-2008)

anyone want to play drums for astro al? all we ask is you live near Mass and do 1 or 2 live gigs a year and some recordings. we dont ask much. gatos rule!
Submitted By: astroal
(391,700 on 6-2008)

oops accidentally posted in the comments!
July Fifth. Orange County. The Hootenanny. ( Car Show, Rockabilly and Americana Music Festival)---------------------------------------------- ---------- August First. Sacramento. The Fire Escape----------------------------------August Second. San Jose. the Blank Club. with The Fucking Buckaroos (S.F.)
Submitted By: br_anch
(391,594 on 6-2008)

Shitkickers Shows
July Fifth. Orange County. The Hootenanny. ( Car Show, Rockabilly and Americana Music Festival) August First. Sacramento. The Fire Escape August Second. San Jose. the Blank Club. with The Fucking Buckaroos (S.F.)
Submitted By: br_anch
(391,592 on 6-2008)

you rock
keep rocking!
Submitted By: dianaanaid_1
(390,949 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: rich_cox1957
(390,855 on 6-2008)

Sorry about the pissy mood this weekend. Its improving.
Submitted By: cupidfailed
(390,728 on 6-2008)

THE SOUPYGATO SHOW ROCKS! My question for Timothy is what does he see regarding me and children? Not necessarily the ones from my body but in life -- Kimmi The Fifth Listener The SoupyGato Show
Submitted By: moodyroo
(390,662 on 6-2008)

Yeah baby!
StrangeA LOVES the SoupyGato Show!
Submitted By: strangea1
(390,332 on 6-2008)

Rock on
Love Soupy Gato is our motto.
Submitted By: skitztv
(389,980 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: static-field
(389,396 on 5-2008)

vote Soupy,,vote JimmyD/Monsterpop/Just Another Dream The Carpettes/The Electrics/Dark Country ! ! ! !
Submitted By: monsterpop
(388,969 on 5-2008)

vote for soup
this show rules
Submitted By: astroal
(388,955 on 5-2008)

Dan, I am loving the Tibet Showcase, it's so amazing that you're giving people some awareness of the amazing music that comes out of Tibet and the Tibetan diaspora. It's really been fun, and I can't wait for the fourth and final episode. Keep up the good work! And really, thanks, Tibetan music is so much more than something to do yoga to, and I am so happy that you're letting people experience that.
Submitted By: c.saeji
(387,534 on 5-2008)

Cool show
Awesome show guys and gals!! Check out the CD from Roy G and Inner Light that we mailed to you Dan. Please choose one track and give it a spin on your show. Well advertise on MySpace, Facebook, SoundClick, etc that we are on your show. Roy G and Inner Light
Submitted By: fourpyramids
(387,426 on 5-2008)

Tasting Tibetan Culture
Hi, dj! Thank you for bringing Tibet to your airwaves! The culture of Tibet weaves together sound and music with a life of spiritual exploration -- what an inspiration! Many thanks! Kathy Kathleen Nolan Executive Director, Tibet Aid
Submitted By: info
(387,084 on 5-2008)

SoupyGato Rules!
Thanks for playing my music!!! ~ Michael Stollaire
Submitted By: info
(386,003 on 5-2008)

SoupyGato Show
Amazing show, with a great range of artists.
Submitted By: geskridge
(385,971 on 5-2008)

The Blind Hearts
More of them please!!
Submitted By: stacyanddan
(385,185 on 5-2008)

Soupy bueno
Time is a meadow.... Switters sends peace and good vibes
Submitted By: ronerin
(385,077 on 5-2008)

Soupy Gato rules!
Submitted By: rich_cox1957
(384,781 on 5-2008)

Automatic Children
I cant get enough. Please play more, and more, and more...
Submitted By: info
(384,580 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: sharrisfick
(384,492 on 5-2008)

gr8 show !
Submitted By: pspeakeasy
(384,442 on 5-2008)

Heres your monthly vote from Punky! Radio - sorry its late - I ama tool of epic proportions, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(383,972 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: soupygato
(383,561 on 5-2008)

The cat rocks
Hey Dan. Keep it real. We have to get together and jam sometime soon. It was great seeing you at IBs the other night. Take care Bob H.
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(383,407 on 5-2008)

coraline is wonderful!
Rita is a great tune! lovely melodies, vocals and she is a great lyricist! I predict big thinggs for her....
Submitted By: craponjag
(383,145 on 5-2008)

Rattlesnake all the way!
Totally wanna hear Rattlesnake on the podcast! Everyone! Buy Rattlesnakes album! Tres awesome-o! :o)
Submitted By: Sno0pYuk
(382,790 on 5-2008)

Hey Dan!
Looking forward to the Tibet Showcase, I bet this is going to be super interesting.... anticipating, anticipating! CB
Submitted By: c.saeji
(382,422 on 5-2008)

SoupyGato Rawks!
Dig the show!
Submitted By: stivmachine
(382,383 on 5-2008)

Building Seven
I love this show!!!
Submitted By: buildingsevenband
(382,237 on 5-2008)

Georgee!! Anymore!!
Submitted By: rageagainst_thechicken
(381,950 on 5-2008)

I vote for "Life in a Cube" by Casey Shea, because today I officially quit my day job!!! Kimmi the Fifth
Submitted By: moodyroo
(381,764 on 5-2008)

We wanna hear rattlesnake on your podcast - they rock! You'd better buy their new album.
Submitted By: rmsoar
(381,637 on 5-2008)

Hi Dan
Hi Dan! SHITSWARM loves your show man! Keep getting the music out there!
Submitted By: shitswarm77
(381,590 on 5-2008)

Buy album!
Submitted By: hidet12
(381,496 on 5-2008)

I want to hear rattlesnake on the podcast!.. Adele
Submitted By: adelek83
(381,490 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: broizey
(381,472 on 5-2008)

i vote
Submitted By: depotstreet64-lowlight
(381,325 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: bigwelly17
(381,262 on 5-2008)

The Soupy Rocks!
Love, Laura Marie
Submitted By: info
(381,227 on 5-2008)

Your Show & You
Greetings from the Red Planet! Do you broadcast from Beetlejuice? We know that it's somewhere beyond this solar system. We love your approach to the show and to life on Earth. Nice music...stay out there on the fringe! And be aware that they sometimes shoot the messanger. Butbot, Johnny Air Guitar, Mickey Microphone, & ZZ Van Hendrix The Robots From Mars
Submitted By: newworld
(381,213 on 5-2008)

The Sunday Soup!
Give me Goombas!
Submitted By: tgorst
(381,191 on 5-2008)

We wanna hear Rattlesnake
Just in case you havent I really recommend you pick up Rattlesnakes album. A talented bunch these guys be. My brother nabbed my copy and took it to Japan with him. I didnt get a chance to rip it, it was always being listened to. Now Im going to have to buy it again :-(
Submitted By: oracleimages
(381,159 on 5-2008)

with a gun
Submitted By: scottspidale
(381,121 on 5-2008)

i would love to hear rattlesnake on this podcast, and all you peoples should definitely buy their new album from hmv peace jonny :-)
Submitted By: Greensweetpea
(381,037 on 5-2008)

Did someone mention Mood Swings?
I vote for Merry & the Mood Swings to be played on the Souply Gato show. Especially that excellent Metrosexual song. We love to be played on Soupy Gato, because Dan is such a lustrous guy, he makes our hair even shinier! dlkjfasdl;kjlksjldkjaldksfjaldkjalskdjfsjslkd j Merry Mary
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(381,033 on 5-2008)

Im not a robot. But I play one on TV.
Submitted By: eliot319
(381,013 on 5-2008)

Play more music from Wonka !!
Submitted By: simlas13
(381,000 on 5-2008)

Grrrrrrrreat Show!
Even greater show when Emotional Rescue are on.
Submitted By: emotional.rescue
(380,988 on 5-2008)

I want to hear Rattlesnake
Rattlesnake fucking rock the The south of England man...there guitarist will is fucking amazing....DUDE!
Submitted By: serbian_jonnysk
(380,905 on 5-2008)

am herewith submitting my full vote for the sublime RATTLESNAKE!!!!!!
Submitted By: steffisoar
(380,904 on 5-2008)

Hi there! Just writing with a special but very important request to the Sebastian Bach show - PLEASE could we hear a podcast of the AWESOME, SUBERB and EXTRAORDINARILY TALENTED band RATTLESNAKE? Please include it on your forthcoming playlist and just PLAY RATTLESNAKE. You won't regret it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Steff Soar
Submitted By: steffisoar
(380,903 on 5-2008)

How about some Rattlesnake? Their guitarist is so sexy I once creamed myself listening to them.
Submitted By: felixflicker
(380,860 on 5-2008)

tibet and daniel
i think a big huge thanks should go to daniel for being so supportive of his tibetan rock support us, the independent musician and you are working your ass off in your own daniel style to help the people of rock...yes, thats it. allison xo
Submitted By: allisonbarkley
(380,828 on 5-2008)

Lucid Legend digging this one!
Thanx for the invite and Lucid Legend is looking forward to be played one this killer show! Metal cheers from Sweden
Submitted By: lucidlegend
(380,826 on 5-2008)

Arzuk Studio 2 Idaho
Arzuk will be open Studio 2 in Nampa Idaho May 12, 8 pm PST Brodcasting live on
Submitted By: gonzo
(380,738 on 5-2008)

Thanks Daniel for the invitation to submit my tunes to the SoupyGato Show. Also thanks for the add.
Submitted By: larryproguitarlessons
(380,672 on 5-2008)

iNdiGo show
the iNdiGo show is live and FREE! @ the galaxy gallery 05.24.08 7224 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 Also that from Honey Tree Lane and Emmellda Beech! Music is from 10pm until 2pm and is totally FREE! Come hang out and make some new friends!
Submitted By: outsidenow
(380,668 on 5-2008)

Please play Rattlesnake
Please could you play a/some tracks from Rattlesnake on your next Seb Bach show? Thats be awesome. Cheers.
Submitted By: tref
(380,641 on 5-2008)

Rattlesnake loves The SoupyGato Show!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: willwallner
(380,609 on 5-2008)

Rattlesnake and Sebastian Bach
I want Rattlesnake on The SoupyGato show with Sebastian Bach!!!! Thier debut album is available from CD Baby. Buy it NOW!! -
Submitted By: willwallner
(380,608 on 5-2008)

Norine Braun
Indie iconoclast, Norine Braun, has decided to venture forth and give fans, friends, investors and supporters an opportunity to be part of the next recording. In her exciting new project, Acoustically Inclined, Norine Braun is looking outside the box to support her forthcoming 7th album in exchange for some wonderful gifts and opportunities. Starting at a $10 pre-release download link all the way up to a $5000 Executive Producer level fans become part of the magic and the dream by funding the album. Visit for details.
Submitted By: norine
(380,599 on 5-2008)

Loving this show
Really into The SoupyGato Show! I want, nay demand, more where that came from!
Submitted By: londonguitarist
(380,499 on 5-2008)

nate lewis
Submitted By: mimi81996
(379,888 on 5-2008)

Richard Snow & The Inlaws love the SGS!
Thanks again for playing Snow tunes. on the No.1 podcast ;-)
Submitted By: rhatts
(379,770 on 5-2008)

Distant Theory
More Distant Theory!!!
Submitted By: d_jude
(379,671 on 4-2008)

Distant Theory
Play some more from the Bad Boys of Lexington, KY!
Submitted By: jbdelatta
(379,604 on 4-2008)

I love Pigmoney and they should get played all the time! :) Thanks for the support! CLP, DLP
Submitted By: thelostdirector
(379,528 on 4-2008)

Soupy Gato Show
Absolutely wonderful PodCast
Submitted By: richard
(379,525 on 4-2008)

nice one
another star for supygato!
Submitted By: alantubbs
(379,485 on 4-2008)

Hey Dan! Check out our latest interview @ Thanks! Blane NOVEMBER
Submitted By: tut
(379,304 on 4-2008)

Thanks for dedicating your life to the SoupyGato show, & for being a promoter of music from unsigned artists
Submitted By: larryproguitarlessons
(379,303 on 4-2008)

have never messaged anyone on here before, i hope this is the way to do it...Dan i just wanted to remind you about sunday soup and the bands i manage... hope all is well /Milton
Submitted By: johan_milton
(378,604 on 4-2008)

voting for dan
Submitted By: johan_milton
(378,603 on 4-2008)

Young Rebel Goombas
Please play "Sing-A-Long" by Young Rebel Goombas!
Submitted By: tgorst
(378,537 on 4-2008)

Go Soupy Gato
Soupy Gato rocks my world!!!! Check out our music 9/10 listeners prefer our music to colgate fresh whitening strips!
Submitted By: glover.michaele
(378,524 on 4-2008)

No Regrets Rocks
No Regrets will be performing on Soupygato's podcast 152...They are a Michigan based original progressive/classic rock band that have a compelling and unique sound....check them out...Their first CD "Katrina Tales" is featured on a soundtrack for a Katrina related DVD entitled "Tales of Katrina: A Freight Train Screamin'". Their second CD is entitled "It is what it is!!!", and is expected to be formally released in late May of 2008...check them out...they rock!
Submitted By: ckblack
(378,490 on 4-2008)

No Regrets
Looking forward to hearing ourselves on the upcoming show #152! Thanks, SoupyGato!
Submitted By: adodge
(378,488 on 4-2008)

Rocks Out
yeah I am digging 149 Eliza Neals is out COLD!
Submitted By: wontwoone
(378,278 on 4-2008)

Soupy Rocks!
Submitted By: info
(378,273 on 4-2008)

Top show!
Submitted By: info
(378,086 on 4-2008)

The SoupyGato Show
a great podcast for anyone interested in quality new music! Abby Tayleure Editor gets the music that deserves to be heard to the people who deserve to hear it
Submitted By: Abby09731
(377,866 on 4-2008)

Great show Great service!
Submitted By: dustinmusic26
(377,767 on 4-2008)

Guy Dagan is a blues singer broadcasted on the Soupygatto show, together with Assaf Barak as the Lightnin Hits The Rye Blues Duo. Tsilah Dagan, one of Israels great singers & also Guy Dagans Mother, past away 4 years ago this week, on April 18th, on Holocaust memorial day . in her memory i ask to play My Babys Gone once more on the show. Thank you
Submitted By: go_blin2
(377,295 on 4-2008)

Great show!
Soupy & Kimmi are great! Happy to support the hard work! Len
Submitted By: len
(377,231 on 4-2008)

Yea, Soupy Gato!
www.snakecharmers.NET -- the CD is almost done! Soupy Gato rocks!
Submitted By: music
(377,218 on 4-2008)

hey kimmi, im doing a midwest tour, and i have a show in chicago this friday, 4/25, at the Radish Patch. open invitation. i even have t-shirts - want one? thanks for podcasting. adam
Submitted By: adambalbo
(377,217 on 4-2008)

Jack Schell
We Love To Hear More Jack Schell the SoundWeaver on The SoupyGato Show!
Submitted By: hamati1
(376,590 on 4-2008)
Submitted By: aceks
(376,572 on 4-2008)

Soup Gato Show
We Love To Hear More Jack Schell the SoundWeaver on The SoupyGato Show!
Submitted By: jhamati
(376,367 on 4-2008)

Soupys the best!! Dan is the Man.
Submitted By: longham
(376,325 on 4-2008)

The Best Pod Cast
I dont know how many people have had the opportunity to hear this INCREDIBLE show but for me personally this is the BEST music pod cast ANYWHERE.. In a time when life may sometimes example to us otherwise, The SoupGato Show, which is the creation and heart of DanielJ Harris, has risen to the occasion by offering a venue, opportunity, and platform for every possible musical genre and artist to be heard. In the process and by his most gentle and loving examples to each of us, we have all been brought more closely together as one. By all of the many varying degrees of music and people that he is constantly embracing on his show he stands as a stellar example, and guiding light of what it IS to be an open and unbiased brotherhood to all life, for which we are all the beneficiaries. In a wonderful way He and his show, are like the healing sounds of a Tibetan Chant which, as they are chanted, simultaneously become stronger and more beautiful with every breath they take. Thank you Danielj, and Kimmi, and Rich, for the blessing of sharing your lives to make mine and all life a better one. God Bless and... "Be Peaceful" Love, Love, Kenny Mitchell
Submitted By: knynkly
(376,317 on 4-2008)

