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Sick And Wrong: The Podcast Comments

There are 929 Comments for this Podcast
Awesome !
Keeping it SICK, keeping it WRONG ! Exposing all the stupid people of the world, the ones that Darwin forgot !
Submitted By: taras
(546,791 on 9-2013)

Funniest shit Ive ever listened too
Submitted By: danieljb123
(546,126 on 3-2013)

Great listening.I am working through back episodes at ep67 so far,on the up side hours of sick and wrong to enjoy.
Submitted By: shamhimself
(545,806 on 12-2012)

best [po
Submitted By: m_hack
(545,486 on 10-2012)

Sergeant butt-naked
This podcast blows the others out of the tubes! I've give others a try but non of them can amount to the professionalism or entertainment factor. They seem to bounce of each other like 2 little gay bastards, keep it up "lads" (In Dee and Lances ridiculous English accen ha)
Submitted By: Petergrimes106
(545,163 on 9-2012)

Submitted By: liamguitars
(544,807 on 6-2012)

Submitted By: comdiver
(541,120 on 12-2011)

Submitted By: bryngunn
(540,165 on 11-2011)

awsome podcast!
Submitted By: mattayton2005
(538,012 on 8-2011)

You make me hard.
and im not gay.
Submitted By: parasitic590
(537,457 on 7-2011)

#1 podcast
keep it sick... keep it wrong!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: titoxxlive
(535,522 on 5-2011)

How Keith and the Girl is still topping all lists and SW isnt Ill never know...
Submitted By: joe_gadd
(534,853 on 5-2011)

Let the Sickness spread ~
Submitted By: tia-ely_kitsune
(534,205 on 4-2011)

love this
Submitted By: pzfailer
(533,392 on 3-2011)

Sick and Wrong
Should be #1.
Submitted By: lyinglikelionsx
(533,275 on 3-2011)

Top Notch Screwed Up Dudes
if ya gonna do anything sick n wrong this year then check out these boys... im hooked....theyre my kinda guys!!!
Submitted By: cuddlymadcow
(532,715 on 3-2011)

the best thing since like,,,,,ever
these guys have such an enigmatic style....i wanna S&W sticker...
Submitted By: cuddlymadcow
(531,804 on 2-2011)

Best Show
These guys are good.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(528,542 on 11-2010)

Best Show
These guys tell it like it is, and make me laugh doing it.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(526,854 on 10-2010)

Best Show
This guys tell it like it is!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(525,394 on 9-2010)

Sick and wrong #1
Submitted By: Joefelon
(525,120 on 9-2010)

keep it sick
Submitted By: tmaughan2005
(524,889 on 9-2010)

lick my balls
Submitted By: paulwhite176
(524,758 on 8-2010)

The show has changed my life new listener and Im only on #63
Submitted By: Joefelon
(524,352 on 8-2010)

Awesome as usual!
Submitted By: ssmmdd84
(524,195 on 8-2010)

Great Shows
You guys suck but its a good podcast, keep up the good work ass hats.
Submitted By: ggriffin924
(523,005 on 7-2010)

Always quality
I discovered S&W about amonth ago and have smashed through the first 70 shows. I love it!
Submitted By: jiminologist
(522,900 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: mcluckie1
(522,863 on 7-2010)

Super smashing great
Submitted By: Craig.apted
(522,367 on 7-2010)

Best Show
Theys guys are going strong and you need to listen.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(522,352 on 7-2010)
Submitted By: justinsae2001
(522,117 on 7-2010)

Love it!
Submitted By: Wnpiers
(521,841 on 7-2010)

Hell ya!
Kanpai Motha Fuckas! From Shank in Japan. BTW Intern...I did get a GF....Just happened to be the same one again. Guess that vibrator wont have to be recycled or tossed, just worn out. Keep it Sick, Keep it Wrong.
Submitted By: gotfadedjapan
(521,786 on 7-2010)

Still loving their work!
If you enjoy the weird and gross listen to this now!
Submitted By: nabaishko
(521,133 on 7-2010)

Sick and Wrong
Does it get better than this, I dont think so!!!
Submitted By: ireallycouldntgiveashit
(520,402 on 6-2010)

Excellent Podcast
Never know what is coming next.
Submitted By: bryansmf
(520,400 on 6-2010)

sick and wrong
Submitted By: ill1210
(520,351 on 6-2010)

Best podcast ever! Butholeticklingood...
Submitted By: mathoil
(520,254 on 6-2010)

Sick and Wrong
The title of this podcast says it all. Funny but disturbing at the same time!
Submitted By: waynefb
(520,186 on 6-2010)

Sick and wrong are fucking great
Submitted By: Kenneywyatt
(520,058 on 6-2010)

love you guys
Submitted By: shanago
(520,003 on 6-2010)

This show rocks
Submitted By: nabaishko
(519,623 on 6-2010)

Soft and warm is sick and wrong
I need more than one episode a week...
Submitted By: stevedain
(519,552 on 6-2010)

best podcast around!
Submitted By: ameresk
(519,245 on 5-2010)

Great show!
Submitted By: spockthoughts
(519,134 on 5-2010)

The most awesome shit Ive ever heard on my iPhone. You guys cheer me up when Ive had a shitty day.
Submitted By: ssmmdd84
(519,096 on 5-2010)

Totally reflective of the cynical view of society!
Submitted By: af023
(518,967 on 5-2010)

i love this fucking podcast
Submitted By: robbiemusk
(518,953 on 5-2010)

Awesome podcast! gotta catch up to the latest ones! Keep it Up!
Submitted By: grimangel_xx_resource
(518,755 on 5-2010)

Best podcast on the net !
Submitted By: tigryonok
(518,518 on 5-2010)

Best Show
These guys are great!!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(518,359 on 5-2010)

listen to these guys, very funny
Submitted By: marcbooker
(518,337 on 5-2010)

sick and wrong
sick and wrong is fucking awesome and has made me want to kill people
Submitted By: lewissaysdie
(518,108 on 5-2010)

like them anyway
2 yankees that whine about everything,,, yet still amusing. Keep it up. Thanks.
Submitted By: kuksoolme
(518,054 on 5-2010)

sick and wrong rules
Submitted By: charliemccully
(517,921 on 5-2010)

Submitted By: mehiggins
(517,897 on 5-2010)

love it
Submitted By: jcardalaska
(517,726 on 4-2010)

Hey Cunts
Greetings from England.
Submitted By: Sinistrvm
(517,711 on 4-2010)

show rocks. huge fan.
Submitted By: nolans31
(517,543 on 4-2010)

best show on the internet wish i could join you in talking about all the fucked up shit that people do keep up the good work
Submitted By: jeff.riley
(517,515 on 4-2010)

great show faggots
love the show,keep em coming
Submitted By: hateisgood04
(517,328 on 4-2010)

Killer podcast
Dee and Lance are my heros
Submitted By: Brutal-one
(517,269 on 4-2010)

Sick and Wrong
The best podcast by far.
Submitted By: clendogz
(517,208 on 4-2010)

The Dogs B*ll*cks
Better than Rocky III. Or rude shaped vegetables. And almost as good as Carl Weathers. With 421% on the Nipple Milking Scale.
Submitted By: cfloordave
(516,445 on 4-2010)

good show
keep up the good work guys
Submitted By: sales
(516,223 on 4-2010)

Great show, guys! Greetings from Ukraine!
Submitted By: zapinguy
(515,988 on 4-2010)

Best Show
Best Podcast, these guys make me laugh alot!!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(515,858 on 4-2010)

S&W Rules
Rock on S&W
Submitted By: ahcfuo4ytknaahj
(515,350 on 3-2010)

By far the best fucking podcast out there....and Michigan is as bad as you say...from Prisontown (Jackson) Michigan
Submitted By: hoagie1969
(515,289 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: Pathos311
(515,263 on 3-2010)

fuckin sweet show guys
love this shit! btw D,you sound a lot like Michael Showalter.
Submitted By: hateisgood04
(515,169 on 3-2010)

The best that entertainment can get.
A very slick performance every week. Guaranteed to make you split your sides.
Submitted By: clive
(515,096 on 3-2010)

brilliant podcst
brilliant podcst
Submitted By: sales
(514,948 on 3-2010)

The Sickest Podcast
This So-Cal Greaser found The Missing link in his day.. Thank Tio-Sinner Los Grasosos So-cal Car Club
Submitted By: fprado976
(514,856 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: Pyrotechnic51
(514,817 on 3-2010)

Best Show
These guys are entertaining.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(513,760 on 3-2010)

One of the best podcasts around.
Submitted By: j.tunnicliffe
(513,554 on 3-2010)

Best show
Best show to listen.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(512,700 on 2-2010)

Dee and Simon
You got a hella dope podcast. Keep it up fag fuckers.
Submitted By: sublimezlw1016
(512,652 on 2-2010)

Love this podcast, keeps me awake at night pissing myself while the mrs sleeps.
Submitted By: leeww76
(512,297 on 2-2010)

Submitted By: Mortagern
(512,093 on 2-2010)

This rocks!!
Submitted By: worldchef
(511,969 on 2-2010)

Best Show
Long time listener, these guys entertain!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(511,599 on 2-2010)

sick & wrong = love
Love you guys! Im only on episode 79 and Im working my way up to the current ones. I think my brain is slowly rotting listening to so much sick and wrongness but I just cant stop haha
Submitted By: talijoyfulvegan
(511,345 on 2-2010)

Best entertainment ever!
Submitted By: paddy
(511,341 on 2-2010)

They make me laugh a lot ! May be some kind of a tv award my be in order.
Submitted By: bill
(511,320 on 2-2010)

still upsetting the applecart after all this time... good effort! paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(511,040 on 2-2010)

sick and wrong
Insert sound effect here!
Submitted By: ckcodykee
(510,749 on 1-2010)

the worlds source for bukkake and murder jokes
Submitted By: mattr519
(510,456 on 1-2010)

Lick my balls!!!
This podcast is the best. I listen to every week and have just joined the forum. Keep it sick guys.
Submitted By: Codonnell95
(510,439 on 1-2010)

voting for Sick&Wrong
Just voting, dunno what you guys want me to comment about?
Submitted By: rob_c_69
(510,377 on 1-2010)

Best Show Ever
Long time listener, best show ever!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(509,913 on 1-2010)

These 2 guys take all the sick thoughts you could ever have and say them out loud! I love how they constantly dont listen to each other & constantly ask questions! a great way to find out there are people more screwed up than you could ever be! A great podcast , well worth a listen! Keep up the good work...Rob Kennedy from Scotland salutes you!
Submitted By: bigrobk78
(509,760 on 1-2010)

Submitted By: frazngo
(509,324 on 1-2010)

The Best podcast I listen to
This was the first podcast i ever listened to. ive been hooked ever since.
Submitted By: frank_piscotta
(509,100 on 1-2010)

Sick & Wrong is Slick and Right!
Sick & Wrong is entertaining and (oddly) informative.
Submitted By: erichhaubrich
(508,943 on 1-2010)

Im good to you two. Paulybx (Punky!)
Submitted By: paulyb
(508,875 on 1-2010)

Absolutely brilliant, even understood by us Brits
Submitted By: glynp1
(508,325 on 12-2009)

Im addicted!
Great show! Learn about people from different countries and cultures and ridicule them. A laugh a minute. It gets me through my tedious daily bus rides.
Submitted By: fxman57
(508,035 on 12-2009)

awesome show. discovered it about a month ago. Just finished listening to podcast 90 the one with jeff, which was hilarious. Keep up the good work fellas.
Submitted By: jvoulstaker
(507,604 on 12-2009)

Fricken halarious
Im Allison from califrnia I loved it how u guys put me on the show about the accidental foot rapedge at laguna beach. U both get ne through long lame days at work l. I showed my brother ur podcast yesterday and we listened to the one about salvia and were cracking up. I also got my boyfriend into the pod cast as well. Keep it sick n wrong but dont forget entertaining and funny. Those four things combined makes this show totally rock :-)
Submitted By: Allisonrox3
(507,549 on 12-2009)

Vote for Sick and Wrong podcast
I want to support that good podcast with my vote
Submitted By: foster06
(507,384 on 12-2009)

Love it
Im still playing catch up. I listen to it as Im falling as sleep and as Im doing my homework,Im a pre-law student, taking my LSATs this summer so you entertain all kinds! I love that you guys make fun of couples that listen to you. My boyfriend and I both enjoy the show, its the only thing we can agree on when taking trips in the car. I will not listen to his screaming music and hes not a big fan of what I listen to, usually anything I can sing along to which prob. explains why he doesnt enjoy it! Someday Ill catch up and be able to vote/send in my own articles its my goal to make it on the podcast, maybe even more than getting into law school... but law school seems to hav better rewards than a sick and wrong care package. Dont know what Id do with your pubic hairs... Keep it Sick, Keep it Wrong!
Submitted By: ashesnadine
(507,343 on 12-2009)

Sick and Wrong, Best...Podcast...EVER!
Subject matter aside. These guys are seriously talented!
Submitted By: foldenauerm
(507,055 on 12-2009)

The Darkest Most Depraved Humor
Submitted By: danielemontoya
(506,910 on 12-2009)

this podcast is ridiculously funny and a must for any iTunes library
Submitted By: l4ace
(505,899 on 11-2009)

its great!!!
Submitted By: jlh65
(505,304 on 11-2009)

go sick and wrong!!! dont ever stop producing podcasts!!! I love you wackerle!!! - Jade from England
Submitted By: crystal11309
(505,230 on 11-2009)

Fuck YA S&W
Sick and Wrong is the perfect prescription to make up for the suck ass blues life hands me every fucking day!!!!
Submitted By: ggilliland1
(504,953 on 11-2009)

gud shet
good shit man
Submitted By: donaldwdavis
(504,854 on 11-2009)

It satifies my need for sickness, giving me more sparetime to spread it others.
Submitted By: jhaugvaldstad
(504,346 on 11-2009)

Love this show.
I am listening from 1 to current, trying to get to 4 a day.
Submitted By: tsharp7998
(504,341 on 11-2009)

Fucking GREAT!
This is the most sick and wrong and entertaining podcast ever!
Submitted By: ilya3531
(504,042 on 11-2009)

The most entertaining hour and a half for the sick at heart
Submitted By: elcrano83
(503,976 on 11-2009)

Sick, Wrong, and Very Funny
This is one of the greatest podcasts Ive found... Sarcastic discussion of the sickest happenings of the week. Highly recommended!
Submitted By: richzeigler
(503,942 on 11-2009)

Hilarious podcast
Great show guys, just love from Tracy in England. Would love to put you right on a few English bits and pieces though!! WE DO NOT BOIL PIZZA xxx
Submitted By: orchidtracy
(503,812 on 11-2009)

Very very very very very very very funny. And sick. And wrong.
Submitted By: myleedlefriend
(503,787 on 11-2009)

My favorite Podcraft
Listen to one and youll soon be downloading all the past episodes to catch up. Hilarity.
Submitted By: notnotchris
(503,638 on 11-2009)

yay, yay.
Submitted By: goatwhore.vomitfuck
(503,477 on 11-2009)

Keep up the great work! Paulybx (Punky!)
Submitted By: paulyb
(503,297 on 11-2009)

Best Show Ever
These guys have been entertaining me for over three years.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(503,280 on 11-2009)

Sick as
Discovered this a few weeks back, listening non stop at work. This is the only thing which gets me through the working day. Will supply you with stories soon!
Submitted By: ricardorossi44
(503,269 on 11-2009)

The best!
One of the best comedy podcasts out there. Consistantly funny,intelligent, and disgusting.
Submitted By: myporn101
(502,739 on 10-2009)

Best podcast out there. Very educational!! Thank you for your dedication and hard work, love the show, and listen to it everyday (in which i have time) Keep it sick, and keep it wrong. Omar
Submitted By: omar.castelan
(502,686 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: CSPOORUN
(502,666 on 10-2009)

