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Best of the Left Podcast Comments

There are 1709 Comments for this Podcast
It really is...
... the very best of the left.
Submitted By: katieprogress
(547,007 on 11-2013)

Great Podcast
Very informative. I always learn something from every show. I love the structure of the podcast. Im definitely a fan.
Submitted By: Scaverno
(547,002 on 11-2013)

Amazing Show
Great show, cited material, responds to questions.
Submitted By: 3keepmovingforward3
(546,949 on 11-2013)

best of the left
THis is the most informative compilation of news in the liberal media. I recommend it to anyone with an open mind and sense of community.
Submitted By: gerbolini72
(546,899 on 10-2013)

best is best of the left
Submitted By: mbbloch
(546,589 on 7-2013)

Best of the Left
I really enjoy the consistent quality of this programmes topic and clip selections ...
Submitted By: LonnieinTokyo
(546,481 on 6-2013)

Cant Stop Listening
I listen to every single new episode, sometimes more than once, and even if I dont agree. There have been so many times that I have referenced this podcast in school papers--I couldnt tell you how many. Keep up the good work Jay!
Submitted By: murphy.anthony60
(546,439 on 5-2013)

Best of the Progressive Left
This podcast is the spinal cord to the central nervous system of disparate voices. Considering the duplicitous propaganda that spews from the corporate media, this service that Jay provides is a virtual godsend to isolated activists like myself, who hunger for the honest political narrative. From one trucker to another - Keep Up the Great Work !!!
Submitted By: libertystreet
(546,286 on 4-2013)

mmmmmooooooorrrrreeeeeee ;-))
Submitted By: brittp2
(546,001 on 2-2013)

One of the best podcasts!
Ive been listening to BotL for year now, and Jay has gone from good to great. Congratulations on the podcast, congratulations for your activism!
Submitted By: kwme17
(545,906 on 1-2013)

the best
simply the best topic related compilation shows anywhere!
Submitted By: lonnieintokyo
(545,787 on 12-2012)

Love Best of the Left!
One of the best podcasts ever. Intelligent and thought-provoking.
Submitted By: kathrynpiquette
(545,742 on 12-2012)

Very informative
This podcast brings together the best of the progressive commentators. I save a lot of time by listening to this podcast. Often, a clip of something takes me on a journey for more information. Good work guys!
Submitted By: kgokeefe
(545,630 on 11-2012)

Submitted By: willienrusty
(545,592 on 11-2012)

Truly "the Best"!
This is the most succinct, elegantly edited postcast ever. Thought provoking and informative. Everyone should listen.
Submitted By: ijsmom
(545,510 on 10-2012)

great resource
This podcast is truly something to look forward to twice a week. Ive valued it to find other print, web and podcast resources that fit a learning, aware human.
Submitted By: byronquam
(545,496 on 10-2012)

The Finest Aggregate of Suppressed Educated Journalism
With the complete takeover of National Media outlets, sifting thru the multitude of new internet based, non-bias, factual journalism choices, can be impractically time consuming. "Best of the Left" stands out as the Concierge, for highlighting all of the best efforts made by other intellectual journalism and comedians. Thou I thoroughly enjoy listening to all of the full broadcast of the highlighted shows, "Best of the Left" is definitely the most compact, entertaining and education 1hr show available.
Submitted By: gcrady
(545,483 on 10-2012)

Best political show around.
Submitted By: gniaby
(545,397 on 10-2012)

Vote for best podcast: Best of the Left
I am voting for Best of tbe Left for: 1. Best all-around podcast 2. Best news & politics podcast.
Submitted By: tvandenbark
(545,373 on 10-2012)

Really the best of the left
Submitted By: Dragana.coric
(545,247 on 9-2012)

Submitted By: rainbownelly25
(544,973 on 7-2012)

Best of the Best
I love listening to Best of the Left. Thanks for doing all the work.
Submitted By: dfl001
(544,674 on 5-2012)

Great Show
One of the best put together informative podcast available.
Submitted By: aroncallipo
(544,673 on 5-2012)

Gotta Love a FREE Press
Best of the Left where you hear what the mainstream media doesnt tell you
Submitted By: ana
(542,844 on 2-2012)

best news podcast ever!!!
Submitted By: ritesh_david
(542,633 on 1-2012)

I listen to a lot of podcasts. If they make me laugh or think I stick around with them. I just started today listening to the best of the left podcast and all I can say is wow. They really have a nice thing going on here. Its awesome how they bring together so many different views, all clear and concise. Well put together audio and the mixture of acts, quick infos, and music has really made me happy that I stumbled upon them. You all should be proud of the work you do. Im not an expert of podcasts but you really do have something special. Cant wait to dive deeper into the archive. Just thought good work shouldnt go without notice.
Submitted By: kdawg8600
(542,295 on 1-2012)

An addictive podcast
Highly entertaining and informative podcast. I am absolutely addicted!
Submitted By: msmnificent
(542,208 on 1-2012)

BEST of the left
This is the most informative show youre going to find anywhere about progressive news!
Submitted By: Jakeawaythe16th
(541,972 on 1-2012)

Better than "Cats"
This is the best use of any medium I can think of. I subscribe to The Washington Post and a half dozen magazines. I listen to NPR every chance I get, but this podcast is the joy of my life and the joy of my mind.
Submitted By: btlgripthis
(541,874 on 1-2012)

About being the chosen people
Hi Jay, I love your show and commend you for the valuable service you provide. Personally, I consider myself an agnostic jew that enjoys his traditions. But, I have to make a comment on the Jewish tribe issue because I feel it is a common misconception of the religion. It is true that Jews consider themselves to be 'god's chosen people'. But, if you check what 'chosen' means in jewish interpretations, it is not a right but actually a responsibility to be a personal example - 'a light unto the nations'. This is why what Jews call 'being a Mench' (a good person), is valued more than wealth and influence. It is considered unnecessary for people to convert to Judaism because contrary to other monotheistic religions, it is not believed that non-jews are disadvantaged in any way or 'dammed'. Non-jews are born in the culture and society they are meant to be in, and have just as many opportunities to be a Mench. This is why according to some traditions, a Rabbi should turn away a willing convert three times before taking them on a path of conversion. And as for the assertion that some people hate jews because they feel excluded, I wonder if you have any social study or data to back that up. My personal interpretation of resentment of jews, is that it is not because they feel excluded from a club they want to be a part of, but that as long as the 'jewish club' exists, they perceive it to be a threat to the legitimacy and primacy of their religion. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Raffi.
Submitted By: rafael_moshe
(541,564 on 12-2011)

LOVE Best of the Left!
Issues of the day are presented in both insightful and humorous ways. BotL is a great way to keep current.
Submitted By: mrose821
(541,103 on 12-2011)

Cant Live Without It
I listen to several podcasts during my workday, but this is the first on my list, every third day!
Submitted By: poettabrain
(540,304 on 11-2011)

A needed voice..
Needed Now More Than Ever.
Submitted By: Blue_Diamond915
(540,284 on 11-2011)

Podcast Rocks!
BOL podcast does an amazing job at providing a snapshot into current events.
Submitted By: sharon3019
(540,283 on 11-2011)

Best of the best
Submitted By: adam_ridgely
(540,169 on 11-2011)

love BOTL
gets better with age....
Submitted By: satjiwan_khalsa
(539,584 on 10-2011)

Best of the Left is among the BEST!
Informative. Intelligent. Often entertaining. A welcome antidote to the lunatic right wing fringe! Appreciate several complementary perspectives on particular issue.
Submitted By: sbdances
(539,495 on 10-2011)

I love the podcast.
Submitted By: moondreamer64_2000
(539,376 on 10-2011)

The Best!!
Submitted By: smidthun2
(539,283 on 10-2011)

True to its title
I absolutely love this podcast. You get a variety of great material from all of the best progressive sources. This is ten times better than trying to glean the mainstream media for little tidbits of reality.
Submitted By: akr44
(538,959 on 9-2011)

Best of the Left is AWESOME
Jay! is the funniest political podcast host there is
Submitted By: rbrennergoldstein
(538,425 on 9-2011)

Best of the Best
The Best of the Left is the best produced, best archived, best thought out and entertaining podcast I have ever heard. Definitely worth your valuable time.
Submitted By: seventhself
(538,202 on 8-2011)

Submitted By: dallen555
(538,032 on 8-2011)

Great Podcast
The clips Jay picks from the liberal media are always very interesting and never dull. I always look forward to new episodes.
Submitted By: aezook
(538,016 on 8-2011)

entertaining and informative
Great show, so much information in a condensed and entertaining format.
Submitted By: ijustarrived
(537,908 on 8-2011)

I love this show
I dont always get to listen to every podcast but I save them and listen when I can. It is brilliant the way it condenses the news into bite size pieces and gives me clarity.
Submitted By: actorguy1
(537,671 on 8-2011)

Best is Best
Informative, Entertaining, Provacative
Submitted By: jetskyg
(537,518 on 7-2011)

great show!
love the show!
Submitted By: ijustarrived
(537,225 on 7-2011)

Submitted By: swingkid53
(537,107 on 7-2011)

Not just the best of the Left but a great way to get introduced to new sources you werent previously aware of.
Submitted By: kittymeow620
(537,022 on 7-2011)

Great Show
Required listening!
Submitted By: duplainjm
(536,838 on 7-2011)

Best of the best
Lots of good info, not too many slams. Slams distract. Facts inform. This is the only podcast I listen to regularly and am glad theres now a way to parcel it out to my friends. I cant believe so many of the people who fought through the sixties with me, now ignore politics, pretend it isnt important. I cant believe my daughter thinks Im crazy and indulging myself (wasnt it my mother who said that?). Thanks for letting me join BOTL.
Submitted By: zenobia911
(536,776 on 6-2011)

one of the best podcasts in production
Submitted By: fbiellmann
(536,773 on 6-2011)

Best podcast of all
BEST OF THE LEFT gets my vote!
Submitted By: Belugable
(536,770 on 6-2011)

Submitted By: davidb316
(536,748 on 6-2011)

Time Saver
I hear more of the information I need in a shorter period of time.
Submitted By: kentomlinson
(536,680 on 6-2011)

Submitted By: Mmcclenny
(536,645 on 6-2011)

Excellent summary of opinion and news.
Submitted By: pmweix
(536,614 on 6-2011)

Great Program
I am sad that I sometimes dont get to listen but when I catchup, it is a marathon of goodness.
Submitted By: actorguy1
(535,905 on 6-2011)

Compassionate and Informative
Cant get anough of this program. It can make me laugh one day and piss me off the next. It doesnt do much for Obama as hes too moderate (which one should have figured out years ago). It goes pretty far to the left while admitting that they dont know everything. There have been times, especially when it comes to scientific topics, where they are way off which is a cause for concern. Id hate for ignorance to be spread, even if it supports the left agenda. Careful, guys and gals; perform your due diligence. There are some pretty smart people who listen to your show. Overall, a good listen and sometimes the best part of my day.
Submitted By: alh2344
(535,841 on 6-2011)

Stay Amazing, and become more so.
Submitted By: biographyofaphoenix
(534,866 on 5-2011)

Great show
Informational show on the best of the media.
Submitted By: Cgmunchkin
(534,678 on 5-2011)

Great and entertaining!
Submitted By: pierangelo
(534,352 on 4-2011)

BOTL Rocks
I count on Best of the Left for the smartest collection of info + opinion on the relevant issues of the day. No one has time to catch every episode of every great radio, tv and online show out there. So its up to Jay to gather up the best of it for us. How great is that!
Submitted By: RobinHerzig
(534,078 on 4-2011)

Love it Jay
Submitted By: Rossjordanart
(533,913 on 4-2011)

Best Content
Absolutely the Best podcast for the politically aware listener.
Submitted By: mjninole
(533,890 on 4-2011)

The Absolute BEST of the Left
Submitted By: percy8ferry
(533,728 on 4-2011)

Stay Amazing, and become more so
Submitted By: biographyofaphoenix
(533,429 on 3-2011)

Best Of The Left
Best podcast.
Submitted By: yogamom2006
(533,404 on 3-2011)

Submitted By: flexismart
(533,140 on 3-2011)

BotL is a great podcast. I like that I get facts to back up my positions from reliable sources. I also like that its done in an entertain way, each show focusing on one issue. Thanks Jay for a great show.
Submitted By: nickstrippoli
(533,116 on 3-2011)

Awesome Mash up
Wicked good way to hear various Lefties all weigh in on a common subject. Excellent and a good way to learn about shows you didnt know about.
Submitted By: karlealdinger
(533,070 on 3-2011)
Submitted By: rodreece
(532,573 on 3-2011)

Best Content
Best content, great music, thoughtfully edited; simply the best podcast available.
Submitted By: mjninole
(532,504 on 3-2011)

This keeps me sane
Submitted By: darknite72
(532,375 on 2-2011)

Thanks for responding
Keep up the good work, Jay! Sounding very professional these days.
Submitted By: pattymoo
(532,371 on 2-2011)

The best of the best
This is the only podcast I donate to, the only podcast I never miss an episode of (even though I already watch some of the shows they pick up material from), and the only podcast Id miss if it went away. I dont agree with Jay on everything; I dont expect to. When I was 14 through 21 I worked for organizations that supported JFK and MLK and Hubert Humphrey and Eugene McCarthy. I learned about Malthus from Sloane Coffin and nuclear danger from Carl Sagan. Listening to this podcast gives me the hope that there are still people who have the ability to pull disparate pieces of information together and disseminate them in an understandable and entertaining way. If I was a bit younger and more vigorous, Id be a number one volunteer.
Submitted By: zenobia911
(532,076 on 2-2011)

my vote for awesome podcasts! Thanks, Sarah.
Submitted By: sarahks
(531,958 on 2-2011)

Best of the Left Podcast is great!! Worth a visit every 3 days at least.
Submitted By: williblair
(531,909 on 2-2011)

Best of the Podcasts! Jay puts together everything you want, with all you need to hear, about the hottest subjects. He does it brilliantly. This show rocks.
Submitted By: RobinHerzig
(531,605 on 2-2011)

Submitted By: mjninole
(531,456 on 2-2011)

Best of the Left is the BEST
I love this podcast. Jay really has the touch that makes it work.
Submitted By: mariposagraphics
(531,225 on 1-2011)

BotL is da bomb!
Submitted By: libramoon22
(531,063 on 1-2011)

Best Free PodCast
Best Free PodCast
Submitted By: Brett.Swanson
(531,053 on 1-2011)

An amazing show
I dont know how jay does it but every couple castes he puts together a deadly serious yet humorous compilation of the most important issues facing us today. A must listen choice for any thinking human.
Submitted By: Chiefleaf.dana
(530,959 on 1-2011)

Great show
Submitted By: JB
(530,774 on 1-2011)

The Name Says It All
The name really says it all. This show is insightful, informative, and often quite funny all at the same time. Perfect recap for those with limited media time and a legend to the best progressives media cast out there.
Submitted By: tdowning666
(530,770 on 1-2011)

Best Political facts on the net
Submitted By: helomike24
(530,544 on 1-2011)

All Americans arent the same
Submitted By: pmitchison1
(530,527 on 1-2011)

fantastic podcast
I listen to every one of them and they are the best!
Submitted By: kelleen0402
(530,410 on 1-2011)

Best Podcast
I love the content of this website. A condensed view of all things progressive.
Submitted By: jweiss7
(530,380 on 1-2011)

Best Content
Best Podcast on Itunes.
Submitted By: mjninole
(530,249 on 1-2011)

Thank you for the great show
Submitted By: Norm.Zehms
(530,131 on 12-2010)

Helps me through the media fog daily, thanks.
Submitted By: cosmo
(530,011 on 12-2010)

love the show, Jay is great
Discovered show a few weeks ago and have been listening non-stop. Finally, someone who voices what Ive been thinking these past 5-10 years!
Submitted By: misterelectron
(529,542 on 12-2010)

The Best
Love this podcast!
Submitted By: zom1965
(529,507 on 12-2010)

possibly the most interesting podcast on the net
Submitted By: ironrangers
(529,495 on 12-2010)

Fing best
If it wasnt for BotL I would have totally missed out on We Are Citizen Radio and The Young Turks.
Submitted By: Msprague2002
(529,471 on 12-2010)

Best Content
I love getting each podcast
Submitted By: mjninole
(529,430 on 12-2010)

Great stuff
Submitted By: dackre
(529,142 on 11-2010)

love it
Im not even always a liberal... but this podcast is very enjoyable.
Submitted By: bradchasse
(529,024 on 11-2010)

BOTL rocks
Submitted By: tmcdsd895
(528,916 on 11-2010)

My Favorite Podcast
As the name implies, this is the best produced, most informative, and by far the most entertaining podcast available. It should be required that every member of Congress listen in an effort to "pull them off of the ledge" and keeping them from further destroying our country.
Submitted By: mjninole
(528,724 on 11-2010)

Thanks to Jay!
One of the first podcasts I look for and listen to regularly. Good work.
Submitted By: pattymoo
(528,620 on 11-2010)

Best Ever
Submitted By: jesus.u.morales
(528,519 on 11-2010)

I love this show
I love how I can get all my favorites summarized in one neat and tidy podcast. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: actorguy1
(528,194 on 11-2010)

Great Shows
A lot of the show I like organized around a specific topic.
Submitted By: cgmunchkin
(528,113 on 11-2010)

One of my favs
Not to be missed.
Submitted By: gcollie
(527,839 on 10-2010)

best of the left
best of the left!!
Submitted By: wae711
(527,516 on 10-2010)

Outstanding podcast
Submitted By: Arden.Tohill
(527,511 on 10-2010)

Best of The Left
Simply the best!
Submitted By: crackys
(527,465 on 10-2010)

listener in France
Best of the Left is my fav- thanks!
Submitted By: prismperfect22
(527,273 on 10-2010)

Best Podcast Anywhere
Best of the Left is the first podcast I always listen to - its the best of everything currently on the airwaves with great music tying it all together. Its like listening to my favorite mixed tape while riding in an 83 Pontiac Trans Am.
Submitted By: stewball2000
(527,230 on 10-2010)

Just the best
Left, right or center, great information!
Submitted By: Worleyfamily
(527,211 on 10-2010)

Stay amazing, and become more so
Submitted By: biographyofaphoenix
(527,198 on 10-2010)

best of the political
Hes the best!
Submitted By: running2defend
(527,174 on 10-2010)

Thanks Again
I cant wait for each new podcast, it reafirms my support of the Democrats and more specifically Progressive politics. I dont know how anyone could vote Republican after listening to a few of these. We must fight to keep them from office or America will become the Land of the Abused. Thanks Jay!
Submitted By: David
(527,171 on 10-2010)

Liberal Media?
So-called liberal, corporate media has been falling apart for decades. Hopefully well have at least ten years of good internet-driven programs before its bought up.
Submitted By: ahduh.t
(527,163 on 10-2010)

Lovin it
Best of the Left podcast makes my long drive to school each day go by way too quickly. Thanks to you for all the hard work and dedication!!!
Submitted By: clarkwoodrowt
(527,149 on 10-2010)

Submitted By: Ronald.GerringJr
(527,142 on 10-2010)

Best of the Left is one of my favorite podcasts.
Submitted By: timpbarnes
(527,135 on 10-2010)

Really the best
Submitted By: dackre
(527,073 on 10-2010)

This podcast is spectacularly good. Its my pleasure to vote for this podcast at the start of each month.
Submitted By: jaycvollmer
(527,070 on 10-2010)

Great show
This podcast keeps me abreast of major issues. Its also really funny!
Submitted By: nancy.shonk
(526,930 on 10-2010)

Best of the Left is awesome
This podcast allows me to get a good overview of a bunch of other podcasts that I dont always have the time to get to. Heartfelt, sparkling commentary, a good choice of filler music- whats not to like?
Submitted By: nosloj1
(526,915 on 10-2010)

Still the best!
Keep up the incredible work, Jay!!! I think that I am finally going to get a membership this month. I am astounded by your ability to continuously produce such well-organized, high quality reviews of what I consider to be the REAL news. Nice to have a reliable source for quickly cutting through the Rights corporate news agenda.
Submitted By: Emcrouse
(526,913 on 10-2010)

Fabulous compilation of top media
Submitted By: owensmegan
(526,899 on 10-2010)

Required listening!
Submitted By: stephen
(526,893 on 10-2010)

best of left
Submitted By: sueconcerned2
(526,874 on 10-2010)

love this podcast, go Jay!
I love this podcast, short, sweet and to the point sections. I get to hear a little about it all, thank you.
Submitted By: craig_anna
(526,862 on 10-2010)

still best of the best....also... what happened to blast the right?
Submitted By: tabhz
(526,813 on 10-2010)

Keeps me informed and entertained by all the best news outlets. LOVE IT!
Submitted By: katesmoody
(526,772 on 10-2010)

Very lovely show. Good times.
Submitted By: knight.christian
(526,636 on 9-2010)

One of the best news summaries and comments found anywhere. How do we replicate? Doug McGivney
Submitted By: mcgivneydoug
(526,624 on 9-2010)

Best Show in the Nation
Keep up the good work Jay. D
Submitted By: 4gabrieli
(526,592 on 9-2010)

4th is not best, vote it up.
Submitted By: satjiwan_khalsa
(526,591 on 9-2010)

Luv ya!
Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: amorgan77
(526,584 on 9-2010)

Great Show
Very informative and entertaining
Submitted By: bnine9
(526,505 on 9-2010)

It is the Best
I am glad I found Best of the Left. I had been downloading many podcasts and not getting to them. Now, I listen to Best of the Left and hear all I need to. Plus additional comments from Jay. Keep it up Jay, great service.
Submitted By: despotms
(526,481 on 9-2010)

entertaining, topic oriented...instructional and inspirational.
Submitted By: st.lemish
(526,478 on 9-2010)

Outstanding every week
Jay does an outstanding job. The quality each week, twice a week at least, is consistently superb. Its a mystery how he does such a professional job without the resources of a network behind him.
Submitted By: johnspam
(526,446 on 9-2010)

great show
Its a great show. Its hard to find media that isnt "center-right", hearing shows like this remind me that there is a place between Berkley trust fund student and total middle of the road folks. Thanks a ton.
Submitted By: grittygreen
(526,441 on 9-2010)

BOTL Rocks!
Heres my vote for Best of the Left: the Readers Digest of Progressive broadcasting.
Submitted By: linaewar
(526,438 on 9-2010)

The best of the best...oops! I mean besot of the left
Great show, I am so glad Jay! takes the time to consistently pull together thought provoking, amazing points of view on politics and social issues facing us today.
Submitted By: nicolebloomfield
(526,405 on 9-2010)

love it
love it. i listen to it while running and it always keeps me thinking and laughing.
Submitted By: kate1948
(526,394 on 9-2010)

The Best
Great PodCast! Keep up the good work
Submitted By: ralphturri
(526,393 on 9-2010)

Give this pocast a try I promise you will love it! Jay youre the absolute best!
Submitted By: mikeypoo86
(526,389 on 9-2010)

Great clipcast
I love that BofL aggregates progressive media around a single theme. Very entertaining and enlightening. Love it!!! Ms. E from British Columbia
Submitted By: ms.eichar
(526,270 on 9-2010)

Jay! is awesome!
Jay only uses the most interesting and timely issues from a variety of radio and cable shows, by putting the Best of them together in one show. No fluff! The segments are intermingled with music that relates to the topic at hand and is always spot on great music. I love Jay! and you will too :)
Submitted By: Missbj2you
(526,234 on 9-2010)

Best of The Best
Best of the Left is hands down the best trice weekly re-cap of the weeks news.
Submitted By: tcdowning
(526,211 on 9-2010)

best podcast out here.
Submitted By: seminoleswagger
(526,177 on 9-2010)

Best Political Podcast on the Net
Submitted By: helomike24
(526,167 on 9-2010)

Voting for
Jay does a great job of aggregating interesting clips from various programs. Im so glad I found his podcast!
Submitted By: sleith
(526,089 on 9-2010)

Best on the Web
Best of the Left (BotL) is consistently the best political podcast out there. The Young Turks and Blast the Right come in close behind.
Submitted By: andykasehagen
(526,085 on 9-2010)

AWESOME way to keep up with US politics
Thank you Jay and all of your contributors for all of your hard work!
Submitted By: Carolinejm
(526,061 on 9-2010)

My Sanity in NC
need I say more...
Submitted By: Bowman3300
(526,044 on 9-2010)

Exceptional work and getting better all the time.
Submitted By: nigelfk
(526,012 on 9-2010)

Love this podcast
Submitted By: rbrennergoldstein
(525,954 on 9-2010)

Love the Show
This show ia so important on so many levels.
Submitted By: clubmedgo920
(525,930 on 9-2010)

Awesome podast. Fact based not emotional vitriol ala right wing radio.
Submitted By: drobrugby
(525,894 on 9-2010)

Great Job!
I love this podcast and all of the new shows it has opened my eyes to. Thanks, Jay!
Submitted By: johnzan
(525,835 on 9-2010)

What would I do without you?
I cant say enough how much I wish everyone I knew was a regular listener to this awesome podcast. Kudos.
Submitted By: botl
(525,831 on 9-2010)

Thanks Jay!
Submitted By: rossjordanart
(525,815 on 9-2010)

Best of the Left is Best
Submitted By: dmccrostie
(525,813 on 9-2010)

good show! Even for Europeans!! We may think that we get a lot of information about whats going on in the US, but most people only think they know, since our press is only slightly less censured than theirs... We get a lot of the negative press as well, of course, however, best of the left gives a very good overview of the left and "liberal" media. And most of all: for us Europeans, it is so nice to see that there are still MANY MANY sane Americans on the other side of the pond. We should think more about how to support people like Jay, and less about how hopeless the situation seems.
Submitted By: vstresing
(525,763 on 9-2010)

Worth listening to
Best of the Left is one of the most comprehensive political podcasts.
Submitted By: bluechap37
(525,748 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: hoihoi_san
(525,718 on 9-2010)

Best of the Left is Great!
It is worth your time. If you love America, take the time to listen.
Submitted By: yahmaphoo
(525,711 on 9-2010)

Very Good Show
Submitted By: fmk28
(525,708 on 9-2010)

Amazing show - an intelligent compilation of the relevant sources in one place.
Submitted By: bondgirl129
(525,699 on 9-2010)

Best of the Left vote
My vote goes to the Best of the Left Podcast!
Submitted By: Nosloj1
(525,694 on 9-2010)

Thanks Jay
I love this podcast it is my favorite source of news. Thank you for all the work you do Jay
Submitted By: gdub67
(525,689 on 9-2010)

Best of the Left Rocks!!!
Keep it up Jay!!!!
Submitted By: garrettgraham
(525,650 on 9-2010)

great show
Great show! Its nice to hear what you put together, though I think Rachel Madows show is available for free online. Thanks!
Submitted By: lunaluna1974
(525,648 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: pendirkle
(525,633 on 9-2010)

newsworthy stuff
Submitted By: deanfox1
(525,607 on 9-2010)

consistantly great
This is simply the single best compilation podcast in existence!
Submitted By: jaycvollmer
(525,595 on 9-2010)

This is the best podcast that I have found.
Submitted By: iain.ruaidh
(525,588 on 9-2010)

Thanks Jay
Im a political junkie who doesnt have time to read all day. I put BOTL on and go about my business. I often listen to podcasts several times to commit parts to memory. Jay is a Libertarian which I am not keen about but he does put on a fair and balanced show. That is important, I like to hear everyones side, although he exposes the Republicans more, they have more to expose.
Submitted By: david
(525,563 on 9-2010)

Best Content
I truly look forward to each episode, the program uses many sources that I cannot get elsewhere
Submitted By: mjninole
(525,548 on 9-2010)

Great listening
Well organized, informative, real! This is the place to find all the honest truths. We need this as our time saving way to find Progressive commentary
Submitted By: granny846
(525,498 on 9-2010)

Excellent news and views..
Submitted By: alan45kico
(525,476 on 9-2010)

Great pod cast!
Submitted By: pdstringer
(525,415 on 9-2010)

great show
Ive been listning now for a couple of months. The show is very well done.
Submitted By: upchurchb
(525,406 on 9-2010)

Vital information
This is the best podcast out there. Definitely worth a listen. But of course, after one, youll want another!
Submitted By: penglishcsb
(525,405 on 9-2010)

Its the best of the pods
The only thing I have against this is Jays somewhat cloying (occasional) commentary. Other than that this is brilliant stuff made obviously with a lot of dedication that will turn you onto a whole range of stuff some of which isnt left learning or even from the US (there will be trouble in the UK when it gets out that the BBC Newsquiz is included on the Best of the Left - perhaps Jay could include a bit of Top Gear as well for balance?)
Submitted By: chodgson625
(525,403 on 9-2010)

Vote for Best of the Left
Submitted By: craigm8256
(525,379 on 9-2010)

smart, smart podcast!
keeping his finger on the pulse of what is REALLY going on! Great show!
Submitted By: blueyonex
(525,348 on 9-2010)

Best of the Left Rocks
Submitted By: kja6000
(525,292 on 9-2010)

stay on top
1 vote for sanity
Submitted By: tabhz
(525,285 on 9-2010)

Vote for Best of the Left Podcast
Best. Podcast. EVER!
Submitted By: clint
(525,205 on 9-2010)

