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3 Wine Guys Comments

There are 152 Comments for this Podcast
3 wine guys are epic
Informative, funny, irreverant, the 3 wine guys have given me countless tips on what wines to try. Keep wine-ing!
Submitted By: vwest3
(545,913 on 1-2013)

Submitted By: josephlrileyiii
(533,526 on 4-2011)

Commence the Wining!
You guys are great! Ive just started listening and find that the digressions add rather than detract - as each wine has character and a story to "tell" so do each of you! All the best - paul
Submitted By: pfrichtl
(502,726 on 10-2009)

3 wine guys is the best!
love the shit out of this podcast!
Submitted By: sarahenorcross
(502,017 on 10-2009)

Thumbs Up
Absolutely love the podcasts!
Submitted By: jajamros
(493,688 on 8-2009)

Passion for wine
The guys know and love their wine. I have been studying wine for almost 40 years. Their podcasts are entertaining and educational. What more can you ask?
Submitted By: banooch
(487,727 on 6-2009)

Love These Guys!
Great content and lots of laughs.
Submitted By: ruddster
(483,347 on 5-2009)

3 Wine Guys rock!
Submitted By: vlodko
(477,171 on 4-2009)

thank you, itunes
What a find.....especially for a novice wanting an accelerated education....and funny as hell on top of it. thks, itunes ! ed
Submitted By: aslez
(475,650 on 4-2009)

Lovin your work guys!
Submitted By: stevienix
(474,834 on 4-2009)

Great show and podcast...
I look forward to every new pod cast from you guys. Granted, here in GA were not able to get all of the wines you review, I have a list I can look for when I travel.
Submitted By: Matt_Laflamme
(474,680 on 4-2009)

Fun shows
Submitted By: irates
(472,175 on 3-2009)

The ONLY real wine podcast out there!
Submitted By: stevienix
(471,274 on 3-2009)

Hands down, best ongoing wine podcast
Submitted By: vlodko
(467,722 on 2-2009)

Keep on wining guys!
Submitted By: stevienix
(463,068 on 2-2009)

The most informative and most importantly entertaining source of wine knowledge you will fine in a podcast. I have listened to every one of their podcast and look forward to more. I hope they never stop wineing.
Submitted By: catoclark3
(458,973 on 1-2009)

Happy New Year Guys and Keep On Drinking!
Submitted By: stevienix
(457,015 on 1-2009)

great show
love this podcast
Submitted By: ddunn6
(454,878 on 12-2008)

Refreshingly good wine podcast!
Submitted By: stevienix
(452,282 on 12-2008)

Stereo Radiation sez hello
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(451,403 on 12-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,876 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(435,172 on 10-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(428,761 on 9-2008)

Love wine? Listen to the 3 Wine Guys. It couldnt be simpler!
Submitted By: stevienix
(425,734 on 9-2008)

Great show
Steve, stop cutting in on on the other two when they are in the middle of making comments. Most often when you interrupt you simply say what they were going to say anyway. Great looking Phaser printer in studio C... did you keep?
Submitted By: rstewartwalker
(422,385 on 8-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(418,899 on 8-2008)

I now have a new hobby. They make learning about wine easy and really fun. I buy a lot of their recommendations to get me started.
Submitted By: elliottkoch
(412,247 on 7-2008)

Keep on winin guys!
Submitted By: stevienix
(402,213 on 7-2008)

3 Wine Guys
3 Wine Guys podcast is the BEST ever!!! Way to go, guys!
Submitted By: jm.christie
(401,408 on 6-2008)

I love to listen to you guys and trying most of the wines you recommend and even some of the ones you dont. I;m actually beginning to care about each and every one of you! Paula (Boise, Idaho)
Submitted By: paulacopeland
(393,884 on 6-2008)

Terry, Stevo & Scott are the three musketeers of wine!
Submitted By: stevienix
(390,270 on 6-2008)

Keep rockin the world of wine guys!
Submitted By: stevienix
(380,164 on 5-2008)