I bought a 16gb ipod for my birthday and in three weeks i had to get rid of some of my music because I had filled it with Sick and wrong. I havent heard a bad one in over one hundred podcasts and i cant wait for more.
Submitted By: teresa
(502,534 on 10-2009)

Best pod cast out
Submitted By: Freeport916
(502,320 on 10-2009)

Love this game!!
Submitted By: boabab61
(501,978 on 10-2009)

Awesome Show: from a Skeptic
Love this show. Good laugh. I normally listen to science and skeptic podcasts and Im from the UK so did not expect to like. A real pleasure.
Submitted By: liamross
(501,894 on 10-2009)

Sick & Wrong
Submitted By: lburtch
(501,861 on 10-2009)

The Best
I Love Your Show.
Submitted By: jgkrywko
(501,795 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: derek1kobe
(501,380 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: sergie666
(500,939 on 10-2009)

The Jew and The Nerd
Two beautiful star children, glowing radiance of wisdom and mirth, elevate dirty disgusting evil rotteness and vile putrid depravity into human concience, and enlighten us all to the miraculous diverstiy of the wonderous world around us. (And makes us all feel a little sick and wrong!)
Submitted By: badger_parade
(500,788 on 10-2009)

This podcast ROCKS!!
Funniest podcast on the net.
Submitted By: actionwood7
(500,488 on 10-2009)

Best podcast ever!
Submitted By: thebom1127
(500,474 on 10-2009)

your the best love your podcast really entertaining
Submitted By: fredhondax
(500,362 on 10-2009)

Best. Podcast. Ever.
That is all!
Submitted By: doublenm
(500,092 on 10-2009)

this show is great. The world is sick and wrong and these guys just make it more bearable.
Submitted By: mrmayor19
(500,053 on 10-2009)

how wrong can you get ?
Love these guys ! ( not in a gay way ) How wrong can you get ... An alcoholic, chain smoking, tattooed, metro-sexual, that has a gay brother and a rabbi for a father . Lance is the other guy thats almost as messed up . The show is very entertaining and lots of fun ! Keep it sleazy guys !
Submitted By: h8machine04
(499,612 on 10-2009)

Best Ever
This show rocks!!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(499,394 on 10-2009)

Its the best podcast there is ever!!
Submitted By: josh.mcclure
(499,114 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: ilya3531
(498,957 on 10-2009)

you guys fuckin rock
just catching on to your podcast, iam into podcast 28 and i should be thru 40 by the end of the day tommorow. fuckin addicted and my girls fuckin addicted . keep up the great work
Submitted By: fredhondax
(498,776 on 9-2009)

um yea
love this podcast
Submitted By: amandap
(498,375 on 9-2009)

The dogs bollocks
Love the show its the dogs bollocks, I just wish you could get martin and steel on for a special show, peace out peeps. Extinctmemnoch
Submitted By: andy.jackson96
(498,129 on 9-2009)

Working my way...
through the catalog. On episode 107 right now and we gotta beat the bible!!
Submitted By: jjmoore44
(498,101 on 9-2009)

Keep up the sickness! Probably the best podcast out there!
Submitted By: chris.cooper
(497,905 on 9-2009)

a really good show!
Hello my name is Otto and Im from finland. I found your podcast trough itunes when looking for some good English material for my university hearing comprehension test. So I downloaded a few of your podcasts and first I thought what the fuck? Some jew and a homo from San Francisco talking about shitting on each others chests. Now tough I?ve listened almost 50 of those and Im afraid Im starting to enjoy your trash talk! Keep up the good work guys! I might come to San Francisco soon, to spot some real crack heads, cuz all we have Is alcoholics and a few heroine addicts which arent that interesting anymore.
Submitted By: ottovilo
(497,569 on 9-2009)

5 brown stars
Thanks for the continued entertainment.
Submitted By: toworkigo
(497,507 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: la.vie.en.noir
(497,459 on 9-2009)

sick and wrong consistently entertaining
quite surprising that these 2 chaps, without writers or any real production value, in a non studio, produce such a consistently entertaining podcast. I hope they can avoid boredom and common sense and continue to record.
Submitted By: lovrich
(497,414 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: ilya3531
(497,242 on 9-2009)

Sick and Just Right
So holy fuck, A show about all of the worst things in the world all fit down into one easy to listen podcast for your day abroad. Dee and Lance show great chemistrey together in the group thought outside of the podcast they both denige that they hang out or better yet even like each other. This is why I think that they are in fact two very nice but at the same time very in the closet gay men. They should come out and show to the world that the sickest and wrongest thing is there fucking durring the show. I joke... The show is great... It also pisses off my girlfriend BITCHS DEAD NOW.
Submitted By: garrettclark23
(497,175 on 9-2009)

great podcast
such a great podcast, because not only does it feature twisted news items, but also Dee Simmons and Lance Whackerles charismatic personlality make us laugh with their non-stop joke at every single minute of the podcast.
Submitted By: astromichael_747
(497,106 on 9-2009)

Best Podcast by far!
I highly recommend this to anybody with a sence of humor. I always look forward to the next podcast. Give it a lsten and youll see why this show spreads faster than a virus. Keep it sick, keep it wrong, and take er sleazy.
Submitted By: ramartinjr
(497,024 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: art.knute
(496,859 on 9-2009)

The Sickest
I love this show. It gives us the best of the worst news stories from around the world. Keep it sick and keep it wrong guys. Peace.
Submitted By: frantastic_frantasy
(496,788 on 9-2009)

your both a couple of fag and dee you the biggest
Submitted By: pon52mk
(496,766 on 9-2009)

a monthly vote of encouragement from Punky! radio, cheers Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(496,686 on 9-2009)

Keep up the good work
Submitted By: random_newbie
(496,620 on 9-2009)

Best Ever
This show makes my day!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(496,537 on 9-2009)

o0o yeah!
Submitted By: aelfie1875
(496,236 on 9-2009)

Sick And Wrong
Its quite funny, and surprisingly informative at times, about terrible terrible things.
Submitted By: danjrichards
(496,193 on 9-2009)

Awsome. Very funny.
Submitted By: james.trickerr
(495,611 on 9-2009)

best podcast ever just stop dissing the english im suprised sleezy E hasnt drop kicked ur asses yet hehe
Submitted By: haydn
(494,945 on 8-2009)

It rocks!
Submitted By: alexctaylor
(494,866 on 8-2009)

What an entertaining show! Im catching up ALL of them now!
Submitted By: splashgordon11
(494,763 on 8-2009)

Best Show Ever
This is the best podcast I have ever had the pleasure of listinging to. It makes my day when I have a new episode to listen to at work.
Submitted By: bmshapiro
(494,685 on 8-2009)

keep it sick, make it wrong
every deprived episode stimulates your inner serial killer ...adam from guernsey
Submitted By: adambougourd
(494,034 on 8-2009)

sick and wong all the way
wooo fuck ya
Submitted By: akai001
(493,841 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: fo0dst4mp
(493,637 on 8-2009)

Very sick very wrong but ficking brilliant
Submitted By: andy.jackson96
(493,585 on 8-2009)

Sick and Wrong rules
Most entertaining website out there!
Submitted By: copcutt
(493,541 on 8-2009)

I cant get enough of them
The only podcast that I listen to, and I cant get enough of them.
Submitted By: goodnightgirl
(493,518 on 8-2009)

Love the show
Submitted By: kati.kryzer
(493,488 on 8-2009)

Sick and right
This is the best podcast around
Submitted By: dave.powell
(493,405 on 8-2009)

Greatest show ever!
Thanx guys for this great show! I recommend it to all of my friends up here in Sweden... I promise that before the end of the year I will serve you some spectacular sick and wrong shit that deserves to be mentioned in the show! Can you accept a not media published story? This one is to sick to publish according to Swedish media (boring) policies. But it is 100% true... / Your half sick friend DaggeDisaster / Sweden
Submitted By: dag.isgor
(493,403 on 8-2009)
Submitted By: super_wolf_21
(493,384 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: davidmccandless94
(493,183 on 8-2009)

Best Ever
These guys know how to make me laugh!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(493,112 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: edicied1
(493,067 on 8-2009)

A Jew and his "life partner"
I wouldnt waiste my time any other way.Best shit i have listened to besides my favorite The Bible Podcast.
Submitted By: Blakehendrix
(492,798 on 8-2009)

apologies for the late vote - I really am a grumblechunk! Paulybx (P.S. sorry this is cut and pasted - Im busy!)
Submitted By: paulyb
(492,645 on 8-2009)

Voting for Sick and Wrong
Enlightened views!
Submitted By: pjsoden
(492,428 on 8-2009)

Very Funny!
A couple of total fucking pussies who do give a damn about humanity talking about the worst shit that people can do to themselves and each other.
Submitted By: dcsmith_60081
(492,415 on 8-2009)

You rule!
S&W shall be number 1!!!
Submitted By: talldarkguy86
(492,384 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: paxtone
(491,680 on 7-2009)

Just listen to it
Submitted By: redjello_12
(491,620 on 7-2009)

U guys rule
brap brap brap from england
Submitted By: talldarkguy86
(491,101 on 7-2009)

best ever
Submitted By: joe_daly07
(490,752 on 7-2009)

total entertainment
A day without sick and wrong is like a day without a BM.
Submitted By: fxman57
(490,719 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: wareagle90210
(490,635 on 7-2009)

Virgin Vote
Listening since the begining and finally motivated my ass to vote... There you go sick shits...
Submitted By: s2axc1_1
(490,603 on 7-2009)

Sicckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
I love this pod. keep on rocking you twisted fuckers
Submitted By: kevinbutlin
(490,358 on 7-2009)

Best on the net!
See title
Submitted By: redsox2328
(490,354 on 7-2009)

awesome, utter brilliance
Submitted By: maniacpsycho
(490,071 on 7-2009)

The Best
This is by far the best podcast Ive heard and the only non-Minnesota Twins one that I actually look forward to every week.
Submitted By: gwts1171
(489,950 on 7-2009)

Without a doubt the sickest podcast about. Also happens to be the best. *****
Submitted By: sean_d_martin
(489,537 on 7-2009)

Best PC= Sick and Wrong podcast
Hooray for Sick and Wrong podcast!!!!! One of the best and put together podcast Ive heard - and Ive heard a lot. Two of the smartest, sharp and funny guys reveal the sick and wrong undercurrent of our world, but we can rest at night knowing that Dee and Lance are at the helm. Ken J (Seattle)
Submitted By: mopup9
(489,401 on 7-2009)

Check out this podcast. Do it!!
Submitted By: dtrabilsy
(489,339 on 7-2009)
awesome awesome podcast, a beacon blazing forth spreading love, peace and family values to the darkest corners of society
Submitted By: pj_hopkins
(489,316 on 7-2009)

Best Ever
Been loyal listen for over 3 years!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(489,230 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: mwooten102
(489,148 on 7-2009)

smile bitches its hella early in the month and i alrdy voted!!
Submitted By: ashblades
(489,060 on 7-2009)

All the best from Punky! Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(488,858 on 7-2009)

Beat the Christians!
Submitted By: art.knute
(488,668 on 7-2009)

Because I can
Submitted By: beauford19
(488,585 on 7-2009)

Sick and Wrong kicks total ass!
Submitted By: pdobrinen
(488,518 on 6-2009)

Sickest and wrongest
Simply the most depraved podcast ever. Love it. So good that I want simon and wackerle to have my babies, and Im a straight man!
Submitted By: badger_parade
(488,489 on 6-2009)

the funnyiest podcast i have heard in a very long time.
Submitted By: murdie
(488,487 on 6-2009)

Simply the best
This is by far the best podcast on th tinternet. AWSOME
Submitted By: sean_d_martin
(488,460 on 6-2009)

Awesome Fucking show dudes, i listen to you guys and watch fetuses gargle afterbirth!!!
Submitted By: torontocupcrazy
(488,388 on 6-2009)

great show super funny
Submitted By: strangefinder
(488,379 on 6-2009)

Sick and Wrong
Best comedy podcast!
Submitted By: olegy123
(488,282 on 6-2009)

Sick and wrong
It will waste like an hour of your time.
Submitted By: ckcodykee
(488,221 on 6-2009)

best podcast EVER!
Dee and Lance are the greatest hosts Ive ever listened to. Funny as heck and right to the point. They make my 9 to 5 job possible without me going crazy. Keep it up guys!
Submitted By: redsox2328
(488,030 on 6-2009)

Amazingly Entertaining
I already fucking said it was "Amazingly Entertaining", what else do you want from me.
Submitted By: beauford19
(487,943 on 6-2009)

Voting for Sick and Wrong: The Podcast
Great podcast - make this bad boy number 1!
Submitted By: greenballs
(487,895 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: akai001
(487,688 on 6-2009)

you rock
This show rocks!! only started listening about a month ago but downloaded the catalogue and working my way through them. just about to listen to number 100!!!!!
Submitted By: scompton007
(487,618 on 6-2009)

The best podcast.
I have listened to many podcast ever since iTunes made a subscription option, and out of all the podcasts i have heard, this one is by far the most entertaining one. The two guys are funny as hell and pick stories that no matter what any one says, 99% if people love to hear. If you think you've heard funny and entertaining shows, trust me, its all nothing comparing to sick and wrong. Subscribe, and i promise you will NEVER miss an episode!
Submitted By: mikrosha
(487,612 on 6-2009)

Amazing show
The show is terrible, immoral, horrible and sick yet so so so funny. I laugh so hard everytime I listen to it.
Submitted By: Krump2buck
(486,661 on 6-2009)

this is just a great podcast to listen to!
Submitted By: ashblades
(486,656 on 6-2009)

Best show on Fake Radio! Keep up the great job.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(486,118 on 6-2009)

This podcast is sick, and wrong, and entertaining, and funny as hell. Its the best.
Submitted By: pddv
(485,733 on 6-2009)

Numero uno
Sick And Wrong is Foul depraved lucid hell spawn shizer...and is the best podcast around
Submitted By: crinjah
(485,593 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: grinningreen
(485,383 on 6-2009)

fuckin love these guys
whackerbater and dave make the world go around
Submitted By: michaudgordon
(485,326 on 6-2009)

depraved and evil
just the way we like it.
Submitted By: thrak61
(484,929 on 6-2009)

keep is sick keep it wrong
★★★★★ 5 stars for sick and wrong ☺
Submitted By: dan.mitten
(484,909 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: art.knute
(484,799 on 6-2009)

dee your a fucking fag,.
Submitted By: pon52mk
(484,621 on 6-2009)

gayest. podcast. ever.
Submitted By: wes.holt
(484,613 on 6-2009)

awesome podcast
Something to look forward to every week.
Submitted By: jimboach
(484,137 on 5-2009)

The best pod cast around
This pod cast Is the greatest invention since the cat!!
Submitted By: Amsidders
(483,951 on 5-2009)

Entertaining & Sick
Great to listen to when youre grocery shopping during the day here in Florida. Looking at these old people and listening to these guys is pretty funny!
Submitted By: camaho
(483,915 on 5-2009)

Sick and wrong
Keep it it sick and wrong boys.
Submitted By: vanwalpinator
(483,736 on 5-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: ammosambo
(483,656 on 5-2009)

Love it!!
Submitted By: pure_car_girl
(483,634 on 5-2009)

Great Podcast
This and Answer me this podcast are the funniest podcast out there hands down
Submitted By: oliver.r.thomas
(483,452 on 5-2009)

sick world we live in
Submitted By: mattof35
(483,290 on 5-2009)