Jack Schell
We Love To Hear More Jack Schell the SoundWeaver on The SoupyGato Show!
Submitted By: eegnora
(376,313 on 4-2008)

Love the SoupyGato Show! Please play more Jack Schell!
Submitted By: beagle234
(376,311 on 4-2008)

Dan, I'm really excited to listen to the upcoming Tibet Showcase. I really appreciate all the preparation you've put into it-- reading up and what not, and I am so envious you get to interview His Holiness! Wow! I'm looking forward to it! Cedar Bough
Submitted By: c.saeji
(376,308 on 4-2008)

Special Guest
Hey Dan, I am bringing Jamie Nudds - In Its Wake band (you should have th box that I sent out to you by now) He would be a great artist to interview. He has geniune passion for music and is top songwriter... Here is his myspace and EPK to check out! Jamies Myspace nitswake He is truly a talent that needs to be heard... Let me also know what you think of the other artists that I sent you!! Have a great one! Marlene Indienink Music 970-581-0947 www.indieni
Submitted By: marlene
(376,306 on 4-2008)

We Love To Hear More Jack Schell the SoundWeaver on The SoupyGato Show!
Submitted By: lexes007
(376,300 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: amglories
(376,298 on 4-2008)

The SoupyGato Show
Keep Soupy Real!!
Submitted By: w.landers
(376,297 on 4-2008)

Keep Jack Schell on he is GREAT!! Thanks E
Submitted By: esateys
(376,296 on 4-2008)

Enjoy every show, each one is very diverse & entertaining. Thank you for adding me as a friend & also as an artist.
Submitted By: larryproguitarlessons
(376,275 on 4-2008)

Dan, Kimmi and the SoupyGato show are the best Pete
Submitted By: skyjuice127
(376,214 on 4-2008)

Great stuff Dan. Dont know how you do it all! cheers, Peter, RBL Music, Edinburgh
Submitted By: mail
(376,211 on 4-2008)

New Song by Reeno with Jack Schell
Hi Dan, Well Since ya asked, Just put up a HOT new song called Dolla. story below. I can send it to you if you want to play it,I know you will dig it. I New song on the page! Jack Schell on the black and white! Jack Schell the Soundweaver was asked by Henry Porter to listen to a song "Dolla" by His Norwegian Band Reeno. With The starting Lyrics of "All the Stupid People In My F&&King Head, One of them Is Dolla And I think Shes Dead" I was hooked! This dark visual mind romp through a red light district street and the thoughts that go with it intrigued me. So I thought Some Piano would be a nice additon and Herny agreed. It was a fun colaboration enabled by the wonderful world smalling internet and myspace. To listen to the song check out my Jack Schell page or Henry Porters myspace page You can get to Henry Porter and Reeno through my top friends from there. Let us know what you think and tell your friends!
Submitted By: soundweaver
(376,105 on 4-2008)

the circuit ben reaction @ bent festival minneapolis
Hi, Ill be playing at the bent festival in minneapolis on the 2nd of may, featuring a naked George Bush that speaks like the devil, and an islamic prayer book that ive modified to produce beats. hope everyone in the vicinity can make it - Intermedia Arts 2822 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55408
Submitted By: old.shoe
(376,074 on 4-2008)

Ready for Tibet
Please help raise funds for Tibet Aids work through Book Drive, Inc! We need college students who can arrange for collection of books at their campus bookstores. Please contact our office (; 1-877-TIBET-AID) or simply send your used textbooks (copyright 2003 or later) and used CDs directly to the warehouse of our friends, Rob and James Fink, who coordinate these donations for us: Book Drives, Inc. Donation: Tibet Aid 1 Hartford Square New Britain CT 06052 When the books are resold, Book Drives, Inc. donates a very generous 30% of their profit to Tibet Aid (and any unsold books are given to the Tibetan community)!
Submitted By: fusho
(375,819 on 4-2008)

Soupy Gato Rocks! Noctaluca show
Noctaluca will be bringing their face-melting brand of searing rock and soothing roll to Play By Play Rock Cafe in Cincinnati, OH on Saturday April 26th details at
Submitted By: d
(375,751 on 4-2008)

Automatic Children upcoming Show in NYC
Automatic Children at the Annex on Manhattan's Lower East Side April 22nd, 9:30. Playing with Swoon, America's Sweetheart and Pity Party. Located at 152 Orchard Street, 21+ show and the cost is eight dollars. We are almost out of copies of our EP "It's Not Me, It's You" available via and digitally on I-tunes. We were recently called one of the top emerging NYC bands of 2007 by the Deli Magazine in the issue out of newsstands now. This will be our last show before going into the studio this summer for more recording. Please visit our website at Automatic Children, everybody wants one!!
Submitted By: cristag
(375,685 on 4-2008)

Great Show - On to Tibet!
Please help raise funds for Tibet Aids work through Book Drive, Inc! Students can arrange for collection of books at their colleges by contacting our office. Or simply send your used textbooks (copyright 2003 or later) and used CDs directly to the warehouse of our friends, Rob and James Fink, who coordinate these donations for us: Book Drives, Inc. Donation: Tibet Aid 1 Hartford Square New Britain CT 06052 When the books are resold, Book Drives, Inc. donates a very generous 30% of their profit to Tibet Aid (and any unsold books are given to the Tibetan community)!
Submitted By: info
(375,683 on 4-2008)

Awesome shows
Awesome shows my friend!!! Roy G and Inner Light
Submitted By: fourpyramids
(375,616 on 4-2008)

Roy G and Inner Light lastest CD
The music of Roy G. and Inner Light is in the Astral Psychotronic style inspired by the Universal One as we continue on our path of illumination. Our new CD release titled Telepathy on the label Four Pyramids Records is available now at CD Baby at Downloads are available though our website at Bless you all... peace, joy, unity Roy G and Inner Light
Submitted By: fourpyramids
(375,615 on 4-2008)

Great station
I love it.
Submitted By: tomglynn
(375,598 on 4-2008)

purchase HannaH*s Field "Warriors of Love" at CD Baby
go to or to cd to buy HannaH*s Field new CD "Warriors of Love" Thanks Soupy Gato!!! peace.
Submitted By: hannahsgroove
(375,176 on 4-2008)

Tell Mama She Loves Me
Souply-Gato is simply marvaalos. But reading his emails will cause you to forget how to spell common wurds. Still he is wunderful. dajsljlsdjfsakhsdlfjasldkgdslfksdalfksdk, Merry
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(375,155 on 4-2008)

Soupy for President!
Lets see Barak or Hillary??? Or the Republickan Dude??? Its a no brainer.......I'm voting for Soupy Gato for President!!!! Rich Cox
Submitted By: rich_cox1957
(375,127 on 4-2008)

Timothy Question
Hi Dan & Timothy, Timothy,What Is the Best Message The other side would want the world to hear right now? Best, JAck
Submitted By: soundweaver
(374,984 on 4-2008)

soupy gato at no. 1
my vote goes to soupy! ps. got any skeleton staff?
Submitted By: skeletonstaff
(374,973 on 4-2008)

Kenny Sommer's sobriety
Will kenny Sommer be able to maintain ong term sobriety? He is in la now trying to restrart his acting and grow his fan base of his music, band EdgErR. He is also living in a sober home with some people. can he do it, i beleive he can in the Lords speed, not cocain speed. Also play some Larry Sommer garcia. he doesn't want feel , played even though Kimmie offered, but are mother said to tell the gato, to put feel on the shows mato, eblato, sagato, incatato.
Submitted By: somken
(374,964 on 4-2008)

Soupy Sales Show Rocks
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(374,963 on 4-2008)

oops.... also.... :p
the video is posted to both youtube and myspace: m/mshy and please leave a comment... let Mr. Shy know what you think.... thx for the support!!!
Submitted By: altnso03
(374,956 on 4-2008)

new video!
Hey, Mr. Shy has a new video for his "Super Star" remix produced by3-time Grammy Award winner Juan Belmonte! :) Spread the word!! :)
Submitted By: altnso03
(374,955 on 4-2008)

My favorite Soup!
Soupy Gato! Daniel is one-of-a-kind...I love that about a host! If this show didn't bless us with Indie music my world would be a drab color! Keep up the good work! ~Suez
Submitted By: cruizinsuezin
(374,367 on 4-2008)

Switters Digs the SoupyGato Show
Fearless, man. Fearless!
Submitted By: ronerin
(374,296 on 4-2008)

Thanks for playing High As a Mountain!
Submitted By: rubyrecords
(374,018 on 4-2008)

Soups on!
Hoping like hell that its been a month since the last time we voted so that this one will be accepted (we do try ya know) Best show - Soupy Gato! Please put us back in the musical queue and play a Jim Armstrong song (from the MUDTOWN album) Jim & Andrea - Sonic Deli Records, Toronto, Canada
Submitted By: andrea.sonicdeli
(373,905 on 4-2008)

Hola!! :o)
Submitted By: static-field
(373,896 on 4-2008)

i love gato!
Submitted By: astroal
(373,261 on 4-2008)

You got my vote
Mike from The Open Mike Cafe
Submitted By: mike
(373,226 on 4-2008)

nobody does it better.
Submitted By: eliot319
(373,195 on 4-2008)

SoupyGato Rocks
Submitted By: soundweaver
(373,181 on 4-2008)

alls fair in love and war. all the best from Punky! radio... Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(371,897 on 4-2008)

Best cast
Love this show!!!
Submitted By: gmanblues
(371,804 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: monsterpop
(371,318 on 4-2008)

Thanks for playing Lee Silby! Play more of him as often as possible, great sound, great man!
Submitted By: britt
(371,268 on 4-2008)

The Mark Farner interview shows were SO cool! Looking forward to hearing Sebastian Bachs!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(371,064 on 4-2008)

Keep up the good work, Dan! I'm looking forward to the Tibet show, how appropriate you've been working on it considering recent developments.
Submitted By: c.saeji
(370,726 on 3-2008)

The SoupyGato show ROCKS! I really enjoyed listening to the Mark Farner interview, part 1 and I'm looking forward to hearing more. Your website and myspace is great ---cute cat too! Keep up the awesome, very talented, rockin' work!!! and thanks for featuring Mark on your show. --Cindy
Submitted By: cindy
(370,149 on 3-2008)

Soupy, We love ya'. Don't let the old sea hag get ya' down. You play awesome music and your podcast are unlike anyone elses. Keep doin' what you do, and we will keep listening. Love ya'. How about adding a little music from that Nashville Groupe fORMER? They are great!!! and they have new stuff just out this week.
Submitted By: bridgetth1969
(369,213 on 3-2008)

Rock n Roll Greetzzzz from Holland! Wilsum
Submitted By: emielwilsum
(369,103 on 3-2008)

Hey Soupygato, Don't let the troll bother you. I doubt she has anything to do with the sixtyone guys, they seem like ok guys, and they do have a lot of followers because that site is growing. She is obviously either misinformed or just trying to stir things up. Franky, I don't excuse her, she is wrong, and it is extremely rude to accuse people of something like that based only on a biased assumption. Thankfully, your response clearly shows the character we real listeners are familiar with. The ratings are nice, but they aren't why I listen. Give me the ramble and the chatter and keep the music coming. Viva Soupygato! Linda U.
Submitted By: utterlylinda
(369,034 on 3-2008)

Go Soupy!!
Submitted By: linda
(369,030 on 3-2008)

Who are you?
What? Why all the insults? Who are you in the first place. Never had this many votes? We were the #1 show all most every month last year and had over twice what have. If you don't like the show don't listen, but have a little class. But I resent being called a cheater. I asked a people on myspace to vote the last day yes and did nothing other than bulletins. In fact I was impressed with the guys that did win, and I saw we had some of the same artists. I was going to drop them a line, but if you are connected with them and they treat people like this than I'll pass. I do hope for there sake that you are not connected with them. I've done over 200 shows for over two years now and paths cross. If you don't like my sense of humor I really don't mind but don't attack my character when you truly have your info wrong.
Submitted By: soupygato
(368,983 on 3-2008)

Anonymous Proxy Server Podcast?
Dear Reverend, Don't think that the people looking at the music charts here every day don't see the pattern of what you're doing. You couldn't win the top spot in March by cheating on the last day of the month and you've never had this many votes in an entire month, let alone after two weeks. You guys should start "The Anonymous Proxy Server Podcast" and feature 100 new "ABCDEFG... of Gmail accounts to use on every show. Excuse me if my assumption is wrong. That $10 monkey and peanut butter joke, the attacking cat laughs, and the chatter about people that nobody but you knows, the sock talk, the wedding talk, and the rambling about water in a place that nobody knows must have won over the music lovers and convinced them to vote for you in droves this week. Anyway, congratulations on your temporary spot at the top, reverend. -- Yumesa http:/ /
Submitted By: yumesa.2.6
(368,915 on 3-2008)

RB rules
Submitted By: colin_evans
(368,809 on 3-2008)

rock on
Submitted By: evansfingroup
(368,807 on 3-2008)

FAME Tuesday Feb 5
Thanks for playing us on your show! Kendra and SSB!
Submitted By: kudgey07
(368,785 on 3-2008)

soupygato kicks ass...
soupygato kicks ass...
Submitted By: christian
(368,779 on 3-2008)

love the variety!
Submitted By: lynsaw7
(368,552 on 3-2008)

Flame Keep is our hero
Great stuff! Thanks
Submitted By: dwest999
(368,342 on 3-2008)

Soupy Gato for the Soul
You guys are astronomers making constellations out of a bunch of flickering lights in the ether. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: badboybedoy
(368,326 on 3-2008)

Keep Rockin
Man, we dig what you do. Weve seen our show in rotation. Plus the older performances by dudes and bands we never knew existed. Like the dude, (cant remember his name) who did the version of Tear It Up with the chick bass player. Whatever we can do to help we will. Al & The Black Cats
Submitted By: al
(368,200 on 3-2008)

Dan does a great job giving many artists time on his show. SoupyGato!
Submitted By: jamiesue
(368,162 on 3-2008)

yay for soupy gato
Submitted By: rhatts
(368,160 on 3-2008)

i luv the SGS
its been a while since ive had the pleasure to listen to my all-time fav show - and ive still got some major catching up to do - but it was so good to hear #117 while i had a little time to myself. im now listening to #125 and thoroughly enjoying your usual danisms, but i just had to say how cool and funny the two of you were on 117. it just gave me the biggest smile and the best feeling to listen to you and kimmi do what you do. im looking forward to a lot more of those shows with that goofy music chick at your side. priceless! -eliot
Submitted By: eliot319
(367,811 on 3-2008)

Mark Farner songs
For The People Same Ol Feelin Red, white and Blue-Forever Closer To Home (acoustic version) Thanks! ~Suez
Submitted By: cruizinsuezin
(367,531 on 3-2008)

vote Soupy and Monsterpop/Dark Country/The Electrics/ Just Another Dream/Carpettes/Wig Wam Bamz/Sniffin Glue !!
Submitted By: monsterpop
(367,178 on 3-2008)

Viva El Gato!
Gato rocks like Lobster Bisque...
Submitted By: theandydriscoll
(367,168 on 3-2008)

Ramalama Gato BoBato Soupy Gato Ding Dong Bo Bato Soupy Soupy Gato...
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(367,107 on 3-2008)

Submitted By: janflone
(367,080 on 3-2008)

i hear by cast the podtastic jan 30th episode of soupygato to be of high favourdom at the speakeasy.
Submitted By: pspeakeasy
(367,042 on 3-2008)

Voting for Daniel J and the Soupy Gato Show - well, you know, just because we can ;-) Show rocks Andrea & Jim - Sonic Deli Records, Toronto
Submitted By: andrea.sonicdeli
(366,988 on 3-2008)