If I was stranded on a desert island and I could only bring one podcast this would be long as I could have wine on the island too...and it wasnt too hot...or there was a cellar on the island.
Submitted By: btennan1
(374,680 on 4-2008)

Good discussion team on wine and what to look for in wine.
Submitted By: robertastewart
(372,688 on 4-2008)

Keep dropping the F Bombs Stevo!
Submitted By: stevienix
(372,622 on 4-2008)

Keep dropping those F Bombs Stevo!
Submitted By: stevienix
(363,364 on 3-2008)

One of My Favorites!
Submitted By: kathee.reville
(363,052 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: terry
(351,946 on 1-2008)

first time listener
wholly shit ,this the best thing on my ipod
Submitted By: dwheels
(347,949 on 1-2008)

Great info and entertaining. Keep it up guys.
Submitted By: kphelan3
(338,032 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: robert.yates
(330,429 on 11-2007)

W I N- O - L Y M P I C S
You guys just keep gettin better!!!! More curse words SteveO!!! Ya soft Cock!!!!!
Submitted By: ceurich
(326,058 on 11-2007)

I voted
Great podcasts. Makes work go much faster. Great entertainment with a learning. Awesome.
Submitted By: kidslik
(322,932 on 10-2007)

Keep up the good work guys! Keep dropping the F Bombs Stevo!
Submitted By: stevienix
(312,377 on 10-2007)

You guys rock!
Cheers to the 3 Wine Guys!
Submitted By: cwferris
(297,940 on 8-2007)

wonderful informative
Submitted By: drange01
(288,984 on 7-2007)

kickin it...
Submitted By: highcenter
(281,705 on 7-2007)

my favorite podcast
Submitted By: barb
(276,264 on 6-2007)

great wine podcast
A little bit of sauce and a lot of good wine makes this podcast my favorite. These guys takea down-to-earth approach to wine, providing useful recommendations and employing a easy-to-understand rating system.
Submitted By: bubbles_2000
(269,521 on 6-2007)

3 Wine Guys
Submitted By: lachaz_glos
(266,586 on 5-2007)

cant wait for the next show..
your podcast is becoming it! i really like the way your personalities clash AND mesh, and stevo is not that annoying...he kind of grows on you, after awhile. you quys are my number one source (except for wine spectator)!
Submitted By: nathile
(266,224 on 5-2007)

great podcast
Submitted By: bubbles_2000
(261,922 on 5-2007)

Love these guys...but
This podcast is fantastic. Fun, informative and down right smooth on the palate. BUT, Stevo is an ass cracker that talks over evryone, but I love him. Stevo you Ass Cracker.
Submitted By: shad
(261,366 on 5-2007)

Uncork these guys!
These fellas make learning about wine fun and you never know what theyre gonna say next!
Submitted By: markbcurrier
(249,773 on 4-2007)

Thank You
Terry here from the 3 Wine Guys, I just want to thank all of you for your comments, they are truly appreciated!
Submitted By: twalsh
(247,670 on 4-2007)

The best wine podcast for boobs like me lacking an edumacation
Submitted By: mmdlaw
(246,842 on 4-2007)

More Fun Than a Dozen Screw Caps
The Wine Guys...What can we say? Profane, earthy, discerning, Midwestern...(Wait...Midwestern & wine?) Keep rolling, fellas. And good luck with that Mariah Carey lawsuit.
Submitted By: sbarry
(239,103 on 3-2007)

You Guys Rock!!
The Three Wine Guys have changed my podcasting life. I listen to your show on my Ipod and I love it! The humor is great and the wine info kicks ass. Come to Boston and do a live show!
Submitted By: remy919
(238,712 on 3-2007)

3 wine guys - good stuff
This podcast is fun and educational at the same time. Thanks guys - keep it up.
Submitted By: jancelet33
(237,868 on 3-2007)