Sick and Wrong is disturbing
I think this show is the most disturbing show on right now, show signs of an old Howard Stern quality, they should be proud of this deranged behavior.
Submitted By: sendone
(483,274 on 5-2009)

hells yeah
best podcast ever. Also listen to fluffgirl bobs band they fucking rock.
Submitted By: aklife_1
(483,040 on 5-2009)

Submitted By: art.knute
(482,976 on 5-2009)

best show ever
this podcast fucking rocks makes my work day moer bearable, only got another 80 or so to catch up!!!!!!!
Submitted By: andy.jackson96
(482,973 on 5-2009)

I almost vomited :o)
Submitted By: hodgsonmichelle
(482,908 on 5-2009)

fuckin sweet
Submitted By: akai001
(482,747 on 5-2009)

Awesome dude
a great show and i hope it keeps going... check it out
Submitted By: pj_hopkins
(481,948 on 5-2009)

Love it
Its educational, its hillarious, one of the absolutely best podcasts in existance.
Submitted By: lord_vondur
(481,643 on 5-2009)

You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO
Submitted By: jamescatandmouse
(481,305 on 5-2009)

Sweet podcast, keep it real.
Submitted By: Omar.castelan
(481,228 on 5-2009)

Sick and Wrong
Submitted By: tfaulkner83
(480,412 on 5-2009)

Get your greasy mitts around my pink sprinkler you cheeky litle St. Trinians. Woof! still voting after all this time... Paulybx (Punky!)
Submitted By: paulyb
(480,367 on 5-2009)

My favourite podcast of all time
Submitted By: bigchris29
(480,171 on 5-2009)

Sick and Wrong podcast
Best podcast going. I am starting from the beginning as I cannot wait for the next episode.
Submitted By: alanjbyrnes
(479,920 on 5-2009)

Good show with hilarious community.
Submitted By: alleex2
(479,188 on 5-2009)

5 days in
0 to 37 episodes already ,give it two weeks and will be upto date
Submitted By: rpearson_755
(478,889 on 4-2009)

I havent laughed so much... to the point and NO RULES! Come on in and be humored on all that is Sick and Wrong!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!
Submitted By: klj_55963
(478,830 on 4-2009)

Lance and Dee can Suck on my prostate glands
Submitted By: liamb0703
(478,692 on 4-2009)

i think this podcast is one of the best podcast ive heard. the things you guys say are all really wrong and it cracks me up. i also learned a lot of things thats going on around the world, and is preaty fucked up. i have to suggest you a site, but if u seen it then never mind then. and also a nasty video, is like the 2 girls one cup.
Submitted By: ericiyehrick
(478,272 on 4-2009)

cant get enough
this show is kick ass,they make a great team never a dull moment.
Submitted By: mdwood12
(478,115 on 4-2009)

fucking awesome!
im behind and just discovered your podcast. starting from the 1st episode and catching up on 2009! Sharing w/everyone I know who will appreciate it!
Submitted By: mymkdiva
(477,960 on 4-2009)

fuckin love this podcast itz fuckin great
Submitted By: akai001
(477,528 on 4-2009)

i love sick and wrong
you guys are the best "SICK FUCKS" online
Submitted By: rickychido
(477,376 on 4-2009)

I have only started listening to this program and I find myself completely addicted. Ive gone from episode 1-73 in less then two weeks. it keeps getting better and better! Keep it up guys! This stuff makes me laugh, cringe, and sometimes, sick.
Submitted By: fenixlife
(477,169 on 4-2009)

great podcast
Submitted By: frankblailock
(477,109 on 4-2009)

Cant say much about it! Just Great!
Submitted By: sinnemann
(476,772 on 4-2009)

Rock on!
Submitted By: ilikalapl
(476,688 on 4-2009)

Greatest Pod ever!
Dear "friends"! I finally voted for the first time. Sorry to admit that my only reason why not before was just lazyness... I have listened to your show since you guys started it, which propably makes me one the first of your swedish supporters. Yes Sweden - not Switzerland. I will send you guys my self experienced story when I lied awake (no sleeping-anestethic) during surgery and my doctor drilled in my skull... That was ...sick & wrong. Come back to you guys later & thanx for a great show which has given me so many laughs!
Submitted By: dag.isgor
(476,656 on 4-2009)

Greatest PODcast ever!!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(476,203 on 4-2009)

great show
Submitted By: aklife_1
(476,194 on 4-2009)

These Guys Rule the Fan Base
not only do these guys make an awesomely funny podcast, they also do their best to respond to loser fans like me...
Submitted By: ryanandkira
(476,036 on 4-2009)

Godly? Possibly?
These to guys, Wackman and the Jew are just great guys I mean if they were black homeless 2 year olds in Africa I would adopt them.
Submitted By: Shadowflame94
(476,025 on 4-2009)

Funniest podcast ever!!!
Submitted By: danchapel
(476,019 on 4-2009)

Graet show, still catching up on past episodes.
Submitted By: m.brooks27
(476,002 on 4-2009)

best pod cast ever!
Submitted By: lalarose_3
(475,873 on 4-2009)

sick and wrong
Submitted By: martynlee123
(475,809 on 4-2009)

Submitted By: tfokas
(475,807 on 4-2009)

SWP vote
My favourite (albeit the only one I subscribe to) podcast. The guys are hilarious.
Submitted By: dpeew
(475,586 on 4-2009)

vote for the sick story
Has to be the "off with your head sister" crazy shit man "Five Stars"
Submitted By: michaudgordon
(475,112 on 4-2009)

Totally uncensored and hilarious! You will laugh and cry at the same time!
Submitted By: hackedsom
(474,530 on 4-2009)

straight talking
the podcast is called sick and wrong, the content is sick and wrong. great job guys keep it up.
Submitted By: vanwalpinator
(474,483 on 4-2009)

sick and wrong
Submitted By: marcgolfs97
(474,408 on 4-2009)

Great team for a great podcast.
Needless to say, its an awesome show, quite entertaining all the time. Voices are cool and topics are very well selected. Whats fabulous is that you guys continued to deliver super cool program through the three years. Thanks and keep the excellence up.
Submitted By: oscube
(474,172 on 4-2009)

Fan Fucking Tastic
Submitted By: gorthain
(473,984 on 4-2009)

Endless awesome
Been listening to this show since the beginning and have never voted. So sorry. Had it with me for flights, road trips, and commutes. Always really funny and the quality keeps getting better and better. I would like to drink with these retards.
Submitted By: mypitboss
(473,614 on 4-2009)

Keep it up bitches!
Submitted By: fdlaney
(473,041 on 3-2009)

hell yeah
uh. fuck what a night. Love the show. did you know that they still let people fuck animals here in Alaska.
Submitted By: aklife_1
(473,022 on 3-2009)

quality sick shite Keep it up guys!!
Submitted By: tony
(472,759 on 3-2009)

Ive listened quite a few podcasts and this one is my absolute favorite! Sheer awesomeness!
Submitted By: jimirings
(472,609 on 3-2009)

you suck....
you guys totally suck...keep it up.
Submitted By: emeraldtraveler
(472,448 on 3-2009)

Sick and Wrong
For life.
Submitted By: skri13
(472,162 on 3-2009)

this podcast is a horrific and comical social commentary that will make your toes curl in disgust and humor. who ever you are, you are sure to love this podcast with all of its cringe-worthy stories and witty comments via sexy wackerly and damned hot dee!
Submitted By: teppy_worlk
(471,524 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: amsterzona
(471,453 on 3-2009)

Sick And Wrong
Sick And Wrong Fukin Rules
Submitted By: wigan_morris
(471,380 on 3-2009)

Keep it up
You guys sunk a little in feb, thought you might be loosing viewers but good to see you are making a resurgance :D
Submitted By: chris.cooper
(471,355 on 3-2009)

Awesomeness to the 5th power
Submitted By: Lordofchikens
(471,049 on 3-2009)

sick and wrong
sick and wrong fucking rocks
Submitted By: evil_guitar_god_666
(470,205 on 3-2009)

suck it
yeah thats right, nice n deep
Submitted By: wes.holt
(470,065 on 3-2009)

the best podcast on the net, 5 star
Submitted By: fordfalcon101
(470,003 on 3-2009)

Health care in America
Hey guys... Im currently on an expat assignment in India... and travel extensively. I listened to your podcast about the lady with the healthcare woes. No where else on the planet is medicine as expensive as in America... $2 prozac in India... free emergency care in England... My friend had a $6.00 x-ray a couple days ago. Dont blame insurance as much as the pharmacy and hospitals. Anyway that gets my vote this week.
Submitted By: robynsmith69
(469,963 on 3-2009)

i love them
Submitted By: akai001
(469,702 on 3-2009)

Luv the show
The guys have it right!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(469,601 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(469,519 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: oaklands643
(469,484 on 3-2009)

DEE and LANCE Legends of the airwaves
Submitted By: simonh682
(469,480 on 3-2009)

Hope you guys socome to the gay cancer. Love, Jesus Christ
Submitted By: blackttsuprax
(469,441 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: kevinhunt77
(469,437 on 3-2009)

The best podcast bar none
Until sick and wrong came along, I was forced to listen to podcasts about Harry Potter or Jesus Christ. Now, Im well on my way to learning how to be a serial killer. Tell me theres a better reason to listen to a podcast than that.
Submitted By: arose
(469,402 on 3-2009)

Is your Sanchez...Dirty???
Youre mom said it was very dirty...but that mine was better tasting! HAHAAH! You know youre just doing this awesome posdcast so you can try to become almost as cool and brilliant as I am. Keep wont succeed because...well, youre too short.. but its still a pretty good effort! BOW DOWN AND KISS MY BUTT!! ROCK ON BITCHES!!! El Duce...aka The Corruptor..aka Lord and Master of All I Survey past, present and future!...aka Donovan
Submitted By: dives13
(469,390 on 3-2009)
Submitted By: jpscott001
(469,351 on 3-2009)

The very best
I have tried lots of other podcasts, but hands down this is the best one you will ever find.
Submitted By: scott
(469,350 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: tastyburqa
(469,323 on 3-2009)

they are the best
Submitted By: jas_dreye
(469,306 on 3-2009)

Quenches my sick and wrong thirst
Read the title
Submitted By: jwmvolcomsurfer
(469,283 on 3-2009)

dee is a fag
Submitted By: pon52mk
(469,275 on 3-2009)

these two are the best podcast i have ever heard
Submitted By: marcgolfs97
(469,241 on 3-2009)

great work
Submitted By: butterzoft
(468,989 on 3-2009)

Fuck Yeah!
You are fucking carzy man! You fuckin rule everything ON ZE INTERNET cant wait till next show!
Submitted By: sinnemann
(468,882 on 3-2009)

Sick & Wrong rocks!
Submitted By: robertson26
(468,817 on 3-2009)

Perfect Podcast
Submitted By: larson21s
(468,234 on 3-2009)

fish in a suit,even thogh he is a monk.
This is a fucking great site,save me the time of looking up funny as fuck things happing in the world.Nerly fall of my set from pissing my self with laghter,I not an old age fart.You guy just really know how to make me lagh. Rock on man.
Submitted By: shaggy_boo
(467,899 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: amsterzona
(467,776 on 2-2009)

Nice work
Nice work on the podcast guys, keep it up.
Submitted By: rhys_clev
(467,514 on 2-2009)

Because its just Sick And Wrong!
Submitted By: sinnemann
(467,153 on 2-2009)

fucking funny
You guys rule, keep it up!
Submitted By: flatfoot777
(467,074 on 2-2009)

right on
perfect for me on all levels
Submitted By: larson21s
(466,806 on 2-2009)

This webcast is excellent!!!
Funny guys, weird shit that is true to its title - Sick & Wrong - love it!!!
Submitted By: reg01
(466,516 on 2-2009)

awesome podcast
Keeps me entertained while at work. What would I do without him? I dont know. My life is so much better now and if I ever want to get rid of my nagging girlfriend Ill have 1001 different options to choose from. Thank you guys.
Submitted By: seattle82m
(466,444 on 2-2009)

Entertaining Show
A weekly ritual.
Submitted By: phil.savell
(466,338 on 2-2009)

Sick and Wrong!
SICK AND WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: skri13
(465,991 on 2-2009)

Listening to the archives from EP1, this thing is pure awesomeness.
Submitted By: seacroft
(465,675 on 2-2009)

Loving show for over 2 1/2 years!!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(465,238 on 2-2009)

Your weekly dose of anecdotes and horrific stories from around the world. Listen to it!
Submitted By: rob_lyndsey
(464,873 on 2-2009)

I think not. This is a malignancy spawned by the intertubes and it will INFECT you if you come near. Youre warned.
Submitted By: thrak61
(464,862 on 2-2009)

Top Heavy..........
Fuck you both
Submitted By: oaklands643
(464,820 on 2-2009)

sick and wrong
s & w is my most listened too of all i subscribe to.
Submitted By: marcgolfs97
(463,937 on 2-2009)

Waaaaaaaaaay over the top...not for the faint of heart or the overly sensitive. That being said, this is a podcast of the bad-est ass-ed variety...nothing censored, nothing gained...
Submitted By: zarnold_edward_quiggly
(463,521 on 2-2009)

Long time listener
Been enjoying for 2 1/2 years. Gotta to listen to.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(462,388 on 2-2009)

English Accents
NO its not big or clever
Submitted By: didleslie
(459,779 on 1-2009)

love this show!!!
Submitted By: celtic_troll64124
(459,776 on 1-2009)

greasy poop farts
Submitted By: jvwilson26
(459,206 on 1-2009)

Get up sausage...well done on a great show guys.
Submitted By: simonh682
(459,123 on 1-2009)

from Russia with *omfg! eww!*
Submitted By: grey_l
(459,122 on 1-2009)

this podcast is that business
so this podcast is all crazy n shit. they got stories of white people wildn out n shit. and the talk mad shit on those australlians too! i mean WTF is up with the boomerang?!?! come at me with a fuckin boomerang. im american nigga have you seen the weapons we got? and fosters sucks. australians can eat a dick. also bob madigan is 10xs hotter than chemda khalili
Submitted By: paul.bizzle
(459,052 on 1-2009)

you guy are fucking gay, kill or be killed, homo,.
Submitted By: pon52mk
(459,007 on 1-2009)

Youre Fucking Kidding me!
3 Years?? Already?? Ive had hangovers that last longer than that! In still hungover! Just remember who taught you everything you know! Thats mom! She says you still owe her 5 bucks...and not to happens to lots of men. It doesnt say anything about you as a man, really. Oh...and size doesnt matter!! Didnt you have a sister I never met? HAHA! ROCK ON BITCHES!!! El Duce aka El Douche aka The Corruptor aka Donovan! Congrats!!!
Submitted By: dives13
(458,988 on 1-2009)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(458,882 on 1-2009)

This show is generally depraved, debauched and downright entertaining. All the things that the title of the podcast suggest! Am currently working my way through them and despite the nasely whine of D Simon and his constant forced on air burping (LAME!) it has been a riot so far. Simon's gay brother is mentioned frequently and has had a guest spot on the show which was entertaining, ironically he sounds waaay more butch than D does (Perhaps the burping is over compensation for his campness). Wackerle seems to thrive on playing the second in command (Grow a set Wackerle and step up to the mark) but generally they work well together to produce a show worth listening to. Couple of the "special" shows haven't really been that special, episode 60 is one to miss but don't let that put you off as the majority are good to go. So, to finish off this shit sandwich i'd give it an overall of 7.5 out of 10 and would recommend it to anyone who isn't easliy offended.
Submitted By: jockthumper
(458,259 on 1-2009)

great show
Submitted By: xshaihuludx
(457,859 on 1-2009)

Crappy Nude Beers from Punky Radio... All our love, Paulybx and Tony xxx
Submitted By: paulyb
(457,041 on 1-2009)