Coooooooool Show!
The SoupyGato Rocks!!!!
Submitted By: alexander_campbe
(366,895 on 3-2008)

Automatic Children show 97
Please reair this show! Pity Party rules!
Submitted By: cristag
(366,778 on 3-2008)

SoupyGato Show is SWEET!
Submitted By: joniferganfan
(366,714 on 3-2008)

We want number 54
I like number 54 as its the one with the amazing Skin2Soul on it! Love the SoupyGato Show! Stefan
Submitted By: stefandowsing
(366,394 on 3-2008)

i like the 121,
hi i love to listen to you, and good i cAN doe it on her, , you rock, Hugs Gitte
Submitted By: gittebak
(365,774 on 3-2008)

Play some kenny sommer
Yah go? in the ncaas my school depaul is out, but maybe? i will do my brackets when time comes, my mom won a tourny last year, amazing. ok play some EdgErR, and keep soupy!
Submitted By: somken
(365,411 on 3-2008)

Submitted By: crrollyson
(365,311 on 3-2008)

we submitted our track to your show, not sure if it has been played yet or not. haha anywayyyy to those who enjoy listening to rock, metal, powerpop or wants to hear something different... pls visit our myspace =) THANKS!
Submitted By: thought.prison
(365,184 on 3-2008)

Great Show!
Submitted By: Whitecrow507
(363,973 on 3-2008)

vote for soup
can i vote for gato soup for president?
Submitted By: astroal
(363,375 on 3-2008)

vote for SoupyGato
Rock on, SoupyGato! Keep the good music flowing! Love ya! Donna
Submitted By: donnaf57
(363,250 on 3-2008)

Great show!!!!
Fabulous show! Daniel,youre the best!
Submitted By: proenglish
(363,139 on 2-2008)

this is truly the best music podcast on the net. SoupyGato ROCKS -- the host with the most eclectic mix of music anywhere!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(363,138 on 2-2008)

Soupygato rules!!
love this show.
Submitted By: hardisondig
(363,131 on 2-2008)

Weapon Shop says hi
Submitted By: crumbwitty
(363,123 on 2-2008)

Politically Erect here!
Our debut cd "Condom Nation" has just been released and DJ Harris and his crew have been awesome in supporting our efforts and the efforts of indie artists everywhere. The Soupy Gato Show IS #1....there is no equal!! Much Love and PEACE! Paul & PE!
Submitted By: 37years
(363,122 on 2-2008)

go Soupy!
Big G
Submitted By: sgiambi
(363,119 on 2-2008)

Mike Stephens here...
Soupy gato is the best. Pass that along to yer buds.
Submitted By: mike
(363,113 on 2-2008)

Claro que si!!
Soupy Gato es el mejor!!! Pax, Switters
Submitted By: ronerin
(363,112 on 2-2008)

Great Program!
Love The show, love the music, love the man! Keep up the great Work Dan!
Submitted By: rt_montoya
(363,103 on 2-2008)

it rocks...simple as!
Submitted By: daniel_lodge_3
(363,042 on 2-2008)

Soup Is Good Food
The Soupy Gato show Is Good Food! Eat It Up!
Submitted By: soundweaver
(362,814 on 2-2008)

U Rock!
Dan for president!
Submitted By: rodneybaileyband
(362,771 on 2-2008)

the gato has trifogs vote!
cheers Daniel J!
Submitted By: woznia13
(362,498 on 2-2008)

mark farner songs
Comfort Me Red White and Blue Bad Time Isnt It Amazing
Submitted By: ottsfarner
(362,040 on 2-2008)

Mark Farner Solo song VOTE
I love his current CD "For The People" and his "Red, White and Blue" CD so: 1. "For The People" 2. "Red, White and Blue-Forever" THANKS FOR ASKING! ~Suez
Submitted By: cruizinsuezin
(362,028 on 2-2008)

Sheri Miller
Sheri Miller is one of the most vibrant and exciting female vocalist in decades. Her New EP Mantra, is sensational
Submitted By: tonyyackson
(360,824 on 2-2008)

Cool Show
Submitted By: Jeff
(359,932 on 2-2008)

Please play COPERNIC on your 200th show !!!!!
Submitted By: popandartpaul
(356,865 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: noodlebot
(356,654 on 2-2008)

Mark Farner
Thanks for the cuts from FOR THE PEOPLE
Submitted By: Lmcdan1313
(356,283 on 2-2008)

WE love Mark Farner
Submitted By: bud_kathy1933
(356,185 on 2-2008)

We dont have fans... nah we have Family!!! Much Love, djh the soupygato
Submitted By: soupygato
(356,091 on 2-2008)

mark farner
Submitted By: marky_sharky77
(355,968 on 2-2008)

Love this show it should be number one
I freakin love this show soupy is the greatest keep him number one
Submitted By: company172001again
(355,905 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: mbowsher
(355,895 on 2-2008)

Mark Farners new music
Thanks for bring us Indie music!
Submitted By: amuzinsuzin
(355,877 on 2-2008)

SoupyGato Show rules!
Submitted By: lauriearleen
(355,606 on 1-2008)

Helping out a friend...
I was compelled to vote because the host is just so gosh darn adorable LOL.
Submitted By: Luv2bewitchu
(355,590 on 1-2008)

voting for soupy gato
thats the gist
Submitted By: info
(355,577 on 1-2008)

This show must be one of the best,its a must listen too,i never miss it
Submitted By: malurwin
(355,521 on 1-2008)

Supporter of Scottish Music!
This guy has played lots of unsigned music from Scotland, which most of our local stations dont do...
Submitted By: eddiemacarthur
(355,510 on 1-2008)

the best
Submitted By: mats.gillberg
(355,509 on 1-2008)

Youre Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
Thanks again for playing a stack of Scottish Bands on youre excellent show-------------------Emotional Rescue
Submitted By: thinktankrecords
(355,454 on 1-2008)

"Ita my favourite show!" DALAI LAMA ;-)
Submitted By: monsterpop
(354,883 on 1-2008)

Soupy Rocks!
Thanks for playing Automatic Children!
Submitted By: cristag
(354,509 on 1-2008)

Richard Snow says vote Soupy!
mmmmmmmm The Soupy Gato Show.
Submitted By: rhatts
(352,768 on 1-2008)

He should be on the 200th SoupyGato Show because hes the BEST singer and musician ever. :-) Angel
Submitted By: angela_gypsyheart
(352,609 on 1-2008)

200th show
Julian Shome should be on the 200th show - his music (O for Oscar) was used as the theme tune for a while so he should be featured. Adore the show - long may it continue!
Submitted By: pdc
(352,591 on 1-2008)

Politically Erect here!
Soupy Gato is the best podcast anywhere! It should be #1 in your book!
Submitted By: 37years
(352,435 on 1-2008)

Good Souls on Soupy Gato
Good Souls gets my vote for being on 200th Soupy show.
Submitted By: breebana
(352,264 on 1-2008)

Pick ME!!!
I think that "Head Cheese" is a contender for the 200th show!
Submitted By: dudevicious420
(352,196 on 1-2008)

Vote for Soupy Gato show to be number 1 pod cast
Love this show and all that it stands for it deserves to be number one
Submitted By: company172001again
(352,131 on 1-2008)

Who should be on the 200th show
Ok so who should be on the 200th show well there's an upcomming artist out there whom is just an all around great person tons of fun to chat with and hang out with he has a delightful sense of humor as well as outstanding musical talents. His name is Zack Wiesinger you can contact him at I think he would be a delightful addition to the show and it would be a great experience for all involved.
Submitted By: company172001again
(352,130 on 1-2008)

Thanks for supporting indie music! Keep up the good work. - Bill
Submitted By: info
(351,972 on 1-2008)

lots of fun
good humoured and charming show with great playlists!
Submitted By: moragneil
(351,917 on 1-2008)

i vote for gato!
Submitted By: astroal
(351,873 on 1-2008)

because, truly i do, love...fishsticks
Submitted By: amymaja
(351,721 on 1-2008)

Another Year of great podcasts
Thanks to Dan and Kimmi for all the great music you played in 2007. Heres looking at more for 2008. dkhfakdsjhgakjhdaksajsdlkdjs Merry Mary
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(351,696 on 1-2008)

Its Amazing....the best!
By far the best range and choice in music podcasting. This show rocks!. Even over here in the United Kingdom.
Submitted By: daniel_lodge_3
(350,525 on 1-2008)

Sloopy potato is cool
yeah man!! its cool
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(349,475 on 1-2008)

The Soup Rocks!
The soupy Gato Show is the BomB! Jacko Loves It
Submitted By: soundweaver
(349,381 on 1-2008)

Kimmis Choice Show
Kimmi was awesome!!!!! Keep it up baby!
Submitted By: burme4
(348,443 on 1-2008)

The Soupy Gato Show is the best thing on the internet. And that Kimmi makes some great choices. Mike Stephens
Submitted By: mike
(348,294 on 1-2008)

Kimmi was awesome!
What a great show with awesome choices of songs. Kimmi did great. Cant wait for the next show!!!!!
Submitted By: stonegaizer
(348,258 on 1-2008)

Kimmi is the BEST! The show would be nothing without her:)
Submitted By: jillb519
(348,246 on 1-2008)

kimmis choice
kimmi rocked!
Submitted By: dan
(348,245 on 1-2008)

Keep on keepin on
Hi Dan, Hope your back is doing better. Keep that good music coming. Give my best to Kimmi, shes a sweetie. ~Linda
Submitted By: utterlylinda
(347,965 on 1-2008)

Congrats on 2 years!! Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: GMTepper
(347,930 on 1-2008)

Happy Birthday (# 2), Soupy Gato
Happy Birthday and Keep on Going, djh!
Submitted By: tibetkids
(347,919 on 1-2008)

U Rock!
Dan the man! The best radio voice in the universe! Congratulations on the 2 years! Take care /Danny Creekblossom
Submitted By: danielablom
(347,900 on 1-2008)

i vote for you!
Submitted By: astroal
(347,835 on 1-2008)

Great show to listen to, this guy Daniel must have some of Winston Churchills Strengths to keep rolling out great show after great show. I now get to hear all the up and coming artists that I never could before. That is a major plus for fans and artists, Well done Dan the Man
Submitted By: anna_jssltd
(347,730 on 1-2008)

Soupy Gato Show is The Best!
The Soupy Gato Show is one of the best radio shows around. Daniel has brought back the cool vibe of early FM Radio. Way to go Daniel! Mitch Schecter
Submitted By: mitchschecter
(347,728 on 1-2008)

Congratulations on 2 years of weekly shows (plus some)!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(347,727 on 1-2008)

Rock on! switters
Submitted By: ronerin
(347,006 on 1-2008)

be excellent to each other.
non non non non non heinous!
Submitted By: losdoggies
(346,615 on 1-2008)

squirrel in a spacesuit kicks ass.
Submitted By: treykoger16
(345,398 on 1-2008)

Mitch Hemann rocks!
Please play Green Eyed Stranger by Mitch Hemann again
Submitted By: maria.pfeiffer
(344,905 on 12-2007)

Mitch Hemann
Great show! Please play Mitch Hemann again! Thanks!!!
Submitted By: lbespino
(344,729 on 12-2007)

Great show
They play cool music!!!
Submitted By: mbraam
(344,619 on 12-2007)

Listen Up!!
Shows like this that feature music without regard to style--only to originality and quality--are quite rare. The mainstream will continue to decay and be replaced by the new FM frequency--podcasts.
Submitted By: philcircle
(344,598 on 12-2007)

Mith Hemann!!!!
Will you please play him again!!!! Green Eyed Stranger!!!!! Thank you for the vote
Submitted By: bsammy
(344,345 on 12-2007)

Play Farkus
Great show! We look forward to getting our music out to your listeners.
Submitted By: farkusmusic
(344,327 on 12-2007)

show 104
Submitted By: lost2mars
(344,325 on 12-2007)

Artist Request
Please play anything by Mitch Hemann!
Submitted By: wendoue
(344,090 on 12-2007)

Merry Christmas!
Great Christmas show! I look forward to a great new Soupygato year
Submitted By: quixdraw
(344,015 on 12-2007)

the maja kids!
thank you so much dan for airing the kids! they LOVE being famous! xoxoxo a.
Submitted By: amymaja
(343,981 on 12-2007)

Green Eyed Stranger
Play Mitch Hemann again! Hes the man.
Submitted By: willcarafello
(343,949 on 12-2007)

play Green Eyed Stranger please!!
Mitch Hemann is the best guest ever!! He deserves a lot of play from you!! Make Green Eyed Stranger a big pod hit!!! Thanks! Beth
Submitted By: pagancoffeefreak
(343,907 on 12-2007)

I like Soupy.
I liked that "Green Eyed Stranger" guy by that Mitch Hemann tune.
Submitted By: david.dartley
(343,550 on 12-2007)

Year End Show
I really liked the song "Green Eyed Strange," and would recommend that you add it to the Year End Show. Cheers and Happy Holidays!
Submitted By: jackson1138
(343,529 on 12-2007)

Green Eyed Stranger
Please play Mitch Hemann again on your show. Thanks!
Submitted By: melissahemann
(343,506 on 12-2007)

Mitch Hemann
Id love to hear Green Eyed Stranger again!
Submitted By: lestialx
(343,494 on 12-2007)

Soupy G. rocks my world!
Submitted By: uberbelly
(343,402 on 12-2007)

Yes for SoupyGato!
I vote for SoupyGato for sho! Great show!
Submitted By: sproutbassman
(343,378 on 12-2007)

I got a fever, and the only cure is more Mitch Hemann.
Submitted By: tmo77
(343,366 on 12-2007)

mitch hemann
please play mitch hemann again!!!
Submitted By: hlsamson
(343,357 on 12-2007)

Mitch Hemann
Green Eyed Stranger I enjoyed!
Submitted By: joskile
(343,351 on 12-2007)

green eyed stranger
hi soupy gato your show is very eclectic, congrats and keep up the good work, happy holidays! - heather
Submitted By: heathermcallister
(343,347 on 12-2007)

green eyed stranger
as a green eyed stranger myself, could you play mitch h.'s "green eyed stranger" again? thanks!!! - heather
Submitted By: heathermcallister
(343,340 on 12-2007)

Happy Holidays!
Submitted By: Luv2bewitchU
(343,335 on 12-2007)

The best show this side of the Pecos!!!
How is it you put it? Oh yeah...Please play The Brilliant, Talented and Bloody Cool Mitch Hemann!!! Sincerely, The Brilliant, Talented and Bloody Cool Mitch Hemann
Submitted By: mitchhemann
(343,334 on 12-2007)

Thanks for your support of my music! - Bill Cornish
Submitted By: bill.cornish
(343,329 on 12-2007)

always ..
always a treat
Submitted By: alantubbs
(343,320 on 12-2007)

The Years End Request SOupyGAto SHow!!!
Please play one of my songs on your year end show! thanks Jordan and her fan club! imer
Submitted By: jordan
(343,275 on 12-2007)

Youre the Best
Have a great holiday. Bob H.
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(343,037 on 12-2007)

Love the show
Great show . More of it i the new year please.
Submitted By: anna_jssltd
(343,035 on 12-2007)

SoupyGato is Bad A!
Submitted By: miketkong
(342,939 on 12-2007)

Merry Christmas
and happy harmonica from Mike Stephens.
Submitted By: mike8657
(342,932 on 12-2007)

Soupy Gato Show
I like the Soupy Gato Podcast for its wide variety of good quality material. I have found several interesting artists through this show.
Submitted By: sjtippet
(342,901 on 12-2007)

super soupy
thanks for bringing all this fantastic music to peoples attention! keep it up, SoupyG - we love ya! hope you have a fab one!
Submitted By: kim
(342,842 on 12-2007)

The best.
Submitted By: ken
(342,828 on 12-2007)

I voted
Play Weapon Shop! :)
Submitted By: crumbwitty
(342,788 on 12-2007)