Fantastic and fun...
I consider myself to be a wine novice, and these guys do a great job of addressing everything from affordable, to non, and their taste is trusted, as after trying several from their suggestion, are tried and true. These guys are great and I am glad I stumbled upon them - through a girlfriends suggestion. Thanks 3 wine guys, looking forward to more in the future!
Submitted By: obviouswords
(232,011 on 2-2007)

3 Wine Guys
Great Review of wines!
Submitted By: robertastewart
(225,901 on 2-2007)

This Podcast is awesome!
Submitted By: grovess
(222,692 on 2-2007)

Excellent, educational and funny
You have helped me learn an incredible amount about wine in a short time. I know Im just scratching the surface, but what a great and fun way to learn! Thanks Paul
Submitted By: ptuck
(221,609 on 2-2007)

Great show that is informative and funny. I just dont know how they can taste all those different flavors and come up with names for them....
Submitted By: ggroebe
(206,974 on 1-2007)

Top podcast lads - really enjoyed your video Christmas cards
Submitted By: stevienix
(203,240 on 1-2007)

Submitted By: jtruswell
(202,619 on 12-2006)

3 Wine Guys
Great show!
Submitted By: galahadz
(201,628 on 12-2006)

Best podcast ever by three guys talking about wine!
Submitted By: mtripicco
(200,262 on 12-2006)

good stuff!!!!!!!
Submitted By: kennethweller
(198,370 on 12-2006)

Good discussion by a group of "real" guys that get to the heart of what is enjoyable about a well made wine. Thanks for helping to narrow down the numerous choices in wine.
Submitted By: r.hintzman
(198,034 on 12-2006)

Le Douche Bags
All for one ! And one for all!!! These guys are #1"THEY KICK FUCKIN ASS!!!"
Submitted By: ceurich
(196,295 on 12-2006)

Submitted By: digbongo
(189,872 on 11-2006)

3 Wine Guys
Submitted By: swedeil
(188,757 on 11-2006)

These guys rock!
These guys are a great resource for people new to wine and also those who have sampled their fair share of crushed grapes. Keep up the good work and keep drinking!
Submitted By: 2cupsjoe
(187,272 on 11-2006)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: teehouser
(184,493 on 11-2006)

Hail Da Douche Bags!!!!
Raise your glasses high for The 3 wine guys!!!!
Submitted By: ceurich
(182,037 on 11-2006)

these gents are no joke! the best podcast out there! cheers! tv htp://
Submitted By: aps
(178,931 on 11-2006)

This show Rocks
What a great fing show! Keep it up!
Submitted By: jneeriem
(178,359 on 11-2006)

This is the first time I have listened to them. Luv em...
Submitted By: racepk7
(177,746 on 10-2006)

These guys Rock!
Submitted By: psyounce
(174,560 on 10-2006)

3wine douche bags
These guys are fuckin' hellacool when it comes to da right wines.... Keep the good work up ya fuckahs "ALL HAIL DA DOUCHE BAGS"!!!!!
Submitted By: ceurich
(173,422 on 10-2006)

3 Wine Guys Great!
Submitted By: swedeil
(171,554 on 10-2006)

Hilarious & Informative
This is an awesome podcast that I really look forward to.
Submitted By: grovess
(170,812 on 10-2006)

Great Show
Submitted By: emontoya
(168,690 on 10-2006)

3 wine guys
The best podcast!
Submitted By: architectdi
(168,673 on 10-2006)

Great podcast lads !
Submitted By: stevienix
(168,590 on 10-2006)

Great show
Gotta listen to it
Submitted By: teehouser
(167,807 on 10-2006)

the most honest and irreverant wine-cast out there!
Submitted By: aps
(167,638 on 10-2006)

Great podcast!
These guys deserve the recognition.
Submitted By: stealie
(163,475 on 9-2006)

3 wine guys
Excellent, informative and a lot of fun. Essential for any wine lover.
Submitted By: tokyodanny
(158,783 on 9-2006)