Best Ever
Submitted By: jesus.u.morales
(525,198 on 9-2010)

Now that hes doing this full-time, I think the quality has gotten even better. This is my #1 listen.
Submitted By: EugeneHill
(525,144 on 9-2010)

yes we did it! #1!!!!!
this is the best podcast out there!
Submitted By: arrimc
(525,077 on 9-2010)

A well-produced compendium
Dont know how I got along without it.
Submitted By: dwighternest
(525,059 on 9-2010)

Best of the Left #1
Submitted By: flexismart
(525,053 on 9-2010)

BEST... its in the name
Truly the best representation of progressive thought, analysis, and that thing conservatives so often miss: FACT. Keep it up, Jay!
Submitted By: blueowlboy
(525,050 on 9-2010)

blast the right
Informative, Consice, perfect!
Submitted By: aldaddy
(525,049 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: MichaelH
(525,046 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: luharrington
(525,040 on 9-2010)

Best. Podcast. Period.
Submitted By: wking
(525,029 on 9-2010) m
Submitted By: shannonannwalton
(525,001 on 9-2010)

Judge By The Title
Simply, the best of the left, in a well produced and entertaining package. Always free every third day, but who wouldnt want to contribute to ensure this podcast will always be available.
Submitted By: ooooo
(524,988 on 9-2010)

I Love This Show!
A great compilation of progressive media. Very well produced. Extremely relevant. Speaks to the passions of all true progressives. One of my favorites. If your not already a huge fan, then you must of never checked out the show. Check it out!
Submitted By: drewbryandrewbryan
(524,971 on 9-2010)

BOTL rocks
Submitted By: tmcdsd895
(524,944 on 9-2010)

Thanks to Jay!
If I ever miss a salient point from the left, Jay! is sure to have it on his show. Love it!
Submitted By: pattymoo
(524,941 on 9-2010)

I love BOTL It gives sanity to my life
Submitted By: carleenwil
(524,934 on 9-2010)

1st to listen to after a sync
I usually listen to BOTL first, after syncing my iPod. Not merely because its high on the list alphabetically, either! I just think its a great podcast. It catches me up on all the great progressive shows out there that I cant find the time to watch or listen to.
Submitted By: kellyjohnj
(524,930 on 9-2010)

Best of the Left
Best of the Left is a great podcast. Sorted by topic, it is a great roundup of progressive commentary all in one spot.
Submitted By: barricada898
(524,927 on 9-2010)

love it!!!
best podcast ever!!!!
Submitted By: colombian_babe
(524,926 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: anne.jackson
(524,918 on 9-2010)

Keep it up!
Submitted By: parcival
(524,912 on 9-2010)

BOTL rules!
Submitted By: luautumn
(524,901 on 9-2010)

highlight of my day
Submitted By: kaufman.nicole
(524,899 on 9-2010)

Required listening.
Educational. Informative. And very entertaining.
Submitted By: plarsen
(524,898 on 9-2010)

BOTL is fantastic.
Submitted By: leslie.c.morrison
(524,896 on 9-2010)

long time happy listener
This is an excellent Podcast.
Submitted By: pawallin
(524,893 on 9-2010)

Good mix of substance, fun, and nuanced thought. This isnt the extreme of the left, but its best.
Submitted By: sanjivjagtap
(524,892 on 9-2010)

Stay amazing, and become more so
Submitted By: biographyofaphoenix
(524,888 on 9-2010)

Good stuff.
Submitted By: curtis
(524,877 on 9-2010)

Great Show
For those of you who dont have time to listen to a lot of the great progressive shows out there now, this show pulls great clips from other shows and put them into shows by topic. Well worth downloading.
Submitted By: cgmunchkin
(524,853 on 9-2010)

Best of the Left
Submitted By: hayneswm
(524,842 on 9-2010)

Best of the Best
Ive been listening for 2 months now, and this show is fantastic. Its a timesaver,too, since Jay picks out the best stuff from dozens of TV shows, radio shows, and podcasts. Great musical taste as well.
Submitted By: Danielmhenry
(524,817 on 8-2010)

Best of the Left
The best thing since Thomas Paines Common Sense.
Submitted By: uwusnama
(524,816 on 8-2010)

Good show.
Save my time. All in a one place.
Submitted By: xcellnt
(524,801 on 8-2010)

The cure for Tepid Politics
Im a progressive and proud of it. The best of the left never fails to both make my blood boil and make me laugh at the antics of "conservatives" and "liberals". I recommend that you think for yourseves and that you make TBOTL a part of your decision making process.
Submitted By: davej1s
(524,798 on 8-2010)

Great Podcast
Love this podcast.
Submitted By: OswegoKayaker
(524,786 on 8-2010)

love it!! each show is topical and current, nice mix of clips.
Submitted By: jttucker13
(524,782 on 8-2010)

Really is the Best!
Submitted By: realist468
(524,775 on 8-2010)

best of the best
Submitted By: Bowman3300
(524,772 on 8-2010)

Best way to keep up
I wouldnt miss this show!
Submitted By: steverosen13
(524,771 on 8-2010)

Condenced Common Sense
Best of the Left came to my rescue when Air America started falling apart. It is a great convenience to have it supplying the best clips from the best shows.
Submitted By: english60
(524,752 on 8-2010)

Submitted By: Gotwhs
(524,735 on 8-2010)

Best of the Left is amazing
Fun, informative, funny, great music. Thanks Jay! for putting your heart into this.
Submitted By: jeffindenver12
(524,686 on 8-2010)

great show
Submitted By: jcperedo
(524,667 on 8-2010)

Best of the left is the BEST OF THE BEST!!!
Submitted By: meshoe2
(524,637 on 8-2010)

At last!
This podcast is just what I have been looking for and what we all need to put into words our outrage and frustration at the rights domination of the airwaves and the insanity of average Americans who listen and believe the lies that Glenn Beck, et al, tell.
Submitted By: mary.simonton
(524,583 on 8-2010)

Listened over a year...first time voting
Submitted By: st.lemish
(524,547 on 8-2010)

Very good summary show
Always great
Submitted By: gskutt
(524,502 on 8-2010)

Great aggregator!
Great podcast for someone like me who has little time to listen to the radio and never watches TV. Gives me a chance to catch up when in the car or doing chores. Thanks!
Submitted By: rtthompson
(524,399 on 8-2010)

Youre work is important and needs to be heard by more people.
Submitted By: greg_russak
(524,393 on 8-2010)

The Best of the Left IS the best.
Seriously. You just have to try it.
Submitted By: cheryl2089
(524,390 on 8-2010)

Best of the Left
Good podcast that improves over time.
Submitted By: kwme17
(524,370 on 8-2010)

BOTL Rocks
Submitted By: tmcdsd895
(524,362 on 8-2010)

a consistent selection of oft hilarious and biting clips
Submitted By: atlardner
(524,357 on 8-2010)

Coherent, thoughtful, funny
Go, Jay! Keep up the great editing. I listen faithfully to the podcast because its a funny, thoughtful, and coherent compilation of a new theme in each podcast.
Submitted By: ms.eichar
(524,323 on 8-2010)

Best news report
This is the best slant on the news Ive heard.
Submitted By: johnjbittner
(524,281 on 8-2010)

Great work, Jay - the podmeister!! Love it. You rock!
Submitted By: iain.ruaidh
(524,279 on 8-2010)

Best show in town!
Submitted By: diego.gabrieli
(524,266 on 8-2010)

You are rocking out Jay!
Submitted By: Rossjordanart
(524,264 on 8-2010)

Great Podcast!
Submitted By: arliehart
(524,250 on 8-2010)

My favorite podcast
If you want to be informed and understand the lies being perpetrated on the American People by right wing conservatives, this is a must. It is also very entertaining.
Submitted By: mmcclenny
(524,241 on 8-2010)

Grat show
Submitted By: spencerwillia40
(524,226 on 8-2010)

I like the shows Jay! uses; but never have enough time. He keeps me curent.
Submitted By: kentomlinson
(524,221 on 8-2010)

its the best
Submitted By: bggoldman
(524,212 on 8-2010)

love the clips
Submitted By: satjiwan_khalsa
(524,203 on 8-2010)

Still the One
Submitted By: blaynethalken
(524,202 on 8-2010)

This show is GREAT!
Submitted By: grouchoM
(524,185 on 8-2010)

Great Podcast!
Submitted By: dmaddent
(524,167 on 8-2010)

TYT /Malloy
Cenk, Ana and crew are awesome. Cenk, dont let up on speaking the truth about the corporate dems, including the Pres. Malloy is a kindered spirit to many of us, who dont think it is a character flaw to be outraged by what has happened under the rule of the all mighty buck.
Submitted By: dim_darkmatter
(524,160 on 8-2010)

I have been following current events since I was 7, and no media source has ever been as helpful and informtaive as BOTL.
Submitted By: BoggsWayneGacy
(524,134 on 8-2010)

The Novelty Act
Love this podcast. So much so that I featured it on my blog: :D
Submitted By: psychodelicpsychoste
(524,119 on 8-2010)

This is a great podcast, I look forward to each new posting. I glad to see we are receiving more podcast weekly.
Submitted By: lyndell42
(524,100 on 8-2010)

love it!
Love the show, love the format, love the producer! Its smart, informative and easy to absorb.
Submitted By: agula0
(524,093 on 8-2010)

Love this show
I just cant get enough of this podcast.
Submitted By: actorguy1
(524,077 on 8-2010)

Right on!
Submitted By: scott.hager
(524,040 on 8-2010)

Best news commentary on the net
Submitted By: mjdvnprt
(524,035 on 8-2010)

Makes manual labor time fly.
Submitted By: eekeller
(524,034 on 8-2010)

Its been several months, and I still like this podcast. A record for me.
Submitted By: memendes
(524,032 on 8-2010)

Stay amazing, and become more so.
Submitted By: biographyofaphoenix
(524,030 on 8-2010)

Best of the left is the BEST
Submitted By: thombellucci
(523,966 on 8-2010)

First Podcast I Update Each Day
Jay! does a wonderful job melding songs and audio clips along a theme that is current in news & politics. This is worth the time to download. I recently signed up for a monthly payment for Jay!'s efforts. Wish I could give more
Submitted By: yvonne.k.lafferty-2
(523,934 on 8-2010)

Keep it strong
The quality never fails, so Im not about to fail Jay. Keep up the good work. We appreciate it.
Submitted By: Jesus.u.morales
(523,928 on 8-2010)

Keep Turning Left
I have become sickened by the conservative Republicans in Congress... they are either insane or corrupt or both. They belong in the pages of history ... their time has come and gone.
Submitted By: tarcus
(523,914 on 8-2010)

Submitted By: JONRA3
(523,911 on 8-2010)

Best of the left podcast
This is absolutely the best podcast out there. I think if there were a "Best of the Left" cable TV channel, it would definitely beat FOX News in the ratings. If you enjoy left-leaning political news, just listen to one episode and I guaranty youll want to hear them all. Oh, and did I mention that there is great music mixed in there as well? Love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: KathyS100
(523,891 on 8-2010)

The best on the net
Submitted By: alexapagliuca
(523,879 on 8-2010)

very good
The tops
Submitted By: calvinneal
(523,854 on 8-2010)

Good one
Good one again.
Submitted By: ghamberger
(523,850 on 8-2010)

I truly look forward to each broadcast, and I love the music.
Submitted By: mjninole
(523,841 on 8-2010)

Best of the Left is great. I have been listening only a short time but it became enjoyable and informaable from the first show. I think Best of the Left could produce a video version. On a one to ten scale I rate the show a 10
Submitted By: rperrault
(523,833 on 8-2010)

best of Left
Submitted By: sueconcerned2
(523,821 on 8-2010)

Great and informative.
Submitted By: dackre
(523,818 on 8-2010)

Submitted By: garrettgraham
(523,764 on 8-2010)

step on the right
Submitted By: wae711
(523,756 on 8-2010)

Good Work!
Thank you for working against the Republican noise machine. I know its an arduos task getting the right to listen yet alone accept facts. Something omitted from the Limbaugh like broadcasts that promote class warfare.
Submitted By: cosmo
(523,751 on 8-2010)

Bought a subscription
This one is huge for me. I felt compelled to buy a subscription, paid for a whole year in advance.
Submitted By: rocco
(523,742 on 8-2010)

A great time saver
This a one of my favorites...saves my time, yet keeps me updated.
Submitted By: iseedragons
(523,707 on 8-2010)
love it
Submitted By: yambert
(523,689 on 8-2010)

Great show!
Submitted By: tcdowning
(523,666 on 8-2010)

10 episodes each month
I listen to them all..!!
Submitted By: rgarber2
(523,621 on 8-2010)

dont give up
I like his mp3 download very much...I often wonder what kind of person can listen to this and still wave the republican flag ....PLEASE keep trying to educate the masses and expose the lies and missinformation
Submitted By: tabhz
(523,583 on 8-2010)

Las Vegas Hangover
Finally someone had the guts to expose Vegas for what it is - a symbol of American wastefulness. What do rich Americans do with billions of dollars worth of "socialized" electricity? They light up the desert!
Submitted By: bhove
(523,573 on 8-2010)

Tried leaving a meaningful comment before, but the site just hung...
Submitted By: Mbeppley
(523,553 on 8-2010)

Great fun!
Despite the fact that I may be familiar with the clips, Jay! puts them together thematically with great music. My musical taste is expanding.
Submitted By: pattymoo
(523,532 on 8-2010)

This is a fantastic resource for media watchers and progressives.
Submitted By: wayne
(523,529 on 8-2010)

Submitted By: mwagner4
(523,521 on 8-2010)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: dtg4k
(523,514 on 8-2010)

Consistently excellent
Just love BOTL! Keeps me up with all the great podcasts and shows out there, and mixed with excellent music. Nice!
Submitted By: penglishcsb
(523,512 on 8-2010)

Informing, entertaining
have a brain? Have a heart? Sick of Fox? This is for you.
Submitted By: plarsen
(523,506 on 8-2010)

Great Podcast.
Great Podcast. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: drewbryandrewbryan
(523,501 on 8-2010)

The best!
This is my favorite podcast series. Nothing else is as clever or consistantly well-designed.
Submitted By: jaycvollmer
(523,494 on 8-2010)

nice compiliation
Submitted By: workmatw
(523,489 on 8-2010)

The best!
Submitted By: flexismart
(523,480 on 8-2010)

Positive Reinforcement
I love BOL I am a liberal Democrat and live Dallas Tx BOL makes my day in a city that is mostly Republican. I love the positive reinforcement. Thank you Jay, you are great
Submitted By: carleenwil
(523,410 on 8-2010)

Well Produced
Good content, and just the right length, each show. Right on topic each and every time.
Submitted By: yrkddn
(523,341 on 8-2010)

good work
nice mash up of left perspectives on various hot topics
Submitted By: gethall
(523,151 on 7-2010)

best of the left
best of the left does a very valuable service. not only does it regularly tap some of my favorite sources, but it has turned me on to new sources of intelligent information. i frequently search itunes to find new podcasts and passed on "best of the left" many times. why? i think it was the title -- and im a left lefty. im glad i discovered it and recommend it now as my number one "if you listen to nothing else, listen to this" podcast.
Submitted By: bahedbanger
(523,097 on 7-2010)

Easily my favorite
This podcast is absolutely wonderful; I have tried listening to dozens of podcasts but have stuck with this one. The stories and clips are relevant, well organized, split up with music that often provides me with comic relief after being rightfully outraged by something pointed out by BestOfTheLeft. This is an amazing program that will keep you well informed and educated with current events and save you time (which is necessary for many people). I cant say it enough; this podcast is incredible. Thank you thank you thank you to BestOfTheLeft!
Submitted By: sarahbopp
(523,059 on 7-2010)

Definitely the best
The host (Jay) does a great job putting together clips from various sources. Always thought-provoking, sometimes entertaining.
Submitted By: jttucker13
(523,052 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: grisgrisgumbo
(523,010 on 7-2010)

beat the turks
i like the turks, too, but BoTL gets me select Turks and others, too.
Submitted By: satjiwan_khalsa
(522,940 on 7-2010)

Good Show
Submitted By: kungfucarlos
(522,880 on 7-2010)

The best of the BEST!
Submitted By: gilcat2
(522,841 on 7-2010)

Best of the Podcasts
My favorite podcast
Submitted By: jacob.cathey
(522,824 on 7-2010)

Great podcast
Very cool interesting and varied podcast
Submitted By: jbcmia
(522,793 on 7-2010)

This is a quick way to keep up with stuff I wish I had not missed.
Submitted By: iseedragons
(522,770 on 7-2010)

True Gem
I smile whenever a new episode downloads to my Ipod. I tell everyone I can about this podcast. Thank you!
Submitted By: kaufman.nicole
(522,743 on 7-2010)

One word. Fantastic!
One word. Fantastic!
Submitted By: aromim
(522,669 on 7-2010)

Best Show in the Nation
Quick uplifting summary of the religious-right-wing-nuts fuck up in this country. ...with a comic spin. Great job Jay!
Submitted By: 4gabrieli
(522,668 on 7-2010)

This podcast is my island of sanity in the far away world of Tennessee and Kentucky. While I have to listen to my neighbors talk about arming themselves, tea parties and blaming Obama for anything and everything, I can always turn to my iPod for a taste of reality.
Submitted By: howardradams
(522,648 on 7-2010)

Quality Content
Highlights of commentary and comedy. I dont know that its fair to classify "The Daily Show" as "Left", but the clips are always good. Great sound quality and production. Great for iPod users with chapters and titles.
Submitted By: rroberts
(522,616 on 7-2010)

Best podcast out there! Bringing the truth to light!
Submitted By: bruce
(522,614 on 7-2010)

just. plain. great.
Best of the Left turns my commute into a hopeful journey.
Submitted By: deepdemocracy
(522,588 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: Bowman3300
(522,586 on 7-2010)

Best of the Left is the best of Podcasts on my Droid. I look forward to every issue. Tom Bellucci
Submitted By: ThomBellucci
(522,569 on 7-2010)

awesome show!
Submitted By: Jeffdobbs40
(522,562 on 7-2010)

best show... has been and still is #1
Submitted By: hoihoi_san
(522,559 on 7-2010)

my 2nd favorite podcast
Submitted By: rjleeman
(522,528 on 7-2010)

Awesome podcast
Not just best of the left. It is certainly the best podcast on politics.
Submitted By: arun.pandy
(522,470 on 7-2010)

New fan from down under
Recently discivered Best of the Left and I think that left is misnomer, this is about being thinking human beings.
Submitted By: valjohn
(522,441 on 7-2010)

Best Of The Best
Keep up the Hard Work Jay!
Submitted By: shalgiva1974
(522,436 on 7-2010)

Best of the Left
In a time where Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity seem to come out of everyones mouth, its nice to know that you can find a sanctuary from this ignorance in a few, truly progressive shows. Best of the Left makes it that much easier by compiling on-topic podcast.
Submitted By: jesus.u.morales
(522,409 on 7-2010)

I enjoy many podcasts including this one- it is a compilation of good audio clips and great music selections!
Submitted By: tangodressage
(522,402 on 7-2010)

thumbs up
Great show
Submitted By: smoothcarver
(522,396 on 7-2010)

Best Podcomp
Jay does a great job putting together clips on a certain topic and mixes them well.
Submitted By: spencerwillia40
(522,393 on 7-2010)

I love it!
I listen to every podcast...may even become a member.
Submitted By: parcival
(522,381 on 7-2010)

Love it
Submitted By: frankltoth
(522,374 on 7-2010)
Submitted By: jcarlson32
(522,363 on 7-2010)

Love the Best of the Left Podcast
Best of the Left is one of my favorite podcasts and I highly recommend it.
Submitted By: timpbarnes
(522,357 on 7-2010)

Soul Saver
Submitted By: eekeller
(522,356 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: jasonandlexy
(522,325 on 7-2010)

Great Show
Love it
Submitted By: shasta3
(522,312 on 7-2010)

My favorite podcast
Submitted By: almeida.todd
(522,307 on 7-2010)

Stop me if Im being pedantic, but In order to be able to comment on a clip it would be helpful to see it first.....???
Submitted By: jenniferakdemir
(522,306 on 7-2010)

Entertaining and informative
One of my favorite podcasts.
Submitted By: evgenyneu
(522,299 on 7-2010)

Love the show
Recently started listening. A highlight to my week.
Submitted By: jimmyp
(522,255 on 7-2010)

always listening
always listening
Submitted By: peterklove
(522,231 on 7-2010)

My vote
The Young Turks
Submitted By: john81575
(522,229 on 7-2010)

news with humor
a humorous take compiled about news of importance from across the broadcast & iWorld.
Submitted By: bobrawley
(522,217 on 7-2010)

Great information
I love this podcast. It is informative, entertaining and stuff that America needs to hear. I hope the maker of this podcast keeps up the good work.
Submitted By: ninjapirate0905
(522,210 on 7-2010)

Better than ever
The best is getting better.
Submitted By: Parksarbor
(522,200 on 7-2010)

Best of the Left
Submitted By: RLodowski
(522,193 on 7-2010)

Good info to add to the mix... and entertaining to boot! =)
Submitted By: purely_emelie
(522,184 on 7-2010)

Very well done!
Most professional! Highly recomme ded.
Submitted By: olcountrylawyer
(522,085 on 7-2010)
Submitted By: laurakml
(522,075 on 7-2010)

Great Podcast
This podcast provides a tremendous service--rounding up the best of the progressive clips, skillfully organized with great music separating each clip. Each show is organized around a specific theme. Its the first podcast I listen to, and Im always sorry when I run out!
Submitted By: boot52
(522,060 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: sleekmentality
(522,041 on 7-2010)

freaking fantastic
you rock!
Submitted By: kelleen0402
(522,039 on 7-2010)

Im in!
Submitted By: secularresponse
(522,021 on 7-2010)

Will change your life
Submitted By: bxbarnett
(522,008 on 7-2010)

Awesome podcast
Fight the right!!! The Best of the Left podcast does a great job of showing the rights hate for the american people and there hypocrisy.
Submitted By: scottmitchell
(522,006 on 7-2010)

Entertaining and informative
Submitted By: sumus
(521,996 on 7-2010)

Love it!
Submitted By: yambert
(521,988 on 7-2010)

Love BOTL!
This is a thoughtful mix of comedy, science, political high drama, exposure of the lies of Democrats and Republicans alike--I feel that I am getting not only left- leaning opinion, but the truth. We have a polarization problem in society today, especially in the media. It is tragic that people who listen to Fox or Limbaugh feel that they are getting the truth--I dont know how to solve that problem. I wish there were a way to get those who dont call themselves liberals to hear more non-spun factual information. One by one, we can try to spread the word,
Submitted By: jrubio
(521,980 on 7-2010)

No time to comment; I just downloaded the new episode! BotL is entertaining, informative AND addictive, so I gotta go.
Submitted By: cheryl2089
(521,970 on 7-2010)

Jay makes the best progressive topics podcast on the internet.
Submitted By: jseverdia
(521,965 on 7-2010)

I Listen to Every Episode
A well produced, great roundup every time.
Submitted By: swiftje
(521,945 on 7-2010)

love it!!!
sooooo refreshing to hear comments outside the conventional wisdom of washington dc
Submitted By: vale_ara1
(521,879 on 7-2010)

Best/Most Needed Webcast Online!
Submitted By: ninjapoet
(521,878 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: Mark
(521,877 on 7-2010)

Best of the Left Podcast
Submitted By: joubess
(521,824 on 7-2010)

best of the left
Submitted By: mudrunr40
(521,817 on 7-2010)

Dont miss this
Educate and entertain yourself about all the bigs issues in US politics; great music too!
Submitted By: plarsen
(521,767 on 7-2010)

Great job!!!
Submitted By: Patrick.knox
(521,732 on 7-2010)

I dont get to listen to all of the great left of center media but this is the best source of the best bits. Entertaining information!
Submitted By: sandra.bryant
(521,691 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: OnyxShard
(521,687 on 7-2010)

Best of The Left is Best
Yup - it is the best!
Submitted By: japmshop-orders
(521,676 on 7-2010)

Great podcast... informative... entertaining...listen to every episode.
Submitted By: kenstig
(521,625 on 7-2010)

Great Show:-)
Submitted By: juliea1
(521,619 on 7-2010)

keeps me engaged
Love Jay and his work rounding up what I need to hear when I dont have time!
Submitted By: tstormont
(521,606 on 7-2010)

Always good, now even better
Submitted By: gskutt
(521,597 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: flexismart
(521,580 on 7-2010)

Great Podcast
What a great podcast. Great show, great production, music, sketches, commentary, etc., and all the stuff I miss out on with public radio and cable. Two thumbs up.
Submitted By: unsound
(521,570 on 7-2010)

Best of the Left is Best
Theres one podcast I listen to without fail: Best of the Left Podcast. Insightful, humorous, informative, motivating.
Submitted By: kja6000
(521,541 on 7-2010)

Smart and well-informed presentation of various clips from the last week or so, a true service to us on the left.
Submitted By: kyle.moseley
(521,538 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: tool1030q
(521,507 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: tmcdsd895
(521,500 on 7-2010)

this is what i look forward to for my left update. keep em coming!
Submitted By: arrimc
(521,497 on 7-2010)

Best of the Left is a great mix and overview of current events from a liberal stance. Awesome week in review!
Submitted By: rborchers7
(521,400 on 7-2010)

my favorite---again!!!
Submitted By: mjdvnprt
(521,389 on 7-2010)

It would take 26 hours a day
to listen to all of the programs/podcasts included in these podcasts; and I can listen to them while walking the dog.
Submitted By: msprague2002
(521,388 on 7-2010)

awesome show
im a yellow dog democrat from the states living abroad, and its hard to get the shows that Best of the Left aggregates. This is a great show and worth a subscription
Submitted By: onniekoski
(521,372 on 7-2010)

Best of the best
Right wing relief. I hope this does to left wing podcasts what Rachel did to left wing news. Smart, entertaining, and dead bang on point.
Submitted By: fredee6000
(521,368 on 7-2010)

Absolutely fabulous!
Submitted By: dianeschwarz
(521,348 on 7-2010)

Great shoe
Love it
Submitted By: Blueyonex
(521,346 on 7-2010)

Jay Totally Gets It
perfect blend of thoughtfulness, comedy and music
Submitted By: contrarymv
(521,341 on 7-2010)

Great p-cast!
Submitted By: jonesab
(521,333 on 7-2010)

Best Podcast.
Great time-saver, funny and informative.
Submitted By: cattitude23
(521,332 on 7-2010)

I love listening to this podcast.
Submitted By: reese_don
(521,330 on 7-2010)

Great podcast!
I love that I can finally find people with views like mine in podcasts. There is far too much right (and crazy) leaning media, it makes me crazy that everyone I sound like sounds crazy! This makes me feel like there are more sane people out there than I thought, thank you!
Submitted By: Paula7252
(521,329 on 7-2010)

Best Educational Podcast Ever
Not exactly marxist, just objective, logic-based commentary from many excellent sources. Not sure why they need to keep the leftist terminology going. Really seems to be centrist.
Submitted By: english60
(521,326 on 7-2010)

My favorite podcast!!
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(521,321 on 7-2010)

Excellent Podcast!
Always spot on.
Submitted By: jb
(521,318 on 7-2010)

Neat compilations!
Thanks Jay! I really like the way you compile thematic comments.
Submitted By: pattymoo
(521,304 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: Lcflanagan
(521,290 on 7-2010)

Love the show. Good job, Jay.
Submitted By: moondreamer64_2000
(521,279 on 7-2010)

Best of the Left
Submitted By: millermarthaa
(521,260 on 7-2010)

Always informative
Always gives me content I would have missed
Submitted By: Mbeppley
(521,217 on 7-2010)

This is the best.
Submitted By: nansue
(521,181 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: donenrique
(521,145 on 7-2010)

Great show, love it, keep up the good work
Submitted By: Jagyapong
(521,102 on 6-2010)

Great podcast - very enlightening!!
Submitted By: camille.cecere
(521,078 on 6-2010)

The difference between lunacy and reason can be found here. Awesome podcast.
Submitted By: amorgan
(521,000 on 6-2010)

Best of the Left is best of the Web
Best of the Left is one of the most intellectually honest and thought-provoking podcasts on the Web, a thoroughly enjoyable string of leftist views of the days top stories on every show. Definitely an aptly named cast!
Submitted By: DerekB2323
(520,988 on 6-2010)

Keep up the Great Work Jay!
Submitted By: shalgiva1974
(520,957 on 6-2010)

The Young Turks
Submitted By: skyyoonpete
(520,924 on 6-2010)

TYT army strong
Submitted By: horseman9394
(520,923 on 6-2010)

great work
Submitted By: hniblick
(520,881 on 6-2010)

I never miss an episode
Submitted By: beckybilllings
(520,863 on 6-2010)