SoupyGato rawks!
My favorite show!
Submitted By: tracyj2472
(342,783 on 12-2007)

great show
Submitted By: gonzo
(342,764 on 12-2007)

Soupygato good
Soupygato good. arrrgh! Fire bad!
Submitted By: BITBUCKET63-MISC01
(342,535 on 12-2007)

xmas metal!!
Submitted By: christmasmetal
(342,348 on 12-2007)

SoupyGato rocks
Submitted By: info
(342,150 on 12-2007)

Play some New Fuse
Hey there...I think you should play some New Fuse (the new album) on your show sometime! That would be dandy!!! Peace, Dan Young Chicago
Submitted By: info
(342,135 on 12-2007)

New Fuse Request
Hey there... Just thought I would request some New Fuse. Play something NEW... Jimmy G. Chicago
Submitted By: skd4life
(342,040 on 12-2007)

Soupy Gato Rules!
Go Gato!!!
Submitted By: theandydriscoll
(341,904 on 12-2007)

Great Show
Superb show and brillinatly hoseted
Submitted By: tonyyackson
(341,572 on 12-2007)

The SoupyGato Show Rocks!
Great show. Great people.
Submitted By: colorradioband
(341,331 on 12-2007)

love it love it thats me thank you for a great show and being the host you are a good clean show i will listen some more quick mart was my favorite by steve bailey keep up the good work elise
Submitted By: attictreasures
(341,298 on 12-2007)

Squeaky Clean Cretins
yes yes yes Squeaky Clean Cretins carry the torch! Fresh approaches to timeless musical forays...these are the fruits of the cultural revolution of the 1960s. peace
Submitted By: kellybeez
(341,263 on 12-2007)

amy maja on the SoupyGato Show!
What a sweet and unique voiced siren. Amy Majas music is amazing; thank you for playing her!
Submitted By: crystin
(341,135 on 12-2007)

I LOVE the Soupy Gato show!
Submitted By: DiamondMStables
(341,074 on 12-2007)

Another vote for Daniel and The SoupyGato Show...of course! Thanks for everything man... JG
Submitted By: thegodsendsessions
(341,067 on 12-2007)

Rock on the show
Submitted By: electrichippies
(341,026 on 12-2007)

One of the BEST
Youve always got our vote Daniel; the Soupy Gato Show is one of our faves. Jim & Andrea - Sonic Deli Records Toronto, Canada
Submitted By: andrea.sonicdeli
(341,009 on 12-2007)

Great show,amazing music ,im glad i found it
Submitted By: malurwin
(340,742 on 12-2007)

Soupygato Rocks
SoupyGato is awesome and should always be #1
Submitted By: marcuschristine
(340,724 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: lily4me
(340,691 on 12-2007)

Top class show as always. Well done Dan and thanks from your good friends @ Monochrome Museum in the UK Cheers, Ash
Submitted By: georgetortoise
(340,637 on 12-2007)

Big ups
I am an intermittent listener, but it is obvious that Mr. Harris puts a lot of love and effort into putting this show together for us, gratis.
Submitted By: purplestrife
(340,605 on 12-2007)

Best Show on the net
Best music show ive heard, plus i always hear the chants of "Martin plays the game!" every time i visit your site, haha, keep up the good work Dan and congrats on kickin the drinkin habit
Submitted By: bobgillard
(340,599 on 12-2007)

Yeah Soupyrules!
Submitted By: scott
(340,586 on 12-2007)

Dan U Rock!
Submitted By: danielablom
(340,578 on 12-2007)

Israeli Girls love SoupyGato
Submitted By:
(340,569 on 12-2007)

The SoupyGato Show podcast is the VERY BEST on the PLANET. Thank you so very much for all that you do to give a voice to all of those of us who are here without one. God Bless and..."Be Peaceful" Love, Love, Kenny Mitchell
Submitted By: knynkly
(340,567 on 12-2007)

soupygato at no. 1
my votes for soupy gato! got any skeleton staff?
Submitted By: info
(340,560 on 12-2007)

What a show!
Loved the Juno! track SoupyGato played recently and liking Dans laid back conversation.
Submitted By: jacksims_uk
(340,228 on 12-2007)

The SoupyGato Show podcast
Great my New Friends! Good Show!! hugs and kisses! Guiye
Submitted By: guiyefrayo
(339,600 on 12-2007)

domo arigato we like SoupyGato
domo arigato we like SoupyGato
Submitted By: facelvega
(339,582 on 12-2007)

Great Variety
Excellent selection, all varied in genre and styles. These are songs you wont hear on radio, and thats why terrestrial radio is dead. Information on the artists is very helpful.
Submitted By: davidlee8
(339,083 on 12-2007)

Soupygato 98W
Hello, Been listening to the show and it sounds awesome. You should get a podcast up on of your cat playing the guitar :>)
Submitted By: emmaforman1979
(338,991 on 12-2007)

Medusas Curse
hey Mr pussy cat... Thanks we love you XX
Submitted By: medusascurse
(338,937 on 12-2007)

Super Soupygato
Soupygato plays the best! And the most. Giving a stage to music from next door and around the world.
Submitted By: utterlylinda
(338,685 on 12-2007)

i love me some dan & kimmi
Submitted By: eliot319
(338,580 on 12-2007)

SoupyGato ROCKS!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(338,358 on 12-2007)

soupy kat rocks!!
Play more Johnny Law (please) (thanks) (merry Christmas) (and a happy new year)
Submitted By: jlaw18
(338,281 on 12-2007)

Kimmi rocks!
Submitted By: jodi19
(338,251 on 12-2007)

how about martha wainwright! that kimmi sure does hustle!
Submitted By: dan
(338,241 on 12-2007)

Please play Vampire Surprise by Veronique Chevalier
here is a link to the full mp3 of Vampire Surprise by Veronique Chevalier. It was voted the Best New Halloween Song of 2007 @ the Mad Music Archive, and it has been the Number One Most Requested song on the Mad Music Demented Top 20 for 4 consecutive weeks! oniqueChevalier-VampireSurprise.mp3
Submitted By: PolkaHauntUs
(338,082 on 12-2007)

Automatic Children
Please add Dirty Weekend to the show!!! Thanks for playing Automatic Children!
Submitted By: cristag
(337,995 on 12-2007)

for you
Submitted By: amymaja
(337,985 on 12-2007)

Viva la Revolucion!
Cigar Boxes to the world
Submitted By: papa
(337,981 on 12-2007)

Would like to hear Freskos Charcoal Eyes again.
Submitted By: kris_1979
(337,833 on 12-2007)

Soupy Gato Rocks!
Hi dan. Listened to the Scotland show and off the back of that went to check out Smiler at Whistle Binkies in Edinburgh the week after. Wow, sounded good on your show but live they were unbelieveable! Watch out for these guys, they play how rock music is supposed to sound.
Submitted By: cheekyscottish
(337,438 on 12-2007)

You always have a great show. Thanks for sharing the music with us all.
Submitted By: sunnierlight
(337,168 on 12-2007)

Soupy Gato is not a Metrosexual
This is my very formal and official request for Metrosexual on the Merry & the Mood Swings Demo CD. Now on Attack of the Mood Swings too - the first full length CD from M&tMS lkajdslkjdlkadshlkjdhjkdashdlskfjdskfjds;kdsfa, Merry
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(337,110 on 12-2007)

Soupy Sweet
This show has got to be the best one around. I dare anyone to disagree with me on that.
Submitted By: davidjgries
(336,971 on 12-2007)

kitty sneeze
do you have a hanky for your kitty
Submitted By: astroal
(336,960 on 12-2007)

Yo Mama
Submitted By: pogorzel
(335,794 on 11-2007)

More Ed Walker!
T.J. is my favorite song. So beautiful and peaceful. I want to hear more Ed Walker
Submitted By: Sylvia.ivie
(335,722 on 11-2007)

vote for soupy gato!
soupy gato gets my vote! no. 1. got any skeleton staff?
Submitted By: info
(335,509 on 11-2007)

Chris Day is good.
Submitted By: montymontgomeri
(335,340 on 11-2007)

Scotland show
very cool show.
Submitted By: alantubbs
(334,971 on 11-2007)

Hey Daniel...
Stoppin by to vote... Thank you for all the work you do for music and such a really great show! The SoupyGato Show rules the universe! Joe Gande
Submitted By: thegodsendsessions
(334,480 on 11-2007)

More Smiler!
Loved your Scotland showcase...would really love to hear more Smiler. Thanks, Kitten from Chicago
Submitted By: nzmith
(334,444 on 11-2007)

Soupy Gato Saviour of original music
Keep up the good work. PLAY MORE SMILER THEY ROCK!!! Going to see there next gig.
Submitted By: theglovner
(334,440 on 11-2007)

Medusa loves soupy gato
Yay to the cat man we love soupy gato!
Submitted By: medusascurse
(334,404 on 11-2007)

voting.. but where do you request?
Submitted By: annalee
(333,550 on 11-2007)

Soupy Gato ROCKS!!
Cheers to you Daniel for supporting all the hard working Indie Artists. I am a faithful listener.....
Submitted By: leanne
(333,190 on 11-2007)

Yessss... rocks
Cmon, lets hear it! ;-)
Submitted By: h.landman
(333,051 on 11-2007)

Soupy Rawks!
Tossing a vote the my good man Daniel J!
Submitted By: uberbelly
(333,050 on 11-2007)
Play - Lift please :)
Submitted By: michel
(333,048 on 11-2007)

request show
I vote for copernic# .. please play their song pure lust or any other
Submitted By: p.henner
(333,045 on 11-2007)

I LOVE the Copernic#,more of their music in your podcast!!!! rikigabo
Submitted By: rikigabo
(333,033 on 11-2007)

i vote for COPERNIC# band!
the best band that i have hear in your podcast! COPERNIC#!!!!!
Submitted By: rikigabo
(333,031 on 11-2007)

sterling job fae Dan
Submitted By: orphan76
(333,020 on 11-2007)

Great Show!!
Submitted By: Info
(332,949 on 11-2007)

Id love to hear chiki "too much fun"
Submitted By: richbon1099
(332,943 on 11-2007)

Love SoupyGato!
Love the show! SUDDYN
Submitted By: linda
(332,923 on 11-2007)

great radio
Submitted By: norbert.payr
(332,704 on 11-2007)

My vote is for CHIKI- she is SO AWESOME, I only wish we could get her on the radio or buy her CD already!!!
Submitted By: amcarter
(332,420 on 11-2007)

yes i m vot n for the soup!
Submitted By: bobtooke
(332,349 on 11-2007)

too much funn
please play "too much funn" by chiki!
Submitted By: jjkrause
(332,328 on 11-2007)

"Too Much Funn"
Submitted By: marcusrap
(332,280 on 11-2007)

Too much funn by Chiki
Submitted By: laurafk2003
(332,277 on 11-2007)

Chikis Song "Too Much Funn"
Chikis Song "Too Much Funn"..please please play it!!
Submitted By: missyborg
(332,261 on 11-2007)

gato rhymes with taco. well kind of...
Submitted By: astroal
(332,227 on 11-2007)

The best!
Just the best podcast show on the planet!
Submitted By: mikeharwood
(332,220 on 11-2007)

kick ass show
like i said, this show kicks ass!
Submitted By: stammeringfool
(332,187 on 11-2007)

Frank Tout
Good Show, easy on the ear, well done.
Submitted By: frank.tout
(332,165 on 11-2007)

Kimmi is cool
Submitted By: jodi19
(332,052 on 11-2007)

my vote is in
Submitted By: amymaja
(332,048 on 11-2007)

95 A
Great show great
Submitted By: gonzo
(332,041 on 11-2007)

Great shows
Submitted By: breckstewart
(332,021 on 11-2007)

Hot Soup!
You have the most diverse and original music podcast Ive heard yet. Keep it up!
Submitted By: homemademusic
(331,996 on 11-2007)

Kimmi is awesome
I am sure by now what an asset Kimmi is to the show and how hard she works...I just wanted totell you she Rocks and makes it happen!
Submitted By: stonegaizer
(331,955 on 11-2007)

The Show rocks
Can honestly say it is the only show I regularly listen to. Kimmie Rules !!!
Submitted By: mcgee3237
(331,542 on 11-2007)

Yeah Kimmi
Keep up the good work.Glad Kimmi is there
Submitted By: jeffster3170
(331,539 on 11-2007)

give kimmi a raise!
Submitted By: dan
(331,459 on 11-2007)

M.S.D or Helldorado Bass...
Submitted By: danielablom
(330,016 on 11-2007)

Bass Vote
Step 3
Submitted By: papa
(328,763 on 11-2007)

Droopy Gelato is the best!!
Its true
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(328,608 on 11-2007)

A Scotsman was invited for a visit to the home of his Canadian friend. Soon after the Scotsman arrived, he glanced out the window to see a huge beast just outside. He pointed, and asked his Canadian friend, "Och, lad, what's that?" The Canadian replied, "Oh, that's a moose." The Scotsman stared in disbelief, and replied, "That's a moose?! Well, how big are yer cats around here?"
Submitted By: utterlylinda
(328,266 on 11-2007)

name the bass and more
My name the bass submission is Gazpacho. I'm not sure if I'm in the right place for requests, but I hope you'll play some Admiral Twin soon. Can't wait to hear the Scotland Showcase.
Submitted By: utterlylinda
(328,224 on 11-2007)

Soupy Gato Rules!
Submitted By: theandydriscoll
(328,186 on 11-2007)

SoupyGato Rocks pixie style ^_^
Submitted By: lydianicolaides
(327,917 on 11-2007)

Soupy Gato show
Hey, Greg at PC Wizards here wishing Daniel J. Harris and The Soupy Gato Show a tremendous success on the Scotland request show that is coming up. This podcast is perhaps one of the best ones out there. How can I tell? 'Cause I'm a fucking wizard, that's why! Kudos once again to The Soupy Gato Show.
Submitted By: pcwizard07
(327,729 on 11-2007)

Best Bass Name
Would be Basso Profundo dijfasod joai godh oaij fa Merry
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(327,666 on 11-2007)

To the # 1 (prolific) Podcaster - Congrats!
Hey Daniel, Youll always get our vote because you consistently put out a great show. You have terrific taste in music, a cool vibe and a great take on the world; but damn, youre prolific!!! Its a real stuggle to keep caught up on all your shows! LOL (but dont stop) Cheers, Andrea & Jim - Sonic Deli Records, Toronto
Submitted By: andrea.sonicdeli
(327,543 on 11-2007)

Soupy Gato and Monsterpop ! ! ! !
Submitted By: monsterpop
(326,715 on 11-2007)

Dan, dig the show
Submitted By: rhausler92258
(326,240 on 11-2007)

The Scotland Show
Hi Dan I think its about time you played some of the Savage Recordings acts again! Sacre Noir & savage sound system (Edinburgh) get my vote! The Savage Recordings label has a stall at this years SPEKTURM festival and will be selling our wares, will send badges and maybe a t-shirt to you soon. ..... so many other good unsigned acts in Scotland at the moment - check out some of my faves... Miss The Occupier Gasgiant The Gussets Underling ..... keep it savage
Submitted By: guantanamo-carrie
(326,172 on 11-2007)

DEFiNITELY the podcast to listen to if youre looking to hear the newest and best upcoming music!!! And the rambler is pretty darned good!!! I cant vote for a band because i like so many, but I am voting for Dan to let me pick the lineup for a show!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(326,086 on 11-2007)

A great mix
Its always worth checking out this podcast, as it features a real wide range of new and undiscovered music.
Submitted By: rayweir2000
(325,667 on 11-2007)

Tom Smith
More Tom Smith is never a bad thing! One of my fave new guitarist discoveries, I can't get enough of his unique six string perspective. So how about somemore Tom Smith?
Submitted By: scotsnow
(325,637 on 11-2007)

I want Tom Smith back
Tom is so unique and wonderfully talented, I love his music
Submitted By: angelinadove
(325,571 on 11-2007)