I love the fuck out of you guys but PLEASE no more soccer mom vegetarian rants! The deranged cows flash rant that you played a few weeks back soured the rest of that show for me. I couldnt even pay attention any longer from my blind rage! SHUT THE FUCK UP SOCCER MOM! thank you
Submitted By: falatka76
(457,017 on 1-2009)

These guys are great, been listening for almost 3 years.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(456,468 on 1-2009)

S&W _frwl!
nice stuff, keeps you aware of all the sh*t you can come across. And the interviews are always 5/5
Submitted By: greylord
(455,145 on 12-2008)

Dee Simon killed my father and raped my mother
Submitted By: pat_6290
(454,725 on 12-2008)

Does wackerly bouff with MR Simon?
Submitted By: blackttsuprax
(454,682 on 12-2008)

wackerlees cod
Submitted By: oaklands643
(454,451 on 12-2008)

sick and smart, and who can say whats wrong? Dee and Wackerly are definitely not as stupid as they sound.
Submitted By: david
(454,381 on 12-2008)

great podcast!
Submitted By: thrak61
(453,774 on 12-2008)

love them!!
Submitted By: swimcb
(453,322 on 12-2008)

more of the same please
Submitted By: assortedjbeans
(453,010 on 12-2008)

Listening to for over 2 years, great show!!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(451,485 on 12-2008)

Sick and Wrong
Submitted By: jeffhead1
(451,181 on 11-2008)

number 1 show
fucking great show!!! good to see that someone in this world can laugh and the fucked up shit that happens. Please dont ever change boys! Joey Wales
Submitted By: josephwood1986
(451,066 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: janine.gittens
(450,750 on 11-2008)

Its fucking awsome!!!!
I never heard better podcast in my life, Dee, Lance youre great!!!!
Submitted By: sinnemann
(450,275 on 11-2008)

I think Im going to be sick!
Nope.. I was wrong. HAHAHAHA! Get it! Sick and wrong! HAHAHA! I know...stupid. But, rather fitting I suppose! ROCK ON DAMNIT! El Duce!!!
Submitted By: dives13
(450,221 on 11-2008)

Love the podcast! Keep em comin! gr8wildthing
Submitted By: robbins3242
(449,826 on 11-2008)

the zenith
tis the shit
Submitted By: neilsone
(449,806 on 11-2008)

Great podcast!
Love it!
Submitted By: amaxskv
(449,370 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(448,566 on 11-2008)

Best Show Ever
Love your show .....Peter and Effie from Australia
Submitted By: peteandeffie
(448,471 on 11-2008)

Behold the power of S+W... from 10th to 4th place in 1 week... should be #1 soon.
Submitted By: robostogie
(447,978 on 11-2008)

Sick and Wrong is right!
I dont have any pants on...
Submitted By: vadershairnet
(446,513 on 11-2008)

fuck you
vietvet, said to go fuck yourself,.
Submitted By: pon52mk
(446,503 on 11-2008)

fck eye toons.
Submitted By: hanksal2344
(446,487 on 11-2008)

Daniel Buttkiss
The humour of Dave Simon and Lance Wackerle is immense. Surely they will overcome the bible podcast
Submitted By: simonh682
(446,385 on 11-2008)

sick in a thong
Submitted By: brothercannon
(446,371 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: t_strom
(446,342 on 11-2008)

They playded my songu
Submitted By: durst.skmike
(446,261 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,520 on 11-2008)

simply the best
hands down the best podcast out there. always a good laugh and full of information.
Submitted By: jm009d9599
(445,304 on 11-2008)

Best show on the internet.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(444,996 on 11-2008)

Sick and so right..!
Submitted By: ijlines
(444,065 on 10-2008)

Boomerang on its way
Submitted By: damien.mackay
(443,639 on 10-2008)

great Podcast
This is the greatest Podcast ever!!! You cant believe how much of the home inmprovements Ive got done since finding this pod cast. Who needs TV when you have Sick and Wrong on your MP3? Love Dee and Lance Love your Podcast Rick
Submitted By: rickinhaven
(443,215 on 10-2008)

still good after all these years
Submitted By: stink.hole
(441,125 on 10-2008)

If you base rankings on how good a show is, this one would be higher, along with Stereo Radiation and the Jamhole.
Submitted By: cabinred22
(439,527 on 10-2008)

but in a good way
Submitted By: mrjcook
(439,092 on 10-2008)

...I knew Id forgotten someone! Heres my monthly vote to the leaders of the pee world. Cheers chaps, paulybx (Punky! Radio - the best podcast made in a tree).
Submitted By: paulyb
(438,967 on 10-2008)

I dont know why, but Im hooked. I cringe when listen to some of the stories (that is the goal of the podcast, after all) but Dee and Wackerle are hysterical. And Wackerle has a hot voice. And Dees brother rocks.
Submitted By: adwornick
(438,679 on 10-2008)

***** 5 star
the best podcast i have eva subscribed to. the hosts are fucked up an the twisted she they talk about is as much entertaining as it is destubing...thank you dee an lance
Submitted By: djinn_001
(438,215 on 10-2008)

Heroes of the disturbed
The most entertaining thing I have heard. Dee and Lance speak for the unspeakable.
Submitted By: damien.mackay
(438,186 on 10-2008)

sick fuckers
fuck sickers
Submitted By: clover1976
(437,947 on 10-2008)

fuck you
kill or be killed
Submitted By: pon52mk
(437,904 on 10-2008)

only posting here because I will never get iTunes... There must be another way to show my love?
Submitted By: i_like_pie_dammit
(437,826 on 10-2008)

hilarious show. Dee and Lance should be awarded an audience with the Queen!
Submitted By: simonh682
(437,822 on 10-2008)

S&W sick and wrong, simon and wackerly
Submitted By: brothercannon
(437,762 on 10-2008)

Hope Bob Madigans still holding up!
Submitted By: greendeva3
(437,618 on 10-2008)

love it
love me
Submitted By: katie.helwig
(437,556 on 10-2008)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(437,378 on 10-2008)

Best show on net!!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(437,030 on 10-2008)

jaded and spiteful. whats not to like?
Submitted By: thrak61
(436,482 on 10-2008)

sick as fuck
sick shit
Submitted By: revolc1369
(435,493 on 10-2008)

Revolutionary podcasting! Podcasting at its finest! LOL
Submitted By: delsins_mama
(434,525 on 9-2008)

I love S&W
Just have to say i love this podcast
Submitted By: swimcb
(433,265 on 9-2008)

You got my vote
A friend of mine told me about your podcast and have been listening since #108. Look forward to listening to it each week.
Submitted By: binary11001001
(432,533 on 9-2008)

Definately live up to their name. Interesting to listen to. Really puts in perspective how my life is pretty good. Pray your never someone they talk about.
Submitted By: wilder555
(432,127 on 9-2008)

Josh in Indiana
This is one of the best Podcasts out there. Dee and Whackerly do an excellent job every week and continue to inspire and inform, even when they never strive to.
Submitted By: jonesjones4321
(431,788 on 9-2008)

You guys ROCK!!!
If you have as boring of a job as I do, you NEED to listen to these guys!!!
Submitted By: nickster68
(430,999 on 9-2008)

My favorite article is when that dude got fucked by the horse... absolutly disgusting, yet so fucking awesome!!
Submitted By: wolven_paws
(430,306 on 9-2008)

Great show, these guys tell it like it is.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(428,474 on 9-2008)

Awesome show guys
Submitted By: simonh682
(427,757 on 9-2008)

keep up the great work! Paulybx (Punky!)
Submitted By: paulyb
(425,660 on 9-2008)

This show is great
This is one of the best shows I have ever subscribed to.
Submitted By: orlandin
(424,701 on 8-2008)

the best
the funniest and most enjoyable podcast there is HANDS DOWN!!
Submitted By: jm009d9599
(423,623 on 8-2008)

Promised and Delivered!
What can I say? They deliver what they promise, `nuff said!
Submitted By: QBall415
(422,037 on 8-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(422,032 on 8-2008)

s+W WrOckz
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(421,068 on 8-2008)

Excelent Podcast
Submitted By: paulbailey20
(419,451 on 8-2008)

a fan for years. love the show boys
Submitted By: stink.hole
(418,760 on 8-2008)

Who killed FTV...
Submitted By: bennettr
(418,262 on 8-2008)

kickass show
Dee & Lance, please put some photos of yourselves up on the website, its maddening that I cant see anywhere the owners of these lovable goofy voices. Or should I be happy about that...? No! Ill take my chances! Cheers from Budapest, Hungary
Submitted By: falatka76
(417,809 on 8-2008)

the sickest podcast around!
Submitted By: airbornemohawk
(417,645 on 8-2008)

You guys are awesome and your podcasts make my boring job a lot more entertaining! It also tends to make me feel somewhat normal too! Thanks much!!
Submitted By: nickster68
(417,409 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(417,323 on 8-2008)

Anti Anti in the USSA
All of the Anti-Social goodness you could want plus Trucker Paul.
Submitted By: brothercannon
(417,231 on 8-2008)

Not just a nerd and a Jew poking fun at dead babies, it is way deeper than that. They joke about aids, and all kinds of other shit.
Submitted By: i_like_pie_dammit
(417,223 on 8-2008)

great, amazing, smart, sick.
Submitted By: david
(417,137 on 8-2008)

Audio crack
Since I started listening to this podcast, Ive gained about 3 inches on my penis and chicks have started to find me irrisistable I also got a major promotion at work .....but then someone murdered my kids and I got cancer.
Submitted By: jibbajon
(417,101 on 8-2008)

I have none left after my last disastrous breakup at the moment, but what I can salvage goes straight to these guys for making my weeks killer.
Submitted By: greendeva3
(417,100 on 8-2008)

This fucking rocks
A great laugh from start to finish, that is if you have no problem with your laughter being mixed with necrophilia and decapitations, this is the best podcast around.
Submitted By: martin.crawford
(417,027 on 8-2008)

Rock on
Well done guys!! Another great show
Submitted By: pjsodenbr
(417,024 on 8-2008)

I enjoy the show for the fact that I can hear of the odd crap in our society that the standard medie wont touch.
Submitted By: gardiol
(417,004 on 8-2008)

This podcast is funny and entertaining...Highly recomended!
Submitted By: heather333
(416,969 on 8-2008)

Sick & Wrong is great
The Sick & Wrong podcast is hilarious
Submitted By: josebacteria
(416,965 on 8-2008)

best show ever
blah blah blah heres my vote blah blah blah
Submitted By: emmetteaster
(416,964 on 8-2008)

Last year I was diagnosed with a rare condition called Prediarhesticitis which can be fatal. Miraculously I found this podcast and am proud to say that I am now Prediarhesticitis free, thanks to Sick and Wrong, the podcast. Thanks Lee and Dance!
Submitted By: Jason.Nelson13
(416,910 on 8-2008)

Great show
Great show, these guys tell it like it is, with a great sense of humor.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(416,887 on 8-2008)

Sick and wrong is one of the most hilarious podcasts ive heard!. Keep it sick and wrong!
Submitted By: nation_of_badd
(416,547 on 8-2008)

very good podcast
Submitted By: zvezdabird
(416,518 on 8-2008)

you NEED this podcast. Admit it.
Submitted By: thrak61
(416,517 on 8-2008)

They rock
Funniest/sickest show out there. Love it.
Submitted By: sjeffers
(415,228 on 8-2008)

This is by far the funniest, most entertaining and disgusting thing you can listen to. I love it. libraryavenger
Submitted By: jarachan
(414,953 on 8-2008)

good luck this month - all the best, Paulybx (Punky!) PS. You two are a pair of fuckwads, just so you know.
Submitted By: paulyb
(414,585 on 8-2008)

awesome podcast
Submitted By: mysterio2465
(414,242 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: mrbigbusiness
(414,061 on 7-2008)

Excelent show!
Submitted By: cyb3rmaniak
(411,017 on 7-2008)

Sick and Wrong
Sick and Wrong, bitches
Submitted By: josephformisano
(409,931 on 7-2008)

Funniest Carnage Ever
A refreshing departure from political correctness, Sick and Wrong lets us enjoy the least understood, but most satisfying side of humor. I am always suprised to hear what the world is up to, and get a chance to ridicule people when they are at their worst.
Submitted By: rd2562
(408,363 on 7-2008)

Awesome Podcast
A very entertaining show - these guys need a satellite show
Submitted By: mainmonkeybiz
(406,485 on 7-2008)

the ultimate podcast
Both Simon & Wackerle are intelligent and exceedingly funny. Behind the show's apparent sickness, there's a wealth of hilarious, truly anti-social commentary. To me this program is worth millions, and it's by far the best thing I've ever heard in the world of podcraft and even beyond! S&W is simply a must!
Submitted By: afshfr
(406,078 on 7-2008)

Sick People
These guys know how to point out how stupid and sick people can be in the world.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(405,917 on 7-2008)

Loves it
Submitted By: janine.gittens
(405,603 on 7-2008)

Keeping it entertaining, and now technologically superior!
Great show, always funny and great to listen to at night with your girl and a few beers.
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(405,560 on 7-2008)

Oh, so wrong!
My fave podcast, at least until someone comes up with one even more sick and more wrong. Which I doubt can happen, since Simon and Wackerle seem to have cornered this particular niche.
Submitted By: lewstool
(404,860 on 7-2008)

Dee and Lance should receive a O.B.E from Queen Elizabeth 2 herself for their entertaining abilities.
Submitted By: simonh682
(403,633 on 7-2008)

Sick And Wrong kicks ass! Just showing some love. Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(403,559 on 7-2008)

U Rock
Submitted By: conejunkie
(403,158 on 7-2008)

Sick and Wrong ROCK MY WORLD!!
Submitted By: kimakin_meme
(403,134 on 7-2008)

Down with the Sickness
good shit
Submitted By: brothercannon
(403,017 on 7-2008)

love it !
woo hoo S&W !!!!!!
Submitted By: callumtdb
(402,970 on 7-2008)

Dont be lame ... pick THIS one!
Sick and Wrong is the one podcast that makes me laugh out loud, like a maniac, even when Im by myself ... you just have to check this out! ~iowagirl
Submitted By: edgarbdman
(402,969 on 7-2008)

Audio Bible? Fxxk that sh!t! Sick! And! Wrong!
Submitted By: vadershairnet
(402,951 on 7-2008)

Sick and Wrong love Hugs and Kisses
Hey you shit eaters at the Bible podcast, start repenting, because the end is very fucking nigh. Dee and Wack for world leaders. Or at least the spot above Bible Podcast.
Submitted By: i_like_pie_dammit
(402,942 on 7-2008)

Heres your monthly vote from the kings of cock n bull, Punky! Radio... cheers, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(402,922 on 7-2008)

You NEED to listen to this podcast! Yeah, Im talkin to YOU, mofo.
Submitted By: thrak61
(402,860 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: clive
(402,707 on 7-2008)

Sick aint wrong!
I breathe it to stay alive. Behave it or not!
Submitted By: fanasonic2000
(402,679 on 7-2008)

fuck you
Submitted By: pon52mk
(402,676 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: takkramer
(402,534 on 7-2008)

Any woman who uses the work "fucking" in a random e-mail, certainly earns my wholehearted vote.
Submitted By: halc3
(402,515 on 7-2008)

Infermed and Incorrect
This podcast is indeed infermed and incorrect
Submitted By: Jason.Nelson13
(402,479 on 7-2008)

Keep up the good work fellas! :)
Submitted By: ronnie
(402,434 on 7-2008)

Now the best thing going
With the passing last month of a once great podcast, Sick & Wrong is now the best thing going! I cant get enough. These guys deserve more than just votes. They should be taken behind their studio and blown next to the dumpster. --- by chicks!
Submitted By: martin
(402,433 on 7-2008)

This show is fucking great. Never miss a single episode and already full of great laughs. Keep it up guys.
Submitted By: martin.crawford
(401,626 on 6-2008)