Good Work
Jay is great and I cant wait for Wednesdays and Saturdays to hear his next show. Besides rounding up great clips he also makes some enlightening commentaries. Its been a tough few years for me and Ive made plenty of donations this year already. I was injured on the job and at the time could live with the pain but the older I get the more pronounced it is. To make a long story short, I havent worked in five years and I collect no assistance. I would like to just cut a check for a full year right now but as Ive said Ive donated plenty this year and I have other obligations to tend to. I will however donate four months at a time, it is a little easier to swallow. Jay, we care about you and do appreciate your hard work, were just broke. Love you man, keep at it. Dave form N.E. Ohio.
Submitted By: david
(520,842 on 6-2010)

youre really doing a great job! a little humor goes a long way these days. i wish you continued success.
Submitted By: THurts
(520,837 on 6-2010)

Prog Rocks!
The Best of the Left podcast is the ultimate one-stop-shop for news and infotainment clips. If you are progressively-minded, or at the very least open-minded with a reasonable command of your mental faculties, you will enjoy this show. If you dont enjoy the show, its probably because you are a slow-witted dullard and should cease procreation immediately. Jays periodic queries for listener funding are unobtrusive and tasteful. Check it out, and toss Jay a couple bucks if you can. America.
Submitted By: cpulliam
(520,822 on 6-2010)

Wouldnt miss it
Excellent programming.
Submitted By: lottacrapa
(520,794 on 6-2010)

This is an easy listen in an entertaining format. The information is factual and timely. I would recommend this to anyone who doesnt want to insulate themselves from from real life via conventional news.
Submitted By: Graemhoek
(520,773 on 6-2010)

Love it! Best source for all the lefty media. You get it all in a compact form. It is what it says: the best of the left.
Submitted By: brucebaber
(520,717 on 6-2010)

Best of the Left
Im so tired of people that think they present the Liberal point of view. Jay has knocked the ball out of the park. He presents the REAL Progressive position. Also check out the Progressive Point of View.
Submitted By: drjhawk91
(520,615 on 6-2010)

Even better now...
?that hes doing 10 shows a month.
Submitted By: gskutt
(520,581 on 6-2010)

Great selection
Keep it up Maurice
Submitted By: mauricemchugh
(520,525 on 6-2010)

love the podcast... great mix
Submitted By: r1194
(520,484 on 6-2010)

Cant live without it!!
Submitted By: sadileet
(520,472 on 6-2010)

BotL - Great!
Submitted By: azlighteningbug
(520,463 on 6-2010)

Exceptional podcast for the left
"Best of the Left" consolidates snips from a number of the talk shows from the left that I would like to listen to but just dont have time to. Thanks!
Submitted By: rtthompson
(520,435 on 6-2010)

Best of the Left is Best
What a great podcast! I never miss it
Submitted By: kja6000
(520,420 on 6-2010)

Great month--keep it up.
Submitted By: mjdvnprt
(520,418 on 6-2010)

Awesome show!
Submitted By: dean
(520,416 on 6-2010)

Great Podcast
I stumbled on this podcast and have since grown to love it. This is the best podcast available on Itunes! The music between stories is great and perfectly fits everytime... Good Job!
Submitted By: jgalle98
(520,412 on 6-2010)

only podcast I regularly listen to
keep up the good work!
Submitted By: ruthja
(520,259 on 6-2010)

Love it
Submitted By: rachelshultz125
(520,174 on 6-2010)

lives up to its name
Submitted By: deborahsalzberg
(520,057 on 6-2010)

One word - WOW!
Submitted By: pxrobins
(520,053 on 6-2010)

The Best is Best
Best of the Left is entertaining, informative, and useful. How many podcasts can satisfy all three of these criteria?
Submitted By: mark.mcguire
(520,046 on 6-2010)

Of Course Its Top Ten
Submitted By: bdglynn
(520,015 on 6-2010)

Best of the Left is great!
Best of the Left epitomizes freedom on the airwaves. Jay brings six topic-driven podcasts a month and they are always entertaining and informative. He cuts out all the excess to give you a clear view of whats going on in the world. If you only have time for one political podcast, this HAS to be the one!
Submitted By: jimsbasketballgame
(519,974 on 6-2010)

Absolutely the Best
This shows quality as a compendium resource of liberal/left/progressive commentary is second to none.
Submitted By: andykasehagen
(519,973 on 6-2010)

Best Common Sense Digest
A great time saver for busy people who want to know what is really happening. And it has enough entertaining clips and music to make listening an enjoyable experience. Not really leftist, so I dont think Best of the Left is a very clever name for it. Such a name is driving away many listeners who fear any association with the left because the Bolshevics were leftist.
Submitted By: english60
(519,966 on 6-2010)

Consistently Great
Love this Podcast
Submitted By: dpeters24
(519,952 on 6-2010)

botl is best of the pod world
Submitted By: holamendoza
(519,941 on 6-2010)

love this podcast.
Submitted By: pclark7791
(519,919 on 6-2010)

Awesome podcast!
The editing is incredible--highest quality, great selection. Jay rocks!
Submitted By: mariavalenta224
(519,916 on 6-2010)

Awesome show! Some humor, satire, hard hitting opinion and news from another direction besides the right. Thanks.
Submitted By: bradfordrich
(519,902 on 6-2010)

I Heart BotL!
Submitted By: lftripodis
(519,900 on 6-2010)

CNN? Why when theres BotL?
Submitted By: odrerir
(519,898 on 6-2010)

The Best!
Submitted By: dianeschwarz
(519,895 on 6-2010)

Packed full of great clips and great music.
Submitted By: smashitupx
(519,894 on 6-2010)

This podcast provides a great mix of solid information, entertainment, and encouragement for liberals and progressives. I extremely glad I found it.
Submitted By: memendes
(519,891 on 6-2010)

Best of The Best
Best of the Left is one-stop shopping for the latest news, commentary and satire of the State of the Nation.
Submitted By: tcdowning
(519,887 on 6-2010)

Great show! A must!
Submitted By: jason
(519,884 on 6-2010)

Consistently addictive!
Summer is upon us. Take the best of progressive (left, liberal, enlightened, humane, aware) commentary along with you, and share it with your friends!
Submitted By: cheryl2089
(519,883 on 6-2010)

Great Podcast
Nicely themed compilations- truly some of the best of the left! The music used for transitions works well. I really look forward to each new podcast.
Submitted By: janfwatson
(519,869 on 6-2010)

love best of the left
finally someone who stands up for liberal ideas. jeez....
Submitted By: chrishendricksojai
(519,859 on 6-2010)

I love Best of the Left
I love the Best of the Left podcast. Its one of my favorite podcasts.
Submitted By: TImcorrimal
(519,857 on 6-2010)

Submitted By: genodice
(519,853 on 6-2010)

BOTL - awesome
Anybody that enjoys Daily Show, Colbert, Maddow, etc. will love the highlights of news, interviews, and commentary organized into a well-produced podcast that raises real issues while maintaining a sense of tongue-in-cheek incredulity and dry humor.
Submitted By: aaronriechers
(519,847 on 6-2010)

Truly the best!!!!
Submitted By: florafine
(519,846 on 6-2010)
I love this show
Submitted By: howzie39
(519,845 on 6-2010)

Best of the Left
Best of the Left rocks.
Submitted By: luke.gina
(519,842 on 6-2010)

simply the best (of the left)
Submitted By: kevinsmithfanatic
(519,836 on 6-2010)

Great show!
Submitted By: starsandmoon9
(519,825 on 6-2010)

Laugh Out Loud
Depressed by all the bad news in the world? This podcast brings together the best and funniest voices on the left around current issues in the news. Who knew that the political, environmental and economic issues that make you depressed could also make you laugh?!
Submitted By: janet.hinkel
(519,818 on 6-2010)

Submitted By: zja509
(519,791 on 6-2010)

Still awesome!
Submitted By: Davidb316
(519,779 on 6-2010)

The best of all political commentary, not just the left.
Submitted By: vvibbert
(519,769 on 6-2010)

great show
love this show... entertaining and educational all at the same time
Submitted By: rebeccakabat
(519,766 on 6-2010)

Best of the Podcasts!
Submitted By: heaton.christine
(519,746 on 6-2010)

the best!
love this podcast. exposes a lot of the ugliness we see in politics (especially from the right) and makes for good humor while doing so
Submitted By: ufmystic
(519,742 on 6-2010)

keep up the great work!
Loved the pope episode!
Submitted By: paperbulletspress
(519,741 on 6-2010)

Jay is great and I really enjoy listening while working out everyday. The show really inspires me
Submitted By: carleenwil
(519,739 on 6-2010)

Neat compilations!
Jay!s extracts and compilations sometimes spur me to look up the original sources. Very informative and usually LOL funny.
Submitted By: pattymoo
(519,725 on 6-2010)

Submitted By: killinclowns
(519,720 on 6-2010)

Works so well to augment the limited time I can spend listening to all the different news sources. good job. Thanks
Submitted By: rlctp
(519,711 on 6-2010)

Best Podcast
Get the real story from Best of the Left
Submitted By: fwhite1
(519,660 on 6-2010)

So comforting.
I never tire of this show.
Submitted By: actorguy1
(519,653 on 6-2010)

The best of the best!
Enjoy the podcast very much.
Submitted By: c_hausauer
(519,651 on 6-2010)

BotL rules!
Submitted By: luautumn
(519,622 on 6-2010)

Great Show
Excellent Show Educational & Entertaining!
Submitted By: Patrick.knox
(519,621 on 6-2010)

The Left is right!
This is an exceptional podcast. "Best of the Left" is thought-provoking, accessible, factual, and fun. Im absolutely hooked. --Shawn
Submitted By: timjma
(519,613 on 6-2010)

best is the right word
The best of the left podcast is not just the best summary of left-leaning political podcasts, but I think its the best podcast available.
Submitted By: jvollmer
(519,604 on 6-2010)
Submitted By: anne.jackson
(519,599 on 6-2010)

Thank goodness this show exists!
If it didnt exist, I would never be able to keep up on all the political issues flying around. Thanks, Jay!
Submitted By: martypres
(519,584 on 6-2010)

Best of the left...
Submitted By:
(519,581 on 6-2010)

the best!
Submitted By: springmay60
(519,579 on 6-2010)

Best of the Left
Love this program.
Submitted By: Phattrainer
(519,577 on 6-2010)

Best of the Left Makes My Day
I love this podcast because Jay! shows the amount of research he does when putting a new episode together. I give it the top number of stars.
Submitted By: yvonne.k.lafferty-2
(519,574 on 6-2010)

Best of the Left Podcast ROCKS!
I listen to a lot of podcasts, and Best of the Left is my favorite. Its thought-provoking, entertaining, informative . . . and full of great music. LOVE IT!
Submitted By: krose
(519,573 on 6-2010)

The Best of the Left rocks
Listen, learn, get angry, take action. Great stories, great music, youll never be so entertained and eductaed at the same time.
Submitted By: plarsen
(519,569 on 6-2010)

Truly the best
And so deserving!
Submitted By: Mbeppley
(519,568 on 6-2010)

Thanks, guys!
Submitted By: stp
(519,567 on 6-2010)

Best of the Left is the Best!
They come through the news, so you dont have to.
Submitted By: miriam_gough
(519,529 on 5-2010)

Great show
Submitted By: almeida.todd
(519,505 on 5-2010)

A true Must Have
The title says it all! Jay collects the best material from a variety of sources and puts together a wonderfully condensed show 10 times a month. If you are like me and dont have hours and hours free to spend listening to the many great shows you wish you could, go to Best of the Left! Its like switching from regular coffee to straight espresso - all the caffeine (content) you want but in a much quicker gulp... :-)
Submitted By: pxrobins
(519,456 on 5-2010)

Couldnt do without it.
Submitted By: barricada898
(519,446 on 5-2010)
Submitted By: zja509
(519,440 on 5-2010)

BOTL is the best
Submitted By: mudgei
(519,425 on 5-2010)

one of the best, for sure
smart and provocative. thank you BOTL!
Submitted By: robin
(519,411 on 5-2010)

A excellent program -
Submitted By: tmnmel
(519,410 on 5-2010)

this really is the best! thanks for everything, I really needed this.
Submitted By: arrimc
(519,393 on 5-2010)

great podcast
Submitted By: kmregan1
(519,386 on 5-2010)

Love this podcast. Great music serves as transitions between an even greater selection of left-learning viewpoints, all centered around a particular topic or theme. Nice mix of funny and serious.
Submitted By: janfwatson
(519,368 on 5-2010)

Best of the Podcasts!
love it love it love it
Submitted By: heaton.christine
(519,353 on 5-2010)

The best ever
Submitted By: Bennerdl
(519,350 on 5-2010)

truly, truly the best, very best compilations of current events. makes news easy to locate and become so well informed while doing chores and walking dog. gotta love ipods. Keep up the good work
Submitted By: gordonfs2004
(519,204 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left Podcast
I never miss it. It is the the best liberal podcast out there.
Submitted By: joubess
(519,193 on 5-2010)

Essential Listening
If you are short on time but need your reality fix look no further.
Submitted By: gcollie
(519,176 on 5-2010)

Keep it up
As a Canadian, I appreciate the fact that youre bringing more to the table than the typical U.S. news. Americans need some alternative sources for information.
Submitted By: wayne.barnes
(519,152 on 5-2010)

Love Best of the Left!
This is a great show, I listen to every one. Thank you for your efforts!
Submitted By: dmaddent
(519,130 on 5-2010)

Great information and entertaining
Submitted By: pamcyphert
(519,097 on 5-2010)

Great Show
Submitted By: agfobbs
(519,067 on 5-2010)

Submitted By: tim
(518,995 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left
Informative. Educational. Entertaining. Free Happy Days
Submitted By: mickakavanson
(518,979 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left
Good sound, professional production. Like the iPod navigation features.
Submitted By: rroberts
(518,960 on 5-2010)

Love it - all the way away in Australia!
Submitted By: cathbrophy
(518,946 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left Vote
I really enjoy this podcast. It is very well done.
Submitted By: memendes
(518,862 on 5-2010)

Compulsory listening for all progressives, liberals and lefties
Submitted By: plarsen
(518,851 on 5-2010)

botl podcast is great
botl is a great format for staying in touch with the political scene. its a saner version of rush for the not-so-ditto-headed left. i hope that others emulate the format in the future--mixing together great voices and opinions and head-bobbing socially conscious music.
Submitted By: ltsbaum
(518,836 on 5-2010)

best podcast
Submitted By: drendflash
(518,790 on 5-2010)

Re: Great Podcast
Great work on this podcast I love it
Submitted By: randall
(518,765 on 5-2010)

Good luck
and thanks for what you do
Submitted By: barbararau
(518,660 on 5-2010)

A HEARTY vote for BotL
Best of the Left is, hands down, my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: joeellisjr
(518,649 on 5-2010)

Best of the left, right and center.
Jay pulls together the best show on itunes now 10 times a month!
Submitted By: nharris3
(518,643 on 5-2010)

Submitted By: Parksarbor
(518,640 on 5-2010)

Great podcast
You provide great news and commentary service. I listen while I exercise & wonder how many people do that. Anyway, keep up the good work. Thank you Doug McGivney
Submitted By: Mcgivneydoug
(518,633 on 5-2010)

best of the left vote
Submitted By: pgiorgianni
(518,620 on 5-2010)

Entertaining & Educational
Check out this show! It is Entertaining & Educational
Submitted By: Patrick.knox
(518,612 on 5-2010)

Submitted By: andrew.dianiska
(518,611 on 5-2010)

jay does a great job - he needs our support and vote
Submitted By: pasavage
(518,610 on 5-2010)

Awesome podcast!
I am a huge fan of BOTL--Jay does an outstanding job of bringing together the best factual info, opinion and comedy. I listen to every podcast, and look forward to the next!
Submitted By: jrubio
(518,605 on 5-2010)

Great show
Submitted By: stevew3739
(518,579 on 5-2010)

Awesome show
This is in my top three!!!
Submitted By: Watt0064
(518,568 on 5-2010)

I love this show. love the factthat it is an all in one show that allows me to listen to all my faves. Jay you are great and keep on doing the good work. Linda
Submitted By: limusavi
(518,567 on 5-2010)

Great Listening
I love to listen to Best of the Left while I am on the elliptical trainer. Well organized and great content -- makes time fly.
Submitted By: ed.marlovits
(518,563 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left is awesome
How would I get through a workout at 6:30 am without BOTL?
Submitted By: DocOsbo
(518,550 on 5-2010)

Gets better and better
Im enjoying BOTL a great deal. I became a member. Great job, Jay!
Submitted By: penglishcsb
(518,536 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left is AWESOME!
Best of the Left is one of my favorite Podcasts!!!! If you like progressive politics, this podcast is one that needs to be on your must listen list.
Submitted By: timpbarnes
(518,527 on 5-2010)

excellent show
great material, always well put together.
Submitted By: mark.lofquist
(518,483 on 5-2010)

well done
Well done, informative, educational, and entertaining
Submitted By: knorri4
(518,463 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left Podcast
Submitted By: wweber1
(518,454 on 5-2010)

Best of the left- Best podcast on the net
This podcast is by far, one of the best, most relevent shows on the net. Thank you BOTL!
Submitted By: ForrestBorg
(518,445 on 5-2010)

Its like a mixtape for the mind!
Anyone can aggregate links, but aggregating and editing intelligent. soulful content and music into a cohesive statement, that takes talent and devotion. Well thats just what Jay! Tomlinson puts into this wonderful podcast. Since I discovered it Ive been hooked, even though I listen to most of the shows he clips from, just the juxtaposition of related clips is thoroughly enriching and entertaining experience. He catches lots of good stuff that falls through the cracks for the 90% of us that dont have time to listen to every show and podcast out there.
Submitted By: robearnate
(518,442 on 5-2010)

I love this podcast
Submitted By: pawallin
(518,441 on 5-2010)

My first listen
The most enjoyable podcast dealing with progressive issues today. Extremely well produced and well-thought-out. Great for everyone looking for a good general discussion of progressive and national political issues.
Submitted By: daddio5251
(518,432 on 5-2010)

the best!
Nothing tops this summary piece!
Submitted By: jvollmer
(518,428 on 5-2010)

love this show!!
Great show
Submitted By: jennifer_awai
(518,424 on 5-2010)

What am I supposed to write here?
Submitted By: ultimatejmac
(518,419 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left
A most excellent podcast!
Submitted By: lecody2001
(518,418 on 5-2010)

my vote counts!!
I laughed, I cried, I ate a pint of H?agen-Dazs and now Im an addict! If the Daily Show married Alternative Radio and had a baby, they would name it Best of the Left Podcast!!!
Submitted By: brienrice
(518,388 on 5-2010)

Love the Show
I just started listening to it about a mont ago.I got the Iphone App. When I dont have the new ones to listen to, I listen to the old ones.
Submitted By: hthrellen
(518,387 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left is Best
Submitted By: kja6000
(518,370 on 5-2010)

BEST podcast out there!
Continues to be the best!
Submitted By: rsimerly
(518,349 on 5-2010)

Great recap of progressive news
Best of the left is the most interesting and well produced podcast maximus1 there.
Submitted By: Bshep9
(518,347 on 5-2010)

Great Show
Submitted By: fwhite1
(518,323 on 5-2010)

BOTL my favorite and most consistent listen
Great summary of news and events. I always learn and often laugh and cry.
Submitted By: rbr.barker
(518,292 on 5-2010)

vote for
Best of the Left!
Submitted By: thayne
(518,281 on 5-2010)

The Best!
Best of the Left is a great way to hear a mix of progressive media. I enjoy it and look forward to every podcast. Keep up the good work. Ken
Submitted By: kenstig
(518,275 on 5-2010)

Submitted By: amitrajpatel
(518,266 on 5-2010)

Go Jay!
I really appreciate all the time that Jay puts into his shows - it helps me keep up to date with whats going on.
Submitted By: jjlynch
(518,265 on 5-2010)

Best Podcast Running!
I am absolutely inspired by Jay! and Best of the Left! Im a faithful listener ( I subscribe through iTunes) and discovering this podcast has truly changed my life and my perception of my own capabilities.... Anyone who reads this should immediately take a moment, hop on over to iTunes and subscribe to one of the best political podcasts to ever hit the scene!
Submitted By: purplewanderlust
(518,257 on 5-2010)

I Heart BotL!
Submitted By: lftripodis
(518,256 on 5-2010)

One of the best of the best!
It is actually Jay who is the best of the left. Sometimes scary, but always entertaining.
Submitted By: thewiz
(518,255 on 5-2010)

GREAT podcast
Submitted By: gary
(518,248 on 5-2010)

Great show! A must!
Submitted By: jason
(518,247 on 5-2010)

The Best of the Best!
This podcast deserves a much wider audience...
Submitted By: cheryl2089
(518,246 on 5-2010)

Fun and pointed
BofL is a podcast that usually makes me LOL! The laughs are hearty, wry, amused, ironic, heartbreaking. I hope Jay! gets to the top of podcasts--podcast heaven, I guess.
Submitted By: pattymoo
(518,243 on 5-2010)

this is the place
we are here waiting for real change and improvement in this country. we have given the right wing an opportunity to be in control of things for the last 30 years with Regan. for those who remember, thing are not improving as well as they should be. this podcast records this history and hopefully motivates.
Submitted By: f_eric_martin
(518,240 on 5-2010)

Submitted By: tool1030q
(518,239 on 5-2010)

love the show!
Submitted By: cfspoon
(518,237 on 5-2010)

Everyone with even slight liberal leanings should be listening to this!
Submitted By: nastephenson
(518,228 on 5-2010)

cant wait to dl it
Submitted By: Alex343
(518,223 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left!
It is a well done, well produced podcast.
Submitted By: pvenneman
(518,221 on 5-2010)

Best of the Left is awesome.
Love this podcast.
Submitted By: comje-casting
(518,220 on 5-2010)

Great show
This show is great and comes out more often now. Check it out.
Submitted By: spencerwillia40
(518,212 on 5-2010)

this is a fantastic show. Even my two teenage daughters enjoy hearing the clips!
Submitted By: sbokun
(518,181 on 5-2010)

Submitted By: brown4761
(518,033 on 5-2010)

Submitted By: Thayerjacob
(517,967 on 5-2010)

Smart. Fun. Insightful. News every American really needs to hear! Thank you Jay!
Submitted By: blueyonex
(517,965 on 5-2010)

Love this show
Although I dont get to listen as soon as each episode is posted, i love to work around the house on the weekends as I catch up with two or three at a time.
Submitted By: actorguy1
(517,894 on 5-2010)

U are the Best
Submitted By: carleenwil
(517,881 on 5-2010)

BOTL rules
Best of the Left is still crucial to political understanding and is great!
Submitted By: seanpromo
(517,758 on 4-2010)

the the show
Submitted By: jcardalaska
(517,725 on 4-2010)

Cowardice and Callousness
Submitted By: teresa.e.pfeil
(517,700 on 4-2010)

Great Podcast
Nice music and some really good clips that you may have missed. The transitions are smooth. There is a nice mix of serious, funny and snarky!
Submitted By: janfwatson
(517,688 on 4-2010)

Refreshing alternative to the standard news delivered 24/7.
Submitted By: Johnnocarey
(517,598 on 4-2010)

Love this podcast!
Submitted By: elijahart
(517,554 on 4-2010)

Great show
Submitted By: drkneal
(517,533 on 4-2010)

Outstanding Podcast
This podcast is a mix of many of my favorite shows -- Always right on point and straigt forward. Give it a listen!
Submitted By: phipsilbx
(517,527 on 4-2010)

Thanks for all the hard work!
I just recently discovered podcasts (behind the times I know, but my equipment couldnt handle it before either) and a friend turned me onto yours. I love this program, and plan to do as much as I can to support it (will become a member when finances allow, too.) Keep up the great work. I also love the music you choose---perhaps you could add links on your website to purchase on iTunes for more revenue for your podcast. I havent been exposed to some of these bands before. Ive also started checking out some of the sources you use clips from. This is a great service!!! Cathy
Submitted By: paperbulletspress
(517,465 on 4-2010)

Best of the Left
Love this poadcast. It is never "overheated" like some talk shows and Jay does an excellent job stringing together all the pertinent clips for a show theme that provokes thought and further consideration of the emotional climate of our nation.
Submitted By: azlighteningbug
(517,450 on 4-2010)

Enjoyable and keeps me up to date!
keep up the good work, Thank you!
Submitted By: carolinejm
(517,417 on 4-2010)

Great show
Lots of common sense truth-telling. You dont need to be a leftist to enjoy it. Really more of a centrist show.
Submitted By: english60
(517,379 on 4-2010)

Awesome podcast!
Submitted By: yodasminion
(517,302 on 4-2010)

great Show
Keep up the great work Jay!
Submitted By: shalgiva1974
(517,265 on 4-2010)

Entertaining as all Hell!
I ran accross your podcast purley by accident. I purchased my itouch and was looking for (hate to admit it) free stuff to liten to. I am documentary and political minded person and rarley listen to music any more, (Old!) I was searching for like minded programs in the section of itunes, and bingo! Budda Boom! there you were. "Best of the Left!" I said "thats for me" I am a lefty. I truly enjoy what you have to say about your audience and the appreciation you show them through acknowledgment on every show. Kinda like a commmercial, but not really. You appear to be a kind, and sincere person, but somtimes you talk too much, I think its because of your enthusiasm though, not ego. The thought you put into your programs and the content is perfect! Good job, hopefully I will be able to become a donor, instead of just an advocate. It is wonderful to know that someone is doing what the truly love, and bringing substance to our ears, it is a rare thing these days, Jay.
Submitted By: hartval
(517,260 on 4-2010)

renews my faith in humanity
hilarious, intelligent, and useful. I love this show.
Submitted By: annarho
(517,202 on 4-2010)

First-time listener, but the combination of information in such a manageable bite will leave me waiting for further episodes.
Submitted By: rmburrow
(517,182 on 4-2010)

very funny and informative.
Submitted By: iphone
(517,156 on 4-2010)

Hypocrisy revealed
Humorous displays of ridiculous right wing hypocrisy
Submitted By: wespenn56
(517,136 on 4-2010)

Best is the appropriate word... I cannot wait to hear each new episode!
Submitted By: sean.g.kessel
(517,133 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: hlklossner
(517,130 on 4-2010)

Keep up the good work. Truth will prevail.
Submitted By: elerre2
(517,129 on 4-2010)

I began listening to Best of the Left this month. Amazing. Cant imagine not listening to each broadcast from now in.
Submitted By: howard.dooley
(517,113 on 4-2010)

great nutshell for progressive opinion
A good synopsis of all the media I want to watch or listen to, wrapped up nicely in an hour (plus or minus) show!
Submitted By: chu000
(517,092 on 4-2010)

Great program!
Keep up the good work! Thank you!!!!
Submitted By: matt_galland
(517,086 on 4-2010)

Love the show
keep the good work!
Submitted By: bespinosa
(517,085 on 4-2010)

the best on the internet
Submitted By: brekal
(517,062 on 4-2010)

Jay is great. Music great. Selections great
Submitted By: B.Davis
(517,053 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: amitrajpatel
(517,047 on 4-2010)

opining on Best of the Left
Big help digesting various sources into a great package through which I have time to get the diverse coverage I want to be exposed to.
Submitted By: mk
(517,046 on 4-2010)

My favorite podcast!!
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(517,034 on 4-2010)

Best of the Left
Submitted By: walter.wymer
(517,028 on 4-2010)

Great Job
Everyone who has a heart should listen about what is really going on.
Submitted By: Beta196
(517,019 on 4-2010)

Love it!
I dont have time to catch all the shows and am so sad when I hear something great happened on one or the other of the shows! Now I dont miss one delicious goody! Thank you Best of the Left for being my go-to spot for keeping up!
Submitted By: valerina
(516,979 on 4-2010)

Love you!!
Submitted By: davidb316
(516,969 on 4-2010)

Association between Church and Gay Pride
I appreciate your programming and, on your most recent edition, your heartfelt comment on people's sensitivity to the association between the church and gay pride in the context of the pedophilia within the papacy. I fully support your reader/listener's feedback. That said, as I have come to know it in Italy, the rainbow flag signifies peace and is typically emblazoned with "PACE", Italian for Peace. I am an Italian-American and I used to live in Rome for several years. I saw this very same flag used on several very prominent public demonstrations: War opposition, government policy issues, union upheaval, marathons, sporting events, etc. where 10's of thousands of participants could see or carry the flag that is nearly the size of a street block. This doesn't change your listener's very valid points but it should also be clarified that there are cultural differences between Italy and the USA with regard to how rainbow flags are used. Keep up the great work! Thanks, -Matt
Submitted By: matt_galland
(516,963 on 4-2010)

gets better and better
Submitted By: atlardner
(516,904 on 4-2010)

Great Podcast
The Best of the Left is my favorite podcast. The themed shows are extremely informative, and the carefully selected music between segments is outstanding. This podcast is a must!
Submitted By: boot52
(516,872 on 4-2010)

Dont have time to listen to your favorite lefties? Just subscribe to this podcast!
Submitted By: cirino
(516,842 on 4-2010)

Best of the left is the best!
Submitted By: dackre
(516,840 on 4-2010)

takes the highlights from all the great podcasts
Submitted By: bggoldman
(516,824 on 4-2010)

Fan of Best of the Left
Im a fan of Best of the Left! My 8g iPod is FILLED with podcasts, but I still cant keep up with all the input (especially if I work or sleep). Best of the Left helps me stay on top of things and with some of the best minds (and humor) in the business!
Submitted By: lwarden
(516,765 on 4-2010)