Good show
Daniel has a great voice and pleasing persona...not only that we enjoy the music!
Submitted By: mckinneywashtubtwo
(324,766 on 11-2007)

super soup
the best podcast on the web. a must for all fellow paragons of good taste!
Submitted By: ken
(324,762 on 11-2007)

Bet you can do a Scottish accent better than I...and Ive been living here for 20 years! Keep up the music...and thanks!
Submitted By: rjmwilliams
(324,742 on 11-2007)

Soupy Gatos the best. Mike Stephens
Submitted By: mike
(324,439 on 11-2007)

Bass name
I like Carpe Diem as a name. Please add me to your hat
Submitted By: pcwizardconsultants
(324,096 on 10-2007)

Bass vote
I think you should name it Carpe Diem, which is Latin for Seize the Day
Submitted By: pcwizard07
(323,759 on 10-2007)

Way to go
Love the show and hope your next show goes well. Love the no music format, that was a great show.
Submitted By: pcwizard07
(323,593 on 10-2007)

Great Soup Show
This show must be heard,fantastic for real music lovers.
Submitted By: caralmusic
(323,511 on 10-2007)

Love the Show!!
I really think that Dan is doing a great job on the show...loads of fun and lots of new artists!! Thanks, Marlene Indienink Music
Submitted By: indienink
(322,823 on 10-2007)

Love the diversity and roll-with-it style of this podcast.
Submitted By: utterlylinda
(322,525 on 10-2007)

nice show
Submitted By: eary
(322,475 on 10-2007)

The Soupy Gato Show is a top podcast
Submitted By: antiqcool
(322,107 on 10-2007)

soup is...
Submitted By: udo
(321,677 on 10-2007)

Please play Automatic Childrens Pity Party
Most appreciated.
Submitted By: info
(321,545 on 10-2007)

edger rocks long
the gato is a zato, in a mato, of lato, if the sato, is a cato, then the fato, will the ato, of the tato, redato, hoto, kato, wato, is a jato
Submitted By: somken
(321,144 on 10-2007)

EdGeR Midwestern Rock
You can walk talk eat or run or ride or sit or stand, so have fun, be calm, live, love, and hug. check out edger at myspace and itunes, also at an old soupygato show! have a good day, night, afternoon, adventure, ride, kiss, or watching the metiors. happy birthday to badhat larry.
Submitted By: somken
(321,124 on 10-2007)

EdGeR Midwestern Rock
You can hear edger on itunes, napster, cdbaby, rhapsody, and an old soupy gato show song"struck, or stuck, same song different day. ok check us out also edger at myspace, rock, pop, punk, prog!1 may we all be happy ks
Submitted By: somken
(321,122 on 10-2007)

The SoupyGato Show podcast
The SoupyGato Show podcast gets our vote!
Submitted By: info
(320,638 on 10-2007)

pls play my gf in myspace!pls?!;)
i wanna request michael christians "my gf in myspace" to be played in the show!...hope i was that gf in myspace he was referring to..hehehe....thanks!! ;)
Submitted By: docnikki
(319,587 on 10-2007)

hey! a shout out here from the Philippines! i want to request "My GF in Myspace" by Michael Christian!
Submitted By: chzka03
(319,521 on 10-2007)

hi!im from manila,philippines and i wanna hear the song "girlfriend in myspace"....and michael christian is the artist.
Submitted By: munkey_boi18
(319,513 on 10-2007)

Myke C Rocks!!!!!
Submitted By: rheyrae
(319,173 on 10-2007)

i vote for michael christians MY GF IN MYSPACE !!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee itttttttttt. =) the best.
Submitted By: raegrl4321
(319,063 on 10-2007)

Thumbs up fro The Spirals
Submitted By: GARY_JONES1
(318,901 on 10-2007)

soupygato for me
Bringing the original voice of the little people into your ears
Submitted By: dougieglaids
(318,895 on 10-2007)

Thanks to SoupyGato for helping unsigned bands!
Submitted By: thomasdeborde
(318,605 on 10-2007)

my gf in myspace
i wanna request "my gf in myspace" holla!!---jaime c.
Submitted By: iheartcoach
(318,526 on 10-2007)

i would like to request MY GF IN MYSPACE by Michael
Submitted By: louie_cassandra
(318,475 on 10-2007)

My GF In Myspace
Submitted By: Blade501
(318,459 on 10-2007)

Play it please!!! Its Hella Funky!!!
Submitted By: angelacoustic
(318,450 on 10-2007)

the shit
Submitted By: mitchie
(318,288 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: joshuajekel
(318,123 on 10-2007)

Soupygato show
That hot chick Kimmi sure does a nice job as 5th Listener, will she soon promote to 4th Listener?
Submitted By: frstpony
(318,038 on 10-2007)

a very good show
the music, not infected with money only soul =)
Submitted By: indieparty
(317,980 on 10-2007)

Kimmi The Fifth Listener is my favorite! Too hot for podcasting...
Submitted By: dan
(317,975 on 10-2007)

evolution of the blood star
Please play more from Norine Braun.
Submitted By: jadefaf
(317,963 on 10-2007)

Needs more cowbell
But other than that (and maybe the uber-strange 5th Listener), great work. Kudos and such...
Submitted By: adam
(317,937 on 10-2007)

The Fifth Listener
Kimmi is one of my best friends ans she works her tail off for this show! Keep up the good work...both of you!
Submitted By: Mom2Kyle03
(317,935 on 10-2007)

Kimmi is cool
Submitted By: jodi19
(317,934 on 10-2007)

Kimmi is your best asset there; she is doing great!!! love her
Submitted By: burme4
(317,930 on 10-2007)

Kimmi Ru rocks!!!
Submitted By: rose1791
(317,929 on 10-2007)

Michael Christian!!!
Play My GF in Myspace by Michael Christian!!!
Submitted By: myke2883
(317,899 on 10-2007)

Hey there Daniel J
Hey there buddy, thanks for playing my songs and lets reach for the stars together! Good luck.
Submitted By: breckstewart
(317,281 on 10-2007)

It's impossible to vote for any one band because they all ROCK! but my kid is standing here and she wants to hear more Skeptic Eleptic! The SoupyGato Show is the place to find the latest and greatest music!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(316,986 on 10-2007)

I love Christy Clayton and Soupy Gato!!
Submitted By: susan
(316,483 on 10-2007)

Automatic Children
Please add us to your playlist!!!
Submitted By: info
(316,391 on 10-2007)

Soupy ROCKKSSS!!!!
Submitted By: roofmail
(315,927 on 10-2007)

Grrrrreat Show!
Emotional Rescue- love it.
Submitted By: thinktankrecords
(315,875 on 10-2007)

21 Show
Great we looking forward to lisen to it take care and keep the great job best to you Gonzo.
Submitted By: gonzo
(315,363 on 10-2007)

I LOVE this show. The music they play is awesome and hard to hear anywhere else!
Submitted By: lee
(314,188 on 10-2007)

The Karma Parade
Thanks so much for playing our tune, Hope Mimi dug it as well !!! John Karma The Karma Parade
Submitted By: johnkarma
(314,023 on 10-2007)

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Home Slice... Wishing you all the best and many more... Birthdays and Awesome shows !!! Scott
Submitted By: mojoshouse
(313,754 on 10-2007)

Yeah for Soupy Gato!!
THE best pod cast around hands down.
Submitted By: davidjgries
(313,507 on 10-2007)

i vote for Soupy and Monsterpop,,aaaarrrrrr;-) JimmyD
Submitted By: monsterpop
(312,980 on 10-2007)

oi !
happy birthday mate;-) All the best JimmyD
Submitted By: monsterpop
(312,979 on 10-2007)

soupygato at no. 1
the soupygato shows got my vote! got any skeleton staff?
Submitted By: jonathandower
(312,771 on 10-2007)

happy birthday!!!
Submitted By: amymaja
(312,738 on 10-2007)

who's my daddy?
thank you for all that you do. thank you for doing it like no one else can. you're the man. happy birthday dan. -e
Submitted By: eliot319
(312,661 on 10-2007)

Sister Funk wishing you a Happy Birthday!
We endorse SoupyGato!!! So should all of you. Happy birthday and keep up the good work!
Submitted By: info
(312,658 on 10-2007)

happy birthday mr. gato!
Submitted By: eliot319
(312,657 on 10-2007)

strange gato
we have two gatos. they are both very strange. i think they surf the web when i'm not home. perhaps they listen to your show? happy birthday.
Submitted By: astroal
(312,640 on 10-2007)

B-Day Pod cast
Happy Smurfday, Danny Smurf
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(312,514 on 10-2007)

Soupygato show is awesome!
Submitted By: Bec102495
(312,497 on 10-2007)

I love this show!!
The Soupy Gato show ROCKS - everybody who's anybody listens to it.
Submitted By: virgoprincess31
(312,470 on 10-2007)

Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday and keep up the great work! Loving the show!
Submitted By: linda
(312,469 on 10-2007)

Happy BIrthday, Dan!
Hope you have a great day, Dan - looking forward to the Scottish show. kdljfalskdasljkhdksajhasd, Mary
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(312,455 on 10-2007)

You Go, Guy!
Only takes a few voices gathered together to make a community! Thanks! Kathy at Tibet Aid
Submitted By: gargon
(311,363 on 9-2007)

In my opinion this guys are doing a great help for Indie artist Thanks
Submitted By: gonzo
(310,508 on 9-2007)

Automatic Children
Can you add us to your webcast? We'd love to be a part of your show.
Submitted By: info
(310,248 on 9-2007)

Soupy Gato
Great show. I want to request I Feel You by Lovari
Submitted By: linabrandow
(309,434 on 9-2007)

Fantastic show
Submitted By: emmaforman1979
(309,196 on 9-2007)

Emma Forman
Really Enjoyed the song Mountain, Im hoping that Emma will put it on her myspace soon so that I then link it to mine. Keep up the great work! Nat Helping Hands Promo
Submitted By: Helpinghand2007
(309,194 on 9-2007)

true music
Submitted By: ethangold
(309,099 on 9-2007)

More Vicious Lips please!!
Submitted By: sashvall
(308,613 on 9-2007)

Skeleton Staff
Please pay some Skeleton Staff tracks - PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEZZZZZZEEE!!!
Submitted By: geraldine
(307,988 on 9-2007)

Hey there
I think you guys should give Monsterpop some serious props! JimmyD (the guy who is monsterpop) is awesome!
Submitted By: ysforge
(307,877 on 9-2007)

skeleton staff!
we love soupygato and the soupygato show. we also love skeleton staff! please play when shes got her blackboots on...
Submitted By: jonathandower
(307,720 on 9-2007)

YO' Soupy GaTO'
Great shows. Keep TIN ROOF coming. !!!! Talk soon #7 Anj
Submitted By: tinroof
(307,631 on 9-2007)

TIN ROOF from Atlanta
Hey Gotta say TIN ROOF sounds great on the Soupy Gato show. I am a little biased but hey... Great work D. talk to ya soon. Listener #7
Submitted By: tinroof
(307,630 on 9-2007)

is who we want to vote for! He's great!
Submitted By: fairy_doors
(307,626 on 9-2007)

My vote!
I vote to hear my music again:) It was super cool to hear myself on your show and I hope to do it again! love, David J Gries
Submitted By: davidjgries
(307,624 on 9-2007)

It was great to hear David J Gries on your pod cast as well as having BROKEN mentioned. Thank you for all of your support! It would be nice to hear David on there again! Come over to and check out more about BROKEN!! Thanks Daniel, BROKEN
Submitted By:
(307,623 on 9-2007)

Daniel - more gigi !!!!!!!!! !!!!! please please please
Submitted By: badcatpub
(307,592 on 9-2007)

Static Field
Theyre not a bad bunch you know - even if we say so ourselves!!!
Submitted By: static-field
(307,576 on 9-2007)

Great show
I mean it
Submitted By: stammeringfool
(307,458 on 9-2007)

Voting for the Soupy podcast!!! Also voting to hear Jack Knight on the SoupyGato Show!!
Submitted By: aspenbelle
(307,454 on 9-2007)

I am voting for The Soupy Gato Show and also for Jack knight who intorduced me to the show
Submitted By: francescagrace
(307,453 on 9-2007)

Play SUPERFRIENDZ!....Or feel my RATH! Thank you have a nice day..:) From Happy Dude
Submitted By: sovetek6hell6
(307,445 on 9-2007)

Rodney Bailey!!!
Of course U have to play the fantastic Rodney Bailey! And please say Hello to their cute moose!
Submitted By: sandpaperclues
(307,434 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: jimiecee
(307,433 on 9-2007)

I vote for Frank Paul
Hi Daniel, I vote for Frank Paul!! Alex
Submitted By: tkwhiskeygirl07
(307,390 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: calkoat
(307,385 on 9-2007)

the pop monster
who could vote anyone else?
Submitted By: paul
(307,374 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: mailitfast
(307,373 on 9-2007)

Yeah Yeah Yeah!
Submitted By: mots-t-sux
(307,362 on 9-2007)

for i am he,,and he is me,,and we are thee,,and we all rock together;-) Keep up the good work Danothy! JimmyD;-)
Submitted By: monsterpop
(307,361 on 9-2007)

Cris Gunther
It is so cool that there is an artist that blends so many of my past favorite artists into his style, and still manages to sound original. More Cris Gunther!!!
Submitted By: corbysf
(306,917 on 9-2007)

air play
Hi all at soupygato, many thanks for playing our tune Gravel Walk on your great show,we are stoked. Kindest regards Leprechaun water.
Submitted By: leprechaunwater
(306,726 on 9-2007)

Static Field
Love your work Static Field - Roz is HOT!
Submitted By: nicola_chandler
(306,725 on 9-2007)

great show!!
Submitted By: posta
(306,348 on 9-2007)

Monsterpop is best!
I vote for the band from Scotland called Monsterpop.
Submitted By: malvina1000
(306,314 on 9-2007)

Voting for Monsterpop
He rules. :-) ~ Angel
Submitted By: angela_gypsyheart
(306,199 on 9-2007)

got any skeleton staff?
the soupygato show is second to none in podcasting. got my vote! got any skeleton staff?
Submitted By: info
(306,182 on 9-2007)

I am voting for The SoupyGato Show - a wonderful podcast.
Submitted By: pcwizardconsultants
(306,151 on 9-2007)

Just a thanks to Daniel and Kimmi for putting on such an awesome show! I really like the diversity of artists and your ideas are really great. Hope you guys get some much deserved recognition and keep growing!
Submitted By: pcwizardconsultants
(306,150 on 9-2007)

Coool Guy.......Cooool Show
+Very Coool Sounds...........especially when we hear Emotional Rescue
Submitted By: thinktankrecords
(305,872 on 9-2007)

I vote for the New Orleans song! (I am so embarrassed to admit I forget who sang it.) But it is just such a beautiful song. That's my vote for this month.
Submitted By: moodyroo
(305,551 on 9-2007)

Soupy Gato ROCKS!!!
Indie Music Artists gotta hug Dan with big arms. He is surely doing a great job and us all a great service! Thanks Dan!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Submitted By: rarestarmusic
(305,319 on 9-2007)

Great Show
Danielj deserves my vote for such a hard working individual that supports the Indie artist 110%. His hard work and dedication is why I listen to the show. Has a nice broadcast voice and personality. Also the music he plays is great to listen to at work. So SoupyGato gets my VOTE...... Cheers and best wishes, David
Submitted By: deamusic2004
(305,147 on 9-2007)

Soupygato rocks
Submitted By: Mom2Kyle03
(304,956 on 9-2007)

Great show
This is a GREAT show!!
Submitted By: cynova
(304,923 on 9-2007)

Soupy Gato...
do I listen with a fork or a spoon?
Submitted By: uberbelly
(304,768 on 9-2007)

Soupy Gato!
hmmm, do I listen with a fork or a spoon?
Submitted By: uberbelly
(304,767 on 9-2007)

Number One
The Soupmeister. The Soupenator. The Soupatollah. Best show on the internet.
Submitted By: webmaster
(304,648 on 9-2007)