Yeah, Sick and Wrong is the one ...
I subscribe to way more podcasts than there is time for me to listen to, even if I listened 24/7. But ... Sick and Wrong is the one that I never, EVER miss ... I might be an episode or two behind, but I just cant miss these guys ... they have me laughing so hard sometimes that Im sure people think Im insane.
Submitted By: edgarbdman
(398,769 on 6-2008)

The perfect way to spend any day with Lance and Dee!!
Submitted By: kimakin_meme
(398,618 on 6-2008)

Keith & The Girl Suc
So, now From The Ville are off the air this is the only podcast that actually counts. Podcast alley dude, please use this podcast as the benchmark number 1 and rank all others off of it.
Submitted By: fredfunkfan
(397,931 on 6-2008)

The best show to improve ones English
Guys, youre the best. Over a hundred hours of entertainment.
Submitted By: evilhedgehog
(396,183 on 6-2008)

This show made me who I am today
If it wasnt for sick and wrong, I would be the father of many an illegitimate child. Now thanks to the morale support of Dee and Whackerlie, I have been able to perform over 6 home abortions on 5 different women! 7 of which did not carry consent. I urge any human being on this earth to do the same as me - and listen to the podcast. Peace out fuckers.
Submitted By: i_like_pie_dammit
(394,216 on 6-2008)

Great show been listening for over a year!
Submitted By: ammosambo
(392,759 on 6-2008)

I love this podcast
Its so funny. It inspires wonderful music.
Submitted By: durst.skmike
(392,736 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(392,721 on 6-2008)

vote already..
Submitted By: bennettr
(392,621 on 6-2008)

This is probably my favorite podcast series even though their periodic jocular racism makes the little PC liberal in me groan. But for some reason I am not offended by the extended conversations on subjects like aquatic animal/human bestiality.
Submitted By: shibbyo
(392,523 on 6-2008)

S+W 4 Eva
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(392,316 on 6-2008)

It is awesome
The sick and wrong podcast is awesome and doesnt afraid of anything
Submitted By: henrymonkey
(392,151 on 6-2008)

Sick and Wrong is great and awesome!
Yo Dirty.... I hope youre still doing Rampage because this summer Ill be in SF and wanna hang with the old crew. Oh wait. Um....Dee and Wackerly are the sheeeeeit.
Submitted By: vadershairnet
(392,055 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: lburtch
(392,021 on 6-2008)

We love you on a nearly monthly basis! Keep it up, you loons, Paulybx (Punky!)
Submitted By: paulyb
(391,996 on 6-2008)

suck it
Submitted By: oaklands643
(391,973 on 6-2008)

get rid of vietnam vet! he is like every other freak i change seats to get away from people like that in real life, so i prefer not to listen to him on the podcast!!
Submitted By: capretta444
(391,951 on 6-2008)

Sick and Delightful
Great chemistry between the two hosts. It helps that they are lovers and know each other inside and out.
Submitted By: Jason.Nelson13
(391,931 on 6-2008)

Great show!
This show is god damn great!!!
Submitted By: Zaitan
(391,841 on 6-2008)

Best podcast ever
I love these guys. I never miss a show.
Submitted By: fivexfive
(391,840 on 6-2008)

Wrong never felt so right
Theyre just keepin it real.
Submitted By: dp.pmp.914
(391,822 on 6-2008)

This show sucks balls!!!
Submitted By: shellyericksen
(391,820 on 6-2008)

piss yourself laughing
listen, forget the rest
Submitted By: wervospi
(391,303 on 6-2008)

If you dont like it, your retarded
Lance, I am very sorry. Dee made me do it, I hope you can forgive me, I just cant stop playing with your cute little face.
Submitted By: jibbajon
(391,291 on 6-2008)

A weekly ritual. dee and lance bring important issues and valuable stories to the listening public.
Submitted By: simonh682
(390,665 on 6-2008)

You Rock
Submitted By: conejunkie
(390,472 on 6-2008)

bk likes sw
A solid gold island of a podcast in a world wide sea of shit podcasts
Submitted By: jibbajon
(389,655 on 5-2008)

better than the bible
Sometimes its just nice to listen to all the dumb shit people do and instead of feel bad about it, laugh at their fucking faces.
Submitted By: lee.claudia
(389,506 on 5-2008)

One of the best podcasts out there.
Ive been listening since 2006 but havent voted till now like a dumb-ass. These guys rock.
Submitted By: ola374
(387,508 on 5-2008)

Funny and fun...
Look forward to the podcast every week. Have been listening since about episode 20. Dee and Wackerly (sp?) are lots of fun. Keep up the good work. B.
Submitted By: billatrit
(386,703 on 5-2008)

Heres your monthly vote from Punky! Radio - sorry its late - I ama tool of epic proportions, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(383,964 on 5-2008)

S+W For Ever
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(383,766 on 5-2008)

Great show, big fan for over year and half.
Submitted By: ammosambo
(383,484 on 5-2008)

sick and wrong
i am voting fotr sick and wrong
Submitted By: vonschafer
(382,879 on 5-2008)

Best Podcast Ever
Always topical, always hilarious, two of the funniest, greatest guys you could imagine - only at Sick and Wrong
Submitted By: i_like_pie_dammit
(382,638 on 5-2008)

oh yeah.
Submitted By: peepholecircus
(382,626 on 5-2008)

I am not in jail stuffing stupid people in dumpsters thanks to these guys.
Submitted By: greendeva3
(382,585 on 5-2008)

i rather vote for them than voting for OBAMA,Clinton,or McCain
Submitted By: blackttsuprax
(382,584 on 5-2008)
Submitted By: JPScott001
(382,524 on 5-2008)

the best podcast in the WORLD
Even in Japan, we love Sick and Wrong.
Submitted By: XanaduXjp
(382,498 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: thomas.strom
(382,486 on 5-2008)

S&W capretta upset
goddamn it! i go to all the trouble to call these bitches from australia and leave a message and do they play it?? no fuggin way! and i still listen to their show... its that good.
Submitted By: capretta444
(382,386 on 5-2008)

HATE this podcast!
The hosts of the show are total douches, and you know that theyre lower than low because they spend a good amount of time making fun of special people. I tried to ignore it for a bit, and they just kept going on and on. It was horrible. I dont know how people can make fun of the disadvantaged and feel okay about it.
Submitted By: pink.starz.17
(382,364 on 5-2008)

Nicest podcast in the interwebs. Pity they are so ignorant about Australia. Maybe they need a little time in the basement.
Submitted By: afletch
(382,357 on 5-2008)

my wife wanted to throw up at the photo of Dee. Now the thought of bloody mucus covering a girl looking at that is very humorous to me.
Submitted By: glazesdaddy
(382,350 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: raandax
(382,332 on 5-2008)

Best anti-social podcast out there.
Submitted By: chae_manuel
(382,331 on 5-2008)

it is a nice ipod and the two young men on that run the show, are sick and fucking wrong,...
Submitted By: pon52mk
(382,309 on 5-2008)

Still the sickest on the web.
Submitted By: rbirmingham
(382,308 on 5-2008)

Great Show
Both Sick and Wrong - all the essential listening elements
Submitted By: luke
(382,301 on 5-2008)

You Rock
Submitted By: conejunkie
(381,742 on 5-2008)

The Best
Sick and Wrong is, hands down, my favorite podcast, and I listen to lots of them. But, its THIS one that has me laughing OUT LOUD every time ... which, of course, scares everyone within hearing distance cuz my headphones are so tiny they usually cant see them, so they assume Im just another lunatic ................ ~Carla
Submitted By: edgarbdman
(381,585 on 5-2008)

A great show - these boys should receive a medal!!
Submitted By: simonh682
(381,181 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: chasinbigd
(380,507 on 5-2008)

Great show, guys... I wish I could blast it out loud here at work, the fundies would have a heart attack!
Submitted By: xorion73x
(379,541 on 4-2008)

Dee and Lance are the defintion of Sick and Wrong! Their shows are hilarious, informative and consistently appealing. I vote Sick and Wrong.
Submitted By: simonh682
(378,646 on 4-2008)

Not to overhype it but this is my absolute favorite podcast in the history of the world ever!
Submitted By: Jason.Nelson13
(377,525 on 4-2008)

you guys
are sick and i love it
Submitted By: pico956
(375,930 on 4-2008)

should be top
Submitted By: wervospi
(375,474 on 4-2008)

+1 for Dee I think the listeners tale of maladjusted pre-pubes isnt that much of a surprise. This was in the local paper last fall Calgary teen dead after being hit in head with pickaxe at party By The Canadian Press CALGARY ó Screams filled the air after a 17-year-old teen was killed after being struck in the head with a pickaxe at a house party. Neighbours said about 100 teens were at a house in southeast Calgary when the attack happened in a detached garage about 11:50 p.m. Saturday. Lisa Poole, who lives two doors down from where the teen died, rushed outside when she heard a lot of screaming. "I saw one boy laying there with a pickaxe stuck through the front of his head and some blood on the ground. I havenít slept at all and I canít get that picture out of my head." A man who lives next door said he saw a body on the ground in the garage. "I was standing out back having a cigarette then I heard a kid screaming Ďthey killed him,í then they all scattered," said Jeff, who didnít want to give his last name. Jeff said two high school-aged girls live at the house with their mother. He said large parties are common at the residence. Friends identified the dead teen as Matt McKay, 17. Chris Briggs, who grew up in the same neighbourhood and was friends with McKay, described him as nice guy and avid athlete. "He was a pretty good guy," he said. "He played hockey with my friends, he was huge into hockey." Jeff said the neighbourhood was quiet and said he has never had a problem with partygoers in the five years heís lived there. "Itís not a big deal to me usually," he said. "To me, itís usually just a bunch of teenagers getting drunk." Police said the attack happened after about 30 uninvited guests showed up at the party and a fight ensued. Staff Sgt. Kevin Forsen said police are interviewing more than 40 witnesses to the attack. "The kids have been fairly co-operative and forthright." Forsen said an autopsy will take place today.
Submitted By: barry.hannigan
(374,403 on 4-2008)

Votes?? You dont need no stinkin votes!!
Youre still alive?! Amazing! So am I! Kudos! (HAHA!) Kick my ass later for saying Kudos. Must go find some naive young catholic school chicks and explain to them how to get rid of their guilt and original showing them how to REALLY ENJOY Sinning!! Ill take pictures for you! El Duce! ROCK ON BITCHES!!!
Submitted By: dives13
(373,813 on 4-2008)

In just the last few episodes, I've learned how to hire a high priced prostitute, defend myself against her bodygard, kill the prostitute, hide her body and hire a crime scene cleanup crew to get rid of the mess. You guys are awesome (and so is your show). Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: jackwax
(373,598 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: dani_em03
(373,151 on 4-2008)

It is excellent
This foreskin podcast wank makes my walk to and honkey from ass my depressing penis, dead end job trying to kill dick acoholics by serving them alcohol almost bareable. Thank dick you lance and dee :-)
Submitted By: henrymonkey
(372,715 on 4-2008)

Spreading the Sickness
Sick and Wrong is by far the greatest podcast on the web. It has a mecanic that works, the stories are fresh and orginal each week, the two hosts bounce off eachother beautifully and jokes are always thick and fast. This is the hottest, and fastest growing podcast out there, show your support, listen to Sick and Wrong.
Submitted By: i_like_pie_dammit
(372,264 on 4-2008)

yeah yeah sick and wrong ...whatever....
Submitted By: lburtch
(372,090 on 4-2008)

Youre show is something else. I wish you the best. Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(372,025 on 4-2008)

all the best from Punky! radio... Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(371,890 on 4-2008)

Dan & Sophie Love Sick and Wrong
Still number one. Funny as fuck. Awesome.
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(371,811 on 4-2008)

Love S&W
Submitted By: elbernabeu
(371,805 on 4-2008)

My fav podcast!
Submitted By: brothercannon
(371,786 on 4-2008)

Great show!
Funny show, always interesting, even if a little crude, the guys are always on.
Submitted By: colby
(371,769 on 4-2008)

intelligent, funny..they must be ugly
savage humour from two genuine and likeable guys.
Submitted By: detailfiend
(371,726 on 4-2008)

hi guys, capretta here from OZ. did i make you horny gay lance? come out come out where ever you are!!!
Submitted By: capretta444
(371,643 on 4-2008)

Go Sick and Wrong!
Submitted By: glazesdaddy
(371,642 on 4-2008)

Sick and Wrong
Sick and Wrong is the only podcast worth listening to.
Submitted By: jillmike
(371,635 on 4-2008)

The Best!!!
Submitted By: pfost
(371,627 on 4-2008)

SW make me happy : )
I love hearing the child abuse stories; now I dont want to kill the ones at my retail job. Thanks for the unintentional public service.
Submitted By: greendeva3
(371,622 on 4-2008)

good stuff
Submitted By: kjmoore62
(371,597 on 4-2008)
Submitted By: JPScott001
(371,581 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: pon52mk
(371,559 on 4-2008)

This is one of those shows that you cant wait for the next episode.
Submitted By: jjw3356
(371,551 on 4-2008)

what? to honest?
Hitler would definitely would listen to this sitting next to Obama
Submitted By: blackttsuprax
(371,548 on 4-2008)

Rave reviews
Everyone I know who has listened to the show raves about it
Submitted By: luke
(371,536 on 4-2008)

why no new shows?
Submitted By: velvetautumn
(370,439 on 3-2008)

An excellent podcast, always entertaining and even after more than 100 episodes still fresh and sick and wrong!!! Go Lance, Go Dee! STILL THE BEST THERE IS. Warning do not listen if you have a weak stomach. BBoy69
Submitted By: bboy69
(369,227 on 3-2008)

Sick And Wrong Rocks!!! - Slug
Sick and Wrong deserves to be number one!!! Lets get them there. Slug (Episode 106)
Submitted By: matthew-j-brown
(369,161 on 3-2008)

the best awful podcast there is. always entertaining.
Submitted By: ellison.m
(368,882 on 3-2008)

The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.
Submitted By: iamlegend
(368,194 on 3-2008)

Submitted By: aljolo18
(367,261 on 3-2008)

I like it
it`s nice
Submitted By: jibbajon
(367,102 on 3-2008)

good show,good show
Submitted By: hannah_aka_hannah
(366,924 on 3-2008)

Dont go anywhere else for sick and wrong commentary. This be da place!
Submitted By: pfost
(365,458 on 3-2008)

Sick and Wrong
The sickest and wrongest aspect of the whole show is that the hosts are intelligent and articulate young men, yet they spend what seems to be their every waking moment in trawling the darkest recesses of the internet for the filthiest, nastiest, most soul-withering stories as they ooze into cyberspace from out of the dead, decaying, fetid stink-corpse of the human soul in its subterranean sty skillfully crafted out of shit at the bottom of the Abyss. However, as a sop to good taste and a token gesture of public-spirited decency, they have stopped belching during the podcast.
Submitted By: kinchubapitoba
(363,640 on 3-2008)

Another Awesome Month
Keep it up guys, youre what helps me get through work every week!
Submitted By: ArtemisEvangelina
(363,505 on 3-2008)

Always the best in anti-social commentary
A delight each week, seeing just how normal my life is compared to the rest of the world. Now i its third blockbusting year!!!
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(361,538 on 2-2008)

well worth a listen
Submitted By: zackarius.terra
(360,190 on 2-2008)

voting woo
Submitted By: lburtch
(359,290 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: kuritaro9
(356,235 on 2-2008)

consistent and funny
These guys are the best around. You NEED to listen to this podcast. Im talking to YOU, mofo!
Submitted By: thrak61
(356,167 on 2-2008)