Creatively Progressive
Marvelously creative and effective editing of clips from progressive commentators by theme, with great music tying it together.
Submitted By: cheryl2089
(516,739 on 4-2010)

I love Best Of The Left
An amazing informative podcast!
Submitted By: FiremanJersey
(516,639 on 4-2010)

One of the best...
Best of the Left is one of the best podcasts out there. Funny and relevant.
Submitted By: mclaughj
(516,610 on 4-2010)

Great show
One of my favorite podcasts
Submitted By: jfkeav1
(516,523 on 4-2010)

Great show!
Great show week after week, bringing the best clips in a very entertaining fashion. Cant wait for the next one.
Submitted By: notlimahnhoj
(516,507 on 4-2010)

my fav!
thanks for all you do and to all those listeners for supporting.
Submitted By: arrimc
(516,488 on 4-2010)

Gets better and better
This is an excellent program that I listen to regularly. It has a very good iPhone app, a great podcast, nice homepage... And it gives some of the best thinking, "from the horses mouth" for those of us who are interested in what the "best" of the left have to say. Highly recommended!
Submitted By: penglishcsb
(516,452 on 4-2010)

This is the best summary of the issues of the day. Jay does a great job of compiling and producing this "not to miss" podcast!
Submitted By: camille.cecere
(516,438 on 4-2010)

Awesome Show!
This show cant be missed if you are a progressive, knowledge -hungry person! I live in AZ & unfortunately shielded from most Progressive programming. I listen twice a week so I dont miss a beat! Thxs for all your hard work! Keep it Up!
Submitted By: Dcmurphy1515
(516,422 on 4-2010)

Biggest Political Crush Ever
I love this podcast. I laugh out loud and sometimes even cry. Its like the best of teenage love on a multiweekly basis.
Submitted By: lsplace
(516,416 on 4-2010)

Great Show
If you need all the latest news from the main stream left in one spot. This is it. It is well do and has a several points of veiw.
Submitted By: ercrawley123
(516,412 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: ponykf701
(516,410 on 4-2010)

Best of the left
Submitted By: stannie_12514
(516,407 on 4-2010)

Terrific show!!!! Keep it up!!!!
Submitted By: florafine
(516,398 on 4-2010)

Totally worth the listen
It breaks up well enough that if you have to tear yourself away, you can find a spot to do so.
Submitted By: tony
(516,395 on 4-2010)

Excellent show
Submitted By: billbolduc
(516,383 on 4-2010)

i LOVE it. BOTL!
Submitted By: Bxbarnett
(516,373 on 4-2010)

Getting better
Its obvious this producer has more time to do his podcast as it keeps getting better. More information, more clips..
Submitted By: twholden
(516,368 on 4-2010)

I cant wait for each episode to come out. I listen twice; once at home, and once at work! Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: poettabrain
(516,364 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: tool1030q
(516,293 on 4-2010)

The Best of the Left is THE BEST
This Podcast is the best produced show on the web!
Submitted By: w_marx
(516,288 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: brown4761
(516,283 on 4-2010)

great podcast
This podcast is a pleasure! everyone vote 5 stars
Submitted By: austin_blair
(516,272 on 4-2010)

Best of the Left - FUCKING AWESOME!!
Submitted By: dolbyshields.elliot
(516,266 on 4-2010)

Fun excellent compilation of progressive commentary
This is a great fun informative thoughtful podcast. I subscribe and listen as often as I can. Highly recommended.
Submitted By: dheitholt
(516,239 on 4-2010)

I enjoy the compilation of broadcasts--helps put everything into perspective.
Submitted By: jalisvenn
(516,208 on 4-2010)

the best: entertaining AND educational
Submitted By: aaltstat
(516,207 on 4-2010)

Fantastic Podcast
Submitted By: Kendumas100
(516,167 on 4-2010)

It is what it says!
If you cant get progressive radio in your area - this is a great way to keep up!
Submitted By: memphiscatman
(516,143 on 4-2010)

Listen-it rocks!
Submitted By: tatwill
(516,128 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: Juliea1
(516,077 on 4-2010)

botl rocks
botl rocks my world
Submitted By: garrettgraham
(516,067 on 4-2010)

Great stuff
Best of the Left is exceptional, week after week.
Submitted By: smashitupx
(516,065 on 4-2010)

Keeps Getting better......
Now with even more lefty podcast goodness. Thanks for adding the extra shows Jay.
Submitted By: gcollie
(516,048 on 4-2010)

good show
Submitted By: theisraeli2000
(516,037 on 4-2010)

I cant imaging being without best of the left.
Submitted By: sandra.bryant
(516,025 on 4-2010)

Good show
Submitted By: jcenis
(516,020 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: elizabethhubenak
(516,002 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: jlatourr
(515,990 on 4-2010)

BOTL is Best of right or left
Its just so well edited and produced. Its both newsy and entertaining. I love BOTL. If its all I have time to listen to all week, Im happy.
Submitted By: holamendoza
(515,976 on 4-2010)

Best of The Left is BEST
I look forward to each new podcast of BOTL. Its the best podcast on my playlist.
Submitted By: sheilaatl1
(515,947 on 4-2010)

I just found the podcast- its the best!
Submitted By: wolfy294
(515,939 on 4-2010)

I love Best of the Left!
Submitted By: sewiley
(515,914 on 4-2010)

Excellent show
Submitted By: tefiguer
(515,891 on 4-2010)

The Best!
Yup, it is a fine amalgamation of media..
Submitted By: thewiz
(515,868 on 4-2010)

Any spam and Ill come on you like Cenk on Repulican idiocy.
Submitted By: biographyofaphoenix
(515,864 on 4-2010)

Simply the best!
Submitted By: chris
(515,861 on 4-2010)

Excellent Show
This is an excellent show.
Submitted By: Patrick.knox
(515,859 on 4-2010)

try it; youll like it!
Submitted By: pawallin
(515,841 on 4-2010)

Glad to see you top 10 again
Submitted By: mkqjunk
(515,835 on 4-2010)

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Submitted By: jessica512alan
(515,804 on 4-2010)

great show
I love my BOTL podcast! Look forward to it very much! Spring G.
Submitted By: springmay
(515,772 on 4-2010)

Best of the Left
Best podcast out there.
Submitted By: cm3mills
(515,771 on 4-2010)

The best one-stop podcast
I listen to almost all the shows that Best of the Left puts together, but not all of the time. Its like a "best of" clips show, and comes out super regularly. I listen all the time to downloaded media, and this is one of my favorite things coming out of the internets. Plus the host is passionate and likable. I like that.
Submitted By: drtripp
(515,752 on 4-2010)

Great Month!!
Submitted By: hoihoi_san
(515,741 on 4-2010)

never miss it
Submitted By: pmagerkurth
(515,691 on 4-2010)

Still the best
Always interesting and excellently produced.
Submitted By: lyndemail-advocate
(515,687 on 4-2010)

BOTL An Awesome Podcast
The Best of the Left podcast is the one podcast I have to hear every day. I have other favorites, and I sometimes have to miss them. I never miss BOTL.
Submitted By: kryptonite478
(515,682 on 4-2010)

Always good
Pick a topic have a listen.
Submitted By: Parksarbor
(515,681 on 4-2010)

Great show- wonderful roundup of the best in liberal news media on any given topic.
Submitted By: rebeccakabat
(515,677 on 4-2010)

Great podcast. lots of information presented in a entertaining way. Learned a lot
Submitted By: mitch76256
(515,665 on 4-2010)

Go BotL!
Submitted By: kristyxscott
(515,650 on 4-2010)

great show
Submitted By: evanson.paul
(515,648 on 4-2010)

Very good
I love the show keep it up!!!!!
Submitted By: Rmorrow166
(515,645 on 4-2010)

best podcast ever
Submitted By: christopher.a.carlson
(515,630 on 4-2010)

Best of the Left
Submitted By: datasmybag
(515,628 on 4-2010)

I love best of the left!
Thanks for your work!!!
Submitted By: Taneika
(515,624 on 4-2010)

Best of the Left Rocks!
Submitted By: ouiduh
(515,623 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: saumacus
(515,622 on 4-2010)

Worth your time
If you are progressive in political beliefs, then whats not to like?
Submitted By: agingdegal
(515,537 on 3-2010)

This is a great podcast. It is funny, intelligent, heartwarming and eye opening.
Submitted By: tool1030q
(515,520 on 3-2010)

Love Best of the Left!
I love best of the left.... I listen to it while I run and it makes the miles bearable!
Submitted By: joymichelle
(515,517 on 3-2010)

Really Convenient
Submitted By: mkqjunk
(515,514 on 3-2010)

great and entertaining!
Submitted By: labh534
(515,509 on 3-2010)

Literally the best!
I love this podcast!
Submitted By: Bowman3300
(515,504 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: sflynn
(515,479 on 3-2010)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: michael
(515,459 on 3-2010)

...left ON!
Submitted By: yl617
(515,443 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left
It is a great podcast.
Submitted By: NovaNike
(515,415 on 3-2010)

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Submitted By: jessica512alan
(515,376 on 3-2010)

I think this podcast is informative, applicable and a great place to get a download of information on the happenings of the US political left waverings. Well done - now we need a Best of the Right so the balance can be equal and people interested can take away from both and make educated decisions on where they stand on the incredibly important issues that are taking place right now.
Submitted By: jamieanthony
(515,325 on 3-2010)

Great content
This show is a great help to warding off "right-wing, misguided souls..."
Submitted By: twholden
(515,231 on 3-2010)

great podcast
I listen to every one - it makes my workout at the Y so much more enjoyable
Submitted By: DocOsbo
(515,197 on 3-2010)

Great Podcast!
Best of the Left is a great, high quality podcast!
Submitted By: kpomin57
(515,195 on 3-2010)

I would give a 5/5 for content and production!
Submitted By: gijrspencer
(515,152 on 3-2010)

great show
great amazing shows- very informative!!! i cant stop laughing while listening to it!
Submitted By: rebeccakabat
(515,134 on 3-2010)

Very good summary of progressive-oriented commentary
Highly recommended for time-constrained people looking for a nice summary of commentary from Rachel Maddow, TYT, etc...
Submitted By: michael_t_padilla
(515,129 on 3-2010)

I have just recently stumbled upon this podcast and I am really loving what I am hearing.
Submitted By: ickymail
(515,125 on 3-2010)

BotL is great
This is a terrific show, and Im so glad I found it.
Submitted By: wkathrynbb
(515,113 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left is my favorite podcast!
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(515,112 on 3-2010)

Love it!!!!
Submitted By: Sydnestempien
(515,083 on 3-2010)

Keep up the fight
Submitted By: histedg
(515,054 on 3-2010)

love it!
Submitted By: nikkiputnam
(515,044 on 3-2010)

I own a Business So of Seattle Wa. I always listen to the best of the left. I like there no nonsence mannor and yet its NOT boring a bit. I am glad its on 3 times weekly. I have been telling people I know and they are starting to listen.
Submitted By: bill
(515,003 on 3-2010)

Very well produced show
Submitted By: jim
(514,986 on 3-2010)

Great Show!
Submitted By: austinc
(514,974 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: mcgivneydoug
(514,938 on 3-2010)

This is the truth plain in simple, not right wing manipulated lies.
Submitted By: JUSTINN_DOBY
(514,933 on 3-2010)

Still Supreme
This website is magic!
Submitted By: mickmle
(514,921 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: rcrowe2644
(514,919 on 3-2010)

Great Podcast
Dont have time to watch and listen to all the good lefty shows? Best of the Left provides an excellent variety of feeds, including such great shows as The Daily Show, Rachel Maddow, Countdown, NPR, Counterspin, Bill Moyers, and many more. These shows are punctuated by a great music selection. I highly recommend it! Best of the Left is the first show I listen to on my Ipod. Its great!
Submitted By: boot52
(514,901 on 3-2010)

Best of Left Rocks
Very worthwhile podcast. It is a bit annoying to hear about the host but I think he is doing a great job.
Submitted By: mclaughj
(514,846 on 3-2010)

Great Podcast
I listen to every single podcast, and every episode has a great theme and is extremely informative. I cant miss a single one!
Submitted By: spetermann
(514,828 on 3-2010)

Interesting,informative and definitely entertaining!!! I am totally addicted!!!!!
Submitted By: florafine
(514,784 on 3-2010)

Progressive Goodness
If you believe that the only way to save this great nation of ours from the liberal agenda of government run healthcare and that sarah palin is just what this country needs in order to make america great again, this podcast may rub the wrong way. confused paranoid schizophrenics generally find that podcast by glenn beck or michael savage are the ones that satisfy their need for angry dialogue on issues that exist only in their own minds
Submitted By: myubhi
(514,774 on 3-2010)

Great Show
Keep it up
Submitted By: saber.ami
(514,758 on 3-2010)

My favorite!
Submitted By: beckybilllings
(514,755 on 3-2010)

love it
It helps get me get through my workday.
Submitted By: steve.kendall
(514,730 on 3-2010)

best podcast ever
Submitted By: mh60778
(514,716 on 3-2010)

great show
this show is one of the highlights of my week. I am always excited to see a new episode downloading on Itunes and I listen to it immediately. This is one of the best produced podcasts that I listen to and am truly amazed at Jays dedication to the show.
Submitted By: romandy
(514,707 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left is BEST
I am always eager for the next podcast
Submitted By: benavogel
(514,706 on 3-2010)

Best Podcast Ever
Submitted By: mike
(514,683 on 3-2010)

great to listen to in the car
Submitted By: danwill
(514,680 on 3-2010)

love it
best podcast out there. keep up good work
Submitted By: roitmanm
(514,665 on 3-2010)

Best Political Podcast on the Net
Submitted By: helomike24
(514,662 on 3-2010)

Best of the left is such a wonderful podcast, It helps make sense of our out of control media
Submitted By: brooklynsheep
(514,657 on 3-2010)

I love Best of the Left
I love the Best of the Left Podcast. Its one of the best podcasts on the web, and that means a lot coming from a fellow Podcaster who spends a lot of time podcasting.
Submitted By: timpbarnes
(514,641 on 3-2010)

Best Of The Left!
It really doesnt get any better!
Submitted By: onenuss
(514,634 on 3-2010)

Great way to stay informed!
This is a thorough, well produced show that helps me stay informed on political happenings. I listen while making breakfast in the morning before heading to work, while going for a run, or as I fold laundry. We progressives know how to multi-task intelligently! Check it out, you wont regret it!
Submitted By: kelsey.williams5
(514,625 on 3-2010)

I love this podcast
Submitted By: sallieann50
(514,624 on 3-2010)

Great podcast
Submitted By: byjan
(514,621 on 3-2010)

Jack tells it like it is .... and backs it up!
I look forward to every episode of this podcast. Jack goes out on the limb to expose the lies of the right but he does so with facts that he backs up. He tears into the right wing lies with style and exposes them for what they are. You may not agree with his thoughts and positions but his arguments are always spot on and well-constructed.
Submitted By: JimWetzel53
(514,620 on 3-2010)

Really Good Show
A really good show to catch up on current events. It makes me laugh and informs me all at the same time.
Submitted By: gabewells77
(514,614 on 3-2010)

Love the podcast
Submitted By: tazmvd
(514,607 on 3-2010)

Best of the left
Submitted By: Lunarsusan
(514,600 on 3-2010)

Best of the left, right and center.
Submitted By: nharris3
(514,563 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left
I LOVE Best of the Left!
Submitted By: eyeonthesparrow19
(514,555 on 3-2010)

very very well done
good mix of sound and info
Submitted By: jbrochhausen
(514,552 on 3-2010)

Great program!
Submitted By: tjgalli2003
(514,537 on 3-2010)

thank you!
Submitted By: mikecherrystone
(514,523 on 3-2010)

Wow, what a great podcast. This show should be compulsory material for all high school and college students!
Submitted By: stanesby415
(514,508 on 3-2010)

The Best of the Left is the best political roundup out there. Jay is great at making this interesting and compelling every episode. Listen once... youll be hooked!
Submitted By: camille.cecere
(514,507 on 3-2010)

excellent presentation
excellent presentation AND best clips from some favorite shows
Submitted By: yl617
(514,497 on 3-2010)

voting for the best
Submitted By: eleanorhaynes
(514,485 on 3-2010)

Really the BEST of the Left
This is a wonderful podcast! I dont know what I would do without having it to listen to everyday. Very good opinions, makes it very easy to know what is going on in the world!
Submitted By: taneika
(514,484 on 3-2010)

Great production values and still worth if even if you listen to all the shows it comes from
Submitted By: taylorkendall
(514,483 on 3-2010)

Best of the Podcasts!
Now 10 times per month, which is fantastic. If only it were 10 times per week... sigh...
Submitted By: heaton.christine
(514,480 on 3-2010)

great podcast
Submitted By: rozie2travel
(514,477 on 3-2010)

Love This Podcast!
Absolutely love Best of the Left! Great compilation of pundit commentaries. Im hooked...
Submitted By: newyorkgrl2
(514,459 on 3-2010)

Really, the best.
Submitted By: apple
(514,456 on 3-2010)

One of the best liberal podcasts.
Submitted By: beyondrealms2012
(514,451 on 3-2010)

BotL is Best!
Submitted By: KahlerDBishopM
(514,449 on 3-2010)

This Pod Cast is awesome. I only wish it was daily.
Submitted By: jasonandlexy
(514,437 on 3-2010)

Good, reliable show
Well but together and certainly worth your time.
Submitted By: tony
(514,436 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: dsvstheworld
(514,432 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left Podcast gets my vote for one of the best podcasts available.
Submitted By: jszdjz
(514,430 on 3-2010)

Very helpful for Busy Progressives!
Submitted By: pcantrell
(514,427 on 3-2010)

Very Good
Submitted By: cmansfi2
(514,426 on 3-2010)
Submitted By: mark.dix.taylor
(514,425 on 3-2010)

BotL - Great Pod Cast
Submitted By: training3
(514,405 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: lftripodis
(514,404 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left rocks!
Submitted By: lcosborne
(514,337 on 3-2010)

Love it.
Submitted By: nathanielcutler
(514,328 on 3-2010)

Love this podcast!
Informative and time saving. I always listen when there is a new podcast availble!
Submitted By: elijahart
(514,312 on 3-2010)

Cant live without this podcast
I love that this podcast is going to be posting more often. I listen to it at work within earshot of all of my right-leaning coworkers!
Submitted By: poettabrain
(514,307 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: bxbarnett
(514,306 on 3-2010)

One of my favorites!
Look forward to it 10 times/month.
Submitted By: nickwm
(514,300 on 3-2010)

Its a great shortcut for stuff Ive missed during the week.
Submitted By: iseedragons
(514,288 on 3-2010)

excellent podcast!
just discovered this one recently, a must listen
Submitted By: tadd.davis
(514,249 on 3-2010)

They are Great!
I listen loyaly to the Best of the Left podcast. They bring together the best clips from (ironically) The Best of the Left. :P
Submitted By: burlingk
(514,244 on 3-2010)

Best podcast out there
Submitted By: penglishcsb
(514,185 on 3-2010)

Great roundup of liberal pundits.
Submitted By: thoberg
(514,182 on 3-2010)

great work
Submitted By: gypsylauren
(514,179 on 3-2010)

great podcast
Submitted By: sanjay.kharod
(514,175 on 3-2010)

One of my favorites
I listen to every single episode of BestoftheLeft. The editing is great, as are the sound quality, content, sensibilities and endearing personality of its creator
Submitted By: lizcamps
(514,167 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left RULES!
Submitted By: sddiscjockey
(514,166 on 3-2010)

Jay does a fantastic job with this show.
Submitted By: MortgageLarry
(514,130 on 3-2010)

best of the left
Great show!
Submitted By: seventhcircle01
(514,126 on 3-2010)

Best Podcast
I listen to "Best of the Left" as much as possible. It is my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: poto10511
(514,122 on 3-2010)

Best podcast
Best of the Left is a concise podcast that compiles truly the best liberal commentators. Its a time-saver to keep me informed yet not have to watch/listen to everything out there that Id like to hear but dont have time for. Jay does the perfect job assembling it. Plus, the musical interludes he adds between segments are sophisticated and, well, just terrifically fun. Not only that, but each podcast is split into segments so I can fast-forward past the few Ive already heard elsewhere. The other cool thing is Jay himself, who lets us know at the end of the podcast what hes up to. People who dont care can shut it off then, but Im excited that hes figured out a way to support himself doing this podcast, so I enjoy brief updates on where hes at in his new adventure.
Submitted By: martigerdes
(514,116 on 3-2010)

Great podcast
Best of left gives me the great segments of good shows when I have limited time to listen.
Submitted By: witstine
(514,107 on 3-2010)

Great podcast
We aare Americans living in New Zealand and appreciate programs like Best of the Left to keep us current with progressive politics in US.
Submitted By: cappie.evans
(514,104 on 3-2010)

It really is the BEST
Submitted By: rachel.clement
(514,099 on 3-2010)

BOTL is the BEST!
I really love what Jay does with this podcast - concise, entertaining, and to the point! Its a step above the rest.
Submitted By: theatrefan
(514,096 on 3-2010)

What am I supposed to write here?
Im not sure if you guys how simple voting should be.
Submitted By: ultimatejmac
(514,094 on 3-2010)

Best podcast
Submitted By: grapes3
(514,086 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: thesnowdo
(514,077 on 3-2010)

Seriously, this is the best podcast ive EVER discovered:)
Submitted By: taragoshorn
(514,073 on 3-2010)

best of the left, my favorite podcast
Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: teresa.e.pfeil
(513,868 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left is Tops
A great digest of progressive shows arranged topically.
Submitted By: swiftje
(513,864 on 3-2010)

The Best
Submitted By: carleenwil
(513,858 on 3-2010)

I never miss an episode, one of the best out there.
Submitted By: ianwfrank
(513,843 on 3-2010)

always good, now even better
keep up the good work
Submitted By: gskutt
(513,840 on 3-2010)

This show is effective in promoting a progressive message to listeners in a fun and interesting way. Love it!
Submitted By: princess188_2000
(513,836 on 3-2010)

good podcast
Submitted By: rvaldez655
(513,835 on 3-2010)

If I could listen to a new one every day.... I would
Submitted By: pauly_boj
(513,831 on 3-2010)

Provocative, funny and beautifully put together
Submitted By: susansees
(513,827 on 3-2010)

A small slice of sanity
Rather than simply echo the loudest voices in the media, Best of the Left reminds us that any legitimate claim has to be supported by actual facts. Given the wealth of double talk coming from the rightwing voices, there is no shortage of opportunities to point out their logical inconsistencies and outright lies, and this podcast does a great job of pointing them out. And to top it off, its often funny. Significance, intelligence, and fun: thats what this postcast brings to counter the absurdities of rightwing nutcases.
Submitted By: jbass89
(513,821 on 3-2010)

Great collection of clips; best of the left is a must-listen for those who are tired of the corporate media.
Submitted By: firehorse66
(513,814 on 3-2010)

A brilliant compilation of some great great shows....funny, interesting and sometimes shocking.
Submitted By: prevost.kate
(513,808 on 3-2010)

None Better
This podcast has become a mainstay on my MP3 player every week.
Submitted By: andykasehagen
(513,765 on 3-2010)

Best of Best - Best of the Left!!
I dont even leave the house without the latest podcast. Whether Im working at the shop, working out, juicing up some veggies, or just surfing the net, Im listening to Best of the Left. My favorite progressive faggot visionary philosopher activist, Michel Foucault, taught us that knowledge is power, and thats what this podcast really is. It is the power which turns a bleeding heart liberal into a bleeding fist progressive, which is exactly what is needed when progressivism is pushed into the corner as it is now. Some words of wisdom from The Red Hot Chili Peppers: "Im a little pea I love the sky and the trees. Im a teeny-tiny little ant checking out this and that. And I am nothing... ahhhh... so you have nothing to hide. And Im a pacifist... so I can fuck your shit up. Ohh yeahhhhhhhh, Im small. Ohh yeaAAAHHHhhHHHh, Im smaaaaall. Fuck you asshole - you homophobic redneck dick. Big and tough and macho you can kick my ass - so fucking what?! So fucking what. So fucking what. So fucking what." Yeah, man, were small. And they may have the power, but weve got the truth - weve got The Best of the Left!!
Submitted By: caul1flower
(513,756 on 3-2010)

great show
Submitted By: evanson.paul
(513,719 on 3-2010)

Best progressive pod cast out there. Count me in!
Submitted By: jazzalive
(513,715 on 3-2010)

I am subscribed to alot of "lefty" podcasts and news sources. This is an excellent source of theme led, condensed info from many of my favorites. So glad to have found it and am constantly recommending to friends and strangers alike.
Submitted By: rlctp
(513,714 on 3-2010)

Not just for Americans
Interesting to those in other countries also. A different perspective.
Submitted By: lochsloidh
(513,713 on 3-2010)

Awesome show!!
Thanks for all the great programs J!
Submitted By: hoihoi_san
(513,710 on 3-2010)

Best of the left
Best of the left is a wonderful podcast!
Submitted By: billbolduc
(513,689 on 3-2010)

Still my favorite of them all. Never disappoints
Submitted By: lyndemail-advocate
(513,683 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left is the best.
Submitted By: nansue
(513,681 on 3-2010)

try it; youll like it!
An excellent podcast. I always look forward to the show. Try it one time & youll be hooked.
Submitted By: pawallin
(513,669 on 3-2010)

The BEst!
Submitted By: tmcdsd895
(513,664 on 3-2010)

Great podcast
Submitted By: ahlet_
(513,653 on 3-2010)

The Best Liberal Democratic news podcast on the air! I look forward to hearing the podcast twice a week.
Submitted By: deifspirit
(513,652 on 3-2010)

BOTL Rocks!
An excellent aggregator for all of the Left-leaning commentary you didnt have time to listen to this week in its original format. A very well-edited show. If you favor the side of the political debate thats actually coherent and non-delusional, then youll love Best of the Left.
Submitted By: npowell013
(513,651 on 3-2010)
Submitted By:
(513,650 on 3-2010)

Love it
Jay brings a great round up of funny and serious and smart left comments
Submitted By: Rossjordanart
(513,647 on 3-2010)

Superb stuff.
Its great to have some absolute lies broadcast and exposed. If only the media as a whole didnt do it so both left and right could see the BS theyre being fed.
Submitted By: dave
(513,637 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left always makes me happy. I am not alone!
Submitted By: tatwill
(513,636 on 3-2010)

awesome mix and update
Submitted By: bradfordrich
(513,599 on 3-2010)

great shows
Jay spends great amount of time doing this show and I appreciate his hard work. Please stay strong for USA has short term memory lost with liberal media claiming this is all Pres. Obamas fault as if the past 10 years never happened.
Submitted By: girls3333
(513,564 on 3-2010)

An excellent - must hear podcast!
Submitted By: flexismart
(513,543 on 3-2010)

Great compilation of clips from awesome sources with nice musical interludes.
Submitted By: michaelgately
(513,530 on 3-2010)

Best Podcast on Earth
Submitted By: rsimerly
(513,359 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left
Always enjoy stuff I might have missed and music! Hooray for Best of the Left!
Submitted By: gallaghe-j
(513,299 on 3-2010)

Excellent podcast!
Submitted By: stp
(513,178 on 3-2010)

Best of the Left - FUCKING AWESOME!!
Submitted By: dolbyshields.elliot
(513,108 on 3-2010)

Best podcast on the net
Submitted By: dbwk92
(513,073 on 2-2010)

Great Compilation
It seemed like I never had time to listen to all my favorite podcasts...which is what makes this podcast so great: it helps me by taking some of the best clips of my favorites and mixing them together with great music. Love it!
Submitted By: ptc
(513,060 on 2-2010)

best of the left
I love the comedians best...making fun of conservatives, Foxnews, CNN etc.
Submitted By: steve.lemish
(513,040 on 2-2010)

Great content
Love, love, love this podcast! Great contant, good flow to it. My fav!
Submitted By: Julie
(512,941 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left
This podcast does the work for you culling the "best of the left" and putting into 1 great package. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: bmosca07
(512,934 on 2-2010)

best of the left
a valuable source of balance from outside the conservative dominated mass media. It helps me stay some what sane. Thanks
Submitted By: norm
(512,906 on 2-2010)

A wonderful podcast, I listen to it often, and I love it.
Submitted By: paulhemmer
(512,899 on 2-2010)

nice counter-balance to the right-wing nonsense
Submitted By: gretchenvgee
(512,898 on 2-2010)

Nothing exists that provides a more entertaining and informative look at liberal/progressive policy issues.
Submitted By: andykasehagen
(512,854 on 2-2010)

By far the greatest left leaning podcast
This is by far the best podcast for left leaning radio. It summarizes the best of left media for a week with a perfect blend of funny and serious.
Submitted By: Jlrobe21
(512,832 on 2-2010)

Great content mis
Absolutely great mix of talk and music, humor and seriousness
Submitted By: jbrochhausen
(512,827 on 2-2010)