SoupyGato Rocks
Holler, Wild Rose! loves SoupyGato
Submitted By: velardos
(304,569 on 9-2007)

Soupy Gato= EXCELLENT Davidx
Submitted By: the_dry_kids
(304,476 on 9-2007)

Keep up the good work KimmiRu
Submitted By: rose1791
(304,458 on 9-2007)

We love....
Submitted By: 3kisses
(304,326 on 9-2007)

i love my gato soupy
i love gato soup! canned or fresh!
Submitted By: astroal
(304,073 on 9-2007)

static field
static field are the best- I know this cause they told me so!!!
Submitted By: roz_044
(302,611 on 9-2007)

great show
Submitted By: servsal
(302,337 on 9-2007)

anything by static field,best band ive heard for along time,but then again iam easily bribed :)
Submitted By: banks233
(301,940 on 9-2007)

each day as it comes
Submitted By: jacquiestevenson
(301,882 on 9-2007)

SoupyGato es Numero Uno!
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(301,871 on 9-2007)

Vote for New Mantra on Soup Gato!!
Hi there, I want to cast my vote for an amazing band called New Mantra. They have appeared on Soupy Gato and their sound is totally out of this world! I hope my vote helps them. Lv Toni
Submitted By: tonifergusson
(301,739 on 9-2007)

The whole month of August ROCKED -- looking forward to September!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(301,718 on 9-2007)

Oh how time Flies!!!! drop a line at or do a call in at 1-206-203-GATO (4286). Thanks so much for being apart of the show. please be cool please be wise djh the soupygato show
Submitted By: soupygato
(301,661 on 9-2007)

Voting for Monsterpop music!
Submitted By: angela_gypsyheart
(300,481 on 8-2007)

Good Music
Submitted By: Jeff
(300,313 on 8-2007)

Thanks for playing "Happy Birthday!" Soupy Gato Rocks! Keep on jammin the tunes! Peace, Craymo
Submitted By: craymodr
(300,291 on 8-2007)

vote 1 for soupygato!
Submitted By: jonathandower
(300,233 on 8-2007)

Really like what you guys are doing, keep it up !! John Karma The Karma Parade
Submitted By: johnkarma
(298,758 on 8-2007)

Monsterpop is best!
Submitted By: malvina1000
(298,435 on 8-2007)

Soupy !!!
Daniel & The SoupyGato show has been brillaint for us and all new music The Arguments
Submitted By: hello
(298,132 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: amymaja
(297,897 on 8-2007)

Christy Clayton
Thanks to Soupy Gato and to Kim for a great Christy Clayton CD review!
Submitted By: susan
(297,866 on 8-2007)

Great show
Love Dan & The Soupy Gato Show!!! Ron rutherford
Submitted By: rarestarmusic
(297,667 on 8-2007)

Got any Skeleton Staff?
the SoupyGato show is second to none in tasteful music podcasting. got any Skeleton Staff? Amore Stanton
Submitted By: info
(297,641 on 8-2007)

Voting for Uberbelly!
Hey Soupy! can I vote for myself? since you only have six listeners I guess Ive got a good chance of being on the show! Happy dog-walking dude, jeff
Submitted By: uberbelly
(297,631 on 8-2007)

Very cool show!
Awsome show man! Keep it up! Gooze Fat Cat Daddies one nation under a groove
Submitted By: fatcatdaddies
(297,555 on 8-2007)

open minded!
while i am not a huge fan of podcasts, i replied to an ad requesting that i submit my music for a gay music showcase. i appreciate this podcast for its ability to be open minded and allow listeners to experience all different kinds of music. thank you. -richard cortez
Submitted By: tisfortheatre
(297,546 on 8-2007)

you rock!
brilliant show, this is rich and indipendent in a good good way :) thank you Daniel
Submitted By: yaelclaire
(297,500 on 8-2007)

Go Soupy Gato
The best to you on the show.
Submitted By: bjpizazz
(297,499 on 8-2007)

AfterNever supports SoupyGato
The soupy gato show is quality, they play good tunes and deserve to be in the top 10!
Submitted By: adamcieslak
(297,467 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: mpetzel
(297,443 on 8-2007)

Great service
Thanks for supporting independent artists! wil maring
Submitted By: wilmaring
(297,437 on 8-2007)

keep up the good work
Submitted By: blair
(297,436 on 8-2007)

Soupy Rocks
THe best show on the net.
Submitted By: jack_knight2006
(297,435 on 8-2007)

Soupy Show!
Mr Soupy is still a man on a mission, to get unknown artists heard;-) Go Soupy Go! JimmyD
Submitted By: monsterpop
(297,431 on 8-2007)

the request show
play the panderers
Submitted By: freddy_b39
(296,705 on 8-2007)

Please throw in a 3 Kisses tune......we love SoupyGato!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: 3kisses
(296,378 on 8-2007)

Just finished listening to Show 82A. Great show, and hats off to Danielj for the way he hosts the cast, and for the music he plays. Think I`m also allowed to vote for anartist...difficult to choose, but very much enjoyed Jennifer Newmans track. Thanks again. Ash
Submitted By: georgetortoise
(296,333 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: annalee
(296,283 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: stephtull
(294,519 on 8-2007)

very cool
hey i think you guys are very cool and i love you guys
Submitted By: sezy_vampier
(294,366 on 8-2007)

gidgets ga ga
Play more gidgets ga ga please , EX. "hit by a train" and "belmont" both are pretty awesome songzz.thank you
Submitted By: lovinRose
(294,355 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: johnnyaah
(294,341 on 8-2007)

SoupyGat show ROCKS!
hey whats up, soupyGato show all day every day even on holidays, they got the goods. randy mason
Submitted By: rmason2185
(294,340 on 8-2007)

ty for spinning gidgets ga ga!!
Submitted By: llamarawk
(294,338 on 8-2007)

My Vote
Count me in for the Soupy G show!
Submitted By: brian
(294,300 on 8-2007)

What an incredible show! The SoupyGato Show podcast is just incredible. Imagine living in a world where every gendre of music and people is given the oppotunity to be heard! Well its here and its wonderful.
Submitted By: knynkly
(294,274 on 8-2007)

Frank Paul
I want to hear Frank Paul
Submitted By: slcampbell05
(293,992 on 8-2007)

nice show!
Submitted By: skepticeleptic
(293,849 on 8-2007)

soupy tacos
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soupy gato!
Submitted By: astroal
(293,785 on 8-2007)

Frank Paul
Please play Frank Paul on the 19th for your request show!!
Submitted By: tkwhiskeygirl07
(293,669 on 8-2007)

outstanding podcast
Probably one of the very best podshows currently out there; eclectic, entertaining and technically superior. A pleasure to listen and an honour to be included in the playlist. (80 A) Andrea Poulis & Jim Armstrong - Sonic Deli Records, Toronto
Submitted By: andrea.sonicdeli
(293,189 on 8-2007)

Your Show
Is the best IPOD show out there. Your great !!
Submitted By: sunnymallory
(292,360 on 8-2007)

Thank You DJH
Thank You DJH , for being on our show last night Mike Jozwiak- BlackandWhitePodcat
Submitted By: BlackandWhitePodcast
(292,237 on 8-2007)

I love SoupyGayto!
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(292,017 on 8-2007)

glad to be in your show!!
so happy to be in the show! youve picked up some awesome israeli music. great intiative! all the best Manga
Submitted By: mangadoar
(291,870 on 8-2007)

Soupygato show
Submitted By: frstpony
(291,489 on 8-2007)

The SoupyGato Show ROCKS! Danielj is truly a dedicated man and I am a lucky chick to be able to work with him! -- Kimmi The Fifth Listener
Submitted By: moodyroo
(291,476 on 8-2007)

voting for myself!
Submitted By: hacktivist8
(291,406 on 8-2007)

Best Music show on the net period.
Its an honor to say I help convince him to start his show. Great show buddy.
Submitted By: BlackandWhitePodcast
(291,376 on 8-2007)

Hell yeah
This is the best damn podcast. If You dont listen you must be an alien. Then again they prob listening to it right now. Rock on Dan Rock on.
Submitted By: sethchappi
(291,339 on 8-2007)

Soupy Sales, Soupy Sales
Id smash a pie in that Gatos face!
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(291,324 on 8-2007)

I love this show!!
The Soupy Gato show is consistently entertaining & turns you on to music you might never get to hear otherwise!!
Submitted By: virgoprincess31
(291,300 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: jeffwoodall4
(291,133 on 7-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: shird
(291,048 on 7-2007)

great show
Submitted By: boaz.murad
(291,018 on 7-2007)

kicks ass
What would I do without my Soupy Gato?
Submitted By: naturedevil
(290,909 on 7-2007)

Great show great music peace
Submitted By: ska84
(290,884 on 7-2007)

vote for soupygato
Submitted By: fdbass
(290,883 on 7-2007)

Top show
The SoupyGato Show is the top show on my list!
Submitted By: mikeharwood
(290,869 on 7-2007)

Cool Show
Submitted By: Jeff
(290,853 on 7-2007)

Rock on!
The SoupyGato show kicks a**! Its the most real thing out there!
Submitted By: jonnydissed
(290,826 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: lily4me
(290,822 on 7-2007)

Super Show, no Really
I, for one simple dig what youve done with the show, showcasing so many up n comers, You have my vote and my respect, Now Rock on! Great Vincent Leeds
Submitted By: evrdman
(290,815 on 7-2007)

greta show that helps the indie artist out there,and there are alot of us..thanx a mil...
Submitted By: jimiecee
(290,812 on 7-2007)

This Show Rocks... The best I have heard so far... Scott
Submitted By: mojoshouse
(290,810 on 7-2007)

Good luck!
Submitted By: tomglynn
(290,805 on 7-2007)

Great music by New Mantra
They played some BEAUTIFUL music on their show. It was by New Mantra. Thats what gets my vote. I loved that music. LV Rosalind
Submitted By: rosalindepage
(290,751 on 7-2007)

Hey Daniel! Just stoppin by to vote! The Soupy Gato Show kicks ass everybody! Listen now! Joe Gande, NYC
Submitted By: thegodsendsessions
(288,740 on 7-2007)

The SoupyGato Show
The SoupyGato Show is one of the best podcasts I have heard!!!
Submitted By: TheWJBand
(288,241 on 7-2007)

Thanks for the support!
Many thanks for your continued support! We really appreciate it! Symphony in DeMeanor
Submitted By: info
(287,948 on 7-2007)

Hey DJH great show
Hey DJH, love the show- we would like to interview you someday on our show.
Submitted By: BlackandWhitePodcast
(287,891 on 7-2007)

Keep up the great work...
Hey SoupyGato Show got my vote! Keep up the great work...enjoy the show! All the best, Lois
Submitted By: lois491956
(286,776 on 7-2007)

Soupy Gato Show
GREAT show... great music. Listen!
Submitted By: kcarothers
(286,715 on 7-2007)

The SoupyGato Show podcast.
Hello Daniel!! Thank you for playing my music and you ahve a Great show for Indie artist!!! Please have people to visit me at
Submitted By: billypayne
(286,645 on 7-2007)

Best Show online
Yeah, Id have to say this is the best music podcast online. I listen every week. Mike Stephens
Submitted By: openmike
(286,574 on 7-2007)

Tune IN or drop out
SoupyGato Show has no fear by giving the best new musical talent the opportunity to be heard. Danielj is also a cool guy who gives you a go and and is always open to a diverse range of music from all over the World. This leads to a forever interesting and of course entertaining show, keeping the listeners "Tuning in" and coming back for more. CHEERS, Suzie Zuzek
Submitted By: suzie_zuzek_bc
(285,304 on 7-2007)

Soupy Gato show rocks
It really does.
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(284,213 on 7-2007)

Awesome Show
Soupy has created a truly eclectic show....from Jazz, Rock, acoustic, just all kinds of stuff. Hey ..he even plays our band TIN ROOF... so it HAS to be a good show !! haha Daniel really does do a superb job and has a great time we do listening. Keep up the AWESOME work for indie music. Andy, TIN ROOF
Submitted By: tinroof
(284,056 on 7-2007)

Keep doing what you do Daniel. We love it! All the best The Shadow Kabinet
Submitted By: Stevesomerset
(283,880 on 7-2007)

These guys are great! They came to us, which was a first. We wish we could vote again; best treatment we ever got! -
Submitted By: mindsetband
(283,497 on 7-2007)

vote for soupy gato
can you please run for president? i would like someone that i feel i could vote for without wretching.
Submitted By: astroal
(282,925 on 7-2007)

Great Show!!!!!
Gives a lot of unknown bands world wide airtime.........played Emotional Rescue(from Scotland) several times...........Alll serious music lovers should check-it-out.
Submitted By: thinktankrecords
(282,705 on 7-2007)

Soupy Show!
Soupy Is Number 1;-)
Submitted By: monsterpop
(282,465 on 7-2007)

Soupy Rocks!!
Thanks Daniel!! Keep up the fine work! SUDDYN
Submitted By: lindaoc77
(282,433 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: amymaja
(281,595 on 7-2007)

Number One
The Greatest music show goin. Keep up the good work DJH.
Submitted By: kidgarcia
(281,420 on 7-2007)

I love the Soupygato Show!
Submitted By: jennifercazal
(281,399 on 7-2007)

i love the soupy gato show!
especially when you play allison barkley lol
Submitted By: allisonbarkley
(281,358 on 7-2007)

SoupyGato is muy inteligente
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(281,327 on 7-2007)

Go Dan Go ! We love ya ! How do you like our new tunes from our newly released CD ~NOUVEAU~??? EPK : NEW Updated Website coming soon -
Submitted By: badcatpub
(281,298 on 7-2007)

SoupyGato ROCKS -- congrats on your 100th episode!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(281,046 on 7-2007)

Yeah Soupy!
soupy soupy soupy!!! Keep up the great work! SUDDYN!
Submitted By: linda
(280,834 on 7-2007)

New Listener
Good show... Great guy... Yay suffering!!! ~gezus~
Submitted By: senorpapasmurf
(280,379 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: soupygato
(280,283 on 7-2007)

go soupygato show! :)
Submitted By: floothe2
(280,264 on 7-2007)

Soupy Gato
Submitted By: briansprung
(280,124 on 6-2007)

sweet show
Submitted By: tractorgrease
(280,108 on 6-2007)

The Great Soupy Gato Show
Daniel always gives us highly entertaining shows! We love The Soupy Gato Show! Mitch Schecter
Submitted By: mitchschecter
(279,915 on 6-2007)

The bestest there is!
Soupy Gato goes to the wall for the indie artist, and is numbah one in my book! So it should be with all good men and women of the podcast realm! Huzzah!
Submitted By: snakelnc
(279,052 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: lily4me
(277,248 on 6-2007)

Soupy Gato does em yer good!
Richard Snow loves the Soupy Gato show, there I said it!
Submitted By: rhatts
(276,895 on 6-2007)

Paris Luna ROCKS!
Hey -- casting my vote for Paris Luna on the SoupyGato Show 74B! Seee yaaa!
Submitted By: sailedin1492
(276,583 on 6-2007)

Hi Daniel, were Lúllabell again, jeje... great show, and thanks a lot for your suport, youve got a lot of good music of many diferent styles, thats so cool. we send you our best wishes. See you.
Submitted By: lullabellband
(275,606 on 6-2007)

SoupyGato? Worth moving to the States for. Wake up USA and appreciate what you have. This show should go global.
Submitted By: jenniebarber
(275,324 on 6-2007)

My vote for No. 1
Keep up the great work, Daniel.
Submitted By: rhp3
(275,052 on 6-2007)

voting for soupygato show!
Submitted By: amymaja
(275,046 on 6-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: contact
(274,351 on 6-2007)

Excellent podcast!
Submitted By: greghostiuck
(274,179 on 6-2007)

Love the work you and Kimmi are doing. Keep it up - peace! Greg
Submitted By: greghostiuck
(274,178 on 6-2007)