Best podcast about wine
If youre a person with no real knowledge of wine, then youll like these guys!!!! They Kick Ass!!!!!
Submitted By: ceurich
(158,766 on 9-2006)

the most honest wine podcast out there... from 3 very real gents. peace tv
Submitted By: aps
(158,493 on 9-2006)

3 wine guys
You guys are great. Appreciate all the research you guys do for us. It must be a huge sacrifice!! ha ha.
Submitted By: rogersbt
(158,075 on 9-2006)

yeah baby
Submitted By: charlesredpath
(158,015 on 9-2006)

3 wine guys have fun with wine
no pretentious b.s., just good and often hilarious discussions revolving around and during drinking wine. Keep up the good work Terry, Scott, and Steve!
Submitted By: tonywdegeorge
(157,668 on 8-2006)

Great Show
Great show. Love listening to the reviews
Submitted By: Teehouser
(155,710 on 8-2006)

3 Wine Guys Kick ASS
Something for the conoisseur and the newbie. Just kick back and tilt a glass with the boys.
Submitted By: lstipp
(155,552 on 8-2006)

Great podcasts!!
Submitted By: sarahefalk
(155,066 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: isthisneat
(150,080 on 8-2006)

Top Wine Cast
These guys found a niche and I am glad I have an ipod to listen to them on the go.
Submitted By: jennyjason
(148,306 on 8-2006)

3 Wine Guys
Awesome podcasts!!!
Submitted By: swedeil
(148,157 on 8-2006)

Funny guys, but they don know sh*t about cheese
Stick to wine, boys
Submitted By: rgabel
(138,682 on 7-2006)

3 Fine Guys
I enjoy the 3 wine guys. They are hilarious and I find their reviews really great. Id like to meet Scott in particular and rub his belly
Submitted By: robgabel
(138,681 on 7-2006)

3 wine guys
The best!
Submitted By: architectdi
(138,043 on 7-2006)

Drink on!
Submitted By: charlesredpath
(137,633 on 7-2006)

Real is Right
Yeah they are drinking the wine while they do the show. I does at a real element other shows do not offer. Sure they slur a few word here and there, yet it does add a real quality to each podcast. I have purchased a few bottles they have recommended and have yet to be dissapointed.
Submitted By: kimberdo
(135,970 on 7-2006)

New listener
I just started listening to this show after I read an article in Imbibe Magazine. These guys are contributing editors. They really know their stuff and they are entertaining. Most shows are boring. As you might have read from previous review The 3 Wine Guys are funny. Keep up the good work. Your Blogcasts are great.
Submitted By: barbara60521
(135,969 on 7-2006)

Keep the votes comming
Every month I vote for them because they deserve a large audience. They are by far the most entertaining show, they make you laugh, what other wine podcast does that? None, listen you will enjoy it.
Submitted By: kimhdoan
(135,968 on 7-2006)

Informative and not stuffy
These guys know their wine. If you are new or consider yourself a pro, there is something to be learned. As they go through each bottle, the funnier they get.
Submitted By: isthisneat
(135,967 on 7-2006)

Best Source for Wine
Submitted By: commodity9
(135,964 on 7-2006)

Very Informative
Well done and real - but will Stevo ever shut up and let the others talk?
Submitted By: drsugarman
(135,446 on 6-2006)

These guys know their shit!!!
If you want to know about wine, then you better listen to these guys.. They will will blow your mind with the knowledge they have about reds & whites and even fuckin champagne!!!!!!! THEY KICK ASS!!!!!!
Submitted By: ceurich
(133,502 on 6-2006)

most entertaining podcast on wine
there are a lot of boring, stuffy podcasts on wine out there, but this ones entertaining while still managing to be pretty informative and useful for the beginning to intermediate wine lover.
Submitted By: tonywdegeorge
(131,878 on 6-2006)

3 Wine Guys
Keep drinkin and chattin, the podcasts are hilarious and the ratings and recommendations are great too.
Submitted By: swedeil
(126,284 on 6-2006)