I love this show!
WIthout this podcast, Id have to subscribe to cable TV. Thanks!
Submitted By: utopia
(512,767 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left is the Best
Very, very good podcast. Sincere, professional host selects the best audio clips of the last few days, and when the hour is up, the listener is educated reasonably well about whats happening in the world from a progressive standpoint. A good summary of the best of the left wing media - he delivers what the title promises. Very good.
Submitted By: smashitupx
(512,720 on 2-2010)

Must hear.
Submitted By: jtcmassey
(512,718 on 2-2010)

Best of the left
The best podcast I have found
Submitted By: damongilbert1
(512,711 on 2-2010)

best of the left is BEST
great podcast!
Submitted By: jgshelley
(512,649 on 2-2010)

My anchor to reality
Submitted By: sandra.bryant
(512,598 on 2-2010)

Great summary!
Submitted By: sgbama
(512,589 on 2-2010)

The Best. Period.
Submitted By: apple
(512,583 on 2-2010)

Great podcast
Always good
Submitted By: Gskutt
(512,563 on 2-2010)

Keep up the good work. Love listening.
Submitted By: leokormanik
(512,532 on 2-2010)

As an Expat, living abroad, having this show, pull together the best of the left is just great. The show is concise assembly of what rational people should hear. Great job. Number 1
Submitted By: ghsthai
(512,528 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left Podcast IS the best of the left podcasts!
Submitted By: TCBrownII
(512,519 on 2-2010)

Great selection
You manage to pick an entertaining and interesting collection of excerpts. Well done. Thanks M.
Submitted By: rightdeadon
(512,517 on 2-2010)

This is the best. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: jlatourr
(512,498 on 2-2010)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: firehorse66
(512,470 on 2-2010)

best of the left is the best
best podcast to listen to while doing house chores!
Submitted By: lesleychuang
(512,445 on 2-2010)

Love it
Great progressive podcast
Submitted By: NealHib
(512,439 on 2-2010)

great format - quick bites
Submitted By: bobrawley
(512,437 on 2-2010)

Best Political Podcast on the Net
Submitted By: helomike24
(512,424 on 2-2010)

I anxiously await every new BotL podcast. Without a doubt, THE best!
Submitted By: rsimerly
(512,422 on 2-2010)

great show with the best clips from great programs
Submitted By: jmanchack
(512,390 on 2-2010)

best of the left is best
Submitted By: ronaldanne
(512,381 on 2-2010)

cant live without it now
I listen to the show while out riding. Love it, need it!
Submitted By: rocco
(512,360 on 2-2010)

I would listen to most of the shows that are excerpted; if I only had more time. This podcast is a real timesaver for me.
Submitted By: kentomlinson
(512,345 on 2-2010)

Keep up the good work
I love you, Jay! Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: tiny0628
(512,333 on 2-2010)

I cant imagine life without this podcast. Im a teacher and very busy, and this podcast cuts right to the chase for me.
Submitted By: Bookgrl5df
(512,327 on 2-2010)

A really great liberal podcast
Submitted By: ellensmith
(512,302 on 2-2010)

Great Show!
Submitted By: bshelton
(512,296 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left is Best of the Podcasts
Submitted By: lcfischer1
(512,262 on 2-2010)

Required listening....
Thank god for the internet and BOTL.. without you we would be truely blind.
Submitted By: gcollie
(512,213 on 2-2010)

Love it!
Great show with great clips from great people!
Submitted By: nickwm
(512,212 on 2-2010)

Best of the left
Submitted By: robertcoble
(512,208 on 2-2010)

This is an excellent podcast. The editing of the material and the interplay of music between the material is fantastic. It is obvious that the creator of this podcast puts a tremendous amount of time and passion into the work on these; and it is also obvious that he loves what he is doing. This podcast is a must for anyone that has an interest in the progressive political outlook.
Submitted By: MortgageLarry
(512,200 on 2-2010)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: inspector52
(512,197 on 2-2010)

This is the best podcast ever!
Submitted By: Skategeezer
(512,184 on 2-2010)

vote for best of the left
Just discovered this podcast. I absolutely love it. Will subscribe to it.
Submitted By: stevegold
(512,183 on 2-2010)

Amazingly great show
Great podcast that includes highlights from a variety of different progressive media sources discussing the current issues we are all faced with. Great in its simplicity of format and dynamic in its ability to cover complex issues in a compact form. Truly the Abe Lincoln of progressive podcasts.
Submitted By: dougaldpark
(512,179 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left
Best of the Left speaks truth to the ever-present loud mouths from the radical right.
Submitted By: brown4761
(512,159 on 2-2010)

Keep up the great work
Submitted By: toddmichael
(512,124 on 2-2010)

Great summary of left-wing commentary on current issues.
Submitted By: rrezab
(512,116 on 2-2010)

One of the best podcasts out there. Makes my commutes enjoyable.
Submitted By: sjoerdferdahl
(512,090 on 2-2010)

Great Podcast
Ive been listening to this podcast for a couple of months now, and have loved every minute of it. The selection and arrangement of stories featured on the podcast give a great view on what is happening in current events.
Submitted By: phobos06
(512,073 on 2-2010)

fantastic podcast
This is enlightening, fun and hugely informative and it reminds me why I am not a Republican.
Submitted By: valeskavv
(512,072 on 2-2010)

Awesome show!
Loyal listener - I like the music, keep it up!
Submitted By: joehottinger
(512,055 on 2-2010)

best of the left is a great podcast
Submitted By: donhatesradio
(512,054 on 2-2010)

Best Podcast: Best of the Left
Informative in entertaining humor & depressing reality.
Submitted By: KahlerDBishopM
(512,041 on 2-2010)

I love the Best of the Left
Submitted By: cltalerico
(512,008 on 2-2010)

great podcast
I really enjoy this podcast, it gets me through my long work days.
Submitted By: lsmith2k3
(512,001 on 2-2010)

I find the Best of the Left podcast to be the best for all around info and a humorous take on the politics of the day. Great site!
Submitted By: kenstig
(511,986 on 2-2010)

jay rocks
best of the left is the best of the best
Submitted By: garrettgraham
(511,976 on 2-2010)

grateful housewife loves Best of the Left
Laundry and dish-washing need not be brain-draining activities! While performing menial tasks, I am uplifted by a wide variety of intelligent voices, and I am grateful.
Submitted By: julikangas
(511,960 on 2-2010)

So inspiring!
Submitted By: tatwill
(511,957 on 2-2010)

Just brilliant!
The title says it all.
Submitted By: mensahbediako
(511,951 on 2-2010)

if you only have time to listen to ONE podcast, THIS IS IT.
Submitted By: bxbarnett
(511,940 on 2-2010)

Best podcast out there!
Submitted By: penglishcsb
(511,931 on 2-2010)

Best o the Left!
Thank goodness for BOTL. It keeps me informed & awake in the wee hours at work.
Submitted By: Yogamom2006
(511,874 on 2-2010)

This podcast is concise, entertaining, keenly observant and sharp. Its riddled with common sense which, unfortunately, is not so common these days. Thanks Jay!
Submitted By: Jaydeenv
(511,870 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left Podcast
Great show - listen all the time - well done!
Submitted By: dubwmson
(511,869 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left is the Best
Love this podcast - listen to every episode - themes are great - the best of the best shows on radio and TV - informative and entertaining. Music between clips is good too.
Submitted By: justinp
(511,866 on 2-2010)

Winning at any cost!
It seems to me the right wants to win no matter what. If they do then what? Another 8 years of a Bush type presidency. In a democracy the people get what they deserve. We deserve better! I support this site.
Submitted By: tgoslee
(511,862 on 2-2010)

Jay rocks!
I wish he had a daily podcast. Theyre great and compelling.
Submitted By: Jeffreyilevin
(511,837 on 2-2010)

Definitely the Best
consistent and informative. well worth giving a listen. trust me once you have tried BOTL you will be hooked. so just subscribe right now.
Submitted By: parksarbor
(511,832 on 2-2010)

Best of the left is best of the podcasts.
Submitted By: jdrougge
(511,804 on 2-2010)

its the best
Submitted By: carleenwil
(511,801 on 2-2010)

Great Show
Just found your show. now my favorite show on Itunes and the internet. well produced and informative. keep up the good work.
Submitted By: musiclady812
(511,793 on 2-2010)

Jack tells it like it is .... and backs it up!
I look forward to every episode of this podcast. Jack goes out on the limb to expose the lies of the right but he does so with facts that he backs up. He tears into the right wing lies with style and exposes them for what they are. You may not agree with his thoughts and positions but his arguments are always spot on and well-constructed.
Submitted By: JimWetzel53
(511,792 on 2-2010)

My favorite podcast!!
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(511,787 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left is my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: schnitzwm
(511,781 on 2-2010)

always excellent
A great deal of time and energy must go into this excellent podcast.
Submitted By: kecksales
(511,777 on 2-2010)

A nicely arranged and presented collection of highlights from a variety of sources that saves you the time of sifting through all of it. Well done - this has become one of my must listen to podcasts.
Submitted By: guitar4fusion
(511,762 on 2-2010)

BOTL Really Is the Best
Best of the Left is my one never-miss podcast. I subscribe to others, but if I have to miss any of them for some reason, its not the end of the world. BOTL is the one I never miss.
Submitted By: kryptonite478
(511,724 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left is wonderful
I look forward to this one big time! .... open....objective .... the best.....I would call it liberal though...not "left"....some definitions of left and right are NOT fundamentalist rather than open and objective....liberal means open to new ideas and change.....conservative means closed and traditional.....which are you? listen to best of the left
Submitted By: marygoldfab
(511,698 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left
Best of the Left, right and center.
Submitted By: rodreece
(511,672 on 2-2010)

Seriously the BEST
Im not even going to try to be witty or funny-Ill leave it up to these guys. Everything you need to know from all the news sources you need to hear from. Amazing.
Submitted By: rachel.clement
(511,655 on 2-2010)

great compilation
Cream of progressive radio in a wonderful condensed format with awesome bumper music.
Submitted By: sureluvmyspam
(511,622 on 2-2010)

fantastic podcast
between the music and the clips this is the best and informative podcast! Great job, wish it was daily! Its also the only way I can get clips from the Colbert Report since we are blocked from all content on the CR webpage, being in Northern Ireland.
Submitted By: kelleen0402
(511,582 on 2-2010)

NPR for the Digital Generation
The Best of the Left is like NPR for the Digital Generation!
Submitted By: robbie.m.kirk
(511,576 on 2-2010)

Submitted By: schultztsc
(511,530 on 2-2010)

Love the show
Submitted By: barrygon25
(511,512 on 2-2010)

Best Podcast
As long as your views are not set in stone; this is a great podcast for general political insight and a great conversational resource.
Submitted By: esoteric88
(511,416 on 2-2010)

Good Show Entertaining too
Submitted By: rutan
(511,408 on 2-2010)

Best of the Best (I know thats not original)
Great podcast - entertaining and honest. Not to be missed.
Submitted By: miriamcdowd
(511,401 on 2-2010)

Clear and concise points of view.
Submitted By: JUSTINN_DOBY
(511,384 on 2-2010)

Fantastic. Im a fan!!!
Best podcast on the web!
Submitted By: tleane
(511,376 on 2-2010)

Really Worthwhile!
Submitted By: jparisel
(511,352 on 2-2010)

Great Show
BEST OF THE LEFT IS A GREAT SHOW! Consolidates a lot of important information into a pleasurable format.
Submitted By: Patrick.knox
(511,309 on 2-2010)

Jay Rules
This podcast is the best single person program I have ever heard. Jay does all of the work to distill the best of progressive programs in two programs a week. I would be lost without this program.
Submitted By: daugherty67
(511,297 on 2-2010)

My staple resource for political commentary.
As an undergraduate studying political science, I find myself with little time to follow the myriad of political "commentary" in the media. BOTL provides me with the highlights of main-stream progressive media coupled with excellent commentary from the host, Jay, I whole-heartedly endorse the message and methods of this show, it is a true diamond in the rough.
Submitted By: evanengland
(511,291 on 2-2010)

Best of the LOT!
At last, we can get the information we need to make a change... the change that we need... for your information!
Submitted By: mickMLE
(511,269 on 2-2010)

So glad I found it
Great summary of timely issues. Humor supporting analysis.
Submitted By: teresa.e.Pfeil
(511,230 on 2-2010)

Great montage of leftwing talk
Submitted By: ed_chubin
(511,157 on 2-2010)

Enjoy this show muchly!
Very helpful to have all this stuff in one place.
Submitted By: martypres
(511,153 on 2-2010)

I love this podcast!
Submitted By: nancyrosario.macmail
(511,112 on 2-2010)

Always a great podcast, up-to-date and in refreshingly smart!
Submitted By: lyndemail-advocate
(511,076 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left is Best
Submitted By: jochi60
(511,043 on 2-2010)

Its a great podcast
Submitted By: tommiskowiec
(511,002 on 2-2010)

It truly is the best of the left
I dont have nearly enough time each week to stay current on what is happening on the various political podcasts and news opinion shows, but this podcast cuts all of that down to a more than manageable two hours a week. I highly recommend this podcast to any moderate, liberal, or non-conformist.
Submitted By: penguinsocialism
(510,993 on 2-2010)

Best of the left
Theyre the best!
Submitted By: shokorama
(510,984 on 2-2010)

Best Progressive Podcast!
I couldnt get through the week without my Best of the Left podcasts. Perfect mix of bits from a variety of sources based on one relevant subject at a time.
Submitted By: janasmac
(510,983 on 2-2010)

Always good, now even better
great podcast. youll love it.
Submitted By: gskutt
(510,982 on 2-2010)

Best of the Left is Best
Submitted By: kenngchaplin
(510,964 on 2-2010)

Submitted By: c1taylo
(510,957 on 2-2010)

Great podcast
Submitted By: ahlet87
(510,955 on 2-2010)

Try it; youll like it!
There are a lot of very good news podcasts out there. I just dont have time to listen to them all. So I start with Best of the Left. Its an excellent show. I wouldnt miss it for anything.
Submitted By: pawallin
(510,950 on 2-2010)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: stp
(510,882 on 2-2010)

What does it take to wake up some people?
Thank you again BOTL, you continue to enlighten me daily. It seems as if a majority of Americans choose to remain mushrooms. I am afraid at this rate, our thoughts soon wont be heard in the near future. I am planning on becoming a member soon but have had health problems and almost no money coming in. I will make up for it, I promise. Looking at the amount youve collected in January I am disgusted by the lack of support you receive. I am however constantly telling people about your show. Thank You So Much! David C.
Submitted By: DavidCosmo
(510,772 on 1-2010)

I dont speak from authority or facts but it seems to me that this podcast is Best of more than merely what it is purported to be best of...
Submitted By: samira
(510,641 on 1-2010)

Love it
Keep up all the good work
Submitted By: winwharton
(510,608 on 1-2010)

Best of the Left keeps me optimistic about the future of this country. It lets me know that there are many, many progressive voices. Many more than I previously thought.
Submitted By: gmoore
(510,479 on 1-2010)

Great Podcast!
Submitted By: bshelton
(510,458 on 1-2010)

Fun and informative podcast! Very happy I stumbled upon it.
Submitted By: linas4th
(510,437 on 1-2010)

Thinking and Laughing in Balance
Lively and mix of comedy and ideas. Highly recommended.
Submitted By: alasn
(510,405 on 1-2010)

Best of the Left is the best
Submitted By: bdb888
(509,747 on 1-2010)

The Best
Downloaded the show as it was in the Top Ten and I wasnt disappointed. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: rigsby909
(509,670 on 1-2010)

Continue the great work.
Submitted By: histedg
(509,533 on 1-2010)

Thanks for a great year!
I have been listening to your show for a couple years now!!! Awesome and thanks for all your hard work! I like to download and listen to the show at work. Thanks for putting two shows a week lately! You are keeping me entertained with the rights nonsense!!
Submitted By: hoihoi_san
(509,460 on 1-2010)

More information
Very interesting show. very good and something I am begining to like. i am a right leaning person but find the information on this show complete my news. thanks!
Submitted By: james.foley42
(509,377 on 1-2010)

Best of the Left? Best of the Web!
Extremely informative, insightful and always a delight, The Best of the Left is the premiere podcast for the both the progressive mind and the news lover in you. The Best of the Left will make you laugh and make you think, and will always leave you satisfied and yearning for another episode.
Submitted By: jordan.campbell
(509,322 on 1-2010)

Great podcast
Submitted By: Rdswart
(509,321 on 1-2010)

Necessary Listening
Become a good citizen and listen to every show.
Submitted By: english60
(509,301 on 1-2010)

Always good, now even better
This is the best political/music podcast I listen to. Dont miss it.
Submitted By: gskutt
(509,299 on 1-2010)

greats show. great host.
Submitted By: whalencb
(509,291 on 1-2010)

Best Produced Show Ever
Jay takes a great deal of effort to be topical and current, summarizing the best of critical thinking - from comedy from Cobert to serious from Maddow - thats out there. All of this put to an eclectic musical backdrop. His true love and passion for his work shows. Hope to hear and learn more in the year ahead.
Submitted By: notimeforcutenames
(509,287 on 1-2010)

BOTL Rocks!
All you favorite progressive voices in one place. Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot. You should listen to this podcast.
Submitted By: npowell013
(509,282 on 1-2010)

Thank you for putting so much information together to keep me up to date with what is going on. I also appreciate your sense of humor.
Submitted By: jjlynch
(509,277 on 1-2010)

Good to go!
Best little podcast on the air!
Submitted By: voyager1111
(509,266 on 1-2010)

A must listen!
Submitted By: mhalsne
(509,250 on 1-2010)

Great show!! Listen to it every week.
Submitted By: c.wamack
(509,240 on 1-2010)

Great podcast
Great news stories all in one place
Submitted By: serk1
(509,087 on 1-2010)

Great Show
This show is excellent. Great editing and great content!
Submitted By: Patrick.knox
(509,086 on 1-2010)

Great show!
Best of the Left is intelligent, entertaining, and extremely well produced.
Submitted By: susanwinsberg
(509,015 on 1-2010)

Best Show
Yep - the best
Submitted By: ga.bush
(508,938 on 1-2010)

botl - IF THE bEST
Submitted By: rickokula
(508,793 on 1-2010)

this is the best!
Submitted By: dondilyons
(508,658 on 1-2010)

My first vote
Really like the bite size pieces of BOTL. I dont always have time to catch the shows in first run. Good to have someone do the hard work in compiling "the best..." and the rest of us can enjoy the labor. Very well done.
Submitted By: davehawes
(508,633 on 1-2010)

A great way to stay up with the issues. I love the variety (serious as well as comedic commentary) and the music is great!
Submitted By: lyndemail-advocate
(508,614 on 1-2010)

The best for sure
Truly the best left handed political podcast. Informative and entertaining.
Submitted By: Parksarbor
(508,584 on 1-2010)

BotL Rulez
Submitted By: cyungbluth
(508,579 on 1-2010)

This podcast rocks! Always produced well and contains a variety of sources. Very helpful and informative!
Submitted By: daniel.raider
(508,566 on 1-2010)

Just the Best
I love listening to Best of the Left & always look forward to each podcast.
Submitted By: pawallin
(508,501 on 1-2010)

good coverage - good mix
Submitted By: edmclain
(508,500 on 1-2010)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: danrumery
(508,469 on 1-2010)

Never Miss It
A really good periodic survey of progressive broadcasts and podcasts.
Submitted By: swiftje
(508,465 on 1-2010)

1 of the very best !!!!!
one of the best podcasts when it comes to factual rebuttals of right wing lieshalf truthes and down right fabrications... I trully enjoy this podcast. PLEASE Keep up the great work Howard Y.
Submitted By: how077
(508,464 on 1-2010)

Great podcast
A great podcast giving you a rundown of the current events from the US media mixed with good music.
Submitted By: ahlet87
(508,463 on 1-2010)

Go BotL
This podcast is fantastic!
Submitted By: Alyson.Daly
(508,456 on 1-2010)

BOTL rules!
Submitted By: luautumn
(508,455 on 1-2010)

Really the best!
If only one podcast was available regarding liberal/progressive issues, this would be the one I would want. I am so glad that Jay is doing something I have no time for--which is to gather all the weekly info regarding our issues in one place.
Submitted By: martypres
(508,428 on 1-2010)

Best of the left...
is my link to reality! thank you jay!
Submitted By:
(508,425 on 1-2010)

Its not called " Best " of the left for nothing !
Submitted By: jkirk1963
(508,423 on 1-2010)

Submitted By: treborlauri
(508,408 on 1-2010)

You make the pod-verse a better place...
Thanks. Really.
Submitted By: cyungbluth
(508,225 on 12-2009)

best of the left is best
simply the best
Submitted By: robbyc98
(508,197 on 12-2009)

Awesome shoe
Submitted By: tefiguer
(507,760 on 12-2009)

Fantastic as usual
Always good. Great music and great topical summaries.
Submitted By: gskutt
(507,561 on 12-2009)

Best of the Best
I LOVE Best of the Left. Since we do not have adequate journalism in the mainstream media, it is good to have a source of news and commentary that is wider than a single source. Bravo!
Submitted By: prairiebeat
(507,555 on 12-2009)

Best of the Best!
Best of the Left podcast is the absolute best! Putting together all the greatest clips from the week, this podcast saves us so much time wading through our favorites. We couldnt be more pleased!
Submitted By: therese_vaughn
(507,452 on 12-2009)

Good digest of progressive news!
I never miss a podcast. Even though I can live without The Young Turks, I learn something new at each listen. And, the music interludes are good, too. If youre a liberal, progressive, or a Lefty in general, youll find this worth your while.
Submitted By: alongstory
(507,157 on 12-2009)

Great job and all the best in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.
Submitted By: david.hundley
(507,132 on 12-2009)

An exceptionally informative podcast
It saves me a great deal of time and is sooo relevant
Submitted By: jfisher
(507,097 on 12-2009)

It saves time
This is my favorite. Even the sites that are its constant sources are not as good for me, because of my limited available time to listen.
Submitted By: kentomlinson
(507,054 on 12-2009)

vote for Best of the Left podcast
I cast my vote
Submitted By: metalzrusct
(507,053 on 12-2009)

Its a great show....keep it going... Ben Shelton Germany
Submitted By: bshelton
(506,763 on 12-2009)

Botl is great
Best of the left is fantastically informative. Best progressive podcast I have found in a long time.
Submitted By: mnahoom
(506,715 on 12-2009)

Try it; youll like it!
Submitted By: pawallin
(506,710 on 12-2009)

Great podcast
Great podcast, the best of the most informative workings of our government from some of the best news sources all in one place.
Submitted By: Hythshade
(506,687 on 12-2009)

Vote for Best of the Left
Best of the Left is the best!
Submitted By: providencetheatrefan
(506,677 on 12-2009)

BOTL Rocks!
Best of the Left is better than those mini hot dogs wrapped in bacon skewered with a toothpick you can get at the local Chinese buffet. And, everything is better with bacon. BOTL is just THAT good! If youre a fan of the political "Left", and you would like to hear the Best of what that side of the political spectrum has to offer, you may just want to listen to this podcast. I give it 4.8 out of 5.2 stars.
Submitted By: npowell013
(506,676 on 12-2009)

Best of the left is my favorite podcast that keeps me well informed and has led me to listen to The Young Turks which I now love. I am always looking forward to the two podcast each week and enjoy the music in between clips
Submitted By: richardlw12
(506,675 on 12-2009)

Best of The Best of the left.
Great Clips. Smart news. Great production value. This podcast delivers!
Submitted By: Antcahill
(506,672 on 12-2009)

Left is Best
Thank you for the Best of the Left - so glad to have a voice of reason, instead of a voice of hypocracy, racism, sexism, and homophobia. Long live the Left!!
Submitted By: kimpossible
(506,670 on 12-2009)

Great Show
Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: gmo418
(506,669 on 12-2009)

Long time listener
Ive been listening to this podcast for a long time now (two years or so) and its the most consistantly enjoyable podcast I know of.
Submitted By: jvollmer
(506,597 on 12-2009)

v good podcast
Submitted By: brent_64
(506,536 on 12-2009)

My favorite podcast!!
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(506,470 on 12-2009)

BEST of them all
Best Of The Left is the perfect place to get all of the weeks most intelligently argued and humorous clips fighting on the side of reality. Even though I sometimes have seen--or listened to--all of the shows that the segments have been taken from by the time the podcast is released, its still worth it to get the complete experience that is BOTL. With the music tracks in between and the theme bringing all the clips closer together, I find myself getting something extra every week.
Submitted By: ctoma7
(506,079 on 12-2009)

Best of the Left
Superb show.
Submitted By: tefiguer
(505,857 on 11-2009)

Great Podcast
This one is worth listening to.
Submitted By: michaelleeczarnecki
(505,203 on 11-2009)

TRULY The Best of the Left!
Submitted By: sadisticmonk27
(504,998 on 11-2009)

Love and appreciate this podcast.
Submitted By: sdhlaw
(504,391 on 11-2009)

I love BOTL. Listen to at least 4 times a week and have come to rely on it for a dose of left perspectives sadly lacking from the mainstream. Its the best!!!
Submitted By: vavru001
(503,674 on 11-2009)

Great mix Laughing & Nedded Crying
The best compiling of what you need to know in media.
Submitted By: don.kahler
(503,665 on 11-2009)

Best podcast!
The Best of the Lest Podcast allows me to listen to clips from some of my favorite shows, that I otherwise wouldnt have time to watch. I find myself learning a lot about whats going on in the world while at the same time rolling with laughter! 5 stars!!!
Submitted By: rebeccakabat
(503,570 on 11-2009)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: pghtytfan
(503,313 on 11-2009)

Great show!
Submitted By: ga.bush
(503,287 on 11-2009)

Great, to the point clips!
Submitted By: melanieotte
(503,065 on 11-2009)

Informative and diverse podcast full of important voices
Submitted By: stephen
(502,986 on 11-2009)

Submitted By: mcfarlandcreek
(502,575 on 10-2009)

Always loving the show!
Thanks for the awesome show! It is a great supplement to the other political podcast I listen to, Rachel Maddows show!
Submitted By: nemsmedic11
(502,166 on 10-2009)

Excellent program.
Thanks, Jay for putting these podcasts together. I listen to every one. I really like how each podcast is theme-centered.
Submitted By: idlewild
(502,028 on 10-2009)

Love this show!
Submitted By: paul.alvarez
(502,021 on 10-2009)

Great Podcast
Thanks for taking the time to put this podcast together!
Submitted By: teresa.tolbert
(502,010 on 10-2009)

I look forward to new episodes of this podcast. Its the whole enchilada, informative, entertaining, well produced. Good, good stuff all around.
Submitted By: alexapagliuca
(501,929 on 10-2009)

Snail address
You have a great synopsis of current events without "puppy falls into abandoned waterwell" non-news. Id like to make a contribution using snail mail. Any way how? Thanks.
Submitted By: jebwatts
(501,623 on 10-2009)

LOVE this podcast! So much info in one hour thanks sooooooo much for all your hard work. I just signed up for a membership
Submitted By: dkany
(501,451 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: peapin
(501,151 on 10-2009)

Five Star podcast
Primus Inter Pares of podcasts. Smart mix of politics and music. With most podcasts I delete when done. Not these. C H E C K I T O U T
Submitted By: ptmitch
(501,110 on 10-2009)

great show
Submitted By: evanengland
(500,334 on 10-2009)

Great Podcast
I get the best of over a dozen shows in a theme and have enjoyed every show so far.
Submitted By: lecody2001
(500,325 on 10-2009)

Always entertaining, always informative. I wish it was always available.
Submitted By: pgreenberger
(500,211 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: colleenhurd
(500,194 on 10-2009)

Best of the Left is the best of the left
Submitted By: luke.gina
(500,071 on 10-2009)

Great show, listen to every episode.
Submitted By: gaertnerjustin
(500,035 on 10-2009)

Best of the Left
must listening for progressives
Submitted By: ellensmith
(500,025 on 10-2009)

Great program !!!!!
Submitted By: mphseason
(499,910 on 10-2009)

Still my favorite podcast
Submitted By: everaldmanning
(499,898 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: arogers53
(499,859 on 10-2009)

best podcast
Bar-none, its all you need to listen to on a weekly basis is B est of the Left.
Submitted By: libbyberkeley
(499,734 on 10-2009)

Runners Favorite
Listen to it on my iPod while jogging. Nearly fall down from laughing in mid-stride.
Submitted By: rick
(499,713 on 10-2009)

Love it!
Submitted By: li.alice
(499,620 on 10-2009)

Jay-just found you
i had a driveway moment, my kids were at the paia youth cultural center. my son was shreding at the skate park and my daughter was checking out their radio show and recording studio. they were waiting for me to pick up chinese. there was a previous show that featured a colbert clip about oct 24 and mvt, then you followed and your movie offering. i just finished the crude awakening, the future of food and food inc (hence my move to maui). anyway appreciate your work, will look for more of you. i think I found you on one of the many small HPR stations between 88 and 90.7 any idea which one and time?
Submitted By: bigsurjasmine
(499,415 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: kcsmjr
(499,294 on 10-2009)

great podcast
I love this. Best of the left podcast is great!
Submitted By: jvollmer
(499,214 on 10-2009)

great podcast
One of the best political podcasts out there.
Submitted By: hari.puttar
(498,649 on 9-2009)