Love the show!
Submitted By: johnbatdorf
(274,032 on 6-2007)

The SoupyGato Show
Thanks for doing what you do guys - youre giving musicians the world over that extra exposure that they need so much! Im gonna be on the show soon, you can download it from the 19th June. Check me out at: Cheers again guys and keep up the hard work! Liam
Submitted By: LiamCottrellAcoustic
(273,440 on 6-2007)

Im still waiting for my t-shirt!
Submitted By: jillb519
(273,346 on 6-2007)

Lovin SoupyGato!
Here and now I officially and solemnly cast my vote for the great SoupyGato show in support of indie music artists like the awesome Lisagaye Tomlinson. I cant wait till her show is up on the 19th!
Submitted By: kwest91304
(273,044 on 6-2007)

Viva El Soupy Gato!
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(272,386 on 6-2007)

Go SoupyGato!
We here at SUDDYN headquarters salute you!
Submitted By: lindaoc77
(271,602 on 6-2007)
Submitted By: trubadore
(271,599 on 6-2007)

Fantastic show, very good stuff inside!
Submitted By: kesskady
(270,877 on 6-2007)

This is the best musical program inthe USA!
Submitted By: cogombra
(270,398 on 6-2007)

Super Soupy
Submitted By: ken
(269,873 on 6-2007)

i love gato soup
gato soup rules!
Submitted By: astroal
(269,860 on 6-2007)

hey Daniel i hope you feel better soon sir;-) all the best with the show as always too Keep On Rockin mate JimmyD;-)
Submitted By: monsterpop
(269,831 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: rmain79
(269,829 on 6-2007)

SoupyGato Rocks!
Greetings from Ireland! Keep up the fine work SoupyGato.! SUDDYN
Submitted By: linda
(269,822 on 6-2007)

Soupy Gato is da man!
Or wait, shouldnt that be Soupy Gato is da cat? Its confusing, especially at my age. People my age get confused a lot. Anyway, good show. I try to emulate Mister Harris, but I dont do well at it. Mostly becuase I get confused.
Submitted By: webmaster
(269,808 on 6-2007)

3 Kisses!
We rock the hell out on the SoupyGato Show with Daniel Harris! XXX, Tish, Tony, John, Tim
Submitted By: 3kisses
(269,489 on 6-2007)

Very good show !
Submitted By: filetflo
(269,464 on 6-2007)

been listening to the show for over a year now and it just keeps getting better and better!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(269,407 on 6-2007)

soupygato show
soupygato show the best new indie music the best!!
Submitted By: jlrsvstem
(269,228 on 6-2007)

Hell yeah!
Submitted By: fauxpashq
(269,147 on 6-2007)

Cooooool Show
We need more of this type of music show,bringing unknown bands(like Emotional Rescue,from Scotland)to the worlds ears.
Submitted By: thinktankrecords
(268,684 on 6-2007)

I love the Soupygato Show!
Submitted By: jennifercazal
(268,406 on 6-2007)

poopy cat
soupy rhymes with poopy
Submitted By: douglaswaynewright
(268,373 on 6-2007)

great show!
Submitted By: princessofcairo
(268,147 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: mpetzel
(268,107 on 6-2007)

SoupyGato Rocks!
Love the show and the opportunity to hear a lot of great new artists!
Submitted By: doc.williams
(268,030 on 6-2007)
Submitted By: blimpmail
(267,980 on 5-2007)

Hope you make it to the #1 spot!!!!
Submitted By: lois491956
(267,975 on 5-2007)

Kevin Steinman
Hey there, this is a great podcast. Especially the part where my song gets played. *Clears throat*. Peace, Kevin
Submitted By: Kevin
(267,970 on 5-2007)

This show is great
Submitted By: johnnylojic
(267,853 on 5-2007)

What a great mix of music!
Submitted By: meathena
(267,841 on 5-2007)

Soupys Great!
Submitted By: jack_knight2006
(267,835 on 5-2007)

Daniel Harris Rocks !!
Best of luck to you Daniel, your show is awesome !!!
Submitted By: shelleymorningsong
(267,821 on 5-2007)

Great Show!
Great Show! Keep up the good work! The Jody Aaron Band
Submitted By: jody
(267,806 on 5-2007)

Yay Soupy Gato!!!
Thanks for playing Eva Holbrooks music!
Submitted By: lynn
(267,798 on 5-2007)

All the guys&galls from Till the morning comes wish you the best. Vote on McDuff
Submitted By: cellarmusicshayne
(267,780 on 5-2007)

Great show.
Submitted By:
(267,771 on 5-2007)

soupy for prez
tony parlato says dan harris for president. he is 35, born in the usa, and has a great podcast show.
Submitted By: tonwalpar
(267,742 on 5-2007)

groovy tunes...right on.
Submitted By: jjungers
(267,740 on 5-2007)

great show!
Submitted By: princessofcairo
(267,738 on 5-2007)

SoupyGato Show
Because they play the only good music that matters...
Submitted By: grannymilitia
(267,715 on 5-2007)

Soup is so dreamy!
Submitted By: xman_12
(267,712 on 5-2007)

Are all americans as brave as you, nope only us.
Submitted By: tinymyrick
(267,708 on 5-2007)

Soupy Gato
wet pussy babe, nuff said
Submitted By: sugar_weasel
(267,704 on 5-2007)

Gato gets us blotto
Rock on!
Submitted By: skitztv
(267,702 on 5-2007)

Soupy Gato
Awesone show - best o the net
Submitted By: thedhz
(267,691 on 5-2007)

my vote
I would like to cast my vote for Amy Maja on the SOUPYGATO MOTHERS DAY SHOW
Submitted By: tited1
(265,312 on 5-2007)

hey how do you want it?
Hi, Came across you on the internet we have a new album out called Clearwater.. The album is a PROFESSIONAL recording in the style of adult album alternative/indie/folk rock. You can listen to samples at our web site If you like any songs let me know the song title and I can send you an mp3 and save the planet or you can send me your full address to send a hardcopy to. Thanks Una Walsh
Submitted By: tonynfa
(265,158 on 5-2007)

this show actually has good music. Who knew?!
Submitted By: gavin
(265,000 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: moparmutt
(264,656 on 5-2007)

amy maja
i vote for amy maja...she is the coolest! xoxo a.maja
Submitted By: amymaja
(264,590 on 5-2007)

Julia Messenger on soupy gato
Submitted By: messenger.julia
(263,884 on 5-2007)

sweet sounds
Submitted By: christy
(263,220 on 5-2007)

Kleen luvs The Soup
Great Job DJH
Submitted By: celltron
(262,391 on 5-2007)

Kimmi :)
Kimmis doing a wonderful job for you, we know because she told us! Keep it up :o) Graham and Roz (static field) xx
Submitted By: static-field
(261,310 on 5-2007)

Mothers Day Show
Id like to hear some sacre noir solo female artist that has been played on the show before. Cheers A
Submitted By: savagesoundsystem
(261,291 on 5-2007)

A song to my mum
Ei Dan, Please, I would appreciate if you could play a song for my my Antonia... Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: cogombra
(261,231 on 5-2007)

Excellent cooked! Great show! Add some Bacon, happy cooker...
Submitted By: singinswine
(261,174 on 5-2007)

Mothers Day
Please play Gigi Dover and The Big Love
Submitted By: badcatpub
(261,139 on 5-2007)

Show rocks I listen because of Kimmie !!!
Submitted By: mackmm69
(261,102 on 5-2007)

The SoupyGato Show is Fab!
Submitted By: asaseljestad
(261,101 on 5-2007)

3 Kisses
Hey Daniel, Im a Rockin Mom - Id really appreciate it if you play us on Mothers Day! Thanks, Tish Meeks
Submitted By: tish
(261,092 on 5-2007)

Great Show
Kleen still love the Soup...
Submitted By: michealjozwiak
(260,998 on 5-2007)

I love this show!
Clearly the best podcast on the Net.
Submitted By: robin_brodsky
(260,456 on 5-2007)

Awesome Shows
Dan Cares about the music and the people making it. He devotes a big part of his life to the show. He deserves a lot of praise for putting so much time into it for no pay. Is rare these days, people doing something for nothing.
Submitted By: sunnymallory
(260,244 on 5-2007)

cat soup rules
i have an orange cat i would like to eat. i think he would be better slow roasted than made into soup. keep the show rolling.
Submitted By: astroal
(260,231 on 5-2007)

Hi Kimmi
Submitted By: Jkott70
(260,008 on 5-2007)

This show rocks!
This show is the shiznit! Cant wait for more from you all!
Submitted By: psychoalienboy
(259,974 on 5-2007)

hello sweethearts. Hello sweethearts. Leon casts his vote for the Gato. (mwrowrrr!) Drop by and say hello at or love and bionics, Jess & Jeff
Submitted By: hyperbubble1
(259,852 on 5-2007)

love this broadcast!
Submitted By: frstpony
(259,729 on 5-2007)

Kimmi is #1!!!!!!
Kimmi works hard, why you ridin her doggy style???? Love ya Kimmi Ru!!! Kristin
Submitted By: krisfris
(259,711 on 5-2007)

excellent show
A great show!
Submitted By: valdric
(259,700 on 5-2007)

soupygato rocks
as in....soupy gato is the best
Submitted By: pyramidstudy
(259,688 on 5-2007)

My biggest fear is life, and all it has to offer.
Submitted By: ryandubois
(259,584 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: vanwiedo
(259,535 on 5-2007)

Soupy Greato!
Love these guys! Wishing them continued success! Ed/agent for The Lost Patrol
Submitted By: ed
(259,534 on 5-2007)

strang fear
being reincarnated as a chicken cause I dont practice Buddhism enough.
Submitted By: alternat
(259,533 on 5-2007)

mac book name
its a Mac Cessorie;-) well,,it could be in Scotland anyway hehe cheers mate JimmyD;-)
Submitted By: monsterpop
(259,009 on 5-2007)

The SoupyGato Show is finger-lickin good!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(258,650 on 5-2007)

Super Soupy Gato
Yep - way the best. A fresh pleasure every 3 minutes!
Submitted By: ken
(258,473 on 5-2007)

Right on!
Great shows DanielJ! Rock on!!! ~ Laurie Biagini Vancouver, BC Canada
Submitted By: lauriearleen
(258,266 on 5-2007)

Popup love SoupyGato
Cool show nice dude running it
Submitted By: alec
(257,878 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: lily4me
(257,844 on 5-2007)

Go Dan!
Biggest Fear? Finding half a soggy a cockroach in the bottom of my coffee cup. Erk!
Submitted By: kdc
(257,557 on 5-2007)

Great show, great DJ!
Submitted By: weaponshop
(257,485 on 5-2007)

weird fear
in one of the greenhouses i work in there are always a lot of garder snakes laying around, warming themselves in the sun...for some reason when i have to use the washroom in the middle of the night, i picture those snakes coming up the toilet at me! yikes!...of course this is completely irrational and by my own definition...well...weird!
Submitted By: allisonbarkley
(257,452 on 5-2007)

the fear
You want fear? Ill give you fear - the fear of getting an boner at hugely inappropriate times. You know the feeling, that tell tale stirring you get on the train, in the frozen food section of the local supermarket, in the dentist waiting room. You try to dismiss it by thinking about Maggie Thatcher peeing on your face or some other nightmare scenario, but it does no good - youve got a full bladder and that blood is only going one way. You thank your lucky stars that youre carrying a laptop bag and you make your excuses, leaving with it swinging unnaturally in front of your crotch, but trying your hardest not to bang it against anything you might regret.
Submitted By: skemp
(257,432 on 5-2007)

Fear of the Chalupaagua
I am deathly afraid of the Chalupaagua. The Chalupaagua is a large chalupa that is 99.9% water. You dont wanna know what the .1% is, trust me. The Chalupaagua lurks around the dumpsters at cheap, fast-food, chain tacquerias like Taco Bell or Taco Bueno waiting for homeless people to go through the garbage so it can jump out and eat them. Thats why you see so many old clothes lying around on the street. Those people have been eaten by the Chalupaagua.
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(257,423 on 5-2007)

Heres some fear for the soupy gato show!
Submitted By: greghostiuck
(257,390 on 5-2007)

I fear the Soupy Gato show is not getting enough votes, so here is my vote!
Submitted By: greghostiuck
(257,389 on 5-2007)

This Pop Superhero is afraid of putting her hands ANYWHERE that she cant see them, LOL ... behind the couch, under the bed, in a shoe ... sometime in the back of my fridge ... when I see that George Carlin "meat cake!" (looks like cake ... smells like meat) Seriously though, I wont even push stuff down in the blender. I have Trauma Team film fantasies about what will happen to my little fingers!
Submitted By: GirlPower
(257,378 on 5-2007)

good show!
Submitted By: michael
(257,141 on 5-2007)

Just Great F***** Sounds
Submitted By: thinktankrecords
(257,093 on 5-2007)

Great Show!
Hi Dan, Thanks for a great show and for supporting independant artists. Åsa - Manager for Eamonn Dowd & The Racketeers
Submitted By: asakarrman
(257,066 on 5-2007)

I have this weird fear of midgets. I dont know they just creep me out.
Submitted By: beth_bennett80
(257,040 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: mpetzel
(257,001 on 5-2007)

MAy you vote?
I want a hot dog made out of cat fish!!! djh the soupygato show
Submitted By: soupygato
(256,982 on 5-2007)

Margot B
MArgot B
Submitted By: hollis
(255,711 on 4-2007)

Margot B. is HOT!
Nice show...some very smooth music but Panic of Love was off the charts! You might be the first but I dont think its the last time I hear that song....go Margot B. wherever you are..........................
Submitted By: craig
(255,608 on 4-2007)

margot b - panic of love
im voting for margot b - panic of love
Submitted By: adam.smith82
(255,508 on 4-2007)

Margot B
Voting for Margot Bs Panic of Love
Submitted By: lulie13
(255,495 on 4-2007)

Great music...
...especially Chris Murphy.
Submitted By: slowrighthand
(255,452 on 4-2007)

SuperSoupygato Show
Excellent coffee and cigarrettes voice and open minded to everykind of music...The USA needs more people like Dan!
Submitted By: cogombra
(255,341 on 4-2007)

This show is crucial to advance the Indie cause:-) ... !
Submitted By: laurie
(255,325 on 4-2007)

Soupy Gato
What a bad ass podcast! Was that a rhyme? Love the show and Ive been voting!
Submitted By: greghostiuck
(255,260 on 4-2007)

Naming the Mac
Macphistogato or The Wharf Lap
Submitted By: bubzyb
(253,627 on 4-2007)

SoupymacO or Mackie Gato
Submitted By: jodyfriedman
(253,610 on 4-2007)

New mac book name
I think you should name it ... Drum roll... "Soupylibro" Libro means book in spanish... Scott
Submitted By: mojoshouse
(253,595 on 4-2007)

Always the Best Indie
Being an Irish lass, I have to assume that your new colleague is "Hilarious MacBook," or Hilary, for short (if youre of certain political persuasions; if not, simply Mac will do!). Thanks for lots of great music! Kathleen Anne
Submitted By: info
(253,591 on 4-2007)

name for your mac
soupy maco!
Submitted By: astroal
(253,584 on 4-2007)

You got my vote! Love listening to the SoupyGato Show!
Submitted By: lois491956
(253,455 on 4-2007)

honest, real and raw
Submitted By: allisonbarkley
(252,589 on 4-2007)

Private World
Submitted By: privateworldteam
(250,917 on 4-2007)

Outa sight!
The Soupygato show is just outa sight, everytime your listen, its a blast!
Submitted By: mikeharwood
(249,650 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: dangermoneyrecords
(248,747 on 4-2007)

The Genders
Submitted By: thegenders
(248,344 on 4-2007)

keep listening
get you votes out for the SoupyGato podcast - always willing to play unknown artists the worl over. Great show, great music
Submitted By: guantanamo-carrie
(248,196 on 4-2007)

vote for SoupyGato !!!
The SoupyGato show is great... hes amazing, and really goes above and beyond to support independent artists/musicians. - Mr. Shy
Submitted By: altnso03
(248,133 on 4-2007)

equals conquest
check us. podsafe material linked from myspace page, word.
Submitted By: equalsconquest
(248,072 on 4-2007)