F**K yeah!!!!!
I love your guys podcast, my friend julio showed me one of your episodes and I was addidcted since
Submitted By: codybowman
(355,614 on 1-2008)

this stuff is just sick
Submitted By: kjmoore62
(352,951 on 1-2008)

Awesome Shoe
We would love to syndicate this podcast on our internet/fm station
Submitted By: deshi
(352,059 on 1-2008)

they rock
sick and wrong is the best podcast no one can beat it
Submitted By: juliodiaz614
(352,026 on 1-2008)

Something worth your time
This about the only podcast worth listening to. The news selections and discussions are hilarious. If you do not have the capacity to laugh at the worst in the news this is not the place for you.
Submitted By: Orlandin
(350,553 on 1-2008)

Sick And Wrong Rocks
Submitted By: chicoo119
(347,723 on 1-2008)

S&W Still Going strong!
Happy 2 year birthday SW (for podcast 104)
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(347,610 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: dinoroar
(347,293 on 1-2008)

i like these guys
Submitted By: diesel929
(346,484 on 1-2008)

I love this podcast and these guys are awesome!
Submitted By: lilly545
(346,417 on 1-2008)

I love S&W! Lance Wackerle is a sex machine!
Dude, aint nothin like Lance and Dave ta put a hitch in yer giddyup!
Submitted By: jo
(346,111 on 1-2008)

beautiful erections......
what an excellent podcast. the most entertaining 70 minutes of my day thus far. the perfect backdrop for my mind numbing corporate existence. heres a salute from one random girl to you two guys; may you have the biggest erections the world has ever seen.
Submitted By: abicisek
(346,000 on 1-2008)

Happy New Year!
Congratulations - you are the joint second best podcast in the world after Punky! radio. Cheers, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(345,983 on 1-2008)

sick and wrong is good
Submitted By: theteacher
(345,977 on 1-2008)

fond memories
sick and wrong rocks !
Submitted By: hendytim
(345,897 on 1-2008)

Another Frikkin Year??
Holy Crap guys! Cant believe we are still alive for yet another year!! Do not fret...Im sure I can do a better job at destroying myself and you all this year!! im always improving! HAHAHA! -El Duce!!!
Submitted By: dives13
(345,859 on 1-2008)

degenerate fun
Submitted By: jillmike
(345,855 on 1-2008)

its one of the best podcast yet,...
Submitted By: pon52mk
(345,854 on 1-2008)

Awesome show
I love this show! Dave is awesome!
Submitted By: AngeleyesEL
(345,820 on 1-2008)

You have to get Bob on the show again
I saw that YT video of Bob and Boom, and Boom is the clearest case of fetal alcohol syndrome Ive ever seen.
Submitted By: oparts
(345,802 on 1-2008)

keep up the top work guys, and dee... stop trying so hard to win. honestly youre just coming across as a little needy. ;)
Submitted By: capretta
(345,781 on 1-2008)

thats all... just hehehe
Submitted By: pfost
(345,777 on 1-2008)

Best of 2007 and beyond
Submitted By: thrak61
(345,771 on 1-2008)

Keep up the good work guys! :)
Submitted By: ronnie
(345,769 on 1-2008)

Hell yeah!
Submitted By: paulamurf
(345,766 on 1-2008)

great stuff
I just wanted to say that I recently started listening and have caught up on all of them and i just took a 5 hour trip and listened the whole way and was very entertained. Keep it up guys!
Submitted By: swimcb
(345,673 on 1-2008)

This is one fcking good podcast!!!
Submitted By: hermansflorian
(345,280 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: aljolo18
(345,154 on 1-2008)

Love You
You, Sick and Wrong, are amazing.
Submitted By: froggemoo
(344,745 on 12-2007)

Vote for the Sickest and Wrongest Podcast EVA!!!!!
Submitted By: goon007
(344,643 on 12-2007)

Beat the bible thumpers
Submitted By: dumbfuk8
(344,201 on 12-2007)

Im not gonna let the bible podcast win, not on christmas!!!
Submitted By: m_conciatore
(344,159 on 12-2007)

Best Podcast, Only Podcast
This is the only podcast I consistently listen to after trying about a dozen or so. It rocks!
Submitted By: michael.ghostscape
(342,817 on 12-2007)

The Name Says It All
Sick and Wrong is just that - Totally fucking sick and Oh So Wrong. I Love It
Submitted By: deejnorton
(342,656 on 12-2007)

Lance wackerle is slingin DONKEY
Submitted By: oaklands643
(342,439 on 12-2007)

Luiz u r sick
Give to Luiz the fucking Shirt!
Submitted By: rodrigodora
(342,118 on 12-2007) m
Submitted By: joaomarcosamaral
(342,114 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: amanda.slaviero
(342,108 on 12-2007)

there you go!
Submitted By: nattisalvio
(342,107 on 12-2007)

The best
.... show ever! :-)
Submitted By: zaitan
(342,074 on 12-2007)

I enjoyed the first 100 episodes and look forward to 100 more.
Submitted By: iallison
(341,301 on 12-2007)

Nobody comments on the sick and wrong aspects of life on this planet as well as Simon and Wackerle! Accept no cheap substitutes!
Submitted By: pfost
(340,819 on 12-2007)

love you guys so much you make school more bearable
Submitted By: mollie_murphy
(339,916 on 12-2007)

Very nice
Great show guys.
Submitted By: toby
(339,619 on 12-2007)

greetings from Punky! radio... keep up the good work, paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(338,835 on 12-2007)

el terrifico!
Submitted By: vantavaux
(338,781 on 12-2007)

this show is terrible. Keep it up.
Submitted By: jaybenner
(338,617 on 12-2007)

Gross fun
Submitted By: jillmike
(338,526 on 12-2007)

the sickest and wrongest podcastinest shit youve ever heard.
Submitted By: podcast1332
(337,941 on 12-2007)

Sick and Wrong Podcast
We love these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: johnmfaust
(337,766 on 12-2007)

another great show... hope we beat the christian podcast this time too
Submitted By: capretta
(337,536 on 12-2007)

Vote or else I will toss your salad two weeks straight.
Submitted By: chloroformparty
(337,355 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: PAULAMURF
(337,329 on 12-2007)

it all good
sick and wrong for president
Submitted By: raggsdrat
(337,322 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: jwinkler71
(337,258 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: oparts
(336,420 on 11-2007)

finally voting
Took me a while to catch up, but I think its time we pushed you to the top. Love the show, keeps me productive as I work in the evenings. Keep on blow-torching hot tards!
Submitted By: signup
(336,043 on 11-2007)

Simply the best....
...better than all the rest...still havent found a better podcast across the intire internet after all these shows....thanks Lance, thanks Dee. Ok I`m off to phone Boom to wind him up over his brother .........
Submitted By: detailfiend
(335,672 on 11-2007)

Grog think funny. Grog vote now.
Submitted By: brainonfire
(335,218 on 11-2007)

Awesome Show!!
Submitted By: lilly545
(334,683 on 11-2007)

my mum reccomended this to me cause its funny as f**k and im only 15. Gotta love your wacky rents
Submitted By: mollie2004
(333,945 on 11-2007)

Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: ArtemisEvangelina
(333,900 on 11-2007)

fucking awesome show
fucking awesome show
Submitted By: on_the_dotted_line
(332,361 on 11-2007)

HATE the GAME not BOB.
MOTHERFUCKERS , I got woke @ 10am Monday morning, after working in a bar for 10 hours. Bob calls me tellin me that Dirty & Cleveland ( or what ever you call your ipod selfs now) That you two is talking shit about him. So I tuned inn to the frist ipod cast I listed too. Damn yous jump rite out of the gates slamming Bob. Ya Bob makes for good radio ,Or wait ipod. HaHaHa. ya Bobs Ez too make fun of, But hes hellA bummed @ yous. & I understand , talk about overkill.Yous should not made fun talking shit about Ann, Bobs wife. That where you fucked up. You can talk shit bout me or Bob. But dont make fun of our wifes... I been working lots @ thee Parkside & other bars, Dont get out lots. Give me a buzz 415 694-1741. my new phone. Maybe can be on Sick & Wrong to get things fixxed up with yous & my family. Also what the fuck yos all miss the show of the year WOMNETORS vs MENTORS & FLUFFGRRL @ Annies Sideshow club Damn thats all I got too say. oh ya Bob is not doing to good. So dont buy him getto booze. Ya its sad, cuz he use to be all that a big part of the punk rock world back inn tha day. I stop doing drugs & had to cut back the drinking. I had back surgery last summer & recovery still, so I had too cut back. So I seeing Bob fucking up more & its starting too be sad. Its hellA cool that yous got the Bob photos & Fluffgrrl youtube vidio of them playing the six street fair. & dont think get all the help that Bob & I gave Rampage Radio for over 6 years, Maybe you should tell all your rich white & have no life listers that ... CHEERS . DJ BOOM.KING
Submitted By: boomabsolutemusic
(330,449 on 11-2007)

very good podcast
Submitted By: deniszr298
(329,800 on 11-2007)

No More Bob!
Love the show and vote for it every month. But I swear if you ever put Bob Madigan on the show again Ill start voting for some shitty podcast like Keith and the Girl just for spite.
Submitted By: jwinkler71
(328,375 on 11-2007)

Will you still wear the outfit you promised even if we vote? Please? El Duce!
Submitted By: DIVES13
(328,220 on 11-2007)

Great show!
Keep up the awesome show guys! Wish I didnt have to wait a full week for the next episode! :)
Submitted By: msdiamonddawg
(326,510 on 11-2007)

Still sick, still wrong, still great. Keep up the good work, guys....
Submitted By: smurray75
(326,087 on 11-2007)

Submitted By: brandon_335
(325,865 on 11-2007)

Wackerely Just Say Goodbye!
Simon says goodbye - Wackerley doesnt! I just hope their gay marriage is strong enough to withstand their differences. STEELE / FROM THE VILLE on KSEX Radio - WWW.FROMTHEVILLE.COM (NOW watch FTV LIVE on UStream TV every Sat. Nite @ 8:30pmEST)
Submitted By: steele
(325,796 on 11-2007)

great stuff
Submitted By: barryjohnson
(325,533 on 11-2007)
Submitted By: jpscott001
(325,512 on 11-2007)

a pair of sick gonads
Submitted By: stevelloyd
(325,466 on 11-2007)

Sick and Wrong rules!
Thats all I have to say. Except...banus.
Submitted By: vadershairnet
(325,454 on 11-2007)

Spreading the Sickness
Maybe if you begged for money from the listeners like Nobody Likes Onions does, youd get fat and develop a lisp like Patrick Melton.
Submitted By: slai49
(325,402 on 11-2007)

awesome shit-twisterring podcast
Submitted By: klad.mag
(325,397 on 11-2007)

Sick and Wrong
The Midwest Corporate Underground Clan fully approves of the show!
Submitted By: johnmfaust
(325,326 on 11-2007)

Keep on spreading the sickness
Submitted By: loadsa_stuff
(325,257 on 11-2007)

Mighty good
This is indeed a charming podcast and one of my favorites.
Submitted By: XanaduXjp
(325,252 on 11-2007)

Hot Shit
Submitted By: m_conciatore
(325,223 on 11-2007)

Does wackerle swallow?
Submitted By: oaklands643
(325,152 on 11-2007)

sick and wrong, weird interaction with the "from the ville" podcast though.
Submitted By: avampfan
(325,120 on 11-2007)

Submitted By: capretta
(325,108 on 11-2007)

Im voting to ban and or censor this show - very sick and ultra wrong.
Submitted By: shane
(325,107 on 11-2007)

Sexual Choclate
My uncle used to have sex with Wackerle, when he was older.
Submitted By: arabicjackson
(325,083 on 11-2007)

Submitted By: matt
(325,071 on 11-2007)

Great show
Consistently well done!
Submitted By: johncambre
(324,319 on 10-2007)

Excellent Show
Submitted By: fredfunkfan
(322,611 on 10-2007)

Best podcast out there...
Submitted By: jwinkler71
(321,116 on 10-2007)

FTV and GMT drank Dee & Lance Under Table!
Dee and Lance are an adorable couple - because of them I will be voting "yes" on Gay Marriage! FROM THE VILLEs Martin & Steele and Gay Men Talkings Alex and Dean drank Dee and Lance Under the Table and thats all there is to it. They can whine about it - but its true. Wackerley is one shot mother, but he is absolute money. From:STEELE/FTV - FROMTHEVILLE.COM
Submitted By: steele
(318,954 on 10-2007)

Keep it up, you sick bastards
Hey Dee and Lance Wacker, Just started listening to your show and Im enjoying the hell out of it. I promise to vote for you every month because it is both sick and wrong that your show hasnt passed those vegan lametards in the ratings yet. Thanks for all the laughs, and maybe Ill send you a validated picture of my boobs sometime. Sonja
Submitted By: sonia.podvin
(316,480 on 10-2007)

This show makes me feel like Im Wolverine from the X-MEN. It makes absolutely no sense that I should feel that way, I know. But it do! wow!
Submitted By: erraticast
(316,238 on 10-2007)

Sick and Wrong brings common sense to the uncommon, senseless actions of the worlds evil doers.
Submitted By: pfost
(316,147 on 10-2007)

Awesome Podcast
Something different and interesting, along with wry, immature and downright offensive humour. 10/10 A*+
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(314,183 on 10-2007)

I cannot get enouf
Submitted By: jvwilson26
(313,404 on 10-2007)

Our like!
The brother and my, very listen to Sick and Wrong! His funnier is mine.
Submitted By: arabicjackson
(312,570 on 10-2007)

Why, IS Grey Poupon.
Hey Dee!! Saw you on that video tape recently all over the news! I didnt know your sisters was 7 yrs old now!! (shes come a long way since you both made that tape when she was 3!) Lookin good though! Tell your sis to call me! Ill bet shes even better now! HA! RAMPAGE ON BITCHES!! - El Duce---Rampage Radio!
Submitted By: dives13
(312,565 on 10-2007)

five brown stars!
Keep up the good work! :)
Submitted By: ronnie
(312,555 on 10-2007)

Great show
Submitted By: jjw3356
(312,543 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: thrak61
(312,472 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: oaklands643
(312,471 on 10-2007)

Have you ever checked out Punky! radio podcast?, The hosts are members of a band called "the Chavs", Real punk and shit, Goopa Goopa , Dingleberry Crapwell
Submitted By: thetoebbens
(312,158 on 10-2007)

original concept and cool funny dudes
Submitted By: jm009d9599
(312,041 on 10-2007)

Go sickness! Go, go, go!
Submitted By: babyloniasuperstar
(311,032 on 9-2007)

Sarcastically sick
Submitted By: chap2chat
(310,870 on 9-2007)

Absolutely the best podcast on the web!
Submitted By: dave581058
(309,482 on 9-2007)

Still funny...
These guys are still some of the funniest idiots to host a podcast. Its always entertaining.
Submitted By: lowellmontgomery
(309,226 on 9-2007)

good show.
Submitted By: mrdcturner
(309,172 on 9-2007)

Golden shower
Mike and I just took a golden shower with a drunken retard that we found at a bus stop. Its amazing how easy it is to romance one of them into questionable circumstances. Simon and Wackerle rule!
Submitted By: undergroundshortbus
(307,656 on 9-2007)

Just gets better and better
Submitted By: jwinkler71
(306,547 on 9-2007)

Dee and Lance, I will meet you in the male restroom of the Minnesota Airport. I will tap my foot a few times and then touch mine to yours. After this, I will reach under the divider using a non-verbal gesture whereby I will solicit you for sexual gratification! If this is not clear call me @ (206) 600-4FTV. Officially, STEELE / FROM THE VILLE - WWW.FROMTHEVILLE.COM
Submitted By: steele
(305,542 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: Kagojo2002
(305,143 on 9-2007)

Brittneys mudflaps................
Submitted By: jjw3356
(304,843 on 9-2007)