Great podcast
Submitted By: chexxchexx
(498,615 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: lawrence.luainternational
(498,557 on 9-2009)

great digest o f progressive information
Submitted By: haney.r
(498,516 on 9-2009)

I love this podcast. It frees my mind of the shackles of all that is wrong with the media these days.
Submitted By: iain.ruaidh
(498,383 on 9-2009)

Superb coverage of News
Reality is really important.
Submitted By: richard.deshaies
(498,368 on 9-2009)

If I had time to listen to only one podcast, this is it.
Submitted By: jibeandfly
(498,331 on 9-2009)

Great Stuff
I dont get satellite or cable so your podcast condenses some of the pithy things I would normally miss. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: sreudianflip
(498,237 on 9-2009)

Best of the Left Rules
Submitted By: vanpresley
(498,175 on 9-2009)

Best of the Left is the Best
Best of the Left is the Best
Submitted By: tochtu
(498,105 on 9-2009)

Best of the Left
Love it!
Submitted By: placer001
(498,098 on 9-2009)

Truly the BEST
When he says "Best of the Left," he means it. Its a listeners digest of the best of The Young Turks, The Rachel Maddow Show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Ring of Fire, and a number of other excellent sources of information with a liberal point of view.
Submitted By: kryptonite478
(498,077 on 9-2009)

if you listen to one podcast, this is the one!
Submitted By: kuaikuai
(498,012 on 9-2009)

Love it~
Submitted By: lemoncreme
(497,944 on 9-2009)

The show is a good cross section of Liberty moments on TV and Radio
Submitted By: dthompson8
(497,940 on 9-2009)

A Handy Online Conspectus of Left-Leaning Media
If youre pressed for time, BOtL offers a great way to keep abreast of what progressives are up to. I highly recommend it.
Submitted By: alongstory
(497,938 on 9-2009)

One of the Best
This is easily one of the more socailly important podcasts out there.
Submitted By: dennisgeorge66
(497,935 on 9-2009)

The Best
An excellent and well-produced program. Funny, intelligent, refreshing.
Submitted By: gkwobe
(497,782 on 9-2009)

Best of the Left is Awesome!
Excellent Podcast, definitely the most important thing I ever download!
Submitted By: michaelshumake
(497,768 on 9-2009)

Love the show.
Always good. Should be top 10 every month.
Submitted By: gskutt
(497,676 on 9-2009)

Cant Get Enough!!
I listen to the episodes over and over at work!
Submitted By: ohioenergy
(497,495 on 9-2009)

Lefty Ammunition
Listen here; never lose another water cooler battle.
Submitted By: rmar525
(497,493 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: gumbright
(497,448 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: jgshelley
(497,434 on 9-2009)

great show
Submitted By: spencerwillia40
(497,427 on 9-2009)

BTL on Pod
An entertaining and informative show. Funny too.
Submitted By: rutan
(497,375 on 9-2009)

Best of the Best; left or right!
Submitted By: nharris3
(497,364 on 9-2009)

Best of the Left is Great
All the commentary I love to hear -- in ONE PLACE. It doesnt get any better.
Submitted By: rick
(497,344 on 9-2009)

The Best is Best of the Left
I love the Best of the Left podcast! It gives me a summary of the highlights and mixes it up in an informative and entertaining way.
Submitted By: pennyjorice
(497,292 on 9-2009)

Best of the left
Submitted By: peapin
(497,252 on 9-2009)

job well done
keep up the good work!
Submitted By: jatp9
(497,165 on 9-2009)

Like a light in the freakin dark Heath Austin, TX
Submitted By: apple
(497,139 on 9-2009)

best of the left podcast
Jay has done a REALLY great job turning the BestOfTheLeft from a hobby (something he produced for fun, in his spare time) into a legit, twice a week, full-service podcast that listeners can rely on. Bravo dude! ~Andy
Submitted By: cubfanandy
(497,032 on 9-2009)

Best of the left is THE BEST
This is a must download for anyone on the left. !!!
Submitted By: tmcdsd895
(497,021 on 9-2009)

One of the best...
Best of the Left is one of the best podcasts available. I only listen to a handful of podcasts on this is one of them.
Submitted By: matthew.l.stern
(496,968 on 9-2009)

Awesome show!
This is my favorite podcast! I am entertained and informed with every episode.
Submitted By: thousandflower
(496,963 on 9-2009)

I love this podcast!!!
Submitted By: Mrgreendeeds
(496,958 on 9-2009)

Best podcast ever
Tis the best! An amalgamation ...
Submitted By: funlivemusic
(496,957 on 9-2009)

Best summary of what is going on in government. A very sweet alternative to Fox etc.
Submitted By: bradfordrich
(496,949 on 9-2009)

Kudos to Best of the Left
One of the most informative and interesting podcasts available. Great production and choice of subjects.
Submitted By: lyndemail-advocate
(496,909 on 9-2009)

Top notch
I look forward to each episode.
Submitted By: ga.bush
(496,862 on 9-2009)

Very well produced by an independent producer
Submitted By: jkauzlar
(496,836 on 9-2009)

I have only been listening to this for a week or so, and am extremely happy with it. It synopsizes large chunks of some of my favorite shows.
Submitted By: EugeneHill
(496,706 on 9-2009)

Best of the Left lives up to its name
You cant beat this podcast for gathering succint information and presenting it in an enjoyable and thoughtful format.
Submitted By: don
(496,688 on 9-2009)

Best of the Left
Greatest summary of news items there is.
Submitted By: venue1
(496,601 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: whalencb
(496,598 on 9-2009)

Awesome podcast!
Dont have time to watch every show and listen to every radio show? Jay compiles what is the best of the left for you! Best podcast ever!!
Submitted By: camille.cecere
(496,586 on 9-2009)

the best of left or right
awesome compilation of commentary and news.
Submitted By: christopher.a.carlson
(496,582 on 9-2009)

Great Podcast
Great progressive podcast that is a compilation of radio and tv pieces. Usually has a great political theme. Check it out!
Submitted By: dougaldpark
(496,577 on 9-2009)

Not Bad
Submitted By: xtrakat
(496,574 on 9-2009)

Best of the Left
My favorite podcast and I listen to a lot of them
Submitted By: rbillings
(496,568 on 9-2009)

5 stars
Submitted By: ouiduh
(496,563 on 9-2009)

The best political podcast anywhere! Try it you wont be sorry
Submitted By: comixmcj
(496,562 on 9-2009)

Love the show!
Excellent compendium of important liberal voices.
Submitted By: sorrow.james
(496,558 on 9-2009)

Love the show.
Always good.. Now twice a week. Should be a permanent Top 10 Podcast
Submitted By: gskutt
(496,556 on 9-2009)

I love this podcast
I recently started listening to this podcast after finding it on iTunes and I cant get enough of it. I wish this podcast was put out every day. It takes the best commentary from all over and compiles it with music that is timely and fits the theme. I LOVE IT. Have all of my friends subscribing, too!
Submitted By: Irie.vibezz
(496,554 on 9-2009)

Best of the left rocks
Gotta have it. Great progressive podcast.
Submitted By: colebeans
(496,552 on 9-2009)

Good overall view of left talk radio etc.
A very good, well-designed podcast. Divided up into 5-to-10-minute sections, convenient as a commute listen, and gives an idea of whats on left/liberal talk shows. Usually funny, always informative, good music.
Submitted By: kwme17
(496,542 on 9-2009)

best of theleft is the best
great podcast well put together and great music breaks!
Submitted By: hudsoncj1
(496,395 on 9-2009)

Great podcast
Submitted By: gmo418
(496,388 on 9-2009)

great show!
Submitted By: evanengland
(496,322 on 9-2009)

Cant Get Enough!
Submitted By: vegananimal
(496,226 on 9-2009)

Required Listening!
It should be required for continued citizenship that all people listen to this broadcast!
Submitted By: lcdriskill
(496,224 on 9-2009)

Cant live without it
All of a sudden, I cant live without this podcast. I get more frustrated every day with this supposedly progressive president we elected. Enough with this lets talk to the Republicans. They are doing nothing to participate in solving our problems but being the party of NO. I have only one thing to say....if not now, then when, Mr President. If we cant get Universal Coverage for all Americans now, then when. Im so tired of it all. Thank God for this Podcast. BILL M.
Submitted By: bilmich
(496,219 on 9-2009)

My favorite podcast
I would like to vote for The Best of the Left as my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(496,028 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: ahavemann
(495,783 on 9-2009)

This is my favorite podcast, a true pleasure to listen to
Submitted By: arogers53
(495,715 on 9-2009)

Submitted By: csm314
(495,708 on 9-2009)

Truly the best!
Submitted By: chris
(495,700 on 9-2009)

great show
great podcast! Dont miss it. Thanks.
Submitted By: evanson.paul
(495,499 on 9-2009)

Love the show!
I eagerly await new shows every week!
Submitted By: cthirteen
(495,360 on 9-2009)

Informative and diverse podcast full of important voices
Submitted By: stephen
(495,324 on 9-2009)

Great podcast
Submitted By: michael.czarnecki
(495,296 on 9-2009)

Just the Best
I wish we could broaden the audience for this excellent podcast. Jay skillfully compiles a selection of coherent voices from a variety of sources. He adds music transitions to knit them into a central theme, producing an informative, thoughtful & easy to listen to political perspective .
Submitted By: pawallin
(495,248 on 9-2009)

Best Podcast every Month
Submitted By: tommiskowiec
(495,215 on 9-2009)

Great podcast!!!
Submitted By: jhernstrom
(495,098 on 8-2009)

I dont have the time to watch or listen to all the sources from which BotL draws, and I had no idea what I had been missing. So many bright and funny and INFORMED commentators! Im grateful for the art and skill of this collection effort. Thank you BotL!
Submitted By: mjcohen
(494,783 on 8-2009)

Great Stuff!
Cant get enough of this! I only wish it could be produced 7 times a week
Submitted By: ohioenergy
(494,707 on 8-2009)

Great Show
A great place to catch all the best clips of the best programs out there!
Submitted By: danhaacke
(494,664 on 8-2009)

best of the left podcast
Wonderful podcast! Thanks for all the work!!!!
Submitted By: barbiljef
(494,478 on 8-2009)

the best quick review of news and comment!
Submitted By: madmortal
(494,442 on 8-2009)

real POV with humor
Submitted By: rutan
(494,372 on 8-2009)

This is the best
If you want only the best and the most entertaining listen to : "The Best of the Left".
Submitted By: mitchkellam
(494,281 on 8-2009)

One Stop Shopping
This is a great compilation of all my favorite shows. I will never miss it!
Submitted By: bonist
(494,237 on 8-2009)

Wonderful show
Love the show, keep up the great work!
Submitted By: cthirteen
(494,224 on 8-2009)

Best of the Left Review
Highest Recommendation for Best of the Left! Five stars out of Five! Refreshing, intelligent editing. A delightful shortcut through the weeks best progressive news angles!
Submitted By: mernest
(494,209 on 8-2009)

Truly the best of the left
This podcast is perfect for any liberal. With clips from such a great range of media sources, every episode proves to be witty, provocative, and enlightening. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in progressive politics.
Submitted By: nicoletrent
(494,208 on 8-2009)

BOtL is BOtPs, hands down!
Love this show!
Submitted By: emcrouse
(494,203 on 8-2009)

Yup! The best!
A potpourri of media....Wonderful
Submitted By: thewiz
(494,200 on 8-2009)

Best of The Left Is Great
I have listened to The Best of The Left for about 3 months now and I enjoy hearing different voices the left has in about an hour on different topics. I really enjoy how one show is all on one subject. I use much of the information I get from The Best of The Left on many of my republican friends and relatives. They just start to shake and get mad and then I know I proved to them the lefts point of view. That is what is really going on in this health care debate. Oh it really is not a debate it is just CONS being mad and making up lies. They are just poor losers and they are mad because their guy did not get in. We on the left had to put up with 8 long years of the worst pres. this country has ever had and now it is our turn and they are mad and mad as hell. Anyway I love listening to the best of the left twice every week.
Submitted By: egroen5166
(494,197 on 8-2009)

Great Podcast!!
I always look forward to a new edition...very informative.
Submitted By: snyderld
(494,178 on 8-2009)

Listen now!
Submitted By: lsutigerfan
(494,165 on 8-2009)

good work
Submitted By: emesner
(494,160 on 8-2009)

Best Of The Left
Best Of The Left is one the top 10 best podcasts being produced today. I highly recommend it.
Submitted By: david
(494,153 on 8-2009)

Best of the Left? Best of the Podcasts!
Best of the Left is my favorite podcast out there, kind of makes listening to other politics podcasts obsolete.
Submitted By: michaelshumake
(494,105 on 8-2009)

The name says it all
Love listening to the best commentary out there. Great views and opponions supported by strong facts. Listen to every single podcast.
Submitted By: Theearthvolta
(494,104 on 8-2009)

One stop for best Audio feeds.
Submitted By: peppers
(494,103 on 8-2009)

great show keep it going
Submitted By: ptruby
(494,102 on 8-2009)

"Readers Digest" for the left
Submitted By: daniel
(494,087 on 8-2009)

Love it!
Submitted By: deepbluesea727
(494,030 on 8-2009)

Refreshing, Insightful!
I recommend BotL podcast because it cuts through all the MSM bull***t. Shows the hypocrisy that is rampant in our government and public instutions.
Submitted By: richard.deshaies
(493,874 on 8-2009)

Best of the Left for the right-handed
No left-handed compliments from me -- Im a right-handed right-brainer. I enjoy this show mucho much..... As Yoko sang: "Moto, Moto, Moto..."
Submitted By: johnsnelling.artist
(493,805 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: haney.r
(493,766 on 8-2009)

i LOVE betl
Submitted By: emailjoekelly
(493,759 on 8-2009)

Great clips
Submitted By: dthompson8
(493,706 on 8-2009)

love this show
a great aggregate of the stuff out there.
Submitted By: gregg.martinson
(493,695 on 8-2009)

Best of the Left
Its really Best of the Centrists, because the Right is too far gone.
Submitted By: jeff
(493,684 on 8-2009)

One of my favorite podcasts.
Submitted By: rbillings
(493,682 on 8-2009)

best of the left is best!
This is a consistently high quality collection of the best audio clips from the real liberal media.
Submitted By: kpomin57
(493,668 on 8-2009)

BOTL is the Best
Its great!
Submitted By:
(493,666 on 8-2009)

Best of the Left
Its a great show. Its like the Utne Reader for all things Left.
Submitted By: mendomkt
(493,663 on 8-2009)

Great show
Love Best of the Left!!!!!
Submitted By: classicpisces
(493,640 on 8-2009)

Great show
This is always my most anticipated podcast.
Submitted By: claystewy
(493,591 on 8-2009)

Best of the Left
my favorite podcast
Submitted By: chavamirel
(493,550 on 8-2009)

Very good political podcast
Always timely and always well done.
Submitted By: gskutt
(493,325 on 8-2009)

Love listening
Submitted By: renee.matthews
(493,324 on 8-2009)

Very good political podcast
Fantastic as usual.
Submitted By: gskutt
(493,317 on 8-2009)

Getting better all the time
Best of the Left is my favorite podcast to download and listen to. I always look forward to listening and will save it till Im sure I wont be interrupted. The bumper music is always great. I always recommend Best of the Left podcast to my friends.
Submitted By: bouldercoloradomom
(493,315 on 8-2009)

best of the left
One of the better podcasts out there today.
Submitted By: dennisgeorge66
(493,313 on 8-2009)

Best of the Best
So good and well put together that I wish it was daily!
Submitted By: dan.siebers
(493,305 on 8-2009)

Love it. Cant beat it.
Submitted By: gskutt
(493,281 on 8-2009)

Great Show !
Every progressive should make this program a weekly must.
Submitted By: bdenholml
(493,241 on 8-2009)

Get your news here!
Filters the news so you dont have to.
Submitted By: f_j_g
(493,206 on 8-2009)

Always useful and entertaining
the Best of the Left Podcasts are the one source podcast information that I look forward to listening to each week. Always informative, always progressive and factual. I trust them to save me hours of time to present to me information I want and more importantly need to hear, in a clear succinct and often entertaining format. It is very important to encourage and support the work that goes into producing a program like this so that we have a alternative to all the Right Wing trash that is invented as news and is helping destroy our country by the small minded businessmen who now own and control access to factual information and positive progressive logic. We need this Program to survive.
Submitted By: rspecht
(493,111 on 8-2009)

Best is Best
I love Best of the Left! Its the most compelling podcast in my playlist. I love the fact that each episode has a theme and that the clips are different in tone and content. Manages to be interesting and often wittily spliced together. Just great.
Submitted By: judi_judy
(493,104 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: kcsmjr
(493,100 on 8-2009)

The name says it all
Dont know what Id do without this valuable resource.
Submitted By: don
(493,092 on 8-2009)

Best of the Left
By far, my favorite podcast. :)
Submitted By: dianasaladino
(493,079 on 8-2009)

Best Podcast of left media.
Submitted By: sfalmy
(493,076 on 8-2009)

Best of the BEST
Submitted By: aaronmleeper
(493,074 on 8-2009)

Perfect Show
Thank you for the truth!
Submitted By: jc290970
(493,059 on 8-2009)

Great show!
Thoughtful and informative. Great work, Jay!
Submitted By: ga.bush
(493,048 on 8-2009)

The best
Submitted By: kristoffz21
(493,027 on 8-2009)

terrific podcast.................
Submitted By: dodiben
(492,955 on 8-2009)

Best of the Left ... the best
Best of the Left is cogent, timely, informative, TERRIFIC!
Submitted By: luke.gina
(492,953 on 8-2009)

Great Show!
Dont have time to check out all the progressive media sources? This show compiles highlights pertaining to its current topic & delivers them to you twice a week. I love it. I think you will too.
Submitted By: Presh1967
(492,855 on 8-2009)

One of my favourite podcasts, perfect for busy people without much time for TV.
Submitted By: becky
(492,848 on 8-2009)

Finally found what I was looking for
Ive been looking for a podcast that assembles the best of existing left-wing commentary - this one does so admirably - with both breadth and depth, and more importantly, humor.
Submitted By: ejcleath
(492,829 on 8-2009)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Always excited to see it show up in my downloads.
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(492,823 on 8-2009)

Great show! It deserves a listen.
Submitted By: eganias
(492,792 on 8-2009)

great show
Submitted By: bruckmannfrank
(492,725 on 8-2009)

Great podcast. Never fails to entertain and enlighten.
Submitted By: shortcake53
(492,687 on 8-2009)

Great Show
One of the best podcasts I have heard.
Submitted By: achenchops
(492,686 on 8-2009)

I think its great. One of my favorites!
Submitted By: carmentoft
(492,651 on 8-2009)

This is great!
Submitted By: jvollmer
(492,631 on 8-2009)

best of the left rocks
One of my favorites - I always anticipate the next podcast.
Submitted By: jensen.rick
(492,612 on 8-2009)

great podcast!
Submitted By: marpagac
(492,545 on 8-2009)

One-stop place for truth.
I look forward to each podcast. Very professional and fun to listen to.
Submitted By: bluemooney
(492,520 on 8-2009)

The Best of the Left is the Best
You will not find a better progressive podcast than this one. It pulls from all the best sources, keeps an eye on the worst sources, and never gets pulled into the conventional wisdom of washington dc
Submitted By: garrettgraham
(492,487 on 8-2009)

Best of the Left Rocks
The title says it all.
Submitted By: howzie39
(492,461 on 8-2009)

I love Jay and the folks that help put this awesome podcast together. Thanks for keeping me as sane as possible.
Submitted By: bdglynn
(492,453 on 8-2009)

great show
this is a great show and hopefully more people find out about it.
Submitted By: spencerwillia40
(492,405 on 8-2009)

I just ran across this podcast on Stitcher for my iPhone, and I am immediately committed to listening to it every day! What a great way to stay up-to-date with each days news!
Submitted By: aaron33063
(492,374 on 8-2009)

Submitted By: twaldorf
(492,292 on 8-2009)

Good for podcast while Im working.
Submitted By: iczimm
(492,288 on 8-2009)

botl is a life saver
It might be as important as my IV antibiotics and chest physiotherapy. It literally keeps me breathing.
Submitted By: libbyberkeley
(492,259 on 8-2009)

Love it!
Submitted By: mudgei
(492,235 on 8-2009)

great podcast
Submitted By: dual4545
(492,218 on 8-2009)

Awesome Podcast
A real treat two times a week!
Submitted By: a_sanfiz
(492,202 on 8-2009)

The Best
The Best Of The Left Podcasts are informative, topical, entertaining, and the highlight of my week times two.
Submitted By: ooooo
(492,097 on 8-2009)

great show
reaklly enjoy listening
Submitted By: evanson.paul
(492,057 on 8-2009)

Excellent podcast
Submitted By: seanfinnerty
(492,040 on 8-2009)

Best of the Left is not to be missed for political news with the perspective of supporting the underdog.
Submitted By: gchoke
(492,022 on 8-2009)

Best Podcast Ever! Best of the Left
Was very pleased to find Best of the Left. Listen to it on my way to work after every download. Became a subscriber and now enjoy the live feed of clippings as well.
Submitted By: english60
(492,007 on 8-2009)

Its good
Submitted By: lobbycanada
(491,978 on 8-2009)

a breath of fresh air
Submitted By: tkesslermd2
(491,819 on 7-2009)

Finally some sanity after 8 years of hell with Bush/Cheney
Submitted By: bilmich
(491,515 on 7-2009)

Never miss a show!
Submitted By: nharris3
(491,161 on 7-2009)

My favourite podcast
The only way to keep up with the progressive podsphere
Submitted By: arleigh
(491,110 on 7-2009)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: inspector52
(491,064 on 7-2009)

Best of the left
A great advovate for progressives.
Submitted By: Sedotto
(491,038 on 7-2009)

Excellent podcast and a must listen for any progressive mind out there. This shows us that right-wingers arent the only ones getting their word out. -steve (philadelphia)
Submitted By: ssullivandc
(490,968 on 7-2009)

This guy is great, trawls the shows I like for the best bits so I dont have to. Must be a lot of work for him. Love the show, top marks.
Submitted By: anthony.w.ryan
(490,929 on 7-2009)

love this show
Dont have time to listen to everything you like? Let best of the left find it for you.
Submitted By: gregg.martinson
(490,899 on 7-2009)

one of the best shows on the net!
Submitted By: aldaddy
(490,783 on 7-2009)

Great Show
Funny, Thought provoking. Like the Daily Show only not fake news.
Submitted By: rutan
(490,732 on 7-2009)

Excellent show
Submitted By: pawallin
(490,653 on 7-2009)

It really is as the title says
Rather than hearing an hour of your favorite talk-show host, this gives a good variety with appropriate muscial segues. Quickly becoming my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: jeff
(490,640 on 7-2009)

best bodcast i subscribe to
Submitted By: incubus2461
(490,632 on 7-2009)

Hope for Reasoning people
I am thankful there is a place I can go and listen to rational news reporting about the state of our nation and the world. Keep it coming!
Submitted By: richard.deshaies
(490,564 on 7-2009)

Best of the Left
Really. Truly. It is!
Submitted By: emcrouse
(490,513 on 7-2009)

The Best
This podcast is the very best;
Submitted By: peapin
(490,503 on 7-2009)

Best of the Left really is
Submitted By: ellensmith
(490,420 on 7-2009)

Good Survey
This is a really useful and entertaining survey of the whole scope of liberal podcasting. Its turned me on to lots of other good shows. Artfully produced, with terrific musical interludes.
Submitted By: rmar525
(490,413 on 7-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: dthompson8
(490,377 on 7-2009)

Best Of The Left Rocks!
One of my never miss podcasts.
Submitted By: mrburhans
(490,375 on 7-2009)

Twice a week - yeah!!
Jay delivers the best of intelligent content TWICE a week!! Gives a great introduction to those who want to hear left-leaning voices. VERY intelligent, VERY well-produced, VERY entertaining!!
Submitted By: camille.cecere
(490,371 on 7-2009)

Great Collection
Very nicely edited recap of all our favorite flaming leftists :)
Submitted By: robert.goodkin
(490,347 on 7-2009)

Great Show!
Love the show. It is the best of any show!
Submitted By: hoops44
(490,298 on 7-2009)

I just love your podcasts. Good job, guys!
Submitted By: bouldercoloradomom
(490,267 on 7-2009)

Best Political Podcast
Submitted By: danragatz
(490,218 on 7-2009)

Best of the Left!
My prime opinion and hard-to-find information source for current political news.
Submitted By: murder
(490,184 on 7-2009)

The best!!!
I always lisen to Best of Left and get very excited when a new podcast is posted!
Submitted By: mudgei
(490,166 on 7-2009)

Best of the Left
Professionally edited, great music bumps and the best bytes from progressive talk radio and tv in one hour podcast.
Submitted By: janasmac
(490,164 on 7-2009)

BOTL is irreplacable!
Submitted By: libbyberkeley
(490,150 on 7-2009)

Best of The Left
Fab Podcast!
Submitted By: dawn.breakingboxes
(490,133 on 7-2009)

BOTL rocks. I get to listen to it on my commute and look forward to every new episode. Rounds up all the info from many different sources. This podcast keeps me sane. Thank you Jay. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: iain.ruaidh
(490,089 on 7-2009)

great show
Submitted By: evanson.paul
(490,087 on 7-2009)

Best News and Social Podcast
Submitted By: Antcahill
(490,075 on 7-2009)

Truly excellent
Submitted By: Rwhitt
(490,067 on 7-2009)

This is simply one of the best political podcasts out there
Submitted By: comixmcj
(490,066 on 7-2009)

Best of the Left
excellent wrap up of the weeks news, opinion, editorials, etc.
Submitted By: cubfanandy
(490,065 on 7-2009)

Great podcast
I listen to every episode of this podcast. Great compilation of progressive programs keeping you up to date with current events and progressive causes. Give it a chance. Wont look back.
Submitted By: dougaldpark
(490,063 on 7-2009)

best of the podcasts eveer
Submitted By: jason
(490,054 on 7-2009)

The Best!
Submitted By: leeserd
(489,948 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: jalexeeva
(489,933 on 7-2009)

This podcast is very well done. Thank you much.
Submitted By: lsutigerfan
(489,825 on 7-2009)

Five Stars
I love this show and listen to every single episode.
Submitted By: Thomas_Keith_Roe
(489,784 on 7-2009)

A truly inspirational podcast that handles the issues of the day with levity AND humor. Wish they could produce a show EVERY DAY. I listen to it at work and find myself replaying the shows over and over. Great Podcast!
Submitted By: mcortelli
(489,751 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: whalencb
(489,698 on 7-2009)

Best of the Left is a great way to keep up with progressive news sources for those who dont watch the boob tube or where Air America is unavailable. Jay is producing 2 shows a week. I listen while I ride my bike. Give it a try.
Submitted By: gchoke
(489,693 on 7-2009)

want to feel smarter? Want to BE smarter? Listen to Best of the Left Podcast and get the news and views that explain and understand reality.
Submitted By: kcsmjr
(489,655 on 7-2009)

Very good political podcast
Great summary a couple times a week.
Submitted By: gskutt
(489,629 on 7-2009)

Best Show Ever
The best of the left podcast is the best aggregator of progressive media. If I
Submitted By: mark.dix.taylor
(489,616 on 7-2009)

Very well produced by an independent producer
often funny, always insightful, often have clips from Daily Show, Colbert Report, Rachel Maddow, Young Turks, Bill Maher, et al
Submitted By: jkauzlar
(489,613 on 7-2009)

Always good, now even better
Jay keeps it coming. Now trying for twice a week. Fantastic.
Submitted By: gskutt
(489,574 on 7-2009)

Great content, informative as well as entertaining. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: boscobob5
(489,540 on 7-2009)

nice work!
Submitted By: csm314
(489,503 on 7-2009)

Best of the Left
This is a great podcast, Ive been a steady listener for at least a year. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: rick
(489,473 on 7-2009)

Gooood stuff! I enjoy all the segments of this show and look forward to it showing up on my itunes! Keep it coming.
Submitted By: dreeziegs33
(489,470 on 7-2009)

great compilation show
great show! well done compilation. If I could only listen to one podcast this would be it.
Submitted By: michaelgately
(489,414 on 7-2009)

fanatic of the show
Great work Jay!!
Submitted By: scott4g63
(489,411 on 7-2009)

love it
BotL is exactly what I want in a podcast... interesting, entertaining and intelligent!
Submitted By: kmason000
(489,365 on 7-2009)

One of the best
this podcast put many of the resources in one spot. It is one of the best I have ever subscribed to
Submitted By: dbooks123
(489,351 on 7-2009)

Comprehensive and entertaining
Submitted By: ooooo
(489,279 on 7-2009)

The best podcast ever!!!
Submitted By: Danieliles1
(489,246 on 7-2009)

enjoy the show
Submitted By: mattstewart
(489,143 on 7-2009)

great show
Submitted By: tisdaleld
(489,072 on 7-2009)

A sincere and thoughtful distillation of media. Not really "Left" but thorough and insightful. I know it sounds like something a mother would say, but this show is a successful effort with lasting effects. Keep at it! 1st time voter. But Ill do it again next month - just remind me. Ill be listening.
Submitted By: ga.bush
(489,002 on 7-2009)