Gato rules
The Panderers rock!!!
Submitted By: freddy_b39
(248,042 on 4-2007)

Great Stuff!
Great show man!!!
Submitted By: fatcatdaddies
(247,996 on 4-2007)

3 Kisses
Daniel, Thanks for playing 3 Kisses! XXX, Tish, Tony, John, Tim
Submitted By: 3kisses
(247,976 on 4-2007)

You rule:))
Hola Daniel, We love your energy and enthusiasme and thank you for supporting Indie Music! Greetings from Belgium, Humble Grumble
Submitted By: info
(247,860 on 4-2007)

soupygato show rocks
you get my vote everyday!! Peace Kimberly Megoran
Submitted By: kmegoran
(247,784 on 4-2007)

Thank yo for supporting Indie Music. Daniel and the Soupy GATO SHOW ROCK!!!!! Leanne Goose, Inuvik, NT Canada
Submitted By: leanne
(247,587 on 4-2007)

Absolutely the best...the coolest man on the airwaves
Submitted By: e11enzak5
(247,432 on 4-2007)

Great Show
Great show guys Souldriver loves ye
Submitted By: stephen
(247,427 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: ginnymar
(247,396 on 4-2007)

Most entertaining music show on the internet!!
Submitted By: heathercarr1
(247,366 on 4-2007)

Daniel J is one cool cat. well done show. sho nuff
Submitted By: scott_wynn
(247,356 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: Centerdriveband
(247,324 on 4-2007)

Soup is Good Food
Listen to SoupyGato - He is like Chicken Soup for the rancid, indie, twisted soul you know you have.
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(247,319 on 4-2007)

We love you The SoupyGato Show !!!
Submitted By: bastardfairiesthe
(247,309 on 4-2007)

Its soooo Divine
Submitted By: info
(247,271 on 4-2007)

vote for soupygato
Submitted By: fdbass
(247,268 on 4-2007)

Rock on SoupyGato!
Definitely want to show my support for DJ, who rocks the selection of music!
Submitted By: jppeters
(247,265 on 4-2007)

great stuff
we like - listen it big time. Go early often young jedi.
Submitted By: skemp
(247,243 on 4-2007)

play that funky music, white boy!
Submitted By: xman_12
(247,240 on 4-2007)

Trifog for Soupy!
Total props to the Soupy Gato show. We (Trifog) love what they do for us as a band, and what theyre doing for all unsigned, independent artists. Keep up the good work! Also, if youre into some straight-up hard rockin goodness in the vein of Sabbath and Soundgarden, be sure to check us out at: ...and of course on the new edition of the Soupy Gato Show.
Submitted By: woznia13
(247,239 on 4-2007)

great show
Submitted By: lily4me
(247,230 on 4-2007)

Still great still listening
Submitted By: msluvinlife
(247,227 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: kdc
(247,218 on 4-2007)

The Soupygato Show is great!
Submitted By: rafluco1
(247,215 on 4-2007)

Love this show. Great music from start to finish!
Submitted By: kmorrison
(247,036 on 4-2007)

Very Very Good Show(No63)
Submitted By: thinktankrecords
(246,777 on 4-2007)

Fantastic show!!!!
Submitted By: knynkly
(246,753 on 4-2007)

SAR Loves Soupy!!
Some Asselmbly Required absolutley LOVES Soupy!!!
Submitted By: mtnbiker5
(246,746 on 4-2007)

soupy gato is awesome
great great podcast!!
Submitted By: itheclown
(246,721 on 4-2007)

My kinda soup!
Submitted By: stevesomerset
(246,661 on 4-2007)

All around the world
Daniel promotes music from all over the world helping unsigned artist get heard in places they often wouldnt. He takes time to listen and comment on every artist. Scotland most definately rates this show. Love from Sisa.
Submitted By: sisamusic
(246,558 on 4-2007)

this show rules
Submitted By: astroal
(246,546 on 4-2007)

Daniel Rocks!
Thanks for promoting indie music. XXX, Tish
Submitted By: tish
(246,534 on 4-2007)

SoupyGato absolutely ROCKS!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(246,522 on 4-2007)

Best show ever.
Submitted By: jenniebarber
(246,507 on 4-2007)

kick arse
this show is magical.
Submitted By: mrsharkattack
(243,216 on 3-2007)

Great show! Sage4 is a great band!!!
Submitted By: rockmetalguy
(242,431 on 3-2007)

Keep the great, eclectic tour rolling....very diverse, very cool! RV
Submitted By: rvantol11
(242,423 on 3-2007)

Great podcast with great music.
Submitted By: asakarrman
(242,253 on 3-2007)

I really Love the Music the loco Gato plays... I listen daily
Submitted By: mojoshouse
(241,636 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: soupygato
(240,368 on 3-2007)

I have been listening to the soupygato show for apx 8 months, in my opion Dan Harris plays a variety of music and gives equal coverage to all. Many of the artists on His show are exceptional, and some are not, but He gives a fair shake to all. He is also entertaining and informative.
Submitted By: msluvinlife
(240,278 on 3-2007)

This show is awesome
Kleen of The Goin Deep Show- DJH rocks and so does his show. If your not listening to this show - what the hell are you doing? Great job buddy.. Top 20 awesome...
Submitted By: Kleen
(239,993 on 3-2007)

YAY Soupy Gato!!!
DanielJ played SHELs song Jack Box on his show.
Submitted By: lynn
(239,905 on 3-2007)

Hey there...just passin through to vote for the wonderful Soupy Gato Show...who also played one of my tracks. lman
Submitted By: singing
(239,893 on 3-2007)

Namdags vote
love the show and listen to it while I make my herbal formulas. New and exciting artists added each week and such a wide variety of musical talents. it blows me away week after week!
Submitted By: rweissm1
(239,885 on 3-2007)

Great Show!
Submitted By: MusikLab
(239,884 on 3-2007)

DJH has one of the best music podcasts worldwide!
Submitted By: scott
(239,622 on 3-2007)

soupygato show rocks!
Submitted By: trubadore
(239,451 on 3-2007)

SoupyGato Rocks
Dan is the man!
Submitted By: thedhz
(239,071 on 3-2007)

brilliant show
Submitted By: anderson
(239,063 on 3-2007)

Fantastic Stuff
What a great show this is - so much energy and enthusiasm for the music, and a great attitude of supporting indie artists around the world. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: music
(239,053 on 3-2007)

Thumbs up for The Soupygato
Submitted By: heavenssad
(238,977 on 3-2007)

Excellent title!
Great show with some really fantastic new tunes to listen out for.
Submitted By: rubymac
(238,845 on 3-2007)

My Vote
The SoupyGato Show
Submitted By: sugar_weasel
(238,778 on 3-2007)

I might say I am a bit bias, however even before we were featured on the show I was a fan. We were introduced to SoupyGato show through our promoter "Bitchin Entertainment" LA/ATL. and I was hooked. Great indie music, great formats and schemes. overall one of the best PodCasts on the waves today. Rock on big D."Soupy" Sincerely Andy Easton The TIN ROOF
Submitted By: tinroof
(238,725 on 3-2007)

Excellent show
Im a long-time listener. Very good show. The best unknown music. Great host. I recommend this show to everyone.
Submitted By: mike8657
(238,685 on 3-2007)

Brilliant show, brilliant dj, brilliant content,brilliant idea.
Submitted By: jenniebarber
(238,615 on 3-2007)

The Great Soupy Gato Show.
My music has been played on numerous Soupy Gato shows. Daniels support of the music I have been making is invaluable to spreading the word . This is a great show..and I wish Daniel continued success with the show. Mitch Schecter "The Rip Chords" "MitchnAmy" "Solo"
Submitted By: mitchschecter
(238,573 on 3-2007)

Vote For Soupy Gato
Count my vote toward Soupy Gato.
Submitted By: Ty
(238,492 on 3-2007)

Go Soupy Go!;)
Submitted By: jasonbrownbassplayer
(238,428 on 3-2007)

go go soupygato show
love ya ! Gigi Dover and The Big Love !
Submitted By: badcatpub
(238,378 on 3-2007)

Great Show, Keeping Music Real
Submitted By: rubdhul
(238,366 on 3-2007)

Bad Ass
DJH your doin an awesome job man, love the show, keep on keepin on
Submitted By: bobgillard
(238,357 on 3-2007)
Submitted By: caraclore
(238,339 on 3-2007)

love the show!
I love the SoupyGato show and Dan is doing a great service to all great indie music out there!
Submitted By: paulcaraher
(238,222 on 3-2007)

cool show!
great show, check it out!
Submitted By: crumbwitty
(238,221 on 3-2007)

Best music show on the net!!!
Submitted By: heathercarr1
(238,132 on 3-2007)

You should check it out
I love the SoupyGato Show
Submitted By: jessegilsinger
(238,124 on 3-2007)

The Best Podcast
The SoupyGato Show is simply the most incredible podcast that I have had the good fortune of finding. The music is new and refreshing and is from every genre. What a gift we all have in The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: knynkly
(238,112 on 3-2007)

Love to the Soupy Gato Show!
Love the Soupy Gato show for spinning the best music, period. Lots of people wrote in saying they discovered Christine Anderson when you guys played "Hollywood Trainwreck" and "Bobby Hunter" right here on the Soupy Gato show! Thanks for bringin the good stuff! - Brian Lewis
Submitted By: blewismusic
(238,096 on 3-2007)

i love this show
its a lovley show with many styles and blends of good music, i feel that the way it should be...
Submitted By: yaelcl
(238,095 on 3-2007)

Best show
Submitted By: rory
(238,088 on 3-2007)

Soup for the ears!
Great show, great music - love the mix!
Submitted By: stevesomerset
(238,079 on 3-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: echoesofrana
(238,068 on 3-2007)

The only music show to listen to.
Great stuff from DJH and the Soupygato show. Always great with a mix different styles. Keep it up.
Submitted By: kidgarcia
(238,065 on 3-2007)

Great Variety
Submitted By: hailbop57
(238,055 on 3-2007)

Great show!!
Belladonna love the SoupyGato Show!!!
Submitted By: dani
(238,052 on 3-2007)

Great Podcast!
Soupy Gato is awesome, Ive had my music played on it a few times and I always enjoy listening. It deserves all the votes it can get!! Rohan.
Submitted By:
(238,031 on 3-2007)

This show is great!! Its a 10 out of 10. This podcast showcases great music.
Submitted By: nectarband
(238,027 on 3-2007)

I vote for them
I vote for them
Submitted By: joshuajericho
(238,017 on 3-2007)

SoupyGato Simply Rocks!
Such an amazing unique show! We here in Ireland love it!!
Submitted By: linda
(238,003 on 3-2007)

Greetings from Scotland Weve found The SoupyGato Show to be one of the most eclectic and enjoyable podcasts around. theBLIMP
Submitted By: blimpmail
(237,965 on 3-2007)

Great Show!
Played Emotional Rescue(one of our acts)several times.Most of the music played is very good.
Submitted By: thinktankrecords
(237,964 on 3-2007)

The best on line show, since slice bread. Coming from the hart of EXPLOSIVE JOSEPH CENTER DRIVE
Submitted By: centerdriveband
(237,963 on 3-2007)

SupyGato ROCKS!!
Submitted By: leannegoose
(237,961 on 3-2007)

Soupy really cooks
SoupyGato relaxes me. That Duke has such a calming attitute and I loooove his selection of music, it so wide.
Submitted By: thubtenkway2
(237,952 on 3-2007)

cool show
soupy gato show rocks
Submitted By: tonwalpar
(237,950 on 3-2007)

The Soupy Gato Show ROCKS!
Submitted By: julia_knippen
(237,943 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: acazal
(237,942 on 3-2007)

This show is AWESOME!
The Soupy Gato Show is always a great mix of wonderful music, and the styles vary enough to keep you interested, but not so much that it is not complementary to itself. A great show!
Submitted By: mariakizirian
(237,932 on 3-2007)

Should be #1
Dan and Kimmi are the the show!!! Keep rockin!!
Submitted By: mom2kyle03
(237,926 on 3-2007)

SOUPYGATO is my kind of MUSIC!
Submitted By: girlpower
(237,925 on 3-2007)

The SoupyGato show is truly one of the best podcasts out there!
Submitted By: moodyroo
(237,916 on 3-2007)

I love The Soupygato Show
I love The Soupygato Show -- its the best podcast Ive ever heard :D
Submitted By: rhamenator
(237,915 on 3-2007)

this show rules
this show rules the podcast universe!
Submitted By: astroal
(237,902 on 3-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: slovakovamaria
(237,898 on 3-2007)

Great Podcast
This show is great. It plays new music all the time and a great source for independent musician to get heard and to be heard.
Submitted By: ahearnaudio
(237,897 on 3-2007)

soupygato show
soupygato show is an amzing radio show, always playing fresh music straight out the oven, great variety, very versatile. you got to love it. peace. randy mason
Submitted By: rmason2185
(237,886 on 3-2007)

Great eclectic mix of international music
Submitted By: info
(237,885 on 3-2007)

Great show!!!!!
Submitted By: rafluco1
(237,880 on 3-2007)

SoupyGato Rocks
Soupy puts on a great show with lots of variety and always some surprises. Ive discovered some great music thanks to djh.
Submitted By: mary.hestand
(237,877 on 3-2007)

Great Show!
Submitted By: blair
(237,872 on 3-2007)

Love the show
Submitted By: burme4
(237,869 on 3-2007)

great show
Submitted By: stivmachine
(237,863 on 3-2007)

Great show!
Great show! Keep ut up!
Submitted By: witchqueen
(237,842 on 3-2007)

Great show!
this is a really good show, i have listened in so many times, really good selection of songs. well done keep it up
Submitted By: danielzigster
(237,839 on 3-2007)

Great show for unsigned bands
And Daniels a friendly chap too.
Submitted By: ash.akhtar
(237,837 on 3-2007)

the great soupy show!!!
This man does an exceptional show and I way love it since it was also the first podcast for me ;) Keep it on Gato!
Submitted By: cixx.j
(237,836 on 3-2007)

soupygato show rocks
Soupygato show is great. I love the diversity and I love soupygato. The show is highly creative as Dan is an amazing writer and poet. In this world there are many great bands and musicians. With the soupygato show you can listend to an amazing menue of artists. I vote for the Soupygato show... Peace. K
Submitted By: kmegoran
(237,835 on 3-2007)

Top Show!
Ive really enjoyed listening to this.
Submitted By: martin.starfighterpilot
(237,834 on 3-2007)

Atta boy, Soupy!
Submitted By: xman_12
(237,831 on 3-2007)

this show is fabulous
Well done!
Submitted By: minmax
(237,830 on 3-2007)

SoupyGato Rox
awesome show
Submitted By: valdric69
(237,643 on 3-2007)

Dan J is the Don
The SoupyGato show is a fantastic way to diversify your listening. Playing all manner of music but maintaing a high quality standard, Dan J manages a well structured and thoroughly entertaining show. Highly reccomended.
Submitted By: thefunkytikka
(237,614 on 3-2007)

Wonderful work done at the soupy gato show!
Submitted By: greghostiuck
(237,586 on 3-2007)

Super SoupyGato
A great blend of all sorts of amazing music, from all over the world, handpicked by Daniel. Never a dull moment! Once youve listened once, you gotta be there every week! Great job!
Submitted By: ken
(237,570 on 3-2007)

good show
thanks bro good show..... thanks for our inclusion take care BETR
Submitted By: mkellyhrp1
(125,037 on 5-2006)

Great show! Eclectic and consistantly cool.
Submitted By: johnbmckenna
(121,535 on 5-2006)

cool as
we love Soupy!
Submitted By: skemp
(120,085 on 5-2006)

Submitted By: soupygato
(118,189 on 5-2006)

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