You all have handled my ass pennies!
Grab the crisco from dees mom and give someone else a try damnit! FREE FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY!! El Duce!
Submitted By: dives13
(304,812 on 9-2007)

amazing. =]
Submitted By: dinoroar
(304,332 on 9-2007)

you are gay
Submitted By: stephtscott
(304,316 on 9-2007)

Love S&W!
Submitted By: elbernabeu
(304,292 on 9-2007)

Fuck the highschool bullshit
Popularity Contests are fun.
Submitted By: garyholdsteady
(304,268 on 9-2007)

yayyy go guys
Submitted By: capretta
(304,241 on 9-2007)

best show
Submitted By: takkramer
(304,157 on 9-2007)

love your show! and thx for the tshirt, didnt think youd actually send me one after you thought i rigged that vote ;) stay sick joey
Submitted By: disasterpiece
(304,084 on 9-2007)

S&W rocks!
Keep up the good work guys!
Submitted By: ronnie
(304,064 on 9-2007)

Dirty bastards
Submitted By: rgmurray
(304,050 on 9-2007)

Gotta love the sickness :-)
Submitted By: thanoskills
(304,045 on 9-2007)

Stay in school
Stopping beating off on Castro St.
Submitted By: slai49
(303,614 on 9-2007)

love it
Submitted By: jm009d9599
(303,461 on 9-2007)

hey now
hey now
Submitted By: diesel929
(302,603 on 9-2007)

Best Podcast out there!
Submitted By: rob_lyndsey
(302,353 on 9-2007)

these guys are hilarious
Submitted By: thrak61
(302,211 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: erraticast
(302,037 on 9-2007)

The best
show ever :-)
Submitted By: zaitan
(300,668 on 8-2007)

Love S&W
Funniest podcast on the internet!
Submitted By: elbernabeu
(299,802 on 8-2007)

You suck hairy balls!
Submitted By: heatrae40
(299,410 on 8-2007)

Top 10 here we come!
Submitted By: jwinkler71
(298,398 on 8-2007)

Wrong is Funny
Just started listening to the podcasts, find they really make the early morning hours fly-by. Keep up the sick and twisted attack on society!
Submitted By: travelintroll
(298,315 on 8-2007)

great show
Submitted By: bkincaide
(298,168 on 8-2007)

best podcast....ever
Submitted By: christopherteeple
(297,223 on 8-2007)

im voting for sick and wrong you bastids!
Submitted By: beloved.corpse
(297,079 on 8-2007)

Wackerly sounds hot. Enough said. x
Submitted By: punkndisorderly86
(296,663 on 8-2007)

Best Podcast Out There
I started listening to this podcast a few weeks back (caught up to 60 or so already) Have no idea what Im gonna do when I have to wait a week for the next haha. Keep it up, hope this helps towards you getting higher in the ranks
Submitted By: rob_lyndsey
(296,653 on 8-2007)

Funny podcast
but sick and wrong too.
Submitted By: bill
(296,285 on 8-2007)

So sick, so wrong, so right.
Submitted By: chap2chat
(295,853 on 8-2007)

The Best
Submitted By: acerzw
(295,727 on 8-2007)

Sick and Wrong
Sick and Wrong is TEH podcast. Go S & W
Submitted By: axeltronrud
(295,168 on 8-2007)
I love Dee Simon
Submitted By: heatrae40
(294,002 on 8-2007)

Sick and wrong PWNAGE!
Submitted By: wang82
(293,285 on 8-2007)

Wackerle is whack!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: thetoebbens
(292,246 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: oaklands643
(291,962 on 8-2007)

Hell Yeah!
Sickos and weirdos..
Submitted By: chhovden
(291,913 on 8-2007)

Hell yeah! This podcast is better than the movie Point Break!
Submitted By: erraticast
(291,862 on 8-2007)

Good work!
Well done for climbing the chart in comedy! No go vote Punky! (And vote for us in "Music" at as well - you know it makes sense!) Cheers, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(291,688 on 8-2007)

Silly Bitches!!
Does anyone know where I left my bag of drugs and Dirtys list of ex-girlfriends numbers and addresses?? Been trying to find that for days now!!! ROCK ON YOU BASTARDS!!! BEWARE! I LIVE!- EL DUCE!
Submitted By: dives13
(291,663 on 8-2007)

When I get bored of paying crackheads to catch pigeons, I like to listen to stories about Australians buggering each other with pool cues.
Submitted By: erraticast
(291,647 on 8-2007)

I Would Make Gay Love to Simon and Wackerle
Absolutely, if I was Gayman I would tap shafts, press sacks, or go man on man with the hosts of S&W. Now THAT would qualify for being both SICK AND WRONG!!! STEELE / FROM THE VILLE Radio Show on KSEX Radio
Submitted By: steele
(291,637 on 8-2007)

Submitted By: matt
(291,623 on 8-2007)

this is
the best and most intertaining podcast ever.... probably even beat the Dawn and Drew show
Submitted By: mikrosha
(291,598 on 8-2007)

Dee Simon...
is soooo Sick & Wrong its amazing! Lance sucks.
Submitted By: angela.poole
(291,493 on 8-2007)

lives up to its title
Submitted By: thrak61
(291,352 on 8-2007)

5 Stars
D pissed on my foot...then I jerked him off. Good to hear that Lance didnt quit the show. I would have driven to S.F. and followed you two around until you unquit. Love, Kevin Destruction
Submitted By: undergroundshortbus
(290,068 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: carrieb
(289,843 on 7-2007)

Excellent podcast
I always listen to these guys!
Submitted By: frogland2
(289,181 on 7-2007)

Shout out to my TL brethren!
Submitted By: erraticast
(289,092 on 7-2007)

SW is the greatest
Love the show. I makes my nights all the quicker when Im working at a crumby job with entirely too much time to goof off. They (Dee and Lance) deserve high praise for their "work".
Submitted By: Ashton.olive
(288,844 on 7-2007)

Luv the guys when they do the ozzy (NOT ossie) accenst. Very off. Very nasty. Great listening (mostly)
Submitted By: chap2chat
(288,336 on 7-2007)

Great podcast, been listening since bout show 8! Keep it up
Submitted By: joe_trier
(287,507 on 7-2007)

Fuck Keith & the Ugly Girl
Nice work, take a shit on each others chests. Thats an order...
Submitted By: slai49
(287,228 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: jm009d9599
(287,101 on 7-2007)

totally gnar
gnar 2 live live 2 gnar
Submitted By: slimapple10
(284,810 on 7-2007)

they rock!
Submitted By: capretta
(284,178 on 7-2007)

The cutest gay couple ever!
Dee and Lance make a beautiful couple both on and off air. Nothing can stop these two from living together as man and man thanks to civil unions. Sincerely, STEELE - FROM THE VILLE Radio Show -
Submitted By: steele
(284,090 on 7-2007)

Count this!!
Ever the fucking apple polisher!! Rock on bitches!! You bring the whores, Ill bring the drugs!!! HA! - El Duce
Submitted By: dives13
(283,087 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: matt
(282,334 on 7-2007)

Out of the 1 podcasts I listen too, this is by far the best.
Submitted By: Devils_Hitman
(282,247 on 7-2007)

There podcast brunged me very enjoyment.
Submitted By: arabicjackson
(282,221 on 7-2007)

Germany is listening
Great show again! I expect nothing less though!!
Submitted By: ohio366
(279,142 on 6-2007)

yous guys are the shit
I thought all podcasts were gay and immature, but Sick and Wrong is a good kind of gay and immature...yous guys rock the shit
Submitted By: wgncubswin
(279,108 on 6-2007)

10 drinks and still listening. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: chrisburnett41
(279,032 on 6-2007)

Thats sick and wrong dude
S&W is the best podcast ever!!!
Submitted By: nikkiblack
(279,014 on 6-2007)

sick and wrong is sick and right.
beer at 2pm.
Submitted By: bc_booking
(279,001 on 6-2007)

NLO sucks anymore, Sick and Wrong simply rocks every week
Submitted By: jwinkler71
(278,757 on 6-2007)

i love this show.first time listening to podcasts & i think this stuff rules.
Submitted By: jm009d9599
(278,042 on 6-2007)

big titties and fat women for Lance!
Vomit and upper decking for Dee.
Submitted By: Ohmygod
(277,202 on 6-2007)

Thanks OKV
I just wanted to thank the OKV to introducing me to the Sickest Podcast on the net. OUTSTNDING. Thanks ODB listening in Germany!
Submitted By: oh366
(276,808 on 6-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: Zaitan
(276,584 on 6-2007)

This is the best f-ing podcast out there, mofos. What else do i need to say?
Submitted By: thrak61
(275,590 on 6-2007)

s&W is good for you!
Submitted By: espxray
(274,170 on 6-2007)

sergeys vote
aswome fucking podcast, i am addicted to it ))
Submitted By: mikrosha
(273,406 on 6-2007)

Love dis sho!
Submitted By: dondondon
(273,054 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: capretta
(271,514 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: stephtscott
(271,408 on 6-2007)

Rampage for Sick & Wrong!
Guess who ole dirty ones! yes...the split tail freshner...El Douche!!! ROCK ON BITCHES!!!
Submitted By: dives13
(270,979 on 6-2007)

These bastards spend their Friday nights perfecting their dual winkler and suplex skills.
Submitted By: brian_church
(270,238 on 6-2007)

sickandwrong shoudl beat the vegan podcast!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: matt
(270,229 on 6-2007)

Sick and Wrong rules!
Best Podcast!
Submitted By: elbernabeu
(270,067 on 6-2007)

Tenderloin sounds delicious!
Simon and Wackerle are the epitome of what I think a podcast should be. They are original, sexy, and disgustingly hilarious. You two are truely loved. Hookers are on me...well, theyre in the back of my truck and dead, but you can have a turn. Much USB love.
Submitted By: undergroundshortbus
(269,098 on 6-2007)

This is Steele, co-host of FROM THE VILLE Radio Show ( I personally want to thank Dee Simon and Lance Wackerley for sending me the gift of love. By love I mean a turd twister. Now every time I have bowel movement I will think of the fine folks over Sick and Goddamn Wrong! Love, Steele proud father of a healthy baby turd twister!
Submitted By: steele
(268,550 on 6-2007)

great podcast
Submitted By: frogland2
(268,514 on 6-2007)

Listen to Sick and Wrong!!!
I love these guys. Listeners can contribute stories to the show.
Submitted By: carrieb
(267,143 on 5-2007)

great show guys
Submitted By: hendytim
(266,379 on 5-2007)

the guy who never votes
had to vote for this show
Submitted By: qrk189
(266,351 on 5-2007)

Makes me laugh every time
Submitted By: barriemoor
(265,514 on 5-2007)

Why is this podcast not higher in the ratings?!
Its AWESOME! ... I mean so SICK and so WRONG! Keep it up!
Submitted By: msdiamonddawg
(264,990 on 5-2007)

Awesome show
The commentary on some of the stories are gross but incredibly entertaining. Its a great show to listen to while on the bus.
Submitted By: comix_top
(263,157 on 5-2007)

they make me laugh
Submitted By: scott.h.doughty
(260,910 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: laijerrad
(260,073 on 5-2007)

Rampage Radio Rules!
What you gonna do about it,there sanchez, eh?!?!?
Submitted By: dives13
(259,415 on 5-2007)

Wrong is Right
These two fellas are fine examples of true value in listening. Listen close enough, and you might hear the girl Simon keeps in a pit in his apartment. Thats all I need to know when Im feeling a little down. Pants down, uglies out. Sick and Wrong is neat.
Submitted By: undergroundshortbus
(259,071 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: heatrae40
(258,900 on 5-2007)

sick and wrong
best shit.
Submitted By: bc_booking
(258,632 on 5-2007)

Excellent podcast
Submitted By: thrak61
(258,178 on 5-2007)

Sick and Wrong...oh so right!
Submitted By: vadershairnet
(257,674 on 5-2007) loves S and W
Sick & Wrong is money. Its about the daily struggles of, D.Simon and Lance Wackerley, who are a happily married gay couple residing in the pacific northwest where they live off the fruits of the land. In this show D. comes to terms with his irritable bowel syndrome, while Lance comes down with a bout of sickle cell anemia.
Submitted By: steele
(257,534 on 5-2007)

OKV Rocks!!!!
Submitted By: bcason
(257,467 on 5-2007)

Keep Kicking Ass
Just wanted to say that the show is awesome. Keep doin what youre doin and making the OKV proud.
Submitted By: pdp1505
(257,294 on 5-2007)

great show!
Heres your Punky! monthly... Cheers, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(257,044 on 5-2007)

attitude adjustment
Monday morning journey to work just wouldnt be the same without S&WPC
Submitted By: detailfiend
(255,669 on 4-2007)

Sick & Wrong is Tight!
Ive been listening to those guys for months and they always surprise me with their disgusting stories. Love them!
Submitted By: angela.poole
(254,867 on 4-2007)

no one is a true fan unless they take the time to vote!
Submitted By: brandon_335
(253,777 on 4-2007)

Shortbus Retard
Sick and Wrong Podcast kills me. OKV proudly welcomes them in with open arms...and legs.
Submitted By: undergroundshortbus
(253,738 on 4-2007)

Simply the best
So funny and needs to be in the top ten for sure! Vote ppl Vote
Submitted By: m_conciatore
(252,238 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: stephtscott
(251,518 on 4-2007)

Nothing else like it.
Submitted By: mabiuss
(251,359 on 4-2007)

Sick and Wrong is right on!
Bets thing ever. Love it. Marvelous! Stupendous! Incredible! My shoes hurt!
Submitted By: vadershairnet
(251,351 on 4-2007)

Never miss an ep
These guys just get better and better
Submitted By: thrak61
(248,469 on 4-2007)

These Guys Rock
Well, except for Wackerle.
Submitted By: martin23
(246,560 on 4-2007)

Makes a normal life seem so much nicer when you hear about those that are oxegen vampires. The guys do a great show and they have no bigotry, they seem to dislike equally.
Submitted By: elf_fire
(246,460 on 4-2007)

sickandwrong FTW
such a funny cast - these guys are intelligent in their mad ramblings and consistently deliver amusing anecdotes and witty opinions on the worlds sickest goings on.
Submitted By: matt
(246,114 on 4-2007)

Oh My Fucking Aching Genitals!
Holy Kunt! Jesus Christ my swollen whorebags. We two slightly retarded drunken Micks that host FROM THE VILLE ( love this Sick & Fuckin Wrong Podcast. Afterall, its hosted by an eclectic set of Siamese twins. One twin is a Jew who yearns for his lost foreskin, while the other is a black peasant farmer who wants to end hunger in the Amish community. Its a real hoot!
Submitted By: steele
(245,923 on 4-2007)

??????? ????????? ?????? ?????? ????
??????? ????????? ?????? ?????? ???? [url=http://www.airs]???? ?????[/url]
Submitted By: kewin2k
(244,262 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: jontipp56
(244,150 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: deanager
(243,457 on 3-2007)

One of the best shows out there. D. Simon is outstanding. The only way this show would be better is if they got rid of Wackerle and made Gordy a Co-host.
Submitted By: martin
(242,912 on 3-2007)

English is my second language and with Sick and Wrong, Im now fluent.
Submitted By: fanasonic2000
(242,798 on 3-2007)

Awesome show
catch it every week. Hilarious and poignant.
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(242,067 on 3-2007)

Great show!
Submitted By: allikevel
(241,546 on 3-2007)

go cat go!!!!
Submitted By: bobbobjakson
(240,705 on 3-2007)

One of the best podcasts ever
I listen to this at work, on the way to and from work, and to go to sleep at night. Best podshow ever.
Submitted By: mabiuss
(240,657 on 3-2007)