Great Podcast
Great way to here a lot of different voices(Left)on one topic.
Submitted By: danrumery
(488,995 on 7-2009)

My Favorite Podcast
If you love politics, this should be your number one download!!
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(488,918 on 7-2009)

Many of the clips Ive already heard, but bringing the clips together in a theme helps to provide a perspective. I love this podcast. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: drjhawk
(488,776 on 7-2009)

This is hands down the best podcast around today. Im absolutely hooked on it.
Submitted By: arewedreaming
(488,755 on 7-2009)

Everyone should podcast this
Great show
Submitted By: Sallyfiller
(488,747 on 7-2009)

my favorite
This is a winning combination of progressive clips with thought provoking music interspersed along the way. Im glad Jay doubled up on the amount of shows. Check it out!!!! bassman
Submitted By: phillybass
(488,568 on 7-2009)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: czar
(488,542 on 7-2009)

Excellent concise source
Submitted By: scottjcrawford
(488,499 on 6-2009)

best of the left
love this podcast!!!!!
Submitted By: chavamirel
(488,376 on 6-2009)

Best of The Left Podcast
I am voting for Best of The Left Podcast as Best podcast
Submitted By: jmaan33
(488,371 on 6-2009)

Not American but still enjoy the podcast.
Submitted By: lochsloidh
(488,365 on 6-2009)

I always look forward to a new episode!!!
One of the best politically minded podcasts Ive heard. I appreciate the effort Jay and the rest of the team puts forth; each program is rich in both content and production. Humor is never lacking. The programs are well-balanced. There never seems to be a "Left is right, and the Right is wrong" mentality. They are equally critical of each Party. I encourage anyone interested in politics to listen to one episode.
Submitted By: billbudelman
(487,984 on 6-2009)

Excellent summary of major events and I love the music.
Submitted By: tom.grunfeld
(487,938 on 6-2009)

excellent podcast
Best of the Left is an incredible podcast and very accurate
Submitted By: kecksales
(487,914 on 6-2009)

Always informative
Ive been listening to Best of the Left for years, and its always informative and entertaining to boot. Highly recommended.
Submitted By: keabob
(487,858 on 6-2009)

awesome show!
Submitted By: bradfordrich
(487,823 on 6-2009)

Favorite Podcast
This is my favorite!!
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(487,806 on 6-2009)

Best isnt just part of the title
Best of the Left Podcast is wonderful. Its the most informative compilation Ive ever encountered!
Submitted By: jvollmer
(487,802 on 6-2009)

Love Best of The Left!
Submitted By: vegananimal
(487,690 on 6-2009)

This show rocks
Keep it up Kay! We love you
Submitted By: garrettlgraham
(487,353 on 6-2009)

Well done, very good job!
Submitted By: lsutigerfan
(486,427 on 6-2009)

Great Podcast! I like the links I get. When I check them out, I find them useful and they never waste my time.
Submitted By: ffield
(486,304 on 6-2009)

excellent compilation program
Submitted By: basauer44
(486,299 on 6-2009)

cool podcast
fight the power dudes
Submitted By: ml
(486,288 on 6-2009)

It is was t says. The BEST of the left!
Submitted By: iain.ruaidh
(486,247 on 6-2009)

Win The Watercooler Wars
Listen here and get the ammunition you need school your conservative friends.
Submitted By: altamontrick
(485,985 on 6-2009)

Best political podcast for left wingers
This podcast is very well produced....Highly recommended....Very entertaining and informative bits from the best "brains" from the left;-) Give it a try...even if you dont agree with the left....
Submitted By: evighedspanda
(485,848 on 6-2009)

I love Best of the Left!
Submitted By: lbon
(485,407 on 6-2009)

If you have time for only ONE podcast...
Best of the Left Podcast is definitely the one to listen to! The selections are excellent as well as the production. My mind reels when thinking of the time and dedication it must take to compile this show.
Submitted By: bluemooney
(485,399 on 6-2009)

My favourite podcast
Live laugh and learn
Submitted By: arleigh
(485,384 on 6-2009)

Necessary listening for Progressives
Submitted By: carrieakoza
(485,370 on 6-2009)

I never miss a show!
Submitted By: nharris3
(485,319 on 6-2009)

vote for BoTL
Submitted By: holamendoza
(485,291 on 6-2009)

Best of Left is the Best
Submitted By: mudgei
(485,287 on 6-2009)

Best of the left rocks
Great Show
Submitted By: bcnyou2
(485,279 on 6-2009)

It saves time
Submitted By: kentomlinson
(485,240 on 6-2009)

Pertinent, intelligent, topical, very well produced, and entertaining.
Submitted By: ooooo
(485,187 on 6-2009)

Truly the best!
This podcast is a must-listen to anyone trying to get a comprehensive sweep of the multitude of left wing talk-shows out there. The shows are theme based and packages the best clips about that subject. It you are on the left, you get to hear all the great comments. If you are a centrist, youd prob love to hear all the different sides of stories, many times disagreeing. If you are on the right you might want to stay away from it. Its killer!
Submitted By: chris
(485,182 on 6-2009)

Love the show.
Been listening now for years -- one of the few podcasts that I say that about.
Submitted By: gskutt
(485,173 on 6-2009)
Best of the Left is an essential source to stay current with the most interesting and influential liberal broadcasts and podcasts.
Submitted By: planodanny
(485,166 on 6-2009)

Jay - you started Best of the Left, but those of us who listen to it, rock right along with you! You ARE the man! Keep it up, and the newsletter is awesome too.
Submitted By: bdglynn
(485,162 on 6-2009)

interesting and useful
Good quality sound too.
Submitted By: carlos.lange
(485,161 on 6-2009)

This Podcast is a breasth of fresh air! Inspiring, informative, fun, it has it all!
Submitted By: paul.chellsen
(485,160 on 6-2009)

BotL Rocks!
Submitted By: jenchavez27
(485,159 on 6-2009)

A MUST for progressives
I am SO glad that I will soon beable to listen to Best of the Left twice a month!
Submitted By: Cappeye
(485,156 on 6-2009)
Submitted By: harveypartica
(485,149 on 6-2009)

BotL is great
I wait for the new episodes with great anticipation every week and am never disappointed with the content.
Submitted By: jensen.rick
(485,148 on 6-2009)

Essential Listening
I subscribe to a lot of podcasts, but the Best of the Left is the one podcast that I ALWAYS listen to. It is essential listening!
Submitted By: dgthomas
(485,147 on 6-2009)

Best of the Left
In addition to the clips they play, I find the musical transitions between stories add so much to the context of the piece you just heard. The stories speak for themselves. Start LISTENING!
Submitted By: eganias
(485,138 on 6-2009)

Best of the Left podcast
Cool podacast that gathers the best of progressive news with musical segueways and puncuated with comedy.
Submitted By: numbershine
(485,050 on 6-2009)

I love this podcast. It comes up with a ton of content by people in the media with fair and intellectual views. The themes are great and the music used is perfect, I have even purchased songs because of this podcast.
Submitted By: dsmrt86
(485,013 on 6-2009)

Keep it up!!
Submitted By: davidb316
(484,940 on 6-2009)

Awesome show!
Cant listen to Rachel, Keith, Jon, Chenk, and all of your favorites ALL the time? Want to hear the ridiculous rights ramblings and the answers that shut Rush, Dick, Steele right down?? This is the place for you. Expertly produced with compelling subjects it is the highlight of my week. Thanks Jay!
Submitted By: Camille.Cecere
(484,920 on 6-2009)

Best of the Best
The title of this show tells it all, but wait... theres more: great music and Onion humor and wise commentary, and easy navigating from cut to cut so you can come back later and play it again.
Submitted By: howzie39
(484,105 on 5-2009)

unquestionably art work!
best of the left and of the media
Submitted By: holamendoza
(484,033 on 5-2009)

Do Urself a Favor - Listen
This is without a doubt, THE BEST PODCAST OUT THERE. If you dont listen to these episodes, that will be your loss. This podcast is a complete gift to us.
Submitted By: jmaan33
(483,976 on 5-2009)

Very good and informative podcast....Listen!;-)
This podcast is very informative. The podcast are as the title indicates, left-leaning but the host seems very intelligent and quotes sources for most of his material. -Casper
Submitted By: evighedspanda
(483,876 on 5-2009)

Very good
Just discovered the podcast and it was exteremly entertaining and informative
Submitted By: fmk28
(482,425 on 5-2009)

One of the best shows
I really like this Podcast because even though I see and hear most of the media that the show already has, its nice to hear it combined with other shows that I havent heard. One of the most professional podcast and very informative.
Submitted By: wilholts
(482,282 on 5-2009)

great program
Submitted By: amgeek404
(481,708 on 5-2009)

A good sampling of progressive views!
Submitted By: bodody
(479,917 on 5-2009)

Thank you
Excellent work - thank you for your time, energy, and musical selections.
Submitted By: scottjcrawford
(478,943 on 4-2009)

Editing is brilliant...saves me so much time.
Submitted By: davidb316
(478,831 on 4-2009)

State of our culture
Submitted By: johnmcfall
(477,547 on 4-2009)

this podcast is very well put together and very enjoyable to listen too. very informative and eye opening.
Submitted By: jaibeiber
(476,446 on 4-2009)

best podcast anywhere
no contest. Best content, best editing, most entertaining, most informational
Submitted By: holamendoza
(475,902 on 4-2009)

best of the left amazing original
I only happened upon the podcast as I was learning to download podcasts from my son. I felt like I had been buried for 30 years in a cave with no sun and that I suddenly learned there was a door to the outside right there all the time. AMAZING! I am so SO relieved, even delirious to have found it. I am a 55 y/o "employed" woman with two disabled sons and have just spent the last 22 years desperate. Its not health insurance, its not off-the radar income, but its almost better because I feel less disposable and empowered than ever. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Jay for doing this show.
Submitted By: helloverge
(475,746 on 4-2009)

the best
the very best
Submitted By: sterlinux
(474,537 on 4-2009)

An awesome program. More and more people need to be open to this type of new. Check it out!
Submitted By: bradfordrich
(473,247 on 3-2009)

nice mix
nice mix of leftie broadcasts
Submitted By: lazybow
(471,065 on 3-2009)

Great show - one of the best
This show is great. One of the few podcasts that I listen to regularly.
Submitted By: matthew.l.stern
(470,913 on 3-2009)

Great show
Submitted By: wobblyore
(470,746 on 3-2009)

Fantastic as usual
Love it. Been listening for years.
Submitted By: gskutt
(470,118 on 3-2009)

BOLP is Great!
Submitted By: hoops44
(469,621 on 3-2009)

The Best!
Yes, this podcast is definitely the best!
Submitted By: sterlinux
(468,175 on 3-2009)

Informative and diverse podcast full of important voices
Thanks for the good work! This podcast gathers the best of the left (gee, maybe that explains the name). Its a very worthwhile listen!
Submitted By: stephen
(468,019 on 3-2009)

Trusted sources together in one place, cool!
Submitted By: davidb316
(466,615 on 2-2009)

Excellent. My favorite podcast. Great music too.
Submitted By: robertwmartin14
(466,147 on 2-2009)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: czar
(465,962 on 2-2009)

The best!
Submitted By: dackre
(465,861 on 2-2009)

Excellent synopsis
This is an excellent podcast that makes sure I dont miss the best of what is coming from the left. Thanks Jay!
Submitted By: Kelbon4
(465,738 on 2-2009)

Best of the Left is one of my favorite podcasts. It is informative and very well done. I look forward to every episode!
Submitted By: metzger.bob
(465,338 on 2-2009)

Great Podcast
Funny, smart and progressive. What could be better?
Submitted By: dougaldpark
(465,288 on 2-2009)

worth listening podcast
Enjoy the secular humanist view received from the show.
Submitted By: richlaustin
(465,206 on 2-2009)

excellent summary
If you dont have time to follow all the progressive media this is a great source of information. I highly recommend it as a starting point for further information of progressive thought.
Submitted By: blvdnites
(465,189 on 2-2009)

best of the left
love it!
Submitted By: gedsmk
(465,055 on 2-2009)

Hilarious... and frightening.
A wonderful digest of all the best in progressive broadcasting -- takes on the right-wing and makes it funny and frightening at the same time. Bravo!
Submitted By: blueowlboy
(464,989 on 2-2009)

the best of the best
this is the greatest amalgamation on the web! Subscribe now! And donate if you can!
Submitted By: don
(464,984 on 2-2009)

Great show - easy way to get multiple casts compressed into one
Submitted By: grump_man
(464,898 on 2-2009)

BOTLP is the best
I laugh, I cry, I check for a new podcast all the time.
Submitted By: arleigh
(464,743 on 2-2009)

this podcast rocks
:) good podcast
Submitted By: jonathanbarford
(464,695 on 2-2009)

Great podcast
Submitted By: edanziger2000
(464,641 on 2-2009)

Best of the Left
Best of the Left is my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: cubfanandy
(464,461 on 2-2009)

consolidated goodness
Submitted By: nwithers
(464,324 on 2-2009)

The Best Podcast Out There
Submitted By: hagenm
(464,217 on 2-2009)

Best of Left
This is a nice quality podcast featuring a helpful mix of liberal comment from a variety of sources.
Submitted By: estrand59
(463,943 on 2-2009)

Great podcast
Submitted By: gzwieg
(463,942 on 2-2009)

Saves me alot of time to listen to snippets of the best of the left rather than try to have time to listen to them all. Thanks for your work and brightening my Right Wing Radio Blues!
Submitted By: Cappeye
(463,895 on 2-2009)

Love this show!
These guys are awesome!
Submitted By: office
(463,869 on 2-2009)

Best of the Left
Great show.
Submitted By: johnuw93
(463,690 on 2-2009)

Great Show
Keep up the good work
Submitted By: garrettlgraham
(463,438 on 2-2009)

One of my very favorites. Always love when I see it in my downloads!!
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(463,288 on 2-2009)

Truly the best!
This is not a vain boast. It is truly is the BEST!!!
Submitted By: sterlinux
(463,157 on 2-2009)

Semi-user-generated content, sort-of. An essential service, and Just what it sounds like, the BEST OF THE LEFT.
Submitted By: hermanrd
(463,117 on 2-2009)

Jay is our guy!
Im not even sure why making the top ten would even be difficult for this show! It is the BEST of the LEFT afterall......
Submitted By: bdglynn
(463,107 on 2-2009)

The Best of the Best.
This is a must have please keep this site alive!!!
Submitted By: lovlee088
(463,097 on 2-2009)

Great Podcast
Love the shows. Very informative. Thanks. :-)
Submitted By: whalencb
(463,073 on 2-2009)

Best of The Left
Fantastic show. I listen to every one!
Submitted By: tarthur727
(463,015 on 2-2009)

Great Progressive Time Saver
Love the show...... Keep it up BOTL!
Submitted By: francisco.javier.gutierrez.jr
(462,955 on 2-2009)

Nice mix of news & music bumpers
John Stewart, Young Turks, Rachel Maddow, Olbermann, etc.
Submitted By: dagj2
(462,894 on 2-2009)

Great Show..
Submitted By: stevenlhastings
(462,673 on 2-2009)

besot of the left
Submitted By: lefsky
(462,653 on 2-2009)

Very Informative & Entertaining
This shouldnt be your only Bookmark for progressive information, but it should definitely be at the top of your listing.
Submitted By: ooooo
(462,622 on 2-2009)

my top ten shows
Submitted By: justinsimonsen
(462,600 on 2-2009)

Welcome back!
A collection of some great stuff - and all in one place. How convenient and what a time saver. Carl
Submitted By: cb
(462,579 on 2-2009)

It saves time, and delivers the best.
Submitted By: kentomlinson
(462,565 on 2-2009)

Info well done and fun
Submitted By: comixmcj
(462,564 on 2-2009)

Great show
condenses all the best progressive shows/podcasts/etc into one. Great way for busy people to catch up on the news
Submitted By: jason
(462,545 on 2-2009)

Great Show
A great remix of left wing politics
Submitted By: bcnyou2
(462,544 on 2-2009)

Great show! Great concept!
Submitted By: bradfordrich
(462,433 on 2-2009)

Great format for a podcast and always well-done and entertaining
Submitted By: jkauzlar
(462,275 on 1-2009)

Its gotten GREAT
I just love BOTL; its gotten really, really outstanding in its quality and variety. The Obama post-election podcast was truly deserving of the highest award that a podcast can get. I hope BOTL is recognized for its fantastic quality.
Submitted By: jamiehen
(455,848 on 12-2008)

Great Podcast series
Fantastic podcast series - one of my favorites
Submitted By: aaronschaal
(449,214 on 11-2008)

EXCELLENT Podcast!!!
EXCELLENT Podcast!!!
Submitted By: stp
(446,727 on 11-2008)

Great Show
Submitted By: c.j.leach
(444,032 on 10-2008)

Thank You Mainstream
Ive been lacking fresh and informative news from the mainstream media which force me to turn to the podcast and internet. Since then, Ive been listen to "Best of the Left" and have told everyone who would listen. "You wanna hear the truth tune in..." Just wanna say "THANK YOU".
Submitted By: bush938
(441,085 on 10-2008)

Love the show
Submitted By: kerrianneus
(438,457 on 10-2008) informative and factual!
Submitted By: sigmet
(436,868 on 10-2008)

Great concept
Best of the Left maintains its original concept which allows the listener to sample a wide variety of opinions and information from various left wing outposts.
Submitted By: davishert
(434,180 on 9-2008)

Great Show
Love this show!!! More comedy bits like the "Get A Brain, Morans" episode would be great.
Submitted By: jwhisnant97
(433,040 on 9-2008)

Truly THE BEST!!!
Keep up the good work, ONE STOP SHOP for political news!
Submitted By: tdiamond76
(432,461 on 9-2008)

Best of the left is phenomenal.
Submitted By: jhernstrom
(432,190 on 9-2008)

Great compilation of the best of progressive pundits.
Submitted By: reenievt
(432,056 on 9-2008)
Submitted By: middle.american
(430,059 on 9-2008)

Great political podcast
Fantastic podcast that pulls together audio clips from around the net on a given subject, mixes them with a bit of suitable music and delivers nearly every time an enjoyable, informative nugget of info. A great community-based podcast model and great execution for quite a long time now.
Submitted By: gskutt
(429,789 on 9-2008)

Great show.. I wish there were more like it
Submitted By: agray
(429,783 on 9-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(428,884 on 9-2008)

Best of the left Podcast is very informative
Submitted By: dackre
(428,658 on 9-2008)

Love Botl!
Submitted By: coreykanoff37
(426,574 on 9-2008)

It really is the BEST!
A must for any good progressive.
Submitted By: francisco.javier.gutierrez.jr
(426,537 on 9-2008)

Breath of Fresh Air
Ive been looking for this type of programming for what seems like forever. The hosts are knowledgeable, liberal, and witty. This podcast is a must for any liberal, moderate, or conservative (who has come to there senses).
Submitted By: leroyce
(421,842 on 8-2008)

An Important Role
Best of the Left helps busy people keep in touch with liberal talk radio and podcast shows. Conservative media such as Clear Channel have made it difficult to listen to progressive radio shows. Best of the Left concentrates some interesting clips that I often share with friends and family.
Submitted By: gchoke
(419,886 on 8-2008)

Love this
Submitted By: jvollmer
(419,734 on 8-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(418,948 on 8-2008)

Really *The* Best of The Left
Informative, incisive and really entertaining, dont miss these podcasts.
Submitted By: plarsen
(417,011 on 8-2008)

Truelly the Best
This podcast does the best job of putting all the best sound clips together.
Submitted By: francisco.javier.gutierrez.jr
(404,388 on 7-2008)

Very informative, very entertaining
Submitted By: artofbuddymccue
(394,145 on 6-2008)

Best of the Left
By far one of the best and most enjoyable politically podcasts on the net.
Submitted By: ipu4me
(393,766 on 6-2008)

Thank god for this podcast ! It keeps me sane. lol
Submitted By: cruz_2009
(388,860 on 5-2008)

u guys rock
keep it up
Submitted By: garrettlgraham
(384,692 on 5-2008)

Beautifully Produced Podcast
Good to hear under-reported political news that the media just doesnt find time for. And you can hear the actual newmaker, not just someones idea about it.
Submitted By: imbiere
(383,191 on 5-2008)

Tis awsome.
Submitted By: NeonNapalm
(381,358 on 5-2008)

I look forward to every episode
Great political podcast that is very informative & entertaining!
Submitted By: macbob
(381,007 on 5-2008)

Best of the Left Podcast
Submitted By: cactusgeorge2002
(380,945 on 5-2008)

best hits of the left! Brilliant!
Submitted By: camille.cecere
(380,219 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: nwithers
(376,626 on 4-2008)

Great show - Must Listen
Ive fact-checked many political podcasts, this one gets it right every time. Strong opinions, but VERY fact based (not pulled out of air like most)
Submitted By: grump_man
(376,430 on 4-2008)

Condensed humorous thorough coverage of the political news of the time.
Submitted By: camille.cecere
(373,399 on 4-2008)

great podcast
thanks for keeping the young turks on the show..
Submitted By: jensen.rick
(371,638 on 4-2008)

I listen to best of the left podcast regularly - one of my favorites.
Submitted By: jdgantner
(371,281 on 4-2008)

Just came across and love it!
Submitted By: jvollmer
(371,029 on 4-2008)

I love Bestoftheleft
Great music, great political discussion.
Submitted By: coreykanoff37
(369,236 on 3-2008)

The BEST podcast out there... period.
Submitted By: mercutio464
(369,083 on 3-2008)

very good podcast, love to see it weekly
Submitted By:
(368,649 on 3-2008)

Great job.
Great job.
Submitted By: thefrankfactor
(368,153 on 3-2008)

Workout Music
I listen to your show while working out. Outrage is more energizing than music. Keep up the good work
Submitted By: selfsufficientsteward
(368,064 on 3-2008)

Great Production!
Submitted By: ymm
(363,893 on 3-2008)

Great show!!
Submitted By: c1taylo
(361,969 on 2-2008)

Very Good Show
I look forward to this show on a regular basis. Its informative and has some great music segues too.
Submitted By: sheilaatl1
(360,995 on 2-2008)

The Good
Best of the Left - its good.
Submitted By: presentawake875916
(358,304 on 2-2008)

Submitted By: atl1974
(357,399 on 2-2008)

Fantastic concept and production!
Submitted By: bluemooney
(356,914 on 2-2008)

Round 3 was incredible, the music was a very effective intro
Submitted By: tandamcclurg
(355,816 on 2-2008)

Love It
One of my very favorite podcasts that I listen to religiously!!!!!
Submitted By: lucky051779
(355,500 on 1-2008)

great show
love the show. keep it up.
Submitted By: jensen.rick
(354,115 on 1-2008)

Never Misses the Mark
This show is a great way to get a lot of info from a variety of people in very entertaining way.
Submitted By: legalearthangel
(351,720 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: caleb.n.brown
(351,354 on 1-2008)

Best of the Left is the BEST!
Submitted By: lapitino
(351,258 on 1-2008)

Excellent podcast
Submitted By: goddess
(348,286 on 1-2008)

Enjoyed the musical interjections on last show, would love more shows tho
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(346,324 on 1-2008)

great commentary digest, interspersed with cool of my favorite podcasts
Submitted By: theportal
(345,716 on 1-2008)

Great Show!
Love this show, one of the best!
Submitted By: shalgiva1974
(344,958 on 12-2007)

rent a car
Submitted By: ankaranakliyat
(344,605 on 12-2007)

Best of the Left: Do Listen!
Pieces of radio shows, thoughtfully picked, discussing important issues that we all need to be aware of. If you havent or dont have time to do a little activism, download and listen at your leisure. Do your civic duty. And plus its entertaining!
Submitted By: mgirl01us
(344,471 on 12-2007)

Must hear for all thinkers
Angry, funny, incisive, absolute must-hear podcasts on everything youll never hear or read in the mainstream media.
Submitted By: plarsen
(344,319 on 12-2007)

Best of the left rocks
Thank you for telling it as it is. I love your program and listen to it every chance I get. I didnt miss many shows while I lived overseas last year and Im not going to miss many now that Im back home. ***** 5stars.
Submitted By: CJBouhlal
(344,098 on 12-2007)

Good Job!
I eat this stuff up. Its great to have it all in one place. What a great concept to get the general public to help out. Sid Taylor
Submitted By: sidneytaylor
(343,383 on 12-2007)

Super show. Wish it aired daily.
Submitted By: shermanjones
(343,061 on 12-2007)

Breath of Fresh Air
I love the compilation of good stuff from the left, while avoiding most of the ranters who fill the talk shows, but can't manage a coherent criticism.
Submitted By: selfsufficientsteward
(342,363 on 12-2007)

This is a fave - I loved the comedy episode !!!
Submitted By:
(341,783 on 12-2007)

An Amazing Selection
I am always amazed at the content of the podcasts. It surely must require exhaustive listening and I am extremely grateful. Theres not enough time in the day to personally listen to everyone but Best of Left provides a great snapshot.
Submitted By: carolyncorbett
(340,823 on 12-2007)

best of the left podcast
Intelligent and interesting-a wonderful show.
Submitted By: johnfarabee
(339,662 on 12-2007)

love the podcast
Submitted By: jensen.rick
(338,023 on 12-2007)

No Marc Maron?
I dug the comedy issue of Best of the Left BUT how can you do a best of left comedy podcast and not include any material from Air America Radio's funniest host ever - Marc Maron. He's way left, and way funny. There so much material from the Marc Maron Show and Morning Sedition, Maron cd's or any of his recent guest host work. He is way more cutting edge, deep, hip and funny than anyone else on the scene. You include the unfunny Young Turks, yet slight Morning Sediton. Please give Marc some credit and exposure next time. Thanks for reading.
Submitted By: musicmars2001
(334,945 on 11-2007)

Talk radio arent all idiots!
Best of the Left is fabulous! Imagine if someone gathered together all of your favorite parts of all of the best movies - thats what Best of the Left is! They gather all the best parts of progressive talk radio into one hour. I love it!
Submitted By: owensmegan
(333,859 on 11-2007)

Best of the Left
Great political talk, amazing music- wonderful podcast.
Submitted By: coreykanoff37
(333,368 on 11-2007)

love it
great production and content just wish it was daily
Submitted By: mingmen
(332,940 on 11-2007)

excellent compilation
A great compilation of stories from Keith Olberman, John Stewart, Sam Seder, The Young Turks, and others.
Submitted By: dagj2
(330,731 on 11-2007)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: nharris3
(329,075 on 11-2007)

The Power of Community
This podcast uses guest editors to put these shows together, which adds to the variety, but the format is wonderfully solid: powerful snippets from progressive voices, often ganged up topically, amplifying the message brilliantly, and offsetting with a wide range of musical interludes. Im very happy to have found this one.
Submitted By: paul
(327,137 on 11-2007)

great podcast
best of the left is essential listening for any thinking person not satisfied with network and cable news. outstanding!
Submitted By: jensen.rick
(327,078 on 11-2007)

Submitted By: daughertylr
(325,458 on 11-2007)

Just GREAT! Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: hubertbahler
(324,127 on 10-2007)

Best Of The Left
Love this podcast. Very targeted on topic
Submitted By: tarthur
(323,399 on 10-2007)

Great Great Show!
I love this podcast. They take topical subjects and create a mix of many different hosts, creating such a nice mix of ideas. Individual podcasts are wonderful, but this mix is really exciting.
Submitted By: fulcanelli
(322,288 on 10-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: shastings
(321,967 on 10-2007)

Best Show Every Week Ever!
Submitted By: coreykanoff37
(319,690 on 10-2007)

this is how the left will win
spreading the message to those who would be left deaf and mute by TV.
Submitted By: eddysoto
(316,486 on 10-2007)

Awesome podcast
This is a great podcast, along with Ring Of Fire, Sam Seder, Thom Hartmann, Go Left, and The Real News
Submitted By: cooldaddy405
(315,100 on 10-2007)

betray us
hes a tool
Submitted By: jensen.rick
(312,696 on 10-2007)

Highlights of the weeks liberal talk. Very worthwhile to compare with mainstream media. High production value.
Submitted By: imbiere
(311,257 on 9-2007)

A dose...
I don't live in the US so this gives me a great dose of stuff I would probably listen to in the car: not stuff I would want to listen to every day, but just enough to get a feel for the buzz back home.
Submitted By: drew
(310,495 on 9-2007)

Excellent compilation of news
One-stop shopping for whats really going on in this country.
Submitted By: chrisp1230
(308,021 on 9-2007)

It makes life so much easier. A consistently brilliant show of well-informed, well-chosen clips. Its always an interesting and insightful selection.
Submitted By: judi_judy
(306,057 on 9-2007)

Best of the Left
I love this site, and I wish more people know about it, Im gonna e-mail my mom after I vote, check out BOTL
Submitted By: dvsouellette
(305,655 on 9-2007)

Glad for best of the left
I love, love, love best of the left podcast.
Submitted By: beth
(300,650 on 8-2007)

For the busy progressive
If youre a political progressive and you dont have time to listen to all your favorite podcast every week, check this out! Its the best interviews on all the best news sources in one place.
Submitted By: uppacrick
(299,652 on 8-2007)