3 Wine Guys
Tops on Wine and Tops on Entertainment Period. Thanks 3 Wine Guys and iTunes
Submitted By: jennyjason
(126,263 on 6-2006)

Good Stuff
Submitted By: mike
(125,719 on 6-2006)

Excellent Show Guys!
Submitted By: ted
(125,616 on 6-2006)

Me likey
Submitted By: bill
(125,533 on 6-2006)

Cool Show!
Submitted By: elvis630
(125,524 on 6-2006)

Keep it up Guys!
Submitted By: zooropafan
(125,443 on 6-2006)

I like the bell!
Submitted By: Elvis773
(125,430 on 6-2006)

Great Show Guys!
Submitted By: elvis312
(125,426 on 6-2006)

I like the new bell!
Submitted By: jim
(120,534 on 5-2006)

Cool show
Submitted By: tallpaul
(118,182 on 5-2006)

Great Show
Submitted By: sales
(117,647 on 5-2006)

Like the Bell!
Submitted By: elvis773
(117,188 on 5-2006)

Great info
Submitted By: elvis312
(116,474 on 5-2006)

Nice Job!
Submitted By: Elvis630
(116,471 on 5-2006)

Great Job
Submitted By: zooropafan
(116,470 on 5-2006)

You got my vote!
Submitted By: tallpaul
(116,469 on 5-2006)

I am new to drinking wine and I find these guys very entertaining. The fact that they are drinking the wine makes it a little different than other shows I have heard.
Submitted By: commodity9
(115,595 on 5-2006)

Got my vote!
Submitted By: info
(115,581 on 5-2006)

Very good website with lots of information on a variety of wines.
Submitted By: tz_polo
(110,424 on 4-2006)

Great wine reviews
Submitted By: swedeil
(109,116 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: sales
(108,872 on 4-2006)

Good, but lose the profanity
I'm hardly a prude when it comes to language, but the swearing seems to be done just for the sake of swearing. There's good information here, and the lack of stuffy wine reviews is refreshing. But it's not a show I can listen to with the kids in the car.
Submitted By: diogenes2005
(108,058 on 4-2006)

Hey I love these guys
Submitted By: kimhdoan
(107,662 on 4-2006)

Great Podcast
This is by far the only entertaining podcast about wine. Excellent content. Also their website has great infomation.
Submitted By: kimhdoan
(107,659 on 4-2006)

A fresh Alternative
I would consider myself as a bit of an amature when it comes to wine, yet the 3 Wine Guys take on a complex task of reviewing wine and making it fun. I like the format of the show, 3 perspectives are better than 1.
Submitted By: commodity9
(107,656 on 4-2006)

Funny and Informative
The 3 Wine Guys put to shame the stuffy reviewers of wine. These guys are full of information and make you laugh. Awesome, keep up the good work.
Submitted By: isthisneat
(107,566 on 4-2006)

3 wine fans!
Submitted By: rantho
(107,524 on 4-2006)

Great Show
Submitted By: gealtd
(107,439 on 4-2006)

You have my vote!
Submitted By: crminc1
(106,744 on 4-2006)

Keep it Up!!!
I enjoy it and learn a lot in the process!!!!
Submitted By: tallpaul
(106,049 on 4-2006)

Nicely Done!
Sounds like you have a lot of fun podcasting!
Submitted By: elvis630
(106,046 on 4-2006)

No Stuffy!!!!
Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: elvis773
(106,045 on 4-2006)

Lots of Fun!
You guys are great together!
Submitted By: elvisCubs
(106,044 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: elvis312
(106,040 on 4-2006)

Im voting
Great podcasts. Looking forward to Bordeaux...
Submitted By: mostocks
(94,623 on 3-2006)

Good Stuff
Like the Wrap concept. Informative & Entertaining. longer formats on their website if needed
Submitted By: mostocks
(94,622 on 3-2006)

Fun Show
No stuffiness...nice for a change!
Submitted By: Elvis630
(92,918 on 3-2006)

I like it.
Submitted By: elviscubs
(92,473 on 2-2006)

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