Sickness makes me happy!
Great informative and entertaining podcast. Its like Larry King and Annie Sprinkle had an baby together.
Submitted By: robramone
(239,621 on 3-2007)

El Douche and Rampage vote for this!
Yes we Do....and so do I, and he does, and they do and I wish I could, but I did! Just dont tell anyone.!
Submitted By: dives13
(239,505 on 3-2007)

Sick and Wrong Rulez! cheers, the grannies
Submitted By: rectalwipes
(239,317 on 3-2007)

Sick and Wrong is right on!
Best thing that ever happened to me. Other than getting Tootie from "Facts of Life" knocked up. Yeah bitches...its mine!
Submitted By: vadershairnet
(239,303 on 3-2007)

best damn show ever
because it just is...
Submitted By: katie.helwig
(239,291 on 3-2007)

Big fan!
Submitted By: elbernabeu
(239,278 on 3-2007)

A pretty funny show!
Submitted By: lowellmontgomery
(239,190 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: t_strom
(237,894 on 3-2007)

I love listening to Sick and Wrong on my ipod while im driving...since i dont have a radio. i love wackerly:D
Submitted By: the_short_punk
(237,069 on 3-2007)

I have a lifeless penis!!!
You know I have listened to a lot crappy podcasts. Most suck ass. But this Sick and Wrong thing with my friend D. Simon and this Lance Wackerley character is actually damn good. So check these little fuckers out. Now if you will excuse me, I need to freshen up before I attend my urological exam. You dont want to have a foul odor when a male doctor is cupping your balls while his finger is in your poop shoot.
Submitted By: steele
(236,440 on 3-2007)

Sick And Wrong FTW!
This is the funniest podcast i have listened to and has no pretention on the part of the two hosts. Its like an Oasis of cool in a sea of try hards
Submitted By: matt
(235,428 on 3-2007)

h.c. johnson
Submitted By: thetoebbens
(234,207 on 3-2007)

I must be SICK and WRONG...
to LOVE this show! Awesome work guys!
Submitted By: msdiamonddawg
(234,101 on 3-2007)

i love sick and wrong.
and lance and dee, as well.
Submitted By: kyndra.moeller
(233,600 on 3-2007)

Sick and Wrong is both!
You guys are disgusting, prurient, and juvenile. We at Chicken Fried Radio are jealous. Keep it up!
Submitted By: kwidge
(231,487 on 2-2007)

Hot fire
This podcast is extremely original and if youre looking for some serously twisted, if not flat out disturbing, takes on a wide variety issues, look no further. You will not find its equal. Meet Dee Simon sometime and youll have a better understanding of where these clowns are coming from. Too funny. That cat has some serious issues.
Submitted By: chart
(230,540 on 2-2007)

im sick and your wrong
Submitted By: saroc1723
(230,372 on 2-2007)

Sick and Wrong is Sick!
Submitted By: shellyericksen
(230,369 on 2-2007)

You are both so gay!
GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
Submitted By: stephtscott
(230,340 on 2-2007)

------------------------- --
------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Submitted By: isisson
(230,293 on 2-2007)

Sick and Wrong is great
Great podcast.
Submitted By: josebacteria
(230,277 on 2-2007)

Submitted By: t_strom
(227,523 on 2-2007)

hey D...
Matt Heron says hello!
Submitted By: kgroya
(227,499 on 2-2007)

Sick and Wrong = the bestest ever
If these guys dont win...I will shoot my own foot.
Submitted By: vadershairnet
(227,136 on 2-2007)

Thanks guys
I open my inbox and get a big hunk of turn on my screen. See, its the care these guys go into to disgust/entertain their listeners that I enjoy the most. Vote for them and you too will discover all sorts of titillating depravity!
Submitted By: Devils_Hitman
(227,113 on 2-2007)

sick and wrong...You gotta love it
Submitted By: oaklands643
(227,104 on 2-2007)

I must totally vote for Sick & Wrong!
Submitted By: villavillain
(226,782 on 2-2007)

Sick and Wrong. There is no other.
Sick. Depraved. Immoral. Totally worth listening to.
Submitted By: PDAhlgrim1
(226,680 on 2-2007)

great Podcast
This is the funniest podacast i have ever heard, i love those guys. They tell it like it is, no fake shit.
Submitted By: v8eatermr2
(224,503 on 2-2007)

i love sick and wrong!
Submitted By: kyndra.moeller
(223,398 on 2-2007)

Great Podcast
Dont miss this podcast. Listen every week, mofos. I mean it.
Submitted By: frogland2
(223,145 on 2-2007)

These guys ARE funny!
Definitely a twisted podcast. But funny!
Submitted By: lowellmontgomery
(220,018 on 2-2007)

Why limit yourself? This is the WORLD source for anti-social commentary.
Submitted By: oakwoodproductions
(216,851 on 1-2007)

really we are all a bit sick and wrong
Submitted By: saroc1723
(215,981 on 1-2007)

sick and wrong. sick and wrong!!!!
Submitted By: surfwax27
(215,968 on 1-2007)

thumbs up that anus
Submitted By: lucvandewalle3
(215,542 on 1-2007)

These guys just kill.....
Submitted By: chart
(215,175 on 1-2007)

Out of the countless podcast I listen to, this would have to be one of them.
Submitted By: Devils_Hitman
(214,798 on 1-2007)

this show is gross...I love it!
Sick and Wrong has warped my innocent mind.
Submitted By: heatrae40
(214,552 on 1-2007)

This is right
Its so wrong its right
Submitted By: adamontheair
(214,417 on 1-2007)

oui oui
Do it, now...
Submitted By: fanasonic2000
(214,324 on 1-2007)

dj Nobody
Submitted By: dj_nobody2u
(214,151 on 1-2007)

an hour of learning
Submitted By: jasdrey
(214,108 on 1-2007)

Sick and Wrong is Tits
I listen to this podcast every day. of every week.
Submitted By: josebacteria
(214,071 on 1-2007)

My mom listens to your podcast while shes working out at Curves.
Submitted By: brian_church
(213,915 on 1-2007)

Very Sick and totally Wrong
Submitted By: bg_322
(213,910 on 1-2007)

Fuck yeah
what now?
Submitted By: kaiser.puppy
(213,893 on 1-2007)

Sick & Wrong & Perfect
Dude, have you heard these guys, they come up with the best shite!
Submitted By: gutterglam
(213,883 on 1-2007)

Thats Entertainment!
More fun than From The Ville and *much* less on-air male nudity. Trust me, this is a good thing.
Submitted By: dave_jenne
(213,859 on 1-2007)

Just so rad
They are just so rad!
Submitted By: katie.helwig
(213,850 on 1-2007)

sick and wrong rocks
where else can you hear about bonsai retards and brother/mother incest all in one place? greatest thing to happen since fisting...
Submitted By: kuritaro9
(213,265 on 1-2007)

Good shit assholes. Remind me never to go jailing with you fucks -Jason Oblivion
Submitted By: Jasonoblivion
(212,791 on 1-2007)

great show!
take it sleazy
Submitted By: modchicago21
(212,761 on 1-2007)

Hugely entertaining show! Nothing is sacred and nobody is safe from these two hilarious wise cracking bitches. Genius.
Submitted By: jibbajon
(212,382 on 1-2007)

i love sick and wrong and lance and d!
Submitted By: kyndra.moeller
(212,082 on 1-2007)

The best....this podcast is a fantastic testament as to why the human species is on the verge of extinction. somebody should save these podcasts in a nuke proof timecapsule so the next species to rule this planet will know how badly we fucked up.
Submitted By: detailfiend
(211,796 on 1-2007)

Just sick enough.
Submitted By: bill_clinger
(210,936 on 1-2007)

I love your podcast and would do anything to get in dee simons pants
Submitted By: oaklands643
(207,883 on 1-2007)

Submitted By: sdgroove
(207,549 on 1-2007)

in a rush...
...just got time to vote - cheers, paulybx (Punky!).
Submitted By: paulyb
(204,275 on 1-2007)

I never miss an episode
These guys have it down. Consistently entertaining, well-produced.
Submitted By: frogland2
(201,383 on 12-2006)

Sick & Wrong Podcast
A weekly excursion into the world of sickness, hosted by two guys who are funny but manage to not sound like morning zoo DJs.
Submitted By: moderator
(198,590 on 12-2006)

this is truly the funiest thing on the web
Submitted By: matdog909
(198,514 on 12-2006)

No, its craft Wrong & Sick
Submitted By: tttiki
(196,593 on 12-2006)

Who wants a blumpkin?
I do! I do!
Submitted By: katie.helwig
(196,563 on 12-2006)

Sick & Wrong is Right!!
I love how unapologetic they are for telling sick and wrong stories, and theyre actually true!!
Submitted By: stunningphotography
(196,561 on 12-2006)

Submitted By: vantavaux
(196,058 on 12-2006)

Its no From The Ville but its still better than most other shows!
Submitted By: martin23
(195,030 on 12-2006)

Hey guys whats up. I found your podcast a week ago and Ive been having this sick and wrong marathon for the last few days. Ive been laughing my ass of sitting in the train or in my car or walking in the store. A lady on the train asked my why I was laughing so hard and I told her (while wiping the tears of my face) about the Amish hostage incedent. Well... she couldnt see the humour in it ;) Your show has fried my brain and I thank you guys for that. Keep up the good work and I cant wait for Sick and Wrong number 50 !!! Greetings, Jan
Submitted By: jan.rouw
(194,727 on 12-2006)

best podcast ever
Submitted By: ofp_fnk
(189,465 on 11-2006)

Sick and right!
Superb podcast, professionally produced.
Submitted By: gumpster
(188,128 on 11-2006)

sick and wrong!
Submitted By: e
(187,211 on 11-2006)

This stuff is sick, - We Love it!
Submitted By: martin23
(180,659 on 11-2006)

sick and wrong rule!
halarious podcast - my favorite
Submitted By: bassnode
(180,268 on 11-2006)

Thanks for a great show!
I love this show more than my children. I listen every week.
Submitted By: redscarlach
(179,532 on 11-2006)

never miss an episode. I save them, in fact.
Submitted By: thrak61
(178,675 on 11-2006)

I am a grandmother that chanced upon Sick and Wrong. I actually didn know that I was sick until I found myself laughing myself silly while listening. Ive downloaded all 42 podcasts and have been having a listening marathon. I have actually turned on some of my twenty-somethings co-workers to the show. Keep up the good work!!!
Submitted By: sheryl_d1
(177,620 on 10-2006)

Sick and Wrong
I m going to name my children Sick and Wrong
Submitted By: thewormoil
(177,350 on 10-2006)

its about time we had some antisocial commentary. alot like the conversations my friends and i have
Submitted By: lord_of_ryleh
(176,745 on 10-2006)

sick and wrong rules
best podcast ever. Hands down. Don bother arguing. Just deal with it. Get over it. A top ten, period. Just make it so. Peace out.
Submitted By: aaroneire
(175,843 on 10-2006)

The Best
Always Original and 100% funny.
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(175,596 on 10-2006)

Best podcast
You should get this guys lots of free stuff like beer or whores with prosthesis
Submitted By: babyloniasuperstar
(175,101 on 10-2006)

sick and wrong is the shit
greatest idea for a podcast EVER!!! keep theose fuckers coming.
Submitted By: kuritaro9
(172,104 on 10-2006)

clever and misanthropic.
Whats not to like?
Submitted By: thrak61
(169,298 on 10-2006)

Top Notch
Whats up Guys, Shows Great, I need more Jeff though. D you need to give the Cell Block a chance its very nice place. Once you get used to the anal penetration on the T.V.s, its a lot of fun. Annie Ks Jon(Chicago)
Submitted By: jontipp56
(165,985 on 9-2006)

if you ever want to hear shit and stuff listen to sick and wrong. it is sick and very wrong QUALITY
Submitted By: stevelloyd
(163,622 on 9-2006)

Sweetest girl to escape the Morgue
Horray for creamed cheese!?!
Submitted By: cutealthodead
(162,291 on 9-2006)

great show
I listen to every episode!
Submitted By: thrak61
(161,787 on 9-2006)

sick and wrong ftw
most entertaining podcast ive heard.
Submitted By: christopherteeple
(161,785 on 9-2006)

Very consistent sickness
Submitted By: holyhandgrenade
(161,431 on 9-2006)

Vote for Bee Dog
Submitted By: tesarules
(156,220 on 8-2006)

Funny Show
Sick and Wrong is the best Podcast
Submitted By: jhayes206
(155,346 on 8-2006)

Sick and Wrong is the perfect show. A mixture of humor and sickness and a little wrongness.
Submitted By: krychek123
(153,884 on 8-2006)

sick and wrong
motherfucking outstanding show...keep it up. it helps pass the time over here in japan...
Submitted By: kuritaro9
(153,415 on 8-2006)

Pit Bulls
I think the bitch who owned the pit bulls, should be put in a room with 1 angry male and 1angry female pit bull, and let the dogs have at her just like the other dogs did to her child. Lock her in the cellar, and let the dogs go.
Submitted By: smcguane4
(151,258 on 8-2006)

Both "sick" and "wrong"
Submitted By: puckertime
(150,232 on 8-2006)

loving the show keep it going!
Submitted By: unoshato
(147,853 on 8-2006)

this is...
...and it is. Paulybx, (Punky!).
Submitted By: paulyb
(147,629 on 8-2006)

Sick and Wrong pwns!
They do. Really.
Submitted By: hispeed757
(144,812 on 7-2006)

Hella cool
Listen to this show everyone. It is insightful, witty, and all around a good time.
Submitted By: krychek123
(143,726 on 7-2006)

Shit and Poo
I can help liking the shit stories. I can decide between skull bong water, and diahrrea rain. So can I vote for both? I also want to mention, that I don understand why there are actually activists for rats? Yes Willard was a great movie, but if rats are extinguished, who cares?
Submitted By: smcguane4
(142,227 on 7-2006)

Not for the tame
Absolutley essential and addictive listening. Look beyond the gross subject matter and you will find a wealth of humour and intelligence, truly great stuff.
Submitted By: detailfiend
(142,191 on 7-2006)

This is brilliant.
Sick and Wrong is the funniest, most vile, dirtiest and sweetest podcast on the net. The show covers horrible yet interesting topics in funny and interesting way. This podcast is a must!!!!
Submitted By: erik.wilhelmsson
(142,131 on 7-2006)

aussie chick!!
story about sick aussie sheila definitely the sickest and wrongest! cheers. Tim
Submitted By: hendytim
(141,362 on 7-2006)

show 25
best show yet
Submitted By: kgroya
(141,307 on 7-2006)

Fuck Yeah
This show fucking rules!
Submitted By: lckincaid
(140,390 on 7-2006)

Sugar lump ;)
.D tells the most disgusting story of all time!
Submitted By: cristina.strom
(140,221 on 7-2006)

How remiss of me!
...So sorry your votes late, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(139,246 on 7-2006)

This podcast is the only podcast that Id compare to the drug crack. Keep up the awsome work. The Jables
Submitted By: ChloroformParty
(137,658 on 7-2006)

Love it!
Submitted By: rampageradio
(135,142 on 6-2006)

huff huff huff
huff paint
Submitted By: kgroya
(134,809 on 6-2006)

Loving Sick and Wrong
What could be better than "Sick and Wrong"? They just say outloud what we all think or feel, they just have the balls to say it. I say go guys, and keep up the grade "A" entertainment. Stephanie from Greenfield Mass.
Submitted By: smcguane4
(133,363 on 6-2006)

WTF? Awesome
What can you say? a great show. Funniest shit Ive heard in a long time.
Submitted By: manoochehridanyal
(123,111 on 5-2006)

I heard that one of these guys was on the show Jackass. This podcast is funny and original.
Submitted By: rampageradio
(92,561 on 2-2006)

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