The best summary of left talk
Submitted By: ackre
(299,290 on 8-2007)

Truly the best
Finally a compilation of the most relevant talkers on progressive issues. We have too many Regressive talkers spewing their well paid for "opinions" over the airwaves. Living in the Blackhole of Clear Channel dominated Regressive talk land leaves me with only Podcasts for hearing the truth.
Submitted By: daughertylr
(299,241 on 8-2007)

well it sure is good to know people like these guys exist gives me hope for our future ps thanks for careing enuff to do something about it
Submitted By: nolbp
(299,222 on 8-2007)

Great Show - wonderful way to hear the best of many shows.
Submitted By: stevenlhastings
(297,227 on 8-2007)

STill great content, I need more of it though !!!
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(290,445 on 7-2007)

great stuff
truth is at hand.
Submitted By: olliedog9
(286,484 on 7-2007)

Best of the Left
For those without lots of time to listen to the radio, this podcast is tops. Now that I no longer spend countless hours commuting in my gas guzzling SUV, this site keeps me up to date with the best that talk radio and cable tv punditry have to offer. Keep up the good work Jay!
Submitted By: a.calabrese
(285,669 on 7-2007)

Best of the Left - Comprehensive Excellence
Cant get better than this! Clips and highlights of the most intelligent, progressive talk shows and interviews out there. So much content that one must listen to it a second time to catch it all. Cuts out all the boring stuff and gets right to the point, extremely well edited and formatted, too. It is the highlight of the week. Listen to "White House Scandal Du Jour" &/or "Cronyism Abounds" to get a taste of how great this podcast is. 5 stars. Standing O. Peerless. Listen to it and laugh and LEARN!
Submitted By:
(285,541 on 7-2007)

I look forward to every episode of this show.
Submitted By: alex
(285,437 on 7-2007)

Best of the Left is the best!
This is a great podcast, I have devoured all past episodes and eagerly look forward to the next one! Thanks for the idea, knowledge, and motivation!
Submitted By: william.bean
(285,113 on 7-2007)

I love this podcast! It is well organized and I enjoy the thematic content. It find its unabashedly liberal slant to be refreshing.
Submitted By: lcrumithancock
(284,025 on 7-2007)

Keep up the good Work
Submitted By: Upstate.dem+podcastalley
(283,021 on 7-2007)

I love this show. Unfortunately, it has a slightly erratic schedule.
Submitted By: bravewalker
(282,629 on 7-2007)

You are doing good work & I thank you! GREAT podcast - keep going & good people will come along with you!
Submitted By: podcasts
(282,506 on 7-2007)

My Favorite Podcast
This is a podcast I look forwardm to every week. It is so very well done and so informative. It is by far my favorite podcast of all I listen to.
Submitted By: robertwmartin14
(281,570 on 7-2007)

This Show Rocks!
Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: dalya
(280,838 on 7-2007)

Thank you, my friend.
Submitted By: theliftedloraxshow
(280,432 on 7-2007)

Best of the Left is Excellent
I subscribe to 12 podcasts, and have checked out numerous other podcasts. This is by far the best. The programs are formulated by topic, not by "date" as the title might suggest. Not only are the clips very relevant, but the production quality of this podcast is EXCELLENT.
Submitted By: Merges
(279,424 on 6-2007)

The Best of the Left podcasts are brilliant! Its always the first thing I listen to after an Ipod refresh. Whatever the issue, it gets to the crux, and makes the case! Informative and entertaining!
Submitted By: jbird9
(276,798 on 6-2007)

Love the show
Last show I heard you were speaking of discussion of whether to keep each show topical. If there is a tally I very much like that the shows clips follow a certain topic.
Submitted By: krankin
(269,769 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: Slonik625
(267,519 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: kb1
(266,769 on 5-2007)

Great overview
Best of the left offers a great overview of whats being talked about on the liberal side of politics. I subscribe to it and listen regularly.
Submitted By: audiobuzz
(266,525 on 5-2007)

Comprehensive Coverage of Events
This is a weekly treat - to listen to a compilation that voices the rational, realistic opinion of those who stand to the left of this administration in America. I usually listen to it twice, because it is so jam-packed with intriguing and intelligent clips that its almost impossible to absorb it all in one session. 5 Star content!!!
Submitted By:
(264,985 on 5-2007)

Still great
J and the gang just keep it going. Great job.
Submitted By: gskutt
(264,695 on 5-2007)

Best of the left
Greatest hour every week
Submitted By: TalmadgeG
(262,457 on 5-2007)

Great Program
A great synopsis of one topic from across the spectrum of the left handed media.
Submitted By: davishert
(261,457 on 5-2007)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: scrappydog65
(260,866 on 5-2007)

BOTL is great
Everyong should listen and contribute!
Submitted By: eleanorhaynes
(260,831 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: gpac715
(260,800 on 5-2007)

The best!
The title says it all. At last there is enough choice on radio to actually be able to select!!! Ive waited a long time for this...
Submitted By: vc.westsidegirl
(260,539 on 5-2007)

Essential listening
So good to here left wing views with an american accent. Many thanks froma british socialist.
Submitted By: david.lewer
(256,833 on 4-2007)

Great summary of top liberal radioshows! As much as Id like to, I dont have time to listen to liberal or progressive radio all day long. Best of the Left gathers the best, most interesting, and most powerful clips for me - its great!!
Submitted By: owensmegan
(256,623 on 4-2007)

botl rocks
Great job as always. I depend on this podcast for my weekly fix.
Submitted By: johnpaulmccarty
(256,536 on 4-2007)

One of my favorites
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. They just string clips together, of course I agree with the political side they are presenting, but the clips speak for themselves most of the time.
Submitted By: pbredehoeft
(256,097 on 4-2007)

Great podcast
The tone is positive and the content is informative.
Submitted By: mspetie
(255,776 on 4-2007)

It is good to find programs like this. We dont have time to waste listening to nonesence.
Submitted By: eduardofranz
(255,261 on 4-2007)

Great show a must watch
Submitted By: Willy_ho84
(254,952 on 4-2007)

My favorite podcast!
Great political discussion and amazing music, would listen again A++.
Submitted By: coreykanoff37
(254,774 on 4-2007)

Best of the Left
I love Best of the Left Podcasts!
Submitted By: jpalmer1
(253,439 on 4-2007)

F*ing Great!
Submitted By: dgreer
(253,089 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: phillip.horrocks
(252,872 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: sdbruns
(252,867 on 4-2007)

Awesome Podcast.
Submitted By: Postophagus
(252,822 on 4-2007)

Greatest podcast for liberal and progressive talk in the known universe.
Submitted By: fdevita2003
(252,191 on 4-2007)

Just love it!
Submitted By: Rafarin
(251,954 on 4-2007)

Just the best damn liberal show ever!!
Submitted By: theliftedloraxshow
(249,575 on 4-2007)

love it
I love BOTL!!!!
Submitted By: jessicacraven
(248,647 on 4-2007)

Best of the Left rocks
Love the show, great to listen to while doing my marathon run training. Makes me wonder about our great neighbour to the south though, your right wing religious freaks scare this poor Canadian boy.
Submitted By: tpronchilco
(246,743 on 4-2007)

participate or listen, it is great
Submitted By: eleanorhaynes
(244,892 on 3-2007)

outstanding, informative show
Submitted By: tomlardner
(242,148 on 3-2007)

Excellent podcast!
Especially ifyoure a liberal/progressive who isnt able to listen to all the talk radio shows. Clear Channel recently flipped the progressive talk station back to conservative when Ohio elected a democatic governor. . .cads. I appreciate all the time and effort Jay has put into building this podcast and the community that supports and produces it.
Submitted By: ellenohio
(241,949 on 3-2007)

Best of the Left is critical
Best of the Left Podcast, , and Comprise 90% of my news and info about whats going on in the world. Best of the Left is an excellent way to keep track of whats going on in the progressive airwaves for a busy person like me. I found it only a few months ago and have since caught up on 3/4s of all the episodes
Submitted By: rhysd17
(241,757 on 3-2007)

Good Gets Better!
Ive been listening to this podcast since last August. Since the host has enlisted the help of his listeners to select clips and produce shows, the quality of the shows are getting better and better.
Submitted By: mrlakebhscience
(241,479 on 3-2007)

Great Podcast
I Love this Podcast. It is very informative.
Submitted By: Ben_Lopez1
(240,711 on 3-2007)

solid show!
Submitted By: jame0178
(240,628 on 3-2007)

A great collection of Center Left Moderate Left, and Fundy Left its a great counter to the Right wing Bias that seems to be almost all pervaisve in US and UK media.
Submitted By: Willy_ho84
(240,588 on 3-2007)

good cast
Submitted By: eleanorhaynes
(226,258 on 2-2007)

Best of the Left Podcast
Best leftist radio podcast! :D
Submitted By: nickdupree
(224,162 on 2-2007)

Been listening for over a year now, fantastic podcast !!!!
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(222,044 on 2-2007)

Best of the Left Podcast
Submitted By: kathryn.mayo
(215,865 on 1-2007)

It is a wonderful, informative, well produced podcast I enjoy listening to each and every time.
Submitted By: madkat2000
(214,286 on 1-2007)

Jay I hope you find all the happiness in this new nomadic adventure your in and that some ppl can identify your talents a pay you what your worth in that part of the world, stay with us tho my friend your reach is "far" & "deep". All the best Raymond
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(211,809 on 1-2007)

Put together very well.
Jay puts this podcast together very well he is a natural at it and he up dates the podcast often. I really like his show. keep up the good work Jay.
Submitted By: hckool
(207,707 on 1-2007)

Jay not hearing enough now man !! has your baby grew up and flown the nest ? Its the the right format for letting us know what those freaks are up to
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(205,441 on 1-2007)

best of the left ROCKS
best of the left ROCKS
Submitted By: yapar
(201,955 on 12-2006)

Great shows!
Thank you for all your efforts; I hope I will be able to capture more of the shows. Ive only discovered BestoftheLeft podcast recently, but I have subscribed on itunes and downloaded just about every program. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for this program. Char Hardt
Submitted By: paulandcharhardt
(201,735 on 12-2006)

Two Thumbs Up
Always enjoy this podcast and hope the community keeps it strong. Keep it up!
Submitted By: nicimatlock
(195,198 on 12-2006)

You need to hear this show
This leftist pulls it all together in an intelligent and entertaining fashion. Pertinent audio clips from real thinkers and excellent music in between. David Max Bleakney
Submitted By: davidmaxbleakney
(192,148 on 12-2006)

G R E A T ! ! !
Thanks. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: hubertbahler
(191,193 on 12-2006)

Still the best
Keep it up and the longer format is good too
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(190,753 on 12-2006)

Lots of common sense and real news
Submitted By: suncat
(189,121 on 11-2006)

best of the podcasts
Submitted By: Kozmo
(187,412 on 11-2006)

Essential listening for anyone who wants their finger on the pulse.
Submitted By: mshank
(186,264 on 11-2006)

Love the compilations of the best in liberal radio and the transition music is great.
Submitted By: raven880
(185,519 on 11-2006)

great so
thank you,
Submitted By: whalencb
(184,355 on 11-2006)

Jay! is the best!!
Best of the Left is the only podcast that I don miss a single episode of. Thanks for all of the hard work and dedication Jay! puts into the show.
Submitted By: j_del44
(181,916 on 11-2006)

Love it!!
This is, dare I say it, the Readers Digest for left end of the spectrum.
Submitted By: jack_26_1796
(181,638 on 11-2006)

Free Your Mind!
This is an outstanding podcast! Thanks to this podcast I am able to hear the voices of reason coming through the clutter created by right-wing fanatics. It makes me feel as though I am not alone in this world, struggling to combat the fallacies of the sheep around me.
Submitted By: maxgamer
(180,060 on 11-2006)

love it
i tell everyone to subscribe to this podcast
Submitted By: jmshattuck
(180,034 on 11-2006)

Best atlternative news on the planet
keep it up Jay brilliant stuff !! format is working well, tho im sure you will be mystifyed as to why you have slipped in the rankings specially after all those new votes and listeners, thats what happens when the powers that be notice you my friend, kind regrads Raymond
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(178,702 on 11-2006)

Great stuff...
Local radio is pure venom (Rush etc) so this is a breath of fresh air; good to know there are thinkers out there to balance the seeming wall of gut-level politics...
Submitted By: ryan.bassette
(178,682 on 11-2006)

Love this show!
Submitted By: wilso
(177,531 on 10-2006)

Go Jay!
Great it.....
Submitted By: prufrocket
(176,025 on 10-2006)

The best souce of information available. Lots of GREAT podcasts sifting the onfo, but this is the best one out there. Untill I start mine! :-)
Submitted By: skategeezer
(176,005 on 10-2006)

Thanks, Jay!
Well organized, intelligent, and saves so much time.
Submitted By: coyle.dan
(175,926 on 10-2006)

The Best Is The Best
Submitted By: seegars
(175,212 on 10-2006)

The Best of the Left is invaluable to those of us who cannot lislten to progressive radio due to work/budgetary contraints.
Submitted By: tergenev
(174,542 on 10-2006)

love this podcast
Submitted By: jmshattuck
(174,471 on 10-2006)

The Best...
... podcast I subscribe to. Done by a guy who drives a delivery truck, he assembles a great collection of left wing radio talk. And he usually delivers an amaturish, yet charming commentary at the end of each show. If you like left wing political talk, youll love this podcast.
Submitted By: mrlakebhscience
(174,102 on 10-2006)

Espresso Radio
Left wing radio distilled to its powerful concentrated best. Great idea. Well executed.
Submitted By: kevin.parker1
(174,051 on 10-2006)

common ground
Was listening to fridays pod I think, you were on about teaching the guy your delivery round & probing for his political side, I do the same thing here in Perth Scotland & go around with the earplugs in for about 9hrs 6 days aweek, job can be tedious but it allows me to follow my interests thru my mp3, i'm 37 & no 1 i know really has an interest in politics, guess thats what the GOV want them to be like, listen to me going on, better cut and run up at 0230. keep it up No1 brill show
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(174,004 on 10-2006)

Great Show!
Submitted By: mctaverne
(172,808 on 10-2006)

What can I say? Jay does a great podcast
Submitted By: Turambar_88
(172,646 on 10-2006)

Insightful, Informative,
I do not watch televsion and being a 40 year old working Mom of two small children, I find it hard to find time to read newspapers in any detail or depth. I get all my news from podcasts (I listen while folding laundry, dishes, commuting, cleaning) Thanks for trying to keep talk radio in balance. This is a podcast that I will be sure not to miss.
Submitted By: dingoboy1
(172,131 on 10-2006)

Best of the Left is constantly a source of personal inspiration. Any time I become depressed about the state of the world I only have to turn on BOTL to feel like I am part of a larger movement.
Submitted By: ferreem
(171,862 on 10-2006)

Why? It is really not the best of the left.....its the best of main stream left
Submitted By: baldguyshow
(171,839 on 10-2006)

I love this program. It needs to have more exposure.
Submitted By: bravewalker
(171,500 on 10-2006)

Great show
Great show
Submitted By: pinemountain00
(171,419 on 10-2006)

Glad to see J. hanging in there !
Keep it up J. I think the move from creator and "do everything" person to "Editor and Publisher" is a great one. Don burn yourself out.
Submitted By: gskutt
(171,297 on 10-2006)

Great progressive podcast
Who has the time to listen to all the great progressive radio shows out there? Not me! This fantastic aggregation of clips from recent broadcasts is exactly what I need.
Submitted By: signup2430
(171,274 on 10-2006)

Stay informed
A community of like minded folks putting together the very best of the political left - tasty tidbits.
Submitted By: comixmcj
(170,834 on 10-2006)

Submitted By: tzernick
(170,808 on 10-2006)

Great podcast!!!!
Submitted By: cburdic3
(170,802 on 10-2006)

Great Program
Awesome compilation pod! Cliff Notes to left politics. Good Job!
Submitted By: loufsmith
(170,311 on 10-2006)

Keep it up
Im so glad you are putting the load on your listeners shoulders to help you find content. Its more important that you don get burnt out than having a show every day. You are really making a difference. Thanks Canadian fan
Submitted By: goldmale
(169,986 on 10-2006)

great podcast
Submitted By: rsf1
(169,982 on 10-2006)

best of the left
Best of the Left is one of the best podcasts out there.
Submitted By: tallis
(169,977 on 10-2006)

the best
the best of the left podcast is the best on the net.
Submitted By: benjamn236
(169,912 on 10-2006)
Best of the Left has become my other cup of coffee. And just like that coffee, if I don get a dose, Im likely to get crabby. Don be crabby, subscribe to BOTL.
Submitted By: jenchavez27
(169,840 on 10-2006)

freedom fighter
The best place to get the truth on the American Political Scene.
Submitted By: free
(169,668 on 10-2006)

good podcast
I love the podcast and I would probably like the guy who does it if I knew him in person. He just needs to remember to keep his blurb at the end short and sweet.
Submitted By: kathryn.mayo
(169,391 on 10-2006)

Hes Back
Good to see you back, everybody that downloads this news should vote for the guy, hes got the format perfect !!!!!!!
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(169,336 on 10-2006)

Good Work
Does the job!
Submitted By: bohammond
(169,314 on 10-2006)

love it
Submitted By: eleanorhaynes
(168,905 on 10-2006)

Great show!
Submitted By: morrowrb
(168,740 on 10-2006)

a must
I thought it was gone ! Please continue - it makes my day
Submitted By: Jeffisa.pirot
(166,413 on 9-2006)

Post or no post we love ya!
THe best of the left has a real place in my heart for filtering out the 99% or crap fill time on every mainstream broadcast. When you filter out the shit anybody can learn.
Submitted By: goldmale
(165,201 on 9-2006)

If the Right would just listen...
Submitted By: fideldahan
(164,116 on 9-2006)

sneeking in through the back door
Submitted By: milkman5589
(163,967 on 9-2006)

Definately Listen
Its one of my faves.
Submitted By: twilly23
(163,347 on 9-2006)

Please Keep Going
Listen im sorry to hear you might be finishing this podcast, im from Perth in Scotland and download all your shows to my mp3 and then listen while im working (driving) & believe me this is in my top 3 of everything i download, so please think again for you are doing a fantastic service for us all in getting the issues out in your politcally ill country, anyway all the best my freind yours faithfully Raymond Phillips ps a mention on one of them would be fantastic cheers again
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(162,190 on 9-2006)

Your Link Isn
Your "Listen Now link on Looking For War In All The Wrong Places ISNT linking - it does nothing, and, therefore, I CANT "Listen Now"... or vote without first concidering ALL the podcasts.
Submitted By: ooooo
(156,164 on 8-2006)

One of the best podcasts out there
Submitted By: huutly
(155,738 on 8-2006)

the Truth condensed
Having what I consider "truth in media" condensed into one podcast is a wonder, time-saving gift.
Submitted By: synthpulse1
(155,273 on 8-2006)

Still the best political podcast out there
Submitted By: gskutt
(154,218 on 8-2006)

Excellent show!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Submitted By: bob_lew
(152,909 on 8-2006)

Great digest of the best shows!
Submitted By: kwinz
(152,263 on 8-2006)

Fantastic podcast
The best podcast around.
Submitted By: phillx
(151,836 on 8-2006)

Great Show
Submitted By: julie_mount
(150,162 on 8-2006)

kicks ass
Submitted By: benjamn236
(150,093 on 8-2006)

Always interesting. This is a great way to keep up with whats going on, without having to subscribe to a bunch of paid podcasts and without having to spend even more of the day listening to them all.
Submitted By: meallen2727
(146,982 on 7-2006)

awesome podcast, always interestinig
Submitted By: seanpromo
(145,363 on 7-2006)

A great way to stay abreast of some of the most interesting progressive broadcasts currently available.
Submitted By: zenbones
(144,654 on 7-2006)

Inspiring, time saving, coherent, and regular
HippieSympathizer really does a fantastic job at aggregating clips of various "leftist" radio shows into extremely coherent podcasts. Each show has a different feel to it, granted by music clips in between radio segments. Each podcast is sure to inspire and enlighten its listener or at least will clearly demonstrate the threat that Bush and Cheney and his cronies are to democracy and world stability. I have not found anything like Best of the Left with such quality. I try out a couple new podcasts a week and I usually dump them because they e a waste of my time. This one saves me time and it is a must have for your daily commute.
Submitted By: chris.tacoma
(143,812 on 7-2006)

Thanks Jay for all of your work. I never miss an episode.
Submitted By: arawson
(142,960 on 7-2006)

I LOVE this podcast, it should be number one! MuggleCast gets my vote!
Submitted By: cloudypainter
(142,138 on 7-2006)

Yeah man!
Since I don own a radio this show is great to keep up on the radio shows that are worth hearing about.
Submitted By: twilly23
(139,500 on 7-2006)

I love Best of the Left!
Submitted By: j_del44
(137,954 on 7-2006)

Great Podcast
Nice effort in getting a daily podcast out that has great production values. Nice work.
Submitted By: chaslabonte
(136,588 on 7-2006)

Thanks Jay!
Submitted By: wakeupam
(136,172 on 7-2006)

best podcast available
i never miss an episode
Submitted By: arawson
(135,574 on 6-2006)

This is my favorite podcast. It blows my mind how much time must be put into it. If you dig Air America, or if you enjoy talk radio, but can't stand the lack of progressive/liberal shows, this one's for you.
Submitted By: brentroulier
(134,869 on 6-2006)

Best of the "best"
I am hooked.
Submitted By: zscout2002
(134,557 on 6-2006)

awesome show
this is a freaking great show! wake up!
Submitted By: seanpromo
(134,224 on 6-2006)

Mr. President
Best of the Left Rocks......Mr. President You Suck!
Submitted By: deladezign
(134,211 on 6-2006)

Excellent progressive commentary on important issues and current events. A nice alterantive to all the toxic right wing talk shows that dominate radio land
Submitted By: zenbones
(134,117 on 6-2006)

Thank you
If you hear five minutes of this show, you can help but listen everyday.
Submitted By: catherineyoung213
(133,844 on 6-2006)

Great roundup!
I look forward to starting every workday with this show, or rather series of clips of shows. I heartily thank the host, whose name I haven been able to discern just yet, for taking the time to compile and present them day to day. I learn a lot, for sure.
Submitted By: joel
(133,837 on 6-2006)

Great show!
Great show! Thanks for doing it! Vote for The Strip, too! best, Steve + Miles
Submitted By: friesster
(133,194 on 6-2006)

Best left content show available
Submitted By: gumbright
(133,069 on 6-2006)

Thank GOD for Jay!
Submitted By: bex11279
(132,915 on 6-2006)

An anthology of the best clips
I never have enough time in a week to listen to all of the liberal radio shows that I like, so I was really glad to find the Best of the Left. It collects some of the best clips from a variety of shows, organizes them around a central theme, and connects them into a coherent and very listenable show.
Submitted By: kwinz
(132,558 on 6-2006)

Great Summary Show
Jay does a great job of collecting news clips from lots of shows. I feel like I get the highlights of these shows and it saves me so much time.
Submitted By: twilly23
(132,183 on 6-2006)

it really is the best of the left!
Submitted By: zebranky
(132,005 on 6-2006)

Awesome Podcast!!
I absolutely love this podcast!
Submitted By: j_del44
(131,899 on 6-2006)

Best podcast show
Submitted By: phillx
(130,539 on 6-2006)

great editing & opportunity to hear many things not available thru other podcasts
Submitted By: lcllou
(130,124 on 6-2006)

Great work, love the compilation. Im an Irish listener; thanks for keeping me informed this side of the pond.
Submitted By: dpreidy
(130,015 on 6-2006)

A great podcast that I always look forward to. Thanks! -Mike
Submitted By: mjneime
(129,821 on 6-2006)

People of the USA need to wake up
Submitted By: goldmale
(129,285 on 6-2006)

great show
Submitted By: mjdlt
(129,261 on 6-2006)

Great to have this distillation! I can listen to Air American every day. Thanks to you I know I won miss anything important.
Submitted By: nbojfk
(129,206 on 6-2006)

Great Show
I recently signed up to receive your podcast. I’m glad I did. I’m an active duty naval officer living in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area of Virginia. In case you don’t know, this is probably the reddest part of this red state. As a result the only talk radio that plays around here, excluding NPR, consist of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Michael Savage types. Thank you so much for bringing tidbits of progressive talk radio to my Ipod. I hope you know that there are more than a few career military officers that appreciate listening to progressive voices. Keep up the good work. John Crane LCDR/USN
Submitted By: jwandv
(129,166 on 6-2006)

This guy makes it easy to get a taste of what a variety of liberal talkers are saying about a specific issue every day. Thanks for doing the legwork!
Submitted By: duck.oprey
(129,104 on 6-2006)

the highlight of my morning, thanks!
Every night I arrange my podcasts for the following day. I look forward with anticipation to getting the previous days Best of the Left to play first. One question: can yopu put any Stephanie Miller in there?
Submitted By: moraprecarious
(128,945 on 6-2006)

I listen to every episode...thanks. You rock.
Submitted By: vkratliff
(128,909 on 6-2006)

Love the Show
I have a busy life trying to raise a three-year-old with my live-in girlfriend and I just don have the time to digest liberal radio on top of balancing the role of homemaker while she works and reading the news on the internet. This makes it extremely easy for me to keep track of whats going on in liberal radio.
Submitted By: randystarkiller
(128,796 on 6-2006)

listen to this podcast
really great podcast. this is the podcast that the ruling class dont want you to hear.
Submitted By: mattham45
(128,469 on 6-2006)

Best of the Podcasts
For a discerning listner, this is my new favorite podcast. Great jobb!
Submitted By: lsweesy
(128,003 on 6-2006)

A fabulous show
I LOVE this show. Listen to it and youll be a smarter person.
Submitted By: sk
(127,523 on 6-2006)

My votes for Best of the Left!
Best of the Left has become one of my top two podcasts along with Jack Clarks Rational Radical... Thanks
Submitted By: podcastalley06
(127,410 on 6-2006)

Best of the Left podcast RULES.
Nuff said.
Submitted By: ronnachmann
(127,167 on 6-2006)

Best of the Left
This is a fantastic podcast and a great service
Submitted By: clarki.danh
(127,094 on 6-2006)

best of left podcast is best
I start my day with this show. I love it. Thank you Hippie Sympathizer for putting the show together. The Stephen Colbert 5/7/2006 show deserves an award.
Submitted By: helnwhls
(126,816 on 6-2006)

I rush home to get this podcast from iTunes every day! I love it!
Submitted By: leshapesha03
(126,611 on 6-2006)

Fantastic Audio Compilation
nothing more to say -- this is a fantastic thing to get just about every day!
Submitted By: gskutt
(126,437 on 6-2006)

Invaluable service.
I look forward to this every day. Its a condensed aggregation of great progressive talk shows.
Submitted By: jjacobs0
(125,489 on 6-2006)

Well made, and edited. Thanks!!!
Submitted By: bex11279
(121,142 on 5-2006)

Perfect for This Deployed Soldier
I am currently deployed to Iraq, so I can always hear all of my favorite liberal/progressive radio shows. Boiling down the highlights this way makes it easy for me to hear analysis of a particular topic in a convenient single source.
Submitted By: brian.kinser
(119,313 on 5-2006)

great work
keep up the good work
Submitted By: matthew_a_tompkins
(118,841 on 5-2006)

Fantastic stuff...and necessary
All the appropriate news summarized in chapter form...exceedingly well done.
Submitted By: cstewart576
(118,328 on 5-2006)

very good show
Submitted By: brent_64
(117,943 on 5-2006)

It is kind of sad that 2 Harry Potter podcasts are on the top-10, when important podcasts like "best of the left" are hard to find. "Best of the Left" speaks for itself.
Submitted By: brentroulier
(117,249 on 5-2006)

thank you Jay!
Submitted By: pk505505
(115,994 on 5-2006)

Brilliant podcast
After the rubbish and evil being spread by news/fox and the relegious neo conservatives, your program is a stunning reminder that there is still some normaliity out there.
Submitted By: phillx
(113,194 on 4-2006)

Great "Utne Reader" of alternative audio
This is a great way to catch up on a topic of the day as covered on the various left audio outlets for those of us who can listen to them live.
Submitted By: gskutt
(110,201 on 4-2006)

The Best
I have downloaded and listened to all the programs and have enjoyed all them all.
Submitted By: rdsatterthwaite
(110,183 on 4-2006)

Outstanding show
Best Of The Left provides a great service to the United States and the world by giving another view of events than that purveyed by the corporate media. I highly recommend this show.
Submitted By: david
(109,602 on 4-2006)

Best Podcast Ever!
Just the best clips, all in one just the right length poscast. The perfect way to start your day!
Submitted By: nonie3234
(102,361 on 3-2006)

Hey, your show is great!
Submitted By: vkratliff
(102,272 on 3-2006)

Great cast!
I enjoy the snippets and MST3K-style commentary from the casters. Excellent podcast
Submitted By: wotlatra
(98,438 on 3-2006)

Your Duty as a great American
This is awesome. I can not thank you enough. Your show gives great insight on American Politicsand its corruption. Please keep up your great work.
Submitted By: CLINT_HANSON
(98,427 on 3-2006)

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